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23 October, 2014 - And The Father Of The Year Award Goes To ...
Father of The Year Award
#Idiots #ATGATT #Morons - ... this douche bag. I can't tell from the photo if there is an actual baby in the baby carrier, but even if there isn't, it's still a very dumb move. The photo was taken somewhere in the Middle East.


30 May, 2014 - Italy: Milan Urban Congestion Charge System Rewarded
Milan Area C
Italy flag
#Milan #CongestionCharges #Award - Milan for from the OECD the reward for best implemented congestion charge. The inhabitants are very happy with the results, and yes, motorcycles go for free.


11 February, 2014 - France: Darwin Award Candidate #8273
Darwin Award Logo
France flag
#France #Darwin - Here is one motorcycle ride in France that should be on the list of Darwin Award nominees. Stupidity does not come close to what he did.


16 October, 2013 - Darwin Award Nominee #836652: DUI, Speeding And Child On Tank
Child on fuel tank speeding
Darwin Award Logo
#DarwinAward #DUI #France - A French biker was arrested after a police chase; speeding 120 kph in a 70 kph zone, 4 year old daughter on his fuel tank, and totally DUI...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 August, 2013 - Darwin Award Nominee #83645: Spanish Motorcycle Dealer
Top Gun Motorcycle Speeding
Spain flag
#Darwin #Award #Speeding - A motorcycle dealer in Spain's capital Madrid, got arrested for riding his motorcycle "slightly" over the speed limit. On a busy road limited to 90 kph, he was riding his bike at 247 kph!

When he was arrested, the 45 year old biker explained he worked for the local motorcycle dealer and was field testing the motorcycle before it went to the customers. Nice job, right?

He now stands the chance of spending 3 to 6 months in jail or 6 to 12 months community service. He will also need to look for another job since he will forfeit his driving license for 1 to 4 years.


8 August, 2013 - Darwin Award Nominee #82763: Self Filming Speeding Motorcycle 271 kph
French Biker Caught Tape
France flag
#Darwin #Speeding #Motorcycles - Some people really do not deserve to be called "human", and some have a room temperature I.Q. A French biker was stopped by the local Gendarmes after he was spotted riding his motorcycle in excess of 250 kph. The cops were drawn to his bike because of the extreme high noise it was making, since it was riding in full revs.

The cops stopped him and while inspecting his Suzuki bike, discovered a camera mounted on his handlebar. After watching the homemade video, they discovered that this 22 year old biker, with 2 years experience riding motorcycles, filmed himself riding at 271 kph on a road limited to 110, and 227 kph on a road limited to 90 kph.

The young biker explained his actions by saying he was "testing the video camera". He is now without a motorcycle and camera, no license and a court date.


12 July, 2013 - Darwin Awards: #82736 - New Motorcycle Gone In 48 Hours
BP Motorcycle Rider
France flag
#Squid #Darwin #Motorcycle - Some people never learn, while some people just do not get it. This Darwin Award nominee falls in the latter category.

A French motorcycle rider, 26 years of age, got caught riding the famous and notorious Parisian ring road (the Boulevard Peripherique) at 144 kph instead of the 80 kph allowed.

So far, nothing to earn this prestigious award. Except for two things:

1. He did not have his motorcycle license yet, since he was still studying for it.
2. He bought this brand new sportsbike 48 hours prior (bought it without a license, and therefore without insurance).

Now a) he has no new motorcycle (it got confiscated and will be turned into an ashtray or something similar), b) he will not be able to get his motorcycle license for a very long time and c) he will have to pay a fine of some €15,000 (and he might just end up in prison for some time).

If that is not worthy for a Darwin Award, what could be?


14 May, 2013 - Zero Wins European E-Motorcycle Of The Year 2013 For 3rd Time
Zero S
Zero logo
#eBikes #Electric #Zero - There's no stopping Zero motorcycles. They introduced recently a military version of their electric motorcycles, and now they've won the Clean Week 2020 European Electric Motorcycle of the Year Award. Not only did they win it, but they've won it for the third time in a row.

The prize went to the Zero S, and second place went to the Zero DS. What's interesting is that no other manufacturers competed in the category, so the Zero electric motorcycles were the only ones competing...........

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6 May, 2013 - France: Darwin Award - 253 Kph In 90 Kph Zone and DUI
Speeding Motorcycle
Darwin Award Logo
#Speeding #DarwinAwards - Here's one guy that gets the coveted Darwin Award. A 36 year old Frenchman got caught riding his Kawasaki with a slew of events.

1. He was speeding, doing 253 kph in a 90 kph zone.
2. His motorcycle was not limited to the legal limit of 100 hp, but had 175 hp.
3. He was riding under influence of marijuana...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


31 October, 2012 - Elect The FIM Champion Of The Year 2012 and Win A Prize
FIM Elections 2012
FIM logo
The international federation of motorcycle sports, FIM, are holding their prestigious Champion of the Year 2012 awards, and you can help decide who will win the trophies.

Three categories are up for grabs, Rookie of the Year, Woman of the Year and Personality of the Year. Head on over to their web site, vote, and you stand the chance of winning one of many prizes, including a Tag Heuer watch...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


27 May, 2011 - Bajaj Wins Award For Advertisement Campaign
Bajaj Pulsar Road End India
Bajaj logo
The Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Bajaj, back in 2004 was in difficulties against the Japanese manufacturers. They contracted with a big PR agency to set up a campaign for their Pulsar motorcycle.

The advertisement campaign was an enormous success, with SEVEN times increase in sales in five years. To honor this, the ad campaign just received a top award.


5 March, 2010 - BMW Voted 5 Times Best Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW have won 5 categories in the annual Best Motorcycle competition of one of world's biggest magazines, German Motorrad mag.

They also won Best Brand and several other smaller awards for their clothing.


22 December, 2009 - KTM Motorcycles Turkey Wins Print Ad Award
KTM Turkey Ad
KTM logo
KTM Turkey have won an award for a print advertisement for their 250SX motorcycle.

The ad itself is really good, since it makes you think for a second or two...


16 December, 2009 - Sons of Anarchy And The Golden Globes
Sons of Anarchy Katey Sagal
Big award programs, like the upcoming Golden Globe, Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA, never award a TV series like Sons of Anarchy.

But why? SoA is excellent drama, the way Hollywood should make for-adults entertainment. They deserve more than anyone else the recognition. But it'll not happen... ever!


19 March, 2008 - MBI Awards 2008: And The Winners Are..
MBI logo
The annual MBI Riders Choice Awards for 2008 are done!

Click on the headline to see who won (and who lost). Thousands of you have nominated and voted for these products or people. This is what the public likes/dislikes.

Many thanks to all of you!


14 March, 2008 - Last Day For Awards Votes. Vote NOW!
MBI logo
Last day for you to vote at the annual MBI awards. It's important for the industry that you vote (any elections are important).

No personal details are asked for, no name, no email, nada! Spend 1 minute of your lifetime telling the world what's good and what's bad.

Do us all a favor, and VOTE!!! 1 Day left!


15 February, 2008 - Time To Vote: Not USA Presidential But MBI Riders Choice
MBI logo
Yes, it's time to vote, and no, not for the US presidential elections. They're not as important as the MBI Riders Choice Star Awards.

Your vote counts! You decide what are the best of the best, and the worst of the worst motorcycle products. We really need you to spend a minute or two, and vote!


29 January, 2008 - Reminder: MBi 2007 Nominations Still Open
MBI logo
The MBI Motorcycle awards are still open for your nominations.

It's your chance to tell the industry what you like, and what you don't. Don't be left out...


10 January, 2008 - Nominations For Annual Motorcycle Awards 2008 Open
MBI logo
The annual Riders Choices awards organized by MBI are back again. No Al-Qaeda terrorists can stop this yearly event.

Nominations for best products, people and organizations are now open for you, the reader.

Head over to and nominate your preferred products. Next month is voting time....


15 March, 2007 - MBI Annual Awards: And The Prize Goes To..
The 2nd Annual MBI Riders Choice Awards votes have been added up, and we now have the winners.

Thousands of readers worldwide (88 countries) have nominated and voted for their favorite products. After a month long voting, we now can tell you which motorcycle products, people and organizations are the top of the top!

Click to find out who won (or lost).

For all of you who have voted, many thanks for making it a success!


28 February, 2007 - We Need You!
Web Article
We really need you to come over to the MBI and vote for your favorite motorcycle products (and even motorcycle blog, like this one, since we've been nominated and depend on your vote!).

Don't waste this opportunity to make your thoughts clear on the motorcycle industry. VOTE NOW! There's no requirement to register, nor to use your email address. It's totally anonymous !

Go on, we know you want to!


19 February, 2007 - Reminder: Vote At The MBI Awards
Web Article
Only a few days left to cast your vote for the 2nd Annual MBI Rider Choice Awards for several motorcycle categories. Now is your chance to have your voice heard. Don't leave it to a panel of judges, vote now. This site has been nominated for "Best Motorcycle Blog", so if you appreciate this site, why not head over to MBI and vote for us. We appreciate your efforts.


14 February, 2007 - Vote Now For The Top Motorcycle Products
Web Article
Now is your chance to vote for the best motorcycles and motorcycle related products, people and organizations. The MBI Riders Choice Awards is open for voting !!! Vote for your choice (including this site, which has been nominated by you as one of the "Best Motorcycle Blogs in 2006").

Voting is very simple, no registrations, email address, fingerprints or DNA samples are required. Head over to MBI and vote. Your motorcycle industry needs you !! VOTE !


15 January, 2007 - Reminder: MBI Riders Choice Awards Nominations
Web Article
Nominations for the annual MBI Riders Choice Awards is still open. So if you haven't nominated your favorite products yet, head over to the MBI and do so now.


2 January, 2007 - 2007 Motorcycle Awards Nominations are now Open
Web Article
The MBI's 2007 Riders Choice Award nominations are now open to all. During January 2007, you, our readers, have the chance to nominate who you think is the best (motorcycle, product, company or person) during 2006. Later, in a few weeks, you'll be able to vote for all the nominations in 17 different categories.

The MBI Riders Choice awards is run by 80+ motorcycle blog and news websites. Have your say, and nominate !!! We need you !


24 May, 2006 - Rossi Wins Laureus Award
Racing Article
Valentino Rossi won the prestigious Laureus award for "Spirit of Sports" and was nominated for the third time for the "Sportsman of the Year". Imagine; a biker won the award !!!


8 May, 2006 - First Annual Motorcycle Awards on the Internet
Motorcycle Bloggers International logo
The very first Motorcycle Bloggers International (MBI) annual Motorcycles Awards were produced last weekend. 11 web sites from around the globe voted for the best motorcycles and related products in 9 different award categories.

A special website,, was created for these awards. This year, its first year, the MBI members were responsible for nominations and voting. Next year, you the reader will be able to nominate your favorite product.

Come and see who won, and who lost....


28 October, 2005 - MCN 2005 Motorcycle Awards
News Article
British motorcycle magazine, MCN, have announced their annual motorcycle award winners.


6 July, 2005 - First Annual Motorcycle Concours d’Elegance
Legend Of The Motorcycle Ritz Carlton
The first elegance competition of motorcycles will be held next year in the USA.


20 May, 2005 - Kawasaki Wins Master Bike 2005 - Again
Master Bike 2005 Motorcycle Shootout
Kawasaki wins the MASTER BIKE motorcycle award - again !


20 April, 2005 - MV Agusta Chosen Motorcycle Of The Year - Italy
MV Agusta Brutale 750 S motorcycle
Italian magazine awards MV Agusta the "Motorcycle of the Year" award.


24 September, 2004 - 2004 Motorcycle Design Award Winners
Motorcycle Design Assocation logo
The Motorcycle Design Association awards the 2004 best designed motorcycle to ....


22 July, 2004 - KTM Wins Adventure Motorcycle Of The Year
KTM 950 Adventure
KTM logo
KTM wins the American Motorcycle Magazine award for "Best Motorcycle"s for their 950 Adventure motorcycle.


2 June, 2004 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Elected Bike Of the Year
Kawasaki ZX-10R
The Kawasaki ZX-10R receives the Master Bike of the Year 2004 award.


6 October, 2003 - International Motorcycle Designer Awards 2003
News Article
The International Motorcycle Desginer Awards 2003 were held in Paris....



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