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2 September, 2015 - France: Honda Forza 125 Runaway Hit
Honda Forza 125
Honda logo
#Honda #Forza125 #Statistics - The recently released Honda Forza 125 scooter is a runaway success, breaking all sales records and pushing Honda into the number 1 spot of sales in France. Looks like a very popular scooter.


31 August, 2015 - Tucano Urbano Apron/Leg Protector For Honda Forza 125 Scooter
Tucano Urbano Honda Forza 125 Termoscud Apron
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #Aprons #HondaForza125 - Aprons on scooters and motorcycles are a mater of fact in Europe, especially during the winter, but even in the summer. So it's no surprise to see Tucano Urbano released a special apron for the recent and very popular Honda Forza 125 scooter.


29 June, 2015 - Review: 2015 Honda SH 300i - Dolce Scoot, The Same But Better
Review 2015 Honda SH 300i
Honda logo
#Review #Honda - A detailed and translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 Honda SH 300i - Dolce Scoot - The Same But Better


15 June, 2015 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Honda
Cake Honda
Honda logo
#Honda #Cakes - It's time to feed out sugar cravings, increase our love handles and feed our tummies. We haven't shown your cakes shaped like motorcycles or motorcycle manufacturer's logos for a while, so I guess you're hungry by now. Here are 25 photos of cakes shaped like Honda motorcycles or the Honda logo.


6 May, 2015 - India: Honda Calls Out Hero MotoCorp On Mileage Claims
Hero MotoCorp Splendor ismart Mileage
Hero MotoCorp logo
#HeroMotoCorp #Honda #MileageClaims - Once partners, now bitter rivals, Honda and Hero MotoCorp are at odds about Hero's mileage claims for their latest motorcycle. 102.5 km / liter is incredibly high.... the fight is on.


30 April, 2015 - Review: 2015 Honda SH 125i - The City Scooter
Review 2015 Honda SH 125i
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #SH125i - A detailed, translated, review from a top French web site of the 2015 Honda SH 125i - The City Scooter


2 April, 2015 - Review: 2015 Honda Forza 125 - Power To France
Review 2015 Honda Forza 125
Honda logo
#Review #Honda - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 Honda Forza 125 - Power To France, a hot selling scooter.


26 February, 2015 - Honda’s New and Beautiful Scrambler
Honda CB1100 CBO Scrambler
Honda logo
#Honda #Scrambler - Is this Honda's new Scrambler? Is Honda jumping on the Scrambler retro bandwagon?


5 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Honda Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Honda logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Honda - Honda is one of world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers, and Japan's biggest, but there gift catalog pales in comparison with some American and European manufacturers. It looks like they concentrate mostly on making great motorcycles. Here are however a few gift ideas.


25 November, 2014 - Honda Goes From 1 To 300 Million In 65 Years
Honda Goldwing Le Havre
Honda logo
#Honda #Milestone #Anniversary - Honda turned 65, and in that time they went from making 1 motorcycle (the Dream Type D) to 300 MILLION (A Gold Wing).


14 November, 2014 - Video: Honda CB1100 - Ignition of Life
Honda CB1100 Ignition of Life
Honda logo
#Honda #CB## #Commercial - Here is a TV commercial for the Honda CB1100 from Japan, the country that brought us the CB1100. It's very good, especially the first one (the 2nd one is a shorter version of the 1st), but I can't really put a finger on why it is good.


4 November, 2014 - Video: Honda Jumps 47 Cars As Stunt For Their MSX125 Motorcycle
Honda MSX 125 Car Jump Stunt
Honda logo
#Honda #Publicity #Stunt - Honda, as a publicity stunt, jumped 47 cars with their MSX125 motorcycle. Stunt or reality?


3 November, 2014 - Patent: Why Has Honda Patented A Motorcycle Camera & Lasers?
Honda Camera Patent
Honda logo
#Honda #Patents #Camera - Honda has filed for a very strange patent. The patent calls for a camera and two lasers mounted on a motorcycle, but they don't say for what it will be used. And no.... the camera and lasers will be pointed at the road, not to the rear.


9 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: 10 Photos of Honda VFR800X & CBR300R
Honda CBR300R Intermot 2014
Honda logo
#Honda #Intermot #CBR300R #Crosstourer - Here are 10 big photos of the "new" Honda motorcycles presented at the German Intermot exhibition: the CBR300R and the VFR800X Crosstourer.


5 August, 2014 - Ads: Honda CRF250R For Weekends
Ad Honda CRF250R Israel
Honda logo
#Honda #CRF250R #Advertisements - Three print advertisements for the Honda CRF250R. Clever ads, but maybe a bit too clever.


26 June, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda PCX 125
Review 2014 Honda PCX 125
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #Scooter - A detailed review from one of the top French sites of the 2014 Honda PCX 125 scooter.


13 June, 2014 - Video: Honda Sells Gold Wing Like A Car Ad
Honda USA Goldwing Video 2014
Honda logo
#Honda #GoldWing #Advertisement - Here is a pretty lame and bland TV commercial from Honda for their flagship motorcycle, the Gold Wing. They are selling it like it was a car. Shame.


9 June, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda NC 750 S DCT - Good At Everything
Review 2014 Honda NC 750 S DCT
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #NC750S-DCT - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2014 Honda NC 750 S DCT - Good At Everything


3 June, 2014 - Ad: Honda - Only Gods Think Once
Honda Moto Only Gods Think Once
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #TTIsleofMan - Cool print advertisement from Honda about them winning the TT of the Isle of Man several years in a row. Nice art work.


27 May, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda CBF 1000 F - Tourer with a Big Heart & Long Legs
Review 2014 Honda CBF 1000 F
Honda logo
#Review #Honda- A detailed review from a French web site of the 2014 Honda CBF 1000 F - Tourer with a Big Heart & Long Legs


14 April, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda VFR 800 - An Admirable Ship
Review 2014 Honda VFR 800
Honda logo
#Review #Honda - A detailed review of the 2014 Honda VFR 800 motorcycle - An Admirable Ship. Here is a French site's view of this iconic bike.


9 April, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda CB 650 F - While Waiting For The New Hornet
Review 2014 Honda CB 650 F
Honda logo
#Review #Honda - A detailed review of the 2014 Honda CB 650 F - While Waiting For The New Hornet


3 April, 2014 - Video: Marc Marquez Latest ’Motorcycle’ For MotoGP
Video Marc Marquez Honda Blade 125 ad
Honda logo
#MarcMarquez #Honda #MotoGP - In the latest Honda TV ad, you see none other than Marc Marquez racing his latest motorcycle around the Sepang circuit. The bike? A Honda Blade 125 Fi. Will he race that at COTA and give other a sporting chance?


26 March, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda CTX 1300 - GT-Cruiser of the 3rd Kind
Review 2014 Honda CTX 1300
Honda logo
#Review #Honda- A detailed review of the 2014 Honda CTX 1300 motorcycle - A GT-Cruiser of the 3rd Kind


21 March, 2014 - New Honda Outed: NM4 Vultus Motorcycle
#Honda #New #Vultus - Honda unveiled a new motorcycle to their dealers this morning, the NM4 Vultus.

It's a cross between a scooter and the Ducati Diavel, a mean looking cruiser. A few photos have leaked, no technical details yet.


11 March, 2014 - Ad: One Of Honda’s Better Print Ads - Hair
Honda Hair Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Here is one of Honda's better print ads I've seen in a very long time.

It's for a very fast motorcycle, so fast it takes the hairs from your arms. Funny.


5 February, 2014 - Video: Honda - Motocross vs Supermotard
Honda Motocross vs Supermotard
Honda logo
#Honda #Motocross #Supermotard - Nice video made by Honda France, featuring two giants, one on motocross, the other supermotard motorcycles.


19 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 14 -Honda- Joan Barreda Closes The Dakar with Another Victory, The 6th for The New Honda CRF450 RALLY
Dakar 2014 Joan Barreda
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - The difference one day makes. Barreda could have been on the podium if it was not for one day. Impressive Honda team.


16 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 11 -Honda- Spectacular Double for Honda in 10th Stage
Dakar 2014 Laia Sanz
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Joan Barreda is impressive. It looks like he is the new star of the Dakar, though older, he's going to win in the future.


14 January, 2014 - Ads: More Weird Ads From Brazilian Honda Motorcycle Dealer
Honda Dorvalino Ad Vampire
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement #Brazile - Yet again some weird ads from our favorite Honda dealer in Brazil. Time to change their PR agency?


13 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 8 -Honda- Third Win for Joan Barreda
Dakar 2014 Helder Rodrigues
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Barreda is the surprise rider of this Dakar. Again number 1 stage 7. Honda did well with him.


12 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 7 -Honda- TEAM HRC in Upbeat Mood as Week 1 of the Rally Ends
Dakar 2014 Rest Day
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Some hard earned rest for the Honda Dakar riders. But still it's work on the rest day.


11 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 6 -Honda- TEAM HRC Makes it to the Break with Joan Barreda in 2nd Place
Dakar 2014 Laia Sanz
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Honda is still going strong after stage 6, but no longer in a position to challenge the leader. But the Dakar still has a week to go...


10 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 5 -Honda- Helder Rodrigues takes 3rd Place in Shortened Stage
Dakar 2014 Helder Rodrigues
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Honda keeps raking it in in the 2014 Dakar race, doing much better than expected. Here's how they did.


9 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 4 -Honda- Joan Barreda Retains Leadership in spite of Tough Stage
Dakar 2014 Paulo Goncalves
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Honda and the Dakar rally in Honda's word for day 4, and 2nd part of the Marathon stage.


8 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 3 -Honda- Joan Barreda Wins First Leg of the First Marathon Stage
Dakar 2014 Joan Barreda
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda #Barreda - Honda's story of day 3 of the Dakar rally. Looks like Honda is doing very well.


7 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 2 -Honda- Sam Sunderland Gets First Victory
Dakar 2014 Sam Sunderland
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda - Day 2 of the Dakar, and this is what Honda had to say about a great 2nd day. Looks like the million sinvested are paying off..


6 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014 - Day 1 - Honda- Joan Barreda Rides CRF450 to Victory After 25 Years
Dakar 2014 Joan Barreda
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Honda - Day 1 of the notorious Dakar, and here is Honda's account of the day.


20 December, 2013 - Review: 2014 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP
Review 2014 honda cbr1000rr fireblade sp
Honda logo
#Honda #Fireblade #Review - Here is the detailed review/test of the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP, aka Fireblade.


3 December, 2013 - Paris Salon 2013: Honda F6C Muscle Cruiser
Honda F6C Muscle Cruiser
Honda logo
#Honda #F6C #LeSalondelaMoto - Honda presented their muscle cruiser, the F6C, at the Paris motorcycle exhibition.


25 November, 2013 - Video: Excellent Honda Motorcycle Commercial - Hands
Honda Hands Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Video #Advertisment - A very nice and cool Honda TV commercial - motorcycle engines, scooters, race motorcycles (but then cars and other Honda products).


22 November, 2013 - Toyota CEO Rides Honda Motorcycle
Akio Toyoda on Honda Gold Wing F6C Motorcycle
Toyota logo
#Toyota #Honda #F6C - I guess if you don't manufacture your own motorcycles, you end up being on your competitor's motorcycle.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Short Video Of Honda Motorcycle Launch
Honda logo
#Honda #Eicma #Video - Most of you will never have the chance of seeing a press conference and a new motorcycle launch, particularly from one of world's biggest manufacturers.

Honda did an extremely good press conference (a first), and I quickly taped one of the launches with my iPhone. So the quality is not super, but you'll get an idea how it goes.


5 November, 2013 - Ads: Brazil - The Right Honda For You - Nice
BR Moto The Right Honda For You
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Here are three nicely done ads from a Honda dealer in Brazil. Nice concept and artwork.


8 October, 2013 - Honda Unveils 2014 Dakar Rally Model
Honda CRF450 Rally 2014
Honda logo
#Honda #Dakar #CRF450 - Honda has released official photos of the new CRF450 RALLY designed specifically for rally racing. TEAM HRC (Honda’s motorcycle works team for rally races) will use the CRF450 RALLY at the upcoming 2014 Dakar Rally –Argentina,Bolivia, Chile in January 2014...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 October, 2013 - Use A Honda Motorcycle To Make A Cup Of Tea. Overkill?
Honda Tea Kettle Heating
Honda logo
#Honda #Motorcycle #Tea - I think just putting the kettle on the stove for a cup of tea should be sufficient. Using a motorcycle, even if it is a Honda, is a bit overkill. Wot?


1 October, 2013 - Ads: Honda Brazilian Motorcycle Dealer Misses Again x 3
Honda Helmet Samurai
Honda logo
#Honda #Ads #Brazil - The Brazilian Honda motorcycle dealer, Dorvalino Motos, does a lot of advertising in Brazil, but virtually none of their advertisements are any good (see related).

Several of the ads have confused the living daylights out of me, and some, like these three, are just plain bland. These three ads are for helmets, that much is clear, but it is not clever, not very nice graphics nor is it funny or informative. Just bland...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 September, 2013 - 3 Honda Motorcycle Ads From Brazil That Have Me Confused
Honda 5 Stars Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement #Strange - I know that I often just do not 'get' some advertisements, but these three Honda ads coming to us from Brazil totally have me confused.

The ads have as tag line 'The journey is the destination.' which is nice, but the pictures don't really say anything. I am presuming that the ad agency, in this case Y&R, had in mind some exotic locations but instead put some hovels in the photos...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


27 August, 2013 - Video: Honda XRE 300 Motorcycle On Mars?
Honda XRE 300 mars Explorer
Honda logo
#Honda #Commercial #Off-road - Funny. Here is a TV commercial from Argentina for the Honda XRE 300 off-road motorcycle. it is nicely done, with the opening sequence showing a Mars-like explorer vehicle (Rover) going over a tough terrain like what you would find on Mars or the moon (like I would know....).

And then comes the XRE 300, and eventually they come eye-to-eye. So was it taken on Mars or just on Earth?

It is a nice creativity from the ad agency, WTF Agency (honest, that is their name).


13 August, 2013 - Ad: Honda Motorcycles - Your Weekend Treat - Nice!
Honda Weekend Treat
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #Motocross - A nice print advertisement from Israel for the Honda CRF250R motorcycle. It's a motocross bike, so you can imagine the jumps you can make with it.

The advertisement company, McCann Erickson, thought of a different way of visualizing the jumps and playing with words at the same time...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 July, 2013 - Ads: 2 x Honda Motorcycles Ads From Brazil - Nice But Not Original
Honda Trail Ad Brazil
Brazil flag
#Advertisement #Honda #Brazil - Here are two print advertisements from Dorvalino Motos in Brazil, one for a Honda CBF 250 L, the other for a Honda PCX scooter. The ads are nice, and should "talk" to motorcycle riders the world over, but they are not original.

Many (m)admen will use this concept when producing an ad for a motorcycle. It is to easy.............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


21 June, 2013 - Product Review: Honda GL-1800 Gold Wing
Honda Goldwing Le Havre
Honda Goldwing Dash
#Honda #GoldWing #Review - If you've been reading this site regularly, you'll known that I recently purchased a Honda Gold Wing. I didn't buy it new, since the price of a new Gold Wing exceeds any budget I might even dream of, but this 2006 GL-1800 was in perfect condition and had only 54,000 kilometers on the counter. It has all the options on the bike, and a warrantee of 6 months, plus the Honda Ocean dealer has taken in my even older BMW 1150GS.

For me that ended the story of telling you about it, but many of you asked me to write up a review of the Honda. So here it is.

I've always considered the Gold Wing a motorcycle I would buy when I retired (or close to it), and enjoy it for leisurely long distances rides with my SWMBO. Boy..... that was a mistake! If any of you think that the Honda Gold Wing is a slow moving sofa on two wheels, think again! It's fast, it's maneuverable, it's comfortable and it's very reliable...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 June, 2013 - Ad: Honda CS500F And A Sword! CS500F WTF?
Honda Sword CS500F
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Okay, I'm confused again (happens a lot at my age). Here's an interesting print advertisement from Honda Israel featuring a sports motorcycle and a samurai sword. Looked good, until I read the text...

... it reads "Honda CS500F A New Japanese Power". CS500F??? Never heard of that. On top of that, the photo is that of a CBR. Is this an Israel-special? Is it just bad ad layout? Is it a joke?

Anyone ever hear of a CS500F? (I know the CB500F and even a CS500, but not a CS500F).


3 June, 2013 - A Funny Thing Happened To Me While Shopping
New Bike For Me
New Bike For Me
#Honda #Goldwing - Last Saturday my SWMBO and myself went shopping in the city of Le Havre. We arrived in the morning too late to start her shopping spree, and too early for lunch, so I decided to have a look at the Honda motorcycle dealer on the way. I thought it would be a nice way to spend 90 minutes before eating lunch and then hitting the shops (shops close for lunch here in France).

We walked in, and surprise surprise, there was a beautiful motorcycle standing in showroom which drew both our immediate and unadulterated attention; a Honda GL1800 Goldwing.

I had been wanting a Goldwing for quite some time now, but aside of the high price, I was never able to justify myself (or SWMBO) that it made sense buying one. This GL1800 is pre-owned (by an old lady who only used to to ride to church on Sundays....), from 2006 with only 50,000 kilometers on the counter...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 May, 2013 - France: Honda Claims Gold Wing Not Designed For Taxi Service
Honda Gold Wing Taxi
Honda logo
#Taxi #Honda #Goldwing - Honda France may have shot themselves in their feet. 25% of all Gold Wing motorcycle sales are to taxi companies, since many (bikers and clients) consider the luxury and comfortable tourer the best and only way to ride through a busy city.

But taxis ride many kilometers every day, more miles per bike than "civilians". And that's where the problem lies. Honda France have stated that the Gold Wing was never designed to swallow so many kilometers every day, especially the clutch. Riding in an urban environment means shifting gears continuously, and that means actioning the clutch.

So Honda France have stated that they although they will honor the normal warrantee on the Gold Wing if used by a taxi company, but that defects that are related to overuse, especially the clutch, will not be honored or repaired under a warrantee program...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 April, 2013 - Ads: Honda Motorcycle Helmets
Honda Helmets Beetle
Honda logo
#Honda #Helmets #Motorcycle - I never knew that Honda Motorcycles sold helmets, but there you go. At least it looks like they sell them in Colombia where these two print advertisements come from.

Initially when I first saw them, I thought it was a pretty lame ad, but then I realized what the message is..... "a beetle, when you travel at 80 mph has become a bullet".


9 April, 2013 - Brazil: Another Weird Honda Ad From Same Dealer
Ad Honda Dorvalino Holes Road
Brazil flag
#Honda #Advertisement #Brazil - Although not as bad as the first one, and although I understand this one a bit more, it's still weird. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

The print advertisement is for the Honda motorcycle dealer Dorvalino Motos in Brazil, and the text reads "If this road was mine, I'd put some holes in it.". From what I understand, since they are advertising a dual-sport/off road motorcycle (the Honda NXR 150 BROS KS, a Brazil-only model) that you'd want to ride some holes....strange because no one wants to ride pot holes.

What do you think? Am I strange, or the ad?..........

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9 April, 2013 - Not Impressed With The Honda Gold Dirt? Try The Gold Wing Racer
Honda Gold Wing 1800RR
USA flag
#Honda #GoldWing - If you weren't impressed with yesterday's Honda Gold Wing dressed as a motocrosser, how about this? A Honda Gold Wing sportsbike, the Gold Wing 1800RR:

What you see here is the work of Cedric Smith who built this sportsbike. He used a front assembly of a Suzuki GSX-R 1000, the fairing of a Honda CBR 1000RR and the engine of a Gold Wing 1800. ..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 April, 2013 - So You Think Your Motocrosser Is Too Light? Try This
Honda Gold Wing XR 1500R
Honda Gold Wing XR 1500R
#Honda #GoldWing #Funny - Motocross motorcycles are tough, powerful and light. After all, you need to be able to pull yourself and the bike out of mud, ruts and sand. So it pays having a motorcycle that weighs next to nothing. Right?

Well some Dutch bikers don't think the same as you. They prefer heavier motorcycles to race down the mud. And what can get heavier than a Honda Gold Wing (well maybe a Victory, Rocket III or Valkyrie). So they went about and modified several Honda Gold Wings from decent & comfortable long distance motorcycles into machines that could go anywhere, especially mud and dirt.

I don't think they'll try this with a brand-new 1800 cc motorcycle, those pesky airbags are going to get in the way of jumps, but they did take a 1400 cc and 1200 cc...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


19 March, 2013 - Brazil: Weird Honda Motorcycle Dealer Advertisement
Dorvalino Motos Brazil Ad
Brazil flag
This print advertisement is for a Honda motorcycle dealer in Brazil called Dorvalino Motos. Sorry, but I'm lost...

Usually ads have a message that either informs potential buyers, or convinces them to buy. This ad shows a small photo of a Honda CBR 1000RR and the Tower of Pisa. That's it.

Does it mean you can ride from Brazil on a Honda motorcycle all the way to Italy? If so, it's news... otherwise I just don't get it.


13 March, 2013 - USA: Cops In Richmond Prefer Honda Motorcycles Over Harley
Richmond County Honda Harley
USA flag
It's a strange read when you see that in Richmond Country, Georgia, USA, the motorcycle police prefer Honda motorcycles over their Harley-Davidson ones, even if Harley has been a traditional supplier of LEO bikes since their existence.

But according to the Richmond cops (and other places in the USA), although the Hondas are much more expensive, they are safer, lighter and easier to use. Also, an important factor is when in pursuit, the Harley takes its time, while the Honda reaches faster speeds much quicker. Also having a water-cooled Honda engine is a blessing when temperatures go over the 100°F. But according to the cops, the Harley looks better...............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 October, 2012 - Video: Honda Fitting Room
Video clip
Honda logo
Kind of strange TV commercial from Honda, in what I guess is Indonesia. It's aimed at the young kids, and the key message is that clothes don't make you cool, but a Honda motorcycles does....

I guess we could say that anywhere... right?


23 August, 2012 - Thailand: Honda Aims To Keep Its 70% Market Share. Wait, 70%!?
Statistics Article
Honda logo
These are incredible figures. Honda has a supremacy in the Thai motorcycle market, to the tune of 70% market share. And they are going to try to keep that market share.

Honda Thailand is projecting the sale of a record 2.1 million motorcycles this year, an increase of 4% over last year.......

......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 August, 2012 - Video: Honda Spacy - Uptown Girl
Video clip
Honda logo
In a rather upbeat Honda TV commercial for the Spacy scooter, the ad uses the popular, but very old, song "Uptown Girl" to show a pretty girl loading and unloading a lot of stuff from her 110cc scooter's cargo bay.

The advertisement was made and shown in Indonesia. The cargo area is called "Helm In", meaning you can store your helmet under the seat.


17 July, 2012 - Video: Honda Scoopy-i S12 Advertisement
Video clip
Honda logo
I was about the trash this Honda TV commercial from Thailand, but then thought better of it. It's actually kind-of-fun, an advertisement done in 60's & 70's style, complete with mini-skirts, the twist and weird hairdo.

The ad is aimed at young kids, since the scooter is a Honda Scoopy-i S12, a 108 cc scoot. They even made a special web site to promote the new retro-scooter in Thailand.


2 July, 2012 - Dakar: Honda To Compete With Motorcycle Factory Team
Honda CRF450X Dakar
Dakar logo
Since 23 years, Honda motorcycles has not competed officially in the famous Dakar race. It had competed officially with a works team between 1981 until 1989, and won the race 5 times.

But now they're back! The official works Honda team, called Team HRC, includes the Portuguese veteran Helder Rodrigues (3rd in the 2012 race) and Brazilian Felipe Zanol. The second team has British racer Sam Sunderland and Argentian Javier Pizzolito.

........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 June, 2012 - Video: Honda Australia Motocross with CRF450R
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a nice TV commercial from Honda Australia for their CRF450R motocross motorcycle.

Action packed, a couple of locally famous crossers, and text graphics that reminds me of recent Aprilia advertisements.


25 May, 2012 - Video: Honda - I Want To Ride - Demetrios
Video clip
Honda logo
Last year we showed a video infomercial from Honda that depicts bikers and their motorcycle (obviously a Honda) in every day situations. The object is to show normal people, doing normal things (like going to the office, getting a coffee, etc), and most importantly, having fun on their motorcycles.

Here's another "episode" of the Honda "I Want To Ride" infomercials, featuring Demetrios and his Honda CBR 250R. The filming is very well done, super professional, with crystal clear images, and the story is nice. Nice enough for me to sit through it.


22 May, 2012 - Patent: Honda Posture Control Device For Motorcycles
Honda Posture Control Patent
Honda logo
Honda have filed a patent last year that is entitled "Posture Control Device", and it's not for the biker, but for the motorcycle.

It's very difficult to understand, I dare you to read the first paragraph and understand it in one go....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


18 May, 2012 - Making Something Out Of Nothing: Post Modern Motorcycles
Post Modern Motorcycles: Junk Mail
Post Modern Motorcycles: Dear John
The Honda CT110 is one of those reliable motorcycle you can see riding around the country side, clocking up many miles. Used not only by people who want a low cost and reliable transportation, but often used by organizations like the Post Office (in Australia and New Zealand it's called a "Postie Bike")..

Manufacturing started in 1980, and the motorcycle is still being made today. 4 stroke and air cooled, it's very reliable. But it's bland. Very bland. The bike almost can't be seen, that is how bland it is.

Until Melbourne, Australia based Post Modern Motorcycles got their hands on them. These guys customize the "bland" motorcycles into something more exciting. Not that you'll be able to race them, but at the very least you'll be able to ride to your local watering hole without feeling ashamed.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 March, 2012 - Honda: They Do Not Kid Around
Honda logo
When Honda does something, they do it big. Honda have announced that they are building a new motorcycle factory in Indonesia to keep up with local demand. The factory is planned to produce a whooping 1.1 MILLION motorcycle a year.

The new $341 million plant will add 3,000 new jobs. It's Honda's 4th factory in the country. The new plant when it opens next year, will manufacture with the other factories, a total of 5.3 million motorcycle per year.

Click headline to read more ......


6 March, 2012 - Ad: Finally A Motorcycles Faster Than The Roadrunner - Beeep
Honda Dorvalino Roadrunner Brazil
Honda logo
If this Brazilian print advertisement is to be believed, finally there's a motorcycle faster than the famous roadrunner (you know, beeep, beeep). And the motorcycle is a Honda CBR1000RR.

The ad, made by 9mm Propaganda Florianopolis in Brazil, is for Honda Dorvalino, a local dealer.

Not bad ad for a dealer. But in all honesty, nothing is faster than the roadrunner, nothing.


1 March, 2012 - Video: Honda CBR 150R with Casey Stoner
Video clip
Honda logo
When you become a champion, you not only win the glory and the big bucks, but you get to star in TV commercials, bringing in even more big bucks. That's also the case for Casey Stoner (no pun intended), who after winning the MotoGP crown, gets to promote Honda motorcycles.

Here's a TV commercial in which Stoner shows off what the Honda CBR 150R is capable off, in and off the circuit.

It's not bad as advertisements go, but no spark...


17 February, 2012 - Video: Honda And Soccer On Motorcycles
Video clip
Honda logo
It looks like if you ride a Honda motorcycle, you are an excellent soccer (football) player. Or at least, that is the case if you believe this Honda TV commercial.

You get to see, what I presume is a famous Brazilian soccer player (have no clue who it is), doing tricks with a (soccer) ball on his motorcycle. Not bad, if you're into soccer. It would have been nicer if he did those tricks while riding....


13 February, 2012 - Video: Honda VT750S Australia Commercial
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a very upbeat (music-wise) TV commercial from Australia, for the Honda VT750S motorcycle.

No fuss, no clever stuff, just upbeat music and a price. Not bad...


4 January, 2012 - Ad: Honda Motorcycles - Arrive Home Before Yourself
Honda Home Before Yourself Israel
Honda logo
Funny concept for a print advertisement. The ad comes from Mccann Erickson in Israel, and the idea is interesting. You come home faster than usual, because you are using a Honda motorcycle, and find yourself in bed with your wife...

Beats the Harley ads finding your wife in bed with a biker..


19 December, 2011 - Video: Honda Wave Dash - My Secret Obsession
Video clip
Honda logo
It's not easy to market a small displacement scooter to adolescents and teenagers, and Honda are trying it very hard with their Wave Dash.

In this TV commercial the guy is more interested by the motorcycle than the pretty girl, until she goes for a ride with him, and everyone is happy.

Bland? You betcha, but I guess it works for hormone-filled teenagers.


16 December, 2011 - You Know Those RVs Towing A Car...?
Honda Gold Wing and Trailer
You know those RV vehicles that, part from being humongous, are also pulling a car?

Well, the motorcycle world has its equivalent, the Honda Gold Wing and motorcycle trailer. Only thing missing on the Gold Wing is the bathtub.


25 November, 2011 - UK: AA Orders Many More Honda Motorcycles
AA Honda Pan European UK
AA logo
The British Automobile Association, the AA, is very happy with Honda. After having used Honda Silverwing 600 scooters and Honda 700 Deauville motorcycle sin the big cities, they've now purchased 50 Honda Pan European motorcycles.

The motorcycles are used in the big cities to rescue stranded cars, since repairs cars take too long to reach their destination.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Honda Integra - The MoSco / ScoMo
Honda Integra
Honda logo
Here are the launch photos of the new ScoMo, or MoSco motorcycle/scooter that Honda has launched today at Eicma.

The real name is the Integra, and its a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Honda’s New NC700 Series Motorcycle
Honda NC700
Honda logo
Here's a quick view of Honda's presentation of their brand new NC700S and NC700X motorcycles, as shown at Eicma 2011.

The photos are a bit blue, but that's because they used blue filters... sorry.


20 October, 2011 - Honda To Sell The Crosstourer Motorcycle in 2012
Honda Crosstourer Concept
Honda logo
Honda has announced that they will announce at next month's EICMA exhibition, that the Crosstouer motorcycle will go from concept to reality, and that you'll be able to buy it in 2012.

Yet another motorcycle making a stab at BMW's dominance in the adventure/dual sports motorcycle market.


26 September, 2011 - Honda Develop 2 New Motorcycle Engines
Honda 700cc Engine
Honda 125cc Engine
Honda have announced the development of two new motorcycle/scooter engines that are far more fuel economical than previous editions.

One is a 125 cc, the other a 700 cc engine.

More power/torque, less fuel...


3 June, 2011 - Video: Honda Scooters With Grace Jones - Weird
Video clip
Honda logo
A truly weird TV commercial for Honda Scooters, featuring Grace Jones...

Could it be weirder?


16 May, 2011 - Video: Honda CBR900RR - Uncaged
Video clip
Honda logo
In a surprisingly good TV commercial from Honda Motorcycles, here's one from 1998. It shows a several caged motorcycles, and then the Fireblade ... which breaks free from its cage.

Nice symbolism.


5 May, 2011 - BMW K1600GTL Motorcycle From A Professional Point Of View
BMW Honda Motorcycle Taxi
Many reports/reviews have been written recently about the new BMW K1600GTL. Most were written by magazine/site reviewers, but this is the first review done by professional riders; a motorcycle taxi operator.

Motorcycle Taxi Operators favor the Honda Gold Wing due to its comfort and performance, so a comparison from a professional's point of view is essential. These riders ride some 400 kilometers every day on their motorcycle, and the passenger's comfort is essential to their business.

So how does the BMW stack up against the Honda? Read the report.


3 May, 2011 - Video: Honda - I Wanna Ride
Video clip
Honda logo
A good TV advertisement from Honda Motorcycles. It plays very well on our thoughts when doing those things we don't like doing... sitting in meetings, doing the laundry.... I just wanna go on a ride!

My thoughts exactly.


28 April, 2011 - Video: Honda CBR250R Introduction
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice, but very unimaginative launch video of the new Honda CBR250R motorcycle.

One nice moment (when the motorcycle blasts past the sportscar). Clip was used for their launch in India.


27 April, 2011 - Honda Looking At Airbags For Their Motorcycles
Honda Airbag Patent
Honda logo
According to a recent patent filing, Honda is looking at providing airbags for most of its motorcycles.

Looks like Honda wasn't as crazy as we thought when the opted for airbags for their Gold Wing.

But will it work? Will people flock top buy Honda motorcycle because of its airbags?


26 April, 2011 - Honda Gold Wing To Go Hybrid?
Honda Gold Wing Hybrid
Honda logo
Honda has filed a patent for a hybrid motorcycle.

A closer look at the patent, and it's obvious that the motorcycle in question is the Gold Wing.


21 March, 2011 - Video: Honda Motorcycles - Red Hot Summer
Video clip
Honda logo
A true "feel good" TV advertisement from Honda Motorcycles. Deep voice over, happy families riding their motorcycles, including the kids on their small displacement dirtbikes. Only thing missing is the family eating apple pie.

But then, would you prefer the in-your-face Harley ads?


2 February, 2011 - Another Thing To Do With A Motorcycle Around The House
Motorcycle Parts Decoration
We've seen motorcycles hanging on walls or being placed in an apartment as decoration (see related articles below), but here's a more original way of using a "space" motorcycle as decoration. Call it "Art" or call it "Stupid", either way, it's original.

And since it's a Honda, it looks like this decoration was inspired by the famous Honda TV ad.


18 January, 2011 - Video: Honda PCX 125 (Australia)
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice, but simple TV ad from Honda Australia for their PCX 125 Scooter.

Nice tune and images, but simple. Nothing catchy or shocking. No special effects, just a plain simple ad.


14 December, 2010 - Christmas 2010: For Honda Motorcycle Lovers
Honda logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
Time to have a look at some Christmas gift ideas for Honda motorcycle lovers.


29 November, 2010 - A Pregnant Honda Valkyrie Motorcycle
Honda Ryujin Valkyrie
How to make a heavy motorcycle, in this case the Honda Valkyrie even heavier and bigger looking.

A Japanese custom builder did just that. It looks enormous and futuristic. It's actually a motorcycle that would look perfectly in place in the latest Batman movie.


4 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: Honda CBR125R Motorcycle
Honda CBR125R
Honda logo
Honda is making the 125 market more and more interesting. Their recently released CBR125R looks and behaves like a bigger motorcycle.

Bigger rear tire, full fairing, and bold colors make it difficult to distinguish from the bigger motorcycles.


4 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: Honda Crosstourer
Honda Crosstourer Concept
Honda logo
Honda released at Eicma a concept dual-sport motorcycle, the Crosstourer.

In an already crowded market, will it stand out?


2 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: Honda Press Conference
Honda Eicma Press Conference 2010
Honda logo
Honda had their day at Eicma, introducing 8 new and revamped motorcycles and scooters.

The new concept, the 1200 cc V4 CrossTourer is a direct stab at the Ducati Multistrada. Here are several photos and videos of the press conference.


6 October, 2010 - Strange Ads: Hero Honda Motorcycles - Get There Faster
Ad Hero Honda Faster India
Hero Honda logo
Three print ads from India's Hero Honda that just do not make any sense.

Why would one of world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers make ads that you can not understand. Someone understand this?


20 September, 2010 - India: Hero Honda To Become Just Hero?
Hero Without Honda logo
Hero Honda logo
Despite record revenue and profits, one of world's biggest motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, India based Hero Honda, are in disagreement about royalty payments. Honda might shed its 26% share in the Indian company.


21 June, 2010 - 44 Concept Motorcycles From Japan
Honda Concept Motorcycle
Yamaha Concept Motorcycle
Concept motorcycles are a must for any motorcycle manufacturer, and the Big Four from Japan, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha do not spare money when designing new models.

Here are 44 photos of Japanese concept (or prototype) motorcycles.


12 May, 2010 - Video: New Honda Motorcycles USA - Chain Gang Ad
Ad Honda Sabre USA
Honda logo
Two print ads and one TV ad (with the video) of Honda Motorcycles North America ad campaign for their new Sabre and Stateline motorcycles.

Their TV ad is not bad, and so is their "punch" line...


7 April, 2010 - India: Honda To Sell VFR1200F Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda have announced that they will be selling their VFR1200F motorcycle in the Indian market later this year.

Since the motorcycle is not built in India, not even assembled, it's going to get a 110% import duty slapped onto it.

US$45,000 to get a VF1200F motorcycle????


6 April, 2010 - EICMA: Honda Motorcycle Back This Year
EICMA logo
Honda logo
Honda motorcycle have decided to grace world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, EICMA, with their presence this year.

Last year they cancelled since there was not enough money left in the piggy bank to pay the bills of the show...


11 March, 2010 - Video: Corporate Honda Motorcycle India 2010
Video clip
Honda logo
A Honda Motorcycles from India "feel-good" corporate ad running this year.

Reminds me of the 80's Coca-Cola ads...


10 February, 2010 - Honda Motorcycles Is Probably Not Too Pleased With This Photo
Iran Police Feb2010
I dare say that Honda motorcycles is not too happy with this photo being shown......

Maybe they'll ask the Iranian cops to remove the enormous Honda logo from their motorcycles...


8 February, 2010 - 29 Honda Motorcycle Ads from Around The World
Honda Ad CB600F Playboy Spain
Honda logo
As with previous motorcycle manufacturers, here's what we've found for Honda. Here are 29 Honda motorcycle advertisements from around the globe.

My favorite one is shown here...


3 February, 2010 - Motorcycles Save Honda’s Bacon
Honda logo
Honda has managed to weather the financial storm thanks to its healthy motorcycle division.

They have just announced amazing high profits for their last quarter.

Motorcycles to the rescue...


22 January, 2010 - France: Honda - No Warrantee On Professional Goldwings
Motocycle taxi in Paris
Honda logo
It would appear that Honda France is no longer honoring its warrantee on Goldwing motorcycles used by the French motorcycle taxis.

The Goldwing was never designed to work in the city environment they are working in now, and seem to have a lot of problems, which, according to this French motorcycle taxi web site, Honda will not pay for anymore.

Dilemma for Honda....


14 December, 2009 - Honda Opens Honda Europe Training Academy
Honda Europe Training Academy
Honda logo
Honda Europe have opened a Europe wide training center for all Honda Europe and their dealers' staff. All Honda products, including motorcycles, will be trained on.

Training will not only focus on technical (maintenance), but also customer satisfaction. The site, based close to Frankfurt, Germany, will be able to handle 264 trainees per day.


10 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Honda Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Honda logo
Despite being the biggest motorcycle manufacturer out there, Honda have no Christmas gifts, and nothing to buy on their own web sites....

But I have managed to find a few things with Honda on it... here it is.


22 October, 2009 - Honda’s Takanobu: Woow! He Sits On A Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda's CEO, Takanobu Ito seen actually sitting on a motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor Show.


21 October, 2009 - Honda Unveil New CB1100 Motorcycle At Tokyo
Honda logo
Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show their new CB1100 motorcycle.

Continuing their long line tradition of the CB Series, the in-line DOHC engine, 18" wheels and optional ABS should appeal to a more mature audience.


21 October, 2009 - Honda Continues Tradition With Electric Cub Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show an electric version of the best selling motorcycle of all times, the Super Cub (with 60 million units sold).

The EV-Cub, still a concept, is a Two Wheel Drive motorcycle, powered by a big battery. Engines are placed inside the wheels.

Interesting ....


15 October, 2009 - An Asian Honda Goldwing?
Would you think that is an Asian Honda Goldwing motorcycle (trike actually)?

What gives it away?


8 October, 2009 - Honda VFR1200F: It’s Official
Honda logo
Honda have released full information on their new V4 motorcycle, the VFR1200F.


21 July, 2009 - Video: Heavenly Honda Motorcycles
Video clip
Honda logo
A nice, good old fashion, and "divine" TV ad from Honda Motorcycles USA.

Dating back to the 1960's...


16 July, 2009 - Biggest Motorcycle Exhibition Getting First Cancellations
EICMA logo
The two biggest motorcycle manufacturers have withdrawn from the biggest motorcycle exhibition: Honda and Yamaha will not be present at EICMA!

Bad news... will there be more cancellations? I hope not!


29 June, 2009 - Video: Honda CBR1000 Motorcycle And Nicky Hayden
Video clip
Honda logo
Very nice TV ad from Honda for their CBR1000 motorcycle, featuring Nicky Hayden and a bunch of masks.

It's well done, specially the imagery.


11 June, 2009 - Happy Birthday Honda America
Honda logo
Honda USA are celebrating their 50th birthday.

50 years ago, the first motorcycle rolled off their assembly lines.


9 June, 2009 - Honda Put Their Future Motorcycle Technology On-line
Honda-Technology-Picture web site
Honda logo
Honda are putting their future (and current) motorcycle technology on-line, so that simple-minded people, like me, can understand how it works.

It's very well done, with diagrams, photos and pictures, explaining in detail how a certain new technology works and why it's better for us.


1 May, 2009 - Has This Motorcycle Got Enough Lights?
Imagine driving behind this Harley motorcycle at night.... you'd need sunglasses.

Do you think he could put a few more lights on this motorcycle?


30 April, 2009 - Sugar As Fuel For Your Motorcycle
Honda CG Sugar
Reuters logo
There's a novel idea. Running your motorcycle on a bag of sugar.

Need to tank up? Head for the local supermarket and buy a bag of sugar...

If only...


24 March, 2009 - After London AA, Now Ambulance Service Go Honda Motorcycles
London Ambulance Service Honda Pan European
Honda logo
The London Ambulance Service is one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

To ensure that their paramedics get to the scene as quickly as possible, The Service has extended its partnership with Honda UK, taking delivery of 12 new ST1300 Pan European motorcycles.

The Service knows from experience, that motorcycles are the only vehicle that can get there in the fastest way possible.


2 February, 2009 - Video: Honda Dio Scooter Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
Take a funky scooter, throw in a few pretty girls, and you've got an instant TV ad.

Honda style...


29 January, 2009 - Video: Hero Honda CD Deluxe
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
Again, ads from India are usually better than the European or US based TV ads.

Here's one from Hero Honda motorcycles. Nice...


22 January, 2009 - Hero Honda Motorcycle Print Ads
Hero Honda Ad twisties
Hero Honda logo
Hero Honda is another one of those motorcycle manufacturers you find only in India. But they are no small fry: some 20 million Hero Honda motorcycles are still in circulation today.

Here are three interesting print ads from the Indian manufacturer.

I love the first one...


17 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 14-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 14 - Honda Report

Everyone is getting tired....


16 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 13-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 13 - Honda Motorcycles Report

Tough day


15 January, 2009 - Official Honda Fury Motorcycle Photo Leaked!
Honda Fury
Honda logo
Our friends at Hell For Leather Magazine have managed to "find" an official photo of the new Honda Fury Chopper motorcycle, which is due to be launched on Friday.

Since we web sites don't receive the info officially (with an embargo date), we don't feel we need to adhere to these dates, so they get published. So here's the official photo of the Fury.

Thanks Hell For Leather Magazine!


14 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 11-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Mirjam Pol
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 : Day 11 - Honda Motorcycle Report

The herd is being thinned out. Only the strongest remain.


13 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 10-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Honda
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 10 - Honda Motorcycles Report

Not nearly as pretty photos as KTM, but good enough story...


12 January, 2009 - Video: Honda Unicorn Motorcycle
Video clip
Honda logo
Very tame (lame) TV ad for Honda India Unicorn motorcycle (Indian market special).

They are no Bajaj when it comes to TV advertisements.


12 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 9-Honda Motorcycles Report
Honda logo
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 : Day 9 - Honda Motorcycles Report.

No photos supplied, so kind of bare...


11 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Rest Day-Honda Motorcycle Report
Dakar 2009
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009. Honda motorcycles report on the rest day.


10 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 8-Honda Motorcycle Report
Dakar 2009 Mirjam Pol
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009: Honda Motorcycle Report on day 7 and rest day 8.


9 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Honda-Mini Interview With Mick Extance
Mick Extance
Dakar logo
Mini Interview with Honda's top motorcycle Dakar rider, Mick Extance.


9 January, 2009 - Official: Honda To Manufacture Electric Motorcycles by 2010
Honda Hybrid Scooter
Honda logo
Honda have finally released an official statement that they are going to produce an electric motorcycle by next year (2010).

How would you like an electric CBR1000... or Electric Goldwing...?? Or is it going to be an electric Rebel?


8 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 5-Honda Report
Dakar 2009 Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009, day 5, Honda motorcycle report.


7 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 4-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Honda
Dakar logo
Honda Motorcycle report on day 4 of the 2009 Dakar.


6 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 3-The Serious Stuff Is About To Begin
Dakar 2009 Honda Truck
Dakar logo
Things are heating up, also for Honda motorcycles, at the Dakar.

Here's Honda's report on their riders.


5 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 2-Team Honda Europe Well Under Way
Dakar 2009 - Honda -Krzysztof JARMUZ
Dakar logo
Honda's report on the 2nd day of the 2009 Dakar.

It's going quite well for Honda motorcycles.


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Honda Motorcycle Racing Crew Shirt
Honda Crew Shirt
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Want to look like you're working in the motorcycle racing world.....

Here's a Honda pit crew shirt. You'll look the part...


15 October, 2008 - Video: Honda V4 Magna Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
TV ad for the Honda V4 Magna motorcycle, dating back to the early 90's.

The Honda motorcycle, according to the ad, is meaner than a mean dog....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Honda Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Honda Motorcycles exhibition
Honda logo
Honda had nothing to show, despite a nice show.

The only thing they showed was a concept motorcycle that will probably never the light of day.

Only KTM was worse....


29 August, 2008 - AA-UK Turn To Honda Motorcycles
The AA Honda Motorcycles and scooters
Honda logo
Honda are delivering 50 Silverwing 600 scooters and Deauville motorcycles to the UK based AA. No, not Alcoholics Anonymous, and but British Automobile Association.

The AA hopes to cut down the waiting time for car drivers than have broken down in the major cities of the UK.

So, it's motorcycles to the rescue of cars.... ironic..


28 August, 2008 - Video: Honda 2008 CB1300SF TV Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
A rather bland TV ad for Honda's CB1300SF motorcycle.

Nice motorcycle though...


30 July, 2008 - World Record Honda CBR Motorcycle Attempt
World record attempt Honda CBR motorcycles
The Dutch Honda CBR club are going to attempt to break the world record of the most number of CBRs in one place.

They tried 4 years but failed despite having a 10 kilometer long row of CBR motorcycles lined up. So now they need your help to augment the numbers. Have you got a CBR and are willing to ride to Holland?


6 May, 2008 - World’s Fastest Motorcycle - By Far!
Garmin 2820 speed bug
Here is photo proof that the fastest motorcycle broke the speed of sound several times over! Faster than a jet!

1159 mph on a Honda Goldwing!!! Read all about it !! Extra, Extra !!


30 April, 2008 - Video: Honda CBR600RR With Mick Doohan
Video clip
Honda logo
Honda parades multi-world champ MotoGP Mick Doohan to sell their CBR600RR sports motorcycle.

Mick invokes Valentino Rossi's name...


8 April, 2008 - Video: Honda Motorcycles Featuring John Travolta
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a rare TV ad for Honda motorcycles featuring none other than John Travolta.

A "feel good" ad...


18 March, 2008 - You Think The Honda Goldwing Is Big Enough?
Big Honda Goldwing
Most people would think that a Honda Goldwing was big enough...

But not this fellow. he wants more space...


28 February, 2008 - No More US Built Honda Motorcycles
First USA Built Honda motorcycle
Honda logo
It's over for Honda USA!

They are stopping motorcycle production in their USA factory. This venture started in 1979, so not exactly a short term, money grabbing, operation.


27 February, 2008 - Do Not "Forget" On Your Motorcycle
Hero Honda motorcycle full of Post-its
If you're one of those riders that keeps forgetting things while riding, like pick up a loaf of bread on your way home, here's the solution:

In fact the photo of from a publicity campaign from Hero Honda.


4 February, 2008 - Honda CBR 900 Fireblade Wins Le Touquet Enduro Holeshot
Honda CBR 900 Fireblade at Le Touquet Enduropale 2008
Le Touquet 2008 logo
Usually, the motorcycles that win the holeshot at the Le Touquet Enduropale, worlds biggest beach race, are big off-road motorcycles; KTM 950's and BMW HP2's.

But this year they were all passed by a street motorcycle; a Honda 900 CBR Fireblade! The heavily adapted streetbike is capable of 230 kph in the sand. It was dubbed a Sand Dragster.!


28 January, 2008 - Honda Goldwing F15 Fighter Jet
Honda Goldwing motorcycle/ F15 Jet Fighter
Here's a guy in Florida who has transformed his Honda Goldwing motorcycle into a replica F15 Fighter jet, complete with sound, banking, etc.

It's an incredible piece of engineering..... cool.

Now.. to get it to fly!


28 December, 2007 - Moving? Use Your Motorcycle!
Sofa on a motorcycle
Who said you can't move using a motorcycle?

Need to move a sofa, use your motorcycle!


10 December, 2007 - Video: Hot Girl Transformer Ad - Honda?
Video clip
An interest ad using a beautiful and sexy girl that transforms into a sleek motorcycle.

it's billed as a Honda ad, but I doubt that.... nice ad though!!


7 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Honda Gift Ideas
Honda logo
Honda are totally not into merchandising, not in the USA, nor in Europe.

I've looked everywhere, but couldn't even find a Honda mug. Just hard parts for their motorcycles....


22 November, 2007 - Video: Honda Free Yourself
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice video/TV ad for Honda motorcycles.

Free yourself from driving cars in traffic jams...


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Honda
Honda logo
Honda had already shot their load in Paris, so they only reasonably new thing they showed at the EICMA 2007 show was the CB1000R.

For the rest, it was a standard dog & pony show.


2 November, 2007 - Video: Honda Rebel With Wolfman Jack
Click to see the Video clip
Honda logo
Nice ad dating back to 1986 for the Honda Rebel, featuring the famous DK Wolfman Jack.

What a great DJ...


23 October, 2007 - Video: Honda CBF 1000 Commercial
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice, dreamy, TV ad for Honda's CBF 1000 motorcycle.

Ahh.. waiting for summer...


11 October, 2007 - Video: Honda CBR1000RR Versus RC211V
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a very nice TV ad from Honda for their CBR 1000RR and a "guest" appearance of their RC2111V MotoGP motorcycle.

It's in Japanese, but riding a nice motorcycle goes in all languages.


4 October, 2007 - Honda GL1800 Goldwing Quad
Hannigan Honda Goldwing Quad
Want a quad, but don't want to have the discomfort of one?

Now you too can drive a quad in all luxury! Introducing the Hannigan Honda Goldwing Quad!


2 October, 2007 - Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda logo
The original Honda Transalp was designed thanks to the success of the famous Paris-Dakar rally, way back in 1987.

Now, 20 years later, the XL700V Transalp sees the light of day, transformed and eager to conquer the unknown.


2 October, 2007 - Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Honda logo
Honda, worlds biggest motorcycle manufacturer has released at the Paris motorcycle exhibition their latest version of their super sport motorcycle, the CBR1000RR Fireblade.

Here's a more detailed view of the beast.


28 September, 2007 - Paris Mondial 2007: Honda
Paris Mondial 2007
Honda logo
First press conference was from Honda in Paris. Three motorcycles were presented.

The Transalp, the CBF and new CBR Fireblade.

Here's a quick impression.


7 September, 2007 - Video: Honda FMX650 Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
A German ad for Honda, where they trash a Yamaha XT500.


15 May, 2007 - UK: Police Withdraw Their Honda Pan European Motorcycles
UK Police version of the Honda Pan European ST1300
The UK Police Force had to withdraw their Honda Pan European ST1300 motorcycles due to an alert given by the UK coroner that the motorcycle was unsafe.

A death resulted by one of their officers after a high-speed wobble.

The ban is just for the Police version of the Pan, not for the standard versions.


1 May, 2007 - Video: Infomercials (Honda, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki)
Video clip inside
Infomercials can be interesting, since they are like TV ads, but are longer, and often more informative. Here are several infomercials from Honda, Aprilia, Kawasaki and Suzuki.


3 April, 2007 - Video: 4 Honda Motorcycle Commercials
Video clip inside
Honda logo
A look at 4 different Honda Motorcycle ads from different countries, and different time periods.


13 March, 2007 - Honda Goldwing Key Holders
Owners of motorcycles know the problem; keys scratch your console. Honda Goldwing owners have several keys, and even a remote control. offer a simple and cheap solution to scraping the console. A leather key holder solves the problem once and for all !


13 March, 2007 - Want To Go Play Golf With Your Motorcycle?
Going to play golf while riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. Where to you put your golf clubs. If you've got a sidecar, no problem.

Here's a solution for Harley-Davidson or Honda Goldwing riders. Place your golf bag at the rear of your motorcycle on a specially designed platform.

Just don't try to do a wheelie with this.

Now you'll not have to rent a golf cart, just ride up the golf greens with your motorcycle. Make yourself real popular!


12 February, 2007 - Electric Honda CBR 600
Electric Honda CBR 600 motorcycle
Here's the story of some brave person who has converted his Honda CBR600 into an electric motorcycle.

Doesn't go very far, doesn't go very fast, but.... it's ecological.


21 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 20Jan
Honda logo
Dakar 2007 - Honda Press Release for 20Jan


20 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 19Jan
Honda motorcycles press release, dated 19Jan, for the Dakar 2007.


19 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 18Jan
Honda Motorcycles press release for the 18th of January, Dakar 2007.


17 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 16Jan
Honda motorcycles press release for the 2007 Dakar; 16Jan


16 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 15Jan
15Jan Press Release of Honda motorcycles for the Dakar 2007.


15 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 13Jan
Honda logo
Honda motorcycles press release of 13Jan of the Dakar 2007.


13 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 12Jan
Mick Extance
12Jan Press Release of Honda motorcycles for the Dakar 2007 rally.


12 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 11Jan
Honda motorcycles press release of 11Jan of the 2007 Dakar rally.


11 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 10Jan
Honda motorcycles press release for the Dakar 2007, 10Jan.


10 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 09Jan
Honda's press release for the Dakar 2007, 09Jan.


9 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 08Jan
Press Release of Honda motorcycles for the 2007 Dakar rally, 08Jan.


8 January, 2007 - Dakar2007: Honda Press Release 07Jan
Day 2 for Honda's press release of the 2007 Dakar rally.


7 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 06Jan
Honda's press release for the first day of the Dakar rally, including 9 photos.


19 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: The Missing
Fun Article
The last part of the motorcycle manufacturer's Christmas gifts; all the manufacturers who don't have anything. The list is pretty big !


15 November, 2006 - Video: Honda (general, CBR, Valkyrie) Ads
Video clip inside
Honda logo
A look at 4 Honda TV ads from around the world. Most of them are bland, but I do like the Valkyrie one.


9 November, 2006 - On-line Motorcycle Manuals
Online motorcycle maintenance manuals site - Cyclepedia
With all that information that's available on the internet, it's strange that there aren't more sites like this one.

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2 November, 2006 - Motorcycle Car Retriever To Be Used In Dubai
Honda Goldwing Retriever
The Honda Goldwing Retriever (the Swedish car towing service using a Honda motorcycle) got a nice contract in Dubai, Middle East. Sweden, China and Canada are already using this nifty service.

What better than a motorcycle to tow a broken down car.


31 August, 2006 - Video: Rossi/Honda Hornet ad
Video clip inside
A 2 minute video commercial from the "old days" when Rossi was still with Honda. Here he's seen riding a Honda Hornet CB900F motorcycle.


2 August, 2006 - The ONLY Way to Trailer A Motorcycle
Honda Goldwing trailering a motocross motorcycle
If you've got to trailer your motorcycle, here's the only way you should !!!


12 May, 2006 - Video TV Ads: Honda CBR600RR and Yamaha MT-01
Video clip inside
Two more TV commercials, one for Honda with Rossi on a CBR600R and an infomercial for the Yamaha MT-01.


28 April, 2006 - Formula One versus Motorcycle - The Race
Video clip inside
A video clip of a drag race between a Formula One car and a motorcycle. Boy, is that F1 fast !! What a difference.


14 April, 2006 - Golden (Wing) Retriever
Video clip inside
A short video of a commercial car towing service in Sweden who uses a Honda Goldwing to tow broken down cars. The Honda motorcycles can be bought from them.


6 January, 2006 - Superman Back Flip - First Ever
Cameron 'Sincs' Sinclair superman back-flip
One of the last motorcycle freestyle eldorados has been reached.

A back-flip while doing a superman !!


19 October, 2005 - Honda Introduces the DN-01 Concept Motorcycle
Honda DN-01 Concept Motorcycle
Honda shows of a new concept motorcycle, the DN-01, with automatic transmission.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 03: Honda Goldwing GPS
Honda Goldwing GPS Paris Motorcycle Show
Honda logo
A quick look at the Honda Goldwing GPS, slated for 2007.


8 September, 2005 - Airbag For Motorcycles ? Yes, Done Deal !
Honda Goldwing motorcycle Airbag
Honda logo
Honda have announced their new (2006) Goldwing motorcycle; it includes an airbag !


27 April, 2005 - The Ultimate Motorcycle Adventurer
Emilio Scotto on his motorcycle
Emilio Scotto can be considered the ultimate motorcycle adventure traveller.


4 March, 2005 - Honda’s Hybrid Scooter
Honda Numo Scooter
Honda releases a prototype hybrid scooter (where's my hybrid motorcycles ??).


3 March, 2005 - Jamaica Police Force Buys 100 Motorcycles
Jamaica Police Honda Motorcycles
Police force in Jamaica buys 100 Honda motorcycles; any jobs ??


15 November, 2004 - It’s a Honda Goldwing Motorcycle ! It’s a VW Beetle Bug ! No... it’s BugWing !!!
Rex and his BugWing
That's what you get when you mate a Honda Goldwing motorcycle and a Volkswagen Bug !


19 August, 2004 - New Honda VFR1200 Motorcycle
Honda VFR1200 Motorcycle
Honda logo
The rumored Honda VFR1200 motorcycle.


14 June, 2004 - Rumor Time: Honda Goldwing Automatic ?
News Article
Is Honda about to release a 2000 cc Goldwing WITH an automatic gearbox ?


3 May, 2004 - My Next "Motorcycle" ....
Honda Solo motorcycle
With me probably loosing my license due to speeding I need to find another form of transportation.


13 June, 2003 - Honda Rune Preview
A preview of the new Honda Rune motorcycle.


30 April, 2003 - 1st Photos of the new Honda Fireblade



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