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29 April, 2015 - Review: Aprilia RSV4 RR & RF - The Absolute Diva
Review Aprilia RSV4 RR RF
Aprilia logo
#Review #Aprilia - A detailed, translated, review from a top French web site of the Aprilia RSV4 RR & RF - The Absolute Diva


20 March, 2015 - Review: 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally - A Better Heading
Review 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally
Aprilia logo
#Review #Aprilia - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally - A Better Heading


1 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Aprilia Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Aprilia logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Aprilia - For those of you who love Aprilia motorcycles, or are looking for a gift for someone who does, here are several Christmas gift ideas for you.


10 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: 11 Photos of Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally - P0rn
Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally
Aprilia logo
#Aprilia #Intermot #Caponord - Aprilia, well known for their sports motorcycles, also produce a fine dual-sports motorcycle, the Caponord 1200 Rally. Here it is in all its glory.


9 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Aprilia Gift Ideas
Xmas2013 Aprilia Long Sleeve Dress
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Aprilia #Chritsmas #Gifts - Time to look for gifts for Aprilia motorcycle lovers. Not an easy task, since Aprilia are not really into merchandising, but after some serious internet snooping, I did found a few ideas.


2 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Aprilia and BMW
Cake Aprilia
Cake BMW
#Cakes #BMW #Aprilia - I have noticed that many motorcycle riders have a sweet tooth. We love eating sweet things, maybe it is because we try to stay awake as long as possible on our rides, or maybe it's just because we just love sweet things.

It is therefore no surprise to see many of us indulging in eating cakes, especially when the cakes have been made into our favorite vehicle. I have found quite a lot of cakes made into motorcycles, or the logo of the manufacturer, so many that they will not fit on one page. I will therefore be showing you brand-by-brand over time. Some cakes are works of art, some not, but I am quite sure they all taste wonderful.

Here is the first installment, Aprilia and BMW motorcycle. Just looking at the photos made my mouth water....


18 April, 2013 - Video: Dream About Aprilia’s New Caponord 1200 - TV Ad
Aprilia Caponord 1200 2013 ad
Aprilia logo
#Aprilia #Advertisement #Video #Caponord - It's been a while since we've seen an Aprilia TV commercial, but here's a beauty. The TV advertisement is for the latest version of the Caponord 1200, Aprilia's dual-sport motorcycle.

The scenery is meant for dreams, nice music to listen to, and some of the bike's specs are flashed on the screen. The ad is not innovative or creative, but it does make you long for a nice summer ride.


22 June, 2011 - Video: Aprilia RSV4 against Nissan GT-R
Video clip
Aprilia logo
After Hell For Leather made the video explaining the electronics of the Aprilia RSV4 motorcycle, they raced the Italian sportsbike against Japan's prime sportscar, the Nissan GT-R.

Though the circuit was very much in favor of the Nissan, both vehicles are stock standard, and driven by professionals.

By how much would the Nissan win. Watch the video.


15 June, 2011 - Video: Aprilia Performance Ride Control
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a very good and professional video from Hell for Leather, about the revolutionary Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC).

It shows and explains, without going into technical in-depth details, how and why APRC is a good thing on your Aprilia motorcycle. It can turn you into the next Max Biaggi..


11 January, 2011 - Video: Aprilia Scarabeo Starring Holly Fields
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a nice TV ad for the Aprilia Scarabeo scooter starring Holly Fields.

Nicely done, a real story and some great music. A very anti-men ad... but funny...


21 December, 2010 - Video: Aprilia Ad-Real Bikes For Real Men
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Funny, but not too sure it's a real TV ad for Aprilia.

In this ad, they poke fun at Ducati, which according to the ad are not real motorcycles.


13 December, 2010 - Christmas 2010: For Aprilia Motorcycle Lovers
Aprilia logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
Time to have a look at some Christmas gift ideas for Aprilia motorcycle lovers.


4 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: Aprilia Tuono V4R Motorcycle
Aprilia TuonoV4 R
Aprilia logo
Aprilia used the Eicma exhibition to launch their naked Tuono V4R motorcycle, and impressive and powerful motorcycle.

Here are some photos and specs.


7 October, 2010 - Pharaons: Another Aprilia Motorcycle Wins Over KTM
Pharoans Aprilia Gerard Farres Day 3
Aprilia logo
Another day, another Aprilia win at the Pharaons rally. Day 3 sees two Aprilia motorcycle takes the top spots in the rally.

Despite riding 450cc motorcycle over KTM's 690, the two Aprilias are aiming at finishing the rally and winning.

Is this the end of world domination by KTM?


5 October, 2010 - Motorcycle Rally: Is This Aprilia’s Year?
Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez on his Aprilia
Aprilia logo
After a great 2010 Dakar result, and now leading the Pharaons motorcycle rally, Aprilia is showing that they can taken KTM on in a fair fight in the rally stages.

Chaleco is an amazing racer, but the Aprilia motorcycle is pretty awesome as well. First day of the Pharaons, and Chaleco already has a 5 minute lead over the number 2.


28 July, 2010 - Video: Aprilia Motorcycles Aren’t For Painting
Video clip
Aprilia logo
A really cool video, I'd say more or less in response to BMW's cloth-from-the-table-pulling video, from Aprilia.

In this funny video, you see an Aprilia RSV4 motorcycle painting! Honest, it's painting. Have a look.


1 July, 2010 - Video: Funny Aprilia RS250 Ad - Not Real
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Funny "TV" ad for Aprilia, for the RS250 motorcycle.

However, it's not a real ad, nor is it from Aprilia. It's for a Dutch school as a project.

Very good idea and execution, better than many ad agencies.


24 June, 2010 - Fake Ducati In Movie Knight and Day. Aprilia Used
Knight Day Ducati Aprila
The new blockbuster movie, Knight and Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz riding on a Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle is a .... FAKE!

Not the movie, nor Diaz or Cruise, but the Ducati is a fake. The Ducati is in fact an Aprilia SXV550 motorcycle, since the Ducati is too fragile for stunts, so the producers replaced it with a disguised Aprilia....


22 February, 2010 - 12 Aprilia Motorcycles Ads from Around The World
Aprilia logo
Aprilia Ad Shiver Naked Passion Italy
Turn of Aprilia motorcycles and their worldwide advertisements...

Problem was that there are very few ads out there, and all of them are made in Italy and then used in other countries.

Either Piaggio is hiding Aprilia from PR, or they hide their ads, or everyone knows the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.. and don't need no ads.

Anyway, here are 12 Aprilia motorcycle ads.


8 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Aprilia Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Aprilia logo
Christmas gift ideas for Aprilia motorcycle owners (or aficionados).

Aprilia is not into merchandising, but I did manage to find a few things.


3 October, 2009 - Stop/Action: An Interesting Motorcycle Art Display
Our friends at Hell For Leather Magazine have organized a real art exhibit (ie not an internet one), called Stop/Action, in New York.

Until October 11th, you can see Aprilia motorcycle positioned in such a way as they would appear in a movie film; panel-by-panel.

So if you're in New York, head over to the art gallery and have a look. It must be interesting, since it's a novel idea.


13 May, 2009 - Video: Aprilia 250 Replica Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Aprilia logo
A TV ad dating back to 1997, building on Aprilia's MotoGP world championship motorcycles, the 125 and 250 Replica.

Of course, they throw in the 50 Replica... Replica of what?


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Aprilia Balls
Aprilia basket ball
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

After all the festivities around Christmas, you'll need exercise. What better way than going on the basket ball court for a bit of one-on-one with an Aprilia branded basket ball??


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia logo
Aprilia's conference was impossible to get to, even after the event, the small stand was jammed with staff and dealers.

I managed to capture a photo of one VIP, and here's a special edition RSV...

More hopefully tomorrow....


30 January, 2008 - Video: Aprilia RSV 1000 R Promo Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a promotional ad from Aprilia for their RSV 1000 R motorcycle.

Modern and artsy...


5 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Aprilia Gift Ideas
Aprilia Scarabeo Watch
Aprilia logo
Christmas 2007 Gifts Time.

Here are some of the Christmas gift ideas for Aprilia owners/lovers.

Not much choice at Aprilia...


13 November, 2007 - Aprilia FV2 1200 Concept
Aprilia FV2 Concept motorcycle
Aprilia logo
A second look at Aprilia's concept sportbike, the FV2 1200.

Unveiled at EICMA 2007, it looks incredible, and it's very light.

Will this ever see the light of day???


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Aprilia
Aprilia FV2
Aprilia logo
Aprilia showed off their new concept motorcycle, the very sporty looking FV2.

With its 1200 cc engine, the motorcycle only weighs 160 kgs!!!!


10 August, 2007 - Video: Aprilia SXV 450/550 Publicity
Video clip inside
Aprilia logo
Nice publicity for Aprilia's SXV 450/550 SuperMotard motorcycles.


1 May, 2007 - Video: Infomercials (Honda, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki)
Video clip inside
Infomercials can be interesting, since they are like TV ads, but are longer, and often more informative. Here are several infomercials from Honda, Aprilia, Kawasaki and Suzuki.


18 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Aprilia Style
Aprilia motorcycle Christmas gift
Aprilia logo
Italian motorcycle, Aprilia, has a decent gift range you can buy for this Christmas.

Here's a small selection.


28 November, 2006 - Odds & Ends @ EICMA
Aprilia RXV 450 Rally
A last look at some odds and ends found at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition.

Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and MV Agusta.


20 November, 2006 - Aprilia NA 850 Mana
Aprilia MA 850 Mana
Aprilia logo
A look at Aprilia's NA 850 Mana motorcycle presented at Milan's EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


20 November, 2006 - Aprilia Shiver SL 750
Aprilia SL 750 Shiver
Aprilia logo
A look at Aprilia's SL 750 Shiver introduced at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Aprilia (9 photos)
EICMA Aprilia
Aprilia introduced the Mana 850, the Shiver 750 and a new V4 999 cc.


15 September, 2006 - Bol D’Or, Aprilia and a webcam
Web Article
Aprilia logo
Aprilia have installed a webcam for the Bol d'Or, AND a camera on their factory RSV. See the action live on your PC.


19 April, 2006 - Couple of More (Funny) Motorcycle Ads
Video clip inside
Three more video clips of TV ads for Aprilia and Kawasaki. These three are funny ones.


11 October, 2005 - Ceramic Motorcycle Exhausts
RaceTaylorMade John Keogh Benelli Motorcycle
A look at a company that produces very special exhausts for sports motorcycles.


5 October, 2005 - Aprilia SVX & RVX Motorcycles
Aprilia SVX Paris Motorcycle Show
Aprilia logo
Paris Mondial - Aprilia

A closer look at Aprilia's new SVX and RVX motorcycles presented at the Paris Motorcycle Show.


2 October, 2005 - Aprilia Pegasos 650 Trail
Aprilia Pegasos 650 Trail Motorcycle
Aprilia logo
A look at the recently launched Aprilia Pegasos 650 Trail motorcycle.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 10: Aprilia - Take 2
Aprilia Tuona R Paris Motorcycle Show
Aprilia logo
Back to Aprilia to look at the Tuona R and Pegaso Trial.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 06: Aprilia
Aprilia SVX Paris Motorcycle Show
Aprilia logo
Aprilia CEO shows of the SVX.


21 February, 2005 - BMW and Aprilia Motorcycles In Talks
Aprilia logo
BMW logo
Aprilia and BMW motorcycle in discussions.


25 January, 2005 - Aprilia Design Studies - A Trike
Aprilia Motorcycles Magnet
Aprilia's Magnet, the three wheeled motorcycle.


14 September, 2004 - Extra Photo Of The New Aprilia 650 Pegaso Motorcycle
Aprilia 650 Pegaso
Aprilia logo
Updated photo of the Aprilia 650 Pegaso.


13 September, 2004 - Aprilia’s New 650 Pegaso Motorcycle
Aprilia 650 Pegaso
Aprilia logo
The Aprilia 650 Pegaso. Is it me, or does it look like a.... BMW...


21 August, 2004 - 1 Motorcyclist, 3 Motorcycle Blogs
Ducati Motorcycles Blog Site
3 motorcycle blogs for your pleasure.


15 August, 2004 - Italian Wedding - Piaggio and Aprilia
News Article
The Piaggio Group are planning to eat up Aprilia for lunch. Wedding Italian style envisaged.


7 July, 2004 - Ducati Bids For Aprilia Motorcycles
News Article
Ducati wants to buy Aprilia motorcycles. Interesting?


7 May, 2004 - Aprilia Saved From Bankruptcy
News Article
Aprilia logo
Aprilia is saved at the last minute from bankruptcy.


28 April, 2004 - Looks Like Aprilia Motorcycles Is In Real Trouble
News Article
Aprilia logo
Aprilia is in serious financial debt factory lines are shutdown.


17 April, 2004 - Aprilia to sell Moto Guzzi to Bombardier ?
Aprilia logo
Moto Guzzi logo
Aprilia to sell Moto Guzzi to Bombardier.


13 January, 2004 - Aprilia Motorcycles Adventure Riding Holidays
Aprilia logo
Aprilia have launched a Motorcycle Adventure Tour on their dual-purpose motorcycles....


17 November, 2003 - Aprilia Debuts New 45.V2 Engine in SuperMotard Race
Aprilia SVX 4.5
Aprilia logo
Aprilia launched their new V.2 Engine on their new SXV 4.5 motorcycle in the Supermoto race in Belgium...


16 September, 2003 - Milan: Aprilia Launches New Engine and Models
Aprilia launches a revolutionary new engine


28 July, 2003 - Aprilia Launch 2 Updated Motorcycles
The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia launches two revamped sportbikes



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