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1 September, 2015 - Video: Harley-Davidson Running With A Different Crowd - 2016 Motorcycles
Harley Running With A Different Crowd
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #TVcommercial - Harley-Davidson is introducing its 2016 motorcycles with a pretty cool TV commercial. It's called "Running with a different crowd", though the crowd still looks pretty much the same as to what I am used to seeing with Harley. But the video itself is well done, with some great images and cool music.


30 June, 2015 - Review: Harley-Davidson LiveWire - Under High Tension
Review Harley Davidson Livewire
Harley-Davidson logo
#Review #HarleyDavidson #LiveWire - A detailed and translated review from a top French web site of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire - Under High Tension


6 February, 2015 - Pope Benedict Motorcycle Less Valuable Than Pope Francis
Religious Figure On Motorcycle
Vatican City flag
#PopesSellingHarleys - Both Popes last one and current) have received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, both signed it, and both auctioned off the bikes for charity. But the current Pope Francis got a hell of a lot more money for his than the previous Pope. So who's your daddy now?


3 February, 2015 - Two Old Brand Slugout: Royal Enfield Sells More Than Harley-Davidson
Royal Enfield vs Harley
Royal Enfield logo
For the very first time, India based Royal Enfield sold more motorcycles globally than USA based Harley-Davidson. Both are old and established brands. But that's sales, on the financial side it's a different story.


23 January, 2015 - One Of The Best Harley-Davidson Advertisements - Peanuts
Harley Airplane Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement - One Harley-Davidson ad springs out head over shoulders. One of their best, most brilliant ads I've seen, and it's from 2002. So going back in time, here is the peanut ad.


9 December, 2014 - India: Harley-Davidson and Taj Hotels - Marketing Wet Dream
Harley Davidson Taj hotels
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #TajHotels #India - Harley-Davidson HOG announces tie-up with top Asian hotel chain Taj. Sounds good?? Read on to find out what this incredible and wonderful partnership entails. Clue: not much.


4 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Harley-Davidson logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Harley-Davidson - Harley-Davidson is the master of merchandising. They are above any other motorcycle manufacturer. They have more gifts than they have ever produced motorcycles. A list of Christmas gifts featuring Harley would be many pages long, so here are a few for your Christmas enjoyment.


2 December, 2014 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Music To Your Ears - Weird
Harley Davidson Music To Your Ears
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement - Another weird advertisement from Harley-Davidson, this one from the Dominican Republic. At least I understand what they are trying to say, but it's not an ad that will make me go out and buy a motorcycle.


9 September, 2014 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Try Living Off The Straight & Narrow
Ad Harley Davidson Straight and narrow
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement #Video - Nice TV commercial for Harley-Davidson's 2015 Road Glide motorcycle. The advertisement is nicely filmed, loud but good music and the roar of the Harley's engine. It's the way we bikers like our roads. Nice story.


26 August, 2014 - Ad: Harley-Davidson, Trade In, Trade Up
Ad Harley Trade In Trade Up
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #TradeIn - I haven't been a great fan of Harley-Davidson advertisements. They have been too much in my face, too weird and from a different culture. But this advertisement is one of the exceptions on the rule.


3 July, 2014 - Video: Harley-Davidson Natural Habitat
Harley Davidson Streets Where I Live ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Video - Nice TV commercial from Harley-Davidson of the motorcycle's natural habitat (no, not the garage, but the streets). Good music, nice images.


1 July, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Czech Republic - WWII Theme - Highbrow
Harley Czech Republic Kickstarter
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #CzechRepublic #Advertising - Here are four ads from Harley-Davidson Czech Republic which on their own are pretty good, but should never have been used by the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer.


19 June, 2014 - UPDATED! Revealed! Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle Official Photos
Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle
Harley-Davidson logo
#Electric #Harley-Davidson - The electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle which was to be revealed today has leaked (not oil but the photos). US site Asphalt & Rubber has managed to get the photos of the new bike, and it looks like a total winner.


2 June, 2014 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Harley-Davidson - Part 4
Cake Harley Davidson
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Cakes #Pastry - Part 4 of many, many cakes and other pastry made to be like the Harley-Davidson logo or motorcycles. Sugar rush coming up.


29 May, 2014 - Harley-Davidson Will Not Honor Warranty If You Fly Flags
Dave Zien Flagged Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #FlyingTheFlag - Harley-Davidson has decided not to honor a warranty claim for one of their new motorcycles (a trike) since the owner was flying flags on the bike, and that was not goof for the motorcycle. Company suicide?


13 May, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Czech Republic - Sexual?
Harley Davidson Czech Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Weird - Okay, here we go again folks. Back to the strange Harley-Davidson print advertisements. For a while, things had gotten better at the Milwaukee based manufacturer, but these five ads from the Czech Republic are just plain weird.

All ads are sexual, are based on a "novel", use sexual terms, and all have as tag line "Stop Reading, Start Living".


8 April, 2014 - Video: 2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider | Ride Hard or Stay Home
Harley Davidson Low Rider Ride Hard or Stay Home
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement - Here is a recent TV commercial from the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer known as Harley-Davidson. It's for their new Low Rider.

I love the text that appears on the commercial...


1 April, 2014 - Video: Harley-Davidson Quebec - Perfectly Too Much
Harley Davidson Quebec Parfaitement Trop
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson - The folks at Harley-Davidson Canada have come up with a TV commercial for the French part of Canada called 'Perfectly Too Much'.

The video is not bad at all, and resembles a lot like my morning wake-up activities ....


4 March, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Brazil - Huh?
Harley Davidson Brazil Ad Asphalt
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Brazil - Yet again, Brazilian ads, this time for Harley-Davidson motorcycle, miss the mark.

Or is it just me not understanding them?


17 February, 2014 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Harley-Davidson - Part 3
Cake Harley Davidson
Cake Harley Davidson
#Harley-Davidson #Cakes #Food - Harley-Davidson gets the cake. I mean it. From all the cakes, pastries, and what have you not in the shape of a motorcycle or the manufacturer's logo, Harley wins hands down.

This is Part 3, 30 cakes.


7 January, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Book Club - Excellent Advertisement
Harley Davidson Book Club
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisment #Harley-Davidson #books - Funny and well done ad for harley-Davidson ... join the Harley Book Club.


17 December, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Festive Season Sound
Harley Davidson Christmas Song Video
Harley-Davidson logo
#Video #HarleyDavidson #Christmas - A video from Harley-Davidson Europe, and in this "commercial" they have a Harley motorcycle play a Christmas song just by running the engine up & down. Nice.


16 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Harley-Davidson Christmas Gifts
Harley Davdison Orange Dog Collar
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gift #Harley-Davidson - Here are a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts for Harley-Davidson riders or lovers.


2 December, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Harley-Davidson - Part 2
Cake Harley Davidson
Cake Harley Davidson
#Harley-Davidson #Cakes #Food - Harley-Davidson gets the cake. I mean it. From all the cakes, pastries, and what have you not in the shape of a motorcycle or the manufacturer's logo, Harley wins hands down. This is Part 2, 30 cakes.


14 October, 2013 - Indian Giver: Pope Sells Off Gifted Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Pope Blessing Harley Davidson
Vatican City flag
#Harley-Davidson #Pope #Charity - The Pope received a Harley-Davidson a few months ago, and what does he do with it? You'd think he would go for nice leisurely rides around the Vatican, or the hills of Rome on his new motorcycle. But no, he didn't. He gave it away...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 October, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Harley-Davidson - Part 1
Cake Harley Davidson
Cake Harley Davidson
#Harley-Davidson #Cakes #Food - Harley-Davidson gets the cake. I mean it. From all the cakes, pastries, and what have you not in the shape of a motorcycle or the manufacturer's logo, Harley wins hands down. Not one brand comes even close to the sheer number of sweet things made, nor the creativity and masterful creations I have found on the internet. Some of them should never be eaten; they are that wonderfully made - pure art...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


24 September, 2013 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Kids Clothing - No More Bullying
Harley Davidson Kids Clothing No Bullying
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson - So if I understand these print advertisements correctly, if kids wear Harley-Davidson clothing they will not be bullied at school. Right?

WTF? Putting on these t-shirts either makes them the main target for bullies, or it makes them the bully. The ads were made by Publicis in Colombia, and I'd say they need to go back to school. And then the slogans printed on the t-shirts; "Play Hard or Go Home" and "No Pain, No Game".... Ripe for bullies...

Sorry Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson, not very good these ads...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 September, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Ad
Harley Davidson Rushmore
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Rushmore - This is an unusual and low key TV commercial for Harley-Davidson. Usually Harley has strong, in your face TV ads, but this one is more focused on new technology than rider culture.

The ad focusses on 'newer' technology, like GPS and lights. Using an oldie but goody music track ('Come Together', a rather well chosen sound track), the advertisement shows a different Harley.


11 September, 2013 - France: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Special Aerobatic Stunt Team For Sale
Patrouille de France Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
#Aerobatic #Stunt #HarleyDavidson - To celebrate the 110th birthday of Harley-Davidson, France's main aerobatic flying stunt team, the Patrouille de France, a v-Rod was customized in the colors of the stunt team; red, white and blue.

The special motorcycle was used in several key events for both Harley's birthday and the stunt team's flying exhibitions. Now the customized v-Rod is going to be auctioned off...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 September, 2013 - Harley-Davidson 110 Year Motorcycle Bash - The Photos
Harley Davidson 110 Year Bash
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Party #Celebrities - Unless you have been living in a cave in Afghanistan you will know that Harley-Davidson is 110 years old, and like any living being that age, she is throwing a mega party.

Motorcycle riders from all over the USA, but also many from abroad have come to help celebrate this amazing birthday, and even motorcycle riding celebrities like Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff have joined the party. Here are some photos of the event.


29 July, 2013 - The Cost Of A Motorcycle Around The World: Harley-Davidson 48
Harley Davdison forty eight
Harley-Davidson logo
#Prices #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycles- Prices differ in each country, that is something we all know and understand. Cost of living, import duties, basic materials, etc they all differ per country. That is why you can not buy the same thing for the same price in different countries, and that applies to motorcycles as much as anything else.

I decided to have a look at what the same motorcycle model costs around the world. It is not an easy exercise since most motorcycle manufacturer's web sites do not list prices, and if they do, often they do not sell the same model, or list prices in some countries but not in others.

I noticed that Harley-Davidson was the most consistent (but not always), so I looked at the base price for Harley Forty-Eight Sportster motorcycle. Using the starting price listed in their web site (you will see a link to the price I found below for each country) I converted the local currency to US$ using the currency rate established on Monday 29 July 2013...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


27 June, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer - The Way It Should Be Done
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Dealer #Commercial - Most TV commercials for motorcycle dealers (or car dealers) involve some guy, usually in a big hat, shouting out that they are the best, the cheapest, the easiest, the sexiest, the.... fill in the blanks. But whatever the words, it's loud, and it involves shouting.

Here's a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer that has understood, and in their TV commercial, there's no shouting, not even talking - just some words on the screen why their shop is the place to go to.

And that is the way I like to see my motorcycle dealers advertise. The dealer: Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson.


13 June, 2013 - Harley-Davidson Is Blessed. Official
Pope Blessing Harley Davidson
Vatican City flag
#Pope #HarleyDavidson #Blessing - There are many occasions and events where a priest blesses a group of motorcycles. But this is more than a priest... it's the Pope himself. Pope Francis blessed 1,400 motorcycles, all of them Harley-Davidsons, who had gathered at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Milwaukee brand.

The Pope was even presented with two Harley-Davidsons and a black leather jacket. So now the Pope has two Ducati Multistradas (see related) and two Harley-Davidson.

But are we going to see the man ride around on one of them, wearing the black leather jacket?


10 June, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Welcome On Board
Harley Davidson China Welcome Onboard
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Advertisement #China - A "feel good" Harley-Davidson TV commercial with lots of Chinese text, but what looks like it was shot in California with American bikers.

So is this a real Harley-Davidson China commercial but they could not afford to make it in China, or is it a Harley USA commercial onto which they put Chinese text...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 May, 2013 - China: Annual Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Gathering - China’s Sturgis
China Annual Harley Davidson Rally 2013
China Annual Harley Davidson Rally 2013
#Harley-Davidson #China - No matter where you are in the world, like-minded motorcycle owners will turn up at some annual event. The biggest is Harley-Davidson's Sturgis, and this Chinese event falls way behind in terms of participants.

But in a country where a Harley-Davidson's import tax is as much as the motorcycle itself, it's only the rich that can afford it. And not many of them participate in these "rowdy" events... BTW is that the Village People in photo #10?


15 May, 2013 - Video: Is This A Real Harley-Davidson Ad Or A Fake? Opinions?
Harley Davidson Crossdresser ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement #Fake - Here's a TV commercial that has got me baffled. Is this a real Harley-Davidson motorcycle advertisement or just a fake? It's not in English, but that shouldn't matter.... just looking at the images makes me wonder if this is real.

Somehow I doubt it... I don't think Harley would touch the subject. And what do the words say??? Anyone?

What do you think? Real or Fake?


7 May, 2013 - This Made Me Smile - A Harley-Davidson Merchandising Idea
Harley Diaper Bag
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley #Funny - When I saw this, I just had to smile. Many Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders cultivate the idea of a tough, hardcore, biker image. Mustaches (and you should see the men's moustaches), wild hair, tattoos, leather vests & chaps, scars... you name it. All for a tough biker image.

.... and then they walk in with this Harley-Davidson Skull & Crossbones black bag. You'd expect the biker to open the bag and at the very least remove a beer bottle which they open with their teeth. Or out comes the knives, guns and brass knuckles. But no, you'd be wrong..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 May, 2013 - Beautiful Series Of Photos Of A Harley Motorcycle
1942 Harley Davidson Photos
#Photos #HarleyDavidson - A photo of a motorcycle is just that... a photo. But not all photos are alike, even if the subject of the photo is a motorcycle. Here's a site that has published a series of photos of one subject, a 1942 Harley-Davidson.

The motorcycle is in dire need for some TLC, but the photos are a work of art. Beautifully framed and cropped, the light produces a great atmosphere.


13 March, 2013 - USA: Cops In Richmond Prefer Honda Motorcycles Over Harley
Richmond County Honda Harley
USA flag
It's a strange read when you see that in Richmond Country, Georgia, USA, the motorcycle police prefer Honda motorcycles over their Harley-Davidson ones, even if Harley has been a traditional supplier of LEO bikes since their existence.

But according to the Richmond cops (and other places in the USA), although the Hondas are much more expensive, they are safer, lighter and easier to use. Also, an important factor is when in pursuit, the Harley takes its time, while the Honda reaches faster speeds much quicker. Also having a water-cooled Honda engine is a blessing when temperatures go over the 100°F. But according to the cops, the Harley looks better...............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 March, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dallas Dealer - Lifestyle
Harley Davidson Dallas Lifestyle
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson - Here's a TV commercial from a Dallas Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer. Lots of girls in mini-bikinis, lots of platitudes (like brotherhood, individuality, etc), but at least we see girls riding a motorcycle, not just in bikini.

I wonder if in real like there are these bikini-clad girls at the dealership??


19 February, 2013 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Advertisement Honoring Jim Marshall
Harley Jim Marshall Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Back on April 5th, 2012, Jim Marshall, aka the "Father of Loud", passed away. Jim was the maker of the famous Marshall amplifiers for guitars, used by most famous (and also by many unknown) musicians the world over.

Harley-Davidson's ad agency was quick of the mark, since they ran these ads the same day, asking the world to make noise (preferably with Harley motorcycles) to honor the man.

A fitting tribute to a man who made music hearable from far.


7 February, 2013 - Video: Macho, Sexist, Harley-Davidson Dealer Commercial
Nyc Harley Davidson TV Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Wow, in this day and age that something like this can get through.... it's a TV commercial from a local Harley-Davidson dealer in New York, and although it's got great image and music, it's pretty macho & sexist.

A bunch of male Harley bikers gather at the local watering hole, and decide to go "fishing", which means finding girls and bring them back to the pub. None of the girls ride themselves, all are pillions, and one girl even leaves a sportsbike to go on the Harley. Does this mean that girls don't ride Harley? I don't think so..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 January, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Make Your Own Noise
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Okay, here's 1 minute of my life I'll never get back. It's a Harley-Davidson TV commercial (I think, but not sure), and it looks a bit like a sci-fi movie.

The message is quite clever as is the final (and only) text, but to sit 1 minute watching two bikers walk to their motorcycles is waaay too long. The whole advertisement is 1 minute 15 seconds.


13 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Use Harley-Davidson To Keep You Warm This Winter
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
There are parts in this world where the winter can be harsh and cold. Cold enough to curl up next to the fire to keep warm. But usually a fire isn't enough to keep you warm, and when you don't have a fireplace, then you've got a problem.

Putting your beloved one over you (beloved = motorcycle) is not going to be easy, nor very warm. But this Christmas gift might just do the trick.

The Harley-Davidson Fleece Blanket, or pop-up hamper...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Harley-Davidson Earrings
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Okay, if you really want to show the world and his dog that you are into Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this gift is for you (or for someone else who is).

A pair of stud earrings with the famous Milwaukee based motorcycle manufacturer's logo, in their original colors. The studs are made out of surgical stainless steel...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


22 November, 2012 - Video: 2 Harley-Davidson Ads Featuring Guitars
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are two TV commercials from Harley-Davidson featuring guitars. The first one, I presume is from the USA, features a guitar that "plays" motorcycle music, ie, engine noise. Clever, but not as good as the second one.

The second one is from South Korea (although it looks like they're playing at Stonehenge) and there they've used the sound of the motorcycle engine as part of the guitar music, using the engine as beat for the music. Nicely done.


14 November, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two Commercial
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Over the years we've become used to pretty bad TV commercials from Harley-Davidson, but over the last year or so their ads have improved dramatically. At the same time, Harley changed their advertisement agency... coincidence?

Here's a pretty good TV commercial for the Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two model year 2012. The advertisement is "moody", set by some great music by Heath & Errol (a music group I could not find anywhere on the internet). The first part of the video, you don't see any motorcycles, then it's a nicely captured motorcycle ride.


31 August, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Stereo Typical
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Some 6 months ago, Harley-Davidson released a YouTube commercial for their lifestyle. They called it #StereoTypicalHarley, and the video clip entails several Harley riders, male and female, on their motorcycle with their social address shown (in this case Twitter). This is then followed by the person's occupation or main point.

It's an interesting concept, since they show all different kinds of people and their jobs, from students to police officers, all tied together with some music which goes faster and faster.


19 July, 2012 - Harley: When One Engine Is Not Enough For Your Motorcycle
Double Engine Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
I would have thought that nowadays motorcycle engines were big & powerful, and that you didn't really need more. But I was wrong.... meet the Harley-Davidson with TWO engines

The double engined motorcycle can be found at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.


17 April, 2012 - "Big" Harley-Davidson Gathering In Cuba
Havana harley Davidson Gathering 2012
Havana harley Davidson Gathering 2012
I guess that in Cuban terms, 100 or so Harley-Davidson motorcycles is enormous, but still it's nice to see this (Sturgis need not to worry). Remember that these guys & gals can not buy new motorcycles, so they need to keep restoring the old bikes.

I bet you that most Cuban bikers are very skilled mechanics...


10 April, 2012 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Riders Use Blow-Up Dolls ?
Ad Harley Davidson Blow Up Doll Turkey
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny. Turkish PR firm, Big, made this print advertisement which is funny, and well thought out, especially if you look at the text.

The Harley-Davidson ad reads "Nothing can replace the real one. Use original Harley-Davidson parts". Smart if you look at the pillion passenger...


29 March, 2012 - Video: Finally A Good Harley-Davidson Commercial
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
It has been a while since I've seen a good Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV commercial, in fact it has been a VERY long time, but this advertisement does the trick.

It's not a "in your face" ad, nor is it about having an alternative lifestyle, but more subtle, and more realistic. It's about dreaming, and tht's what motorcycle riding is all about.


27 February, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson, Made In America
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
The video below is not a TV commercial for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, like we've seen so many before, usually quite bad. But in fact it's more an infommercial for manufacturing in the USA, using Harley as example..

The segment is well done, highlighting the virtues of Harley's know-how in manufacturing motorcycles, all made-in-the-USA.


15 February, 2012 - TRT: The Tilting Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
TRT Harley
TRT Harley
Jim wanted a nice trike, and wanted it to be Harley-Davidson motorcycle based. He teamed up with Too Kool Cycles, and made this funky trike, but with a twist...

Instead of putting the third wheel in the back, he put it in the front. And to make the trike act more like a motorcycle, the front wheels tilt when you lean it into a curve. It'll angle up to 25°.

What's even nicer, he's gone into business. He is planning to sell the TRT as a kit for late model Harley-Davidson Tourer models.


31 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson - Hand-picked
Harley Handpicked Headmaster UK
Harley-Davidson logo
I really don't understand the Harley-Davidson advertisement philosophy. Their main thread is rebellion; being a bad person. So does that mean that Harley motorcycle riders are all bad people? Because that's what their ads say.

Here are three print ads from McCann-Erickson in the UK. The first one is actually pretty good, the other two expand on the main theme and the message gets lost.


24 January, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Multiple Lovers Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
This Spanish TV commercial is not a real Harley-Davidson TV advertisement, but it could have been. It's very much in style with previous Harley ads.

Nicely done, quite professional, it shows a young guy on his Harley motorcycle going from woman to woman....


17 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Spirit - Baby and Tattoo
Harley Davidson Spirit Tattoo
Harley-Davidson logo
Again, Harley-Davidson is seen promoting the Harley motorcycle lifestyle, not their motorcycles. In these two print advertisements, made in Brazil by Momaprograganda, they're showing the future Harley riders.

The first one is not bad, the second one is just plain weird. The first one, a kid pasting fake tattoos is kind-of funny, but as someone pointed out at the source site (see Via: below), you'll notice that there aren't any motorcycle in the tattoos, just a few cars.


13 January, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Cologne - Bad Ass Smell
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
I'm sorry, but this just doesn't do it for me. It's kind of funny, but the tag line works against the product. The product is Harley-Davidson Cologne, and saying "Bad Ass Smell" is like saying your perfume smells of a public toilet.... not nice.

I realize that Harley is playing on the tough as nail biker image they portray in all their advertisements, and it probably works for motorcycle sales, but for perfumes? It's almost an oxymoron, "bad ass" biker perfume.


19 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - Share
Harley Davidson Share
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
You might lust after a Harley-Davidson motorcycle but can't afford one. Or you could be a proud owner of a Harley, and want to make sure you are reminded of your ride.

Or maybe you know someone who has a Harley, and this is a great gift for Harley lovers.

It's a single share in the Harley-Davidson company. The real share can be purchased on its own, or better yet, framed. Remember, if you go and buy shares in Harley via a stock broker, you'll never see the paper work. It's all done electronically, so you'll not have anything to hang on your wall. This is a real share in Harley's stock.


4 October, 2011 - Ads: Harley-Davidson - Just Do Not Get It! Help
Harley Davidson Saul Panqueva Colombia
Harley Davidson Hugo Roncancio Colombia
Below are two print ads for Harley-Davidson in Colombia. The ads were made by Publicis who have made some very good commercials for Harley, but these has got me totally confused.

What are the messages?


27 September, 2011 - Ad: Harley-Davidson - Scratch and Lose
Harley Davidson Scratch and Lose
Harley-Davidson logo
Interesting concept to advertize scratch-free motorcycle helmets by Harley-Davidson from Colombia.

They used a scratch card (the kind where you scratch away zones) to unfold a story. The ad had enormous positive results in their sales.


8 September, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Goes To The Dogs
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
In a surprisingly good TV commercial, Harley-Davidson shows that it still has it in making good ads. Or maybe it's because they have recently changed PR/Ad agency.

This TV spot is made by Victors & Spoils in the USA, and shows that motorcycle riders love dogs..... funny and well done. Positive message, even to cagers.


11 August, 2011 - Give Your Friends A Harley-Davidson Toilet
Embroidered Harley Eagle Toilet Seat
A Harley-Davidson crapper... What will they think off next?

If you're a lover of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, would you use such a toilet? It would seem like a desecration to me.


7 July, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Sportster - Not For Everyone
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Back in the days that Harley-Davidson still made reasonably good motorcycle TV commercials... here's one of them. Not that it's mind blowing or well done, like the Bajaj ones, but it's not bad.

This is not aggressive, and though it doesn't say much, it says a lot by not saying much. Confused??


6 July, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Timpanogos With Curt Doussett
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A pretty good Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer TV commercial, not one of those where the owner shouts their stuff on TV, but one that has a story.

It's from Utah motorcycle dealer Timpanogos, and it stars actor/TV presenter Curt Doussett.


29 June, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Drive Your Heart
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Another TV commercial from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, without showing motorcycles or even bikers, and excluding women.

Very generic ad for Harley... just words.


18 May, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson 250cc Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
When one says a 250cc Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you already know that we're not talking about a recent motorcycle.

Here's a TV commercial for a 250cc Harley/AMF bike. I just love their slogan... just watch it..


19 April, 2011 - Ad: Belgium Harley-Davidson Dealer Move - Classy
Ad Harley Davidson Move Belgium
Harley-Davidson logo
Very elaborate (and probably expensive) address move advertisement for a Belgium Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer....


15 April, 2011 - Video: A Shiny Harley-Davidson
Video clip
Here is a Harley-Davidson product for all. Well... it's a TV advertisement from the year 2000 for a Harley-Davidson. Not the motorcycle, but for a Rayovac flashlight.

Actually, the ad is not bad, not because of the great images, but the words they used to describe their product. The Harley/Rayovac flashlight is not made anymore, so it can't be bought.


23 March, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Black Label Clothing
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A new Harley-Davidson advertisement, but not for their motorcycles, but for their new clothing line; Black Label.

Still quite aggressive, but better than a few years ago...


16 March, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Life Is A Highway
Harley-Davidson logo
Video clip
Nice Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad, if it is an official Harley ad?

It's a bit artsy, but the story is good. Why work the same humdrum job if you can go riding?


22 February, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Triple S Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Motorcycle dealer's TV commercials usually suck, but this one, Triple S - a Harley-Davidson dealer, is good and even funny.

It's an older one, and it's for Christmas.


18 February, 2011 - Data Management On Your Harley Using iPhone
You too can have a glass cockpit on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Just like the upmarket cars, you can view your important data on your iPhone while riding your Harley.

Easy to install, no fuss, just look at your data on the run. Perfect and not expensive.


9 February, 2011 - Video: Harley Davidson Welcome To The Club
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A Swedish Harley-Davidson motorcycle (dealer) TV ad, including an animated character.

It also includes the one piece of music that is used over and over again with motorcycle ads.


4 February, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Cages
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a good TV ad from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It uses the biker slang for "cars", being cages. Funny, seeing all sorts of vehicles driving around in a cage.


25 January, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Life Coaches Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Not a bad Harley-Davidson TV ad. I don't know when this ran, but it looks recent. The message is clear, it's a bit like the motivation posters saying "you never see a motorcycle at a psychologist office".

The ad shows you many statistics of American trying to "feel" good, like shrinks, botox, self improvement even pedicures, but if you really want to feel good, but a motorcycle!


4 January, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson, Women & Motorcycles
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Women have been riding motorcycles for quite some time now, but it is only recently that Harley-Davidson has woken up to that idea.

Now Harley is promoting females riding motorcycles, and here's one TV ad to prove it.


29 December, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Black Friday
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Bit late, but not a bad TV ad. It's from Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Black Friday.


15 December, 2010 - Harley-Davidson Handlebar Calendar
Harley Handlebar Calendar
An Italian PR agency produced an interesting 3D style calendar for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Each day (or month) shows a different scene from one the road, and with the "real" motorcycle handlebar in front of the photo, it's as if you're riding.

Interesting idea...


13 December, 2010 - Christmas 2010: For Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Lovers
Harley-Davidson logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
Time to have a look at some Christmas gift ideas for BMW motorcycle lovers.


7 December, 2010 - Video: Nice Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Dealer Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles over the last few years has had some pretty bad TV ads, but their dealers have done better, and probably with less money.

Here's a nice Christmas ad from a Canadian motorcycle dealer, Heritage Harley.


30 November, 2010 - Christmas 2010: Motorcycle Gift Ideas - Plates
Xmas 2010 Harley Dessert Plates
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
The first of many articles giving you ideas what to buy for Christmas for a motorcycle lover. But please remember, what one person thinks is supercool, another might find lame. Taste is personal.

Here's the first Christmas gift idea for motorcycle lovers: Harley-Davidson dessert plates.


23 November, 2010 - Video: 2 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle TV Ads
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Two older TV ads from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

One older one from 1991, made to look even older, the other slightly never, corny but still slightly funny.


18 November, 2010 - DVD Review: Harley-Davidson The Spirit Of America
Harley Davidson The Spirit of America scene
Harley Davidson The Spirit of America cover
A quickly to be forgotten DVD documentary about Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the spirit of America.

Boring and pretty badly done, it's more about a dealer in Arizona than the spirit of Harley and America.


17 November, 2010 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Apple iPhones
Harley iPhone Dock
How about that? You can now combine two status symbols; Harley-Davidson motorcycle and Apple iPhone.

Hell's Foundry are making a replacement fuel tank console that not only accommodates your iPhone, but also charges it on the go.

Now you have no excuse to update your twitter while riding your Harley motorcycle.... NOT


24 September, 2010 - Lebanon: Harley-Davidson Opens First Showroom
Harley Davidson Lebanon Showroom
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is back in Lebanon, after a long absence.

They just opened their first motorcycle showroom in Beirut.


22 September, 2010 - Video: SAP Likes Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Video clip
A TV ad from SAP (software) showing the world that Harley-Davidson is their customer.



2 September, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Cigarettes Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a special TV ad. It's from Harley-Davidson in Japan, and it's promoting Harley cigarettes, not motorcycles.

I didn't even know that Harley sold cigarettes.... but there you go. At least, they're "mild"...


24 August, 2010 - Missed Out Riding In Europe On A Motorcycle? Harley To The Rescue
Harley France Video Map
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson France have released an incredibly well done web site, showing you a 7 day trip through the Southern part of France and the Northern part of Italy on a Harley motorcycle.

The video is very well done, not only does it show you the scenery, but you can drag the video to look around you in a 360° scenery. Want to see the rider, or the sky, or side scenery...? No problem. All in HD and full screen. It's like being there.

Very nice way of riding in Europe without the cost.


24 August, 2010 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - Fear
Ad Harley Davidson Fear Germany
Funny but not official ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It's from a school (yes, they do teach advertising in schools).

You need to see it big before you get the message...


20 July, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer - Anti-Ecology
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A TV ad for a San Diego Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer....

I don't know if he's serious or not. He does say the anti-ecology things with a smile....??? What do you think?


13 July, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Grandpa Story Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice TV ad from Harley-Davidson.

I'd say this is an older one, not like the ones they are making currently. It has a nice touch to it. Cute.


6 July, 2010 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Fan
Harley Davidson Fan
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice print ad from a Ad School in Buenos Aires for a Harley-Davidson Fan, not one for your motorcycle, but for the couch.

I don't think the product actually, exists, but the idea is clever.


2 July, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles With Marisa Miller
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A Harley-Davidson TV ad featuring the beautiful Marisa Miller.

More please...


22 June, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Christmas Blues
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycle for a change.

It's about the dreaded PMS we all face during those long winter months....


18 June, 2010 - Video: Are Harley Motorcycle Riders Gay?
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Is this TV ad saying that Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders are gay?

Real TV ad, but done in a not-so-serious tone, ie gay (they other kind).

You judge...


18 June, 2010 - Donation Of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles To....?
Philadelphia Harley Donations
This time a bunch of Harley-Davidson motorcycles aren't donated to some third world country in dire need of equipment, but instead have been donated to an American city's police force.

What a strange world we live in...


31 May, 2010 - Want To Buy A Harley-Davidson Bar
Harley Pub Bar
Here's a bar up for auction in Atlanta that would not look out of place in a motorcycle garage, the Harley Pub-Bar.

However..... your garage needs to be pretty big, as does your wallet...


26 May, 2010 - Video: An Honest Harley-Davidson Motorcycles TV Ad?
Video clip
Funny, and very fake Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV ad.

But wouldn't it be great if motorcycle manufacturers were forced to make honest TV publicity about their motorcycles. Tell you the way it really is?


16 April, 2010 - Nice Idea: ChatRoulette and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
ChatRoulette Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
What a great idea to pass your message to young and connected people.

A PR agency in Germany made a sign for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, placed it in front of a webcam, and subscribed to ChatRoulette.

Simple, cheap and very effective. Have a look.


14 April, 2010 - Someone Explain This Harley-Davidson Ad To Me
Harley Ad School Tours
This is one Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad I just can't understand...

... or I can, but just don't want to believe it.


25 March, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Ad - Make This The Year
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Not a bad TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles Canada.

It promotes a special website called


2 March, 2010 - Seth Enslow Breaks Record Twice - Will Never Have Sex Again!
Seth Enslow Harley Davidson Sydney
Video clip
Seth Enslow breaks the longest jump on a Harley motorcycle world record, not once, but twice....

... but on the landing of the 2nd jump, he crushed that part of his body that is used for reproductive purposes.... ouch...


22 February, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson have a new motorcycle, and therefore they have a new commercial.

The ad for the H-D Forty-Eight is much better than what we've been seeing from Harley. Nice and crisp with a good tune.


16 December, 2009 - 18 Harley-Davidson Print Ads From Around The World
Harley Shackles Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles not only places as on the TV as we've seen. They also have a lot of ads in magazines and billboards around the world.

Here are 18 ads I've found from around the world that were quite good (others are pretty bad).


10 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Harley-Davidson logo
Shopping for Christmas gifts for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle lover sounds easy but it's not. That's because of the sheer volume of Harley branded gifts out there.

Here are 10 gift ideas for a Harley motorcycle owner, or lover.


30 November, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson Ad - Date, It Is Different When
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Either Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV ads are getting better, or I'm getting used to them, and have started liking them...

Here's a funny one, a bit sexist, but funny nevertheless.


18 November, 2009 - Video: Fake, But Nice Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a fake, but nicely done Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad.

It's part of a school project, but nicer than some of the real Harley ads.


15 October, 2009 - Buell Motorcycles The End, MV Agusta Looking for Buyer
Buell logo
MV Agusta logo
Harley-Davidson has announced that it is closing down Buell motorcycles, end of the line for the motorcycle manufacturer.

Harley also announced that it is going to sell off Mv Agusta in a restructuring effort to stay alive.

Bad news... very bad.


12 October, 2009 - Harley: Funny French Print Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny Harley-Davidson print ad found in one of the French motorcycle magazines.

Sexist ? Yeah, but funny....


5 October, 2009 - Harley Motorcycles Everywhere, Even Lebanon
Harley-Davidson has really become a brand like Coca-Cola and McDonalds. They are everywhere, and known everywhere in the world.

Here the HOG group in Beirut, Lebanon.


25 September, 2009 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Latino Motorcycle Riders - Harlistas
Harley-Davidson logo
Three interesting print ads from Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The ads depict Latino Harley riders, called Harlistas, each with their life story and motto.


23 September, 2009 - Not So Strong Harley Motorcycle
English artist, Chris Gilmour, makes objects out of paper and cardboard.

Here's a Harley motorcycle he's made, which looks very, very, good. Excellent workmanship.


21 August, 2009 - Harley-Davidson To Flood India With Motorcycles
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson is looking at penetrating the Indian motorcycle market. There's even the possibility that they will start assembling their motorcycles in India.

So maybe around 2010-2011 we'll see Harleys riding around in India.


3 August, 2009 - Europe’s Sturgis: Harley Days In Hamburg
Europe has the equivalent of Sturgis, but a tad smaller. Harley Days are organized in June in Hamburg, and end July in Berlin, Germany.

Some 300,000 motorcycle, riders and visitors attend from all over Europe.


28 July, 2009 - Harley-Davidson iPhone Clock
Combining two of the big American icon, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Apple's iPhone/iPod gives you a Harley shaped headlights that functions are radio/alarm/clock with either the music from your Apple gadget, or it plays the roar of a Harley motorcycle.

If that doesn't wake you up.. what will??


26 June, 2009 - The Eternal E10 Fuel Debate - Harley’s View
Buell logo
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson and Buell have announced in France that it is OK to put the E10 bio-fuel in their motorcycles.

But.. as long as it is injection and you don't mind a few hiccups. Also, don't leave the fuel for too long in your gas tank...


29 May, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson From Cascade
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are three TV ads from Harley-Davidson Cascade dealer, all the same style, music and message, showing in a good way why we motorcycle riders stand out in a crowd.

This is what makes us special!! Good ads!


22 April, 2009 - Video: Harley And A Truck - Mexican TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A strange TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles from Mexico.

I just don't get it... what's the message?


8 April, 2009 - Video: Harley Ride Of Your Life TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice ad from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It's an anti-economic crisis ad... get a bit of excitement in your life!


18 February, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - Ride Free Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's yet another Harley-Davidson motorcycles TV ad. Quite good.

But how many Harley TV ads are there? Are they all really from Harley?


16 February, 2009 - Video: Ad-How To Use A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a TV ad that shows a different way of using a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Keep this up, and I might just watch the next Olympics.


16 February, 2009 - Contest: Name That Harley Motorcycle Hearse
Harley Motorcycle Hearse
A funeral home have gotten themselves a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle hearse and they want to name it.

Here's your chance to vote for a name for the "Beast".


16 February, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Going Bluetooth
Harley Road Tech Bluetooth
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles have released their version of a Bluetooth helmet headset.

Using the Bluetooth 2.0 protocol, it allows you to listen to stereo music, talk on the phone or listen to your GPS give you navigation instructions.

The unit is rain proof, and can be moved from helmet to helmet.


30 January, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles And A Bee
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle TV ad, featuring a little bee.

It's actually funny.... for a change...


23 January, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Hit By Slump - Cutting Jobs
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson sold far less motorcycle during the last quarter of 2008, and is suffering.

They have announced the closure of a motorcycle plant, shedding 1,100 jobs in the process.

Bad news...


22 January, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Original Publicity Stunt
Harley Tram Handle Grips
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson Switzerland had an original idea to introduce their latest motorcycles to the country of cheese and banks.

They placed motorcycle grips on the tram's handlebars. Not bad idea!


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Leather Motorcycle Wallet
harley Davidson Leather Wallet
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Every time you grab your wallet with this present you'll be reminded about the love of your life.

And I don't mean your spouse, kids or dogs.


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Harley-Davidson Archive Book
Harley-Davidson archive book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Getting gifts for Harley-Davidson motorcycle lovers is easy. Here's an enormous book (400+ pages), with hundreds of color photos of their favorite motorcycle.

Brand new, it's called the Harley-Davidson archive book.


10 December, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Gives Away Motorcycles
Beijing Police on Harleys
Harley-Davidson are giving away free motorcycles.

Three motorcycles have been given to China's Police force.

Is that what they call "FREE SAMPLES"...??


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Harley-Davidson Monopoly
Harley-Davidson Monopoly game
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Imagine the hours of fun after your Christmas dinner with the family or friends playing with this Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Monopoly!

Everything is centered around motorcycles on this popular board game.


30 October, 2008 - Video: 3 x Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ads - Good Ones
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are three, better than normal, Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV ads.

They are probably better than normal, because they come from a Harley dealer...


10 October, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson With Scot Mendelson Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Quite a good (for a change) TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, feature world record powerlifter Scot Mendelson.

18 bucks a pound....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Harley-Davidson/Buell Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Harley-Davidson / Buell motorcycles exhibition
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson had two new motorcycles to present at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition;

One Harley and one Buell.


16 September, 2008 - Official Harley-Davidson Motorcycle YouTube Channel
Harley-Davidson YouTube
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles have launched their official Harley channel on YouTube.

You can now enjoy their videos and the rider's video, and chat with other like minded motorcycle riders.


3 September, 2008 - 2 Seats Not Enough On A Motorcycle? Want 5? No Problem
5 Seat 4 engines Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Sometimes 2 or even 3 seats just isn't enough on a motorcycle. If you got a SWMBO and 3 kids, you've got a problem.

But not for this Harley-Davidson dealer in the USA. Using 4 engines, he made a single motorcycle with 5 seats.

Oh yeah, he also used a beer keg!


15 August, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Roadmaster - The Ultimate Motorcycle
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's the ultimate and final Harley-Davidson motorcycle you'll ever want to have. Look no further!

This is the TV ad for the Harley-Davidson Roadmaster, cheap, affordable, no fuel cost!


7 August, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Clothing Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny enough Harley-Davidson motorcycles ads dating back to 1996. It's for their clothing product line.

It'll ring a bell or two for anyone who travels through airports.


11 July, 2008 - Harley Davidson and MV Agusta: Marriage Made In Hell?
Harley-Davidson logo
MV Agusta logo
So Harley-Davidson and MV Agusta are getting married, and they haven't even been engaged.

To me, here on the sidelines, it looks like a marriage made in hell. What can Agusta bring to Harley? Harley is already on shaky financial grounds. Someone with a double PhD in economics please explain....


30 June, 2008 - Video: Harley Dealer Ad - Lemmings?
Video clip
A TV ad from a local Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer in North Carolina.

The whole clip gives a surreal impression of lemmings... a scary sci-fi movie..


9 June, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson 105 Years - Getting It Right
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Finally an Harley-Davidson TV ad that's not bad.

Good message, good visuals. Keep it up Harley.


2 June, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Gas Mileage Ad
Harley-Davidson motorcycle are cheaper ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson has an interesting print ad, comparing mpg (miles per gallons) between a Harley motorcycle, a Prius and normal cars.

Guess who has a better mileage... ?


23 May, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer- Walks Of Life
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice, and much better than usual, Harley-Davidson ad. This one of for a Harley motorcycle dealer...

No in-your-face ad, but still passes a good message.


28 April, 2008 - USA: Getting Married In The Harley-Davidson Showroom
Fun Article
Harley-Davidson logo
A couple in Ohio, USA love their Harley-Davidson motorcycles so much, they got married in the local Harley dealer's showroom.

Surrounded by motorcycles, they performed their wedding vows....


16 April, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Bicycle
Harley Davidson Bicycle
Harley-Davidson logo
You too can be the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson. But not a motorcycle... a bicycle!

No, Harley is not abandoning building motorcycle for bicycles. They used to make bicycles back in 1917-1918, but stopped since no one was interested in buying them.

Except maybe this person, who is auctioning off the 1918 girl's model.


26 February, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Seriously Dangerous Clothing
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a reasonably funny Harley-Davidson ad produced for one of the local Harley motorcycle dealers in Australia.

And it's not even for their motorcycles, but for their clothing...


8 February, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Merchandising: WTF?
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a Harley-Davidson TV ad that totally escapes me. I just do not understand what they're trying to say.

Is this a real Harley ad? Did anyone see it air? What's the meaning?


19 December, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson Badass
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny enough Harley-Davidson (spoof) ad.

I got a slight giggle out of it...


8 December, 2007 - Video: Hells Bells Harley-Davidson Christmas Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A special, for Christmas, Harley-Davidson TV ad, done in that special Harley style we all love to hate.

Introducing Biker Santa, bad boy....

Don't show this to your kids.


6 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Harley-Davidson Gift Ideas
Harley Ceramic Hog Bank
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson are the masters in merchandising, so it's no surprise that their website is full of gifts.

Here are three selection of gift items, some of them really made for Christmas.


5 December, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson Rocker Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A look at a locally produced Harley-Davidson TV ad for their Rocker motorcycle.

Not bad at all... not what you expect from corporate Harley...


14 November, 2007 - Harley Print Ad: Still Sexy?
Harley-Davidson ad
Harley-Davidson logo
A nicely done print ad celebrating Harley-Davidson's 100 years.



17 October, 2007 - What To Do With That Old Harley ?
Harley-Davidson mailbox
Got a Harley you don't know what to do with?

Here's an idea...


24 September, 2007 - Don’t Light A Match; Wooden Harley-Davidson
Fun Article
British motorcycle and model lover Collin Webb, produced this life size Harley-Davidson out of recycled plywood.

900 hours using rejected wood, made an environmental motorcycle.


20 September, 2007 - Coloring Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson Coloring Book
Harley-Davidson logo
Bored? Want to see what your Harley-Davidson motorcycle will look like in another color?

Harley has an on-line coloring book on their site. Knock yourself out!


6 September, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer Ad in Japan
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Not exactly a TV ad you'd see often; Harley-Davidson Japan.

Can't understand much...


5 September, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Looking At The Weather For Motorcycle Sales
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson is looking at historical weather patterns to see when do people buy their motorcycles.

Rain, snow or sun ??


27 August, 2007 - Fashion Victim #63547: Louis Vuitton Harley Davidson
Harley-Davidson Louis Vitton motorcycle
For sale, by owner, Louis Vitton handbag and matching Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Rarely used.


21 August, 2007 - What’s Better Than A Harley-Davidson?
Twintrax double Harley-Davidson
What could be better than having a Harley-Davidson motorcycle ?

How about TWO Harley-Davidson engines on ONE motorcycle ? Yes,it's being built in Germany.


20 August, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson TV Ad From 1997
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a nice Harley-Davidson TV ad dating back to 1997.

This is more like it....


7 August, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Coverage Of Sturgis 2007
Web Article
Harley-Davidson logo
If you want to see what's happening at Sturgis, click over to Harley-Davidson.

They have reserved a large section of the website for Sturgis. See photos, videos and read the stories.


6 August, 2007 - Harley-Davidson 100 Year Ad
Harley-Davidson 100 Year Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Pretty funny publicity for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, celebrating their 100th birthday.


13 July, 2007 - NO Harley! BOLD Harley!
Harley-Davidson nipple rings
OMG! This makes me sick.

How could they? Harley-Davidson nipple rings ??????


29 June, 2007 - Leave Your Mark At Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson museum rivet
Harley-Davidson logo
In 2008, Harley-Davidson motorcycles is opening their motorcycle museum. Harley are allowing you to put your name and a message on one of the many, many, stainless steel rivets.

3" rivets for individuals, 6" rivets for clubs and dealers. This allows you to become part of the museum, and it allows Harley to build a great museum will all the money.

Everyone happy!


12 June, 2007 - Ducati and Harley-Davidson To Merge ?
News Article
There are currently talks between Harley-Davidson and Ducati motorcycles for a merger! Talk about a culture clash !

Will this merger happen? Who knows, with todays business ethics and changes.


30 May, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson And Babies
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are two "cute" Harley-Davidson TV ads, both of them featuring babies and how to keep them quite by using a Harley motorcycle.


28 May, 2007 - Video: Harley Dealer "Look Cool"
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers need to advertise their stuff as much as the manufacturer. Here's a TV ad from a dealer in Anaheim.

Note that the accent of the ad is for the "cool look", not the motorcycle!


28 May, 2007 - Vote For Harley-Davidson Commercials -UCSB Project
Web Article
The University of California at Santa Barbara, together with Harley-Davidson, are holding a contest for their film students. The aim is to produce the best video ad depicting the Harley lifestyle. You are invited to vote on the submissions. Have your say.


3 May, 2007 - Not A John Deer Motorcycle - Harley Lawnmower
Harley Davidson motorcycle lawnmower
We've probably all seen the motorcycles that look like John Deer lawnmowers, or are derived from John Deer tractors, but here's a reverse situation!

A Harley-Davidson lawnmower!!


1 May, 2007 - Dutch Crown Prince Gets A Harley Motorcycle
Prince Willem-Alexander
The Dutch Crown Prince, Willem-Alexander, received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on his 40th birthday.

The gift was from Harley-Davidson themselves! All that because he joked about a mid life crisis at 40.

Pays to be a Royalty.


30 March, 2007 - Win At Tennis, Win a Harley Motorcycle
I guess winning big bucks is not enough to entice the top tennis players.

Winning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle seems to do the trick.

Wonder how quick we'll see it on eBay ?


14 March, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Poker
Want to amaze your poker buddies? Here's the Harley-Davidson Poker Table.

The chairs come with wheels, so you can make a quick getaway!

Not only is it a poker table, but if you're short of space at home, you can turn the Poker Table into a Dinning Table.


14 March, 2007 - Video: Lufthansa German Airlines/Harley
Video clip inside
When you look first at this publicity, you'd think that it's a good Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad, but at the end, you'll see it's a Lufthansa German Airlines advertisement. Nice ad:


13 March, 2007 - Want To Go Play Golf With Your Motorcycle?
Going to play golf while riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. Where to you put your golf clubs. If you've got a sidecar, no problem.

Here's a solution for Harley-Davidson or Honda Goldwing riders. Place your golf bag at the rear of your motorcycle on a specially designed platform.

Just don't try to do a wheelie with this.

Now you'll not have to rent a golf cart, just ride up the golf greens with your motorcycle. Make yourself real popular!


2 March, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Print Ads
Harley-Davidson Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson not only has bad taste in TV ads, but also in magazine advertisements. Here's an ad that does nothing for the Harley motorcycle rider.... but it is a bit funny...


2 March, 2007 - Video: Finally A Good Harley Ad
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Finally, here's a good Harley-Davidson TV commercial. It's Korean, set at Stonehenge, and uses the Harley sound mixed with some music. Nice !


26 February, 2007 - Harley-Davidson In Cuba
Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Cuba
Not that many Harley-Davidson motorcycles are left in Cuba, but for the 60 or so that still run, they've thrown a Grand Prix.

Not easy doing it with no spare parts, everything cobbled together by sheer willpower.


13 February, 2007 - Two American Symbols In One
Harley-Davidson Coke-King
Here's an Harley-Davidson version of a motorcycle that's to my liking !

Two major symbols of the USA !

Only thing missing is a BigMac from McDonalds..


27 December, 2006 - Fragile Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson Glass Motorcycle
Sometimes a motorcycle is just so fragile, that you can only look at it.

Here's one example.

A glass Harley-Davidson.


15 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Harley-Davidson Style
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Christmas Gift
Harley-Davidson logo
A look at the master of merchandising, Harley-Davidson.

They have so many things to offer, even special items for Christmas, it makes Toys 'R Us look small.


13 December, 2006 - Video: Harley Motorcycle Jacket
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley not only produces TV ads for their motorcycles, they also sell their "other" stuff via commercials. Here's an ad for their leather motorcycle jackets.


1 December, 2006 - Video: More Harley Ads
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Two TV Ads from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, one bad, one not bad.


23 October, 2006 - Video: Harley-Davidson Black Sheep Ad
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
A look at another "strange" Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV commercial. This one compares Harley riders to black sheep. Judge yourself !


17 October, 2006 - Harley-Davidson’s Tough Meat
Beef Jerky
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is going the whole hog, or should I say beef.

Harley has announced a partnership with ConAgra to market a Beef Jerky to bikers under the Harley name.



12 October, 2006 - Video: A Better Harley Motorcycles Ad - Tornado
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Not all Harley-Davidson motorcycle ads are bad, as previously seen. Here's one that put a smile on my face.


4 October, 2006 - Video: Another Harley Ad - Cheater
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a look at another Harley-Davidson motorcycles TV ad. Not what you'd expect if you're living in Europe or Asia. Harley seem to be promoting life-style and image, not motorcycles !


20 September, 2006 - Video: Harley - Is This For Real ?
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
A "strange" ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Is this a real one, or a spoof ??? You tell me...


19 September, 2006 - Video: Harley and the State Lottery Ads
Video clip inside
A series of TV Ads for a lottery in the USA, using Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Quite funny.


18 September, 2006 - Electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Electrical Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Carl Vogel, an expert in bio-diesel, produced the first electrical powered Harley-Davidson, including a small, bio-diesel, generator to charge the 10 batteries.

Decent speeds and mileage. Will the Milwaukee firm ever mass produce one ??


19 July, 2006 - Purpose Built Motorcycle XM Radio
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle XM Radio AL20
Harley-Davidson and XM Radio have released in the USA, a special motorcycle satellite radio.

It's only available on Harley motorcycles, and only in the USA, but if you're a Harley rider, it makes a lot of sense (cents ?? $250 worth).


30 June, 2006 - Custom Floorboards - R2 Concepts
R2 Concepts motorcycle floorboard
Here's one pretty way of customizing your motorcycles; colored floorboards !

The color can be made to match your motorcycle color. Pretty nice stuff, but don't think it'll work on my KTM.


10 April, 2006 - Double Symbolism
Lamborghini parked in front of Chinese first Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer
Two (even three) symbols of capitalism in the country of communism; how "gauche".


7 April, 2006 - One Way of Learning To Ride A Big Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle with Training Wheels
One way to learn, a Harley-Davidson V-Rod with training wheels.

What will they think of next ?


24 March, 2006 - Always Wanted a Harley ? Can’t afford one ?
Paper Harley-Davidon motorcycle
Here's a free paper cut and fold project to make your own Harley-Davidson.

For you or your kids !


14 March, 2006 - Don’t Hassle This Harley !
Video clip inside
Here's one Harley-Davidson you don't want to screw around with.. Video-feed !


11 November, 2005 - Blogsite: The Harley Sidecar’s Dakar Race
Wild Hog Racing Motorcycle Sidecar Blog
The Harley-Davidson vRod sidecar team now have a blog site about their efforts to get underway for the Dakar rally.


10 November, 2005 - Super Motorcycles Salesman; Prez George W. Bush
President George Bush and Vets on Motorcycles
Harley-Davidson motorcycles asks President George W. Bush to help sell their motorcycles in China.


13 July, 2005 - Harley Motorcycle in the Dakar 2006
Hog Wild Racing team
A "real" Harley-Davidson V-Rod is racing in the next Dakar !


19 June, 2005 - What’s The World Come To ?
Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer in Russia
The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer open in Moscow, Russia.


14 June, 2005 - Iraqi Motorcyclist
Iraqi Harley Motorcycle
Life goes on in Iraq, including riding motorcycles (even Harleys).


28 April, 2005 - Fix Your Motorcycle DVD
Web Article
Spotted by Carla King at Motorcycle Misadventures, a DVD on how to repair/maintain your Harley motorcycle.


8 March, 2005 - Harley Motorcycle Merchandising Madness
Harley-Davidson Coffee
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is now selling you Harley Coffee !!


24 February, 2005 - Alarm & Tracking Device for Motorcycles - Phantom
Phantom Tracking Device
A great motorcycle alarm and tracking system, AND, crash detection system.


1 February, 2005 - Motorcycle Cruise Ship
EXPLORER of the seas
ETA offer a good motorcycle holiday for all to enjoy, even if your partner doesn't like motorcycles.


10 January, 2005 - Interesting Blog Site - Something To Do For 2005 ?
Web Article
Interesting website (blog) on the restoration of a Harley FLH 1200 Electra-Glide motorcycle.


23 August, 2004 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle’s MP3/WMA Player
Harley Motorcycle MP3/Digital Radio
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson are coming out with a MP3/WMA player for some of their motorcycle models.


29 July, 2004 - Another Motorcycle Hearse - Nice One
Tombstone Hearse
Another motorcycle hearse for the biker who wants his (her) last trip in style.


19 July, 2004 - China’s First Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club Opens
China's first Harley-Davidson motorcycle club
China has allowed the first Harley-Davidson club to open its doors.

Harley's, cigars, chaps, leather, and girsl.


5 July, 2004 - In The Must Have Motorcycle Gadgets Department
Harley Knife
Here's a Harley-Davidson knife for all the Hog lovers out there.


14 May, 2004 - I Thought Harleys Were Made In The USA !!
Harley Made In Japan
Is Harley Davidson really made in Japan ???


17 February, 2004 - Harley Merchandizing - The Harley Wedding ?
Harley-Davidson sponsored wedding
The local Harley Davidson dealer throws a wedding bash....


12 February, 2004 - Another Motorcycle Dating Service - Harley’s only
And now for the Harley-Davidson riders dating web site....


9 February, 2004 - Harley suing Shaquille O’Neal over Motorcycle
Shaquille O'Neal
Harley Davidson dealer in Florida is suing Shaquille O'Neal over nonpayment...


17 December, 2003 - New Motorcycle Hearse - A proper one
Harley Motorcycle Hearse
A new motorcycle hearse


13 November, 2003 - A Harley to Enter the Paris-Dakar Motorcycle Race ?
Harley v-Rod sidecar
Dakar logo
A Harley sidecar is looking at competing in the Paris-Dakar....


6 November, 2003 - Anti-Harley Motorcycle Website
Anti-Harley ad
Here's a funny web site I found that's against Harley..


22 July, 2003 - German Police to try Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
The German Police in Hamburg is trying out 20 Harley-Davidson motorcycles......


20 July, 2003 - Harley to Introduce Naked Bike
It is rumored that Harley Davidson is introducing a new


14 April, 2003 - A Harley Davidson Phone....



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