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7 September, 2015 - The ONLY Way To Arrive At The Monza F1 Race - AND WIN
Lewis Hamilton at Monza
#LewsHamilton #FormulaOne - Most people go to a Formula One race by car. After all, it's a car race. But here is one guy who showed up at the Monza F1 race last weekend on a motorcycle. After that he got into a F1 car and won the race.... Lewis Hamilton is the man!


6 July, 2015 - Pope ’Papa’ Francisco On A Motorcycle
Pope Papa On Motorcycle
Vatican City flag
#PopeFrancis - Wow, the pope on a motorcycle. Well, not him, but t-shirts with his face on it. I guess that's the closest he'll ever get to being on one.


6 April, 2015 - Greece VIP Politician Rides Motorcycles, Takes Others With Him
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis
Greece flag
#Greece #MotorcycleRidingPoliticians - Undoubtedly, the most important politician at this moment in Greece is their Finance Minister, since it's up to him to get Greece out of the economical mess it got itself into. And fro several photos I've been seeing coming across the news feeds, Yanis Varoufakis, is a hardcore motorcycle rider. And it also looks like he has no problems brining other cabinet members on his motorcycle. Although they don't merit a helmet...


25 March, 2015 - Pope After Getting Rid Of His Motorcycles, Gets A Helmet
Pope gets Motorcycle Helmet
Vatican City flag
#Vatican #Pope #Helmet - Strange idea. After the Pope sold off his Harley motorcycles, he is presented with a helmet. Bit late isn't it?


6 February, 2015 - Pope Benedict Motorcycle Less Valuable Than Pope Francis
Religious Figure On Motorcycle
Vatican City flag
#PopesSellingHarleys - Both Popes last one and current) have received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, both signed it, and both auctioned off the bikes for charity. But the current Pope Francis got a hell of a lot more money for his than the previous Pope. So who's your daddy now?


5 December, 2014 - Tiger Woods Becomes Ambassador For Hero MotoCorp Motorcycles
Tiger Woods Hero MotoCorp Deal
Hero MotoCorp logo
Tiger Woods may have lost his golfing skills, but not his money making skills. He is now the face of Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero MotoCorp for the next 4 years. Deal is worth US$8 Million. Not bad petty cash.


18 November, 2014 - Australia: Vladimir Putin, With All His Faults, Likes Motorcycles
Putin Thanks Motorcycle Cop
Australia flag
Despite all his fault, and there are quite a few for the "president" of Russia, Vladimir Putin likes motorcycles and their riders (he is an honorary member of the m/c gang the Night Wolves). At least he goes out and shakes the hands of his motorcycle escort. You gotta give him that.


25 July, 2014 - France: Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy Shows How To Ride Motorcycle, NOT!
Sarkozy Non ATGATT
#France #Sarkozy #ATGATT - For the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was known to be very strict regarding the rules of the road, the man who started the speed radars craze, the gigantic vehicle repression, but also the man who reduced road fatalities, he should know better.

Sarkozy got caught by the Paris Match magazine riding a Vespa scooter with his lovely wife, none of them dressed appropriately for riding a PTW. No protected clothes, no gloves and more importantly, NO HELMET!


4 April, 2014 - France: Ex-World Champion Judo & Former Minister Crashes Scooter
David Douillet
France flag
#DavidDouillet #Crash #France - David Douillet, one of world's most decorated Judo champions, former Minister and member of the French parliament got crashed into when riding his scooter.

Down he goes, even if he's a national treasure and a giant of a man.


3 April, 2014 - Egypt: Former Army Chief and Presidential Candidate Arrives on a Motorcycle
Egypt Mohamed Fahmy
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Elections - How could you not vote for this man? He is the former chief of the Egyptian army, and he is running for president of Egypt.

He arrived at the election commission to deposit his candidature on a motorcycle; How cool is that?


23 January, 2014 - France: President Hollande Sells Many Motorcycle Helmets
Juliet Gayet Francois Hollande Closer Helmet
France flag
#Advertisement #Helmet #Mistress - French President Hollande got in the news recently when he visited his mistress on a scooter. Now the helmet manufacturer is thanking the President for the enormous sales of that model helmet.


9 December, 2013 - South Africa: Mandela Funeral Escort - The Way It Should Be
Nelson Mandela Police Motorcycle Funeral Escort
South Africa flag
#NelsonMandela - When a great man, Nelson Mandela, gets escorted to his funeral, it's done by motorcycle - what else? A sad day for humanity, but at least he went peacefully and left a legacy.


13 November, 2013 - Own A Bit Of Steve McQueen, Or Not
Mcqueens 1939 Harley Davidson WLD solo sport
2007 Ultra Anna Nicole Chopper
#McQueen #Auction #HarleyDavidson - You too can be a bit more cool. By buying Steve McQueen's Harley-Davidson motorcycle at an auction this month. Or another 'star' motorcycle.


2 September, 2013 - Harley-Davidson 110 Year Motorcycle Bash - The Photos
Harley Davidson 110 Year Bash
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Party #Celebrities - Unless you have been living in a cave in Afghanistan you will know that Harley-Davidson is 110 years old, and like any living being that age, she is throwing a mega party.

Motorcycle riders from all over the USA, but also many from abroad have come to help celebrate this amazing birthday, and even motorcycle riding celebrities like Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff have joined the party. Here are some photos of the event.


27 August, 2013 - Sounds Like A Joke: A General, A Biker And A President Are Sitting In .....
Putin Biker General
Russia flag
This photo looks like the beginning of a good joke; a general, a biker and a president are sitting in a bar, when .... fill in the blanks (anyone got a good joke to go with this photo? Just put it in the comments and share).

Putin sure is getting chummy with the motorcycle gang. I guess his image is important, but somehow I can not see other world leaders getting to be good friends with a 1%-er motorcycle gang. Is this good or bad?


12 August, 2013 - President of Russia, Putin, Prefers Riding Motorcycle Than Boring State Affairs
Vladimir Putin Biker
Russia flag
Recently the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, met with his biker buddy, the Night Wolves motorcycle club president, Aleksandr Zaldostanov, to award him a medal or two.

Putin had already been on a ride-out or two with the biker gang, although he did ride a three wheeler, he seemed to enjoy himself with this group of tough speaking, leather clad, bearded uber-macho men. It fit his image and style.

Zaldostanov invited him to come to another gathering held in Stalingrad, where they would have a motorcycle show planned for August 23rd. But Putin's time is accounted for by the second, and he spends too much time doing boring stuff, like throwing the Pussy Riots into jail, keeping Snowden out of Obama's hands and fishing big fish. But according to Putin "I want to be there with you, I would be glad to sit on a motorcycle and take off somewhere with you" and he added "I have boring matters to take care of."

Although he probably will not attend this biker party and ride-out, he might just surprise everyone and join in with his leather clad buddies.


18 June, 2013 - King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands Supports Motorcycle Support Group
King Willem Alexander Goirle
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #King - On a surprise visit, the newly crowned King of The Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, showed interest for the Motorcycle Support Nederland (MSN) organization. The MSN is an organization that educates people will small disabilities to work in sectors like motorcycle maintenance.

For the last 3.5 years, the MSN organization has been receiving financial assistance from one of the Royal assistance programs, the Oranje Fonds Groeiprogramma.

Nice to see a newly appointed King showing his face in the motorcycle world.


13 June, 2013 - Harley-Davidson Is Blessed. Official
Pope Blessing Harley Davidson
Vatican City flag
#Pope #HarleyDavidson #Blessing - There are many occasions and events where a priest blesses a group of motorcycles. But this is more than a priest... it's the Pope himself. Pope Francis blessed 1,400 motorcycles, all of them Harley-Davidsons, who had gathered at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Milwaukee brand.

The Pope was even presented with two Harley-Davidsons and a black leather jacket. So now the Pope has two Ducati Multistradas (see related) and two Harley-Davidson.

But are we going to see the man ride around on one of them, wearing the black leather jacket?


27 May, 2013 - Robbie Williams In New Single As "Biker" - Senior Citizen Style
Robbie Williams Goin Crazy
Robbie Williams Goin Crazy
#Music #RobbieWilliams - British Robbie Williams, one of the controversial singers (aren't they all?), is releasing a new single called "Goin' Crazy". So far not much news for us, but in the music video, Robbie becomes a Senior Citizen Biker.

He's riding a senior citizen scooter, but the scoot is fitted out the way the mods used to back in the 60's; i.e. lots of mirrors. He leads a "gang" of like-minded scoots.


18 April, 2013 - Venezuela: He’s Dead Jim - Che Guevara Supports Maduro
Che Guevara support Maduro
Venezuela flag
#Che #Venezuela - And here I was thinking that the famous, or notorious, Che Guevara was dead. But no, he lives, and he wasn't spotted in Las Vegas in the supermarket with Elvis and Marilyn, but riding his motorcycle in Venezuela supporting Chavez's mini-Me.


16 April, 2013 - France: 2 Government Ministers Have Motorcycles - That’s It
Najat Vallaud Belkacem
Stephane Le Foll
#France #Taxevaders - France is going through some strange voyeurism show lately, and it has nothing to do with s.e.x. After the latest tax evasion scandal, though this time it was one of the finance ministers responsible for stopping tax evaders, the current socialist government is caught like a deer in the headlights of your motorcycle; scared silly and doing things you'd expect better from a 5 year old.

To fight the illusion that politicians are not corrupt, the President of France has told all his ministers to publish on Monday what their current financial status are, including real estate, bank accounts and vehicles. It's not going to solve any perception problems, since a corrupt and tax evading politician will just not declare the off shore accounts, the same way they don't declare them in their tax forms. So a stupid and wasted political action.

But 1 interesting thing did come out of it. Now you can see who actually has a motorcycle. And there are 1 and 1/2 ministers who actually have a motorcycle:..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 April, 2013 - Finland: Putin, President of Russia, Banned For Being 1%er Biker
Vladimir Putin Biker
Finland flag
Vladimir Putin, President Prime Minister President of Russia loves a macho challenge. The more macho he can seem on TV, the better he feels about himself. Apart from flying fighter jets, riding in tanks, doing martial arts, he loves going on a motorcycle and ripping up the streets of Moscow with his posse (see related below), the Night Wolves.

The Night Wolves are a motorcycle club, not exactly a 1%er but neither are they a Blue Knights. And it's his belonging to this motorcycle gang that got him blacklisted.


29 March, 2013 - France: Gerard Depardieu And Motorcycles - The Saga Continues
Gerard Depardieu Scooter
France flag
#Depardieu #Dui #Stolen - French actor Gerard Depardieu has been in the news a lot lately, probably too much even. Being an A-list actor does mean that whatever you do will make it to the news, but in his case most often the headlines are negative.

The most recent negative headlines have been when the actor exiled himself to Belgium after the French socialist government announced they were planning to impose a 75% tax on annual revenues exceeding €1 million. While he exiled himself, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, invited him to live in Russia, and promised him respect. So now Depardieu is the goodwill ambassador for Russia, exalting Russia as a model of democracy. Honest, you can't make this up, he really said it.

But back to two wheels. Depardieu for all his faults, has a love for PTW. He even is part owner for a Yamaha motorcycle shop, and prefers riding a motorcycle or scooter over a car. He is also owner of a vineyard, and he often combines both passions, something not recommendable. Last year on November 29, Depardieu crashed his scooter while being totally drunk (not the first time). He was checked by the police and found to have 1.8g/liter alcohol in his blood (the maximum authorized is 0.5, so more than 3 times the limit).

Earlier this week, Depardieu reported to the police that his scooter, in fact the same scooter he crashed while DUI, was stolen...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 March, 2013 - Kate Moss Looks Hot On A Matchless Motorcycle
Kate Moss On A Matchless
One of world's oldest motorcycle manufacturers, UK's Matchless (remember Marlon Brando on one in The Wild One), is coming out with their own line of clothing, and they found a very pretty ambassador for their clothing; famous model Kate Moss.

They're putting together their publicity campaign, using famous photographer Terry Richardson to make photos of the two beauties...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 March, 2013 - Dean, From Jan & Dean, To Do The Senior Citizen Taiwan Motorcycle Trip
Waking Ned
Remember the video we posted about the 17 Taiwanese senior citizens (age 80+) who did a trip around the island on their motorcycles? A very inspiring video, and I can only hope to be able to do this when, and if, I reach that age.

I wasn't the only one inspired. Peter Starr, motorcycle documentaries producer and editor at Motorcyclist Magazine, wanted to get involved and he roped in Dean Torrence, the other half of the famous rock & roll duo Jan & Dean (hits like Surf City, Deadman's Curve, The Little Old Lady from Pasadena, etc), and both, with 19 other foreign bikers are going for a similar ride around the island...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


1 March, 2013 - John Kerry: Once A Biker, Always A Biker?
John Kerry And French Motorcycle Cops
USA flag
Is the new US Secretary of State, John Kerry, just naturally interested in motorcycles, being a biker, or does it look good in photos. He's got no points to win with the French voters, so maybe he's just interested in French motorcycle police and their bikes.


27 February, 2013 - Celebs: Tom Cruise Rides Motorcycle In His Next Movie
Tom Cruise on Motorcycle in All You Need Is Kill
It looks like Tom Cruise is going to be riding a motorcycle again in his next movie, a sci-fi called "All You Need Is Kill". There's a video below of the set, and you can clearly see Cruise cruising (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) a motorcycle in London, UK.

Again the American actor is riding a Triumph motorcycle, which is starting to look like his fetish bike. The movie itself is scheduled to be released a year from now. Have a look at the set video below...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 February, 2013 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Advertisement Honoring Jim Marshall
Harley Jim Marshall Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Back on April 5th, 2012, Jim Marshall, aka the "Father of Loud", passed away. Jim was the maker of the famous Marshall amplifiers for guitars, used by most famous (and also by many unknown) musicians the world over.

Harley-Davidson's ad agency was quick of the mark, since they ran these ads the same day, asking the world to make noise (preferably with Harley motorcycles) to honor the man.

A fitting tribute to a man who made music hearable from far.


8 November, 2012 - UK: Prince Charles On A HOG
Prince Charles On A Motorcycle
UK flag
No, we're not talking about his SWMBO, but a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. During a charity drive he met up with Royal British Legion Riders and sat on a motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


24 October, 2012 - Ad: Shell, Steve McQueen and The Great Escape
Video clip
Shell logo
Shell, the giant Dutch oil company, put out an epic TV commercial, featuring none other than the King of Cool, Steve McQueen (although it's not him but a look-alike) and one of McQueen's best movies, The Great Escape.

They didn't adjust the movie, they just reshot it with their own actor, but it's very close to the stunning escape scene on a motorcycle during WWII. And of course, they've added a Shell gasoline pump to the sequence.... but it's okay, it does make the scene more funny.


6 September, 2012 - Marlon Brando On Motorcycle Photo To Fetch $20 Million
Marlon Brando By Warhol
These are incredible amounts of money. Amounts that are in the stratosphere, beyond comprehension. We're talking about a silkscreen photo of actor Marlon Brando sitting on a motorcycle for the movie The Wild One. This photo is going up for auction in November at Christie's, and is expected to fetch $20 MILLION. $20,000,000??? For a photo that has been reproduced a million times....

Fine, the photo was made by Andy Warhol, and the photo is of Marlon Brando, and yes, there's a motorcycle involved. But still... that is a lot of money for a photo that you can download from the internet and print out for free.


2 May, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Goes On A Ride-Out With Friends and Fans
Jorge Lorenzo Ride Out Spain 1
Jorge Lorenzo Ride Out Spain
It looks like the former World Champion MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo went on a nice little ride out after last week's race at Jerez.

I guess after that race he deserved a bit of R&R.


4 April, 2012 - Video: Fabio And His Electric Motorcycle
Video clip
Fabio Motorcycle Collection
Here's an interesting "documentary" from PlugInAmerica. It's all about electric cars and motorcycles, and it is hosted by the beautiful Alexandra Paul (remember her from Baywatch?). In this episode the subject is Fabio, one of the big name male models.

Fabio has a collection of 100's of motorcycles (and cars), equal to that of Jay Leno, and in this documetnary episode, he talks to us about electric cars and motorcycles. He has just become the proud owner of a Zero electric motorcycle, and you get to see him ride around (fast).

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and see the video.......


19 March, 2012 - Mexico: Presidential Candidate Saved By Motorcycle
Josefina Vazquez Mota Saved by Motorcycle
Good news for the people of Mexico. Your female candidate for the presidential elections, Josefina Vazquez Mota, can be registered for the elections thanks to a motorcycle.

She got stuck in an horrendous traffic on the way to get registered, but a motorcyclist helped her out by taking her on the back of his bike (a Kawasaki) to the Federal Electoral Institute.

If she gets elected, I hope she'll not forget the role the motorcycle has played in her election, and that she goes soft towards bikers...


15 March, 2012 - Dominique Voynet: A Mayor Of A Big City Who Understands
Dominique Voynet On A Scooter
Politicians usually don't get it. Their thinking is clouded with judgements and biases. But one politician gets it.....

.. and that is Dominique Voynet, the current Mayor of Montreuil, a large city north of Paris. Despite being a treehugger and key member of the Green party, her official vehicle as Mayor is ...... a chauffeur driven .... scooter!

She's probably the only Mayor of a large city who has a scooter as official vehicle.


12 March, 2012 - This Is The Original Motorcycle Lifter
John Abraham Lifting Motorcycle
Last year we showed you a copycat motorcycle lifter, but here's the original.

What a life... must be great for parties.


7 March, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Passed His Motorcycle Exam And is Now Allowed To Ride
Jorge Lorenzo, the former World Champion MotoGP, finally is allowed to ride motorcycles legally. Legally on the streets that is.

Yes, the man passed all his driving tests in Spain (not an easy task), and can now ride a real motorcycle.


10 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Allowed To Ride Motorcycles, Legally
Believe it or not, former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo just passed his motorcycle riding theory test, needed to get his motorcycle license. This will allow him to ride a motorcycle on the streets.

Now...... which instructor is going to teach Jorge how to take a curve with his motorcycles, and which examiner is crazy enough to "test" him if he knows how to drive???


23 December, 2011 - Marc Coma Sends His Christmas Wishes In Motorcycle Style
Marc Coma Christmas 2011 Card
Marc Coma, last year's Dakar (and three times) winner, sent his Christmas wishes in KTM motorcycle style.



23 December, 2011 - Michele Bachmann, US Presidential Candidate, On A Motorcycle
Michele Bachmann Motorcycle Museum
Michele Bachmann Motorcycle Museum
Candidates to the US Presidential elections can't escape it! They need to be seen on a motorcycle, even if it's just posing on one. Has sitting on motorcycles become the 21st century kissing-a-baby?

I don't follow much the politics of the candidates and I doubt she rides a motorcycle, but one thing is for sure, she sure is the prettiest of them all...


28 November, 2011 - Bernie Ecclestone On A Ducati Motorcycle
Bernie Ecclestone On A Ducati Motorcycle.JPG
Looks like the Formula One Supreme Leader, Bernie Ecclestone, would rather be on a Ducati motorcycle than in one of his boring F1 cars....

....and I can't blame him.


17 November, 2011 - Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Fined For Riding With No Helmet
Larry Crowne Poster
You have to wonder how some politicians and authorities use their grey matter....

After making the recent movie "Larry Crowne", the producers released a poster and movie cover of the two main stars, Tom Hanks and Julie Roberts, riding a scooter without a helmet. If they would have put on helmets, you would have had problems recognizing the stars, so it makes sense.

The movie was shot in Spain, and guess what? There's a law against publishing photos of people riding without a helmet. Bammmm.... US$40,000 fine!


4 November, 2011 - Video: Off Road Skills Course with Charlie Boorman
Video clip
Off Road Skills logo
The (BMW) Off Road Skills (ORS) training is not only excellent, giving you a real training and confidence to ride off road, but it also has had its share of celebrities attending the course.

One of the celebs is Charley Boorman, who not only went to ride around the world (Long Way Round/Down) with his pal Ewan McGregor (who also attended the course), but also raced in the Dakar.

Charley went back to the ORS, and visited with the students, and participated in some of the training events. Here's the video. It gives you a good impression what the training is all about.


12 October, 2011 - France Primary Presidential Candidate On A Motorcycle
Francois Hollande On Motorcycle
It looks like the front runner of the 2012 French Presidential elections, the socialist Francois Hollande, doesn't mind using motorcycle for getting around Paris.

Let's hope he doesn't forget how useful those things are after he becomes the Prez. But as usual, politicians have small memory banks.


7 October, 2011 - If Steve Jobs Ran A Motorcycle Company
Brammo Enertia Apple
What if Steve Jobs had not worked for Apple and designed so many gadgets we all love and covet? What if Steve Jobs had worked as CEO for a motorcycle manufacturer?

Which company would he have founded, and what kind of motorcycles would we be seeing?


3 October, 2011 - Getting Social With Famous Motorcycle Riders
twitter logo
FaceBook Logo
Social networking has become the buzz in the last years. Twitter, Facebook and even Google + has become the place to follow your friends, but also people you don't know. Or even further, famous people.

There are quite a lot of famous people who ride motorcycles (professionally, but also for leisure) who use social media to let you know what they are up to, what they are thinking.

Here's a list, not exhaustive, but growing, with all the social media addresses of famous motorcycle riding people I could find, plus those of companies and teams involved in the motorcycle world.


3 October, 2011 - France’s Minister of Sport: 1st Official Visit? A Motorcycle Race
David Douillet Enduro GP France
The recently appointed French Minister of Sports, former multiple world champion Judo David Douillet, went for his first official visit.... and it was to the world champion round of motorcycle enduro in France.

David, himself a passionate motorcycle rider, handed out the prizes and spent some time talking to enduro legend David Knight.

Not bad for a member of the government who do not like motorcycles. Wonder how much time he'll last?


27 September, 2011 - France: New Minister Appointed Who Loves Motorcycles
David Douillet
France has appointed a new Minister (of Sport, but who cares since he's in the main minister meetings) who loves motorcycles.

David Douillet is not only Minister of Sports, but is also the most decorated Judo athlete in the world, and an enormous passionate motorcycle rider.


6 September, 2011 - Being Notorious Is Not Fun
DSK Motorcycle Pack
Notorious and infamous Dominique Strauss-Kahn, aka DSK, is chased by a horde of wild camera-toting motorcycle riders, ie, photo journalists trying to get that exclusive photo all 100's of them want.

What a life... for all of them..


30 August, 2011 - Putin Rides Tri-Motorcycle, Nyet To ATGATT
Putin on Motorcycle not ATGATT
Video clip
Putin, Russia's supreme leader, is a real Man. He flies jet fighters, bombs rebels, and doesn't kiss babies....

... and he rides motorcycles without helmets. Why should he? Here he is on the campaign trail, riding a Harley with his buddies. There's even a video of him riding.


11 August, 2011 - Fernando Alonso’s Special Ducati/Schuberth Helmet
Schuberth Alsonso Ducati SR1 Helmet
Being a F1 double world champion brings some privileges, and it's not only the pretty girls. Fernando Alonso first got a Ducati superbike, and now Schuberth has made a customized SR1 helmet, including the Ducati logo to go along his motorcycle.

Is he using the bike, or is it gathering dust?


15 July, 2011 - Rudy Giuliani and Motorcycles
Rudy Giuliani motorcycle
Has sitting on a motorcycle become the latest "KISSING A BABY" for politicians?

Here's Rudy Giuliani sitting on a motorcycle. At least Sarah Palin had the guts to sit on one while in motion...


20 June, 2011 - Prince Charles On A Motorcycle - WTF?
Prince Charles On Motorcycle Not ATGATT
I never thought I'd see the man on a motorcycle. Okay, he's just sitting on one, not riding it, not even as a pillion, but to see him sitting on one of those iron machines that make a lot of noise is earth shattering.

Maybe he'll go ATGATT and sit on it as a pillion next time.


16 June, 2011 - Video: Jon Huntsman Presidential Ad Campaign - Motorcycle
Video clip
Jon Huntsman
I think we'll be seeing more of Jon Huntsman over here. The former US Ambassador to China is not only campaigning to become the Republican candidate for the 2012 American Presidential elections, but he's also a passionate motorcycle rider.

Here's his first campaign commercial, and it features a motorcycle ... exclusively.


6 June, 2011 - Ewan McGregor, A Motorcycle Sidecar And A Dog
Ewan McGregor Sidecar and Dog
Ewan McGregor bought a motorcycle sidecar. Not to transport his lovely wife, but to bring along his dog.

Any reason to go for a motorcycle ride is a good one, and bringing the dog for a ride is as good as it gets.


23 May, 2011 - Lorenzo Explains The Facts Of Life To Schumacher
Lorenzo and Schumacher
Jorge Lorenzo, reigning MotoGP World Champion and Spanish, visited his national Formula One race this weekend and hooked up with multiple World Champion F1 racer, Michael Schumacher.

It's at this stage I would have loved to be a fly on the wall....


19 May, 2011 - Randy de Puniet Gets Himself A Ducati Diavel Motorcycle
Randy de Puniet Ducati Diavel
Ducati logo
Randy de Puniet is a lucky man. Not because he crashed and survived the last MotoGP race, but because at the race he was given a Ducati Diavel power cruiser.

Let's hope this motorcycle stays intact.


26 April, 2011 - Sebastian Vettel, Current F1 World Champ Goes Motorcycle
Sebastian Vettel Marcus Walz Motorcycle
The need for speed lives in any Formula One car racer, and probably double so for World Champions.

Schumaker loves racing motorcycles, Kimi Raikonnen has a bad-ass chopper, and now current World Champion F1 Sebastian Vettel has ordered a chopper from the same designer for Kimi's chopper, Marcus Walz.

What is it that attracts F1 racers to the world of motorcycles?


17 January, 2011 - Sons of Anarchy: Katey Sagal Wins Best Supporting Actress
Sons of Anarchy Katey Sagal
Finally, one sign of recognition for the excellent TV series Sons of Anarchy. Leading, and excellent actress, Katey Sagal won the Golden Globe for Best Leading Actress.

Finally the motorcycle 1%-er gang TV series gets a real award. Now if only others would follow.


11 January, 2011 - Video: Aprilia Scarabeo Starring Holly Fields
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a nice TV ad for the Aprilia Scarabeo scooter starring Holly Fields.

Nicely done, a real story and some great music. A very anti-men ad... but funny...


22 November, 2010 - Top 20 Motorcycle Riding Celebs
Angelina Jolie on motorcycle
A list of the Top 20 celebrities that ride motorcycle that have had the most number of views on our site.

Some of them I have never heard off... strange.


11 November, 2010 - Doobie Brothers Hit The Road, Again
Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers)
Video clip
The legendary classic rock band from the 70's, The Doobie Brothers, and probably the "official motorcycle rider band", have released a new, and very impressive, album.

Most are new songs, and some old ones updated, are great to listen to for when you go out riding your motorcycle. Here's more info on their new album "Word Gone Crazy" and a video to their hit song "Nobody".



15 September, 2010 - The Pope Gets A Ducati Motorcycle
Pope Ducati
Ducati logo
Miracle! The Pope took delivery of two Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycles, painted in the Vatican colors.

Amazing. Unfortunately, he's not going to ride them, not even as a pillion. They're for the Vatican police.


8 September, 2010 - France: The President of France Also Rides A Motorcycle
President Sarkozy on a Piaggio
The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been spotted riding a Piaggio scooter during his summer holidays.

Despite the fact that he should be fined €135 and docked 3 points from his license, for not properly wearing his helmet, I think it's great news. Maybe he'll understand the joy we get from riding motorcycles, and leave us alone...


6 September, 2010 - Keira Knightley, Chanel and a Ducati Motorcycle
Keira Knightley Chanel ad
The beautiful and sexy English actress, Keira Knightley, is at this moment filming a new Chanel TV ad, riding a Ducati motorcycle, with matching leathers, helmet and boots (all designed by Chanel).

There's a TV ad I want to see...


30 August, 2010 - France: One Motorcycle Racing Minister
Christian Estrosi
Estrosi Race
Christian Estrosi, the current French Minister of Industry and Mayor of Nice, not only loves motorcycles (which is unusual for politicians), but he actually used to race them professionally, most notably in the MotoGP world.

He never won a MotoGP race, but did end up 2nd in the Bol d'Or, and even raced last year in the Legends race.

Now that's a Minister/politician after my own heart!


12 July, 2010 - Coma & Despres Re-Sign With KTM, Cyril Despres Gets Cool Gift
Cyril Despres and his KTM X Bow
Cyril Despres Winner Dakar 2010
Marc Coma and Cyril Despres extend their contract with KTM for another year.

Cyril Despres gets for winning the epic Dakar motorcycle rally, KTM's X-BOW car.

A car fitting a champion.....


21 June, 2010 - Ducati Motorcycle For F1 Racer
ducati desmosedici rr motorcycle fernando alonso
Ducati gave a very nice, and very expensive gift to the 2 times world champion Formula 1 Ferrari driver; Fernando Alonso.

I doubt that the Spanish F1 racer is a motorcycle rider, so a Ducati keychain would probably have been a better gift.

Am I jealous? What do you think!


15 June, 2010 - The Sultan Of Motorcycles
Sultan Ibrahim Ismail on a Harley motorcycle
Ibrahim Ismail is a real motorcycle rider. He loves riding his motorcycle, gathers & ride outs in groups, and is known for his many barroom brawls, party crashing and run-ins with the police.

In other words, he's a real biker.

Of yeah, he's also the Sultan (King)......


8 June, 2010 - Nicky Hayden And Watches
Tissot Nicky Hayden Limited Watch
Former world champ MotoGP, Nicky Hayden, has got a new Tissot watch named after him to celebrate the 2010 MotoGP season.

The limited edition Tissot watch is in his team's colors (therefore in red), and shows of Nicky's lucky number and star.


4 June, 2010 - Man Threatening To Kill Valentino Rossi Arrested
Valentino Rossi fiat yamaha
A man in Italy got arrested for threatening to kill Valentino Rossi.

Police raided the man's house, and found enough evidence to arrest him.


5 May, 2010 - Mickey Rourke To Play Sonny Barger
Mickey Rourke
Sonny Barger
Mickey Rourke is to play the Hells Angels' most famous biker, Sonny Barger, in an upcoming, yet to be announced Hollywood movie.

Rourke is ideally suited to play the role, and even looks like Sonny Barger.


2 April, 2010 - Michael Schumacher Back On A Motorcycle
Michael Schumacher On F1 Scooter Sepang
It looks like Michael Schumacher just can't get enough of motorcycles...

He's back on one, and even riding it with one hand... the daredevil..


25 March, 2010 - Arnold Schwarzenegger To Ride Electric Motorcycle?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Zero Motorcycles
Zero logo
Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger has a look at Zero, the American electric motorcycle manufacturer.

Now that Arnold has a proper motorcycle endorsement, he could even ride one....


8 March, 2010 - Marlon Brando Lands Motorcycle Marketing Deal
Brando Wild One
Triumph logo
Yes, I know he's dead and buried, but Marlon Brando did get a lucrative marketing deal with Triumph motorcycles.

Using his image from the 1953 movie, The Wild One, Triumph have a motorcycle leather jacket that looks like the one he had on in the movie...


1 February, 2010 - UK: Prince Charles Wants To Ride A Motorcycle
Prince Charles Motorcycle Mime
Here's Prince Charles, the crown prince of the United Kingdom, pretending to ride a motorcycle.

.... now for his next lessons....


30 November, 2009 - Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise Ride A Ducati Motorcycle, Together
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on a Ducati Motorcycle
A-list celebrities, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, were spotted together on a Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle while filming their latest movie "Knight & Day" in Spain.

Now, why is Cameron sitting as pillion, not as rider and Cruise as pillion??


26 November, 2009 - 1st President Of Europe Rides Motorcycles
The newly appointed president of Europe rides motorcycles!

Now isn't that good news....though he wanted a BMW but got a Vespa...


14 October, 2009 - Tate Replace Brooke Shields Photo With Brooke Shields And A Motorcycle
Local cops decided that a photo of a 10 year old Brooke Shields was too raunchy, so they ordered the Tate Gallery in the UK to take it down.

They replaced it with another one of the famous actress, but in this one she's standing next to a motorcycle.

Much better!! Much...


11 September, 2009 - Schumacher Back In The Motorcycle Saddle
Racing Article
German multiple world champion Formula One rider, Michael Schumacher, has been spotted training again on a Honda motorcycle in France.

Undeterred by a nasty accident recently, he's back in the saddle!


4 August, 2009 - Chris Vermeulen To Teach Prince Harry To Ride Motorcycle
MotoGP star Chris Vermeulen, after having seen UK Royal Prince Harry, ride a Triumph motorcycle with a Replica Vermeulen helmet, invited the Prince to Donington.

He also promised that he would give the young motorcycle-mad Royalty lessons in racing a motorcycle.

I hope Harry's mother has okayed it...


20 July, 2009 - President Aleksandr Lukashenko On A Harley Motorcycle
Video clip
The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, met up with some motorcycle riders, and not only did he go on the ride himself, he accepted a loaned Harley-Davidson motorcycle, placed his son in the front, and rode off.


16 July, 2009 - Frederic Mitterrand - French Minister of Culture
Frederic-Mitterrand on a scooter
Frederic Mitterrand has recently been appointed as the French Minister of Culture and Communication. On its own nothing to write home about.

But first of all he's the nephew of the former President (Francois Mitterrand and part of the opposition), and secondly, instead of driving in a limousine, he rides his scooter through Paris on his way to the Cabinet meeting...

Not bad...


23 June, 2009 - Megan Fox And A Ducati Motorcycle
Megan Fox on a motorcycle
Megan Fox
I was watching the idiot box, and saw an interview with sexy film star Megan Fox.

In the interview she admitted to having bought a Ducati 696. Cool I thought. Then she said she doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle.... but was learning.

Anyone want to take bets how long she'll live?


26 May, 2009 - Video: Alchemist - Catherine Zeta Jones
Video clip
A nice ad, that isn't an ad, since it's 7 minutes long. It's a mini-movie, starring Catherine Zeta Jones, a secret formula for shampoo and a lot of interesting motorcycle riding.

Zeta Jones is a James Bond character (even drives a James Bond sports car). Nice...


15 May, 2009 - Valentino Rossi Came For Coffee Yesterday
Valentino Rossi in Paris
Good old Valentino Rossi came over to France Yesterday for a cup of espresso.

Well, he was close enough for it. He was riding around on his R1 motorcycle in Paris. Apparently he got 5 speed radar photos taken...


27 April, 2009 - Suzuki Gives Jay Leno A GSX-R1000 Motorcycle
Jay Leno and his new Suzuki GSX-R1000
Suzuki logo
Good old Suzuki North America "gives" a free GSX-R1000 motorcycle to Jay Leno.

The gift is because he's done so much for motorcycles in the US. But here's a man richer than God, with more motorcycle in his garage than most big motorcycle dealers have in their showroom.....

Not fair... but good for him..


18 March, 2009 - Burt Munro’s Motorcycle Sold For Record Amount
Munro Velocette
One of Burt Munro's (remember the movie "The Fastest Indian"?) got sold at an auction for a record amount.

The Kiwi collector bought the 1936 Velocette motorcycle for N71,000!


17 March, 2009 - Here Is One Motorcycle Riding Royalty Who Gets It
Prince Laurent of Belgium on a motorcycle
Prince Laurent of Belgium likes to ride cars and motorcycles, and he does it very fast.

His latest statement to the press is a sideslapper: "the less time you are on the road, the less chance you have for an accident" !

No escaping that logic!


6 February, 2009 - Jeremy Clarkson Strikes Again
News Article
Opinion Article
Jeremy Clarkson is at it again, insulting the whole world and his dog. Nothing is sacred for him, and he might just have passed all levels of decency.

He called the UK Prime Minister a "Scottish one eye idiot", referring to Gordon Brown's handicap (he has only one eye). He also said it didn't matter if the French motorcycle stuntmen died, since they were only French. Further, he called his fans "apes".

His brand of "humor" is getting worse. He is very popular, and you should see his "prose" as entertainment, but these things just can't be said.


19 January, 2009 - Celebs And Motorcycle Racing Teams
Racing Article
With the financial crisis, many motorcycle racing teams are facing difficulties. One of the ways to save the teams, is when a celeb takes an interest.

Several celebs have done exactly that, and now Antonio Banderas is interested in creating a 125 and 250 cc racing team.

Looking good!


9 December, 2008 - Why I Love Angelina Jolie - One Explanation
Angelina Jolie on motorcycle
Mrs Angelina Jolie is very pretty, very sexy and a very good, if not great, actress. But that's not why I love her...

It's because for the 2nd year in a row, she's giving her hubby a motorcycle for his birthday!

That's my kind of a woman. And to think my birthday is this Friday.... SWMBO.. pay attention here!


13 October, 2008 - Jeremy Clarkson On A Motorcycle!
Jeremy Clarkson on a scooter
Famous and notorious Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted riding a motorcycle scooter!

On its own not much news, except for Jeremy's position and attitude towards motorcycles and scooters! He HATES them. But here he is riding one himself.


3 October, 2008 - Love Ride 25 - Anniversary Motorcycle Charity Ride
Love Ride 25 logo
This October the 26th sees the 25th and anniversary issue of the famous Love Ride motorcycle ride out for charity.

Presided by none other than Jay Leno, this year features many motorcycle riding celebs. All for a good cause!


23 September, 2008 - OCC Endorse McCain, Build Him A Motorcycle
Paul Teutul and John McCain
Paul Teutul from OCC made a surprise visit to John McCain.

OCC produced a special motorcycle for John McCain and presented it to him. The motorcycle came with free riding lessons... ;-))


8 September, 2008 - Prince Harry Gets Motorcycle License
News Article
UK Prince Harry has finally gotten his motorcycle license, although he has been seen riding motorcycle previously.

He finally went and got his precious piece of paper, since he and his older brother, Prince William, are planning to ride motorcycles through Africa (for charity).


2 September, 2008 - Review: Sons of Anarchy TV Series
Ron Perlman
A review of the new TV series that airs this September the 3rd in the USA called "Sons of Anarchy".

It's a very watchable TV series about a biker gang in the US. It's not meant for motorcycle diehards, it's for the general public. And in that, it's very good.

Drama and action.... centered around "criminals" that ride motorcycles. And no, don't compare it with the Sopranos, it's not that kind of series.


14 August, 2008 - Psst! Wanna Buy Schwarzenegger’s T2 Motorcycle?
Harley Motorcycle from Terminator 2 is a company that sells Hollywood movie stuff used in the movies.

They have an interesting collection of stuff, including the motorcycle used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator 2 movie.

If you've got US$25,000 lying around, it can be yours.


12 August, 2008 - George Clooney Escapes Hysterical Fan On Motorcycle
George Clooney riding away on his motorcycle from a fan
Hollywood actor George Clooney had a run in with an "older" female fan who went a bit nuclear with him. So George Clooney, while laughing, sped off on his motorcycle.


5 August, 2008 - John McCain Buys Motorcycle T-Shirt
John McCain at Sturgis
Kind of lame, but US Presidential candidate John McCain shows up at Sturgis and heads for the souvenir shop.

He does get brownie points for not showing up in chaps and leathers....


23 July, 2008 - Gerard Depardieu Launches Yamaha Motorcycle Dealership
Gerard Depardieu on a Yamaha motorcycle
Famous French A-list actor, Gerard Depardieu, has had his share of mishaps on motorcycles (partially due to his other business, that of wine making).

Now his keen passion leads him into another business venture: Depardieu is opening a mega Yamaha motorcycle dealership.

Let's hope he can keep both passions separated from now on.. for the sake of his customers.


18 July, 2008 - Celeb DUI: Will They Ever Learn
Guillaume Depardieu
French actor Guillaume Depardieu, son of famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, was found guilty, after having been stopped several times DUI on his motorcycle, for yet again drinking and riding.

This is obviously someone who doesn't learn. He has already lost one leg after a motorcycle accident, but still insists on riding after a few glasses of vodka.

He got two months (neither he nor his lawyer were present at the trial), but he plans to appeal (he probably doesn't think it's enough time in jail).


17 July, 2008 - King of Jordan Continues His Motorcycle Holidays
King Abdullah of Jordan
The coolest King of, ehh, Kingdoms, is by far Abdullah, King of Jordan.

He was spotted earlier this year riding his motorcycle in South Africa, and was spotted a few days ago riding with his son in Oregon, USA.

As seems to be his habit, his ride ends where most motorcycle rides end; at the local hamburger joint.

Now, isn't that cool...


19 May, 2008 - Niki Lauda On A Motorcycle
Niki Lauda on a motorcycle
After Michael Schumaker, it's Niki Lauda (former multiple world champion Formula One) who's taken to motorcycles.

Do you think these F1 drivers wouldn't have preferred to ride motorcycles instead of boring cars?


8 May, 2008 - If Only Warren Buffett Could Be Like Malcolm Forbes
Warren Buffett on a motorcycle
A rare photo of world's richest man on a motorcycle. However, he's not riding it....!!


2 May, 2008 - You Think You’ve Got A Lot Of Motorcycles? Try Him!
Fabio and his KTM motorcycle
Video clip
Does this guy have more motorcycles than God (Jay Leno). Well, he's got more than Brad Pitt, that's for sure.

It's photo model Fabio, and here's a video clip of his motorcycle garage, with 200 motorcycles!


29 April, 2008 - Brad Pitt’s New Shiny Orange Motorcycle
Brad Pitt on a motorcycle
A-list actor Brad Pitt has recently been seen on his new orange motorcycle. He's got so many motorcycles, that it merits a closer look at what he's got.

Here are 14 of them...


24 April, 2008 - German Chancellor Looking At BMW Motorcycles
Angela Merkel and a BMW motorcycle
The name Angela Merkel rarely is seen together with the word "motorcycle", so it's quite surprising to see both of them in one sentence.

Now, if only she'd ride one...


10 April, 2008 - George Clooney To Ride A Long Way Across
George Clooney and his motorcycle
George Clooney is planning to ride around Ireland this summer on his motorcycle.

No dates, itinerary, companions or motorcycle brands are known, but Clooney does know that it's going to rain in Ireland....

Long Way Across??


8 April, 2008 - Video: Honda Motorcycles Featuring John Travolta
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a rare TV ad for Honda motorcycles featuring none other than John Travolta.

A "feel good" ad...


25 March, 2008 - Video: Bajaj Ad With Charlie Chan
Click to see the Video clip
Bajaj have some interesting TV ads.

Here's one starring none other than Jackie Chan...


20 March, 2008 - Mel Gibson To Star In Motorcycle Movie
Mel Gibson on a motorcycle
Mel Gibson is in the process of making a biker movie. Called "Under and Alone", it's the true story of Billy Queen, an undercover ATF agent who infiltrated the Mongols during the 90's.

Sounds like "Beyond the Law" with Charlie Sheen.... but who cares, it's probably a good movie...


19 March, 2008 - John Kerry Rides The Vectrix, Forgets His Helmet
John Kerry on a Vectrix scooter
Senator (and ex-Presidential candidate) John Kerry is a motorcycle lover, we probably all know that.

He recently gave the electric Vectrix a twirl, but in the process forgot his helmet, despite a mandatory helmet law in the state.


17 March, 2008 - Brad Pitt To Have Private Motorcycle Race Track?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the BMW motorycles
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are about to buy a new home in the South of France. Initially their dealer breaker had been reached, but the local council finally approved their plans, so now the couple is buying the house.

The deal breaker? Brad Pitt wanted to build a private motorcycle race circuit on his grounds! The man has got all the fun: looks, beautiful woman, rich, famous and a private motorcycle race track.


29 February, 2008 - Prince Harry Having Fun In Afghanistan On Motorcycle
Prince Harry on motorcycle in Afghanistan
UK royalty, Prince Harry, may have lost his cover (he was spotted fighting for the British Army in Afghanistan), but he's a lucky man.

Not only did he manage to escape an injuries in the fighting, but he also found this old Honda motorcycle, which with the help of some army buddies they managed to get running...


25 February, 2008 - Motorcycles, Cigars, Celebs and Smelling Good
Ewan McGregor and Davidoff Adventure perfume
Video clip
Famous actor and motorcycle adventure rider, Ewan McGregor, has been hired for a series of commercials for famous cigar maker, Davidoff.

Davidoff's fragrance for men is called "Adventure", so it's a product that will fit Ewan McGregor.

Here's the TV ad and a print ad.


25 February, 2008 - Maria Sharapova Wins Motorcycle! But She Doesn’t Ride!
So, she can play tennis.

So, she wins a motorcycle!

So... she doesn't ride one. For sale... check eBay soon!


21 February, 2008 - DiCaprio Films Akira: Cartoon To Big Screen Motorcycle
Akira movie
Leonardo DiCaprio is going to direct his first feature movie, and it's based on the Japanese manga (animation), Akira.

This is going to be fun, since Akira is a sci-fi, and the main character rides around on this very futuristic motorcycle.


20 February, 2008 - The King, My Man!
King Abdullah II on his motorcycle
Here's THE Man!

King Abdullah II of Jordan flies to Cape Town, South Africa in his private Airbus A340, rolls out one of his Harley's, goes for a ride in the beautiful countryside, ends up at a local restaurant and orders a hamburger.

How cool is that? OK, apart from flying his Airbus and his many motorcycles, his gorgeous wife, he's just like one of us....


15 February, 2008 - Rock Store: The Movie
Rock Store movie poster
A documentary has been produced about the legendary motorcycle hang-out in California; the Rock Store.

A place where you can find famous and not so famous motorcycle riders, admiring each other's motorcycles. Started in 1961 by Ed and Vern, Mulholland Highway would never be the same again.


11 February, 2008 - Long Way Down Take 2: Royal Trip
Prince William
The two British Royals, Prince William and Prince Harry are planning to ride through Africa for a HIV/Aids charity.

After seeing Long Way Down, the two thought it's a great idea to do a motorcycle charity ride.


1 February, 2008 - Cyril Despres In Dakar Anyway
Cyril Despres logo
Again, Cyril Despres shows that he's human, not a money & glory hound. He had an appointment at the Lac Rose (final stage for the Dakar rally) to fulfill his obligations to the Fabrizio Meoni Foundation and to inaugurate a 2nd school.

And that's exactly what he did. not on his KTM motorcycle, but he went there nevertheless.


28 January, 2008 - Russell Crowe On His OCC Chopper
Russel Crowe on his motorcycle
Actor Russel Crowe gets another motorcycle for his collection; an Orange County Chopper.

He didn't strike me as being a OCC kind-of-a-guy....


21 January, 2008 - Sir Elton John Donates 120 Motorcycles
Sir Elton John
Riders for Healthlogo
Sir John donated 120 motorcycles to an African medical charity - Riders for Health -, allowing for doctors to ride to their patients.



18 January, 2008 - Oh Gawd! Posers!
Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone ride motorcycles
David Letterman rides a motorcycle
Give me patience with some of these "motorcycle riding" celebrities!

Get a real hobby, not a fashion statement!


13 December, 2007 - New Biker Flick Taking Shape
Hell Ride movie scene
Tarantino's new movie, Hell Ride, is a real biker movie.

Starring Larry Bishop (who wrote and is directing the movie), Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen. The first shots from the movie have appeared.

The movie will be released in 2008. Looks promising...


19 November, 2007 - Buy Valentino Rossi’s Helmet: Charity
Valentino Rossi's helmet
Dainese logo
Dainese and Valentino Rossi are auctioning off the AGV helmet Rossi had on at the Mugello MotoGP last June.

Not only can you win his helmet, but it will be personally handed over by Rossi himself. The proceeds go to charity.

Bidding starts this Thursday.


13 November, 2007 - Bruce Springsteen Auctions Off His Motorcycle
Bruce Springsteen and his Harley motorcycle
The latest celebrity fad seems to be that they are auctioning off their motorcycles for charity.

After Bob and McConaughey, it's the turn of Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen. US$ 85,000 for his Harley... not bad..


31 October, 2007 - Bono’s Ducati Motorcycle Up For Auction
Bono signing his Ducati
You can own the Ducati motorcycle belonging to Bono (and previously to the late INXS singer, Michael Hutchence and by the other U2 member Adam Clayton).

The Ducati 916 is being auctioned off at the Birmingham NEC show (UK) end next month.

The money raised goes to the Riders for Health charity organization.


8 October, 2007 - Norifumi "Norick" Abe Dies In Stupid Traffic Accident
Norifumi 'Norick' Abe
Norifumi "Norick" Abe, the talented Japanese motorcycle racer, died Sunday in a stupid traffic accident while riding his 500 cc motorcycle.

Norick was 32.


3 October, 2007 - Steve Tyler Launches Red Wing Motorcycles
Steve Tyler and Red Wing Motorcycles
Rock and Roll legend Steve Tyler from Aerosmith has launched a custom motorcycle company called Red Wing Motorcycles.

Based on Harley-Davidson engines, you can now buy one of these hand made motorcycles, signed by Steve Tyler.


10 September, 2007 - Prime Minister Of France On A Motorcycle
French Prime Minister Francois Fillon tries out a French Gendarme's motorcycle
The French Prime Minister Francois Fillon tries out a French Gendarme's motorcycle.

Just sits on it, but it's a first step...


10 September, 2007 - President Of Brazil On A Motorcycle
Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on a OCC chopper motorcycle
Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva decides to sit on a motorcycle.

Earth shocking news! Next step... start the engine...

Bush, take note!


22 August, 2007 - License Plate For Paris Hilton
Swarovski crystal license plate
Here are the perfect license plates for Paris Hilton's pink motorcycle.

If she ever decides to ride the bike...


21 August, 2007 - Harry Potter Can’t Ride A Motorcycle
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in the successful movies, is filming a new movie called "My Boy Jack".

In this movie he's supposed to ride a motorcycle, but couldn't do it. So with some screen magic, they managed to make him "ride".



15 August, 2007 - Church Condemns Valentino Rossi For Tax Evasion
News Article
The Vatican have stated that they believe that Valentino Rossi is guilty of tax invasion.

They do not want a trial, but plan for an inquisition. Rossi to burned at the stake!


5 August, 2007 - Dynamic Duo Arrive Safe! Not Eaten By Natives!
Long Way Down Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman managed to arrive safely in South Africa after their Long Way Down ride through Africa.

They were not eaten, captured, thrown in prison or anything else unpleasant (apart from some mosquito bites).


18 July, 2007 - Milla Jovovich, BMW and Resident Evil 3
Milla Jovovich, BMW K1200R motorcycle and Resident Evil 3
BMW logo
Here's another photo of the BMW K1200R motorcycle used for the movie Resident Evil 3, but this time there's also Milla Jovovich, the star of the movie.


9 July, 2007 - Rwanda Militia Threaten McGregor
News Article
The Dynamic Duo, actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, are being threatened by Rwanda militia to stop their motorcycle trip through Africa, or face consequences.

The militia, who are known to have practiced cannibalism, may just stop their motorcycle journey.


5 July, 2007 - Max Biaggi To The Dark Side?
Max Biaggi and his DTM Audi
It looks like Max Biaggi is sniffing at changing from 2 to 4 wheels.

He'll be driving an Audi A4 at the Mugello DTM races on July 13 and 14. So maybe he'll go over to the dark side of motorsports as well.


15 June, 2007 - Long Way Down Duo Uses Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman with a Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman did not opt for a classical motorcycle GPS, like a TomTom or Garmin.

Instead, they got the latest (and not yet available) Nokia 6110 mobile phone with integrated GPS.

Where there any maps for Africa on it... that's the big question.


4 June, 2007 - Something Strange Going On Here! Who Is Truthful?
Richard Branson on a motorcycle with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman
While we're all under the impression that actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman are on the way to South Africa riding their motorcycles through Africa, undergoing whatever hardships they encounter, the real truth is probably very far away.

According to the BBC's page, the journey's blog states the pair (and their support crew) are in Libya in a major sandstorm (June 3rd).

But AP News have filed photos of the two actors with Richard Branson in Nairobi, Kenya (thousands of miles South) enjoying a moment with some small motorcycles. Dateline: June 3rd!!

How can they be at different places at the same time??? Who is kidding who here ??


9 May, 2007 - Long Way Down - McGregor/Boorman Ride Again
Boorman and McGregor
Film stars Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor are at it again!

They're about to set off on a long journey on their BMW motorcycles. London to South Africa!

As with the Long Way Round, they'll be filmed, so expect a book and a TV series next year.


1 May, 2007 - Dutch Crown Prince Gets A Harley Motorcycle
Prince Willem-Alexander
The Dutch Crown Prince, Willem-Alexander, received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on his 40th birthday.

The gift was from Harley-Davidson themselves! All that because he joked about a mid life crisis at 40.

Pays to be a Royalty.


24 April, 2007 - Video: Nicky Hayden Ads
Video clip inside
Usually celebrities "sell" themselves for TV ads, suing their name and face to promote products. MotoGP stars are no exception, neither is Nicky Hayden.

But his latest publicity for Michelin has got to be one of the worst I've seen. Here are a couple of his ads.

My advice: Fire his manager!


30 March, 2007 - Win At Tennis, Win a Harley Motorcycle
I guess winning big bucks is not enough to entice the top tennis players.

Winning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle seems to do the trick.

Wonder how quick we'll see it on eBay ?


12 March, 2007 - Rossi’s Salary: Worth It?
Racing Article
There's no dispute that Valentino Rossi is a genius on 2 wheels, but is he worth his salary of €22.8 million per year? Have a look at the other top 10 sportsmen (sorry, no sportswomen in the top 10) and see what they earned last year.


7 February, 2007 - Wild Hogs Promotion: Travolta Riding Motorcycle
William Macy (L), John Travolta (C) and Tim Allen ride motorcycles
Actors William Macy, John Travolta and Tim Allen where in Atlanta promoting their new movie Wild Hogs.

They did it by riding around on motorcycles.

No stuntmen involved !


30 January, 2007 - King Abdullah II Buys A Confederate Hellcat
Confederate Hellcat motorcycle
King Abdullah II of Jordan has taken procession of his US$ 70,000 Confederate Hellcat motorcycle.

A keen and passionate motorcycle rider, the King sees his motorcycle stable growing.


18 January, 2007 - Dakar Stars and Their Websites
Cyril Despres Website
Even the Dakar motorcycle stars have their own websites.

Some very good, some with a blog, or some with a forum in which they themselves participate.

Have a look at the sites.


16 January, 2007 - Ricky Carmichael To The Dark Side (too)
Ricky Carmichael
With a possible move by Rossi to cars, with Travis Pastrana moving to cars, now it's the turn of Ricky Carmichael.

He has signed a multi-year deal with MB2 allowing him to race in the NASCAR series. He'll still race motorcycle this year, but not the full program.

One more good guy who has moved to the dark side !


5 January, 2007 - Video: Movie Preview: Wild Hogs
Video clip inside
The previously announced movie, Wild Hogs, is getting close to release. Here the preview of the movie, starring Martin Lawrence, John Travolta and Tim Allen. Actually, it looks kind of funny...


21 December, 2006 - Canadian PM Doesn’t Want To Ride Bitch
Stephen Harper
The Canadian Prime Minister has declared that it is bad for his image to ride pillion on his wife's Yamaha motorcycle.

Sexist ?? You tell me.


19 December, 2006 - Ewan McGregor Plans 2 More Long Way Trips
News Article
Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor are planning two more TV series on their motorcycles. The Long Way Down starts next year, followed by the Long Way Up.


1 December, 2006 - Travis Pastrana To The Dark Side
Travis Pastrana
Travis Pastrana has signed a three year deal with Subaru, the dark side of the force....


21 September, 2006 - Richard Hammond in Critical Condition
Richard Hammond
Celeb TV presenter (Top Gear, Brainiac) and MCN reporter, crashed his jet car at 300 mph, and is in serious condition in the hospital.


17 August, 2006 - Rare Sight - Bush On A Motorcycle
President Bush on a Harley motorcycle
A photo of President George Bush on a Harley motorcycle, while visiting the Harley factory.

He even managed to start the engine, under applause .....


11 August, 2006 - Video: The Travis Pastrana Double Back-Flip
Video clip inside
Even if you're not a freestyle fan, the Travis Pastrana double back-flip will not let you cold. Here's the video clip of him doing it the very first time ! Pretty incredible !


26 July, 2006 - Real Motorcycle Riding Politician
Prime Minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu
Prime Minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu is a real biker. We've already featured him on our site.

Now, he's had an accident. Hope he'll not stop riding !


7 July, 2006 - Governator Finally Gets Motorcycle License
News Article
Good old Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has finally passed and gotten his motorcycle license.

Now he can ride his Harley officially, and maybe not crash it. I wonder if he took lessons ?


22 June, 2006 - Rossi To Continue in WRC
Racing Article
Rossi may have said "No" to Ferrari F1, but he's still going to race a car in the New Zealand rally in November. It may not be a Ferrari, but it has 4 wheels (most of the time) and it goes fast !


21 June, 2006 - What Is It With Motorcycles and the Hilton Sisters?
Nicky Hilton on a motorcycle
Why is it that there's always one of the Hilton sisters, this time Nicky, posing on a motorcycle ??

It's not like they're motorcycle riders !


15 June, 2006 - Has There Been Only One Motorcycle Accident ?
Opinion Article
Just because one, famous American football player (Ben Roethlisberger) has had a motorcycle accident, the media has not stopped writing about it for days. It is totally overshadowing all other stories. Get a life !!


6 June, 2006 - Sebastien Loeb to go KTM Motorcycles
Sebastien Loeb and his KTM motorcycle
Double WRC World Champion Sebastien Loeb is seen in this photo on his brand new KTM motorcycle.

Is he going to do a reverse Rossi and join the world of 2 wheels ??


5 May, 2006 - Playboy’s PMOY 2006 Gets Motorcycle
Kara Monaco, Playboy's PMOY 2006 and her motorcycle
Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Year 2006 (PMOY), Kara Monaco, received a motorcycle as one of her prizes.

Too bad she doesn't ride motorcycles.


13 April, 2006 - Tom Cruise/Triumph Scrambler/Mission Impossible 3
Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle
Tom Cruise is starring in the latest episode of Mission Impossible, riding a Triumph Scrambler. This is the 2nd time the motorcycle is starring in a big product movie.

Guess what the other one was...


6 April, 2006 - Another Motorcycle Riding Politician - Romania
Prime Minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu on a motorcycle
Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Prime Minister of Romania, riding his motorcycle.

Good or bad ??


11 January, 2006 - Most Popular Motorcycles Movies
Statistics Article
The final statistics, this time from the Motorcycles in the Movies database, and the Celebrities that ride Motorcycles list. Top 5 movies and top 10 celebrities.


9 January, 2006 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Bites The Dust
Arnold Schwarzenegger on a Harley motorcycle
Arnold "the Terminator" Schwarzenegger had a motorcycle accident yesterday. He's had 15 stiches.

The car driver who Arnold crashed into can now say "that he gave Arnold a fat lip!".


29 December, 2005 - Stars In The Dakar Race - Good or Bad ?
BMW Dome Motorcycle Team - Charley Boorman
Is it a good thing that celeb Charley Boorman is racing in the Dakar race this year ?? Or is it a bad thing ?

Your opinion is sought.


19 November, 2005 - Arnold Schwarzenegger + Jackie Chan Riding Motorcycles
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan Riding Motorcycles
A photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan riding motorcycles in a promotion movie to stop DVD piracy.


18 November, 2005 - Paris Hilton Gets A Pink Motorcycle
Paris Hilton and her pink motorcycle
Paris Hilton is given a $250,000 motorcycle; just because it's pink and shiny!

Why ????


16 November, 2005 - Silvio Berlusconi Thinking About His First Love
Silvio Berlusconi and a Scooter
A candid photo of Silvio Berlusconi.


20 October, 2005 - Celebrity Motorcycle Trips
Fun Article
Actors Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman and Jude Law are planning to follow on Che Guevara's footsteps (motorcycle tracks).


6 October, 2005 - Schwarzenegger Taking It Easy On His Motorcycle
Schwarzenegger on his motorcycle
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is spotted riding his Indian Motorcycle in Malibu.


19 August, 2005 - Valetino Rossi’s Autobiography

Amazon USA

Amazon UK
Valentino Rossi's autobiography is available now; end of the month.


19 August, 2005 - Fight About RTW Motorcycle Record
Nick Sanders and his Yamaha R1 Motorcycle
Kevin and Julia Sanders
A fight has broken out about who is the fastest RTW motorcycle rider.


17 August, 2005 - Supercross: The Movie & World 1st Motorcycle Drive-in
News Article
The premiere of the movie "Supercross" was held at world's first motorcycle drive-in movie theater !


14 July, 2005 - Sir Anthony Hopkins A Real Biker ?
Anthony Hopkins
Sir Anthony Hopkins is finishing filming a movie about the life of Burt Munro, the famous New Zealand biker.


4 May, 2005 - F1 Drivers on KTM Motorcycles
Christian Klein, David Coultard and Vitantonio Liuzzi. on KTM Motorcycles
The three Red Bull Formula One drivers get each a KTM Supermoto motorcycle.


29 April, 2005 - German Prime Minister On A Motorcycle
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on a BMW Motorcycle
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on a BMW Motorcycle.


12 April, 2005 - White Knights Ride - Great Motorcycle Initiative
White Knights Ride motorcycle route
A group of royalty, politicians & businessmen ride through Russia on their motorcycles for charity !


11 March, 2005 - German PM Looks Into Motorcycle Wireless Helmets
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
A photo of the German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, with a Bluetooth helmet.


9 February, 2005 - Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman - Motorcycling through Africa
News Article
Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman want to ride Africa on their motorcycles - Long Way Round take 2.


8 December, 2004 - Politician Merchandising
(c) AP Photo/Denver Post, John Epperson
One famous US politician is planning to trade on his name with motorcycle gear.


26 October, 2004 - Motorcycles for Small People
Pagsta Choppa
A look a Pagsta, a motorcycle manufacturer for small people.


30 July, 2004 - McGregor and Boorman Arrive in New York
Actors Ewan McGregor, right, and Charley Boorman ride into Battery Park in lower Manhattan
Actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman arrived from their 20,000 mile around the world trip. Hoora!


29 June, 2004 - Celeb Bites The Dust On A Motorcycle, Again & Again
French actor Gerard Depardieu
French actor, Gerard Depardieu fell from his motorcycle, again!


31 May, 2004 - Pres. Bush Greets Motorcyclists At The White House
US President George W. Bush greets Artie Muller
Pres Bush greets bikers at the white house lawn.


28 May, 2004 - Want To Buy A Motorcycle Signed By Pres George W. Bush ??
News Article
A motorcycle goes on sale at eBay signed by George W Bush.


11 May, 2004 - Bad Start For Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman are detained in Ukraine on their Round The World Trip.


7 May, 2004 - Playboy’s Playmate of the Year Wins Kawasaki Motorcycle
Carmelle DeCesare on her Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycle
Carmelle deCesare, Playboy's Playmate of the Year 2004, wins a motorcycle.


8 March, 2004 - John Kerry Still Riding Motorcycles - Police Bike
Sen. John Kerry on a Police motorcycle
Photo of John Kerry on a Police BMW Motorcycle.


9 February, 2004 - Harley suing Shaquille O’Neal over Motorcycle
Shaquille O'Neal
Harley Davidson dealer in Florida is suing Shaquille O'Neal over nonpayment...


20 January, 2004 - Ewan McGregor Around the World Motorcycle Ride
Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman plan a round the world motorcycle ride....


22 December, 2003 - William (Wild Bill) Gelbke, Motorcycle Designer
William (Wild Bill) Gelbke designs very special motorcycles....


12 November, 2003 - Desperate Attempt to Become President
John Kerry on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
In attempt to entice voters president hopeful John Kerry arrived on a motorcycle at Jay Leno's TV show...


10 November, 2003 - Rossi to Yamaha - Confirmed
Racing Article
Yamaha logo
It's confirmed!


22 October, 2003 - Michael Jordan to Market Motorcycle Gear
Michael Jordan
The famed Michael Jordan rides a motorcycle, has a team and is launching motorcycle clothing.


17 September, 2003 - Rossi to Swap with Bayliss ?
Racing Article
A very strong rumor is going around that Rossi may swap teams with Bayliss in next season's MotoGP.....


21 July, 2003 - UPDATE-King Albert II of Belgium Heads the Motorcycle Parade
The popular King Albert II of Belgium celebrated his 10th anniversary with a motorcycle parade...


26 June, 2003 - Swedish Woman to Climb Mt. Everest on a Motorcycle
A Swedish woman is going to attempt to climb the Mt. Everest on a Motorcycle.....


26 June, 2003 - John Kerry, Presidential Candidate Campaigns on a Motorcycle
John Kerry


17 June, 2003 - Politicians Take to their Harley Motorcycles
Two politicians take to their Harley Motorcycles to support a law.


13 June, 2003 - Pres. Bush Jr. Tries a Two Wheeler
President Bush Jr. tries a new Segway two wheeler...


25 May, 2003 - The Valentino Rose
A yellow rose has been created and named after the MotoGP worldchampion


11 May, 2003 - Gerard Depardieu crashes bike (again)


18 March, 2003 - Another Star Bites the Dust (physically)


18 March, 2003 - Valentino Rossi pays tribute to Sheene



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