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13 February, 2014 - Idea: Let Your Jacket Tell You Where To Go When Riding
Navigate Jacket
Australia flag
Why put a GPS on your motorcycle if you can wear your GPS on your motorcycle jacket? Much simpler and esthetic.


10 July, 2013 - Idea: How Will Garmin’s New Gadget Benefit Motorcycle Riders?
Garmin HUD
Garmin logo
#Gadget #Garmin #HUD - American GPS manufacturer Garmin announced a few days ago a new device. The gadget is not a GPS, but an add-on for GPS software. What it is, is a Heads Up Display (HUD) for cars. The device is placed on your dashboard, paired with your smartphone navigation software (Garmin's StreetPilot or Navigon apps) and then beams navigation instructions on a transparent film that is attached to your windshield. In other words, you will be able to see where you need to go without taking your eyes of the road, a bit like a fighter pilot in a jet fighter airplane.

This is a recent technology that you can see in expensive cars, like top models of BMW, but now you can buy this device for as little as US$129.99. But will it work for motorcycles?..........

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10 July, 2013 - GoRider: High End Motorcycle GPS For Cheap - It’s Possible
GoRider Biker II GPS
GoRider Biker II GPS screen
#GPS #GoRider #Motorcycle- When I say a Dutch GPS manufacturer, many of you will think TomTom. But there is another manufacturer and it is called GoRider. GoRider have announced high quality, high functionality GPS systems for motorcycles, all at a very affordable price.

The GoRider Biker-II is a totally weather proof (IP57) GPS for motorcycles with a 3.5" and glove-proof screen. It comes with Bluetooth for wireless communications and a RAM mount for your motorcycle' handlebar. The GPS docking station for the RAM mount has a anti-theft device and all wires to hook up the unit to your bike's 12V system...........

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3 July, 2013 - India: Motorcycle Specific GPS for India - 2nd Version
Mapmyindia GPS Trailblazer 2
India flag
#GPS #MapMyIndia #Motorcycle - Back in 2010, MapMyIndia launched a motorcycle specific GPS for motorcycle riders in India called Trailblazer. The interesting thing about the GPS was that in contrast with established GPS manufacturers like TomTom and Garmin, they piped in the navigation instructions to the biker using FM instead of Bluetooth.

Now three years later, MapMyIndia have probably understood why Bluetooth was easier, since they have recently launched the TrailerBlazer 2, and this time the wireless communication is done using Bluetooth.

As biker GPS's go, it's not bad, especially since out of the box they offer the hardware to place the GPS on your handlebar...........

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22 May, 2013 - When Relying On Technology Gets You In Trouble - The Navigon Case
Navigon GPS Bad Navigation
#GPS #Navigon #TomTom - I'll be the first to admit it, I am technology lover; I used technology whenever it becomes available. When decades ago the first portable GPS came out, I immediately took to it like a fish takes to water. The GPS was very simple, it just pointed to the way point you specified, but on a motorcycle, it was heaven sent. All I needed to do was try to stay on route to where the arrow was pointing.

A few years later, the GPS actually told you to turn left or right, making it even easier to use on a motorcycle. Now, GPS has 3D maps, traffic reports, speed camera locations, and where you can find the closest McDonalds.

Recently, you don't need dedicated equipment anymore, a smartphone with the right app will do the trick. So, I have become more and more reliant on this kind of technology, to the point of blindly trusting my GPS.

I run an iPhone with the Navigon GPS app (owned by Garmin). It has its quirks, and at times on rides it makes me go a "strange" direction, but usually no harm, no foul.

But that illusion just got shattered last week ..........

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16 April, 2013 - Interphone’s Navigator: GPS Bike
#GPS #Interphone - The Italian Interphone have been making motorcycle intercoms for a long time, and have perfected their product. Their wireless (Bluetooth) equipment is top-of-the-line. Now they're trying their hands on a GPS made specially for motorcycle riders, the GPS Bike.

The GPS Bike looks surprisingly like the older TomTom Rider models (it's a re-badged Ndrive), it has a 3.5 inch screen, rain proof (IPX6), the touch screen can be used with gloves and most important for a company supplying Bluetooth headsets, it has got Bluetooth...........

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9 April, 2013 - USA: WTF? No More Smartphone GPS Usage In California?
USA flag
#GPS #Smartphone - Sometimes I forget that there are other places on this planet that have nanny-states, where the government tries to control every aspect of our lives, from birth to burial. France is pretty bad at this, but I'd say California is a close second. In their latest drive to ensure that its citizens can't do anything that can be seen as remotely dangerous, they have disallowed to usage of smartphone-based GPS while driving, or in our case while riding our motorcycles.

Basically, some judge in a court somewhere in California decided that the ban currently in place that disallows you to talk or text while driving also implies that you are not allowed to use your smartphone to navigate through the roads of California. If you want to use your smartphone's GPS, do it at home..............

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20 February, 2013 - Idea: Cool Bicycle Product That Could Work For Motorcycles
Open Sight GPS Display
We've shown you a similar device made for bicycles that could work for motorcycles (). Here's another one that was designed for bicycles but could be fun to adapt for motorcycles. It's not a product yet, just a concept, so don't go looking for it at your local bicycle shop.

The concept is thought of by designer Kim Tae-Jin and is called Open Sight. What it is, is a GPS with a laser pointer. Instead of showing you a street map and a car (or motorcycle) symbol, forcing you to look to the GPS fixed to your handlebar, it beams directions on the road in front of you (but it also still has directions on the unit)...........

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15 February, 2013 - GPS: New GPS Technology Being Developed For More Accuracy
Spain flag
Riding around with a GPS on your motorcycle can be heaven-sent for bikers who adventure further than their normal day-to-day route. Memorizing routes, unfolding paper maps, tearing them, etc are ways of the past. Plug in your GPS and follow the female/male voice to your destination. Easy.

It sounds great, and many of you do exactly that. But many of you also know what happens when you've reached a big city and need to navigate the narrow streets, often one way, with tens of intersections. The tall buildings block the GPS signal, and with only 1 or 2 satellites tracking your efforts, your accuracy is reduced from 50 feet (15 meters) to 165 feet (50 meters) or even 0 feet (0 meters). 165 feet of accuracy means you'll miss that important road you had to turn into. Not that it's a big issue, since the GPS will recalculate and bring you back the way you should go. The same applies to tunnels, thick forests, etc. But if you're in a hurry, it can be a pain.

Many cars are using a built-in gyroscope and speedometer data to "estimate" your position during these GPS blackouts, but although they do work, they are far from accurate. The Spanish university Carlos III in Madrid have come up with a small device that is added to your GPS (and could be incorporated in future units), consisting of 3 accelerometers and 3 gyroscopes, and combined with your GPS, allow for an accuracy of 3.3 feet (2 meters) in an urban environment...........

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10 February, 2013 - Scoop: TomTom Rider 5 Specs Unveiled By Supplier
TomTom Rider 5
Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom is going to unveil their latest motorcycle-specific GPS in the Dutch motorcycle exhibition in Utrecht at the end of the month. The TomTom Rider GPS has sold well over the years, but until now there has been no updated models. But that is about to change. The TomTom Rider 5 will be launched in the 21st of February, but a German accessories site ( has let the cat out of the bag.

The TomTom Rider 5 will be equipped with a 4.3 inch touch screen (previous model had a 3.5 inch screen), so much bigger and more readable than the current model. But the most interesting thing of the new software is that not only can you specify that you want the fastest or most direct road to your destination, but you can actually tell your GPS to take the road with the most curves!..........

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21 December, 2012 - Video: TomTom Goes Viral
Video clip
Our favorite Dutch GPS manufacturer (in fact, there are no other Dutch GPS makers), TomTom, have made a viral video. But just read that line again. It's a "viral" video, a video about viral videos. In fact, it's a video taking off viral videos... in a funny way.

You'll get to see many of the very popular viral videos shown on the internet, including the "Press For Drama" video. Nope, there are no motorcycles in this video, but since they provide GPSs for motorcycles, and it's funny enough to become viral, I've decided to show it (also I had nothing else to show).

So have a look at the viral video of viral videos.


13 June, 2012 - Would Apple’s Announced Free Turn-by-Turn Nav Turn You On?
Apple vs GPS World
Apple recently announced for their new iPhone operation system, iOS6, free turn-by-turn navigation. In other words, a free GPS, built-in your iPhone with always up-to-date maps.

This compared to motorcycle specific GPS units, like Garmin and TomTom, that come at a premium. But would you use the free service, or would you still use a dedicated GPS? Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 June, 2012 - Garmin Zumo 350LM Motorcycle Specific GPS
Garmin Zumo 350LM
Garmin logo
Garmin have released the latest version of their motorcycle-specific GPS, the Zumo 350LM. In fact, it's a bit disappointing to see that there has not been much evolution, but then again, how much more can you put on a motorcycle GPS?

One of the new features is an incorporated service log. You can now record the dates you had your motorcycle serviced, mileage and what was done. I know there are other devices that do it, like smartphone, but if you use your GPS a lot, it could be a handy feature.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 January, 2012 - France: TomTom Warns Users About Not Using GPS Radar Data
TomTom Radar Supression Database
TomTom have issued a warning to its GPS owners (cars and motorcycle devices), that it illegal to use their radar mapping service, and to dis-activate it, and delete the database.

The next update of their smartphone software will see the service disappear automatically.


14 October, 2011 - Record Your Own Lap Times and Analyze Performance
AIM SmartyCam
Italian AIM company provides you with several options for your track days, riding around on your motorcycle. The easiest and cost effective solution SOLO, a GPS with a built-in database of world's race tracks (but you can add your own), giving you a full analyze of your performance. The GPS device even includes an accelerometer.

But you can get even more. With their SmartyCam, you can not only log your laptimes, you can actually see it with superimposed telemetry data on the video. See what you did right, see where you can improve.


1 September, 2011 - TomTom LIVE: Good Idea, But Very Dangerous
TomTom Live Search and Go
A very dangerous idea coming from TomTom. The Dutch GPS manufacturer has released a new service, called Search & Go LIVE, it allows the TomTom GPS to connect to the internet (like Twitter and Expedia) on the go...

In other words, more distractions for car drivers, and more motorcycle accidents because a SUV was playing with the GPS while driving.



31 August, 2011 - Navigating For Motorcycle Pillions 101
Back Map Navigator
Reading a map while riding your motorcycle is impossible, at least for the biker. Many of us have turned to technology to help us; God save the GPS. But there are others who do not believe in the GPS and prefer the good old paper map.

So if you've got a paper map, and a pillion, here's one way of using your pillion as GPS. All you need to do is train the pillion to say "In 300 yards, turn left".


15 June, 2011 - Europe: Most Congested Cities Of 2011
Statistics Article
Like last year, Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom, has compiled a report based on the GPS data logged by cars and motorcycles of the most congested cities in Europe.

The GPS knows when you are moving slowly, hence it's classified as a traffic jam. Once the GPS reports the data back to the central server, TomTom can see where the traffic jams are.

The Top 50 list hasn't changed much... Brussels is still the worst city in Europe, and the UK and France aren't doing that good. You're better off in Spain or Switzerland


30 May, 2011 - Are We Getting TomTom GPS With StreetView?
TomTom Streetview Car
Google Streetview Paris Direction
Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom got caught with a 360° camera van taking photos of the roads in Europe.

Does this mean we will be seeing a "StreetView" style GPS on our motorcycles shortly...???..

It does make a lot of sense seeing the actual road you will be travelling.


28 April, 2011 - TomTom GPS Data Used By Police
Looks like it's going back to good old maps. It looks apparent that the data TomTom GPSs collect anonymous from their motorcycle and car GPSs are not only used by traffic planners.

Apparently the police uses them to find out where people are speeding so that they can place speed radar cameras along those roads.


18 February, 2011 - Real GPS HUD Info For Any Motorcycle
Route 66 Follow Me
Route 66 Follow Me
Using Augmented Reality with an Android's smartphone camera, GPS navigation software and the Follow Me app from Route 66, you can now safely use this GPS on your motorcycle.

When you look at the phone for instructions, you still get to see the road ahead of you, and to make matters easier, all you need to do is "follow" the virtual vehicles in front of you.



30 April, 2010 - Europe: TomTom’s List Of Most Congested Cities
Monster traffic jam
TomTom logo
TomTom, the Dutch GPS manufacturer, has been recording anonymous user data, and with that data, has compiled a list of Top 60 cities in Europe and their traffic jams.

With a Congestion Level indicator, you can now see how long extra a trip on your motorcycle (or car) will take you.


27 April, 2010 - TomTom Release New Motorcycle GPS - Urban Rider
TomTom Urban Rider
TomTom logo
Dutch GPS manufacturer, TomTom, have released a new motorcycle specific GPS, the Urban Rider.

Based on the Rider 2 GPS, it has been simplified and now includes IQ Routes.


20 January, 2010 - Garmin Release Low-Cost Motorcycle GPS-Zumo 220
Zumo 220
Garmin have released the specs of their low-end motorcycle specific GPS, the Zumo 220.

Less functions, but with lots of possibilities, price tag is US$599.


19 January, 2010 - India: Trailblazer, Special Motorcycle-Only GPS Launched
TrailBlazer GPS
MapMyIndia have launched an interesting motorcycle-specific GPS (in India).

Apart from the normal functions of a modern technology GPS, it communicates with the rider via FM radio, not Bluetooth. That allows one GPS to provide navigation instruction to many motorcycle via FM. Interesting...


27 October, 2009 - New GPS System For Helmets: Safer?
A motorcycle GPS either shows you where to ride, or tells you via a sexy voice! Right????

Not if Kajimoto labs have their say. They are studying a novel way of telling you when to turn.... they have a device that will pull you ear to turn; left ear for turning left, right ear for turning right....



13 October, 2009 - Trapster: See Where The Cops Have Speeds Traps - Worldwide
Trapster is one of those tools that cops hate, and motorcycle riders love.

It tells you on your smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or J2ME, or on your GPS, where the police traps are. Even the mobile ones.

With 1.6 million users worldwide, it's a real community service. And best of all, it's free...


4 September, 2009 - Tripy: A Growing GPS Provider For The Motorcycle World
Belgium motorcycle GPS manufacturer, Tripy, are getting more and more entrenched in the world of motorcycle rally sports. They have recently signed a single supplier contract for the Dakar rally, and are also the top provider of GPS for the Dark Dog Moto Tour.

Their new GPS, the Trip II, is a jewel for motorcycle rally people, or those that are used to using road books. The Trip II software even prints old fashion paper road books...


28 July, 2009 - Radar Alerts On Your Smartphone
You can now get real-time speed radar alerts on your smartphone (like iPhone or Blackberry) for several European countries.

You'll be warned that you are approaching a fixed, mobile or red light camera on your motorcycle....


9 July, 2009 - Video: Future GPS - Funny
Video clip
Funny video clip about what might happen to our GPS if they become more human.



22 June, 2009 - USA: New Jersey To Ban GPS Operations On Motorcycles/Cars
It's not only Spain that is forbidding motorcycle riders (and car drivers) from operating a GPS while on the move! The same law is coming to the USA!

New Jersey, Garden State and all, is looking at fining riders and drivers when operating their GPS while moving.

Good law, or money spinning law? You tell me!


18 June, 2009 - New Motorcycle Specific GPS - Easy, Simple Cheap
French electronics manufacturer, Danew, have released the motorcycle specific GPS, the E 135 Outdoor.

In sharp contrast with its more well know rivals, this one is not only simple and easy to use, but it's cheap! In fact, it's 2 to 3 times cheaper. In September, it will be going for some €279.


12 May, 2009 - Finally A Real Motorcycle Specific GPS
Here's the motorcycle specific GPS I've been waiting for. MotoMap is a concept GPS that looks and feels like the traditional motorcycle maps, ie, it sits on our fuel tank.

It's still a concept, but very promising. It uses a solar panel for the juice and E-Ink flexible display technology.



30 April, 2009 - Study: Riding With A GPS Makes You 12% More Fuel Efficient
According to a study, riding your motorcycle (or car) with a GPS reduces your time on the road, and therefore fuel consumption by 12%!

So where's the fun it that? Out goes the GPS!


15 April, 2009 - Mio C523 V2: New Motorcycle GPS
mio-c523v2 GPS
Mio c523v2 GPS in ridermode
Mio from Mitac (the folks who bought Magellan) are releasing a "dedicated" motorcycle GPS.

Based on their car GPS, the C523, they added "V2" to it, and made it a motorcycle GPS. It does have some motorcycle friendly features (like rider mode that allows you to see several turning instructions in a split screen), but it also has digital TV!

TV?? On a motorcycle?


19 February, 2009 - New Generation GPS Radar Warning Systems
AlerteGPS G520
AlerteGPS have released the new generation GPS speed radar warning system, the G520.

Not only does it warn you that you are approaching a fixed speed radar, but also warns in you in Real Time, on mobile speed traps. See a mobile speed trap, press a button, and the whole world knows.

A bit like CB warning on Smokeys, or like here in France, flashing your headlights...


22 December, 2008 - GPS Study Case: Moto GPS
Moto GPS design
A GPS need not look like all other GPSs out there, square box with buttons.

Here's a very interesting GPS design, unfortunately it's only a design study, not a real product. The Moto GPS is round, like a compass, uses Bluetooth and a touch screen. It's simple in design, and elegant on any motorcycle.

Dear Santa (read Garmin or TomTom), how about one next year?


25 November, 2008 - Givi Universal GPS Holder
Motorcycle GPS cover
Givi logo
Italian accessories manufacturer, Givi, have released an universal GPS holder.

The Givi S850 will take any portable GPS (for cars or PDA), and will fit most motorcycles.


1 October, 2008 - GPS With No Screen: Ideal For Motorcycles?
Kapsys Kapten GPS receiver
French company Kapsys have released a credit card size GPS with no screen. It's vocal commands only.

It's also a MP3 player and FM radio. You can purchase Audio Guides to guide you through main tourist attractions, and city maps for most major European cities. At this moment it's French only, but I'm sure that might change.

Could be very interesting for motorcycles, since you don't need to be looking at a screen on your handlebar all the time.


2 September, 2008 - New GPS For Motorcycles: Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
German Becker have released details of their for-motorcycles GPS, the Crocodile.

Rubber coated, rugged, water resistant, real 3-D navigating, the unit has been optimized for motorcycles.

Available next month, it'll cost you €300.


25 August, 2008 - Mini But Full Fledged GPS Tracking For Motorcycles
GPS Tracking Key
Here's an interesting GPS Tracking device. It's a an USB Key with a powerful magnet.

It means you can install it anywhere without any tools. Use it to find out where your motorcycle has gone (with or without your permission), or use it to store your favorite routes. Interfaces with Google Earth.


23 May, 2008 - New Route Planning Software For Motorcycle GPSs
XTream Wearther, the folks that have brought us wearable GPSs, have released a stand-alone software package that will plan your motorcycle routes and itineraries on your PC.

Using Google Maps, it allows you to export your itineraries to Garmin and TomTom GPSs.

Also, since Google Maps is always updating their maps, you thereby get free updates of your current maps (kind-of). Software is not free, but cheap (€29).


18 January, 2008 - Michelin Chucking It In: GPS That Is
Michelin logo
Michelin is stopping development of its small portable GPS units, viaMichelin.

The competition from the likes of Garmin, Mio and TomTom is to hot & heavy, so they'll be concentrating on their excellent website.


4 January, 2008 - New Low Cost GPS Motorcycle Tracking
BikeGPSTracking are offering a new, low cost, unit that enables not only to track your motorcycle's exact position, but also raise an alarm in the case of you leaving your motorcycle without the desire to leave your motorcycle (ie, you're thrown off), in case of panic, or if your motorcycle is being nicked...

All that for a mere US$ 349.


3 January, 2008 - Fed Up With The Voice On Your GPS?
Record your navigation voice
Tired and fed up with the navigation voice in your GPS?

No more.... Here's a web site that will allow you to record any voice (and any instructions) that you can then download to your GPS.

Talk about your wife nagging you.... now you can really listen to her, or your boss, or kids, or even your dog.


17 December, 2007 - Rugged GPS
Jeep RT300 GPS
Jeep are launching for January 2008 a rugged GPS that could be used for motorcycles.

Rugged, probably rainproof, touchscreen, costing US$300.


6 December, 2007 - TomTom GPS and Google Maps Team Up
TomTom logo
TomTom has teamed up with Google Maps to save your waypoints from Google Maps to the TomTom GPS.

It's nice, but still the free and excellent TYRE program does it better.


21 November, 2007 - How To Rainproof Your GPS For Motorcycle Riding
GPS Condom
Fun Article
What to do to rainproof your GPS on a motorcycle?

Here's a US$ 1 method that works! Even I can make it:


15 November, 2007 - Motorcycle Specific GPS: XRoad RM-A4000
XRoad RM-A4000
There's a new motorcycle specific GPS on the market! After Garmin and TomTom, we now have the Xroad RM-A4000.

Korean, light, it's equipped with Bluetooth, and can play music and movies.

Cost: around US$ 600.


30 October, 2007 - TomTom Rider GPS, Route Planning and Google
TYRE application
If you've got a TomTom GPS (like Rider) and you wan to plan in advance a trip, you're doomed! Garmin does it with a PC application (MapSource), but not TomTom.

Now, thanks to a free application developed for the motorcycle community (but that can be used by anyone), you can plan a trip using TYRE, assisted by Google Maps or Google Earth!

Nothing is easier than making a comprehensive itinerary with TYRE. Point and click, that's it. Once done, "fly" through the route to have a bird's eye view, then upload to your TomTom.

This is what TomTom should have done in the first place!


9 October, 2007 - Keychain GPS
Keychain GPS
How small can a GPS get?

Here's a GPS fitted into a keychain.


22 August, 2007 - See Spot Find!
Spot Satellite Messenger
Spot is an interesting and reasonable cheap personal satellite tracking device. Four buttons, with the possibility to alert authorities in case of real emergencies, or allowing your friends and relatives to track your position in real-time.

At their prices, this could be of interest to anyone going into areas that are not covered by cell phones.


20 August, 2007 - Tracking Your Tracks Using USB Key
Trackstick GPS USB device
If you want a cheap device to record your motorcycle trip, Trackstick is a USB key device that incorporates a low power GPS.

Record up to one month of tracks, plug in to your computer (USB port), and visualize on Google Earth.


3 July, 2007 - TomTom Coming With Live Video GPS?
TomTom Video GPS
TomTom logo
It looks like TomTom are preparing a GPS that incorporates a live video feed of the road in front of you.

Quite interesting, specially since they seem to be superimposing the GPS data!


15 June, 2007 - Long Way Down Duo Uses Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman with a Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman did not opt for a classical motorcycle GPS, like a TomTom or Garmin.

Instead, they got the latest (and not yet available) Nokia 6110 mobile phone with integrated GPS.

Where there any maps for Africa on it... that's the big question.


31 May, 2007 - General GPS On Your Motorcycle
Car GPS on a motorcycle
Many of you have bought a general purpose or car GPS. They're nice, but you'd like to use it on your motorcycle.

That's not an easy thing, since they're not rain proof, and fixing them to your motorcycle ain't easy.

Fear not, we have a real solution for you. From Xtream Weather, the So Easy Rider V2.


8 May, 2007 - OnTrak - More Motorcycle Tracking GPSs
OnTrak GPS Tracker
GPS trackers are getting smaller and smaller, and cheaper. They are so small now, you can fit them anywhere, and no-one will know.

Here's the UK based OnTrak. It's small and it sends you a SMS with the coordinates and closest motorway.



12 April, 2007 - TomTom’s New Motorcycle Specific GPS
TomTom Rider2
TomTom have released their latest version of the motorcycle specific GPS, Rider 2.

There's extra hardware in the package (a Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth headset), a RAM mount, and an optional car kit.

What's more interesting, is their new "buddy" system, that allows you to see where your buddies are on your GPS map.


3 April, 2007 - GPS Is Safer Than No GPS
Dutch technical research organization, TNO, have published a detailed research performed on drivers of cars with and without a GPS system.

Their conclusions aren't earth shattering, but interesting nevertheless.

In essence, if you drive around with a GPS, you have 12% less chance of having an accident.If you have 2 GPSs, would you therefore have 24% less chance of an accident ?


2 April, 2007 - TomTom Getting Ready To Launch Rider 2
News Article
Looks like Dutch Motorcycle GPS manufacturer TomTom are getting ready to launch their new Rider 2 motorcycle GPS. They slipped up, and put a flash animation for a short time on their corporate website.


22 March, 2007 - Another GPS Tracking Device - AnyTrack USA
GPS Trackers used to be a rare thing, and only affordable by big companies with deep pockets.

Not so anymore. A few days ago we showed you the UK based CATSeye GPS Tracker and Tracking service.

Now, it's the turn of USA based AnyTrack.

Based on the same principles, GPS and GSM technology, hooked up to a tracking website, you can now track your precious motorcycle, dog, child or lover...


20 March, 2007 - World’s Smallest Motorcycle Tracking Device
An English company is finishing the production of world's smallest tracking device. Called CATSeye, the unit, the size of a box of matches, has onboard GPS, GSM and RF transmitters.

The unit can be fitted anywhere on your motorcycle (or other precious things, like quad, car, laptop, or even child or dog). With a website that allows you to track your device, you'll always know where the device is, even if it's inside a building.

In the UK, they offer 24/7 Asset Tracking Teams that will go and find your asset.

A very nifty device. They're looking for distributors, so if you're interested, contact them.


6 March, 2007 - Pogo Alert - Speed Radar Warning For The UK
The UK is a country full of speed radars. They probably have one of the most dense populations of radars in the world.

It's therefore not surprise to see a special speed radar warning device in the UK. Called the Pogo Alert, the small device not only has a database of all fixed radar positions (and accident blackspots and schools), but also senses infrared cameras, and you can bolt-on a laser radar detector.

Just watch out using the device in Europe. It's totally illegal now in Switzerland, and even in France.


1 March, 2007 - Tracker/Alarm/Monitor
Siemens AySystem
Siemens have released a new gadget called the AySystem. It's very small, and will monitor movement, temperature, sound and location. If anything is wrong (you define what's wrong), it will send the data via text message or directly to a web site. You can also bolt-on a GPS to get an accurate fix, or use a GSM tracking service.

Nice gadget if you're going RTW, and want other to know where you are at any moment.


22 February, 2007 - The Future Of GPS: Real 3D
3DLabs 3D GPS display
3DLabs have developed a real 3D GPS navigation system, not a fake 3D based on 2D maps.

You ride through streets seeing the buildings as you would in real life. This is the future of GPS systems. Next step; photo realistic navigation.

Coming to your GPS in September.


14 February, 2007 - Illegal To Use GPS In Switzerland
Politics Article
It has become against the law in Switzerland to have a GPS equipped with a speed radar database. This means almost any modern GPS. If caught, you face the destruction of the GPS and a hefty fine. Long live the liberties in Switzerland.


8 January, 2007 - 2006 Statistics: The Gadgets
Statistics Article
A closer look at the your search patterns for 2006 with regards to the gadgets and accessories. Bluetooth lives !


7 January, 2007 - Garmin Launches Zumo 450 Motorcycle GPS
Garmin Zumo 450
Garmin launched the Zumo 450 motorcycle specific GPS, a low(er) cost version of the Zumo 550.


1 August, 2006 - Follow-up: Special GPS Route Calculator for Motorcycles
Web Article
Quick follow up of the previous article on the special GPS.


1 August, 2006 - Special GPS Route Calculator for Motorcycles
Enroute Route planning software for motorcycles
Dutch company Waypoint is releasing a special route planning software package for motorcycles. It will search for the best twisting roads, or nicest scenic ones between two cities.

Then you can export the track to Garmin or TomTom.

Available Sep 2006.


19 July, 2006 - New Garmin GPS ! Special For MOTORCYCLES !
Garmin Zumo GPS for motorcycles
Garmin have released a specially-built-for-motorcycles GPS, the Zumo.

Small, strong, waterproof, it can be used with gloves, sports Bluetooth and will even tell you when you're running out of gas, and route you to the nearest gas station.


10 July, 2006 - Wearable GPS - For Motorcycles!
Xtream So Easy Rider motorcycle GPS
French motorcycle clothing company, Xtream Wearther, have released a wearable GPS for motorcycles.

Small, it's strapped to your left wrist. Is this the gadget of the year, or is someone dreaming ?


1 June, 2006 - TomTom New PC Software - Watch Out !
Opinion Article
TomTom have released (finally) new software for the PC. Interesting, but faulty, since they managed to crash my PC. So watch out before installing. Make a backup of your vital data.


19 May, 2006 - GPSs and BMW R1200 Motorcycles
Motorradconcepts TomTom Rider GPS on a 1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
The problem with having a long distance BMW motorcycle (like the R1200GS, R1200GS-Adventure, R1200RT or R1200GT) is that it is not always easy to mount a GPS in such a way that you can read the screen and keep it dry.

Scottish firm Motorrad Concepts have got several solutions for you if you have a Garmin or TomTom GPS.


9 May, 2006 - Roadmaster GPS - Tripy
Tripy Roadmaster on motorcycle
A Belgium GPS manufacturer has issued a motorcycle specific GPS. But it's not a normal GPS the way a Garmin or TomTom is. It's a GPS to produce road books, or to follow a road book.

It's an interesting device that should interest clubs and event organizers.


5 May, 2006 - Garmin GPS Blog
Garmin Blog site
For those of you who want to know more about GPSs, specially those of Garmin, the American manufacturer has a blog site with loads of information about Garmin GPSs.

They deal with all sorts of products and applications. Interesting !


3 May, 2006 - Garmin 2820 GPS Detailed Review
Garmin 2820 GPS on motorcycle
After yesterday's announcement of the Garmin 2820 GPS, here's a very detailed test of the product.

14 detailed photos used while testing the GPS over 1,800 kms.


2 May, 2006 - Garmin Intoduces New "Do-It-Everything" GPS
Garmin 2820 GPS
Garmin has introduced a new GPS, the Garmin 2820. Bluetooth, XM Radio and MP3.

Also features a touchscreen and 3D navigation.


26 December, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles To Sell GPSs
Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Garmin GPS
Yamaha logo
Yamaha motorcycles is now the third large motorcycle manufacturer to offer OEM'd Garmin GPS for their range of bikes.

Can we live without GPSs ?


16 December, 2005 - Are There Problems With The Motorcycle GPS - TomTom Rider ?
TomTom Rider
The first few motorcyclists have bought their TomTom RIDER GPS. This specific motorcycle GPS looked like the solution to all our problems, but is it ??

The first reviews are in, and not all are positive.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 03: Honda Goldwing GPS
Honda Goldwing GPS Paris Motorcycle Show
Honda logo
A quick look at the Honda Goldwing GPS, slated for 2007.


15 June, 2005 - Speed Camera Warning GPS for Motorcycles !
Inforad GPS for motorcycles antenna
The first motorcycle specific radar warning system based on GPS hits the market.


25 April, 2005 - Helmet Mounted GPS Information
GPS HUD Helmet
GPS meets Heads Up Display meets Helmet technology.


10 March, 2005 - GPS Made For Motorcycles
TomTom Rider
TomTom logo
TomTom produces the first motorcycle specific GPS; the TomTomRider.



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