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11 November, 2014 - 2014 Eicma A Recording Breaking Success
EICMA logo
#Eicma #Exhibitions #Statistics - Another record breaking Eicma exhibition edition this year. Again attendance broke all records, the number of companies exhibition increased and the professional attendees did the business they were hoping to do. And the dates for the 2015 edition are known as well.


5 November, 2014 - Eicma 2014 Question - From The Other Side Of The Internet
Feedly Eicma Articles
EICMA logo
#Eicma #Exhibition - When is too much, too much? Being for the first time on the other side of the of the internet, in my sickbed following what was happening at Eicma, I realize that I was drowning. Yes, partially from the sweat from my high fever, but also from all the articles and photos. But what about you????? Is the coverage of Eicma too heavy, too much, or can you not get enough?


3 November, 2014 - Oh, About That Eicma Exhibition - My Trip Is Cancelled
ATGATT wrong for drinking
EICMA logo
#Eicma #Exhibitions - Sorry folks, I'm having to cancel my trip to Eicma, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. I'm halfway there, but am running a 39°C fever, so I'm turning around, and heading back home.


9 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: And Finally, 40 Girls and 0 Guys
Girl Eicma 2013
Girl Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Girls - The last article about any motorcycle show is always the stand/demo girls (also known as Demo Dollies). And as is the case almost every year, there are no Stand Dudes (although I was correct by a colleague, Ducati apparently had some male models pushing bikes around).

So here are 40 girls who graced the motorcycle stands at Eicma 2013.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Odds, Ends and Weird Stuff
Husqvarna Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Weird #Strange - Here is some of the weird, odd and strange stuff I saw walking the hallways of Eicma 2013.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Some Of The Electric Motorcycles and Scooters
Govecs Eicma 2013
Solingo Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Electric - More and more electric motorcycles and scooters are to be seen at Eicma. Here are a couple of them.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: SkyTeam Motorcycles
SkyTeam Eicma 2013
SkyTeam Eicma 2013
#SkyTeam #Monkey - I had seen a strange looking motorcycle when visiting Milan the weekend before Eicma and then found that manufacturer at Eicma. Named Skyteam they make small motorcycles, and one of them is a beauty.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: New, But Does Not Look It - Bylot Motorcycles
Bylot Eicma 2013
Bylot Eicma 2013
#Bylot #Eicma #Vintage - It is nice to see startups at Eicma. This is Italian Bylot who is making new vintage scramblers. Very nicely done.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Yamaha And Their Relationship With The Press
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Eicma #Oliepeil - Yamaha have not understood how to deal with the motorcycle press. They just do not understand. Here are two cases in which Yamaha could have dealt with things in a mature and professional way, instead of childish.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Police Seize Counterfeit Scooters - Again
Eicma Scooter Imitations Seized
#Eicma #Counterfeit #Vespa - Yet again, the Italian Financial Police raided the Eicma exhibition and seized 11 scooters from 7 different manufacturers because they were imitation Vespas.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Brough Superior S.S.100 Motorcycle - Spectacular!
Brough Superior SS 100 Eicma 2013
Brough Superior SS 100 Eicma 2013
#BroughSuperior #Eicma #SS100 - For me, one of the most beautiful and impressive motorcycles on show at Eicma was the rebirth of the Brough Superior S.S. 100. Amazing to see this mythical bike back in business.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Finished, On My Long Way Home With Lots Of Stuff
House Moving On A Moped
#Eicma #Documentation #Funny - Eicma 2013 is finished, and as usual, I'll be returning with much more weight than when I arrived here.

So this is what it will look like when I ride home tomorrow:


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Vectrix Electric Scooter VT-1
Vectrix Eicma 2013
Vectrix logo
#Vectric #Eicma #Electric - I stumbled upon Vectrix, makers of electric scooters and had a look at the VT-1 scooter, with up to three replaceable batteries. Here's what I saw.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Husqvarna 701 Prototype
Husqvarna 701 Eicma 2013
Husqvarna logo
#Husqvarna #Eicma #Prototype - Husqvarna has not been standing still after their take-over. Maybe because KTM is very active, or maybe there was stuff already on the drawing boards, but at Eicma 2013, Husqvarna presented a very special looking prototype.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Kawasaki Motorcycle Press Conference
Kawasaki Eicma 2013
Kawasaki logo
#Kawasaki #Eicma #J300 #Z1000 - Kawasaki launched their much anticipated J300 scooter, and their new Z1000 motorcycle.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Short Video Of Honda Motorcycle Launch
Honda logo
#Honda #Eicma #Video - Most of you will never have the chance of seeing a press conference and a new motorcycle launch, particularly from one of world's biggest manufacturers.

Honda did an extremely good press conference (a first), and I quickly taped one of the launches with my iPhone. So the quality is not super, but you'll get an idea how it goes.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Launch
Zero SR Eicma 2013
Zero logo
#Zero #Electric #Eicma - Zero, an American electric motorcycle manufacturer, decided to launch their latest electric motorcycle, the SR, at Eicma. Here is how it went.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Honda Motorcycles Press Conference
Honda Eicma 2013
Honda logo
#Honda #Eicma - Honda made the best press presentation EVER. No financials, no longer self-glorifying speeches, just motorcycles, lots of them. BRAVO HONDA.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Ducati Press Conference - New Motorcycles
Ducati Eicma 2013
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Eicma - Ducati was one of the motorcycle manufacturers who was holding press conferences in Milan downtown, making us crisscross through town. BASTA.

Here is an impression of the conference and the new motorcycles.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Motorcycles and Helmets, But No Helmet Like This
Manly Watermelon Motorcycle Helmet
#Eicma #Helmets #Funny - Start of my marathon today, running around all the stands of Eicma, not for nothing world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. Hopefully more articles will be published by me today, but I do not know when.


4 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: MV Agusta Toursimo Veloce 800 Presentation
MV Agusta Tourismo Veloce 800
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta opened the mad rush of press conferences here at Eicma, or actually at Milan. Here's a view of their new touring motorcycle.


4 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Get Your Program, Get Your Program
#Eicma #Exhibition - Here is the press conferences schedule for Eicma, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. It's going to be very, very, very, busy.


31 October, 2013 - On My Way To Milan For Some Culture - Eicma 2013
On The Way To Ballet
#Eicma #Milan - I am off to Milan for the Eicma motorcycle exhibition. I am leaving early, and spending the weekend there with my SWMBO for a weekend of culture :-)


28 October, 2013 - What To Expect At EICMA 2013 - World’s Biggest Motorcycle Expo
Eicma 2013 Poster
#Eicma #Exhibition #Motorcycles - One more week and world's biggest motorcycle exhibition opens its doors. Here is what you can expect, and here is what you can do to see what is happening.


9 November, 2012 - EICMA 2012: On My Way - Here Is How To Follow
Eicma 2012 Poster
World's biggest motorcycle exhibition, the Milan, Italy EICMA will start Monday afternoon. It's an enormous event, with thousands of exhibitors showing off their latest motorcycles, accessories and clothing. Although press days are Tuesday and Wednesday, Monday will see two major press events; Ducati and Honda. Both have planned big events, Ducati at the fair's conference center, Honda in Milan itself.

As usual, I'll be there to cover this incredible event, armed with cameras, computers and smartphone. I've currently left my house in Normandy and making the long journey over to Milan with a stopover at Paris. I'll be back late Thursday.

Since press days are usually packed with press conferences back-to-back, with no room to even have lunch, it's going to be difficult to write up articles after each event. But I will be using my smartphone to upload interesting photos to my social media accounts. So while I'll be looking at the new motorcycles (and pretty demo girls), I'll have a few articles appear which I've programmed in advance so that you'll not find an empty space on this site. We'll keep you amused..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 November, 2012 - Eicma2012: What To Expect
Italy flag
A few more days and world's biggest motorcycle exhibition and fair opens its doors in Milan, Italy. Eicma as it is known is enormous, with more halls than you can imagine, more manufacturers, more stands and more visitors than anywhere else.

The annual event draws every major and minor motorcycle manufacturer and accessory maker in the world to show off their gear to thousands of journalists and visitors. So what can we expect to see? Well for one, as usual Eicma is FUBAR since they have not released the press conference schedules, so we do not know who will be presenting what. Which is normal for the Italian organization, they'll probably release it the day after the show has closed. So we'll just guess our ways...

But here's our guesstimates...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Wrap Up
Eicma 2011 Moto Guzzi Royal Hashemite Court
Eicma 2011 Victory Arlen Ness Vision Tour
This is the final article on Eicma, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. 500,00 visitors made it an enormous success.

Here's a photographic impression of the show, all the motorcycle that caught my eye.

See you next year...


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: 91 Pretty Girls and 3 Handsome Guys - Part 2
Girls of Eicma 2011
Girls of Eicma 2011
Here is the second part of the pretty & sexy girls of Eicma, and for the girls, the last three are guys. A total of 49 photos.

That's it for me for this year for the Eicma 2011 motorcycle exhibition. It's been a very tough one, lots of press conferences crammed into a too small time frame, not enough space to work and pretty bad management. But at least the pretty girls made up for it. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it... right?

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Eicma; next motorcycle exhibition is at the end of the month in Paris, France.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: 91 Pretty Girls and 3 Handsome Guys - Part 1
Girls of Eicma 2011
Girls of Eicma 2011
The only reason we go to motorcycle exhibitions like Eicma is not to see the new motorcycles and scooters, or all the new equipment, but to see the demo dollies, the stand hostess and in general, all the pretty girls.....or at least, that's what a lot of people think.

Every year, the motorcycle exhibitions try to outdo each other with the prettiest and sexiest demonstration girls, and this year at Eicma was a bumper year.

There was one motorcycle manufacturer who realizes that woman are an important market, and as such had several "handsome" guys sitting on motorcycles, and the company is Honda. So for the ladies, I've included in part two, three photos of guys.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Police Confiscate Motorcycles
Eicma Police Remove Piaggio Rip Offs
Eicma Police Remove Piaggio Rip Offs
The Chinese manufacturers are known to rip-off copies of almost anything under the sun, and fake motorcycles are the norm there. But they are becoming more and more brazen about their rip-offs, so much so that they actually tried to market their fake Piaggio MP3 scooters at Eicma.

Piaggio pressed charges during the Eicma exhibition, and the police came and took away the fake models.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: And The Prize For The Worst Product..
Eicma 2011 Helmet Visor Wiper
Eicma is an incredible motorcycle exhibition, with 1000's of products on display. It's motorcycle porn to an extreme, and you could stay there for days and still not see all the products.

Many products are incredible, and would be great at home, but you'll also find some products that you go .. gulp... Here's one.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Demonstrating The MotoAirBag - The Video
Video clip
MotoAirBag logo
I showed you a photo earlier on how the folks at MotoAirBag demonstrated an airbag jacket for motorcycle riders. Quite an unconventional approach.

I returned to their stand, and asked for another demonstration, but this time I made a short video. They used a demo-girl from another stand as the unsuspected victim... poor girl.

Here's the video on how to demonstrate a motorcycle airbag jacket.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: The Electric Motorcycles
Eicma 2011 Electric Volta
Eicma 2011 Electric Zero
Every year at Eicma there are more and more electric motorcycles and scooter manufacturers.

This year so a lot of them, though many are cheap Asian bikes, there where however several players in the market.

Here's a round-up of the more interesting electric motorcycles and scooters.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Marco Simoncelli Tribute
Eicma 2011 Simoncelli
Eicma had in very little time turned the world's largest motorcycle exhibition into a tribute to the late Marco Simoncelli. Everywhere you walked there were enormous posters hanging with SuperSic's face, and the words "Ciao SuperSic".

Nice touch, and good to see that they responded so fast.


10 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Rumors
Eicma BMW Brammo
Eicma is where you see all the product announcement and launches. But if you pay attention to what's going on you can see other things that are not announced.

For example, is BMW looking at doing something with Brammo??

And is Piaggio and Royal Enfield looking at doing business in the nearby future.


10 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Hells Angels
Eicma 2011 Hells Angels
Hells Angels logo
It's the first time I see on such a big event a rather large stand used by the Hells Angels. Their Italian chapter was present at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition to show what they are.

They weren't looking for members, nor were they trying to sell something, it was just pure an information stand. Quite a lot of people were attending, trying to see what they did.


9 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: MV Agusta and the Museum
MV Agusta Eicma
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta, as we all know, is not only a super fast and sleek sportsmotorcycle, but a very good looking one; sexy, sleek and pretty. In fact, most MV Agusta motorcycles belong not only on a race track, but in a museum.

That's probably why the company decided to showcase their motorcycles in a museum style display at Eicma. You had to enter in one area, exit in the other. The halls are all pristine white, and all their motorcycles are displayed like works of art, works of art that they are. Indirect lighting, corridors, hushed talking; it all reminds you of a visit to a museum (if you ever do).

Here are some of the "works of art":


9 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: How To Demonstrate An Airbag Jacket
Airbag Jacket Demonstration
Here at Eicma, you see many manufacturers trying to sell their stuff. Motorcycles are easy to sell, but there's stuff out there that you need to push, and I really mean push...

One of the items that you need to convince people with a real demo, is the Airbag jacket. Usually what happens is that they put one on, and then pull the cord (if it's a wired jacket).

The jacket inflates in nano-seconds, and you've become the Michelin man. But this demonstrator went one step further.

Once he had pulled the cord that inflated the jacket, he took a baseball bat, and slammed it with all his force against the unsuspecting man's back. The man did not even flinch.... quite powerful for a demo. I jsut hope for the demonstrator's sake, someone doesn't take the bat away and hits him....


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: A Funny Thing Happened
Eicma 2011 Politics
Every year, Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, opens Eicma (in fact, I've been told he owns the grounds). It's always a big thing, with 100's of operetta-dressed policemen walking around, drinking coffee, and watching the ladies.

This year, when I went to the press center, I saw 100's of journalists focused on one person. None of the photographers or TV people were from the motorcycle world, so they were political journos. I snapped this photos, and thought that in the middle, as usual, it's Berlusconi.

In the hotel, I just found out that he is resigning, and I guess this was a fact finding by some senior politician. The "normal" journalists were obviously waiting for the Prime Minister, and they were told that he is no longer coming.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: GasGas New Electric Trial Motorcycle, the TXT-e
GasGas TXT e
GasGas logo
GasGas, specialist of Trial motorcycles, was showing off their first electric Trial motorcycle, the TXT-e.

If ever there was a motorcycle sport that was suited for electric motorcycles, it's Trial. Here it is.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Ducati 1199 Panigale
Ducati Paginale
Ducati logo
Since I had decided to give the Ducati press conference a miss yesterday, I caught up with them at their stand and snapped a few photos.

Here's the megasportsbike, or the supersupersports bike, the Ducati 1199 Panigale motorcycle.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: KTM Presentation
KTM 2012 Launch
KTM logo
KTM, for their presentation, rolled out most of the Champions and Toby Moody (from Eurosport TV) to liven up the event.

The Duke 690, Freeride 350 and e-Freeride were presented.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: BMW New Maxi-Scooters
BMW Maxi Scooter
BMW logo
BMW introduced with a big ceremony their two new maxi-scooters, the 600 Sport and the 650 GT.

Only thing missing to make it a real BMW, is heated seats...


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Zero Electric Motorcycle 2012 Improvements
Zero logo
I found a French leaflet in the press center at Eicma, full of new information on the changes coming to the Zero electric motorcycles.

Faster, further and better. Here's what it says...


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Honda Integra - The MoSco / ScoMo
Honda Integra
Honda logo
Here are the launch photos of the new ScoMo, or MoSco motorcycle/scooter that Honda has launched today at Eicma.

The real name is the Integra, and its a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Kawasaki Versys 1000 Scope
Kawasaki logo
The "pirates" of the Dutch site Nieuwsmotor have been going through garbage cans, toilets and what else not, and found some interesting data of the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 which will be launched tomorrow.

Here's what you can expect.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Honda’s New NC700 Series Motorcycle
Honda NC700
Honda logo
Here's a quick view of Honda's presentation of their brand new NC700S and NC700X motorcycles, as shown at Eicma 2011.

The photos are a bit blue, but that's because they used blue filters... sorry.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Not Going To Ducati
Ducati logo
Since the Ducati information got leaked this morning, and since the schedules are so tight, it's impossible to attend every conference, I'm planning to give Ducati a miss, and head directly to Honda.


6 November, 2011 - Following What Is Happening At Eicma 2011
Here are the several ways you can see what is being presented at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, Milan's EICMA.


4 November, 2011 - Packed The Motorcycle For EICMA 2011 And On My Way
Packed and ready to go EICMA 2012
Right, it's that time of the year where I'm heading for the long journey to Milan, Italy to attend world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, EICMA.

The motorcycle exhibition starts Monday afternoon and goes on until Wednesday evening (for the press). Monday morning will have an article or two posted to keep you busy until the press conferences start. Tuesday and Wednesday will be pot's luck, in other words, whenever I have time to post something while running around from press conference to press conference.

In the 3 days, I usually shed several kilos of weight (15 kilo backpack loaded with cameras and computer gear), and some 40 kilometers of walking.


3 November, 2011 - Video: BMW’s New Maxi-Scooter Promotion - Ready For Eicma
Video clip
BMW logo
A very elaborate TV commercial just to announce that BMW will be showing their new maxi-scooter at the Eicma show next week in Milan, Italy.

This 50 second TV spot shows a little kids with a car and a motorcycle toy (both BMW, but what would you expect?). The funny thing is that they do not even show the shadow of the new BMW scooter, just the thought....


2 November, 2011 - What Can We Expect From Eicma 2012
This year seems to be a very busy year with new and revamped motorcycle models to be presented at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, the Milan based EICMA.

Here's a list of newsworthy stuff we expect to be seeing. ... and it's a lot.



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