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1 September, 2015 - Video: Harley-Davidson Running With A Different Crowd - 2016 Motorcycles
Harley Running With A Different Crowd
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #TVcommercial - Harley-Davidson is introducing its 2016 motorcycles with a pretty cool TV commercial. It's called "Running with a different crowd", though the crowd still looks pretty much the same as to what I am used to seeing with Harley. But the video itself is well done, with some great images and cool music.


25 August, 2015 - Video: Hero - Why Should Boys Have All The Fun
Hero Why Should Boys
Hero MotoCorp logo
#HeroMotoCorp #TVCommercial #India - If ever there was a TV commercial that is squarely aimed at the female motorcycle rider, it's this Hero advertisement. Hero MotoCorp, as you probably know, is from India (it used to be Hero Honda).


18 August, 2015 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Tilting Doll
Ad Piaggio Tilting Doll
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #MP3 #Advertisement - Funny. You know Piaggio's MP3 scooter, the three wheel scooter that can tilt because the front wheels have independent suspensions? You can ride over a sidewalk with only one wheel, and still not fall.

Obviously Piaggio also thought it's a pretty cool system, so they brought out this print advertisement back in 2010. It's kind of funny, since it does look like the MP3 motorcycle riders are a bit like titling dolls.


23 July, 2015 - Portugal: Nice DUI Safety Campaign - Great Visual
Portugal DUI Campaign
Portugal flag
#SafetyPSA #DUI - This is a nice visual from an anti-DUI campaign coming from Portugal (dating back to 2011)


21 July, 2015 - Video: Craftsman - A Motorcycle Story
Craftsman Motorcycle Story Ad
Craftsman logo
#Craftsman #TVCommercial - Nicely done TV commercial that ran a few weeks ago during USA's Father Day for Craftsman . The ad is nicely done, a 'funny' story with figurines and of course a motorcycle.


17 July, 2015 - Very Funny, But Fake WD-40 Advertisement
Old WD 40 ad
#Fake #Advertisement #WD40 - Funny, with a lot of sexual innuendo, but according to the experts, the WD-40 ad is fake. Pity, since it's awesome.


14 July, 2015 - Video: Mahindra - Square Off Against Cars - Ad
Mahindra Kisi Se Kam Nahi
Mahindra logo
#Mahindra #TvCommercial - Not known around the world, Mahindra is a enormous company making the most tractors in the world, but also cars, military equipment, and also motorcycles and cars. In their latest TV commercial to show that motorcycles are better than cars. But we know that already, right?


7 July, 2015 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar Adventure Sport - Ride An Adventure
Video Bajaj Pulsar Adventure Tomato
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Pulsar #Advertisement - Bajaj being a gigantic motorcycle manufacturer from India, knows how to make great TV commercials in the Bollywood tradition. Here is their latest for the recent Bajaj Pulsar Adventure Sports motorcycle, riding through a tomato throwing festival. Nice ad.


1 July, 2015 - Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger As Terminator and SAM - Safety PSA
Terminator and SAM
click to see where France is on the map
#France #Terminator #PSA - Arnold Schwarzenegger was in town to not only promote the Terminator Genisys movie, but also to kickstart a new drinking & driving campaign here in France with SAM, the designated driver character from the French safety ads.


30 June, 2015 - Ads: Continental Tires - Strong Braking
Continental Tires Braking Ad
Continental Tires logo
#ContinentalTires #Advertisement - Three interesting visual advertisements from Continental Tires. Although the tires are car tires, the visual concept works for motorcycles as well. Like them?


23 June, 2015 - Video: Funny TomTom Action Camera TV Commercial
Video TomTom Bandit Camera
TomTom logo
#TomTom #VideoCamera #TVCommercial - TomTom, the Dutch GPS company had recently launched their 4K action video camera called Bandit. The video camera is stuffed with technology and is targeted at action/sports folks. To market their camera, the Dutch company has called upon a goat, Baaaadass Billy, to introduce the camera. As the story goes, it's funny. And it's well done.


16 June, 2015 - Ad: Vespa Traffic Jam Effect and Waze - Banned?
Video Vespa Traffic Jam effect
Vespa logo
#Vespa #Waze #TVCommercial -This article has been removed on request of the PR agency, and will be replaced shortly by a new one.


9 June, 2015 - Video: Meat Loaf and ST1 Gas Stations
Meat Loaf st1 Commercial
Sweden flag
#MeatLoad #ST# #TVCommercial - Meat Loaf is a name from the past, with several hit songs. He is now featuring in the TV commercial for Swedish st1, and it's all motorcycles! Great song, and great advertisement.


4 June, 2015 - Video: Bajaj Adventure Sports Motorcycle - Passion Never Stops
Bajaj Pulsar Adveture Sports Video
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #TV-Commercial #AdventureSports - Yes, Indian motorcycle manufacturer giant, Bajaj, also have a Adventure Sports motorcycle, the Bajaj Pulsar AS. Here is the TV commercial to prove it. Actually, it looks pretty decent.


26 May, 2015 - Ads: Belgium, Young Drivers and Social Media
PSA Belgium Text Drive
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Advertisements #Safety - Here are three pretty well done PSA coming to us from Belgium. They are targeted towards young drivers, trying to get them not to use Facebook, SMS and Twitter while driving their cars.


19 May, 2015 - Ads: Smart Cars Thinks They Are A Motorcycle
Smart Car Motorcycle
Smart car logo
#Advertisements #SmartCar - Smart cars are small, compact, take up little space and even cute. But are they motorcycles? Well, Smart thinks they are, so they are advertising the fact with some art work to remind you that Smart is actually a motorcycle. But it's not an original idea, since as you can see, there are several of these Smart painted with a motorcycle driving around. Cute?


7 May, 2015 - Three Unusual But Clever BMW Motorcycle Helmet Ads
Ad BMW Hair Jet
BMW logo
#BMWMotorrad #Advertisements #Helmets - Funny. Here are three print ads from BMW featuring 3 biker wearing BMW leathers and a hairstyle shaped like a motorcycle helmet. Cute.


5 May, 2015 - Ad: Can It Get Any Stupider? Fridrih Mushrooms
Ad Fridrih Mushrooms Fine
Croatia flag
#Croatia #Advertisement #Fridrih - This is totally "I don't get it". The advertisement comes to us from Croatia, and it's for Fridrih Mushrooms. These must be magical mushrooms if you get my gist....


28 April, 2015 - Video: Yamaha FZS Motorcycle TV Commercial From India
Yamaha FZS India 2013
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #India - Yamaha sell their bikes everywhere in the world, and one major market is India. Here is a TV commercial that has an interesting saying. Have a look (and a listen).


21 April, 2015 - Video: Hero MotoCorp - Why We Do Not Like Public Transport
Video Hero Public Transport
Hero MotoCorp logo
#HeroMotocorp #TVCommercial #Advertisment - I guess this ad is for anyone who, like me, has to often take public transportation. It's why we hate it, and why we love riding motorcycles. It's a TV commercial from India based Hero MotoCorp.


16 April, 2015 - Volvo Life Paint: The Video
Video Volvo Life Paint
Volvo logo
#VolvoLifePaint #Safety - Volvo's new product, the Life Paint spray is handy for motorcycle riders to stand out at night time. It's safe, easy to apply and it doesn't change the colors of your motorcycle, leathers, backpack and/or helmet. But there is one downside to the product....


14 April, 2015 - Video: Hilarious Motorcycle Safety Movie From Scotland
Live fast Die Old Video
Live fast Die Old
#Scotland #Safety #LiveFastDieOld - The Scottish police and government understand very well that motorcycle safety campaigns don't need to be boring or full of gore and shock effects. In fact, their campaign, called 'Live Fast Die Old' is perfect. And their video is even better. Check out the three old geezers. And what is that Llama doing in the hotel room? Funny, well done safety PSA.


14 April, 2015 - Video: Bajaj Platina ES - Cool Commercial If You Get My Gist
Bajaj Platina ES video
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #TVCommercial - Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj does it again. I don't know about their motorcycles, but their advertisements are usually great. Smart, often funny, well filmed and pass on a message. Their latest for the Bajaj Platina ES is a beauty, since when you watch it, you don't really know where the ad is heading until the very end. Then you can only smile.


7 April, 2015 - Video: Vespa as Stunt Scooter - If Only
Vespa Stunt Advertisement
Vespa logo
#Vespa #Advertisment - In what appears to be a real Vespa TV commercial (although I have no way of knowing if it was real), here is an ad showing the smallish Vespa as a stunt scooter featuring a Evil Knievel wannabe.


31 March, 2015 - Video: Brilliant Volkswagen Ad About Their Blind Spot Monitoring System
Volkswagen Blind Spot Tablet ad
Volkswagen logo
#Advertisements #Volkswagen #Brazil - This is a brilliant advertisement from Volkswagen Brazil showing off their blind spot monitoring system on their cars. The ad is not a print ad or TV commercial. It's part of an electronic magazine ad will take readers by surprise. Brilliant idea.


24 March, 2015 - Video: Ireland - Bike Aware PSA
Video Ireland Bike Aware
UK flag
A hair raising motorcycle safety PSA coming to us from Ireland. The very well done TV commercial incites car drivers to take another look before doing something on the road. Very good and thoughtful. Pass it along to your car driving friends.


17 March, 2015 - Video: My Kind Of A Girl - Lacoste TV Commercial
Video Lacoste Unconventional Chic
Lacoste logo
#Lacoste #TVCommercial #Advertisement - Here is a nice TV commercial from French fashion company Lacoste, featuring a beautiful woman, Paris and a motorcycle.


10 March, 2015 - Video: Halls Mints - Biker Breath
Halls Biker Video Ad
UK flag
#Advertisement #TVCommercial #Halls - Halls is a British maker of cough drops, heavy on mentholated syrup. It's strong and popular, used to have a fresh breath.

So Halls had a TV commercial made to make sure people know how powerful their mints are. And for that, they took a motorcycle rider, because as we all know their breath stinks... right?


6 March, 2015 - Video: Hero MotoCorp - Glamour
Hero MotoCorp Glamour 2015
Hero MotoCorp logo
Funny. Here is a TV commercial from the Hero MotoCorp, world's biggest motorcycle manufacturer based in India, where the message is obvious.... Want to attract beautiful females? Rich ones who are on yachts, in expensive cars or about to get married? Buy a Hero MotoCorp motorcycle. Yes, a 125 cc will have some beautiful ladies swooning all over the bike (not you..the motorcycle).


3 March, 2015 - Ad: Ducati - No Time For Delays
Ad Ducati No time for delays
Ducati logo
#Advertisement #Ducati - Here's an interesting visual advertisement from the Italian Ducati motorcycle maker. The advertisement was made in Peru, but the image says it all; in any language. No Time For Delay!


24 February, 2015 - Ads: Mercedes Got Motorcycles Covered - Nice Ad
Ad Mercedes Benz Van Rear Mirror
Mercedes logo
Nice and well done advertisement from Mercedes-Benz, who are claiming that their blind spot monitoring system will 'see' motorcycles. Therefore safer for us. Well done ad.


19 February, 2015 - France: Nice Anti Drinking and Driving Campaign
French Anti Alcohol Campaign
France flag
#France #DUICampaign - Here is an advertisement which was published some time ago in France for an "anti drinking & driving" campaign.

It's a good image. I translated the text from French on the image. Not bad??


17 February, 2015 - Ads: WD-40 - Did You Know - Crosswords
WD 40 Crossword Puzzle Ad
WD-40 logo
#WD-40 #Advertisement - Nice advertisement from WD-40 oil; All the things you can do with this wonder-oil, in the shape of a crossword. Answer for every box is... WD-40.


10 February, 2015 - Ads: Vespa - Can They Get Any Stranger?
Vespa Ecuador Solution
Vespa logo
#Vespa #Advertisements - Here are three advertisements from Vespa which are just strange. Either the agency was lazy, or confused what a scooter does.


3 February, 2015 - Video: Follow Up On Excellent Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Ride To Live Commuter Rider
Australia flag
#Australia #Safety #NSW - A follow up on the excellent motorcycle safety campaign from last year coming to you from NSW, Australia. Four short videos using 'ghost' motorcycles on what will happen if you take the wrong decision. Very nice.


27 January, 2015 - Video: Yamaha - We R1
Yamaha R1 Commercial
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #TVCommercial #WeR1 - Very nice TV commercial for Yamaha motorcycles. It's not about the motorcycle, it's about the passion.


23 January, 2015 - One Of The Best Harley-Davidson Advertisements - Peanuts
Harley Airplane Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement - One Harley-Davidson ad springs out head over shoulders. One of their best, most brilliant ads I've seen, and it's from 2002. So going back in time, here is the peanut ad.


20 January, 2015 - Video: Pretty Good Commercial From Pegasus Motorcycles
Pegasus Motorbike Commercial
Bangladesh flag
Here is a pretty good TV commercial from a local motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh called Pegasus Motorbike. Never heard of them, can't find them, but their ad is pretty good.


19 January, 2015 - Video: Interesting Motorcycle Safety PSA From The USA
Washington DOL Motorcycle Awareness Video
USA flag
A nicely done motorcycle awareness PSA from Washington State, USA. The first minute is pretty boring, but then it gets interesting. Have a look.


13 January, 2015 - Video: Google Thanks Indian Motorcycle Delivery Bikers - Nice
Google India Delivery Thank You
Google logo
Being a motorcycle delivery biker is maybe great for someone who loves riding motorcycles, but it is a very much thankless job. You rarely get a thank-you from the people who you deliver packages to, you might get insulted if it's too late and I don't think the bikers get paid much either.

Google in India did a very nice thing for these delivery folks. Watch the video to see what they did.


6 January, 2015 - Ad: Cablevision and Bikers - What Were They Thinking?
Cablevision Monterrey Bikers
Mexico flag
#Advertising #Cablevision - Here is a pretty lame ad for Cablevision targeting advertisers to place TV commercials on their cable network. Somehow they missed the boat on this one.


23 December, 2014 - Video: Hilarious TV Commercial - The Biker Chick
KessTech Biker Girl Ad
Germany flag
Okay, this is funny. Wet your knickers kind-of-funny. That's because it's pretty unexpected.

The TV commercial comes to us from Germany and it's for Kesstech, which makes motorcycle exhausts that can have their sound volume adjusted. The tag line read "Volume, at the touch of a button".

This is one for all of you who believe in the "loud pipes save lives" motto.


16 December, 2014 - Video: Cool and Sexy TV Commercial - Demons Cycle
Video DemonCycle Ad
Demons Cycle logo
#DemonsCycle #Video #Sexy - Wow, a pretty sexy and well done TV commercial from Demons Cycle, a custom builder.


9 December, 2014 - Video: Bajaj - When Boys Dream
Bajaj Boys Dreaming
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #TVcommercial #Advertisment - A bit melodramatic TV commercial, and I don't understand a single world being said, but the images speak for themselves for this Bajaj motorcycle ad.


2 December, 2014 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Music To Your Ears - Weird
Harley Davidson Music To Your Ears
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement - Another weird advertisement from Harley-Davidson, this one from the Dominican Republic. At least I understand what they are trying to say, but it's not an ad that will make me go out and buy a motorcycle.


28 November, 2014 - Video: 2015 Indian Roadmaster TV Commercial
Indian Roadmaster 2015 Ad
Indian logo
#IndianMotorcycle #Advertisement #Commercial - Indian Motorcycle makes some really nice motorcycles, and their TV commercials aren't half as bad. Here is a nice and 'real life' ad for their 2015 Roadmaster motorcycle.


25 November, 2014 - Ad: Campanile Hotels - Biker Happiness Guaranteed
Ad Campanile Biker Happiness
Campanile logo
#Campanile #Advertisement - Ahhh, such a cute advertisement for the French hotel chain Campanile... they guarantee the motorcycle happiness....


18 November, 2014 - Video: Ducati 1299 Panigale - Not Their Best Video
Ducati 1299 Panigale Beauty
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Advertisment #1299Panigale - Here is the launch video of the powerful and very sexy Ducati 1299 Panigale sportsmotorcycle. Great motorcycle, ho-hum promotional materials.


14 November, 2014 - Video: Honda CB1100 - Ignition of Life
Honda CB1100 Ignition of Life
Honda logo
#Honda #CB## #Commercial - Here is a TV commercial for the Honda CB1100 from Japan, the country that brought us the CB1100. It's very good, especially the first one (the 2nd one is a shorter version of the 1st), but I can't really put a finger on why it is good.


11 November, 2014 - Video: Yamaha 2015 1 - We R1 Starring Valentino Rossi
Yamaha We R1 Ad
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #R1 #Commercial - Here is the launch TV commercial video of Yamaha's updated R1, starring Valentino Rossi (who goes half naked towards the end). The motorcycle images are boring and bland, but the voice-over is pretty good.


10 November, 2014 - Video: Funny - How To Install A fence While Riding A Motorcycle
Lowes How To Install A Fence
#Video #Advertising #Lowes - Funny TV commercial on how to install a fence while riding a motorcycle, a technique that works great for many other chores.


7 November, 2014 - Video: Nice TV Commercial From British Customs
British Customs Ad
British Customs logo
#BritishCustoms #Advertising - Here's a nice TV commercial from USA based motorcycle dealer British Customs. It's a pleasant, moody movie with lots of riding on great looking British motorcycles.


6 November, 2014 - Video: Funny Fiat Commercial - Fiat versus Bikers
Video Fiat Bikers
Fiat logo
#Fiat #Commercial #Bikers - This is not only a funny TV commercial from Fiat for their Fiat 500 cars, but it is also one of the very few times the car is a bad thing, while the bikers are innocent.


4 November, 2014 - Video: Honda Jumps 47 Cars As Stunt For Their MSX125 Motorcycle
Honda MSX 125 Car Jump Stunt
Honda logo
#Honda #Publicity #Stunt - Honda, as a publicity stunt, jumped 47 cars with their MSX125 motorcycle. Stunt or reality?


29 October, 2014 - Safety: Excellent Australian Motorcycle Safety Program - The Best
Australia Ride To Live Site
Australia flag
Here is probably the best motorcycle safety program I have seen. It's excellent, well done, fun and educational without being overbearing. 4 very short videos and a well put together website enabling you to ride a virtual motorcycle and learn from your mistakes. Brave Australia NSW.


28 October, 2014 - Beautiful But Weird Ad From BMW Motorcycles - The Case
BMW Motorcycle Case Ad
BMW logo
#BM #Advertisement - Here is a beautiful print advertisement from BMW motorcycles, but difficult to understand. Weird.


21 October, 2014 - Ads: Weird Advertising From Taiwan
Ad Life news Agency
Taiwan flag
#Advertising #Weird #Strange - Here's a weird but kind-of scary print advertisement from a news agency based in Taiwan. The agency is called Life News Agency and in the ads they show some really weird images, a bit like a video game. This image shows a road that has been broken up, but the top broken road does not match with the bottom road. I just don't get it.

They have a second ad running, but this time it's with a car. Weird, or am I missing something?


14 October, 2014 - Ads: Yamaha - Air Riders
Yamaha Air Riders
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Advertisement #Motocross - Here is a TV commercial from Yamaha for their motocross motorcycles. Nicely filmed, but way too long.


9 October, 2014 - Video: Great Ads - Bajaj Discover 150 Ek Naya Josh
Bajaj Discover 150 Ek Naya Josh
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Discover #Advertisement - As usual, Bajaj makes great TV commercials. Here is their latest for the 150 Discover motorcycle. Cool ad.


7 October, 2014 - Belgium: Interesting Concept - Speeding Selfies For Road Safety
Speeding Selfie Belgium
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Radar #Selfies - Belgium have got an interesting road safety concept going. Using your selfies and speed radars.... interesting, but is it safe?


16 September, 2014 - Video: Hero MotoCorp Karizma ZMR 2014 - The Icebreaker
Video Hero MotoCorp Karizma ZMR 2014
Hero MotoCorp logo
Here is a pretty cool, if not ice cold, TV commercial from the giant motorcycle manufacturer Hero MotoCorp from India. In this well filmed ad, we see a motorcycle saving an icebreaker that got stuck in the ice. How cool is that?


9 September, 2014 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Try Living Off The Straight & Narrow
Ad Harley Davidson Straight and narrow
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement #Video - Nice TV commercial for Harley-Davidson's 2015 Road Glide motorcycle. The advertisement is nicely filmed, loud but good music and the roar of the Harley's engine. It's the way we bikers like our roads. Nice story.


2 September, 2014 - Video: KTM RC390 - How To Do Your Housework Chores
KTM Household Chores
KTM logo
#KTM #RC390 #Competition #Advertisement - Here is a KTM advertisement that clearly reminds me on how I do my house chores. I just think I'm a bit faster. Have a look at the video, it's funny.


29 August, 2014 - Belgium: Old Motorcycle Safety Campaign - Still Very Good
Belgium Safety Ad
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Safety #Advertisements - Here is a look at an 'older' motorcycle safety campaign from Belgium (dating back to 2009). I had already shown the video PSA? but here are the two print ads that came with it. Quite good.


26 August, 2014 - Ad: Harley-Davidson, Trade In, Trade Up
Ad Harley Trade In Trade Up
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #TradeIn - I haven't been a great fan of Harley-Davidson advertisements. They have been too much in my face, too weird and from a different culture. But this advertisement is one of the exceptions on the rule.


19 August, 2014 - Three Advertisements For A Special KTM
KTM Bicycles Ad Red Bull
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisements #Bicycles - Austrian off-road and race motorcycle manufacturer KTM does not only make motorcycles. They also make another two wheeler, but this one has no engine, apart from the human one.... they make bicycles.

And since the human pedaling the KTM bicycle is the engine, it will need fuel. That is why these print advertisements are quite well done and clever if you look at the brand of the "fuel stations".


15 August, 2014 - Video: Hero MotoCorp - Obsession
Hero MotoCorp Corporate 2014 Obession
Hero MotoCorp logo
Here is a quite good TV commercial from Indian Hero MotoCorp, the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. It is a corporate ad, but the voice over text is pretty good. Cool. Obsession.


12 August, 2014 - Ad: Vodafone India and Texting & Driving
Vodafone logo
Vodafone India Text and Drive
#Advertisement #Vodafone #TextandDriving - Mobile phone company Vodafone is trying to teach car drivers in India not to text & drive, and I'm all for it. I see more and more people texting and phoning while driving, handling their car dangerously, often almost swiping my motorcycle.


5 August, 2014 - Ads: Honda CRF250R For Weekends
Ad Honda CRF250R Israel
Honda logo
#Honda #CRF250R #Advertisements - Three print advertisements for the Honda CRF250R. Clever ads, but maybe a bit too clever.


29 July, 2014 - Ad: Verizon - Do Not Text and Drive
Ad Verizon Text and Drive
Verizon logo
#Advertisement #Texting #Trucks - Hmmmm .. interesting safety advertisement from American phone company Verizon. The concept is good (but not new), the message is loud & clear ... but... this could backfire.


22 July, 2014 - Video: Vespa India - Do You ....?
Vespa India d Do You
Vespa logo
#Vespa #India #Advertisement - Here is a TV commercial from Vespa India, that is nicely put together, well filmed, nice music, but the message is pretty corny and it's only at the end that you realize that the advertisement is for Vespa.


17 July, 2014 - France: ’Funny’ Government Safety Campaign
Ad France All Vurnable Lunch
France flag
#France #Funny #PSA - Sometimes the government has a sense of humor. Like with this safety campaign for motorcycle riders and pedestrians. For two weeks last month, they showed these safety ads with a common text line that translates as "In the greater Paris area, 2 out of 3 killed are motorcycle riders or pedestrians".

That's not funny, but each ad has its own main copy, which is more-or-less funny, or at least light


15 July, 2014 - Ad: Helmet Cleaning Service In Brazil
Ad Braga Motos Yamaha Helmet
Brazil flag
#Advertising #Helmet - Quite a nice print ad from a Brazilian Yamaha dealer for a helmet cleaning service. 'Don't let the germs move it'...


8 July, 2014 - Ad: BMW Original Parts - Close, But Not Close Enough
Ad BMW Original Parts
BMW logo
#BMW #Advertising #Spareparts - A very nicely and smart advertising from BMW, reminding you to only use original parts on your motorcycle. Nice graphics, clever.


3 July, 2014 - Video: Harley-Davidson Natural Habitat
Harley Davidson Streets Where I Live ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Video - Nice TV commercial from Harley-Davidson of the motorcycle's natural habitat (no, not the garage, but the streets). Good music, nice images.


1 July, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Czech Republic - WWII Theme - Highbrow
Harley Czech Republic Kickstarter
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #CzechRepublic #Advertising - Here are four ads from Harley-Davidson Czech Republic which on their own are pretty good, but should never have been used by the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer.


25 June, 2014 - Video: UK - Stay A Hero, Stay Safe
Ad Stay a hero stay safe
UK flag
#UK #Safety #Video - A great motorcycle safety PSA dating back to 2011 from the Sussex region in the UK. Makes you think without showing any violence or shock. Just plain common sense.


24 June, 2014 - Ad: Think - Wooow What A Great Ad, But Need To Look Twice
Ad Think Take longer to look for motorbikes.
Think! logo
#Advertisement #Think! #Safety - Here is a very good, if not great, safety advertisement coming from the UK Think! organization. It's a PSA you need to look twice to get it, but then it hits home. Cool.


17 June, 2014 - Ad: Chevrolet and Pizza Guys
Chevrolet Blindspot Pizza Guy
Chevrolet logo
#Advertisement #Chevrolet #Blindspot - A nice advertisement from Chevrolet where they think of us motorcycle and scooter riders with blind spot detectors. But.... there is always a but....


13 June, 2014 - Video: Honda Sells Gold Wing Like A Car Ad
Honda USA Goldwing Video 2014
Honda logo
#Honda #GoldWing #Advertisement - Here is a pretty lame and bland TV commercial from Honda for their flagship motorcycle, the Gold Wing. They are selling it like it was a car. Shame.


10 June, 2014 - Ads: Now That Is How A TV Channel Should Advertise
Telepizza Ghostrider
Portugal flag
#Advertising #TVNetwork #Portugal - Three cool advertisements from a Portuguese TV network, each featuring a pizza delivering famous movie-motorcycle.


3 June, 2014 - Ad: Honda - Only Gods Think Once
Honda Moto Only Gods Think Once
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #TTIsleofMan - Cool print advertisement from Honda about them winning the TT of the Isle of Man several years in a row. Nice art work.


27 May, 2014 - Ad: Toyota Car Driver= Hero, Motorcycles Riders= Bad Guys
Toyote Corolla Be The Hero
Toyota logo
#Toyota #Advertisement - Here's a Toyota advertisement, in the for of a game, that makes you, a Toyota Corolla car driver the hero, and the motorcycle riders the bad guys. Would that sell more cars???


21 May, 2014 - Video: Hero Motocorp iSmart - Sometimes You Forget How Good You Have It
Hero Motocorp iSmart
Hero MotoCorp logo
Watching this corporate TV commercial from India's giant motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Motocorp, you remember how good (or different) it is to have a motorcycle that is used in Europe or the USA.

But they do have one kickass technology.


20 May, 2014 - Ad: KIA Soul - Looking For Trouble With Motorcycle Riders
Kia Soul Biker Noise Ad
KIA logo
#KIA #Advertisement - Here's a print advertisement from car maker KIA that is looking for trouble with motorcycle riders. Not smart...


15 May, 2014 - Video: KTM Orange Days 2014 - Hooligans on Motorcycles
KTM Orange Days 2014
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisment - KTM have released a cool TV commercial/video announcing their 2014 Orange Days. Cool graphics, and a lot of "hooligans" riding KTM motorcycles.


13 May, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Czech Republic - Sexual?
Harley Davidson Czech Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Weird - Okay, here we go again folks. Back to the strange Harley-Davidson print advertisements. For a while, things had gotten better at the Milwaukee based manufacturer, but these five ads from the Czech Republic are just plain weird.

All ads are sexual, are based on a "novel", use sexual terms, and all have as tag line "Stop Reading, Start Living".


9 May, 2014 - Funny: Biker Sells His Mistress After Paparazzi Photos
Bye Bye Mistress
France flag
#France #Funny #PersonalAd - A funny well thought out personal ad on the French Craiglist equivalent. After photos published of him and his mistress by the paparazzi, he has to end his intense relationship.


6 May, 2014 - Ad: Kasinski - Designed to Escape Traffic
Ad Kasinski Wind Tunnel
Kasinski logo
#Kasinski #Advertisement - Here is a pretty good print ad from Brazilian Kasinski for a Hyosung Comet GT 650R clone. Nice art work, it speaks to me.


29 April, 2014 - Ads: Audi Makes The Road Safer?
Audi Traffic Email Ad
Audi logo
#Advertisement #Audi #Safety - If these three print advertisements from the German car maker (and Ducati owner) Audi is to be believed, their cars allow you to be distracted, because if you aren't paying attention, the car is.

Do you believe it?


22 April, 2014 - Ad: Bangalore Safety Campaign - INCREDIBLY GOOD
Bangalore Safety Campaign Helmets
India flag
#India #Bangalore #Safety - Here is one really smart safety campaign for the city of Bangalore, India. First of all the numbers are staggering and amazing. I never knew....

Secondly, their idea to put helmets on motorcycle riders is very novel and interesting. But will it work?


15 April, 2014 - Video: French Safety - Without The Right Gear
French Safety Video Right Equipment
France flag
#France #PSA #ATGATT - Here is a very good and educational TV commercial what the difference is between real biker clothing and street clothing.

And that at 30 kph.


8 April, 2014 - Video: 2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider | Ride Hard or Stay Home
Harley Davidson Low Rider Ride Hard or Stay Home
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement - Here is a recent TV commercial from the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer known as Harley-Davidson. It's for their new Low Rider.

I love the text that appears on the commercial...


3 April, 2014 - Video: Marc Marquez Latest ’Motorcycle’ For MotoGP
Video Marc Marquez Honda Blade 125 ad
Honda logo
#MarcMarquez #Honda #MotoGP - In the latest Honda TV ad, you see none other than Marc Marquez racing his latest motorcycle around the Sepang circuit. The bike? A Honda Blade 125 Fi. Will he race that at COTA and give other a sporting chance?


1 April, 2014 - Video: Harley-Davidson Quebec - Perfectly Too Much
Harley Davidson Quebec Parfaitement Trop
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson - The folks at Harley-Davidson Canada have come up with a TV commercial for the French part of Canada called 'Perfectly Too Much'.

The video is not bad at all, and resembles a lot like my morning wake-up activities ....


25 March, 2014 - Ad: RKS - Sound Is Everything
Ad RKS Audio Bad Sounds
Brazil flag
#Advertisement #Sound #Studio - Nice print ad from a Brazilian sound studio -

'When the sound is bad, everything changes.'


21 March, 2014 - France: Great Motorcycle Insurance Ad Campaign With Video
Mutuelle des Motards 2014 Campaign
Mutuelle des Motards logo
#France #Insurance #MutuelleDesMotards - Here is a great TV advertisement from a French insurance company dedicated to motorcycles. Also, four print ads, but the video is well done.


18 March, 2014 - Ad: Triumph Time Tunnel
Triumph Time Tunnel Ad
Triumph logo
#Triumph #Advertisement - It looks like the PR/Ad agency used by Triumph in Brazil is pretty good.

They seem to understand what motorcycles are all about.


11 March, 2014 - Ad: One Of Honda’s Better Print Ads - Hair
Honda Hair Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Here is one of Honda's better print ads I've seen in a very long time.

It's for a very fast motorcycle, so fast it takes the hairs from your arms. Funny.


6 March, 2014 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Safety Campaign - Stayin’ Alive
Swiss Biker Road Safety Campaign
Switzerland flag
#Safety #Campaign #Switzerland - The Swiss have launched a safety campaign for motorcycle riders.

Nice idea for the poster, and they even have a video.


5 March, 2014 - Video: Another Nice Video - Barbour International
Barbour International Spring Summer 2014
Barbour International logo
#Video #Barbour #CafeRacers - A nice video from Barbour International, a British biker clothing maker, with a nice video of BSA cafe racers meeting up at the famous Ace Cafe in London.

All that with some nice images, motorcycles and music.


4 March, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Brazil - Huh?
Harley Davidson Brazil Ad Asphalt
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Brazil - Yet again, Brazilian ads, this time for Harley-Davidson motorcycle, miss the mark.

Or is it just me not understanding them?


18 February, 2014 - Ads: Vespa - What Were They Thinking?
Ad Vespa Nerd Girl
Vespa logo
#Advertisement #Vespa - Here are two print advertisements from Vespa Israel which just don't make the cut. It looks like PR company laziness.


11 February, 2014 - Ad: From Belarus - Nice Illustration, Good Message
Kufar Belarus Ad
Belarus flag
#Advertisement #Belarus #Kufar - A nice print advertisement from a Belarus' style Craiglist web site.


4 February, 2014 - Ads: BMW - The Road to Nordkapp
BMW The Road to Nordkapp
BMW logo
#Advertisment #BMW - Two beautiful ads from BMW (Italy) but no real message. But a nice photo is worth thousands of words, right?


29 January, 2014 - Ad: Triumph Christmas - Nice One
Ad Triumph Brazil Christmas
Triumph logo
#Advertisement #Triumph - Here is a very simple and very good advertisement for Triumph motorcycles coming from Brazil. Simple and effective.


23 January, 2014 - France: President Hollande Sells Many Motorcycle Helmets
Juliet Gayet Francois Hollande Closer Helmet
France flag
#Advertisement #Helmet #Mistress - French President Hollande got in the news recently when he visited his mistress on a scooter. Now the helmet manufacturer is thanking the President for the enormous sales of that model helmet.


21 January, 2014 - Ad: Romania - Don’t Text and Drive - Watch Out For Motorcycles
Ad Bucharest Traffic Police Motorcycle
Romania flag
#Advertisement #Romania #Texting - A PSA from Romania not to text and drive, especially when there are motorcycles around.


14 January, 2014 - Ads: More Weird Ads From Brazilian Honda Motorcycle Dealer
Honda Dorvalino Ad Vampire
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement #Brazile - Yet again some weird ads from our favorite Honda dealer in Brazil. Time to change their PR agency?


7 January, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Book Club - Excellent Advertisement
Harley Davidson Book Club
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisment #Harley-Davidson #books - Funny and well done ad for harley-Davidson ... join the Harley Book Club.


19 December, 2013 - Video: Watch This Incredible Bajaj Ad - James Bond Move Over
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Missile Shot
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Advertisement #Video - Bajaj strikes again with a masterful TV commercial coming from South America. Incredible action video.


10 December, 2013 - Video: Bajaj - Weird and Strange TV Commercial
Bajaj Weird Strange
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Advertisment - This Bajaj TV commercial is not exactly in the style we've grown to like and love. But still, it's amusing.


3 December, 2013 - Ad: Ural Gaucho Rambler - Russian Sidecar At Its Best
Ural Gaucho Ad USA
Ural logo
#Ural #Sidecar #Advertisement - A nice print ad for the new Ural Gaucho Rambler sidecar. New paint job, add some gadgets and you have a new motorcycle. Cool.


29 November, 2013 - Video: Ural Sidecar - Let Life Take You For A Ride
Ural Sidecar Let Life Take You
Ural logo
#Ural #Advertisment - A beautiful TV commercial for Ural sidecars, based on a true adventure ride from Patagonia to Alaska. Enjoyable.


26 November, 2013 - Video: Liqui-Fruit Motorcycle Cop - Pretty Lame
Liqui Fruit Motorcycle Cop
South Africa flag
#Police #Advertisement - That's a pretty lame TV commercial. It is for Liqui-Fruit, one of those small package liquid fruit drinks that you normally drink out of a straw. But apparently they no longer make them with straws.


25 November, 2013 - Video: Excellent Honda Motorcycle Commercial - Hands
Honda Hands Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Video #Advertisment - A very nice and cool Honda TV commercial - motorcycle engines, scooters, race motorcycles (but then cars and other Honda products).


19 November, 2013 - Ad: Bosch - Born To Ride
Bosch Born To Ride Lawnmower
Bosch logo
#Advertisement #Bosch #Lawnmower - Funny advertisement from Bosch... making people thin their lawnmower is a motorcycle. Born to ride ass.


14 November, 2013 - Video: Hero MotoCorp Passion Xpro Commercial - Lovely
Hero MotoCorp Passion X Pro Wedding
Hero MotoCorp logo
Hero MotoCorp, India's 2nd biggest motorcycle manufacturer also knows how to make nice TV commercials.


12 November, 2013 - Ad: Funny But True - Vehicle Hairline Comparison Chart
Hair Clinic Comparison
UK flag
#Advertisement #Hairloss - Funny, but true, print advertisement comparing vehicles with our hairline.


5 November, 2013 - Ads: Brazil - The Right Honda For You - Nice
BR Moto The Right Honda For You
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Here are three nicely done ads from a Honda dealer in Brazil. Nice concept and artwork.


1 November, 2013 - Video: Bajaj Discover -Bits and Bobs
Bajaj Discover Bits
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Advertisement - Bajaj make great TV commercials, and this Bajaj Discover is no exception. Nicely filmed and good graphics.


29 October, 2013 - Ad: Ventus - So Powerful Fuel, It Will Strip Your Tattoo
Ventus Fuel Tattoo
Ukraine flag
#Advertisement #GLO #Tattoo - Interesting print ad from Ukrainian petrol company GLO; Fuel is so powerful it will strip your tattoo of your arm while riding your motorcycle.


22 October, 2013 - Video: Watch A Great Australian Motorcycle Safety Ad
TAC Victoria Perfect Ride
Australia flag
#TAC #Victoria #Safety - TAC Victoria of Australia have yet again come out with a very good motorcycle safety PSA.

Bravo to TAC.


15 October, 2013 - Ad: Thai Road Safety PSA - Nicely Done
Thai Land Save Wear A Helmet Ad
Thailand flag
#Advertisement #Safety #Thailand - Here are some nicely done road safety PSA from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. They are trying to get people on two wheels, motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles, to wear helmets...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 October, 2013 - Video: Watch A Nice Bajaj Discover Motorcycle Commercial
Bajaj Discover Director
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #India #Advertisement - As you probably know by now, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj has some of the very best TV commercials. They are either funny, or full of action, or just tell a nice story. Just click on the Bajaj link above to see all Bajaj videos, you will get the idea.

Here is another Bajaj TV advertisement, mind you it is not in English but that shouldn't matter, since the video speaks a thousand words...........

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1 October, 2013 - Ads: Honda Brazilian Motorcycle Dealer Misses Again x 3
Honda Helmet Samurai
Honda logo
#Honda #Ads #Brazil - The Brazilian Honda motorcycle dealer, Dorvalino Motos, does a lot of advertising in Brazil, but virtually none of their advertisements are any good (see related).

Several of the ads have confused the living daylights out of me, and some, like these three, are just plain bland. These three ads are for helmets, that much is clear, but it is not clever, not very nice graphics nor is it funny or informative. Just bland...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


25 September, 2013 - France: Ad For Attitude Change Towards Bikers And A Surprise
Change view of bikers
France flag
#France #Biker #Advertisement - In France several national organizations have come together to start a campaign to change the 'negative' view of the general public towards motorcycle riders. In fact, IMHO, it is not half as bad as I have seen in other countries, but anything that promotes motorcycle riders is okay in my book.

The organization, which freely translated from French means 'Let us change the view of bikers', have a first advertisement/poster, and it looks like this. But there is a twist in the photo used which I found...........

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24 September, 2013 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Kids Clothing - No More Bullying
Harley Davidson Kids Clothing No Bullying
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson - So if I understand these print advertisements correctly, if kids wear Harley-Davidson clothing they will not be bullied at school. Right?

WTF? Putting on these t-shirts either makes them the main target for bullies, or it makes them the bully. The ads were made by Publicis in Colombia, and I'd say they need to go back to school. And then the slogans printed on the t-shirts; "Play Hard or Go Home" and "No Pain, No Game".... Ripe for bullies...

Sorry Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson, not very good these ads...........

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23 September, 2013 - Video: Watch This Nicely Done Animated Motorcycle Safety Film
Twist and Ride Animated PSA
UK flag
#Advertising #Safety #UK - The TWIST organization, brought to you by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership (CPRSP) are trying to educate motorcycle riders in the UK about safety.

Safety is a hot topic, and most organizations release instructive or high-impact videos serving as PSA to be shown on TV or at events. But the Twist and Ride one is different. They have produced a very nice animated safety advert showing you in a rather comical way what not to do when riding your motorcycle...........

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19 September, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Ad
Harley Davidson Rushmore
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Rushmore - This is an unusual and low key TV commercial for Harley-Davidson. Usually Harley has strong, in your face TV ads, but this one is more focused on new technology than rider culture.

The ad focusses on 'newer' technology, like GPS and lights. Using an oldie but goody music track ('Come Together', a rather well chosen sound track), the advertisement shows a different Harley.


10 September, 2013 - Video: Bikers and Milk - Protein Fight Club
Milk Fight Club Bikers
#Advertising #Milk #Funny - Hmmmm .. strange but at the same time funny TV commercial for milk. In this TV advertisement they show two motorcycle riders, one with milk, the other with what is probably eggs benedict.

It's a 'who can eat/drink their product while on riding' kind-of fight. It is so stupid that it is actually funny. Funny like watching two cars crashing...........

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3 September, 2013 - 3 Honda Motorcycle Ads From Brazil That Have Me Confused
Honda 5 Stars Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement #Strange - I know that I often just do not 'get' some advertisements, but these three Honda ads coming to us from Brazil totally have me confused.

The ads have as tag line 'The journey is the destination.' which is nice, but the pictures don't really say anything. I am presuming that the ad agency, in this case Y&R, had in mind some exotic locations but instead put some hovels in the photos...........

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27 August, 2013 - Video: Honda XRE 300 Motorcycle On Mars?
Honda XRE 300 mars Explorer
Honda logo
#Honda #Commercial #Off-road - Funny. Here is a TV commercial from Argentina for the Honda XRE 300 off-road motorcycle. it is nicely done, with the opening sequence showing a Mars-like explorer vehicle (Rover) going over a tough terrain like what you would find on Mars or the moon (like I would know....).

And then comes the XRE 300, and eventually they come eye-to-eye. So was it taken on Mars or just on Earth?

It is a nice creativity from the ad agency, WTF Agency (honest, that is their name).


20 August, 2013 - Ad: Easier To Find Motorcycle - Trade Motorcycles
Ad Trade Motorcycles
Australia flag
#Advertisement #Motorcycle #Australia - When I first saw this print advertisement and the copy text "The bike you want is now easier to find" I thought it was an anti-theft ad. A bit like "do not make your motorcycle visible".

But in fact the ad is for a motorcycle trade/sales web site, I don't know, it just does not ring a bell for me. I think it would have been better as a PSA for anti-theft.


13 August, 2013 - Ad: Honda Motorcycles - Your Weekend Treat - Nice!
Honda Weekend Treat
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #Motocross - A nice print advertisement from Israel for the Honda CRF250R motorcycle. It's a motocross bike, so you can imagine the jumps you can make with it.

The advertisement company, McCann Erickson, thought of a different way of visualizing the jumps and playing with words at the same time...........

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9 August, 2013 - Video: Bajaj Caliber - Romantic TV Commercial
Bajaj Caliber Romantic Ad
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Commercial #India #Romantic - This TV commercial from Bajaj is old, but still very good (as are most of their advertisements). It is the story of a young man, riding around the country on his Bajaj Caliber motorcycle looking for his long lost sweetheart. All he has is an old photograph of her, and he is looking for her while bearing a gift.

And finally, after looking over the whole country, he does meet her, but it does not go as planned. So far, Bajaj have rarely disappointed me with their ads, they have been first class..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 August, 2013 - Video: Latvian Motorcycle PSA - Making Scooters Even Smaller
Latvia Scooter PSA
Latvia flag
#PSA #Safety #Scooters #Latvia - Here is a video of a group of people trying to get a message across that scooters are small and difficult to see, so please watch out for them. The way they do it, is by placing a toy scooter on the ground of a gas station, and placing some text around them.

People who walk past and almost hit the toy will see the text and "learn the lesson". Folks who do not see the toy and crush it, do not see what has happened. So they will not learn. So people who pay attention and would normally see motorcycles on the road are being taught a lesson, while people who crash into us, will not.

In other words, an exercise that is a bit useless. But then again, anything to promote motorcycle & scooter safety is better than nothing. Have a look at the video


31 July, 2013 - Video: Yamalube Starring Lorenzo and Rossi
Yamalube ad Rossi Lorenzo
Yamaha logo
#MotoGP #Yamaha #Advertising - As big name MotoGP racers you need to spend time making local TV commercials for your sponsors. If not, no money, and no money means no racing. Even the biggest names in motorcycle racing today can not escape these tasks.

Here are none other than Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi together in a Indonesian TV commercial for Yamaha's oil company Yamalube.


30 July, 2013 - Video: Adidas Promotes World Soccer Cup In Rio With Motorcycles
Adidas Whistle Rio Ad
Adidas logo
#Advertisment #Soccer #Brazil - World's largest soccer event is getting closer and closer. Held in Brazil next year, there has been a lot of controversy about Brazil spending $18 Billion while its citizens are going un-fed, un-educated and un-medicated.

But that has not prevented the sports brand Adidas from promoting the event with a nice but a bit incomprehensive TV commercial. It features quite a few motorcycles doing stunts, young (and beautiful & sexy) gals & guys and music.


29 July, 2013 - Ad: Escape The Police With A Peugeot Scooter - Good or Bad?
Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor ad
Peugeot logo
#Ad #Peugeot #Scooters - Hmmmm... I do not know what to think about this print advertisement. It is for Peugeot, the French scooter (and a few cars) manufacturer, and the text below the cops riding toy scooters says:

"Satelis 125 Compressor, an acceleration that leaves everyone on the spot"

According to the text, the 125 cc scooter has the performance of a 250cc one. And apparently it is enough to escape the cops.


24 July, 2013 - Fantastic TV Commercial From Indian Motorcycle - A Dig At Harley
Indian Motorcycle Dig At Harley
Indian logo
#Indian #HarleyDavidson #Advertisement - Here is a really good TV commercial from Indian Motorcycle… They are going to release and launch their latest motorcycle, the 2014 Indian Chief in Sturgis in August, and they made this pretty good advertisement.

Using Willie Nelson's famous song "On the Road Again", 80% of the video when you watch it, you would think it is an ad for Harley-Davidson. It is only at the last moment that you will see that they are making fun of the eternal enemy.



23 July, 2013 - Ads: 2 x Honda Motorcycles Ads From Brazil - Nice But Not Original
Honda Trail Ad Brazil
Brazil flag
#Advertisement #Honda #Brazil - Here are two print advertisements from Dorvalino Motos in Brazil, one for a Honda CBF 250 L, the other for a Honda PCX scooter. The ads are nice, and should "talk" to motorcycle riders the world over, but they are not original.

Many (m)admen will use this concept when producing an ad for a motorcycle. It is to easy.............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


22 July, 2013 - Video: Ladies, I Think This Ibis Ad Is For You
Ibis Biker TV Ad
Ibis Hotels logo
#Advertising #Ibis #Hotel - The French hotel group, Ibis Hotels, have released a TV commercial campaign here in France, and one of the advertisements has a couple arriving on a motorcycle, with the female pillion throwing a fit (I think I've been there before, done that before).

At the end, the TV commercial says you can save €15. Funny ad because we probably have all seen it before...


16 July, 2013 - Ads: Brazilian Safety PSA - When You Are Driving, Be Driving
Brazil Safety PSA Facebook Driving
Brazil flag
#PSA #Safety #Advertising - The local Brazilian authorities launched a series of safety PSAs to get Brazilians to stop using the internet while driving their cars. Apparently drivers there, like in other countries, use email, Facebook and Twitter while weaving through traffic, and that can only be a good thing for us motorcycle riders, right?

It is why I do not like seeing gadgets to be used for vehicles, like GPS, that allows drivers to connect to the internet. Way to dangerous for us.


9 July, 2013 - Ad: Metro Brazil Newspaper And Weird Motorcyclists
Metro Ad Nonsense brazil
Metro logo
#Brazil #Advertisement #Weird - Metro, the free daily newspaper, have for their Brazilian version shown a couple of "weird" advertisements. The first one, involves a scooter rider with a car door around him. Weird, but not unusual in many countries, where motorcycles and scooters are used to haul any type of cargo.

The text says "Someone needs to explain the everyday nonsense.". They have another "weird" ad, but this time it's not a motorcycle but a guy dressed as ballerina in front of a bus stop. Strange....


4 July, 2013 - Video: Horror Movies From Volkswagen
Volkswagen Side Assist Biker Ad
Volkswagen logo
#Advertisements #Volkswagen #Safety - Volkswagen are promoting a technology that will assist you in detecting objects in your blind spots while driving one of their cars. Called "Side Assist", it's a mirror system that uses radar to detect if some vehicle is alongside you and you can't see it.

On its own, it's a good idea, it's just too bad drivers can't just turn their head slightly to see if they are safe to make the maneuver they want to make.

Anyway, to promote the technology, Volkswagen have launched three TV commercials which I find pretty well thought-out in the way they bring it to your attention; they use horror movie images...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 July, 2013 - Ad: False Advertising? What Would The Kid Really Prefer?
Knacki Sausage or Motorbike
#Advertising #Sausage #Motorcycle - Let's face it, advertisers will often try anything to make us buy a product; even make up stories. Like this one.... the product being sold is a Knacki sausage, and in the print ad, they want to make us believe a kid will like a Knacki sausage as much as getting a small motorcycle.

Know any kids that like a sausage as much as a toy motorcycle? Not me.....


27 June, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer - The Way It Should Be Done
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Dealer #Commercial - Most TV commercials for motorcycle dealers (or car dealers) involve some guy, usually in a big hat, shouting out that they are the best, the cheapest, the easiest, the sexiest, the.... fill in the blanks. But whatever the words, it's loud, and it involves shouting.

Here's a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer that has understood, and in their TV commercial, there's no shouting, not even talking - just some words on the screen why their shop is the place to go to.

And that is the way I like to see my motorcycle dealers advertise. The dealer: Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson.


26 June, 2013 - Video: Ducati Motorcycles and Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Watch
Ducati Tudor Fastrider Black Shield ad
Tudor logo
#Tudor #Advertisement #Ducati - Ducati and Tudor watches have had a nice relationship for a while, and the most recent TV commercial from Tudor proves that. In this very well made, and very dark, TV ad, you see, what looks like a Ducati Diavel, motorcycle riding through a lava area.

The ad is for the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield watch, a watch that is black with red markings, and is going with the times of the recent spate of movies, all very dark (Batman, Superman, Star Trek etc). Apart from the TV commercial they have a mini web site and even iPhone and iPad apps for the folks who can't get enough of the watch.


25 June, 2013 - Video: Yamaha MT-09 Launch Video
Yamaha MT 09 Launch
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #MT-09 #Advertisement - Unless you've been disconnected from the internet in the last week or so, you'll have noticed that Yamaha have launched their new MT-09 motorcycle. A stunner and what looks like a fun motorcycle.

Here's their launch video they used to promote the bike. In the video you see several MT-09 motorcycles riding at night in Japan by what you could describe as "hooligans".

This looks like a fun bike. The TV commercial is well filmed, plenty of action and great shots.


18 June, 2013 - Ads: Ural Motorcycles - Break Out Of Boredom
Ural Break Out
Ural logo
#Ural #Advertisement - Even Russian motorcycle manufacturers advertise. Everyone has to advertise, but to be successful, you need to do good, if not great, ads. Russian motorcycle maker Ural has two good print ads.

Both ads say it all, the tag line reads "Routine, boredom, office slavery and chains of marriage – this is not about people who ride bikes. Ural motorcycle sets you free. It helps you get away from all this, and gives you absolute freedom.".

There you go, Ural sets you free. So go little bird, enjoy your freedom.


17 June, 2013 - Ad: Ministry of Defense - Changing A Tire
Min Defense Changing Tires
#Advertisment #Defense #Army - These print advertisements have got nothing to do with motorcycles but I thought they were so well done and gutsy, I decided to show them to you.

The ads are from the (Dutch?) Ministry of Defense, and are made to look like a page from the "Manual Automotive Repair", and just to be sure, they've shown the version number of the manual, i.e. v.2.3 from 2009.

The page from the manual is "how to change a tire".... just look at the ad. The copy text is "Technician at the Ministry of Defence. Do you have what it takes. Being a technician at the Ministry of Defence is a little bit more demanding. Seemingly easy technical problems can become a real challenge in their environment."


11 June, 2013 - Ad: Weird - Mademsa - Fruit Motorcycle?
Mademsa Fruit Biker
#Advertisment - Sometimes I just don't get it. Some advertisement agencies try to be so clever they lost me. Here's one from Chile for Mademsa, a company that makes kitchen appliances and white goods like fridges.

The ad has a "biker" couple and motorcycle made out of vegetables & fruit riding out a freezer. Why a motorcycle? Why fruit in a freezer?

I just don't get it.... is this art?


10 June, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Welcome On Board
Harley Davidson China Welcome Onboard
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Advertisement #China - A "feel good" Harley-Davidson TV commercial with lots of Chinese text, but what looks like it was shot in California with American bikers.

So is this a real Harley-Davidson China commercial but they could not afford to make it in China, or is it a Harley USA commercial onto which they put Chinese text...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 June, 2013 - Ad: Honda CS500F And A Sword! CS500F WTF?
Honda Sword CS500F
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Okay, I'm confused again (happens a lot at my age). Here's an interesting print advertisement from Honda Israel featuring a sports motorcycle and a samurai sword. Looked good, until I read the text...

... it reads "Honda CS500F A New Japanese Power". CS500F??? Never heard of that. On top of that, the photo is that of a CBR. Is this an Israel-special? Is it just bad ad layout? Is it a joke?

Anyone ever hear of a CS500F? (I know the CB500F and even a CS500, but not a CS500F).


30 May, 2013 - Video: Bajaj Motorcycle Dealer TV Commercial
Bajaj Dealer Madan Ad
Bajaj logo
#Advertisement #Bajaj #Motorcycle - There are big differences between motorcycle manufacturer's TV commercials. The differences between Bajaj and Harley-Davidson for example are legendary. It's got to do with corporate culture and their clients. All manufacturers have different cultures and advertisement philosophies.

But this stops with the dealers. It looks like motorcycle dealers the world over have the same technique for their TV advertisement; loud, in your face, as many items as they can in the shortest time.

It doesn't matter if you are a Harley dealer in Anaheim, California, a Kawasaki dealer in Alice Springs, Australia, or this Bajaj dealer in Kolkata, India. Have a look at the video, you'll see what I mean. You'll probably not understand a word that is being said, but if you put an English language dealer over this one, it'll remain the same...


28 May, 2013 - Video: Shell - Biker Love
Shell Biker Love Ad
Shell logo
#Advertisement #Shell #Motorcycles - Hmmm.. strange TV commercial from oil company Shell. In this advertisement we see a motorcycle rider loving Shell because of their prices for fuel. He even goes as far as hugging the fuel pump...

On its own nothing to write home about, but at least the biker is shown in a positive light, albeit a bit strange.


21 May, 2013 - India: PSA - Keep Your Thoughts On The Road - Also For Motorcycles
India Keep Thoughts On Road
India flag
#India #Safety #Ads - Hmmm.. interesting. Here's a public service announcement coming from India, trying to keep riders and drivers focused on the road. They've got several ads, cars and motorcycle, and in the nicely-done graphics, they show what the driver is thinking.

"Obviously" the motorcycle rider is thinking about his Girlfriend, while the car drivers are thinking about the Boss and the Husband.....

It's true, that especially when riding a motorcycle, better keep 100% of your focus on the road and not let you mind wander off.


15 May, 2013 - Video: Is This A Real Harley-Davidson Ad Or A Fake? Opinions?
Harley Davidson Crossdresser ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement #Fake - Here's a TV commercial that has got me baffled. Is this a real Harley-Davidson motorcycle advertisement or just a fake? It's not in English, but that shouldn't matter.... just looking at the images makes me wonder if this is real.

Somehow I doubt it... I don't think Harley would touch the subject. And what do the words say??? Anyone?

What do you think? Real or Fake?


14 May, 2013 - Thailand: 3 Do Not Drink & Drive Ads - Nicely Done
Ad Do Not DUI Beer
Thailand flag
#DUI #Advetisement #PSA #Thailand - Here are three nicely done anti-DUI print advertisements coming from Thailand. The images are perfect, they say it all.

I didn't realize that they had such as drinking & driving problem there. Obviously this applies to all vehicles, including motorcycles.


10 May, 2013 - Videos: 2 x Hero Honda TV Commercials - Passion Pro
Hero Honda Passion Pro
Hero Honda logo
Here are two TV commercials from India's biggest motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Honda (now called Hero MotoCorp). Both advertisements are for the Passion Pro motorcycle, and involve a) a pretty woman and b) getting stuck in traffic.

The ads are not Bajaj-style (Bajaj still have the best ads out there), in other words really good, in fact they are pretty lame, but maybe in works for its target market.


9 May, 2013 - Video: Watch An Interesting Motorcycle PSA From C-Dot
C Dot Crashed PSA
Colorado Department of Transportation logo
#Video #Safety #Motorcycle - The Colorado Department of Transportation released an interesting PSA for motorcycle riders. Instead of showing blood & gore, they show blood & gore, but in this case it's not real blood & gore. They are very up-front about it. In fact, you see them apply the blood & gore on the "victim".

It's an interesting and novel way of showing what happens when you don't ride your motorcycle with the appropriate safety gear. There are also a few words from some specialists (using echoes, not to my taste) and some real and ugly crash scenes involving motorcycles...........

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8 May, 2013 - Ad: Cute KTM Commercial For Kids
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisement - I don't know if this is a real KTM TV commercial, but it's cute. It's for the KTM 65SX, a motocross motorcycle for kids.

From the accent, I'd say it's from Australia.


7 May, 2013 - Ad: Lame Volkswagen Advertisement For Seeing Motorcycles
Ad Volkswagen VAESA Side Assist Motorcycle
Volkswagen logo
Volkswagen usually has very good, often funny, print and TV commercials. Granted that, even with a motorcycle loving Chairman of VW, the ads are often anti-biker, they remain well done and funny. But not this print advertisement.

This ad "sells" Volkswagen's blind spot detection system, Volkswagen Side Assist. The tag line reads "Have you seen him? Your Volkswagen has. Volkswagen Side Assist. It detects if something is in your blind spot.". As visuals go, it's pretty lame, even if it means more safety for us motorcycle riders...........


6 May, 2013 - Video: KTM’s Latest TV Commercial For 2013 - Hot
KTM 2013 Ready to Race
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisement #Motocross - KTM launched this latest TV commercial live at the 2013 Las Vegas Supercross race, a very good launch platform since you've got thousands of cross fans already there, in other words a captive audience.

The advertisement is pretty slick with colored motorcycles (orange of course) and a black & white background. Nicely done, blasting music and no static motorcycles.


30 April, 2013 - Ad: Why Some Advertisements Fail - Claire’s Female Biker Gang
Claire's Female Biker gang
#Advertisement #Claires #Fail - When I first saw this advertisement I was quickly drawn to it. What was there not to like? A motorcycle gang, all female and a killer slogan "more is more".

Then I saw the company name; Claire's. And that was it.... no other information. It doesn't say who they are, what they are selling. The ad is in a series of 4 ads, and none explain the company or product. So if you don't know the company/product you're still none the wiser, and if you do know the product/company you don't really need the ad, do you now?..........

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26 April, 2013 - Video: Watch This Very Good TV Commercial From Bajaj - Excellent
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS 2013
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Advertisement #Stunts - By far, Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj make the best TV commercials. I don't know anything about their motorcycles, but their TV advertisements are really top notch. This time they have outdone themselves with some creative stunts and CGI for their Pulsar 200NS.

The 1 minute ad shows three bikes doing stunts on an attraction high above the ground, on a merry-go-round and in narrow streets. Cool images.


24 April, 2013 - Video: Quebec PSA - It Is Easy To See A Motorcycle Rider
Canada Quebec Safety PSA 2013
Canada flag
#PSA #Safety #Canada - Here's a very well done, excellent even, PSA for motorcycle safety. It's from the Quebec Car Insurance Organization (SAAQ) in Canada, and even though it's in French, just the visuals say enough to understand the message.

The message (said in French) is "it's easy to see a biker, except on the road".


23 April, 2013 - Ads: Honda Motorcycle Helmets
Honda Helmets Beetle
Honda logo
#Honda #Helmets #Motorcycle - I never knew that Honda Motorcycles sold helmets, but there you go. At least it looks like they sell them in Colombia where these two print advertisements come from.

Initially when I first saw them, I thought it was a pretty lame ad, but then I realized what the message is..... "a beetle, when you travel at 80 mph has become a bullet".


16 April, 2013 - Videos: Two Hyundai TV Commercials Involving Motorcycles
Hyundai Sonata Turbo ad
Hyundai Canada Mad max
#Hyundai #Advertisement - Here are two Hyundai TV commercials which have motorcycles in them. The first one shows a motorcycle rider as... what can I say.... a big slob on a sportsbike. Since all the other vehicles in the ad are dangerous, does this mean the fat biker is dangerous?

The second ad is from Hyundai Canada and shows an epic Mad Max-style chase between the Hyundai car and Mad Max vehicles, including a motocrosser, until they run out of fuel.


9 April, 2013 - Brazil: Another Weird Honda Ad From Same Dealer
Ad Honda Dorvalino Holes Road
Brazil flag
#Honda #Advertisement #Brazil - Although not as bad as the first one, and although I understand this one a bit more, it's still weird. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

The print advertisement is for the Honda motorcycle dealer Dorvalino Motos in Brazil, and the text reads "If this road was mine, I'd put some holes in it.". From what I understand, since they are advertising a dual-sport/off road motorcycle (the Honda NXR 150 BROS KS, a Brazil-only model) that you'd want to ride some holes....strange because no one wants to ride pot holes.

What do you think? Am I strange, or the ad?..........

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8 April, 2013 - Video: Watch Jorge Lorenzo Be Turned Down By Girls
Lorenzo Sector Ad Girls
Sector logo
#Sector #Lorenzo - Even if you are the reigning world champion MotoGP, it doesn't mean you can do any commercial you want. You need to satisfy your sponsors, even when it means doing a TV commercial that's iffy.

That's what Jorge Lorenzo must have felt doing this ad for watchmaker Sector. It's not really a problem for him, either as a person or financially, but the ad is pretty macho. Girls are only interested in him if he wears a "nice" watch...... if that was the case I would be Don Juan....

Anyway, as ads go, it's not bad, funny if you can overlook the macho business. Jorge is a cool guy, and in the end he rides of in the sunset with two pretty girls in his.... sidecar.


3 April, 2013 - Video: Redline Motorcycle Clothing - Interesting
Poland flag
Here's a TV commercial for Redline, a Polish motorcycle clothing outfit. The ad is interesting as they used a video game-like images, with a motorcycle dodging traffic or racing on a circuit while wearing the Redline gear.

Nice way of introducing a clothing line, and as games go, this would be fun. Maybe they should bring it out as a downloadable game...


2 April, 2013 - Ad: Saridon Motorcycle Helmet - Gone Right Past Me
Saridon Helmet
Venezuela flag
#Bayer #Advertisement - Normally speaking advertisements, especially print ones, need to convey a message with seconds of seeing it. When flipping through a magazine all ads are vying for your attention. So the ad must be visually interesting and tell its message immediately. In other words, don't make the reader guess what you are trying to say, like this ad...

The ad is made in Venezuela and is for Bayer's Saridon, a headache ..........

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26 March, 2013 - Ad: Jeep (Or How Not To Advertise)
Ad Jeep
USA flag
This is a really strange print advertisement from Jeep. You don't see their car, just a trailer with a dirty motorcycle. Okay, I understand the image used, but at first glance, if you didn't see the word "JEEP" you wouldn't know what the ad is for. So you pull your motorcycle on a trailer in through the mud.... wouldn't it be better to just use the motorcycle? You probably will get there faster.


19 March, 2013 - Brazil: Weird Honda Motorcycle Dealer Advertisement
Dorvalino Motos Brazil Ad
Brazil flag
This print advertisement is for a Honda motorcycle dealer in Brazil called Dorvalino Motos. Sorry, but I'm lost...

Usually ads have a message that either informs potential buyers, or convinces them to buy. This ad shows a small photo of a Honda CBR 1000RR and the Tower of Pisa. That's it.

Does it mean you can ride from Brazil on a Honda motorcycle all the way to Italy? If so, it's news... otherwise I just don't get it.


8 March, 2013 - Video: MV Agusta F4 RR TV Commercial
MV Agusta F4 RR Commercial
MV Agusta logo
#Agusta - You don't get to see many TV commercials from MV Agusta, and I don't even know if this is a "real" advertisement for the F4 RR super motorcycle, but it's kind-of cool.

You get to see close ups of the Italian motorcycle with the sounds that resembles that of jet fighters talking, and then you see the MV Agusta in its natural environment, the race track.


7 March, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dallas Dealer - Lifestyle
Harley Davidson Dallas Lifestyle
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson - Here's a TV commercial from a Dallas Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer. Lots of girls in mini-bikinis, lots of platitudes (like brotherhood, individuality, etc), but at least we see girls riding a motorcycle, not just in bikini.

I wonder if in real like there are these bikini-clad girls at the dealership??


5 March, 2013 - Ads: Thailand - Dead Helmet
Ad Thailand Dead Helmet
Thailand flag
Maybe something got lost in the translation. Or it's a cultural thing. These two print advertisemenst from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation are just plain weird.

The text reads "Ride safe, wear a helmet" but what is the image supposed to tell us? Is it that our heads are not a helmet (probably), or use helmets that are in good condition?

Your guess is as good as mine...


26 February, 2013 - Ad: Office for Victims of Violent Transit: Biker - Brazil
Ad Avitran Office for Victims of Violent Transit
Brazil flag
Interesting visual concept for this PSA from Brazil. It's for Avitran, which after some research turns out to be a traffic victim treatment center which is part of a some psychotherapy clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In fact, the url above directs you to the clinic web site.

The visual is nicely done, with "death" riding behind a motorcycle rider who is not ATGATT and the text "Recklessness kills. Ride with caution and always wear safety gear".


25 February, 2013 - WTF of the Week: "Model" Bikers Wanted-Ugly Ones Do Not Apply
CraigList Ad Model Bikers
USA flag
I rarely read Craiglist ads since they have no meaning for me on this side of the pond, but this one came across my computer and I just can not resist. The advertisement is for the Los Angeles area, and the subject reads "$30-50 Per Hour For Attractive, Service Oriented Motorcycle Drivers".

So the first interest point is that if you are an attractive (ie handsome) motorcycle rider you can earn $30-50 per hour... not bad. But here's the whole ad:

According to the ad you'll be driving celebrities and VIPs to public and private events. Let's face it, who doesn't want to drive a Meegan Fox type sitting behind you as pillion, holding on to you with all strength, while riding her up to the Oscars. Dream stuff right?..........

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19 February, 2013 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Advertisement Honoring Jim Marshall
Harley Jim Marshall Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Back on April 5th, 2012, Jim Marshall, aka the "Father of Loud", passed away. Jim was the maker of the famous Marshall amplifiers for guitars, used by most famous (and also by many unknown) musicians the world over.

Harley-Davidson's ad agency was quick of the mark, since they ran these ads the same day, asking the world to make noise (preferably with Harley motorcycles) to honor the man.

A fitting tribute to a man who made music hearable from far.


14 February, 2013 - Video: Tucano Urbano "Hot Or Not" Viral Video Part 3
Tucano Urbano Are You Hot Or Not 3
Tucano Urbano logo
Italian accessories manufacturer Tucano Urbano have released last month part 3 of their "funny" viral video entitled "Hot or Not". Tucano Urbano are known for their clothing and their motorcycle/scooter aprons, allowing bikers to stay warm during the harsh winters.

In these three part videos called "Hot or Not" they show you what can happen if you are "hot" or not, in other words, if you want a good s.e.x. life, better use their product to stay warm.

As advertisements go, it's okay, not hilarious, but funny nevertheless, particularly this 3rd instalment (look at the senior citizens having a go at it...).


13 February, 2013 - Video: KTM Dealer TV Commercial
KTM OMA Dealer Video
KTM logo
You don't see many KTM motorcycle TV commercials in the world, and even less KTM dealer ads. Here's one exception, the first one I've seen. It's a TV commercial for the KTM dealer in the state of Oregon called OMA-KTM (funny for me, since in Dutch, Oma means grandmother).

It's not bad for a dealer commercial, and as I said, it's the first KTM dealer advertisement I've seen.


12 February, 2013 - Ads: 4 Safety Ads - Drinking and Driving - Wrong Place
Ad France DUI Wall
Ad France DUI Rail
Here are four very nicely done print advertisements from France, trying to get people to stop drinking & driving (a very difficult task for a wine producing country).

The images are nicely done, not violent, and the tag line says "Don't let alcohol drive you to the wrong place". Each ad has an object that cars and motorcycle are known to crash into when DUI.

But will it stop people from drinking & driving... I doubt it.


7 February, 2013 - Video: Macho, Sexist, Harley-Davidson Dealer Commercial
Nyc Harley Davidson TV Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Wow, in this day and age that something like this can get through.... it's a TV commercial from a local Harley-Davidson dealer in New York, and although it's got great image and music, it's pretty macho & sexist.

A bunch of male Harley bikers gather at the local watering hole, and decide to go "fishing", which means finding girls and bring them back to the pub. None of the girls ride themselves, all are pillions, and one girl even leaves a sportsbike to go on the Harley. Does this mean that girls don't ride Harley? I don't think so..............

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6 February, 2013 - Video: Yamaha Indonesia Corporate Commercial
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Quite an interesting and well done corporate TV commercial for Yamaha Indonesia. It's a TV ad you'd expect from Yamaha's head quarters in Japan, but then considering how big the Indonesian motorcycle market is, they have a lot of money in their piggy bank to make these kind of videos.

No need for a real time translator, it's just music and motorcycles, lots of it. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the Harley-Davidson "Live by it" TV commercial, with one rider starting out, and ending in 100's of bikers. Except in this case, they're Yamaha scooters...


5 February, 2013 - Ads: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ad & Video
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Canada flag
The print advertisement and TV commercial for the very serious Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation are pretty well done. Both print and TV ads show women doing their thing; riding motorcycle, tennis, surfing, etc. So it's not "in-your-face", just a subtle hint.

The TV commercial featured below starts with a woman riding a Triumph motorcycle (she'll appear later in the commercial), and in the print version, the text reads "You don't need to be good to be healthy" followed by "The crunch of leather, the growl of your pipes and a well-oiled confidence." followed by the rest of the pitch. .... nice...........

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29 January, 2013 - Ad: Hunting Motorcycle Helmet
Forstinger Motorcycle Helmet Ad
Austria flag
Nicely done image, but it doesn't sell. The print advertisement is for Forstinger, an Austrian car and motorcycle retail site, and in the ad they trying to get you to buy helmets.

The tag line says "Hunting equipment at a competitive price. From boots to helmet", and as you can see, the helmet looks like an animal.


25 January, 2013 - Video: One Of The Best Advertisements Out There - Need To Watch
Video clip
Taiwan flag
Sometimes TV commercials are works of art, sometimes they stink. But once, every now and then, comes an advertisement that goes way beyond what it is supposed to do, one that will move you and have a lasting effect.

That is the case for this TV ad. It was only in the last 3 seconds of the 3 minute commercial that I knew for who the commercial was. The whole story is very moving, so if you're someone who quickly sheds a tear while watching drama movies, better get some tissues ready.

Basically the story is about a bunch of old bikers in Taiwan, average age 81, who set out for a epic motorcycle ride to honor fallen comrades. The video is in Chinese but subtitled in English.

I strongly recommend you watch this TV commercial. You'll not be disappointed. I now know what I want to do when I grow up....


22 January, 2013 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 and Lions
Piaggio MP3 Lion
Piaggio logo
I don't know about you, but there's no way in hell I'll be riding a Piaggio MP3 scooter, or even a super fast motorcycle alongside any lions. So I'm a bit amazed at this advertisement from Piaggio. With a copy line that says "So stable, you'll think it's a car", just because the scooter is more stable than traditional 2 wheelers, doesn't mean that it's safer?


21 January, 2013 - Video: Esso Easymix Commercial - Motocross
Video clip
Esso logo
Another oldie but goodie TV commercial from Esso. This one is for their two-stroke oil for motorcycles, EasyMix.

In the short TV ad, they show a (noisy) motocross race. It's the way ads were made in the 70's and 80's.


18 January, 2013 - Video: Yamaha V-ixion 150i
Video clip
Yamaha logo
There's a whole world of motorcycles out there in Asia that may never be seen here in Europe (or North America). Often small displacement motorcycles, they have fancy sounding names.

Here's one from Yamaha Indonesia, and the motorcycle is called a "V-ixion 150i". When you look at the TV commercial below, and the image it tries to portray, it kind of makes you laugh. They superimpose a cheetah, and when the bike takes off, it's like a MotoGP race bike.... all that on a 150cc bike.


15 January, 2013 - Ad: Volkswagen Makes Our Lives Safer
Ad Volkswagen Side Assist
Volkswagen logo
It's no secret that the Chairman of Volkswagen is an ardent and passionate motorcycle rider, so much so that he decided to buy Ducati; not the motorcycle but the company. And although through history, TV commercials and print advertisements from the German manufacturer were often biased or satirical against motorcycle, in this ad they show something else.

In the new Volkswagen Touareg SUV, they're highlighting the technology that will show vehicles, in this case motorcycles, that are in the blind spots alongside the car. In other words, if the car driver uses the technology, it will permit us from being seen and not side-swapped.


8 January, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Make Your Own Noise
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Okay, here's 1 minute of my life I'll never get back. It's a Harley-Davidson TV commercial (I think, but not sure), and it looks a bit like a sci-fi movie.

The message is quite clever as is the final (and only) text, but to sit 1 minute watching two bikers walk to their motorcycles is waaay too long. The whole advertisement is 1 minute 15 seconds.


21 December, 2012 - Video: TomTom Goes Viral
Video clip
Our favorite Dutch GPS manufacturer (in fact, there are no other Dutch GPS makers), TomTom, have made a viral video. But just read that line again. It's a "viral" video, a video about viral videos. In fact, it's a video taking off viral videos... in a funny way.

You'll get to see many of the very popular viral videos shown on the internet, including the "Press For Drama" video. Nope, there are no motorcycles in this video, but since they provide GPSs for motorcycles, and it's funny enough to become viral, I've decided to show it (also I had nothing else to show).

So have a look at the viral video of viral videos.


20 December, 2012 - Video: Buell 1125 CR
Video clip
Buell logo
Remember Buell? The now defunct, former Harley-Davidson, sports brand? The motorcycle maker that Harley let welter away....

Here's an "old" promotional advertisement (you know those TV things they show at dealers and shows that loops around the whole day driving staff crazy) of the Buell 1125CR motorcycle.

Funny, or sad actually, seeing the video doesn't make me want to take out my wallet and rush to a dealer to buy one.


18 December, 2012 - Ad: Quiksilver Fast Drying
Quiksilver Fast Drying Swimwear
Quiksilver logo
This is quite a clever print advertisement for clothing maker Quiksilver. You take a look at the photo and the text, and then it hits you...

The guy was able to ride his scooter for a pizza delivery, guaranteed to be delivered in 30 minutes, and still have a swim. Nice...


11 December, 2012 - Videos: Tucano Urbano - Are You Hot Or Not
Video clip
Tucano Urbano logo
Two funny and sexy viral videos from Italian accessories manufacturer Tucano Urbano. They probably would be considered NOT Safe For Work in the USA, but they are pretty funny nevertheless, and yes, a tad sexist.

Tucano Urbano are mostly known for their very warm clothing and aprons, known to keep you warm on your motorcycle or scooter.

Warning: If you are easily offended by scantly clad ladies, don't watch the videos.


7 December, 2012 - Video: Yamaha - For Fun (1960s)
Video clip
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha - I love these old vintage TV commercials. This one is from the 1960's and it's for Yamaha USA. Those were the days that you could easily say that motorcycles are for fun. In fact they say in the advertisement "Meet the people who are having fun, and meet the fun they're having".

They don't make ads like these anymore. They're all about power, speed - not about having fun. And isn't that what riding a motorcycle is all about?


5 December, 2012 - Video: Canadian PSA - Texting While Driving
Video clip
Canada flag
Here's a very good PSA from the Canadian government. It's an educational TV commercial that shows why people didn't text while driving in the "old days".

The message is quite clear, and the French words pronounced during the ad are "Before, we didn't write text messages while driving.... there was probably a good reason".


4 December, 2012 - Ad: Volkswagen - Better Scratch A Cop Car Than Bikers?
Volkswagen Parking Assist Bikers
Volkswagen logo
When parking your car, would you rather scratch a police car or bump into a motorcycle belonging to a biker gang (my choice would be none of the above)? That's a question that should be asked in a philosophy exam.

Volkswagen used the image of the above question in their print advertisement in Australia.


30 November, 2012 - Video: Deodorant For Motorcycle Riders?
Video clip
India flag
OMG! How far will companies go to advertise their products using motorcycle? I mean, using a motorcycle sound for spraying yourself with Instinct deodorant....

Okay, you get to win a Ninja 250R motorcycle, but still....every press of the deodorant will result in a motorcycle revving up...


29 November, 2012 - Video: Australian Safety Ad - The Party Is Over
Video clip
TAC logo
The Australian Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria state is very active in the prevention of accidents and in general road safety. And like very year anywhere in the world, during the festive season, people drink and party. Drink a lot. And that leads to accidents.

TAC have put out a TV commercial addressing the drinking & diving during the silly season, and I have to say, it's very good. They've done it seriously, but with a good sense of humor by using wordplay...........

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27 November, 2012 - Ads: AKT Motos and Social Media - Fail
AKT Motorcycle Facebook House
AKT Motos logo
AKT Motos is a Colombian motorcycle manufacturer of what looks like Indian TVS motorcycles. They produce, probably more assemble, low displacement motorcycles for the Colombian market.

They've released two print advertisements which in IMHO fail to bring a message across. Both ads below show the two main social media symbols, Facebook and Twitter, and a blueprint inside the symbols.

The tag line says "Get Out There", so I'm presuming they mean to say that to let Facebook and Twitter go, and just get on your motorcycle or scooter, and ride. But it's not obvious, or maybe I just don't understand Colombian ads....


22 November, 2012 - Video: 2 Harley-Davidson Ads Featuring Guitars
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are two TV commercials from Harley-Davidson featuring guitars. The first one, I presume is from the USA, features a guitar that "plays" motorcycle music, ie, engine noise. Clever, but not as good as the second one.

The second one is from South Korea (although it looks like they're playing at Stonehenge) and there they've used the sound of the motorcycle engine as part of the guitar music, using the engine as beat for the music. Nicely done.


20 November, 2012 - Ads: Australia Motorcycle Safety With Mick Doohan - Black Spots
MAC Invisble Motorbikes
Australia flag
The Australian Motor Accident Commission, MAC, have been trying hard to reduce the number of motorcycle related deaths for years, some campaigns with success, some not so. Their latest campaign is to make bikers aware of the black spots in traffic. According to none other than multi-world champion MotoGP, Mick Doohan, the biggest black spot on the road is an intersection. More than 50% of deadly accidents occur at an intersection.

To make motorcycle riders aware, MAC have released a print ad and a video. They have also dedicated a part of their web site for this purpose. The print ad is pretty weak. You need to stare at the black spot of 30 seconds, and the light blue bikers will disappear. After 30 seconds, not only did they disappear for me, but I got images of Marilyn Monroe dancing naked. Not the effect that I thought they would go after..............

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14 November, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two Commercial
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Over the years we've become used to pretty bad TV commercials from Harley-Davidson, but over the last year or so their ads have improved dramatically. At the same time, Harley changed their advertisement agency... coincidence?

Here's a pretty good TV commercial for the Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two model year 2012. The advertisement is "moody", set by some great music by Heath & Errol (a music group I could not find anywhere on the internet). The first part of the video, you don't see any motorcycles, then it's a nicely captured motorcycle ride.


13 November, 2012 - France: The French Association Of Angry Bikers Is Losing Patience
FFMC What Do We Need To Do
France flag
With all the new laws and proposed changes to the motorcycle world, almost all of them bad, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is losing patience.

They currently got an advertisement up that reads:

Do we need to get to this point to get your attention?


6 November, 2012 - Video: 6 Old Motorcycle Safety PSA - Part Deux
Video clip
UK flag
2 weeks ago we showed you 8 PSA made in the 1950s in the UK about motorcycle road safety. These old vintage TV commercials are excellent since most of what is being said still applies today, with a few exceptions.

The last 6 video of the whole PSA still illustrate it. It's funny to hear that "sidecars the safest of all road vehicles" in those days... and that "motorcycles are safer towards children on the road than any other vehicle". And finally, something I love to hear, but don't hear that much nowadays "motorcycles always renowned for their courtesy and consideration".


30 October, 2012 - France: Anti-Reflective Armband Ad - FFMC Strikes Again
FFMC Anti Reflective Band
FFMC logo
First the previous government wanted all motorcycle riders (even foreign ones riding into France) to wear reflective clothing. Then, under pressure after multiple protests, they toned it down to making us wear a 150 cm2 fluorescent armband (starting the 1st of January 2013).

This law just adds to the stupidity of governments. Like a small armband will make any difference. The only bit that makes the difference is when you get caught without one... a €68 fine and 2 license points. To illustrate the stupidity, the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) have released a print advertisement... I've translated the upper text, the rest is of no use....


27 October, 2012 - Video: 2012 AirAsia Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Video clip
MotoGP logo
Here's a very good and entertaining TV commercial for the 2012 AirAsia Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held tomorrow. It shows all the great motorcycle racers of the MotoGP race, all with added animations.

Very nicely done, and fun to watch; Let's just hope the race will be the same - fun, thrilling and entertaining.


24 October, 2012 - Ad: Shell, Steve McQueen and The Great Escape
Video clip
Shell logo
Shell, the giant Dutch oil company, put out an epic TV commercial, featuring none other than the King of Cool, Steve McQueen (although it's not him but a look-alike) and one of McQueen's best movies, The Great Escape.

They didn't adjust the movie, they just reshot it with their own actor, but it's very close to the stunning escape scene on a motorcycle during WWII. And of course, they've added a Shell gasoline pump to the sequence.... but it's okay, it does make the scene more funny.


17 October, 2012 - Video: Vespa - Fashion Unchanged
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's a very nicely done, upbeat, TV commercial for Vespa scooters. The advertisement is from Vespa India.

The ad is nicely done, in a semi-cartoon style, with colorful people and scenery. Have a look..


16 October, 2012 - Video: Clorets Pure Chewing Gum - Mad Biker
Video clip
Interesting product being advertised.... chewing gum that will clean the mouth of an angry motorcycle rider. The chewing gum is Clorets Pure, and the biker is angry because someone knocked down his parked motorcycles.

Short but sweet, by the Oglivy Agency in Cape Town, South Africa.


11 October, 2012 - Video: Honda Fitting Room
Video clip
Honda logo
Kind of strange TV commercial from Honda, in what I guess is Indonesia. It's aimed at the young kids, and the key message is that clothes don't make you cool, but a Honda motorcycles does....

I guess we could say that anywhere... right?


9 October, 2012 - Video: McDonald’s - Leader Of The Pack
Video clip
McDonald's logo
In this 1983 TV commercial, McDonald's is playing with words: they play the "Leader of the pack" song while showing two motorcycle cops riding up to one of their "restaurants", ordering a Big Mac.

Now you've got to decide who is the leader, the front cop or the Big Mac. It's a bit corny, but still fun to watch how they did their TV advertisements in those days.

They don,'t make them like this anymore (Thank God).


2 October, 2012 - Video: Yamaha BW’S 125 Scooter - Motocross
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Hmmmm... interesting way of showing a 125 scooter. It's a Yamaha TV commercial from Taiwan, and it shows their 2013 BW'S 125 scooter sliding through the dirt and pulling a wheelie.

Motocross with a scooter;.. how original.


2 October, 2012 - Ads: CDOT - For Better Or For Worse
More Training For Better Or
USA flag
Here's a reasonably funny print advertisement from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), trying to get motorcycles riders to get proper training.

The image used is not bad, but I don't think the publicity will get bikers flocking to motorcycle training facilities. But it's funny enough...


26 September, 2012 - Video: 3 Good Motorcycle Safety Ads From Utah
Video clip
USA flag
Between Colorado and Utah it's a tossup for who produces the best safety TV commercials. Both states are very active in road safety advertisements, cars and motorcycles.

The Utah Department of Safety (DPS) just released three very short TV PSAs that hit home in their simplicity and message. Very short, 15 seconds each, I particularly like the first one, since it's slogan is very good: "Body Shops Can't Repair Bodies". The second one is good too if you listen to the introduction. The last one is not bad, but less than the others.

All three commercials are divided between car and motorcycles riders need to pay attention....


25 September, 2012 - Video: Kawasaki ZX-14R Soul Of A Ninja
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
This is a very cool TV commercial from Kawasaki which they ran in North America for the introduction of the ZX-14R Ninja for 2012.

The spooky part is the voice-over by DMX, with a rap song, a motorcycle speeding through a tunnel.... goose bumps. Just listen to the lyrics...


24 September, 2012 - Video: Suzuki and Bigfoot
Video clip
Suzuki logo
A TV commercial from way back, 1976 to be exact. It's the kind of advertisements you used to see in those days, bland, often humorous, and nothing about the motorcycle.

The motorcycle company is Suzuki, and it's all about having fun. Three young guys are out searching for Bigfoot. At the end they find him, and then the tag line says that Suzuki motorcycles are reliable.... not bad.


20 September, 2012 - Video: Someday You’ll Own A Yamaha
Video clip
Yamaha logo
This is a TV commercial from waaaay back, 1976 to be exact. The advertisement is from Yamaha USA, and it's actually funny. Done in a Keystone Cops way, it really never shows a motorcycle (apart briefly in a drawing).

The rest is for the cops to dream about.... funny and not bad for those days. In the mean time, they've got to do their work on foot...


19 September, 2012 - Video: TAC - Assume The Worst In All Traffic
Video clip
TAC logo
Quite a good safety commercial from TAC Australia for motorcycle riders. It's thought provoking due to the second part of the advertisement.

The ad shows you that you're not always safe when riding your motorcycle, and in a nice stunt accident, you can see that a crash can happen without you doing anything wrong. But what's more important are the after effects....

The ad was shown in 1997 in Australia.


13 September, 2012 - Video: Suzuki Motorcycles vs Suzuki Car Commercial
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Nice TV commercial for Suzuki, for both their motorcycles and cars. A beautiful woman (Natalie Denise Sperl) rides her Suzuki motorcycle while her friend/husband races her in his Suzuki car.

The car is a four-wheel, so you can guess what he's going to do.

Guess who wins...


4 September, 2012 - Video: Suzuki Rotary Engine Motorcycle
Video clip
Suzuki logo
The rotary (or better known as Wankel) engine used by Suzuki for their new motorcycle was short lived. A different type of engine could have been a blessing to many people in 1974, but the new motorcycle engine never took.

Despite that, they managed to run a TV commercial back in 1975. Not exactly an advertisement that will get people to flock to buy the bike...


31 August, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Stereo Typical
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Some 6 months ago, Harley-Davidson released a YouTube commercial for their lifestyle. They called it #StereoTypicalHarley, and the video clip entails several Harley riders, male and female, on their motorcycle with their social address shown (in this case Twitter). This is then followed by the person's occupation or main point.

It's an interesting concept, since they show all different kinds of people and their jobs, from students to police officers, all tied together with some music which goes faster and faster.


28 August, 2012 - Ads (6x): Colorado Against Drinking and Driving Campaign
CDOT Campaign 2012
USA flag
The state of Colorado (CDOT) is quite active in accident prevention of cars and motorcycle, with many campaigns to get drivers to be more sensible. Their latest, and IMHO not their best, campaign focusses on motorcycle riders and DUI.

The Amelie Company, a PR company, produced a series of advertisements for billboards, print and even beer coasters that try to get the message across that riding a motorcycle after having been drinking is a bad idea.........

............Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


21 August, 2012 - Ads: Preventing People From Texting While Driving - Weird
Do not text and drive ad
Do not text and drive ad
Sometimes PSA are weird, if not scary. The Blue Hive PR agency in the UK created the following advertisements for the Brake organization (a road safety charity organization) to condition people not to text/SMS while driving their cars.

Car drivers that read their SMS/text messages while driving are a menace to everyone, especially motorcycle riders, so it's a good thing people are trying to prevent it, but these ads are just plain weird.

If you are one of these that text while driving, would you stop doing it because of these ads? I don't thing so.


16 August, 2012 - Video: StreetMade - Outlaw
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for Streetmade, a clothing brand. It involves an "outlaw" motorcycle rider, riding away from an attack helicopter who is firing guns and missiles at him.

Of course the helicopter misses, since the guy is using stunts to escape him (with no ATGATT, except the Streetmade shirt). Nice action sequence...


2 August, 2012 - Video: Honda Spacy - Uptown Girl
Video clip
Honda logo
In a rather upbeat Honda TV commercial for the Spacy scooter, the ad uses the popular, but very old, song "Uptown Girl" to show a pretty girl loading and unloading a lot of stuff from her 110cc scooter's cargo bay.

The advertisement was made and shown in Indonesia. The cargo area is called "Helm In", meaning you can store your helmet under the seat.


31 July, 2012 - Ad: Sandiego Motoshow 2012 - Not Macho
Motoshow 2012 Sandiego
Motoshow 2012 Sandiego
Usually during motorcycle exhibitions, shows and photos, pretty & sexy girls are placed before the motorcycle. Just to dress them (the motorcycle) up, and make them more noticeable.

But not in the advertisements for the Sandiego Motoshow 2012..... there it's the other way. The motorcycles are there as the main event, even blocking the view of the pretty girls. And it is Sandiego, not San Diego, since this one is in the Medelin area in Colombia, and it's a shopping center


24 July, 2012 - Ad: Meccano - If You Can’t Have It, Build It.
Meccano Build It Ad
Meccano logo
An excellent advertisement for the building kit for children (and some adults I know), Meccano (known in the USA as Erector). The visual part of the ad is nice, but the slogan is better:

"If you can’t have it, build it."

How many of you have faced that in your past, and probably in your future?


17 July, 2012 - Video: Honda Scoopy-i S12 Advertisement
Video clip
Honda logo
I was about the trash this Honda TV commercial from Thailand, but then thought better of it. It's actually kind-of-fun, an advertisement done in 60's & 70's style, complete with mini-skirts, the twist and weird hairdo.

The ad is aimed at young kids, since the scooter is a Honda Scoopy-i S12, a 108 cc scoot. They even made a special web site to promote the new retro-scooter in Thailand.


17 July, 2012 - Video: Hero MotoCorp - Vroom Vroom
Video clip
Hero MotoCorp logo
It just shows you that you can make a nice TV commercial without spending a lot of money. All you need is a good idea (maybe not original, but good anyway), a camera and a few actors.

Indian Hero MotoCorp has done exactly that. In this TV advertisement, they've made a good ad without special effects, big budget production, original music scores, not even much to see in terms of motorcycles. In fact, you only get to see a motorcycle at the very end.


13 July, 2012 - Video: Vespa - Betta Getta Vespa..The Olympics are Coming!
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's a very nicely done TV commercial from a London based Vespa dealer, R. Agius Scooter. It's a funky little animation why people should get a Vespa scooter to beat the enormous forecasted traffic jams in London during the Olympics.

Even the underground is not going to help; nor will the "Boris Bikes". The only solution to getting to work is a scooter, preferably a Vespa.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 July, 2012 - Video: Servis Tyres Pakistan Ad
Video clip
Pakistan flag
This is a surprisingly good TV commercial (either that or I have become so used to seeing Indian and Pakistani advertisement) for a Pakistan tire manufacturer called Servis Tyres.

Apart from the language, I didn't understand a single word, or the music, the idea is pretty good. This is what happens if you don't use proper tires on your motorcycle.

Who said you need big budgets, CGI and special effects for a commercial?


10 July, 2012 - Ad: Nolan - Gladiator
Nolan Ad Gladiator
Nolan logo
Nolan motorcycle helmets already showed a nice advertisement using an astronaut and a Nolan helmet. Now, they've published one with a gladiator.

The top line says in Latin "I needed to air my head", and in the bottom in French it says "The new Nolan N104 has an exclusive Air Booster system that assures optimal air flow."


4 July, 2012 - Video: TVS Apache RTR - Scary?
Video clip
TVS logo
The other Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS, have recently released their "new" TVS Apache RTR motorcycle, and for the occasion they released a TV commercial.

Not as good as the Bajaj ones, nor as the Hero Motocorp ones, but not bad. It's meant to be "scary", because as the advertisement says.. "it's scary fast".


3 July, 2012 - Video: Geico - Made of Money
Video clip
Geico logo
Here's the latest Geico motorcycle insurance TV commercial. It's called "Made of Money", and the message is that others may be made of money, ie have lots of it, that they don't care what a motorcycle insurance costs, but you should care.

It's nice symbolism for a TV ad, but reading more about it on the web, many Americans think the ad is really an anti-Mitt Romney ad, since he has money.... whatever (probably from the same people who think there was no moon landing).


26 June, 2012 - Ad: Meltin’ Pot - I Had A Dream
Meltin Pot I Had A Dream
Another nice advertisement for Meltin' Pot. Looks like they like motorcycles in their ads.

This one is entitled "I Had A Dream", and you can see why....


20 June, 2012 - Video: Honda Australia Motocross with CRF450R
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a nice TV commercial from Honda Australia for their CRF450R motocross motorcycle.

Action packed, a couple of locally famous crossers, and text graphics that reminds me of recent Aprilia advertisements.


19 June, 2012 - Ad: Meltin’Pot - Wet Dream Job
Meltin Pot Pizza Delivery
If ever there was the wet dream job for a guy, there's this one. It's a pizza delivery on a motorcycle, delivering pizzas to a bunch of, barely dressed, women in windows. Would this by any chance be in Amsterdam???

The print advertisement is from Peltin'Pot, a clothing & footwear company

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 June, 2012 - Ad: Nissan - You Need A Car For Your Motorcycle?
Ad Nissan Navara Motocrosser
Nissan logo
Nissan seems to have a penchant for motorcycles. This is the second advertisement in a short time period that they use motorcycles.

This Nissan ad shows that you need a Nissan Navara to bring your motorcycle to where you can have fun, with as slogan "More capacity for fun".


5 June, 2012 - Ads: Yamaha Fazer, Or How Not Make Good Motorcycle Ads
Yamaha Fazer Columbus Ad
Yamaha logo
Somehow the ADK Fortune Communication PR company in India missed to boat on this one. Two Yamaha print advertisements for their Fazer motorcycle. Both ads refer to historical explorers, Columbus and Vasco de Game.

How many people will identify their Fazer with an adventure motorcycle? And that while Yamaha have an excellent "explorer" motorcycle, the XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


29 May, 2012 - Ad: Royal Enfield Chrome - Blinding
Royal Enfield Chrome Ad
Royal Enfield logo
Funny print advertisement for the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome motorcycle....

... so much chrome, it'll blind you. Nicely found.


25 May, 2012 - Video: Honda - I Want To Ride - Demetrios
Video clip
Honda logo
Last year we showed a video infomercial from Honda that depicts bikers and their motorcycle (obviously a Honda) in every day situations. The object is to show normal people, doing normal things (like going to the office, getting a coffee, etc), and most importantly, having fun on their motorcycles.

Here's another "episode" of the Honda "I Want To Ride" infomercials, featuring Demetrios and his Honda CBR 250R. The filming is very well done, super professional, with crystal clear images, and the story is nice. Nice enough for me to sit through it.


24 May, 2012 - France: Another Excellent Motorcycle Safety Campaign - 2012
Video clip
France flag
The French government, notably the Minister of Transportation, knows how to make hard hitting safety campaigns. They have released their latest creation to the French TV and print magazines.

I'll not bother you with the print ad, since it's a bit difficult to translate, but their TV commercial/PSA is very good. Just watching it made my skin get goose bumps.

The main motto of the campaign is pretty good: "On a motorcycle, the biggest danger is to think there is none". Good start...


23 May, 2012 - Bajaj: Another Good Motorcycle Stunt TV Ad
Video clip
Bajaj logo
I don't know when this TV commercial appeared, but yet again Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj has made a very good advertisement using nicely executed motorcycle stunts.

The occasion for the ad is the launch of their Pulsar 180 DTS-i motorcycle. You'd almost want to go out and buy a 180cc motorcycle.... almost..


22 May, 2012 - Royal Enfield: 3 Nice Advertisements Indian Style
Royal Enfield Leave Home Ad
Royal Enfield logo
Somehow companies in India make good ads. Bajaj, Hero and now Royal Enfield. As advertisements go, visually it's very simple, but the text is fun.

The idea behind the campaign is to get the younger generation to become independent, as the tag line says, "Leave Home". And the way to do it is to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle.


18 May, 2012 - Video: Vintage Vespa Ad - Go Vespa
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's a vintage Vespa TV commercial, from the days that things were so much simpler. No helmets, wicker picnic baskets and reasonable prices.

I presume the advertisement is British.


16 May, 2012 - Video: Motorcycle Reconstruction Safety Ad - TAC
Video clip
TAC logo
The boys & girls at the Australian Traffic Accident Commission, TAC, have been making some nicely done motorcycle safety and awareness videos. Here's their latest, and IMHO, best safety advertisement.

The graphics are very well done, as is the message. You'll see a motorcycle accident in slow-motion and in reverse. The tag line is "Slow speed will not kill you".


16 May, 2012 - Nolan: Houston We Do Not Have A Problem
Nolan Astronaut
Nolan logo
Recently we showed you a good print advertisement from Nolan, and now they've come up with another one.

This one is an astronaut wearing the full gear, and a Nolan motorcycle helmet.


15 May, 2012 - Ads: Do You Not Think Roads Are Often Like This?
Euroshina Speed Bumps
Ukraine flag
When I saw these print advertisements, though meant for a car tire,s I immediately thought about some really bad roads I've been on on my motorcycle.

You know what I mean, right? The kind that will vibrate your teeth out of your mouth....


11 May, 2012 - Video: Ducati - My Style
Video clip
#Ducati - Here's a TV commercial that reminds me a lot of the Honda car advertisement featuring a car that is assembled in fast motion from all sorts of parts. Except this ad is in reverse; the motorcycle is stripped of its parts to become part of a hair-do.

The ad is for Taft (hair products), an Italian subsidiary of Henkel/Schwarzkopf, for a competition involving Ducati. The motorcycle in question s a beautiful Ducati Monster. Not bad the ad.


8 May, 2012 - Ad: Toyota Pick-Up Truck Used For Motocross?
Toyota Tundra Motocross
Toyota logo
Imagine using a Toyota pick-up truck as a motocross motorcycle? Going down a motocross track... I don't think so.

Anyone try this?


3 May, 2012 - Video: Bajaj Nurses - Definitely Male
Video clip
Bajaj logo
I don't know when this TV advertisement ran, but it looks like a sequel to another Bajaj Pulsar "Definitely Male" commercial they put out many years ago (see related below). It's a rather sexist ad; how many of you call your motorcycle a "he". Most bikers I know, when they refer to a motorcycle by gender, it's a "she"...

Are Bajaj losing their mojo? It's not bad as ads go, but not what we've come to expect from the Indian motorcycle manufacturer.


2 May, 2012 - Ad: Interflora - Flowers Weighs More Than Motorcycles
Interflora Motorcycle Scale
Nice image in this Spanish print advertisement for Interflora, the international flower delivery service....

... except for one little, minor, detail that Tapsa, the PR agency, forgot. If anyone I know had to make a choice between a bunch of flowers or a motorcycle, we all know what the choice will be.. right? But the image is nicely done, it does pass the message along.

The tag line reads, freely translated, "The importance of who you are weighs more than what you have".


27 April, 2012 - Videos: 6 x Belgium Safety Ads
Video clip
Belgium Eye Each Other
Almost every country has them; motorcycle PSA focussed around safety. Motorcycle safety advertisements come in two flavors; cars need to watch out for bikes, or bikes need to watch out for everything else.

Here are 6 TV ads from Belgium of the first kind, cars need to watch out for bikers. Each commercial starts the same, a few seconds of a surreal image of a car and a motorcycle ridden by an eye. That is because the campaign is called "Eye each other", i.o.w., keep an eye out for each other. The campaign site, Go For Zero is both in French and Flemish.

After the 4 seconds of watching eyes driving vehicles, we come to the ad itself. To be honest, I'm disappointed, since the ads are pretty bland. But it does tell car drivers that they need to watch out for motorcycles, and that is a good thing. Better a bland ad than no ad. Right?


26 April, 2012 - Video: ProTaper and Yamaha Motorcycles
Video clip
ProTaper logo
Here's a nice, and short, TV commercial for ProTaper handlebars together with Yamaha motorcycles.

Lots of action shots, but not to sure why those shots mean anything for the handlebars, but nevertheless, nice to see.


25 April, 2012 - Video: Throttlepack - Keep Up With Female Bikers
Video clip
USA flag
It sounds sexual, and maybe it is intended, but this TV commercial is for Throttlepack from Vance and Hines. Installing it, apparently, will help you keep up with female motorcycle riders.

So there you go, if you are overtaken by a woman riding a motorcycle, she probably has a Throttlepack installed..... or she just can ride better and faster than you, and her bike is better and faster than yours.


24 April, 2012 - Ad: Don’t Let The Drink Drive You
Cadd Drunk Riding
<India flag
In a very artistic advertisement, the following print ad was made by JWT for CADD, Community Against Drunk Driving, in India.

The artwork is very well done, but as messages go, it disappears in the art. By looking at the "motorcycle", made out of body parts, you can not see what it's about. It's only when you see the bottom tag line, "Don't let the drink drive you", that you understand what it is.


18 April, 2012 - Video: Vespa - Perfect Curves
Video clip
Vespa logo
Despite a rather predictable, but still funny TV commercial, the Vespa Perfect Curves is not bad, depending on when it was made. You know when you see the guy exulting the virtues of the body, curves and that he must mount her, that he's not talking about the pretty & sexy girl.

Still, it's worth a giggle.


17 April, 2012 - Ad: Stop Buying Cigarettes, Buy A Motorcycle
Stivoro Open Road
#advertisement - Here's good advertisement from The Netherlands, showing some art work of two motorcycles made out of cigarettes. The number of cigarettes used, totalling 7,263 would have paid for a motorcycle.

According to the text, the 7,263 is an average year's supply. Not a bad way of getting people to stop smoking. Ad made by Iris in Amsterdam.

Would that convince you to stop smoking??


10 April, 2012 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Riders Use Blow-Up Dolls ?
Ad Harley Davidson Blow Up Doll Turkey
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny. Turkish PR firm, Big, made this print advertisement which is funny, and well thought out, especially if you look at the text.

The Harley-Davidson ad reads "Nothing can replace the real one. Use original Harley-Davidson parts". Smart if you look at the pillion passenger...


5 April, 2012 - Video: Safety - US Navy Style
Video clip
US Navy logo
As you may know, many of the armed forces personnel ride motorcycles, and many die on the road. All the branches of the military are trying to do something about it, and most have released safety videos for their men & women to see.

The US Navy is no exception, and this safety video highlights the ATGATT principle. Of course, it wouldn't be military if there weren't any acronyms. Obviously we know ATGATT, but PPE is new to me. This stands for Personal Protective Equipment....

You'll be glad to know that the Navy has not used up much of your tax dollars to make the video, but then, if you want to get a message across, you don't need to hire Spielberg to make the video.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and see the video.......


3 April, 2012 - Ad: Yamaha - The Wait Is Over, Riding Season Begins
Yamaha Wait Is Over
Yamaha logo
A nice print advertisement from Yamaha, telling us all that the wait is over, summer (spring) is here and we can dust of our motorcycles and start riding again.

Nice, the photos says it all.


3 April, 2012 - Video: A Positive Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
You know those motorcycle safety commercials they show on TV? Anywhere in the world, you'll see them ... often brutal, usually shocking. Their main strategy is to shock you into thinking about safety, either as a car driver, but more often as a motorcycle rider.

But it doesn't need to be so. Carma in Australia are several companies and institutions that promote road safety. They have amongst others produced this motorcycle safety TV advertisement.

It's a positive one. No accidents, no motorcycles or human beings were hurt. It's nice to see a positive safety campaign for once.


29 March, 2012 - Video: Finally A Good Harley-Davidson Commercial
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
It has been a while since I've seen a good Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV commercial, in fact it has been a VERY long time, but this advertisement does the trick.

It's not a "in your face" ad, nor is it about having an alternative lifestyle, but more subtle, and more realistic. It's about dreaming, and tht's what motorcycle riding is all about.


27 March, 2012 - Ad: Ducati - Virgin?
Ducati Not The First Ad
Ducati logo
Nice suggestive print advertisement for Ducati motorcycles.

I guess virgins are overrated, even for motorcycles....


20 March, 2012 - Video: Nissan Juke - Built To Thrill (With Motorcycles Though)
Nissan Juke Built to Thrill ad
Video clip
Here's a very good, if not great, Nissan TV commercial for their Juke car, made in the UK by TBWA agency.

The video itself is pretty impressive, building a car on the move, but to get things right, you obviously need motorcycles.

So no matter how good a car, motorcycle are needed to make it... funny actually.


13 March, 2012 - Ad: Panasonic CCTV - Motorcycle Riders Are The Bad Guys
Panasonic CCTV Motorcycle Purse Snatcher
Here's a print advertisement from Panasonic for their CCTV cameras coming to us from Indonesia, where it would seem that they suffer a lot from motorcycle riding purse snatchers.

Not that a CCTV camera will help much with a motorcycle rider, since usually they wear a helmet.


13 March, 2012 - Video: Yamaha Byson 2012 - Indonesia
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a TV commercial from Yamaha Indonesia for their Byson motorcycle, 2012 model. For the uninitiated, the Byson is a 153cc motorcycle with 10.1 kW power and 13,6 Nm torque.

As advertisements go, it fits right in Yamaha way of working & style; now if the motorcycle would be as good, they'd have a winner..


6 March, 2012 - Ad: Finally A Motorcycles Faster Than The Roadrunner - Beeep
Honda Dorvalino Roadrunner Brazil
Honda logo
If this Brazilian print advertisement is to be believed, finally there's a motorcycle faster than the famous roadrunner (you know, beeep, beeep). And the motorcycle is a Honda CBR1000RR.

The ad, made by 9mm Propaganda Florianopolis in Brazil, is for Honda Dorvalino, a local dealer.

Not bad ad for a dealer. But in all honesty, nothing is faster than the roadrunner, nothing.


3 March, 2012 - Video: Polish Lottery
Video clip
Quite a simple TV commercial for the Polish Lottery, and no, it's not a Polish joke.

It's about a motorcycle rider what he'll do if he wins...


1 March, 2012 - Video: Honda CBR 150R with Casey Stoner
Video clip
Honda logo
When you become a champion, you not only win the glory and the big bucks, but you get to star in TV commercials, bringing in even more big bucks. That's also the case for Casey Stoner (no pun intended), who after winning the MotoGP crown, gets to promote Honda motorcycles.

Here's a TV commercial in which Stoner shows off what the Honda CBR 150R is capable off, in and off the circuit.

It's not bad as advertisements go, but no spark...


28 February, 2012 - Ads: Utah - Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over
Utah Drive Sober Wine Cuffs
Here are three interesting PSA advertisements from the Utah Department of Highway Safety, urging you not to drink & drive. As visuals go, they are very good and powerful, it says it all in one visual.

Ads were made by R&R Partners, and clearly show what will happen if you do drink....


27 February, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson, Made In America
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
The video below is not a TV commercial for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, like we've seen so many before, usually quite bad. But in fact it's more an infommercial for manufacturing in the USA, using Harley as example..

The segment is well done, highlighting the virtues of Harley's know-how in manufacturing motorcycles, all made-in-the-USA.


23 February, 2012 - Video: Live By It - Benin version
Video clip
You all probably remember the viral TV commercial from Harley-Davidson some 5 years ago called "Live By It"?

Here's another version, but this time from Benin (in Africa) with the same words but different images. If you haven't seen the original, see that first before seeing this one.

We'll see how long this video will last before Harley pulls the plug on it...


21 February, 2012 - Ads: The Road Is No Place To Socialize
Ad No Twitter Dubai
This is a PSA that is not targeted at motorcycle riders but should, if it works, provide some more protection for us. The three advertisements come to us from Dubai, made by Livingroom, and try to get car drivers there to stop using social media when driving.

It's an increasing problem worldwide, not just in Dubai, where cagers are using Twiiter, Facebook and/or BBM, with all the disastrous consequences.


17 February, 2012 - Video: Honda And Soccer On Motorcycles
Video clip
Honda logo
It looks like if you ride a Honda motorcycle, you are an excellent soccer (football) player. Or at least, that is the case if you believe this Honda TV commercial.

You get to see, what I presume is a famous Brazilian soccer player (have no clue who it is), doing tricks with a (soccer) ball on his motorcycle. Not bad, if you're into soccer. It would have been nicer if he did those tricks while riding....


16 February, 2012 - Video: SuperMario and Vespa Scooters
Video clip
Vespa logo
I don't know if this is a real commercial, and if it is, it will not have cost much money to make. The advertisement is for Vespa scooters, and it features Mario, or more SuperMario.

You can hear the irritating sound of the Mario Nintendo games, while Mario chooses a Vespa over the princess. But fake or not, it's still not bad.


15 February, 2012 - Ad: Suzuki GSX-R1000 - No Traction Control, No ABS
Suzuki GSXR No Traction No ABS
Suzuki logo
Nice advertisement I found in France for the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle. Bring back simplicity, no gadgets, just you and the motorcycle.


14 February, 2012 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Slippery When Wet
Piaggio MP3 Slippery When Wet Israel
Piaggio logo
Pretty good print advertisement for Piaggio MP3 scooter. According to the ad, you are safer on the MP3 than when walking on slippery roads, thanks to the three wheels.

Ad was done in Israel by Adler Chomsky Grey. Not a bad image, it says it all.


13 February, 2012 - Video: Honda VT750S Australia Commercial
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a very upbeat (music-wise) TV commercial from Australia, for the Honda VT750S motorcycle.

No fuss, no clever stuff, just upbeat music and a price. Not bad...


7 February, 2012 - Video: Learn Motorcycle Drag Racing
Video clip
Not exactly something you'd think they have schools for, nor would you expect to see TV commercials for them, but there you go, learn something new everyday.

This is an advertisement for the Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School, where you can learn to drag race your motorcycle.


1 February, 2012 - Video: Washington Lottery - Crazy Ideas
Video clip
Funny, if not wacko. This is a TV commercial for the Washington Lottery, and has as theme, what crazy thing would I do if I won the lottery.

In this case, the winner is going on a motorcycle ride with his biker friends. Just watch...


31 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson - Hand-picked
Harley Handpicked Headmaster UK
Harley-Davidson logo
I really don't understand the Harley-Davidson advertisement philosophy. Their main thread is rebellion; being a bad person. So does that mean that Harley motorcycle riders are all bad people? Because that's what their ads say.

Here are three print ads from McCann-Erickson in the UK. The first one is actually pretty good, the other two expand on the main theme and the message gets lost.


24 January, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Multiple Lovers Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
This Spanish TV commercial is not a real Harley-Davidson TV advertisement, but it could have been. It's very much in style with previous Harley ads.

Nicely done, quite professional, it shows a young guy on his Harley motorcycle going from woman to woman....


23 January, 2012 - France: Shocking Road Safety Campaign - As Long As...
Video clip
The French Minister of Transportation, the road safety commission, are known to have produced several high quality, high hitting, safety campaigns. Many have been produced with strong messages and visuals that hit home. They do make you think...

They have released a new TV commercial that will be shown on several TV stations in France with very strong images. The campaign in is Black & White (probably to spare you with a lot of red color).

There is only one part with a motorcycle, actually a scooter, and the accident is not his fault, but a truck running a red light. Jeez, I hope this was a trick shot, and not a real accident....


20 January, 2012 - Video: Pepsi and Motorcycles
Video clip
Pepsi logo
Funny, specially for a Coca-Cola drinker (and loyal fan) like me.... this is a Pepsi TV commercial dating back to 1985.

It shows that as a motorcycle rider, you can't drive past a service station that sells Pepsi. Well.... I can.


17 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Spirit - Baby and Tattoo
Harley Davidson Spirit Tattoo
Harley-Davidson logo
Again, Harley-Davidson is seen promoting the Harley motorcycle lifestyle, not their motorcycles. In these two print advertisements, made in Brazil by Momaprograganda, they're showing the future Harley riders.

The first one is not bad, the second one is just plain weird. The first one, a kid pasting fake tattoos is kind-of funny, but as someone pointed out at the source site (see Via: below), you'll notice that there aren't any motorcycle in the tattoos, just a few cars.


13 January, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Cologne - Bad Ass Smell
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
I'm sorry, but this just doesn't do it for me. It's kind of funny, but the tag line works against the product. The product is Harley-Davidson Cologne, and saying "Bad Ass Smell" is like saying your perfume smells of a public toilet.... not nice.

I realize that Harley is playing on the tough as nail biker image they portray in all their advertisements, and it probably works for motorcycle sales, but for perfumes? It's almost an oxymoron, "bad ass" biker perfume.


12 January, 2012 - Video: 70s Esso Gas Station Commercial
Video clip
Esso logo
There used to be a time, many decades ago, that you could actually get service in a gas station:- service and a smile. This 70's TV commercial reminds me of those good old days...

It's an advertisement from Esso, and it's short, but sweet. It'll make you smile...


11 January, 2012 - Ad: Utah Safety - Eye Chart - Watch For Motorcycles
Utah Highway Safety Eye Chart
Nice safety advertisement from the Utah Highway Safety Office.

The PSA is targetted at cars and trucks, to remind them to keep a watch-out for motorcycles. The nice idea is to use an eye chart, reminding them that a motorcycle is small, and at a distance iit even looks smaller.

I wonder if it'll work??


6 January, 2012 - Video: Pulsar - A Decade Of Dominance
Video clip
Bajaj logo
That the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj makes excellent TV commercials we know. We've seen many of them in the past. Their motorcycle advertisements are second to none.

Their Pulsar motorcycle models are their workhorse, they are the most sold in India. They have had the model range for 10 years, and to celebrate, they've issued this infomercial, in black & white, about the pulsar.

As usual with Bajaj ads, it's very well done. It's simple, with a Pulsar doing a wheelie while a voice over pronounces some interesting philosophies.

BTW, it's probably one of the longest wheelie you'll see on video...


5 January, 2012 - Video: Breitling Watches and Pretty Girl On Motorcycle
Video clip
Breitling logo
Breitling watches are known as the aviation watch. Many private and professional pilots wear them, it's like a status symbol and a sign that you are a pilot. It's therefore no wonder that Breitling would show an airplane in their latest TV commercial, and not just any airplane, but a beautiful Mustang P51. But even better, they have a motorcycle with a beautiful girl riding it.

The moral of the story is that you'll never be late if you have a Breitling watch. To me, the guy is a sucker.... leaving just because the lady is late..

Have a look at the ad. It's very nicely filmed.


4 January, 2012 - Ad: Honda Motorcycles - Arrive Home Before Yourself
Honda Home Before Yourself Israel
Honda logo
Funny concept for a print advertisement. The ad comes from Mccann Erickson in Israel, and the idea is interesting. You come home faster than usual, because you are using a Honda motorcycle, and find yourself in bed with your wife...

Beats the Harley ads finding your wife in bed with a biker..


27 December, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha Financial Services
Yamaha Bank Fazer Chart Brazil
Yamaha Bank XVS Chart Brazil
It's not an easy task to make an advertisement for a bank or financial services targeted at motorcycle riders. Most bikers just aren't interested in them. The FAM agency in Brazil did a pretty good job, producing ads that are for financial services geared towards motorcycle and scooter riders.

The company is Yamaha Bank, meant to give out loans to bikers wanting to buy a motorcycle or scooter. Instead of boring financial charts, theirs shows a bike. Nice touch.


20 December, 2011 - Video: MTV - Sex Is No Accident - Vespa
Video clip
A kind of funny TV commercial from MTV, warning people that sex is no accident, and to wear a condom.

To make their point, they've used a nice animation of a girl on a Vespa scooter, who by accident gets in to a "sex" situation. The ads were made by the Gray agency in Germany.

Dream on if you think it'll happen to you....


19 December, 2011 - Video: Honda Wave Dash - My Secret Obsession
Video clip
Honda logo
It's not easy to market a small displacement scooter to adolescents and teenagers, and Honda are trying it very hard with their Wave Dash.

In this TV commercial the guy is more interested by the motorcycle than the pretty girl, until she goes for a ride with him, and everyone is happy.

Bland? You betcha, but I guess it works for hormone-filled teenagers.


15 December, 2011 - France: Campaign Against Souping Up Mopeds
Cyclo Debride
If there's one thing that bothers the daylights out of me are teenagers racing around on souped up mopeds. Many are 2-strokes, with their exhaust removed, and they race around town and villages, often with their helmets loose on their heads. ... and the noise is ear splitting.

Many of these kids get involved in accidents, often with terrible life-long consequences. Mopeds are limited in horsepower and speed, but what the teenagers do is modify the engine to give them more speed. The first thing they do is remove the exhaust, often put in a bigger carburetor, and the more mechanically inclined, rebuild the engine.

According to the statistics from the French government, 37 teenagers are involved in bad accidents daily. On top of that, they not only face a fine of €135, but in case of an accident, the insurance will not pay up if the moped has been modified. So the parents are out of pocket, often for a lifetime.

To try to change their mindsets, the government had recently launched a publicity campaign. The photo below is exactly the way these kids ride their mopeds, trying to keep down wind resistance.


14 December, 2011 - Video: Sym 250cc Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Sym logo
The Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer Sym, is trying hard to diversify their product range, away from low displacement scooters, moped and motorcycle, to (slightly) bigger motorcycles, notably the 250cc naked. Asia is big for 125 and 250, and many manufacturers are seeking entry into this very lucrative market, and Sym is one of the recent ones. Here's a TV commercial for their T2 250 (which I believe is now called Wolf SB250Ni ... but then I can be wrong).


13 December, 2011 - Ads: Drink and Drive Australia
Ad Tac Drink Drive Margarita Australia
Ad Tac Drink Drive Tall Glass Australia
Getting people to not drink & drive, whether it's with a car, motorcycle or truck, is difficult enough. Getting advertisements that will make people think before turning the ignition key of their vehicle after a few drinks is very difficult; in fact it's a real art.

Ads that make people think need to send an instant message to their brains, and to do that, you require a certain creativity. Unfortunately, these two TAC ads lack that. It's not a message that will make you think "hmmmm, let me get a taxi".

The art work is nice, but honestly, would that stop you from getting on your motorcycle after a few margaritas?


6 December, 2011 - Ads: Goodyear - Do Not Break The Vase
Goodyear Vases Brazil
Goodyear logo
Here's a nice and a so-so print advertisement from Goodyear tires made in Brazil. The first one speaks to me, showing you why a Goodyear tire will keep you in your trajectory without hitting the vases. The second one is like the first, but doesn't really speak to me. Made by the Y&R PR agency in Brazil. Clever images though...


29 November, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets - Oxi-Sanitation
Yamaha Oxi Sanitation Helmet
Yamaha logo
Yamaha not only make motorcycles, but they also sell helmets. And as we know, circulating air in our helmets is important, since it minimizes fog, and brings in fresh, cool, air.

But helmets are also bacteria traps, especially when you're sick. Yamaha Brazil are advertising their helmets with Oxi-Sanitation, meaning the helmets are aired properly and should be bacteria free.

Here are three of their ads, by the FAM Agency from Brazil.


25 November, 2011 - Video: Hemorrhoids? Sperti Helps On A Motorcycle
Video clip
Some PR agencies are more creative than others. The KOEN agency in The Netherlands wanted to show a good case of what hemorrhoids can do, so they hired some poor blokes to ride down Amsterdam on their motorcycle.

They were told to ride standing up, and on the back was a big sign, saying "Hemorrhoids? You don't want to sit with that. Sperti Helps".

Funny, unless you're the motorcycle rider....


23 November, 2011 - Video: Old Spice and Motorcycles
Video clip
Old Spice, the perfume for men, have a TV commercial out with a motorcycle. At least, they don't diss motorcycles, in fact, they saying that when you use Old Spice, you become a better looking (and better smelling) biker...

Life is beautiful.... corny but well done.


22 November, 2011 - Video: Volkswagen - Easy Rider
Video clip
Volkswagen logo
It's strange that for a company like Volkswagen, that has as CEO a true-blooded biker, that many of their TV commercials make fun of the motorcycle riding public...

Here's one such TV advertisement from Volkswagen South Africa. It really makes fun of bikers, but I have to say, I got several giggles out of it. Funny.

The ad is for the Volkswagen Jetta.


18 November, 2011 - Video: Ducati Motorcycles and Tudor Watches
Video clip
Tudor logo
Interesting TV commercial that for a first is showing a Ducati motorcycle during regular evening programming here on French TV. Before, some Ducati ads were shown during special motorcycle programs, like the MotoGP, but this one runs during normal programs...

... but then, it's for Tudor watches.


15 November, 2011 - Video: Lambretta Ad - Anti Vespa
Video clip
Lambretta logo
Hehe... a funny anti-Vespa scooter commercial from Lambretta. It's Italian, from the Life, Longari & Loman PR agency in Italy.

The advertisement squashes Vespa, literally.


3 November, 2011 - Ad: Lenovo and Dirt Motorcycles
Video clip
Lenovo logo
Former IBM, now Lenovo are trying to show how tough their computers and pads are. To show it, they've mounted the ThinkPad on a dirt motorcycle with sidecar, and in the sidecar is their stuntman, who is playing a game while the motorcycle is riding through a dirt track.

And the game he's playing? ..... yep, a motocross game.


3 November, 2011 - Video: BMW’s New Maxi-Scooter Promotion - Ready For Eicma
Video clip
BMW logo
A very elaborate TV commercial just to announce that BMW will be showing their new maxi-scooter at the Eicma show next week in Milan, Italy.

This 50 second TV spot shows a little kids with a car and a motorcycle toy (both BMW, but what would you expect?). The funny thing is that they do not even show the shadow of the new BMW scooter, just the thought....


2 November, 2011 - Ad: Hell’s Angels Are Pussies
Ad Essilor Hells Angels France
Now here's a print advertisement that will get attention, good or bad. The ad is for Essilor, a French optician/manufacturer, and the idea is to show that the glasses the poor guy is wearing is unbreakable.

Of course, his face and body aren't. I somehow don't think you'll see real people wearing such a t-shirt....


31 October, 2011 - X-Rated Ad For Suzuki Motorcycles
Ad Suzuki Gladius France
Suzuki logo
I saw this funny, X-rated, print advertisement in a French motorcycle magazine for the Suzuki Gladius.

The tag line reads "Position Number 1: Take advantage of your agility to surprise the four cylinders"....


25 October, 2011 - Video: AEG Trademan Series - Geoff Ballard
Video clip
A very nice "infomercial", a mini documentary of Australian off-road motorcycle champion, many times winner of ISDE, Geoff Ballard.

The video was made for the German AEG Powertools company (for their Australian outfit), and gives a nice look on this Australian motorcycle legend.


24 October, 2011 - Video: Toyota Hilux Australia- Wild Boar Motorcyclists?
Video clip
Toyota logo
Toyota Australia have a couple of pretty well done TV commercials for their Hilux pickup truck. Since Top Gear has shown that the car is indestructible, that's more or less what they show.

In one of the advertisements, they show a motorcycle rider... but the biker is a flame-throwing wild boar, with body armor and a rocket launcher... nice image!


21 October, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar Decals - Go Fast Stripes for Motorcycles
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Yet another good TV commercial for the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj, for their Pulsar, but in this case it's for ....

... go-faster stripes...!! Funny.


19 October, 2011 - Video: Three Ships Whiskey and Royal Enfield Motorcycles
Video clip
This is a nice and smooth (no pun intended) TV commercial for the South African Three Ships Whiskey. It's a narrative advertisement (ie someone is talking over the ad), featuring prominently three Royal Enfield motorcycles traveling round the world.

It has some very nice images with the three motorcycles. Makes you thirsty .... for a ride.


18 October, 2011 - Ad: Digicel - Another One I Do Not Understand
Digicel West Indies Cricket
I seem to be hitting a few advertisements recently that just don't make sense to me. This one is not motorcycle related, but got my attention because it has a big police motorcycle in it.

It's for Digicel, the telecommunication company in the Caribbean. With a tag line reading "We're all in. Digicel. Proud sponsor of west Indies cricket." it just doesn't make sense. The ad was made by the Boys and Girls agency in Ireland. Maybe something got lost over the distance.


13 October, 2011 - Video: Mini Car Ad - Biker Woman Prefers Car
Video clip
Well, what do you know... According to this TV commercial, a female motorcycle pillion prefers to be in a Mini Coupe car than riding on the back of a motorcycle....

Do you think that's true in real life?


11 October, 2011 - Ads: Ducati Motorcycles - More I Do Not Get It!
Ducati Trespass Ecuador
Ducati logo
Harley-Davidson are not the only ones who at times make motorcycle advertisements that no one (except maybe their designer) can understand. Ducati also have missed hitting the nail on its head with this series of print ads.

The Ducati ads were made by the Maruri Grey PR agency in Ecuador, land of cocaine and other interesting mind-altering drugs. If it weren't for the Ducati logo at the bottom of the ads, I would have sworn it was not related to a motorcycle company.

Anyone want to make a guess what the message is?


4 October, 2011 - Ads: Harley-Davidson - Just Do Not Get It! Help
Harley Davidson Saul Panqueva Colombia
Harley Davidson Hugo Roncancio Colombia
Below are two print ads for Harley-Davidson in Colombia. The ads were made by Publicis who have made some very good commercials for Harley, but these has got me totally confused.

What are the messages?


28 September, 2011 - Video: California Motorcycle Safety - Remember When..
Video clip
Here's a pretty bland Californian motorcycle safety commercial, comparing the past with today.

The past was carefree, today is not....


27 September, 2011 - Ad: Harley-Davidson - Scratch and Lose
Harley Davidson Scratch and Lose
Harley-Davidson logo
Interesting concept to advertize scratch-free motorcycle helmets by Harley-Davidson from Colombia.

They used a scratch card (the kind where you scratch away zones) to unfold a story. The ad had enormous positive results in their sales.


23 September, 2011 - Ad: Vespa Map
Vespa Map Romania
Vespa logo
Interesting print advertisement for Vespa scooters from Romania.

It's a bit too sophisticated for my taste, but it does convey the message.


22 September, 2011 - Video: 2 x Kawasaki Motorcycles Ads From Brazil
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Two nicely done TV commercials from Kawasaki Brazil.

One is for the Versys motorcycle, the other for the Vulcan bike. But both have as main theme, riding and suddenly you find yourself at some distant location on earth. Nice...


20 September, 2011 - Safety: Do Not Drink and Drive - Great Ad!
Ad Do Not Drink and Drive Austria
Sometimes it's not easy to get a safety message across, specially when it concerns drinking & driving. But the Lowe GGK Agency in Austria did a pretty good job with this safety advertisement....

They liken drinking & driving to Russian roulette.... can't think of a better way to show the dangers of drinking. Especially on a motorcycle..


16 September, 2011 - Video: GasGas in Cigarette Commercial
Video clip
A really well filmed cigarette commercial from Indonesia, with a GasGas Trial motorcycle riding over a mountain. Nice filming, great riding.

... no cigarettes are shown...


15 September, 2011 - Why This Safety Billboard Will Not Work With Motorcycles
Ad Safety Camera Billboard
This is not a good idea for safety when there are motorcycles around!!!!

It will probably work fine with cars around schools, but not motorcycles... nope!


14 September, 2011 - Video: Havana Club - Booze Better Than Motorcycles?
Video clip
Havana Club logo
According to this TV commercial, it's better to be drinking booze (in this case Havana Club) than riding motorcycle...

You ride motorcycle when you're bored....


13 September, 2011 - Ad: Vespa Scooters and Shavers
Ad Shick Quattro Vespa USA
The things you got to do as an ad agency. Well, one thing that works for me, is a motorcycle (or in this case a Vespa scooter) and a pretty girl, even if they're drawings.

That's what the JWT agency in New York used to draw your attention to Schick Quattro shavers for women. Okay, so maybe I'm the wrong audience...


9 September, 2011 - Ad: Funny & Well Done - Specsavers and Vespa
SpecSavers Vespa Ad
Someone at the Smart ad agency in Australia was being creative. They made this life-size advertisement for their customer, SpecSavers (opticians).

They have a sense of humor those Australians. I'm sure it will have caused a few people to see if that was really a hole made by a Vespa scooter...


8 September, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Goes To The Dogs
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
In a surprisingly good TV commercial, Harley-Davidson shows that it still has it in making good ads. Or maybe it's because they have recently changed PR/Ad agency.

This TV spot is made by Victors & Spoils in the USA, and shows that motorcycle riders love dogs..... funny and well done. Positive message, even to cagers.


5 September, 2011 - Nissan Ad: How To Piss Off Motorcycle Riders
Video clip
Nissan logo
Here's a TV/Web commercial from car maker Nissan that for sure will piss off many motorcycle riders out there....

... specially if you consider that the main theme of the ad is that the car has "trophies" of motorcycles crashed by the car!

What a FAIL!


30 August, 2011 - Ad: Lose Your Licence and You’re Screwed
Ad Lose Your Licence Australia
MAC South Australia logo
Nice print and TV commercial promoting safety for young driver and riders. Using some strong words, the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia reminds you what will happen when you lose your motorcycle (or car) license...


25 August, 2011 - Video: Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme - James Bond Move Over
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
The advertisement agencies in India sure know how to make interesting TV commercials....

Heres one for the Hero Honda (now Hero Motocorp) CBZ X-Treme motorcycle. The TV commercial is full of stunts and special effects, all done with a James Bond-like theme... nice (but the picture quality is lousy).


23 August, 2011 - Ad: Romanian Motorcycle Safety
Ad Romanian Traffic Police Headlight
Motorcycle safety advertisements can be found almost anywhere, and Romania is no exception. Here's a print ad from the Romanian Traffic Police, urging motorcycle riders to keep their headlights on during the day so that they remain visible in traffic.

Not exactly an imposing commercial, but it does the trick.


23 August, 2011 - France: McDonalds and Motorcycles
McDonalds France TinTin Billboard
This billboard caught my attention yesterday. It's the popular Belgian cartoon character TinTin, with an upcoming movie, and McDonalds.

You can see TinTin on a motorcycle at the McD. drive-in.... how many of you have successfully done a drive-in on a motorcycle?

Not me...


22 August, 2011 - Sexy: It Is Fluorescent And Inflated
Scorpion Fluorecent Inflated ad
Scorpion Press ad
Two sexy print advertisements for Scorpion helmets to be found in the French motorcycle magazines.

I think you can get away with these kind of ads in France...

Read the translations...


19 August, 2011 - Video: Vespa - Thrill of Living
Video clip
Vespa logo
A Spanish language TV commercial for Vespa scooter, made quite some time ago if you listen to the quality, and look at the way the people are dressed. It's a bit in the Coca-Cola style, with loads of people happy and dancing.

Throw in a few pretty girls, and you've got a commercial...


18 August, 2011 - Video: Budweiser Beer - Motorcycle Gang
Video clip
Budweiser logo
Nice TV commercial for Budweiser beer, dating back to 1993.

The TV ad shows two motorcycle gangs, and the message is we can all get along as long as we have Budweiser beer (or something like that).


16 August, 2011 - Ad: Sunless Tanning - Now In Your Motorcycle Garage
Sunless Tanning
Print ad for Australian Gold Sunless Tanning cream.... a cream you get a tan without the sun..

.. so as per this print advertisement, you can work on your motorcycle in the garage, and still get a tan.


16 August, 2011 - Video: New Hero MotoCorp TV Commercial
Video clip
Hero MotoCorp logo
Just launched last week, and already the new Hero Motocorp, a big Indian motorcycle manufacturer, have gotten themselves a nice and glossy corporate TV commercial.

Nicely done, and obviously expensive...


12 August, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycle - Track Ready, Street Smart
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for Yamaha motorcycles, building on their racing championships, making a statement that their motorcycles are ready for the track, and are street smart.

Too bad the biker on the Yamaha isn't street smart (wearing sneakers.....).


11 August, 2011 - Video: Pyramid Computer Services
Video clip
What do you do if you want to advertize your services, and you can't really show the service itself.? You use a motorcycle, and make it "funny". That's what Anchorage based Pyramid Computer Services did, using a motorcycle and a trailer full of computers.


10 August, 2011 - Ad: Driving And Social Media Just Do Not Mix - Funny
Texting Driving Thames
An excellent safety advertisement that appeared in TopGear Magazine. It's all about texting and more importantly, social media (like FaceBook and FourSquare) while driving a car. ... something us motorcycle riders know all about.


4 August, 2011 - Video: Lego Skull Motorcycle - How Cute
Video clip
Lego logo
Lego used to be very basic stuff. Building blocks for kids, a few colors, and all you could make was a rudimentary house or so.

No more.... this TV commercial shows you that you can even make a motorcycle... cool.


2 August, 2011 - Ads: Ellesse Italia - Classy Ads
Ellesse Italia Spring Portofino UK
Ellesse Italia Autumn Rome UK
Two very classy, and old fashion print advertisements for Ellesse Italia casual and sportswear.

One way of showing them in ads is the old fashion way. Nice artwork, young folks sitting on scooters. How more Italian can you get?



29 July, 2011 - Video: Jack Daniels Whiskey - As American As
Video clip
Jack Daniel logo
If you've got a product like Jack Daniel's whiskey to sell, it's not going to be difficult to make a great TV commercial. It's not like you're selling soap.

Here's a really nice Jack Daniel's TV advertisement featuring a motorcycle or two.


27 July, 2011 - Video: Zoan Motorcycle Helmets - Elevator Girl
Video clip
Zoan logo
Nice and funny TV commercial for the Canadian Zoan motorcycle helmets manufacturer.

The advertisement involves a crowded elevator, a pretty & sexy girl, and an incredible pair of XXXXXXX.


26 July, 2011 - Video: Ducati Diavel 2011
Video clip
Ducati logo
Nice and kind-of sexy TV commercial for the Ducati Diavel motorcycle. One of those advertisements with a baritone voice, sexy ladies and of course the Diavel power cruiser.

There's even a guest appearance of a AMG Mercedes in the ad.


25 July, 2011 - Video: HJC Motorcycle Helmets - Hole In The Wall
Video clip
HJC logo
Funny, but not a real TV commercial for HJC motorcycle helmets.

It seems to have been a school project, but funny nevertheless, so much so that HJC liked it. Nice to see that you can make a good commercial without a real budget.


19 July, 2011 - Ad: Yamaha X-Max, Master of City
Yamaha X Max Italy
Yamaha logo
Italians are known for designing pretty things, like motorcycles, cars and also advertisements. They pretty, but not always functional...

Here's a pretty print ad for the Yamaha X-Max scooter, though well done, I think the message is lost...


12 July, 2011 - Video: Moto Guzzi - It’s About The Ride
Video clip
Moto Guzzi logo
There aren't that many TV commercials out there for Moto Guzzi. One wonders why, since their motorcycles are great machines, and they have a good image in the market place.

Here's a nice Moto Guzzi TV advertisement, with no particular message, apart from that "It's all about the ride"...


7 July, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Sportster - Not For Everyone
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Back in the days that Harley-Davidson still made reasonably good motorcycle TV commercials... here's one of them. Not that it's mind blowing or well done, like the Bajaj ones, but it's not bad.

This is not aggressive, and though it doesn't say much, it says a lot by not saying much. Confused??


6 July, 2011 - Ads: Australian Government Wants Motorcycles to Slow Down
Ad Speeding Grass Australia
Ad Speeding Sunset Australia
Three print ads and 7 radio commercials from the Western Australia Government (Perth) trying to get motorcycle riders to slow down.

Some clever use of words, and in the radio ads, clever use of speeding up sound.

But will it work?


6 July, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Timpanogos With Curt Doussett
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A pretty good Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer TV commercial, not one of those where the owner shouts their stuff on TV, but one that has a story.

It's from Utah motorcycle dealer Timpanogos, and it stars actor/TV presenter Curt Doussett.


4 July, 2011 - Video: Shell Advance Brazil
Video clip
Shell logo
A pretty but meaningless TV commercial for Shell Advance motorcycle oil from Brazil...

... and it looks a bit like the Gucci TV ad with the Norton motorcycle.


30 June, 2011 - Video: Nun Does Motorcycle Backflip
Video clip
Funny TV commercial for Flying Horse Energy Drink, involving a nun, a motorcycle and an energy drink.



29 June, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Drive Your Heart
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Another TV commercial from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, without showing motorcycles or even bikers, and excluding women.

Very generic ad for Harley... just words.


28 June, 2011 - Ads: Alberta Safety Ads
Safety Genuine Parts Canada
Safety Broken Rules Canada
Two print safety ads from Alberta trying to get motorcycle riders to ride properly and safely...

... but I think it fails.


21 June, 2011 - Ad: Bikeking24 - Twisted Motorcycles
Bikeking24 Twisted Sports Germany
Three interesting print ads from German accessory company Bikeking24 (the name is pretty cool too).

The ads are for anti-theft devices... nicely done, but it took me a while to understand...


21 June, 2011 - Video: Norton, Gucci Perfume and Motorcycles
Video clip
Norton logo
Woow! Motorcycles are starting to smell good! Here's a TV commercial from another big name perfume maker featuring a motorcycle (the last one was Chanel and Ducati).

This TV ad is from Gucci for the Gucci Guilty perfume, and it features the classy Norton Commando motorcycle.



17 June, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar - Hunto
Video clip
Bajaj logo
A Bajaj TV commercial with some controversy.... quite unusual.

The YouTube page featuring this ad is full of nasty remarks, which surprises me, since I find the advertisement quite good and refreshing.


14 June, 2011 - Ad: Safety Australia Style - Wankers
Ad Safety Wanker New Zealand
Interesting road safety campaign from Down Under.

Using slang expressed in pictographs, it gets the message across....

Motorcycles riders and car drivers are targeted..


10 June, 2011 - Ad: Riffel Safety Gear - Ghost
Riffle Ghost Brazil
Nice print ad for Brazilian Riffel, makers of motorcycle safety gear.

Good image... a motorcycle going to heaven... or becoming a ghost.


9 June, 2011 - Video: Royal Enfield - Handcrafted Motorcycles
Video clip
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in operation, and the Royal Enfield Bullet the oldest motorcycle model still being manufactured. Two things to be proud off....

Here's a TV commercial, more an infomercial, about Royal Enfield and its handmade motorcycles. Nice...


8 June, 2011 - Video: Kawasaki Brazil x 4
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
4 TV commercials coming from Kawasaki Brazil...

One is generic, one for the ER-6N, one for the Ninja 250R and one for the Ninja 650R motorcycle.


8 June, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar 220 - Orange and Stunting
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj motorcycle TV commercial ALERT! They're back at it!

The motorcycle manufacturer with the best TV advertisements has a new one, and it looks pretty good.

Have a look at this ad for their Pulsar 220 motorcycle. It's orange, and it does nice stunts.


7 June, 2011 - Ad: Kawasaki Bull Riding - Excellent
Ad Kawasaki Z1000 Bull Italy
After a long wait, finally Kawasaki Motorcycle is back with a great print advertisement.

Here it is in maximum size (so you can download it). Great image....


3 June, 2011 - Video: Honda Scooters With Grace Jones - Weird
Video clip
Honda logo
A truly weird TV commercial for Honda Scooters, featuring Grace Jones...

Could it be weirder?


1 June, 2011 - Video: Follow Valentino Rossi’s 2011 Season
Video clip
An interesting way of getting you to follow Valentino Rossi's 2011 MotoGP season on Italian TV...

Don't show Rossi.... show a sexy red head!


31 May, 2011 - Video: Allstate And Motorcycle Mayhem
Video clip
Allstate logo
Finally a motorcycle insurance commercial which is not half bad...

Allstate motorcycle insurance mayhem.


27 May, 2011 - Ad: Bridgestone Tires - Flatline
Bridgestone Flatline Lebanon
Bridgestone logo
Nice print advertisement from Bridgestone tires...

Though the ad does not show a motorcycle tire, the concept remains the same. Nice idea!


27 May, 2011 - Bajaj Wins Award For Advertisement Campaign
Bajaj Pulsar Road End India
Bajaj logo
The Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Bajaj, back in 2004 was in difficulties against the Japanese manufacturers. They contracted with a big PR agency to set up a campaign for their Pulsar motorcycle.

The advertisement campaign was an enormous success, with SEVEN times increase in sales in five years. To honor this, the ad campaign just received a top award.


26 May, 2011 - Video: Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
Video clip
It's not something I think about; motorcycle mechanics obviously need training, even for a Harley-Davidson. Here's a TV commercial for the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

They must be doing a pretty good business. Lots of dealers, and not that many mechanics to service them.


25 May, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Junoon YD 100
Video clip
Yamaha logo
It's funny how in some countries the small motorcycles are advertized the way we would advertize our big bikes. Here's a launch commercial from Pakistan for the Yamaha Janoon YD 100.

Photographers, groupies, smoke, sunglasses ..... the way you receive a big star.


19 May, 2011 - Video: Geico Bears - Amazing
Video clip
Geico logo
It just doesn't stop to amaze me how bad motorcycle insurance TV commercials are in the USA.... here's the latest from Geico.

At least it solves one of life's mysteries ... does a bear shit in the woods?


18 May, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson 250cc Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
When one says a 250cc Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you already know that we're not talking about a recent motorcycle.

Here's a TV commercial for a 250cc Harley/AMF bike. I just love their slogan... just watch it..


17 May, 2011 - Video: Modenas Kristar - Getting The Wrong Kind Of Attention
Video clip
Funny TV commercial for the Malaysian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Modenas....

It's for their Kristar scooter, and it's about getting the wrong kind of attention on your motorcycle.


16 May, 2011 - Video: Honda CBR900RR - Uncaged
Video clip
Honda logo
In a surprisingly good TV commercial from Honda Motorcycles, here's one from 1998. It shows a several caged motorcycles, and then the Fireblade ... which breaks free from its cage.

Nice symbolism.


12 May, 2011 - Video: BMW R1150R Motorcycle - Jazz
Video clip
BMW logo
A nice, probably not real, BMW motorcycle TV commercial.

It's for the BMW R1150R motorcycle, and it makes well use of a nice piece of Jazz music.



10 May, 2011 - Video: Kawasaki - Fastest Machine We Ever Built Ad - Funny
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Another funny TV commercial for Kawasaki. Though some of their ads have been banned (they were too funny), this one is quite good.

They don't even show the ZX-12R Ninja motorcycle, and they don't need to....


4 May, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Indonesia and Valentino Rossi
Video clip
Yamaha logo
It sucks at times being a famous athlete like Valentino Rossi. Here he is making a kind-of dumb TV commercial for Yamaha Indonesia in a language which he doesn't understand, but pretends to speak....

... but in honesty, the ad ain't half bad...


3 May, 2011 - Video: Honda - I Wanna Ride
Video clip
Honda logo
A good TV advertisement from Honda Motorcycles. It plays very well on our thoughts when doing those things we don't like doing... sitting in meetings, doing the laundry.... I just wanna go on a ride!

My thoughts exactly.


28 April, 2011 - Video: Honda CBR250R Introduction
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice, but very unimaginative launch video of the new Honda CBR250R motorcycle.

One nice moment (when the motorcycle blasts past the sportscar). Clip was used for their launch in India.


28 April, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycles Makes Grown Bikers Cry
Video clip
Yamaha logo
In an obvious dig at Harley-Davidson, here's a Yamaha Motorcycle TV advertisement that will make grown men cry..... or at least that is what the ad will make you think.


26 April, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha And The Jungle
Ad Yamaha Gorilla Jungle Costa Rica
Yamaha logo
At first glance these ads didn't do it for me. They looked lame until you read the text and look at the photo. Then I got fact, I recognized two of the characters...

The three advertisements are for Yamaha Costa Rica


21 April, 2011 - Video: Progressive Motorcycle Insurance - Helmet Hair
Video clip
A recent TV advertisement from Progressive Insurance for motorcycles, where they try to get a "lighter" view on motorcycle riding, that of helmet hair.

I'm not impressed, but presume it does work for some ... have a look.


19 April, 2011 - Ad: Belgium Harley-Davidson Dealer Move - Classy
Ad Harley Davidson Move Belgium
Harley-Davidson logo
Very elaborate (and probably expensive) address move advertisement for a Belgium Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer....


18 April, 2011 - Video: A Lame Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Ad
Video clip
Quite a lame TV ad for Progressive Insurance. Don't know when this ran, but it's corny. Just trying to use as many popular sayings on riding a motorcycle as they can.

Some agencies don't understand their public...


15 April, 2011 - Video: A Shiny Harley-Davidson
Video clip
Here is a Harley-Davidson product for all. Well... it's a TV advertisement from the year 2000 for a Harley-Davidson. Not the motorcycle, but for a Rayovac flashlight.

Actually, the ad is not bad, not because of the great images, but the words they used to describe their product. The Harley/Rayovac flashlight is not made anymore, so it can't be bought.


15 April, 2011 - Ads: Suzuki Motorcycles- For Those Who Can Not Fly
Ad Suzuki Penguin Chile
Suzuki logo
2 brilliant advertisements from Suzuki Motorcycle Chile, dedicated to those who can not fly.....


13 April, 2011 - Ad: French Safety - Things To Remember
Ad Things to remember France
On one side the French government does everything in its power to stop us from riding our motorcycles, but on the other hand, they do come out with some very good safety advertisement campaigns. You'd almost think they care....

Here's a nice ad they published a year or so ago. On the helmet you see several Post-It notes of things to watch out for or to remember

The text reads "On two wheels, let's be twice as alert".


13 April, 2011 - Ad: Really Stupid Ducati Radio Ad
Ducati logo
This has got to be one of the worst Ducati advertisements I've heard or seen. It's a radio ad played in Denmark.



12 April, 2011 - Video: Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Sunset
Video clip
Nice TV advertisement from Ray-Ban, showing an adventure motorcycle rider throwing caution into the wind just so he can see a sunset.


8 April, 2011 - Ad: Taming Your Ride - French Safety
Ad Things to remember France
Here in France if you've got a car license for more than 2 years, you are allowed to ride a 125cc motorcycle or scooter. But... you need to spend seven hours with a qualified instructor learning to master the two wheeler.

For that purpose, the French government had launched a campaign last year to tell newbie motorcycle riders that they needed to take some lessons.


7 April, 2011 - Ads: 5 Pretty Lame BMW Motorcycle Ads
Ad BMW Get On Germany
BMW logo
Pretty lame print ad campaign from BMW Motorcycles for the start of the 2011 motorcycle season.

What do you think?


5 April, 2011 - Ads: The "Tool" The Most Used On A Motorcycle
Ad WD 40 Genius USA
4 print ads, and one web ad, for one of the most widely used "tools" for motorcycle (and scooter) riders in the world; WD-40 oil.


29 March, 2011 - Ad: BMW Motorcycles - Even Angels
Ad BMW Sinners Switzerland
BMW logo
Here's a print advertisement from BMW Motorcycles saying more or less that even Harley riders, particularly Hells Angels could be tempted to switch to BMW...

From Switzerland...


29 March, 2011 - Video: Excellent Vietnam Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
It just shows you that you don't need to have an enormous budget, stunt riders, CG and big name producers to make a good and hard hitting motorcycle safety TV spot. But that's what Oglivy in Vietnam did.

A very simple way of convincing Vietnamese motorcycle rides to use a helmet on their children. Plan ahead.....


25 March, 2011 - France: Funny Electric Safety Sign For Motorcycle Riders
France Electric Safety Sign Motorcycles
France Article
Very funny French electric sign for motorcycle safety.

Written by a woman, meant for men. Read the translation, and make sure you're not drinking anything...


23 March, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Black Label Clothing
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A new Harley-Davidson advertisement, but not for their motorcycles, but for their new clothing line; Black Label.

Still quite aggressive, but better than a few years ago...


23 March, 2011 - France: Interesting Local Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Seine Maritime Safety Ad
Spotted this interesting motorcycle safety advertisement on one of the local roads where I live in France.

Nice reminder...


22 March, 2011 - Video: Cloud 649 Lotto
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for a Canadian Lotto, Cloud 6/49.

Win the lotto, buy a new motorcycle, and head out for a very long ride.

That's the script for when I win the lotto....


21 March, 2011 - Video: Honda Motorcycles - Red Hot Summer
Video clip
Honda logo
A true "feel good" TV advertisement from Honda Motorcycles. Deep voice over, happy families riding their motorcycles, including the kids on their small displacement dirtbikes. Only thing missing is the family eating apple pie.

But then, would you prefer the in-your-face Harley ads?


18 March, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar 220 - Split Personality
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Another nice TV advertisement for Bajaj motorcycles, for their Pulsar 220.

This one uses, again, some creative computer graphics (CG), making an illusion of a split personality of the motorcycle.


16 March, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Life Is A Highway
Harley-Davidson logo
Video clip
Nice Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad, if it is an official Harley ad?

It's a bit artsy, but the story is good. Why work the same humdrum job if you can go riding?


15 March, 2011 - Ads: Kawasaki Lebanon - Stops Faster
Ad Kawasaki Grandma Lebanon
Kawasaki logo
Two print ads for Kawasaki motorcycles, showing that their Ninja not only goes very fast, but also stops very fast... and scaring the living daylights out of pedestrians.


23 February, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Wave Commercial
Video clip
Bajaj logo
One of the very few Bajaj TV commercials which wants to make me throw up.

It's not an ad for their motorcycles, but for one of their small displacement scooters, the Wave.

Wave good-bye!


22 February, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Triple S Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Motorcycle dealer's TV commercials usually suck, but this one, Triple S - a Harley-Davidson dealer, is good and even funny.

It's an older one, and it's for Christmas.


22 February, 2011 - Ad: Aviva - Phones Dangerous For Motorcycle Riders
Ad Aviva Biker UK
Interesting print ad from insurance company Aviva for the prevention of mobile phone usage while driving a car.

This ad, part of a campaign, is about motorcycle (or bicycle) bikers. Smartly done.


21 February, 2011 - Video: Ducati 848 EVO
Video clip
Ducati logo
A video promotion of the Ducati 848 EVO sports motorcycle.

It's a nice clip, artsy images and a very annoying sound track.


17 February, 2011 - Video: Victory Motorcycles - Fuel It
Video clip
Victory Motorcycles logo
Nice video ad for Victory Motorcycles, though it looks and feels a lot like a Harley ad, but better.

Have a look...


16 February, 2011 - Video: Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Tenere: Soul
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a very nice promo video clip from Yamaha for their new XT 1200 Super Tenere motorcycle.

It shows that they want to square off with the GS in the dual-purpose market. The video, despite a voice that will put you to sleep, is nice with good riding images.


15 February, 2011 - Ads & Motorcycles: Onida Mobile Phones
Ad Onida Mom India
Two print ads from India for a mobile phone maker, telling people not to use the mobile phone on motorcycles or scooters...

... but, aren't they the group the least likely to use a phone?


11 February, 2011 - Ad: Does Suzuki Motorcycle Not Like Female Riders?
Ad Suzuki GSR750 France
Suzuki logo
In this French Suzuki print ad, it would appear that Suzuki don't think to highly of females riding their GSR750 motorcycle. They think it's to macho for women....


9 February, 2011 - Video: Harley Davidson Welcome To The Club
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A Swedish Harley-Davidson motorcycle (dealer) TV ad, including an animated character.

It also includes the one piece of music that is used over and over again with motorcycle ads.


8 February, 2011 - Ad: Hyosung Aguila Motorcycle vs Harley-Davidson
Ad Aguila GV 650 Parts Venezuela
Reasonably funny print ad from Venezuela for Aguila, showing why it's better to have an Aguila motorcycle than a Harley-Davidson.... because their spare parts are guaranteed, and Harley's ain't.

So if you've got a hog, you'll end up taking the bus...


4 February, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Cages
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a good TV ad from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It uses the biker slang for "cars", being cages. Funny, seeing all sorts of vehicles driving around in a cage.


1 February, 2011 - Video: Vespa And King Kong Funny Ad
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here is a reasonable funny TV ad for Vespa scooters featuring King Kong and a pretty sexy red-head.

Not bad...


25 January, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Life Coaches Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Not a bad Harley-Davidson TV ad. I don't know when this ran, but it looks recent. The message is clear, it's a bit like the motivation posters saying "you never see a motorcycle at a psychologist office".

The ad shows you many statistics of American trying to "feel" good, like shrinks, botox, self improvement even pedicures, but if you really want to feel good, but a motorcycle!


20 January, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Star Motorcycles
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a TV ad, if you turn off the volume, you'd swear it's a Harley commercial. But it's not, it's a Yamaha Star motorcycles one.


20 January, 2011 - Video: Indian Motorcycle Ad-Cruising Memory Lane
Video clip
Indian Motorcycle logo
Sometimes you forget that there are more than one motorcycle manufacturers in the USA.

In fact, here's a TV ad so that you don't forget the oldest motorcycle manufacturer; Indian Motorcycles.


18 January, 2011 - Video: Honda PCX 125 (Australia)
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice, but simple TV ad from Honda Australia for their PCX 125 Scooter.

Nice tune and images, but simple. Nothing catchy or shocking. No special effects, just a plain simple ad.


14 January, 2011 - Video: Vintage Safety TV Ad - British Motorcycle Fashion
Video clip
Interesting. A vintage, black & white, TV ad from the UK, promoting the use of helmets on motorcycles and scooters.

Not only do they make you safe on your motorcycle, but it's also a great fashion statement.....


11 January, 2011 - Video: Aprilia Scarabeo Starring Holly Fields
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a nice TV ad for the Aprilia Scarabeo scooter starring Holly Fields.

Nicely done, a real story and some great music. A very anti-men ad... but funny...


4 January, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson, Women & Motorcycles
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Women have been riding motorcycles for quite some time now, but it is only recently that Harley-Davidson has woken up to that idea.

Now Harley is promoting females riding motorcycles, and here's one TV ad to prove it.


3 January, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Fiore Scooter
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a nice upbeat TV ad from Yamaha to start the new year with.

It's for a 50cc scooter, so nothing to write home about, but has a nice electronic tune to it.


29 December, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Black Friday
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Bit late, but not a bad TV ad. It's from Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Black Friday.


28 December, 2010 - Ads: Tame French Motorcycle Safety Ads
IDF Securite Routier
Three very tame motorcycle safety ads from the Paris area in France.

Not hard hitting, not something you need to think about... in fact very tame.


21 December, 2010 - Ads: Pirelli Motorcycle Tires and Smoking
Ad Pirelli Smoke Italy
Pirelli logo
Three nice print ads for Perilli motorcycle tires, with as central theme; smoking.



21 December, 2010 - Video: Aprilia Ad-Real Bikes For Real Men
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Funny, but not too sure it's a real TV ad for Aprilia.

In this ad, they poke fun at Ducati, which according to the ad are not real motorcycles.


14 December, 2010 - Video: BMW S1000RR Motorcycle And Subliminal Ads
Video clip
BMW logo
Interesting ad experiment from BMW for their BMW S1000RR motorcycle.

In a cinema ad starring Ruben Xaus, they did not show a visible BMW logo, but "flashed" it invisibly to the audience. Towards the end of the ad, Xaus asked the audience to close their eyes... and then they saw the BMW logo.

Nifty, but scary! Subliminal advertising...


7 December, 2010 - Video: Nice Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Dealer Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles over the last few years has had some pretty bad TV ads, but their dealers have done better, and probably with less money.

Here's a nice Christmas ad from a Canadian motorcycle dealer, Heritage Harley.


1 December, 2010 - Video: British Customs Motorcycle
Video clip
A nice ad from British Customs, a custom motorcycle builder based on Triumph motorcycles from the UK.

Nice ad, nice motorcycles.


30 November, 2010 - Ads: Shell Mastercard And A Not Quite Biker Gang
Ad Shell Mastercard Easy Rider Norway
Ad Shell Mastercard Furious Norway
A mildly amusing advertisement campaign from Shell in Norway.

A series of ads featuring motorcycle riders are to draw you several webisodes (web episodes). Here are the 5 ads and the 4 episodes.



23 November, 2010 - Video: 2 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle TV Ads
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Two older TV ads from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

One older one from 1991, made to look even older, the other slightly never, corny but still slightly funny.


19 November, 2010 - Video: Announcement Of The Ducati/AMG Partnership
Video clip
Ducati logo
Here's the video clip used when they announced the surprise partnership between AMG and Ducati motorcycles.

For a partnership introduction video, they don't show the car and the Diavel motorcycle together.... strange.


16 November, 2010 - Video: Beechies - Nothing But My Helmet
Video clip
Funny and "true" story shared in a TV ad campaign in South Africa for Beechies (sweets) about a guy forced to ride his scooter naked except for his helmet.


15 November, 2010 - Ad: BMW Ultimate Attraction
BMW Sexy Ad Ultimate Attraction ad
Wes Siler
Here's a funny real, but fake, BMW ad. Shiva from modified the ad with a motorcycle (who needs BMW cars anyway?).

But the guy in the ad... he reminds me of someone....


9 November, 2010 - Ads: Camel And Motorcycles
Ad Camel
Camel cigarettes has had a long relationship with the motorcycle world; sponsoring and with ads featuring a motorcycle.

Here are 8 ads from Camel featuring a motorcycle.


26 October, 2010 - BMW: 19 Great Motorcycle Ads From Wordbang
BMW Ad from Wordbang USA
BMW logo
Wordbang are a US based PR agency specialized in writing great slogans. They've come up with some beauties, and BMW North America has been using them for their motorcycles.

Here are 19 great motorcycle ads and billboards from Wordbang.


19 October, 2010 - Video: Hero Honda Hunk 2010 Motorcycle - Yuk!
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
One really bad TV ad for a motorcycle partnership that is splitting up (no wonder), Hero Honda.

This is one ad where the marketing people have thrown every superlatives they could find into the ad. The best one is "Solid Disc Brakes"....


13 October, 2010 - Video: Suzuki GSX-R 600 and GSX-R 750 Motorcycle Ads
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Two recent TV ads from Suzuki for their GSX-R 600 and GSX-R 750 2011 motorcycles.

Not creative, but nice to watch.


12 October, 2010 - Advertising While Riding Motorcycle
Motorcycle riding ad
Advertising goods or services on a motorcycle is not a given. Cars, specially taxis, have a lot more space to put an ad.

But not for this biker. He's found the perfect ad space while riding his motorcycle; himself.


12 October, 2010 - Ad: Safety Gimmick In Indonesia For Motorcyclists
Railway Crossing Indonesia
A smart advertising way of preventing motorcycle riders in Indonesia from trying to make it across a railway crossing when the barriers/gates are going down.

Simply replace the gates with a giant meat cleaver! That will make you think twice...


6 October, 2010 - Strange Ads: Hero Honda Motorcycles - Get There Faster
Ad Hero Honda Faster India
Hero Honda logo
Three print ads from India's Hero Honda that just do not make any sense.

Why would one of world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers make ads that you can not understand. Someone understand this?