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7 September, 2015 - Review: Fobo - Smart and Ultimate TPMS For Motorcycles
Fobo Bike
Fobo Bike
#Review #Fobo #TPMS - We told you about them last year when they appeared on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo, and now their product is live, and it's EXCELLENT. Fobo Bike is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that works via your smartphone(iPhone or Android), and monitors in real-time, and more importantly, IMMEDIATELY. No need to turn the tires before you know if you have to go back to inflate them; here is the review.


2 September, 2015 - Idea: Slick - GoPro Stabilizer For Helmets
Slick Stabilizer
Slick Stabilizer
#Slick #GoProStabilizer #IndieGoGo -Using a GoPro video camera on your motorcycle is great, giving you some memorable video footage, but often the images are shaking. Buying a gimbal is expensive and bulky. So here is a great and affordable solution to stop camera shaking: the SLICK.


21 August, 2015 - Become A Better Motorcycle Rider With This App
The Netherlands flag
#Skills #App - Here is a Dutch app (in English) that will monitor your riding skills and tell you where you can improve to become a better motorcycle rider. Called Flo, the app was developed for cars but should work for motorcycles. But is it a good idea?


19 August, 2015 - Idea: Is This Worthy For Motorcycles - Alcoho-Lock
Alcoho Lock
Japan flag
#AlcohoLock #DUI #Japan - An interesting concept/product coming from Japan. It's meant for bicycles and it's a lock that tests if you are drunk or not. But to unlock if you are over the level is interesting; But is this something that would work for the motorcycle world.


19 August, 2015 - When Do You Have Too Much Info On Your Motorcycle?
Too Much Info
#BusyDashboards - At what stage do you say you have enough information on your motorcycle? How many instruments, gadgets, devices etc do you need to feel you are in control?


22 July, 2015 - Ohh, So That Is What Motorcycle Panniers Are For
Other use of panniers
#Funny #ChildrenTransport - I never knew that panniers on a motorcycle were meant for that...


3 June, 2015 - Idea: Another HUD For Motorcycles - Eyeride
New Zealand flag
#Kickstarter #HUD - Two guys in New Zealand are trying to get together a cheap and functional Heads Up Display for motorcycle helmets. They have a working prototype and are now looking to make the real thing. Want to help them? Or will this idea sink as well.


20 May, 2015 - LED Lights Without Wires On Your Motorcycle
Wind Powered LED Lights
Wind Powered LED Lights
#LED-Lights #WindPowered - Putting on extra lights on your motorcycle will involve wires. But here's a solution to putting some decorative LED lights that requires no wires. That's because these blue LED lights are wind powered. You ride your motorcycle and the lights are on. Nifty?


13 May, 2015 - Review: Schuberth SRC Wireless Communicator For M1 Helmet
Schuberth SRC M1
Schuberth logo
#Review #Schuberth #Bluetooth - A detailed review of Schuberth wireless (Bluetooth) communication device, the SRC. Installed on the Schuberth M1 helmet, it's a dream. Everything is already there, all you need is the SRC controller. Read the review.


22 January, 2015 - New Very Portable Breathalyzer - Key Chain - Breeze
Breeze Key Chain
#Breathalyzer #Breeze - A new and very small Breathalyzer called Breeze. It's a key chain. Blow in it, the results are shown a few second later on your smartphone. And if you are to drunk to ride your motorcycle, Breeze tells you when you will be sober, or will call you a taxi/uber.


6 January, 2015 - The Perfect PC For Motorcycle Lovers
Motorcycle Frame PC
#Design #PC - This has got to be the perfect personal computer for any motorcycle lover. Uber cool.


1 December, 2014 - Keep Your Feet Warm With Your Smartphone When Riding Motorcycle
France flag
#Digisole #WarmHappyFeet - Here is a great product for those cold winter months. Insoles from Digisole that you can control via your Smartphone. Set each foot's temperature individually, and track how much you walk and how many calories you burn. Great for riding motorcycle in the cold.


19 November, 2014 - Europe: Insurance Claims Entering 21st Century
e Constat France
e Constat France
#InsuranceForms #Smartphone - The European (and therefore French) insurance claim form used for car/motorcycle accidents is getting a makeover. An electronic makeover. The form will be in iPhone and Android smartphones, and should get you out of the accident area within 6 minutes, and hopefully will see you get your money faster than normal.


13 November, 2014 - Drunk Or Not? Quick Way To Check
BACTrack Vio
BACTrack Vio
Getting caught DUI is not good, and not smart. But carrying breathalyzers is never easy. BACtrack have a very small device called Vio that works with your smartphone, and not only tells you if you are drunk, but also when you will be sober.


31 October, 2014 - Kodak Releases Stiff GoPro Competitor - 360° Vision Camera
Kodak Pixpro SP360
Kodak logo
#Kodak #ActionCamera #SD360 - Kodak has released a surprisingly good video/action camera for us motorcycle riders, that could prove to be stiff competition to GoPro. The PixPro SD360 has it all, and more - a 360° view around you. Interesting.


22 October, 2014 - Pist’It: Smartphone App For Track Days
Pistit app for track days
France flag
#App #TrackDay - Here's an interesting smartphone app developed by a French company for motorcycle track days. Record all your motorcycle's settings per track, and best times. The app is called Pist'It.


17 October, 2014 - Givi: USB Kit Tank Bag - Charge Your Gadgets On The Go
Givi USB Kit S110 S111
Givi logo
#Givi #Gadgets - Givi have been very busy recently. here is another new product introduced at Intermot - a tankbag with a 3 port USB hub and 12V charging point. Charge all your gadgets on the go while riding your motorcycle.


14 October, 2014 - Patent: Another Motorcycle Air Conditioning System
Motorcycle Air Conditioning Suit patent
#Patents #Air-Conditioning - Yet another air conditioning for motorcycle is patented, using heat exchange pumps and special suits. Will this work and be affordable?


9 October, 2014 - Idea: Fobo Bike - Smart TPMS For Motorcycles
#Fobo #TPMS #IndieGogo - A fully funded project on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo is now available for motorcycles. Called Fobo Bike, it's a very smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), that has some very interesting functions and features. It's also cheaper than most competitors.


25 September, 2014 - Review: TireMoni - Tire Pressure Monitor
Review TireMoni
Review TireMoni
#TPMS #TireMoni #Review - Here is my detailed review of the German Tire Pressure Monitoring System from TireMoni. A small portable device that can go in your pocket.


9 September, 2014 - Bike Shield App: Avoid Car vs Motorcycle Crashes
The Bike Shield App
The Bike Shield App
#TheBikeShieldApp #Safety - Here is a smartphone app that could save lives, preventing car vs motorcycle (or bicycle) accidents, but for it to work you need critical mass and willingness of the users. A first (and cheap) step towards the USA government mandate for vehicle-to-vehicle communications.


25 August, 2014 - Video: First Ever Gyrocam On A Stunt Motorcycle
Palatinus Attila GyroCam Video
Hungary flag
#Gyrocam #Stunts - Gyrocams are great in MotoGP races, since you really get the feel of the bike's angles. But Hungarian stuntman Palatinus Attila decided to mount one on his stuntbike and make a really cool video. have a look how impressive this is.


8 August, 2014 - Idea: Be Seen, Be Stylish, Be TRON
#Kickstarter #LightMode #Helmets - A project starts today in Kickstarter called LightMode, allowing you to turn your helmet into a helmet like seen in the TRON movies. Be visible at night on your motorcycle, safe and stylish.


1 August, 2014 - Bagster Starlight - Backpack With Integrated LED Stop Lights
Bagster Starlight
Bagster logo
#Bagster #Stoplight #Backpack - French Bagster have released their Starlight motorcycle backpack, with integrated LED Stop lights in the back of the backpack. Safety rules.


30 July, 2014 - Idea: Safer Navigation Instructions On A Motorcycle
Lechal Bluetooth Shoes
Lechal Bluetooth Shoes
#Lechal #Navigation #GPS - Indian company Lechal has come up with a novel idea to give you navigational instructions on your motorcycle; not by a screen, not by voice - by your feet!


28 July, 2014 - Idea: Smart Tire Pressure Monitor System for Motorcycles
#Kickstarter #TPMS #CycleAT - Here is an interesting Kickstarter project - a really smart and well done Tire Pressure Monitoring System for motorcycle, incorporating much more data than just pressure, and all visualized on a smartphone. Cool.


18 June, 2014 - Ideas: Motorcycle and Drones - Match Made In Heaven
Drone Hexo
Drone Airdog
#Drones #Kickstarter - Drones have a bad rep. But not these. Two drones are about to come into our lives that may change how we film ourselves on our motorcycles! Both drones will follow you by themselves and film you from the sky. That is going to give for some pretty videos.


20 March, 2014 - Idea: Communicate/Music On Your Motorcycle Without Wires
Bragi Dash
Bragi Dash
#Kickstarter #Headset - A new revolutionary headset is coming to the market, no wires, in-ear plugs, onboard memory, sensors, you can even talk without a microphone.

Listen to music, talk to people, monitor your health - all in two small units inside your ear. Sci-fi?


5 March, 2014 - Ami Powersports e-Tint Automatic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
e Tint AX 10 ON OFF
e Tint Akari models
#Visor #LCD - Ami Powersports, through e-Tint, make automatic darkening visors for motorcycle helmets based on LCD technology.

Here is their latest product the Akari AX-11 insert.


4 March, 2014 - Running An AC Device On Your Motorcycle
Smart AC Automotive Power Strip
HotLogic Mini Personal Oven
#Camping #Gadgets - Sometimes you need to have a device with your on your motorcycle that does not have a 12V plug.

Like this mini personal camping oven. What to do?


27 February, 2014 - What If Vespa Made A Camera?
Vespa Camera
#Vespa #Camera #Design - Two designers made a concept Vespa camera that looks just like a product that would have been designed by Vespa.

Beautiful, timeless and a great gift.


26 February, 2014 - Spanish Telecom Giant, Telefonica, Shows Smart Helmet and Gloves
Telefonica Smart Helmet
Telefonica Smart Helmet
#Spain #Telefonica #SmartHelmets - Spain's telephone giant, Telefonica, have unveiled a smart motorcycle helmet and gloves to the MWC14 conference.

Safety, ease of use and a fat telephone bill awaits you.


13 February, 2014 - Idea: Motorcycle Camping With All Your Electronic Gadgets
Orange Solar Concept Tent
Orange logo
#Orange #Gadgets #Camping - Orange have developed a tent that can charge your electric gadgets using a solar panel woven into the tent. And it has a few more interesting functions.


13 February, 2014 - Idea: Let Your Jacket Tell You Where To Go When Riding
Navigate Jacket
Australia flag
Why put a GPS on your motorcycle if you can wear your GPS on your motorcycle jacket? Much simpler and esthetic.


12 February, 2014 - Listen To Music On Your Motorcycle WITHOUT Speakers
Headway Helmet Speaker System
#Music #Innovation #Headway - A new product has been developed to be able to hear music while riding a motorcycle that does not involve loudspeakers or earplugs; your helmet becomes the speaker. Innovative!


5 February, 2014 - Idea: Now This Would Be A Great Motorcycle VideoCam
#MeCam #Drone #Camera - A new video camera drone is being developed that could be very interesting for motorcycle riders.


28 January, 2014 - Idea: Laster SeeThru - A Better Google Glass Project?
Laster SeeThru
Laster SeeThru
#AugmentedReality #Laster - Here is a Kickstarter project by a professional outfit that is bring Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear to the motorcycle world. Called Laster SeeThru, this looks interesting and better than Google's version.


18 December, 2013 - France: Electronic Tickets Enormous Windfall For Government
Electronic Tickets
France flag
#ElectricTicketing #Police #France - By 2016 all tickets (parking, etc) will be electronic and not in paper. All cops will be issued with a PDA to do this. Couple advantages, but also future disadvantages.


5 December, 2013 - UK: Police Latest High-Tech Weapon Against Motorcycles
RF Safe Stop
UK flag
#Police #Inventions - The police in the UK are looking at a device that will immobilize a motorcycle at a distance; sending a sort of an electromagnetic pulse.


27 November, 2013 - Future: Tomorrow’s Motorcycle Rider - Sci-Fi or Reality?
MC10 Tattoo Electronics
MC10 Tattoo Electronics
#MC10 #WearableElectronics - Are sci-fi movies really just that, or are we about to become cyborgs ourselves. MC10 and Motorola are coming out with electronic tattoos that allow us to be linked to the web without wires. Super Biker on its way?


25 November, 2013 - 31 Motorcycle and Manufacturers USB Flash Drives
Motorcycle USB Flash Drive
Motorcycle USB Flash Drive
#USB #Flash - Here are 31 USB Flash drives in the shape of a motorcycle or carrying our favorite motorcycle brand.


18 November, 2013 - Use Your Touchscreen On Your Motorcycle With Any Gloves
Aerostich logo
#Gloves #Aerostich #ThumbDogs - For $14 you can buy two ThumbDogs, fingertips you slide over your normal gloves that allow you to operate your touchscreen device on your motorcycle.


15 November, 2013 - Idea: Use Your Motorcycle Lights To Open Your Garage Door
RinkuHaus Remote Garage Door Opener
#Kickstarter #Garge #DoorOpener - A nice project on Kickstarter allows you to open your garage door with your motorcycle high beam lights. No fumbling for remotes.


23 October, 2013 - X-Ray Vision Heads Up Display - HUD
X Ray HUD Bus
Portugal flag
#Portugal #Safety #HUD - Researchers in a university in Portugal want to place a camera in the front of busses and trucks, and beam the image to vehicles behind them so you can see when you can safely overtake.

Would it work?..........

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17 October, 2013 - Nolan N-Com: Universal Wireless Motorcycle Communicator
N Com App
Nolan logo
#Nolan #N-Com #Bluetooth - The biggest hurdle for wireless communication has now been cleared by Nolan. Universal wireless communications. Talk to other manufacturer's headsets, not just Nolan's...........

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30 August, 2013 - Entrosys Finally Available: Personal Airco For Motorcycles
Entrosys Ready
#Entrosys #Air-conditioning #Motorcycles - We have talked about these folks a few years ago, the Entrosys personal air-conditioning unit for motorcycles. The Entrosys is a unit that gets installed on your pillion seat or where your top case is and wired to your motorcycle for electricity. A tube pushes cold air through your motorcycle jacket, cooling you down.

It is obviously a unit that could appeal to motorcycle riders who live in the desert or extreme warm countries. If you have to brave hot weather for 3 to 4 weeks in the year, you might as well skip this article...........

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28 August, 2013 - Faster Photochromic Motorcycle Visors Now Possible - InVision Inserts
Hyper Optics Shield
#Photochromic #Visors #Tinted - Riding your motorcycle in "unstable" weather, weather were you get alternating sunshine and clouds, or riding in places where there are a lot of shadows (cities, forests), means that your eyes will need to get used to sudden sunshine or sudden darker vision. Of course this is not a problem when you ride with sunglasses since it is always dark. But that is not a good thing either, since if your vision is darkened by sunglasses you might just miss seeing that pothole or animal in front of you. The same applies to using sun-visors built-in your helmet. Although built-in sun-visors are the next best thing since you can lower or raise them whenever you need to, you need to let go of your handlebar to do it, and that is not always welcome either.

One accessory that helps you achieve a more relaxing motorcycle ride, not requiring you to do anything to cut the sun glare or be able to see more of the road, are photochromic visors. These are visors that are placed onto (from the inside of your helmet) your normal visor, and when the sun hits these inserts, they turn darker. When the sun goes away, they go clear. You can buy prescription glasses that do that for the last few decades, so it is not new technology.

So very simple and easy, right? Not really, since one of their biggest defaults until now was that these visors require time to change tint. A few years ago, it could take up to 60 seconds for them to change, and when riding a motorcycle, 60 seconds can be a lifetime.

Maric Performance, a company that has been supplying anti-fog inserts for ages now, have a new product called Hyper Optiks. Hyper Optiks are photochromic inserts that change state within 4 seconds!..........

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23 August, 2013 - Video Camera Goggles - Cyclops Gear
Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses
Cyclops Gear Moto Goggles
#Video #CyclopsGear #Camera - Cyclops Gear, a maker of video cameras embedded in sunglasses and goggles is looking to expand their product line by using crowd-funding at Fundable.

Currently they have several nice products that can make any motorcycle rider into a video camera operator. Don on their Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses and not only will you shade your eyes from the glaring sun and look cool at the same time, but you can also record your ride.

The sunglasses have a 15 megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p High Def video. In the full HD mode you can record at a frame rate of 30 fps, but if you dial back the definition to 720P, you can record at 50 fps...........

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20 August, 2013 - Garmin Release 2 Video Cameras - Goes After GoPro Market
Garmin VIRB Cameras
Garmin logo
#Garmin #Video #VIRB - In a busy and thriving action video camera market, GPS manufacturer Garmin has released two high-end portable video cameras that can be used for a variety of sports, amongst others motorcycle riding.

The VIRB and VIRB Elite are camcorders that "tape" 1080P resolution (in other words High-Def) video and 30 frames per second (FPS), and it can take 16 megapixel still photographs while recording video.

The battery will give you 3 hours of video taping. Apart from a bigger size, what sets is apart from its biggest competitor GoPro is a built-in 1.4" LCD screen, allowing you to setup the recorder and to preview your video. Currently on GoPro you need a smartphone or a dedicated accessory to be able to do this...........

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19 August, 2013 - Send And Receive E-mail Everywhere, Even The Sahara Desert
Text Anywhere
Text Anywhere
#Texting #SMS #Adventure - Adventure riding your motorcycle into remote areas of the world, like the Sahara desert, the South American Amazon forest or in downtown New York is fun. Many RTW riders head for areas unknown, exploring vast areas that you only see on the National Geographic TV channel.

Nowadays everyone is equipped with mobile phones, usually smartphones, to keep in touch with the folks back home, or to add their story on their web site. But only 8% of world's surface is covered by GSM mobile networks, so when adventure riding, chances are you will end up somewhere with no phone reception to send your email, text message or to receive them.

Satellite phones are the alternative, but very expensive. Satphones cost a lot of money, and their monthly subscription fees will cost you more than your trip. So how do you stay in touch?

Text Anywhere is a small device that either uses a built-in battery or a 12V feed from your bike. You connect the unit to your smartphone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) via WiFi, and using the smartphone's browser you can send text emails and text messages via the device...........

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2 August, 2013 - UK: Government To Ban Google Glass From The Road?
Google Glass Motorcycle Helmet
UK flag
#Glass #Technology #Politics - So the big news for the Google Glass project is that the UK government is planning to ban its usage on the road, meaning car and motorcycle drivers will not be allowed to use it. First of all I find it incredible that the English politicians are already up in arms about this test project from Google since the beta testers of Google Glass are only in the USA. There are none in the UK! So all they can do is talk about something they have read about.

Secondly, on paper, Google Glass could be an enormous advantage for motorcycle riders. For those of you who ride a bike and use a GPS, being able to see where you need to go without taking your eyes of the road is a blessing...........

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18 July, 2013 - Idea: 3rd Person View For GoPro On A Motorcycle
GoPro 3rd Person View
#Kickstarter #GoPro - Many motorcycle riders have GoPro cameras to immortalize their rides using this nifty video camera. Filmed in full HD (and beyond), sound and lightweight, these cameras can be attached almost anywhere. On your motorcycle, on your helmet and even on your front. There is even one project that places the GoPro very high on your helmet.

This KickStarter project, VuVantage, involves your GoPro and a special harness. Put in the harness, and the video camera will be located several feet above & behind you, like a 3rd person is filming you...........

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17 July, 2013 - Reevu Adds HUD To Motorcycle Helmet Integrated Mirror
Reevu HUD
Reevu HUD
#Reevu #HUD #Helmet - Reevu are those folks that have made several years ago a helmet with an integrated mirror, allowing you to see what is going on behind you from the top of your helmet where a mirror is integrated. This way your eyes would have to travel far less distance to "see" behind you. The idea is pretty interesting, but after a fast "mini-test" I noticed that your eyes needed to get used to the concept and the mirror is actually quite small, which worried me slightly.

Despite several attempts, Reevu never wanted to send over a review helmet for me to test properly, so I can only stand by my original review. Now Reevu are adding more information to the mix. They have what they call the "Intelligent EYE Helmet" device, a device that uses Reevu's own MROPS (Multiple Reflective Optical Systems - the process that makes it possible to see behind you) and projects data from integrated mobile communications into the mirror system. This data is presented to you the way a fighter pilots gets his data, in the form of a Heads Up Display (HUD)...........

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11 July, 2013 - Product Review: Tyredog TPMS For Motorcycles
TyreDog TPMS
TyreDog TPMS
#TPMS #TyreDog #Tires #Safety - Quite some time ago I reviewed a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from Tire Watch. Since then, I have always had the TPMS on my motorcycles, since I'm lazy but safety conscious. I will check tires visually, but can not be bothered to put a pressure gauge to the tires unless I think they need adjustment. A TPMS is heaven sent, since it shows on a display what your tire pressures are.

And believe me, it is important to have the right tire pressure, and also remember that pressures change depending on the load; alone, with pillion and/or with cargo.

My Honda GL-1800 Gold Wing is of a year that doesn't incorporate a built-in TPMS, so I put one on. This time I opted for one from the Taiwanese company Tyredog. Technology has changed over the years, even in TPMS systems...........

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10 July, 2013 - Idea: How Will Garmin’s New Gadget Benefit Motorcycle Riders?
Garmin HUD
Garmin logo
#Gadget #Garmin #HUD - American GPS manufacturer Garmin announced a few days ago a new device. The gadget is not a GPS, but an add-on for GPS software. What it is, is a Heads Up Display (HUD) for cars. The device is placed on your dashboard, paired with your smartphone navigation software (Garmin's StreetPilot or Navigon apps) and then beams navigation instructions on a transparent film that is attached to your windshield. In other words, you will be able to see where you need to go without taking your eyes of the road, a bit like a fighter pilot in a jet fighter airplane.

This is a recent technology that you can see in expensive cars, like top models of BMW, but now you can buy this device for as little as US$129.99. But will it work for motorcycles?..........

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14 June, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your Motorcycle Helmet Into A Pillion Entertainment Center
Patent Helmet Video Screen
#Patent #Helmet #Gadget - Of all the daft ideas I've seen and read, here's a beauty. It's a patent filed last year in the USA, and the patent calls for a screen, let's say a LCD-type computer screen to be mounted to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

This allows the pillion to see a video image on the back of the rider's helmet. I kid you not. One idea of the "inventor" is to put a camera in the front of the helmet, thereby allowing the pillion to see what's on the road. Gulp...........

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12 June, 2013 - CrashLight: Interesting Safety App For Motorcycle Riders
EatSleepRide CrashLight
#EastSleepRide #CrashLight #App - The web site EatSleepRIDE has had a nice iPhone app for a while that is used by motorcycle riders to record their motorcycle trips and share their experiences with like-minded bikers. The app has some nicely designed features allowing you to visualize your ride through the data your smartphone has gathered. You can use it to discover new routes and share photos of your rides.

You can even check to see where your riding buddies are, and if they are close-by, go and join them. But EatSleepRIDE have recently released an in-app purchase (that's when you can activate a subset of your app by paying some money as an app "option") that is very nice and handy and more importantly, offers a good peace-of-mind.

The function is called CrashLight, and what it is, is a function that uses your smartphone's hardware to detect whether you had a motorcycle crash, and if you have, it contacts your "support" team...........

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22 May, 2013 - When Relying On Technology Gets You In Trouble - The Navigon Case
Navigon GPS Bad Navigation
#GPS #Navigon #TomTom - I'll be the first to admit it, I am technology lover; I used technology whenever it becomes available. When decades ago the first portable GPS came out, I immediately took to it like a fish takes to water. The GPS was very simple, it just pointed to the way point you specified, but on a motorcycle, it was heaven sent. All I needed to do was try to stay on route to where the arrow was pointing.

A few years later, the GPS actually told you to turn left or right, making it even easier to use on a motorcycle. Now, GPS has 3D maps, traffic reports, speed camera locations, and where you can find the closest McDonalds.

Recently, you don't need dedicated equipment anymore, a smartphone with the right app will do the trick. So, I have become more and more reliant on this kind of technology, to the point of blindly trusting my GPS.

I run an iPhone with the Navigon GPS app (owned by Garmin). It has its quirks, and at times on rides it makes me go a "strange" direction, but usually no harm, no foul.

But that illusion just got shattered last week ..........

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17 April, 2013 - Idea: Spike Your Bike With Bike Spike
Bike Spike
#Gadget #Tracking #GPS -There's a never ending list of cool projects, products and ideas coming from crowd-funding web sites like Kickstarter. Many have not been created for motorcycles, but some can be used for bikers with some adaptation. One of those projects is Bike Spike.

The Bike Spike project is a very small tracking device that is meant to be installed on bicycles, but shouldn't need much work to be installed on a motorcycle. The hardware has not only a built-in GPS but also communication hardware allowing it to send data via the GSM networks to the web. And from the web, you can see where your motorcycle is via a browser, or by using iPhone or Android smartphones.

The device also has an accelerator module that can see if your motorcycle is crashing...........

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16 April, 2013 - Interphone’s Navigator: GPS Bike
#GPS #Interphone - The Italian Interphone have been making motorcycle intercoms for a long time, and have perfected their product. Their wireless (Bluetooth) equipment is top-of-the-line. Now they're trying their hands on a GPS made specially for motorcycle riders, the GPS Bike.

The GPS Bike looks surprisingly like the older TomTom Rider models (it's a re-badged Ndrive), it has a 3.5 inch screen, rain proof (IPX6), the touch screen can be used with gloves and most important for a company supplying Bluetooth headsets, it has got Bluetooth...........

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10 April, 2013 - Review: StickNFind - Never Lose Your Motorcycle Keys
Stick n Find Review
Stick n Find Review
#StickNFind #Bluetooth #Gadget #Review - We mentioned this Indigogo crowd funding project last year, a product called StickNFind that allows you to find your lost objects with your smartphone. StickNFind are small buttons that you can stick on almost anything, like your dog, cat, luggage, keys, motorcycle helmet, etc, and then using your iPhone or Android phone locate it. The "stickers" can on command beep and/or light up a light in case you are having problems locating the object (or animal or kid).

I was so interested in the crowd funding project I subscribed to it, and true to their word, a package was brought in this week by the postman. Here is the detailed review...........

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27 March, 2013 - Idea: Gadget Rail For Sports Motorcycles
Rocket Rail
Rocket Rail
One disadvantage of riding a sports motorcycle is that there's very little room to place gadgets like GPS, smartphone, GoPro etc. There's no handlebar like what you'd find on a traditional motorcycle onto which you can bolt devices.

Rocket Rail is planning to change that. Rocket Rail is a Kickstarter project, in other words, they are trying to raise the funds to "kickstart" the project. The "inventor" rides a Honda CBR250R and needed space to place phone and GPS.

You can place the proposed Rocket Rail on the bike's fork bolts. No modifications are required to your bike, just use the bolts that are there...........

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26 March, 2013 - Use Your iPhone 5 As A GoPro On Your Motorcycle
VicamPlus Pulley
#Kickstarter #VicamPlus - Many people, myself included, look longingly to those new GoPro video cameras. They are the bizz, but... expensive especially when you wouldn't use them as much as you should. But I do have a great iPhone 5 which can make very decent videos, so why not use that on my motorcycle?

Well, the answer is simple. The Iphone isn't rainproof, nor does it have any capabilities to properly be mounted onto the bike. Also the lens, although not bad at all, is fixed... it can't be changed.

A Kickstarter crowd-funding project that was recently totally funded (plus more money than what they asked for) should be going live shortly. The project is called VicamPlus and is designed by Lou Go and Brent Duke in China.

The VicamPlus is a water proof cover for your iPhone 5, which not only incorporates 3 different lenses but also is made to be used with all of GoPro's mounting hardware...........

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5 March, 2013 - Smartphone Based Alcohol Breathalyzer
Alcootel testing
USA flag
Here's something that might satisfy the safety nazis in France. With their new mandatory-breathalyzers-but-no-sanction-if-caught law in France, every vehicle, including foreign registered ones, will require to have a working breathalyzer onboard, but if you get caught, you'll not be fined (I know, it's stupid but that's politics for you).

The Alcohoot is a Bluetooth device that works are a breathalyzer. It pairs with your smartphone (iPhone in the beginning, Android later) and you blow into the device. The data is sent over to your phone where it is analyzed, but more smartly than the breathalyzers used by LEOs since it uses your gender, age, weight and height to correctly tell you if you should be riding your motorcycle or not.


25 February, 2013 - Motorcycle Manufacturer Smartphone Apps
Apps Zero
Apps Piaggio Multimedia Plaform
#Apps #iPhone #Android - Smartphone like Apple's popular iPhone and Google's Android have not only become popular in the general population, but also with motorcycle riders. Games, navigation, social media, knowledge base are just a few of the apps you can get for your phone. But many motorcycle manufacturers have gotten themselves into the game, and are providing custom-made software for you to enjoy, or enjoy in the future, your motorcycle.

Here's list of apps I've found for the iPhone and Android coming from the motorcycle manufacturer. I'm not listing apps from 3rd party providers unless they are closely associated to the manufacturer, and no apps from the manufacturer's dealers, although I'm impressed by the Harley-Davidson dealers.... I don't think there's one dealer that doesn't have an app.


11 February, 2013 - Study Your Lean Angles With iPhone App Kneeslider
Kneeslider icon
Motorcycle riders love curves, it's what drives most bikers. We'll go out of our way to ride them. But for the serious curve riders, the ones that like putting their knees down, there's an iPhone app that allows you to record the event.

Italian Aspidea have produced an app (for non-geeks that's software), called Kneeslider, that runs on the Apple iPhone that will record the roads you take with many curves. It allows you to measure your performance in the curves, either on the public roads or on tracks. The app records the lean angles and acceleration that the bike is subjected to during the ride...........

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10 February, 2013 - Scoop: TomTom Rider 5 Specs Unveiled By Supplier
TomTom Rider 5
Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom is going to unveil their latest motorcycle-specific GPS in the Dutch motorcycle exhibition in Utrecht at the end of the month. The TomTom Rider GPS has sold well over the years, but until now there has been no updated models. But that is about to change. The TomTom Rider 5 will be launched in the 21st of February, but a German accessories site ( has let the cat out of the bag.

The TomTom Rider 5 will be equipped with a 4.3 inch touch screen (previous model had a 3.5 inch screen), so much bigger and more readable than the current model. But the most interesting thing of the new software is that not only can you specify that you want the fastest or most direct road to your destination, but you can actually tell your GPS to take the road with the most curves!..........

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8 February, 2013 - Your Firestone Tires Treads On Your iPhone
iPhone Firestone Tire Thread
iPhone Firestone Tire Thread
If you have an iPhone 4/4S (not 5) and love the Firestone Champion Deluxe tires that are found often on custom motorcycles, here's your chance to not only protect your precious iPhone smartphone, but also remind you of your favorite motorcycle tires.

100MPH in Australia have a special iPhone silicone case using the using the very recognizable Firestone tire. The protective case can save your iPhone when it falls while improving your grip on the phone.... just like the real tires.

It'll cost you far less than the real tires, only AUS$19.95, but stocks are limited, so if you want one, better hurry.


24 January, 2013 - Product Review: Netatmo, Motorcycle Riding and Garages
Netatmo screen shot
Working in a garage brings not only joy for accomplishing mechanical interventions yourself, but it can also bring danger. Although I was born with two left hands, making me incapable of performing some of the easiest mechanical adjustments (remember, I'm the guy who put paint in an engine instead of oil), I do at times need to work on my motorcycle. Easy things, like in the winter run the engine for some time to make sure that when spring arrives, the bike is ready to go.

And this is where a danger arrived last year. I had started my GS and was running it at idle, and spent some of the time cleaning the bike. Since it was freezing, I had closed the garage door. Stupid mistake. It was only after I had killed the engine and was working on something else in the garage that I noticed that I was feeling drowsy. You guessed it.... CO2.

Since then I have bought myself the Netatmo "gadget"..........

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10 December, 2012 - Gadgets: Find Your Lost Motorcycle Gear The Easy Way
Stick N Find
Stick N Find
I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for my helmet, my motorcycle gear, and often enough my gloves. I'm sloppy, and when I finish my ride, I don't really pay attention where I deposit things. And that's just my motorcycle gear .... I tend to "misplace" stuff all the time.

Technology to the rescue. Currently a project in IndieGoGo (they are currently close to fully funded, but help crowd-fund this to the end), StickNFind is a very small device, the size of a button or quarter, that is stuffed with electronics.

The electronics have several functions; Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, LED and buzzer, and it can be stuck onto virtually any surface. Surfaces like keys, helmets, dogs/cats, backpacks, gloves ... you name it...........

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5 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Motorcycle USB Charger Kit
Burns USB Motorcycle Charger
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Let's face it and not beat around the bush. As a bunch of motorcycle riders we all carry electronic gadgets that need to be charged. And nowadays charging our devices is done more and more via the USB port on our computer, or with special USB chargers. The European Commission has even told mobile phone manufacturers to start using only micro-USB connections for their chargers.

This means that out iPhone, Android, Blackberries, GPS, iPod, etc need to be charged, or just use continuous electrical juice to function. And since motorcycles usually have a nice 12V power supply, you'd say that it would be great to plug in one of your gadgets into the 12V system. But for that you need to special "converter", and that is what we propose as useful Christmas gift...........

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3 December, 2012 - Technology: Bluetooth Motorcycle Gloves - Wireless Control
BearTek gloves
USA flag
When you read the title you ask yourself, like I did when I was scrounging through Kickstarter, why would you want to have Bluetooth enabled motorcycle gloves? And the answer is simple and quite handy; to control your smartphone while riding!

Two guys in the USA have founded BEARTek Gloves and they are looking for funding at Kickstarter. The BEARTek glove is a glove that gets "paired" with your smartphone (iPhone, Android), and from there on in, controls you phone. Controlling your smartphone is done by touching the fingertips of your glove with your thumb (like snapping your fingers)...........

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29 November, 2012 - Product Review: SENA SMH10 Bluetooth Communicator
Sena SMH10
SENA logo
A guest detailed product review by Jonas Granberg, a Swedish national, of the flagship SENA Bluetooth communicator, the SMH10.

The SENA SMH10 is billed as a total communication devices, using Bluetooth 3.0, and allowing you to conference in 3 or 4 other bikers in a group. Its voice commands, stereo music and ease of use should make it excellent for motorcycle riders worldwide.

But is it? Here is Jonas' detailed review. ..........

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21 September, 2012 - Using A BMW K1300 Motorcycle On Water, Properly
Gibbs Quadski Sea
Gibbs Quadski Beach
Water and motorcycles don't really mix, do they? You try to avoid riding in the rain, you take care when washing your bike, and the last thing on your mind is riding your motorcycle into the sea. Unless you are desperate of course. Or if you've got the latest GIBBS Sports Amphibian vehicle.

Called the Quadski, the latest piece of innovative engineering from GIBBS is a combination of a motorcycle, a quad and a jetski. The Quadski is powered by a BMW K1300 engine (the motorcycle part), it has 4 wheels (the quad part) and it rides on water (the jetski part). They decided for BMW engine because of reliability.

The Quadski will give you speeds of around 50 miles per hour (72 kph), both on land and water. ......

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21 September, 2012 - How To Rainproof Your Smartphone On A Motorcycle
Rainproofing smartphone
Smartphones are great, even on a motorcycle. Not only can you stay in touch with your loved ones, but they'll even tell you where and how to go. The problem however is that they are not waterproof, not even rainproof.

So if you're riding your motorcycle, and using a smartphone to do your navigation, you'll need to protect it from rain. Obviously you can purchase one of these expensive rainproof covers. Or you can do what this biker did....;


2 August, 2012 - iPhone Connected Piaggio Scooters
Piaggio PMP/iPhone
Piaggio logo
Piaggio released an optional kit for their X10 series of scooters that allows you to hook up your iPhone (and shortly Android) smartphone to your scooter, which will then tell you, without wires, all your telemetric data, like speed, fuel consumption, battery, when to replace your tires, tire pressure and if you have a GPS/Navigation unit app installed, where to go to get fuel, since it knows when you are running out.

With a large number of extra functions, like your owner manual, downloadable telemetric data and others, you'll not need the old fashion onboard dashboard.

We might even find the Piaggio PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) on Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa models in the near future. How cool is that?

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27 July, 2012 - Ducati: Read All About It - iPad Version
Ducati Red Line Magazine
Ducati logo
Apple's iPad has become a successful publishing platform for newspapers, magazines and books. Many motorcycle magazines have now got an iPad version, and slowly but surely motorcycle manufacturers are starting to get into the game (though I'm still waiting for the manufacturer who releases iPad/Tablet specific motorcycle manuals).

Ducati have got an electric magazine, for free, that you can download and read on your iPad. The magazine, also available in print, is called "Ducati The Red Line Magazine".

The glossy magazine is full of photos of your beloved motorcycles, but in addition to the print version, this one has videos. This edition you'll find an interview with Troy Bayliss, MotoGP, Superbike and the Diavel........

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18 June, 2012 - Puig Simple Bike Alarm
Puig Simple Bike Alarm
If you want or need to protect your motorcycle from theft, you can of course install an expensive alarm with tracking capability, flashing lights and dancing girls. Or you can get one of those demobilizers which include sirens, but are quite bulky to carry.

Or you can get the Puig Simple Bike Alarm. Puig, a Spanish company, makes an alarm that totally conforms to its product name "Simple Bike Alarm". It's small and installing it is a matter of a second or two.

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13 June, 2012 - Would Apple’s Announced Free Turn-by-Turn Nav Turn You On?
Apple vs GPS World
Apple recently announced for their new iPhone operation system, iOS6, free turn-by-turn navigation. In other words, a free GPS, built-in your iPhone with always up-to-date maps.

This compared to motorcycle specific GPS units, like Garmin and TomTom, that come at a premium. But would you use the free service, or would you still use a dedicated GPS? Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 June, 2012 - Garmin Zumo 350LM Motorcycle Specific GPS
Garmin Zumo 350LM
Garmin logo
Garmin have released the latest version of their motorcycle-specific GPS, the Zumo 350LM. In fact, it's a bit disappointing to see that there has not been much evolution, but then again, how much more can you put on a motorcycle GPS?

One of the new features is an incorporated service log. You can now record the dates you had your motorcycle serviced, mileage and what was done. I know there are other devices that do it, like smartphone, but if you use your GPS a lot, it could be a handy feature.

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11 June, 2012 - Apple Motorcycle Panniers - Ultimate Geek Accessory?
Mac Motorcycle Pannier
Mac Motorcycle Pannier
What would you do if you had a few Apple PowerMac G4s lying around the garage not being used? That's obviously what Rick H. in New Jersey was facing. Rick is a Mac consultant, so having a few being used for paperweights is the least of his problems.

But Rick got creative, and since Rick rides a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, he turned the PowerMac into panniers

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4 June, 2012 - If You Are A Motorcycle Riding Audiophile, This Is For You
Logitech Personal In Ear Monitors
Logitech Personal In Ear Adjuster
A lot of you, myself included, like riding your motorcycle while listening to music. Usually that means hooking up your player to in-ear loudspeakers. The sound quality is usually not bad, depending on the quality of the in-ear plug loudspeakers. You can buy generic ones, like the ones that came with your music player or smartphone, or buy custom made ones. The advantage of a custom made ones, is that the fit in your ear is 100% perfect, so they'll not let in any external sound.

But audiophiles will never buy an audio product that is not the top-of-the-top. They'll not think twice to buy gold with platinum connector cables costing $5,000 just because it renders the music just that little better. Well, if you are one of these people, and you want to have perfect, or near perfect, music while riding your motorcycle, this product is for you.

The product comes from Logitech, not a company associated with perfect sound, but there you go. They have released the "Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors", an ear plug that can be customized to your taste.

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31 May, 2012 - Like To See Your Speed and Rev Counter? This Is For You
Max Speed Watch
Max Speed Watch
If you are one of those many people who love watching their speed & rev counters go up and down the numbers, boy - have we got a product for you.

The Max Speed wristwatch is a watch, i.e., you can tell time, but with a twist; a motorcycle throttle twist. Instead of having the conventional, and boring, clock face, you now have a speed and rev counter. The top counter shows you the hours, the bottom one the minutes, both done the way you'd expect a speed & rev counter to do.

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15 May, 2012 - So You Really Want To Be Seen On Your Motorcycle?
Fibre Flare MVP
Fibre Flare MVP
It's a wonder that the French government has not (yet) decided to make this product mandatory for all motorcycle riders, the same way they are making hi-viz clothing mandatory.

But there are a lot of bikers out there who want to be sure they are seen, particularly at night, so this product may be of use to them. The product, called "Fibre Flare MVP" (MVP stands for Maximum Visibility Protection) is a battery powered fibre tube that is fixed to the rear of your helmet. You can mount it horizontal or vertically.

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30 April, 2012 - TapCaps: Using Gloves With Touchscreens On Your Motorcycle
Tap Cap
USA flag
Often we have devices installed on our motorcycles that need to be "managed" while riding. GPS, music players, smartphones, XM radio, etc. It's not a good idea to do so when riding, but at times it can not be helped.

Many of these devices have touchscreens, and the problem is that often they will not work when you have gloves, especially thick motorcycle gloves.

Alice Ning invented a solution that will allow you to keep your motorcycle gloves (you can buy special touchscreen gloves, but they are expensive, and often not made for riding) and still use your touchscreen device. It's called TapCaps, and in fact it's a small sticker/patch put on the finger of your gloves, in the shape of a fingerprint, that allows you to "touch" your device, fooling it into thinking you are touching it with a normal finger.

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18 April, 2012 - Keep Your Motorcycle Boots Dry With A Dryer
Klim boot dryer
To many, especially street riders, having one of these devices is superfluous. A machine to dry your boots? But for many off-road motorcycle riders it can be the difference between a great ride, and an uncomfortable one.

If your boots get wet because of rain, rivers and mud banks, that's just part of off-road life. But once you're finished and you take your boots off, it's another game altogether. If you plan to ride shortly thereafter, like in the next few hours, or even the next day, your boots will probably not dry out in time. And riding with wet boots is anything but fun....

That's where this machine comes in. It's the Klim Boot Dryer, and it can dry out your motorcycle boots within an hour. You can put 4 garments on the machine, like your boots and gloves, and 1 hour later, they are not only dry, but odor and bacteria free.

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13 April, 2012 - Yearning For The Old Times? Get The Simulated Kickstarter
Simulated Kickstarter
If you fondly remember the good old days, when you had to be a "man", preferably a heavy one, to start your motorcycle, then this is the product for you. Remember the days that you had to jump on your kickstarter to start your motorcycle. And remember how difficult it was for the bigger cylinder ones?

Nowadays, all you need to do is press a button and the engine purrs away. But if you still want to remember the old days, the Simulated Kickstarter is for you. It attaches to your motorcycle, and by kickstarting it, it will actually start your engine.

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10 April, 2012 - Find Out What Your Lean Angles Are On The Track, Like A Pro
LeanoMeter Display
LeanoMeter Data
Most professionals when they ride their motorcycle on a track, measure several data items; amongst others the lean angle (or better know as inclination), the G-force encountered, acceleration, etc. Although some modern sportsbike are able to measure some of this data on their own, there's a gadget for those that can not, and want to.

Called the LeanoMeter, the device is self-sufficient and self-standing (in other words, you don't need to wire it to your motorcycle). Place it on your bike, and watch the figures as you evolve through the track. Two modes are available, SafeDisplay, the data are shown after you have taken a curve, and Live Mode, a mode to be used when you have mounted an external camera so you can analyze your behavior and performance after wards.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and watch the video.......


6 April, 2012 - Listen To Music On Your Motorcycle, But Still Hear Traffic
I hear it all the time. Bikers who do not want to listen to music while riding their motorcycle because they are afraid they will not hear the traffic noise. Like a car hitting the brakes to avoid you, squealing past you. Like a cop car behind you trying to get you to pull over for a cavity search. Like that pretty girl (guy) whistling at you to pull over for some fun.

Well, if that is your worry your time for on-the-road-entertainment has come. EarHero is a company that produces earbuds (earphones) of a special kind. They look like regular earbuds, but they have been made in such a way that you can still hear what is going on around you.

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4 April, 2012 - Where To Store Your Earbuds? In Your Ears?
Headphone Ear Storage
Headphone Ear Storage
Many of us bikers use earbuds or ear plugs to prevent us from going deaf on our motorcycle, or just to listen to music when riding. I myself have a nice, custom-made, earphone that gets inserted in my ears, and connected into my iPod.

But the problem is when you're finished with them. Some of these earbuds arrive with a small pouch to store them, but the problem is the wire. It always gets tangled, and before you go on your next ride, you need to untangle them.

Here's a solution for you.

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14 February, 2012 - Beautify Your Gadgets With MotoGP
MotoGP iPhone Skin
MotoGP iPad Skin
Having your iDevice gadget is one thing, making it presentable is another. MotoGP have a series of high quality skins for different sorts of iPhone, iPads, iPods and even laptops, that not only make the shell pretty with motorcycles and logos, but come with matching wallpaper.

Just stick them on, download the wallpaper, and you're in business.


7 February, 2012 - Liquid Image: Ultimate HD Camera Goggles For Motorcycles
Liquid Image Torque HD Goggle
Liquid Image Torque HD Goggle
Liquid Image, a company that makes extreme sports video cameras, have recently released the Torque HD camera goggles for motorcycle helmets.

The Torque HD video camera google not only record in full HD (1080p), or at 720 but at 60 fps, but it also streams to a smartphone app via onboard WiFi.

The motorcycle goggles will be available mid this year for US$399.


24 January, 2012 - Use Alpinestar To Protect Your iPhone
Alpinestar Tech10 iPhone case
Alpinestar logo
Alpinestars is not an unknown company for motorcycle riders worldwide. Alpinestars have been since 1963 giving us clothing, boots, gloves and much more, to not only make us look good on a motorcycle, but also to protect our ass.

Now Alpinestars will protect another important aspect of our lives; our mobile phone. They have a rugged silicone protection case of the iPhone 4/4S. Not only will it protect your smartphone, but also reduce the antenna problem.


9 December, 2011 - France: Police All Seeing Strobe Light
Police All Seeing Beacon Strobe
The French cops got a new high-tech toy to play with, and to fine us with. It's a fully automated strobe light, that has 4 video cameras hidden inside, recording everything we do continuously, and then the onboard computer analyzes it.

It'll be used to track stolen cars & motorcycles, but also to fine you for not wearing seat belts, using your mobile phone, not stopping at a stop sign, picking your nose, etc.

... someone got to pay the €17,000 for this new toy...


5 December, 2011 - Know You Alcohol Riding Limits! There Is An App For That
Alcootel testing
Alcootel smartphone app
Knowing whether you are at the legal limit to ride your motorcycle is quite easy if you have this app.

Made by the French insurance company MAAF, it'll ask you a few questions, and then tell you if you can get on your motorcycle. Available for a large variety of smartphone, and on their web site.

Or you could just blow into your mobile phone, and it'll tell you you're drunk (or you need mints).


14 October, 2011 - Record Your Own Lap Times and Analyze Performance
AIM SmartyCam
Italian AIM company provides you with several options for your track days, riding around on your motorcycle. The easiest and cost effective solution SOLO, a GPS with a built-in database of world's race tracks (but you can add your own), giving you a full analyze of your performance. The GPS device even includes an accelerometer.

But you can get even more. With their SmartyCam, you can not only log your laptimes, you can actually see it with superimposed telemetry data on the video. See what you did right, see where you can improve.


28 September, 2011 - BMW Dealers To Sell Scottoiler
Scottoiler BMW Oil Kit
BMW logo
BMW have signed an agreement with Scottoiler, the system we reviewed a few weeks ago that automatically lubricates/oils your motorcycle's chain, for an exclusive distribution of their system by BMW for BMW motorcycles.

The motorcycles covered by this agreement are the BMW F800GS, F650GS and F800R models, each with their own set of installation instructions.

The product will have a BMW logo on it...


6 September, 2011 - Electronic Earplugs. Has The Time Come?
hd 15 earplug
hd 15 earplug
Has the time come for very small noise cancelling electric earplugs that can be used for riding motorcycle?

It looks like this device fits the bill. Insert it in your ear, and any noise above a certain noise level is blocked. And if you're deaf already, it can also amplify conversations at the same time. Nifty.


1 September, 2011 - TomTom LIVE: Good Idea, But Very Dangerous
TomTom Live Search and Go
A very dangerous idea coming from TomTom. The Dutch GPS manufacturer has released a new service, called Search & Go LIVE, it allows the TomTom GPS to connect to the internet (like Twitter and Expedia) on the go...

In other words, more distractions for car drivers, and more motorcycle accidents because a SUV was playing with the GPS while driving.



25 August, 2011 - Idea For Next Summer: Air-Conditioned Shirt
Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt
Just when you thought it was safe to ride full ATGATT again and not be bothered by the summer heat, here's something that you might consider for next summer (unless you live in the bottom side of the globe):

It's a Japanese short sleeve shirt that has an incorporated air-conditioner. Using two built-in fans, air is circulated through the shirt, cooling down you body. It's not going to work if you're ATGATT, but if the temperature reaches that of hell, who cares?


30 May, 2011 - Are We Getting TomTom GPS With StreetView?
TomTom Streetview Car
Google Streetview Paris Direction
Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom got caught with a 360° camera van taking photos of the roads in Europe.

Does this mean we will be seeing a "StreetView" style GPS on our motorcycles shortly...???..

It does make a lot of sense seeing the actual road you will be travelling.


16 May, 2011 - Knives For Bikers - Handlebar Lever Knife
Handlebar Knife
Knives are always welcome when riding a motorcycle. Not for fighting, but for cutting things off.

Here's an interesting knife, in the shape of a handlebar lever.


27 April, 2011 - Honda Looking At Airbags For Their Motorcycles
Honda Airbag Patent
Honda logo
According to a recent patent filing, Honda is looking at providing airbags for most of its motorcycles.

Looks like Honda wasn't as crazy as we thought when the opted for airbags for their Gold Wing.

But will it work? Will people flock top buy Honda motorcycle because of its airbags?


22 April, 2011 - Getting Too Warm On Your Motorcycle? This Might Help
Coolware Personal Cooling
Staying cool on your motorcycle during hot summers is not as easy as it sounds. When you're moving, things are usually fine with the airflow cooling your down sufficiently. But when the movement stops, body heat rises.

Air-conditioning units for motorcycles are there, but if you live in a place that is hot only a few months of the year, are they worth it? Here's a personal cooling system that might just do the trick. Called Coolware, it sits on your neck, blowing cool air.

This might be THE item for every politician to counter their hot air...


21 April, 2011 - SafeTkick - Making Sure Your Motorcycle Does Not Fall When Parked
Dropping your motorcycle when parking is not fun, specially when your motorcycle is heavier then a car. But motorcycles do topple over when parked in grass, sand, mud or even hot asphalt. There are a couple of devices that prevent your motorcycle from falling over, and here is one of them:

The safeTkick is a simple "coaster" with a bright colored telescopic rod. Easy to place under your kickstand, and not easy to forget when riding away.


5 April, 2011 - Smartphones: Greatest Roads Goes 2.0
Greatest Roads 2
Greatest Roads 2
The iPhone app Greatest Roads has gone version 2.0, giving your much more social content, ability to post to Facebook, and more...

It's currently free, and an Android version will be available shortly.

So what are you waiting for?


25 February, 2011 - Italy: Local Police Adopt Raleri LCD Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Video clip
Remember the product review of the Raleri LCDrive motorcycle helmet visor we did last year? The LCDrive is a motorcycle helmet visor insert, based on LCD technology that turns dark and light, instantaneously, depending on how much sun light there is. It's really handy, and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The local cops in Italy have started using the LCDrive for their motorcycle police. Here's a video showing them adapting their helmets for the visor insert, and going out on a patrol.


18 February, 2011 - Real GPS HUD Info For Any Motorcycle
Route 66 Follow Me
Route 66 Follow Me
Using Augmented Reality with an Android's smartphone camera, GPS navigation software and the Follow Me app from Route 66, you can now safely use this GPS on your motorcycle.

When you look at the phone for instructions, you still get to see the road ahead of you, and to make matters easier, all you need to do is "follow" the virtual vehicles in front of you.



18 February, 2011 - Data Management On Your Harley Using iPhone
You too can have a glass cockpit on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Just like the upmarket cars, you can view your important data on your iPhone while riding your Harley.

Easy to install, no fuss, just look at your data on the run. Perfect and not expensive.


15 February, 2011 - Ads & Motorcycles: Onida Mobile Phones
Ad Onida Mom India
Two print ads from India for a mobile phone maker, telling people not to use the mobile phone on motorcycles or scooters...

... but, aren't they the group the least likely to use a phone?


11 February, 2011 - Remote Control For Givi Top-case
Givi Maxia Remote Control
If you're jealous because those up-market cars can open their trunk by pressing a remote control, now you too can do it.

Givi has announced a €68 remote control for their Maxia top-case that will open the lid with a press of a remote control...

How lazy can we get?


9 February, 2011 - Motorcycle Taxi Meters Coming?
Motorcycle Taxi Meter
Motorcycle Taxi Meter Advertising
A great idea whose time has come! Two American expats living in Thailand have created the world's first motorcycle taxi meter.

No motorcycle taxi have fare meters. The device just don't exist since traditional cage taxis meters don't work on a bike. So they developed a high tech one that looks great.

It's equipped with an onboard GPS, it offers geographical proximity advertising and it has a black box feature that will provide an extra safety bonus for the passengers.

All that for an attractive price that even Asian and African motorcycle taxis should be able to afford.


4 January, 2011 - Music In Your MotoGP Helmet
Musical MotoGP Helmet
Big fan of MotoGP and music? Here's the motorcycle helmet for you. It's a full size MotoGP replica helmet with a built-in sound system:


7 December, 2010 - Christmas 2010: TRON Movie Motorcycle - USB Drive
XMAS 2010 Tron Sam Flynn Black Light Cycle USB Drive
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
With the upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster TRON: Legacy coming up, how about a memorable Christmas gift based on the movie, and good for computer using motorcycle lovers?

The choice of two USB 2.0 portable storage devices shaped as the Light Cycles from the new movie. The Black one has 4 gigs of storage, the White one got 8 GB.


17 November, 2010 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Apple iPhones
Harley iPhone Dock
How about that? You can now combine two status symbols; Harley-Davidson motorcycle and Apple iPhone.

Hell's Foundry are making a replacement fuel tank console that not only accommodates your iPhone, but also charges it on the go.

Now you have no excuse to update your twitter while riding your Harley motorcycle.... NOT


13 September, 2010 - Keeping Yourself Humid - The Motorcycle Way
USB Helmet Humidifier
Breathing in dry air is not very good for you. Many offices are quite dry, as are maybe parts of your home.

Here's a gadget that's handy... the USB powered Motorcycle Helmet Humidifier. Plug it into your PC, and you get instant relive. It'll even light up a LED when it's working.



29 July, 2010 - Ad: Maccabi Healthcare - Funny
Macabi iphone
Not only is this a nice print ad, combining two of my passions; motorcycle and gadgets, but when you go to the advertizers site, the iPhone app is actually really cool, and I wonder why other countries don't provide such a service.


27 July, 2010 - Raleri PCShade Universal Photochromic Visor
Raleri PCShade
Raleri LCD Visor
Two great visors for motorcycle helmets from Italian Raleri.

One, reasonably chap, is a photochromic visor that changes tint depending on the sun light. The other is an electronic one, that changes tint immediately, but is more expensive.

Both visors do not replace your own motorcycle helmet visor, but sit inside it. All most all helmet can be used.


26 July, 2010 - iPhone: Best Motorcycle Roads In France
iPhone France Moto
The guide to the best French motorcycle roads is now available on the iPhone as an app.

Some 100+ roads in France to ride your motorcycle on.


15 June, 2010 - Strapping Your iPhone To Your Motorcycle
4Lock iPhone Motorcycle
Nice iPhone attachment for motorcycles.

Called the 4lock, it's a cool design, rain proof, motorcycle handlebar attachment bracket and it's reasonably cheap, €35.


19 May, 2010 - Beautiful Scooter Desk Lamps
Lamponi Lambretta Lamp
Lamponi Vespa Lamp
Don't you just love these beautiful desk lamps fashioned after Vespa and Lambretta scooters?

The handlebars are the original size.


29 April, 2010 - Autocom Dead, Long Live Autocom
Autocom SuperPro Avi
British motorcycle communication equipment manufacturer Autocom, is one of many victims of the economic downturn.

They have gone belly up. But at least they have been taken over by another UK company, called TecStar Electronics, who already own the StarCom1 equipment.


27 April, 2010 - TomTom Release New Motorcycle GPS - Urban Rider
TomTom Urban Rider
TomTom logo
Dutch GPS manufacturer, TomTom, have released a new motorcycle specific GPS, the Urban Rider.

Based on the Rider 2 GPS, it has been simplified and now includes IQ Routes.


26 April, 2010 - Gear Heads! Want To Buy A Gear Ring?
Kinekt Gear Ring
For those of you who like gears, specially those on motorcycles, here's a nice ring for you.

It's a gear ring, and it actually works. Turn the outer bevel, and all gears start turning. Watch the video...



23 February, 2010 - Patents: Multifunctional Mirror
Selle Italia Mirror Patent
Mutli Function Mirror
An Italian company has filed a patent for a multi-function mirror for motorcycles (and bicycles) that can provide electric information in the mirror.

Telemetric data, GPS navigation, etc can be provided. Eventually, you'll end up with something like this...


16 February, 2010 - iPhone: New Motorcycle Apps
iPhone Speed and Strength
iPhone Motorcycle Dealers and Workshops Australia
There are now 100's of apps available on Apple's iPhone that will satisfy any motorcycle rider.

Here are two recent ones that may interest you, and both are free.


3 February, 2010 - Scala Rider G4 - Motorcycle Communications At Its Best
Cardo G4
Cardo logo
Cardo Systems have upped the ante even further with their latest Bluetooth motorcycle communication device, the G4.

The G4 allows you to connect with 3 other Scala Rider devices, but now with a range of up to 1 mile. You've got full stereo and an onboard RDS FM Radio.

10 hours talk time, while listening to your iPod, FM radio, mobile phone AND GPS navigation instructions. What more do you want?


22 January, 2010 - Motorcycle Air Conditioner To Be Released Shortly
EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner
Back in 2004 we wrote about a new motorcycle portable air conditioner unit coming to the market.

Well, it has reached the point for sales. EntroSys have released the BikeAir-1 unit, a portable Airco unit made specially for motorcycles. The unit will also provide you with hot air, in case you want to ride in cold climates.


21 January, 2010 - iPhone: Greatest Roads for Motorcycles
iPhone Greatest Road
iPhone Greatest Road
Here's a (not free) application for your iPhone that will tell you where the great roads are that you can ride with your motorcycle.

You can find roads on a map, rate them and share them with your friends. You can also show people the roads you like to ride by creating your own.


20 January, 2010 - Garmin Release Low-Cost Motorcycle GPS-Zumo 220
Zumo 220
Garmin have released the specs of their low-end motorcycle specific GPS, the Zumo 220.

Less functions, but with lots of possibilities, price tag is US$599.


19 January, 2010 - India: Trailblazer, Special Motorcycle-Only GPS Launched
TrailBlazer GPS
MapMyIndia have launched an interesting motorcycle-specific GPS (in India).

Apart from the normal functions of a modern technology GPS, it communicates with the rider via FM radio, not Bluetooth. That allows one GPS to provide navigation instruction to many motorcycle via FM. Interesting...


18 January, 2010 - Park Your Motorcycle In A Safe, A Moto Safe
Motosafe Secure motorcycle parking
Parking your motorcycle or scooter in a city is always a hair raising affair, specially when you come back. Is the motorcycle still there, has it been damaged, are the mirrors still on it???

UK company Moto Safe have a motorcycle & scooter storage unit that's cool! It works like the left luggage lockers in airports and railroad stations. Insert coins, store your bike and gear, and off you go.

You can even buy one for home.... nice!


11 January, 2010 - iPhone: Record Your Track Motorcycle Performance
iPhone Motorcycle Track Log
For those of you who regularly test your motorcycle on a track (any kind), and don't have a support crew that will write, record and file all your motorcycle adjustments, here's an interesting application for you.

It's called Motorcycle Track Log and it runs on an Apple iPhone. It will record your motorcycle adjustments per track, per bike and per weather conditions.


7 December, 2009 - More HUD Technology Coming To Your Motorcycle
Recon Goggle HUD
Recon Instruments are launching next year goggles that incorporate Heads Up Display (HUD) info.

Initially meant for skiing, motorcycles are a target group. The goggle displays performance data, navigation data and even mobile phone data.

Between $350 and $450.


26 November, 2009 - What Is Cardo Up To? A New Bluetooth Helmet Attachment?
Cardo Systems Bluetooth helmet neckpad
Cardo logo
Cardo are up to something. They have filed a patent for a motorcycle helmet neckpad Bluetooth communicator.

All the electronics are to be stored in the neckpad, so you'll not see anything on the helmet.

Question is... is this for all helmets, or just for their partnership with Schuberth?


4 November, 2009 - Motorcycles and Duct Tape
A designer/artist has come up with a way to marry Duct tape with LEDs. This opens up a host of ways of "lighting" and fixing your motorcycle at the same time.

Endless possibilities... Will motorcycles ever be the same?


27 October, 2009 - New GPS System For Helmets: Safer?
A motorcycle GPS either shows you where to ride, or tells you via a sexy voice! Right????

Not if Kajimoto labs have their say. They are studying a novel way of telling you when to turn.... they have a device that will pull you ear to turn; left ear for turning left, right ear for turning right....



13 October, 2009 - Trapster: See Where The Cops Have Speeds Traps - Worldwide
Trapster is one of those tools that cops hate, and motorcycle riders love.

It tells you on your smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or J2ME, or on your GPS, where the police traps are. Even the mobile ones.

With 1.6 million users worldwide, it's a real community service. And best of all, it's free...


9 October, 2009 - iBike Rider: iPhone For Motorcycle Riders
iBike Rider
iBike So Easy Rider
Here's a complete system for motorcycle riding iPhone users.

It's a wired solution to allow you to listen to your iPhone (music, phone, etc), and even see what's happening on the screen (GPS Navigation, radar alerts, etc). You can also extend your iPhone's battery life.


18 September, 2009 - Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets And Cardo Systems Ink Deal
Schuberth logo
Cardo logo
German motorcycle helmet manufacturer Schuberth, and American motorcycle wireless communication device maker, Cardo Systems, have signed a partnership deal.

Cardo will be making a new communication device purpose built for Schuberth C3, C2 and other helmets.

They hope to show the new device during the upcoming EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


4 September, 2009 - Tripy: A Growing GPS Provider For The Motorcycle World
Belgium motorcycle GPS manufacturer, Tripy, are getting more and more entrenched in the world of motorcycle rally sports. They have recently signed a single supplier contract for the Dakar rally, and are also the top provider of GPS for the Dark Dog Moto Tour.

Their new GPS, the Trip II, is a jewel for motorcycle rally people, or those that are used to using road books. The Trip II software even prints old fashion paper road books...


31 July, 2009 - Stilo VerbaVolant Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communicator
Italian Stilo are famous for their car rally helmets and communication gear (World champ WRC Loeb uses it to talk to his navigator).

Stilo have released their new Bluetooth communicator for motorcycle helmets, the Stilo VerbaVolant.


28 July, 2009 - Harley-Davidson iPhone Clock
Combining two of the big American icon, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Apple's iPhone/iPod gives you a Harley shaped headlights that functions are radio/alarm/clock with either the music from your Apple gadget, or it plays the roar of a Harley motorcycle.

If that doesn't wake you up.. what will??


28 July, 2009 - Radar Alerts On Your Smartphone
You can now get real-time speed radar alerts on your smartphone (like iPhone or Blackberry) for several European countries.

You'll be warned that you are approaching a fixed, mobile or red light camera on your motorcycle....


22 June, 2009 - Stylish Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Communicator: New Max IDIPhone
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer New Max have released on their IDI brand a very stylish wireless communicator for their even more stylish motorcycle helmets, the ZeroUno and ZeroDue.

Bluetooth 2.1, Stereo, 200 meter range, 10 hours talk time, all in a very nice styled package. This would look good on Brad Pitt.


18 June, 2009 - New Motorcycle Specific GPS - Easy, Simple Cheap
French electronics manufacturer, Danew, have released the motorcycle specific GPS, the E 135 Outdoor.

In sharp contrast with its more well know rivals, this one is not only simple and easy to use, but it's cheap! In fact, it's 2 to 3 times cheaper. In September, it will be going for some €279.


16 June, 2009 - Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation In France iPhone Edition
I have made my first Apple iPhone compatible website, listing all motorcycle friendly accommodation in France.

You should be able to "see" it on normal browsers, and it works quite quickly.


9 June, 2009 - Listen To Stereo Music On Your Garmin Zumo 550
Have a Garmin Zumo 550 and want to listen to full stereo in your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset? We all know that the Zumo has a MP3 player, but it's not stereo (when connected via Bluetooth).

Collett from Canada have a device that you plug into the Zumo 550, that streams the sound in full stereo. There you go, now you can listen to stereo music without any wires.


5 June, 2009 - AKE Release New Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles
AKE logo
German motorcycle communication devices manufacturer AKE, have released their latest wireless headset, the Helmset 201.

Ultra thin, this Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP communicators slides into the neck-guard of your motorcycle helmet. It features full stereo and an extended operating range (typically 250 meters).


27 May, 2009 - Review: BikerCom - Ultimate Motorcycle Communication Gear? #3
BikerCom Control Box
BikerCom to iPhone phone call
Part 3 or 3 parts extensive product review of the BikerCom wireless communicator for motorcycles.

This last part deals with the testing of the equipment itself. Both solo and dual riding options, with phone, iPod, GPS and walkie-talkie.


27 May, 2009 - Review: BikerCom - Ultimate Motorcycle Communication Gear? #2
BikerCom Hub control unit
Part 2 or 3 parts extensive product review of the BikerCom wireless communicator for motorcycles.

This part deals with the setting up of the gear, and all its options. Lots of detailed and big sized photos, so let the article load.


27 May, 2009 - Review: BikerCom - Ultimate Motorcycle Communication Gear? #1
BikerCom box
Part 1 of 3 parts extensive product review of the BikerCom wireless communication gear for motorcycles.

BikerCom is a central hub type system, that out-of-the-box, connects you with your pillion, mobile phone, music, radar detector and walkie-talkie (for bike-to-bike). You can select wired or wireless, and you have many options in setting up your equipment.


25 May, 2009 - Review: MotoGP for iPhone
A product review of the Apple iPhone application MotoGP.

This is the official application provided by MotoGP, and you can "see" how a race progresses through live timing and commentary. Plus, there's a lot of interesting info for anyone interested by the MotoGP world and motorcycles.


21 May, 2009 - Easy Way Of Opening Gates /Garage Doors From Your Motorcycle
Here's one handy gadget for those if you who have a gate or garage door.

Instead of using a remote control, or even, gasp, open it manually, just equip your self with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, and Blue Guard.

Come within 10 meters (33 feet) of the unit, and the gate opens automatically. You don't need to do a thing! Handy and cheap, US$200.


12 May, 2009 - Finally A Real Motorcycle Specific GPS
Here's the motorcycle specific GPS I've been waiting for. MotoMap is a concept GPS that looks and feels like the traditional motorcycle maps, ie, it sits on our fuel tank.

It's still a concept, but very promising. It uses a solar panel for the juice and E-Ink flexible display technology.



28 April, 2009 - Record Your Motorcycle Ride in High Def
vholdr ContourHD camcorder
VholdR have just released world's first full HD, and lightest camcorder that is totally wearable.

It's a video camera that has been made for people like us, who ride motorcycles, and love to record the action.

The camera is 30 or 60 fps, 16:9 wide-screen and full HD. Plus it records 8 hours, rain proof, dust proof and will withstand shocks.

So it will likely still keep filming you while you are being carted into the ambulance...


16 April, 2009 - Controlling Your Gate/Garage Door Via Mobile Phone
Interesting gadget. GateSlave allows you to open/close your gate/garage door by using your mobile phone!

Just call your gate (do not worry, it will not answer, so no charge), and it'll open and close if your phone number is registered. You can register phone numbers, even for a limited time period, via a web site.

Easy, simple...


15 April, 2009 - Mio C523 V2: New Motorcycle GPS
mio-c523v2 GPS
Mio c523v2 GPS in ridermode
Mio from Mitac (the folks who bought Magellan) are releasing a "dedicated" motorcycle GPS.

Based on their car GPS, the C523, they added "V2" to it, and made it a motorcycle GPS. It does have some motorcycle friendly features (like rider mode that allows you to see several turning instructions in a split screen), but it also has digital TV!

TV?? On a motorcycle?


3 April, 2009 - Hot Articles: Throat Microphones
Links Article
A new article series, introducing a product type, and then referring you to another site that has many of those products listed.

The product in question for this article is THROAT MICROPHONES.


1 April, 2009 - Aerostich: Remote Control Zipper
Aerostich are coming out with the very first, remote controlled, electric zippers.

The electric zippers can be added to your motorcycle suite, and will allow you to open and close vents that are hard to reach while riding your motorcycle.

Isn't technology beautiful...


24 February, 2009 - BikerCom - Ultimate Wireless Motorcycle Communication Gear?
BikerCom Control Box
BikerCom Bluetooth helmet
Taiwan based Open Road Solutions have an interesting Bluetooth communication devices coming out for motorcycles. Called the BikerCom, this Bluetooth 2.0 device is a hub that connects to everything with and without wires (GPS, phone, bike-to-bike, coffee maker) and then sends the sound to your helmet via Bluetooth.

Interesting enough, their hub, called the "Control Box", allows for two different Bluetooth connections and pipes them through to your helmet.

Their kit also includes a PTT button for those equipped with a walkie-talkie.

PS... they're looking for dealers!!


19 February, 2009 - New Generation GPS Radar Warning Systems
AlerteGPS G520
AlerteGPS have released the new generation GPS speed radar warning system, the G520.

Not only does it warn you that you are approaching a fixed speed radar, but also warns in you in Real Time, on mobile speed traps. See a mobile speed trap, press a button, and the whole world knows.

A bit like CB warning on Smokeys, or like here in France, flashing your headlights...


16 February, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Going Bluetooth
Harley Road Tech Bluetooth
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles have released their version of a Bluetooth helmet headset.

Using the Bluetooth 2.0 protocol, it allows you to listen to stereo music, talk on the phone or listen to your GPS give you navigation instructions.

The unit is rain proof, and can be moved from helmet to helmet.


27 January, 2009 - Review: Nolan N103 Motorcycle Helmet With N-COM
Nolan 103 modules
Nolan logo
A very detailed product review of the Nolan 103 motorcycle helmet with N-COM Bluetooth.

A very good, if not excellent, helmet, with a very good wireless communication module (which can be purchased as wired or Bluetooth).

The review is very long, so if you decide to have a look, let it load.


12 January, 2009 - Music ON You Motorcycle Helmet - Not IN!
TuneBug Quake
Until now, if you wanted to listen to music or sound on your motorcycle, you needed to place loudspeakers inside your helmet. Either loudspeaker, or earphones.

With the new TuneBug you will not need to do this anymore. Just place the device against your helmet, and you will be listening to music without the wires.


22 December, 2008 - GPS Study Case: Moto GPS
Moto GPS design
A GPS need not look like all other GPSs out there, square box with buttons.

Here's a very interesting GPS design, unfortunately it's only a design study, not a real product. The Moto GPS is round, like a compass, uses Bluetooth and a touch screen. It's simple in design, and elegant on any motorcycle.

Dear Santa (read Garmin or TomTom), how about one next year?


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Red Light Changer
Red Light Changer
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Ever get stuck on your motorcycle waiting for a red traffic light to turn green, but will not. That's because it probably one that "senses" a vehicle waiting.

But since motorcycle have a low magnetic presence, this little device will increase your magnetic presence (your motorcycle, not yours), triggering the red light. And it's legal...


11 December, 2008 - Surviving Winter On Your Motorcycle
Snow inside car
Just because it's winter out there, doesn't mean that you've got to stop riding your motorcycle...

But you've got to equip yourself appropriately.

Here's a list of stuff you may need, or not, whatever turns you on..


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Ducati Sandisk USB Flash Drive
Ducati Sandisk USB flash drive key
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

We've all got computers right (if not, you wouldn't be reading this)? Here's something that will make you and your computer happy;

The Ducati SanDisk USB flash drive key. Like a Ducati, it's sleek, sexy and very fast. 20 Mb/sec and 4 Gigs of memory.

Even if you don't have a Ducati, this is going to look really cool on your computer...


3 December, 2008 - Protecting Your Motorcycle Trailer
Trailer Dog Security TD 6000 G
Protecting your motorcycle trailer from theft is not easy. Chains and padlocks are not enough.

Trailer Dog Security have several alarms, one of them even is solar powered.

How much is your trailer worth to you..


24 October, 2008 - Midland BT2 Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
Midland BT2
Midland have a new generation Bluetooth communication device for motorcycle riders. The BT2.

The intercom uses Bluetooth 2 A2DP (so full stereo), and connects either via Bluetooth or WITH wires to music, GPS, PMR and/ or mobile phones.

Their helmet unit is waterproof and you can match its color with that of your helmet.


22 October, 2008 - iPhone Motorcycle Applications
Moto Chaser
So far, there's only one motorcycle related application available on the Apple iPhone.

It's a game (cheap, costing 0.79 cents) and it's called Moto Chaser.


1 October, 2008 - GPS With No Screen: Ideal For Motorcycles?
Kapsys Kapten GPS receiver
French company Kapsys have released a credit card size GPS with no screen. It's vocal commands only.

It's also a MP3 player and FM radio. You can purchase Audio Guides to guide you through main tourist attractions, and city maps for most major European cities. At this moment it's French only, but I'm sure that might change.

Could be very interesting for motorcycles, since you don't need to be looking at a screen on your handlebar all the time.


3 September, 2008 - Review: ChatterBox XBi
ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth motorcycle communicator
ChatterBox logo
A complete and detailed review of the ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth communications device for motorcycles.

Bluetooth 2, Stereo, additional analog music input and intercom.


2 September, 2008 - New GPS For Motorcycles: Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
German Becker have released details of their for-motorcycles GPS, the Crocodile.

Rubber coated, rugged, water resistant, real 3-D navigating, the unit has been optimized for motorcycles.

Available next month, it'll cost you €300.


25 August, 2008 - Mini But Full Fledged GPS Tracking For Motorcycles
GPS Tracking Key
Here's an interesting GPS Tracking device. It's a an USB Key with a powerful magnet.

It means you can install it anywhere without any tools. Use it to find out where your motorcycle has gone (with or without your permission), or use it to store your favorite routes. Interfaces with Google Earth.


20 August, 2008 - How NOT To Make A Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
Stow and Talk communicator
Here's a typical example on how NOT to make a Bluetooth communication device for motorcycles.

Made in Taiwan, the Stow 'N Talk has way too big, and what's worse, they have a unit in the back that allows the pillion to talk (shout) to the rider.



19 August, 2008 - Chatterbox XBI Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
ChatterBox XBi
ChatterBox XBi mounted on a motorcycle helmet
ChatterBox have released their XBi Bluetooth intercom for motorcycle helmets. The XBi can work on its own, or with another unit.

Bluetooth Version 2.0 and A2DP are used, so you have full stereo and less battery drain.


15 August, 2008 - Color Motorcycle Helmet Mirror Camera Thingymething
SAM HCS motorcycle helmet
Lots of gadgets built into helmet
The SAM HCS is a dual color camera system mounted on your helmet, that through small LCD screens on your visor will show you what going on behind you on your motorcycle.

The LCD screens can be placed on your motorcycle as well. It's not apparent how big the screens or cameras are.


29 July, 2008 - Review: Parrot SK4000 - Wireless Communications and Music for Motorcycles
Parrot SK4000 box
Detailed review of the Parrot SK4000 Bluetooth communication and entertainment device designed for motorcycles.

Full stereo music, FM Radio and Bluetooth mobile telephone. Includes a remote control located on the left handle bar.

Verdict: Interesting and well designed unit, with fantastic sound. A concert hall in your helmet! Too bad it's for one person only.


9 July, 2008 - Radar Information In Your Motorcycle Helmet
HARD motorcycle helmet warning system
Riding your motorcycle with a radar detector is great, since you'll probably avoid a lot of speeding tickets. However, you need to keep an eye on the detector on your handlebars.

Legal Speeding Enterprises has a system called HARD (Helmet Assisted Radar Detection) that works wireless in your helmet. A small LED will start blinking when it detects a radar.

Watch out... a smokey with a Kodak...


27 June, 2008 - Impress Your Motorcycle Buddies: Sat-Nav
Sat Nag fake GPS
Don't believe in GPS? Can't afford one? Still want to look "in"and with it?

Here's the solution: Sat-Nag. It's a cheap device, that looks like a GPS, but instead gives you nagging comments. Funny...


26 June, 2008 - See What is Going On Behind You
Rear viewing jacket
Tired of using your old fashion mirrors when riding your motorcycle? Want to go really high tech? Those TV monitors replacing your mirrors is sooo passé...!

How about a jacket with a built-in video camera, and a LCD screen on your left wrist? That'll do the trick, and it evens works when you're not on your motorcycle.


18 June, 2008 - New IMC Camos Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets
IMC Camos BTS 30
German IMC have 2 new Bluetooth communicators for motorcycle riders, the IMC Camos BTS 200 and 300. Both offer full stereo (Bluetooth 2 A2DP), plus some nifty designs. The difference between both units is the range. The BTS 200 is standard Bluetooth range of 10 meters, while the BTS 300 offers up to 500 meters.

Both units are available in the USA thanks to


16 June, 2008 - BikeBug: Bugging Your Motorcycle
Ever wonder what your motorcycle is up to at night while you're at sleep....

Wonder no more... BikeBug is a matchbox sized GPS/GSM tracking device, that will report if your motorcycles is gone out for the night.


11 April, 2008 - Bluetooth Sunglasses
Interbrand Bluetooth Sunglass
How cool is that? Sunglasses equipped with a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to talk on your phone hands free.

The phone bit probably wouldn't work on a motorcycle, but you should be able to listen to your GPS or music while riding. Cool.


20 February, 2008 - Akuma: First Use Of The SunShift Photochromic Visor
SunShift visor
Helmet manufacturer, Akuma, are the first ones to use the SunShift Photochromic Visor in their product range.

A touch of a button on your helmet, and your visor changes tint, up to 60% darkness.

Isn't life beautiful with all these great gadgets...


12 February, 2008 - AKE Introduces the BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater
AKE BlueCom 102
AKE logo
German communication gear manufacturer, AKE, have released a very interesting device for us motorcycle riders that enjoy wireless communications.

Called BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater, the 102 is a Bluetooth (version 2) small device, that's NOT installed on your motorcycle, that enables you to interconnect different Bluetooth manufacturers' headsets. E.g., you can interconnect a Scala with an CellularLine Interphone. Or different Bluetooth enabled helmets, like a Nolan and a Dainese.

All that with a 65 grams package. Interesting!


11 February, 2008 - Wireless Impact Guardian: More Than A WIG
Brycen Spencer helmet WIG
Brycen Spencer has invented a life saving device for us motorcycle riders.

Called WIG (Wireless Impact Guardian), it's a device mounted inside a motorcycle helmet, that when sensing an impact, gives the rider 60 seconds to disable the alarm. If it's not disabled, the device calls 911, and includes the exact geographical location of the crashed rider.

Pretty cool!


31 January, 2008 - Busy Motorcycle Cockpit: Too Much Data?
Honda Varadero cockpit
Sometimes I needs a bit more information when riding one's motorcycle. But how much data do we need?

Here are four examples of bikers who want it all .... install extra batteries for all the electric power, and off you go...

Judy, Judy, Bogey at 4 o'clock!!!


18 January, 2008 - Michelin Chucking It In: GPS That Is
Michelin logo
Michelin is stopping development of its small portable GPS units, viaMichelin.

The competition from the likes of Garmin, Mio and TomTom is to hot & heavy, so they'll be concentrating on their excellent website.


17 January, 2008 - Scala Rider Ups The Ante With The Q2
Cardo Scala Rider Q2
One of the leading suppliers of wireless motorcycle communication devices, Cardo Systems, have a latest generation Bluetooth enabled device called the Q2.

The Q2, like the other Scala Rider devices use Bluetooth to communicate, but the Q2 is designed to be used for Bike-to-Bike communications between 3 riders!!!

Use it up to a distance of 500 meters/1640 feet. Also includes FM radio. Woooow!


14 January, 2008 - Rear View Camera
Cerevellum Rearview Monitor
Designed for bicycles, the Cerevellum Rearview Monitor could easily be used on sports motorcycles.

When you're not in the position to look into your mirrors (on tracks you don't have any..), this is a nice solution which would not break the bank.


4 January, 2008 - New Low Cost GPS Motorcycle Tracking
BikeGPSTracking are offering a new, low cost, unit that enables not only to track your motorcycle's exact position, but also raise an alarm in the case of you leaving your motorcycle without the desire to leave your motorcycle (ie, you're thrown off), in case of panic, or if your motorcycle is being nicked...

All that for a mere US$ 349.


3 January, 2008 - Fed Up With The Voice On Your GPS?
Record your navigation voice
Tired and fed up with the navigation voice in your GPS?

No more.... Here's a web site that will allow you to record any voice (and any instructions) that you can then download to your GPS.

Talk about your wife nagging you.... now you can really listen to her, or your boss, or kids, or even your dog.


17 December, 2007 - Rugged GPS
Jeep RT300 GPS
Jeep are launching for January 2008 a rugged GPS that could be used for motorcycles.

Rugged, probably rainproof, touchscreen, costing US$300.


6 December, 2007 - TomTom GPS and Google Maps Team Up
TomTom logo
TomTom has teamed up with Google Maps to save your waypoints from Google Maps to the TomTom GPS.

It's nice, but still the free and excellent TYRE program does it better.


15 November, 2007 - Motorcycle Specific GPS: XRoad RM-A4000
XRoad RM-A4000
There's a new motorcycle specific GPS on the market! After Garmin and TomTom, we now have the Xroad RM-A4000.

Korean, light, it's equipped with Bluetooth, and can play music and movies.

Cost: around US$ 600.


30 October, 2007 - AKE Looking For Dealers In The USA
News Article
German motorcycle communication gear manufacturer, AKE, have asked me to tell you that they are actively looking for distributors (especially in the USA, but elsewhere as well).

So if you're interested in distributing their communication products for motorcycles, contact them.


30 October, 2007 - TomTom Rider GPS, Route Planning and Google
TYRE application
If you've got a TomTom GPS (like Rider) and you wan to plan in advance a trip, you're doomed! Garmin does it with a PC application (MapSource), but not TomTom.

Now, thanks to a free application developed for the motorcycle community (but that can be used by anyone), you can plan a trip using TYRE, assisted by Google Maps or Google Earth!

Nothing is easier than making a comprehensive itinerary with TYRE. Point and click, that's it. Once done, "fly" through the route to have a bird's eye view, then upload to your TomTom.

This is what TomTom should have done in the first place!


19 October, 2007 - Another Wall Clock In Form Of Motorcycle
Motorcycle Wall Clock
Here's a nice gift for the young ones.

A Motorcycle Wall Clock. Runs on batteries, and roars every hour on the hour.


18 October, 2007 - Review: AKE Powercom/Bluetooth 101
AKE Powercom Innova
Here's our very long review of the AKE Powercom and Bluetooth Headset 101 communication products for motorcycles.

It's German, well built-, effective and not cheap. But it works like a charm, and you can add things to it on the fly.

Verdict: Very Good!


9 October, 2007 - Keychain GPS
Keychain GPS
How small can a GPS get?

Here's a GPS fitted into a keychain.


22 August, 2007 - See Spot Find!
Spot Satellite Messenger
Spot is an interesting and reasonable cheap personal satellite tracking device. Four buttons, with the possibility to alert authorities in case of real emergencies, or allowing your friends and relatives to track your position in real-time.

At their prices, this could be of interest to anyone going into areas that are not covered by cell phones.


20 August, 2007 - Tracking Your Tracks Using USB Key
Trackstick GPS USB device
If you want a cheap device to record your motorcycle trip, Trackstick is a USB key device that incorporates a low power GPS.

Record up to one month of tracks, plug in to your computer (USB port), and visualize on Google Earth.


17 August, 2007 - Wired Helmet Headsets - Tork
Tork Max
For all of you who still prefer to be wired to your motorcycle for your communication needs, here's a look at some headset gear and an intercom.

Made by USA based Tork, they look good and are reasonably priced.


9 August, 2007 - BlueBike - Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
BlueBike Premium
Another Bluetooth communication device for motorcycles is launched. It's German, and it's called BlueBike.

The system is modular, starting with just a helmet unit, and can evolve into a complete communication unit, including Bike-to-Bike, music (stereo), etc.


24 July, 2007 - Wearable Videocam
Hands free camera
A Swedish designer has designed the prototype of a hands free, wearable, camera.

The devices transmits images and sound without wire to a recorder (presumably a mobile phone). Still in concept form, this is one device that could see a market.


12 July, 2007 - Bad Taste #72537 ?
Wall-clock in shape of a motorcycle
Tacky ? A wall-clock in the shape of a motorcycle, that every hour will rev up, and go through the gears.

How long before you find it in pieces?


12 July, 2007 - AKE Motorcycle Communication Center
AKE Powercom central hub
German AKE have a large series of communication devices for motorcycle riders. Their central communication hub allows you to ride while listening to stereo music, GPS, mobile telephone, walkie-talkie and your pillion.

They now offer you all of the above, without being wired to your motorcycle. Bluetooth to the rescue.


3 July, 2007 - TomTom Coming With Live Video GPS?
TomTom Video GPS
TomTom logo
It looks like TomTom are preparing a GPS that incorporates a live video feed of the road in front of you.

Quite interesting, specially since they seem to be superimposing the GPS data!


26 June, 2007 - USB 2 Motorcycle Engine
USB Motorcycle Engine hub
Here's a gadget that will not be misplaced on the desk of any motorcycle riding geek. The USB 2 Hub in shape of a motorcycle engine.

The engine works, has a kick starter and gear change, and makes a lot of noise !

Enhance your computer and your co-workers lives!


22 June, 2007 - Review: HelloBiker - Bluetooth Intercom
Hello-Biker motorcycle phone and intercom
Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycles are becoming quite popular. Being able to talk to your pillion passenger, and even talk on the mobile phone, is a great technology advantage, specially when it's done without wires.

Here a very detailed review of the Italian SpyBall Hello-Biker Bluetooth intercom.


21 June, 2007 - Motorcycle Wristwatches
Motorcycle wristwatch sculpture
Motorcycles can be seen as a form of art, but these wristwatches transformed into motorcycle sculptures are art.

Someone had a lot of time on their hands (pun intended), and transformed these wristwatches into motorcycles. Really nice!


15 June, 2007 - Long Way Down Duo Uses Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman with a Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman did not opt for a classical motorcycle GPS, like a TomTom or Garmin.

Instead, they got the latest (and not yet available) Nokia 6110 mobile phone with integrated GPS.

Where there any maps for Africa on it... that's the big question.


24 May, 2007 - Low Tech, But Cheap Motorcycle Intercom
BackChat intercom
Sometimes the simplest way can be the easiest way. Motorcycle intercoms are becoming very high-tech and complicated.

If all you want to do is talk to your pillion, maybe a string a 2 cans will do the trick?

BackChat is NOT a piece of string and cans, but it's close. It's cheap and it works, and you'll never run out of batteries!


23 May, 2007 - Review Cardo’s Scala Rider Teamset
Cardo Scala Rider Teamset box
A detailed product review of the Cardo Scala Rider Teamset, the Bluetooth intercom for motorcycles.

Use your mobile telephone (with Bluetooth) and intercom while riding your motorcycle.

Here's how you install it and use it. Find out what we think of the unit.


22 May, 2007 - BlueVirtu- Bluetooth Communication Device for Motorcycles
Dimton BlueVirtu BSH-01
Taiwan company, Dimton, have two interesting Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycle riders.

First is the BSH-01, an A2DP Bluetooth headset, that gives you stereo in your motorcycle helmet. Phone, music and intercom/

Second is the BAT-01, a communication device that accepts 4 wired devices (GPS, Bike-to-Bike, Music and phone), and sends it via Bluetooth to your helmet. Interesting is that you don't need to have the BSH-01 headset, but can use your own.


14 May, 2007 - Dianese Beta Testing Bluetooth 2 Helmet and B2B
Dainese Airstream Course Infinity with Bluetooth
Dainese are beta testing a new Bluetooth equipped motorcycle helmet, which includes bike-to-bike capabilities.

The helmet uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology (better battery life, less powerful transmitter), and it's equipped with a bike-to-bike transmitter.

Beta testers (some 200 per country in Europe) will receive a free mobile phone in order to take snap shots and videos.


8 May, 2007 - OnTrak - More Motorcycle Tracking GPSs
OnTrak GPS Tracker
GPS trackers are getting smaller and smaller, and cheaper. They are so small now, you can fit them anywhere, and no-one will know.

Here's the UK based OnTrak. It's small and it sends you a SMS with the coordinates and closest motorway.



2 May, 2007 - Twenty20 - Motorcycle Helmet Camera
Twenty20 helmet camera
Helmet cameras for motorcycles are becoming plentiful, cheap and less and less heavy.

Here's the latest piece of hardware. It's from Twenty20, and it's probably the lightest one on the market.

But remember, these cameras do not record! You need to strap your VCR to your back...


23 April, 2007 - Make Your Bike Sound Like A Real "Bike"
Fun Article
Riding a bicycle can be very dangerous, specially since no one can hear you.

That's about to change with the SoundOfMotion device. Now, your bicycle can sound like a Harley-Davidson, or a horse, or a steam train.

Now, imagine 100 Hells Angels or Mongols coming to the local bar on these... ;-)


17 April, 2007 - Special Motorcycle Backpacks - Axio
Axio motorcycle backpacks
Thanks to Liam at the MotoGP blog, MotoLiam, I now know of a real, purpose built for motorcycles, backpack.

The company is called Axio (they are now sponsoring the Ducati Antin MotoGP team), and they make really nice, hard shell, backpacks for motorcycles. There... aren't you glad you tuned in today...


12 April, 2007 - TomTom’s New Motorcycle Specific GPS
TomTom Rider2
TomTom have released their latest version of the motorcycle specific GPS, Rider 2.

There's extra hardware in the package (a Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth headset), a RAM mount, and an optional car kit.

What's more interesting, is their new "buddy" system, that allows you to see where your buddies are on your GPS map.


2 April, 2007 - TomTom Getting Ready To Launch Rider 2
News Article
Looks like Dutch Motorcycle GPS manufacturer TomTom are getting ready to launch their new Rider 2 motorcycle GPS. They slipped up, and put a flash animation for a short time on their corporate website.


29 March, 2007 - Smart Motorcycle Sunglasses
The University of Washington have developed sunglasses that at the touch of a button change tint.

The tint change, or transparency change, is accomplished by a low voltage battery, and is instantaneous. No waiting !

These sunglasses look like winners (as long as they change the shape a bit - Help Oakley!!).

Can't wait for them to hit the market.


22 March, 2007 - Another GPS Tracking Device - AnyTrack USA
GPS Trackers used to be a rare thing, and only affordable by big companies with deep pockets.

Not so anymore. A few days ago we showed you the UK based CATSeye GPS Tracker and Tracking service.

Now, it's the turn of USA based AnyTrack.

Based on the same principles, GPS and GSM technology, hooked up to a tracking website, you can now track your precious motorcycle, dog, child or lover...


20 March, 2007 - World’s Smallest Motorcycle Tracking Device
An English company is finishing the production of world's smallest tracking device. Called CATSeye, the unit, the size of a box of matches, has onboard GPS, GSM and RF transmitters.

The unit can be fitted anywhere on your motorcycle (or other precious things, like quad, car, laptop, or even child or dog). With a website that allows you to track your device, you'll always know where the device is, even if it's inside a building.

In the UK, they offer 24/7 Asset Tracking Teams that will go and find your asset.

A very nifty device. They're looking for distributors, so if you're interested, contact them.


6 March, 2007 - Pogo Alert - Speed Radar Warning For The UK
The UK is a country full of speed radars. They probably have one of the most dense populations of radars in the world.

It's therefore not surprise to see a special speed radar warning device in the UK. Called the Pogo Alert, the small device not only has a database of all fixed radar positions (and accident blackspots and schools), but also senses infrared cameras, and you can bolt-on a laser radar detector.

Just watch out using the device in Europe. It's totally illegal now in Switzerland, and even in France.


1 March, 2007 - Tracker/Alarm/Monitor
Siemens AySystem
Siemens have released a new gadget called the AySystem. It's very small, and will monitor movement, temperature, sound and location. If anything is wrong (you define what's wrong), it will send the data via text message or directly to a web site. You can also bolt-on a GPS to get an accurate fix, or use a GSM tracking service.

Nice gadget if you're going RTW, and want other to know where you are at any moment.


19 February, 2007 - 1946 Vespa, Clock Not Scooter
Vespa Clock
Having a 1946 vintage Vespa scooter would be really nice, but with a limited budget, you can get a 1946 Vespa headlight turned into an analog clock.

Nice clock to have on your desk so that you can daydream...


31 January, 2007 - Dodging Speed Cameras
Motorcycle plate flip SpeedFlip
Most anti-speed camera stuff comes from the USA, but here's one manufacturer of an electronic license plate flip-up device from the UK.

It's highly illegal to use, but ... who knows...


23 January, 2007 - Review CellularLine Interphone - Bluetooth Intercom
CellularLine Interphone box
A detailed product review of the CellularLine Interphone; a Bluetooth communication device for motorcycles. Intercom, Phone or bike-to-bike communications.

Extended range (100-150 meters) makes it ideal for when riding with a buddy, or use it with your pillion passenger.

Have a read.


11 January, 2007 - HelloBiker: Bluetooth For Motorcycles
HelloBiker Bluetooth intercom
Italian electronics manufacturer Cobra has a Bluetooth intercom made specially for motorcycles.

Called HelloBiker, you can get a single unit, or a dual unit.


8 January, 2007 - 2006 Statistics: The Gadgets
Statistics Article
A closer look at the your search patterns for 2006 with regards to the gadgets and accessories. Bluetooth lives !


7 January, 2007 - Garmin Launches Zumo 450 Motorcycle GPS
Garmin Zumo 450
Garmin launched the Zumo 450 motorcycle specific GPS, a low(er) cost version of the Zumo 550.


28 December, 2006 - Passing The Message
Sometimes you just want to pass a message to other people on the road.

Here's your chance to be seen, and to pass on that message.


6 December, 2006 - SuperTooth - Bluetooth For Motorcycles
Supertooth Moto
We're seeing them coming out of the woods, more and more Bluetooth equipped gadgets for motorcycles.

Here's one from Hong Kong, the Supertooth Moto.

Cheap (cheaper than most), but limited in functionality.


30 November, 2006 - Cellular Bluetooth Interphone - Update
Web Article
After a long wait, I finally got the answers I was looking for with regards to Cellular's Bluetooth intercom for motorcycles, the Interphone. Here they are....


27 November, 2006 - Cellular - Bluetooth Intercom and Bike-to-Bike
CellularLine Interphone
Italian Cellular company claim to have a Bluetooth device for motorcycles, that gives you not only wireless intercom facilities (and GSM phone), but also bike-to-bike communications with a range of 150 meters.

The company was not available for comments...


21 November, 2006 - Derbi X-Vision - TV on your Motorcycle
Derbi Mulhacen 659 X-Vision
Derbi logo
Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Derbi, showed a prototype motorcycle, called the 659 Mulhacen X-Vision, that has an onboard LCD TV Screen and strategically placed cameras.

This allows you to record your motorcycle ride, and download it later to your computer and internet.


11 October, 2006 - Pet Trailer For Motorcycles
WAGS Motorcycle Pet Trailer
You no longer need to choose between taking your pet or spouse with you on your motorcycle.

The WAGS pet trailer allows you to take both.


12 September, 2006 - Cell Phones and Driving
Law Article
Cells phones in cars are dangerous for us motorcycle riders. Sweden is about to ban all cell phones, including hands-free ones. Here's a list of countries with regulations against mobile phone usage.


1 August, 2006 - Follow-up: Special GPS Route Calculator for Motorcycles
Web Article
Quick follow up of the previous article on the special GPS.


1 August, 2006 - Special GPS Route Calculator for Motorcycles
Enroute Route planning software for motorcycles
Dutch company Waypoint is releasing a special route planning software package for motorcycles. It will search for the best twisting roads, or nicest scenic ones between two cities.

Then you can export the track to Garmin or TomTom.

Available Sep 2006.


19 July, 2006 - New Garmin GPS ! Special For MOTORCYCLES !
Garmin Zumo GPS for motorcycles
Garmin have released a specially-built-for-motorcycles GPS, the Zumo.

Small, strong, waterproof, it can be used with gloves, sports Bluetooth and will even tell you when you're running out of gas, and route you to the nearest gas station.


19 July, 2006 - Purpose Built Motorcycle XM Radio
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle XM Radio AL20
Harley-Davidson and XM Radio have released in the USA, a special motorcycle satellite radio.

It's only available on Harley motorcycles, and only in the USA, but if you're a Harley rider, it makes a lot of sense (cents ?? $250 worth).


18 July, 2006 - Water Running Out Of Your Motorcycle ?
MFX Classic Faucet
Here's a very original faucet for home.

If you're into motorcycles (and you are, if not you'd not be reading this), and want to have all sorts of things in your home that are motorcycle related, it's your thing !!


10 July, 2006 - Wearable GPS - For Motorcycles!
Xtream So Easy Rider motorcycle GPS
French motorcycle clothing company, Xtream Wearther, have released a wearable GPS for motorcycles.

Small, it's strapped to your left wrist. Is this the gadget of the year, or is someone dreaming ?


2 June, 2006 - How Many Gadgets Can You Put On Your Bike
Triple RAM Mount for motorcycle
I know you can mount a GPS on your motorcycle with a RAM Mount. But why produce a RAM Mount for THREE devices ?

What are you going to put on them ?? Will your motorcycle tilt ?


24 May, 2006 - Ducati’s Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox/Ducati knife
Ducati logo
Ducati and Victorinox produce a Swiss Army knife made for Ducati motorcycles.

Good for emergency repairs, each model motorcycle has its own knife.


22 May, 2006 - Stridelite - Reflective Clothing with Strobes
StrideLite reflective and strobe jacket
Stridelite produces a reflective jacket with a strobe light. Meant for cyclists, it could be used by motorcyclists.

Be seen in bad weather !


25 April, 2006 - Tankbag Protector/Alarm
Doberman Bag Protector
I've been looking for a simple, low cost, solution to secure my tankbag for long trips, without requiring me to take off the tankbag for every stop.

I think I found a solution that will not cost much and provide protection for thieves stealing the tankbag, or opening it.


23 March, 2006 - All Singing and Dancing Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator
Intaride Libery Motorcycle Helmet Pod
Here's finally a great, all singing, all dancing, Bluetooth communications device made for motorcycles. This unit does it all, from intercom, to bike-to-bike, to GPS, Radar, etc.

Made in the UK, this device will see the light of day at the end of April.

Orders are already being taken, the first come get a discount.


8 February, 2006 - Foldable Motorcycle Trailer
A & G Foldable Motorcycle Trailert
An interesting, foldable, motorcycle trailer that does not require tools to put together.

Save in storage space.


19 January, 2006 - Kidnap Mobile Phone For Adventure Riders
Nokia Kidnap Telephone
A possible telephone for those of you who go adventure motorcycling in dangerous countries.

A GSM mobile telephone that alerts authorities that you're being kidnapped !


22 December, 2005 - Chrome Handlebar Loudspeakers For Your Motorcycle
J&M Motorcycle Handlebar Loudspeakers
So you like listening to music while riding your motorcycle ?

But you don't like wearing earplugs with those tiny loudspeakers ? Here's the solution!


21 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Lock With A Twist
Luma XMART Motorcycle Disc Lock/Foot-peg
Luma have introduced the smart motorcycle disc lock.

It will replace your foot-peg, and when you want to lock your motorcycle, you remove your foot-peg an use it as disc lock. Nifty !


20 December, 2005 - Nolan Bluetooth Add-on For Motorcycle Helmets
Nolan N102 Motorcycle helmet
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Nolan have released their communicator add-on, the N-COM.

N-COM allows you to talk to your pillion using Bluetooth, listen to music and telephone.


7 December, 2005 - High Tech Backpack
O'Neill H2 Solar backpack
A very futuristic backpack hits the market, including solar charging station, Bluetooth, iPod controls - and it's not for motorcycles !

BUT !! Can it be adapted to work for us bikers ? By O'Neill !


8 November, 2005 - Test Driving The SportVue Motorcycle HUD
An extensive review of MotionResearch's SportVue MC2 Heads Up Display (HUD) for motorcycles.


31 October, 2005 - Xena Motorcycle Garage Alarm
XENA Motorcycle Garage Alarm System
Xena brings out three motorcycle garage alarms.


21 October, 2005 - Tire Watch - The Motorcycle Safety Valve
Tire Watch Transmitter
French company, LDL Technology, come out with a wireless tire pressure monitor; nifty !


12 October, 2005 - LoJack, Now For Motorcycles - Does It Work ?
News Article
Stolen vehicle recovery device, LoJack, is now available on motorcycles.


8 September, 2005 - Airbag For Motorcycles ? Yes, Done Deal !
Honda Goldwing motorcycle Airbag
Honda logo
Honda have announced their new (2006) Goldwing motorcycle; it includes an airbag !


15 August, 2005 - e-Plate - Danger to Motorcycles
A new electronic license plate is being tested in the UK, and followed with interest in the USA and Canada.


10 August, 2005 - How Many Gadgets On A V-Strom Motorcycle ?
Customized Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle
How many gadgets can one put on to a Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle; click and find out!


7 June, 2005 - Photochromic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Sunshift motorcycle helmet visor
A looks at a photochromic motorcycle helmet visor.


10 May, 2005 - Casio’s New Motorcyclist Watch
Casio Street Rider Watch
Casio have released a biker specific watch.


3 May, 2005 - Scala Rider - Bluetooth Add-On For Any Helmet
Scala Rider Bluetooth
Cardo launches an add-on Bluetooth communicator for any type of motorcycle helmet.


16 March, 2005 - Bluetooth Communication Device - Talk’N’Tel
Nextel's Talk'N'Tel
A new Bluetooth equipped intercom system from Nextel for motorcycles.


24 February, 2005 - Alarm & Tracking Device for Motorcycles - Phantom
Phantom Tracking Device
A great motorcycle alarm and tracking system, AND, crash detection system.


12 January, 2005 - New Small Helmet Video Camera
Viosport Helmet Camera
A new helmet camera from Viosport for your motorcycle.


16 September, 2004 - Motorcycle Helmet HUD (Heads Up Display)
SportVeu MC1 HUD Display
A Heads Up Display (HUD) for Motorcycle helmets.


16 September, 2004 - Air-conditioning for Motorcycles
News Article
Airco for Motorcycles! It's happening.


1 September, 2004 - Motorcycle Helmet Camera
A look at a helmet cam.


25 August, 2004 - Bike Guard - Innovative Motorcycle Alarm
Bike Guard Logo
Interesting motorcycle alarm with GSM transmitter.


27 July, 2004 - License Plate Holder With A Message
LED motorcycle plate holder
Nice license plate for motorcycles, with a LED personalized message.


26 July, 2004 - Vibe-Rider - "Ultimate Motorcycle Accessory"
Vibe Rider
Pleasure for women on a motorcycle.

And I mean REAL pleasure !


6 July, 2004 - BMW MP3 Watch
BMW MP3 Watch
BMW logo
BMW introduce a MP3 watch. Batteries are carried in spare briefcase..


26 May, 2004 - AeroStich’s Motorcycle Coolness Emulator Gadget
AeroStich Coolness Gadget
You can now buy the great Coolness Emulator from Aerostich.



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