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3 September, 2015 - Idea: Protective Motorcycle Gear Without The Drawbacks
Idea High Performance Gear
Idea High Performance Gear
#Kickstarter #ThesisLabs #Leathers - A new revolutionary motorcycle gear is coming. On Kickstarter there is a leather jacket that is thinner and much stronger than Kevlar. A project initiated by Thesis Labs, the jacket looks cool, strong and ..... very very expensive.


2 September, 2015 - Idea: Slick - GoPro Stabilizer For Helmets
Slick Stabilizer
Slick Stabilizer
#Slick #GoProStabilizer #IndieGoGo -Using a GoPro video camera on your motorcycle is great, giving you some memorable video footage, but often the images are shaking. Buying a gimbal is expensive and bulky. So here is a great and affordable solution to stop camera shaking: the SLICK.


21 August, 2015 - Become A Better Motorcycle Rider With This App
The Netherlands flag
#Skills #App - Here is a Dutch app (in English) that will monitor your riding skills and tell you where you can improve to become a better motorcycle rider. Called Flo, the app was developed for cars but should work for motorcycles. But is it a good idea?


19 August, 2015 - Idea: Is This Worthy For Motorcycles - Alcoho-Lock
Alcoho Lock
Japan flag
#AlcohoLock #DUI #Japan - An interesting concept/product coming from Japan. It's meant for bicycles and it's a lock that tests if you are drunk or not. But to unlock if you are over the level is interesting; But is this something that would work for the motorcycle world.


18 August, 2015 - Ideas: D Shield - Invisible Protection Cloak For Your Motorcycle
D Shield
USA flag
There's a project in Kickstarter for D Shield, a device you place on your motorcycle or scooter that places a "shield" around your bike, and when someone gets into the area, like a car or person, the alarm goes off. An idea to protect your ride from parking cars or idiots who sit on your bike.


23 July, 2015 - Patents: Two Wheel Drive Motorcycle
Patent Two Wheel Drive
USA flag
#Patents #2WD #Rokon - Here is a patent that was submitted (and granted) in 2005 calling for a two wheel drive motorcycle. This patent uses chains to drive both wheels, and it looks very similar to the Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle, so much so, that I expect that the Rokon uses this patent. What do you think?


22 July, 2015 - Idea: Yes, Another Free Everlasting Energy Source - We Are Saved
Rocket Hydra Power
USA flag
#USA #CrowdFunding #EndlessEnergy - Yes, another crowd-funding project promising free and endless energy for our motorcycles (and cars and other vehicles); It's so simple, I wonder why no one has done this before. take water, split it into H and O2, burn it, which creates water (H20), which is then recycled, burned etc etc etc. Yeah, we're saved. Clean, free and endless energy. Now, if someone could please fork out US$500,00 to the inventor. This way he can prove his concept.


25 June, 2015 - Ideas: New Motorcycle Helmet Style To Reduce Noise
Lenza One
UK flag
#Design #Helmets - Louie Amphlett, a Product Design graduate from the University of Brighton has designed a new helmet style that will hopefully greatly reduce noise and vibration on motorcycle helmets. His role model? A golf ball!


24 June, 2015 - Great Ideas: BMW Want To Turn Street Lights Into EV Charging Stations
BMW Charge and Light
BMW logo
#BMW #EVCharging #GreatIdeas - BMW have had a great idea (it does happen once in a while). Turn every street light into an electric car or motorcycle charging station. That means you could charge your electric bike everywhere, and since you'll need to pay for the juice, the city can keep the lights on. Great idea.


18 June, 2015 - Patent: Electric Motorcycle with Removable Battery
Patent Chinese Electric Motorcycle
China flag
#Patents #Electric - This patent from China calls for an electric motorcycle with in the 'fuel tank' the batteries that can be removed.


16 June, 2015 - Idea: Travel With Your Electric Motorcycle On An Airplane
IndieGoGo #Electric #Scooter #Coolpeds - The title is 'slightly' misleading, I admit. This is a crowd-funding project which looks pretty cool, and it is an electric scooter (but not the motorcycle kind) incorporated in a carry-on luggage. Scoot around at 10 kph for some 20 kilometers on your bags... not bad.


11 June, 2015 - Idea: Intelligent Wireless Headset Or Dumb Idea - The X-1
X 1 headset
USA flag
#Bluetooth #Safety #IndieGoGo - From a first glance, the X-1 headset on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo looks interesting; a Bluetooth wireless headset inside your motorcycle helmet that when you crash and can not call for help, will call for you. Sounds interesting? Well, it's not!


5 June, 2015 - When You Do Not Wants Ants In Your Tent While Motorcycle Camping
Motorcycle Camping tent MoBed
#Camping #Tents #Funny - If you go camping regularly, you know that at times you can't help getting uninvited guests in your tent. Ants, snakes, elephants... So what do you do when riding your motorcycle on a camping trip? Here is a solution as seen by one developer.


4 June, 2015 - Idea: Stop Scratching Your Motorcycle Fuel Tank - KodaKey
#Kickstarter #KodaKey #NoMoreScratches - Do you hate getting key scratches on your motorcycle; ignition area and/or fuel tank lock? So do I! Here is a simple and cheap product that you can find on Kickstarter's crowd-funding site. It's fully funded, so ready to go.


3 June, 2015 - France: Main Lib’ - The Motorcycle Helmet Storage Locker Rolls Out
Mains Lib
France flag
#MainLib #HelmetLocker - The motorcycle helmet storage locker system, Main Lib', we mentioned a few months ago is rolling out with gusto. Railway stations, shopping centers, cinemas - places to ride to on your motorcycle and then put your helmet in one of these secure storage bins. National Security folks have approved the lockers since they are open. Cool system.


3 June, 2015 - Idea: Another HUD For Motorcycles - Eyeride
New Zealand flag
#Kickstarter #HUD - Two guys in New Zealand are trying to get together a cheap and functional Heads Up Display for motorcycle helmets. They have a working prototype and are now looking to make the real thing. Want to help them? Or will this idea sink as well.


28 May, 2015 - Patent: Sound System Incorporated In Motorcycle Fuel Tank
Patent Fuel Tank Music System
China flag
#Patents #Music #China - Here is a Chinese patent (which was granted) that calls for a sound/music system to be incorporated in the top of a motorcycle's fuel tank. Listen to music, charge your devices, ... the idea is not new.


21 May, 2015 - Idea: Motorcycle Towed Adventure Trailer
Motorcycle Revolution Cargo Trailer
#Trailer #Crowd-Funding #Kickstarter - An interesting project looking for crowd-funding, which can be of use for adventure motorcycle riders, if it weren't for a very steep price. A very modular motorcycle towed trailer that can go as off-road as you and your motorcycle can go.


14 May, 2015 - Patent: Bring Your Deceased With You On Your Motorcycle
Patent Cremated Remains On Motorcycle
#Patents #Cremation - Yikes! This is mega weird (at least, I think so); This is a patent that calls for replacing your motorcycle's clutch cover, with a cover that holds the remains of your cremated beloved one. Am I the only one to think this is weird?


13 May, 2015 - Patents: A Motorcycle That Runs On Air
Patent Compressed Air Motorcycle
China flag
#Patents #CompressedAirMotorcycle - Here is a Chinese patent that calls for a motorcycle to run on air. Compressed air that is. Total dreamland, or realistic?


30 April, 2015 - Idea: Magnet Motor - Unlimited Power For Free - Life Is Great
Idea Magnet Motor
Hungary flag
#Hungary #IndieGoGo #PerpetualMotionMachinesDoNotWork - Here is a guy from Hungary who has developed a top secret project that will supply the world with free energy, and permit electric motorcycle from running forever and forever; introducing the magnet motor. 100 bucks and you can ride forever.


23 April, 2015 - Two Deserving Crowd-Funding Project: Hues of my Vision and MotoMatters
Hues of my Vision
MotoMatters GoFundMe
#Crowd-Funding #GreatProjects - Lots of crowd-funding projects out there, but few are deserving. But now we have two that merit at the least your attention, and at best, your money: 1. Hues of my Vision is a coffee table book of Ara and Spirit who have been riding their motorcycle sidecar for 9 years through every corner of the USA. This is a volume buying deal to make the book price affordable. 2. MotoMatters is the top MotoGP/World Superbike web site that gives you the very best analysis and coverage of the top motorcycle races. To be able to continue covering these races, David Emmett requires funds to attend these far away races, and his is running out of money. Dig in your heart, then your pockets, and help fund these projects. Go on, you know you want to...


20 April, 2015 - Patent: Not A Bad Idea - LCD Panel On Motorcycle Handlebar
LCD Panel Motorcycle Handlebar
China flag
A Chinese patent that has some merit; the inventor is calling for one (or more) LCD panels placed on the handlebar of a motorcycle, at the grip level. This way you can show some vital information without cluttering the dash.


15 April, 2015 - Idea: Self-Propelled Engine, Or How To Do Drugs
Idea Self Propelled Engine
USA flag
Here's a crowd-funding project from IndieGoGo 'invented' by someone who thinks he's smart and/or has been smoking a lot of dope. Just listen to the video explanation. I dare you.


10 April, 2015 - Idea: Motorcycle Chariot Racing - Huh?
Motorcycle Chariot
USA flag
#IndieGoGo #Chariots - Motorcycle chariots? Really? Is this what we were all waiting for? For US$500,000 this crowd-funding project could go live.


8 April, 2015 - Patent: Chinese Guy Invents Earthquake Proof Motorcycle Wheels
Motorcycle Earthquake Proof Wheels
China flag
#Patent #EarthquakeProof - A Chinese invention that will make your motorcycle capable to ride during an earthquake. Stupid I hear you say. Not so fast Tonto. This is good news.


3 April, 2015 - Patent: Be Safe - Ring Of Light
Patent Ring Of Light
#Patent #Safety #HelmetLights - Joshua thinks we motorcycles are not visible enough, especially at night. And he's right of course. His remedy for this deadly problem is placing a ring incorporating several LEDs lights around your helmet. He's calling it a "ring of light". Is this for you? Or will you give it a pass?


27 March, 2015 - Patent: Blender Not Strong Enough? Try It With A Motorcycle
Motorcycle Blender
#Patent #Blender - Wow. Gulp. Talk about a nuclear powered blender... a patent was granted for a blender powered by a motorcycle engine. You can blend anything with that kind of a power.


26 March, 2015 - Patent: Keep Your Balls Cool With This Motorcycle Saddle
Patent Motorcycle Cooled Seat
#Patent #Cooling #Saddle - Is this really needed? Is this the invention we have all been waiting for? A motorcycle seat that keeps your bottom and private parts cool. Am I missing something?


25 March, 2015 - Patent: Man Invents Bibendum Suit For Motorcycles
Patent Protective Suit
Michelin Man Bibendum Biker
#Patent #Airbag #Protection - A guy put in a patent for a complete airbag suit, protecting every part of your body by the airbag. In other words, he invented the Bibendum (aka the Michelin Man).


19 March, 2015 - Idea: Noke - Keyless U-Lock - No More Keys For Motorcycle Locks
Noke U Lock
#Noke #FuzDesigns #U-Locks - Noke already have launched a kick-ass keyless padlock, and now they have released upon the world a keyless padlock that you can use on your motorcycle or scooter. You can unlock the very secure U-lock (including an alarm) via your smartphone, or a key click combination on the lock or via an optional Fob. Locking and unlocking your motorcycle will never be as easy, fast and simple.


5 March, 2015 - Patent: Guy Invents Motorcycle Jacket Pouch To Hold License Plate
Patent License Plate Holder for Jacket
#Patent #LicensePlate - A guy 'invented' a pouch to be positioned in the lower part of a motorcycle jacket, which will hold your motorbike's license plate. Honest.


4 March, 2015 - Airbag Motorcycle Helmet - No Helmet, Just When Crashing
Airbag Helmet Movement
Sweden flag
A Swedish company patented a scarf that inflates itself to form a protective bubble around your head in case of a crash. Interesting, but would you use such a product instead of a standard helmet when riding a motorcycle?


3 March, 2015 - Patent: Chinese Guy Patents Compass In Motorcycle Dashboard
Patent Motorcycle Speedmeter compass
China flag
Honest, would I lie to you? A guy in China patented a compass built-in into a motorcycle's dashboard. Haven't they heard of a GPS? I mean, they do get manufactured there.


2 March, 2015 - Idea: Heads Up Display On Your Own Helmet - headsUP
A different kind of Heads Up Display (HUD) project that does not require you to purchase a specially made helmet, but instead use your own motorcycle helmet. headsUP is currently on Kickstarter.


25 February, 2015 - Eyal Melnick Electric Supermoto Concept
Melnick Electric Supermoto Concept
Melnick Electric Supermoto Concept
#Electric #Supermoto - Here is an interesting design study, a concept for an electric supermoto. As motorcycles go, this one looks nice and has a nice design feature.


23 February, 2015 - Patent: Fingerprint Locking Device for Motorcycles
Patent Fingerprint Locking Device
China flag
#China #Patents #FingerprintReader - Nice idea for a patent. A Chinese guy patented a device that placed on your motorcycle will read your fingerprint before starting the motorcycle. Cool way to prevent bike theft, but scary if you live in a country where a life, or in this case a hand or finger, means nothing to thieves.


20 February, 2015 - Patent: Use Your Motorcycle Jacket To Jump Start Your Battery
Patent Solar Powered Motorcycle jacket
#Patents #SolarPoweredjacket - What an idea! Someone patented a motorcycle jacket with solar panels that store up the energy to ... wait for it..... jump start your battery. Something wrong with this picture.


19 February, 2015 - USA: Motorcycle Simulator For A Good Cause
Motorcycle Therapy
USA flag
#Vets #MotorcycleTherapy - Here is a deserving cause looking for funding. Motorcycle Therapy is an organization putting motorcycle simulators in VA hospitals, giving their patients a virtual motorcycle ride. Cool or what?


13 February, 2015 - Idea: Too Good Not To Shoot Down - LIFESUIT T-1 World’s Safest Motorcycle Suit
Lifesuit T 1
#Crowd-Funding #IndieGoGo #Flop - This crowd-funding project is just too good to let it pass. I just can't help myself. Of all the projects and ideas I've seen, this one takes the cake. Not because it can't work, but because he's not going to tell you who it works. But he does want US$199,000.


12 February, 2015 - Someone Actually Patented A LED-Equipped Motorcycle Jacket
Jacket with LED Lights Patent
USA flag
#Patent #Safety #BeSeen - Funny. You see a lot of crowd-funding projects for putting LED lights on a motorcycle jacket for added visibility, but here is someone who is a bit smarter. He filed a patent for the same idea.


11 February, 2015 - Idea: Help Fund A Perpetual Riding Electric Motorcycle - Moto ZE
Moto ZE
Here is the great crowd-funding project that will really launch electric motorcycles into the 21st century. A recharge your electric motorcycle at will without having to go to a charging station. Ride round the world on your electric motorcycle. All you need is this revolutionary magnet engine.


4 February, 2015 - Idea: Want To Invest In A Motorycle Hearse? Chopphearse
USA flag
#Kickstarter #Crowd-Funding #Hearse - Here's an idea that tanked. Copphearse, a motorcycle hearse using a chopper. But why did if fail?


2 February, 2015 - Idea: Electric Rain Wipers For Motorcycle Helmets - RainPal
RainPal is an idea sitting in a crowd-funding site that is basically a rain wiper for motorcycle helmets, that is very thin, small and has a wireless remote control located in your motorcycle's handlebar.


30 January, 2015 - The Smallest Multi-Tool To Bring On Your Motorcycle
TU247 Key Multi tool
TU247 Key Multi tool
#Multi-Tools - We've recently been showing your very small and very nicely done multi-tools. Tools that you can bring with you when riding your motorcycle without having to carry a toolbox. Granted, none of these tools will allow you to strip an engine, but if you need to cut something, or screw something that is small and light, it gets the job done. And of course, each of these multi-tools has the most important tool of them all - the beer bottle opener.

But here is one multi-tool that really does not take any space at all. it's so small and compact, all you need is a few millimeters extra space in your pocket. And that is because the multi-tool fits around a standard house key.


28 January, 2015 - Idea: Moto Bulter - Good Idea, Priced Way Too Expensive
Bulgaria flag
#IndieGoGo #MotoButler - Here is a crowd-funding project that has some merit, but it failed because (I presume) it was priced too expensive. The motorcycle gear clothes hanger - Moto Butler.


26 January, 2015 - SOS Notify When You Fall From Your Motorcycle - Ridersmate
Riding motorcycle on your own, and you fall of your bike. What to do? This Kickstarter project is cool and can save your life. The cord rips a plug out of Ridersmate, sending SMS/Text messages, including exact location to pre-programmed people. Did you just bruise your ego? Put the plug back, and a false alarm message is sent. Your guardian angle.


20 January, 2015 - Idea: Another Bad One Bites The Dust - Improved Safety Jacket
Improved Safety Jacket
USA flag
Here's a beauty. Corey is looking at getting US$300,000 so he can develop a parachute for motorcycle jackets! Oh yeah, that'll work...


19 January, 2015 - Idea: Lockdown - Another Failed Way To Enable Crowd-Funding
Kickstarter Project Lockdown
USA flag
More and more dud projects are coming out on crowd-funding sites. Here is one that failed miserably, both in concept and in sales/presentation.


15 January, 2015 - Ideas: Safety - Turn Your Motorcycle Into A Car
Hungary flag
#IndieGoGo #CrashProof - Yet another idea for a crowd-funding project that is not thought out, not presented properly, and is basically by someone who does not understand motorcycles. This one involves putting steel tubes along the motorcycle to protect it from crashes. Where did I hear about this before.... I wonder??


14 January, 2015 - Have 6 Tools On Your Motorcycle Key Ring
Swiss Tech Utili Key
Swiss Tech Utili Key
Bringing tools on your motorcycle ride is a smart move, but you never have enough space to carry them. Here is one solution, 6 tools in 1, in the shape of a key ring. Knives, screwdrivers, even a bottle opener.


9 January, 2015 - A Perfect Gift For A Biker
Jaria Stainless Steel Bracelet
#Jewelry #Chains - Here is a prefect gift (trade for non-wanted-Christmas-gifts?)... a motorcycle chain as bracelet. Cool jewelry.


7 January, 2015 - Small Or Shared Garage and No Space For Motorcycle? MotoLift
Spain flag
Do you live in a flat with a shared parking garage and not enough space for your car and motorcycle? Here is a solution to be able to park both: MotoLift.


18 December, 2014 - A Motorcycle As Furniture - The JVLT014
JVLT014 Motorcycle Furniture
Italy flag
#Italy #JoeVelluto #DesignerFurniture - Joe is an Italian designer and he recently made a very beautiful and functional multi-purpose furniture that is shaped very much like a motorcycle. Cool.


18 December, 2014 - The Rolling Suitcase Branded Vespa - Old Style
Vespa Rolling Luggage
Vespa logo
#Vespa #Suitcase - Here is a nice and cool Vespa branded rolling suitcase that you are allowed to take onboard an airplane.


16 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Motorcycle Novelty Gift Ideas
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Novelty - And the last part of the 2014 Christmas gift ideas; some of the more weirder and more funny gift ideas - Novelty motorcycle gifts. I hope I brought you some ideas for Christmas gifts.


16 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Motorcycle Calendar Gift Ideas
MotoMatters Calendar 2015
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Calendars - Calendars depicting motorcycles are always a great gift to give during Christmas. They are always welcome, especially if they have nice photos of motorcycles on them. Here are a few motorcycle calendars for you to give (or receive) during the festive season.


15 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Yamaha Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Yamaha logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Yamaha- Worst company to buy Christmas gifts from. Yamaha offer lots of spare parts, spark plugs, etc, but very few novelty or interesting gifts. Thankfully, this is the end of the motorcycle manufacturer's Christmas gift ideas. Next are some novelty gift ideas.


15 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Vespa Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Vespa logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Vespa - Vespa is a mythical and legendary manufacturer. With a long history of making world's most beautiful scooters, they also have a very nice selection of gifts.


12 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Triumph Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Triumph logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Triumph - Another old and established motorcycle brand, another company with very few gift ideas. Here are few Christmas gifts for Triumph lovers.


12 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Suzuki Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Suzuki logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Suzuki - Suzuki is not an easy motorcycle manufacturer to use for Christmas gifts. What they have are pretty bland. But here are a few things I found that might interest you anyway.


11 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - MV Agusta Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
MV Agusta logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #MVAgusta - Another mythical and legendary motorcycle maker, and another one that just concentrates on making motorcycles, not merchandising. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas I found for MV Agusta lovers.


11 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Moto Guzzi logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #MotoGuzzi- Very disappointing to see such an iconic and mythical motorcycle brand with almost no good or original Christmas gifts, unless you like books - there a lot of them on offer. Here are 3 gifts I found that are not exactly novel, but at least it's an idea or two.


10 December, 2014 - Design: The Harley-Davidson Camera
Harley Davidson Camera
#Harley-Davidson #Design #Camera - Here is the end-product of a British industrial designer who imagined what a photo camera would look like if it was made by Harley-Davidson motorcycles. No, no oil leaks...


10 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Kawasaki Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Kawasaki logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Kawasaki - Kawasaki are not exactly know for their merchandising, more about their motorcycles. So finding ideal Christmas gifts for Kawa lovers is not an easy task, but here are a few ideas.


9 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - KTM Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
KTM logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #KTM - KTM not only make some kickass off road and street motorcycles, they have an excellent merchandising program. Many of their gifts are very creative and novel, so shopping for Christmas for a KTM lover is going to be easy.


8 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Indian Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Indian logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Indian - Indian has always been at odds with the other USA based motorcycle manufacturer. There motorcycles are slightly different, but not by much. But they do fall behind in the gift market. But here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts.


8 December, 2014 - Patent: Man Invents Handcuffs For Motorcycle Locking
Patent Locking Mechanism
USA flag
#Patents #LockingDevice #Anti-Theft - Man patents locking, anti-theft device for motorcycles based on handcuff principle; Will this work or wreck your motorcycle?


5 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Honda Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Honda logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Honda - Honda is one of world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers, and Japan's biggest, but there gift catalog pales in comparison with some American and European manufacturers. It looks like they concentrate mostly on making great motorcycles. Here are however a few gift ideas.


5 December, 2014 - Idea: Lauren - Backpack Made For Chic Female Bikers - MotoChic
MotoChic Lauren
MotoChic Lauren
#Kickstarter #Female #Backpack - Here is an interesting crowd-funding project for female motorcycle riders; an elegant backpack that converts into an even more stylish women's handbag. Called Lauren, there's also a women's purse called Valerie (read the name explanation in the story). From MotoChic.


4 December, 2014 - Idea: Helmet and Gear Hanger - Wow, That Is A Lot Of Money
Helmet and gear hanger
Australia flag
#Kickstarter #Australia #HelmetHanger - Here is a nice crowd-funding project that should also never see a successful end. Good idea, but they are looking for too much money. A helmet and gear hanger for motorcycle gear.


4 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Harley-Davidson logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Harley-Davidson - Harley-Davidson is the master of merchandising. They are above any other motorcycle manufacturer. They have more gifts than they have ever produced motorcycles. A list of Christmas gifts featuring Harley would be many pages long, so here are a few for your Christmas enjoyment.


4 December, 2014 - Idea: New Material Could Become Excellent Biker Body Armor
Graphene bulletproof armor
USA flag
#Graphene #BodyArmor #RiceUniversity - Houston's Rice University discovered the Graphene material is 10 x stronger than steel at absorbing impacts, and far lighter and flexible. This could turn into an excellent motorcycle body armor material, lighter and better than Kevlar.


3 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Ducati Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Ducati logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Ducati - Ducati is one of the mythical motorcycle manufacturers, with an enormous following. Their merchandising are better than most, maybe not as good as Harley, but you can find some interesting Christmas gifts. Here are a few.


2 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - BMW Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
BMW logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #BMW - BMW requires no introduction, since it is a very popular motorcycle manufacturer. It also has some interesting gifts, maybe not as some of the more creative manufacturers, but still interesting Christmas gifts. Here are some.


1 December, 2014 - Keep Your Feet Warm With Your Smartphone When Riding Motorcycle
France flag
#Digisole #WarmHappyFeet - Here is a great product for those cold winter months. Insoles from Digisole that you can control via your Smartphone. Set each foot's temperature individually, and track how much you walk and how many calories you burn. Great for riding motorcycle in the cold.


1 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Aprilia Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Aprilia logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Aprilia - For those of you who love Aprilia motorcycles, or are looking for a gift for someone who does, here are several Christmas gift ideas for you.


26 November, 2014 - Great Idea For Traffic Lights - Needs To Be Implemented Globally
Panorama Traffic Lights
#Design #TrafficLights - A couple of designers came up with a much better traffic light design. Visible from all angles, pleasing to the eye, this is something I say should be in every city in the world. What say ye?


25 November, 2014 - Idea: Ashtray For Motorcycles - Funny
Idea Ashtray for motorcycles
UK flag
#Crowd-Funding #IndieGoGo #Funny - Here is the first crowd-funding at IndieGoGo that is for motorcycles, and that is funny. The project calls for the research to make ashtrays for motorcycles. Funny.


21 November, 2014 - Idea: Back-Up Electric Motorcycle For Electric Motorcycles?
#Kickstarter #Crowd-Funding #Electric - Is this a great back-up electric motorcycle in case your normal electric motorcycle runs out of battery? Just an idea..


20 November, 2014 - Idea: Galea Motorcycle Helmet HUD - Or How Not To Do It
Galea IndieGoGo Project
India flag
#IndieGoGo #HUD - A guy in India decided he wants to jump on the motorcycle helmet HUD bandwagon and launched his own project called Galea. Instead of getting his proposed product, if you give him $100 he will give you a T-shirt. You think this will fly?


17 November, 2014 - New Radar Will Detect If You Are Insured Or Not
Italy flag
#Italy #Insurance #Technology - An Italian company has produced, and is selling, a device that when placed alongside the road will detect whether your motorcycle is insured or not.


14 November, 2014 - American Guy Patents Training Wheels For Honda Gold Wing
Patent Electronic Motorcycle Wheel Stabilizer
USA flag
#Patent #TrainingWheels - An American guy, who probably is not tall, heavy and strong enough, patented a sort of training wheel for Honda Gold Wing and other big touring motorcycles. He's calling it a 'electronically retractable motorcycle wheel stabilizer device'.


13 November, 2014 - Idea: Yawn. Another LED Motorcycle Backpack
Lighting de Soleil
Lighting de Soleil
Yawn. Another motorcycle backpack with integrated brake and indicators light that are actioned wirelessly. But they also offer similar in the shape of a motorcycle jacket. But this is one project that will never take off.


12 November, 2014 - Electric Cargo Motorcycle - Equs
EQUS Cargo
Argentina flag
#Equs #Cargo #Electric - Here is a great design project that actually works and won the RedDot Award this year. It's from Argentina, it's called Equs and it's an electric cargo motorcycle, designed to haul heavy stuff by placing the cargo where it should be; in the middle.


12 November, 2014 - Patents: And You Though An All Wheel Drive Motorcycle Is High-Tech
All Wheel Drive Patent 1963
#Patents #AllWheelDrive #AWD - A recently filed patent for an All Wheel Drive motorcycle pickled my curiosity, and after Googling a bit, I found that the idea for an AWD motorcycle is anything but new.


5 November, 2014 - Chinese Guy Patents Motorcycle Bumper - World Rejoices
Patent Motorcycle Bumper
China flag
#China #Patent #Bumper - We can sleep easy tonight. A Chinese guy has filed for a patent that will save our motorcycles and our lives... a bumper for motorcycles. Rejoice.


3 November, 2014 - Patent: Why Has Honda Patented A Motorcycle Camera & Lasers?
Honda Camera Patent
Honda logo
#Honda #Patents #Camera - Honda has filed for a very strange patent. The patent calls for a camera and two lasers mounted on a motorcycle, but they don't say for what it will be used. And no.... the camera and lasers will be pointed at the road, not to the rear.


29 October, 2014 - Practical - Telescopic Motorcycle Garage
Telescopic Motorcycle Garage
Germany flag
#Garage #Practical - Not everyone has space in their garden for a full blown garage, but still want to store their motorcycle at night away from the elements and prying eyes. Here is a German solution, a telescopic motorcycle garage that when not in use takes up very little space.


27 October, 2014 - Idea: Nicely Designed, and Safe Motorcycle Backpack - MEDA
Meda backpack
Meda backpack
#Backpack #Design - Here is a very nicely designed motorcycle backpack, rainproof, with armor and camelbak and able to hold a 17 inch laptop and that incorporates brake and indicator lights. It's also probably the only backpack I've seen that has male or female straps. Design by Angela Wang.


24 October, 2014 - Idea: I Would Like Something Like This For My Motorcycle Helmet
Lazer Cappuccino Lock
Lazer Cappuccino Lock
#Helmet #Lock #Belgium - Here is a great product from Belgium that I would love to see adapted to my motorcycle helmet. It's from bicycle helmet maker Lazer and it's called the Cappuccino Lock.


22 October, 2014 - Idea: Atlas Throttle Lock - Cheap Motorcycle Cruise Control
Atlas Throttle Lock
Atlas Throttle Lock
#Kickstarter #ThrottleLock - Here's a better mouse trap, or in this case, an universal motorcycle throttle lock to be found on Kickstarter, the crowd-funding site.


20 October, 2014 - Idea: Force Field On Your Motorcycle To Keep You Dry
Force Field Motorcycle
Air Umbrella
#Ideas #Kickstarter #ForceField - Here's an idea, building on a current fully funded crowd-funding project on Kickstarter called Air Umbrella. Adapt it to sit on a motorcycle, keeping you dry in the city. A real 'force field'.


16 October, 2014 - Yamaha Patents Height Adjustable Motorcycle
Patent Height Adjustment
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Patents #HeightAdjustment - According to this patent filed last year, Yamaha together with Kayaba Industry are working on height-adjustable components for motorcycles. This means that at the press of a button, any motorcycle can lower or raise itself. Interesting?


14 October, 2014 - Patent: Another Motorcycle Air Conditioning System
Motorcycle Air Conditioning Suit patent
#Patents #Air-Conditioning - Yet another air conditioning for motorcycle is patented, using heat exchange pumps and special suits. Will this work and be affordable?


9 October, 2014 - Idea: Fobo Bike - Smart TPMS For Motorcycles
#Fobo #TPMS #IndieGogo - A fully funded project on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo is now available for motorcycles. Called Fobo Bike, it's a very smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), that has some very interesting functions and features. It's also cheaper than most competitors.


6 October, 2014 - Idea: Own A Bit Of The Dakar Race - Crowd-Funding Project
Dakar Roadbook
Dakar logo
#Dakar #SimonPavey #IndieGoGo - Simon Pavey, long time motorcycle Dakar racer has come up with a great idea to raise money. He has a project on the crowd-funding site IndieGoGo where you can get as perks a strip of the daily Dakar rally roadbook, or even go with Simon and his son as a VIP spectator. Help the father and son team, and end up with some Dakar history.


16 September, 2014 - Park Your Motorcycle In Your Garage Easily - Easy-P
Easy P Parking Stands
Easy P Parking Stands
#Parking #Garages - Great idea for those who have never enough space in their garage for their motorcycle(s). This Italian system called Easy-P allows you to park your motorcycle or scooter anywhere, even dead corners or under shelves. Easy.


28 August, 2014 - Idea: Keyless Padlock For Your Motorcycle - Noke
Fuz Noke
Fuz Noke
#Ideas #Padlocks #Kickstarter - Here is a very, very, nice crowd-funding project (that is more than fully funded) called Noke. Noke is a solid, well designed (even pretty), sleek padlock that has no key. Press the padlock's shackle, it sends a wireless message to your smartphone that then unlocks the padlock immediately. There's even a smart system in case your smartphone runs out of battery.


25 August, 2014 - Idea: A See-Through Motorcycle Helmet
C Through helmet
C Through helmet
#Design #Helmets - A new and quite interesting design of a motorcycle helmet that should make riding in the rain easier and better, and more important, safer. It's a design project, but who knows, maybe it will become a reality.


22 August, 2014 - Patents: Chinese Guy Invents Motorcycle Handlebar - Adjustable
Patent Adjustable Handlebar
China flag
#Patent #Handlebars #Adjustable - Here is a Chinese patent for an interesting development - height adjustable handlebars. Motorcycle handlebars are built to the average person, 1 meter 70, so if you are bigger or smaller, you are out of luck. But maybe this patent will solve it.


8 August, 2014 - Idea: Be Seen, Be Stylish, Be TRON
#Kickstarter #LightMode #Helmets - A project starts today in Kickstarter called LightMode, allowing you to turn your helmet into a helmet like seen in the TRON movies. Be visible at night on your motorcycle, safe and stylish.


7 August, 2014 - Patent: Chinese Guy Invents Motorcycle-To-Car Structure
Patent Motorcycle Roof
China flag
#Patents #Shed #Rood - A weird patent (again) from China calling for a roof, hood and trunk for a motorcycle. I.e. a car with two wheels.


6 August, 2014 - Ideas: Robert Roland’s Motorcycle Skull Helmet A Flop?
Robert Roland Skull Helmet
#Kickstarter #SkullHelmets #Flops - Here is a Kickstarter project that is doomed to fail, unless some biker loves paying a fortune for a hand-painted motorcycle helmet in the shape of a skull. Any takers?


28 July, 2014 - Patent: Rejoice! No More Water On Motorcycle Visors When It Rains
Patent Compressed Air Visor Cleaning
#Patent #CompressedAir #Helmets - Here is a patent that was filed that will make your life so much easier when it rains. No more rain water on your motorcycle helmet's visor. Done, clear.


28 July, 2014 - Idea: Smart Tire Pressure Monitor System for Motorcycles
#Kickstarter #TPMS #CycleAT - Here is an interesting Kickstarter project - a really smart and well done Tire Pressure Monitoring System for motorcycle, incorporating much more data than just pressure, and all visualized on a smartphone. Cool.


21 July, 2014 - Patent: Chinese Guy Patents Motorcycle Starter Button - Shocking
Patent Motorcycle Start Button
China flag
#China #Patent #Starter - In a shocking development, some guy in China has patented a motorcycle starter button. YES - no more kickstarters. Why didn't I think of that?


16 July, 2014 - Patent: Motorcycle Chain Lubricator Driven By Air
Motorcycle Chain Needing Oil
#Patents #ChainOilers - Oiling your motorcycle chain is very important, and tools like Scottoilers are great for doing it for you automatically. But ... this invention might just make such a tool much easier to install and operate.


10 July, 2014 - Idea: Another Project Binned - Motorcycle Teardrop Camper
Motorcycle Teardrop Camper
#TeardropCamper #Indiegogo - Here is another example of a badly planned project for the crowd funding site Indiegogo. It's a teardrop camper for motorcycles. Like they don't exist already...


9 July, 2014 - Idea: Chinese Guy Patents Two Wheel Car
Chinese Two Wheel Car Patent
China flag
#China #Patent #CrazyIdeas - A guy in China has patented a motorcycle with full cover and 4 additional wheels ... a car with training wheels.


8 July, 2014 - Idea: Another Failed Crowd-Funding Project - SensePod
#Crowd-Funding #SensoPod - Another failed crowd-funding project, the SensoPod. A safety feature that would never have worked.


2 July, 2014 - Idea: Multi-Use Motorcycle Ramp - Shark Kage
Shark Cage Ramp 1
USA flag
#Kickstarter #Ramp - Here is an idea that got turned into reality. A motorcycle loading ramp that is a Swiss Army kn

ife and that can be used for 6 different activities. Rather well thought out.


25 June, 2014 - Idea: When There Is Never Enough Storage Space In Your Garage
HyLoft Ceiling Storage
HyLoft Ceiling Storage
#Storage #Garage #HyLoft - There is never enough storage in a garage. No matter how big it is. HyLoft have a series of Ceiling Storage that is reasonably cheap, easy to put up, and effective to store loads of stuff in your garage. This way you will have space for your motorcycles.


19 June, 2014 - Yoga Lessons For Motorcycle Riders
Yoga Biker
#Yoga - Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular for motorcycle riders, and for several good reasons. So I'm not surprised to see there is a web site dedicated to yoga for bikers.


18 June, 2014 - Ideas: Motorcycle and Drones - Match Made In Heaven
Drone Hexo
Drone Airdog
#Drones #Kickstarter - Drones have a bad rep. But not these. Two drones are about to come into our lives that may change how we film ourselves on our motorcycles! Both drones will follow you by themselves and film you from the sky. That is going to give for some pretty videos.


12 June, 2014 - Patents: Transformer Motorcycle Trailer - Do It All
Transformer Motorcycle Trailer
Transformer Motorcycle Trailer
#Patent #Trailer #Transformer - A patent was filed last year for a transforming trailer - from normal vehicle trailer to motorcycle trailer to motorcycle with 4 wheel vehicle. Strange? Yes, but interesting.


11 June, 2014 - Ideas: Chinese Guy Patents Motorcycle Raincoat
Patent Motorcycle Raincoat
China flag
#Patent #Raincoat #China -Honest, a Chinese guy has patented a raincoat for motorcycles, that looks like a wombat straight from hell.


28 May, 2014 - Idea: Locks Are Getting Smarter and Better - SkyLock
#SkyLock #Locks #GreatIdeas - Here is another really great lock for (bicycles) motorcycles. A high tech lock, solar charged, that locks/unlocks when you are close to the lock, that senses a crash and deals with it and remember where you parked your bike. Nifty.


16 May, 2014 - Patent: Pedestrians Rejoice - Bumpers Coming To Motorcycles
Patent Bumper
China flag
#Patents #Bumpers - A Chinese patent calls for bumpers to be installed on motorcycles, so that pedestrians will not be scratched by motorcycles. Now why didn't I think of that?


7 May, 2014 - You, Your Motorcycle and Your Helmet - Now What?
Helmet Hook
Helmet Hook
#Helmets #Motorcycles - Hanging your helmet on your motorcycle is often a big deal, not easy unless you have like a big topcase or panniers. But here are two products that could make your life a bit easier.

And both products from two different companies have the same product name: Helmet Hook.


5 May, 2014 - Tow Case - Bringing Much More With You On Your Motorcycle
Tow Case Trailer
Tow Case Trailer
#TowCase #Trailer - French Wipigroup make an interesting and cost efficient motorcycle trailer called the Tow Case.

200 liters storage, flexible and easy to manoeuvre in traffic.


30 April, 2014 - Is Apple Coming To The Rescue For Motorcyclist Safety?
Apple Lockout Patent Drawing
Apple logo
#Apple #Safety #Patent - Apple has applied for a patent that could save a few motorcyclist lives. They have a patent that disables functions like texting when the iPhone is in motion. Good news.


29 April, 2014 - Idea: Rear Lights Equipped Motorcycle Backpack
DSL300 20 Back pack
France flag
#Backpack #Safety #Lights - Interesting motorcycle backpack coming up in 2 months. The Moov'Systec DSL300.20 is a biker backpack with integrated brake lights and indicators lights. Both run wireless. Safety first.


16 April, 2014 - Ahhh - The Smell Of 2-Strokes In The Morning
Two Stroke Candle Flying Tiger
USA flag
#Candles #2-Stroke - Smelly candles, cinnamon, peaches, oceans, etc are so 80's. Here is what you really need - a candle smelling of good old fashion 2-stroke smoke.

Isn't that better than those fragrance candles you buy in the nature store?


16 April, 2014 - Dainese To Re-Use Crashed Motorcycle Leathers
Dainese reused leathers
Dainese logo
#Dainese #Leathers #Ecological - Now that is ecological recycling! Dainese announced that they have teamed up with Regenesi to take your motorcycle leathers that have been in a crash, and reuse them in objects.

How cool is that?


14 April, 2014 - Bad Crowd-Funding Ideas - Stiletto Motorcycle Boots
Stiletto Motorcycle Boots
#Crowdfunding #Stiletto #Women - Here is an example of an idea that should never have reached a crowd-funding site.

High heel motorcycle boots! Imagine riding with a motorcycle boots with stiletto heels.... a sure recipe for disaster.


10 April, 2014 - A Motorcyclist’s Ultimate, Ultimate Ride
Ghost Ride Urn
Ghost Ride Urn
#Crowd-Funding #IndieGoGo #Urn - The last ride offered by many funeral parlors doesn't need to be your last ride when you have died.

Here is the last, last ride ... the Ghost Ride Urn, made out of a motorcycle engine cylinder.


9 April, 2014 - Rollin’ Eyes - No Accounting For Taste
Rollin Eyes
Rollin Eyes
#RollinEyes #Lights #Customization - I guess taste is a matter of .... taste. So if you like it, here is a product that will make your motorcycle 'different' from others, the Rollin' Eyes.

Custom light strips for your bike.


3 April, 2014 - Ventilate Your Biker Clothing while Riding In The Heat With Ventz
#Ventz #Heat #Summer - Riding your motorcycle in the summer heat brings some cooling down issues. But not with the British Ventz - simple and efficient product to cool you down.

Great idea.


2 April, 2014 - Never Enough Storage Space on your Motorcycle - MotoPockets
MotoPocket topcase
MotoPocket handlebar
#MotoPocket #Storage - Storing things on your motorcycle is not easy, and finding small stuff can be impossible.

But not if you use MotoPockets. Easy access and storage anywhere on your bike.


24 March, 2014 - The ONLY Way To Wear Jeans On A Motorcycle - Great Idea
Ruste Jeans Tailoring
#Jeans #Protected #GreatIdea - Love your jeans? But can't use them on your motorcycle because they are not safe?

Ruste Protection have got THE service for you. Send them your favorite jeans, and they make it motorcycle safe with Kevlar, Coolmax and D3O.


20 March, 2014 - Idea: Communicate/Music On Your Motorcycle Without Wires
Bragi Dash
Bragi Dash
#Kickstarter #Headset - A new revolutionary headset is coming to the market, no wires, in-ear plugs, onboard memory, sensors, you can even talk without a microphone.

Listen to music, talk to people, monitor your health - all in two small units inside your ear. Sci-fi?


12 March, 2014 - Idea: Liquid Filled Helmet
Liquid Filed Helmet
#Invention # Patent #Helmets - An inventor is revisiting an old patent that calls for a liquid to be placed inside a helmet to offer better protection.

And they are not talking about beer as liquid.


20 February, 2014 - T-Scooter: iPhone With An Electric Scooter Wrapped Around It
T Scooter
T Scooter
#Electric #Technology #Scooter - The T-Scooter just own Best Red Dot Award Design Concept. An electric scooter with as central console, an iPhone. Nice, sleek, sexy.


18 February, 2014 - Idea: RightPSI - The Very Easy Way Of Checking Your Tire Pressure
#RightPSI #Safety #Tirepressure - A beautifully and well thought out product hits Kickstarter. RightPSI is a color coded tire air pressure indicator which shows you in one glance if your tires are at the right pressure.

Easy to use, safe and cheap.


13 February, 2014 - Idea: Let Your Jacket Tell You Where To Go When Riding
Navigate Jacket
Australia flag
Why put a GPS on your motorcycle if you can wear your GPS on your motorcycle jacket? Much simpler and esthetic.


12 February, 2014 - Listen To Music On Your Motorcycle WITHOUT Speakers
Headway Helmet Speaker System
#Music #Innovation #Headway - A new product has been developed to be able to hear music while riding a motorcycle that does not involve loudspeakers or earplugs; your helmet becomes the speaker. Innovative!


11 February, 2014 - Ideas: TEO - Keyless Padlock
TEO Keyless Lock
#Teo #Kickstarter #Locks - An interesting idea seeking crowd-funding - Teo, a keyless lock you operate using your smartphone. The future of locks?


6 February, 2014 - Patent: Easy Loading Motorcycle Trailer
Adjustable Trailer
Adjustable Trailer
#Patent #Trailer - Here is a patent for an easy loading motorcycle trailer. Looks good and easy to use.


5 February, 2014 - Idea: Now This Would Be A Great Motorcycle VideoCam
#MeCam #Drone #Camera - A new video camera drone is being developed that could be very interesting for motorcycle riders.


28 January, 2014 - Idea: Laster SeeThru - A Better Google Glass Project?
Laster SeeThru
Laster SeeThru
#AugmentedReality #Laster - Here is a Kickstarter project by a professional outfit that is bring Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear to the motorcycle world. Called Laster SeeThru, this looks interesting and better than Google's version.


22 January, 2014 - Time To Rethink The Motorcycle Throttle - Inoveli
Inoveli Throttle system
Inoveli logo
#Inoveli #Throttle #Innovation - The throttle has been on our motorcycle (ATV, snowmobile or jetski) ever since Fred Flintstone. Isn't it time to rethink the system? Inoveli did, and they did it with a lot of success.


15 January, 2014 - Mr. Martini and his Motorcycle Gear Storage Trunks
MrMartini BigSuite
MrMartini BigSuite
#MrMartini #Storage - Mr Martini not only makes some kick-ass custom motorcycles, but also designed trunks to store your motorcycle gear; rad!


17 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Let’s Not Forget, Children Like Christmas As Well
My First Harley Tool Kit
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gifts #Children - Christmas is actually meant for children, something I often forget, but then I'm still a child. So here are a bunch of gift ideas fro Christmas.


16 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Harley-Davidson Christmas Gifts
Harley Davdison Orange Dog Collar
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gift #Harley-Davidson - Here are a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts for Harley-Davidson riders or lovers.


13 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Interesting Novelty Christmas Gifts for Bikers
Pork Chopper Rubber Biker Ducky
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gift #Ideas - I personally prefer to get novelty gifts for Christmas, so here are a bunch of them I found for you to give or get.


11 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Ducati Gift Ideas
Ducati Monster Fuel Tank Key Chain
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Ducati #Chritsmas #Gifts - Ducati have a very good selection of Christmas gifts, not exactly novelty, but practical and nice ones.


10 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Super High Reflective Motorcycle Rim Tape
Highly Reflective Motorcycle Wheel
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gifts #Safety - For Christmas giving a motorcycle safety gift is pretty cool. Here are highly reflective strips for your motorcycle tires. Cool.


9 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Aprilia Gift Ideas
Xmas2013 Aprilia Long Sleeve Dress
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Aprilia #Chritsmas #Gifts - Time to look for gifts for Aprilia motorcycle lovers. Not an easy task, since Aprilia are not really into merchandising, but after some serious internet snooping, I did found a few ideas.


6 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: KTM’s Wonderful Gifts
KTM Cuckoo Clock
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #KTM #Gifts - I am kicking off this year's Christmas gift ideas with the title challenger for Mast of Merchandising; KTM Motorcycles. They have gotten themselves some very original gifts. Here are a few ideas for this year presents-bash.


27 November, 2013 - Future: Tomorrow’s Motorcycle Rider - Sci-Fi or Reality?
MC10 Tattoo Electronics
MC10 Tattoo Electronics
#MC10 #WearableElectronics - Are sci-fi movies really just that, or are we about to become cyborgs ourselves. MC10 and Motorola are coming out with electronic tattoos that allow us to be linked to the web without wires. Super Biker on its way?


21 November, 2013 - Idea: Beautiful Photo Realistic Paintings Of Motorcycles
MotoPainter Ducati
#Kickstarter #MotoPainter #Art - Here is an interesting Kickstarter project. It's for a woman who is a biker and an artist, making photo realistic paintings of motorcycles. She need money to 'brand' her work and go to exhibitions.


15 November, 2013 - Idea: Use Your Motorcycle Lights To Open Your Garage Door
RinkuHaus Remote Garage Door Opener
#Kickstarter #Garge #DoorOpener - A nice project on Kickstarter allows you to open your garage door with your motorcycle high beam lights. No fumbling for remotes.


29 October, 2013 - Boblbee: Backpack For Motorcycle Riding Photographers
Boblbee M180 Vortex
Boblbee M180 Vortex
#Boblbee #PhotoBackPack - Swedish Boblebee is a great backpack for motorcycle riding photographers. It includes a certified dorsal protector.


25 October, 2013 - Is This The Future Of Roads?
Pro Teq Light Road
UK flag
#Pto-Tech #Innovation #Lights - British Pro Teq have a great solution for those roads that have no street lights. Sunlight absorbing coating that emits light in the dark. Spray-on the road. Done.


23 October, 2013 - X-Ray Vision Heads Up Display - HUD
X Ray HUD Bus
Portugal flag
#Portugal #Safety #HUD - Researchers in a university in Portugal want to place a camera in the front of busses and trucks, and beam the image to vehicles behind them so you can see when you can safely overtake.

Would it work?..........

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22 October, 2013 - France: Have Your Motorcycle Washed Wherever In Paris - Nifty
Bike Washer
France flag
#TheBikeWasher #Washing #Motorcycles - Cleaning your motorcycle is a pain. A new service in Paris makes it easy. The Bike Washer will come wherever you are and clean your bike for you. Using an App for your smartphone, it geolocalizes it, you pay for it and you rate the cleaning.

Having your motorcycle or scooter cleaned has never been easier...........

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17 October, 2013 - Idea: BitLock - Smart Keyless Lock
#Kickstarter #BitLock #Locks - A nice Kickstarter crowd-funding project, though for bicycles it should work for motorcycles. BitLock is a keyless lock, using your smartphone to lock/unlock your lock...........

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14 October, 2013 - Another Way Of Having Customized Tires - Tire Penz
Tire Penz
Tire Penz
#Tires #Customization #TirePenz - You know those colored tires you can buy nowadays? Buy tires that match the color of your motorcycle, nice but so last century. Now you can customize your motorcycle's tires easily by yourself, and for far less money. If you want to stand out in a crowd, have we found the solution for you...........

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3 October, 2013 - Idea: Easy Cleaning Motorcycle Windshield and Mirrors - Squee Kee Kleen
Squee Kee Kleen
#Kickstarter #Squeegee #Squee-Kee-Kleen - When riding your motorcycle, you are bound to get bugs and dirt on your windshield, headlights and even mirrors. Cleaning them is not a big task, usually some window cleaner or bug remover spray, a paper towel and a little bit of elbow grease. But somehow, it never looks right, at least that is my humble opinion. So I am always on the lookout for easier way of cleaning my bike, and I think I have found one nice tool that will do the trick.

Called Squee-Kee-Kleen, the tool currently resides with Kickstarter looking for funds to finish the project. The tool is a small squeegee with an integrated fluid reservoir which is sprayed on to the surface being cleaned. It is small enough to clean your mirrors...........

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2 October, 2013 - Idea: Interesting & Romantic Scooter Travel Book - The Scooter Diaries
The Scooter Diaries Book
The Scooter Diaries Book
#Book #Adventure #Romantic - Here is an interesting Kickstarter book project that merits your attention. It is the story of a young man in the late 1950's who just before he set off on an epic scooter adventure to Peru (from Canada) meets a beautiful young girl. But alas, his trip has been planned years in advance, so he sets out anyway. But he misses her.

So he writes to her everyday, and after 2 weeks, asks her to marry him. So she flies to Mexico City, and together they set off on a fantastic and romantic adventure. This book, put together by their son, tells the story.


26 September, 2013 - KickCard - Another Kickstarter Project Doomed To Fail
#Kickstarter #StandCard #Idea - You see plenty of projects on crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter. Some excellent, some good and a few that just do not get it. I recently showed you one project which is excellent, and now here is one that just does not cut it. The project is called KickCard, and it is a metal card you put under your side/kick stand so that it does not dig into soft ground (like grass or gravel), toppling over your motorcycle. It is something that happens quite often, but the idea to prevent it is not novel...........

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24 September, 2013 - A Worthwhile Book - Motorcycles, Adventurers & Food Lovers
Forks Book
Worldrider Route
#Kickstarter #Book #Adventure - There are many books out there that deal with motorcycle riding, adventure riding, discovering new countries and there are many cook books out there. But to my knowledge there are no books that deal with all these aspects, all in one book. Until now.

Forks is a crowd-funding (Kickstarter) project that Allan Karl, aka Worldrider, is trying to put together. A Round The World (RTW) motorcycle rider, Allan has not only interesting and compelling stories to tell, but also many food recipes from around the world. Here is one book you will want to get, for yourself, or as a Christmas present...........

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18 September, 2013 - Patent: Italian Motorcycle Parking Bay
Motorcycle Parking Patent Italy
#Patent #Parking #Motorcycle - Securely parking your motorcycle, whether you just went round the world or just went shopping, means you are going to spend time being anxious. Anyone can steal your motorcycle, and the other 'issue' is storing your helmet and other riding gear in a safe place.

Two Italians recently filed a patent for a parking bay. We've seen parking bays before, many of them pretty good but cumbersome since they store the whole bike. This patent only calls for a small storage space for your gear, the bike is immobilized by clamping the front wheel...........

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10 September, 2013 - Idea: Cotter Pin - Adventure Motorcycle Gear
Cotter Pin Adventure Roll
Cotter Pin Direction Wallet
#Kickstarter #Adventure #Camping - Here is a deserving Kickstarter crowd-funding project that looks like it will not meet its minimum funding requirement to become an operational project. Pity. Called Cotter Pin, the project wants to create several adventure motorcycle gear items. Gear to be used when adventure riding, like camping.

Cotter Pin is the brainchild of two bikers and artists, Sean Gilligan and Justin C. Knapp, both from Brooklyn. Neither of them liked the visual aspect of the current crop of adventure gear, and they set out to make their own...........

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5 September, 2013 - Idea: NEOS - Cool Electric Motorcycle With Sidecar
#NEOS #Electric #Sidecar - A couple of years ago, Daniel Munnik designed a pretty cool motorcycle with a modular sidecar, called the NEOS. The combo looks straight out of a big budget sci-fi movie, and the specs mirror the high tech design.

Mind you, it's only a design, no prototype, but it would be pretty nice to see if this could be made into a real working bike. The motorcycle is enclosed, i.e., it's really a car with two (in fact three) wheels, and it has a nifty way of adding a sidecar, so it is modular. The dimensions are slightly wider than a real motorcycle, but narrower than a car.

The engine is electric, running on a 3-phase AC induction motor, and using lithium batteries. According to the designer, the bike can travel 260 kilometers on a 2 hour charge (gulp).............

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4 September, 2013 - Idea: Like Your Booze? Be A Biker And Get A Real Shot Glass
Booze Bolt
#Kickstarter #Booze #ShotGlasses - Many motorcycle riders like their booze, some like it regular, some like it really strong. If you like drinking your booze strong and in a shot glass, have I got some news for you.

On Kickstarter there is a crowd-funding project waiting for some money to start making real shot glasses: glasses that are made to look like bolts, called Booze Bolts...........

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2 September, 2013 - Idea: Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmet Kit
Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
#Helmets #Safety #Kickstarter - Putting lights on your motorcycle helmet might be a good idea to increase your visibility at night, but somehow I don't think this will do the trick, and especially not at the price.

The Electroluminescent Helmet Kit project can be found on Kickstarter, and they are looking for funds. Not just any funds, but a wooping US$10,000. If they ever get the funding, which I doubt, you should be able to buy them for US$50 for a basic kit.

The thing I do no like in this setup is the enormous battery pack located at the back of your helmet...........

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29 August, 2013 - dBike Shelter: Garage Your Motorcycle Without A Garage
dBike Shelter
#Shelter #garage #Motorcycle - Granted, not everyone has sufficient space in their garden, many do not even have a garden, to place a full fledged garage for your toys. But if you have a bit of land, or even a lot of it but do not want to build a garage, here is a nice solution for your motorcycle.

It is not a new idea, but a practical one. It is called dBike Shelter, and it is a collapsable shelter that you ride your motorcycle into, close the shelter around your bike, and go away...........

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26 August, 2013 - Idea: Now This Is A Good Side Loading Ratchet
Side Loading Ratchet
#Kickstarter #Ratchet #Trailer - If you have got to trailer your motorcycle, you know that ratchets are the way to tie-down your motorcycle in your trailer or truck. It is quite easy and you can be sure that the bike is held strongly and securely.

But I have always had (minor) issues with ratchets; threading the straps, getting it just right and then the last feet or so you find out that you have got too much strap and you got to unravel it all. Never nice when you are in a hurry.

Currently on Kickstarter is a project looking for crowd-funding. It is a side loading ratchet, meaning it is easier to load, easier to tighten and easier to unload...........

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23 August, 2013 - Video Camera Goggles - Cyclops Gear
Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses
Cyclops Gear Moto Goggles
#Video #CyclopsGear #Camera - Cyclops Gear, a maker of video cameras embedded in sunglasses and goggles is looking to expand their product line by using crowd-funding at Fundable.

Currently they have several nice products that can make any motorcycle rider into a video camera operator. Don on their Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses and not only will you shade your eyes from the glaring sun and look cool at the same time, but you can also record your ride.

The sunglasses have a 15 megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p High Def video. In the full HD mode you can record at a frame rate of 30 fps, but if you dial back the definition to 720P, you can record at 50 fps...........

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21 August, 2013 - Time To Look For 2014 Calendars - The Superb Bike EXIF Motorcycle Photos
Bikeexif 2014 Calendar
Bikeexif 2014 Calendar
#Calendar #Customs #Motorcycles - It may sound crazy, mentioning calendars in the month of August, but every year people scramble to find great motorcycle-themed calendars and then find out that the great ones have been sold out. There are many motorcycle calendars out there, but only a few that are truly great.

Bike EXIF are known for publishing some of the best, high quality, photos of motorcycles. After all, the site's name has the word EXIF in it, and that is a photographer's term. So you expect nothing but the best photos from this very popular site.

And the 2014 calendar is not going to disappoint...........

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14 August, 2013 - Patent: Increased Pillion Comfort On Motorcycles, I Think
Patent Pilion Grab bar
Patent Pilion Grab bar
#Pillion #Patent - I wonder if there is a special school people go to to write up patents? I was reading a patent, number EP 2610148 A1, which has as description:

"A motorcycle (1) includes a rider seat (52), a passenger seat (54), a grab bar (70) having left (74) and right side portions extending rearward from left and right sides of the passenger seat (54), and a coupling portion (90) coupling the left side portion (74) and the right side portion to each other at the rear of the passenger seat (54), and a hip guard (110) disposed between the passenger seat (54) and the coupling portion (90) with respect to a vehicle fore-and-aft direction and coupling the left side portion (74) and the right side portion to each other wherein an upper end (114) of the hip guard (110) is disposed at a position higher than the passenger seat (54) and the coupling portion (90) and an opening is formed between the hip guard (110) and the coupling portion (90) as viewed in plan"...........

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13 August, 2013 - Always Carry Your Tools With You - Easy and Compact
Man Ring
Man Ring
#Ring #Tools #Novelty - Who has not ever had to do some minor repairs, even on your motorcycle, and discover that you did not have your tools with you. I usually have some basic tools with me on my motorcycle (though I probably do not know how to use them), but often enough I forget to put them on my bike when I head for the open road.

So here is an interesting "man-tool" (obviously girls can get it as well, but it is kind-of big). It is a titanium ring, but apart from it being a ring, it is the Swiss-army knife of rings. Inside the ring are several tools that you can use to cut, saw and even open beer bottles...........

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12 August, 2013 - Is Erik Buell’s New Motorcycle A Hybrid?
Erik Buell Hybrid Motorcycle
Erik Buell Racing logo
#EricBuell #Hybrid #Motorcycle - A lot has been written recently about Erik Buell's new sports motorcycle. Several teasers, hints here and there, but so far no details have been published.

But a quick look at recently filed patents will show that Erik Buell filed a patent for a hybrid motorcycle (and scooter). Maybe it's nothing, but the patent was filed January 2012.

You will see that the patent calls for an electric motor producing in excess of 200 horsepower, possibly even 400 hp! Engine displacement can be anything from 100 to 1000 cc...........

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5 August, 2013 - Idea: Cut Down CO2 Emissions On Your Motorcycle Without Going Electric
#Ecology #CO2ube #Pollution - I think most people will agree at this stage that global warming and pollution go hand in hand. There are more and more cars and motorcycles on the road, generating an increasingly and alarming level of CO2. Even if you do not believe that CO2 is causing global warming, or do not believe in global warming altogether, the fact remains that CO2 is bad. It is bad for your health - full stop.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to go green; get a hybrid or an electric vehicle. But apart from range issues, they are just very expensive (still). This will change over time, but today you need to have a healthy bank account to be able to afford one.

A Kickstarter project which is currently looking for crowd funds is called CO2ube. The project got started by Param Jaggi, someone who graced the covers of Forbes magazine as a under-30 eco-genius. His idea is to reduce CO2 at the source; your engine's exhaust...........

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31 July, 2013 - Hold The Press: Someone Invented The Motorcycle Wheel
Patent Wheel
Patent Wheel
#Patent #Motorcycle #Wheel - At times I really got to wonder about the patent offices. Imagine getting a patent in for a motorcycle wheel! But the patent exists and it was submitted (number EP2572897 A2 was filed on September 17th, 2012).

The patent calls for a rather elaborate wheel to be used for a motorcycle. It is the hub itself that is different, but the difference, from what I can see, is pure cosmetic...........

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25 July, 2013 - The Right Way Of Adding Extra Range To Electric Vehicles
Patent Wind Turbine Charging
Patent Wind Turbine Charging
#Electrical #Patent #Turbine - We showed you a few days ago a project to make electric vehicles (motorcycles, cars) go further without batteries but with wind turbines. The project in our eyes is doomed to fail, but this recently submitted patent has a better chance.

The idea is the same, except here we are using normal batteries. The idea is to use specific spaces in the frame of the vehicle to place a wind turbine. When the vehicle is in motion, the wind passes through these boxes, which makes the blade turn. With the turning motion of the blades you can generate electricity, which can then be sent to either the electrical engine or to the batteries...........

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25 July, 2013 - Idea: Nice Motorcycle Helmet Lock
Key Double Lock
#Quirky #Helmet #Lock - I often look for ideas to safely store my gear on a motorcycle. One of the biggest "problems" I have on my Ducati is where and how to store my helmet. I hate having to walk around with my helmet, so I usually end up with a small chain and a lock, tie up my helmet and lock it with the lock.

This Quirky project looking for support could do nicely to fulfill my helmet/lock issue. The lock has in fact two locks. One at the top, and a chain lock at the bottom. In between is a combination lock that actions both locks...........

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22 July, 2013 - Idea: Why This Alternative Electric Charging Will Not Work - Wind Cycle
Wind Cycle
Sometimes it hurts me when I see a crowd-funding project which I know will fail miserably while the project owner firmly believes he has found the Egg of Columbus. In this case it is the Wind Cycle project on Kickstarter.

If you have a look at the introduction video, you can see that Brandon really believes it can work, but physics will prove him wrong. The idea is to use Ultra Capacitors instead of batteries, and have them charged while you ride your electric motorcycle using wind turbines.


18 July, 2013 - Idea: 3rd Person View For GoPro On A Motorcycle
GoPro 3rd Person View
#Kickstarter #GoPro - Many motorcycle riders have GoPro cameras to immortalize their rides using this nifty video camera. Filmed in full HD (and beyond), sound and lightweight, these cameras can be attached almost anywhere. On your motorcycle, on your helmet and even on your front. There is even one project that places the GoPro very high on your helmet.

This KickStarter project, VuVantage, involves your GoPro and a special harness. Put in the harness, and the video camera will be located several feet above & behind you, like a 3rd person is filming you...........

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17 July, 2013 - Idea: Stor-More Key Safe - Keep Your Valuables Safe On Your Motorcycle
Big Little Key Safe
Big Little Key Safe
#Safe #Lock #Valuables - Here is an interesting project I found on CrowdSupply, a crowd-sourcing site, that could be of interest to the motorcycle community. The problem we often have is what to do with items like keys, (gate) remote controls, credit cards, etc when riding our bikes. When we've reached our destination, we just need to take them with us, but as you know, leathers are not always the easiest clothing to carry such items on you.

The Stor-More Key Safe from WordLock could solve that problem, and with a different twist, make it easier to remember the unlock code. The Stor-More Key Safe is a big stainless steel canister with an aluminium locking head making the unit a very solid safe. It can hold up to 30 keys, so enough space to hold most valuables that you do not want to keep in your pockets...........

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1 July, 2013 - Put Your Motorcycle On An Air Trailer: Airtrailer
#Airtrailer #Trailer #Motorcycles - Many see trailers as a necessary evil, a device that you at times need to use, even if you don't want to. We prefer to ride our motorcycles, not stare at it in the mirror of our car. But sometimes you just can't help it, you need to trailer your motorcycle.

The classic trailers work well, they are a proven system, but there are smarter alternatives (see related articles below). here's one interestingly designed trailer for motorcycle. It's called the AirTrailer, and it's from The Netherlands...........

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14 June, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your Motorcycle Helmet Into A Pillion Entertainment Center
Patent Helmet Video Screen
#Patent #Helmet #Gadget - Of all the daft ideas I've seen and read, here's a beauty. It's a patent filed last year in the USA, and the patent calls for a screen, let's say a LCD-type computer screen to be mounted to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

This allows the pillion to see a video image on the back of the rider's helmet. I kid you not. One idea of the "inventor" is to put a camera in the front of the helmet, thereby allowing the pillion to see what's on the road. Gulp...........

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10 June, 2013 - Trailing Your Motorcycle, An Easy and Handy Way
Hitch Helper
Hitch Helper
#HitchHelper #Trailer - Sometimes we just can't help it. We need to trailer our motorcycle. Like when the bike is broken and it needs to go to hospital, or just to go somewhere via car and use your motorcycle later on.

But one category of people who at times trailer their motorcycle, but have some problems doing so, are people who go on holidays with a caravan or even with a boat or horses. If you have a caravan or boat/horse trailer, you already have a trailer, and the only way you can bring your motorcycle is if you've got a truck and load it in the back. Not very elegant, plus you forfeit a lot of storage space.

Hitch Helper is the solution for you. What Hitch Helper is, is a separate mini-trailer that gets placed in between your car and your actual trailer or caravan. It's narrow, so your motorcycle gets loaded sideways, but the trailer is load-bearing that carries the weight by itself, not via your car. So it's better for your car...........

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6 June, 2013 - Idea: The End Of Tank-Slappers?
Electronic Steer Dampning
#Quirky #Streering #Motorcycles - Are we seeing the end of the era of tank-slappers? You know, those times when your sports motorcycle wobbles because it encounters something on the road that makes it oscillate the steering sideways, making you at best hit the fuel tank, and at worst, allows you to exit the motorcycle high, ie a highside.

Kirk Spiegel has submitted a project in Quirky that will prevent this. It is an electronic steering damper for motorcycles, that electronically senses objects (which could be a high speed maneuver) on the road that causes the oscillations, and activates the steering damping automatically and electronically...........

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3 June, 2013 - Idea: Safety Helmet Lights For After A Motorcycle Crash
Helmet Crash Lights
Helmet Crash Lights
#Quirky #Safety #Crash - So far we've seen several motorcycle helmet lights that make riding your bike safer, especially those lights that show your indicator and light up when hitting the brakes. But this Quirky project is slightly different.

The project has more or less the same idea of placing a LED strip on your helmet, either a stick-on or a collar you would be able to purchase, but instead (or even apart from) showing if you've pressed the indicators to turn or hitting the brakes, this project activates after you have had a crash...........

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27 May, 2013 - Idea: Nice Idea That We Will Never See - Biker’s Bond Stickers
Bikers Bond
USA flag
#Kickstarter #Biker - Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter are full of projects that people have been dreaming about for years and are now looking for funding so it can be a reality. Many projects are great ideas, and often find the required funding rapidly and become full-fledged and successful products (like the before mentioned Stick 'n Find or Screaming Banshee).

Some projects are badly put together and will never find anyone interested, apart from maybe the creator's mother. And some projects are interesting, but the money they are looking for is out of the world and therefore will disappear into some black hole. This Biker's Bond project on Kickstarter is one of them.

Biker's Bond is a project born from the mind of Paul Bonomolo who wanted to show the world that he rides a motorcycle even when he's not riding one...........

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24 May, 2013 - Travelling With Your Pooch - Canine Motorcycle Pod
Dog saucer motorcycle pod
Dog saucer motorcycle pod
#Dog #Motorcycle #Kickstarter - There are quite a lot of bikers out there that want to take their dog with them when riding their motorcycle. Some of them have dogs small enough to take along in a tank bag or even top case, while others have dogs that will remain in place behind them (but it's dangerous for everyone).

Obviously the best way of transporting your dog with you on your motorcycle is in a sidecar, but not everyone wants to have a sidecar. So here's the next best option, the canine motorcycle pod called Dog Saucer...........

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23 May, 2013 - Steam Train Motorcycle - Cool Design
Train Wreck Motorcycle
Train Wreck Motorcycle
#Steam #Train #Design - It looks like design student Colby Higgins in Boston has combined several of his passions; design, steam trains and motorcycles. He has created a motorcycle that looks like a steam train. A perfect design:

Now if it could really work with steam, the bike could make a fortune during these tough times. With petrol costing an arm & a leg, imagine putting some wood or coals in the motorcycle and steaming away, like they used to do in the past...........

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22 May, 2013 - Idea: Increase Your Safety With These Vololights Motorcycle Plates - Nifty!
#Safety #Vololights #Kickstarter - You'd have thought that almost anything that can increase our safety on a motorcycle has already been invented, but you'd be wrong. Two bright motorcycle riders in the USA have come up with a great safety product that will not cost you a fortune, nor hours spent installing it.

Currently a Kickstart project looking for funding (help them out by donating a few bucks), Vololights is a smartly designed product that can, and probably will, save you from being rear-ended. It has always been one of my fears when riding my motorcycle; when you decelerate your bike by just letting go of the throttle, or by downshifting, your motorcycle slows down faster than a car would, but with no warning to car drivers.

If the car driver is not paying attention, like most of them don't, your sudden deceleration will catch them by surprise, and boooom, before you know it at the very least they'll kiss your rear end. It might sound dirty to you, but it's super dangerous. Many motorcycles have found themselves in the ditch,or worse, because the car behind them didn't see them decelerating.

The Vololights is a license plate that replaces your current one...........

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17 May, 2013 - App: Help Others On Motorcycles Be Safe - Great Software
MotoSmarty Assign
MotoSmarty Direction
#iPhone #App #Dangers - We told you some 2 weeks ago about a French initiative to use crowd-sourcing to highlight road infrastructure problems. The initiative was not bad, but quite limited since it requires to you to remember where the danger spots where during a ride and then fill them in on the web later. However a much better method has been launched in Belgium for its surrounding countries (so not limited to one country) using smartphones. The approach is quite interesting, innovative and biker safe. Maybe you can lobby the developer to release the app for the rest of the world since everyone can benefit from this app.

The app is called Moto Smarty and currently works on iPhones with an Android version in test (they are looking for testers). It's the way they allow you to share your experience in bad or dangerous roads that makes this application so interesting.

Basically Moto Smarty records all hazards; potholes, manholes, fissures, slippery surfaces, bumps, dangerous curves, etc... they even warn you of speed bumps. The danger points are pointed out by other motorcycle riders (even car drivers) traveling those same roads and encountering the problem areas.

But here's where it gets interesting...........

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8 May, 2013 - Idea: Traveling On A Motorcycle For Business
Skyroll luggage carrier
Skyroll luggage carrier
#Luggage #Business #Suits - When traveling for business, it's usually difficult to ride a motorcycle, since you can't really show up to a meeting dressed in your leathers and biker boots, can you now (unless you are maybe a loan shark or hitman)? And taking your business clothes, including your shoes, is a hassle and the end result will probably mean that your suit is as wrinkled as a 90 year old woman who has been sunbathing in the nude all her life.

But it does not need to be like this. The Skyroll Wrinkle-Free Luggage Carrier could solve your problems. In the center is a hollow tube into which fits your "dress" shoes, while your clothes, including suit, roll around the tube. Simple and very effective to make sure your suits are wrinkle free and easy to transport...........

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2 May, 2013 - Idea: Be Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle, Be Safe
#Safety - Riding your motorcycle at night means that with the few lights we've got on our rides, we're pretty much invisible for cars. Already during the day we're often invisible, but at night, with one small rear light, we might as well fix a big bullseye on our backs.

Another crowd-funding Kickstarter project that has already received ample funds is the Tracer360. The Tracer360, from, is a multi-colored fiber "vest" that you can easily slip over your motorcycle jacket...........

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30 April, 2013 - Idea: See Through Rain While Riding Your Motorcycle
invisible rain headlights
#Technology #Rain #Safety - Riding your motorcycle in rain is no fun especially at night, but the real danger is that rain makes it more difficult to see. It's like trying to see the bottom of a pool. When rain comes down in big quantities, the rain drops throw up a screen that makes our vision of what is ahead blurry. Couple with that your motorcycle's headlights illuminating the drops and you have a sure recipe for disaster.

But Intel together with Carnegie Melon University are developing technology that will enable you to see through rain (and the other forms of rain, snow and hail). They are using a camera that is stuck inside the headlight assembly, and when it detects rain, it anticipates the path the rain is taking. Since it know (more or less) where the raindrop will be, it can block out the rain drops that would normally be illuminated by your headlights..

In other words, it scrubs the rain from your field of vision, a bit like Photoshopping a fat roll from your favorite Playboy Centerfold...........

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29 April, 2013 - Valve Stem Cap: The Final Customization Frontier
New Valve Stem Caps
New Valve Stem Caps
#Quirky #Valve #Invention - We've customized about everything you can think about on our motorcycles; frames, fuel tanks, saddles, handlebars, wheels ... you name it and someone has customized it. But has anyone ever customized the plain old and very boring valve stem cap? You know, those boring black thingies that prevent air from coming out of our motorcycle tires?

As far as I can tell, no one has, until now. A Quirky project, in which the inventor needs your vote (so head on over to vote for this project), wants to change this. Gene Sherman has a better idea what to do with valve caps, since they do create a few problems:..........

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24 April, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your iPhone Into A Swiss Army Knife For Your Motorcycle
TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case
TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case
When you ride motorcycle you know you always need access to some basic tools. It's a given, motorcycles shake, rattle & roll, so chances are that something is going to give on your bike one day. For that you need to have some tools handy to make some quick repairs; basic tools like a screwdriver, Allen keys, pliers, etc.

But not all bikes have sufficient space to carry all these tools, and carrying them on you is a bit too much. Having a good Swiss Army Knife is one good way, or something like a Leatherman can save the day. But you need to remember to take it with you when riding your motorcycle.

But if you have an iPhone (4 or 5), this Indiegogo project can make your day. It's a crowd-funding project that has already received all its needed cash to turn this into a real product. We're talking about the TaskOne tool kit for the iPhone:.


18 April, 2013 - Idea: PocketBand - Store Your Keys & Money On Your Ride
#Kickstarter #Pockband - This has happened not once, but twice to me. I went out for a quick motorcycle ride, putting the house key in my trouser pocket, and when I arrived home, the key had shaken out of the pocket and was gone forever. Sounds familiar? I now need to tie my house key, or put it in with my papers, but biker trouser pockets are never deep enough to stop stuff from spilling out. That's why this idea could work for me.

It's another Kickstarter project, ie crowd-funding (but you don't need to help out, they are over-funded), called Pocketband. Pocketband is a small silicone based wristband which can hold your keys and even money...........

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17 April, 2013 - Idea: Spike Your Bike With Bike Spike
Bike Spike
#Gadget #Tracking #GPS -There's a never ending list of cool projects, products and ideas coming from crowd-funding web sites like Kickstarter. Many have not been created for motorcycles, but some can be used for bikers with some adaptation. One of those projects is Bike Spike.

The Bike Spike project is a very small tracking device that is meant to be installed on bicycles, but shouldn't need much work to be installed on a motorcycle. The hardware has not only a built-in GPS but also communication hardware allowing it to send data via the GSM networks to the web. And from the web, you can see where your motorcycle is via a browser, or by using iPhone or Android smartphones.

The device also has an accelerator module that can see if your motorcycle is crashing...........

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15 April, 2013 - Moto Parking: If You Got To Pay For Motorcycle Parking, This Is The Way
Moto Parking
Moto Parking
#Parking #Motoparking - I hate having to pay for motorcycle parking, but unfortunately in today's worsening economic climate, more and more cities are looking to charge for parking. Gone are the days that you could just ride up your motorcycle and park on the sidewalk. Gone are the days that no matter where you parked, it was free for motorcycles. But when I am expected to pay for motorcycle parking, I want to see something in return. And that is what Moto Parking offers.

Moto Parking are an Italian product distributed in several European countries so far. It consists of a strong metal box, metal pillars and a very strong metal chain. They have two versions..........

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11 April, 2013 - Patent: Ride Motorcycle Without A Helmet But Still Protected
Patent Protective Head Cover Liner
USA flag
#Patent #Helmetless - For those places in the world where you are allowed to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, many biker still hesitate. You love the feeling of riding without a helmet, wind blowing through your hair and in your face, but what happens if you do fall? Also, if you're riding in the sun, your head is going to get toasted.

Patent US20130042395 A1 filed in 2011 by Randy Litterini should put a stop to that. The patent is for a "Protective Head Cover Liner", and what that means is that with this patent applied to traditional headgear, like baseball caps, cowboy hats, bowler hats, etc your head will be able to take a knock without scrambling your brains...........

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10 April, 2013 - Patent: Knee Air Flow Deflector For Motorcycles
Patent Knee Airflow Deflector
Patent Knee Airflow Deflector
#Patent #Funny - Just the patent we've patiently been waiting for all these years. Back in 2008 this patent was filed and adjusted in 2009. The patent has one reason for being, and that is for deflecting air flows that magically hit you in the face.

According to the patent holder, Jerry H Biglake, air flows from the motorcycle's front wheel and than upwards via the knees of the rider, hitting you squarely in the face.

At least, that is what he supposes. What Jerry proposes is to mount a deflector on the biker's knees that will deflect the airflow coming from the front wheels...........

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27 March, 2013 - Idea: Gadget Rail For Sports Motorcycles
Rocket Rail
Rocket Rail
One disadvantage of riding a sports motorcycle is that there's very little room to place gadgets like GPS, smartphone, GoPro etc. There's no handlebar like what you'd find on a traditional motorcycle onto which you can bolt devices.

Rocket Rail is planning to change that. Rocket Rail is a Kickstarter project, in other words, they are trying to raise the funds to "kickstart" the project. The "inventor" rides a Honda CBR250R and needed space to place phone and GPS.

You can place the proposed Rocket Rail on the bike's fork bolts. No modifications are required to your bike, just use the bolts that are there...........

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26 March, 2013 - Use Your iPhone 5 As A GoPro On Your Motorcycle
VicamPlus Pulley
#Kickstarter #VicamPlus - Many people, myself included, look longingly to those new GoPro video cameras. They are the bizz, but... expensive especially when you wouldn't use them as much as you should. But I do have a great iPhone 5 which can make very decent videos, so why not use that on my motorcycle?

Well, the answer is simple. The Iphone isn't rainproof, nor does it have any capabilities to properly be mounted onto the bike. Also the lens, although not bad at all, is fixed... it can't be changed.

A Kickstarter crowd-funding project that was recently totally funded (plus more money than what they asked for) should be going live shortly. The project is called VicamPlus and is designed by Lou Go and Brent Duke in China.

The VicamPlus is a water proof cover for your iPhone 5, which not only incorporates 3 different lenses but also is made to be used with all of GoPro's mounting hardware...........

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20 March, 2013 - Ideas: Cool Looking Motorcycle Turn Signals
MuzaMoto Turn Signal
MuzaMoto Turn Signal
Often, motorcycle turn signals look like they were added as afterthought by the manufacturer. They usually look out of place and the same one can be seen on different models. And if that's the case with your motorcycle, here's a crowd-funding Kickstarter project that may interest you.

The project was submitted by MuzaMoto in the USA and it involves some kickass and very stylish turn signals.

They are working on two different signals/indicators. The first one is bolted on the end of your handlebars. They are smaller than normal ones, but can be seen 360° around, something your "normal" indicators can not boast about...........

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19 March, 2013 - Own Some Beautiful Motorcycle Art At An Affordable Price
Motorcycle Painter
Motorcycle Painter
Sometimes you can find gems on crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter. Artist Reed White lives in Minnesota, USA and specializes in making beautiful paintings of motorcycles.

He has put three of his paintings up for sale at Kickstarter, and each painting is offset print in a limited number and signed by the artist himself...........

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21 February, 2013 - Patent: Motorcycle Saddle Cover
Patent Motorcycle Saddle Cover
This is not such a crazy idea, as I initially thought. When I saw the patent arrive on my news feeds, I thought it was a bit crazy. But in reality, it's pretty smart and simple.

One of the many problems we face with our motorcycle are the elements, and not only when riding. When we park our bikes, they are exposed to sun and rain. Of course the best solution is to put the motorcycle in a garage, or at the least put a cover over the bike, but many times this is not possible.

So this is where the patent comes in. Filed last year, the patent describes a simple cover that gets placed over your motorcycle saddle and then tightened with an onboard string. Just cover the saddle, and pull the string (like on a hoodie)...........

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20 February, 2013 - Idea: Cool Bicycle Product That Could Work For Motorcycles
Open Sight GPS Display
We've shown you a similar device made for bicycles that could work for motorcycles (). Here's another one that was designed for bicycles but could be fun to adapt for motorcycles. It's not a product yet, just a concept, so don't go looking for it at your local bicycle shop.

The concept is thought of by designer Kim Tae-Jin and is called Open Sight. What it is, is a GPS with a laser pointer. Instead of showing you a street map and a car (or motorcycle) symbol, forcing you to look to the GPS fixed to your handlebar, it beams directions on the road in front of you (but it also still has directions on the unit)...........

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14 February, 2013 - Idea: Carry Stuff On Your Motorcycle And Be Safe At The Same Time
Halo Zero Messenger Bag
USA flag
Two things we motorcycle riders always face:

1. We need to carry stuff with us, and
2. We need to be seen, especially at night

The following Kickstarter project might just help us with both. Called Halo Zero Messenger LED Bag from Rickshaw Bags as the name says, is a messenger bag that can be carried on your back, and it's equipped with a LED light strip in the back...........

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13 February, 2013 - Use Your Ducati Motorcycle As Workstation
Ducati Workstation
Ducati Workstation
Computer workstations are boring. Imagine having to sit at one typing your correspondence.... boring. But Italian Lorenzo Buratti has a very elegant solution to a mundane problem.

He took an old and unused Ducati Pantah motorcycle and with a bit of wood and paint, he transformed the old motorcycle into a workstation...........

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12 February, 2013 - Idea: A Tough Hook To Hang Up Your Leathers
Tough Hook
USA flag
I don't know about you, but I've got a few clothes hangers that are wrecked, broken and bent because I hung up my leathers on them. Particularly one leather jacket, with Kevlar inserts, is so heavy, it will deform any hanger.

But it looks like I'm not the only one with that problem. Armed forces who have body armor, divers with scuba gear, firemen, etc ... the list is long. All of them have heavy items that need to be hung up.

Well the good news is that a Kickstarter project just got crowd-funded so you'll be seeing this in the near future...........

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7 February, 2013 - Rhino Tires - Never Have A Flat Tire Again
If the Fundable web site is to be believed, putting Rhino Tire inside your motorcycle tire will prev

ent it from going flat, even if you ride over several nails at the same time. Rhino Tire is a polymer byproduct that gets sprayed inside your tire. The spray was tested on one of the cars in the Gumball 2012 rally, and according to the site, the results were outstanding. According to Rhino Tire, because the inside of the tire is lined with their product, it can withstand holes up to a quarter of an inch wide...........

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6 February, 2013 - Patents: Inflatable Motorcycle Garage/Cover
Inflatable Garage
By the life of me, I can't figure out why you need inflatable garage. According to the patent, the garage can be used for motorcycles, and is powered by a small electric 12 engine that keeps air flowing into the walls, making the garage rigid.

This means that you need the have the electric engine running all the time. The only thing I can imagine for an inflatable garage is for temporary events where you can possibly rent our garage space. A bit like at Sturgis, to offer some decent protection to bikes attending who want the keep their motorcycle safe and dry.


30 January, 2013 - Help Fund And Get This Cool Robertsham CiTi
Robertsham CiTi
Robertsham CiTi vs Goldwing
Another interesting crowd-funding project on is the Robertsham CiTi. The CiTi comes from Robertsham, and looks like it is the result of the consummation between a Honda Goldwing and a Fiat 500. The resulting child is a three wheeler, as wide and long as a Goldwing, with the protection of a Fiat.

The Robertsham CiTi is a single seat motorcycle with a cage, i.e., a roof, windscreen and seat belt. So you don't need a helmet, or leathers, you can use your normal business clothes, step into the CiTi, put on the seat belt, and drive away. It's a bit like the ill-fated BMW C1, but with more protection...........

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23 January, 2013 - Lock Up Your Leathers With LeatherLock
Something that most bikers face when riding their motorcycles, at least those bikers that go ATGATT, where to put your riding gear when you've reached your destination. The problem really occurs when riding in warm or hot temperature, and you've got your leather jacket on you. You don't really want to walk around in the blistering sun while wearing a leather jacket?

The same applies when you've got gear with you, like your tent, or duffle bag, or other voluminous items. You can always just trust humanity and leave them on your motorcycle.... right?

LeatherLock can help you. LeatherLock are two metal hooks that sit on your motorcycle's handlebar. The hooks have a lock so they can't be removed from your bike, and with the optional thick plastic coated metal cord, you can secure almost any object...........

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22 January, 2013 - Patent: Waterproof Socks For Motorcycles
Patent Waterproof Socks
Don't you hate it when you go out riding your motorcycle in the rain and your socks become wet? Or you go riding off-road and you end up going through a river, and your socks get wet? Terrible. Not comfortable.

But have no fear, help is here.....

Okamoto Corporation (who produce anything but wearable products) in Japan have filed a patent for waterproof socks that allow the feet to breath nevertheless. At least, reading the description that's what I think it means, since it's written in legalese English, which probably used to be legalese Japanese...........

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16 January, 2013 - Patents: Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor
Patent Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor
Although something like this already exists on the market, in fact we've done a product review on it, this patent goes a step further. Patent #US 20120292488 A1 describes a flexible LCD screen that can get fitted on motorcycle helmets and goggles. With a light sensor placed on top of the visor, when a strong light hits it, it commands a battery to power up the LCD screen, darkening the visor in the process. The process is accomplished in milliseconds. Like the Raleri in the review, it means that when there's a strong light, like the sun, your visor instantaneously become dark. Unlike the Raleri, it can darken your visor to different degrees, depending on how strong the light is. It's like having different sunglasses on, changing the glasses whatever the sun throws at you...........

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8 January, 2013 - Safety: Discolored Tires Show Wear and Tear
Discolor Tire
An invention that can greatly enhance our safety on the road. Discolor Tire is a patent submitted by two designers, Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi, that places a colored layer underneath the normal black rubber of a tire.

Once you ride your motorcycle, the rubber starts wearing down, and the more it wears down, the more unsafe the tire becomes. With Discolor Tire, the closer you come to having the replace your tires, the more orange the tires become. Simple and efficient...........

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20 December, 2012 - Stash Stix: Easy Way To Carry Important Stuff On Your Motorcycle
Stash Stix
Stash Stix
Riding your motorcycle means freedom: Riding into the sunset, hair in the wind, bugs in your teeth and the roar of your engine. Unfortunately that may have been the case many decades ago, but now you need to have your helmet on, you've probably got earplugs in, high-visibility jackets, and most important, you'll need to have your papers with you. Motorcycle registration, insurance, driving license and probably some cash. But if you're anything like a "normal" biker, you've probably got several jackets and trousers you use, meaning your important stuff will be in one of those jackets, and according to Murphy, you'll have the other jacket on and you'll get stopped by the cops for a papers check. Stash Stix is a Kickstarter project, i.e., they're looking for crowd-funding to produce this handy product. Stash Stix is a stick into which you can stash your important "stuff"...........

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18 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Ultimate Biker Christmas Gift - Everyone Needs One
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We've shown many Christmas gift ideas over the last 2 weeks, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did looking for them. Many gifts are ideal for motorcycle riders & lovers, passionate about their brand of bike, or biking in general.

We've seen handy gifts, funny gifts or just plain gifts. Gifts can be in any price range, from several cents to mega dollars.

But in all these gifts, this is the one gift every motorcycle riders needs to have. You should not be allowed to escape this one.... it's not only a perfect gift to give to a biker, but it's also the ideal gift to get (even if you get it for yourself). And what is the gift???..........

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18 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Save Money For Your Next Motorcycle
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Buying a new motorcycle, as we all know, costs a lot of money. It's the kind of money you can't just take out of your pocket, pay the dealer, and ride off into the sunset on your new motorcycle.

Want a new bike? You'll need to save for it. It's that simple, unless your name is Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or God help me... Donald Trump.

Here's an ideal Christmas gift for some motorcycle lover who needs to save money, if not just for gasoline money. A piggy bank in the shape of a motorcycle. How handy.


17 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Shine A Light With Vespa Scooters
Vespa Alarm Clock
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Christmas is a great time, but usually it's dark in the morning, and therefore difficult to get out of bed. I think we all suffer from this. Standard alarm clocks will probably do the job, but they are nowhere as stylish as this Christmas gift.

The Vespa headlight alarm clock.... very stylish, like their scooter. The clock's shape was inspired by the very first and original Vespa scooter's headlight, so you can't go wrong...........

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17 December, 2012 - 2013 Motorcycle Calendars x 10
Calendars 2013
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Calendars are often a very acceptable & practical gift, either to give or to receive. Calendars with motorcycles on them are even better. If you're going to be looking at a calendar throughout 2013, why not make sure the photos are of something you really like, right?

So here are 10 popular calendars with, apart from having as the main theme motorcycles, a variety of other subjects and prices. Some are mass produced, some are produced on a one-by-one basis.

But whatever you choose as calendar, you'll know that's it's quality, and that you're going to be looking at motorcycles...


14 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: A Few Motorcycle Branded Gifts
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We're getting closer to Christmas, so I better hurry up with the Christmas gift ideas for motorcycle lovers. I've seen that many of the gift ideas have been bought (I can track the Amazon-based gifts by the number of purchases), so here are a few more.

Many bikers are very loyal to the motorcycle manufacturer, and therefore it makes sense to give (or get) gifts for Christmas for that brand. Most manufacturers have interesting seasonal gifts, some more (KTM, Harley, Ducati and even BMW), while some offer very little (mostly the Japanese manufacturers). You can visit their respective web sites for ideas.

Here are a bunch of ideas per manufacturer, all available on Amazon US, and most of them are "different" than what is offered by the manufacturer on their own site...........

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13 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Use Harley-Davidson To Keep You Warm This Winter
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
There are parts in this world where the winter can be harsh and cold. Cold enough to curl up next to the fire to keep warm. But usually a fire isn't enough to keep you warm, and when you don't have a fireplace, then you've got a problem.

Putting your beloved one over you (beloved = motorcycle) is not going to be easy, nor very warm. But this Christmas gift might just do the trick.

The Harley-Davidson Fleece Blanket, or pop-up hamper...........

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13 December, 2012 - Get More Out Of Your GoPro Video Camera
Many motorcycle riders have gotten themselves GoPro video cameras to film themselves on their kick-ass rides (or they'll be getting one from Santa Claus). GoPro cameras are very cool High Definition cameras that are small enough to use on your motorcycles, but give you an exceptional image quality.

GoPro cameras can be put on your helmet, your chest and your bike, giving nice images when you make a video of yourself riding up to the local Starbucks. But here's a product that has just gone live that will make those shots look even more professional and unique.

BoomPro is a product that has been blown into life via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, but rest assured, the project has just been fully funded, and is now in full swing (though they don't have a web site yet).

BoomPro is an extension rod for the GoPro camera that can be mounted on your helmet, giving a third person view of your ride...........

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12 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Harley-Davidson Earrings
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Okay, if you really want to show the world and his dog that you are into Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this gift is for you (or for someone else who is).

A pair of stud earrings with the famous Milwaukee based motorcycle manufacturer's logo, in their original colors. The studs are made out of surgical stainless steel...........

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11 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: KTM, Snow and Children
KTM Speed Bob
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Just because winter has arrived (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), it doesn't mean that your children can't stop having fun with KTM. Maybe not with your KTM motorcycle, but they can enjoy this gift.

It's called Speed Bob, and it's a bob sleigh/luge. In other words, you steer it with your body, as long as the body is at least 10 years old, a height of at least 130 centimeters and doesn't weigh more than 130 kgs...........

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10 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Kawasaki and Dogs
Kawasaki Dog Collar
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Giving gifts during Christmas is not limited to adults and children, although kids are the traditional recipients of gifts during the season. What about our beloved four-legged friends, our dogs.

Dogs should whenever possible get a gift as well, and if you're into Kawasaki motorcycles, what better than getting your family pet a Kawasaki dog collar?..........

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6 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Mini Motorcycle Helmet Keychain
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We all have keys; keys to the house, keys to the bar, keys for our motorcycles. So where store the keys?

Obviously we have keychains to hold our keys, and often the keychains have a symbol of some sort; Like the brand of our motorcycle, or something that is close to our heart.

Here's a keychain that is an ideal gift for Christmas that will not drain our piggy-bank. It's a keychain in the shape of a motorcycle helmet...........

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5 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Motorcycle USB Charger Kit
Burns USB Motorcycle Charger
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Let's face it and not beat around the bush. As a bunch of motorcycle riders we all carry electronic gadgets that need to be charged. And nowadays charging our devices is done more and more via the USB port on our computer, or with special USB chargers. The European Commission has even told mobile phone manufacturers to start using only micro-USB connections for their chargers.

This means that out iPhone, Android, Blackberries, GPS, iPod, etc need to be charged, or just use continuous electrical juice to function. And since motorcycles usually have a nice 12V power supply, you'd say that it would be great to plug in one of your gadgets into the 12V system. But for that you need to special "converter", and that is what we propose as useful Christmas gift...........

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4 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Keep This Biker Couple Together
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Ahhh, this is so cute I could vomit. How about that..... a salt & pepper shaker set in the shape of a couple riding motorcycles, him and her riding their own motorcycle.

But apart from them being salt and pepper shakers, their heads have a magnet inside. So when you put the set next to each other, their heads will... well you know... kiss. How cute...


3 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Special Cuff Links
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
What better to show the world that you are a petrolhead, when you need to wear a business suit and shirt, then to wear cuff links that show your interest and passion?

Many of us motorcycle riders need to wear business suit and shirt for our work. We can't show up, even on casual Friday, in leathers. But still you want the world to know you are into motorcycles. Getting cuff links with a motorcycle on it is one way, but why not be more original and put on cuff links with a MPH and a gas gauge?..........

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29 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: Ducati and Baby Presents
Ducati Baby Pyjama
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Kids are fun, especially babies, since you can dress them anyway you want without them complaining. You may like motorcycles, but maybe they don't, but then, they don't have a say in the matter.

So here's a present for Christmas you can give your baby (or a baby from someone else) that will please you (I don't think the baby will care). It's a baby's pyjama from Ducati...........

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28 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: Motorcycle For Chocolate Lovers
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Most people love chocolate. It's universal, anywhere in the world, offer chocolate, and you will be thanked (and not in the least by the dentists). Even scientists have agreed that chocolate, in moderation, is actually good for you (though they'll not prescribe it so that your insurance will reimburse you...). They keep you happy, at least, that's the theory.

So what better gift to give to a motorcycle owner than a massive chocolate in the shape of a motorcycle? It's milk chocolate, but dark and white chocolate can be made on request...........

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27 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: KTM Thinks Of Everything For Christmas
KTM christmas stocking
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Christmas often means loads of gifts, and if you're lucky, they'll be motorcycle related. But apart from putting gifts under the Christmas tree, usually smaller gifts fit nicely in holiday stockings.

So, here's an idea... get bigger stockings... meaning you'll be luckier to get bigger presents.. right?

KTM have a special holiday stocking ready to receive nice gifts. In the shape of an Alpinestar motocross boot, the stocking measures 44 x 30 cms...........

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5 November, 2012 - Wheel Jockey: For All Those Pesky Tires and Chain Jobs
Wheel Jockey
USA flag
If you're anything like me, you'll not like having to do those pesky jobs on your motorcycle, like greasing your chains, cleaning wheels, adjusting tire pressure etc. All those jobs are done in my garage, and there's little space to roll the motorcycle to advance the chain, or get to the tires from another angle.

Unless you have dedicated, and often expensive equipment in your garage, the only choice I have is to push the bike out to move things along. Yes, I know, I'm lazy... very lazy. But fear not fellow-lazy bikers, here's a bit of equipment that's not that expensive, and that will help you do those pesky jobs.

Called Wheel Jockey, it's a metal box with sealed ball bearings...........

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30 October, 2012 - Canada: Smartphone App To Block Calls and SMS While Driving
Quebec SMS Free Driving App
Quebec SMS Free Driving App
Texting and making phone calls while driving is very dangerous. Dangerous for you, but then you control it, but it's also very dangerous for others. Reading that all important text from your BFF saying "LOL", entering that one letter in the SMS, or looking up a phone number to call, all while driving, means that you are not paying attention to the road and traffic. And that is when cars crash into motorcycles.

The Quebec government in Canada have gone one step further to prevent people from doing it. They've developed an app (currently for Android only) called "Mode Conduite" that will block SMS (receiving and sending) and incoming phone calls while driving.

It's not a simple button you push to say stop SMS and incoming calls. No..........

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26 October, 2012 - Here Is A Road Safety Feature I Will Sign Up For
Glow in the dark road
The Netherlands flag
Dutch design company Studio Roosengaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure are on the path of designing super smart highways. Highways that will have built-in icons that show drivers what the road conditions are (like icicles icons for when it's freezing - see photo below), lights that go on when there are vehicles (off when there are none) and electric car & motorcycle charging lanes. But the one thing I will sign up for is...

.... glow in the dark lines on the roads...........

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15 October, 2012 - Idea: Staying Safe At Night On Your Motorcycle
Xfire bike light laser
Xfire bike light laser
Here's an idea, or rather a product, that was made for bicycles but could be of us to us motorcycle riders. Bicycles are more at risk than motorcycles in the dark by being sideswiped by a car, since they have less lights (sometimes none), and are often invisible on the road.

Motorcycles are bigger, and more visible, but often enough cars edge up real close to us since they haven't really estimated the distance between us and their cage. At night, this becomes a bigger problem, and there's not much you can do about it apart from kicking the car (which is a bad idea since you'll loose your balance).

Xfire makes an interesting solution for bicycles that could be used for motorcycles..........

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15 October, 2012 - Block Your Motorcycle License Plate Legally From Speed Cameras
NoPhoto Plate Blocker
USA flag
Speed and red light cameras can be a pain in the ass, even if you don't speed or run red lights. So many have been known to be wrong, and fighting the fines is often an uphill battle. There are plenty of products out there that will block your license plate, with varying effectiveness, some legal, many not. In most countries, you're not allowed to do anything to your license plate, so for example putting Vaseline on them is illegal.

But Jonathan Dandrow came up with a novel idea to thwart authorities from making expensive photos of your ride. Although he's aiming it at the car market, this is a product that can be adapted to motorcycle.

His idea came when he noticed that many cameras pick up the infrared light from a TV remote. Using that principle, he's made a prototype license plate holder, that has a light sensor that will detect of camera flash (like many camera flashes that can be slaves to each other by using the flash light from the master). Once it detects a flash, it fires its own 2 xenon flashes mounted to the side of the license plate. The two flashes over-illuminate the license plate, making it overexposed to the radar camera.

The end result?..........

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10 October, 2012 - The Ideal Baseball Hat For Motorcycle Riders
GautShark Baseball Hat
GautShark Baseball Hat
Sometime ago I stumbled upon this product at a public event in France, and liked the idea. The product, called GautShark is in fact nothing other than a baseball cap/hat for bikers. Why would motorcycle riders need a special hat?

For one, caps can't be used while riding. They'll not fit under a helmet, so you need to stow them away while riding. You can put them in a topcase, tankbag or in a pocket, but one thing is sure, - they crumble.

Another thing with baseball hats is that when there's sun, they become hot, and therefore your head will start sweating like a pig.

The GautShark hat is made of resistant and thick leather, but the hat opens in slices. What this means is that a) you can easily flatten the hat without causing it any harm (so easier to transport), and b) it lets a lot of air through when you've got them on, so no sweating. Also, they are original..............

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26 September, 2012 - Apps: Smartphone Helps You Avoid Red Lights
MIT SignalGuru
MIT SignalGuru
I knew there was some very usefulness for smartphones, somewhere. Yes, phoning is nice, but so 1990's, texting is nice, but so 2000's, navigation is nice, but so 2010. No, what's really cool is when your smartphone app tell you how fast you should go to catch the next light green. And it's something that's going to happen shortly.

The geeks at MIT have designed a smartphone app that does exactly that. Using the front camera of your phone (if your phone doesn't have one, stop reading now and go back to your Tandy TRS-80), the software detects when traffic lights change color (red, orange, green), and using complicated formulas (which only MIT folks can understand), it will tell you at what speed you need to be travelling on your motorcycle to reach the light while it's green. So no more stopping for red lights (and no more drag races).

But it's not just a formula, since that wouldn't be possible.......

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11 September, 2012 - New Technology Can Tell If You Are DUI From A Distance
Police Radar Gun UK
Greece flag
Drinking and riding your motorcycle is not smart, and it's against the law. Many people can get away with it, since stopping vehicles takes time and money, and the results are low. But two researchers in Greece have come up with something that may put a stop to that.

They developed an algorithm that, when using a thermal camera can tell the LEO if you're drunk or not. What this means is that a cop could get a small handheld camera, point it at motorcycles and cars on the road, and see who is drunk or not. Scary stuff... ....

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5 September, 2012 - Patent: Interchangeable Motorcycle Helmet Shell
Patent Interchangeable Helmet Shell
For those of you who want to color-match your helmet with your clothes or motorcycle, fear not. Help is on the way....Kirk and Matthew Chung have deposited a patent for helmets that can accommodate different color shells.

This means by simply removing the out layer, you can change shells depending on you mood and/or clothes.


29 August, 2012 - Do Not Trust Your Motorcycle Fuel Level? Try This!
Glass Fuel Tank
Ahem... if you don't trust your motorcycle's fuel level, then this could be your solution... a transparent fuel tank. Very cool.

I wonder why motorcycle manufacturers aren't doing this? Not all bikes would look good, but most custom motorcycle would.


27 August, 2012 - Patent: Sleep In Peace Now - Motorcycle Helmet Horn Coming
Patent Helmet Horns
Patent Helmet Horns
From all the patents that I see on the Google Patent search, this is the one that made me at peace with myself. Finally! Finally someone who invented and has patented the one thing missing in my motorcycle outfits....... helmet horns!

Yes that is right. "Inventor" Michael L. Henry, inventor of the hands-free trash barrel lid opener, the cable spool support frame, the method and system for producing engine sounds of a simulated vehicle and many others important inventions, has patented the motorcycle helmet horn.....

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21 August, 2012 - Signal: More Safety Lights On Motorcycle Helmets
Signal Helmet Lights
Signal Helmet Lights
Suddenly several people got the idea that lights on a motorcycle helmet is a good idea, and it is. Riding a motorcycle in dense traffic can be dangerous, since our "surface" is small, and the lights on our rides are even smaller. Stop lights and indicators are really small, particularly on a sportsbike. So when you do hit the brake, or decide to turn, cars behind you may not have seen your lights.

Signal is one of the several new products that tries to address this issue. Instead of using standard LED lights, these guys use Lumigram, a new fiber-optic fabric.......

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20 August, 2012 - Patents: Guy Invents Transformer Motorcycle - Cool Idea
Patent Transforming Cowl
Patent Transforming Cowl
I often make fun of patents, since they look like they were invented for the sake of inventing, not necessity. But here's one that makes sense.

Takefumi Okubo filed a patent for a moveable motorcycle cowl structure. When you read the lengthy patent, what he really wants to do is have the side panels adapt to the speed you are riding at. You can either manually open or close the cowls, or let your motorcycle do it.

This way, depending on your speed and if you have a pillion, you can regulate airflow. If it's hot outside, you can call up more air, and if it's cold, you can prevent the air from hitting you and your passenger.......

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1 August, 2012 - Ideas: Transformer Motorcycle Jacket - Great Idea
Alomar Jacket to Backpack
USA flag
Here's an idea that should be picked up by the big motorcycle clothing manufacturers. Some enterprising and smart guys dreamed up the Alomar. The Alomar is a motorcycle jacket that when not in use, transforms into a backpack!

The situations you need this are multi-fold. Many of us go out riding in the summer, wearing our helmets, gloves, bringing cameras, phones, etc. Once you've reached your destination, you'll either need to leave your helmet on your motorcycles (not a good idea), and unless you've got the storage space of a Honda Gold Wing, you'll need to chain it to your bike. Gloves do fit in smaller storage spaces, but you're still faced with walking around with bits & bobs.

The Alomar motorcycle jacket is a full-fledged jacket; lightweight (4 lbs), water resistant and padded with armor. So you can use it for what it is intended to be... riding your motorcycle. But once you stop riding because you've reached your destination, take off the jacket and turn it into a backpack.......

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31 July, 2012 - Patent: Motorcycle Loading Device For Trucks
Patent Motorcycle Loading Device
Motorcycle Car Transport Easy Way
Sometimes you need to load your motorcycle onto a truck, especially when your bike is broken down. Professionals who make their livelihood transporting motorcycles need an easy way of loading the motorcycle.

Trailers are easy, since you can just push up the motorcycle, but if all you've got is a pickup truck, things get more complicated.

George Simpson has designed a device that will load a motorcycle onto a truck............

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30 July, 2012 - Be Seen, Really Seen, On A Motorcycle
Sometimes you just can't be careful enough when riding your motorcycle, especially at night. We're small in size, compared to trucks and cars, and with only one light in front and back, we can easily be run over by cagers who just don't pay attention.

BikeLink hopes to remedy this situation. Through Fundable, a web site like KickStart that allows people to invest in ideas without taking an equity stake, BikeLink wants to turn their safety product into a sellable product.

BikeLink is a battery operated collar you place behind your motorcycle helmet. At night time, turn on the BikeLink, and several bright LED lights will start shining......

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20 July, 2012 - Patents: Motorcycle Windshield Bag
Patent Windscreen Bag
Patent Windscreen Bag
Not exactly an "invention" that I have been waiting for, but there you go, there are probably a few bikers out there that are jumping up & down from joy. Terry Lovett filed this patent last year, and it's for a bag to be fixed to your motorcycle's windscreen and handlebar.

The bag is fixed to your windscreen, and allows you to access stuff even when riding. The idea is actually not that bad, since often you need to fumble for coins for toll booths, wipes, maps, etc.....

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19 July, 2012 - Bringing Your Golf Clubs With You On Your Motorcycle
Go Go Caddy
Go Go Caddy
I know many bikers who golf, I'm one of them. But it's almost impossible to ride your motorcycle to the golf greens while bringing your golf clubs. The only way to do this is to keep your golf clubs at the golf course.

But Go-Go Caddy offers a solution for those who want to ride up with their clubs. A special adaptor will allow you to bring your clubs with you, but ..... only if you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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12 July, 2012 - Wine and Motorcycles Do Not Mix? Yes They Do!
Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder
USA flag
Wise bikers, usually older ones, know that motorcycles and wine just don't mix, but we beg to differ. At least in this case....

Artist Guenter Schloz has created this unique sculpture for your dining pleasures. It is a wine bottle holder in the shape of a motorcycle. It'll hold a standard wine bottle, and has been hand-made from recycled steel.......

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11 July, 2012 - Patents: Guy Patents Training Wheels For Motorcycles
Training Wheels Patent
Training Wheels Patent
That riding a motorcycle is not easy is an understatement. You need to learn how to ride, just as you needed to learn how to ride a bicycle. But once you got the hang out of riding a bicycle, you no longer needed training wheels. Right?

Well, not according to Hiyun Yun. He filed a patent for collapsable training wheels for motorcycles, although he doesn't call them training wheels, he calls it a Safety Device for Motorcycles.


27 June, 2012 - Where To Store Your Motorcycle Gear In Your Garage?
Need a handy storage space for your helmets, boots, gloves and other stuff? Need something that you can store these items in and that it can be reached easily...?

Look no further... MotoBin is for you (and me).

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21 June, 2012 - Getting Ready For Summer - KTM Style
KTM Sandals
KTM logo
It's officially summer today, at least theoretically in the Northern Hemisphere, so you'll need to adapt your clothing. One motorcycle company that provides a lot of merchandising stuff is KTM motorcycles. KTM have a large repertoire of all sorts of clothing, gadgets and useful stuff, and much of it is geared towards summer.

Here's a look at some fun stuff to while away those moments in the sun when you are not riding. Prices are indicative (often the lowest found) in Euro and UK Pounds (looks like in the US and Canada you're out of luck).

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11 June, 2012 - Apple Motorcycle Panniers - Ultimate Geek Accessory?
Mac Motorcycle Pannier
Mac Motorcycle Pannier
What would you do if you had a few Apple PowerMac G4s lying around the garage not being used? That's obviously what Rick H. in New Jersey was facing. Rick is a Mac consultant, so having a few being used for paperweights is the least of his problems.

But Rick got creative, and since Rick rides a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, he turned the PowerMac into panniers

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6 June, 2012 - Send Your Motorcycle Helmet To A Spa
Helmet Spa Machine
USA flag
Motorcycle helmets get tired, sweaty and dirty. When you get hot, you start sweating. Your head sweats as much as the rest of your body, maybe even more. And the sweat needs to go somewhere, and on your head, that somewhere is your helmet.

After a day riding off-road, or in the blistering sun, quite a lot of sweat will have accumulated in your helmet. That has several drawbacks; it will stink, and more importantly, bacteria will start growing like mushrooms in a cave.

For companies that hire out motorcycles and helmets, it is even more important to make sure helmets are sterile and clean. Would you want to hire a helmet that has someone's sweat in it? I know I don't...

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5 June, 2012 - Turn Your Computer Laptop Into A Full Motorcycle Toolkit - KTM
KTM Laptop Sticker Toolbox
KTM logo
KTM have got some pretty cool merchandising gifts. Some are quite out of this world, stuff you'd never think off. I'll admit, though I don't have my KTM motorcycle anymore, I still have several KTM stuff lying around the house.

This is the latest KTM idea; a sticker that you place on your portable computer's (laptop) cover and that turns your PC into a motorcycle toolkit, or at least it would seem so. Imagine walking into your office with that....

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23 May, 2012 - An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Smartphone Motorcycle Mirror
Rizoma Code Mirror
Rizoma Code Mirror iPhone
I was reading through an article on the Spanish site Motopasion Moto about the Italian Rizoma motorcycle mirror "Code". Rizoma's Code is a mirror that is made to closely resemble a smartphone. Simple, elegant and novel.

For naked and custom motorcycle, this mirror could look nice on their bike, albeit at a price... €119 for one. But that got me thinking...

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22 May, 2012 - Patent: Honda Posture Control Device For Motorcycles
Honda Posture Control Patent
Honda logo
Honda have filed a patent last year that is entitled "Posture Control Device", and it's not for the biker, but for the motorcycle.

It's very difficult to understand, I dare you to read the first paragraph and understand it in one go....

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21 May, 2012 - MotoGP: A Suggestion For Improvement
Wet MotoGP Sprinklers
For those of you who saw the MotoGP race of Le Mans 2012, you know what I'm going to suggest. For those of you who haven't seen the race, go and see it. You'll not be sorry.

After having seen several seasons worth of motorcycle racing, the best races have always been those that were qualified as "WET". So instead of hoping for rain, why not put sprinklers on the side of the track, and make the track wet?

This has many advantages:

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17 May, 2012 - Patent: Electric Front Wheel Drive For Conventional Motorcycles
Electric Front Wheel Motorcycle Patent
Interesting patent that got filed October last year. The idea is nifty, but the application a bit iffy.

The patent is for an electric front wheel drive for a conventional, gas guzzling, motorcycle. We've seen several 2 wheel drive motorcycles, but all use hydraulics to power the front wheel. Making the front wheel electrically powered can be interesting, since it should save in cost and weight.

The electric front wheel drive would be coupled to a controller that works in sync with the rear drive and engine. The controller would regulate the speeds of both wheels, making sure one does not run faster, or slower, than the other.

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2 May, 2012 - Patents: Electric Motorcycle Vehicle Approach Notification Control Apparatus
Patent Noise Machine Electric Motorcycles
Please note, this is a serious article, not a joke. If you read the headline, "Vehicle Approach Notification Control Apparatus", you might think we're talking about a horn. But we're not, at least, not really. Or maybe we should be...

The patent was filed last year 27 September, and is meant to stop pedestrians having a heart attack when an electric motorcycle rides up to them. We all know the problem with electric bikes, they are almost noiseless, so an unexpecting pedestrian might just wander off onto the road and get hit by one.

This patent wants to emulate an engine sound, the actual sound will depend of the c.c. equivalent of the electric engine, and play it back when riding. More clever than that, the sound will vary depending on the speed of the electric motorcycle. The sound will also vary if it is raining, or if it has become night. So the device is full of sensors to play a sound of a combustion engine.

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13 March, 2012 - What Do With A Ponytail On A Motorcycle?
Having a ponytail can be cool, but when riding a motorcycle it can be a slight problem. Your hair flies around totally unprotected. Wind, bugs and even sweat will "hurt" your hair.

But what to do? You can try to hide your ponytail under your helmet, but that will get sweaty. Or try to keep it in your jacket, but that doesn't really work either. Or you can just let your hair flow freely in the wind, but in the long run, it'll cost you your hair.

But there's a solution, and not only will it not cost you much, but also look cool...

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2 March, 2012 - Norton: Not Motorcycles, But Boots
Norton Vegano Mahogany Hannibal Biker Boot
Norton logo
The English iconic motorcycle manufacturer, Norton, is known for making classic motorcycles; bikes you will see in many movies, ridden by stars. A few years back, Norton went bust, but then came back from the ashes.

And like any self respecting motorcycle manufacturer, they need to keep the money flowing by selling merchandising, or at the very least, stuff that is closely related to their business. And like any self respecting motorcycle manufacturer, their merchandising is plentiful. But unlike most manufacturers, they have one set of merchandising stuff that others do not have; BOOTS.

Yes, Norton are proposing real biker boots, made by English shoemaker Jeffrey-West. These boots are not only a symbol of craftsmanship and quality, but also style. The Norton logo is neatly and discretely found inside, on the shoe lining, or on the soles. Nothing flashy or distracting.

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1 February, 2012 - Working On Your Vespa Scooter
Vespa desk
When you say that you're going to work on your Vespa scooter, most people will think that you're taking your spanners, screwdrivers and wrenches, and start tinkering on your motorcycle.

But not this Australian guy. He really means that he'll be working on his Vespa scooter. That's because he has taken this 1968 Vespa, that had died and was waiting for the taxidermist, and turned it into his office chair and desk.


1 February, 2012 - France: 50% Discounted Gasoline
Extra fuel on motorcycle
In these times of economic and financial hardships, when you have to think twice before going for a pleasure ride on your motorcycle, one company here in France has got an answer.

They are offering 50% discount on gasoline. Not bad. The deal applies to selected gas stations in 9 cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille and Toulouse), and starts today at 10:00 CET.


24 January, 2012 - Use Alpinestar To Protect Your iPhone
Alpinestar Tech10 iPhone case
Alpinestar logo
Alpinestars is not an unknown company for motorcycle riders worldwide. Alpinestars have been since 1963 giving us clothing, boots, gloves and much more, to not only make us look good on a motorcycle, but also to protect our ass.

Now Alpinestars will protect another important aspect of our lives; our mobile phone. They have a rugged silicone protection case of the iPhone 4/4S. Not only will it protect your smartphone, but also reduce the antenna problem.


3 January, 2012 - Incredibly Loud Horn Coming: Banshee Horn
Video clip
We all know that the horn on our motorcycle sucks. It sound like a duck with a severe cold. But replacing it with a high decibel horn can be problematic when you just require someone's attention. You don't want it to sound like the heaven is coming down on them.

The Banshee Horn might just be the solution. Small tap on the horn button, and you get your normal horn sound. A stronger push, and 135 dB of sound will hit around you. Plus, the high beam will start flashing.

Have a look at the video demonstration..


21 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Silver Colored Motorcycle Necklace
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Well, this is the last 2011 Christmas gift suggestion. If you've not found anything, you're out of luck.

This is a pack of 4 silver color chains with a colorful motorcycle dangling on it. It's not small, so this way anyone can see what you're into.

On top of that, it's not expensive. If you hurry, you can have it at home for Christmas.


20 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: GS Stamped Watch
Chronograph with GS logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
For all the many BMW GS fans around the world, and there are a lot of them, here's a chronograph watch, stamped with the Beemer GS logo, or as they call it, the coat of arms, that will make an excellent gift.

The watch is stainless steel, with a big face so that you can see it while riding your GS motorcycle. As a BMW rider, you don't have to worry about rain, since the watch is water-resistant up to 5 atm.

The watch comes in a nice silver box.


19 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - Share
Harley Davidson Share
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
You might lust after a Harley-Davidson motorcycle but can't afford one. Or you could be a proud owner of a Harley, and want to make sure you are reminded of your ride.

Or maybe you know someone who has a Harley, and this is a great gift for Harley lovers.

It's a single share in the Harley-Davidson company. The real share can be purchased on its own, or better yet, framed. Remember, if you go and buy shares in Harley via a stock broker, you'll never see the paper work. It's all done electronically, so you'll not have anything to hang on your wall. This is a real share in Harley's stock.


16 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Slippers
Motorcycle Slippers
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
You're going to look soooo cute wearing these slippers in the morning. While sitting at the table, drinking your coffee, you can be racing these two motorcycles with your feet.

The outside is made out of polyester, the inside is made out of cotton.


15 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Ugly Goggles
Ugly Goggles
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Sometimes ugly can be pretty, or at the very least, useful. This is a case of ugly but useful.

The Ugly Goggles are incredibly ugly, but one thing is for sure; they'll hold the wind from your eyes.

The goggles are foam lined, so soft for your face, and they have air vents preventing the goggle from fogging up.


15 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: iPhone Motorcycle Case
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Got an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S? You lucky devil....!

As you know, it's better to protect your expensive mobile phone, and especially to prevent antenna reception problems, you'll need to put a case over the phone.

This bumper case specially made for the iPhone 4 and 4S is decorated with a motorcycle on the back. What more do you want?


14 December, 2011 - Christmas Motorcycle Ornaments
Xmas Tree Scooter Ornament
Xmas Tree Scooter Ornament
Most of us already have decorated our Christmas trees, but normally speaking, the decorations are going to be the same as every year. Stars, balls, maybe an angel or two, so a bit "same shit, different day"...

But with these ornaments you can hang a bit of your passion on the tree.

Two scooters, one on its own, and one with Santa, will do fine on your Christmas tree. At least some of your personality will be hanging in the tree.


14 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Adjustable Bungee Cord
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
We've all had to haul something on our motorcycle one day or another. And since our rides aren't pick-up trucks, at least most of our bikes, you'll need to attach the "something" to your motorcycle.

Enter the bungee cord. Since it stretches, it's easy to tie around whatever object you need to carry. But on the flipside, if the bungee cord is too large, you either have to try another wrap around, or, if you have this adjustable bungee cord, you just adjust the length you need.

Nothing is simpler to bring it along. Adjust the length of the cord, snap into place, and off you go.


13 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Cufflinks
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Even if you've got to go dressed up in your suit and tie, or even a black tie, you can still show the world that you are into motorcycles.

All you need to do is put on these motorcycle cufflinks, even on a dress shirt. It'll look cool, and the world will know what you stand for.

Is it cool or what?


13 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Tie
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Those business meeting get boring, with all the suits dressed the same. Especially ties are usually bland, and only the most daring will wear a colorful tie.

So why not spice up the office life by wearing a motorcycle tie? Not only will thing look better with a tie full of motorcycle drawings, but everyone will know what you love.

It's not only a great gift, but also a nice novelty.


12 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Beer-Can Chicken
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
As biker we love drinking beer. I guess it's part of our genes, riding motorcycles and drinking beer. It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a guy, we ride and drink. Preferably we ride our motorcycle to a place where we can drink our beer.

But we also love our food. So here's a Christmas gift idea.... a recipe book that involves chicken and beer.

The book has 75 recipes using beer as one of its main ingredients, but not all are beer or chicken related, there are "normal" recipes. The book was written by Steven Raichlen, America's barbecue guru.

The recipe cook book contains 326 pages, enough to keep you cooking for a long while.


9 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Key Chain
Motoress tire Pressure Gauge
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
As motorcycle riders, we know very well why keeping your motorcycle tires correctly inflated is not only smart economically (since it saves gasoline), but more importantly, it's a lot safer.

Ideally, you should check your tire pressure every day, since pressure vary depending on the outside temperature, and badly inflated tires can cause serious accidents.

Here's a great Christmas gift for any motorcycle rider. Motoress's tire pressure gauge on a key chain! You can never forget the tire pressure gauge if you put your motorcycle's ignition key on it.


8 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Mailbox
Motorcycle MailBox
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
If you're a proud motorcycle owner, you might as well show it to the world.... by placing this motorcycle shaped mailbox instead of one of those boring US Postal Service mailboxes.

Don't worry, it's approved, so now anyone and his dog will know you're into motorcycles.


7 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Scooters For Small Kids
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Christmas is really for kids, though us adults love it as well. But essentially, it's for kids. So here's a learning toy for children aged between 3 and 6 years. It's from Kiddimoto, and it's a wooden scooter, available in Blue or Pink.

The scooter is meant for children to learn to ride a real bicycle, so no training wheels. There's no chain, nor pedals, so no place they can hurt themselves.


7 December, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Motorcycle Cage Patent
Motorcycle Cage Patent
Motorcycle Cage Patent
Sometimes you got to think what people want, but sometimes you over think. That's the case with this recently filed patent....

It's a patent for a cage around a motorcycle! The cage "protects" the rider, and to ensure that the rider stays in the cage, she/he is attached via a harness (shoulder and seat).

I think you'd be better off in a real cage...


6 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: KTM Headphone
KTM Headphone 3PW127810
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
Time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Only three weeks, so you'll need to start shopping.

We'll be showing you interesting Christmas gift ideas over these next few weeks, hopefully with links and prices. First up is KTM with an interesting gift that can not be used on your motorcycle: a KTM audio headphone.

You can use it with any 3.5mm compatible audio device (MP3, CD player, iPhone, etc).


30 November, 2011 - Seeing What Is Behind You On A Motorcycle
We all know by know that motorcycle mirrors don't show the whole picture. How many pucker moments have we had when overtaking, to find out that some crazed cager has crept up behind us?

Here's a product that might help your safety, and it's not a machine gun. A centrally mounted mirror with 180° visibility. It's called Riderscan.


22 November, 2011 - Motorcycle Exhibition Tickets: Brazilian Style
Brazil motorcycle fair invite tattoo
What a great idea those Brazilian people had. Instead of sending paper tickets to people attending a local motorcycle exhibition, they sent a self-adhesive, nonpermanent, motorcycle tattoo.

The tattoo is really a bar code, which can get scanned at the gate. So you "wear" your entrance ticket. Very nice idea.


17 October, 2011 - Got The Motorcycle? T-Shirt? Now Get The Frying Pan!
Ural Enamel Pan
Ural logo
Just what you're looking for. You've got the motorcycle, you got the t-shirt, now you can have the frying pan....

That's right, Ural, the Russian motorcycle manufacturer, in its merchandising section, sells an enamel frying pan, complete with the Ural logo.


27 September, 2011 - Work On Your Motorcycle Engine In The Dark
Illuminated Wrenches
Working on your motorcycle engine often is problematic when you need to access parts that are very dark. Apart from using a torch or projector, it's not an easy way of seeing what you're doing.

Here's a solution for you.... illuminated wrenches. Each of the 7 wrenches provides 5 hours of light, enough to get most of your work done.


22 September, 2011 - The Ultimate Motorcycle Calendar 2012
BikeEXIF 2012 Calendar front
BikeEXIF 2012 Calendar rear
Time to start thinking about your next year's calendar. There are quite a lot, but only very few are truly great.

If you're into classic and/or custom motorcycles, there's really only one you can get; BikeEXIF's 2012 Calendar.

It's not expensive (remember it's art, so it'll look great on anyone's wall ... priceless). So get it now..


16 September, 2011 - BMW Patent Motorcycle Seat
BMW Patented Motorcycle Seat
BMW logo
BMW have patented a motorcycle seat......

They plan to equip motorcycle seat with an electronically controlled damper system, using sensors on the front wheel and seat, to make your motorcycle ride a smooth ride.


29 August, 2011 - Proper Motorcycle Storage
Motorcycle Self Storage Drawing
Guest article by Larry Kotta about how to properly store your motorcycle.

It might be because of the winter, or because you are moving, or for whatever reason, if you need to store your motorcycle for more than a month or two, here's what you need to know, and do.


25 August, 2011 - Idea For Next Summer: Air-Conditioned Shirt
Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt
Just when you thought it was safe to ride full ATGATT again and not be bothered by the summer heat, here's something that you might consider for next summer (unless you live in the bottom side of the globe):

It's a Japanese short sleeve shirt that has an incorporated air-conditioner. Using two built-in fans, air is circulated through the shirt, cooling down you body. It's not going to work if you're ATGATT, but if the temperature reaches that of hell, who cares?


15 August, 2011 - Be *REALLY* Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle
Naked Famous Glow In Dark Jeans
Being seen on your motorcycle, especially at night, can be life saving. But is it worth it to wear one of these.....

.... Glow-In-The-Dark jeans! Yep, been seen at all times with this jeans.

Only $240..


8 August, 2011 - Emergency Motorcycle Ambulance
Motorcycle Ambulance R Aid
One of the worst nightmare, being stuck in a traffic jam inside an ambulance with precious minutes draining away your life, just got solved.

A designer has created a trailer for a motorcycle that is a fully functional ambulance. With space for emergency medial equipment, a medic and the patient, the motorcycle ambulance could get through traffic faster than an normal car ambulance.

Great idea...


18 July, 2011 - Buying Motorcycle Tires Over The Internet - Good Thing?
Allo Pneus Service Van
Allo Pneus logo
You can buy anything on the internet nowadays. But would you buy motorcycle tires on the net?

Buying them is easy, delivery free. But what about putting the tires on your motorcycle? French Allo Pneus offer a home service, whereby they come to wherever you are, and install them for you. Except not everywhere, since I live in an area where they do not service me location...

Would you buy tires over the internet?


14 July, 2011 - In The Useless Patents Dep: Motorcycle Sidestand Dolly
Sidestand Dolly patent
Look what I found in a patent search (I need to get a real life). Why would anyone want to have a dolly to put under your motorcycle's side/kick stand?

You can't roll the motorcycle in the garage with the dolly and sidestand out, since you'll need to redress the bike, and that leaves the dolly on the ground by itself. You can't move the motorcycle, so why have a dolly?

Someone with a higher IQ, please explain...


4 July, 2011 - Patent: Ventilated Motorcycle Boots
Ventilated Boots
Rest assured. You can now all sleep better, knowing that a patent has been filed for Ventilated Motorcycle Boots.

It's coming.... just hope for no rain when you ride your motorcycle with them...


28 June, 2011 - Patent: Personal Cooling Device For Motorcycles - Joke?
Patent Personal Cooling Motorcycle
I thought this was a joke, but it's not... it's serious. A personal cooling system for motorcycles.

It looks to me like someone did not think things through properly...


3 June, 2011 - Vintage Motorcycles Do Not Die, They Get Recycled
Classified Moto Japanese Parts Lamp
Classified Moto BMW Parts Lamp
Vintage motorcycles are just too precious to be thrown on the junk yard heap when they no longer serve any use. Classified Moto in the USA found a great use for them.

Taking parts from vintage bikes, they make lamps. Lamps that are real works of art, and each lamp is unique. Real collector's items.

Have a look at the beauty of these lamps... made out of Japanese and European vintage motorcycle parts.


16 March, 2011 - Read The Magazine, Eat The Chocolate
Kustom Garage Chocolates
Kustom Piston Chocolate
An Italian custom motorcycle magazine, Kustom Garage, is selling motorcycle flavored chocolates. No, sorry, they don't taste like motorcycles, but have a motorcycle theme...

.. like Piston Pistachio, or Coffee Racer... hmmmm... yummy.

And they are looking for international dealers, so if you're ripe, or hungry, you know what to do.


4 March, 2011 - Yet Another Wooden Scooter - Rocking Chairs
JIP Wooden Rocking Chair Blue
JIP Wooden Rocking Chair pink
Another children's rocking chair in the shape of a (Vespa) scooter.

From the Dutch company Present Time, it's cute, and meant for kids aged 1-3, so not for you.


3 March, 2011 - Patent: The Only Motorcycle Trike I Would Consider Buying
Gibbs Amphibious Trike
This would be the only reason I would consider buying a motorcycle trike; the Gibbs Technology Amphibious Trike.

Imagine riding the twisties, through the forest, and when you reach the river (or sea), go into it, and jetski for a while.


3 March, 2011 - Give Away Your Motorcycle For Charity
Motorcycle Rusted
If you've got a motorcycle that you no longer use, or no dealer wants to give a trade-in, instead of bringing it to a scrap yard, why not donate to charity?

In the UK there is an organization, called GiveAcar, that will come and collect your motorcycle, and the money from the proceeds go to one of numerous charities. You choose the one.


2 March, 2011 - Children Love It, Parents Commit Suicide
Turbospoke on BMX
Here's one toy that kids will love, and parents will be living a nightmare (as will you neighbors).

It's an exhaust for a bicycle that makes one of 6 different motorcycle sounds. It's LOUD, but thankfully pedal powered, so once the kid runs out of steam, so does the sound.


1 March, 2011 - Turn Your IKEA Bed Into A Motorcycle/Scooter Display
Ikea Malm Bed
IKEA furniture is nice, and not expensive (unless you count the hours trying to assemble the damn stuff). But they are pretty bland.

Here's a company that produces tailor-made decoration for IKEA furniture, including motorcycle & scooter artwork.

Instead of sleeping in a bland bed, you could have this.


21 February, 2011 - Safeguard Your Motorcycle Helmet: Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Here's a product you can think why we never had something like this before.

The Helmet Hammock from Two Wheel Addiction, is a simple but very effective storage system for your motorcycle helmet and gear such as gloves, keys , sunglasses, etc.

You can even place two on top of each other, and if you have many helmets, just hand them next to each other.


9 February, 2011 - Motorcycle Taxi Meters Coming?
Motorcycle Taxi Meter
Motorcycle Taxi Meter Advertising
A great idea whose time has come! Two American expats living in Thailand have created the world's first motorcycle taxi meter.

No motorcycle taxi have fare meters. The device just don't exist since traditional cage taxis meters don't work on a bike. So they developed a high tech one that looks great.

It's equipped with an onboard GPS, it offers geographical proximity advertising and it has a black box feature that will provide an extra safety bonus for the passengers.

All that for an attractive price that even Asian and African motorcycle taxis should be able to afford.


8 February, 2011 - 0 Emission Vespa Scooter
A true zero emission Vespa scooter, but you will not get very far with it....

It's a rocking toy for kids. Nice crafted in oak wood.


1 February, 2011 - Put A Motorcycle Race Track On Your Wall
Race Tracks Of The World
Some people put a motorcycle on the wall, but this idea might just be better.... a copy of one of world's famous race circuit.

Made out of wood and Formica, with a special system to hang them up on your wall, without nails, this is a motorcycle racing fan's dream.


12 January, 2011 - DVD: The Achievable Dream DVD Set
Achievable DreamDVD pack
Video clip
An introduction to Horizons Unlimited DVD set for inspiring adventure motorcycle riders, or just plain armchair travellers. 5 series to show you how to ride into a country whose name you can't pronounce, keeping yourself happy, save and secure.

Also one teaser for the 4th series of this set, "Ladies on the Loose", showing you several female RTW riders.


16 December, 2010 - CURV - Special Motorcyclist Sunglasses
Curv Z Glasses
Sunglasses are something a motorcycle rider always uses. You not only look cool, but they keep the wind out of your eyes. But biker glasses are special, you can't use normal ones that the general public uses.

Here's a company, CURV, that offers for a very reasonable price special sunglasses adapted to motorcycle riders.


15 December, 2010 - Harley-Davidson Handlebar Calendar
Harley Handlebar Calendar
An Italian PR agency produced an interesting 3D style calendar for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Each day (or month) shows a different scene from one the road, and with the "real" motorcycle handlebar in front of the photo, it's as if you're riding.

Interesting idea...


27 July, 2010 - Keeping Cool With KTM Motorcycles
KTM Ice Cube Tray
Need to keep cool during the summer when not riding your motorcycle?

KTM to the rescue! A KTM-logo ice cube tray.... what more do you want. Sorry, "Harley-Davidson" is too long for ice cubes...


25 June, 2010 - Proposal To Change All STOP and YIELD Signs. World Rejoices
stield road sign
A guy in the USA, after receiving a ticket for running a STOP sign, 27 years ago, decides that we need to change the STOP and YIELD signs, and comes up with a different design.

He hopes to save US$112,000 per sign, per year... not counting all the lives that are lost...

Will this new sign work??


24 June, 2010 - Wrench Your Motorcycle? No Lift? Aerostich To The Rescue
Aerostich Crate Workstand
Aerostich Crate Workstand
Aerostich are offering an interesting alternative to having a motorcycle hydraulic lift in your garage.

Basically, it's two "milk crates" and two pieces of metal with some tie-downs, but all done in a way that saves a lot of space in your garage, and you can set it up in seconds.

Ideal to work on your motorcycle without having to crawl on hands and knees.


21 June, 2010 - Design: New Traffic Lights
Traffic Light Color Blind
Nice design idea for traffic lights. Instead of three round lights, top one a triangle (but red), middle orange remains round, and bottom green one is a square.

This way color blind people can see the light at a glance. On top of that, it looks nice.


16 June, 2010 - After Your Last Motorcycle Journey, What Now?
Motorcycle Urn
We've covered going to your last resting place on a motorcycle hearse last Monday, but what happens when you're there?

Here's a site that offers many different motorcycle themed urns for you final resting place.


6 May, 2010 - UK: Interesting Concept To Attract New Motorcycle Riders
Get On Free Ride
Not a bad idea. In the UK, a group formed by the leading motorcycle manufacturers, dealers and other organizations, called Get On, offer free, one hour, rides for people who want to know what riding a motorcycle or scooter is all about.

If someone wants to know if they would like to ride a motorcycle, book a one hour ride, and enjoy....


15 April, 2010 - A Motorcycle Invention Waiting To Happen, NOT
Snot Gun Helmet
Here's a motorcycle invention that somehow I don't think will ever see the light of day:

Introducing the Snot Gun.... collects your mucus and fires it away while riding your motorcycle.


12 April, 2010 - Great Idea: Locking Your Helmet On Your Motorcycle
Great idea for locking your helmet on your motorcycle.

Put the OJ Helmo on your handlebar (replacing your counterweight of your handlebar), and lock your helmet. Easy...


29 March, 2010 - Making Potholes Visible
Pothole Painted
Two Italian students have come up with a great idea for us to avoid potholes with our motorcycles.

They are testing a road surface that has a bright color beneath the surface. Once a pothole is created, the bright color becomes visible, allowing you to be alerted, and avoid the pothole.

Of course, it would be better to fill the potholes;..


18 January, 2010 - Park Your Motorcycle In A Safe, A Moto Safe
Motosafe Secure motorcycle parking
Parking your motorcycle or scooter in a city is always a hair raising affair, specially when you come back. Is the motorcycle still there, has it been damaged, are the mirrors still on it???

UK company Moto Safe have a motorcycle & scooter storage unit that's cool! It works like the left luggage lockers in airports and railroad stations. Insert coins, store your bike and gear, and off you go.

You can even buy one for home.... nice!


22 December, 2009 - Protecting Your Motorcycle: The Armadillo Way
Anti theft motorcycle Project 468
Here's one way to protect your motorcycle/scooter from being stolen....

An Armadillo style shell around it....


14 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: The Final Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Here's the final Christmas gifts idea list... the ultimate gift ideas, either funny, nice or very expensive.

That's it for this year.... hope it was of use...


13 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Motorcycle Calendar Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Calendars are always nice and easy Christmas gifts, and ones with motorcycles on them are an even better bet.

Here's a bunch of them...


12 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Yamaha Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Yamaha logo
Boring... Yamaha have thousands of individual websites, each with their own, bland, merchandising programs. Individual motorcycle models have their own sites and accessories. Too much work...

So here's what I found on Amazon...


12 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Triumph Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Triumph logo
Triumph motorcycles has a small accessories program, but they are mostly based on their motorcycle models, and not as gifts.

Anyway, here are some possible Christmas gifts for a Triumph lover.


11 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Suzuki Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Suzuki logo
Not only does Suzuki have a comprehensive merchandising program, but you can also, at least in the USA, buy their gear on-line at their site. The UK has nicer stuff, but there you need to go to the dealer.

Here's a bunch of Christmas gear ideas for the Suzuki owner or lover out there.


11 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: MV Agusta Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta actually have a good merchandising program, and in Europe, you can even buy their stuff on-line on their own site.

So for MV Agusta motorcycle lovers out there, here are some Christmas gift ideas.


11 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Moto Guzzi logo
Strange. Despite being an iconic motorcycle brand, Moto Guzzi's merchandising is almost nonexistent. So little that I had to find stuff on Amazon.

I would have expected much more from Guzzi...


11 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: KTM Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
KTM logo
KTM motorcycle have some of the most originals merchandising gifts from any motorcycle manufacturer. But... you can't but on-line, you'll need to some searching for a dealer who sells on-line.

Here are a bunch of interesting gifts, with part numbers making Google searches easier.


11 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Kawasaki Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki have a reasonable merchandising program for Kawa motorcycle lovers, but you can't order them on-line. You'll need to go to a dealer.

Here are some gift ideas I found that may interest a Kawasaki motorcycle owner.


10 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Husqvarna Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Husqvarna logo
Even after BMW bought Husqvarna, their merchandising program remains almost nonexistent.

You can't order any gifts on-line for a Husqvarna motorcycle lover, and I ended up only finding one gift idea on Amazon...



10 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Husaberg Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Husaberg logo
Husaberg, unlike their master KTM, have no merchandising gifts to write home about. Not only can you not buy any of the 5 or so items on-line (you need to go to the dealer for that), but even Amazon has nothing....

Does Husaberg motorcycle exist?


10 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Honda Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Honda logo
Despite being the biggest motorcycle manufacturer out there, Honda have no Christmas gifts, and nothing to buy on their own web sites....

But I have managed to find a few things with Honda on it... here it is.


10 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Harley-Davidson logo
Shopping for Christmas gifts for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle lover sounds easy but it's not. That's because of the sheer volume of Harley branded gifts out there.

Here are 10 gift ideas for a Harley motorcycle owner, or lover.


9 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Ducati Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Ducati logo
Ducati is very much in merchandising, so finding Christmas stuff branded with the Ducati logo is not difficult. Buying them from Ducati themselves will prove a bit more difficult, since they prefer that you buy it from a dealer.

But here are several gift ideas for Ducati motorcycle owners.


9 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: BMW Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
BMW logo
Getting Christmas gifts for BMW motorcycle riders is going to prove difficult, since their web sites suck big time (apart from the USA one), and the number of interesting gift ideas is very limited.

But nevertheless, I've found a few gifts that almost any BMW motorcycle rider/owner would like to have.


9 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Bimota Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Bimota logo
Bimota has slightly more merchandising gifts for Christmas than Benelli, but they need to be purchased in-store, and can't be bought off the net (apart from one I found).

So here are the Bimota gifts for Bimota motorcycle owners and lovers.


8 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Benelli Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Benelli logo
Benelli despite having a very loyal following is not into merchandising at all, so almost no Christmas gifts to speak off....

Here are two things I found that may interest a Benelli motorcycle owner (or lover).


8 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Aprilia Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Aprilia logo
Christmas gift ideas for Aprilia motorcycle owners (or aficionados).

Aprilia is not into merchandising, but I did manage to find a few things.


8 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: 10 Motorcycle Gifts Ideas For Kids
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Christmas gift shopping is not easy, specially when trying to look for a gift for children who either love motorcycles, or who's parents love motorcycles.

Here are 10 gift ideas to buy for children this Christmas.


7 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: 5 Motorcycle Gifts Ideas For Her
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Shopping Christmas gifts for female motorcycle riders is not as easy as it sounds. Obviously, you can buy any of our suggested gift ideas for men, but there are few things that are specific to female riders.

Here are 5 gift ideas specific to female motorcycle riders.


7 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: 10 Motorcycle Gifts Ideas For Him
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Buying a Christmas gift for a guy, who happens to ride motorcycles is not as easy as you think, specially if you yourself don't ride.

So here are 10 motorcycle gift ideas that could suite anyone who rides a motorcycle, without requiring to know much about bikes.

It's the first part of many gift ideas for Christmas.


1 December, 2009 - New Red Light Coming - Computer Inspired?
The red stop light has remained unchanged for decades, and maybe that's about the change.

Here's a really well thought out concept for a red light... it uses a progress bar, in this case a progress circle, like on your computer. When you're waiting on your motorcycle for the red light to turn green, the circle rotates, changing color, less and less red in the circle and then GREEN...

Cool idea!


25 November, 2009 - USA: Ducati Gift Site Ready For Christmas
Ducati Gift Shop On-line
Ducati logo
Ducati have teamed up with one of their main dealers in the USA, Pro Italia, and created an on-line gift shop, ready for the Christmas season.

If you need anything for your motorcycle, or for you, or for someone else, this is a good place to buy stuff for Christmas.


5 November, 2009 - KTM: Girl’s Handbag
KTM logo
KTM not only have macho equipment for us motorcycle riders, but also more feminine stuff.

One of these merchandising items is the Deville Girls Purse, a made-by-Ogio handbag for the ladies, that would not look out of place at the Oscars.


2 November, 2009 - Recycled Vespa Chair
Bel & Bel Vespa-Chair
Bel & Bel Vespa-Chair
A Spanish design company has come up with these really nice and cool office chairs. They are recycled Vespa scooters, and they look the part.

Best of all, they look comfortable. Not idea if they can be bought though, but it's a great idea.


26 October, 2009 - Got Livestock? Brand Them With KTM
KTM logo
Believe it or not, but KTM Motorcycles have in their PowerWear catalog a real, honest-to-God, Branding Iron.

Let's hope people don't use it to brand their dog or cat...


7 October, 2009 - Christmas 2009 Approaching: Neiman Marcus Catalog Is Out
Neiman Marcus Mission One catalog
Yet again, Neiman Marcus have put some really sexy, and very expensive, toys in their 2009 Christmas Catalog. The stuff of dreams...

This year, apart from a really cool personal airplane, they've included the Mission One electric motorcycle.... US$ 75,000.


6 October, 2009 - In The Start Them Young Department
Get your kids used to motorcycles at an early age.

Here's a UK based company that makes different motorcycle models out of wood. Choppers, Superbikes, Scramblers and even Scooters for young kids...



3 September, 2009 - My Vote For Best Car Product! Safety For Motorcycles
Video clip
Here's the perfect idea for cars. It's great for cagers, but even better and safer for us motorcycle riders....

The disappearing car door! Perfect. Check out the video...


19 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Last One! Life-Is-Simple Hat
Life is simple hat
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

This hat says it all.

"Life is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Bike".


19 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: MV Agusta F4 Motorcycle - Diecast Toy
MV Agusta F4 diecast model
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Owning one of the ultimate motorcycle, the MV Agusta F4, is a dream many of us have. But the very high price tag makes it just that, a dream.

So why not get a scale diecast model?


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Motorcycle Clock
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Telling the time on motorcycles is kind-of important, if not just to know how long you've been having fun. But not all motorcycles have clocks.

Here's an easy solution, a stick-on clock.


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Royal Enfield - The Complete Story
Royal Enfield Book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Royal Enfield is one of those legendary motorcycle manufacturers who have captivated several generations of motorcycle lovers.

They have been in existence since Fred Flintstone, and here's a book that tells and shows you its history on 192 pages.


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Leather Motorcycle Wallet
harley Davidson Leather Wallet
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Every time you grab your wallet with this present you'll be reminded about the love of your life.

And I don't mean your spouse, kids or dogs.


17 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Motorcycle Chocolate
Motorcycle Chocolate
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

You may not be able to ride your motorcycle at this moment if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, but you can still enjoy a good motorcycle.....

A solid chocolate one that is....


17 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kids Bicycle Motorcycle Sound Gadget
Bicycle horn with Motorcycle sound
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Kids love pretending that they are riding motorcycles instead of bicycles, so why not help them out.

This gadget replaces one of the handlebar grips, and they can rev-up their "motorcycle". Cool.


17 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Suzuki Mug
Suzuki coffee mug
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

You love Suzuki motorcycles, or you have one, or both ?

Show it, drink your coffee, tea or whatever from this mug.


16 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Sexy Betty Boop And Dog On Motorcycle
Betty Boop and Dog on a motorcycle, Christmas ornament
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

One of the sexiest cartoon characters around, even at an old and ripe age, she's hot. Betty Boop on a motorcycle as Christmas ornament...


16 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Triumph Reversible Watch
Triumph Reveresable Watch
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Let the world think you can afford more than one watch.....

This Triumph motorcycles watch can turn around, it's reversible. One side is analog, the other digital.



16 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Buell Drive
Buell Drive road sign
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

For that other "Harley", Buell motorcycles, here's something that will not look out of place in your garage, a Buell Drive road sign.

Hang it up with pride.


15 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Moto Guzzi Fleece Hoody
Moto Guzzi fleece Hoody
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

It's winter so better dress warm.

What better for Moto Guzzi lovers to wear a fleece hoody with the Guzzi name and logo. Show your love for your motorcycle.


15 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Balaclava
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Riding in the winter, or robbing a bank requires one of these. If not, you'll get a real brain freeze.


15 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kawasaki Ninja
Kawasaki Ninja Toy for kids
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

You are never to young to start riding a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

This one even makes all the sounds of a Kawasaki.


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Red Light Changer
Red Light Changer
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Ever get stuck on your motorcycle waiting for a red traffic light to turn green, but will not. That's because it probably one that "senses" a vehicle waiting.

But since motorcycle have a low magnetic presence, this little device will increase your magnetic presence (your motorcycle, not yours), triggering the red light. And it's legal...


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Get your Motor Running Gift Basket
Christmas gift basket, Get your motor running
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Giving a hamper or gift basket to a motorcycle lover is a bit... gauche...

Here's a real gift basket for motorcycle lovers...


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Diecast BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW R1200GS Diecast model
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

BMW's most popular motorcycle, the BMW R1200GS, can be bought as a 1:12 diecast model.

This will look good on anyone's desk....


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Very Loud Motorcycle Horn
Nautilus Motorcycle Air Horn
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

We all know that motorcycle manufacturers make horns that really sound like lame ducks. They don't serve any purpose.

Here's an air horn that will wake up the dead, 139 dB!!


11 December, 2008 - Surviving Winter On Your Motorcycle
Snow inside car
Just because it's winter out there, doesn't mean that you've got to stop riding your motorcycle...

But you've got to equip yourself appropriately.

Here's a list of stuff you may need, or not, whatever turns you on..


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Honda Motorcycle Racing Crew Shirt
Honda Crew Shirt
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Want to look like you're working in the motorcycle racing world.....

Here's a Honda pit crew shirt. You'll look the part...


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Harley-Davidson Archive Book
Harley-Davidson archive book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Getting gifts for Harley-Davidson motorcycle lovers is easy. Here's an enormous book (400+ pages), with hundreds of color photos of their favorite motorcycle.

Brand new, it's called the Harley-Davidson archive book.


10 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: KTM RC8 Motorcycle In Bits
KTM RC8 Puzzle
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

If you love looking at the KTM RC8 motorcycle, you're going to love this Christmas gift!

A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the KTM motorcycle. Hours of fun...


10 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: 2009 Motorcycle Wall Calendar
2009 Motorcycle Wall Calendar
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

One gift that is never wrong, is next year's calendar. Here's a wall calendar with beautiful photos of world's most popular motorcycles.


10 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Husqvarna Motorcycle T-Shirt
Husqvarna Metro T-Shirt
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Even if you don't have the motorcycle, the Husqvarna T-shirt will not look out of place on any motorcycle lover.


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Ducati Sandisk USB Flash Drive
Ducati Sandisk USB flash drive key
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

We've all got computers right (if not, you wouldn't be reading this)? Here's something that will make you and your computer happy;

The Ducati SanDisk USB flash drive key. Like a Ducati, it's sleek, sexy and very fast. 20 Mb/sec and 4 Gigs of memory.

Even if you don't have a Ducati, this is going to look really cool on your computer...


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Motorcycle Battery Charger In The Right Shape
Motorcycle Battery Tender Twin 800
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Your poor motorcycle is left alone in the dark all those winter months? Here's something to keep him happy and fully charged!

The Deltran Batter Tender Twin 800! In the shape of a motorcycle V-twin, and it even plays a motorcycle sound.

Your motorcycle will thank you...


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Aprilia Balls
Aprilia basket ball
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

After all the festivities around Christmas, you'll need exercise. What better way than going on the basket ball court for a bit of one-on-one with an Aprilia branded basket ball??


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Harley-Davidson Monopoly
Harley-Davidson Monopoly game
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Imagine the hours of fun after your Christmas dinner with the family or friends playing with this Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Monopoly!

Everything is centered around motorcycles on this popular board game.


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kids Book: Little Mike And Maddie
Litte Mike and Maddie Christmas Book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Got kids, and want them to start getting interested in motorcycles?

Here's an interesting Christmas gift: a book about Little Mike and Maddie who save Santa, using a motorcycle.


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Christmas 2008 Gifts
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

This is a new series that will run until Christmas. Each article will give you, your spouse, friends or your kids an idea for a Christmas gift.

There will be plenty of gift ideas coming... the elves are scoring the internet for gift ideas, so better be good...


26 November, 2008 - Sunglasses Made For Motorcycles
AR123 sunglasses
Italian eyewear designer, Bertoni, produce a wide variety of sunglasses made for different sports, including motorcycles.

Their website is well designed, and you can quickly find the right sunglasses for you, with or without prescriptions.


20 November, 2008 - Taking Tools With Your On Your Motorcycle
Stealth Workshop Powersport Utility Bag
Carrying the few tools that you were given when you bought your motorcycle is the only way you can bring tools with you on your bike.

But.. a) the tools are always inadequate and b) there's no space to bring others.

Stealth Workshop have a solution for you.


19 November, 2008 - Properly Protecting Your Motorcycle In Your Garage
Harley bubble
If you not only want to protect your precious motorcycle from dirt and condensation when it's sleeping in your garage, standard covers aren't enough.

But if you also want to have an admiring look at your motorcycle when you're in the garage, it become almost impossible.

Harley have a solution (and it should fit any bike). A "Bubble" protection, including filtered air.

Christmas... here I come...


27 October, 2008 - Anti-Motorcycle Jacking System
Here's an interesting and reasonably cheap way of protecting your motorcycle from being motorcycle-jacked.

It's the SkyBrake, and consists of a small personal transceiver that you put on you and an immobilizer on your motorcycle.

Beats riding around with a .44.....


20 October, 2008 - Radar Piggy Bank: Save Your Money For Speeding Tickets
Piggy Bank in the form of a radar
If you're going to speed on your motorcycle, you'd better start saving money for all those speeding tickets.

Here's a great way of saving your coins: a piggy bank in the form of a radar. Every time you put in coins, it flashes.


22 September, 2008 - Demos - Motorcycle Watches
Demos motorcycle watch
Demos motorcycle watch
Demos wristwatches are watches made for motorcycle riders.

The watch bands either look like a motorcycle chain, or a motorcycle tire thread.

You can get them starting at US$155, so not too expensive to have something unusual.


22 September, 2008 - KTM Motorcycle - In The "Start Them Young" Department
KTM Bicycle for kids
KTM logo
Any younger, and KTM will need to produce motorcycles for your kids for inside the womb...

Here's a KTM, with adjustable seat, for children aged 2-5 years.

For the next Cyril Despres or Marc Coma?


15 August, 2008 - Airplane And Motorcycle! How To Combine?
Airplane flying with POD
Having an airplane is not always as easy as it may seem. Transportation at your destination is often hard to find. have THE solution for you. A pod that will transport your motorcycle for you, attached to your airplane.

End of all your problems....


7 August, 2008 - Motorcycle Camping Without A Tent
Travelling with a tent on your motorcycle is not always easy, since tents take up space.

The Swedish invention, Bivanorak, could do the trick for those who really want to travel light. It doesn't take up much space, and you can even supplement it with a Tarp.

But no snuggling up....


21 July, 2008 - Doo Rags and Bandanas With No Knots
Doo Rag/Bandana
For those of you who ride your motorcycle with doo rags or bandanas, you know the problem: knots get in the way...

NoMoreKnots offers doo rags and bandanas in multiple colors and designs without knots... easy.


26 March, 2008 - Interesting Application For Motorcycles: Integrated Turn Signals
Integrated Turnsignal from Leah Beuchley
This is an interesting bicycle design that can be applied for us motorcycle riders. It's a turn signal integrated in the back of your jacket.

This shouldn't need much adaptation to make it work with your motorcycle leathers...


11 February, 2008 - Chopper Pizza Cutters
Chopper Pizza Cutter
Want a slice of tasty pizza? Want to cut it with a stylish pizza cutter?

Frankie Flood has designed the perfect pizza cutters. based on motorcycle choppers. Yummy !


8 February, 2008 - Light Lighters
Chopper Gas Lighter
It's a slow news day... here are a couple of motorcycle lighters I've found, and one nothing to do with motorcycles, but funny.


25 December, 2007 - Decorating Your Motorcycle For The Holidays
Decorated motorcycle
Why not decorate your motorcycle for the holiday season?

Here are 6 photos of decorated motorcycles. Is yours next?


19 December, 2007 - Not Too Late To Get Christmas Cards
Motorcycle Christmas Card
You can still get some really nice motorcycle theme Christmas cards. It's not too late (depending on where you live).

Instead of sending out those same-old same-old Christmas cards, why not have cards with motorcycle on them?

Art and taste...


13 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: One Up On The Worst Gifts
Kawasaki Toilette seat
Anytime you think that gifts can't get any worse, someone else finds a poisoned gift.

Here's the ultimate bad taste gift, a toilette seat imprinted with your favorite motorcycle manufacturer.


12 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Good Or Nice Gifts
Nikko Ducati RC Motorcycle
After the manufacturer Christmas gift ideas, and the bad Christmas gifts, here's the final part of our gift ideas series; the good, nice or unusual gifts.

No matter what you get, enjoy your Christmas gifts!


12 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Strange Or Bad Gifts
KTM Baby Dummy
Gifts aren't always gifts if you catch my drift.

Sometimes gifts can be horrible and without any taste. Take this KTM gift, it's a baby dummy....

We'll probably be stepping on a few toes, but here's our selection of gifts we'd rather not get...


11 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Yamaha Gift Ideas
Yamaha Thong
Yamaha logo
We've found a treasure chest of merchandising gifts at Yamaha. Each country has its own site, full of unique gifts.

Here's our choice for the Yamaha owner.


11 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Triumph Gift Ideas
Triumph Hip Flask
Triumph logo
After some detective work, we've found merchandising gifts for the Triumph motorcycle lover/owner.

Here's a selection from their Australian site.


11 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Suzuki Gift Ideas
Suzuki Wristband
Suzuki logo
Suzuki has buried their merchandising gifts inside their models range, so you'll need to dig a bit before finding a gift for a Suzuki motorcycle lover.

Here's our selection of gifts.


10 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: MZ Gift Ideas
MZ Shopping Bag
MZ logo
Getting a Christmas gift for a MZ motorcycle lover is going to be hard, real hard.

It's not that they don't have anything, it's just that you'll need to head over to the closet dealer and get it, and there aren't that many around.

Here's our selection.


10 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Moto Guzzi Gift Ideas
Moto Guzzi Laptop Bag
Moto Guzzi logo
What to get for the Moto Guzzi lover? It's almost Christmas time...

Here are our picks for Moto Guzzi:


10 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: KTM Gift Ideas
KTM Espresso Cup
KTM logo
Austrian KTM have mastered the art of merchandising. They have a nice collection of goodies you can buy as a gift for a KTM motorcycle owner.

Here's our selection...


7 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Kawasaki Gift Ideas
Kawasaki Flip Flops
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki have a decent merchandising program, so you have a good choice for a Christmas gift.

Here's our selection.


7 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Husqvarna Gift Ideas
Husqvarna Wallet
Husqvarna logo
BMW owned Husqvarna are still showing the 2006 collection, so hurry up and buy these, since they'll probably become collector items.

Not much choice, so when the BMW merchandising machine gets going, expect more next year.


7 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Husaberg Gift Ideas
Husaberg Backpack
Husaberg logo
Not that much picking at Husaberg, but enough to fill a wish list for the Husaberg owner.

Here's our recommendations...


7 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Honda Gift Ideas
Honda logo
Honda are totally not into merchandising, not in the USA, nor in Europe.

I've looked everywhere, but couldn't even find a Honda mug. Just hard parts for their motorcycles....


6 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Harley-Davidson Gift Ideas
Harley Ceramic Hog Bank
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson are the masters in merchandising, so it's no surprise that their website is full of gifts.

Here are three selection of gift items, some of them really made for Christmas.


6 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Ducati Gift Ideas
Ducati Monster Dog sunglasses
Ducati logo
Ducati are master in merchandising (and motorcycle manufacturing).

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts from the Ducati catalogues.


6 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: BMW Gift Ideas
BMW 1st aid kit
BMW logo
BMW have a reasonably large selection of gifts, though many items are related to the motorcycle.

But they do have some nice stuff, all made in the German way; sturdy.


5 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Bimota Gift Ideas
Bimota Shoe Cover
Bimota logo
Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota don't have much choice for your Christmas shopping.

They mostly have clothes, but they do have one original item; leather shoe protectors...


5 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Aprilia Gift Ideas
Aprilia Scarabeo Watch
Aprilia logo
Christmas 2007 Gifts Time.

Here are some of the Christmas gift ideas for Aprilia owners/lovers.

Not much choice at Aprilia...


5 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: A Gift Ideas Series
OCC Christmas Motorcycle
We will be starting a series of articles today featuring Christmas 2007 gift ideas per motorcycle manufacturer.

We'll show three items selected by brand, and always from one specific country. A maximum of 3 manufacturers will be show in one day.


18 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Buell Style
Buell Motorcycles Christmas gift
Buell logo
Harley owned Buell, in sharp contrast with their master, has a small gift product range.

Here's their selection.



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