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26 August, 2015 - Hmmm. This Is Where A Motorcycle Helmet Would Come In Handy
Sun Helmets
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Sun #ATGATT - Somehow I think a motorcycle helmet would be more effective than a cardboard one. Don't you?


25 June, 2015 - Ideas: New Motorcycle Helmet Style To Reduce Noise
Lenza One
UK flag
#Design #Helmets - Louie Amphlett, a Product Design graduate from the University of Brighton has designed a new helmet style that will hopefully greatly reduce noise and vibration on motorcycle helmets. His role model? A golf ball!


8 June, 2015 - Yet Another Epic Motorcycle Helmet Fail
Another Epic Helmet fail
#Helmets #Funny #Fail - Someone please put this woman out of her misery and turn that helmet around. Please...


7 May, 2015 - Three Unusual But Clever BMW Motorcycle Helmet Ads
Ad BMW Hair Jet
BMW logo
#BMWMotorrad #Advertisements #Helmets - Funny. Here are three print ads from BMW featuring 3 biker wearing BMW leathers and a hairstyle shaped like a motorcycle helmet. Cute.


9 April, 2015 - The Shark Integral-to-Jet Helmet Goes Carbon
Shark Evoline Pro carbon
Shark logo
#Shark-Helmets #Modular #Carbon - The Shark Evoline Series 3 helmet is quite popular, being a helmet that is certified and homologated as integral AND jet helmet at the same time. One hand operation makes the integral helmet and an open-face one. And now the helmet has gone carbon.


6 April, 2015 - Review: Schuberth M1 Helmet
Schuberth M1
Schuberth logo
A detailed review of the new Schuberth M1 motorcycle helmet. A very good, silent, jet (open face) helmet.


3 April, 2015 - Patent: Be Safe - Ring Of Light
Patent Ring Of Light
#Patent #Safety #HelmetLights - Joshua thinks we motorcycles are not visible enough, especially at night. And he's right of course. His remedy for this deadly problem is placing a ring incorporating several LEDs lights around your helmet. He's calling it a "ring of light". Is this for you? Or will you give it a pass?


19 March, 2015 - The New Ultimate Motorcycle Helmet?
Motorcycle Headlight Helmet
Helmets are helmets. Whether you use them for skiing, football or chess playing, they all look alike, more or less. But now, there's a new helmet, and there's no doubt that it's a motorcycle helmet. Like it?


13 March, 2015 - France: Easy Motorcycle Helmet Storage At Parking Garages
Mains Lib
Mains Lib
#France #HelmetStorage - A French startup has found the money last year to develop a self-service motorcycle helmet storage pillar where you can easily store your helmet. Approved by the French anti-terrorism services, the first units were installed at the biggest motorcycle parking in Paris, the Gare de Lyon. Usage is free and easy to use. Nice.


4 March, 2015 - Airbag Motorcycle Helmet - No Helmet, Just When Crashing
Airbag Helmet Movement
Sweden flag
A Swedish company patented a scarf that inflates itself to form a protective bubble around your head in case of a crash. Interesting, but would you use such a product instead of a standard helmet when riding a motorcycle?


28 November, 2014 - So That Is What You Can Do With A Spare Motorcycle Helmet
Baby Helmet
#Baby #Helmet #Funny - I never know what to do when you decommission a motorcycle helmet. Here is one great idea.


20 November, 2014 - Idea: Galea Motorcycle Helmet HUD - Or How Not To Do It
Galea IndieGoGo Project
India flag
#IndieGoGo #HUD - A guy in India decided he wants to jump on the motorcycle helmet HUD bandwagon and launched his own project called Galea. Instead of getting his proposed product, if you give him $100 he will give you a T-shirt. You think this will fly?


24 October, 2014 - Idea: I Would Like Something Like This For My Motorcycle Helmet
Lazer Cappuccino Lock
Lazer Cappuccino Lock
#Helmet #Lock #Belgium - Here is a great product from Belgium that I would love to see adapted to my motorcycle helmet. It's from bicycle helmet maker Lazer and it's called the Cappuccino Lock.


16 October, 2014 - New High-Tech Helmet: Shark Skwal
Shark Skwal motorcycle helmet with LEDs
Shark logo
#Shark #Helmets - Shark is launching a new helmet next month at Eicma called the Skwal. It's an integral motorcycle helmet, very light and it has 4 onboard LEDs that give you a special "look" and makes you more visible at night.


11 September, 2014 - Nexx: Helmets For Women With Swarovski and Constellations
Nexx Helmets Luna Swarovski
Nexx logo
#Nexx #WomenRiders - Has Portuguese helmet maker NEXX a great idea for female riders, or are they missing the point. An open face helmet with Swarovski crystals!!!


10 September, 2014 - Flash Gordon Helmets by NZI
NZI Helmets Flash Gordon
NZI logo
#NZI #Helmets #FlashGordon - Spanish motorcycle helmet maker has released a series of illustrated helmets with as basis the old (1936) cartoons of Flash Gordon. Cool... he's saving the world for us...


8 September, 2014 - Don’t Like The Color Of Your Motorcycle Helmet Anymore?
Mask Helmet
Mask Helmet logo
#HelmetMask #Helmets #Cool - Don't like the color or design of your motorcycle helmet anymore, but don't want to spend a fortune on a new helmet? The Helmet Mask comes to the rescue. For some €20 you can change the look of your helmet within 3 minutes to something more 'interesting'. Now you can change your helmet look every day.


28 August, 2014 - Givi: Low Cost Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet - X.14 Shift
Givi X 14 Shift modular helmet
Givi logo
#Givi #LowCost #Cheap - Givi have recently released a low cost, if not cheap, modular (flip-up) helmet. But it has only been certified to work when it's closed. But I've seen it going for €116... not bad price).


25 August, 2014 - Idea: A See-Through Motorcycle Helmet
C Through helmet
C Through helmet
#Design #Helmets - A new and quite interesting design of a motorcycle helmet that should make riding in the rain easier and better, and more important, safer. It's a design project, but who knows, maybe it will become a reality.


21 August, 2014 - Ride Your Motorcycle Wearing A Panama Hat - Cool
Tucano Urbano Panama
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #Liner #Helmets - Tucano Urbano has some radically rad gear for motorcycle riders, and this one is no different. It's called Panama, like the famous hat, and it gives your head more air in your helmet, keeping it cool and without sweat, and prevents static electricity from messing up your hairdo.


12 August, 2014 - AGV Compact Helmet In Multiple Colors and Visors
AGV Compact Helmet
AGV logo
#AGV #Helmets - AGV new modular flip-up helmet, the Compact, now comes in many different colors and visors. This is AGV top-of-the-line helmet. Good enough for Rossi, good enough for you.


8 August, 2014 - Idea: Be Seen, Be Stylish, Be TRON
#Kickstarter #LightMode #Helmets - A project starts today in Kickstarter called LightMode, allowing you to turn your helmet into a helmet like seen in the TRON movies. Be visible at night on your motorcycle, safe and stylish.


6 August, 2014 - Ideas: Robert Roland’s Motorcycle Skull Helmet A Flop?
Robert Roland Skull Helmet
#Kickstarter #SkullHelmets #Flops - Here is a Kickstarter project that is doomed to fail, unless some biker loves paying a fortune for a hand-painted motorcycle helmet in the shape of a skull. Any takers?


23 July, 2014 - CapIt For Helmet Drying
CapIt Dry Helmet
CapIt logo
#CapIt #DryHelmets - Italian Capit, known for its race motorcycle tire warmers (MotoGP, SBK, etc) are now selling their helmet dryer, using warm or cool air to dry your helmet.


26 June, 2014 - Want A Motorcycle Helmet Made Out Of Cork? Honest!
Nexx Cork Helmet
Nexx logo
#Nexx #Helmets #Cork - Want a cork motorcycle helmet? Honest, it exists. Really.


15 May, 2014 - Kappa: Ride The Flag, Or At Least Wear It
Kappa KV8 Flags
Kappa logo
#Kappa #Helmets #Flag - Fly the flag on your motorcycle with a Kappa helmet painted with your country's flag. Only applies currently to Italian, British and Americans.


7 May, 2014 - You, Your Motorcycle and Your Helmet - Now What?
Helmet Hook
Helmet Hook
#Helmets #Motorcycles - Hanging your helmet on your motorcycle is often a big deal, not easy unless you have like a big topcase or panniers. But here are two products that could make your life a bit easier.

And both products from two different companies have the same product name: Helmet Hook.


12 March, 2014 - Idea: Liquid Filled Helmet
Liquid Filed Helmet
#Invention # Patent #Helmets - An inventor is revisiting an old patent that calls for a liquid to be placed inside a helmet to offer better protection.

And they are not talking about beer as liquid.


26 February, 2014 - Spanish Telecom Giant, Telefonica, Shows Smart Helmet and Gloves
Telefonica Smart Helmet
Telefonica Smart Helmet
#Spain #Telefonica #SmartHelmets - Spain's telephone giant, Telefonica, have unveiled a smart motorcycle helmet and gloves to the MWC14 conference.

Safety, ease of use and a fat telephone bill awaits you.


28 October, 2013 - Ruby Celebrates BMW 90 Years In Their Own Helmet Style
Ruby Munich 90 Collection
Ruby logo
#AtelierRuby #Helmets #BMW - Atelier Ruby are celebrating BMW's 90 years in the motorcycle business with some beautiful and stylish helmets of their own. They would look perfect on the new BMW NineT.


17 October, 2013 - Nolan N-Com: Universal Wireless Motorcycle Communicator
N Com App
Nolan logo
#Nolan #N-Com #Bluetooth - The biggest hurdle for wireless communication has now been cleared by Nolan. Universal wireless communications. Talk to other manufacturer's headsets, not just Nolan's...........

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16 October, 2013 - Skully: New Augmented Realty Motorcycle Helmet
Skully Helmets P 1
Skully Helmets P 1
#Skully #HUD #Helmet - Skully is the latest company to come out with a full Heads Up Display for motorcycle helmets. With a rear mounted 180° camera, voice recognition and Bluetooth, is this the future helmet?..........

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15 October, 2013 - Ad: Thai Road Safety PSA - Nicely Done
Thai Land Save Wear A Helmet Ad
Thailand flag
#Advertisement #Safety #Thailand - Here are some nicely done road safety PSA from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. They are trying to get people on two wheels, motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles, to wear helmets...........

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3 October, 2013 - Love Star Wars? Try The R2-D2 Motorcycle Helmet
R2 D2 Helmet
R2 D2 Helmet
#Helmets #R2-D2 #StarWars - This one is for all the Star Wars fans. We have seen Darth Vader or Storm Troopers motorcycle helmets, but this helmet is more original and uses as model the unsung hero of the Star Wars movie series; R2-D2...........

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1 October, 2013 - Ads: Honda Brazilian Motorcycle Dealer Misses Again x 3
Honda Helmet Samurai
Honda logo
#Honda #Ads #Brazil - The Brazilian Honda motorcycle dealer, Dorvalino Motos, does a lot of advertising in Brazil, but virtually none of their advertisements are any good (see related).

Several of the ads have confused the living daylights out of me, and some, like these three, are just plain bland. These three ads are for helmets, that much is clear, but it is not clever, not very nice graphics nor is it funny or informative. Just bland...........

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28 August, 2013 - Faster Photochromic Motorcycle Visors Now Possible - InVision Inserts
Hyper Optics Shield
#Photochromic #Visors #Tinted - Riding your motorcycle in "unstable" weather, weather were you get alternating sunshine and clouds, or riding in places where there are a lot of shadows (cities, forests), means that your eyes will need to get used to sudden sunshine or sudden darker vision. Of course this is not a problem when you ride with sunglasses since it is always dark. But that is not a good thing either, since if your vision is darkened by sunglasses you might just miss seeing that pothole or animal in front of you. The same applies to using sun-visors built-in your helmet. Although built-in sun-visors are the next best thing since you can lower or raise them whenever you need to, you need to let go of your handlebar to do it, and that is not always welcome either.

One accessory that helps you achieve a more relaxing motorcycle ride, not requiring you to do anything to cut the sun glare or be able to see more of the road, are photochromic visors. These are visors that are placed onto (from the inside of your helmet) your normal visor, and when the sun hits these inserts, they turn darker. When the sun goes away, they go clear. You can buy prescription glasses that do that for the last few decades, so it is not new technology.

So very simple and easy, right? Not really, since one of their biggest defaults until now was that these visors require time to change tint. A few years ago, it could take up to 60 seconds for them to change, and when riding a motorcycle, 60 seconds can be a lifetime.

Maric Performance, a company that has been supplying anti-fog inserts for ages now, have a new product called Hyper Optiks. Hyper Optiks are photochromic inserts that change state within 4 seconds!..........

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29 July, 2013 - A Helmet Fit For A RTW Motorcycle Rider
RTW Helmet
#Motorcycle #Helmet #RTW - If ever there was a helmet that was perfectly suited for a RTW motorcycle rider, it is this one


17 July, 2013 - Reevu Adds HUD To Motorcycle Helmet Integrated Mirror
Reevu HUD
Reevu HUD
#Reevu #HUD #Helmet - Reevu are those folks that have made several years ago a helmet with an integrated mirror, allowing you to see what is going on behind you from the top of your helmet where a mirror is integrated. This way your eyes would have to travel far less distance to "see" behind you. The idea is pretty interesting, but after a fast "mini-test" I noticed that your eyes needed to get used to the concept and the mirror is actually quite small, which worried me slightly.

Despite several attempts, Reevu never wanted to send over a review helmet for me to test properly, so I can only stand by my original review. Now Reevu are adding more information to the mix. They have what they call the "Intelligent EYE Helmet" device, a device that uses Reevu's own MROPS (Multiple Reflective Optical Systems - the process that makes it possible to see behind you) and projects data from integrated mobile communications into the mirror system. This data is presented to you the way a fighter pilots gets his data, in the form of a Heads Up Display (HUD)...........

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14 June, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your Motorcycle Helmet Into A Pillion Entertainment Center
Patent Helmet Video Screen
#Patent #Helmet #Gadget - Of all the daft ideas I've seen and read, here's a beauty. It's a patent filed last year in the USA, and the patent calls for a screen, let's say a LCD-type computer screen to be mounted to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

This allows the pillion to see a video image on the back of the rider's helmet. I kid you not. One idea of the "inventor" is to put a camera in the front of the helmet, thereby allowing the pillion to see what's on the road. Gulp...........

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13 May, 2013 - Batman Helmet Too Boring? Try The Joker Helmet
Joker Helmet
Joker Helmet
#Helmets #Joker - If one of the Batman helmets that are out now are a bit too boring for you (who wants to be a playboy zillionaire during the day, fighting evil at night wearing a tight body suit), then how about wearing a super villain helmet?

The Joker helmet will get you far more attention when riding your motorcycle, that's for sure. Made by an artist specializing in helmets, this one is rad. Just look at the face at the back of the helmet..............

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29 April, 2013 - Fight Evil On Your Motorcycle - Dark Knight (Batman) Helmet
Helmet Dawg Dark Kinight
Helmet Dawg Dark Kinight
#Batman #Helmet - Accountant by day, crime fighter by night? Need to fight evil while riding your motorcycle? Here's the helmet for you. Helmet Dawg are making the Dark Knight helmet, and if it's good enough for the Batman, then it's got to be good enough for you.

The lightweight shell, made out of thermo-plastic allow (GM48s) is DOT approved, and allows for a maximum of air ventilation. The liner is adjustable and removable, and if you've got to communicate with Robin, there are speaker pockets that allows you to install communication gear...........

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23 April, 2013 - Ads: Honda Motorcycle Helmets
Honda Helmets Beetle
Honda logo
#Honda #Helmets #Motorcycle - I never knew that Honda Motorcycles sold helmets, but there you go. At least it looks like they sell them in Colombia where these two print advertisements come from.

Initially when I first saw them, I thought it was a pretty lame ad, but then I realized what the message is..... "a beetle, when you travel at 80 mph has become a bullet".


23 April, 2013 - Scare The Bejazus Out Of Anyone On The Road, Including Cops
Predator 2 Helmet
Predator 2 Helmet
#Helmets #Predator #Motorcycle - Remember the scariest sci-fi movie monster in the universe? Predator was (is) the toughest monster that humans could battle, even Alien and worse, even Arnold Schwarzenegger had a problem fighting this fighting machine (it took Arnold an atomic bomb to vanquish the monster). Predator is tough and well equipped to fight anything and anywhere.

Well, now thanks to a Russian outfit, you can scare anyone on the road while riding your motorcycle. NLO Moto are selling Predator helmets. These helmets are custom made, so you choose what you want on them and how they will look...........

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11 April, 2013 - Patent: Ride Motorcycle Without A Helmet But Still Protected
Patent Protective Head Cover Liner
USA flag
#Patent #Helmetless - For those places in the world where you are allowed to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, many biker still hesitate. You love the feeling of riding without a helmet, wind blowing through your hair and in your face, but what happens if you do fall? Also, if you're riding in the sun, your head is going to get toasted.

Patent US20130042395 A1 filed in 2011 by Randy Litterini should put a stop to that. The patent is for a "Protective Head Cover Liner", and what that means is that with this patent applied to traditional headgear, like baseball caps, cowboy hats, bowler hats, etc your head will be able to take a knock without scrambling your brains...........

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21 March, 2013 - France: Some Clarification About The Motorcycle Helmet Stickers
click to see where France is on the map
Two weeks ago I published an article about an old law in France that requires all motorcycle helmets sold in France to have reflective stickers on them. In the article I stated the dimensions, and it was just a reminder of the law.

The article itself drew several questions, and I've been monitoring discussion forums and blogs on this matter, and I'm amazed at some of the things mentioned. Here are some responses to the items ..........

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14 March, 2013 - France: Little Known Fact - All Motorcycle Helmets Require Stickers!
Reflective Helmet Stickers
France flag
Here's a little fact that few people know, even those living in France. France is the only country in the world, to my knowledge, that requires all motorcycle helmets to have reflective stickers.

Officially you need four reflective stickers; front, rear and both sides. The surface of each sticker needs to be 18 cm2, and within each sticker you need to be able to draw a 40mm diameter circle, or a 12.50 cm2 rectangle with a minimum 20 mm length. The stickers should not be removable (without damaging the helmet) and remain reflective over time.

Crazy as it may sound, this is true, and if you get caught without one, you get fined €135 and they deduct 3 points from your license. So you get docked the money and points even if you motorcycle helmet itself has been properly homologated...........

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4 February, 2013 - France: A Look At The New Schuberth Helmets For The Police
Schuberth French Police Version
Schuberth logo
There's been quite a lot of heated articles and debates concerning the helmets used by the French police. Even so much so that a part of them went on "strike", since their helmets were totally inadequate.

However, the French National Police and the Gendarmerie (which is a different authority), have contracted German motorcycle helmet manufacturer Schuberth to deliver 7,000 police version C3 helmets (not the C3 PRO which was introduced later). This means that over the next 4 years all the old helmets are being phased out, and replaced by the newer, but heavily modified, Schubert C3...........

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29 January, 2013 - Ad: Hunting Motorcycle Helmet
Forstinger Motorcycle Helmet Ad
Austria flag
Nicely done image, but it doesn't sell. The print advertisement is for Forstinger, an Austrian car and motorcycle retail site, and in the ad they trying to get you to buy helmets.

The tag line says "Hunting equipment at a competitive price. From boots to helmet", and as you can see, the helmet looks like an animal.


6 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Mini Motorcycle Helmet Keychain
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We all have keys; keys to the house, keys to the bar, keys for our motorcycles. So where store the keys?

Obviously we have keychains to hold our keys, and often the keychains have a symbol of some sort; Like the brand of our motorcycle, or something that is close to our heart.

Here's a keychain that is an ideal gift for Christmas that will not drain our piggy-bank. It's a keychain in the shape of a motorcycle helmet...........

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30 November, 2012 - Helmets: Customize Your NZI Helmet Anyway You Want
NZI Spyder Skull
NZI logo
This is a great idea. Many bikers would love to have a fully customized motorcycle helmet, but the cost of bringing your helmet to a specialized design shop who will airbrush your helmet is prohibitive. Spanish helmet maker NZI have come up with a very novel way of putting whatever your want on your helmet.

Called NZI 3D, all you need to do is a) select your helmet type (three types are available) and b) upload your photos or graphics. Their web site takes care of the rest...........

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21 November, 2012 - Helmets: Shark - RAW
Shark RAW Helmet
Shark logo
Shark has released their new urban motorcyclist's helmet, a new helmet with an aggressive look and goggles. Called Raw, it looks like straight out of a Mad Max movie.

The inside of Shark Raw helmet is made out of natural fibers (bamboo to be precise), and there's plenty of ventilation thanks to air vents and diffusers.

The helmet uses special goggles, the goggle itself can be released very quickly. The visor of the goggle is anti-fog and anti-scratch. The inside has been designed so that bikers wearing prescription glasses have no problems putting the helmet on and riding with their glasses on under the goggle...........

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20 November, 2012 - Ruby Helmet: Concept Helmet Extraordinaire
Ruby Concept Helmet
Ruby logo
We've already pointed out the very special helmets made by French helmet maker Ruby. Very stylish, beautifully made and classy were the words that sprang to our minds. So it's no wonder when we saw this concept helmet Ruby made for French car manufacturer Peugeot.

2 years ago, celebrating its 200 years with an electric motorcycle concept, Peugeot asked Ruby to make a special helmet for the electric supercar, the EX1. Ruby made this very special helmet, one that would not look out of place on a high-tech motorcycle, or in a sci-fi movie...........

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19 November, 2012 - Helmets: Roof’s New Jet Helmet - Cooper
Roof Cooper helmet
Roof logo
The French motorcycle and scooter helmet manufacturer, Roof, gained popularity years ago with their innovative and very stylish Roof Boxer helmet, a helmet that looked like a jet-fighter helmet.

For the 2013 season, Roof has announced another stylish helmet, this time a jet/open face style helmet. It's called Cooper, and its innovation is that the sun visor is mounted on top of the helmet - on the outside, in contrast with other helmets, where the sun visor is located inside the helmet...........

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25 October, 2012 - Halloween As A Biker? Get This Helmet
Pumpkin Helmet
Halloween is around the corner, and time to think about a great costume. Going as a ghost, skeleton, etc is so 90's. Getting dressed as a motorcycle rider is easy for us, but to put yourself in the real Halloween spirit go as a biker with this helmet.

You can make it yourself...


18 October, 2012 - HelmetLok: Ideal Motorcycle Helmet Locking Device?
I always struggle to lock my helmet on my motorcycle when travelling. I never want to carry my helmet when I've arrived at my destination, and although my BMW has got a helmet lock, the Ducati or Suzuki doesn't. I do have a small chain and lock, but they take up room when not in use, usually stowed away in the Beemer's topcase, or in a backpack. And when riding two-up, it becomes more of an issue.

Australian HelmetLok looks like it's the right product. HelmetLok comes in normal or rubberized versions, chrome or none, and as an extra option, you can get a cable to add extra things to the lock-up, or if your helmet doesn't have a D-ring...........

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5 September, 2012 - Patent: Interchangeable Motorcycle Helmet Shell
Patent Interchangeable Helmet Shell
For those of you who want to color-match your helmet with your clothes or motorcycle, fear not. Help is on the way....Kirk and Matthew Chung have deposited a patent for helmets that can accommodate different color shells.

This means by simply removing the out layer, you can change shells depending on you mood and/or clothes.


21 August, 2012 - Pssst! Want To Buy A Chrome Masei Helmet For Cheap?
Masei 310 eBay
Masei helmets have put up one of their chrome helmets, the Masei 310 on sale on eBay. They started the bidding at $0.01 including free shipping, so a deal of a lifetime.

So far, the bidding has reached $32 (at time of writing this), and it's got another 8 days to go. The helmet size is Large, so if it'll fit, here's your chance to get a unique motorcycle helmet.


10 July, 2012 - Ad: Nolan - Gladiator
Nolan Ad Gladiator
Nolan logo
Nolan motorcycle helmets already showed a nice advertisement using an astronaut and a Nolan helmet. Now, they've published one with a gladiator.

The top line says in Latin "I needed to air my head", and in the bottom in French it says "The new Nolan N104 has an exclusive Air Booster system that assures optimal air flow."


13 June, 2012 - AXO Motorcycle Helmets Teams Up With Warner Bros
AXO Glory Tweety
AXO logo
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Axo, has teamed up with one of the giant movie studios, Warner Bros. Axo have released a series of motorcycle helmets, all of them jet helmets, decorated with popular Warner Bros movie themes. The helmet series is called Axo Glory.

This way you can get your helmet in the Supeman logo, Joker, Batman, Captain America and even popular animated characters like the Roadrunner, Tweety & Sylvester.

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6 June, 2012 - Send Your Motorcycle Helmet To A Spa
Helmet Spa Machine
USA flag
Motorcycle helmets get tired, sweaty and dirty. When you get hot, you start sweating. Your head sweats as much as the rest of your body, maybe even more. And the sweat needs to go somewhere, and on your head, that somewhere is your helmet.

After a day riding off-road, or in the blistering sun, quite a lot of sweat will have accumulated in your helmet. That has several drawbacks; it will stink, and more importantly, bacteria will start growing like mushrooms in a cave.

For companies that hire out motorcycles and helmets, it is even more important to make sure helmets are sterile and clean. Would you want to hire a helmet that has someone's sweat in it? I know I don't...

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16 May, 2012 - Nolan: Houston We Do Not Have A Problem
Nolan Astronaut
Nolan logo
Recently we showed you a good print advertisement from Nolan, and now they've come up with another one.

This one is an astronaut wearing the full gear, and a Nolan motorcycle helmet.


28 March, 2012 - Masei: A Chrome Helmet
Masei 815 Chrome Modular Helmet
If you like chrome on your motorcycle, you'll love this helmet.

It's from Masei Helmets, and selling for US$159.


22 February, 2012 - Indonesia Makes A Lot Of Motorcycle Helmets
Taracitra Kusuma motorcycle helmet factory Indonesia
Taracitra Kusuma motorcycle helmet factory Indonesia
Interesting facts you pick up from the news agencies wires.

Indonesia manufacturers a hell of a lot of motorcycle helmets; this factory alone makes 30,000 helmets per month, shipped to the four corners of the world.


29 November, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets - Oxi-Sanitation
Yamaha Oxi Sanitation Helmet
Yamaha logo
Yamaha not only make motorcycles, but they also sell helmets. And as we know, circulating air in our helmets is important, since it minimizes fog, and brings in fresh, cool, air.

But helmets are also bacteria traps, especially when you're sick. Yamaha Brazil are advertising their helmets with Oxi-Sanitation, meaning the helmets are aired properly and should be bacteria free.

Here are three of their ads, by the FAM Agency from Brazil.


24 November, 2011 - New Max Social Media Motorcycle Helmets
New Max Social Network Helmet
New Max logo
I guess social media is all the rage with people and companies, but using them for motorcycle helmets seems a bit strange to me. Italian motorcycle & scooter manufacturer New Max has released a helmet called "Max The Social Network Helmet".

The helmet has Facebook decals splattered over it, but what sets it apart from other plain vanilla helmets is that the back of the helmet is a blank white area. The area has been treated, and can be used to write on with a magic marker.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: And The Prize For The Worst Product..
Eicma 2011 Helmet Visor Wiper
Eicma is an incredible motorcycle exhibition, with 1000's of products on display. It's motorcycle porn to an extreme, and you could stay there for days and still not see all the products.

Many products are incredible, and would be great at home, but you'll also find some products that you go .. gulp... Here's one.


17 October, 2011 - The *Perfect* Motorcycle Helmet For Women?
Luxy Female Fashion Helmet
Female motorcycle helmets distinguished themselves by nothing... except maybe the color.

.... until now !

Introducing the Luxy female motorcycle helmet!


27 September, 2011 - Ad: Harley-Davidson - Scratch and Lose
Harley Davidson Scratch and Lose
Harley-Davidson logo
Interesting concept to advertize scratch-free motorcycle helmets by Harley-Davidson from Colombia.

They used a scratch card (the kind where you scratch away zones) to unfold a story. The ad had enormous positive results in their sales.


2 September, 2011 - Female Motorcycle Riders In The Middle East - What To Do?
Helmet Niqab
Women riding motorcycle in the Middle East have a problem (well, they have a few more); they need to use a veil, or a niqab since their laws are very strict. Wearing a veil under your helmet is not fun...

Death Spray Customs have got the solution for them... the niqab is incorporated into the motorcycle helmet..


22 August, 2011 - Sexy: It Is Fluorescent And Inflated
Scorpion Fluorecent Inflated ad
Scorpion Press ad
Two sexy print advertisements for Scorpion helmets to be found in the French motorcycle magazines.

I think you can get away with these kind of ads in France...

Read the translations...


11 August, 2011 - Fernando Alonso’s Special Ducati/Schuberth Helmet
Schuberth Alsonso Ducati SR1 Helmet
Being a F1 double world champion brings some privileges, and it's not only the pretty girls. Fernando Alonso first got a Ducati superbike, and now Schuberth has made a customized SR1 helmet, including the Ducati logo to go along his motorcycle.

Is he using the bike, or is it gathering dust?


3 August, 2011 - Hatari Helmets - Poetry In Motion
Hatari Helmets
Hatari Helmets Turn Signal
Hatari helmets are motorcycle helmets with a twist, literally....

The back of the helmet is decorated with moving & twisting graphics, and apart from abstract art, can be something like a butterfly flying around your motorcycle.

The have released a helmet that shows your brake lights and indicators.


27 July, 2011 - Video: Zoan Motorcycle Helmets - Elevator Girl
Video clip
Zoan logo
Nice and funny TV commercial for the Canadian Zoan motorcycle helmets manufacturer.

The advertisement involves a crowded elevator, a pretty & sexy girl, and an incredible pair of XXXXXXX.


25 July, 2011 - Video: HJC Motorcycle Helmets - Hole In The Wall
Video clip
HJC logo
Funny, but not a real TV commercial for HJC motorcycle helmets.

It seems to have been a school project, but funny nevertheless, so much so that HJC liked it. Nice to see that you can make a good commercial without a real budget.


8 June, 2011 - Hot Weather? Cool Motorcycle Helmet!
Dr Sinnappoo Kanesalingam
Dr Sinnappoo Kanesalingam from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has come up with an innovative utilization of textiles inside motorcycle helmets to keep our heads cool...

Using two textiles (PWAT and PCM), he can lower the temperature inside our helmets by 8 to 9 degrees Celsius.

The cooler our heads, the safer we are on our motorcycles...


30 May, 2011 - Folding Motorcycle Helmet - Time Has Come
Proteus helmet
25 year old Australian girl, fed up with having to lug around her motorcycle helmet, designs a folding helmet.

Called the Proteus, it meets Australian safety standards, and it's up for a big award, the James Dyson award.

It's time for a folding motorcycle helmet....


20 May, 2011 - No Money For A Ferrari? Get The Ferrari Motorcycle Helmet
Ferrari Helmet
Ferrari Helmet
No money for a Ferrari? But still want something from Ferrari?

Problem solved with the Ferrari motorcycle helmet. It's not going to cost you a house mortgage, and it's made out of the best materials available. You'll need to go to the Ferrari store, or web, to get it.


19 April, 2011 - Limited Edition Lambretta Helmet - Commemorate England
Heritage Labretta St George Helmet
Heritage Labretta Union Jack Helmet
Heritage Helmets have gotten themselves some limited edition Lambretta helmets with Britain's symbols on them.

Union Jack or St. George, your choice. You'll look great when you attend the Royal wedding...


6 April, 2011 - Idea: Display Warning Sign With Your Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet Warning Triangle
A great, practical and low cost idea. Use your motorcycle helmet carry bag as warning/emergency/break down triangle sign.

Place your helmet inside the carry bag, and place it on the road. Simple. Reflective, so it can be seen at night.


16 March, 2011 - Ride Your Motorcycle With A Fighter Pilot Helmet
Marushin B2 Helicopter
You can now ride your motorcycle wearing a military helicopter helmet courtesy from the Japanese helmet manufacturer Marushin.

The helmet includes the bulges on the side, and comes with different visors.

Just watch out for incoming tracer rounds....


25 February, 2011 - Italy: Local Police Adopt Raleri LCD Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Video clip
Remember the product review of the Raleri LCDrive motorcycle helmet visor we did last year? The LCDrive is a motorcycle helmet visor insert, based on LCD technology that turns dark and light, instantaneously, depending on how much sun light there is. It's really handy, and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The local cops in Italy have started using the LCDrive for their motorcycle police. Here's a video showing them adapting their helmets for the visor insert, and going out on a patrol.


21 February, 2011 - Safeguard Your Motorcycle Helmet: Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Here's a product you can think why we never had something like this before.

The Helmet Hammock from Two Wheel Addiction, is a simple but very effective storage system for your motorcycle helmet and gear such as gloves, keys , sunglasses, etc.

You can even place two on top of each other, and if you have many helmets, just hand them next to each other.


8 February, 2011 - Video: Shave Your Head While Riding A Motorcycle
Video clip
This is the missing link! This is what all we bikers, male or female, have been waiting for. The invention of the century....

It's a helmet that shaves you head! So there you go, you can shave your head while riding your motorcycle. No fussing around. No time wasted. Always have a perfectly shaved head on your motorcycle.


1 February, 2011 - Ride Your Motorcycle Wearing Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Helmet
Hugo Boss Logo
You too can ride stylish on your motorcycle or scooter to your local Starbucks, wearing this Hugo Boss motorcycle helmet.

Different colors and sizes are available, and what's interesting, it's not going to brake the bank.


7 January, 2011 - TAG Heuer Steve McQueen Motorcycle Helmet
TAG Heuer McQueen Helmet
TAG Heuer are bring out a limited edition motorcycle helmet, inspired by the King of Cool, Steve McQueen.

McQueen was a fan of Heuer, and TAG are big into racing and other cool things, so it's a match made in heaven.


9 December, 2010 - Love Your Motorcycle Helmet - Love Helmets
Love Helmets Shells
Love Helmets Cover US Flag
French motorcycle helmet manufacturer, Love Helmets, have gotten themselves a really nice trendy idea ... allow you to customize your own helmet, the way you would with your mobile phone.

By providing you with many different exterior shells ("skins") and neck collars, you can change the appearance of your helmet within a minute.

It'll make you look classy, trendy and "in".... not bad ...


18 November, 2010 - Eat Your Motorcycle Helmet, Hold The Mayo
Hamburger Helmet
Can we have that motorcycle helmet in menu format with an extra portion of French fries please. Hold the mayo.

Sold by Shift Racing.


25 October, 2010 - Italy: Beanie Helmets Outlawed
Beanie Helmet Carbon
As off October the 12th, Italy has outlawed all use of the popular North American motorcycle helmet, the beanie.

Tolerated for mopeds and Harley motorcycles until now, if you get caught, expect a high fine, and possible confiscation of your motorcycle. This also implies foreign visitors.


8 October, 2010 - France: Gendarmerie Goes For Schuberth For Motorcycle Squads
Schuberth C3 Gendarmerie
The French motorcycle cops are going to be happy campers. They are getting 6,000 Schuberth C3 flip-up helmets.

Finally they are getting some proper gear...


27 September, 2010 - 52 Photos Of Valentino Rossi’s Helmets
Valentino Rossi Helmet
Valentino Rossi probably has more helmets for his motorcycle then most of us have underwear. And since he has come into the limelight, he has been customizing his helmet, and often he has done this very funny.

It's part of his talent as a showman which makes them interesting. Here are 52 photos of his helmets.


20 September, 2010 - 55 Weird And Wonderful Custom Motorcycle Helmets
Custom Helmets
Custom Helmets
Here are 55 motorcycle helmets (more or less for motorcycles) that are out of the ordinary.

They are motorcycle helmets that have been customized. Many are well done, some are weird, and some are outright awful.


13 September, 2010 - Keeping Yourself Humid - The Motorcycle Way
USB Helmet Humidifier
Breathing in dry air is not very good for you. Many offices are quite dry, as are maybe parts of your home.

Here's a gadget that's handy... the USB powered Motorcycle Helmet Humidifier. Plug it into your PC, and you get instant relive. It'll even light up a LED when it's working.



2 September, 2010 - Product Review: Raleri LCDrive Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Raleri LCDrive
Video clip
A detailed product review of Raleri's LCDrive, a LCD based motorcycle helmet visor that changes tint in nanoseconds when there is strong sunlight.

Verdict: Very impressive.


1 September, 2010 - Product Review: Raleri Photochromic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Raleri PCShade
Video clip
A product review of the Raleri Chromatic motorcycle helmet visor, a visor that changes tint depending on the sun light.

A video of the visor working and a video showing you how to place the visor inside your helmet.

Summary: A remarkable visor that does exactly what it is supposed to do, and reasonably fast. Pretty good for its price.


27 July, 2010 - Raleri PCShade Universal Photochromic Visor
Raleri PCShade
Raleri LCD Visor
Two great visors for motorcycle helmets from Italian Raleri.

One, reasonably chap, is a photochromic visor that changes tint depending on the sun light. The other is an electronic one, that changes tint immediately, but is more expensive.

Both visors do not replace your own motorcycle helmet visor, but sit inside it. All most all helmet can be used.


23 July, 2010 - 8 Funny Designer Motorcycle Helmets
Designer Helmets
These have got to be some of the cooler, designer, motorcycle helmets out there.

Could Dainese or Nolan please put this in their catalog?? If don't think BMW or Schuberth will...


8 July, 2010 - India: Buy A New Motorcycle? You Must Buy A Helmet
India 1 helmet 3 riders
By some strange law, the Supreme Court of India has ruled that in India, when you buy a new motorcycle, you MUST buy a new helmet.

Even if you already have one, or even if you want one, but the dealer doesn't have that brand, you must buy whatever the dealer supplies. If not, no new motorcycle.



15 June, 2010 - Ads: Maxx Motorcycle Helmets
Maxx Fun Helmets Dentist Brazil
Three reasonably funny print ads made in Brazil for Maxx motorcycle helmets.

The motorcycle helmets are for kids, and they are using them to protect themselves from the "bad" world...


2 June, 2010 - How To Spook Car Drivers On Your Motorcycle - Icon Way
Icon Airframe Eyeball Helmet Front
Imagine spooking little old ladies in their enormous SUVs, driving to church.... one look in the rear mirror, and they'll faint.

Riding your motorcycle with this Icon helmet will sure leave it's mark...


1 June, 2010 - Sharp Motorcycle Helmet Rating Site Renewed
Sharp 2 Helmet Info
Sharp, the British government web site that tests and rates motorcycle helmets for safety, has been redesigned.

A site that provided already a large series of very useful information, just got a lot better and easier to use.

202 motorcycle helmets have been tested so far, and are on-line. You can even compare models now on-line.


25 May, 2010 - Ads: Shoei Motorcycle Helmets - Valuable Is You
Ad Shoei Vase Brazil
Shoei  logo
Two nice print ads for Shoei motorcycle helmets, telling you that your head is breakable, and valuable.

From Brazil...


12 April, 2010 - Great Idea: Locking Your Helmet On Your Motorcycle
Great idea for locking your helmet on your motorcycle.

Put the OJ Helmo on your handlebar (replacing your counterweight of your handlebar), and lock your helmet. Easy...


27 January, 2010 - Pro-Neck-Tor: Enhanced Motorcycle Helmet Safety
Pro Neck Tor helmet
Video clip
The University of Columbia is working on a new type helmet that will severely reduce neck fractures in case of a violent crash.

Using a smart double shell helmet, this can save many lives. Not only motorcycles helmets, but many other sport activities can use it... football, ice hockey, skiing, bicycles.. etc.


20 January, 2010 - Italy: Luxury Leather Motorcycle Helmets-Tod’s
Tod's Leather Helmet
Tod's, the Italian luxury accessory & fashion brand, has come out with a luxury, leather, motorcycle/scooter helmet.

US$1,000 will get your this fashionable helmet that will allow you to be seen on your Vespa scooter while riding the 2 blocks for your cappuccino at Starbucks.


26 November, 2009 - What Is Cardo Up To? A New Bluetooth Helmet Attachment?
Cardo Systems Bluetooth helmet neckpad
Cardo logo
Cardo are up to something. They have filed a patent for a motorcycle helmet neckpad Bluetooth communicator.

All the electronics are to be stored in the neckpad, so you'll not see anything on the helmet.

Question is... is this for all helmets, or just for their partnership with Schuberth?


2 October, 2009 - Diesel-AGV Motorcycle Helmet: Unique Promotion
Video clip
A very original way of introducing the Diesel-AGV motorcycle helmet.

They invented a bodyless character, Quique the head, and you can follow his life, and his search for a body donor.



28 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Helmet Lock
A simple, but effective helmet lock.

Designed for bicycles, I think this should work for motorcycles.


18 September, 2009 - Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets And Cardo Systems Ink Deal
Schuberth logo
Cardo logo
German motorcycle helmet manufacturer Schuberth, and American motorcycle wireless communication device maker, Cardo Systems, have signed a partnership deal.

Cardo will be making a new communication device purpose built for Schuberth C3, C2 and other helmets.

They hope to show the new device during the upcoming EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


25 August, 2009 - 15 Creative Motorcycle Helmets
Here's a web site that shows the top 15 most creative motorcycle helmets out there.

Would you ride with one of these... ?


22 June, 2009 - Stylish Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Communicator: New Max IDIPhone
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer New Max have released on their IDI brand a very stylish wireless communicator for their even more stylish motorcycle helmets, the ZeroUno and ZeroDue.

Bluetooth 2.1, Stereo, 200 meter range, 10 hours talk time, all in a very nice styled package. This would look good on Brad Pitt.


7 April, 2009 - Really Scary Motorcycle Helmets
Talk about scary motorcycle helmets!!!!

Imagine late at night, in your car, minding your own business, when a dark motorcycle pulls up alongside you, and the rider is wearing one of these motorcycle helmets!



18 March, 2009 - Luxury And Stylish Motorcycle Helmets
Ruby Helmet box
Ruby Helmets
The motorcycle world has a designer label, at least for motorcycle helmets.

French designer and motorcycle aficionado Jerome Coste, has a very stylish helmet, inspired by Steve McQueen, that can be customized on-line.

Not cheap, and very stylish, it's the kind of helmet you'd see on Brad Pitt et al. You can even get matching silk scarves.


5 March, 2009 - Generate Electricity While Riding Your Motorcycle
As part of a Green Design Competition, here's an interesting entry.

It's a motorcycle helmet that recharges batteries for gadgets while riding your motorcycle.


25 February, 2009 - Pretty Helmets For Females
Video clip
Riding Pretty female helmet
Female motorcycle helmets don't need to look like Power Ranger helmets. A woman can look female with a helmet on!

Here's an example from the bicycle world. It shows that it is possible. Why not??


13 February, 2009 - USA: Start Of A National Motorcycle Helmet Database
HelmetCheck website
In the USA, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) have made a halfhearted attempt at establishing a national database of approved motorcycle helmets in the US.

It's nothing compared to the UK's SHARP website with safety rating for each and every motorcycle helmet on the market, but it's a start.

Who knows, maybe in the future...


9 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Helmet - Lego Style
Lego Helmet
Legos building blocks
Here it is, the one and only (thankfully), Lego motorcycle helmet.


5 February, 2009 - White Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet
impact nitro helmet
How would you like to scare the beejesus out of old ladies driving their SUV to church?

Try this motorcycle helmet....


28 January, 2009 - New Cool Motorcycle Helmet, Or Will You Look Like A Dork?
Canedo Gladiat8r Helmet
Is this going to be the uber-cool summer motorcycle helmet?

Or are you going to be the neighborhood dork?


27 January, 2009 - Review: Nolan N103 Motorcycle Helmet With N-COM
Nolan 103 modules
Nolan logo
A very detailed product review of the Nolan 103 motorcycle helmet with N-COM Bluetooth.

A very good, if not excellent, helmet, with a very good wireless communication module (which can be purchased as wired or Bluetooth).

The review is very long, so if you decide to have a look, let it load.


14 January, 2009 - Icon Warthog Motorcycle
Icon Warthog ZX-10 Motorcycle
Icon logo
Icon launched a special helmet some time ago called the Warthog. Named after the successful air-to-ground combat airplane from the 70s, Icon made a matching motorcycle.

The ZX-10 is very cool. Gatling guns, rearview TV, 800 watt sound system, all the nifty things you need to wrestle through enemy territory (traffic).


19 December, 2008 - New Super Motorcycle Helmet In Time For Xmas
A pot as helmet
A new helmet has made it to the shops just in time for the Christmas shopping sprees.

This new revolutionary helmet serves many different purposes, from riding your motorcycle, to cooking, to ...


17 December, 2008 - BMW And Their New System 6 Motorcycle Helmet
BMW System 6 helmet
BMW logo
BMW have got their new flip-up motorcycle helmet, the System 6, ready for sales starting next year.

It's the lightest version of this popular helmet, and it finally has got a sun visor.

And it still will cost a small fortune...


2 December, 2008 - SHARP Now Testing Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
SHARP Nolan N103 test
The good folks at SHARP, the UK government motorcycle helmet testing facility, have started testing flip-up motorcycle helmets.

Part of the test is the chinguard and locking mechanism. That should put a rest to the many discussions going on at the internet forums.


11 September, 2008 - Imaginative Motorcycle Helmet Ads - BYE Helmets
Bye motorcycle helmet ad
Bye Helmets logo
Two imaginative print ads for Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer, BYE (owned by Yamaha).

Strange looking, but good concept...


29 August, 2008 - Valentino Rossi Becomes CEO Of AGV Motorcycle Helmets
Rossi and Dianese
AGV logo
Valentino Rossi is already looking ahead for his next job when he retires in a few years.

Rossi has just been appointed President of motorcycle helmet manufacturer AGV. There you go... set for the next few years..


14 May, 2008 - Real Military Motorcycle Helmet
Gentex Military Motorcycle Helmet MMH II
We've seen several replica military helmets for motorcycles, but here's the real deal. A real Military Motorcycle Helmet.

Bullet proof, you can even install oxygen mask and night goggles. Plus there's space to install communication cords and adapters.

How cool is that?


1 May, 2008 - Helmets Are In Fashion? WTF?
Motorcycle Helmet fashion
It looks like, according to one fashion designer, that motorcycle helmets are now a fashion accessory.

How cool is that??? I'm now fashionable, for the 1st time of my life!


20 February, 2008 - Akuma: First Use Of The SunShift Photochromic Visor
SunShift visor
Helmet manufacturer, Akuma, are the first ones to use the SunShift Photochromic Visor in their product range.

A touch of a button on your helmet, and your visor changes tint, up to 60% darkness.

Isn't life beautiful with all these great gadgets...


13 February, 2008 - DIY Motorcycle Helmet Camera
DIY Helmet Video Camera
Getting a video camera onto your motorcycle helmet is not an easy task, as many of you know...

Here's one way of doing it...


11 February, 2008 - Wireless Impact Guardian: More Than A WIG
Brycen Spencer helmet WIG
Brycen Spencer has invented a life saving device for us motorcycle riders.

Called WIG (Wireless Impact Guardian), it's a device mounted inside a motorcycle helmet, that when sensing an impact, gives the rider 60 seconds to disable the alarm. If it's not disabled, the device calls 911, and includes the exact geographical location of the crashed rider.

Pretty cool!


6 February, 2008 - Motorcycle Helmet Telephone
Motorcycle helmet telephone
The latest advance in motorcycle communications technology for helmets.

Finally, everyone will know you're technology enabled on your motorcycle...


31 January, 2008 - Caberg’s Reversed Motorcycle Helmet
Caberg Downtown Reverso motorcycle jet helmet
Caberg logo
Caberg has a new style helmet. It's a jet helmet, but it's modular.

Called Caberg Downtown Reverso, it's a motorcycle helmet with a twist... literally.


24 January, 2008 - Be Seen At Night On A Motorcycle
HJC Windlight LED Helmet light
HJC logo
For a few dollar, you can be seen (more) on the road at night.

Install the HJC Windlight LED for Helmets Light, it's wind-powered, and allows you to be more visible from behind at night.

Not bad for US$27.


17 January, 2008 - Givi New Style Helmet: X.01
Givi X.01 motorcycle helmet
Givi logo
Italian accessory manufacturer, Givi, have decided that full face helmets are nice, but not nice enough.

They are producing the X.01 helmet, which is a full face motorcycle helmet, but modular.

You can interchange the chin part of the helmet for winter and summer. Nifty!


26 November, 2007 - OSBE Tornado: Fighter Pilot Style Helmet
OSBE Tornado motorcycle helmet
OSBE logo
Italian motorcycle helmet OSBE has a really nice and cool helmet that will turn any grown adult into a little child... dreaming of being a fighter pilot.

OSBE's Tornado helmet allows you to chose a macho nick name, like Iceman or CowHick.


22 November, 2007 - UK: New Motorcycle Helmet Testing Standard
SHARP website
The UK government is starting a new helmet testing and rating system. 1-5 stars will tell you how good a specific motorcycle helmet is.

All UK approved helmets will be on a website, so easy to reference.

Website is already available, but the data will be populated Spring 2008.


19 November, 2007 - Buy Valentino Rossi’s Helmet: Charity
Valentino Rossi's helmet
Dainese logo
Dainese and Valentino Rossi are auctioning off the AGV helmet Rossi had on at the Mugello MotoGP last June.

Not only can you win his helmet, but it will be personally handed over by Rossi himself. The proceeds go to charity.

Bidding starts this Thursday.


13 November, 2007 - Now That’s A Scary Helmet
Scary military helmet
Imagine riding your motorcycle with this helmet!

You'll be scaring the beejeezus out of everyone...


29 October, 2007 - Video: Kawasaki Helmet
Click to see the Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Not something you see often in ads, here's a commercial for Kawasaki helmets.

Done ninja style....


23 October, 2007 - The Danger Of Flip-up Helmets
Opinion Article
Many of us have flip-up helmets. Many of us think they are safe in case of an accident.

Here are two photos showing you that this is not always the case. It's not to stop you from using a flip-up helmet on your motorcycle, but that you should know that it's not 100% safe.




12 October, 2007 - Video: Bell Helmets and Evel Knievel
Video clip
Bell Helmets logo
Nicely done TV ad for Bell Helmets.

Shows famous stuntman Evel Knievel braking the world record, and almost killing himself; saved by his Bell helmet.


11 October, 2007 - Airwolf Helmet
Airwolf Helmet
Ever watch the TV series Airwolf?

Remember the high-tech helmet the main character used? It was for sale on eBay! Sold for US$ 900.

Would have been interesting to see on a motorcycle...


21 September, 2007 - Smart and Simple: Super-Visor
Riding into a low sun is anything but fun on a motorcycle.

Unless you have an off-road or enduro helmet, there's not much you can do about it.

Here's a simple solution for you; the Super-Visor!


4 September, 2007 - Airbag Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet Airbag system
Spanish company, APC Systems, has designed an airbag system for motorcycle helmets.

Adaptable for most helmets, it'll open within 0.15 seconds, and save your neck and back.


26 July, 2007 - Pump Up Your Helmet
ScorpionExo 1000 series Helmet Pump
Scorpion are producing a helmet like the way Reebok used to make their Pump sneakers.

Press a little pump, and you inflate air into your helmet, making it fit perfectly. Great idea.


6 July, 2007 - More John Deere: Now A Helmet
John Deere helmet
Yesterday's post on the Boss Hoss/John Deere motorcycle drew a reaction about a John Deere helmet.

Nanoseconds later, the helmet was found on evilbay. My question is ... WHY?


23 May, 2007 - 3rd Party Bluetooth Gear for Motorcycle Helmets
Web Article
Bluetooth logo
An extensive report on all the suppliers we could find of 3rd party Bluetooth communications gear for motorcycle helmets. The report is an companion report to the Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers with Bluetooth.

In other words, these are the suppliers of communications equipment for helmets, any helmet brand. You'll find out more about their functionality, communication time, compatibility, and price.

This report will be frequently updated, so if you're interested in Bluetooth motorcycle gear, bookmark it.


22 May, 2007 - BlueVirtu- Bluetooth Communication Device for Motorcycles
Dimton BlueVirtu BSH-01
Taiwan company, Dimton, have two interesting Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycle riders.

First is the BSH-01, an A2DP Bluetooth headset, that gives you stereo in your motorcycle helmet. Phone, music and intercom/

Second is the BAT-01, a communication device that accepts 4 wired devices (GPS, Bike-to-Bike, Music and phone), and sends it via Bluetooth to your helmet. Interesting is that you don't need to have the BSH-01 headset, but can use your own.


14 May, 2007 - Dianese Beta Testing Bluetooth 2 Helmet and B2B
Dainese Airstream Course Infinity with Bluetooth
Dainese are beta testing a new Bluetooth equipped motorcycle helmet, which includes bike-to-bike capabilities.

The helmet uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology (better battery life, less powerful transmitter), and it's equipped with a bike-to-bike transmitter.

Beta testers (some 200 per country in Europe) will receive a free mobile phone in order to take snap shots and videos.


23 April, 2007 - Fashion Victims - Motorcycle Helmets
Nexx Demin Motorcycle Helmet
You'll find fashion victims everywhere, even in the motorcycle world.

Apart from haute-couture, you can now even get a demin motorcycle helmet, courtesy of NEXX Helmets.

Does it shrink when raining ? Is the pocket for your condoms?


11 April, 2007 - Female Motorcycle Helmets
Helmet Hair Pig Tail
Helmet Hair Pony Tail
What do you do when you want a pony tail, or pig tails on your helmet?

You can drill holes in your precious helmet, or you want wait until some motorcycle helmet manufacturer produces a helmet for women.

Or, you can go to Helmet Hair....


5 April, 2007 - Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth Roundup
Web Article
The big roundup of motorcycle helmets that feature Bluetooth technology. This report, which used to be annual, is now an ongoing report, ie, there's a database that drives the report. Any changes will appear as they are made.

The companion report, 3rd Party Bluetooth Helmet Add-ons, featuring 3rd party manufacturers' Bluetooth devices for helmets, will appear shortly.

It took quite some time to put the database/report together, but that was because many helmet manufacturers don't think it's worthy of their time to communicate with websites. They prefer the printed press....


22 March, 2007 - New Technology Motorcycle Helmets
Two new technology motorcycle helmets hit the market (no pun intended) today. Lightweight and more important, one-size-fits-all.

One helmet is very airy, the other very water proof.


13 February, 2007 - Mini Review: Schuberth C2 Helmet
Schuberth C2 Helmet
A short, but sweet, review of the Schuberth C2 Helmet.

Summary: if you've got a big windscreen (like a Honda Goldwing or BMW LT), you'll be fine. If not, get ear plugs !


8 January, 2007 - 2006 Statistics: The Gadgets
Statistics Article
A closer look at the your search patterns for 2006 with regards to the gadgets and accessories. Bluetooth lives !


25 October, 2006 - Roof Bamboo Motorcycle Helmet
Roof Bamboo motorcycle helmet
French motorcycle helmet manufacturer, Roof, introduced a helmet made out of bamboo.

Will this replace the traditional motorcycle helmets ?


3 July, 2006 - Don’t Crash With This Helmet
Brazil supporter with crazy motorcycle helmet
Sometimes helmets are dangerous.

Here's one typical case you're not safe with a helmet !


28 June, 2006 - USA Motorcycle Helmet Survey - JD Power
J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction survey
US customer satisfaction survey group, J.D. Power, conducted their annual motorcycle satisfaction survey.

Arai scored the highest, 8th year in a row !!!

But more and more potential buyers turn to the internet for helmet information.


14 June, 2006 - Motorcycle Helmet Fire
Motorcycle Helmet fire
A photo of a motorcycle rider with his helmet throwing real flames !

Sci-fi Mad Max-style !


25 May, 2006 - What a Dick Head !!
Dick Head Helmet
Is this guy ever a real dick head !


23 March, 2006 - All Singing and Dancing Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator
Intaride Libery Motorcycle Helmet Pod
Here's finally a great, all singing, all dancing, Bluetooth communications device made for motorcycles. This unit does it all, from intercom, to bike-to-bike, to GPS, Radar, etc.

Made in the UK, this device will see the light of day at the end of April.

Orders are already being taken, the first come get a discount.


22 March, 2006 - Motorcycle Helmet Issues
Motorcycle Helmet
Here are two solutions to common problems with motorcycle helmets.


1 March, 2006 - Jesus Saves Helmet
Religious Motorcycle Helmet
For the religious amongst you; a real "Jesus Saves" motorcycle helmet.


21 February, 2006 - Bluetooth Helmet Roundup 2006
This Site Article
Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth roundup.

Wireless communications built-in your helmet.


20 December, 2005 - Nolan Bluetooth Add-on For Motorcycle Helmets
Nolan N102 Motorcycle helmet
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Nolan have released their communicator add-on, the N-COM.

N-COM allows you to talk to your pillion using Bluetooth, listen to music and telephone.


13 December, 2005 - Is This The Future Motorcycle Helmet ?
d3o Ribcaps helmet
A new technology arrives for helmets. Developed by the US Army, these helmets are very light and flexible, until it reaches impact. Then it solidifies.

Not yet for motorcycles, but it's just a question of time.


12 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Product Review Blog
Motorcycle Helmets website
A new website sees the light of day, reviewing motorcycle products in a blog format.


21 November, 2005 - Musical Motorcycle Helmets
Musical Motorcycle Helmet
Shortly you'll be able to listen to music on your motorcycle with BONE CONDUCTION loudspeakers installed in your helmet.

This year in Japan for $50, next year Europe & USA ??


26 August, 2005 - Roof Helmets Going To Be Hard To Get !
Roof Boxer Motorcycle Helmet
You're going to have problems finding Roof helmets, since their factory got burned down to the ground.


22 August, 2005 - Helmet Mice
Helmet mouse
For those of you who are desperate to be reminded about your motorcycle while working at your computer.


18 July, 2005 - Draxtar Military Motorcycle Helmet
Draxtar P-104 Motorcycle helmet
A cool looking "Chinese Army" helmet for motorcycles from Draxtar.


15 July, 2005 - BMW’s New Enduro Motorcycle Helmet
BMW Enduro Motorcycle Helmet
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles releases a new Enduro model for its HP2 model.


7 July, 2005 - Extensive Motorcycle Helmet Survey Results
Web Article
A comprehensive motorcycle helmet survey results.


7 June, 2005 - Photochromic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Sunshift motorcycle helmet visor
A looks at a photochromic motorcycle helmet visor.


3 May, 2005 - Scala Rider - Bluetooth Add-On For Any Helmet
Scala Rider Bluetooth
Cardo launches an add-on Bluetooth communicator for any type of motorcycle helmet.


25 April, 2005 - Helmet Mounted GPS Information
GPS HUD Helmet
GPS meets Heads Up Display meets Helmet technology.


22 April, 2005 - Does Your Motorcycle Helmet Smell ??
Coconut helmet
A smelly motorcycle helmet.


16 March, 2005 - Bluetooth Communication Device - Talk’N’Tel
Nextel's Talk'N'Tel
A new Bluetooth equipped intercom system from Nextel for motorcycles.


7 December, 2004 - Dainese Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets
Dainese helmet with Bluetooth
Dainese logo
Dainese launch three motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth.


16 November, 2004 - Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Roundup
This Site Article
A roundup of all current Bluetooth equipped motorcycle helmets.


5 November, 2004 - Kiwi Helmets With BlueTooth - Yet Another One
Blue Kiwi helmets
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer, KIWI, announce BlueTooth equipped helmets.


25 October, 2004 - Motorcycle Dog Helmets
Zoomergear Dog Helmet
A company is producing motorcycle helmets for dogs.


17 September, 2004 - AuHelmet - Mobile Phone For Motorcycles
Auhelmet device
New mobile telephone gear designed for motorcycles.


16 September, 2004 - Motorcycle Helmet HUD (Heads Up Display)
SportVeu MC1 HUD Display
A Heads Up Display (HUD) for Motorcycle helmets.


15 September, 2004 - BMW Announce Motorcycle Helmet With BlueTooth
BMW System V Helmet with BlueTooth
BMW announce System V Helmet equipped with BlueTooth.


13 September, 2004 - Momodesign and Motorola Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth - Finally
Momo Helmet and Motorola Bluetooth
Momodesign Helmets and Motorola present a Bluetooth equipped Motorcycle Helmet.


18 June, 2004 - Reevu Motorcycle Helmet Test
Reevu Helmet
I finally tested the Reevu helmet with integrated mirror system.


26 May, 2004 - Reevu Motorcycle Helmet with Mirror Revisited
Reevu Helmet
Revisit of the Reevu Motorcycle Helmet with integrated mirror.


12 March, 2004 - Motorcycle Helmets with Mirrors
ATV Helmet mirror
2 mirror solutions for your motorcycle helmet.


16 October, 2003 - Smart Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Chromatic Visor
A Swedish invention, a tint changing visor by pushing a button.


8 October, 2003 - Exciting New Motorcycle Helmet
Reevu Motorcycle Helmet with Mirror
One of the more exciting new products introduced in the Milan Motorcycle show was from Reevu....

Bult in mirror inside a motorycle helmet.


26 September, 2003 - Vemar Motorcycle Helmets & Bluetooth
Vemar Bluetooth Flipup
At the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition we discovered the Vemar Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.


4 August, 2003 - Gadgets for Motorcycles - Bluetooth Helmets
Motorola/Momo Moto'Cycle
It was only a matter of time.... Bluetooth technology has finally arrived in the motorcycle industry.....



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