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27 August, 2015 - France: 2nd Annual Motors & Soul Gathering
La Ferme d 'Armenon
Motors and Soul
#France #Event #MotorsAndSoul - Last year we mentioned the first motorcycle gathering called "Motors and Soul", a gathering of beautiful motorcycle complemented with great music and food, and all that in a castle. Lots of well planned ride-outs were also on the program. Well, last year was such a success that the organizers (Virage8) are doing it again, but this time bigger.


17 August, 2015 - India: Nice Touch - Independence Day Stunts by Female Police
India Independence Day Female Stunters 2015
India flag
#India #StuntWomen #FemalePolice - That's a nice touch; putting female police officers on a motorcycle as stuntwomen, each representing a different religion. Nice. Colorful.


20 July, 2015 - India: Religious Festival With Motorcycle Stunts - Rath Yatra
Rath Yatra 2015 Stunts
India flag
#India #Stunts #RathYatra - Wow, you got to hand it to those good folks in India. Not only do they make some great food, but their culture is pretty decent as well. They have many Hindu Gods, and one of them, Ratha Yatra, results in an annual festival that sees the locals doing stunts on their motorcycles.


15 July, 2015 - Tour De France: The Motorcycle Riders - Not For Everyone
Tour de France 2015
Tour de France logo
#LeTour #TourDeFrance #Tour2015 - Riding a motorcycle in the Tour de France may sound ideal, but it's very hard work with no time to admire the scenery for fear of hitting a child, or crashing into the cyclists. In order to make sure the bikers are at the top of their skills, they must follow a mandatory training with the motorcycle cops every two years.


14 July, 2015 - Bastille Day Today, 2015 Edition - Let The Heads Roll
Bastille Day Storming
France flag
#France #BastilleDay #14Juillet - It's the 14th of July, therefore the French national holiday, known outside of France as Bastille Day. A celebration of the days when royalty lost weight (their head got chopped off).... something modern-day royalty should remember. Yesterday and today see many celebrations, even with motorcycles. Firemen balls (the dancing kind), fireworks, motorcycle rides and lots of parties.


13 July, 2015 - A Day At The Races: All the Tour de France 2015 Vehicles
France Radar Greed
Tour de France logo
Many people around the world follow world's biggest and toughest bicycle race, the famous Tour de France. This year was a double bonanza for me.. it would be going through not only our region, but the city where I live. And to make things even easier, it would be passing 5 meters from my garden terrace. So what better than throw a Tour de France party by inviting some friends. So here are 186 photos of all the vehicles on the Tour. 186 photos out of the some 3,000 vehicles.


29 June, 2015 - USA: Dykes on Bikes 2015
Dykes on Bikes 2015
USA flag
#DykesOnBikes #GayMarriage #USA - After the gay marriage ruling in the USA, they had something to celebrate for sure. Lots of people on motorcycles in a crazy parade. Colorful...


16 June, 2015 - Germany: Motorcycle Church Service - XXXL Format
Hamburg Motorcycle Church Service 2015
Germany flag
#Germany #ChurchServices #Events - Many bikers I know attend church services, but here's one church service in Hamburg, Germany that catered exclusively to motorcycle riders; all 30,000 of them. Wow.


15 June, 2015 - USA: 23 Photos of the 2015 ROT Biker Rally
ROT Biker Rally 2015
USA flag
#ROTRally #USA #Texas - The 2015 Republic of Texas (ROT) Biker Rally in Austin is a major event, with tens of thousands of motorcycles passing through Austin, Texas: riding, laughing, getting drunk and looking at near nude girls or boys. In other words: FUN.


25 May, 2015 - USA: Rolling Thunder 2015 - Motorcycles In A Positive Light
Rolling Thunder 2015
USA flag
#Rolling-Thunder #USA #Remember - Rolling Thunder, the event remembering and honoring the fallen soldiers in the USA. But it's not like any "normal" commemorative event, since this one is done by 100,000's of motorcycles. After the terrible biker fight in Waco, here is an event that show bikers in a positive light.


20 April, 2015 - Philippines: Burnout Guinness World Record
Philippines Smoking
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Worldrecord #Burnouts - Smoke and noise is welcome in the Philippines, because that is where 300 bikers broke the Guinness World Record for the most number of simultaneous motorcycle burnouts. Oh, and they also broke the record of the most sidecars in one parade.


15 April, 2015 - Thailand: That Will Get You Killed Over Here - Songkran Festival
Thailand Songkran water festival 2015
Thailand flag
#Songkran #SplashingWater - You do that to me over here in Europe (or the USA, or elsewhere in the world), and you're going to end up looking into the business end of a gun. But when it's part of the Songkran Festival, and it's hot out there, I guess it's okay.


13 April, 2015 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Race 2015 - Biker Rest Places
Poster 24 Hours Le Mans 2015
Relais Motards Calmos logo
#24HoursLeMansMotorcycles #LeMans #RelaisCalmos - The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle endurance race is upcoming weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open. You will also find a list of the autoroutes (motorways) that are free during the weekend for motorcycles.


10 April, 2015 - Iraq: A Motorcycle Race To Celebrate Victory Against ISIS
Iraqi Motorcycle race Baghdad
Iraq flag
#Iraq #Parade - I guess any reason is good to have a motorcycle race as celebration. Although this looks more like a parade than a race, but then the local journalists probably don't have that much experience with motorcycle gatherings over there.


8 April, 2015 - Slovenia: Start Of Motorcycle Riding Season
Riding Season Opening Slovenia
Slovenia flag
#Slovenia #EndOfPMS - #Gathering - It's not something I think about in France: we've got more or less a 365 days riding season, but there are places out there in the world, where bikers suffer from real PMS. And it looks like Slovenia is one of those countries. So what better than to start the season with a massive gathering and party?


16 February, 2015 - When Millions Of Chinese Go On Their Motorcycle For Spring Festival
China Spring Festival 2015
China flag
#China #SpringFestival #NewYear - This is what you get when millions of Chinese get on their motorcycles and head for home during their Spring Festival. Talk about rush hour. Ready for the Chinese New Year....


27 January, 2015 - India: Motorcycle Stunts Galore Republic Day 2015
India Republic Day Stunts 2015
India flag
#India #RepublicDay #Stunts - Like every year, during India's national day, Republic Day, there are massive parades in the street of the big cities. And one of the most entertaining, crowd-drawing, events are the motorcycle stunts performed by the likes of the police and border security forces (BSF). Their stunts are incredible and action packed. No wonder President Obama who is there visiting loved the stunts (I love the quote of Obama saying he is not allowed to ride on a motorcycle by the Secret Service, especially not on his head).


12 January, 2015 - India: Preparing That Day They Share 1 Motorcycle With Many
India Border Security Force Daredevils Rehearsal
India flag
#India #RepublicDayParade #Daredevils - The Indian Border Security Force motorcycle stunt group called the "Daredevils" have been preparing their Indian Republic Day parade event which will he held on January 26th.

As tradition wants it, every year during India's national day, the armed forces go out on their motorcycles, never one but always many to one bike, and amaze the gathered public with their incredible stunts.


21 October, 2014 - Spain: 2015 Penguins Motorcycle Rally Suspended - Thanks To Ecolos
Pinguinos 2014
Penguins logo
#Spain #Pingüinos #Penguins - The eco movement strikes again! They have managed to stop one of the biggest European winter motorcycle gatherings; the Spanish Pinguinos (Penguins Rally).


15 September, 2014 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Race 2014 - Biker Rest Places
24H Le Mans Moto 2014 Poster
Relais Motards Calmos logo
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle endurance race is upcoming weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open. You will also find a list of the autoroutes (motorways) that are free during the weekend for motorcycles.


1 September, 2014 - Annual Ural European Meeting - Sense Of Humor
Ural European Meeting 2014
Ural logo
#Ural #Event #Austria - Russian Ural motorcycles are holding their annual gathering for European riders next weekend, and their PR department have a wicked sense of humor if you have a look at the event's poster. Wicked.


18 August, 2014 - India: Share-A-Motorcycle Day (aka Independence Day)
India Independence Day 2014
India flag
#India #IndependenceDay #Stunts - It's that time of the year in India that mostly soldiers share their motorcycle with several other soldiers - while riding - (or use some fire to go faster). In other words, it's India's Independence Day celebrations.


4 August, 2014 - Sturgis 2014 In Full Swing
Sturgis 2014
Sturgis 2014 logo
#Sturgis - it looks like Sturgis is in full swing again.... thousands of bikers have trailered their motorcycles, using their RVs to store the enormous amounts of gear and souvenirs they are buying there, and suffering from massive hangovers..... I really need to go to Sturgis.


29 July, 2014 - Event: Motors and Soul
Chateau de Villiers
Motors and Soul
#France #Motors&Soul #Event - A great event is coming up in September called "Motors & Soul", bring together great motorcycles, food, live music, a castle and several ride outs. The vent is South of Paris at a real castle. Be there!


1 July, 2014 - USA: Dykes on Bikes 2014 Edition
Dykes on Bikes 2014
USA flag
#Gay #Dykes #Parade - The motorcycle group, Dykes on Bikes, lead the gay pride parade, where else but in San Francisco. What a motorcycle club name...


2 June, 2014 - France: Motorcycle Feast In Between Cow Dung and Mole Hills
Fete de la Moto Yvetot 2014
Fete de la Moto Yvetot 2014
#France #FeteDelaMoto - The first motorcycle feast took place in the fields in between the cow dung and mole hills and many motorcycle riders. Stunt riding, sidecar cross, trial, motorcycle dealers, swap meet, food and live music. What else can you wish for?


22 April, 2014 - Planning or Dreaming Of Adventure? - HUBB 2014 Is For You
Hubbuk2013 meeting
Hubbuk logo 2014
#HUBBUK #Adventure #Travel - The inescapable Horizons Unlimited, for anyone traveling or adventure riding, are organizing their annual HUBBUK event for veteran, newbie, rookie and dreamers.

Now is your chance to learn more about that adventure motorcycle ride you are dreaming about.


18 March, 2014 - India: Painted Bikers, Not Motorcycles
Painted Bikers India
India flag
#India #Painted #Hindu - Hmmmmm... it looks like in India they paint the bikers, not their motorcycles.

Maybe not a bad idea.


17 March, 2014 - Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014 To You All
St Patricks Day 2014
St Patrick Day Sign
#StPatrickDay #PartyTime - Although an Irish holiday, it's become a global feast. Every continent nowadays celebrates the 'drinking' holiday, although many people don't even know the origins, or even that's an Irish holiday (honest, a local bar here in Normandy was celebrating St. Patrick's day, and they did not know it was an Irish holiday). But that doesn't matter, as long as we're having fun.....

... but be responsible. Don't party, drink and then get on your motorcycle and ride away. Have fun celebrating.


10 March, 2014 - Women Ride Motorcycle On Woman’s Day - Just Like Every Day
2013 Female Ride Day
Indonesia flag
#InternationalWomenDay #Indonesia - Last Saturday, March 8th, was International Woman's day, and a lot of women were riding their motorcycles and scooters, like any other day.

No celebrations for them, maybe a little extra pleasure of riding their bikes. But no big deal.


28 February, 2014 - France: Exceptional Motorcycle Exhibition in Top Museum
Motopoetique expo
Motopoetique expo
#France #Museum #Exhibition - A very nice motorcycle exhibition has opened it doors for the first time in one of France's top museums in Lyon. Food, design and 'real' culture - motorcycle culture.

What more do you want? Called Motopoetique, the expo runs until 20 April 2014.


16 January, 2014 - The Biggest Motorcycle Flea Market In France
Elbeuf Les Puces Moto
France flag
#France #Fleamarket - Two times a year in a small town close to the city of Rouen, you will find the Mecca for motorcycle mechanics. In Elbeuf, a town located alongside the Seine river, twice a year some 45,000 motorcyclists gather to buy, sell and exchange information about their passion; motorcycles.


12 November, 2013 - Colombia: Moto Halloween Party 2013 - I Must Go There
Moto Halloween Party 2013
Colombia flag
#Colombia #MotoHalloween #Party - From the photos (also of previous years), this is one motorcycle party I really need to go and see. It looks like a blast. Dressing up, doing up your motorcycle, riding around town... wonderful. I want.


9 October, 2013 - Auction: 50 Vintage Motorcycles From Wayne Pierce Museum
Bonham 1926 Harley Davidson JD
Bonham 1942 Harley Davidson WLA
#Auction #Vintage #Motorcycles - For the people who love to own a beautifully restored vintage motorcycle, here is your chance. Bonham are auctioning off some 50 incredibly well maintained vintage motorcycles on January 9th, 2014 in Las Vegas...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 September, 2013 - Italy: Misano Classic Weekend - It is About The Bike, Not The Racer
Misano Circuit Classic 2013
Misano logo
#Misano #Vintage #Classic - Almost all motorcycle races are about the person on the motorcycle; the racer. Just look at fans of MotoGP, WSB, AMA, BSB, etc. They cheer their favorite racer; Rossi, Marquez, etc. Even when the rider switches team and motorcycle manufacturer, they stay as a fan.

The Misano Classic Weekend is not about the racers, it is about the motorcycle. In this case, it is about classic, vintage, motorcycles. During the weekend of 18, 19 and 20 October at the Misano Race Circuit, you are going to find 'old' motorcycle racing. It is a race for passionate people who love these vintage bikes and want to race them on a real race circuit...........

Note: article includes a vintage Ducati GP bike firing up..

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12 September, 2013 - USA: First Ever Motorcycle Film Festival - New York
Motorcycle Film Festival 2013 NYC
USA flag
#FilmFestival #Motorcycles - It's about bloody time! There are film festivals for almost anything under the sun, from horror to action to sci-fi to romance. But there are just no film festivals that honor the motorcycle. Until now that is. In Brooklyn, New York between 26 and 28 September the very first motorcycle film festival will be held.

The festival is a real one, done very much like all other big events; screenings, parties, after parties, judges, press .. etc. During the 3 days, several submitted movies and documentaries will be screened and knowledgeable judges will deem which ones were the best...........

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11 September, 2013 - Ducati Win San Marino 2013 GP, Bradley Smith On Podium! Honest
San Marino Bicycle Race 1st 2013
San Marino Bicycle Race 3rd 2013
#SanMarino #MotoGP #BlogVille - I know you will not believe me, although it could happen, but to show you I am serious, here is the winner of the San Marino 2013 GP, Alex De Angelis and the Ducati team..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 September, 2013 - Dutchman To Sell Major Motorcycle Collection At Auction
Botham Dutch Seller Auction
#Vintage #Auction #Motorcycles - Dutch motorcycle collectioner, Michael Buttinger, is selling his motorcycle collection of almost 100 vintage bikes at the upcoming Bonhams auction held in the UK on October 20th.

In the collection there are even 10 Honda Monkey bikes that have never been used, two prototypes, including one Honda CBX1000 and a special NR750.

The total value of the vintage motorcycle collection is estimated at €350,000. So if you are in the market for a new, old, bike, head on over to Bonhams and place a bid.


2 September, 2013 - Harley-Davidson 110 Year Motorcycle Bash - The Photos
Harley Davidson 110 Year Bash
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Party #Celebrities - Unless you have been living in a cave in Afghanistan you will know that Harley-Davidson is 110 years old, and like any living being that age, she is throwing a mega party.

Motorcycle riders from all over the USA, but also many from abroad have come to help celebrate this amazing birthday, and even motorcycle riding celebrities like Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff have joined the party. Here are some photos of the event.


15 July, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Torch Descent of Fecamp - Burn Baby, Burn
Fecamp Descente Moto 2013
Fecamp Descente Moto 2013
#Fecamp #Event #Motorcycles - Every year since 1972, a bunch of motorcycle riders come together in the coastal city of Fecamp (Normandy region of France) for some fun & games. The date is always the same, namely the day before the national holiday of France; Bastille Day - 14 July. On the 14th there are always parades, the biggest one in Paris, but all cities and bigger towns have their own versions. One of the biggest, and definitely loudest one, is the night before, and it is held in Fecamp.

The idea, already in place in 1972, was to go down the enormous cliffs by motorcycle. The first few years there were a few dozen bikers, but this number steadily grew, reaching 1,000 motorcycles. Then there was a fatal accident in one of the descents, and the parade was interrupted for a few years, until 1980 when some 50 odd bikers decided to start it up again, despite the local authorities forbidding the event.

The biker groups managed to continue the illegal event until 1986, when it got stopped by the authorities again (it is illegal to have fun in France...). In 1992 a different organization took the event in hands, and started organizing a real event..........

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31 May, 2013 - USA: Dodge City Brings Back 100 Year Old Motorcycle Race
Dodge City 300 1st Race
Dodge City 300 Centennial Logo
#Vintage #Race #DodgeCity - It used to be that you had to get out of Dodge City if the Hollywood Western movies were to be believed, but in this case, it's you should go to Dodge City. Here's why:

Next year (2014), 100 years ago, Dodge City saw the creation of a major motorcycle race. Back on 1914, 17,000 people flocked to Dodge City to see the first motorcycle race there, dubbed the "Indianapolis of motorcycle racing", a 300 miles long race and since then named the "Dodge City 300". People like William Harley and Walter Davidson, the founders of Harley-Davidson, were there, as were many other famous motorcycle celebrities...........

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28 May, 2013 - Motorcycles and Fallen Military - Rolling Thunder 2013
Rolling Thunder 2013
Rolling Thunder 2013
#RollingThunder #Memorial #USA - It was that time of the year again in the USA that people honored and remembered the fallen military during the Rolling Thunder (God, I love that name) motorcycle rally.

1000's of motorcycle riders went on their bikes in a large parade, ending at the different war memorials.


19 May, 2013 - Turkish Motorcyclists Celebrate National Independence Day In Holland
Turkish Biker Commemoration Utrecht
Turkish Biker Commemoration Utrecht
#Turkey #Ataturk #Netherlands - As luck (or skill) will have it, I was in The Netherlands this weekend in the great city of Utrecht, and while walking the canal streets of this old and beautiful city, I stumbled upon this.

Today is the National Holiday of Turkey, celebrating the Commemoration of the founder of Turkey, Ataturk. To celebrate this national event, Turkish motorcycle riders living in The Netherlands gathered today to mark this special occasion.

Speeches, gathering, talking between friends, and of course the mandatory ride out...........

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14 January, 2013 - USA: Bonhams Motorcycle Auction A Flop?
Husqvarna Steve McQueen
USA flag
The vintage motorcycle & memorabilia auction held by Bonhams in Las Vegas flopped pretty much. Most high value motorcycles, including the master piece, a 1939 BMW RS255 Kompressor, were withdrawn from auction since the reserve price was not met.

Some classic motorcycles did do well however; the 1954 BMW Rennsport RS54 Sidecar, the motorcycle used to win the Sidecar World Championship, sold for a record US$148,000. Only 2 motorcycles were sold in the 6 figure bracket (the other being a 1952 Vincent 998cc Black Shadow)...........

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7 January, 2013 - USA: Bonhams Auctioning Off Motorcycles and Memorabilia
Bonham Las Vegas 2013 Auction Poster
Bonham 1939 BMW RS 255 Kompressor Chassis
In the city of lights (and other things), Las Vegas, on January 10th, Bonham is auctioning off many old and vintage motorcycles and motorcycle memorabilia. In total they've got 476 items for auction.

Among the old motorcycles are some exceptional bikes from manufacturers like BMW, BSA, Triumph, Honda, Harley-Davidson and Norton. Or you can go even more classic with bikes from Rudge, Scott, Ariel, Douglas, ACE and even Puch mopeds.

You don't need to be a zillionaire to buy these bikes, amongst others a 1958 Berini Moped or 1976 Puch M50 Grand Prix should fetch between US$300 and US$500, and there are many more like that...........

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6 December, 2012 - Spain: The Penguins Gathering For 2013
Pinguinos 2012
Spain flag
For the truly brave bikers, the ones that don't mind a bit of cold weather, snow and ice, and those than can sleep in a tent covered with snow, this one is for you. Once a year in Spain (yes, it does get cold there), the annual Pinguinos gathering (Pinguinos is Spanish for Penguins) attracts over 27,000 motorcycle riders from all over Europe and beyond.

Braving the cold weather, they sleep in tents, and do several group ride-outs in the snow, parading in the main city of Valladolid. In the evenings there are concerts, strip shows (poor girls...) and many famous motorcycle riders are present at this unique event...........

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11 July, 2012 - Intermot 2012: Dates
Intermot 2012 Floor Plan
Intermot logo
One of the biggest, in fact 2nd biggest, international motorcycle exhibition, the German Intermot, is scheduled for the 3rd of October until the 7th of October this year. Held in Koln (Cologne), some 110,000 m2 are reserved for this motorcycle event.

6 halls will be showing motorcycles, scooters and their accessories, with every manufacturer worth its salt presenting; amongst others Harley-Davidson, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph and of course on their home turf, BMW. In total over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries.

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9 July, 2012 - A Day At The Tour de France As A Spectator With A Camera
Tour de France 2012 The Race
Tour de France logo
#TDF #Tour - World's most famous bicycle race, the Tour de France, was going to pass for the first time ever very close to my house in Normandy, and as luck was going to have it, I was going to be home, not traipsing somewhere making photos. So I decided to see what the "Tour" was all about. Having seen it on TV, I knew it was about fast bicycles, lots of motorcycles and lots of accidents.

I took many photos, and have been culling ever since. Here are 157 photos, way too much for this part of the site, so I had to move it to a section that would not bother regular readers.

I've divided the day into three sections, The Beginning - the pre-event, several hours of wait before it started, The Caravan - the famous very long publicity caravan and The Race - the actual bicycle race.

After each section is a link to another site with high resolution photos of the day.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 July, 2012 - Off To The Tour de France 2012
TdF Motorcycle Bicycle accident
Tour de France logo
As luck will have it, the famous bicycle race, the Tour de France, is passing some 500 meters from my house in Normandy today. All I need is walk out my door to see the race, but instead I'm getting on my motorcycle to find a "perfect" spot to make some photos.

The complete road for the Tour will have been closed starting at 10 am this morning, but with a motorcycle, and my press pass, I hope to get to the top of a steep hill close by to make photos, not of the bicycles, but of the 100's of motorcycles that surround the race.

If you're watching the race on TV, I'll be located 1 kilometer from the castle of Sassetot-le-Mauconduite, just after Les-Petites-Dalles (seaside town).

I just hope I'm not going to cause what happened on the photo....

I'll be showing the photos either later today (depending on traffic), or tomorrow.


4 July, 2012 - Happy 4th of July 2012
Happy 4July 2012
USA flag
Hope our American cousins have a great 4th of July, with great weather, memorable motorcycle rides, picnics, friends & family, and a spectacular fireworks.

.... thinking of you...


19 June, 2012 - Celebrating 50 Years Of Montesa Impala In Style
Montesa Impalada 50th Anniversary Event
Montesa logo
Reaching 50 years of age is a milestone for any human being, but for a motorcycle, it is an exceptional occasion. That is why the Impala club of Spain decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their darling motorcycle in style.

Montesa is an old Spanish motorcycle manufacturer who got taken over by Honda, to become Honda Spain (but trading under the name Honda Montesa). As an interesting side note, one of their racers who made the name Montesa famous was one Bulto, who later went on and created Bultaco......

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29 May, 2012 - 2012 Rolling Thunder - Photos
2012 Rolling Thunder
2012 Rolling Thunder
Always an emotional moment, Rolling Thunder is one of those motorcycle events that stands out in the hearts & minds of many bikers.

Here are a few of the press photos of this event


29 May, 2012 - 2012 Atlantic Beach Bikefest - Photos
2012 Atlantic Beach Bikefest
2012 Atlantic Beach Bikefest
Here are a bunch of photos of the 2012 Bikefest held in Atlantic Beach.


22 May, 2012 - USA: Myrtle Beach, Suck Bang Blow and Other - The Photos
Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Spring Rally
Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Spring Rally
It looks like the Motorcycle Spring Rally around Myrtle Beach was a blast for many. That while others, like me, are freezing our cajones off in the cold weather.

Some name for a bar ... Suck Bang Blow...

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and see the many photos.......


8 May, 2012 - Zero Wins European eMotorcycle Of The Year
Clean Week 2020 2012
Clean Week logo
Partially sponsored by FEMA, the European Federation of Motorcycle Associations, the Clean Week 2020 - 2012 edition, is an annual competition to elect the best of the best in terms of electric vehicles.

Held at the Zolder race circuit in Belgium last week, a team of 12 motorcycle journalists gathered to test the entries; Brammo, Zero, Vectrix, IO, E-Max, Govecs, Dumco, Nimoto, Novox, Peugeot, Sens, Sym, Noveco, Emco and Solex.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 April, 2012 - Cafe Racers: 1st Balneo Cafe Racer Event of Dieppe 2012
Balneo Cafe Racer Dieppe 2012
Balneo Cafe Racer Dieppe 2012
Despite tropical downpours and heavy winds, I managed to ride my motorcycle to the very first Balneo Cafe Racer event of Dieppe, a weekend long cafe racer exhibition, races, parades and demonstrations.

I managed to stay for 2 hours, and then totally soaked, I headed back home, not to return, but I did manage to make some photos of these amazing motorcycles and people.

Here are 37 photos of motorcycles, people and the area.


23 April, 2012 - Monaco: Unique Auction, Including Ducati MotoGP Motorcycles
Ducati Desmosedici GP11 VR2 (2011)
Ducati Desmosedici GP10 CS1 (2010)
RM Auctions are going to have a ball in Monaco. On May 11th, they will be auctioning off the Carlo Saltarelli collection of Ducati motorcycles. Saltarelli was a Ducati motorcycle tester and a big Ducati dealer. His private collection includes many vintage bikes (some 100 bikes), including several Ducati Scramblers, a GT Police Bike and even a 1947 Ducati Cucciolo 48 and a 1950 Ducati 60.

Going through the on-line catalog is an event on its own, so if you have some time on your hands, head on over. It's the only thing that will not cost you any money.

Apart from the Saltarelli collection going under the hammer, Ducati is also bringing in for auction the race bikes used by Casey Stoner, Ducati Desmosedici GP10 « CS1 » (the world championship bike with 4232 km on the counter), and last year's Ducati Desmosedici GP11 « VR2 » of Valentino Rossi (the bike has only 2342 km done).

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 April, 2012 - 1st Cafe Racer Event Of Dieppe - Balneo Cafe Racer Days
Poster 1st Balneo Cafe Racer Dieppe
<France flag
For those of you, especially in the UK, who are looking to do something interesting on the 28th and 29th of April 2012, here's an idea. A short ferry hop to the city of Dieppe in North France, and you will faced with the first Cafe Racer event of the city.

Called the Balneo Cafe Racer Days de Dieppe, the weekend-long event focuses on cafe racers. Some 200 cafe racers will be gathering alongside the beach front, with Saturday afternoon a parade through the city followed by a 200 meter sprint race. Sunday will see demonstrations of these special motorcycles on a 1200 meter long circuit.

A couple of big names will be present during the weekend. names like Jim Redman, Dave Hailwood (the son of "Mike the Bike" Hailwood), Paul Smart, Ron Chandler and others will be there.

Entrance is free, and if you want, there are camping grounds close by in the towns surrounding the city, plus a plethora of hotels & B&Bs. And all things considered, I should be attending the event, so expect photos the following day for those of you who will be missing the event.


17 April, 2012 - "Big" Harley-Davidson Gathering In Cuba
Havana harley Davidson Gathering 2012
Havana harley Davidson Gathering 2012
I guess that in Cuban terms, 100 or so Harley-Davidson motorcycles is enormous, but still it's nice to see this (Sturgis need not to worry). Remember that these guys & gals can not buy new motorcycles, so they need to keep restoring the old bikes.

I bet you that most Cuban bikers are very skilled mechanics...


27 March, 2012 - Want To Ride The Magny-Cours Circuit At Night? Yes You Can
Night time racing
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you who are planning to attend the Bol d'Or 24 hour motorcycle endurance race next month (14/15 April), there's an added advantage for going. The organizers are opening the circuit for all and their dogs (or bikes).

But the really interesting thing about this open circuit is that they plan to allow you to ride your motorcycle AT NIGHT. Friday the 13th of April (for some it's lucky, for some it's unlucky), starting at 21:00 (9 PM) until midnight, there will be several "trackday" sessions, allowing you to race on the circuit for 3 laps at night.

Click on the headline to read more .....


23 March, 2012 - Ural 5th European Get-Together
Ural 5th Europe Meeting Poster
Ural logo
Russian motorcycle manufacturer, Ural, have released the dates of their 5th European motorcycle bash. It's a time for Ural owners and lovers to gather, swap stories, drink lots of beer and do some ride outs.

The date is set for 31 August until 2 September. The venue is Aschach, Austria (on the Danube river).

So if you are into Ural motorcycle, mark the dates, and start planning your holiday.


27 January, 2012 - India: Motorcycle Daredevils Strike Again
Republic Day Parade 2012
Republic Day Parade 2012
Stunning images from their annual event. These army motorcycle stuntmen sure put up an interesting parade.

Beats the ones we see in Europe.


17 January, 2012 - India: Army Day 2012 Motorcycle Stunts
India Army Army Day Parade 2012
It looks like all the rehearsals for the Indian Army Day 2012 has paid off.


16 January, 2012 - Spain: Penguins Motorcycle Rally 2012
Pinguinos 2012
Pinguinos 2012
Every year, some 25,000 weathered motorcycle riders come together for some fun in the snow in Spain. Called the Penguin International Winter Motorcycle Rally, or in Spanish, Pinguinos, this year, they came as well, but there was no snow, blame global warming.

But still, it's pretty cold in Puente Duero, and the bikers had fun. It's not the Elephant Rally, but still up there for cold weather motorcycle riding.


23 December, 2011 - Michele Bachmann, US Presidential Candidate, On A Motorcycle
Michele Bachmann Motorcycle Museum
Michele Bachmann Motorcycle Museum
Candidates to the US Presidential elections can't escape it! They need to be seen on a motorcycle, even if it's just posing on one. Has sitting on motorcycles become the 21st century kissing-a-baby?

I don't follow much the politics of the candidates and I doubt she rides a motorcycle, but one thing is for sure, she sure is the prettiest of them all...


5 December, 2011 - The Netherlands: Happy Sinterklaas
Sinterklaas on a motorcycle
It's Sinterklaas (Sint Nikolaas) back in my old country, the Netherlands, a time that gifts are exchanged, and pranks are played. It's a typical Dutch happening, with, like at Christmas, families gather and exchange, often funny, gifts.

Poems are read, and Sinterklaas, a "wise" old man who lives in Spain and is surrounded by black (Moors) helpers, gives good children the gifts, and bad children are taken away in their big bags.

Normally, Sinterklaas comes riding into town on a big white stallion, but he has been spotted on a motorcycle once or twice.


24 November, 2011 - Happy Thanksgiving Day 2011
thanksgiving Day Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all. Eat, relax and be prepared for Black Friday.

In fact, this is going to be the first time ever that I have a Thanksgiving Day dinner. Some American friends are coming over Saturday, and one flew in from the US with a turkey. So we'll be 12 eating and stuffing our faces with a real American Thanksgiving Day turkey, and we're even having pumpkin-pie for dessert.


12 September, 2011 - Boobs On Bikes Cancelled Due To Rugby
Boobs on Bikes 2010
The now famous motorcycle parade in Auckland, New Zealand, "Boobs on Bikes" - a parade of topless strippers on motorcycles - got cancelled due to pressure from the people.

The parade was going to be held at the same time the World Rugby Cup match between their national team, the All Blacks, and France's national team was going to be played. People wanted a family environment, and topless strippers on motorcycles was not the way to go.


22 August, 2011 - Photos of the 2011 America’s Motorcycle Ride
America Motorcycle Ride 2011
America Motorcycle Ride 2011
The "America's Motorcycle Ride", a ride marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, was held last week.

Here are some photos of the event.


17 August, 2011 - God, Decibels and Motorcycles
Madone des Motards 2011 Blessing
Once a year, in a small and sleepy village in Brittany, France, population 635, some 20,000 motorcycles and 10,000 spectators come on a pilgrimage to the Madonna of Bikers statue, and to receive a blessing by one of the (bike riding) priests.

A special prayer is held for all bikers that have died in the last year, and for the rest, it's party time.


6 June, 2011 - Learn Off-Road Motorcycle Riding With Leon Haslam
Leon Haslam BMW WSB 2011
You might think the headline is a mistake, but you'd be wrong. End July you can get trained by none other than Leon Haslam, BMW Superbike racer (just before Silverstone round of the WSB) is not only a street racer, but also a motocross/off-road specialist.

BMW Off Road Skills Course is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get trained not only by the BMW Off Road Skills training staff (headed by Simon Pavey), but also by guest "teacher" Leon Haslam.

If you're interested, hurry, since it's for one class only, and limited to 28 participants.


31 May, 2011 - Motorcycles Lined Up, Everywhere
Motorcycle Line up USA 2011
Motorcycle Line up Yemen 2011
Two photos taken on the same day, thousands of miles apart, but with the same story; motorcycle lined up....

One for a nice occasion, the other for a not-so-nice one.


3 May, 2011 - BMW Motorrad Days 2011 - The Dates
BMW logo
BMW's popular BMW Motorrad Days, the motorcycle gathering at the foot of the Alps mountains, is scheduled for June 1st - 3rd.

So get ready to party, and get your liver prepared for an onslaught of beer.


3 May, 2011 - Ace Cafe Coming To America
Ace cafe popular
Logo Ace Cafe
The very popular, and very British, Ace Cafe is coming to evade North America.

10 outlets are planned, and one temporary one is opening on the 14th of May in Florida to celebrate the grand opening of Dime City Cycles at Largo, Florida.

So now you too can have a place to meet fellow motorcycle riders in a supercool decor.


19 April, 2011 - EICMA 2011 Dates - World’s Biggest Motorcycle Expo
EICMA 2011 Poster
EICMA's dates are published. You can go to world's biggest motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy between 8 and 13 November.

To mark the occasion, EICMA have gotten themselves a really cool poster, where you can see a biker being knighted....


11 April, 2011 - International Female Ride Day Is Friday May 6 2011
International Female Ride Day 2011
The International Female Ride Day is upcoming May the 6th. Organized by Vicki Gray from the Motoress site, and now in its 5th year, the special women ride-out day has become very popular.

Supported by several large organizations, amongst others FIM, and now the Russian Motorcycle Association, the event has become a major mark on women's calendars.

Are you participating?


17 March, 2011 - Happy St. Patrick Day 2011
Happy St Patrick Day 2011
Happy St. Paddy Day!

Why is one nation's holiday celebrated all over the world? No other country has that a popular holiday. Why? Why? Is it that the Irish have taken over the world? Or because they are the most popular? Or the best drinkers?

This article sponsored by my Irish Wife


17 February, 2011 - Help Save The Nurburgring Circuit. You Can Help
Nurburgring circuit
The famed Nurburgring race circuit is not only one of the oldest in Europe (Germany), but also one of the toughest and most demanding. It has been the host to many races, movies and TV shows (like Top Gear). It's a circuit where you can go to on your motorcycle, and do a few laps.

Thanks to an amalgamation of government and private enterprise stupidity and greed, the race circuit is in danger of disappearing (for once it's not the ecologist movements' fault).

But you can help, and it's only going to cost you a minute. Sign the on-line petition. That's all you need to do.


7 December, 2010 - International Female Ride Day 2011 Scheduled
Female RideDay 2011
The next International Female Ride Day for 2011 has been scheduled for 6 May.

The ever growing event is not only a great social occasion for women around the world to ride together, but also to let it be known that women are taking to motorcycle more and more.


9 November, 2010 - Erzbergrodeo Dates For 2011 - Waiting List Only
ErzbergRodeo 2010
Erzbergrodeo logo
The popular Austrian hard motorcycle enduro, Erzbergrodeo, not only has an official start date, but within 5 hours of the registration being open, the 1,500 slots were filled. If you want to participate in this massive and crazy off-road event, you'll need to go onto the waiting list.

The Erzbergrodeo is getting more popular every year, and TV stations around the world are now broadcasting this event. So if you can't compete in it, go and see it on the spot.


15 September, 2010 - India: Get Paid To Ride A Motorcycle
Video clip
Mahindra logo
Indian manufacturing conglomerate Mahindra are launching a motorcycle line. 2 years after having bought an Italian motorcycle engineering firm (designers for Ducati, MV Agusta and Benelli to name a few), they are rolling out a series of motorcycles shortly.

To promote their new motorcycle, they are looking for 20 riders to ride their new motorcycle for 6-8 weeks, all expenses paid, and a salary. The lucky winners get to keep their new bike.


9 August, 2010 - USA: How To Get Noticed At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis Rally Scooter
Riding in the Sturgis motorcycle rally and wanting to be noticed with 1000's of motorcycles, you need to ride something special...

.... but would you attend Sturgis riding a scooter??


16 July, 2010 - 3rd Ural European Biker Bash
Piberstein castle
Ural logo
Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural are holding their 3rd annual bash in a circa 1200 built castle in Austria.

I can't think of a better venue for a party for Ural riders/owners. Three days in a castle, touring the Austrian Alps, listening to live music....

Sounds like fun.


23 June, 2010 - Vespa Trophy 2010: Nice Initiative
Vespa Trophy 2010
Vespa logo
Vespa's annual gathering, this year in Fatima, Portugal, combines a pretty novel concept, called the Vespa Trophy.

Each European club, must on its way to the gathering, pass by as many Vespa dealers as it can, collect a stamp, get their photo taken, and the club with the most stamps wins.

Great idea.


16 June, 2010 - 10th Year Of BMW Motorcycle Parties Coming Next Month
BMW logo
BMW are celebrating their 10th annual biker bash, the BMW Motorrad Days next month, and using the 30th anniversary of the GS model as main topic for the 3 day event.

Several competitions, lots of drinking, motorcycle riding, dancing, food and celebrities will be there at the foot of the German Alps.


31 May, 2010 - Rolling Thunder 2010
Rolling Thunder 2010
Time to honor the fallen and disappeared - The Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade.

Probably one of the few times motorcycle riders are seen in a positive light.


16 April, 2010 - Germany: Stay Away From Kulmbach April 24th
Police motorcade
Kulmbach patch 2010
On April 24/25 in Kulmbach, Germany, some 50,000 motorcycles are gathering for a weekend of fun.

Most of them are European motorcycle police officers! And the event is held in a brewery.... need I say more?


13 April, 2010 - The Netherlands: Motocross Just For Homosexuals
The wacky motorcycle event in the South of The Netherlands, the KnasterCross has created a special motocross category for gays only!

A weekend of motorcycle fun, plus a race were only homosexuals race.... but how do you prove that you're gay?


29 March, 2010 - 2010 BMW Motorrad Days To Honor The GS Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW are celebrating their successful dual-sport motorcycle, the famous GS, 30th birthday in style. They will be marking it's coming of age at their annual biker bash, the BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen between July 4th and 6th.

You'll not only get to see all the year's models, try them out wit a bit of training, but you can also win one of two models in a lottery.

Chris Pfeiffer, Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus will be there to shake your hands, and have a photo taken.


29 March, 2010 - Bulgaria: 2010 Motorcycle Season Declared Open
Sofia Season Opening 2010
Sofia Season Opening 2010
Looks like there's an official motorcycle riding season in Bulgaria, and it opened officially last weekend.

Does that mean that bikers are now fair game?


17 March, 2010 - Happy Motorcycling St. Patrick’s Day
St Patrick Day Parade Motorcycle
St Patrick Day Sign
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, wherever you may be.

St Paddy day is now celebrated almost everywhere in the world.

If you've got motorcycle related St. Paddy Day photos from anywhere else than the USA and Ireland, please send them to me....


13 January, 2010 - Spain: Penguins On Motorcycles
Spain 2010 Pinguinos
Spain saw its annual winter motorcycle gathering last weekend, drawing some 10,000 motorcycle riders from all over Europe to camp in freezing temperatures.



2 December, 2009 - BMW Sponsors UK Olympics In 2012
BMW logo
BMW will be supplying 4,000 BMW cars, motorcycles and even bicycles for the London Olympic games of 2012.

It's not their first time, and don't think it'll be their last. That's a lot of cars and motorcycles!


1 December, 2009 - Video: Old Indians Never, Ever Die 2
Video clip
During July 2009, some 400 Indian classic motorcycles attended a gathering in Scotland. A video documentary has been made, and here's a trailer.

It looks good, specially the characters that ride these precious motorcycles.


28 October, 2009 - Middle East HOG Gathering In Bahrain
The Middle East chapter of HOG are gathering for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain 11 to 14 November. 100's of Harley motorcycle are expected to attend this big event, not only from the Middle East.

Interesting event.... not like Sturgis, but in its own atmosphere...


15 October, 2009 - Where Not To Ride Your Motorcycle This Weekend
Tarrango-International-Motorcycle-Cops meeting
Do not go riding your motorcycle in Tarragona, Spain this weekend. You have been warned!

That is when the international meeting of motorcycle police is being held, with 100's of motorcycle cops.... do you really want to ride there?


3 October, 2009 - Stop/Action: An Interesting Motorcycle Art Display
Our friends at Hell For Leather Magazine have organized a real art exhibit (ie not an internet one), called Stop/Action, in New York.

Until October 11th, you can see Aprilia motorcycle positioned in such a way as they would appear in a movie film; panel-by-panel.

So if you're in New York, head over to the art gallery and have a look. It must be interesting, since it's a novel idea.


7 September, 2009 - Benelli 2009 Motorcycle Gathering
Benelli logo
Benelli are holding their annual gathering at Misano on Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September of this year.

You don't need to have a Benelli motorcycle, but having passion for them is a plus. The event is free, and there's a lot of riding on the program.


3 August, 2009 - Europe’s Sturgis: Harley Days In Hamburg
Europe has the equivalent of Sturgis, but a tad smaller. Harley Days are organized in June in Hamburg, and end July in Berlin, Germany.

Some 300,000 motorcycle, riders and visitors attend from all over Europe.


30 July, 2009 - Sturgis: What To See If You Are Not There
SturgisCam Street
Sturgis is a few days away, and for those of you who can not attend, here's a list of webcams that are working. This way you can check your spouse or friend...


24 June, 2009 - On-line Chopper Contest - On-line Motorcycle Beauty Contest
The good folks at ChopperTown are organizing their very first ON-LINE Chopper Backyard Build contest.

Very interesting idea. Instead of bringing your motorcycle to a central location, costing you fuel, money and time, you submit two photos, and a jury of 12 peers select the best ones.

The top 5 win prizes. How ecological is that?


4 June, 2009 - International Women and Motorcycling Conference 2009
AMA is organizing their International Women & Motorcycling Conference for August in Colorado.

Women can learn more about the joys of riding a motorcycle, riding alone on long adventure trips, dealing with dealers, etc. The 4 day event has several guest speakers, including Carla King who is currently riding solo in Morocco.


3 June, 2009 - France: Fire Brigade Hold Their 10th Motorcycle Safety Course
The French fire brigade are very well respected and liked by the French. Therefore, when they organize an event, it is usually well attended.

On the 27th of June, they are holding their 10th training for cars and motorcycles. In the day long event you learn to respect each other on the road (car and motorcycle), you learn a thing or two about riding, and you get to meet professionals, even celebrities.


29 December, 2008 - Motorcycling Through The Year 2008
Opinion Article
Fun Article
Here's my take on what happened during 2008 in the motorcycle world.

Races, manufacturers and people are all covered in this "year in review".


13 October, 2008 - Win A Ducati Monster Motorcycle At Charity Raffle
News Article
Our buddies at ProItalia are holding a charity raffle. For US$ 25, you get the chance of winning a Ducati Monster 696 motorcycle.

Winner will be announced at the upcoming Love Ride!


10 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - The Girls
Intermot 2008 - The Girls
Here's the last photo article of the Intermot 2008 motorcycle exhibition; the girls (the ladies, women, demo dollies).

Breathtaking girls, and some less breathtaking, but all nice to watch. Without them, the show would be less interesting.

27 photos, so it might take some time loading.



9 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Odds and Ends
Intermot 2008 - Motorcycle Exhibition
Here's a collection of photos of stuff I found at the Intermot Motorcycle Exhibition that would not fit in a dedicated article.

Some nice motorcycles, and some funny stuff.



8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - SCOOP: URAL Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Ural Motorcycles
I spotted a Russian made Ural motorcycles with a real innovation - for the Russian brand.

have a look at the sign of progress...


8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Royal Enfield
Intermot 2008 - Royal Enfield motorcycles
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield, apart from two charming ladies, had some new old motorcycles, or old new motorcycles at the show.

Here they are, more shortly.


8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Scooters
Intermot 2008 - Scooters
Back on popular demand (well one person, Maggie), here's a look at the scooters of Intermot motorcycle exhibition.

There are sooooo many, mostly from China, that they could have a separate show as big as Intermot.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Honda Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Honda Motorcycles exhibition
Honda logo
Honda had nothing to show, despite a nice show.

The only thing they showed was a concept motorcycle that will probably never the light of day.

Only KTM was worse....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Triumph Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle exhibition
Triumph logo
Triumph motorcycles only had one motorcycle to show that hasn't been seen in the wild yet; the Triumph Thunderbird.

It's big, it's heavy and it's expensive.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - SCOOP. BMW To Use Normal Indicators
BMW logo
Our buddies at Dutch site Oliepeil have just discovered that BMW are going back to the normal way indicators are used on motorcycles.

Finally, after years of fighting, BMW finally have decided to listen.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Harley-Davidson/Buell Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Harley-Davidson / Buell motorcycles exhibition
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson had two new motorcycles to present at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition;

One Harley and one Buell.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Ducati Motorcycle: Free Back Protectors
Intermot 2008 - Ducati Motorcycles presentation
Ducati logo
Ducati managed to stir a buzz, by announcing that as off now, any new Ducati motorcycle purchased in Europe, will receive a top of the line, Dainese, back protector free of charge.

It's part of the Saving 25,000 Lines in Europe. Further, Ducati showed the 1100 Monster, GT 1000 Touring and the 1100 Multistrada S motorcycle in white.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Kawasaki Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Kawasaki Motorcycles presentation
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki had a very interesting way of showing their 2009 motorcycle model range...

They used pretty girls......

Works for me....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Yamaha Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Yamaha V-max motorcycles presentation
Yamaha logo
Yamaha presented their motorcycle line up for 2009. They also had a few celebs on hand.

My favorite is the V-max....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - BMW Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 BMW K1300GT Motorcycles
BMW logo
BMW's presentation consisted (of course of 90% financial) of the three new K1300 motorcycles; K1300GT, K1300S and K1300R and the new BMW SuperBike motorcycle and one of its racers, Ruben Xaus.


6 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Suzuki Motorcycles
Suzuki Motorcycles press event
Suzuki logo
First press conference is done, and here's what it looked like.

Several motorcycle celebrities, 1 real new motorcycle, and 2 updated models. 800 people, music and loads of motorcycles.


6 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Couple Of Facts
Statistics Article
Back from the first press conference. here are some facts & figures of the Intermot motorcycle exhibitions in Koln, Germany.


6 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Build-up Glimpse
Intermot 2008 Stand build
Here's a brief glimpse of what a major motorcycle exhibition like Intermot 2008 at Cologne, Germany, looks like a few days before opening.

Some are ready after a long weekend of hard work, and some are just starting, and will be working day and night.

First real conference is late this afternoon at 6 pm. Suzuki opens the ball...


3 October, 2008 - Love Ride 25 - Anniversary Motorcycle Charity Ride
Love Ride 25 logo
This October the 26th sees the 25th and anniversary issue of the famous Love Ride motorcycle ride out for charity.

Presided by none other than Jay Leno, this year features many motorcycle riding celebs. All for a good cause!


27 August, 2008 - Open House For Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
Hell Angels Amsterdam poster
The Amsterdam chapter of the Hell Angels motorcycle club are throwing a big party, and everyone is invited.

Entrance is free (donations accepted), and they even have a party for kids in the afternoon. Evening sees a live music band and DJ.

What are you waiting for?? Party Time!


21 August, 2008 - Boston Bruins Motorcycle Rally For A Cause
Boston Bruins motorcycle rally logo
I don't do local motorcycle ride outs, but here's an exception. 6 September, the Boston Bruins are organizing a motorcycle rally benefitting a cancer foundation.

After the ride, you get a BBQ and time to mingle. How cool is that (unless it rains, but then the event is held the following day).

There will be no bodychecking!


2 July, 2008 - Black Motocross
Black Cross motorcycle event
Once a year there's a major motorcycle gathering in the East of The Netherlands, including 3 days of music by some 100 music bands on 12 different stages.

Sunday they hold the crazy "Black Cross Race", involving some 500 "motorcycles". The festival starts the 25th of July.


1 July, 2008 - Soccer? Nope, MotoBall!
MotoBall - Motorcycle Soccer
Video clip
One of world's most boring games had it's finals last weekend: Euro 2008 Soccer.

but there's a more interesting version of what Europeans call Football: MotoBall. That's right, soccer played with motorcycles (250 cc bikes). They're having their own European Championships in August. That'll be more interesting. Here are a few photos and a video clip.


27 June, 2008 - Members of European Parliament Motorcycle Ride
FEMA MEP Ride 2008
FEMA logo
Once a year, the Federation of European Motorcycle Associations (FEMA) take the Members of the European Parliament out for a motorcycle ride.

It's a great idea, since it gives those politicians that vote for laws affecting us riders an idea what it is like to ride a motorcycle.

here's what the ride-out looks like from a participant's view (me).


4 June, 2008 - Want To See ChopperTown and Brittown In Europe?
OneWorldTour poster
The directors/producers of the two successful motorcycle documentaries, ChopperTown : The Sinners and Brittown (both reviewed on this site) are touring Europe this month, screening their movies.

This is your chance to talk to the producers, watch the movies on a big screen and hang out with fellow bikers.

What are you waiting for...??


14 April, 2008 - Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico 2008
Mathieu Rebeaud at the X-Fighters in Mexico 2008
Spectacular photo of Mathieu Rebeaud at the RedBull X-Fighters in Mexico on the 4th of April 2008.

Takes a lot of guts to do these stunts...


7 April, 2008 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Rest Stops
Motorcycle 24 hours of Le Mans poster
As usual, the French government and the FFMC (French Angry Biker Association) have put in place many rest stops for motorcycle riders attending the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans races on the 19th and 20th of April.

Here's the complete list of places where you can get food, drinks, gas, tire pressures, mechanics etc, and most important, meet your brother and sister bikers.


21 February, 2008 - What Are You Doing In July 2010?
EuroBike2010 web site
If you've got nothing planned during July 2010, here's an idea.

Join the EuroBike2010 journey, a motorcycle trip with 1,000's of other bikers, through 23 European countries.

All that to a) see Europe, b) help Unicef and c) break a World Record.


7 August, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Coverage Of Sturgis 2007
Web Article
Harley-Davidson logo
If you want to see what's happening at Sturgis, click over to Harley-Davidson.

They have reserved a large section of the website for Sturgis. See photos, videos and read the stories.


6 August, 2007 - Sturgis 2007 Starts Today
Sturgis 2007
Yes, it's that time of the year again. How time flies.

The Mecca of American Bikers starts today; Sturgis. 7 days of motorcycles, girls, motorcycles, music, motorcycles, fast food, motorcycles, fights, motorcycles, weird people, motorcycles, bikers, motorcycles... and motorcycles.


2 August, 2007 - 5th Giornate Mondiali Guzzi Event Planned
Moto Guzzi Giornate Mondiali Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi are planned their annual motorcycle bash, called Giornate Mondial Guzzi (GMG), in September.

It's their 5th annual bash, and it looks like it's going to be bigger and better this year.


2 July, 2007 - World Ducati Week 2007: A Record Year
World Ducati World 2007
Ducati logo
The World Ducati World 2007 is over with a bang.

Record number of visitors, exhibits and fun. A bit of sunshine must have helped.


28 June, 2007 - UK: Unity Ride
Unity Ride logo
Unity Ride came after the 2005 terrorists attack on London, UK. Started by, it was supposed to be a small event; some 30 motorcycle riding through London. It turned out to be 3,500!

After the enormous success, they are planning another ride through London in August. This time, it's to raise awareness of the intolerance towards bikers.


21 June, 2007 - Dainese Celebrating 35 Years
Dainese Factory
Dainese is getting old; 35 years to be exact.

As with most birthdays, they're celebrating, and are inviting you to their home for a party.


4 May, 2007 - Canada’s National Female "Just Ride" Day
Lady Motorcycle Riders
Today, 4th of May, has been proclaimed Canadian National "Just Ride" day for female motorcycle riders.

Organized by Motoress, just get on your trusty motorcycle, and ride. Anywhere will do, as long as your seen riding your bike.

You can also meet up with them this morning at Toronto's CNE.


6 April, 2007 - Red Bull X-Fighters - Mexico 2007
Red Bull X-Fighters - Gabriel Villegas - Mexico 2007
Here's the report of the Red Bull X-Fighters event held in Mexico last month.

I know that there are a lot of people who don't think much of these freestyle games on motorcycles, but even if you don't, the photos are amazing. I'm always dumbstruck by what they can do in the air on these motorcycles.

Don't try this at home.


13 November, 2006 - At the Milan EICMA Motorcycle Show
This Site Article
I'm in Milan, Italy, covering the EICMA Motorcycle Exhibition. Hopefully, internet dependent, you'll be seeing as good as live, the latest and greatest motorcycle products at the show. Tune in regularly !


15 August, 2006 - "Boobs on Bikes" to go ahead
Boobs on Bikes
The topless motorcycle parade "Boobs on Bikes", despite attempts to stop it, is being held in Auckland, New Zealand. 23rd of August will see 30 topless ladies parading on motorcycles.

Way to go !


11 August, 2006 - Video: The Travis Pastrana Double Back-Flip
Video clip inside
Even if you're not a freestyle fan, the Travis Pastrana double back-flip will not let you cold. Here's the video clip of him doing it the very first time ! Pretty incredible !


7 August, 2006 - Sturgis 2006
Motorcycle meet Sturgis 2006
500,000 motorcycles are gathering in the mythical and famous Sturgis biker meet. The largest in the world, Sturgis attracts bikers from around the world.

Here are some photos of the event as published by the newswires.


4 August, 2006 - Castle, Horses and Motorcycles - A Day In Normandy
Paris Motorcycle Police Exhibition Team
Last weekend we visited the annual horse and buggy race. Also at the event was the Paris Motorcycle Police Exhibition Team showing off their skills.

Quite interesting and impressive.


24 July, 2006 - Record Motorcycle Jump Failed !
Trigger Gumm Motorcycle Crash
Very obvious from this photo that the record attempt for the longest motorcycle jump failed.

Ouch !!


20 July, 2006 - Wheels 2 Africa
News Article
US based Dakar race team, Team Rally Pan-America, have announced that *they* are sponsoring a charity (Wheels 2 Africa) that provides motorcycles for medical purposes in Africa.

So, after the race is over, the support trucks of Team Rally Pan-America will go back into Africa to help in the efforts of Wheels 2 Africa. Nice !


23 May, 2006 - First Ever Female Motorcycle Expo
Women's Motorcycle Expo
The very first Female Motorcycle Expo opens it doors 3 and 4 June in California, USA. Female motorcycle riders are mainstream now, and here to stay. 2 day event full of music and "seminars".

Looks like fun, men are welcome.


10 February, 2006 - Ducati In The Winter Olympics 2006
Ducati at the Olympics 2006
The Italians snuck a Ducati motorcycle in to the Winter Olympics opening show.

And why not???


9 February, 2006 - Your Chance To Ride The Famous TT-Assen Circuit
TT-Assen motorcycle circuit
The famous and loved racing circuit of the TT-Assen opens its doors for the general motorcycle public for three days this year.

Your chance of trying to beat Rossi's time.


31 January, 2006 - Getting Cold Here
Motorcycles under snow
While it's getting colder and colder, I'll need to brave the elements this weekend and go on my motorcycle to cover the Le Touquet EnduroPale beach race.


24 January, 2006 - Learning to Ride Motorcycles With BMW
Motorcycle Training
BMW logo
The famous double Guinness Book of Record holders, Kevin and Julie Sanders now offer a BMW training course for beginners.

Learn how to ride a motorcycle in a couple of days.


23 December, 2005 - Motorcross/Enduro Holiday In France - Kids/Adults
Moto Paul Racing Motocross circuit
Don't know what to do for your 2006 holidays ? Got kids who want to learn riding a motorcycle ? Here's the solution. A high park with several motocross/enduro circuits, motorcycles or quads, all under the watchful eyes of trained staff. Activities for kids.

107 room hotel. 200 people restaurant. A great holiday !


19 December, 2005 - TITS in the Desert
TITS Honda C90 Scooter
8 British motorcyclists are trading in their trusty BMW GSs for Honda C90 Scooters and riding them through the Sahara desert to Gambia.

Why ? For charity !! Loaded with medical equipment, they are leaving the 28th of December for their long, dangerous and memorable adventure.


5 December, 2005 - Another Motorcycle Exhibition in Paris
Paris Motorcycle Show Logo
Paris is to host a 2nd annual motorcycle show, the Paris Moto Show. To be held end February.

A new format show, with demonstrations and try-it-yourself tracks !


6 October, 2005 - Paris Motorcycle Show - Odds and Ends
KTM Super Enduro Motorcycle
A last look a the Paris Motorcycle show, the odds and ends of the show.


5 October, 2005 - Tokyo Motorcycle Show
News Article
Paris motorcycle show isn't even finished, and we start looking at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show starting end of the month.


3 October, 2005 - Paris Motorcycle Show - The Girls (and 1 Guy)
Paris Motorcycle Show Girls - Honda
A look at the demo girls (and one guy) of the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 11: Buell - End of the "live" reporting
Buell XB12X Ulysses Paris Motorcycle Show
Buell logo
And the last look of the Paris motorcycle show is for the Buell XB12X.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 10: Aprilia - Take 2
Aprilia Tuona R Paris Motorcycle Show
Aprilia logo
Back to Aprilia to look at the Tuona R and Pegaso Trial.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 09: Yamaha - Take 2
Yamaha FZ1 Paris Motorcycle Show
Yamaha logo
A closer look at the Yamaha FZ1, YZF - R6 motorcycles at the Mondial show in Paris.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 08: Triumph
Triumph Scrambler Paris Motorcycle Show
Triumph logo
Triumph were showing their latest Scrambler and Daytona Triple at the Paris motorcycle exhibition.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 06: Aprilia
Aprilia SVX Paris Motorcycle Show
Aprilia logo
Aprilia CEO shows of the SVX.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 05: Moto Guzzi
Moto Griso 1100 Paris Motorcycle Show
Moto Guzzi logo
A quick look at the Moto Guzzi Griso 1100.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 04: Yamaha
Yamaha MT-05 Paris Motorcycle Show
Yamaha logo
A look at Yamaha's motorcycles and show.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 03: Honda Goldwing GPS
Honda Goldwing GPS Paris Motorcycle Show
Honda logo
A quick look at the Honda Goldwing GPS, slated for 2007.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 02: And The Girls Are Getting Ready
Paris Motorcycle Show
And the demo dollies are getting ready.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 01: Arrived Early
Paris Motorcycle Show
First, test, report from the Paris Motorcycle Show.


30 September, 2005 - At The Paris Motorcycle Show
Personal Article
I'm currently at the Paris Motorcycle Show, hopefully filing photos and motorcycle specs.


20 September, 2005 - Paris Motorcycle Show "Mondial du Deux Roues" 2005
Mondial du Deux Roues motorcycle show 2005
The big Paris motorcycle exhibition, the Mondial du Deux Roues, opens its doors next week.


17 August, 2005 - Supercross: The Movie & World 1st Motorcycle Drive-in
News Article
The premiere of the movie "Supercross" was held at world's first motorcycle drive-in movie theater !


27 July, 2005 - Cannonball Motorcycle Run
Cannonball Motorcycle Run map
The first Cannonball Motorcycle Run is on here in Europe; a special motorcycle event starting in the UK.


20 April, 2005 - MV Agusta Chosen Motorcycle Of The Year - Italy
MV Agusta Brutale 750 S motorcycle
Italian magazine awards MV Agusta the "Motorcycle of the Year" award.


28 March, 2005 - KTM Motorcycles To Cancel Its Annual Party
KTM logo
KTM's annual party in Mattighofen, Austria is cancelled due to complaints !


18 March, 2005 - Your Chance For An Incredible Trip
Honda C90 Scooter
Ever wanted to participate in an adventure, riding across the Sahara desert - - here's you chance !


1 March, 2005 - Motorcycling on Europe’s Circuits
Bikers Days logo
This is your chance of riding on several of Europe's motorcycle racing circuits.


27 February, 2005 - French Civil Drivers Once A Year ?
France Article
The French are courteous drivers once a year.


25 February, 2005 - The Irish Motorcycle Exhibition
The Irish Motorcycle Show website
The Irish Motorcycle Exhibition opens in doors on the 4th of March.


11 February, 2005 - Motorcycle Enduro of Le Touquet 2006
Racing Article
World's largest motorcycle enduro event is back on for 2006 in a different format, and will be one week (bike week).


14 January, 2005 - Ducati’s MotoGiro 2005
MotoGiro 2005
Ducati and Dream Engine are holding their 5th road race, the MotoGiro 2005.


30 November, 2004 - Thailand’s Chiang Mai Motorcycle Week
Decorated Motorcycle at Chiang Mai Bike Week
Photo of a very decorated motorcycle seen by Alex R in Thailand's Chiang Mai Motorcycle Week.


4 August, 2004 - Intermot: Munich’s Motorcycle Exhibition
Intermot Logo
Worlds largest motorcycle exhibition, the Munich Intermot, has published the schedule and agenda.


3 August, 2004 - Benelli Organizes 2 Day Track Event in Misano
Benelli Motorcycles Event
Benelli are organizing a fun 2 day event in Misano, Italy. Get some track time in.


7 July, 2004 - Back From BMW’s Biker Meet
BMW logo
Back from the BMW Biker Bash, but was not impressed.


1 July, 2004 - On My Way To BMW Biker Meet In Garmisch
BMW Biker Meet 2004 logo
BMW logo
I'm off to the BMW Biker Bash. News continues..


29 June, 2004 - BMW Motorcycles and the Olympics
Olympic BMW R1200GS
BMW logo
BMW have donated several R1200GS motorcycles for Olympic duty.


12 April, 2004 - KTM Motorcycles Party
KTM logo
KTM are throwing their annual party between 10 and 12 June this year.


5 March, 2004 - World Ducati Week
Ducati Parade
Ducati logo
Ducati is holding its annual week long event in Italy.


23 October, 2003 - Tokyo Motorshow - Concept Motorcycle Heaven
News Article
The Tokyo Motorshow is concept motorcycle heaven...


23 September, 2003 - Paris Motorcycle Exhibition - Mondial du Deux Roues
France Article
The "Mondial du Deux Roues", one of world's biggest motorcycle exhibitions.


5 September, 2003 - The Milan Motorcycle Show - What to Expect!
The Milan Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) is starting on the 15th of September. What can you expect to see....



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