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4 September, 2015 - A Street Name To My Liking - One To Go On With My Motorcycle
The Long Way Road
#Funny #StreetNames - Now that's a street I will ride on with my motorcycle. I do it all the time except the streets aren't named like this.


3 September, 2015 - Poland: How Not To Do A Burn, And How Not To Extinguish Your Burning Motorcycle
Burn gone wrong
#HowNotToDoABurn - Here is a prime example, in the form of a video, why some people shouldn't be allowed to have children.... doing a burn at an event, doing it for way too long, so long the motorcycle catches fire, and then try to extinguish the bike by BLOWING ON IT!


3 September, 2015 - So You Like Bling On Your Scooter?
Thailand bling scooter
#Thailand #Bling #Scooters - Some people really like to show off their bling. Even on a small displacement motorcycle/scooter. This one is from Thailand...


2 September, 2015 - So This Is Handbraking On A Motorcycle
Hand brake on a motorcycle
Funny #StuntsGoWrong - So this is what they mean about using your hands to brake the motorcycle. Handbraking? OMG, I learned some new technique.


1 September, 2015 - Was That Rubber Side Down Or Up? I Forget
Rubber side up
#Funny #Crash #RubberSideDown - No, it's rubber side down, as in "on the ground" you fool.


31 August, 2015 - Want To Use Your Truck For Your Motorcycle? Too Short? No Problem!
Short Pickup
#Funny #Trailering #Travel - So what do you do when you want to put your motorcycle on your pickup truck, but the truck is too short? Well ... no problemo...


27 August, 2015 - Real Fast Lawn Mowing
Very Fast Grass Mower
#Funny #GrassCutting - Most people don't like mowing their lawn, and try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Here is one very fast way of cutting that grass.


26 August, 2015 - Hmmm. This Is Where A Motorcycle Helmet Would Come In Handy
Sun Helmets
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Sun #ATGATT - Somehow I think a motorcycle helmet would be more effective than a cardboard one. Don't you?


21 August, 2015 - When You Absolutely Need More Storage Space On Your Motorcycle
Need more panniers
#MoreStorage #Panniers - Sometimes having panniers/saddlebags is just not enough when you need to carry your junk with you. Here is THE solution. The SUV of motorcycles.


19 August, 2015 - But Does It Burn Well?
Wooden Scooter
#Scooter #Funny - ... and how do you get it into the fireplace?


27 July, 2015 - Holiday 2015: Gone To Have Some Motorcycle Fun - Sayonara
Bumper motorcycles
#Funny #Bumpercars - Okay folks, I'm out of here. Spent too much time in front of my computers, so I decided on a relaxing holiday, riding my motorcycle and not going near my computer for a week or three. I was starting to get really tired, so a rest was needed. See you in a week or 3. Don't miss me too much. Hopefully I'm coming back refreshed, and my traffic and revenue will pick up then.


21 July, 2015 - A Vespa Scooter For Four?
Four Seater Vespa
#StrangeScooters - This is plain weird. Is this a scooter built for 4 (like parents and two children), or is this a Royal Vespa, with the royalty sitting behind the driver, and two valets sitting next to the Monarch? You tell me...


17 July, 2015 - Very Funny, But Fake WD-40 Advertisement
Old WD 40 ad
#Fake #Advertisement #WD40 - Funny, with a lot of sexual innuendo, but according to the experts, the WD-40 ad is fake. Pity, since it's awesome.


15 July, 2015 - Summer Time: BBQ Time - Kawasaki Style
Kawasaki BBQ
#Kawasaki #BBQ - It's summer time, and when it's summer, it's also BBQ time. Here is Kawasaki's way of doing up a pretty cool BBQ set. I want...


13 July, 2015 - They Shoot Motorcycles, Don’t They?
They Hang Motorcycle Dont They
#Funny #HangingByTheNeck - Shoot, then hang motorcycles.... bad. Racists! They shoot motorcycles don't they?


10 July, 2015 - Nigeria Finally Takes Next Step For Homemade Motorcycle, and Stumbles
Naseni M1
Nigeria flag
#Nigeria #NaseniM1 - Strange country, Nigeria.... In 2013 they announced after a long research, that the country will be mass producing their own build motorcycle, which looks like a carbon copy of the Honda Cub, now they announce that their national car manufacturer is going to make the motorcycle initially, but then others will be making it, and paying them royalties. That after they ban the imports of all foreign motorcycles. Strange country.


10 July, 2015 - Hey! What Happened? I Just Washed My BMW GS Motorcycle!
Shrunken GS
#Funny - All I did was wash it in warm water. Now look at my BMW GS motorcycle... it SHRUNK!


8 July, 2015 - This Is Why You Do Not Bikejack A Hayabusa
Last Motorcycle Hijacker
#Funny #Hayabusa - This is a good reason not to try to motorcycle-jack a Hayabusa....


7 July, 2015 - What The Hell Where They Smoking?
WTF happened here
#Funny - I can see the scenario; some heavy stuff being smoked, and then one said 'here is an idea, let us dress up the motorcycles as horses'...


6 July, 2015 - Pope ’Papa’ Francisco On A Motorcycle
Pope Papa On Motorcycle
Vatican City flag
#PopeFrancis - Wow, the pope on a motorcycle. Well, not him, but t-shirts with his face on it. I guess that's the closest he'll ever get to being on one.


3 July, 2015 - Not Afraid Of Some Rain On My Motorcycle, Not At All
Not Afraid Of Rain
This is the reason I'm not afraid of a little bit of rain while riding my motorcycle. Clever hey???


1 July, 2015 - France: Major Heat Wave, Time To Lather Up In Suntan Oil
Biker in Heat Wave
#Funny #HeatWave - France (and other parts of Europe) is being hit by a strong heat wave. Where I live, along the coast, it's not that bad, about 37°C (99°F), but other places in the center about above 40°C (104°F). So a reminder, drink a lot of non-alcohol fluids and lather up with suntan oil. Don't burn yourself, even when riding your motorcycle.


30 June, 2015 - Finally. Some Peace and Quite On My Motorcycle
Peace on the motorcycle
#Funny #Water - ... but I had to go pretty far to be this quite.


29 June, 2015 - 25 Motorcycles Towing Strange Things
Motorcycle Towing Strange Things
Motorcycle Towing Strange Things
#Trailers #Towing #Strange - For once we're not showing you strange stuff on motorcycles coming from Asia. These are strange things, at least not normal things, being towed by motorcycles. Campers, barrels, cars, boats, dogs, even human beings. Nothing can stop an inventive human mind and a motorcycle...


25 June, 2015 - Colombia: This Is Not Going To Protect You, ATGATT Will
Last Supper ATGATT
Colombia flag
#Colombia #Art - Okay, so maybe you're wearing a motorcycle helmet, but the painting is not going to protect you on your motorcycle. ATGATT will.


24 June, 2015 - Well, At Least They Are Wearing Helmets
At least They Are Wearing Helmets
Dangerous? Yes. Not so comfortable? Yes. But at least they are wearing motorcycle helmets, which is more than most photos I've seen from that part of the world.


23 June, 2015 - Video: Funny TomTom Action Camera TV Commercial
Video TomTom Bandit Camera
TomTom logo
#TomTom #VideoCamera #TVCommercial - TomTom, the Dutch GPS company had recently launched their 4K action video camera called Bandit. The video camera is stuffed with technology and is targeted at action/sports folks. To market their camera, the Dutch company has called upon a goat, Baaaadass Billy, to introduce the camera. As the story goes, it's funny. And it's well done.


23 June, 2015 - Finally. A Real Motorcycle Bush Mechanic
Real Bush Mechanic
#Funny #Bush-Mechanic #Monkey - Now this is a true bush mechanic. Probably knows more about motorcycles than my current dealer....


22 June, 2015 - What Have You Got In Your Tank Bag?
What Is In Your Tank bag
#Funny #TankBags #Priorities - Be honest! Are you schlepping tools, maps, keys etc in your motorcycle's tank bag, or are you really doing what this biker is doing?


17 June, 2015 - You Know When It Is Time To Buy A Lottery Ticket When ...
Luckiest Scooter Rider in the world
#Lucky #Accident - This motorcycle rider should head straight to a shop and buy a lotto ticket. He'll win the jackpot, that's for sure (but then he already won if you see the images).


12 June, 2015 - Yamaha - Reliable Prisoner Transportation Since 1960
Tunis Prisoner Transport
Tunisia flag
#Tunisia #PrisonerTransportation - Yamaha, a name for prisoner transportation. Reliable, comfortable and economical.


9 June, 2015 - So You Go Camping On Your Motorcycle With Your Missus
Going Camping With your girl
#Funny #Camping #HeavyLoad - So you go on your motorcycle for a camping trip with your SWMBO, packed and ready to go ... and then you realize you left your wallet at home.


8 June, 2015 - Yet Another Epic Motorcycle Helmet Fail
Another Epic Helmet fail
#Helmets #Funny #Fail - Someone please put this woman out of her misery and turn that helmet around. Please...


3 June, 2015 - This Is One Of Those Times You Slow Down Your Motorcycle
Bug Splatters on Motorcycle
#Funny #Bugs - There aren't that many times and occasions when you need to slow down your motorcycle, like when passing in front of a school. But this one really means SLOW DOWN. Unless you don't mind cleaning off all the splattered bugs.


1 June, 2015 - WTF Motorcycle Transport
Motorcycle Transport
#Transport #Funny #Strange - This is one weird motorcycle transport. Anyone want to caption this??


29 May, 2015 - Now We Know The Real Use Of A Motorcycle Boxer Engine
Boxer Engine Usefulness
#Funny #Boxer-Engines #Cooking - And here I was thinking that a boxer engine on a motorcycle, like those found on many BMW ones, have a technical reason for being a boxer engine. Torque, easier maintenance, design, etc... but no, it's for another reason, as illustrated by the photo.


28 May, 2015 - Prevent Your Motorcycle From Being Stolen - The Strong Way
Prevent Your Motorcycle From Theft
#Anti-Theft #GuardDogs - Apart from sitting on your motorcycle with a shotgun, this has got to be the best way of preventing anyone from stealing your precious motorcycle.


27 May, 2015 - Another Good Anti-Theft For Motorcycles - Just One Drawback
funny motorcycle anti theft safety
#Funny #Anti-Theft - Here is another good method of preventing your motorcycle from being stolen. The only problem I can see is.... how the heck do you get it up there?


26 May, 2015 - Need A Better License Plate Holder For Your Motorcycle?
Alternative motorcycle number plates
#Funny - If you need a better license plate holder for your motorcycle, maybe you should hire this guy? I fired mine...


22 May, 2015 - This Is Why Hairdressers Do Not Like Motorcycle Riders
Biker Haircuts
#Funny #Hairdressers - I'd guess this is really why motorcycle riders are not welcome at hairdressers. It's a bit tough on their scissors...


21 May, 2015 - Do Not Look Back Now, Motorcycle Riding Alien About To Eat Us
Do Not Look Back Now
#Scary #Alien - Scary dude on a motorcycle is following us. Will he jump on us and eat us?


19 May, 2015 - Not Be Be Outdone, Motorcycle Police In India Use Onboard Camera
India Onboard Police Camera
#Funny #Police #Onboard-Cameras - We probably all seen those cop reality TV shows , with police cars and motorcycles equipped with video cameras record everything that is happening on the road. Often funny, sometimes even hilarious, they do prove to be effect these onboard cameras. Now the police in India are trying the technology themselves. Here's the first one:


18 May, 2015 - 20 (De)Motivational Posters - Part 6
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
#Motivational #Posters #Funny - Part 6 of our series of (de)motivational posters featuring our favorite vehicle, the motorcycle. Posters that will make you think, inspire you, but mostly will make you laugh.


18 May, 2015 - If Motorcycles Can Do It, Why Not Cars?
Tied up car
#Funny #Anti-Theft - If motorcycles and scooters can tie themselves up to a tree, lamppost or a wall, why not cars? it makes it more difficult to steal. At least, that is probably what this car owner thought.


15 May, 2015 - The Right Way Of Using Motorcycles In Farming
Indian Tractor Technology
I guess most tractors are boring when you are a farmer, but here is one guy who by using a motorcycle makes farming interesting and fun.


14 May, 2015 - Motorcycle Camping: Sharing Your Tent
Tent sharing
#Camping #Funny - Well, if you are going to be camping, and if you have to share your tent, this is how I would share my tent....


13 May, 2015 - Is This A Disco Biker?
Disco Biker
#Funny #Disco - Is this real? Is this a disco biker? A new motorcycle phenomena ....


12 May, 2015 - Torn Between Two Lovers
Torn between 2 lovers
#Funy #Love - What to do, What to do? When two lovers want your undivided attention, what do you do?


6 May, 2015 - This Little Girl Is Going To Grow Up Into One Bad-Ass Biker
Bad Ass Girl
#Funny #Bad-Ass-Biker - Here is the bicycle of a little girl who is going to grow up into one bad-ass motorcycle rider, don't you think?


5 May, 2015 - Bet You He Does Not Need A Lot Of Deodorant
Enormous ape hangers kawa
#Funny #ApeHangers - With ape hangers like that, his armpits are well vented.. no deodorant needed.


4 May, 2015 - A Ghetto Motorcycle?
Ghetto Motorcycle
Would this qualify as a ghetto motorcycle?


1 May, 2015 - Priorities: Having The Correct Sequence
#Funny #Baby #KTM - Having the right priorities, even at young age, is very important. Get the sequence of events right, and you're set for life.


30 April, 2015 - Idea: Magnet Motor - Unlimited Power For Free - Life Is Great
Idea Magnet Motor
Hungary flag
#Hungary #IndieGoGo #PerpetualMotionMachinesDoNotWork - Here is a guy from Hungary who has developed a top secret project that will supply the world with free energy, and permit electric motorcycle from running forever and forever; introducing the magnet motor. 100 bucks and you can ride forever.


30 April, 2015 - Ride Sharing Becomes More Popular
Motorcycle Ride Sharing
#Funny #RideSharing - It looks like sharing your motorcycle or scooter's ride is becoming more and more popular. I guess it's a question of economics: if you can have several riding on your bike, it saves in petrol money.


24 April, 2015 - Not Much Use On A Motorcycle
Not much use
#Funny #Misplaced - That serves very little purpose on a motorcycle, does it? As decoration, or for electric motorcycles - maybe. But it is funny.


22 April, 2015 - There You Go, Try Stealing That Scooter
Try Stealing That Scoot
#Anti-Theft #Funny - Yes, nothing is theft-proof, but this one is pretty darn close. You'd need several strappy guys or a fork-lift to steal this scooter. Now ... how do I do that with my Honda Gold Wing?


21 April, 2015 - You Know Those Jerry Cans You See On Adventure Motorcycles?
Jerry can usage
Motorcycle with jerry can
#JerryCanUsage - You know those adventure travelling motorcycle with all that gear and a jerry can or two? So what do you think is inside the jerry cans? Fuel you say?


17 April, 2015 - How To Use A Motorcycle On A Merry-Go-Round
Merry Go Round Fun
#Funny #MerryGoRound #Pranks - Merry-go-rounds are boring for us adults (usually), but not if you've got a motorcycle or scooter, or two. Place your bike's rear wheel on the big wheel, and watch all the kids vomit up their school lunch.


13 April, 2015 - Who Needs A Rider For Motocross?
Riderless Motocross
#Funny #Motocross #Crash - Is this the future of motocross or other motorcycles sports. Is it getting so dangerous that they are now trying out racing without rider, using remote control?


9 April, 2015 - Video: Being A Biker, Brotherhood - Funny
Video Biker Brotherhood
#Video #Funny - Here's a funny video about what it means being a biker in a brotherhood of motorcycle riders. Don't worry if you can't understand what is being said, the images speak for themselves.


7 April, 2015 - Video: Sheep On Motorcycles Must Be ATGATT As Well
Video Sheep ATGATT
#Funny #Video #Sheep - Have sheep, must travel? Well for some sheep. Here is one on a motorcycle, and luckily for him, it's ATGATT time.


2 April, 2015 - Thailand: 2 Dogs, ATGATT, On A Motorcycle
2 dogs on motorcycle ATGATT thailand
#Dogs #ATGATT - At least this owner remembered to be ATGATT even for his dogs when riding his motorcycle. And look how the rear dog is looking over the shoulder of the rider... a good pillion.


1 April, 2015 - Some of the April Fool Gags Played On Readers Around the World
Self Driving BMW
#AprilFoolJokes - Here is a round-up of some of the April fool jokes played on the internet by the motorcycle sites from different countries.


1 April, 2015 - Shame: Fall Down Drunk Motorcycles
Fall Down Drunk Motorcycles
#Drunk #Funny - These motorcycles should be ashamed of themselves. They are so drunk, they can't even stand up straight. Shame on them!


31 March, 2015 - Give Him A Few More Years, And Then Watch Out Mr. Cairoli
Growing up with motorcycles
#Funny #Baby #Motocross - This one is starting really young, even before he can walk. At least the motorcycle gear can be used for sleeping.


30 March, 2015 - This Is What Happened To The Last Thief Who Tried To Steal My Motorcycle
Last Thief Who Tried To Steal
#Theft #Customization #Funny - I am merciless to anyone who tries to steal my motorcycle. This is a warning.... your hands WILL get chopped off.


26 March, 2015 - Patent: Keep Your Balls Cool With This Motorcycle Saddle
Patent Motorcycle Cooled Seat
#Patent #Cooling #Saddle - Is this really needed? Is this the invention we have all been waiting for? A motorcycle seat that keeps your bottom and private parts cool. Am I missing something?


20 March, 2015 - Double Sidecar or Training Wheels?
Double Sidecar or Training Wheels
Okay, this one has me stumped. Is this like a double sided sidecar on a scooter, or training wheels on a scooter? What do you think?


19 March, 2015 - The New Ultimate Motorcycle Helmet?
Motorcycle Headlight Helmet
Helmets are helmets. Whether you use them for skiing, football or chess playing, they all look alike, more or less. But now, there's a new helmet, and there's no doubt that it's a motorcycle helmet. Like it?


17 March, 2015 - DUI Offenders Usually Start Young, Very Young
Young DUI
#Funny #DUI - We now have proof that there is no age limit to DUI driving (or riding motorcycle). Shameful!


13 March, 2015 - Time To Use A Motorcycle. A Motorcycle Hearse, Dependable
Time for a motorcycle hearse
I guess this guy (who is probably looking for a new job) should have used a motorcycle hearse. At least this wouldn't have happened.


12 March, 2015 - Gas Powered Motorcycle or Rocket Motorcycle?
Gaspowered motorcycle
#Funny #GasPower #Rocket - I'm wondering if this is a natural gas powered motorcycle, or a rocket bike? Maybe both, if the gas canister springs a leak.


11 March, 2015 - Dedication! Total Dedication!
Homework Time On Motorcycle
#Funny #Homework #Dedication - I can only say the this kid is totally dedicated to doing his homework, even when riding on his father's motorcycle. Woow.


10 March, 2015 - Signs: Only Way To Go Is UP!
Signs No Other Way But Up
#Signs #Funny #Fubar - Looks like someone in the road signs department just didn't get it. So ... now what?


6 March, 2015 - Motorcycle Back-Seat Navigator
Pillion Navigator
#Funny #Dogs #Pillion - A real back-seat navigator that motorcycle pillion. You see them everywhere....


5 March, 2015 - I’m In Love
Emilia Zoryan
#Funny #Sexy - I'm in love. Head over heels in love. Look at the beauty. Look at the sexiness, slimness, compactness, even the attitude. Just look at the photo....


3 March, 2015 - Patent: Chinese Guy Patents Compass In Motorcycle Dashboard
Patent Motorcycle Speedmeter compass
China flag
Honest, would I lie to you? A guy in China patented a compass built-in into a motorcycle's dashboard. Haven't they heard of a GPS? I mean, they do get manufactured there.


3 March, 2015 - How To BBQ A Pig As A Motorcycle Rider Who Is Camping
Motorcycle BBQing Pig
#Funny #BBQ - Problem solved. Need to BBQ a piggy while out camping on your motorcycle? Here's how.


2 March, 2015 - Honest Officer, That Is The Way The Snow Fell
Snowed Radar Sculpture
#Funny #Radars - It looks like the snow god is a motorcycle rider, and does not like speed radars.


27 February, 2015 - BMW To Make Motorcycle For New Star Wars Movie?
2 Legged BMW
#Funny #BMW #StarWars - From this photo it looks like BMW might just be making the motorcycles to be used in the new Star Wars. And if they aren't, they should....


24 February, 2015 - Meanwhile, At The Biker Bar In Florida
Florida Biker Bar
USA flag
#USA #Florida #BikerBar - Here is a 'biker bar' in Florida. I wonder if this is where I will end up?


23 February, 2015 - The Only Merciful Thing To Do With This Horse Is Put It Down
Iron Horse Down
#Horse #Funny - Poor horse. The only merciful thing you can do is put it out of its misery. Poor horse.


20 February, 2015 - Patent: Use Your Motorcycle Jacket To Jump Start Your Battery
Patent Solar Powered Motorcycle jacket
#Patents #SolarPoweredjacket - What an idea! Someone patented a motorcycle jacket with solar panels that store up the energy to ... wait for it..... jump start your battery. Something wrong with this picture.


13 February, 2015 - Idea: Too Good Not To Shoot Down - LIFESUIT T-1 World’s Safest Motorcycle Suit
Lifesuit T 1
#Crowd-Funding #IndieGoGo #Flop - This crowd-funding project is just too good to let it pass. I just can't help myself. Of all the projects and ideas I've seen, this one takes the cake. Not because it can't work, but because he's not going to tell you who it works. But he does want US$199,000.


11 February, 2015 - Idea: Help Fund A Perpetual Riding Electric Motorcycle - Moto ZE
Moto ZE
Here is the great crowd-funding project that will really launch electric motorcycles into the 21st century. A recharge your electric motorcycle at will without having to go to a charging station. Ride round the world on your electric motorcycle. All you need is this revolutionary magnet engine.


5 February, 2015 - What To Do When Your Motorcycle Breaks Down? Bus It?
Bussing your motorcycle
#Funny #Fail #Bus - I guess if your motorcycle breaks down and you need to get somewhere, you don't have a choice but to go on the bus ... with the motorcycle. I'd love to see the photo from inside the bus.


30 January, 2015 - Talk About Sleeping On Your Motorcycle
Caught Napping on Motorcycle
#Sleeping #Funny - Some people are able to fall asleep anywhere, including on their motorcycle. There is very little space to stretch out and take a few winks, so they have my admiration.

But this guy takes the cake.... asleep on his motorcycle while it's in motion. Okay, the bike itself is not riding, but still. Unbelievable.


26 January, 2015 - Wow! 8 People On 1 Motorcycle - Record Equalled
Record pillions bike
#LoadedWithPillions - Another motorcycle loaded with pillions. Not a record, but equal to the record I've found so far. 8 people and one motorcycle.


22 January, 2015 - Covering Your Motorcycle For Rain - Good, But Too Late
Covering for rain
#Funny #RainCover - Covering your motorcycle when it sleeps outside is a good idea, especially when you get a bit of rain. You don't want your ride to get all wet, do you?

But it's a bit too late for this chap.


21 January, 2015 - Alpinestar Caught Extensive Testing Their Motorcycle Clothing
AlpineStar Extensive Testing
#Alpinestar #Funny - It looks like famous motorcycle safety clothing Alpinestar has taken testing their products to the next level. I guess they think that if the rider survives a 10,000 feet drop, he'll survive a motorcycle crash.


20 January, 2015 - Video: Pretty Good Commercial From Pegasus Motorcycles
Pegasus Motorbike Commercial
Bangladesh flag
Here is a pretty good TV commercial from a local motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh called Pegasus Motorbike. Never heard of them, can't find them, but their ad is pretty good.


20 January, 2015 - Idea: Another Bad One Bites The Dust - Improved Safety Jacket
Improved Safety Jacket
USA flag
Here's a beauty. Corey is looking at getting US$300,000 so he can develop a parachute for motorcycle jackets! Oh yeah, that'll work...


20 January, 2015 - You Know Those Scooter Aprons? Expensive? Here Is A DIY Solution
DIY Apron
#Funny #Aprons #DIY - Why spend a lot of money getting an apron for your motorcycle or scooter for the winter months, when you can, with the help of a lot of Duct Tape, make your own.


19 January, 2015 - The Shit Just Got Serious, Really Serious
The Shit Just Got Serious
#Funny #ArmedCars #Unfair - Unfair! All we motorcyclists have got is speed and maneuverability, if cars start getting these, I'm changing to a wheelchair....


16 January, 2015 - India: Motorcycle Tow Service
Indian Tow Service
#India #TowService - It's never nice to be riding your motorcycle, and then suddenly your bike dies. Nothing you can do to make it run again, so the only thing you can do is call a tow service to bring your motorcycle or scooter to the garage to get repaired.

Here is such a tow service in India


15 January, 2015 - We Know What They Do In The Woods, But Does He Repair Motorcycles?
Bears Shit In Woods Repair Cars
#Funny #BearMechanics - We all know what they do in the woods, that's for sure. And it looks like they can repair cars, but can they repair motorcycles?


14 January, 2015 - Need To Cut Wood? Lazy? Got A Motorcycle? Solution!
Easy Wood Cutting
#Lazy #Wood-Cutting - The solution for any lazy woodcutter equipped with a motorcycle.


13 January, 2015 - One Of Those Days You Need To Take A Shortcut With A Motorcycle
Motorcycle Shortcut
#Funny #Tightrope - It's just one of those days when traffic is really bad, even on a motorcycle, and you need to take a shortcut. Like this one....


8 January, 2015 - And People Wonder Why I Love Riding Motorcycle - Here Is Why
Feeling Recharged Riding Motorcycle
#Funny #Motivation #Recharing - There is nothing more stimulating then riding a motorcycle (and yes, I mean nothing ... even that dirty thing you are thinking about). It recharges you completely.


7 January, 2015 - This Is One Very Scary Motorcycle Biker - Better Let Him Through
Very Scary Biker
#Scary #Alien - This is one motorcyclist that will scare the beejesus out of anyone on the road, and I would let him through while giving him a lot of space (if not just for all the pointy and sharp objects he has on his motorcycle).


5 January, 2015 - A Good Motorcycle Ride, When You Outgun SUVs
Outgunning SUVs
#Funny #GunsOnMotorcycles - This is of course a recurring wet dream of mine. Being able to ride my motorcycle and blast away at any SUV or car that misbehaves on the road.

Who's your daddy now?


2 January, 2015 - When Things Get Too Muddy On Your Motorcycle
A bit too muddy motorcycle ride
#Muddy #Funny - This is the result of riding on roads/trails that are way too muddy for you....


29 December, 2014 - Look At My Christmas Prezzies
Fully and well loaded motorcycle
#Funny #Beer #Cargo - Almost the end of the year, and here's a Xmas present that will help in the new year. I hope you all had a good Christmas, whatever your believes. Get ready for the new year..... 2015 here I come.


24 December, 2014 - Snowed In! Site Closing Down For The Week! Merry Xmas
Snow Storm In Vladivostok
#SnowedIn #HELP - The snow has been atrocious over here, and everything has grinded to a halt. I am writing this with the last batteries in my laptop, using a 3G portable unit to get this out. After that I will be in the dark and cold.


23 December, 2014 - Video: Hilarious TV Commercial - The Biker Chick
KessTech Biker Girl Ad
Germany flag
Okay, this is funny. Wet your knickers kind-of-funny. That's because it's pretty unexpected.

The TV commercial comes to us from Germany and it's for Kesstech, which makes motorcycle exhausts that can have their sound volume adjusted. The tag line read "Volume, at the touch of a button".

This is one for all of you who believe in the "loud pipes save lives" motto.


22 December, 2014 - Italy: Cops Fall Asleep, Their Radar Gets Stolen
Stealing Police speed camera
Italy flag
Two cops in Rome fell asleep on the job, and when they woke up their precious and latest technology radar had been stolen. Karma? Or North Korea strikes again?


17 December, 2014 - Brazil: Reindeer Motorcycle Food Delivery - WTF?
Habib Reindeer Delivery Service
Brazil flag
#Brazil #ReindeerDeliveryService - Well what do you know. In the height of summer in Sao Paula (that December mind you), a local Lebanese food delivery service dressed up their motorcycle as reindeer to deliver food. Marketing gimmick, but does it work?


16 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Motorcycle Novelty Gift Ideas
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Novelty - And the last part of the 2014 Christmas gift ideas; some of the more weirder and more funny gift ideas - Novelty motorcycle gifts. I hope I brought you some ideas for Christmas gifts.


15 December, 2014 - One Little Nudge, Please
Many Dutch Police Motorcycles
#Funny #Police - If we could nudge one of the police motorcycles on the side, it could be very funny.


10 December, 2014 - Road Signs We Would Like To See #83746
Good Road Signs
#Funny #Road-Signs - Just what I would like to see on some motorways.


28 November, 2014 - So That Is What You Can Do With A Spare Motorcycle Helmet
Baby Helmet
#Baby #Helmet #Funny - I never know what to do when you decommission a motorcycle helmet. Here is one great idea.


27 November, 2014 - The Days Before Onboard GoPro Video Cameras
Before GoPro OnBoard Video Camera
#GoPro #Video #GoingBackInTimeFlashback - This is what we had to do to make onboard videos while riding our motorcycles before the GoPro video cameras made it to the scene.


26 November, 2014 - That Is Not Why You Have A Cargo Platform On Your Scooter
Scooter Cargo Space Bad Usage
#Scooters #Cargo #Funny - Scooters often have a cargo/loading platform at the front of the rider, ideal to store your shopping bag and other items. Handy ... but not for this:


24 November, 2014 - The WTF Video of The Week: Tesla Electric Motorcycle
Tesla Motorcycle Video
#Tesla #Electric #ModelM - Here is a very believable video called Tesla Model M for the 'upcoming' Tesla electric motorcycle. Very believable until you see the electric motorcycle riding.... an exhaust???


20 November, 2014 - When Your Scooter Needs To Go, He Needs To Go
Taking a Leak
#Funny #Toilet #TakingaLeak - Scooters (and motorcycles) have needs, just like us humans. They also need to do their thing, but usually they do it when we're not watching. This scooter just really had to let go of some oil, so he went.

And you can see it's a "he", since he is standing taking a leak....


17 November, 2014 - An Easy Way To Change Your Motorcycle Oil
Easy Oil Change
#Funny #oilChange - Here is a much easier way to change the oil of your motorcycle. Instead if crawling under your bike, you can now easily reach it while remaining standing. Easy.


13 November, 2014 - What An Incredible ASS Riding That Motorcycle!
Ass Riding Motorcycle
#Funny #Animals #Ass - There is no doubt that it's an ass riding the motorcycle. No doubt about it.


12 November, 2014 - Talk About Bringing Your Dog For A Motorcycle Ride
Dog transport extreme
#Funny #Dogs - Some people like to take their ride on their motorcycle, but somehow this looks different. Weird.


11 November, 2014 - Well, You Can Not Say You Were Not Warned!
You were warned about the cop
#Funny #PoliceTrap - If you get caught speeding, then all I can say is that you deserved it. Read the sign.....


10 November, 2014 - Video: Funny - How To Install A fence While Riding A Motorcycle
Lowes How To Install A Fence
#Video #Advertising #Lowes - Funny TV commercial on how to install a fence while riding a motorcycle, a technique that works great for many other chores.


6 November, 2014 - Video: Funny Fiat Commercial - Fiat versus Bikers
Video Fiat Bikers
Fiat logo
#Fiat #Commercial #Bikers - This is not only a funny TV commercial from Fiat for their Fiat 500 cars, but it is also one of the very few times the car is a bad thing, while the bikers are innocent.


4 November, 2014 - Someone Screwed Up Royally With Those Road Signs
Wrong Way Signs
#Funny #RoadSigns - Either someone screwed up painting those road signs, or they didn't and they are hidden away filming the chaos they have created.


31 October, 2014 - On My Way To Eicma 2015, Comfortably On My Scooter
Riding scooter comfortably
#Eicma #Funny #Scooter - I'm on my way for my annual pilgrimage to Milan, visiting world's biggest motorcycle exhibition; EICMA. As usual, most forms of transportation will be used; scooter, train, car (taxi) and airplane.


30 October, 2014 - Hire That Gardener/Landscaper. Now!
Great gardener
#Funny #Gardens #Sculptures - Now if I could hire this gardener to work in my little garden, I would be a happy man. I could have a garden full of motorcycle shaped trees and shrubs.


29 October, 2014 - My Kind Of A Lady
Perfect lady
#Funny #Lady #Woman - This is my kind of a lady. Riding a motorcycle with high heels; classy!


27 October, 2014 - A New Dual-Hearse Motorcycle From Kawasaki?
New Motorcycle Hearse
#Hearse #Funny #Panniers - We've seen motorcycle hearses before. There are more and more of them, some of them very elaborate contraptions, some of them simpler. But all of them either involve a sidecar or a trailer.

Here is a Kawasaki with a double body carrier, a two-for-the-price-of-one motorcycle hearse....either that or someone really needed a lot of space to carry stuff.


22 October, 2014 - The Ideal Baby Cradle?
Ideal Baby Cradle
#Funny #Baby #Cradle - Isn't this the perfect baby cradle? This way you really start them young getting used to motorcycles.


16 October, 2014 - Anyone Want To Make A Stab At What This Device Is?
Unknown motorcycle device
#Funny - What a weird thing sitting on this motorcycle pillion seat. I wonder what that is?


14 October, 2014 - Evil Geniuses. I Wish I Thought Of That
Mobile Radar Van UK
UK flag
#UK #Prank #Radar #Priceless - This is priceless. 4 youth from London, UK decided to have their revenge on a mobile speed radar. And they got it.... perfectly executed! bravo!


13 October, 2014 - You Think These Spare Tires Will Fit?
Enough Spare Tires
#Funny #SpareTires - It looks like he is bring along some spare tires, which is a wise thing if you travel far on your motorcycle, but do you think they'll fit?

.... or is this a new safety device I don't know about???


7 October, 2014 - Speed Radar Destroyed And No One Will Be Punished! Why?
Ant destroyed radar
France flag
#France #Radars #Destruction #Funny - This is really funny and karma. An automatic speed radar in France got destroyed, the culprits have been identified but will never be fined nor face any jail time. You wonder why??? Read the article and find out. Get ready for a good laugh.


1 October, 2014 - Tired Of Waving To Other Motorcycle Riders? Here Is A Solution
Tired of waving
#Funny #TheWave - Waving to other motorcycle riders is part of our culture. You come across another rider on the road, you wave. It's fun, it's good for moral and it bonds bikers.

But sometimes you are in an area where there are so many motorcycles you would have your hand out the whole time. Like when riding to Sturgis, or during summertime in the Dolomite mountains in Europe. That is when waving becomes tedious. But not waving is not the thing to do.

It looks like this biker has the perfect solution.


29 September, 2014 - On My Last Leg To Intermot 2014
On My Way Last leg
#Funny #OneWheel - While you are reading this, I should be on the last part of the long journey to Intermot, the German motorcycle exhibition in Cologne. I am just hoping that everything went smoothly, since I have had mishaps in previous years getting here.


26 September, 2014 - We Are All Heading For Intermot 2014
All going to intermot
Intermot logo
#Intermot #Funny - All self-respecting motorcycle journalists have jumped on their motorcycles and are heading towards Cologne, Germany to see what's new at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition. Of course, we're all cheapskates, so we're all riding the same motorcycle, but that's normal.


24 September, 2014 - You Know That Squeaky Sound Coming From Your Motorcycle? Found It!
Squeaky Noise
#Funny #Cats - You know that squeaky sound that comes from your motorcycle when you ride away??? Well, we've found the cause...


18 September, 2014 - Yamaha Spins Off Low Cost Motorcycle Brand
#Funny #Yamaha #Lamaha - The way many airlines or car manufacturers are spinning off low cost companies, often using part of their parent name, motorcycle manufacturers are facing the same problem; many cheap imports coming from Asia or South America are eroding their market. But lowering their price of their own motorcycles is bad for the brand & image, so they start a low cost brand.

The latest in this fad is Yamaha, who have started their own low cost motorcycle company: Lamaha!


17 September, 2014 - Running Into Deer/Wild Boars With Your Motorcycle Is For Wimps
Running into one of these is bad news
#Funny #Elephants - All those bikers telling fearful tales of running into deer or wild boars.... even these motorcycle riders who think they are brave by riding where there are elks and moose. Get a life! Nothing to it.

This is where men are separated from boys..... elephants! Imagine riding your motorcycle into one of them on the road!


16 September, 2014 - Now I Understand Why People Use Motorcycle Sidecars
Sidecar washer
#Sidecars #Funny #WashingMachines - So this is why you need a sidecar. Makes sense.....(and no, I'm not saying it's a woman's thing ... no sexism to be found here).


15 September, 2014 - 15 (De)Motivational Posters - Part 5
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
#Motivation #Posters - Here are 15 (de)motivation poster centered around motorcycles and riding. This is the 5th part in the series. Have fun.


15 September, 2014 - France: Some Cops Are Just Not Smart - Video
Dumb Cop Holds Radar Wrong
France flag
#Funny #PoliceScrewUpAsWell #Fail - The police are not infallible as this video will show. On France's biggest TV station, this cop is showing the use of the modern laser radar gun. Except he is holding it inversed - he's checking the speed of his eyeballs...FAIL!


12 September, 2014 - UK: This Is A Shitty Motorcycle Accident, Real Shitty
Cow Dung Crashed Motorcycle
UK flag
#Accident #Dung #Shit - A British biker had a really shitty accident. Luck and unlucky when he plowed with his motorcycle into a pile of cow dung.


8 September, 2014 - Is This The New Yamaha R6 Sports Motorcycle?
Big Yamaha R6
#Funny #Yamaha - Our roving spies managed to spot a test biker resting on what appears to be a new Yamaha R6 sports motorcycle. Is this the new 2015 VBB version; the Yamaha R6 VBB (Very Big Bikers)?


5 September, 2014 - This Ecology Movement Has Gone Too Far
Eco Motorcycle Too Far
#Funny #Ecology - Really! There are limits to the ecology movement..... this has got to stop.


4 September, 2014 - Italy: Young Scooterist Gets Record Fine For Helmet-less Riding
Tom Hanks With No Helmet
Italy flag
#Italy #RecordFine #Helmetless - A 22 year old, and very stupid scooterist got caught riding around a city in Italy without a helmet. At the end of the story he got fined a record fine: €7000.


4 September, 2014 - How To Stop A Pillion From Talking On Long Motorcycle Rides
Muzzling a pillion
#Funny #PillionsTalkTooMuch - Sometimes having a pillion on your motorcycle can be a blessing, but sometimes not... they can talk too much. Here is a way some Asian biker found to prevent his pillion from talking. Creative.


2 September, 2014 - Video: KTM RC390 - How To Do Your Housework Chores
KTM Household Chores
KTM logo
#KTM #RC390 #Competition #Advertisement - Here is a KTM advertisement that clearly reminds me on how I do my house chores. I just think I'm a bit faster. Have a look at the video, it's funny.


2 September, 2014 - You Know This Is Not Going To End Well #9383
Not a good idea 9383
#Dangerous #Funny #notGood - Just a little bit of braking, a little bump in the road, a...... you get the message. This is not going to end well.


27 August, 2014 - What Motorcyclists Had To Do Before The Mobile Phone
Before Mobile Phone Era
#Funny #MobilePhones #ThingsHaveChanged - Remember the days before we had mobile phones? Nowadays if you want to make a phone call while riding your motorcycle, you stop, grab your mobile phone and make the call now matter where you are. Even better, if you have one of those Bluetooth communicators, you can call while riding (although not recommended).

But this was the way we had to make calls before they invented the mobile phone.... things have changed.


26 August, 2014 - Is This The Ultimate Squid?
Ultimate squid rider
#Squid #PhoningWhileDrivingIsStupid - What do you think? Is this the ultimate squid? Wheelie on a public street. No gear whatsoever? Phoning while riding?


15 August, 2014 - Philippines: Honest, I Keep Telling You, It Does Not Work Like That
Philippines Umbrella Typhoon Riding
Philippines flag
#Philippines #RidingMotorcycleWithUmbrella - Riding a motorcycle or scooter in a typhoon, protected only by an umbrella, does not work. Honest; Trust me....


14 August, 2014 - How To Go Faster On Your Sports Motorcycle
High Speed Sports Motorcycle Riding
#Funny #Squid - If you want to go a tad faster on your sports motorcycle, reduce wind obstruction by making yourself smaller. Or just be a squid.


13 August, 2014 - Sorry, Wrong Movie
Wrong Movie Wookie
#Funny #Wookie #StarWars - Sorry Wookie, wrong movie. But nice motorcycle...


12 August, 2014 - And Can You See Me Now?
Can you see me now
#Strange #ManyLights - I wonder how long the battery lasts on that motorcycle with all the lights on?


11 August, 2014 - World’s Longest Lasting Traffic Jam
Longstanding traffic jam
#Funny #TrafficJams - And they are still waiting for it to clear, except those on a motorcycle... they cleared decades ago.


8 August, 2014 - What Women Expect From Their Men
What women prefer in men
#Funny #WomenPreferRealMen - I'm sure the same applies for what many men expect from their women. Real women, real men, real motorcycles...


7 August, 2014 - The Ideal Motorcycle Bar For Your Man Cave
Man Cave Bar
#Funny #Man-Cave #Bar - This has got to be the idea bar for a motorcycle lover's man cave. Right?


6 August, 2014 - For The New Parents Who Race Motorcycles
Speeding Racing Parents
#Funny #BabyStrollers - The perfect gift for proud new parents who are into racing their motorcycles.


31 July, 2014 - There Is Never Enough Space On A Motorcycle
Never enough space on motorcycles
#Funny #Panniers #Cargo - No matter what you do, there never is enough space on your motorcycle to bring things with you. Even with panniers, topcase, tank bags, etc ... it's never enough. Until now..... these panniers will even fit a dead body.


30 July, 2014 - No Trailer For Your Motorcycle? No Worries!
No trailer no worries
#TraileringIsForWimps #LOL - Honest. You do not need a trailer to trailer your motorcycle. Honest.


29 July, 2014 - Cyprus: Unusual Way For Motorcycle Police To Patrol The Streets - WTF?
Cyprus Motorcycle Show Off
Cyprus flag
#Cyprus #Police #Funny - This has got to be the most unusual and weirdest way to patrol the streets for motorcycle cops. Is this the upside down world? Or are they doing upskirts?


28 July, 2014 - Patent: Rejoice! No More Water On Motorcycle Visors When It Rains
Patent Compressed Air Visor Cleaning
#Patent #CompressedAir #Helmets - Here is a patent that was filed that will make your life so much easier when it rains. No more rain water on your motorcycle helmet's visor. Done, clear.


28 July, 2014 - The Easy Way Of Finishing The Tour de France
Tdf 2014 On Motorcycle Cop Behind
Tour de France logo
#TouDeFrance #TdF #Gendarmerie - There are many ways to finish the tough Tour de France bicycle race, almost all involve superhuman efforts. But this cyclist found the easy way. Somehow I do not think this is legal....


18 July, 2014 - How To Ride Camouflaged In Traffic On Your Motorcycle
#Funny #Camouflage - I guess this is the way you don't get notice on your motorcycle while riding. But it's a bad idea....


17 July, 2014 - The New Generation Kawasaki Sidecar
Kawasaki sidecar
#Kawasaki #Funny #Baby - For those young couples with a baby, here's the latest offering from Kawasaki; a motorcycle with sidecar. This allows you to ride your motorcycle, while the other looks after the baby in the sidecar. How efficient is that?


16 July, 2014 - How Manly Are You When You Ride Your Motorcycle?
Manly Biker
#Funny #Macho #Manly - Guys, when you ride your motorcycle, do you feel manly? Macho? A real guy? Most of you will probably say YES, but would you go like this guy? Are you manly enough to ride like this???


15 July, 2014 - Ad: Helmet Cleaning Service In Brazil
Ad Braga Motos Yamaha Helmet
Brazil flag
#Advertising #Helmet - Quite a nice print ad from a Brazilian Yamaha dealer for a helmet cleaning service. 'Don't let the germs move it'...


11 July, 2014 - I’m Gone On My Very Comfortable Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle
Very Comfortable Motorcycle
#Travel #Funny #HondaGoldWing - I'm off on an assignment, riding my very comfortable motorcycle to my destination. I'll be gone for about a week, back Thursday evening (if all goes well).

But no worries, I've left you with sufficient articles during the week to keep you entertained, occupied and waiting for my return.


7 July, 2014 - That Could Work Nicely - Motorcycle Bench Sidecar
Bench Sidecar
#Sidecar #Bench #Creativity - What a great idea... this could well work.


4 July, 2014 - Ouch! My Eyes! My Eyes Hurt! Get Me Sunglasses
Total Chrome
#Funny #Strange #Chrome - Riding that motorcycle in the sun is going to cause a lot of accidents 'cause drivers are going to get blinded. Ouch. It looks like even his hair is "chromed". What is this? Superhero Chromeman?


3 July, 2014 - Can I Go And Ride Motorcycle There, Please
No speed limit
#Funny #Fake #Roadsigns - Woow... I need to go and ride motorcycle there. Waahooooo....


30 June, 2014 - Marc Marquez Wannabe At The MotoGP Finish?
Marquez Assen Finish Wannabe
#Squid #MarcMarquez - Is this some motorcycle rider who wants to be like Marc Marquez at the Assen MotoGP finish


27 June, 2014 - Wait A Minute! That Is Not How You Do It!
Not the way you use a helmet
#Funny #LOL #Helmet - There are people, and then there are people. What can I say?


25 June, 2014 - Philippines: Now That Is A Real HOG
Philippines hog
Philippines flag
#Philippines #HOG - There's no denying it.... this is a real motorcycle-riding HOG. Don't get anymore piggy than that.


20 June, 2014 - The Netherlands: Yet Again People Stole Cop’s Radar Equipment
Stealing Police speed camera
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Police #Radar - Yet again someone stole the Dutch police radar from under their eyes. It's gone. Maybe they should check on eBay.


18 June, 2014 - When You Absolutely Positively Need To Watch The Worldcup On TV
Got to watch TV
#Funny #Cargo #TV - I guess if your TV just died, and you really, really, need to watch the soccer worldcup in Brazil, then you need to bring a new TV home, fast. In one piece if at all possible.


17 June, 2014 - New Olympic Sport Testing Spied
New Olympic Motorcycle Sport MoBasket
#Funny #Olympics - It looks like the Olympics Committee is trying out new sports for the next summer Olympics. Since basketball has become pretty boring and predictable, they are testing a new variation that might please more spectators. So using sports motorcycles, maybe a lot of bikers will start watching.


16 June, 2014 - USA: Chihuahua Dog Manages To Wreck A Harley Motorcycle
Chihuahua dog
USA flag
#USA #Chichuahua #Funny - This is one for the books. A Chihuahua dog (the smallest dog available, rat sized) attacked a Harley-Davidson motorcycle causing $600 damage. Biker is not embarrassed, and called the cops.


13 June, 2014 - Bad Dog, Bad Bad Dog
Urinated on a motorcycle
#Funny #Dog #Criminal - What is this world coming to???


9 June, 2014 - WTF? No Way Am I Riding This Road On My Motorcycle
WTF I am not riding this
#Funny - Hehe.... this could be funny in a very, very, fast car. Anyone want to try?


6 June, 2014 - Shocking Statistics: More Eggs Eaten, More Deadly Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents vs egg eating
USA flag
#Statistics #Funny - A shocking statistics proves that the more eggs people eat, the more deadly accidents are caused between motorcycles and cars & vans. There is no escaping the facts. Stop eating eggs if you want to continue riding your motorcycle.


30 May, 2014 - Thailand: The Most Military Motorcycle They Have Got
Thailand Real Military Scooter
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Military #Funny - Thailand evokes the image of peace, quite, flowers, Buddhist monks, etc (and a few other things we'll not mention here). Just look at their military might.... what a "macho" military scooter these soldiers are riding. Imagine the fun others will be making of them (but then they do have some serious weapons).


28 May, 2014 - The Only Motorcycle Race I Could Maybe Win
Race you
#Funny #RacingToWin - I stink at racing my motorcycle, always the last one to go over the finish line. So maybe this is the only race I could possibly win.


23 May, 2014 - France: The New & Very DEADLY Weapon Against Motorcycles
New Fernch Deadly Radar
France flag
#France #Radar #Funny - France has put into play a very new, and very deadly, radar to be used against motorcycles. It's no longer 3 strikes and you're out, but you're out on the first speeding ticket. And out means out.

There's no arguing, no explanations, no jury, no judges .... the radar is the judge and executioner.


20 May, 2014 - Ad: KIA Soul - Looking For Trouble With Motorcycle Riders
Kia Soul Biker Noise Ad
KIA logo
#KIA #Advertisement - Here's a print advertisement from car maker KIA that is looking for trouble with motorcycle riders. Not smart...


20 May, 2014 - How To Carry More Than 2 People On Your Chopper
Multiple pillion on a cruiser
#Chopper #Pillions #Funny - Yes, it is possible as you can see somewhere in Asia. Not that it's pretty, but at least if you like choppers and need to transport several people, here's how you do it.


19 May, 2014 - Do Not Leave Your Motorcycle On A Beach For Too Long
Seaside Resting KTMs
#KTM #Funny #Beach - Here is a very good reason not to leave your motorcycle for too long on the beach, unless you want to find this:


9 May, 2014 - Funny: Biker Sells His Mistress After Paparazzi Photos
Bye Bye Mistress
France flag
#France #Funny #PersonalAd - A funny well thought out personal ad on the French Craiglist equivalent. After photos published of him and his mistress by the paparazzi, he has to end his intense relationship.


5 May, 2014 - Philippines: Prehistoric Scooters Discovered
Philippines Pre Historic Scooters 1
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Scooters #Prehistoric - These have got to be the first scooters ever. A prehistoric scooter, from the time that Fred Flintstone roamed the earth.

Yabba dabba doo!!


30 April, 2014 - The Right Kind Of Speed Signs
The Right Speed Sign
#Funny #RoadSigns - Now if only we could see these kind of speed signs on our roads.

Wouldn't that be nice?


29 April, 2014 - Video: A Motorcycle, a Rope and a Tree - Things To Do
MotoSwing Brazil
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Fun #MotoSwing - So you're bored and don't have anything to do. But looking in your garage you find your old motorcycle, a piece of rope and in your garden there is a nice tree.


20 April, 2014 - Happy Easter - Without The Bunny, Since He Got Arrested
Easter Bunny Arrested
#Easter #Bunny #Funny - Happy Easter to you all, you just are going to have to celebrate it without the Easter Bunny ... he got arrested. Has someone got some chocolate eggs to bail him out?


18 April, 2014 - France: Biker Caught At 138 Kph. Angry, Since He Was At 200 Kph
Was Riding Faster Officer
France flag
#France #Speeding #WeirdGuy - Some French motorcycle rider gets caught speeding 138 kph in a 90 kph zone. Instead of manning up, he claims he was doing 200 kph a few minutes before.

Whata dope...


15 April, 2014 - Video: Now This Is How You Park A Motorcycle
Video Parking A Motorcycle Brazil
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Video #Parking - Motorcycles aren't cars, so parking them is a lot easier. But for this guy, we park our motorcycles likes sissies. He parks his bike in a much more macho way ... Brazilian style.

Cool style. Watch the video.


14 April, 2014 - Bad Crowd-Funding Ideas - Stiletto Motorcycle Boots
Stiletto Motorcycle Boots
#Crowdfunding #Stiletto #Women - Here is an example of an idea that should never have reached a crowd-funding site.

High heel motorcycle boots! Imagine riding with a motorcycle boots with stiletto heels.... a sure recipe for disaster.


10 April, 2014 - Don’t You Just Love Those F*£$%ing Spammers?
Hanging Spammer
#Spam #KillThemAll - Everyone hate spammers. They are killing the internet. But sometimes they are so bad, they are actually funny.

Here is one ...


9 April, 2014 - My Precious
my precious
#Precious #Funny - Remember Lord of the Ring's Gollum.....

My Precious....


4 April, 2014 - You Know Those Bikers That Go Via The Sidewalk To Escape Traffic?
Skipping Traffic Via Sidewalk
#Crash #Fail - You see them all the time, anywhere in the world. Motorcycle riders who sit in traffic so dense they have no other option but get on the sidewalk and escape the traffic jam.

But doing that requires some level of skill. Not like this guy.....


2 April, 2014 - Here Are Some Of The 2014 April Fool Jokes Played
Caskopter April Fool
Yamaha Cardboard
#AprilFool #jokes - Here are some of the April Fool jokes I've found on the net and print magazines. Have you been had by one of them?

Have you seen others?


31 March, 2014 - The Only KTM Motorcycle Engine You Will Ever Need
KTM Beer Tap
#Funny #BeerTap #KTM - Motorcycle engines don't get any better than this, right?


27 March, 2014 - What Happens To Your Brain On Motorcycles
Addicted to
#Addiction - Addiction is bad, very bad. Your brain goes all mushy ... except when riding motorcycles. Here's the proof:


26 March, 2014 - A Scooter and a Ladder - What Could Ever Go Wrong?
Scooters and a ladder
#Funny #Fail - Of course nothing is going to go wrong. Let's face it, scooters were invented to transport big ladders.

Right? Nothing will go wrong....


20 March, 2014 - The Problem In Winning A Softball Tournament and Riding Motorcycle
Venezuela Softball Throphy Transport
Venezuela flag
#Funny #Softball - Winning a softball tournament while leaving the games on a motorcycle creates an enormous problem, but not in Venezuela.


14 March, 2014 - Funny: Motorcycle Speed Limit - With Exceptions
Speed Limit not for Harleys
#Funny #Harley-Davidson - A funny speed limit sign.


13 March, 2014 - This Is Why You Always Want To Ride With A Helmet
Do not lose your head
#Funny - it can't be said enough times; always use a helmet on a motorcycle, since you may just lose you head otherwise.


7 March, 2014 - Brazil: Motorcycles Celebrate Carnival Too
Brazil 2014 Carnival Motorcycle
Brazil flag
#Carnival #Brazil - Why is it only humans that get to celebrate carnival?

Looks like in the country made famous by their carnival, motorcycles get to share in the fun.


21 February, 2014 - What To Do With Your Giant Alligator?
Aligator transport
Got a pet alligator that you got to bring to the vet and don't know who to? Well, do as this guy, bring it on your motorcycle.

No problems, no worries.


14 February, 2014 - Valentine Moments For Motorcycle Lovers
Biker Valentine Moment
#Valentine #Romance - Often you'll hear in couples that one tells the other half "it's the motorcycle or me". And often we know exactly what the choice is.

So what do you do when you are finally alone with the love of your life during Valentine's day.


12 February, 2014 - Maybe You Got A Helmet, I Do Not Think This Is Safe
Asian Atgatt
#Squid - These two may have helmets on, but somehow I do not think they are safe on the scooter. What do you think? Normal? Safe? Or female version of a squid?


11 February, 2014 - Ad: From Belarus - Nice Illustration, Good Message
Kufar Belarus Ad
Belarus flag
#Advertisement #Belarus #Kufar - A nice print advertisement from a Belarus' style Craiglist web site.


4 February, 2014 - Philippines: You Think You Got Enough Statues On Your Motorcycle?
Philippines Motorcycle Sidecar Statues
Philippines flag
#Phillipines #Statue #Sidecar - I know a few bikers who have a small statue, usually religious, on their motorcycle. If it brings comfort, why not? But this bloke is exaggerating a bit, isn't he?


31 January, 2014 - What A "Shitty" Motorcycle Cruise Ship
Shitty Motorcycle Cruise Ship
#Cruise - This has got to be a shitty cruise .. literally.


29 January, 2014 - It’s Smart To Bring Spare Tires On A Motorcycle, But This ..
Carrying a few spare tires
Syria flag
#Tires #Funny - Going places on your motorcycles, especially long distance, you might want to consider bring a spare tire with you. But this chap took the message to literally. Or maybe he is afraid of crashing.


23 January, 2014 - The Netherlands: Police Lose Mobile Radar Gun
Belgium Radar
The Netherlands flag
The Netherlands - A cop on a speed radar trap break, when he returned noticed that his radar was stolen. And it wasn't the first time.


7 January, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Book Club - Excellent Advertisement
Harley Davidson Book Club
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisment #Harley-Davidson #books - Funny and well done ad for harley-Davidson ... join the Harley Book Club.


20 December, 2013 - When Visiting Motorcycle Exhibitions, This Is What I Need
GoPro Helmet Camera
#Exhibitions #Funny #GoPro - It's not easy juggling photo cameras, video cameras, computers, and my iphone just to cover the motorcycle exhibition press conferences.

I need one of these:


16 December, 2013 - Myanmar: If He Gets A Motorcycle Accident, He Deserves It
Myanmar Motorway
Myanmar flag
#Myanmar #EmptyRoads - If this guy gets a motorcycle accident, riding a big, wide and empty road, he'll have nothing but himself to blame.


13 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Interesting Novelty Christmas Gifts for Bikers
Pork Chopper Rubber Biker Ducky
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gift #Ideas - I personally prefer to get novelty gifts for Christmas, so here are a bunch of them I found for you to give or get.


11 December, 2013 - Video: The Best and Most Honest Motorcycle Review, Ever!
Honest Review Triumph Bonneville
#Video #Review #Triumph - Now here is probably the BEST review of a motorcycle out there. It's brutally honest, funny and very well done. Have a look.


3 December, 2013 - Last Leg To My Comfortable Office
Comfortable Office
#Funny #Office - I will have left Paris early this morning, and fighting traffic on my way home. I am looking forward to my comfortable office.

It's spacious, running water and it was dirt cheap to rent.


28 November, 2013 - Video: Sons of Poetry (Sesame Street Parody Sons of Anarchy)
Sesame Street Sons of Poetry
#Video #SesameStreet #SoA - Here is a really funny and well done video of Sesame Street doing a parody of Son of Anarchy.


26 November, 2013 - Installing Extra Headlights on Your Motorcycle - The Easy Way
Extra Lights on motorcycle
#Headlights #LOL - Putting on extra headlights on your motorcycle is difficult and expensive, but it doesn't have to be with my patented method.


25 November, 2013 - Raining Paper, Don’t You Hate That On A Motorcycle Ride
Raining Paper
Spain flag
#Funny - Ahh, I hate that when I am riding my motorcycle. I prefer rain or snow, but paper rain??? Yuck....


19 November, 2013 - Ad: Bosch - Born To Ride
Bosch Born To Ride Lawnmower
Bosch logo
#Advertisement #Bosch #Lawnmower - Funny advertisement from Bosch... making people thin their lawnmower is a motorcycle. Born to ride ass.


19 November, 2013 - Why Do Chicken Cross The Road? Who Cares, Just Watch It!
Chicken HiViz Vest
Chicken HiViz Vest
#Safety #High-Vis #Chickens #Omlet - You are not going to believe this story, and it truly is not an April 1 joke. A company in the UK (named Omlet....) is making something that will make chickens safe when crossing the road. Honest.


12 November, 2013 - Colombia: Moto Halloween Party 2013 - I Must Go There
Moto Halloween Party 2013
Colombia flag
#Colombia #MotoHalloween #Party - From the photos (also of previous years), this is one motorcycle party I really need to go and see. It looks like a blast. Dressing up, doing up your motorcycle, riding around town... wonderful. I want.


12 November, 2013 - Pakistan: This Should NOT Work
Original Rain Cover
Pakistan flag
#Pakistan #Rain - Why do I think this photo was taken nano-seconds after the sheet was up, and then nano-seconds afterwards, the sheet went flying. This can not work....not on a motorcycle.


11 November, 2013 - Is This A New Motorbiker Hands-Free Mobile Phone?
Phoning on motorcycle in Indonesia
Indonesia flag
#MobilePhone #Bluetooth #HandsFree - A new mobile phone device that does not need to be fitted to your helmet, in fact, you don't even need a helmet. The phone comes equipped with a small child...


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Odds, Ends and Weird Stuff
Husqvarna Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Weird #Strange - Here is some of the weird, odd and strange stuff I saw walking the hallways of Eicma 2013.


7 November, 2013 - Gone To Pick Up The Dogs
Carrying Dogs and pillion
#Dogs #Funny #Cargo - I should have arrived at home/office, but now I need to pick up the dogs. Then I'll be spending hours/days pouring through press material and publishing here and elsewhere.


4 November, 2013 - The Only Way To Take A Baby/Child On A Motorcycle
Baby Transport For Motorcycles
#Children #baby - Transporting a child/kid/baby on a motorcycle is serious stuff. You need to ensure that the kid can not fall off your motorcycle. How is this for a solution?


31 October, 2013 - Cool. Drive In Supermarket For Motorcycles
Drive in Supermarket for motorcycles
#Funny #Supermarket #Shopping - This would be so cool. A drive-in supermarket for motorcycles. If only!


30 October, 2013 - Italy: Great Idea To Fight Speed Radars - Creativity
Italy Turned Around Radar
Italy flag
#Italy #Radar #Destruction - Stopping speed radars from making photos is a creative activity. People in Italy have found a very simple way of doing it.


22 October, 2013 - Australia: Hilarious - Police Thought SOA Fan Was A Real 1%
SoA T Shirt
Australia flag
#Australia #SoA #Bikers - Australian police are clamping down on biker gangs. So much so, they mistook a fan of the Sons of Anarchy TV series for a hardcore biker. Just because he was wearing a T-shirt of the TV series...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


25 September, 2013 - France: Ad For Attitude Change Towards Bikers And A Surprise
Change view of bikers
France flag
#France #Biker #Advertisement - In France several national organizations have come together to start a campaign to change the 'negative' view of the general public towards motorcycle riders. In fact, IMHO, it is not half as bad as I have seen in other countries, but anything that promotes motorcycle riders is okay in my book.

The organization, which freely translated from French means 'Let us change the view of bikers', have a first advertisement/poster, and it looks like this. But there is a twist in the photo used which I found...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 September, 2013 - Turkey: A Red Hot Pepper Motorcycle Ride
Hot Pepper Motorcycle Ride
Turkey flag
#Turkey #Peppers - Now that is what I call red hot peppers. What a hot motorcycle ride is that....


19 September, 2013 - Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking KTM
#Kids #Children #Motorcycles - I just love this photo. You can already imagine what the kid is thinking.


17 September, 2013 - If You Are Reading This, I Am Stuck Somewhere In The Road
Stuck in the road
Despite all efforts, I have obviously not made it back in time to my office. Blame it on the airlines, railways and the roads.

Maybe I got stuck in the road.... Let's hope the next message is not shown, since it'll be a lot worse. Don't you love international travel..


16 September, 2013 - I Am Currently Somewhere In The Air
Somewhere In The Air
#Cat #Freestyle #Funny - While you are reading this, I am somewhere in the air, on the way back home. It's a long journey: car, airplane, train, motorcycle and then a walk (garage to house). So it's still going to take me a while before I am home, but don't worry, there is already an article programmed for tonight.


16 September, 2013 - On My Way From World’s Toughest Biker Cafe To Home
Tough Biker Cafe
#Travel #ToughBikerCafe - If you are reading this I am in an airplane heading back home. I'm going from this very tough biker cafe, where the atmosphere is so thick you need to slit it with a knife, back home.

It's a long trip, and I should be back on station by tomorrow morning.


13 September, 2013 - Changing Your Motorcycle Tire - The Easy Way
Easy Changing Motorcycle Tire
#TireChanging #Funny #Motorcycle - Changing your tires on your motorcycle is a pain. It requires your bike to be on a stand, maybe just a center stand, removing it, replacing it... yuk. Here are some folks who have found out how to do it 'easier'. Of course this only works for your front wheel. But wouldn't it be nice to see this happening for a rear wheel? Any takers?


4 September, 2013 - Germany: Birds Not Happy With Police Speed Radar
Bird Attacks Speed Camera
Germany flag
#Radar #Germany #Funny - It looks like us humans (if you want to call motorcycle riders human) are not the only ones who are not happy with these police speed radars. In Leipzig, Germany, a raven bird landed on one of these money-making machines and started pecking away at it.

The radar survived, and the bird flew away before the cops could arrest it. The local police do not know why the bird attacked the radar, maybe it had been ticketing for flying to fast once too many.


29 August, 2013 - Funny: Must Sell Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, Mistress Pregnant
Selling Harley Mistress Pregnant
USA flag
#Funny #Harley -ForSaleSigns - It's so funny this "for sale" ad that you almost would think it is true. So this guy has got a wife, a mistress and a Harley motorcycle.... but not for long.


26 August, 2013 - Video: Major But Very Funny Motorcycle Bikini Wash FAIL
Bikini Wash Fail Video
#Video #Funny #BikiniWashFail - I guess when you hire exotic pole dancers to do a "motorcycle bikini wash", you are asking for trouble. Motorcycles are not poles as the young lady discovers in the video.

Have a look at this funny video. I just couldn't stop laughing.


20 August, 2013 - Russia: How To Create Accidents While Trying To Prevent Them (NSFW)
Fun Article
Russia flag
#Russia #Topless #Education - NOTE: Due to the NSFW nature of the video, I have put it in the "click here to read more..." below; that will load the whole article including the video. The picture in the video itself is NSFW.

They probably meant well. In Russia last year there were 27,991 fatal accidents, many of them because of excessive speeds. The NGO Autodvijenie decided to educate drivers to lift their right foot of the pedal.

The way they did it was particular, but not unique. By putting two pretty ladies, topless, brandishing speed limit signs they hoped to catch the attention of car, truck and motorcycles...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 August, 2013 - Different Ways Of Avoiding A Speed Radar Ticket On Your Motorcycle
Radar Foiling
Radar Foiling
#Speeding #Radar #Funny - Getting caught speeding by one of those automatic digital speed radars is no fun, especially when you were out enjoying your motorcycle ride. A few days after the "event" you get a nice photo sent to your home, showing you how fast you were going, and asking you to pay some money to cover the cost of the photo. And since these cameras cost a lot of money, you can expect to pay a hefty amount of money. But at least you can frame the photo and hang it up the wall.

So not exactly fun. One way of avoiding to pay of expensive photos of you on your motorcycle is not to ride fast. Logical and obvious, but let us face it; it is not exactly fun, and at times you just can't help yourself. So here are a few ways how you can escape getting fined. Mind you, none of these methods are legal, so if you get caught, it is a double whammy.............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 August, 2013 - How To Clean Your Motorcycle Boots The Easy Way
Motorcycle Boots Cleaning
#Boots #Cleaning - Off road motorcycle boots can get very dirty, but also street bike boots get oily and muddy. Here is the easy way of cleaning them, just make sure your boots are water-proof.

I actually use this method the clean my hat (a Tilley hat). Cleans them perfectly.


12 August, 2013 - Gibraltar Way Of Cooling Down On A Scooter
Gibraltar Cooling Down Scooter
Gibraltar flag
#Cooling #Scooter #Funny - You think this works? Funny though...


9 August, 2013 - Heading To My Office - Dog Is Manning The Desk
Office Dog
If everything has gone as planned, I should be on the road for the last part of my journey home.

I should be arriving in a few hours, and hopefully my dogs will not have messed up the office too much...


6 August, 2013 - How To Handle A Heat Wave As A Motorcycle Rider
Heat Wave For Bikers
#Funny #Heat #Water - When it gets hot, even riding your motorcycle will not cool you down.

So there is only one thing you can do, and that is hit the water.


5 August, 2013 - Gone On A Plum Assignment - Taking My Baby With Me
Gone Motorcycle Ride With Baby
#Funny #Parenting #Fail - I have received over the weekend a nice plum assignment from one of the magazines I work for. It is pretty last minute stuff, so I did not have the time to prepare many articles for your amusement, and the return date is a bit up-in-the-air as well.

I hope to be back by next weekend, so normal regular articles will appear by then. In the mean time, I have not forgotten you, and you will receive some amusing and/or informative motorcycle articles during the week. I am traveling with PC, so if anything comes up, and I have the time, I will let you know.

On this trip, I have taken my baby with me (although my SWMBO does not like being called "baby")...


1 August, 2013 - DIY Redneck Motorcycle Sidecar
DIY Red neck Sidecar
#Funny #Sidecar #DIY - Hmmmm creativity known no boundaries. Making your own motorcycle sidecar seems easy.


29 July, 2013 - Ad: Escape The Police With A Peugeot Scooter - Good or Bad?
Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor ad
Peugeot logo
#Ad #Peugeot #Scooters - Hmmmm... I do not know what to think about this print advertisement. It is for Peugeot, the French scooter (and a few cars) manufacturer, and the text below the cops riding toy scooters says:

"Satelis 125 Compressor, an acceleration that leaves everyone on the spot"

According to the text, the 125 cc scooter has the performance of a 250cc one. And apparently it is enough to escape the cops.


26 July, 2013 - Video: Funny - How To Keep Cool On A Motorcycle
Cooling Down Motorcycle Ride
#Hot #Cooling #Motorcycle - For those of you who live in an area that has gotten really hot the last few days, this video taken in what I think is London, UK, will amuse you, if not inspire you.

Personally, I think it is a great idea to keep cool during your hot summer's motorcycle ride in a city.


26 July, 2013 - How To Make Sure You Capture Your Whole Motorcycle Ride With GoPro
Gopro Maniac
#Funny #GoPro - The latest GoPro cameras are great. They are small, and you can mount them almost anywhere, recording your dream motorcycle ride. But after a while, having only one video camera gets a bit boring; only one angle is just not enough.

So next time you go for your motorcycle ride, and you want to film it, do this:


24 July, 2013 - USA: Golden Gate Bridge Free For Motorcycles?
Golden Gate bridge Toll
#Fail #GoldengateBridge #Toll - It looks like that by trying to save money, the operators of the Golden Gate Bridge are losing money. They installed a new automated toll system for world's most famous bridge, firing their toll booth operators in the process. This way they hoped to save money on payrolls.

However, they did not anticipate that their automated system had one "slight" problem.... it can not "see" motorcycles .... in other words, motorcycles ride through the toll gates and the system is supposed to automatically scan the license plates and send you the bill. But it does not recognize that there is a vehicle passing through, so no invoice.

Maybe next time companies will understand that saving money on payrolls is maybe not such a smart idea. In the mean time, enjoy the free ride brothers & sisters.


24 July, 2013 - Fantastic TV Commercial From Indian Motorcycle - A Dig At Harley
Indian Motorcycle Dig At Harley
Indian logo
#Indian #HarleyDavidson #Advertisement - Here is a really good TV commercial from Indian Motorcycle… They are going to release and launch their latest motorcycle, the 2014 Indian Chief in Sturgis in August, and they made this pretty good advertisement.

Using Willie Nelson's famous song "On the Road Again", 80% of the video when you watch it, you would think it is an ad for Harley-Davidson. It is only at the last moment that you will see that they are making fun of the eternal enemy.



23 July, 2013 - Pope Wants Catholics To Drive Humble Cars: Here Is His New Popemobile
New Popemobile
#Pope #Vatican #Popemobile - The Pope has declared that he wants Catholics to drive more humble cars. He wants especially his staff to drive sensible and austere cars, not like his luxury Mercedes Popemobile. He therefore will need to get rid of his luxury ride; so the Vatican will need to find a new one for him.

We think we have discovered his new vehicle being road tested. Here are some spy shots.


23 July, 2013 - Now I Know Why People Bring Jerrycans With Them
Real Jerrycan
#Funny #Jerrycan - I have always wondered why adventure motorcycle riders bring along a jerrycan or two on their bikes. Now I know....


22 July, 2013 - In The Start Them Young Department: Motorcycle Mechanics
Start them young mechanics
#LOL #Funny #Kids - They sure are starting these training programs for young kids earlier and earlier....motorcycle mechanic.


18 July, 2013 - Everything But The Kitchen Sink, But A Dog
Everything But Sink Plus Dog
#Funny #Cargo #Loaded - Some people really want to carry everything with them on their motorcycle. And I mean everything. Guess if you are going on holidays, or moving house, you have very little choice if you only have a motorcycle as means of transportation.

But a kayak, bicycle and a dog???


12 July, 2013 - Thailand: ATGATT? Do Not Need No Stinkin’ ATGATT! Use Magic
Thailand No ATGATT Charms
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Magic #Safety - Many motorcycle riders believe that riding motorcycles with ATGATT is the only way to see another day. Even hardcore & professional riders like LEO wear ATGATT. It makes sense no?

Well, not in Thailand. There, Police Sergeant-Major Maneesak Saentaweesuk decided that he needs something extra to protect him, so apart from his normal helmet and gun, he now uses "magic" to protect him on the road while patrolling on his motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 July, 2013 - Ad: Metro Brazil Newspaper And Weird Motorcyclists
Metro Ad Nonsense brazil
Metro logo
#Brazil #Advertisement #Weird - Metro, the free daily newspaper, have for their Brazilian version shown a couple of "weird" advertisements. The first one, involves a scooter rider with a car door around him. Weird, but not unusual in many countries, where motorcycles and scooters are used to haul any type of cargo.

The text says "Someone needs to explain the everyday nonsense.". They have another "weird" ad, but this time it's not a motorcycle but a guy dressed as ballerina in front of a bus stop. Strange....


5 July, 2013 - Egypt: Be A Good Sport, Kiss A Motorcycle Cop
Egypt Kiss A Motorcycle Cop
click to see where Egypt is on the map
#Egypt #Police #Motorcycle - Be happy, be a good sport, be a nice person --- kiss a motorcycle police officer.


4 July, 2013 - Feeding The Motorcycle Crazy Person
Feeding the motorcycle person
#Funny #Mechanic #Motorcycle - What do you feed that person who is totally obsessed by motorcycles? The kind of person who eats, sleeps and drinks motorcycles everyday, everynight?

Well, you feed them this...:


21 June, 2013 - Nigeria Rolls Out 1st Motorcycle - Wants Import Ban On All Others
Nigerian Motorcycle
Nigeria flag
#Nigeria #Scooter #Motorcycles - Nigeria has rolled out their very first motorcycle. Developed by National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), the 80cc scooter uses 85% of locally sourced components and resources.

Apparently, you can't see it on the only photo available, is that this scooter is a trike. IMHO, it looks like a Honda Cub.

Now, the Vice Chairman of NASINE, Dr. Muhammad Sani Haruna, is calling upon the Nigerian government to ban the importation of all motorcycles and scooters so that the national scooter manufacturing industry can be "protected"...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 June, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your Motorcycle Helmet Into A Pillion Entertainment Center
Patent Helmet Video Screen
#Patent #Helmet #Gadget - Of all the daft ideas I've seen and read, here's a beauty. It's a patent filed last year in the USA, and the patent calls for a screen, let's say a LCD-type computer screen to be mounted to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

This allows the pillion to see a video image on the back of the rider's helmet. I kid you not. One idea of the "inventor" is to put a camera in the front of the helmet, thereby allowing the pillion to see what's on the road. Gulp...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 June, 2013 - Asian Motorcycle Police Feel The Financial Crisis - Belt Tightening
Asiam Police Financial Crisis
#Funny #Police #Motorcycles - Even in Asia people are feeling the global economic and financial crisis. Individual households, companies and civil service all have to tighten their belts. Even the motorcycle police are feeling it. No longer can they afford expensive BMW, Yamaha or Honda motorcycles.

Here's a candid photo of the latest motorcycle police getting ready to patrol the streets.


12 June, 2013 - Now You Know Why Adventure Motorcycles Have Big Panniers
Prepared Adventure Rider
#Adventure #RTW #Funny - You see them riding often enough, big BMW GS, KTM Adventurer or other adventure motorcycles, equipped with enormous panniers and top cases. You think that since they are often months on the road, they bring a lot of stuff with them.

You'd be kind-of right, but it's not the stuff you think they are bringing. Here's a photo of what is really in those cases:


12 June, 2013 - Gawd! I Hate These Tailgaters When Riding My Motorcycle
Tailgating Extreme
Lebanon flag
#Funny #Tailgating #Military - Don't you hate it when you are out having a nice day, riding your motorcycle and when you look in your mirrors you see two ass-wipes tailgating behind you.

You just want to stop and start shooting at them....


11 June, 2013 - Pharaonic Suzuki Hayabusa - Weird?
Very Customized Hayabusa
#Suzuki #Hayabusa #Weird - Some people have strange ideas what to do with their precious motorcycles. I'll admit taste is personal thing, one thing of beauty might be one thing of ugliness for anther person.

But transforming a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle into this Pharaoh based theme is a bit OTT for me.


5 June, 2013 - Video: What Do You Get When A Bull Mates With A Motorcycle
Bull mating With Motorcycle
The Bull Motorcycle
#Video #Funny - I guess strange things have happened.... but mating a bull with a motorcycle is one of them:

What will happen... what will their offspring looks like? Have a look at the video


5 June, 2013 - One Motorcycle With Big Cojones (Or Death Whish)
Pissing On A Cop Car
#Funny - Here is one motorcycle rider who has a problem with the local constabulary .... either that or he is committing suicide by cop. But anyway you look at it, he's got balls.


29 May, 2013 - How To Get A Bigger Kawasaki Motorcycle For Cheap
Kawasaki Motorcycle Growth
#Funny #Kawasaki #Motorcycle - This woman has discovered the secret of making bigger motorcycles. All you need is a small toy, like a Kawasaki, put some oil fertilizer and lots of water.

A few months later you get this:


27 May, 2013 - New Sport? Motorcycle-Sailing?
Motorcycle Surfing
Brazil flag
#Funny #Motorcycle #Brazil - I wondering if the brave souls in Brazil have invented a new motorcycle sport? Motorcycle Sailing?

Looks like she's holding up sail... or maybe it's to go faster.


21 May, 2013 - Returning To My Office. Computer Not Used For A While. It Shows!
Keyboard Weed
#Funny #Keyboard - I know what I'll be seeing when I get back to my little office..... with my computers not used for days, and no one to look after them.


21 May, 2013 - On My Way Back. Guess Where I’ve Been?
KTM Netherlands
#Funny #KTM #Netherlands - I'm hopefully heading back to home (Normandy, France). Want to guess where I have been?

Maybe the photo will give you a hint......


16 May, 2013 - Gone On A Trip, This Is What I’m Doing With The 1st Radar I See
Peeing on a speed radar
#Funny #Radar #Pee -I'm off on a trip for a few days, back on Tuesday afternoon if everything goes well (traveling in Europe usually means things don't go as planned). I've programmed a series of articles to keep you amused and interested, so no zapping!

The first speed radar I see will get this treatment. I wonder what kind of a fine I'd get? Probably all they can do is public urination, or would it be destruction of public property?

Anyway, see you on Tuesday, hopefully. Tonight I sleep in Paris, then it's destination-mystery....


13 May, 2013 - Motorcycle Pussy - Part Deux
Biker Pussy
#Cats #Funny - Don't we all dream of pussy? Especially motorcycle-riding pussy. We've featured one pin-up already on a motorcycle, here's another delicious one:

Maybe this one is dreaming of this:


13 May, 2013 - Batman Helmet Too Boring? Try The Joker Helmet
Joker Helmet
Joker Helmet
#Helmets #Joker - If one of the Batman helmets that are out now are a bit too boring for you (who wants to be a playboy zillionaire during the day, fighting evil at night wearing a tight body suit), then how about wearing a super villain helmet?

The Joker helmet will get you far more attention when riding your motorcycle, that's for sure. Made by an artist specializing in helmets, this one is rad. Just look at the face at the back of the helmet..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 May, 2013 - China: First Chinese Big Motorcycle?
Chinese Big Superbike
China flag
#China #Bigmotorcycle #Funny - Is this the first Chinese superbike? Not in terms of Ducati, MV Agusta, etc all real fast motorcycles, but in terms of big bikes. And I mean BIG bikes.

Interesting feat though he used scrap parts to make it. He was probably copying some existing motorcycle but got the scale wrong...


7 May, 2013 - This Made Me Smile - A Harley-Davidson Merchandising Idea
Harley Diaper Bag
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley #Funny - When I saw this, I just had to smile. Many Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders cultivate the idea of a tough, hardcore, biker image. Mustaches (and you should see the men's moustaches), wild hair, tattoos, leather vests & chaps, scars... you name it. All for a tough biker image.

.... and then they walk in with this Harley-Davidson Skull & Crossbones black bag. You'd expect the biker to open the bag and at the very least remove a beer bottle which they open with their teeth. Or out comes the knives, guns and brass knuckles. But no, you'd be wrong..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 May, 2013 - Video: Skip Rope With Your Motorcycle
Motorcycle Rope Skipping
#Funny #Stunts - There are lot of thing you can do with your motorcycle, but I would never have thought that skipping rope would be one of them. But there you go, learned something today.

Rope Skipping For Motorcycles 101


1 May, 2013 - Labor Day 2013 - Doing Anything But Working - Day Off - Riding My "Motorcycle"
Holiday ride
#Funny - It's the international day of labor, when we all must remember how lucky we are that we are working, so I decided not to work today and head on out for a "motorcycle" ride.


23 April, 2013 - Scare The Bejazus Out Of Anyone On The Road, Including Cops
Predator 2 Helmet
Predator 2 Helmet
#Helmets #Predator #Motorcycle - Remember the scariest sci-fi movie monster in the universe? Predator was (is) the toughest monster that humans could battle, even Alien and worse, even Arnold Schwarzenegger had a problem fighting this fighting machine (it took Arnold an atomic bomb to vanquish the monster). Predator is tough and well equipped to fight anything and anywhere.

Well, now thanks to a Russian outfit, you can scare anyone on the road while riding your motorcycle. NLO Moto are selling Predator helmets. These helmets are custom made, so you choose what you want on them and how they will look...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 April, 2013 - Growing Your Motorcycle In Size
Growing your motorcycle
#Funny #Motorcycle - Many bikers have small motorcycles. A motorcycle is a motorcycle, even small ones, but after a while you would prefer to have one that is bigger. Doesn't everyone?

So to get a good sized motorcycle, you need to keep your bike in a warm place, lots of sunshine, put oil-fertilizer in the ground once every 3 months, and give it lots of water, every day.

In 2 years, you will have a good sized motorcycle. Or if you want a Honda Gold Wing, you will need to wait 5 years.


22 April, 2013 - WTF? Motorcycle Hair Styles?
Hair Motorcycle
Hair Motorcycle
I know that fashion can be very strange, a bit like art; it's beautiful in the eyes of the beholder, while for others it looks like a dog turd. I guess it's the same with hair styling. Some may be in awe for these "motorcycle" hair styles, while other just laugh and walk away.

But there's no doubt that it required talent and creativity to make.


22 April, 2013 - Thailand: A New And Original Motorcycle Cleaning Service
Thailand Elephant Bike Cleaning
Thailand flag
#Funny #Cleaning #Elephants #Thailand - Let's face it, all those traditional motorcycle cleaning services get stale; Bikini clad girls cleaning your bike? Been there, done that. Powerwash? Check.

But it looks like that in Thailand they've got a much more original cleaning service - Elephants.


16 April, 2013 - Videos: Two Hyundai TV Commercials Involving Motorcycles
Hyundai Sonata Turbo ad
Hyundai Canada Mad max
#Hyundai #Advertisement - Here are two Hyundai TV commercials which have motorcycles in them. The first one shows a motorcycle rider as... what can I say.... a big slob on a sportsbike. Since all the other vehicles in the ad are dangerous, does this mean the fat biker is dangerous?

The second ad is from Hyundai Canada and shows an epic Mad Max-style chase between the Hyundai car and Mad Max vehicles, including a motocrosser, until they run out of fuel.


12 April, 2013 - Finland: Putin, President of Russia, Banned For Being 1%er Biker
Vladimir Putin Biker
Finland flag
Vladimir Putin, President Prime Minister President of Russia loves a macho challenge. The more macho he can seem on TV, the better he feels about himself. Apart from flying fighter jets, riding in tanks, doing martial arts, he loves going on a motorcycle and ripping up the streets of Moscow with his posse (see related below), the Night Wolves.

The Night Wolves are a motorcycle club, not exactly a 1%er but neither are they a Blue Knights. And it's his belonging to this motorcycle gang that got him blacklisted.


11 April, 2013 - Guys, When You Need To Go, This Is Where You Should Go
4 Biker toilets
#Funny #Toilet - I don't know where this toilet is, but it's obviously where they like motorcycle riders. My kind of a toilet... sorry ladies, you'll need to find something else.

This doesn't take much money to make...


10 April, 2013 - Patent: Knee Air Flow Deflector For Motorcycles
Patent Knee Airflow Deflector
Patent Knee Airflow Deflector
#Patent #Funny - Just the patent we've patiently been waiting for all these years. Back in 2008 this patent was filed and adjusted in 2009. The patent has one reason for being, and that is for deflecting air flows that magically hit you in the face.

According to the patent holder, Jerry H Biglake, air flows from the motorcycle's front wheel and than upwards via the knees of the rider, hitting you squarely in the face.

At least, that is what he supposes. What Jerry proposes is to mount a deflector on the biker's knees that will deflect the airflow coming from the front wheels...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 April, 2013 - Might As Well Drive A Car - Almost A Motorcycle
Almost A Car Motorcycle
Roof, heating, mini-fridge.... it all points to some luxury car, not a motorcycle.

The only thing missing is an extra set of wheels. But I have to be honest and say I lust for a Honda Gold Wing....


1 April, 2013 - Easter Monday - We Are Closed Today, Off For An Ice Cold Motorcycle Ride
Ice Cold Ride
#Funny #Winter - It's Easter Monday, and since I haven't been on my motorcycle for weeks, I decided to brave the ice cold winter conditions and go for a ride. See you tomorrow after having unthawed.


31 March, 2013 - 2013: Happy Motorcycling Easter To You All
KTM Easter
#Easter #Funny #KTM - Have a great motorcycle Easter to you all, no matter where you are in the world.

Let's hope your weather is a bit better than what we are facing here at this moment, and that you're able to go for a ride.


28 March, 2013 - India: Cardboard Police To Calm Drivers Down
Indian Cardboard Cop
India flag
#Police #Fake - Although it's not an original idea, it still works. The authorities in the Indian city of Bangalore have placed a life-sized cardboard cutout of a police officer at a busy intersection.

According to the reports, Indian drivers, both cars and motorcycles, are notoriously bad behaved, unless they know there's a cop watching them. So the authorities inspired by North American and European efforts installed 3 cardboard cops...........

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25 March, 2013 - 40 "Gas Stations" From Around The World
Gas Station Benin
Gas Station Bolivia
In many parts of the world you can expect a certain standard when riding up with your motorcycle to fuel up. Gas stations are gas stations right? I mean, what's the difference between one or another; maybe the shop, or self-service, the brand. Maybe the gas station operator is better than the next one, cleaning the floor more regularly, friendly.

But if you travel around the world, you'll be amazed how gas stations differ. Many RTW motorcycle riders have found themselves in front of one of these "gas stations", but as the saying goes "any port in a storm". When you need to fill up your motorcycle, you need to fill up. Even when the gas station looks like one of these....

Here are 40 photos of gas stations from around the world, and I use the word gas station loosely.


21 March, 2013 - Funny Repair Lists
Car Repair Price List
Car Repair Price List
Some garages, motorcycle or car ones, have a sense of humor. If you ever heard some customers describe their mechanical woes, I don't understand why not more garages have these kind of repair lists.


19 March, 2013 - Reaching New Heights With Your Motorcycle
Reaching New Heights
What can I say?


13 March, 2013 - We Have A New Pope. Nuns Rejoice And Go For A Motorcycle Ride
Nuns riding Motorcycle
#Pope - Finally, the nuns can go and have fun on their motorcycle.


11 March, 2013 - UK: It Takes All Sorts
British Dragin Motorcycle Royal Fan
UK flag
The world really has all sorts (and I don't mean the candy), even in the motorcycle world.

A dragon motorcycle ?


27 February, 2013 - Very Beautiful Chick On A Motocross Motorcycle
Chick On Motocross Motorcycle
Well, since many web sites are showing pretty, if not beautiful, chicks on motorcycles, I think I better get in on the game. So here's a really pretty chick on a motocrosser.


22 February, 2013 - The Real Cowasaki, Or Is It Krawasaki?
Here's the real Cowasaki, but I can't tell if it's a cow or a horse, but then in today's food industry, there's little difference...


14 February, 2013 - Video: Tucano Urbano "Hot Or Not" Viral Video Part 3
Tucano Urbano Are You Hot Or Not 3
Tucano Urbano logo
Italian accessories manufacturer Tucano Urbano have released last month part 3 of their "funny" viral video entitled "Hot or Not". Tucano Urbano are known for their clothing and their motorcycle/scooter aprons, allowing bikers to stay warm during the harsh winters.

In these three part videos called "Hot or Not" they show you what can happen if you are "hot" or not, in other words, if you want a good s.e.x. life, better use their product to stay warm.

As advertisements go, it's okay, not hilarious, but funny nevertheless, particularly this 3rd instalment (look at the senior citizens having a go at it...).


12 February, 2013 - Serious Fueling Problem Discovered On Brammo Motorcycles
Brammo Fueling Problem
#Brammo #Electric - A user of the new Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle discovered a problem which can be attributed to a design flaw. The Brammo has no fuel slot, so no place to put the fuel nossle to fill up the bike..


31 January, 2013 - Follow-Up On Ducati Testing Spy Photos
Fueling Up The Donkey
A second photo has appeared of the new Ducati being tested (see last week's photo).

This time the test vehicles are being refueled....


24 January, 2013 - Spy Shot: New Ducati Testing - Single Cylinder?
Burrati Spy shot
A spy shot has surfaced of a new Ducati prototype being tested in the Middle East. It looks like Ducati is finally entering the off-road motorcycle market.

Is this going to give KTM a run for their money? And this after BMW as seen testing their off-road motorcycle.


22 January, 2013 - Indonesia: Now This Looks Like An Interesting Motorcycle Race
Jakarta Flood Motorcycle Race
Indonesia flag
Doesn't this look like a motorcycle race? This might become a new sport; racing on flooded streets....


21 January, 2013 - 15 Bikers Sleeping On Their Motorcycles and Scooters - Part 2
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
I've already mention in Part 1, that I have great admiration for anyone who can sleep anywhere, especially on a motorcycle. Motorcycles or scooters aren't meant for sleeping and are as uncomfortable as can be, but still these people manage to sleep. Amazing.

I guess if you're tired (or drunk) enough, you can sleep anywhere, but I know I can't. If I don't have a good bed, then I do not sleep. It's that simple. If you can, kudos to you.

So here are 15 photos of bikers asleep on their ride, though some more comfortably than others.


21 January, 2013 - Saudi Arabia: Harley-Davidson Camel Jockeys
Saudi Harley and Camels
Saudi Arabia flag
At times I do feel like I'm riding a camel. But that's with my trusty GS. How do Harley-Davidson riders feel, especially when their motorcycle is riding in between camels?


17 January, 2013 - Using Your Scooter As Toilet
Vespa Scooter Toilet
Lambretta Scooter Toilet
Last year we've seen a motorcycle that runs on a toilet's "product" on the internet. We've also seen toilets that have motorcycle logos. But how about motorcycles, or in this case scooters, that ARE toilets.

Imagine someone loves their Vespa so much, they're willing to take a crap on them..............

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16 January, 2013 - Follow Up: The Clandestine
Clandestine Episode 2
Last year we showed you the Kickstarter crowd-funding project of The Clandestine. The project was for a web TV series, a real comedy, made in Northern Ireland.

They had made their first episode for Kickstarter, and the comedy series is centered around office workers during the day, who turn into a "vicious" 1%-er biker club at night...........

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9 January, 2013 - Rumors: Is Apple Producing An Electric Bike?
Apple e Bike
China flag
As rumors go, this is far fetched, even with the "spy-photo" as proof.

The electric bike was photographed in Beijing, China sporting not only a 36 Volt battery pack but also the famous Apple logo...........

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21 December, 2012 - Video: TomTom Goes Viral
Video clip
Our favorite Dutch GPS manufacturer (in fact, there are no other Dutch GPS makers), TomTom, have made a viral video. But just read that line again. It's a "viral" video, a video about viral videos. In fact, it's a video taking off viral videos... in a funny way.

You'll get to see many of the very popular viral videos shown on the internet, including the "Press For Drama" video. Nope, there are no motorcycles in this video, but since they provide GPSs for motorcycles, and it's funny enough to become viral, I've decided to show it (also I had nothing else to show).

So have a look at the viral video of viral videos.


21 December, 2012 - End Of The World?
Skeleton End of World
Heaven Symbol Japan
Is this the end? Are we done? Well, if you're reading this, some of us at least are still here. You, and our server in the USA, are still up and running, so at least one person survived.

Is this what has become of the rest of us? Quietly riding our motorcycles, and then BAMMMMM gone forever?

Oh... if you are wondering what the strange symbol is, where I normally put a country flag, it's the Japanese symbol for heaven...


19 December, 2012 - Somehow I Do Not Think This Is A Motorcyclist Camping
Not a Motorcycle Camper
Hmmm... I'd venture a guess that this is not a motorcyclist camping.

What do you think?


18 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Ultimate Biker Christmas Gift - Everyone Needs One
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We've shown many Christmas gift ideas over the last 2 weeks, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did looking for them. Many gifts are ideal for motorcycle riders & lovers, passionate about their brand of bike, or biking in general.

We've seen handy gifts, funny gifts or just plain gifts. Gifts can be in any price range, from several cents to mega dollars.

But in all these gifts, this is the one gift every motorcycle riders needs to have. You should not be allowed to escape this one.... it's not only a perfect gift to give to a biker, but it's also the ideal gift to get (even if you get it for yourself). And what is the gift???..........

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18 December, 2012 - Christmas Gift For The Man Who has Everything
WD 40 Aftershave
Since we're in the Christmas gift giving spirit, racking our brains to find interesting gifts to give, or to receive, how about this "gift" for the man who has everything.... except this:

WD-40 is a miracle product for motorcycle riders, so why not a good old fashion perfume and aftershave in our favorite scent...


14 December, 2012 - France: This Guy Is Going To Fail His Motorcycle Exam, For Sure
French Driving School Motorcycles
France flag
A lot of motorcycle riders speed, I'm one of them, though not always on purpose. From experience, there are three instances when you shouldn't speed:

1. When there are cops around
2. When you're doing your motorcycle exam
3. When you are training for your motorcycle exam

A young guy in Beauvais, France missed points #1 and #3, and therefore will not get the chance to try point #2. He was caught riding his motorcycle at 150 kph on a 100 kph road, ON HIS DRIVING-SCHOOL Motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 December, 2012 - My Birthday Today: Taking It Very Easy Before End Of World
Taking It Very Easy
It's my birthday today, and since it's 10 days away from the end of the world, I've decided to take it very easy. However, there are articles planned for today, so no zapping....

Birthday presents can be left at the door....


11 December, 2012 - Videos: Tucano Urbano - Are You Hot Or Not
Video clip
Tucano Urbano logo
Two funny and sexy viral videos from Italian accessories manufacturer Tucano Urbano. They probably would be considered NOT Safe For Work in the USA, but they are pretty funny nevertheless, and yes, a tad sexist.

Tucano Urbano are mostly known for their very warm clothing and aprons, known to keep you warm on your motorcycle or scooter.

Warning: If you are easily offended by scantly clad ladies, don't watch the videos.


6 December, 2012 - Video: Motorcycles and Sexual Positions - Moto Kama Sutra
Video clip
Russia flag
In a very well done, even at times very funny, video take on the Kama Sutra and motorcycles. In other words in this Russian video, you get to see "What if a motorcycle was a sexual position?". You get to see all types of motorcycles and their sexual position explained. Don't worry, there's no talking, so you'll not need to translate the Russian.

Don't worry, the video is SFW, except your colleagues might be bothered with your laughing. I love the Tourer Motorcycle position....

Have a look, and don't forget to laugh.


5 December, 2012 - Video: Canadian PSA - Texting While Driving
Video clip
Canada flag
Here's a very good PSA from the Canadian government. It's an educational TV commercial that shows why people didn't text while driving in the "old days".

The message is quite clear, and the French words pronounced during the ad are "Before, we didn't write text messages while driving.... there was probably a good reason".


5 December, 2012 - Sidi New Motocross Boot For Women
Sidi Motocross Ladies
Motocross boots are very unladylike. Big, bulky, nothing feminine about them. But if you're going offroad, you have little choice... until now.

Sidi have released for Christmas the Female Motocross boots. Now you too can ride your motorcycle offroad and still have a female "look"...


4 December, 2012 - Ad: Volkswagen - Better Scratch A Cop Car Than Bikers?
Volkswagen Parking Assist Bikers
Volkswagen logo
When parking your car, would you rather scratch a police car or bump into a motorcycle belonging to a biker gang (my choice would be none of the above)? That's a question that should be asked in a philosophy exam.

Volkswagen used the image of the above question in their print advertisement in Australia.


4 December, 2012 - OMG! This Guy Is So Unsafe!
Phoning and Riding Bad
OMG, what is this guy thinking. Can't he see he's riding his motorcycle so unsafe? I mean... is he blind or what? His center stand is way too low to be safe. It's scraping the road. That is a serious error, and could be very dangerous.

He should be paying more attention. Motorcycles are dangerous, and riding with center stands scraping the ground is not the way to do it.


30 November, 2012 - Video: Deodorant For Motorcycle Riders?
Video clip
India flag
OMG! How far will companies go to advertise their products using motorcycle? I mean, using a motorcycle sound for spraying yourself with Instinct deodorant....

Okay, you get to win a Ninja 250R motorcycle, but still....every press of the deodorant will result in a motorcycle revving up...


26 November, 2012 - His and Hers Armchair Motorcycles
His Hers Armchair Motorcycles
What's the world coming to? Lazyboy motorcycles?

What will they think of next?


22 November, 2012 - Boy! Talk About Loud Pipes On A Motorcycle
Really Loud Motorcycle Pipes
These pipes must drive anyone crazy on a motorcycle.

Talk about loud pipes.....


14 November, 2012 - After My Eicma Scare, Taking A Few Days Easy
Easy Rider Squid Way
After the disastrous Eicma motorcycle exhibition, at least for me, I've been taking it very easy. I've been sleeping 16 hours per day and slowly I'm feeling stronger.

So I've decided to stay away from my computers and cameras for the next few days, giving my body a deserved and welcome break.

I'll be back somewhere next week. Too bad the weather got freezing cold, if not I would have gone out for a relaxing ride.

PS... never party with cardiologists.


14 November, 2012 - Travelling In Style With A Motorcycle
Travel In Motorcycle Style
When you travel by car, you can travel in style. bring a wicker basket full of food and wine, go and picnic.. all very stylish. But someone obviously wanted to do the same on a motorcycle.

And from the photo, it looks like a winner...


13 November, 2012 - What To Do With An Old BMW Boxer Engine
BMW Coffee Table
Now that BMW have announced their latest version of the epic boxer engine, the water cooled R1200GS motorcycle, a lot of people will be stuck with old fashion air cooled boxer engines.

So what to do with them? Use them as boat anchors? How about this....?


9 November, 2012 - Kymco Gives You Wings
Kymco Angel
Kymco logo
Want to fly? Get a Kymco scooter... or at least that is what the advertisement would let you believe. I found the ad in a local French motorcycle magazine, I kind of liked the image (I just scanned the image not the ad itself).

So if you want to be an angel, or a devil, you know what to do....


7 November, 2012 - You Know Those Photos With A Motorcycle Posing Before Some Scenery?
Motorcycle Picture Earth
You know those photos you often see on discussion forums from bikers who travel, and make a photo of their motorcycle in front of some nice scenery?

Well, maybe one day we'll see this...


1 November, 2012 - Day Off: Gone Motorcycle Riding In The Cold
Polar Bear Riding Motorcycle
I've taken the day off and have gone motorcycle riding despite the very cold weather over here. Just to get all that sugar out of my body. Back Friday... I hope


31 October, 2012 - KTM Motorcycles, Pumpkins and Halloween
KTM Pumpkin
Here's the perfect Halloween pumpkin from a KTM motorcycles lover. KTM on your toast, KTM on your bathrobe, on your coffee cup and now on your pumpkin.


29 October, 2012 - Darwinian Population Control
Population Control
Is this the way nature tries to control the ever growing population?

A Darwin approach to the strongest survives...?


26 October, 2012 - Video: MotoFest - Tigerman Incredible Motorcycle Stunts
Video clip
Finland flag
Somewhere in the deepest forests of Finland live a few beautiful & sexy girls, and a crazy motorcycle stuntman named Tigerman. Tigerman, part of the StuntFreakTeam is equipped with cape and costume, and knows how to perform motorcycle stunts - he's the best in the world.. or at least in his own mind.

Here's a video of him trying out his master stunts. Don't try this at home!


25 October, 2012 - Halloween As A Biker? Get This Helmet
Pumpkin Helmet
Halloween is around the corner, and time to think about a great costume. Going as a ghost, skeleton, etc is so 90's. Getting dressed as a motorcycle rider is easy for us, but to put yourself in the real Halloween spirit go as a biker with this helmet.

You can make it yourself...


16 October, 2012 - Video: Clorets Pure Chewing Gum - Mad Biker
Video clip
Interesting product being advertised.... chewing gum that will clean the mouth of an angry motorcycle rider. The chewing gum is Clorets Pure, and the biker is angry because someone knocked down his parked motorcycles.

Short but sweet, by the Oglivy Agency in Cape Town, South Africa.


12 October, 2012 - This Motorcycle Is Going Nowhere
Going nowhere
I don't think this motorcycle is going anywhere.... is it art, or is it Photoshop.

I'd say the latter.


10 October, 2012 - Baby Transport - The Chinese Way
baby in basket
Why mess around with special equipment when you've got to transport your baby on a motorcycle?

Do it the Chinese way.... easy, no hassle. Safe? Not really...


9 October, 2012 - If Loud Pipes Save Lives, What Does This One Do?
Really Big Pipes Save Lots Of Lives
We all know that many bikers think that loud pipes save lives on a motorcycle.

If that's the case, how many lives is this guy going to save....?


5 October, 2012 - When Is ATGATT Too Much ATGATT?
Too much ATGATT
At what stage do you consider having safety gear too much? Can there ever be too much ATGATT?

... Is this the case of too much on a motorcycle?


2 October, 2012 - Give Her The Illusion That She Is Riding The Motorcycle
Pillion Riding Illusion
I don't know what this contraption is supposed to do, but it looks like the guy wants to give his SWMBO the illusion that she's riding;...strange.


28 September, 2012 - Loaded - On My Way To Intermot 2012
Loaded and ready
I'm on the long road to the German Intermot motorcycle exhibition. It's a long journey, and I should arrive on Monday.

I'll be travelling mostly by train, and this weekend I'll be in Paris, and then by high-speed train to Cologne. I should be back Thursday afternoon, so in the mean time, I've got a few articles pre-programmed to keep you busy.

Have fun, and back on Thursday.


21 September, 2012 - How To Rainproof Your Smartphone On A Motorcycle
Rainproofing smartphone
Smartphones are great, even on a motorcycle. Not only can you stay in touch with your loved ones, but they'll even tell you where and how to go. The problem however is that they are not waterproof, not even rainproof.

So if you're riding your motorcycle, and using a smartphone to do your navigation, you'll need to protect it from rain. Obviously you can purchase one of these expensive rainproof covers. Or you can do what this biker did....;


20 September, 2012 - Signs: Right - Left - Right ? You Got Me Confused
Right Left Right Sign
In the "what were they thinking" department .... some people who make the infrastructures for us to ride our motorcycles on just don't think about the end-user. They need some human interface specialists.

Imagine seeing this sign....


20 September, 2012 - You Know When You Need To Ride REAL Carefully
Breakable motorcycle transport
There are times when riding your motorcycle, you know that you need to ride real carefully. Like when it's snowing. Or during heavy wind. Or broken road surfaces.....

.... or in this situation..:


19 September, 2012 - When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go - For Bikers Only
Bikers Only Toilet
Guess this would go well in any biker cafe... Funny.

Look at where they put the flush handle.


18 September, 2012 - This Is Why You Should Not Trailer A Motorcycle
Problem Traillering a Motorcycle
The only time I put my motorcycle on a trailer is when it's broken and needs to go to the dealer. And the reason, apart from that I prefer to ride rather than drive, is this:

I'm always afraid this will happen.....


17 September, 2012 - 10 Motorcycles Made Out Of Female Bodies
Female Body Motorcycle
Female Body Motorcycle
Sometimes a plain vanilla motorcycle is just not enough. Sometimes you want to customize it the way you like. And for many guys, the female body is perfection, so why not make your motorcycle look like you are riding a woman.

Here are ten photos of motorcycle shaped liked a female body. Imagine the looks you get when riding these... might even be a bit embarrassing. You also got to think where you fill the gas tank... where do you put the nozzle?


14 September, 2012 - Funny: No Motorcycle Required
No motorcycle required
What do you do if you want to ride a motorcycle, but don't have the money to buy one..??

But you do have some willing friends, and two wheels..


12 September, 2012 - Latest KTM Spotted - With Sidecar
KTM Sidecar
Is this the latest KTM "motorcycle" that we might get to see next month at Intermot?

A KTM with sidecar... comfy


10 September, 2012 - 25 (De)Motivational Poster - Part 4
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
We've already had three series of (de)motivational posters:- you know, those posters with a photo and some motivational text. But sometimes it's not motivation, just the opposite. And more often than not, the posters are funny, even rude.

Here is Part 4 of the (De)Motivational Posters, 25 of them.


7 September, 2012 - Want To Be Really Heard On Your Motorcycle? REALLY HEARD?
Train Horn
Video clip
Horns on motorcycles are pretty lame. Usually they sound like a duck with a severe flu. Third party horns are a plenty, one we have even tested (link). That was a 140 dB horn, and very useful with cars and trucks that can't really hear you over the noise inside their vehicle.

But you can go better. Much better if we look at what this person has accomplished (on a bicycle mind you). The only problem is that you'll need to sacrifice some space on your motorcycle.

Why?? Because we're talking about installing a real train horn...all 178 dB.....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 September, 2012 - Italy: Speed Camera Kidnapped and Ransomed - Hilarious
Speed Camera Ransom Note
Italy flag
This is so weird & wonderful it got to be true. Last week in Italy, a group calling itself Comitato No Velox (which is Italian for No Speed Camera Committee) has decided that enough is enough, and went out and kidnapped a speed camera.

They penetrated a police storage facility and took the speed camera, valued at US$25,000, but to make matters worse (or better, depending on your point of view), sent a ransom note to the police. The ransom note, in true kidnapper style, was made out of letters cut from newspapers. The note said "RETURN THE MONEY".......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 August, 2012 - Video: A Beer Can And Some Impressive Motorcycle Sounds
Video clip
It's amazing what some people can do with almost nothing. Here is a, I presume Russian, guy, who with the help of an empty beer can is doing some very impressive motorcycle sounds.

He goes through the gears, wheelies, takes a few curves. If you close your eyes, you'd swear it's a motorcycle.


28 August, 2012 - France: Using Radars For Directions
Direction Sign After Radar
France flag
There are so many radars now in France, that they have become part of the landscape. In fact, they've become landmarks.

Here's one smart restaurant, called the "Boucherie" (which means "Butcher" in French), that has put up an advertisement alongside the road, and below the restaurant name, it says "1st exit after the radar"..... smart......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 August, 2012 - Odds That Your Royal Enfield Motorcycle Will Start On 1st Kickstart
Royal Enflied Kick Start 1st Go
The Boys & Girls at the Royal Enfield Club have calculated the odds that the Royal Enfield motorcycle will start with the first kickstart....

here's the statistics graphed out:


1 August, 2012 - Do You Think She Owns A BMW?
BMW Owner.Jpg
Do we care whether she has a BMW car or motorcycle?

Nope, not me....


30 July, 2012 - How To Turn A Moped Into A Motorcycle - Video
Video clip
Turkey flag
It's incredible what some people can do if they put their minds and hands to it..... Somewhere in Turkey, some enterprising lads took a moped, you know - one of those 50cc-2-stroke-pedal-to-go-faster-louder-than-real-bikes vehicles, and turned it into a motorcycle!

What they did was bolt on three other 50cc engines, making it a 200cc motorcycle. The job is impressive to say the least.

In the video below, you'll see, and more importantly hear, the 4x50cc mopcycle run some static tests, and then some poor fellow, without ATGATT, ride off into the sunset.

The sound the engine(s) provide is impressive, as is the speed the thing accelerates.


19 July, 2012 - Spain: Motorcycles and Bulls - Sounds Not So Fun?
Motorcycle Bull Chasing
Spain flag
Mixing bulls with motorcycles sounds like not such a good idea, unless maybe if you're inebriated. But in Spain, anything with bulls goes, even motorcycles.

Looks like fun... getting chased by a bull while you're on a motorcycle. The modern toreador?


18 July, 2012 - Matching Helmets - Biker and .... Dog
Matching Helmets Dog Biker
I've seen many bikers and their pillions wear matching helmets on a motorcycle, but this is a first for me... matching helmet for the biker and his dog.


16 July, 2012 - Not Motocross but Horsecross
Is this a new sport to be found shortly in the X-games or X-Fighters? Forget about a motorcycle, use a horse instead...

Must make the treehugger movement happier....


11 July, 2012 - Patents: Guy Patents Training Wheels For Motorcycles
Training Wheels Patent
Training Wheels Patent
That riding a motorcycle is not easy is an understatement. You need to learn how to ride, just as you needed to learn how to ride a bicycle. But once you got the hang out of riding a bicycle, you no longer needed training wheels. Right?

Well, not according to Hiyun Yun. He filed a patent for collapsable training wheels for motorcycles, although he doesn't call them training wheels, he calls it a Safety Device for Motorcycles.


5 July, 2012 - The Ultimate Way Of Carrying A Dog On A Motorcycle
Ultimate Motorcycle Dog Carrier
Motorcycle Dog Carrier
Many of us bikers love dogs, and wouldn't think of going somewhere without the pooch. But often it's not easy, since they don't always sit still behind you. So you end up buying a trailer for your motorcycle. But trailers are boring.... unless you make this ultimate motorcycle dog-house-trailer.


3 July, 2012 - France: Man Ride Motorcycle Into Hospital - Really
Montbard Hospital Motorcycle Visit
France flag
The kind of stuff you'd expect in a blockbuster comedy movie coming from Hollywood. A 42 year old man went on his 125cc motorcycle to the Hospital of Montbard. Instead of getting off and walking the last meters, he kept on riding, right into the hospital. There, he kept riding through the corridors, narrowly missing hitting people on his motorcycle. He spent quite some time riding around inside the hospital...... ......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


27 June, 2012 - You Know You Have Got The Wrong Road Captain When ...
Wrong Road Captain
You know that you are in the wrong motorcycle ride-out when you see the road captain.....


26 June, 2012 - Don’t Trust Your Wife Riding Your Motorcycle On Her Own?
Dual Control Hayabusa
I don't think this guy trusts his wife/partner/girlfriend/sister to ride the motorcycle. I wonder if this is real, or PhotoChopped.

Anyone know the story?


25 June, 2012 - Motorcycles, Women and Shoes - 20 Photos
Woman On Motorcycle And Shoes
Woman On Motorcycle And Shoes
It's one of the many mysteries that surround women; their obsession for shoes. Most men don't get it. A guy can have sneakers, a pair of motorcycle boots and one good pair of dress shoes, and that's it. But many women have more shoes than what we guys have in underwear. It's not a problem; it's just a mystery.

But what is more of a mystery is when these ladies get on a motorcycle. Quite a lot of them ride in shoes that are anything but adequate for riding. HOW DO THEY DO IT? How can they ride with high, stiletto, heels? Do they not break off? And what about scuff marks?

What happens when you stop and put your foot down? Isn't it unstable like hell? How many of you women have broken your shoes when riding?

So many questions.... anyway, here are 20 photos of women riding motorcycles and their shoes.


19 June, 2012 - Ad: Meltin’Pot - Wet Dream Job
Meltin Pot Pizza Delivery
If ever there was the wet dream job for a guy, there's this one. It's a pizza delivery on a motorcycle, delivering pizzas to a bunch of, barely dressed, women in windows. Would this by any chance be in Amsterdam???

The print advertisement is from Peltin'Pot, a clothing & footwear company

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 June, 2012 - Greece: Dressing The Part On A Motorcycle
Greek Warrior On Motorcycle
Greece flag
Greece may be in the slums at this moment, but at least in soccer (or as we say in the civilized world, football), Greece is still playing its part. Not only that, they'll be facing off against the country that has been giving them the most problems, Germany.

Imagine riding around with an ancient Greek warrior helmet to celebrate this event. Cool.


18 June, 2012 - MotoGP: Now I understand The Incredible Angles
MotoGP Hanging by a wire
At times when I'm watching the MotoGP races, I wonder how the racers can stay up with those incredible angles. They are often gravity defying, but seeing this photo, now I understand.

They are just held up by a wire, something you don't see on TV. And when a rider falls, it's just that the wire snapped...


15 June, 2012 - Europe: You Know Things Are Really Bad Financial When....
Police car out of gas
You know things have reached rock bottom in Europe, when you see this photo.... (notice the billboard..)


14 June, 2012 - The Difference Between ABS On and ABS Off
A lot of ink has been dripping, pixels burning, on the debate whether ABS on a motorcycle is a good thing, or a bad thing. With more and more countries making ABS mandatory, it's become a burning issue.

Until now.... here's photo-proof positive what the difference is between braking with and without ABS.


6 June, 2012 - Indonesia: Cornered Car Thief Steals Police Motorcycle
Indonesian Police Bike Stolen
Indonesia flag
There's going to be a lot of egg, or more probably rice-sate, on the faces of the local LEO.

They corner a car thief, but then the guy steals a police motorcycle, and now they've lost a) the thief, and b) their own motorcycle.


16 May, 2012 - Nolan: Houston We Do Not Have A Problem
Nolan Astronaut
Nolan logo
Recently we showed you a good print advertisement from Nolan, and now they've come up with another one.

This one is an astronaut wearing the full gear, and a Nolan motorcycle helmet.


9 May, 2012 - Fly The Flag On Your Motorcycle
Full of flags motorcycle
Sri Lanka flag
Colorful, that's for sure. This guy is really flying the flag on his motorcycle.


1 May, 2012 - Taken The Day Off - Cleaning My Motorcycle
Cleaning The Muddy Motorcycle
It's the first of May, labor day, the day to remember to work .. or something like that. So I decided to take the day off and clean my motorcycles. I think I got a spot of mud on them, and need to remove it.


30 April, 2012 - Wow! Was That A Rainy Weekend Or What?
Road Flooded Sign High Water
Last weekend I went to the 1st annual Balneo Cafe racer event organized in Dieppe, a stone throw from where I live, but the rain made it very difficult. My trusty BMW motorcycle was having problems coping with the tropical downpour.

More about the Cafe Racer event in the next article, but this is what I saw on the way back:


25 April, 2012 - Brash Biker Robs Car In Daylight & In Front Of Camera
Guatamala Highway Robbery
Guatemala flag
How brash can you get? How cocky? Robbing a car in daylight, in front of cameras on your motorcycle.

What is the world coming too??


24 April, 2012 - If You Love Dogs, And Love Motorcycles, Whatca Going To Do?
Several Dogs On Scooter
If you've got several dogs, and you ride a motorcycle, then what are you going to do? Leave them at home, or take'em with you?

Guess what this woman has decided....


23 April, 2012 - When Is ATGATT To Far?
When would you say riding motorcycle with ATGATT going to far?

Is this it??


19 April, 2012 - Stuff No Self-Respecting Motorcycle Rider Can Do Without
Elbow Grease
Blinker Fluid
We know all about the primary stuff we need as a motorcycle rider, a motorcycle, helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, trousers, maybe a skull cap, etc. But there are much more important stuff needed to be a proper biker.

Luckily there's a web site that offers all the real stuff you need. Kalecauto has the best products to be an effective biker. Look at some of their product:

- Elbow Grease

- Blinker Fluid
.. and many more great products

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 April, 2012 - Doing Something About Electric Scoooter Silence - Domino Pizza Way
Video clip
Domino Pizza logo
Electric motorcycles and scooters are great... they use no gasoline, they don't pollute, and they run quite silently. And that can be a problem. With pedestrians used to traffic that makes noise, even the most quiet car makes a lot of noise when driving, an electric motorcycle or scooter can become dangerous. Pedestrians can walk onto the road thinking there is no traffic, cyclists can get hurt when an electric vehicle overtakes them, etc.

Authorities all over the world have been contemplating laws that will ensure that an electric vehicle makes some noise. But their search is over. Domino Pizzas in The Netherlands has come up with the best solution. Their electric pizza delivery scooters criss-cross the Dutch cities delivering piping hot pizzas, and Domino decided to not only make them safer for the rest of the traffic, but also do a bit of advertising at the same time.

If you look, and listen, to the video below, you'll hear the electric scooter riding through traffic, while the scooter "talks" to the cyclists and pedestrians. What it is saying is "Domino's Domino's Domino's Yummy Yummy Yummy Domino's Domino's Domino's Domino Pizzas".

So this way the traffic is safe, AND they advertise their pizzas at the same time. I just wouldn't want to be one of their delivery boys; having to hear the recording the whole time will make me want to ride into one of the many canals of Amsterdam.


12 April, 2012 - Everyone Gets To Go On This Ride-Out
Everyone On The Ride Out
... and I mean everyone...

... or did she get her signal mixed?


11 April, 2012 - PLEASE! If You See This Button PRESS IT! Just Do It
Video clip
Push For Drama
If you are walking through a village in Belgium, and you see this button and sign, for heaven's sake PRESS IT!

You'll want drama though, including a lingerie clad sexy girl riding a motorcycle. Just press the bloody button. Why????

Just watch the video below, and you'll know why you should press the button when you see it. You'll thank me.


10 April, 2012 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Riders Use Blow-Up Dolls ?
Ad Harley Davidson Blow Up Doll Turkey
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny. Turkish PR firm, Big, made this print advertisement which is funny, and well thought out, especially if you look at the text.

The Harley-Davidson ad reads "Nothing can replace the real one. Use original Harley-Davidson parts". Smart if you look at the pillion passenger...


9 April, 2012 - The Easter Bunny Rides Again! Happy Easter
Easter Bunny Rides Again
The site is closed for the day, out for an Easter motorcycle ride. It's going to be a very busy week, so better rest up.

Have a good one you all. Back tomorrow.


5 April, 2012 - Proper Motorcycle Balance and Weight Distribution Is Vital
Balancing the motorcycle
Knowing how to properly balance and distribute weight on your motorcycle is as important as load balancing an airplane. Knowing how is move your CoG (Center of Gravity) can not only prevent serious problems when riding, but also make your ride smooth....

... something this bloke really know how to do...


2 April, 2012 - Some Of The More Elaborate April Fool Jokes Played
Flip up helmet chained
Several pranks were played on the internet by some motorcycle sites. Many were very transparent, some were well thought out, one was excellent.

Here are four of the more elaborate jokes played on the net.


30 March, 2012 - Once A Mod, Always A Mod
Old Mods
I guess it's a case of once you're a mod, you're always a mod.

Either that or the guy is a blind as a bat...


27 March, 2012 - Ad: Ducati - Virgin?
Ducati Not The First Ad
Ducati logo
Nice suggestive print advertisement for Ducati motorcycles.

I guess virgins are overrated, even for motorcycles....


8 March, 2012 - How Does A Motorcycle Cop Ticket A Tank?
Motorcycle cop ticketing a tank
.... very carefully...


6 March, 2012 - Ad: Finally A Motorcycles Faster Than The Roadrunner - Beeep
Honda Dorvalino Roadrunner Brazil
Honda logo
If this Brazilian print advertisement is to be believed, finally there's a motorcycle faster than the famous roadrunner (you know, beeep, beeep). And the motorcycle is a Honda CBR1000RR.

The ad, made by 9mm Propaganda Florianopolis in Brazil, is for Honda Dorvalino, a local dealer.

Not bad ad for a dealer. But in all honesty, nothing is faster than the roadrunner, nothing.


6 March, 2012 - I Bet You Get A Lot Of Motorcycles Here
Motorcycle Drive In Movies
Probably one of the more stranger signs I've seen....

I wonder how many actually ride their motorcycle into the movies here.


5 March, 2012 - Is This A Guy Motorcycle?
Very Pink Motorcycle
It's either a woman's motorcycle, or of a guy who is confident in his manhood....or whatever.


1 March, 2012 - Dress As Your Motorcycle, Or Dress Your Bike Like You
Deer Motorcycle and Biker
Whatever way it is, it's weird. Dressing your motorcycle like a deer is weird, but then dressing yourself as a deer as well is just... really weird.

And dangerous if it's hunting season.


1 March, 2012 - On My Way - Took My Mobile Office With Me
Mobile office in suitcase
I've gone on a multiple day assignment, but took my mobile office with me so that I can ensure that you still gets the news.

If things go the way planned, I should be back on Tuesday afternoon.


23 February, 2012 - Video: Live By It - Benin version
Video clip
You all probably remember the viral TV commercial from Harley-Davidson some 5 years ago called "Live By It"?

Here's another version, but this time from Benin (in Africa) with the same words but different images. If you haven't seen the original, see that first before seeing this one.

We'll see how long this video will last before Harley pulls the plug on it...


20 February, 2012 - The Most Stunning And Sexy Yamaha Motorcycle Babe
Yamaha Gas Tank Babe
I don't frequently post photos of the pretty and often sexy ladies on motorcycles, apart from the motorcycle exhibitions.

But this photos of a very pretty, and very sexy, Yamaha girl just had to be posted.... no offense to women meant, but she's just to sexy not to post.


20 February, 2012 - 21 Bikers Sleeping On Their Motorcycle
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
I really do not know how they do it. I can't even sleep in a strange bed in a hotel, or on a first class seat in an airplane (like that will ever happen), but some people can sleep anywhere, even on a motorcycle or scooter.

I know that many Iron Butt rider sleep on their motorcycles during the rally, and maybe if you are exhausted enough, you can sleep even on a horse; I just can't...

Here are 21 photos of beings who however possible are managing to sleep on their ride. The only one can I understand is the last one....


20 February, 2012 - South Korea: That Is One Way Of Jumping On A Motorcycle
South Korea Jumping Over Motorcycle
Some people have strange ways of getting on a motorcycle. Most people get on as pillion on the left, swing their right foot over the bike.

But not this guy.


10 February, 2012 - Who Cares About The Snow and Ice On A Motorcycle?
Suzuki GSXR On Ice
Just because there's snow and ice, doesn't mean you can't go and have fun on your motorcycle. And it doesn't even have to be an off-road bike with big studded tires, just some spikes in your tires will do the trick (just look at the spikes on the tires...).


9 February, 2012 - Europe: It Is So Cold Out Here That ...
Girl on Ice Motorcycle
It's so cold out here in Europe, that even the motorcycles freeze over.


7 February, 2012 - Potty Motorcycle - Go On The Go
China Toilet Motorcycle
You've probably all seen the Japanese motorcycle using our natural excrement (read shit) as fuel.

Now it looks like the Chinese are trying to replicate it, but in their own unique fashion.


1 February, 2012 - Video: Washington Lottery - Crazy Ideas
Video clip
Funny, if not wacko. This is a TV commercial for the Washington Lottery, and has as theme, what crazy thing would I do if I won the lottery.

In this case, the winner is going on a motorcycle ride with his biker friends. Just watch...


31 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson - Hand-picked
Harley Handpicked Headmaster UK
Harley-Davidson logo
I really don't understand the Harley-Davidson advertisement philosophy. Their main thread is rebellion; being a bad person. So does that mean that Harley motorcycle riders are all bad people? Because that's what their ads say.

Here are three print ads from McCann-Erickson in the UK. The first one is actually pretty good, the other two expand on the main theme and the message gets lost.


26 January, 2012 - WTF of the Week: DIY Motorcycle Fairing
DIY Fairings 1
You're desperate, dumb, and/or just plain stupid to try this... but then if you look at the rest of the motorcycle you got to wonder about the mental health of its owner.

But then a motorcycle is a motorcycle...


25 January, 2012 - Video: Shit Bikers Say
Video clip
As motorcycle riders, we tend to say a lot. Instead of just riding, we like talking about our motorcycles, and often we say, as the French say, "N'importe quoi", meaning "whatever". It's true, we do say a lot of things, and this video proves it.

You'll recognize many of the things said in the video, that's for sure. Starring Bill Dwyer from AtlasRider.

Have a look, and see how many of the things said in the video are said by you.... I dare you.


23 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo First Motorcycle Lesson
Lorenzo Motorcycle Riding Lesson
As we had already reported, former World Champion MotoGP racing has started getting his motorcycle license, allowing him to ride a motorcycle. He already passed his Spanish theory test, and now needs to spend a few hours, officially, with an instructor. After he has done his mandatory minimum hours of riding lessons, he will need to "prove" himself in the exams.

I bet there's not a large number of examiners who are queueing up to go out for a ride with Jorge to see if he is able to ride a motorcycle.


12 January, 2012 - Video: 70s Esso Gas Station Commercial
Video clip
Esso logo
There used to be a time, many decades ago, that you could actually get service in a gas station:- service and a smile. This 70's TV commercial reminds me of those good old days...

It's an advertisement from Esso, and it's short, but sweet. It'll make you smile...


11 January, 2012 - Signs That Winter Is Upon Us
Iced up motorcycle
When you look out your window and see your motorcycle like this, you know you're in the middle of winter.

Lucky for me, all I see is sun, birds and double digits on the thermometer.


10 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Allowed To Ride Motorcycles, Legally
Believe it or not, former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo just passed his motorcycle riding theory test, needed to get his motorcycle license. This will allow him to ride a motorcycle on the streets.

Now...... which instructor is going to teach Jorge how to take a curve with his motorcycles, and which examiner is crazy enough to "test" him if he knows how to drive???


10 January, 2012 - Showing Your Faith On A Motorcycle
Showing Faith on a motorcycle
Some people like to show their faith while riding their motorcycle. It's like a badge of honor, and it can't hurt, since it might just protect you from unforeseen problems. You never know, just hedge your bets.

But I think this guy has taken it a step too far... don't you?


9 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: The Easy Way Of Racing A Motorcycle
Dakar2012 Motorcycle Via Helicopter
Dakar logo
You'll probably all seen the TV images of motorcycle racers in the famous Dakar rally, laboring through the dunes, stranded in mud, broken down alongside the road while trucks are thundering past at an alarming speed.

It's all part of the fun of racing your motorcycle in the Dakar rally. Until this photo......

This clearly shows there's another way of taking part in the Dakar with a motorcycle...


2 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Cyril Despres Rolls Out The Big Guns - Literally
Dakar2012 Cyril Despres Ruben Faria Guns
Dakar logo
It looks like the Dakar 2012 edition is heated up already. With the number of wins between arch-rivals Marc Coma and Cyril Despres at 3 - 3, both motorcycle riders are going to be at their best to win this year's race. Cyril Despres has decided with team mate Ruban Faria to win this year, and he's brought in the big guns, and I mean BIG GUNS. This should give Marc Coma something to think about....


27 December, 2011 - Greece: Rain, Motorcycles, Umbrellas
Umbrella Pillion Greece
You see this often enough on news stories coming through the internet.... people riding in rain on a motorcycle holding an umbrella. You ask yourself how the heck they do it?

Or is this a 1 second photo, because in the 2nd second, either the umbrella has blown away, or the pillion has, or both.


26 December, 2011 - Video: Why Riding A Self Made Motorcycle Is Not A Good Idea
Video clip
Tinkering on your motorcycle is one thing, but making one is another. Just have a look at this video, and you'll see why not.

Or maybe, this should be entitled "why riding off road with a street motorcycle is not a good idea".


23 December, 2011 - India: Santa Rides A Motorcycle There Too
Santa On Motorcycle India
The USA is not the only country where you can see Santa riding a motorcycle.

It looks like India has one as well.


22 December, 2011 - Pakistan: Making A Motorcycle Weigh Less
Balloons On Motorcycle Pakistan
It looks like they are experimenting in Pakistan to make their motorcycles weigh less.

They'll try anything...


20 December, 2011 - Video: MTV - Sex Is No Accident - Vespa
Video clip
A kind of funny TV commercial from MTV, warning people that sex is no accident, and to wear a condom.

To make their point, they've used a nice animation of a girl on a Vespa scooter, who by accident gets in to a "sex" situation. The ads were made by the Gray agency in Germany.

Dream on if you think it'll happen to you....


20 December, 2011 - If You Are Reading This, I Have Not Made It Home (Yet)
Flying pillion on BMW motorcycle
If you are reading this, it means I have not made it home/office yet. It probably means (I hope) that I have been detained in traffic, and am racing as hard as I can on my motorcycle to get back.

If not, I'm in jail somewhere....


20 December, 2011 - Heading Back To The Paper Mountain - HELP
Help lots of paper work
If things went right, I should be heading back to the office, to face my paper mountain which accumulates when you're gone. Normal programming will resume shortly.

If not, I'm stuck somewhere in the world in a God-forsaken place.


19 December, 2011 - You Know You Are Drunk When You See This
Crooked road lines
You know when you see this, you shouldn't be riding your motorcycle...


16 December, 2011 - Motorcycles And Their Computers
Motorcycle Computer
Technology has become a big part of motorcycles, they are used to control everything except the steering part (and that'll happen one of these days). They control engine, ABS, suspension, windscreen, etc.

Thankfully, the computer technology has shrunk enough to make them not noticeable. But one manufacturer is struggling to keep the computer technology down to a manageable size....


16 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Slippers
Motorcycle Slippers
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
You're going to look soooo cute wearing these slippers in the morning. While sitting at the table, drinking your coffee, you can be racing these two motorcycles with your feet.

The outside is made out of polyester, the inside is made out of cotton.


16 December, 2011 - You Know Those RVs Towing A Car...?
Honda Gold Wing and Trailer
You know those RV vehicles that, part from being humongous, are also pulling a car?

Well, the motorcycle world has its equivalent, the Honda Gold Wing and motorcycle trailer. Only thing missing on the Gold Wing is the bathtub.


15 December, 2011 - When You Start Seeing Pink Fairies On Motorcycles, STOP
Pink Fairy
If you're out riding your motorcycle, and start seeing pink fairies on their scooters, better stop. ...

.. you're either very tired, or drunk.


15 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Ugly Goggles
Ugly Goggles
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Sometimes ugly can be pretty, or at the very least, useful. This is a case of ugly but useful.

The Ugly Goggles are incredibly ugly, but one thing is for sure; they'll hold the wind from your eyes.

The goggles are foam lined, so soft for your face, and they have air vents preventing the goggle from fogging up.


14 December, 2011 - WTF Of The Week: Pope Fined For Not Wearing Seat Belt - In Popemobile?
Popemobile In Germany
So weird it's got to be true....

The German pope is being sued by a German resident for driving around Germany in his popemobile WITHOUT wearing a seat belt.

This could result in a fine of €2500, but luckily for the pope, the lawsuit got thrown out.

Maybe he should try riding around on his Ducati motorcycle without a helmet..


13 December, 2011 - Gone On Assignment - Car and Motorcycle
Burn out on a car
Sorry folks, but I got a rush job for a magazine, and have had to leave in a hurry, back hopefully on next Tuesday. I've quickly assembled some articles to keep you busy, but not as much as I normally post.

Since I'll be out of touch with the internet most of the time, I'll not be able to check new stories coming in.....


12 December, 2011 - My Birthday Today - Gone Out With The Dogs
Riding with 2 dogs
It's my birthday today (Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me), and decided to go out for a ride with the dogs today....

You can send your presents to ...


7 December, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Motorcycle Cage Patent
Motorcycle Cage Patent
Motorcycle Cage Patent
Sometimes you got to think what people want, but sometimes you over think. That's the case with this recently filed patent....

It's a patent for a cage around a motorcycle! The cage "protects" the rider, and to ensure that the rider stays in the cage, she/he is attached via a harness (shoulder and seat).

I think you'd be better off in a real cage...


2 December, 2011 - No Shame Whatsoever
No Shame on a pink scooter
This guy has no shame whatsoever....

..... but then he's probably carrying a .357 on his pink scooter...


30 November, 2011 - On My Way Back, Guess What I Picked Up?
Carrying a donkey on a motorcycle
If everything went according to plans, I should be heading back to the office from Paris, after the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition 2011.

As usual, you get loaded down with press packs from any self-respecting motorcycle manufacturer, so I guess I should be something like this:


29 November, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Moped Apehanger
Moped Apehanger
I can't imagine anyone making this on purpose. I rather assume it's a college prank gone too far. Why would anyone transform a motorcycle, let alone a moped, into this....

Just look at it.... see the wicker basket???


25 November, 2011 - Video: Hemorrhoids? Sperti Helps On A Motorcycle
Video clip
Some PR agencies are more creative than others. The KOEN agency in The Netherlands wanted to show a good case of what hemorrhoids can do, so they hired some poor blokes to ride down Amsterdam on their motorcycle.

They were told to ride standing up, and on the back was a big sign, saying "Hemorrhoids? You don't want to sit with that. Sperti Helps".

Funny, unless you're the motorcycle rider....


23 November, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Motorcycle Riding Tent
Video clip
Chinese Tent For On The Motorcycle
You've got to see this to believe it. It's no longer the WTF of the Week, but of the Century:

It's difficult to explain what it is, but in short, it's a tent for motorcycle used for riding, not camping. It's clamped onto the motorcycle or scooter (thank you for not having any accidents), there's place for two, and it serves as toilet for on the road.

Here's the video.... you got to see it to believe it...


22 November, 2011 - Video: Volkswagen - Easy Rider
Video clip
Volkswagen logo
It's strange that for a company like Volkswagen, that has as CEO a true-blooded biker, that many of their TV commercials make fun of the motorcycle riding public...

Here's one such TV advertisement from Volkswagen South Africa. It really makes fun of bikers, but I have to say, I got several giggles out of it. Funny.

The ad is for the Volkswagen Jetta.


18 November, 2011 - What To Do When Your Motorcycle Breaks Down
Motorcycle With Spare Motorcycle
One biker who understands that your motorcycle can run into problems, and so will you.

A spare motorcycle for the main motorcycle. That is anticipating...


16 November, 2011 - I Know That Motorcycles Have Become Really Fast, But This?
Flying Kawasaki Motorcycle
It looks like the motorcycle manufacturers are doing a one-upmanship on power and speed for their sportsmotorcycles. Ever year, they become more powerful, and faster.

Is this Kawasaki's model for 2015?


15 November, 2011 - Video: Lambretta Ad - Anti Vespa
Video clip
Lambretta logo
Hehe... a funny anti-Vespa scooter commercial from Lambretta. It's Italian, from the Life, Longari & Loman PR agency in Italy.

The advertisement squashes Vespa, literally.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: And The Prize For The Worst Product..
Eicma 2011 Helmet Visor Wiper
Eicma is an incredible motorcycle exhibition, with 1000's of products on display. It's motorcycle porn to an extreme, and you could stay there for days and still not see all the products.

Many products are incredible, and would be great at home, but you'll also find some products that you go .. gulp... Here's one.


10 November, 2011 - On My Way Back To Office - What Is It Going To Look Like?
Office full of paper
I should be heading back to the office at this moment, after a hectic EICMA motorcycle exhibition. Usually my already untidy office is going to be even more untidy.

I should be working over the next few days on more motorcycles I saw at EICMA, and will post them when they're done. Patience...


9 November, 2011 - Ducati: When Two Wheels Are Not Enough
Ducati Cucciolo 4 Wheels
Sometimes, 2 wheels just aren't enough..... (The photos is of Ducati's first motorcycle, the Ducati Cucciolo).


9 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: How To Demonstrate An Airbag Jacket
Airbag Jacket Demonstration
Here at Eicma, you see many manufacturers trying to sell their stuff. Motorcycles are easy to sell, but there's stuff out there that you need to push, and I really mean push...

One of the items that you need to convince people with a real demo, is the Airbag jacket. Usually what happens is that they put one on, and then pull the cord (if it's a wired jacket).

The jacket inflates in nano-seconds, and you've become the Michelin man. But this demonstrator went one step further.

Once he had pulled the cord that inflated the jacket, he took a baseball bat, and slammed it with all his force against the unsuspecting man's back. The man did not even flinch.... quite powerful for a demo. I jsut hope for the demonstrator's sake, someone doesn't take the bat away and hits him....


2 November, 2011 - Ad: Hell’s Angels Are Pussies
Ad Essilor Hells Angels France
Now here's a print advertisement that will get attention, good or bad. The ad is for Essilor, a French optician/manufacturer, and the idea is to show that the glasses the poor guy is wearing is unbreakable.

Of course, his face and body aren't. I somehow don't think you'll see real people wearing such a t-shirt....


31 October, 2011 - X-Rated Ad For Suzuki Motorcycles
Ad Suzuki Gladius France
Suzuki logo
I saw this funny, X-rated, print advertisement in a French motorcycle magazine for the Suzuki Gladius.

The tag line reads "Position Number 1: Take advantage of your agility to surprise the four cylinders"....


27 October, 2011 - Indian Cricket Team Has Run Out Of Money
Indian Cricket Team On Motorcycle
Well, it sure looks like it. The Indian national cricket team can't afford multiple motorcycles, they need to three-up the team on their motorcycles.

That's pretty bad...


24 October, 2011 - Video: Toyota Hilux Australia- Wild Boar Motorcyclists?
Video clip
Toyota logo
Toyota Australia have a couple of pretty well done TV commercials for their Hilux pickup truck. Since Top Gear has shown that the car is indestructible, that's more or less what they show.

In one of the advertisements, they show a motorcycle rider... but the biker is a flame-throwing wild boar, with body armor and a rocket launcher... nice image!


18 October, 2011 - Need To Be Heard On Your Motorcycle?
Motorcycle Horn Made Easy
Forget about loud pipes! Forget about truck horns!

Here's the solution to make sure your are heard when riding your motorcycle, and you want to warn a cage that you are passing...



18 October, 2011 - The Easy Way Of Moving Your Motorcycle
Rahul Tiwari Lifting Motorcycle
Need to move your motorcycle around in a crowded garage? No space to maneuver? Lots of other motorcycles and junk in your way? Need to work on your motorcycle, but don't have a lift? Call Rahul Tiwari! He's your man.

Next step -.- a Gold Wing.


12 October, 2011 - Video: Funny and Sexy Dutch Motorcycle Insurance Ad
Video clip
Pretty funny, and sexy (for both guys and gals) TV commercial for Central Beheer Insurance company in The Netherlands.

It's a pretty old and often done theme, but nevertheless, it remains funny, specially with some sexy shots. The kind of pretty girls you meet on your motorcycle...


7 October, 2011 - Video: Motorcycle Superman
Video clip
Incredible how some people ride their motorcycles, or in this case mopeds. This video is of a souped up 50cc (very noisy) doing an enormous speed on the motorway, and one of the reasons the guy is going so fast is because he's gotten as aerodynamic as possible; he's horizontal!

Incredible but stupid!


6 October, 2011 - Motorcycle Pillion - For Her Comfort, And His
Motorcycle Pillion Comfort
It can be tough being a pillion on a motorcycle.

Here's the solution to make riding pillion as comfortable as home.


5 October, 2011 - Having A Romantic Dinner With A Good Friend
Dinner With A Good Friend
Words escape me... a true friend at dinner. Ahhh, romance...


22 September, 2011 - DIY Scooter/Motorcycle #7465
DIY Scooter
This is what a scooter/motorcycle will look like if I tried to make one from scratch.

I'd probably forget to put in an engine...


21 September, 2011 - Signs: Motorcycle Heaven For The Next 140 Miles
Greatest Motorcycle Road Sign
Motorcycle Paradise! When you see this road sign, you know you're in trouble... you'll never want to go back home.

Imagine a twisty road for 140 miles...... heaven.


9 September, 2011 - Ad: Funny & Well Done - Specsavers and Vespa
SpecSavers Vespa Ad
Someone at the Smart ad agency in Australia was being creative. They made this life-size advertisement for their customer, SpecSavers (opticians).

They have a sense of humor those Australians. I'm sure it will have caused a few people to see if that was really a hole made by a Vespa scooter...


7 September, 2011 - The Real Reason Why Valentino Rossi Is Not So Fast
Rossi Caravan
A photographer found out why Valentino is not performing so well on his Ducati, and it's got nothing to do with the motorcycle.

It's just that he's carrying a lot of weight behind him...


2 September, 2011 - Edible Motorcycle - Asia
Lobster Motorcycle
We've seen motorcycle made out of metal, but also from wood, straw, butter, ice ... and now we've got a motorcycle made out of lobster shells. It's going to be a bit smelly, specially after a while, but then most food will do that?

The lobster motorcycle was made by a Taiwanese Chef at a food making seminar in China. What will they think of next?


1 September, 2011 - Is This A Police Motorcycle Now?
Police car motorcycle
Strange photo. Is that a police motorcycle (because it is on a police car), or a back-up vehicle?


31 August, 2011 - Like Sons Of Anarchy TV Series? Get The Tattoo
SoA Tattoo
You like the hit TV series "Sons of Anarchy"? Well get the tattoo.... show it off to your motorcycle friends, intimidate little old ladies on the street.

The best part, it's not permanent.


31 August, 2011 - Navigating For Motorcycle Pillions 101
Back Map Navigator
Reading a map while riding your motorcycle is impossible, at least for the biker. Many of us have turned to technology to help us; God save the GPS. But there are others who do not believe in the GPS and prefer the good old paper map.

So if you've got a paper map, and a pillion, here's one way of using your pillion as GPS. All you need to do is train the pillion to say "In 300 yards, turn left".


26 August, 2011 - Hey! Where Did I Leave My Motorcycle?
Busy Motorcycle Parking Asia
Imagine parking your motorcycle/scooter here, and then trying to find it a few hours later.

Must not be easy...


24 August, 2011 - Think You Know All About Motorcycles? Honor Yourself!
Motorcycle Doctorate Diploma
If you think you know it all about motorcycles, why not honor yourself with a degree?

Since no one will give you a degree in Motorcycles, even if you are an expert, you might as well get one yourself.

It'll look great on your garage wall...


22 August, 2011 - Tired Of That Slow Lawn Mower?
V Twin Lawn Mower
Are you tired of that slow moving, and under-powered lawn mower? Here's the solution for you.

Chop through any length of grass with the power the motorcycle v-twin will give you....


18 August, 2011 - The Lightest Race Motorcycle Ever?
Light Weight Race Motorcycle
Have the engineers finally been able to reduce the motorcycle components to an absolute minimum, resulting only in tires and a bit of fairing. That would make motorcycle so light, that even a 10 bhp engine will make it race very fast.

Is this the way electric motorcycles are going to go?


17 August, 2011 - New Concept For Riding Naked Motorcycle
Naked Motorcycle Rider With Borat Mankini
Video clip
It takes all sorts of people to make this world a wonderful place to live in. Here's a guy in the USA who rides his motorcycle wearing nothing but a Borat-style Mankini....

Imagine to amount of sun-block cream he needs, and the number of bugs he needs to peel off his body after the ride.

Check the video of him riding...


16 August, 2011 - Ad: Sunless Tanning - Now In Your Motorcycle Garage
Sunless Tanning
Print ad for Australian Gold Sunless Tanning cream.... a cream you get a tan without the sun..

.. so as per this print advertisement, you can work on your motorcycle in the garage, and still get a tan.


11 August, 2011 - Video: Pyramid Computer Services
Video clip
What do you do if you want to advertize your services, and you can't really show the service itself.? You use a motorcycle, and make it "funny". That's what Anchorage based Pyramid Computer Services did, using a motorcycle and a trailer full of computers.


5 August, 2011 - Heading Back To The Office - Hopefully
Waiting office
Hopefully, if everything went well, I should be heading back to the "news" office by now.

The weekend is for catching up, and then hopefully starting Monday we'll be back with the latest motorcycles news, motorcycle entertainment and motorcycle gossip.


27 July, 2011 - Video: Zoan Motorcycle Helmets - Elevator Girl
Video clip
Zoan logo
Nice and funny TV commercial for the Canadian Zoan motorcycle helmets manufacturer.

The advertisement involves a crowded elevator, a pretty & sexy girl, and an incredible pair of XXXXXXX.


25 July, 2011 - Video: HJC Motorcycle Helmets - Hole In The Wall
Video clip
HJC logo
Funny, but not a real TV commercial for HJC motorcycle helmets.

It seems to have been a school project, but funny nevertheless, so much so that HJC liked it. Nice to see that you can make a good commercial without a real budget.


21 July, 2011 - No Sidestand On Your Motorcycle? No Worries!
No sidestand on motorcycle
Got no sidestand, or a center one, and need to park your motorcycle in the street?

No worries for this guy


20 July, 2011 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle For Vegans
Vegan Harley Davidson
For someone who doesn't eat meat products, or use anything that comes from animals, ie Vegans, riding a motorcycle is a problem.

But not anymore, introducing the special Vegan Harley-Davidson motorcycle....yummie


14 July, 2011 - In The Useless Patents Dep: Motorcycle Sidestand Dolly
Sidestand Dolly patent
Look what I found in a patent search (I need to get a real life). Why would anyone want to have a dolly to put under your motorcycle's side/kick stand?

You can't roll the motorcycle in the garage with the dolly and sidestand out, since you'll need to redress the bike, and that leaves the dolly on the ground by itself. You can't move the motorcycle, so why have a dolly?

Someone with a higher IQ, please explain...


11 July, 2011 - 65 Motorcycle Sayings
Fun Article
Sayings are popular in almost any culture. You've got a whole series of them, based on wisdom, false-wisdom, culture and even nationality. Some of them are true, and are truly wise, some are not, but funny nevertheless.

We bikers have a series of sayings of our own that depict our life style and passion for motorcycles. Here are 65 of those sayings, or slogans. You may have read some of them, but I doubt that you'll have read all of them...


5 July, 2011 - Sleeping On Your Motorcycle, The Easy Way
Motorcycle and Bed
I would love to be able to sleep on top of my motorcycle. Lots of people can, and it's a gift when riding long distance on your motorcycle. But this chap has found the perfect solution to sleeping when riding...


30 June, 2011 - Video: Nun Does Motorcycle Backflip
Video clip
Funny TV commercial for Flying Horse Energy Drink, involving a nun, a motorcycle and an energy drink.



28 June, 2011 - Patent: Personal Cooling Device For Motorcycles - Joke?
Patent Personal Cooling Motorcycle
I thought this was a joke, but it's not... it's serious. A personal cooling system for motorcycles.

It looks to me like someone did not think things through properly...


28 June, 2011 - The Perfect Road Sign For Motorcycle Riders
Sudden Curve Ahead Sign
This road sign sits pretty high in the top 10 Best Road Signs For Motorcycle Riders....

.... and I am presuming that the small sign is that of a biker jumping up from joy, not highsiding.


22 June, 2011 - What A Man! A REAL Man
Old Man Chasing Motorcycle
This is THE man, my hero. A 92 year old man, after a thief snatched the purse of his 94 year old sister, chased the thief who fled on his motorcycle away from this vigilante.

A 92 year old man??? Would you believe that if it was in a movie?


16 June, 2011 - Motorcycle Repairs Made Easy
Motorcycle Repair Chart
Knowing what to do when you need to repair your motorcycle can be tough, especially for a guy like me.

So to make things easier, here's a flow chart for repairing a motorcycle. Just follow the easy decision process...


10 June, 2011 - A Little Bit OF Wind In The Face Never Hurt Anyone
Self Made Windscreen Extension
A bit of wind in the face never hurt anyone on a motorcycle (or scooter)... but this rider decided that the windscreen was too low and extended it. I added the arrow since you can barely see the extension.

I wouldn't want to use some speed with this contraption...


31 May, 2011 - Video: Allstate And Motorcycle Mayhem
Video clip
Allstate logo
Finally a motorcycle insurance commercial which is not half bad...

Allstate motorcycle insurance mayhem.


26 May, 2011 - A 5 Wheels Motorcycle?
5 wheels motorcycle
You've got to ask yourself what is going on here.

Is the scooter a backup for the motorcycle? Is it a break-down service for small motorcycles and scooters? Is it a his and hers thing?


17 May, 2011 - Cheap Air-conditioning On A Scooter
Airco Fan Scooter
Just when you thought it was too hot to ride your motorcycle, and you can't afford a dedicated air-conditioning unit, this chap comes up with a great way of cooling down while riding your motorcycle or scooter....


17 May, 2011 - Video: Modenas Kristar - Getting The Wrong Kind Of Attention
Video clip
Funny TV commercial for the Malaysian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Modenas....

It's for their Kristar scooter, and it's about getting the wrong kind of attention on your motorcycle.


12 May, 2011 - Uganda: Squids In The Making
Uganda Besigye Supporters
If ever I've seen a bunch of squids, this is it....


4 May, 2011 - Myth: Bird Shit Damages Motorcycle Paint Due To Acid
Bird Shit on Motorcycle
Contrary to popular believe, it's not the acid in bird shit that causes the corrosion of your motorcycle's paint.... it's the cooling down of the paint at night, molding itself on the bird poop.

This according to the UK's premium vehicle care products manufacturer, AutoGlym, who of course have got a perfect product for you... bird wipes (not to wipe a bird's bottom...).


3 May, 2011 - And You Call Yourself A Motorcycle?
Nigeria Carnival Motorcycle
How could anyone dare ride this motorcycle...???....


27 April, 2011 - Finally A Road Sign Acknowledging Motorcycles
Exciting Vehicles
It took a while, but finally they made a road sign, in our favor, that acknowledges motorcycles.

We all know that our motorcycles are far more exciting than cages, or is it "exiting"?


22 April, 2011 - Workin’ at the car wash yeah !
At The Car Wash
When I see this photo, I start automatically humming "(Workin' at the) car wash. Workin' at the car wash yeah ! Come on and sing it with me car wash. Get with the feelin' y'all car wash yeah."


20 April, 2011 - Lost For Words! WTF?
Pink Strange motorcycle
It's not often that I'm lost for words, but this one got me very confused. What the hell is it?

Anyone know more about this......


18 April, 2011 - 50 Motorcycle (De)Motivational Posters - Part 3
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
(De)Motivational Motorcycle Poster
Third instalment of motorcycle (de)motivational posters. Posters that are supposed to motivate you, or not, but that are often funny, or rude.

Here are 50 motorcycle motivational posters.


15 April, 2011 - Ads: Suzuki Motorcycles- For Those Who Can Not Fly
Ad Suzuki Penguin Chile
Suzuki logo
2 brilliant advertisements from Suzuki Motorcycle Chile, dedicated to those who can not fly.....


12 April, 2011 - His and Her Fuel Pump?
His and Hers Pump
Is this the latest in gender segregation?

His and Hers fuel pumps?


11 April, 2011 - Negative Speed Limit?
Negative Speed Limit
So we've got speed limits for when you're riding your motorcycle, but this has got to be a first....

... a speed limit for driving backwards?


7 April, 2011 - A Scooter In Its Element
Scooter Transport Element
Thar ya go... how to bring your scooter along if you can't ride it, and don't have a trailer, but you do have a Honda Element.

Somehow I don't think it's easy to load and unload the scooter.


28 March, 2011 - Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh On A Motorcycle
President Ali Abdullah Saleh On Motorcycle
President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, despite all the troubles, on motorcycle.

Next step, actually being physically on one.


25 March, 2011 - France: Funny Electric Safety Sign For Motorcycle Riders
France Electric Safety Sign Motorcycles
France Article
Very funny French electric sign for motorcycle safety.

Written by a woman, meant for men. Read the translation, and make sure you're not drinking anything...


25 March, 2011 - Safe Motorcycle For Kids - Fully Airbag Equipped
Balloon Motorcycle Kids
This has got to be the safest motorcycle for kids. No danger hurting themselves.


24 March, 2011 - A Dinner Set For A Mechanic
Mechanic Dinner
Here's a dinner set made for a mechanic (car or motorcycle, I'm not proud)....