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7 April, 2015 - UK: Green Party - A Nightmare For Motorcycles - Room Temperature IQ
Eco Motorcycle Too Far
UK flag
#GreenParty #Ecology #IdiotsWithPower - The green party in the UK is showing with their political platform why any normal thinking human being will avoid them like the plague. If you got to ride a motorcycle, they want you to switch to a moped. Honest.


6 January, 2015 - Netherlands: City Of Leiden Goes Electric Motorcycles and Cars
Leiden Govecs
The Netherlands flag
#Govecs #Leiden #Netherlands - The fair city of Leiden, The Netherlands has gone electric in a big way. last month they took possession of 22 electric scooters and 7 electric vans. Together with a network of charging stations, they are showing the way.


21 October, 2014 - Spain: 2015 Penguins Motorcycle Rally Suspended - Thanks To Ecolos
Pinguinos 2014
Penguins logo
#Spain #Pingüinos #Penguins - The eco movement strikes again! They have managed to stop one of the biggest European winter motorcycle gatherings; the Spanish Pinguinos (Penguins Rally).


30 September, 2014 - Dramatic Increase In Electric Vehicles In The UK
Brammo Electric Charging
UK flag
#Electric #Fast-Charging #Ecotricity - The fast charger network for electric vehicles (cars and motorcycles) is seeing a dramatic increase. Installed currently at 90% of British motorway service stations, the number of EVs coming to charge has tripled over the last 3 quarters. There are now over 10,000 EVs in Britain, and growing fast.


12 September, 2014 - Italy: Milan To Go Scooter Sharing
Milan traffic
Italy flag
#Milan #ScooterSharing #Congestion - Milan despite several anti-congestion and pollution programs (congestion charges, bicycle and car sharing programs) have decided to go for a scooter sharing program. They just have not made up their minds whether it will be electric or ICE scooters.


5 September, 2014 - This Ecology Movement Has Gone Too Far
Eco Motorcycle Too Far
#Funny #Ecology - Really! There are limits to the ecology movement..... this has got to stop.


3 September, 2014 - Video: Electric Vehicles Pollute You Say? Have A Look At This
Oil Uses Electricity
#Video #Electric #Ecology - So you think electric motorcycles and cars pollute as much as gasoline vehicles because the power stations needed to generate the required electricity pollute as much? How wrong you are - kind-of. Yes, pollution is required to generate the electricity for our EVs, but did you know that your gas-guzzling SUV uses as much, even more, electricity before you have fuel to pump into the car? Have a look at this well done video.


16 April, 2014 - Dainese To Re-Use Crashed Motorcycle Leathers
Dainese reused leathers
Dainese logo
#Dainese #Leathers #Ecological - Now that is ecological recycling! Dainese announced that they have teamed up with Regenesi to take your motorcycle leathers that have been in a crash, and reuse them in objects.

How cool is that?


25 February, 2014 - Xkuty: An e-Bike With Some Novelties
Xkuty Spark Vista
Spain flag
#Xkunty #e-Bike #Electric - The Electric Xkunty is not only a funky looking e-Bike with some interesting features, it also has its own solar charging station (with battery) and matching helmets.

It's Spanish, and I must say... it looks cool.


5 September, 2013 - Piaggio Electric Scooter - PAM
Piaggio PAM Electric scooter
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Electric #Scooter - Piaggio, an enormous motorcycle conglomerate which includes brands like Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, is known to be innovative. Just look at their MP3 three wheel scooter. Many manufacturers are now copying the innovative designs from the Italian company.

Now Piaggio have released a prototype, more a design/concept of an electric scooters that looks like a winner. Called PAM (Personal Advanced Mobility), the electric scooter is partially enclosed (like the doomed BMW C1), photovoltaic solar panels, a Heads Up Display, a GPS and even airbags...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 August, 2013 - Is Erik Buell’s New Motorcycle A Hybrid?
Erik Buell Hybrid Motorcycle
Erik Buell Racing logo
#EricBuell #Hybrid #Motorcycle - A lot has been written recently about Erik Buell's new sports motorcycle. Several teasers, hints here and there, but so far no details have been published.

But a quick look at recently filed patents will show that Erik Buell filed a patent for a hybrid motorcycle (and scooter). Maybe it's nothing, but the patent was filed January 2012.

You will see that the patent calls for an electric motor producing in excess of 200 horsepower, possibly even 400 hp! Engine displacement can be anything from 100 to 1000 cc...........

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5 August, 2013 - Idea: Cut Down CO2 Emissions On Your Motorcycle Without Going Electric
#Ecology #CO2ube #Pollution - I think most people will agree at this stage that global warming and pollution go hand in hand. There are more and more cars and motorcycles on the road, generating an increasingly and alarming level of CO2. Even if you do not believe that CO2 is causing global warming, or do not believe in global warming altogether, the fact remains that CO2 is bad. It is bad for your health - full stop.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to go green; get a hybrid or an electric vehicle. But apart from range issues, they are just very expensive (still). This will change over time, but today you need to have a healthy bank account to be able to afford one.

A Kickstarter project which is currently looking for crowd funds is called CO2ube. The project got started by Param Jaggi, someone who graced the covers of Forbes magazine as a under-30 eco-genius. His idea is to reduce CO2 at the source; your engine's exhaust...........

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19 July, 2013 - Be.e: A True Ecological & Electrical Scooter
Be.e Plant Scooter
Be.e Plant Scooter
#Ecological #Electrical #Scooter #Be.e - Most people equate an electrical scooter or motorcycle to be ecological, and in a sense they are, but not as much as you would think. Obviously the battery is enormously not ecological, but what do you think about the frame and other body parts?

Dutch design firm Waarmakers have released the first ever truly ecological electric scooter, the Be.e. And the reason it is ecological is because it is made out of plants, flax to be more accurate. Flax is what is used to make linen (amongst others), and using the flax seed, Waarmakers have made a glass-fibre composite frame, but without the glass part. The glass has been substituted by the flax seeds. In other words, the scooter is made out of plants...........

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27 June, 2013 - Indonesia: And What’s Your Polluted Motorcycle Ride Like Today?
Indonesia Pollution 2013
Indonesia flag
#Pollution #Smog #Motorcycle - Imagine having to ride your motorcycle to work like this everyday. And Singapore isn't any better.

That's what you get for not respecting Mother Nature.


23 May, 2013 - Electric Muscle Motorcycle - Lito Sora
#Sora #Electric - Canada does not want to be left out of the electric motorcycle revolution, and they are bringing a wonderful electric muscle bike into the game. Made by Lito Green Motion, their first electric motorcycle is called Sora.

Sora looks like the love child of a Confederate Motorcycle and a Triumph Rocket III. In other words, it looks powerful, and surprise, surprise; it is powerful. It looks like a traditional motorcycle, but it's totally electric with its high-density lithium polymer batteries.

The Sora will accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 4 seconds, and it will top the speed scales at 200 kph. As far as range goes, it's a very respectable 300 kilometers (but at what speed?)...........

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22 May, 2013 - France: Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Gather Public Support
Statistics Article
France flag
#Statistics #Survey #Electric #Ecological - After a recent study of the French market, the survey shows that the French as a nation support in rather large numbers the use of electric or hybrid cars and motorcycles.

A survey conducted of some 2,000 people shows that 38% of them would purchase a hybrid vehicle if they had the financial means to do so. That's 15% up over the previous year. 18% of the surveyed said they'd like to purchase an electrical vehicles, up over 2011 when that figure was only 8%...........

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25 April, 2013 - Idea: Ecological Toy Scooter - Can Galore
Aluminum Can Pepsi Vespa
Aluminum Can Heineken Harley
#Toys #Ecological #Scooter #Cans - Getting toys for our kids (or ourselves) that not only are cool and fun, but are also ecological is not an easy task. But here's one company that has made a toy that looks fun and is ecological. The products are toy scooters or even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

This Vespa, approx 18cm x 11cm x 9cm (7″ x 4.3″ x 3.5″) in size, is ecological because it has been made from recycled cans. You select the brand of the can; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken, Tiger Beer, Schwepps Tonic or Soda.

The wheels move, the steering turns and the kickstand actually works...........

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4 March, 2013 - More Info On The Electric Toyota i-Road Motorcycle/Trike
Toyota i Road Official
Toyota logo
#Electric #EV - In January of this year, Japanese car maker Toyota, teased the world press with a picture of a new electric vehicle they were planning to launch in Geneva, the i-Road. From the photo it looked like a three wheeler, with the passenger sitting pillion style (behind the driver) in a covered motorcycle. Not much else has been revealed, until now....

The i-Road is indeed a three wheeled motorcycle/car/vehicle, electrically driven with the passenger sitting behind the driver/rider. The motorcycle is narrow, narrow enough to split lanes with only 850 mm of width (length is 2350 mm and height is 1445 mm). It's immediate competitor is Renault's Twizy with 1230 mm of width, so far more narrow.

The i-Road has a tilting technology called "Active Lean" which, like the Piaggio MP3, allows the vehicles to take curves at an angle...........

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1 February, 2013 - Toyota To Build Motorcycle-Like Electric Vehicle
Toyota i ROAD
Toyota logo
Japanese car maker Toyota is already very much into ecological cars, especially known for their Prius. But for the upcoming Geneva car exhibition in March, they will launch a concept vehicle that is very much like an electric motorcycle.

Called the i-Road, it's an electric vehicle for two people, sitting motorcycle-style, the passenger behind the driver. It looks like it's in direct competition with Renault's funking vehicle the Twizy...........

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17 December, 2012 - China: Tour Beijing On An Electric Scooter With Guide
Beijing Electric Bike Tours
China flag
I don't known about you, but I absolutely hate going on city tours on a bus with a guide. I prefer not to go than to sit in a bus listening to a tour guide's drivel. But here's one interesting guided tour way to visit one of world's most interesting cities, Beijing, China.

Beijing Electric Bike Tours is a Canadian owned and operated touring organization who, as their name says, operates guided tours through China's Beijing on electric scooters.

Using 330 - 350 w electric scoots, and an English speaking guide, you tour the mythical city on your own scooter, giving you a freedom rarely offered by bus tours...........

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21 November, 2012 - Europe: 3 Motorcycle-Related Laws Coming Into Play
Europe flag
The European Parliament has passed three laws specific to the motorcycle world yesterday. They are all positive, but with some negative news.

The three laws are on the following topics:

1. 100+ (74kW) limitation of motorcycles

2. Mandatory ABS

3. Euro4 and Euro5 polution norms

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5 November, 2012 - The Netherlands: Interesting Electric Motorcycle Taxi Company
Hopper Electric Scooter taxi
The Netherlands flag
The Netherlands is an eco-friendly country, with cities like Amsterdam seeing more bicycles than cars. There are quite a lot of motorcycles as well, but what's interesting is the new motorcycle taxi company operating in Amsterdam.

Since October 1st, the new Hopper motorcycle taxi company offers a novel approach to bring people to their final destination. They use an electric scooter for the "last mile", in other words, for short inter-city destinations. But the interesting thing is that the scooters are limited to a maximum speed of 25 kph. That speed limit allows you to ride a scooter without a helmet in The Netherlands. This means logistically, it's easier to use, since the cab company doesn't need to bring different helmets. You really hop on and off.

Also interesting is the fare. There's only one price, and that is €2.50..........

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17 October, 2012 - Italy: Next Month No More Euro1 Motorcycles In Rome
Coliseum motorcyclist
Italy flag
Some politicians (okay, most politicians) must have their heads examined. Knee-jerk reactions are often dangerous and can have disastrous consequences. Like the one the Rome major has taken. Starting the 1st of November 2012, all motorcycles using the 12 year old Euro1 exhaust norm are forbidden to enter the old city during weekdays. This because of pollution reasons....

This means that 100,000's of motorcyclists that have bought their motorcycles before 2004 (the Euro1 norm was defined in 1999 but motorcycles not respecting that standard could be sold until 2004) will need to scrap their bikes, or use the inadequate public transportation to go to work.

Another display of total lack of understanding of mankind.


20 July, 2012 - The Netherlands: Meter Maids Go Electric
Amsterdam Electric Metersmaids
The Netherlands flag
It looks like getting a parking fine is going to be ecological in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company that manages the parking meters has just received 14 electric scooters for their meter maids (and boys) to zoom around the canal city looking for cars that have run out of time on their parking meter and giving them a nice fine.

The 14 scooters are from the German Govecs, and the electric scooter allows them to ride 140 kilometers, fining cars left, right and center. That's a lot of tickets they can issue before needing to recharge. But at least it's ecological. Personally, I think they should walk....


31 May, 2012 - Hong Kong: 1000 Electric Charging Stations
Brammo Hong Kong Charging Station
Hong Kong flag
#Brammo #Electric Hong Kong is going totally ballistic with electric cars and motorcycles. Already Brammo had sold the first few electric motorcycles to their police force, and electric cars are selling pretty well for such a small territory. The number of EVs (Electric Vehicles) is growing. Maybe the total number is very small, 310 to be accurate, but last year that number was 74, so a massive increase. The government themselves have 33 EVs, and another 43 will arrive in the coming months. Another 140 will be ordered this year.

The Hong Kong government and private companies had already installed 500 EV charging stations, but now the government has stepped in and accelerated the roll out of stations. By the end of the month of June, there will be 1,000 electric charging stations.

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30 May, 2012 - Electric Motorcycles Will Pay Less Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
USA flag
Apart from their high and often steep purchase price, electric motorcycles offer many advantages. True, they also still have many disadvantages, like range and speed, but for many the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The main advantage, as you can imagine, is no fuel bill. The electricity used to charge the motorcycle's batteries is far less costly than gasoline. Add to the equation that electric motorcycles often have a very high torque, the e-bikes can be fun to ride.

But another advantage is being sprung on electric vehicle owners; insurance. Insurance companies are looking more favorable on traditional powered ones, be it cars or motorcycles.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 May, 2012 - France: ZAPA - Several Cities Forbidding Motorcycles and Cars
Pollution India
France flag
The French ecology movement, several misguided politicians and many technocrats are moving forward to banning "older" motorcycles and cars from 8 big city centers.

Called ZAPA, these areas are meant to allow people to breath by limiting "older" cars and motorcycles. A law that favors rich people, while making poorer people suffer, something that a socialist government should not allow.

Not a law yet, the first official publication is listing which category motorcycles and scooters are involved in the ban.


10 May, 2012 - UK: Is The London Congestion Charge Working?
London Congestion Charge Traffic Change
UK flag
Back in 2003 London introduced a congestion charge for any car that wanted to travel into London. Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00. The charge is £10 (about US$16) per day. The money is to be used to enhance the public transport system, and relive the traffic logged city from cars.

There was a lot of criticism, saying it would never work. But this graph below from the ITO World show the change. The red zones is where that was an increase of traffic, the blue zones where there was a decrease. I guess the red zones can be explained that it's commuter traffic heading for the train stations, and from there into the inner city by train or underground.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 April, 2012 - e-bikes, Electric Motorcycles, To Become Cheaper
Electric motorcycle vending machine
It's kind of a headline that is so obvious, that I might have said "Next year, there will be taxes", or "the sun will rise tomorrow morning". The real question is BY HOW MUCH?

The reason electric motorcycle, also known as e-bikes, are going to drop in price is not because they are selling like hot cakes, or croissants in my part of the world. Because they are not. The amounts sold as a whole is still less than the smallest "normal" motorcycle manufacturer. And maybe that is because they are still expensive, so seen more as a toy than a normal vehicle.

The reason electric motorcycles are dropping in price is because the most expensive element of the bike, the battery, is dropping in price. An estimated 25% or more of the price of an e-bike is the battery.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 February, 2012 - First All Spanish Electric Scooter - LEMev Stream
LEM logo
Three companies got together back in 2007 to develop better motorcycles, and here is their first brainchild. The three companies, Inmotec (Moto2 and Moto3 racing technology), Luma (Europe's biggest anti-theft devices) and Dhemen (industrial design group).

The joint venture company is called LEM, and their first product is named LEMev Stream, and it is an electric scooter. The scooter is 100% Spanish, designed and built there, and funded by national and local authorities.


8 February, 2012 - Italy: Milan Congestion Charge Paying Off?
Pollution India
We've already reported on Milan's congestion charge, something motorcycles do NOT have to pay, since they are allowed to go into the city without paying the tax.

After the first week of the congestion charge, authorities stated that traffic inside the inner city was reduced by 37%! Cars dropped from 122,000 to 77,000 during the operating hours of the congestion charge. Carbon emissions dropped 30%.


16 January, 2012 - Taiwan: Start Of Electric Battery Swap Stations for Motorcycles
Taiwan Electric Charging Station
The government of Taiwan are placing 60 Battery Swapping Stations for electric motorcycles and scooters in two of the main cities. This will allow any electric motorcycle to replace their battery for a fully charged one in a matter of seconds.

They also plan to make available 600 electric motorcycles for free as part of a sharing program.

Clever people...


27 December, 2011 - Electric Scooter Made Out Of Linen
Citi Ek o
French research & development group, Citi, showed at the last Paris motorcycle & scooter exhibition, their electric scooter concept, named ek'O.

The interesting things that set this electric scooter apart from others, is that the frame shell is made out of linen (resin), and that it used only 15 parts, instead of the traditional average of 50 parts.

Performance is that of a 125cc, and they expect to be selling it by 2013 at a street price of €5000.


31 October, 2011 - Customizing the ..... e-Solex
Carium eSolex
The Solex was a popular transportation vehicle (not a motorcycle nor scooter, not even a moped) in the 70's. Many people had one (7 million), including A-list celebs, like Steve McQueen and Brigitte Bardot. Production stopped in 1988, but recently an electric version is being made, the e-Solex.

Ecological, fun and reasonably expensive, one person wanted more. He contacted the car customizer, Carium, and had the e-Solex customized.


26 October, 2011 - Using Motorcycles Eases Congestion - Scientific Study
Leuven Brussels 0740
Leuven Brussels 0740 with motorcycles
A very detailed report has been published in Belgium that proves something we all knew....

.. it's better to have more motorcycles! The scientific study shows that replacing 10% of cars by motorcycles will result in a saving of €350,000 per day in Belgium!

Another interesting fact found in this report, is that despite what a popular TV program in the US has stated, motorcycles pollute less than cars!


26 October, 2011 - If This Wasn’t Sad, It Would Be Fun
Boat Skiing Pulled By Motorcycle
If this wasn't happening in a sad situation, it could be fun.

A new motorcycle sport....


15 July, 2011 - Paris: Peripherique - Ring Road - To Reduce Max Speed
Boulevard Peripherique
The greenies from the Paris City Council have asked the police to reduce the speed limit on the city's ring road (the Peripherique) from 80 to 70 kph (for a trial period).

But their reasoning to reduce it is a bit strange. It's not to save lives, lessen pollution, but for ......


5 July, 2011 - Electric Motorcycle Cruiser - Orphiro
Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle
Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle
The Dutch have introduced one of the first (maybe the first) electric cruiser. The motorcycle looks very much like a power cruiser, a bit like the Ducati Diavel, but without the performance and range, and not even with the same price tag.

But it's a good start, and a cruiser should be an excellent motorcycle platform for an electric version.


24 May, 2011 - Spain: Up To €6000 Subsidy For Electric Motorcycle Purchase
Electric motorcycle vending machine
Spain will be subsidizing the purchase of electric motorcycles and cars to the tune of 25% of the purchase value (minus the VAT but including the batteries) to a maximum of €6,000.

Now, if only the rest of Europe would follow...


26 April, 2011 - Honda Gold Wing To Go Hybrid?
Honda Gold Wing Hybrid
Honda logo
Honda has filed a patent for a hybrid motorcycle.

A closer look at the patent, and it's obvious that the motorcycle in question is the Gold Wing.


16 February, 2011 - An Ecological Fuel Powered Solex
Solex Propane Powered
We've seen gasoline powered Solex, electric Solex, and now there's the Butane gas powered Solex.

What's next, a nuclear powered Solex?


7 February, 2011 - India To Attack European Electric Motorcycle Market
Hero Electric logo
A subsidiary of one of world's largest motorcycle manufacturers, the India based Hero Electric, is planning to turn their attention to Europe and flood the market with cheap electric motorcycles and scooters.

The Indian electric bike market is enormous, compared to the rest of the world, with 85,000 units sold last year. Hero are gearing up to produce 250 units per day for Europe.


3 February, 2011 - A New Electric Motorcycle Made In The UK: Agility Saietta
Agility Saietta
Agility Saietta
At the London Motorcycle Exhibition today, a new electric motorcycle was launched!

The Agility Saietta is a single seater, two models, and available now.

Whether you like the look or not, it's a novel motorcycle..


21 January, 2011 - Grandmother Trades Husband In For Motorcycle
Joni Miles
Great-grandmother of 2, divorces her husband of 30 years, buys a motorcycle, and heads for the road.

Who ever said life stopped when you retire?


20 October, 2010 - Leaps Forward In Electric Motorcycle Technology
Brammo Enertia Plus
With Brammo's announcement of an extended range for the Inertia Plus (80 miles and top speed of 60 mph), the electric motorcycle market is starting to become a serious contender for commuters.

But Brammo's Inertia Plus and Empulse are only the tip of the iceberg. More and more manufacturers are releasing electric motorcycles and scooters that can come reasonably close to their piston driven counterparts, albeit at a higher price.

Here's a look at the market and the technology used.


23 September, 2010 - Details Of The BMW/MINI Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Some of the official blurb from BMW/Mini about their new concept electric scooter.

Looks good... too bad I don't ride mopeds anymore, but if I were to loose my license, I'd go for this...


26 August, 2010 - Ad: Take The Bus, Not Your Motorcycle
Ad Bus India
A very much anti-motorcycle print ad from India.

They prefer you to take the bus than hop onto your motorcycle.

Are they nuts?


20 July, 2010 - Canada: Ontario To Subsidize Electric Cars, Not Motorcycles
eSOLEX Front
What looked like a very interesting subsidy/incentive program from Canada for the purchase of Electric Vehicles, with high premiums paid, is really a junk pile.

First, it doesn't apply to electric motorcycles or scooters, and secondly, it's only for the first 10,000 applicants.


14 July, 2010 - The Price Of Gas Around The World, And Its Effects
Gas Vs Electricity Costs
This table shows very well the price we pay for gasoline around the world, and the cost per mile for riding your motorcycle or car, on normal fuel, and on electricity.

It's more interesting in Europe to ride electric than in the US.

But then we already knew that...


7 July, 2010 - An Ecological Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Kenny Scott Harley Davidson
Kenny Scott in the UK has made a real ecological Harley-Davidson motorcycle.



16 March, 2010 - KTM Ready With Electric Motorcycle
KTM Freeride
KTM logo
KTM will be presenting their electric motorcycle, FREERIDE, in Tokyo on the 26th of March.

They have a dedicated website, but no info available so far...


9 February, 2010 - Quantya To Release New Electric Motorcycle?
Quantya undercover Swiss Moto
Quantya logo
Swiss electric motorcycle manufacturer will be unveiling a new electric motorcycle (or scooter) in Switzerland on the 21st of February at the Swiss-Moto exhibition.

AutoBlogGreen have some speculation what it can be...


14 January, 2010 - Electric Snow Motorcycle - Already
Quantya Electric Snow Motorcycle
Quantya logo
We've barely just started with electric motorcycles, or already the first electric snow motorcycles are being tested.

Swiss made Quantya are testing extensively the behavior of a modified electric Quantya motocross motorcycle.

Looks like major fun!


21 December, 2009 - The Influx Of Chinese Electric Motorcycles
Electric motorcycles China
Looks like the Chinese factories are really mass producing electric motorcycles and scooters now.

That means things will get a lot cheaper, and more and more people will use electric bikes for run-arounds.


10 December, 2009 - First Eco Motorcycle Enduro To Start Tomorrow
Video clip
Eco Enduro 2009
The first ever Eco Enduro for electric motorcycles will be held during the environment conference in Copenhagen, sponsored by a.o. FIM and the United Nations. During this weekend several enduro races will be held, with on Sunday a SuperMoto race in Copenhagen itself.

Loads of participants (39), with many heavy hitters. Looks good and interesting.


8 December, 2009 - Pollution: Want To Ride Into That?
Pollution India
A believer in Global Warming or not, would you want to ride your motorcycle into that?


27 November, 2009 - India: Tags To Show Fuel Efficiency and Pollution
In India, all vehicles (cars, trucks and motorcycles) will need to display a tag that shows their fuel efficiency.

The law is supposed to combat CO2 pollution, but I wonder how they want to achieve this?


23 November, 2009 - France: Motorcycles Running Out Of Gas
Extra fuel on motorcycle
More and more gas stations have converted to the ecological fuel E10, but apart from 3 motorcycle manufacturers, most motorcycles can not run the ethanol additives fuel. E10, according to many experts, is NOT ecological, and growing products for E10 means growing less fuel.

So now many motorcycles are stranded, since they've run out of fuel, and there's no gas station with proper 95 RON fuel.


19 November, 2009 - What Is It Going To Be? Hard or Soft?
Snowed under motorcycle
Is the winter going to be mild, or extreme?

I don't think you can tell anymore from historical data. Some places used to be really cold (like over here), but now are warm. Global warming in action?


16 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Electric Motorcycles
A look at some of the electric motorcycles and scooters that caught my attention at EICMA.

More and more were presented, even by mainstream manufacturers.


12 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Swaygo Axio - Electric Quad?
I don't know if the manufacturers see this as a quad, but it does to me.

It goes 100 kph, range 120 kms, and it's electric with independent wheels controlled by a CPU.


11 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Hyosung Electric Scooter GEM 4.0 and 2.0
Hyosung logo
Hyosung showed other prototypes of electric scooters, the GEM 4.0 and the GEM 2.0.

Both look nice, but they remain prototypes. Maybe when the reach the 4.5 and 2.7 version will they go live....


10 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: More On The Ducati/Italwin Electric Bike
Ducati logo
Here's a closer look at the Ducati electric bicycle produced by Italwin.

It looks good, even if it's a bicycle and not a Ducati motorcycle..


29 October, 2009 - France And The Carbon Tax
France is going to tax CO2 starting the 1st of January 2010. €17 per tonne of CO2.

Here's what I understand of the new tax. I don't know if I've got it 100% right, since you need a double PhD to understand the formula.


23 October, 2009 - Suzuki Introduces New Burgman Scooter With Fuel Cell
Suzuki logo
Suzuki have introduced a prototype hydrogen fuel cell scooter based on the popular Burgman scooter.

10 liters will get you a maximum of 300 kms range, but that only under special circumstances.



21 October, 2009 - Honda Continues Tradition With Electric Cub Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show an electric version of the best selling motorcycle of all times, the Super Cub (with 60 million units sold).

The EV-Cub, still a concept, is a Two Wheel Drive motorcycle, powered by a big battery. Engines are placed inside the wheels.

Interesting ....


15 October, 2009 - 1st All Electric Motorcycle & Scooter Shop In Paris?
The 1st all-electric scooters and motorcycle shop opens in Paris, France.

With a €400 cash-back from Paris, prices are interesting, specially since charging up your battery at one of the city's charging points is FREE! Plus free parking and very low insurance, this could move many commuters to use an electric vehicle.


6 October, 2009 - BMW Release Info On Electric C1 Scooter
BMW logo
BMW have released information about their prototype electric scooter based on the good old C1 scooter.

Looks interesting, and it might be more successful than the real C1..


17 July, 2009 - French Railroads Invest In Electric Motorcycle Company
Video clip
The French railroads, the SNCF, have invested money in a French start-up that is going to produce an electric motorcycle/car.

The SMERA is halfway between a car and a motorcycle. Nice looking vehicle!

The SNCF are planning to place these motocars at railway stations, and renting them out.


9 July, 2009 - Hybrid Peugot Hymotion Motorcycle On Sale Next Year
Peugeot-hymotion hybrid scooter
Peugeot logo
Announced last year at the Paris car exhibition, the hybrid Peugeot Hymotion will go on sale next year.

With a 125 cc engine and two electric engines, performance should be that of a 400 cc scooter/motorcycle, while using only 2 liters per 100 kms, emitting only 47 grams / 100 km of CO2.

Not bad...


26 June, 2009 - The Eternal E10 Fuel Debate - Harley’s View
Buell logo
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson and Buell have announced in France that it is OK to put the E10 bio-fuel in their motorcycles.

But.. as long as it is injection and you don't mind a few hiccups. Also, don't leave the fuel for too long in your gas tank...


18 May, 2009 - New Tire Rating System Coming To Europe?
European logo
The European Commission have approved a new tire labelling program, that will show you three new ecological values for our motorcycle tires.

Fuel Economy, Grip and Noise levels...


5 May, 2009 - Mr Motorcycle & Son
This is so cute... Motorcycle crazy family.


5 May, 2009 - Italy: Scraping Old Motorcycle For New One Deal
Italy are running a cash back for your old motorcycle deal when buying a Euro 0, 1 or 2 new motorcycle.

You can get up to €1800 back.... not bad. Motorcycle sales have jumped in Italy.

When is it our turn?


30 April, 2009 - Study: Riding With A GPS Makes You 12% More Fuel Efficient
According to a study, riding your motorcycle (or car) with a GPS reduces your time on the road, and therefore fuel consumption by 12%!

So where's the fun it that? Out goes the GPS!


30 April, 2009 - Sugar As Fuel For Your Motorcycle
Honda CG Sugar
Reuters logo
There's a novel idea. Running your motorcycle on a bag of sugar.

Need to tank up? Head for the local supermarket and buy a bag of sugar...

If only...


16 April, 2009 - Yamaha: Please Do Not Use E10 Fuel!
Bio fuel pump
Yamaha logo
Yamaha France are not convinced that the new ecological fuel, E10, is compatible with their motorcycles. They are currently testing out the fuel on all their motorcycles.

In the mean time, they advise their customers not to use the fuel.


3 April, 2009 - BMW’s New C1 Replacement?
BMW logo
BMW, under the "Project I" think-tank, are designing a new ecological motorcycle/scooter for 2012.

Based on the C1 scooter concept, the bike will have a roof, transport 2 people, not require a helmet, and will have some form of alternative fuel engine.

Looks interesting!


9 March, 2009 - New Electric Scooters Subsidized In Paris
Paris charging station maps
Paris is subsidizing the purchase of electric motorcycles/scooters at 25% of the purchase price, with a cap of €400. It also needs to be in the moped category, ie, not faster than 45 kph.

There are now some 40 recharging stations in Paris, and more on the way. Charging your car or motorcycle is FREE!


6 March, 2009 - California Motorcycles May Need Smog Check
Smoking Exhaust
The State of California are now looking at making it mandatory to have motorcycles checked for smog (CO2).

The proposed law will start in 2012 and concern all Y2K (yes, there's that term again) motorcycles.


5 March, 2009 - Generate Electricity While Riding Your Motorcycle
As part of a Green Design Competition, here's an interesting entry.

It's a motorcycle helmet that recharges batteries for gadgets while riding your motorcycle.


23 February, 2009 - Mass Produced Gas Powered Motorcycle
Zanella CNG powered
Zanella logo
Zanella, a motorcycle manufacturer in Argentina is producing a Compressed Natural Gas motorcycle!

A 150cc engine, cheaper to run than standard fuel, and it even has a 3.5 liter normal fuel reserve tank...


18 February, 2009 - Running Your Motorcycle On Bio-Fuel Maybe Not So Cool
Bio fuel pump
The new European bio-fuel, SP95-E10, may be ecological, burning less CO2, but not all vehicles react the same with this fuel.

For one, Yamaha motorcycles, no matter what year they were made, do not like the bio-fuel. Not enough tests have been done on other motorcycle manufacturers to see how they react to this ecological fuel.

Would you feed your precious motorcycle this fuel?


6 February, 2009 - Tire Pressure Systems To Become Mandatory In Europe?
Tire Watch
The European Commission don't have enough on their plates. They are passing a law that will make it mandatory in 2012 for all new vehicles to have on-board a tire monitoring system.

There's no mention if this includes motorcycles, but if it doesn't, it's only a matter of time.


3 February, 2009 - Two Students Make A Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle
Swarthmore hydrogen motorcycle
Two engineering students from Swarthmore College have made a real hydrogen powered motorcycle!

On a Buell, they grafted a hydrogen, electrical generating, motorcycle engine. It works, but it's not very fast.


9 January, 2009 - Official: Honda To Manufacture Electric Motorcycles by 2010
Honda Hybrid Scooter
Honda logo
Honda have finally released an official statement that they are going to produce an electric motorcycle by next year (2010).

How would you like an electric CBR1000... or Electric Goldwing...?? Or is it going to be an electric Rebel?


17 December, 2008 - Ecological And Practical: Biotrike
Nowadays when designing a motorcycle or another type of vehicle, you need to take many factors in to account, foremost being the environment.

The builders of the Biotrike have done that. This motorcycle trike is not like any other trike. It has 2 front wheels and one rear wheel, the tires are car tires, and the engine runs on bio-diesel (and normal diesel).

The vehicle comes in 2, 4 or handicapped version, and even has an onboard air-conditioning unit.


20 November, 2008 - For When The Oil Barrel Reaches US$200
Derringer motorcycle bicycle
We all know it.. we're living on borrowed time. Gas prices will double again. Oil barrels are still expected to climb to US$200.

Riding a motorcycle is cheaper than cars, but at those prices you'll need to form of transportation that gets over 150 mpg.

Here's one, and it's good looking! Bookmark it, just in case you can't pay for gasoline anymore.


13 November, 2008 - Motorcycles And Other Vehicles CO2 Emissions
Truck exhaust
Are we motorcycle riders really that bad polluters? Do we really emit so much CO2?

Here's a table of most transportation means, and their CO2 emissions.

Guess what? We're saints !!!!!!!!!


9 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Electric Motorcycles and Scooters
Intermot 2008 - Electric motorcycles and scooters
A round-up of the electric motorcycles and scooters found at Intermot.

There were a lot more than last year. These are the new ones I saw.


18 September, 2008 - UK: Kill Your Motorcycle Engine On Idle, Or Else
Traffic Jam
In the UK they (the politicians) are testing a new possible law, that says if you're in a traffic jam you need to switch off your engine.

Sounds good heh? Well, the idiots do say after how much time running on idle you must switch off, but they do say that it'll cost you £20 if you don't. So any fine-happy cop with a ticket quote is going to fine you.


27 August, 2008 - Isle Of Man TT: Ecological Motorcycle Race
TTxGP logo
The first major emission free motorcycle race is scheduled to be held during next year's Isle of Man TT race.

The 101 year old race is the oldest motorcycle race, and is a major event. Now, it's going to be high tech, with electric motorcycles riding next to high powered gasoline guzzling motorcycle.

That's going to be interesting!


20 August, 2008 - Spain Taxes Motorcycles On CO2 Emissions
Smoking motorcycles
Spain is introducing as first country in Europe a pollution tax on motorcycles.

When you register a new motorcycle as off next year, you'll pay a percentage based on your CO2 emissions.


22 July, 2008 - Running Your Motorcycle on Ethanol - Bio Flex Power Kit
Thorn Bike's Bio Flex Power
French engineering company, Thorn Bikes, is a firm believer in E85 fuel, an 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline fuel. far less expensive than normal fuel, 40% less CO2, it's one way of reducing pollution.

They have manufactured a transformation kit for injection motorcycles, that should allow any injection motorcycle to run this kind of fuel. They believe so much in it, that they've entered a Honda CBR 1000 in the upcoming 24 hour endurance race, the Bol D'Or.

Honda believe in it as well, since they've supplied the motorcycle, and Elf is backing them. Soon we'll be able to buy the kit.


8 July, 2008 - French Motorcycle Taxi Going Green
City Bird Vectrix scooter taxi
City Bird, one of the motorcycle/scooter taxi services of the French capital are now proposing their services using the Vectrix electric scooter.

You can go more or less anywhere in Paris on one of these green scooters for cheaper than any of the other taxi services, and you'll go ecological.


16 May, 2008 - Triumph Motorcycle That Runs On Apples
Triumph Daytona 675 running on biofuel
Triumph logo
Some students in the UK, together with Bike Magazine and Triumph, adapted a Daytona 675 motorcycle to run on a biofuel made out of apples.

Instead of drinking the 6,000 apples as a cider, the Triumph motorcycle ran at a speed of 158.7 mph!!


19 March, 2008 - John Kerry Rides The Vectrix, Forgets His Helmet
John Kerry on a Vectrix scooter
Senator (and ex-Presidential candidate) John Kerry is a motorcycle lover, we probably all know that.

He recently gave the electric Vectrix a twirl, but in the process forgot his helmet, despite a mandatory helmet law in the state.


13 March, 2008 - Electric Scooter Vectrix Scootering Away In The UK
Glasgow Police on Vectrix scooter
Vectrix logo
Vectrix may not be selling in the quantities they would have liked to the general public, but their sales to government agencies seem to be working.

In the UK, they just got two sales, one in London, and one in Glasgow.


7 February, 2008 - Motorcycle Friendly, Smart and Ecological: Road Studs!
Astucia SolarLite
British company Astucia have released a new road stud, that's smaller, less obtrusive than normal studs, but also store solar energy to light up the road during nighttime.

900 meters visibility at night! What more do you want?


16 January, 2008 - Now That’s A Big Load!
Heavy and big cargo load on a motorcycle
Imagine riding on your motorcycle with that cargo load ... through rush hour traffic.

Are we having fun or what...?


31 December, 2007 - Motorcycle Police: Going Electric
NYPD Vectrix scooter
On both sides of the pond, Police forces are starting to test the Vectrix electric scooter for their officers.

No CO2 emissions, cleaner, cheaper, and a lot quieter (so they can sneak up on you), we'll see what the results are after 6 months.

One advantage though, not only do the electric scoots have the speed and range, if they run out of power while chasing you, they can't nip into a gas station and tank up...


4 December, 2007 - France: Motorcycles Pollute/Do Not Pollute
Exhaust pollution
On one hand, the French government says motorcycles pollute more than cars (which is not true according to independent studies), on the other hand, the same government states that if you dump an old motorcycle for a new one, you will not get the proposed €1000 bonus that car drivers might get.

So does that mean that motorcycles pollute less than cars, use less fuel than cars?


28 November, 2007 - The Most Fuel Efficient Motorcycles
Statistics Article
French motorcycle web site, Moto-Station, has published an extensive list of fuel consumption for 100's of motorcycles.

Surprise, the best in the above 125 cc category is better than the best of the < 125 cc category.


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Vectrix
Vectrix, the electric scooter/motorcycle manufacturer showed off at EICMA 2007 some special version of their current electric scooter, different versions of their prototype 3 wheeler, and...

...their electric sports motorcycle. 200 kph, 1/4 mile in 12 seconds, costing €50,000....


24 October, 2007 - Bio-Diesel Motorcycle: 100 mpg
Bio-Diesel motorcycle
Some students of the University of Adelaide are competing in a 3000 km race in Australia with their own BioBike, a motorcycle that runs on bio-diesel.

The motorcycle runs 100 mpg, and is as cheap to produce as a normal motorcycle.

Is this the future?


28 September, 2007 - Paris Mondial 2007: Matra MS1-Electric Motorcycle
Paris Mondial 2007 Matra MS1
French manufacturer surprised everyone with an electric motorcycle/bicycle.

Reasonable performance, good range, the bike looks really interesting.


30 July, 2007 - My Next Bike - Ecological, Electrical, Solex
I've always been in the market for an electrical bike, and now, one of the ultimate symbols of France, the VeloSolex, is going to be available in electric.

A great vehicle to go and buy a croissant at the local boulangerie, clean and proper, and not fast. But then, if you live in Normandy like I do, you're never in a hurry....


9 July, 2007 - Enertia Electric Motorcycle: The Future?
Enertia electric motorcycle
Brammo motorsports in the USA are releases a road electric motorcycle next year!

Called the Enertia, this electric motorcycle could be an ideal commuter motorcycle. With a range of 45 miles and a full charge time of 3 hours, it looks promising. Just the price is a bit too high.


30 June, 2007 - Triumph Daytona - Electric
Triumph evDaytona electrical motorcycle
American battery manufacturer GoWheel have adapted a Triumph Daytona into an electrical motorcycle!

Called the evDaytona, you get a top speed of 103 mph, and 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. Not exactly a MotoGP, but not a slouch either. US$77,000 will get you this motorcycle.


26 June, 2007 - Solar Powered Motorcycle
Urban Solar Motorcycle from Sunred
Putting solar panels on a motorcycle is not an easy thing. Not enough surface to even light up your 12V accessory plug.

Spanish engineering outfit, SunRed, have come up with an innovative solution. Still very much in design mode, maybe in 1,000 years we'll be seeing these motorcycles on the road.


19 February, 2007 - VentureOne - Maturity Of Hybrid Trikes
VentureOne Mileage
Here is one motorcycle/car/trike you would see me in.

VentureOne is based on the Dutch Carver system, designed by BMW, and available shortly in hybrid or full electric versions.

Costing around US$20.000, the carcycle will give you 100 mph, 100 mpg and more fun than you can have on a motorcycle.


12 February, 2007 - Electric Honda CBR 600
Electric Honda CBR 600 motorcycle
Here's the story of some brave person who has converted his Honda CBR600 into an electric motorcycle.

Doesn't go very far, doesn't go very fast, but.... it's ecological.


8 February, 2007 - Riding The First Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle
ENV Hydrogen motorcycle
Intelligent-Energy ENV
The BBC recently aired a short clip of someone riding the first hydrogen powered motorcycle, the ENV.

Now's your chance to see the clip yourself. An amazing motorcycle - the way of the future ?


8 January, 2007 - Ecological Dakar 2007 Contestant
Christian Dequidt and his bio-fuel Yamaha
One of the Dakar motorcycle contestants is not only pro green, but he does what he preaches.

He's riding a Yamaha motorcycle converted to use bio-fuels (that he grows himself).

Christian Dequidt is a farmer from the North of France, and not only is his fuel made out of beetroot, but his engine oil is made out of coleslaw, and parts of his motorcycle are made out of compressed corn.

Way of the future ?


25 September, 2006 - Electricross - Electric Motocrosser
Electricross Drifter
A 3rd serious electrical motorcycles; the Electricross. Power, speed, range and reasonably cheap.

Are we moving towards more and more electric motorcycles.

Has the time come ?


18 September, 2006 - Electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Electrical Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Carl Vogel, an expert in bio-diesel, produced the first electrical powered Harley-Davidson, including a small, bio-diesel, generator to charge the 10 batteries.

Decent speeds and mileage. Will the Milwaukee firm ever mass produce one ??


7 September, 2006 - Electric Motorcycle/Car/Scooter/Whatever
Tango T600
A new electric car/motorcycle, with very high performance specifications, long range, funny looks, but a very high price tag.

Are we ever going to get to an economical, ecological, high performance vehicle ?


10 May, 2006 - New Electric Motorcycles - Swiss Quantya
Quantya electric motorcycle
Another real electric motorcycle hits the market. Swiss made Quantya, there are two models, one MX and one SM. They are in full production, so expect to see them shortly somewhere near you.

The motorcycles look really good, only down side, as usual, is battery life! But changing batteries takes less than a minute, and you can fully charge them within an hour.


4 April, 2006 - New Hybrid Motorcycle; Axle EV-X7
Axle EV-X7 electric motorcycle
Japanese manufacturer Axle showed a new hybrid motorcycle capable of distances of 180 kilometers with one charge.

Very futuristic style.


18 April, 2005 - The Shape Of Motorcycles To Come
Robrady's rMoto
Robrady Design's shows the Electric SuperBike, the rMoto !


4 March, 2005 - Honda’s Hybrid Scooter
Honda Numo Scooter
Honda releases a prototype hybrid scooter (where's my hybrid motorcycles ??).


22 October, 2004 - More Photos of the Electric Motorcycle BLADE
I received some photos of the Blade, the electric motorcycle; interesting !


22 April, 2004 - Electric Motorcycle crosser
Electricmoto's Blade .04
An electrical off-road motorcycle from ElectricMoto.


15 July, 2003 - Hybrid Motorcycle That Does 180 Miles Per Gallon
The eCycle is a hybrid motorcycle that will run at 180 mpg.....



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