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28 August, 2015 - We Have A Record! Most Pillions On A Motorcycle - Incredible
Record number of motorcycle pillions
#Crowded #Pillions #Records - This has got to be a record, and I don't even think they were trying to go for one. The most number of people on a motorcycle (that wasn't a stunt bike). I counted 14, maybe there are more, since some are well hidden. The feat itself is amazing and incredible, but what's even more impressive is the solidity of the motorcycle and the bike's tires. Amazing.


24 August, 2015 - Stuffed In A Taxi, A Motorcycle Taxi
Bangui Motorcycle Taxi
Central African Republic  flag
#Taxi #OverCrowded - Sometimes you try to get a few too many people into a cab, just because it's handy for you. Instead of 3 people in the taxi, you squeeze in 4. These guys thought the same, but they did it in a motorcycle taxi.


21 August, 2015 - When You Absolutely Need More Storage Space On Your Motorcycle
Need more panniers
#MoreStorage #Panniers - Sometimes having panniers/saddlebags is just not enough when you need to carry your junk with you. Here is THE solution. The SUV of motorcycles.


29 June, 2015 - 25 Motorcycles Towing Strange Things
Motorcycle Towing Strange Things
Motorcycle Towing Strange Things
#Trailers #Towing #Strange - For once we're not showing you strange stuff on motorcycles coming from Asia. These are strange things, at least not normal things, being towed by motorcycles. Campers, barrels, cars, boats, dogs, even human beings. Nothing can stop an inventive human mind and a motorcycle...


24 June, 2015 - Well, At Least They Are Wearing Helmets
At least They Are Wearing Helmets
Dangerous? Yes. Not so comfortable? Yes. But at least they are wearing motorcycle helmets, which is more than most photos I've seen from that part of the world.


22 June, 2015 - Motorcycles Carrying A Lot Of People - Part 2
Motorcycle Loaded With Many People
Motorcycle Loaded With Many People
#ManyPillions #OverCrowded - Sometime ago I showed you 34 photos of motorcycles carrying a lot of pillions/passengers. As you know, you should only carry one pillion, maybe a small baby (although illegal) and that's it.

But in the following 25 photos, you'll see bikers carrying a lot more than 1 pillion.


22 June, 2015 - What Have You Got In Your Tank Bag?
What Is In Your Tank bag
#Funny #TankBags #Priorities - Be honest! Are you schlepping tools, maps, keys etc in your motorcycle's tank bag, or are you really doing what this biker is doing?


9 June, 2015 - So You Go Camping On Your Motorcycle With Your Missus
Going Camping With your girl
#Funny #Camping #HeavyLoad - So you go on your motorcycle for a camping trip with your SWMBO, packed and ready to go ... and then you realize you left your wallet at home.


4 June, 2015 - India: This Is Probably Going To Be A Very Short Motorcycle Trip
India Motorcycle transporting ice
India flag
#India #HeatWave #IceTransport - With the enormous heat wave in India, transporting ice on your motorcycle means that it's going to be a short ride. At 45°C, that ice will melt real quick.


11 May, 2015 - 20 Bicycle Carrying Motorcycles
Bicycle Carrying Motorcycle
Bicycle Carrying Motorcycle
#Bicycles #Cargo - And why not? Carry your bicycle with you on your motorcycle! That is what a few bikers must have thought. Here are 20 such motorcycles (different manufacturers and types) that are carrying at least one bicycle.


12 March, 2015 - Gas Powered Motorcycle or Rocket Motorcycle?
Gaspowered motorcycle
#Funny #GasPower #Rocket - I'm wondering if this is a natural gas powered motorcycle, or a rocket bike? Maybe both, if the gas canister springs a leak.


9 March, 2015 - Motorcycles Carrying Some Cargo - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Motorcycle Cargo Dangerous
Motorcycle Cargo Dangerous
That motorcycles around the world carry much more than what the manufacturer has specified is a given, just look at the 100's of photos on this site. Often funny, and probably very bad for the motorcycle, some of them are just plain dangerous - dangerous for others.

Here are 20 photos of motorcycle transporting things, and you have to wonder if they ever arrived safely and intact at their destination.


26 January, 2015 - Wow! 8 People On 1 Motorcycle - Record Equalled
Record pillions bike
#LoadedWithPillions - Another motorcycle loaded with pillions. Not a record, but equal to the record I've found so far. 8 people and one motorcycle.


29 December, 2014 - Look At My Christmas Prezzies
Fully and well loaded motorcycle
#Funny #Beer #Cargo - Almost the end of the year, and here's a Xmas present that will help in the new year. I hope you all had a good Christmas, whatever your believes. Get ready for the new year..... 2015 here I come.


18 December, 2014 - Vietnam: Christmas Tree Motorcycle Delivery Service
Christmas Tree Motorcycle Courrier
Vietnam flag
#Vietnam #ChristmasTree #Delivery - Now there's a delivery service begging to be done via motorcycles... Maybe he can start a franchise operation in North America and Europe.


26 November, 2014 - That Is Not Why You Have A Cargo Platform On Your Scooter
Scooter Cargo Space Bad Usage
#Scooters #Cargo #Funny - Scooters often have a cargo/loading platform at the front of the rider, ideal to store your shopping bag and other items. Handy ... but not for this:


19 November, 2014 - Syria: You Really Need To Respect These Motorcycle Manufacturers
Syria Heavy Loaded Motorcycle People
Syria flag
#Syria #Loaded #Respect - Motorcycle manufacturer names you will not know, riding unpaved and dirty roads, using gasoline from a plastic bottle and very heavily loaded. But these motorcycle keep riding for 100,000 of miles. Woow. Respect!


12 November, 2014 - Talk About Bringing Your Dog For A Motorcycle Ride
Dog transport extreme
#Funny #Dogs - Some people like to take their ride on their motorcycle, but somehow this looks different. Weird.


5 November, 2014 - This Guy Loves His Panniers On His Motorcycle! Really Loves Them
Pannier Motorcycle
#Panniers #Sidecases - OMG. I like to have sufficient storage space on my motorcycle, with a topcase and maybe some panniers, but this is way over the top. But then, if you are travelling around the world, you would need to have enough space to store all your personal belongings.


3 November, 2014 - Egypt: These Airbags Will Not Save You
These Airbags Will Not Save You
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Funny #Airbags - No, really, you can't use balloons as airbags on a "slightly" overcrowded motorcycle. it really, really, does not work.


27 October, 2014 - A New Dual-Hearse Motorcycle From Kawasaki?
New Motorcycle Hearse
#Hearse #Funny #Panniers - We've seen motorcycle hearses before. There are more and more of them, some of them very elaborate contraptions, some of them simpler. But all of them either involve a sidecar or a trailer.

Here is a Kawasaki with a double body carrier, a two-for-the-price-of-one motorcycle hearse....either that or someone really needed a lot of space to carry stuff.


23 October, 2014 - And The Father Of The Year Award Goes To ...
Father of The Year Award
#Idiots #ATGATT #Morons - ... this douche bag. I can't tell from the photo if there is an actual baby in the baby carrier, but even if there isn't, it's still a very dumb move. The photo was taken somewhere in the Middle East.


13 October, 2014 - You Think These Spare Tires Will Fit?
Enough Spare Tires
#Funny #SpareTires - It looks like he is bring along some spare tires, which is a wise thing if you travel far on your motorcycle, but do you think they'll fit?

.... or is this a new safety device I don't know about???


6 October, 2014 - In The Animal Transportation Department, Here Is One I Will Not Do
Bee transportation
#Animals #Weird - Transporting an animal is done often enough by motorcycle riders; dogs, cats and a few other animals. But here is one I would not want to try.


1 October, 2014 - Sports Motorcycle And Want To Bring A Lot Of Gear? SW-Motech Cargobag
SW Motech Cargobag
SW-Motech logo
#Tailbags #Sportsmotorcycles - Carrying a lot of gear on your sportsmotorcycle defeats the purpose of having a sportsbike, but sometimes it just can't be helped. Here is a good solution, 50 liters sitting on the tail of your sportsbike.


26 September, 2014 - We Are All Heading For Intermot 2014
All going to intermot
Intermot logo
#Intermot #Funny - All self-respecting motorcycle journalists have jumped on their motorcycles and are heading towards Cologne, Germany to see what's new at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition. Of course, we're all cheapskates, so we're all riding the same motorcycle, but that's normal.


2 September, 2014 - You Know This Is Not Going To End Well #9383
Not a good idea 9383
#Dangerous #Funny #notGood - Just a little bit of braking, a little bump in the road, a...... you get the message. This is not going to end well.


25 August, 2014 - 21 Photos Of Motorcycles Carrying Everything But The Sink - Part 6
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
#Cargo #Crazy #Funny - Back to being amazed. This is part 6 of a series of photos of motorcycle and scooters carrying anything you can imagine. These bikes are truly versatile, and can carry the craziest things you can image. Some of them are pretty cruel considering they are transporting live animals (just look at the first one), but that's life.


31 July, 2014 - There Is Never Enough Space On A Motorcycle
Never enough space on motorcycles
#Funny #Panniers #Cargo - No matter what you do, there never is enough space on your motorcycle to bring things with you. Even with panniers, topcase, tank bags, etc ... it's never enough. Until now..... these panniers will even fit a dead body.


24 July, 2014 - Sudan: Beer Delivery Motorcycle - Question?
Sudan Beer Delivery Motorcycle
Sudan flag
#Sudan #Beer - Here is a question for you... would you rather ride motorcycle and deliver beer in a Muslim country like Sudan, or live where you are now, but not be involved in motorcycles and beer? What do you choose?


11 July, 2014 - I’m Gone On My Very Comfortable Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle
Very Comfortable Motorcycle
#Travel #Funny #HondaGoldWing - I'm off on an assignment, riding my very comfortable motorcycle to my destination. I'll be gone for about a week, back Thursday evening (if all goes well).

But no worries, I've left you with sufficient articles during the week to keep you entertained, occupied and waiting for my return.


9 July, 2014 - India: No Milk Today, The Milkman Has Gone Away
Motorcycle Milk Delivery India
India flag
#India #MilkDelivery - For those of you who were born in the previous century (and then some), the "No Milk Today" was a famous song back then (and today it can be heard as part of the Sons of Anarchy TV series, year 3). But it seems to be applicable to India, where it seems motorcycles deliver milk.


18 June, 2014 - When You Absolutely Positively Need To Watch The Worldcup On TV
Got to watch TV
#Funny #Cargo #TV - I guess if your TV just died, and you really, really, need to watch the soccer worldcup in Brazil, then you need to bring a new TV home, fast. In one piece if at all possible.


20 May, 2014 - How To Carry More Than 2 People On Your Chopper
Multiple pillion on a cruiser
#Chopper #Pillions #Funny - Yes, it is possible as you can see somewhere in Asia. Not that it's pretty, but at least if you like choppers and need to transport several people, here's how you do it.


25 April, 2014 - Greece: Mary Had A Little Lamb? - Nope, A Biker Did
Lamb Carrying Motorcycle
Greece flag
#Greece #Lamb - The nursery rhyme was wrong! It wasn't Mary who had a little lamb, but this biker.

And the animal is ready to be eaten...


24 April, 2014 - Colombia: You Think This Is Safe Motorcycle Riding?
Safe ATGATT Riding Mexico
Colombia flag
#Colombia #ATGATT #Cargo - Do you think this is safe? Really?

Overcrowded, no ATGATT. The only thing I am always amazed at are the motorcycles themselves. They seem to take any punishment, any weight, any stress and keep on riding.


26 March, 2014 - A Scooter and a Ladder - What Could Ever Go Wrong?
Scooters and a ladder
#Funny #Fail - Of course nothing is going to go wrong. Let's face it, scooters were invented to transport big ladders.

Right? Nothing will go wrong....


20 March, 2014 - The Problem In Winning A Softball Tournament and Riding Motorcycle
Venezuela Softball Throphy Transport
Venezuela flag
#Funny #Softball - Winning a softball tournament while leaving the games on a motorcycle creates an enormous problem, but not in Venezuela.


4 March, 2014 - On My Way Back On My Motorcycle With A Friend
Riding Motorcycle With A Friend
#Funny - I'm on my way back from a trip, riding my motorcycle with a friend. Should be back in my office shortly.


21 February, 2014 - What To Do With Your Giant Alligator?
Aligator transport
Got a pet alligator that you got to bring to the vet and don't know who to? Well, do as this guy, bring it on your motorcycle.

No problems, no worries.


7 November, 2013 - Gone To Pick Up The Dogs
Carrying Dogs and pillion
#Dogs #Funny #Cargo - I should have arrived at home/office, but now I need to pick up the dogs. Then I'll be spending hours/days pouring through press material and publishing here and elsewhere.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Finished, On My Long Way Home With Lots Of Stuff
House Moving On A Moped
#Eicma #Documentation #Funny - Eicma 2013 is finished, and as usual, I'll be returning with much more weight than when I arrived here.

So this is what it will look like when I ride home tomorrow:


14 August, 2013 - Trying To Figure Out This Motorcycle Photo
Dominican Republic Moto taxi
Dominican Republic flag
#Taxi #Photo #Confusing - When I saw this photo I was about to bin it when I suddenly realized that the photo was confusing. According to the text, the photo is that of a motorcycle taxi rider and a passenger with her purchased goods. But look closely at the photo. A left arm is going about the passenger's head, while another left arm is holding a sack. Or is it that there is a third person on the motorcycle?


5 August, 2013 - Gone On A Plum Assignment - Taking My Baby With Me
Gone Motorcycle Ride With Baby
#Funny #Parenting #Fail - I have received over the weekend a nice plum assignment from one of the magazines I work for. It is pretty last minute stuff, so I did not have the time to prepare many articles for your amusement, and the return date is a bit up-in-the-air as well.

I hope to be back by next weekend, so normal regular articles will appear by then. In the mean time, I have not forgotten you, and you will receive some amusing and/or informative motorcycle articles during the week. I am traveling with PC, so if anything comes up, and I have the time, I will let you know.

On this trip, I have taken my baby with me (although my SWMBO does not like being called "baby")...


18 July, 2013 - Everything But The Kitchen Sink, But A Dog
Everything But Sink Plus Dog
#Funny #Cargo #Loaded - Some people really want to carry everything with them on their motorcycle. And I mean everything. Guess if you are going on holidays, or moving house, you have very little choice if you only have a motorcycle as means of transportation.

But a kayak, bicycle and a dog???


27 May, 2013 - New Sport? Motorcycle-Sailing?
Motorcycle Surfing
Brazil flag
#Funny #Motorcycle #Brazil - I wondering if the brave souls in Brazil have invented a new motorcycle sport? Motorcycle Sailing?

Looks like she's holding up sail... or maybe it's to go faster.


7 March, 2013 - Pakistan: Still Amazed How Many People Fit On A Motorcycle
Pakistan Crowded Motorcycle
Pakistan flag
I've been truly amazed how many people can fit on a motorcycle, and not for a dare, but in real day-to-day life. take this family for example in Pakistan: 6 (six) people on one smallish motorcycle. I already have problems when my (rather skinny) SWMBO sits behind me and moves around a bit.

It's an example of a) riding skills and b) the motorcycle manufacturers.


26 February, 2013 - Egypt: Coping With A Strike On A Motorcycle
Egypt Crowded Motorcycle During Strikes
Egypt flag
If there's a transportation strike going on, and you have several members of your family that need to go places, and only one motorcycle, what would you do?

Pile'em up and go for it....


11 February, 2013 - 31 Photos Of Motorcycles Carrying Everything But The Sink - Part 5
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Part 5 of our series of "slightly" overloaded motorcycles and scooters found in Asia, Africa and South America (and even Europe and North America).

It is amazing to see how much stuff some of these bikers can carry, and how to they maintain control of their motorcycle.

Here are 31 photos of motorcycles carrying anything, even the kitchen sink..


9 January, 2013 - Afghanistan: One Way Of Saving On Fuel On Your Motorcycle
Afghan Balloon Motorcycle
Afghanistan flag
We all know, or should know, that the heavier your motorcycle, the more fuel you'll consume.

And even in Afghanistan, petrol is at a premium, so I guess bikers are doing what they can to lighten their loads....


19 December, 2012 - Record Number Of People On A Motorcycle
Record Most People On 1 Motorcycle
Guinness World Records logo
In the past we've often shown you photos of a lot of people on a motorcycle. Usually it's because they have no choice.. it's the only way they can get anywhere. The largest number of "passengers" we've counted so far has been 13.

But on November 2010 a bunch of soldiers in India set out to break the world record of the number of people on a motorcycle. And the number? 54! On a Royal Enfield 500 motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 December, 2012 - Philippines: Testimony Of Motorcycle Maker’s Quality
Philippines Crowded motorcycle
Philippines flag
When I see these frequent photos of several people (usually more than 5) riding on the same motorcycle, I can't but help wonder: a) how dangerous it is and b) how incredibly well built the motorcycle is to withstand this kind of punishment.

Have you considered how your motorcycle, be it a Ducati, BMW, KTM or Triumph would hold up with 7 people riding on it for miles of bad roads?


4 December, 2012 - OMG! This Guy Is So Unsafe!
Phoning and Riding Bad
OMG, what is this guy thinking. Can't he see he's riding his motorcycle so unsafe? I mean... is he blind or what? His center stand is way too low to be safe. It's scraping the road. That is a serious error, and could be very dangerous.

He should be paying more attention. Motorcycles are dangerous, and riding with center stands scraping the ground is not the way to do it.


29 October, 2012 - Darwinian Population Control
Population Control
Is this the way nature tries to control the ever growing population?

A Darwin approach to the strongest survives...?


10 October, 2012 - Baby Transport - The Chinese Way
baby in basket
Why mess around with special equipment when you've got to transport your baby on a motorcycle?

Do it the Chinese way.... easy, no hassle. Safe? Not really...


20 September, 2012 - You Know When You Need To Ride REAL Carefully
Breakable motorcycle transport
There are times when riding your motorcycle, you know that you need to ride real carefully. Like when it's snowing. Or during heavy wind. Or broken road surfaces.....

.... or in this situation..:


11 September, 2012 - Pakistan: This Is Where A School Bus Would Come In Handy
School Girls Flooded Motorcycle
Pakistan flag
I'd say that if they could, they prefer to be in a school bus than ride the motorcycle; overcrowded and wet....


4 September, 2012 - India: Milk Delivery, The Old Fashion Way - Rain, Snow or Sleet
India flag
Old fashion milk delivery... not matter what the weather is, and on a motorcycle.

How cool is that?


30 August, 2012 - The Fun Is In The Caption
Motorcycle Goat Transport
China flag
It's all about the caption. Photos can say 1,000 words, but a one -liner in a caption can ignore 10,000.

I just gulped my coffee when I saw the caption under this photo.... "goat ... to entertain their relatives and friends?".


12 July, 2012 - China: 35,000 Motorcycle Express Delivery Companies
China Courrier Service
China flag
Wow, that's an impressive figure; 35,000 express delivery companies in China, most using motorcycles and scooters.

No wonder the likes of DHL can't cope (the fact that their customer service is nonexistent doesn't help either).


9 May, 2012 - Fly The Flag On Your Motorcycle
Full of flags motorcycle
Sri Lanka flag
Colorful, that's for sure. This guy is really flying the flag on his motorcycle.


3 February, 2012 - Yemen: Stuffed On A Motorcycle With Guns
Yemen Stuffed on a motorcycle
This is what I call "being stuffed on a motorcycle".

No one sneeze... that gun might go off.


16 December, 2011 - Motorcycles And Their Computers
Motorcycle Computer
Technology has become a big part of motorcycles, they are used to control everything except the steering part (and that'll happen one of these days). They control engine, ABS, suspension, windscreen, etc.

Thankfully, the computer technology has shrunk enough to make them not noticeable. But one manufacturer is struggling to keep the computer technology down to a manageable size....


12 December, 2011 - My Birthday Today - Gone Out With The Dogs
Riding with 2 dogs
It's my birthday today (Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me), and decided to go out for a ride with the dogs today....

You can send your presents to ...


7 December, 2011 - Egypt: Dangerous Cargo and Pillions On A Motorcycle
Egypt Gas Canisters and Pillions
I guess if you got to do it, you got to do it, but bringing several passengers, plus a dangerous cargo on your motorcycle is not a smart thing to do.

But then, if you don't have a choice....


5 December, 2011 - Egypt: Family On Motorcycle At Protests - Brave
Egyptian Family on motorcycle at protest
Are they brave, stupid or dedicated about their freedom... riding with so many on a motorcycle during protests can be any of these choices.

I choose for brave and dedicated.


30 November, 2011 - On My Way Back, Guess What I Picked Up?
Carrying a donkey on a motorcycle
If everything went according to plans, I should be heading back to the office from Paris, after the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition 2011.

As usual, you get loaded down with press packs from any self-respecting motorcycle manufacturer, so I guess I should be something like this:


29 August, 2011 - 47 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 4
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Part 4 of our series of "slightly" overloaded motorcycles and scooters found in Asia, Africa and South America.

It is amazing to see how much stuff some of these bikers can carry, and how to they maintain control of their motorcycle.

Here are 47 photos of motorcycles carrying anything, even the kitchen sink..


13 July, 2011 - This Would Make Me Very Nervous
Afghan Family on motorcycle front army
Riding your motorcycle packed with people would make you nervous, but doing it in front of an armored military car, loaded for bear, I'd be shitting in my pants.

Nobody sneeze...


5 July, 2011 - Sleeping On Your Motorcycle, The Easy Way
Motorcycle and Bed
I would love to be able to sleep on top of my motorcycle. Lots of people can, and it's a gift when riding long distance on your motorcycle. But this chap has found the perfect solution to sleeping when riding...


6 June, 2011 - 24 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 3
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Part 3 of photos of motorcycles and scooters in Asia and Africa that are carrying far more stuff than what they were designed for.

24 photos of incredible loads on these motorcycles. And if you think that only happens in Asia and Africa, tune in next week for their European and North American counterparts....


2 June, 2011 - Two Good Ways To Kill A Child On A Motorcycle
The Way To Kill Child On Motorcycle
Here's a guy who has two good ways to kill off a child on his motorcycle. If the kid doesn't fall off and kills itself, the plastic bag will do the trick.

What are these people thinking???


26 May, 2011 - A 5 Wheels Motorcycle?
5 wheels motorcycle
You've got to ask yourself what is going on here.

Is the scooter a backup for the motorcycle? Is it a break-down service for small motorcycles and scooters? Is it a his and hers thing?


23 May, 2011 - 34 Motorcycles Carrying A Lot Of People
Motorcycle Loaded With Many People
Most bikers prefer riding their motorcycle alone, but having a pillion is okay. It's a bit more tricky, since the weight of the pillion, when shifting can upset the balance of the motorcycle.

Having two pillions is very difficult, so what do you think about riding a motorcycle or scooter with more than 2 pillions?

Here are 34 photos of motorcycles and scooters carrying a hell of a lot of people.... scary!


17 May, 2011 - Cheap Air-conditioning On A Scooter
Airco Fan Scooter
Just when you thought it was too hot to ride your motorcycle, and you can't afford a dedicated air-conditioning unit, this chap comes up with a great way of cooling down while riding your motorcycle or scooter....


16 May, 2011 - 25 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 2
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Last week we showed you 50 photos of motorcycles and scooters that were "slightly" overloaded with stuff.

Here's part 2, 25 photos of loaded motorcycles and scooters in Asia.


9 May, 2011 - 50 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 1
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
In Asia (but also other parts of the globe), people uses motorcycle for anything, and that includes transporting stuff.

Here are 50 photos of motorcycles and scooters from Asia transporting everything, and I mean everything. Often loaded to the absolute hilt, you can but admire these people.

Part 1.


11 April, 2011 - 45 Motorcycle Pick-ups (or Pick-up Motorcycles)
Motorcycle Pickup
Motorcycle Pickup
For those of you who have to haul lots of stuff around, you know that a pick-up truck not only is great vehicle, but it looks good. But if you're into motorcycles and not cages, then you might think you're out of options.

However, in Asia, motorcycle pick-ups (or are they called Pick-up Motorcycles) are as common as their cage counterparts in North America. No matter if you're transporting cargo or people, there's a motorcycle for it.

Here are 45 examples of motorcycle pick-ups.


7 April, 2011 - A Scooter In Its Element
Scooter Transport Element
Thar ya go... how to bring your scooter along if you can't ride it, and don't have a trailer, but you do have a Honda Element.

Somehow I don't think it's easy to load and unload the scooter.


22 February, 2011 - You Think He Wants To Water His Plants?
Watering Cans On Motorcycle
He must have a lot of trees & plants if he loads up his motorcycle with some many watering cans...


10 February, 2011 - Geez! She Is Heavy
Heavy Pillion
OMG... she's way to heavy for that motorcycle...


3 February, 2011 - Piggybacking On A Motorcycle
Piggyback On Motorcycle
What to do if you've got 5 friends who want to ride with your on your motorcycle, and the motorcycle has just enough space for 4.



14 December, 2010 - Looks Like Christmas Is Fast Approaching! Yummy!
Xmas Ducks
Poor ducks.... yummy!


2 December, 2010 - Motorcycle Disaster Waiting To Happen
Gas Bottle Scooter Transport
Imagine, just one little skid, a minor crash, or just someone who smokes a lot, and this motorcycle is history.


26 November, 2010 - Got Many Motorcycles To Transport? No Problem!
Pickup Truck Motorcycle Transport
Inventive, imagination and guts... that's all it takes. Imagine the truck crashing... all those motorcycles....


17 November, 2010 - Like A Lamb To The Slaughter, But On A Motorcycle
Eid Sheep On Motorcycle
Time for the Muslim world to start transporting their sheep and lambs on their motorcycles to get slaughtered.

In the mean time, on the other side of the world, it's turkey time....


17 September, 2010 - Now That Is The Way To Carry A Lot Of People
Sidecar Lots of people
Need more than 7 or 8 people on your motorcycle? This guy can help. He's got it figured out.

A sidecar on his motorcycle is not enough.... a roof can also carry passengers.


1 September, 2010 - Are 3rd World Motorcycles Stronger Than Western Ones?
Kano 7 On Motorcycle
Looks to me that 3rd World-ridden motorcycles are stronger than their Western counterparts.

If I tried this at home, I'd a) get fined and b) break my motorcycle in half.


2 August, 2010 - Gone On Holiday - Back In August 2010
Loaded Scooter Travel
I've decided to spend the next month on holiday, working on 2 assignments for a magazine and trying to finish my book.

This site's ad revenue is in the crapper, so go to rethink my options.

In the mean time, if anything earth shattering happens I'll let you know.


30 July, 2010 - Elegance On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle elegance
Would this qualify as riding elegantly on a motorcycle (or a scooter as the case may be). Sure looks like it to me..


17 June, 2010 - Motorcycle Ran Into Deer Once Too Often
Deer Motorcycle.jpg
To me it looks like this motorcycle ran into deer once too often.

Can you imagine having an accident with this motorcycle? Even if you're not hurt by the accident, you will be when those antlers fall over you...


11 June, 2010 - Record People On A Motorcycle. Fake?
Fake People Carrier
This would be a record for the number of people on a motorcycle....

... but is it a fake???

You decide..


27 May, 2010 - Honey! I Am Going To Move The Cupboard
Cubboard Motorcycle Transport
What to do if you've got to transport your grandmother's precious cupboard, and all you've got is a motorcycle?

That didn't stop this guy...


24 May, 2010 - First Real Motorcycle Hearse
Long Motorcycle Hearse
It's amazing the length we'll go to for a decent burial.

A company in New Zealand has developed the first true motorcycle hearse. Not one wit a sidecar, or a trailer, but a real motorcycle, just lengthened a bit, and a hydraulic system for the casket.

Powered by a Harley engine, you'll get buried in style (and probably noise).


13 May, 2010 - Bank Holiday. Heavy Burden. Day Off
Heavy Load On Foot
It's a bank holiday over here in France (one of many), and due to a heavy load, I've taken the day off...


5 May, 2010 - Long Distance Motorcycle Or A Garbage Hauler
Garbage Hauler
Is this motorcycle and its wonderful panniers used for long distance travelling, or just to bring the garbage away?


28 April, 2010 - DIY Motorcycle Funeral ?
DIY motorcycle funeral
Is this a DIY motorcycle funeral???


21 April, 2010 - Riding On Eggs
Riding on eggs
Errrr... riding with eggs... not something you want to bump into with your motorcycle.


12 March, 2010 - Motorcycles, Bikers And Beer, Lots Of It
Beer Barrel Motorcycle
Do these guys know how to party... ??

Motorcycles & beer............


3 March, 2010 - India: Do Not Mess With These Guys On The Road
Sikh Warriors On a Motorcycle
This should be the dress code, and ATGATT list of equipment, when riding your motorcycle....

... no more road rage.....


23 February, 2010 - Take Your Motorcycle Sightseeing
Sightseeing With Motorcycle
Looks like they didn't understand the instructions....

You need to be sitting on your motorcycle to enjoy the sights, not take your motorcycle with you for sightseeing...


19 February, 2010 - This Is Going To Go Wrong, I Feel It!
Plank Carry Bicycles
You know how this is going to end? Right?


17 February, 2010 - Is This An Armchair Traveller?
Couch patatoe
I guess this is a real armchair traveller?


4 February, 2010 - Watching TV on Your Motorcycle. Possible?
TV On Motorcycle
Since cages have got them, why not put a TV on your motorcycle?

At least we get more organ donors that way....


26 January, 2010 - Is This The Record For Most On A Motorcycle?
8 People On Motorcycle
This has got to be a record of the most people on a motorcycle (apart from specific record-breaking attempts).

I count 8 people!!!!


19 January, 2010 - India: Rolling Art
India Rolling Art on a motorcycle
Isn't this just like a moving sculpture? Pretty??

Or is it just a case of cramming as many soldiers as you can on a motorcycle?


3 December, 2009 - Motorcycle Trailer As Sidecar
Sidecar storage trailer
Who said that a motorcycle trailer, the one you pull, has to be behind you?

Not Tow-Pac, who have a motorcycle "trailer" which is located besides you, just like a sidecar.

Interesting concept, is it not?


6 November, 2009 - Bringing Your Animal With You On Your Motorcycle
Cow on motorcycle
This is a problem we all face, right? How to bring your cow with you on your motorcycle....


27 October, 2009 - Bringing Your Dogs With You On Your Motorcycle
Bringing a dog with your on a motorcycle is a problem for many, so how do you bring several big sized dogs with you.

This army chap seems to know how...


16 October, 2009 - What Is It About Sheep And Motorcycles?
Sheep on a motorcycle
Somehow sheep seem to be attracted to motorcycles, or is it that motorcycle riders are attracted to sheep???

Look at the smirk of the guy...


9 October, 2009 - Motorcycle Pillion Comfort
Being a pillion on a motorcycle is not easy......

Foremost, it's not comfortable. You get a small seat, and that's it. But it doesn't have to be like that.... move over Goldwing.


30 September, 2009 - You think He Is A Bit Overloaded?
You'd think that this guy has slightly overloaded his motorcycle-thingy...

Would you??


29 September, 2009 - The Heaviest Motorcycle Wins The Race?
Is this a race of heavy loaded motorcycles?

If so, the heaviest one (6 people on board) is winning!


28 September, 2009 - Bringing Food With You On A Motorcycle
This is THE solution for bringing food with you on those long motorcycle trips...

Why didn't I think of it....


14 August, 2009 - Fun With The Whole Family On A Motorcycle
Some families have fun on their motorcycle.

It doesn't matter that they have a lot of family members, and only one motorcycle...


11 August, 2009 - Bringing Spare Tires On Your Motorcycle
It's always a good idea to bring extra tires with you when riding long distance over difficult roads on your motorcycle, but this biker has taken the idea a bit too far...


5 August, 2009 - Gone Swimming
Anything goes in this world. But how does he do it?


27 July, 2009 - How To Transport Extra Fuel On Your Motorcycle
Ever need to bring extra fuel with you for that long motorcycle trip?

Here's one guy who has brought enough fuel for a RTW trip...


24 July, 2009 - Multiple Wives And One Scooter
If you've got multiple wives, you need to treat them equally, so when going to the movies, you need to take them all.

Big problem if you've only got a scooter...


13 July, 2009 - How To Pickup Girls On A Motorcycle?
Do you know how to pick up girls on your motorcycle? I don't! ... but this guy does!

Four of them...!


10 July, 2009 - That Does Not Look Secure
This doesn't exactly inspire confidence when it comes to transporting votes in a major election.


3 July, 2009 - Carrying A Coffin On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle hearses are expensive, but bikers do want to be brought to their last resting place in one. So what to do?

This chap is offering a cheaper version of a motorcycle hearse...


2 July, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Canoe


1 July, 2009 - Looking For A Hotel. No Luck!
It's not always easy finding a hotel when you're travelling on your motorcycle...

Camping is not for everyone, so here's a solution...


29 May, 2009 - On The Road Again #73635
I'm on the road (again). Gone to The Netherlands...

Back Tuesday afternoon. News will continue as usual, so come back...


6 May, 2009 - Pig Flu On A Motorcycle?
Pig-Transport on a motorcycle
You've got to wonder if carrying pigs on your motorcycle like that might contribute a bit to all sorts of epidemics...


23 April, 2009 - Fisherman Tales
Would you believe if someone told you they caught such a big fish...


13 April, 2009 - Taking Your Easter Bunny For A Motorcycle Ride
Bunny motorcycle ride
The Easter Bunny is busy, and needs to go to many places.

So why not be nice, and give the bunny a motorcycle ride.....


10 April, 2009 - On The Road Again, Bearing Balls
Motorcycle loaded with balls.
I'm on the road again, hopefully back Tuesday afternoon.

I'm in the Burgundy region, packed with balls.... Don't worry, I'll keep you amused with motorcycle articles.


24 March, 2009 - People Carrier Motorcycle
5 people on a scooter
5 people on a motorcycle/scooter, including a kid in the back, standing. At least he's tied to his mother....

... and they got more cargo than what I would put on my motorcycle...


27 February, 2009 - Has The World Gone Bananas?
Bananas on a motorcycle
You really, really, must like bananas to carry that many on your motorcycle..

Or what?


13 February, 2009 - New Way Of Transporting Water On A Motorcycle
Lots of water on a scooter
Many of us carry water with us when riding our motorcycle. Either in a bottle or a camelback.

Not this bloke. He really likes his water, even if it means that he could kill himself, since he'll never be able to slow down...


11 February, 2009 - How To Transport Your Pet On Your Motorcycle
Pig Transport on motorcycle
Some of us have pets to carry on our motorcycle...

Like your dog, cat, goldfish or ..... pig...


5 February, 2009 - Vietnam: We’re Not Going To See These Motorcycles For A While
Vietnam Poultry Motorcycle
Looks like we'll not be able to show photo like this anymore.

Motorcycles are no longer allowed to transport poultry in Vietnam.

The Reason: To stop the epidemic from spreading.


27 January, 2009 - Ho Chi Minh Is My Copilot
Carrying a portrait of Ho Chi Minh
Who needs to see where he is going? Not when Ho Chi Mink is the copilot of this motorcycle...

Only in Asia...


23 January, 2009 - How To Transport Your Sheep On Your Motorcycle
Sheep carrying on motorcycle
Got any sheep? Need to bring them to the market?

Here's how you do it if you've only got a motorcycle...


18 December, 2008 - This Is What Happens When You Have 2 Wives
Heavy loaded motorcycle in Egypte
In some cultures and religions you are allowed to have multiple wives. But you'll need to offer similar conditions to all of them.

So if you've got 2 wives and only one motorcycles and a few kids, what do you do?


24 November, 2008 - Have Sports Motorcycle And Want To Carry Luggage?
Having a sports motorcycle does not mean you can not load cargo onto your bike and transport it.

Granted, it's not a BMW GS workhorse, but with this system, you can bring "stuff" on your sports motorcycle.


20 November, 2008 - Going Shopping With The Family On Your Motorcycle
lots of people on a motorcycle
Going shopping on your motorcycle is not easy or fun, but having to take the whole family along?? Including mother-in-law? Possible?

Yes, for this guy, no problem.


17 November, 2008 - Huh? How Can He Ride Like That?
Mattress on a motorcycle
Sometimes bikers from 3rd world countries are able to defy the laws of physics.

How can he ride his motorcycle with an enormous mattress tied to the back?


8 October, 2008 - On My Way Back From Intermot 2008
Lots of crap on a motorcycle
I'm on the my back from Intermot 2008 full of motorcycle information, books, leaflets, CDs, DVDs, etc.

I'll be back on-line tomorrow.


2 September, 2008 - Stuffed On A Motorcycle
5 men on a motorcycle
Five men on one single motorcycle. Not kids and wives, but 5 full grown men....

Impressive motorcycle to be able to handle that!


20 August, 2008 - I Count 6 Legs And 5 Bodies On This Motorcycle
6 people on a motorcycle
Hmmmm. 6 pair of legs, 5 bodies attached to this motorcycle.



4 August, 2008 - That Is Not The Way It Should Be!
Riding motorcycle in the rain with kids
Hmmmm.. he probably doesn't have much choice, but packing your kids on a motorcycle while there's a storm (and with no helmets), is not the way it's done.

Pretty dangerous.


30 July, 2008 - One Way Of Transporting Loads Of People On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle rickshaw
If you've got at least 10 people to transport, and only have a motorcycle at your disposal, here's one way of doing it....

Convert your motorcycle into a rickshaw. Success guaranteed!


14 July, 2008 - Carrying Your Groceries On Your Motorcycles
Loaded motorcycle
Ever had the need to go grocery shopping for your veggies, and had to bring your wife along.

Shouldn't be a problem, even if you're on a motorcycle... at least, not for this guy.


14 July, 2008 - National Holiday - Off With My Wives
Lots of women on a motorcycle
It's the French national holiday, the one were they are celebrating the first use of the guillotine.

So I'm off with my wives to visit the Tall Ships Armada.... see ya..


27 June, 2008 - Can I Carry Your Luggage?
Motorcycle carrying luggage
There's a business.... carrying luggage on your motorcycle.

Stand at rail stations and airports, and taking people to their destination no matter how much luggage they have..


16 June, 2008 - Fuel Deliveries On Your Motorcycle
Delivering gasoline on a motorcycle
Imagine this as a job... delivering fuel on your motorcycle.

Some job...


19 May, 2008 - How To Transport A Ladder On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle on a motorcycle
Here's one way of transporting a ladder on your motorcycle...


3 April, 2008 - It’s A Dog’s Life!
Dogs riding a motorcycle
Got my motorcycle, got my bitch, tank is full....

But where do I go??


2 April, 2008 - Thirsty? Brings Lots Of Water On Your Motorcycle!
Lots of buckets on a motorcycle
You need to bring water with you when riding your motorcycle. Dehydrating is not a funny thing...

But this chap is going a bit too far...


1 April, 2008 - World Record? 14 People Transported By Motorcycle!
poeple on a motorcycle
Is this a record? 14 people are being transported by a 125 cc motorcycle!

Not bad...


26 March, 2008 - Gone On Holiday With Lots Of Luggage
Heavy load on a motorcycle
Personal Article
We're off to Marrakech,Morroco for a week of sun, food and s##....

See you later...


25 March, 2008 - Is There A Motorcycle Anywhere In This Picture?
Chickens on motorcycle
By the life of me, I can't see any motorcycle in this photo, but there should be one.


4 March, 2008 - How To Bring Your Wives On Your Motorcycle
2 wives on a motorcycle
The laws of Islam state that you need to treat all your wives equally.

So if you bring one on a motorcycle ride, you got to take all of them on the ride...


27 February, 2008 - I Thought Birds Were Light!
2 guys pushing a motorcycle filled with birds
Two guys to push a motorcycle loaded with birds?

I thought birds were light?


21 February, 2008 - This One Is Begging For A Caption
BJ on motorcycle
This photo of a female passenger being transported on a motorcycle is begging for a caption.

Only ones with the letters BJ spring to mind....


4 February, 2008 - Max’ing Out Your Motorcycle
Cambodia: Transporting lots of cargo on a motorcycle
We've seen several photos here before of heavy and big loads on motorcycles.

But here's a website that's showing many photos of what people carry on their motorcycles in Cambodia.



31 January, 2008 - Idea: Get A Car, Or Less Kids
Pakistani with 5 children on a motorcycle
Here's an idea; get a car or less kids.....

Five children on a motorcycle ???


22 January, 2008 - DIY Funeral
DIY Funeral on a motorcycle
How about that... a Do It Yourself funeral...with motorcycle.


7 January, 2008 - The SUV Of Motorcycles
6 people on a motorcycle
6 people on a motorcycle, and then they're trying to sell them a $2,500 car....

Yes, the car is cheap, but if you can't even afford helmets, or 2 motorcycles, how can you afford $2,500...??


21 December, 2007 - Getting Your Christmas Tree On Your Motorcycle?
Christmas tree on a motorcycle sidecar
Who said you couldn't get a Christmas tree on your motorcycle?

Not this one.... all you need is a sidecar...


26 November, 2007 - What A Way To Ride A Motorcycle!
Dog and chicken on motorcycle
What a way to travel for the poor dog...


30 October, 2007 - There’s a Motorcycle There Somewhere!
Birds on a motorcycle
If you look closely, real close, you'll see a motorcycle in the photo.


30 August, 2007 - Carry Your House and Car On Your Motorcycle
Sounds not possible?

It is, in Vietnam... ;-)


14 August, 2007 - Afraid to go from cars to scooters?
Car door on a scooter
Want to ease the transition from car to scooter? Don't feel too safe on two wheels?

Here's the solution!


1 August, 2007 - Listening To Music On Your Motorcycle - B.I.
Motorcycle music system
There used to be a time, way before B.I., that you had to do all sorts of funny things in order to be able to listen to music while riding your motorcycle.

Here's one of them.


30 July, 2007 - Everything Except The Kitchen Sink
Everything loaded on motorcycle, including dog
This guy has got almost everything from his house loaded on his BMW 650GS motorcycle, including kayak and dog.

Only thing missing is the kitchen sink...


10 July, 2007 - Spy Shot Of New Airbag Testing
motorcycle airbag
One of our photographers managed to capture a hidden airbag test when visiting BMW's biker bash in Garmisch.

The airbag seems to be in an advanced stage.


3 July, 2007 - How Much More Can You Carry On A Motorcycle?
Heavy loaded motorcycle
The art of carrying lots of stuff, including your wife, is not lost in Asia.

Check out this guy transporting boxes and woman on his motorcycle.


13 June, 2007 - Hey! How’s He Doing That?
Riding scooter with no hands
Imagine seeing that in the street!

Someone riding a scooter, holding a painting with both hands, not seeing the road!

Or is it?


26 April, 2007 - Where Do They Transport The Most On A Motorcycle?
Motorcycle carrying pigs
Some people carry a lot on their motorcycles. Here are some examples I've found in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.


19 April, 2007 - Fleeing On Your Motorcycle
Fleeing On Your Motorcycle
Imagine having to escape all the violence on your motorcycle, with 4 other adults and all your worldly possessions.

What a life!

Makes you realize how good things really are for you.


13 April, 2007 - New Motorcycle Mirror- No More Blind spots
Motorcycle mirror
There's a new motorcycle mirror on the market that practically eliminates blind spots.



13 March, 2007 - Want To Go Play Golf With Your Motorcycle?
Going to play golf while riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. Where to you put your golf clubs. If you've got a sidecar, no problem.

Here's a solution for Harley-Davidson or Honda Goldwing riders. Place your golf bag at the rear of your motorcycle on a specially designed platform.

Just don't try to do a wheelie with this.

Now you'll not have to rent a golf cart, just ride up the golf greens with your motorcycle. Make yourself real popular!


29 January, 2007 - Horse Scooter or is it Scooter Horse ?
Scooter as Horse
A very strange photos of some contraption being pulled by a scooter, without a rider; a bit like a horse and carriage.

Have a look, and judge yourself.


3 January, 2007 - Very Crowded Motorcycle ! A Record ?
Crowded Motorcycle
I've seen several photos of many pillions on a motorcycle, but this one tops them all.

And to make matters worse, it a serious photo, not a record daring attempt.


4 December, 2006 - Cargo Carrying Capacity Of Motorcycles
Ricardo Kuhn Cargo Carry
How much do you carry on your motorcycle ? Do you really think you carry much.

Check out Ricardo Kuhn in California, USA. He often needs to carry a lot of cargo, but doesn't have a car.

Everything but the kitchen sink goes on the motorcycle. Here are several photos on what he can carry.


20 October, 2006 - The Things You Can Carry On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle pulling a trailer full of wood
It always amazes me how much stuff you can carry (or pull) on a motorcycle, even when it's a small one.

I guess necessity is the mother of invention.


1 June, 2006 - Do You Have A Match ?
Gasoline on a motorcycle
Here's one guy who will not want to smoke while riding his motorcycle !


13 February, 2006 - Squeeze’em Tight, Real Tight
Lots of people on a motorcycle
How to squeeze a lot of pillions on one motorcycle.. or not.

Would you ride like that ??


30 January, 2006 - Thirsty and Hungry When Motorcycling ?
Tree on Motorcycle
What to do when riding your motorcycle, and you fell thirsty or hungry.

A novel approach! :-))


12 January, 2006 - 13 Men and 1 Motorcycle ? No Problem
Indian Border Security on a motorcycle
How to put 13 men on one single motorcycle.

Trust the Indians.


11 May, 2005 - Do You Really Want To Be A Pillion Passenger?
Cambodian Motorcycle Cargo
Photo of a Cambodian motorcycle rider with many bags of rice and a pillion passenger.


10 September, 2004 - Indonesia - A Full Motorcycle Taxi
Indonesian Motorcycle Taxi
That's one fully loaded motorcycle taxi...


16 June, 2004 - One Way Of Transporting People On A Motorcycle
Transporting pillions
A photo on how to transport multiple people on your motorcycle.


16 December, 2003 - Poor Kid ...
Kiddy Squeeze
Funny photo of a family on their motorcycle...



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