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1 September, 2014 - Book Review: The (r)Evolution of the Empulse
Book Review Evolution of the Empulse
Book Review Evolution of the Empulse
#Book #Electric #Brammo - A review of the book entitled "The (r)Evolution of the Empulse", an eBook about the design and production of the electric Brammo Empulse motorcycle. And what's even better ... the book is FREE!. Can't get any better than that.


16 June, 2014 - Book Review: Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey 
Freedom on both ends of a leash
#Book #Review - Here is one excellent book you should think you buy and read. Called 'Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey' it's the heartfelt story of Ara and his faithful dog Spirit and trusted BMW GS with sidecar, travelling the USA. Much like Neil Peart's 'Ghost Rider' book, it will effect you, but also amaze you. Truly recommendable book for adventure motorcycle riders, food lovers and life-story-aficionados.


11 November, 2013 - Book Review: TT Full Throttle - An Excellent Read
Book Full Throttle
#Book #IOM-TT @nicolewintersya - A review of the book entitled "TT Full Throttle". This is ONE heck of a great book. If you are into motorcycles, racing and in particular the Isle of Man TT, then get this book. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommendable.


24 October, 2013 - Book: TT Full Throttle - A Motorcycle Fictional Novel
Book Full Throttle
#Book #IOM-TT - A nice fictional book has been launched about the famous Isle of Man TT race. The book was written after personal research at the race, but the story is fictional. Looks like a great read.


2 October, 2013 - Idea: Interesting & Romantic Scooter Travel Book - The Scooter Diaries
The Scooter Diaries Book
The Scooter Diaries Book
#Book #Adventure #Romantic - Here is an interesting Kickstarter book project that merits your attention. It is the story of a young man in the late 1950's who just before he set off on an epic scooter adventure to Peru (from Canada) meets a beautiful young girl. But alas, his trip has been planned years in advance, so he sets out anyway. But he misses her.

So he writes to her everyday, and after 2 weeks, asks her to marry him. So she flies to Mexico City, and together they set off on a fantastic and romantic adventure. This book, put together by their son, tells the story.


24 September, 2013 - A Worthwhile Book - Motorcycles, Adventurers & Food Lovers
Forks Book
Worldrider Route
#Kickstarter #Book #Adventure - There are many books out there that deal with motorcycle riding, adventure riding, discovering new countries and there are many cook books out there. But to my knowledge there are no books that deal with all these aspects, all in one book. Until now.

Forks is a crowd-funding (Kickstarter) project that Allan Karl, aka Worldrider, is trying to put together. A Round The World (RTW) motorcycle rider, Allan has not only interesting and compelling stories to tell, but also many food recipes from around the world. Here is one book you will want to get, for yourself, or as a Christmas present...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 May, 2013 - Books: BMW Motorcycles And 90 Years Of History
BMW 90 Years Book
BMW logo
#BMW #BMWMotorrad #Books - When someone reaches the ripe age of 90 years, family & friends gather to celebrate. Although humans are reaching older and older ages, 90 is still a real milestone. But for companies, it can be that they are still very young.

This is the case for BMW Motorcycles. They have reached 90, and are still very young. And to celebrate, they are publishing a book on their history, all 90 years worth...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 May, 2012 - Cyril Despres Writes A Book and Why You Should Buy It
4x Dakar Book
Cyril Despres logo
Any Dakar fan will know the name. You can't escape it if you watch the famous car & motorcycle rally. Cyril Despres, 4 time winner of the Dakar, and 9 times on the finish podium, needs no introduction.

Cyril is a mild manner gentleman, and an "alien" (to coin a MotoGP phrase) motorcycle racer. The Frenchman has published a book, entitled "4X Dakar", about his Dakar experience. As Cyril has said himself "Normally a rider waits until the end of his career before publishing a retrospective. Except that I have never been a fan of convention!".

The reason this factory KTM rider is publishing a book is to raise money for a school in Africa that he started after the untimely death of his friend Fabrizio Meoni in the 2005 Dakar rally in Africa. The school is located in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal, and has 13 teachers and 321 children. But the area has 500 children who can not go to a school, so Cyril wants to expand the school and for that he needs money.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 February, 2012 - Ultimate Marco Simoncelli Tribute Book - 58 of #58
Automotophoto Simoncelli 58of58 book
Automotophoto Simoncelli 58of58 book
Not many people get the chance of mingling with the Gods of MotoGP, and very rare are those who are around them all of the time. But MotoGP professional photographer, Andrew Wheeler, is one of those rare individuals.

For years he has been flying all over the world, following the MotoGP circus from track to track, making photos that you will have all seen in print or on the web. His photos are very much sought after for those interested in motorcycle racing.

It's therefore no surprise that his enormous collection of photos he had made over the last few years contained many of the late Marco Simoncelli, #58.

As a tribute to Simoncelli, Andrew has released a limited edition book full of fantastic photos of the man-who-left-us too-soon. The book is called "58 of #58", and it's a 12 by 12 hardbound book with 49 pages of Marco.

If you read the comments on Facebook you will see that many are truly enjoying this book.

10% of the proceeds of the book go to the Simoncelli Foundation.


18 October, 2011 - MV Agusta Release Book: F4 - The Most Beautiful Motorcycle
MV Agusta F4 Book Cover
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta have released a 240 page book, full color, about their top-of-the-range sports motorcycle, the F4. Dubbed "The Most Beautiful Motorcycle in the world", it contains many photos and drawings never published before. Your, just in time for Christmas.


26 May, 2011 - New James Bond Features Pretty Girl and Motorcycle
James Bond Carte Blanche launch
The latest James Book book, Carte Blanche, was launched yesterday in London in style, James Bond style.

Featuring the writer, Jeffery Deaver, and very pretty female stunt rider and model, Chesca Miles, on her BSA motorcycle, and several stunt.


13 January, 2011 - Book Review: Biker Chicz of North America
Biker Chicz of North America Cover
A review of the book entitled "Biker Chicz of North America". A book about women who ride motorcycles.

It's not a novel, but an inspirational book for women about women who ride motorcycle.

Interesting and well written.


26 October, 2010 - Yeah! My Book Is Now Available
Photographic visit ...
By Photographs &...
After 2 years work, my book is finally available for purchase.

120 pages of Upper Normandy's Pays de Caux area, including a bit of history, some of the bigger cities and towns, village life and the industries.


3 March, 2010 - Book Review: Motorcycle Dream Garages
Book Motorcycle Dream Garages
Book Motorcycle Dream Garages
A review of the coffee table book Motorcycle Dream Garages, a 192 page book full of beautiful photos of incredible garages and the precious motorcycles that live in them.

A must have book to feature on your living room table.


21 December, 2009 - Free eBook: Carla King’s Motorcycling for Women - Beginner Bikes
Web Article
Carla King, from Motorcycle Misadventures has released a nifty free eBook for women who are beginning to ride motorcycles. The eBook explains the different beginner motorcycles available to you.

You can read the eBook on this site.


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Royal Enfield - The Complete Story
Royal Enfield Book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Royal Enfield is one of those legendary motorcycle manufacturers who have captivated several generations of motorcycle lovers.

They have been in existence since Fred Flintstone, and here's a book that tells and shows you its history on 192 pages.


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kids Book: Little Mike And Maddie
Litte Mike and Maddie Christmas Book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Got kids, and want them to start getting interested in motorcycles?

Here's an interesting Christmas gift: a book about Little Mike and Maddie who save Santa, using a motorcycle.


28 November, 2008 - Book About Motorcycle Trailering
Book motorcycle Trailering
Here's a new book that will tell you everything you always wanted to know about pulling a trailer with your motorcycle.

It's not a very popular form of transporting gear, so if you're going to do it, better find out more before you pull your caravan with your motorcycle.


25 November, 2008 - Book Review: Bodies In Motion
Bodies in Motion book
Here's a worthwhile book just in time for the Christmas season.

Ever get the question "WHY DO YOU RIDE THESE DANGEROUS MOTORCYCLES?". ? Apart from saying that you enjoy the freedom and air in the hair, you don't have much else to say...

Not anymore! Bodies in Motion is the scientific research in why we enjoy riding motorcycles.



29 September, 2008 - Book Review: Wind In My Face
Book cover Wind In My Face
A review of the book entitled "Wind In My Face" by Canadian author Dorothy Bush.

The book can be of interest to women who are thinking about starting to ride motorcycles in Canada.


26 September, 2008 - Chrome Cowgirl: Sasha’s New Motorcycle Book Out
Book Article
Sasha Mullins, a fellow motorcycle blogger and journalist, has released her latest book. Called "The Chrome Cowgirl", it's a motorcycle guidebook for women (though guys can learn a thing or two).

Her website has the first chapter on-line, so head over and see if you like it..


24 June, 2008 - Book Review: Dreaming of Jupiter
Ted Simon Dreaming of Jupiter book
It's not often that you get a sequel to a motorcycle adventure book, and it's rare, or even impossible, that the book is as good as the first. but in Ted Simon's case, he's proven the theory wrong!

In the 1970's Ted set out crisscrossing the world for 4 years on his Triumph motorcycle, and writing a classic book entitled "Jupiter's Travels". Now, AT 70 YEARS OF AGE, Ted is riding the same route again. 3 years later, 59,000 miles on a BMW GS, he's written the sequel "Dreaming of Jupiter".

This is one book you can not put down. Great for the summer vacation! Funny, entertaining, and most of all RESPECT!


11 June, 2008 - Harry Potter Prequel Features Motorcycle Chase
Sirius Black on his motorcycle
The Harry Potter prequel sold at a charity auction features Sirius Black and a high-speed motorcycle chase.

Now that's a Harry Potter movie I wouldn't mind seeing...


26 September, 2007 - Book Review: The Motorcycle Diaries
Book Article
A look at the book that was the basis of the successful movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries" of Ernesto Che Guevara.

Verdict: Stick to the movie.


24 August, 2007 - Book Review: The Bostrom Conspiracy
Book Article
A review of the book entitled "The Bostrom Conspiracy".

Verdict: I've read better books, this one is low on proof, but still an interesting read. Lots of interesting characters. Nonfiction.


12 April, 2007 - History of Choppers Book
History of Choppers book cover
For those of you who admire those rolling motorcycle sculptures we call Choppers, there a new book out there.

Called "History of Choppers", this 120 page book, is the first one in a series. With 200 color photos, the author takes you to the beginning of choppers up to present day sculptures.

Price: $27.00


6 March, 2007 - Book Review: Carla King’s American Borders
For those of you who like to read a great motorcycle adventure book, here's one that truly is great! Written by Carla King, a fellow MBI blogger and a travel journalist, Carla knows how to put a sentence together.

Carla's book entitled "American Borders" is the true story of her long ride to all corners of the USA on a Russian built Ural motorcycle. It was not just any old Ural, but the first one post-communist era, meant for export.

Needless to say, the motorcycle had a lot of problems, and Carla had to learn the hard way to fix the bike. Along the way she encountered many "strange" fellow travellers.

Her story is fun to read, entertaining and informative. A must read for anyone who like to read about adventure riding on a motorcycle.

I highly recommend this book for anyone, even if they're not riders!


13 July, 2006 - Book Review: Valentino Rossi Autobiography
A look at Valentino Rossi's autobiography book.

In short, good book. Gives you a good insight in the man's mind, and in MotoGP.


12 July, 2006 - Great Motorcycle Books
Book Article
Review of great motorcycle books.


30 May, 2006 - TITS - The Book
Scooters in the Sahara
The Tossers in the Sahara (officially known as Scooters in the Sahara) team that drove 8 Honda C90 Scooters from the UK to Gambia to help a local hospital there have published a book.

The book is full of photos and stories of this epic adventure.


13 February, 2006 - 100 Best Motorcycle Roads In France
Petit Fute - 100 Best Motorcycle Roads in France
A new publication about the top 100 best motorcycle roads in France.

Maps, roadbooks, restaurants, hotels, camping along the way.


25 January, 2006 - Stepped Off - Different Kind of Book
A look at a sobering book by Steve Pape. After a severe accident in Scotland while riding his Fireblade motorcycle, Steve tells his true story about his accident and long journey to recovery.

Should make you think a bit before going into that blind corner.


23 November, 2005 - Children’s Motorcycle Book
News Article
Here's a children's book (age 4-9) about a little boy named Marty who discovers motorcycles.

Great Xmas gift for your nephew.


10 October, 2005 - Female Motorcyclist Writes Motorcycle Novel
Erin O'Brien, female motorcyclist, has written a novel about a biker.


29 August, 2005 - Fellow Motorcycle Blogger Writes A Book
News Article
American Motorcycle Blogger, Shirley Kennedy (Uncaged Librarian) has published a 272 page book about motorcycles.


19 August, 2005 - Valetino Rossi’s Autobiography

Amazon USA

Amazon UK
Valentino Rossi's autobiography is available now; end of the month.


23 June, 2005 - Parking in Paris
Paris Parking Guide
Parking in Paris can be daunting, so here's a quick way of finding yourself a parking place in Paris.


10 February, 2005 - Book Review: Biker Billy Cooks With Fire
Book Article
A review of the cook book "Biker Billy Cooks With Fire".


17 January, 2005 - Motorcycle Book - Long Way Round
A short review of Ewan McGregor's and Charley Boorman's book - Long Way Round.


8 October, 2004 - Motorcycle Book - Against The Clock
Finished reading Ron Ayres's "Against The Clock" book.


23 July, 2004 - Great Motorcycle Book About the Iron Butt - Against The Wind
Here a review of a great motorcycle travel book. It's called Iron Butt - Against The Wind by Gary Eagan.


9 March, 2004 - Mi Moto Fidel - Recommended Motorcycle Book
Very good book about a persons' travel through Cuba on a motorcycle.


12 January, 2004 - New Section: Great Motorcycle Books
This Site Article
I've added a motorcycle books permanent article...


14 December, 2003 - Great Motorcycle Adventure Travel Book
Just finished reading a great motorcycle adventure travel book.....



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