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28 August, 2015 - Remember Last Week’s SUV Motorcycle Photo: Here Is Its Story
Need more panniers
#JohnTodd #RTW #Travel - Remember the photo I posted as "fun" last week, describing a motorcycle as a SUV motorcycle? Trevor reached out to me via email and told me the story. Here it goes....


24 June, 2015 - Great Ideas: BMW Want To Turn Street Lights Into EV Charging Stations
BMW Charge and Light
BMW logo
#BMW #EVCharging #GreatIdeas - BMW have had a great idea (it does happen once in a while). Turn every street light into an electric car or motorcycle charging station. That means you could charge your electric bike everywhere, and since you'll need to pay for the juice, the city can keep the lights on. Great idea.


18 June, 2015 - A Working Motorcycle: the BMW Logger Bike
BMW Logger Motorcycle
USA flag
#BMW #Customization #USA - Here is a real 'working motorcycle', a BMW Logging Bike to be used for the wood logging industry in Oregon. It's a show piece, but still, it works. Fully functional, as you can see in the video, it's impressive.


18 May, 2015 - Review: 2015 BMW S1000 XR - A Very Sharp Crossover
Review 2015 BMW S1000 XR
BMW logo
#Review #BMW #S1000XR - A detailed translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 BMW S1000 XR - A Very Sharp Crossover


12 May, 2015 - BMW On A Roll: Supplying Electric Vehicles To Milan Expo
Milan Police BMW C Evolution
BMW logo
#BMW-Motorrad #Police #Italy - BMW are on a roll with their electric vehicles: now they are supplying 6 C-Evolution electric scooters, and 4 i3 electric cars to the Milan World Expo efforts. They are supplied for free, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.


7 May, 2015 - Three Unusual But Clever BMW Motorcycle Helmet Ads
Ad BMW Hair Jet
BMW logo
#BMWMotorrad #Advertisements #Helmets - Funny. Here are three print ads from BMW featuring 3 biker wearing BMW leathers and a hairstyle shaped like a motorcycle helmet. Cute.


6 May, 2015 - BMW Deliver Electric C-Evolution Scooters To Italian Cops
Cagliari Police BMW C Evolution
BMW logo
#BMWMotorrad #Italy #Electric - BMW are selling their electric C-Evolution scooter like hot cakes, especially to the Law Enforcement community. First there were 30 of these electric scooters to the Barcelona, Spain cops, now 15 units to the Cagliari, Italy cops. Who is next?


13 April, 2015 - Turkish Designer Designs Most Beautiful BMW Motorcycles
BMW Caliber
BMW Apollo Streamliner
#Design #BMW #Turkey - The Turkish 3D Designer, Mehmet Doruk Erdem, has some serious designer talents. One of his favorite objects is the motorcycle, so he has made some really beautiful designs. Two of them struck me... both are based on BMW motorcycles. Have a look at this designer's talent.


16 March, 2015 - Spain: Barcelona Cops Get 30 Electric BMW C-Evolution Scooters
Barcelona BMW C Evolution Police
Spain flag
#Spain #Barcelona #BMW #Electric - The local police force in Barcelona, Spain have gotten an advanced Christmas present; 30 BMW C-Evolution, the advance electric scooters from the German manufacturer. Now the local plods can ride around in total silence, without any CO2, and they can do it by accelerating like a rocket.


2 March, 2015 - A Photographic Look At The BMW C-Evolution Factory
BMW C Evolution Production
BMW logo
#BMW #Electric #Scooter - A detailed photographic visit of the BMW motorcycle factory in Berlin where they make the electric scooter, the BMW C-Evolution.


17 December, 2014 - Review: 2015 BMW R1200R - the R1200R Sees Red
Review 2015 BMW R1200R
BMW logo
#Review #BMW - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 BMW R1200R - the R1200R Sees Red


2 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - BMW Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
BMW logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #BMW - BMW requires no introduction, since it is a very popular motorcycle manufacturer. It also has some interesting gifts, maybe not as some of the more creative manufacturers, but still interesting Christmas gifts. Here are some.


28 October, 2014 - Beautiful But Weird Ad From BMW Motorcycles - The Case
BMW Motorcycle Case Ad
BMW logo
#BM #Advertisement - Here is a beautiful print advertisement from BMW motorcycles, but difficult to understand. Weird.


10 October, 2014 - Got A BMW R1200GS Adventure? Givi Got You Covered Front & Back
Givi XS5112E
Givi logo
#Givi #Intermot #BMWR1200GSAdventure - Got a BMW R1200GS Adventure and need more space to stow things? Givi has got you covered, both front and rear.


30 September, 2014 - Intermot 2014: What The Electric BMW Scooter Looks Like Inside
Intermot 2014 BMW C Evolution Cut
BMW logo
#BMW #Electric #C-Evolution - Just to show you what the inside of an electric BMW scooter, the C-Evolution, looks like, BMW cut one open. Just like a clam, it's open to see what the technology looks like.


13 August, 2014 - Video: See How BMW Make Their Electric Scooter - C Evolution - Impressive
Video BMW Evolution Manufacturing
BMW logo
#BMW-Motorrad #Electric #Scooter - Here is a very interesting video from BMW on how they manufacturer their electric scooter, the C Evolution. You can see why it is not an easy job, and why it's a quality scooter. Have a look...


10 July, 2014 - Review: BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter - 1st 500 Kms
BMW C Evolution 500 km
BMW logo
I've done my first 500 kilometers, and after doing a quick review , and a review by my SWMBO (as pillion and as female biker), here is the last review of the electric scooter from BMW, the C Evolution - the first 500 kilometers.


8 July, 2014 - Ad: BMW Original Parts - Close, But Not Close Enough
Ad BMW Original Parts
BMW logo
#BMW #Advertising #Spareparts - A very nicely and smart advertising from BMW, reminding you to only use original parts on your motorcycle. Nice graphics, clever.


7 July, 2014 - BMW C Evolution, Electric Scooter From A Female Point of View
Patricia BMW C Evolution
BMW logo
#BMW #C-Evolution #Electric #Review - My wife, Patricia is a fully licensed motorcycle rider, who has been riding her own motorcycle for years. This was her first weekend with the electric BMW C Evolution scooter, so we tried it both as her as a pillion and as a rider.

Here are her impressions from a female point of view.


4 July, 2014 - BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter - Warm Welcome To My Family
BMW C Evolution Home
#BMW #Electric #C-Evolution - There, I did it. I got myself the electric scooter from BMW, the C Evolution. It's home after a long ride from the dealer, and made it with a lot of battery to spare. I'm happy.


10 June, 2014 - Review: Electric BMW C-Evolution Scooter - The Future Now
BMW C Evolution Review
BMW C Evolution Review
#BMW #Electric #Scooter - Here is my own detailed review of the BMW electric scooter, the C-Evolution. I do compare it with the Zero DS I tested, and I can tell you even before you read the review; this is one VERY fast scooter. It's really an equivalent 600 cc scooter.


28 May, 2014 - Review: 2014 BMW C Evolution Electric - When Lightning Speaks
Review 2014 BMW C Evolution Electric
BMW logo
#Review #BMW #Electric - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2014 BMW C Evolution Electric - When Lightning Speaks


22 May, 2014 - BMW Is Doing Very Well With Police Bikes In The USA, Thank You For Asking
BMW Authority Motorcycles USA
BMW logo
#BMW #Police - BMW have been selling their special police motorcycles in the USA like donuts.... a lot of them. Since a few years, police departments in the USA have been forsaking Harley and Indian for BMW. Why?


24 February, 2014 - Review: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure - The Long Distance GS
Review 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure
BMW logo
#Review #BMW #R1200GS-A- A detailed review of the 2014 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure - The Long Distance GS motorcycle.


4 February, 2014 - Ads: BMW - The Road to Nordkapp
BMW The Road to Nordkapp
BMW logo
#Advertisment #BMW - Two beautiful ads from BMW (Italy) but no real message. But a nice photo is worth thousands of words, right?


20 January, 2014 - Review: BMW R1200RT - The New Reference for Sport Tourers
Review 2014 BMW R 1200 RT
BMW logo
#Review #BMWR1200RT - A detailed review of the new BMW R1200RT motorcycle - The New Reference for Sport Tourers


2 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Aprilia and BMW
Cake Aprilia
Cake BMW
#Cakes #BMW #Aprilia - I have noticed that many motorcycle riders have a sweet tooth. We love eating sweet things, maybe it is because we try to stay awake as long as possible on our rides, or maybe it's just because we just love sweet things.

It is therefore no surprise to see many of us indulging in eating cakes, especially when the cakes have been made into our favorite vehicle. I have found quite a lot of cakes made into motorcycles, or the logo of the manufacturer, so many that they will not fit on one page. I will therefore be showing you brand-by-brand over time. Some cakes are works of art, some not, but I am quite sure they all taste wonderful.

Here is the first installment, Aprilia and BMW motorcycle. Just looking at the photos made my mouth water....


19 June, 2013 - A BMW Motorcycle Powered Citroen 2CV Car
#BMW #2CV - The French 2CV car from Citroen has been one of those cars that have marked a generation, maybe even two generations. The car was very light, easy to repair, and could drive on anything, even drive better on snow than purpose built snow cars.

Of course, it was very under powered and very slow, but that was the magic about this car. Hippies and grandparents would drive it, basking in the sound of the 2 HP engine (2CV means 2 HP in French) purring away.

But what if you wanted the car to go a bit faster? Apart from putting burning alcohol or nitro methanol into the engine, there isn't much you can do about it, until Sparrow Automotive decided otherwise.

This British engineering company will remove the original engine and put in a BMW motorcycle engine of your choice. Your choice are between 850 cc and 1200 cc BMW motorcycle engines...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 May, 2013 - Books: BMW Motorcycles And 90 Years Of History
BMW 90 Years Book
BMW logo
#BMW #BMWMotorrad #Books - When someone reaches the ripe age of 90 years, family & friends gather to celebrate. Although humans are reaching older and older ages, 90 is still a real milestone. But for companies, it can be that they are still very young.

This is the case for BMW Motorcycles. They have reached 90, and are still very young. And to celebrate, they are publishing a book on their history, all 90 years worth...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 April, 2013 - India: Who Wins In The TVS-BMW Deal?
BMW logo
TVS logo
#TVS #BMW #Venture #India - A lot has been written recently in the press about the TVS Motor / BMW Motorrad deal. The rumors had been circulating since last year that the two motorcycle manufacturers were looking at some kind of a joint-venture, possibly like the one between KTM and Bajaj. But is it the same deal, and will both parties benefit from it?

TVS used to be India's third largest motorcycle manufacturer, today it's been pushed into the fourth spot. Bajaj and Hero MotoCorp both dominate the local and export scene. TVS had a link-up with Suzuki, but since both sell independently, it hasn't done much to increase TVS market share...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 April, 2013 - India: TVS Motor And BMW To Make Joint-Venture?
BMW TVS Motor Tie Up
India flag
#India #BMW #TVS - TVS Motor, India's fourth motorcycle manufacturer, is looking at an expected tie-up with German BMW. KTM are heavy into Bajaj (actually, it's Bajaj who is into KTM), and the partnership/relationship is working fine, so it makes sense for BMW to look for a partner in India.

The alliance would call for a technology collaboration, manufacturing of motorcycles and distribution.

TVS have a range of small displacement motorcycles, typically in the 160 to 180 cc range and are looking to produce more premium motorcycles, while BMW needs better access to the blossoming Indian market...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 April, 2013 - Video: Watch These Nutty Czechs Do An Original BMW R1200GS Test Ride
Motodenik BMW R1200GS Test
Czech Republic flag
#BMW #Snow #Review #R1200GS - Somehow the guys at the Czech motorcycle site managed to talk BMW into loaning them their brand-new R1200GS for a test ride. Little did BMW know that they would be taking the motorcycle out on an extreme test ride.

What these nutty Czechs did was ride the Beemer up a mountain in thick ice and snowy conditions. The video below is that of the test drive. The first minute is pretty normal, the roads have been cleared, but then the road is iced up. This not only doesn't deter them, they are still riding with throttle open. At one stage they get to a slope that is too high and need to be pushed since the rear wheel is spinning like crazy. But they manage to get to the top without falling, and at high speed. Amazing...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


25 March, 2013 - France: 100 Year Celebration of the Motorcycle
Cany Barville 2013 BMW R69S (600cc) from 1967
Cany Barville 2013 Portuguese Casal from 1980, 50cc (Zundapp base)
Usually when I go out to make photos for an article, it involves packing up my motorcycle with all my cameras, computers, sleeping gear, toothbrush, etc, or it might involve planes, trains and automobiles. But whatever the mode of transportation, it'll mean it's going to take a while before I get there, and even longer before I get back. That's because I live in the real countryside, in a small (186 inhabitants) village in Upper Normandy. My next door neighbors are cows, and I mean the animals.

Once or twice I've had something as a source for an article close-by, usually 15 to 30 minutes ride from my house, and that made me happy, but last weekend on Sunday, in the closest town to me, Cany-Barville, was a exhibition called "100 Years of Motorcycles". Cany-Barville is almost at walking distance from my house, a little over 5 kilometers, so the expo got marked in big black marker in my agenda (something my iPad did not like), since it was going to be one I was not going to miss.

The only thing that troubled me, and I never got a response, was why "100 years". Motorcycles have existed for more than 100 years. Anyway, it didn't spoil my fun. So off I went to the exhibition. Now do remember, we're in the middle of "shit-kicker" country, so whatever it was going to be was small but done with gusto. ..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: BMW R1200GS Launch (Video)
BMW R1200GS 2013
BMW logo
BMW are on their home turf, and had therefore the most anticipated press conference of the Intermot motorcycle exhibition. We all knew BMW had a lot of new stuff, so there was a lot of interest in their press conference.

I managed to arrive early and score a good place to enjoy the show, since that was what it was. The main part of the BMW dog & pony show was the launch of the water-cooled R1200GS motorcycle. To do that, they put up a real show, with live music and "stunts" performed on the new motorcycle.

Here's a video of what I saw. I apologize in advance for a) some of the sound, since the music at times was sooo loud it deformed the sound on the video and b) a bit shaky at times, since I did not know where things were going to happen .. you'll see in the video.


28 September, 2012 - France: Police Allowed To Get BMW Motorcycles Again, Finally
BMW logo
France flag
Several years ago, BMW lost the contract of supplying the Gendarmes, National Police and Customs officers with Bavarian-made (Berlin actually) motorcycles. Instead, the authorities decided to buy their officers Yamaha FJR1300 motorcycles.

Now, BMW France announced that they will be supplying the Law Enforcement Officers from the different units with BMW R1200RT "Special Administration", or better "Police" version. BMW's contract is for 3 years.

So now the big question is why are they going back to BMW. Did the Yamaha not fulfill it's role, was it too expensive (doubtful), or what was the reason BMW got the contract back???

No numbers were announced, only that the contract is for 3 years.


24 August, 2012 - BMW Motorcycles and Bloomingdale’s - Shop For Your Bike
BMW And Bloomingdale
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles has associated itself with the upmarket department store Bloomingdale. Throughout USA, in all Bloomingdale's stores, a BMW R1200R Classic will be featured in the store window, and in the store's fall catalog, you'll get to see the naked motorcycle in all its glory. But since they're featured in the men's department, you'll get to see guys on it... nice for the women for a change.

The men's catalog is featuring a new "On the Road" shop, targeted for guys on-the-go. It'll be the "motorcycle trend", with items like leather fingerless gloves, hoods, and other leather products.....

....Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 July, 2012 - BMW Motorcycles To Marry TVS?
BMW TVS Motor Tie Up
India flag
India's 4th motorcycle manufacturer, TVS Motors, is looking into a tie-up with the German giant BMW.

After KTM and Bajaj, is it now the turn of BMW and TVS?

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 March, 2012 - BMW New Facebook Timeline
BMW Facebook Timeline
BMW logo
For those of you who aren't on Facebook, a "Timeline" is Facebook's attempt to show your history, starting at a date in the past whenever you decide. You can show the day you came into this crazy world, the day you went to jail, or when your company got created. Posting photos and articles, matched with a date, will create a timeline on your Facebook page.

BMW have done exactly that, and it looks great. You can go back to 1932 and move yourself upwards through their timeline, looking at BMW's colorful history. Articles, photos and video illustrate their history.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


22 March, 2012 - Video: BMW F800GS - To Boldly Go Where No GS Has Gone
Video clip
BMW logo
Funny, and well done, video, which is really a sales promo for CalMoto. The video clip does Star Trekl, and takes the GS motorcycle boldly where no GS gas gone before, exploring the universe, or in this case, the woods.

The first half is really nice, with the famous Star Trek music, and some kick-ass riding.


20 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: GS Stamped Watch
Chronograph with GS logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
For all the many BMW GS fans around the world, and there are a lot of them, here's a chronograph watch, stamped with the Beemer GS logo, or as they call it, the coat of arms, that will make an excellent gift.

The watch is stainless steel, with a big face so that you can see it while riding your GS motorcycle. As a BMW rider, you don't have to worry about rain, since the watch is water-resistant up to 5 atm.

The watch comes in a nice silver box.


20 December, 2011 - If You Are Reading This, I Have Not Made It Home (Yet)
Flying pillion on BMW motorcycle
If you are reading this, it means I have not made it home/office yet. It probably means (I hope) that I have been detained in traffic, and am racing as hard as I can on my motorcycle to get back.

If not, I'm in jail somewhere....


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: BMW New Maxi-Scooters
BMW Maxi Scooter
BMW logo
BMW introduced with a big ceremony their two new maxi-scooters, the 600 Sport and the 650 GT.

Only thing missing to make it a real BMW, is heated seats...


3 November, 2011 - Video: BMW’s New Maxi-Scooter Promotion - Ready For Eicma
Video clip
BMW logo
A very elaborate TV commercial just to announce that BMW will be showing their new maxi-scooter at the Eicma show next week in Milan, Italy.

This 50 second TV spot shows a little kids with a car and a motorcycle toy (both BMW, but what would you expect?). The funny thing is that they do not even show the shadow of the new BMW scooter, just the thought....


27 October, 2011 - BMW R80 Diesel Motorcycle For Sale
BMW R80 Diesel
BMW R80 Diesel
A unique opportunity for those who want to ride a motorcycle that is different!

On the German eBay, there's a BMW R80 motorcycle for sale, equipped with a Smart car diesel engine. You can dial in the horse power (using a laptop) between 30 and 60 hp, it'll run a the decent speed of 150 kph, despite its 270 kilos.

And it only uses 3.5 liters/100 kilometers.


28 September, 2011 - BMW Dealers To Sell Scottoiler
Scottoiler BMW Oil Kit
BMW logo
BMW have signed an agreement with Scottoiler, the system we reviewed a few weeks ago that automatically lubricates/oils your motorcycle's chain, for an exclusive distribution of their system by BMW for BMW motorcycles.

The motorcycles covered by this agreement are the BMW F800GS, F650GS and F800R models, each with their own set of installation instructions.

The product will have a BMW logo on it...


20 September, 2011 - Smell Like A BMW - Men’s Fragrance
BMW 15W 50 Eau de Cologne
BMW logo
BMW have a perfume for men.... it's called the 15W-50 Eau de Cologne, and it's a fragrance with a hint of high-performance motor oil.

It's used for promotional activities, but it's a real perfume.


16 September, 2011 - BMW Patent Motorcycle Seat
BMW Patented Motorcycle Seat
BMW logo
BMW have patented a motorcycle seat......

They plan to equip motorcycle seat with an electronically controlled damper system, using sensors on the front wheel and seat, to make your motorcycle ride a smooth ride.


13 September, 2011 - BMW’s New Electric Scooter - Changing The World
BMW Concept E Scooter
BMW logo
BMW have released their concept electric motorcycle today at the Frankfurt car exhibition.

Looks pretty good. read the specs, see the photos..


23 June, 2011 - Husqvarna Teams Up With BMW Off Road Skills Training
Husqvarna logo
Off Road Skills logo
Since BMW have purchased Husqvarna some time ago, it only makes sense that you can ride a Husqvarna motorcycle at BMW's excellent off road training course.

It's your chance to train on a Husqvarna motorcycle in a tough but very good off road training, without banging up your bike.

But you'll need to go to Wales for that...


9 June, 2011 - Review: ACCELERATOR - Make Your BMW Motorcycle Go Faster
Accelerator BMW
Accelerator BMW
This is a detailed review of the ACCELERATOR, a nifty piece of equipment, low cost, that will make your BMW motorcycle accelerate faster, run more fuel efficient and change the personality of your motorcycle.

Installation is so simple, that even I could do it in a few seconds. Read the report, it's worth it...


12 May, 2011 - Video: BMW R1150R Motorcycle - Jazz
Video clip
BMW logo
A nice, probably not real, BMW motorcycle TV commercial.

It's for the BMW R1150R motorcycle, and it makes well use of a nice piece of Jazz music.



5 May, 2011 - BMW K1600GTL Motorcycle From A Professional Point Of View
BMW Honda Motorcycle Taxi
Many reports/reviews have been written recently about the new BMW K1600GTL. Most were written by magazine/site reviewers, but this is the first review done by professional riders; a motorcycle taxi operator.

Motorcycle Taxi Operators favor the Honda Gold Wing due to its comfort and performance, so a comparison from a professional's point of view is essential. These riders ride some 400 kilometers every day on their motorcycle, and the passenger's comfort is essential to their business.

So how does the BMW stack up against the Honda? Read the report.


3 May, 2011 - BMW Motorrad Days 2011 - The Dates
BMW logo
BMW's popular BMW Motorrad Days, the motorcycle gathering at the foot of the Alps mountains, is scheduled for June 1st - 3rd.

So get ready to party, and get your liver prepared for an onslaught of beer.


14 April, 2011 - BMW K1600GTL Motorcycle- Wood
BMW K1600GTL Wood
Ukrainian artist Vyacheslav Voronovich made this incredibly detailed 1-to-12 replica of the BMW K1600GTL motorcycles, out of wood.

Lots of moving parts, and built in 40 days, it's a masterpiece.



7 April, 2011 - Ads: 5 Pretty Lame BMW Motorcycle Ads
Ad BMW Get On Germany
BMW logo
Pretty lame print ad campaign from BMW Motorcycles for the start of the 2011 motorcycle season.

What do you think?


29 March, 2011 - Ad: BMW Motorcycles - Even Angels
Ad BMW Sinners Switzerland
BMW logo
Here's a print advertisement from BMW Motorcycles saying more or less that even Harley riders, particularly Hells Angels could be tempted to switch to BMW...

From Switzerland...


15 March, 2011 - An Unusual BMW Motorcycle At The Fire Department
Fox Fire Engine 1
A most unusual BMW motorcycle at the fire department.

It's just a BMW R1200GS motorcycle engine, used to power a portable pump used by the firemen to extinguish fires.

1600 liters/minute will help a long way...


8 February, 2011 - BMW Sweeps UK Motorcycle Survey, Again
BMW logo
BMW have sweeped many of the top spots in the annual RIDE Magazine customer survey. BMW took the top spot, plus many other categories.

Looks like the other motorcycle brands in the UK better behave.


6 January, 2011 - The Netherlands: BMW Number 1 Motorcycle Sold
Statistics Article
BMW logo
For the first time in their history, BMW have sold more motorcycles than any other manufacturer in The Netherlands.

They also occupied the top 3 spots of motorcycle models sold.


27 December, 2010 - Video: Tiffany’s BMW Episode
Video clip
BMW logo
Here's finally the full Tiffany "Tiff" Coates episode on the BMW YouTube channel.

BMW invited Tiff to fly over to Turkey, including her trusty GS motorcycle, and stay there for a few weeks and be filmed for this documentary. It's all about Tiffany and her world travels on her motorcycle.


14 December, 2010 - Video: BMW S1000RR Motorcycle And Subliminal Ads
Video clip
BMW logo
Interesting ad experiment from BMW for their BMW S1000RR motorcycle.

In a cinema ad starring Ruben Xaus, they did not show a visible BMW logo, but "flashed" it invisibly to the audience. Towards the end of the ad, Xaus asked the audience to close their eyes... and then they saw the BMW logo.

Nifty, but scary! Subliminal advertising...


13 December, 2010 - Christmas 2010: For BMW Motorcycle Lovers
BMW logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
Time to have a look at some Christmas gift ideas for BMW motorcycle lovers.


24 November, 2010 - Dakar 2011: BMW Motorcycles In Trouble
Shamrock 2010 BMW David Fretigne
David Fretigne
David Fretigne, French superstar enduro racer and BMW's hope for winning the Dakar race, has been declared unfit to race in the upcoming Dakar race.

David crashed in last month's Rallye du Maroc, breaking vertebrae and ribs, and has not been able to fully recover.

Now BMW's hope lies totally on Dutchman's Frans Verhoeven's shoulders.


15 November, 2010 - Ad: BMW Ultimate Attraction
BMW Sexy Ad Ultimate Attraction ad
Wes Siler
Here's a funny real, but fake, BMW ad. Shiva from modified the ad with a motorcycle (who needs BMW cars anyway?).

But the guy in the ad... he reminds me of someone....


29 October, 2010 - I Did Not Know BMW Made Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?
BMW Harley Cruiser R100/7
I was walking in the streets of Paris, when I noticed this Harley-Davidson motorcycle....

But on closer inspection, the motorcycle had a boxer engine. It's a BMW R100/7.....


26 October, 2010 - BMW: 19 Great Motorcycle Ads From Wordbang
BMW Ad from Wordbang USA
BMW logo
Wordbang are a US based PR agency specialized in writing great slogans. They've come up with some beauties, and BMW North America has been using them for their motorcycles.

Here are 19 great motorcycle ads and billboards from Wordbang.


26 October, 2010 - Video: BMW Documentary Trailer With Tiffany & Her Motorcycle
Video clip
Tiffany "Tiff" Coates had been invited by BMW to star in a documentary. She and her GS motorcycle were flown to Turkey for a few weeks filming.

Here's the trailer of the BMW documentary, or maybe it's an infomercial.


14 October, 2010 - Try A BMW Motorcycle During A Holiday In Spain This Winter
BMW Test Camp
BMW logo
BMW, to beat the winter blues, are offering people the chance of a winter holiday in South Spain, riding the BMW motorcycle of their choice.

Four packages are available, either road trips and/or track time. Choose any BMW motorcycle (except the new K1600 series), including (or specially) the S1000RR.

Speaking German is going to be a must....


5 October, 2010 - Intermot 2010: BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL
BMW K1600GT and GTL
BMW logo
BMW officially launched their flagship touring motorcycle today at the German Intermot motorcycle exhibition. The K1600GT and K1600GTL are all you hoped for ... and more.


1 October, 2010 - Video: Making Of The SBK BMW Umbrella Girls At Misano
Video clip
Nice video with catchy tune, on the "Making of" the BMW Umbrella girls at the recent Misano SBK motorcycle race.

It's not easy being an umbrella girl, you can see that for the video. Always smiling, always being pretty while 1000's gawk at you.

Interesting video.


23 September, 2010 - Details Of The BMW/MINI Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Some of the official blurb from BMW/Mini about their new concept electric scooter.

Looks good... too bad I don't ride mopeds anymore, but if I were to loose my license, I'd go for this...


17 September, 2010 - BMW Ad. I’m Lost - Someone Explain
BMW Suit Boomerang Italy
BMW logo
Here's a BMW Motorcycle clothing print ad that is totally lost on me.

I just don't get it. Someone please put me out of my misery and explain... in plain English.


10 September, 2010 - BMW Motorcycles Now On Twitter @BMWMotorrad
BMW logo
You can see that Twitter has become mainstream on the net. Now even BMW Motorcycles has an official Twitter channel.

You can follow BMW via Twitter, they actually post regularly with interesting information. They are: @BMWMotorrad


21 July, 2010 - iPhone: BMW Motorcycles North America Introduces App
iPhone BMW USA app
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles North America have released a free iPhone app for BMW motorcycle owners.

Use it for assistance, and info. Looks good.

What about us poor folks in Europe??


21 July, 2010 - Enduro: David Fretigne Moves From Yamaha To BMW
David Fretigne Dakar 2009 Training
French motorcycle rally/enduro champion, Dakar 450 cc class winner and 3rd overall, and many victories in enduro races, has decided to move from Yamaha to BMW.

After 11 years riding for Yamaha, BMW have offered him an interesting racing package to allow him to hopefully win the Dakar race.


2 July, 2010 - BMW K 1600 GT and BMW K 1600 GTL
BMW logo
BMW have released information about their upcoming K1600GT and K1600GTL motorcycles.

Talk about high tech motorcycles. A Goldwing-killer in the making?


16 June, 2010 - 10th Year Of BMW Motorcycle Parties Coming Next Month
BMW logo
BMW are celebrating their 10th annual biker bash, the BMW Motorrad Days next month, and using the 30th anniversary of the GS model as main topic for the 3 day event.

Several competitions, lots of drinking, motorcycle riding, dancing, food and celebrities will be there at the foot of the German Alps.


29 March, 2010 - 2010 BMW Motorrad Days To Honor The GS Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW are celebrating their successful dual-sport motorcycle, the famous GS, 30th birthday in style. They will be marking it's coming of age at their annual biker bash, the BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen between July 4th and 6th.

You'll not only get to see all the year's models, try them out wit a bit of training, but you can also win one of two models in a lottery.

Chris Pfeiffer, Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus will be there to shake your hands, and have a photo taken.


17 March, 2010 - Video: BMW K1200S Bull
Video clip
BMW logo
Hmmm ... interesting BMW TV ad for their K1200S motorcycle, featuring a bull...

But is it real, or a spoof??


5 March, 2010 - BMW Voted 5 Times Best Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW have won 5 categories in the annual Best Motorcycle competition of one of world's biggest magazines, German Motorrad mag.

They also won Best Brand and several other smaller awards for their clothing.


25 February, 2010 - Dual-Purpose Motorcycle Comparison
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
With the release of Yamaha's GS-Killer, the XT1200Z Super Tenere, let's have a look at how it stacks up to the other GS-Killers...

A look at the big cylinder dual-sports motorcycles. Will BMW survive, or is it laughing...


23 February, 2010 - Tiffany To Be A Star
Tiffany Coates
Tiffany Coates, the ultimate female motorcycle adventurer, has been asked by BMW to star in one of five commercials they are making this year.

She will be the only one on a BMW motorcycle, the other four are cars. They are flying her and her old but trusty motorcycle to Turkey next month.


5 February, 2010 - BMW K1200LT - Sacred Cow Motorcycle
BMW K1200LT Cow
Talk about a sacred cow, or is it a cash cow????

A Cow version of the BMW K1200LT motorcycle..


18 January, 2010 - 35 BMW Motorcycle Ads from Around The World
BMW C1 Baby Ad Italy
BMW logo
After the large amount of Harley-Davidson ads I showed a few weeks ago, here's an even larger number (35x) of BMW motorcycle ads from around the world. So good, some are OK, and some are pretty bad.


9 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: BMW Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
BMW logo
Getting Christmas gifts for BMW motorcycle riders is going to prove difficult, since their web sites suck big time (apart from the USA one), and the number of interesting gift ideas is very limited.

But nevertheless, I've found a few gifts that almost any BMW motorcycle rider/owner would like to have.


2 December, 2009 - BMW Sponsors UK Olympics In 2012
BMW logo
BMW will be supplying 4,000 BMW cars, motorcycles and even bicycles for the London Olympic games of 2012.

It's not their first time, and don't think it'll be their last. That's a lot of cars and motorcycles!


10 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: BMW Six Cylinder Concept Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW managed to spring a surprise with a new concept motorcycle, called Concept 6.

The Six stands for 6 cylinders, meaning the new engine has 6 cylinders, with a very high torque at low revs and highly fuel efficient.


5 November, 2009 - BMW R7 Motorcycle From 1934 - A Beauty Even Now
One of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built by BMW, the R7 from 1934.

Styling, design and innovation.

They don't make them like that anymore..


5 November, 2009 - BMW Updates Their R1200RT Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW announced the updates for 2010 for their R1200RT motorcycle. Apart from one or two new things, nothing that's earth shattering.

See for yourself.


5 November, 2009 - BMW Updates R1200GS Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW have updated their R1200GS (and Adventure) motorcycle for 2010. Not revolutionary, but evolutionary.


3 November, 2009 - BMW Motorcycles Sales In A Slump
BMW logo
BMW motorcycles aren't doing that good at this moment. 3Q2009 saw a 8.4% drop in motorcycles sales, the 9 months saw a drop of 13.7% and revenue has taken a sharp hit as well.



6 October, 2009 - BMW Release Info On Electric C1 Scooter
BMW logo
BMW have released information about their prototype electric scooter based on the good old C1 scooter.

Looks interesting, and it might be more successful than the real C1..


2 October, 2009 - Amazing! Man Owned Every BMW Motorcycle Model Ever Made
Willy Neutkens during his lifetime collected every model BMW motorcycle every made (he was a Dutch BMW dealer, so that helped).

He recently passed away, and now his collection is being auctioned off next month at the BMW Museum in Munich.

Over 100 BMW Motorcycles, dating back to 1923...until 2000. Amazing!


26 August, 2009 - BMW GS Motorcycle: Color Of The Day: PINK
The color pink is really cool on motorcycles. Here are three BMW GS motorcycles I have found that have shed their traditional, and boring, colors and became pink.


21 July, 2009 - BMW To Enter The Indian Super-Motorcycle Market?
BMW logo
BMW are looking at entering the growing Indian market for superbikes. Already big names like Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki have started selling, despite enormous import duties, their big bikes.


20 July, 2009 - Troy Corser and Nick Heidfeld (F1) Swap
The BMW Superbike boys (Corser and Xaus) swapped their motorcycles with the BMW Formula One boys.

Some have all the fun. Here's what they thought of each other's ride..


3 July, 2009 - Video: BMW Motorcycles - Excellent
Video clip
BMW logo
Here's a really funny, and well done TV ad for BMW France. It's very much in the Kawasaki style, humor and not even showing a motorcycles.

You've got to read the description before seeing the video, since there's some local culture involved.


16 June, 2009 - Video: BMW F800R Motorcycle TV Ad
BMW logo
Video clip
One of the rare BMW motorcycles TV ad. Here's the BMW F800R motorcycle.


21 May, 2009 - Video: BMW S1000RR Motorcycle Walk Around
Video clip
BMW logo
Here's a great video, lasting over 6 minutes, of a detailed walk around of the brand new BMW S1000RR superbike motorcycle from BMW.

You'll hear a detailed description, and towards the end, you'll hear the bike firing up.

A very impressive motorcycle!


20 May, 2009 - Rumor: BMW Readying A K1600 Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW is being rumored for developing a Honda Goldwing-killer. They are preparing a 1600 (maybe even 1800) cc, 6 cylinder engine so power a new luxury touring motorcycle.


12 May, 2009 - BMW New R1200C Cruiser Replacement
Could this become the next BMW R1200C-Cruiser replacement motorcycle, the R1201C ????


22 April, 2009 - Video: Braun And A BMW Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Interesting metaphor. A Spanish TV ad for Braun electric shavers, mixing images of a BMW motorcycle riding through rough grounds, and an electric shaver trimming your beard.

Nice touch.


14 April, 2009 - Come Up With BMW Motorcycle Design Ideas, Win Money
BMW logo
You've been riding a motorcycle for a while, and you know what you want your motorcycle to do. So why not tell one manufacturer!

Here's your chance to tell BMW what their new motorcycle should have, and possibly win US$2625 in the process.

It's not everyday that a motorcycle manufacturer asks for your opinion, so grasp the moment!


3 April, 2009 - BMW’s New C1 Replacement?
BMW logo
BMW, under the "Project I" think-tank, are designing a new ecological motorcycle/scooter for 2012.

Based on the C1 scooter concept, the bike will have a roof, transport 2 people, not require a helmet, and will have some form of alternative fuel engine.

Looks interesting!


19 March, 2009 - Husqvarna Motorcycle At The BMW Shop
Husqvarna logo
For the first time since BMW have purchased Husqvarna motorcycles are they now selling both brands from one shop.

The flagship BMW motorcycle shop in Munich is now showing and selling Husqvarna motorcycles.

Only a matter of time before you see Husky in all BMW shops and dealers.


24 February, 2009 - BMW’s New Off Road Skills Course For The G450X Motorcycle
BMW G450X off road training
BMW logo
BMW are now holding a Skills Level 3 (yikes, the Level 1 almost killed me) course for off road riding using their new G450X motorcycle.

Held, starting in March, in Wales, with as chief instructor none other than Simon "Si" Pavey. A course that will not only teach you off road riding skills, even to a veteran off road rider, but will also boost your road riding skills.


5 February, 2009 - BMW Motorcycle Sleigh
BMW Trike Sleigh
Need to ride in the snow? Here's a solution...

The BMW motorcycle sleigh. Just put some skis on, and off you go. Don't forget the blanket....


17 December, 2008 - BMW And Their New System 6 Motorcycle Helmet
BMW System 6 helmet
BMW logo
BMW have got their new flip-up motorcycle helmet, the System 6, ready for sales starting next year.

It's the lightest version of this popular helmet, and it finally has got a sun visor.

And it still will cost a small fortune...


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Diecast BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW R1200GS Diecast model
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

BMW's most popular motorcycle, the BMW R1200GS, can be bought as a 1:12 diecast model.

This will look good on anyone's desk....


8 December, 2008 - BMW’s New Motorcycle Blog
Web Article
BMW logo
BMW have started a blog on their main site related to the BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle and the SuperBike championships.

You'll be able to see how Xaus is doing, live, plus read articles from the people who are involved in the race.

Three lucky winners of the first 200 registered users can a prize, and other blogs are invited to pitch in.


5 December, 2008 - France: Buy A BMW Motorcycyle, Get €2000 Of Goodies
BMW logo
BMW France just announced that if you buy a brand new BMW motorcycle before the end of the year, you'll get up to a maximum of €2000 of BMW rider gear.

Not bad, even with their high prices.


10 November, 2008 - Overview: BMW F800R Motorcycle
BMW F800R motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW presented at EICMA 2008 the F800R naked motorcycle, part of their mid range motorcycles.

The naked roadster uses the popular BMW 800cc engine.

Here are the specifications and a closer look.


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: BMW F800R Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW also presented their new F800R motorcycle at EICMA 2008. Their concept motorcycle took all the attention, but this R version of their popular F800 series ain't no slouch..

So here are a few photos of the F800R motorcycle.


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: BMW LO Rider
BMW LO Rider
BMW logo
Apart from BMW's new F800R, the more interesting unveiling was their new concept motorcycle, the LO Rider.

It's based on the 1200 boxer engine, and it looks funky, and I must say, sexy.


14 October, 2008 - Overview: BMW K1300GT Motorcycle
BMW K1300GT motorcycle
BMW logo
There was no surprise when BMW unveiled their BMW K1300S, K1300R and K1300GT motorcycles at Intermot, since the press had been speaking about them at length.

Here's an overview of the BMW K1300GT motorcycle.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - SCOOP. BMW To Use Normal Indicators
BMW logo
Our buddies at Dutch site Oliepeil have just discovered that BMW are going back to the normal way indicators are used on motorcycles.

Finally, after years of fighting, BMW finally have decided to listen.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - BMW Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 BMW K1300GT Motorcycles
BMW logo
BMW's presentation consisted (of course of 90% financial) of the three new K1300 motorcycles; K1300GT, K1300S and K1300R and the new BMW SuperBike motorcycle and one of its racers, Ruben Xaus.


17 September, 2008 - Barbie’s BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
Barbie BMW R1200GS motorcycle
What are the odds that this BMW R1200GS motorcycle belongs to a woman?

Anyone disagree?


3 September, 2008 - 3 USA Representative Of BMW GS Motorcycle Trophy Selected
Team USA BMW GS Trophy
BMW logo
The first Team USA for the BMW International GS Trophy have been selected. 3 BMW motorcycle owners and 3 journalists get to ride BMW F800GS motorcycles in the deserts of Tunisia for a grueling 10 days.


12 June, 2008 - BMW R900RT
BMW R900RT-P motorcycle
Did you know that there has been a BMW R900RT for a year or so? Well, there is...

But it's only sold to Government Agencies, for Police and Emergency agencies, not for the gernal public.


10 June, 2008 - Belgium: First BMW R1200GS For Police
Belgium Police BMW R1200GS
The Belgium Police unveiled at the latest "Biker Safety Days" their new BMW R1200GS-P.

Since switching to Yamaha for Police motorcycles, it's the first new BMW in the Police force.


23 April, 2008 - Video: Taking The Piss Out Of The BMW GS Motorcycle!
BMW GS Spoof
Someone had a lot of time on their hands, and a great sense of humor. Here's a link to a video where they take the piss out of BMW's GS motorcycle.

It's very funny... seriously funny.... have a look.


21 March, 2008 - Video: BMW F650GS Dakar Motorcycle vs BMW X5 Car
Video clip
Here's an interesting race on video. It's from the British TV program Fifth Gear, and it's a race between a BMW F650GS motorcycle and a BMW X5 car.

The motorcycle (Charley Boorman's Dakar bike) is ridden by Simon Pavey, a 6x Dakar veteran and Chief Instructor at the BMW Off Road Skills School.



18 March, 2008 - New BMW 2-Wheelers
BMW Bicycle
BMW logo
BMW have a new series of two wheelers.

But they're not motorcycles, they're bicycles. They are true blooded BMWs, since they are very expensive, and have loads of options...


4 March, 2008 - Want To Try The BMW F800GS In A Real Environment?
BMW F800GS motorcycle training
BMW logo
BMW UK, through their excellent Off Road Skills School are offering the F800GS (and R1200GS and F650GS) as motorcycles used in their off road skills course.

If you're a beginner and expert off road rider, they've got a course that's suited for you, AND you get to ride the F800GS (or chose another motorcycle).

The training is great, and it's a fantastic opportunity to try out the motorcycle before buying it..


3 March, 2008 - BMW Lower Their Motorcycles
BMW logo
BMW have announced that the new BMW R 1200 GS, R 1200 R and R 1200 RT Models will have a Low Suspension Option, including a Low Seat.

This will lower the height of these BMW motorcycles, hopefully enough for many vertically challenged riders.

Thank you BMW. How about lowering the price now??


6 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: BMW Gift Ideas
BMW 1st aid kit
BMW logo
BMW have a reasonably large selection of gifts, though many items are related to the motorcycle.

But they do have some nice stuff, all made in the German way; sturdy.


23 November, 2007 - Jackpot For BMW Spain
Spanish Police BMW R1200RT-P
BMW logo
BMW Spain delivered 300 new R1200RT-P motorcycles to the Police in Spain.

There's one lucky BMW salesperson floating around in Spain today....


15 November, 2007 - BMW F800GS
BMW logo
BMW's long awaited F800GS finally was launched at EICMA 2007.

Here's a closer look at BMW's new dual-purpose motorcycle.

Verdict: A beauty


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: BMW
BMW logo
BMW did their usual extreme boring financial presentation. One of their worst...

Finally, in 2 minutes they showed the F800GS, G450X and "renewed" R1200GS.

The F800GS looks good !!!


3 October, 2007 - BMW Purchase Of Husqvarna Completed
BMW logo
Husqvarna logo
The marriage between BMW and Husqvarna has now been completed, and can be consummated. All legal obstacles have been cleared.

The Husqvarna managers have been nominated.


1 October, 2007 - BMW HP2 Sport - R1200S
BMW HP2 Sport - R1200S
BMW logo
At the Paris motorcycle exhibition, the Mondial, BMW showed their latest race motorcycle, the R1200S AKA HP2 Sport.

120 hp boxer engine with enough go-go power to make the motorcycle go really fast, on the road or the track.

The fact that BMW announced that they will be participating in the 2009 SuperBike world championship makes things even more interesting.


28 September, 2007 - Paris Mondial 2007: BMW
Paris Mondial 2007 BMW
BMW logo
BMW's conference was disappointing. They only showed (after long speeches) the new HP2 Sport.


14 September, 2007 - Chinese Clone BMW Scarver Motorcycle
Jonway YY250 - Scarver clone
Jonway, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has cloned the BMW 650 Scarver.

Instead of the 650 engine, they provide 125, 250 or 300 cc engines, but still, it's an exact replica of the BMW.

Illegal or approved by BMW?


5 September, 2007 - What’s Faster: BMW M6, K1200S or a Golf Ball?
BMW M6 against K1200S against golf ball
BMW logo
Since BMW are the main sponsors in this PGA Golf tournament, they organized a race.

A BMW M6 car, against a BMW K1200S motorcycle, against a golf ball.

Guess who won?


3 September, 2007 - BMW F800 Flat Tracker: A Bike BMW Will Never Make
BMW F800 Flat Track Race Motorcycle by Ron Wood
BMW logo
Have BMW produced another variation of the F800 motorcycle?

No, not in this case. It's a flat track racer from Ron Wood. Superb!


28 August, 2007 - First Official Photos of BMW HP2 Sport
BMW HP2 Sport
BMW logo
MCN UK have several photos of the new BMW HP2 Sport version.

It looks like a real race version of their High Performance motorcycle.


24 August, 2007 - Suggestive Motorcycle Ad From BMW
BMW Motorcycle ad
BMW logo
Here's quite a suggestive ad from BMW motorcycle.

I wonder if they meant it, or it just happens to be suggestive.


27 July, 2007 - BMW Roll Out 100,000th R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW R1200GS-Adventure motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW announced the 100,000th R1200GS motorcycle has rolled off the production line. It's a record braking model for BMW.


20 July, 2007 - BMW Finally Acquires Husqvarna Motorcycles
News Article
BMW logo
After months of rumors, BMW announced that they have purchased Husqvarna for an undisclosed sum of money.

Still needs approval from the European Lords.


18 July, 2007 - Review: Using The Hex GS-911 Tool
Hex GS-911 diagnostic tool
A review of the BMW motorcycle fault diagnostic tool, Hex GS-911.

Despite the name, the tool will run a fault diagnostic on most BMW motorcycles, F, R, K, and even C series.


18 July, 2007 - Milla Jovovich, BMW and Resident Evil 3
Milla Jovovich, BMW K1200R motorcycle and Resident Evil 3
BMW logo
Here's another photo of the BMW K1200R motorcycle used for the movie Resident Evil 3, but this time there's also Milla Jovovich, the star of the movie.


6 July, 2007 - BMW K1200R Resident Evil 3
BMW Resident Evil 3
BMW logo
BMW have produced a special one-off motorcycle to celebrate the new Resident Evil movie.

The motorcycle, a BMW K1200R, has gotten a "special" paint job !


22 June, 2007 - BMW UK Off-road School Gets New Website
BMW Off-road School in Wales
BMW logo
The very successful BMW off-road school in Wales, headed by ex-Dakar veteran Simon Pavey have got their own website.

Highly recommended training course !


15 June, 2007 - Video: Long Beach BMW Motorcycles
Video clip inside
BMW logo
After several Harley-Davidson dealer TV ads, here's one for BMW Motorcycles at Long Beach.


28 May, 2007 - BMW’s New 450cc Sports Enduro Gets Its 1st Podium
BMW 450 Enduro motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW's new 450 Enduro motorcycle is still undergoing race testing, and so far, it's doing remarkably well.

In their latest trials, they raced the motorcycle in Austria, and finished 2nd.

Is this truly a KTM killer ???


11 May, 2007 - Problem Solving Your BMW Motorcycle
Hex's GS-911
Doing your own maintenance is often very difficult on modern-day motorcycles, but on BMW's it can be quite daunting.

South Africa company Hex, have produced a small diagnostics tool that you plug in almost any BMW motorcycle and show the diagnostics on either a computer or on your mobile phone.

How handy is that ?


20 April, 2007 - Official - BMW’s New 450 Motorcycle
BMW 450 Enduro motorcycle
BMW logo
The first official photo has been released by BMW of their new (but still under development) 450 motorcycle.

In their press statement, they outline that they have two World Champions riding their prototype in several Enduro races this year.

Is BMW making an attempt at stopping KTM's world domination?


19 April, 2007 - Video: BMWR1200GS - Find Your Fire
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Video of a nice little commercial of BMW's R1200GS, called Find Your Fire.


7 March, 2007 - BMW’s New 450 Spy Photos
BMW's new 450 motorcycle
BMW logo
A prototype BMW enduro motorcycle was spotted recently at a German race.

It is assumed that the motorcycle is a new BMW 450 series, but no logo, badge, or BMW colors were present on the motorcycle. However, it was racing under the BMW team banners, and the racer was none other than the BMW development rider Sascha Eckert.

So, is this a new BMW motorcycle ? Is BMW going to seriously race motorcycle off-road now ? Dakar ?

Read on, and find out more about this motorcycle.


1 February, 2007 - KTM/BMW Neck Brace Available
KTM Leatt Neck Brace for Motorcycle Enduro
The BMW/KTM Neck brace is now available (as off March), and will set you back some €500 !

How expensive (or cheap) is your life ??


24 January, 2007 - Video: BMW Motorcycles; R and K series (8 videos)
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Eight video clips of BMW promotions for their K1200R, K1200S, R1200ST, R1200CL, K1200LT, R1200RT, R1150R and Rockster motorcycles.


22 January, 2007 - Free BMW Motorcycles in the UK
BMW logo
After a ship wreck last week, of a big container ship, hundreds of people are combing the beaches in Devon, UK, for treasures. And some of them found more than they expected! BMW R1200RT motorcycles !!

Losers Weepers, Finders Keepers.


22 January, 2007 - Video: BMW R1150GS and HP2
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Four ads/promotion videos of the BMW R1150GS and the HP2. Very nice !


15 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: BMW Style
BMW Motorcycles Christmas gift
BMW logo
BMW ain't no slouch when it comes to merchandising.

Here's a short selection of BMW related Christmas gifts.


4 December, 2006 - Cargo Carrying Capacity Of Motorcycles
Ricardo Kuhn Cargo Carry
How much do you carry on your motorcycle ? Do you really think you carry much.

Check out Ricardo Kuhn in California, USA. He often needs to carry a lot of cargo, but doesn't have a car.

Everything but the kitchen sink goes on the motorcycle. Here are several photos on what he can carry.


28 November, 2006 - Odds & Ends @ EICMA
Aprilia RXV 450 Rally
A last look at some odds and ends found at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition.

Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and MV Agusta.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 BMW (3 photos)
BMW logo
BMW didn't present anything new, even their press releases and kits were from Intermot.

One interesting looking F800 motorcycle, with no additional info.


10 November, 2006 - BMW Motorcycle Chopper
BMW R1100RS motorcycle chopper
There's a one-off BMW R1100RS based chopper for sale on eBay.

This is one sleek and sexy motorcycle produced by FRS Engineering. Want a different kind of chopper, and tired of the Harley ones.

Here's your chance !


6 November, 2006 - Video: BMW’s New G 650 Motorcycles
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Three videos of BMW's three new G650 motorcycles, the G650 xMoto, xChallenge and xCountry.


2 November, 2006 - How To Park Your BMW GS Motorcycle - Lesson 1
Parking your BMW GS motorcycle
Now here's the right way to park your BMW R1200GS motorcycle.

Saves a lot of space !


25 October, 2006 - Find Out More Info About Your BMW Motorcycle
BMW logo
Here's a website that allows you to enter the last 7 digits of your BMW motorcycle's serial number (VIN), and the system will tell you when your motorcycle was produced, and where.


10 October, 2006 - BMW’s New Motorcycles Intermot 2006
BMW G650 Xchallenge
BMW logo
The first official photos of BMW's 5 new motorcycles.

3x G650, K1200R Sport and the HP2 Megamoto.


5 October, 2006 - BMW To Launch New Motorcycle Line At Intermot
BMW logo
BMW are planning to launch a complete new, and unknown, new motorcycle series, called the G-Series during the German Intermot motorcycle show next week. Rumor has it that the BMW G Series will be a single cylinder, possibility 450 cc engine.


27 July, 2006 - Video: Erzberg 2006- BMW HP2
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Here's a three minute video clip of BMW HP2 efforts in this year's Erzberg Rodeo Enduro race, featuring Jimmy Lewis (USA), Gerhard Forster (Germany), Chris Pfeiffer (Germany) and Simo Kirssi (Finland). Quite amazing ! Also, a 2 minute clip of last year's event, giving you a good overview why this race is so difficult.


14 July, 2006 - Will This Ad Sell ?
BMW K1200R Ad
BMW logo
A strange advertisement from BMW for their K1200R.

Will that sell more motorcycles ?


6 July, 2006 - The New BMW R1200R
BMW R1200R motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW have announced their new R1200R motorcycle.

Here's the full specification.


6 July, 2006 - Oooops - Part 2 - Reality
News Article
A follow-up on yesterday's photo of the crashed BMW R1200GS-Adventure. The rider is OK, just his ego is hurt since his motorcycle was spanking new.

He's from the Raptors and Rockets website.


5 July, 2006 - Ooops - BMW 1200GS-A
Crashed BMW R1200GS-Adventure
We don't usually post photos of motorcycle accidents, but this one is something you'll not see often.

Check out the shaft drive on the BMW R1200GS-Adventure !


30 June, 2006 - Electronic Suspension - WP Suspension
WP Suspension system for BMW motorcycles
A look at Dutch suspension maker, WP Suspensions. OEM supplier to BMW, KTM, GasGas, Husaberg and other, also have aftermarket, electronically controlled, suspensions systems.

Push a button on a remote, and your suspension is adjusted !

Makes life a lot easier.


6 June, 2006 - BMW’s Special Police Website
BMW Motorcycles Police Website
BMW logo
Something I never thought about, but kind of obvious. BMW have a special website for Law Enforcement and other Government Authorities.

In it, they detail their special motorcycles fitted for the Police, and include special training, clothing, workshops, etc.


2 June, 2006 - Hamburg Police Decide for BMW Motorcycles
BMW logo
The Harley-Davidson experiment of the German Hamburg Police has come to an end. They've decided to go for BMW R1200RT-P. The first 25 have arrived. BMW sighs a relief!


31 May, 2006 - How To Piss Off BMW Motorcycles
BMW R1200GS Service History blog
BMW logo
Here's a fellow who has a motorcycle blog about the service history of his BMW R1200GS. Fully documented with all its problems.

That will piss off BMW.


31 May, 2006 - Turbo Charging Your Beemer Motorcycle
BMW K1200RS motorcycle with RB Racing Turbo
BMW logo
So you think your BMW motorcycle (or other manufacturer) is slow. How does 300 horses sound to you ? Or riding your motorcycle at 200 mph ?

RB Racing will fit a turbo on your BMW motorcycle. The need for speed...


19 May, 2006 - GPSs and BMW R1200 Motorcycles
Motorradconcepts TomTom Rider GPS on a 1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
The problem with having a long distance BMW motorcycle (like the R1200GS, R1200GS-Adventure, R1200RT or R1200GT) is that it is not always easy to mount a GPS in such a way that you can read the screen and keep it dry.

Scottish firm Motorrad Concepts have got several solutions for you if you have a Garmin or TomTom GPS.


1 May, 2006 - BMW/IMME 1200 Part Deux
IMME 1200 Motorcycle
Last week's article on the BMW IMME1200 drew a lot of reactions, including one from the designers. They now have a website and more photos.

They're also still looking for active participation in this adventure, so if you have the material, or money, contact them.


26 April, 2006 - BMW/IMME 1200
IMME/BMW 1200 concept motorcycle
Two French designers have designed a special sports motorcycle based on BMW R1200 engine. It is so much of interest that BMW have taken an active participation.

Will we see the IMME 1200 in the nearby future ? A modular sports/racing motorcycle would be in the interest of all.


31 January, 2006 - BMW’s Serious Fun Website
BMW logo
BMW motorcycles has launched yet another new website, dedicated to their new F800 series motorcycles.


24 January, 2006 - Learning to Ride Motorcycles With BMW
Motorcycle Training
BMW logo
The famous double Guinness Book of Record holders, Kevin and Julie Sanders now offer a BMW training course for beginners.

Learn how to ride a motorcycle in a couple of days.


18 January, 2006 - BMW Motorcycle’s New Enduro Site
BMW Enduro World
BMW logo
BMW have launched a new Enduro web-magazine, for the Enduro and Adventure rider.


15 December, 2005 - Is BMW Losing The Police Motorcycle Market ?
Gendarme Police Ofiicer on BMW Motorcycle
BMW logo
Is BMW slowly losing its Police motorcycle market ?

They've lost France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and now The Netherlands; all in one year, and all to Yamaha !


24 November, 2005 - New Police BMW Motorcycle
BMW R1200RT Police motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW launched their Police/Miliary version of their new R1200RT motorcycle in the MILIPOL State Security exhibition in Paris.


15 November, 2005 - BMW Introduces 3 New Motorcycles
BMW F800ST motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW introduced three new motorcycles at the EICMA motorcycle show, the K1200GT, F800ST and R1200S.


8 November, 2005 - Official Photos of the BMW K1200GT
BMW K1200GT Motorcycle
BMW logo
The first official photos of the BMW K1200GT motorcycle.


27 October, 2005 - BMW and KTM Join Forces To Protect Motorcyclists
BMW/KTM Spinal Protection System for Motorcycles
KTM and BMW Motorcycles are jointly developing a spinal protection for motorcycle racers.


26 October, 2005 - The Official Photos of the BMW R1200GS Adventure
BMW R1200GS-Adventure motorcycle
BMW logo
The official photos have arrived of the new BMW R1200GS-Adventure motorcycle.


25 October, 2005 - MCN’s Scoops The New BMW R1200GS-Adventurer
BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle
BMW logo
British magazine, MCN, publishes first photo of the new BMW R1200GS-Adventure.


11 October, 2005 - Owner Buys BMW K1200S For Penthouse Decoration
BMW K1200S Motorcycle in the apartment
BMW logo
A New Yorker buys the BMW K1200S Motorcycle and uses it as a decoration for his penthouse.


10 October, 2005 - BMW Adds Historical Data To Web
BMW Historical Archives Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW have released an enormous historical archive on the web, for free, on all their products.


29 September, 2005 - BMW T800 Becomes the F800S - Official
BMW F800S Motorcycle
BMW logo
First official photos of the new BMW F800S (previously known as the T800).


26 September, 2005 - BMW R1200GS Adventurer Motorcycle Breaks Cover ?
BMW R1200GS A (Adventure) Motorcycle
BMW logo
The first photos of the BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle surface.


31 August, 2005 - Ultimate Christmas Gift For BMW GS Motorcycle Owners
BMW R1150GS Motorcycle Snow Ball
BMW logo
Are you a happy BMW R1150GS motorcycle owner, do you want to remain happy; buy this gift then ;-).


25 August, 2005 - RTW Motorcycle Blog
WorldRider website
Here's a deserving blog; Allan Karl is writing about his Round The World ride on his BMW motorcycle.


15 July, 2005 - BMW’s New Enduro Motorcycle Helmet
BMW Enduro Motorcycle Helmet
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles releases a new Enduro model for its HP2 model.


17 June, 2005 - New BMW T800 Motorcycle Spy Photos
Spy photo BMW T800
BMW logo
First spy photos of the new BMW T800 motorcycle.


29 April, 2005 - German Prime Minister On A Motorcycle
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on a BMW Motorcycle
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on a BMW Motorcycle.


5 April, 2005 - Complete Ride Report Of the BMW K1200S
Shiva on the BMW K1200S motorcycle
BMW logo
Shiva, from BMWK1200S website writes up an extensive report on the BMW K1200S motorcycle.


24 March, 2005 - 24 hours & 3000 Kilometers Later
Daan van der Keur's K1200S
BMW logo
Dutchman Daan van der Keur rides his BMW K1200S for 24 hours nonstop !


21 February, 2005 - BMW and Aprilia Motorcycles In Talks
Aprilia logo
BMW logo
Aprilia and BMW motorcycle in discussions.


17 December, 2004 - New BMW Motorcycle - Very High Performance
Roadrunner's BMW V8
A new BMW sees the light; the most powerful one yet.


22 November, 2004 - BMW new R1200RT and R1200ST motorcycles
BMW logo
New photos of the BMW R1200RT and R1200RS motorcycles from


18 October, 2004 - Is This The New BMW R1200RT ?
BMW logo
A new spy photo of the actual new BMW R1200RT motorcycle.


14 September, 2004 - BMW Motorcycles at Intermot - A Surprise
BMW K1200R
BMW logo
New BMW K1200R and end of the R1200C.


2 August, 2004 - Good Article & Test of the new BMW K1200S
BMW K1200S
BMW logo
Link to a nice article and test of the BMW K1200S.


7 July, 2004 - Back From BMW’s Biker Meet
BMW logo
Back from the BMW Biker Bash, but was not impressed.


6 July, 2004 - BMW MP3 Watch
BMW MP3 Watch
BMW logo
BMW introduce a MP3 watch. Batteries are carried in spare briefcase..


1 July, 2004 - On My Way To BMW Biker Meet In Garmisch
BMW Biker Meet 2004 logo
BMW logo
I'm off to the BMW Biker Bash. News continues..


29 June, 2004 - BMW Motorcycles and the Olympics
Olympic BMW R1200GS
BMW logo
BMW have donated several R1200GS motorcycles for Olympic duty.


21 June, 2004 - Motorcycle Is Not Even Out Yet, But We’ve Read The Website
The BMWK1200S Website
BMW logo
The BMW K1200S motorcycle hasn't even been released, but already there's a web site.


9 June, 2004 - Part 4 of the BMW K1200S Now Available
BMW K1200S
BMW logo
More data becomes available of the new BMW K1200S sports motorcycle.


18 May, 2004 - BMW Press Release for K1200S Motorcycle
News Article
BMW logo
BMW has issued a Press Release on the new K1200S motorcycle.


17 May, 2004 - More On BMW’s New K1200S Motorcycle
BMW K1200S
BMW logo
New photos of the BMW K1200S Sportsmotorcycle.


10 May, 2004 - UK Denies BMW C1 Riders to Ride Without Helmet
C1 rider
The UK High Court has ruled that riding without helmet on a BMW C1 is illegal.


26 April, 2004 - BMW Getting Ready to Launch the new K1200S
News Article
BMW logo
BMW is getting ready to launch its new K1200S motorcycle.


19 April, 2004 - Confusion about BMW’s new Motorcycle - K1200RS or K1300 ??
BMW logo
Is the new BMW K1300RS really a new K1200RS ?


27 February, 2004 - BMW’s new R1200 RT (or GT) ?
BMW R1200RT ??
BMW logo
Spy photos of the new BMW R1200 RT (or maybe GT).


12 January, 2004 - Latest Official Photos BMW R1200GS
BMW logo
More (and last) official photos of the BMW R1200GS motorcycle....


5 January, 2004 - BMW ready to launch the R1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
Some "official" photos of the pre-launch of the BMW R1200GS.


3 December, 2003 - The New 2004 BMW F650 ??
BMW logo
Is this the new 2004 BMW F650 ??


26 November, 2003 - Santa Rides a BMW Motorcycle
Fun Article
BMW logo
Photo of Santa on a BMW C1 Motorcycle...


22 October, 2003 - More Spy shots of the BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW logo
More photos of the R1200GS have appeared.


10 October, 2003 - Prewar II BMW R71 Motorcycle
Chang Jiang BMW R71 Replica
Always wanted a pre World War II motorcycle with sidecar....


30 September, 2003 - UPDATE: BMW’s new K Motorcycles
Motorrad Magazine's photo of the new BMW K serie
BMW logo
German Motorrad Magazine has exclusive photos of BMW's new K-series motorcycles....


25 September, 2003 - UPDATE: New Photo of the BMW R1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
A new photo has appeared of the BMW R1200GS in Motorrad Aktuel...


12 September, 2003 - 2 BMW R1150 GS Web Sites for the Adventure Riders
Two great web sites dedicated to Adventure riding


13 August, 2003 - The New BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Photos
The new BMW R1200GS
BMW logo
New spy photos appeared in the UK magazine MCN of the BMW R1200GS....


20 June, 2003 - BMW Launches a new 1200 Cruiser
BMW have launched a new R1200C Cruiser for their September line up. Photos available.


21 April, 2003 - BMW R1150GS-T
BMW R1150GS Touratech
Touratech have prepared a special version of the popular BMW R1150GS motorcycle.



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