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27 May, 2015 - Spain: Malaga Police Go Electric Motorcycles - Brammo
Malaga Police Brammo
Brammo logo
#Brammo #Electric #Police #Malaga - The Spanish municipal police in Malaga have bought two Brammo Empulse Police version electric motorcycles to patrol the city center. This after a competition between the leading manufacturers. More order can follow if the Brammos behave well.


22 September, 2014 - Brammo Seeking More Financial Investments Via Crowd-Funding
Brammo Girls Eicma 2011
Brammo logo
#Brammo #Investments #Electric - Brammo, maker of electric motorcycles, has gone onto the crowd-funding market to raise more capital for their operations. No, you don't get perks like a Brammo hat, you get actual shares in the company (and a discount on their products). Good idea? Now is the time to get in on the ground floor. And who knows, maybe they will be the next Microsoft or Apple.


1 September, 2014 - Book Review: The (r)Evolution of the Empulse
Book Review Evolution of the Empulse
Book Review Evolution of the Empulse
#Book #Electric #Brammo - A review of the book entitled "The (r)Evolution of the Empulse", an eBook about the design and production of the electric Brammo Empulse motorcycle. And what's even better ... the book is FREE!. Can't get any better than that.


3 February, 2014 - Mini Review: Brammo vs Zero Electric Motorcycles
Brammo vs Zero
Brammo vs Zero logos
#Review #Zero #Brammo - Here is a mini review, comparing a Zero SR to a Brammo Empulse R electric motorcycle. Make your own conclusion; which electric bike is better?


27 September, 2012 - Video: Getting Around Hong Kong On A Brammo
Video clip
Brammo logo
Brammo Hong Kong released an interesting video of one of their Enertia electric motorcycles riding around and into Hong Kong. It's interesting since a) Hong Kong is an enormous big city, and b) you get to see how an electric motorcycle holds up in city traffic.

In the 20 minute long video, you get to see mostly motorway riding, so no stopping (and therefore recharging the battery) except for the toll booth (around the 4:30 mark).

The first thing that will strike you is the noise level! Don't for one moment think that electric motorcycles are totally silent; they're not. The engine itself makes a whining noise, and the chain adds to that. It's quieter than traditional motorcycles, but not silent.......

.........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 July, 2012 - Brammo: First Importer In France
Brammo Importer France
Brammo logo
#Brammo - It took a while, but the first importer of Brammo electric motorcycles has started up in France. Port Side Garage in Marseille has started importing the popular electric motorcycles.

Currently only the Enertia and Enertia Plus are being sold, but test rides can be organized in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Lyon and Monaco.

.....Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


31 May, 2012 - Hong Kong: 1000 Electric Charging Stations
Brammo Hong Kong Charging Station
Hong Kong flag
#Brammo #Electric Hong Kong is going totally ballistic with electric cars and motorcycles. Already Brammo had sold the first few electric motorcycles to their police force, and electric cars are selling pretty well for such a small territory. The number of EVs (Electric Vehicles) is growing. Maybe the total number is very small, 310 to be accurate, but last year that number was 74, so a massive increase. The government themselves have 33 EVs, and another 43 will arrive in the coming months. Another 140 will be ordered this year.

The Hong Kong government and private companies had already installed 500 EV charging stations, but now the government has stepped in and accelerated the roll out of stations. By the end of the month of June, there will be 1,000 electric charging stations.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


28 June, 2011 - Brammo Electric Motorcycles To Be Made In Hungary
Brammo Factory Hungary
Brammo logo
Brammo venture with Flextronics is showing its first real results. The first factory outside of the USA has started in Hungary.

The Hungarian factory is expected to produce 660 motorcycle per month in a high tech assembly line.


4 May, 2011 - Brammo Launch 6 Speed Electric Motorcycle
Brammo IET
Video clip
Brammo have released a new technology for electric motorcycles. The downside of an electric motorcycle is that the rider can not switch gears... they are automatic.

But Brammo uses a new technology dubbed IET, that gives the biker more control, since it gives them 6 gears.

Have a look at the video...


14 December, 2010 - Hong Kong Police Testing Brammo Electric Motorcycle
Brammo Hong Kong Police
Brammo logo
Brammo have supplied one of their electric motorcycles, the Enertia, to the Hong Kong police for testing.

Not bad, having the cops ride an electric motorcycle in a polluted city. Much better.


3 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: Brammo Press Conference
Brammo Stand at Eicma
Brammo Stand at Eicma
Brammo, manufacturer of electric motorcycles, introduced themselves to the European press at EICMA.

Extending the 1 in 1000 prize draw, and send a SMS to the special phone number, and stand the chance to win...


1 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: A Close Look At Brammo Motorcycles
Brammo Enertia Plus Eicma
Brammo Empulse Eicma
Since we don't get to see Brammo over here in Europe, I broke into the Eicma exhibition grounds before it opened officially, and made a beeline for Brammo motorcycles to have a quite look at their electric motorcycles.

I was not disappointed.


16 September, 2010 - Finally! Brammo Electric Motorcycles Goes Global
Brammo Empulse
Brammo logo
Great news. Brammo, the manufacturer of the sexy electric motorcycle, Empulse, are going global. No longer just the USA.

They are partnering with the $24 Billion electronic & automotive giant Flextronics to bring you their electric motorcycles to you country, worldwide.

Gotta start saving my money.... next on my shopping list, Brammo Empulse motorcycle.


30 June, 2010 - Video: Test Ride Of The Brammo Electric Motorcycle
Video clip
Nice video (and article) on a test ride of the Brammo electric motorcycle by the Earth2Tech web site.

It's not a test ride by a professional motorcycle tester, but more one by a newbie to motorcycles, so she asks different questions.




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