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17 August, 2015 - India: Nice Touch - Independence Day Stunts by Female Police
India Independence Day Female Stunters 2015
India flag
#India #StuntWomen #FemalePolice - That's a nice touch; putting female police officers on a motorcycle as stuntwomen, each representing a different religion. Nice. Colorful.


23 July, 2015 - Adventure Riding As Glamour - Road To Beauty
Lequipee Road to Beauty
#Adventure #Glamour #Lequipee - The five pretty adventure girls featured in 3 videos of their motorcycle trip over the Himalayas, have recently come back from a three week motorcycle trip from Rio, Brazil into the Amazon jungle. The trip got captured by a professional photographers, and he has published some of his work on his web site. Great photos.


21 July, 2015 - Two Years Old, Kymmee Johnson Already Racing A Motorcycle
Young Kymmee Johnson
#VeryYoungRacers - 2 years old, and this very young lady is already riding motorcycle like a pro. Knees down, hard into the curve ... no fear on this little one. Is she going to be the first women to win MotoGP in some 16 years time? Have a look...


14 July, 2015 - Japan: The Sub Sub Culture - Bosozoku Biker Girls
Bosozoku Girl
Japan flag
#Japan #Bosozoku #FemaleBikerGang - Japan has many cultures, also in the motorcycle world. One subculture is the crazy Bosozoku one, and a sub-subculture of this group are the Bosozoku girls. Wild, crazy, kamikaze style bikers, they prove Japan that they can wipe their own asses. Cool.


5 December, 2014 - Idea: Lauren - Backpack Made For Chic Female Bikers - MotoChic
MotoChic Lauren
MotoChic Lauren
#Kickstarter #Female #Backpack - Here is an interesting crowd-funding project for female motorcycle riders; an elegant backpack that converts into an even more stylish women's handbag. Called Lauren, there's also a women's purse called Valerie (read the name explanation in the story). From MotoChic.


29 October, 2014 - My Kind Of A Lady
Perfect lady
#Funny #Lady #Woman - This is my kind of a lady. Riding a motorcycle with high heels; classy!


11 September, 2014 - Nexx: Helmets For Women With Swarovski and Constellations
Nexx Helmets Luna Swarovski
Nexx logo
#Nexx #WomenRiders - Has Portuguese helmet maker NEXX a great idea for female riders, or are they missing the point. An open face helmet with Swarovski crystals!!!


7 July, 2014 - BMW C Evolution, Electric Scooter From A Female Point of View
Patricia BMW C Evolution
BMW logo
#BMW #C-Evolution #Electric #Review - My wife, Patricia is a fully licensed motorcycle rider, who has been riding her own motorcycle for years. This was her first weekend with the electric BMW C Evolution scooter, so we tried it both as her as a pillion and as a rider.

Here are her impressions from a female point of view.


8 May, 2014 - Officer, Please Arrest Me! Hey, What’s That You Are Riding?
Syria Kurdish Police On BT Hond Wuyang
Syria flag
#Syria #Kurdish #Police - First glance saw me looking at some pretty Kurdish police officers in Syria, but then my attention went to their motorcycles. BT-HOND! Ever hear of them? Have a look.


14 April, 2014 - Bad Crowd-Funding Ideas - Stiletto Motorcycle Boots
Stiletto Motorcycle Boots
#Crowdfunding #Stiletto #Women - Here is an example of an idea that should never have reached a crowd-funding site.

High heel motorcycle boots! Imagine riding with a motorcycle boots with stiletto heels.... a sure recipe for disaster.


10 March, 2014 - Women Ride Motorcycle On Woman’s Day - Just Like Every Day
2013 Female Ride Day
Indonesia flag
#InternationalWomenDay #Indonesia - Last Saturday, March 8th, was International Woman's day, and a lot of women were riding their motorcycles and scooters, like any other day.

No celebrations for them, maybe a little extra pleasure of riding their bikes. But no big deal.


13 December, 2013 - Dakar: Resorting To Putting Sexy Woman To Attract Viewers?
Dakar Demo Dolly
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Sexy - Is the Dakar organization (ASO) resorting to putting sexy woman on the motorcycle in order to attract viewers and journalists?


21 November, 2013 - Idea: Beautiful Photo Realistic Paintings Of Motorcycles
MotoPainter Ducati
#Kickstarter #MotoPainter #Art - Here is an interesting Kickstarter project. It's for a woman who is a biker and an artist, making photo realistic paintings of motorcycles. She need money to 'brand' her work and go to exhibitions.


21 September, 2013 - MotoGP: And Finally, The Umbrella Girls Of The San Marino GP
San Marino MotoGP 2013 Umbrella Girl
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #UmbrellaGirls - What would a MotoGP race be without the glamour of the umbrella girls? No girls, no glamour. It is like motorcycle exhibitions with their demo dollies, the motorcycles races need their brollie girls.

The San Marino MotoGP race in Misano was no exception. The girls where to be found everywhere, not just on the track keeping the racer in the shade. Their role is to promote the brand of the sponsors, and the teams themselves, so they parade along the paddocks, and will pose for photos for anyone.

Here are 24 photos of the San Marino MotoGP umbrella girls, plus the last one is of Elena who I interviewed...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 April, 2013 - Ad: Why Some Advertisements Fail - Claire’s Female Biker Gang
Claire's Female Biker gang
#Advertisement #Claires #Fail - When I first saw this advertisement I was quickly drawn to it. What was there not to like? A motorcycle gang, all female and a killer slogan "more is more".

Then I saw the company name; Claire's. And that was it.... no other information. It doesn't say who they are, what they are selling. The ad is in a series of 4 ads, and none explain the company or product. So if you don't know the company/product you're still none the wiser, and if you do know the product/company you don't really need the ad, do you now?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


25 February, 2013 - The Netherlands: 2012-More Motorcycle Riders, Many More Female
Dutch Motorcycle Lessons School
The Netherlands flag
The community of motorcycle riders in The Netherlands has expanded quite a lot last year. During 2012 31,500 cloggies (=Dutch people) got their precious motorcycle license, an increase of 18% over 2011. Half of the new bikers are under the age of 24.

The most interesting statistics is that 50% of the under 24 year old new motorcycle riders are female. So more and more girls are taking to riding their own motorcycle, which is a good thing.

The reason for the sudden increase in the number of people taking a motorcycle license... on January 19th, a new motorcycle license law came into effect in Europe, making it impossible for younger riders to go directly to bigger displacement bikes. Younger riders need to progressively move to larger displacement motorcycles, so many wanted to go directly to the big bikes license.


9 January, 2013 - Belgium: Minister Wants To Ban Sexy Demo Babes From Exhibitions
Girls of Eicma 2011
Belgium flag
Talk about equality and discrimination. The Minister of Equal Opportunities in Belgium, Joelle Milquet, is fed up with going to car and motorcycle exhibitions, like the show that opens on Friday in Brussels, and see sexy and scantly clad ladies demonstrating cars and bikes.

So she's putting a law into place that will forbid this, a bit like a Muslin Sharia law for exhibitions..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 January, 2013 - Indonesia: Shortly Woman Pillions Not Allowed Biker Style
Amazon Only Female Pillions
Indonesia flag
Sometimes the world goes backwards, not forwards, as is the case in the city of Lhokseumawe in Indonesia. Indonesia, a former Dutch colony, is now predominately Muslim, and in Lhokseumawe the town fools elders have decided that female pillion riders are not going to be allowed to sit as bikers sit on a motorcycle, with a leg on each side of the bike.

Instead, in the name of Muslim decency and to protect the woman from unwanted male sexual desires, they will need to sit amazon style, ie, both legs on the same side. Funny enough, they are allowed to ride the motorcycle, and that is allowed to be done in normal style. However, women must wear a head scarf and clothing must cover all parts of her body.


5 December, 2012 - Sidi New Motocross Boot For Women
Sidi Motocross Ladies
Motocross boots are very unladylike. Big, bulky, nothing feminine about them. But if you're going offroad, you have little choice... until now.

Sidi have released for Christmas the Female Motocross boots. Now you too can ride your motorcycle offroad and still have a female "look"...


22 October, 2012 - Girls Ride KTM As Well, Here Is A Blouse To Prove It
KTM Girls Blouse
KTM logo
It's not only alien guys like Cyril Despres and Marc Coma who get to ride KTM motorcycles. Lots of girls ride them as well, but for those that want to show their love for the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, there's not much they can do in terms of clothing, unless they want to be a walking billboard.

But now KTM have expanded their merchandising offering with this nice blouse for the ladies. It's checkered, 100% cotton, it has elbow pads and as far as I can see, there's no KTM logo apart from something at the right bottom. But you'll find the KTM orange in the coloring of the shirt.


25 June, 2012 - Motorcycles, Women and Shoes - 20 Photos
Woman On Motorcycle And Shoes
Woman On Motorcycle And Shoes
It's one of the many mysteries that surround women; their obsession for shoes. Most men don't get it. A guy can have sneakers, a pair of motorcycle boots and one good pair of dress shoes, and that's it. But many women have more shoes than what we guys have in underwear. It's not a problem; it's just a mystery.

But what is more of a mystery is when these ladies get on a motorcycle. Quite a lot of them ride in shoes that are anything but adequate for riding. HOW DO THEY DO IT? How can they ride with high, stiletto, heels? Do they not break off? And what about scuff marks?

What happens when you stop and put your foot down? Isn't it unstable like hell? How many of you women have broken your shoes when riding?

So many questions.... anyway, here are 20 photos of women riding motorcycles and their shoes.


25 April, 2012 - Video: Throttlepack - Keep Up With Female Bikers
Video clip
USA flag
It sounds sexual, and maybe it is intended, but this TV commercial is for Throttlepack from Vance and Hines. Installing it, apparently, will help you keep up with female motorcycle riders.

So there you go, if you are overtaken by a woman riding a motorcycle, she probably has a Throttlepack installed..... or she just can ride better and faster than you, and her bike is better and faster than yours.


19 April, 2012 - India: Woman On Motorcycle? No Need For ATGATT
India Woman No ATGATT
<India flag
Hmmm.. strange laws in India. As a male motorcycle rider, you are required to ride your motorcycle with a helmet, but if you are female, you do not need one. In other words, females lives are much more expendable, not counting for much.

It's probably why so many women die on their roads.


12 April, 2012 - Take The Female Motorcyclist Survey
Survey Check Marks
#motorcycles #survey - I'm a bit late, but the survey is still open. There's a big survey going on for female motorcycle riders. I think it's a great initiative, so if you are female and ride a motorcycle, head on over to RevGirl and answer 12 easy questions.

The results will give a good idea what drives women to motorcycles.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 February, 2012 - France: Toll Roads Price Hike, Even For Motorcycles
Motorcycle toll booth
The French government, in their "wisdom" has agreed that motorway operators in France are allowed to increase their tolls by an average of 2.5%.

That makes way to an incredible fraud by the operators, who already charge an arm & leg for their motorways, particularly for motorcycles. The last thing they need is an increase in tolls, since they are making filthy profits on roads that were paid for by tax payers.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: 91 Pretty Girls and 3 Handsome Guys - Part 2
Girls of Eicma 2011
Girls of Eicma 2011
Here is the second part of the pretty & sexy girls of Eicma, and for the girls, the last three are guys. A total of 49 photos.

That's it for me for this year for the Eicma 2011 motorcycle exhibition. It's been a very tough one, lots of press conferences crammed into a too small time frame, not enough space to work and pretty bad management. But at least the pretty girls made up for it. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it... right?

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Eicma; next motorcycle exhibition is at the end of the month in Paris, France.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: 91 Pretty Girls and 3 Handsome Guys - Part 1
Girls of Eicma 2011
Girls of Eicma 2011
The only reason we go to motorcycle exhibitions like Eicma is not to see the new motorcycles and scooters, or all the new equipment, but to see the demo dollies, the stand hostess and in general, all the pretty girls.....or at least, that's what a lot of people think.

Every year, the motorcycle exhibitions try to outdo each other with the prettiest and sexiest demonstration girls, and this year at Eicma was a bumper year.

There was one motorcycle manufacturer who realizes that woman are an important market, and as such had several "handsome" guys sitting on motorcycles, and the company is Honda. So for the ladies, I've included in part two, three photos of guys.


17 October, 2011 - The *Perfect* Motorcycle Helmet For Women?
Luxy Female Fashion Helmet
Female motorcycle helmets distinguished themselves by nothing... except maybe the color.

.... until now !

Introducing the Luxy female motorcycle helmet!


3 October, 2011 - India: Women Get To Do Motorcycle Stunts Too
Salma Stuntwoman Well of Death
Salma Stuntwoman Well of Death
The fun of doing deadly motorcycle stunts is not limited to men in India....

Here's a pretty lady who gets to ride the Well of Death as well.


17 August, 2011 - Thailand: The Sweet Battalion - Honest
Thailand Sweet Battalion
Thailand Sweet Battalion
You just can't make this kind of stuff up, unless you are a movie script writer in Hollywood....

Thailand has a female-only police force, called the "Sweet Battalion", with some 40 motorcycle riding cops. Gaddafi move over!


23 June, 2011 - Too Cute Scooter Earrings
Miss Mod Scooter Earrings
For the ladies (but maybe even for men, you never know nowadays), cute earrings in the shape of a Vespa and matching helmet.

Show your passion with pride and fashion...


20 May, 2011 - Looking Great On A Motorcycle As A Woman
Lycaon Babe Female Jacket
Lycaon Vixen Female Kidney Belt
Riding a motorcycle as a woman doesn't mean you can't look good while still be protected.

Lycaon will ensure that you are protected, even you kidneys, while still looking fashionable enough to go to the Royal Wedding...


18 April, 2011 - Squids Are Not All Male
Female Squid On Suzuki Motorcycle
Most motorcycle squids and bikers who are trying to win the annual Darwin award are male. It's a given, but then, there are still more male then female motorcycle riders out there. Maybe over time, we'll see more and more female squids arriving on the scene.

Like this one.....


11 April, 2011 - International Female Ride Day Is Friday May 6 2011
International Female Ride Day 2011
The International Female Ride Day is upcoming May the 6th. Organized by Vicki Gray from the Motoress site, and now in its 5th year, the special women ride-out day has become very popular.

Supported by several large organizations, amongst others FIM, and now the Russian Motorcycle Association, the event has become a major mark on women's calendars.

Are you participating?


22 March, 2011 - Europe: Female Motorcycle Riders Will Be Paying Higher Insurance Fee
Old female bikers giving the finger
Women have been fighting for equality for centuries, and now they are going to get it, and they don't like it....

The European courts have deemed that favoring female motorcycle (and car) riders for lower insurance fees is discrimination towards their male counterparts, and now women need to pay the same as men, i.e., higher premiums.

Betcha the insurance companies love this rule...


25 February, 2011 - Why It Is Better To Be A Male Biker Than Female. No More!
Aprilia 250SX Ad Bike Me Toilet Female
One of then if not only, big difference between male and female motorcycle riders is the fact that male bikers can stop anywhere alongside the road and pee standing up. Female bikers usually end up looking for a rest-room somewhere.

No longer. For female motorcycle riders there is now GoGirl, an invention that allows female bikers to pee standing up.



11 February, 2011 - Ad: Does Suzuki Motorcycle Not Like Female Riders?
Ad Suzuki GSR750 France
Suzuki logo
In this French Suzuki print ad, it would appear that Suzuki don't think to highly of females riding their GSR750 motorcycle. They think it's to macho for women....


26 January, 2011 - Mexico: The Pink Motorcycle Brigade
Mexico Pink Motorcycle Brigade
A couple of very brave female motorcycle riders are going around the poor Mexican cities to distribute food.

Cities that have been ravaged by the drug wars, these ladies on their pink motorcycles are bringing hope to the local population, despite riding through extreme violence and dangerous areas.


20 January, 2011 - Study: Male Bikers Prefer Women Over Motorcycles
Strathclyde Study
A study performed by a British university on male and female motorcycle riders, shows some interesting, and unexpected results.

Let's face it, we all know men prefer riding a motorcycle over playing with kids or babies, and women, given the choice between kids or babies and riding a motorcycle, will choose within a New York minute the first choice. ... but ..... read the survey results...


13 January, 2011 - Book Review: Biker Chicz of North America
Biker Chicz of North America Cover
A review of the book entitled "Biker Chicz of North America". A book about women who ride motorcycles.

It's not a novel, but an inspirational book for women about women who ride motorcycle.

Interesting and well written.


12 January, 2011 - DVD: The Achievable Dream DVD Set
Achievable DreamDVD pack
Video clip
An introduction to Horizons Unlimited DVD set for inspiring adventure motorcycle riders, or just plain armchair travellers. 5 series to show you how to ride into a country whose name you can't pronounce, keeping yourself happy, save and secure.

Also one teaser for the 4th series of this set, "Ladies on the Loose", showing you several female RTW riders.


4 January, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson, Women & Motorcycles
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Women have been riding motorcycles for quite some time now, but it is only recently that Harley-Davidson has woken up to that idea.

Now Harley is promoting females riding motorcycles, and here's one TV ad to prove it.


27 December, 2010 - Video: Tiffany’s BMW Episode
Video clip
BMW logo
Here's finally the full Tiffany "Tiff" Coates episode on the BMW YouTube channel.

BMW invited Tiff to fly over to Turkey, including her trusty GS motorcycle, and stay there for a few weeks and be filmed for this documentary. It's all about Tiffany and her world travels on her motorcycle.


7 December, 2010 - International Female Ride Day 2011 Scheduled
Female RideDay 2011
The next International Female Ride Day for 2011 has been scheduled for 6 May.

The ever growing event is not only a great social occasion for women around the world to ride together, but also to let it be known that women are taking to motorcycle more and more.


30 September, 2010 - UK: Grandmother Sells House, Buys Harley, Rides The World
Sue O'Grady on her Harley
Sue is a 62 year old grandmother who is selling her house in order to pay for an epic trip around the world on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sue only started riding at the age of 50, owned her first bike at 55, and has clocked over 100,000 miles on her current Harley.

She's planning to travel the world until the money runs out.


27 September, 2010 - Ludivine Puy 1st Ever Female World Champion Motorcycle Enduro
Valentino Rossi HelmetLudivine Puy Push up gasgas
Ludivine Puy Airborn
French woman, Ludivine Puy was crowned the first ever FIM Female Enduro Motorcycle Champion last weekend.

Already French and European Champion, after many other titles, this is the first ever title award by FIM in the new category, and Ludivine got it.

Congratulations to Ludivine Puy (and the other champions that day).


9 September, 2010 - Females: Riding Motorcycles, While Remaining Beautiful
Motoress Gear
Vicky Gray, the female motorcycle racer and blogger at Motoress, has launched a comprehensive product range for females who ride motorcycle.

Called "Beauty Gear", girls (and guys ....) can buy the specially made-for-motorcycle-riding cosmetic at the Motoress website.

So if you're a girl who rides motorcycles, or a guy looking for a gift for your SWMBO, here's the site to go to.


30 July, 2010 - Elegance On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle elegance
Would this qualify as riding elegantly on a motorcycle (or a scooter as the case may be). Sure looks like it to me..


22 July, 2010 - News On Tiff Coates’s Travels
Tiffany in Japan
Tffany and Carla King
Some news about Tiffany "Tiff" Coates world travels on her trusty, but old, BMW GS motorcycle.

She's back in the USA, and has decided, spur of the moment, to head for Labrador.

In the mean time, Tiff has met up with Carla King, female solo world traveller and successful book author.


12 May, 2010 - Muslim Women, Motorcycles And The Burqa
Muslim Female Motorcycle Riders
Big debate in Europe about women wearing the burqa, comparing them to people wearing a motorcycle helmet in public.

But what about women wearing a burqa riding a motorcycle?


10 May, 2010 - A Tour De France On A Scooter For A Special Girl
Ara Lucia Ashburne
Here's a young lady that deserves our respect. Ara Lucia Ashburne suffered an enormous physical problem, resulting in a life long severe disability, but the disability is not visible.

Many people think if you don't show the disability, you're not disabled. So she's going to set out on trip of her life, riding through France. Just to prove that she can do it, and to make people aware of invisible disabilities.

That's tough... not an easy task.


9 March, 2010 - A Look At Livia Lancelot, Female Motocross Knight
Livia Lancelot
Livia Lancelot
On the day after World Woman Day (I'm always a bit late), here's a closer look at Livia Lancelot.

Who is Livia Lancelot you may ask? She is the 2008 World Champion Female Motocross!! Not an easy feat, so she deserves a closer look.


23 February, 2010 - Tiffany To Be A Star
Tiffany Coates
Tiffany Coates, the ultimate female motorcycle adventurer, has been asked by BMW to star in one of five commercials they are making this year.

She will be the only one on a BMW motorcycle, the other four are cars. They are flying her and her old but trusty motorcycle to Turkey next month.


8 January, 2010 - Dakar2010: Annie Seel - Leading Female Motorcycle Rider
Dakar2007 Annie Seel
Dakar 2010 logo
A look at the leading female motorcycle rider in the 2010 Dakar rally, Swedish Rally Princess Annie Seel.

She's leading the race in the female category, and is 40th overall in the motorcycle category, despite riding with an injury.


21 December, 2009 - Free eBook: Carla King’s Motorcycling for Women - Beginner Bikes
Web Article
Carla King, from Motorcycle Misadventures has released a nifty free eBook for women who are beginning to ride motorcycles. The eBook explains the different beginner motorcycles available to you.

You can read the eBook on this site.


7 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: 5 Motorcycle Gifts Ideas For Her
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Shopping Christmas gifts for female motorcycle riders is not as easy as it sounds. Obviously, you can buy any of our suggested gift ideas for men, but there are few things that are specific to female riders.

Here are 5 gift ideas specific to female motorcycle riders.


2 December, 2009 - The Netherlands: More And More Female Motorcycle Riders
female manga motorcycle
In The Netherlands, one third (1/3) of all people riding motorcycles (there are 650,000 of them), are female.

That up from a quarter 10 years ago.


1 December, 2009 - New FIM World Championship Female Enduro
Racing Article
FIM are organizing next year the first Female Enduro World Cup.

Three races, each 2 rounds will be held in Italy, Poland and France.

My favorite to win... Ludevine Puy!


13 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: The Girls - A Teaser
EICMA logo
Still on the road, but here's a teaser (hehe) for next week's special on the girls of EICMA 2009.


5 November, 2009 - KTM: Girl’s Handbag
KTM logo
KTM not only have macho equipment for us motorcycle riders, but also more feminine stuff.

One of these merchandising items is the Deville Girls Purse, a made-by-Ogio handbag for the ladies, that would not look out of place at the Oscars.


3 November, 2009 - Verdandi Motorcycle: Concept Motorcycle For Women
Video clip
Swedish student at Chalmers University in Sweden have designed a motorcycle for women.

The concept model has been designed low, ergonomic, safe and easy to ride for women.

Here's a video of the motorcycle.


13 October, 2009 - Women: Remain Stylish On Your Motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle as a female doesn't mean that you can't ride in style, at least as far as your head goes....

Style Saver Scarves offer a wide range of hand made silk scarves to suit any occasion, while retaining a female look.

Oh yeah, you also avoid having helmet hair...


9 October, 2009 - Gaza Strip: Women Are Not Allowed On Motorcycles
Hamas have decreed in the Gaza Strip that for their own safety, women are no longer allowed on motorcycles.

Not as rider, nor as pillion.

Please stay pregnant and barefooted on your donkey.


2 October, 2009 - Vote For The Best MSF Slogan, Win A Prize
Web Article
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) are calling for people to vote on the top 10 best slogans for the "Motorcycles and Women" theme.

Prizes available for the 3 chosen ones. Entries close on October 15th.


4 June, 2009 - International Women and Motorcycling Conference 2009
AMA is organizing their International Women & Motorcycling Conference for August in Colorado.

Women can learn more about the joys of riding a motorcycle, riding alone on long adventure trips, dealing with dealers, etc. The 4 day event has several guest speakers, including Carla King who is currently riding solo in Morocco.


18 May, 2009 - Tiffany Coates Off To A Bad Start
Tiffany in Romania
Tiffany Coates, who set out on her solo UK to Mongolia trip has started her motorcycle trip badly. In the space of 48 hours, she has had 3 rear shock suspension.

Her BMW R80GS has got 150,000 miles on it, and in the first portion up to Germany she not only was loaded for the trip, but also had a pillion passenger..... not a good start...


15 April, 2009 - Interview: Tiffany Coates - Pre Mongolia Motorcycle Trip
Tiffany Coates in Malawi
Here's 14 questions I asked Tiffany Coates before she heads out, on her own, from the UK to Outer Mongolia on her trusty BMW R80GS motorcycle.

Find out what makes her tick... Would you dare go out into the unknown, often dangerous countries, on your motorcycle?


17 March, 2009 - Amazing Tiffany Goes For Another Amazing Motorcycle Trip
Tiffany at the Copacabana beach in Brail
Tiffany "Tiff" Coates is an amazing woman. I've interviewed her once before when I was covering the 2005 Dakar race. She was on her way for a lunch appointment (the appointment was in Timbuktu).

She had during the 1990's ridden a 2nd hand BMW R80GS from the UK to India, since she couldn't afford to go any other way. She had never been on a bike before! She loved it so much, she continued riding around the world.

Last year she became very ill, and was confined to a wheelchair. The Docs said she could probably never ride again. Boy were they wrong.

Tiff is now going to ride from Cornwall all the way to Mongolia! No support crew, no trucks, helicopters, cameras, doctors, etc... the way it was intended.

Click the headline to read more about this amazing woman.


25 February, 2009 - Pretty Helmets For Females
Video clip
Riding Pretty female helmet
Female motorcycle helmets don't need to look like Power Ranger helmets. A woman can look female with a helmet on!

Here's an example from the bicycle world. It shows that it is possible. Why not??


5 January, 2009 - Sliding Angels: Female Supermoto team
Sliding Angels
More and more women are joining not only the ranks of motorcycle riders, but also motorcycle sports.

Here's an all female Supermoto team, consisting of four lovely girls racing the local Italian Supermoto Championships.

Good on'em!


2 January, 2009 - French Gendarme Now Allowed To Dress Up When Motorcycling
French motorcycle gendarme in sleeveless shirt.
The short sleeved French motorcycle Gendarme is a thing of the past! No longer do they need to ride their motorcycle clothed the way they ride their horses.

Now, they getting real motorcycle jackets with an incorporated airbag! Good on them!


29 September, 2008 - Book Review: Wind In My Face
Book cover Wind In My Face
A review of the book entitled "Wind In My Face" by Canadian author Dorothy Bush.

The book can be of interest to women who are thinking about starting to ride motorcycles in Canada.


26 September, 2008 - Chrome Cowgirl: Sasha’s New Motorcycle Book Out
Book Article
Sasha Mullins, a fellow motorcycle blogger and journalist, has released her latest book. Called "The Chrome Cowgirl", it's a motorcycle guidebook for women (though guys can learn a thing or two).

Her website has the first chapter on-line, so head over and see if you like it..


6 May, 2008 - Cheaper To Be A Female Motorcycle Rider In France
France Article
One of the bigger motorcycle insurance companies in France, AMV, has decided it's better to insure female riders. According to them, there are more and more joining the ranks of motorcycle riders, but have less accidents.

So they're now rewarded with a 10% reduction in their insurance rates... not bad.


3 December, 2007 - Sarah Lyon’s 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon is a female photographer who travels cross-country on her motorcycle in the USA making photos of female mechanics.

Then she assembles her best photos and produces a calendar. This year is no exception, and Sarah Lyon has produced a great 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar.

Here's a nice Christmas gift for someone (or yourself).


9 October, 2007 - Ludivine Puy: Enduro Female Champion Of Europe
Ludivine Puy
The pretty and very capable Ludivine Puy, known for her riding skills during the Dakar race, has become European Champion Female Enduro last month.

Now, she's first of all getting married, and then she's stopping the Female Enduro Championships series, so that she can concentrate on taking on the guys in the E3 championships. And next year, she's riding a KTM 690 in the Dakar.


14 August, 2007 - European Women’s Championship Results
Iris Ten Katen
Nina Prinz
Dutch girl Iris Ten Katen wins the European Women Championship Superstock 600, while German Nina Prinz wins the Superstock 1000 in the same championship.

The 3rd year that the races are being held, and it's become very popular. 40,000 people attended the last race.


7 August, 2007 - Female Motorcycle Magazine; UK Based
Lady Biker Magazine site
The UK has been enriched with a female motorcycle rider magazine, called Lady Biker Magazine.

Their first quarterly issue is out, and they have a complete website, with a discussion forum, for sale, etc


17 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Amusement Park Only For Women!
Motorciclist 2007 Gathering poster
The Italians are organizing an international, ladies only, motorcycle gathering close to Florence (Tuscany area), Italy.

Women will be able to learn to ride their motorcycles on the track, motocross, enduro and trial. Several workshops (mechanics, first aid, etc) will be given as well.

June 22 to 24.


4 May, 2007 - Canada’s National Female "Just Ride" Day
Lady Motorcycle Riders
Today, 4th of May, has been proclaimed Canadian National "Just Ride" day for female motorcycle riders.

Organized by Motoress, just get on your trusty motorcycle, and ride. Anywhere will do, as long as your seen riding your bike.

You can also meet up with them this morning at Toronto's CNE.


11 April, 2007 - Female Motorcycle Helmets
Helmet Hair Pig Tail
Helmet Hair Pony Tail
What do you do when you want a pony tail, or pig tails on your helmet?

You can drill holes in your precious helmet, or you want wait until some motorcycle helmet manufacturer produces a helmet for women.

Or, you can go to Helmet Hair....


8 March, 2007 - UK: Lighter Motorcycles For Female Cops
Police in the UK, according to English motorcycle magazine MCN, are required to be able to lift their motorcycle off the ground. This prevents a lot of female cops to become a motorcycle cop.

So the authorities are looking in to providing lighter motorcycles to the female Police officers.

But why do they also need to provide them with smaller guns ????


30 January, 2007 - Pink KTM - Part Deux
Skinny and her pink KTM motorcycle
The mystery of yesterday's pink KTM has been solved thanks to reader Ed Moore.

It belongs to a very interesting girl, nicknamed Skinny, living in South Africa.

Read more about her....


29 January, 2007 - Pink KTM
Pink KTM Motorcycle
I thought all KTM motorcycles were orange.... not so !!

Here's a pink one !

You think it's a girl riding it ?


23 January, 2007 - Urban Biker Goddess
Urban Biker Goddess- Women in the Wind
Carole Bennett has produced a calendar based on digital art, depicting women and their motorcycles.

Not the kind you'll find in a men's locker room, but real fake images.


17 January, 2007 - Miss Behavin - Female Motorcycle Chopper
Miss Behavin Big Bear Choppers female motorcycle
Here's a special chopper made for the ladies; low and short - great for vertically challenged people.

By Big Bear Choppers.


16 January, 2007 - Female Biker Only Shop (Paris)
SDeesse Shop
I discovered France's only for-females-only motorcycle shop, full of gear for lady bikers.

Very nice, and a great website.

Way to go !!


15 January, 2007 - Endurose 2007 Cancelled
France Article
Racing Article
Since their paperwork was a bit late, the authorities decided to cancel the female-only motorcycle enduro, L'Endurose. French authorities are showing their true colors. Would this have happened if the event was the Tour de France ?


9 January, 2007 - Dakar Contestant Extraodinaire: Annie Seel
Annie Seel - Rally Princess
A closer look at one of the more extraordinary contestants of the Dakar 2007, Swedish Goddess, Annie Seel, aka RallyPrincess.

She's done it all on two wheels, including climbing the Mt. Everest on her motorcycle.

This is her 2nd Dakar attempt (she finished very good in her first, with a broken hand).

Read all about her.


5 December, 2006 - Female Motorcycle Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon Female Mechanics Calendar
Female professional photographer, Sarah Lyon, has produced a calendar featuring female mechanics.

She travelled 6000 miles on her Yamaha motorcycle to find them in the USA.

Now, you can buy the wall calendar.


22 August, 2006 - UK Female Motorcycle Magazine
Bikeress logo
The UK sees the birth of the first female motorcycle riders magazine; Bikeress.

To be published every quarter, it's in a handy A5 format.


10 August, 2006 - Slow News Day 2: The Beauty & The Beast 2
The Beauty and the Beast
Since yesterday's photo was appreciated, here's another one to keep you busy while we search for some real news items.


20 June, 2006 - Female Scooter
Furry Scooter
I don't think we're wrong in claiming that this scooter belongs to a girl.


13 June, 2006 - Interesting Motorcycle Blog - Reality TV
MotoFemina Cast motorcycle blog site
With our motorcycle bloggers database growing to 181 bloggers, this new blog is interesting.

It's a group blog by 5 girls who are learning how to ride motorcycles, and are followed by TV cameras for a new reality TV series.


23 May, 2006 - First Ever Female Motorcycle Expo
Women's Motorcycle Expo
The very first Female Motorcycle Expo opens it doors 3 and 4 June in California, USA. Female motorcycle riders are mainstream now, and here to stay. 2 day event full of music and "seminars".

Looks like fun, men are welcome.


4 March, 2006 - Ladies Biker Gangs
Chrome Angels Female Biker Group
According to the USA Motorcycle Council, female riders are on the increase (36%), and more and more women are forming motorcycle clubs.


17 February, 2006 - 2006 Edition Of The Female Enduro - Endurose
Endurose Female Motorcycle Enduro
The 2006 edition of the all-female motorcycle enduro, the Endurose, is to be held on the 15th of July in the Beaujolais region of France.


7 February, 2006 - New Women Motorcycling Website
Woman Riders Now Motorcycle website
A new website sees the light, dedicated to female motorcycle riders.

Professional and very interesting.


14 January, 2006 - Ludivine Puy, Dakar Angel
Dakar 2006 - Ludivine Puy
A look at the pretty, and very cable Ludivine Puy, female motorcyclist in the Dakar race.

Too bad she crashed while avoiding a little boy standing on the road during the special in Day 13, and she's now in the hospital.


28 November, 2005 - Motorcycles and the Ladies
Statistics Article
UK based motorcycle organization, MCIA, have published statistics on female motorcycle riders.

Not only the number, but also the why and hows !


30 August, 2005 - Lady Biker - Women Only Motorcycle Website
Lady Biker website
A look at a women only motorcycle website.


29 July, 2005 - Motorcycles and Woman, the Long Lasting Ones
Web Article
A website with photos of 'special' ladies on motorcycles.


27 June, 2005 - Couples Motorcycle Enduro Cup
Coupe des Couples, couples motorcycle race
A look at the annual "COUPLES" motorcycle enduro race in Chablis, France.


30 March, 2005 - Motorcycles Sales In The USA 2004
Statistics Article
The sales of new motorcycles in the USA passes the 1,000,000 mark, females account for 10% !


9 March, 2005 - Motorcycle Website with a Twist
Moto Rose website
A look at a website dedicated to female and children motorcrossers.


9 December, 2004 - Female Motorcyclists - The Paper
Web Article
Opinion Article
After the flood of emails that Carla has received about Females and Motorcycles, here is the paper that was submitted.

Download in Adobe Acrobat.


3 December, 2004 - Message To Female Motorcyclists - 2
Opinion Article
Carla's request for information from female motorcyclists has been overwhelming, and is now over (she thanks you all).


30 November, 2004 - Female Motorcyclists Help Wanted
Statistics Article
Carla is writing a paper on Female Motorcyclists and needs your input, please help her!


4 November, 2004 - Motorcycle Fashion - The Other Way
Arlene The Biker Queen Logo
Arlene The Biker Queen Chopper fashion, clothing for the fashion conscious biker.


6 October, 2004 - UK-Women and Motorcycles
Statistics Article
An increase of female motorcycle riders in the UK.


3 August, 2004 - Female Riders In Germany On The Increase
Statistics Article
There are more and more female motorcycle riders in Germany now.


8 July, 2004 - Edurose Female Motorcycle Enduro Race Cancelled
The female only enduro race, Endurose, is cancelled because the paperwork was late by a few days.


10 February, 2004 - Motorcycle Race for Women
Racing Article
France Article
France is organizing a motorcycle race for females only....


15 January, 2004 - Endurose - Female Endurance Motorcycle Race, 4th edition
Endurose logo
A girls only motorcycle endurance race in France is scheduled...


29 December, 2003 - Paris-Dakar, the Female Team
Maryline Lambelin
Marie-Christine Paré
Two women who have entered the Paris-Dakar on a Quad...


9 December, 2003 - New Motorcycle Blogger on the Web
Carla King
A new motorcycle blogger has started a web site; Carla King


26 June, 2003 - Swedish Woman to Climb Mt. Everest on a Motorcycle
A Swedish woman is going to attempt to climb the Mt. Everest on a Motorcycle.....


3 March, 2003 - First Motorcycle designed for Women


13 February, 2003 - Female Motorcycle/Trike Launched



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