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15 September, 2013 - Interview: Andrew Wheeler - MotoGP Photographer
Interview Andrew Wheeler
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #Photographer #Misano - Most of us watch a MotoGP race on TV, and then can't wait to read about it in our favorite motorcycle magazines, or better yet, our favorite web site. But often it's not the story that interests us since we've seen the race on TV, but it's the photos.

Looking at beautiful photos of the racers and their fast motorcycles not only allows us to relive the race, but to actually see the motorcycle and racers up close. Often real close. Some MotoGP photographers take interesting photos of the race, while others not only make interesting photos, but creative ones too

. One of those photographers who excels in making not only some of the best action photos of MotoGP races, but also very creative and often very inspiring photos, is Andrew Wheeler from AutoMotoPhoto. I caught up with Andrew in the Media/Press Center of the Misano race circuit during the 2013 San Marino GP...........

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14 September, 2013 - Interview: Elena ’Y-Elena’ Iankovskaia - Umbrella Girl
Interview Elena Iankovskaia
LCR Honda logo
#MotoGP #LCR #UmbrellaGirls - MotoGP, as we all know, is a glamour sport, like Formula One. But what makes it a glamour sport? Not the racers, not the loud motorcycles, not the sweaty mechanics nor the officials. What makes the glamour in top motorcycle racing, in my humble opinion, are the umbrella girls.

Having very pretty, tall and even sexy girls standing over the motorcycle racer with an umbrella, or walking the walk in the paddocks, standing guard in front of the hospitality tents is what makes it a glamour sport. It's not easy, standing in the glaring sun without trying to sweat, or every man, and a lot of women, staring at you.

But everyone loves having them around. Many people make a beeline for the girls when they see them walking through the paddocks. Many, often men, want to pose with them, and the girls do not mind. It's good publicity for the company who have hired them.

I was able to interview one of these umbrella girls, Elena Iankovskaia aka Y-Elena, from the LCR Honda team at the San Marino GP in Misano. Elena is Russian, and as you can imagine she is very pretty and tall, but under the beautifulness exterior there is an even prettier interior and a sharp mind. We met up in the VIP section of the LCR hospitality tent where I asked her some questions...........

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14 September, 2013 - Interview: Norma Companys - Dorna Event Manager
Interview Norma Companys
Dorna logo
#MotoGP #Dorna - Running MotoGP races are a team work of many companies. It is not one company that does it all, but the two most important ones are the circuit companies themselves, in this case Misano Circuit, and the other company is Dorna, who organize and promote the MotoGP races.

There are some 200 people who work at Dorna in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) to make sure that we can enjoy ourselves watching the MotoGP races (and Moto2 and Moto3). It is Dorna who run the TV programs, so when you watch the race at home in whatever country, you can see the race courtesy Dorna.

One job that you never hear of is the job that allows Dorna, the circuit and all other partners to communicate with each other. The job is called Event Manager, and Norma Companys is the head of that department...........

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13 September, 2013 - Interview: Dr. Berardi Eraldo - Chief Medical Center Misano Circuit
Misano Circuit Medical Center
Misano logo
#MotoGP #Misano #MedicalCenter - In the series 'interviews with people who makes MotoGPs happen', I spoke with someone who we all hope none of the riders will ever see, despite the fact that he is a really nice man. The man is Doctor Berardi Eraldo and he runs the medical center of the Misano circuit. In other words, when one of the riders hurts himself, this is where he is taken to be 'repaired'. And by the way, it is not only racers who can find themselves in the capable hands of Dr. Eraldo and his staff: the public present on the race track also end up here if they have a problem. But... not in the same area where the racers are.

The Misano race circuit medical center is quite big and very well equipped. The latest technology can be found here; so many that a smaller hospital would be jealous. And as far as staff go, they have a lot, and very professional. You will see several photos after the interview of the medical center. Obviously I am not an expert, far from it, so I can not describe what all the machines do. Use your imagination...........

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13 September, 2013 - Interview: Marco di Bassi - Hospitality Events Structures
Interview Marco di Bassi
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP @VisitSanMarino - At MotoGP races like the San Marino MotoGP race at Misano, you will see many hospitality tents & trucks belonging to the motorcycle racing teams. They go from race to race, and usually the staff belong to the team. But there are also always a lot of other hospitality tents, and these are used for companies or organizations to promote their stuff at special, or one-off events. It makes no sense for them to have their own truck and tent like in this photo: Marco di Bassi runs a small company, Noleggio Truck Motor Home Hospitality, with two trucks that are hired by companies or organizations to host a hospitality tent for their guests at events. For example, in these photos, the truck and tent are used by the Visit San Marino crowd to inform visitors not only about the MotoGP, but also of their country. In this case, the truck was placed inside the San Marino city, not at the circuit...........

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12 September, 2013 - Interview: Maurizio Damerini, M.D. of Misano Circuit
Maurizio Damerini
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #Misano #SanMarino - When we watch the MotoGP races anywhere in the world, you probably do not realize how much work goes into these events. There are enormous organizations and companies working to make sure that a MotoGP race is held in perfect conditions. Over the next few days, I will be interviewing several people who play behind-the-scene-roles; They may be behind the scene, and they will not get the glamor or attention, but without them, there will be no race.

One of those people is Maurizio Damerini, the Managing Director of the Misano race circuit. Misano is where the San Marino MotoGP race is held, and it lies next to the city of Rimini. Maurizio oversees a big company that ensures that the race track is in perfect condition, and that races can be held safely...........

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12 September, 2013 - Interview: MotoGP Moto2 Racer Alex de Angelis
Alex de Angelis At Misano 2013
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #AlexDeAngelis - As you know, I stay away from MotoGP serious stuff like racers and motorcycles. I leave that to specialists like MotoMatters. But since I was hosted by the San Marino people, and this very special MotoGP Moto2 racer comes from San Marino, the occasion to do an interview with a professional and all-round nice guy was too good to pass.

Of course I am talking about San Marino's 28 year old native son, Alex de Angelis. I sat down with Alex in the San Marino MotoGP and asked him a few personal questions. Alex's English is near perfect, and his smiling personality makes him an easy interview. He is not shy, and is easy to talk to...........

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27 March, 2013 - What It Takes To Become World Champion Motorcycle Racing - The Case of Vasco van der Valk
Vasco Van Der Valk Hockenheim Moriwaki GP3
Vasco Van Der Valk Banner
You don't become world champion motorcycle racing, be it MotoGP, Superbike or any motorsport, by accident. You don't hope of on a race motorcycle at the "ripe" age of 18 and go and win races. There's virtually no sport that allows that. Whether you're racing motorcycles, cars, skiing downhill, swimming, horse riding, running, etc, you need one thing, and one thing only: YOU NEED TO START YOUNG.

The younger you are when you start competing in your chosen sport, the better you will be. Very few people will question that tactic. Valentino Rossi started racing at the tender age of 5 (karts, but quickly went to motorcycles). Casey Stoner started with motorcycle racing at the age of 4. Jorge Lorenzo started riding a home built motorcycle at the age of 3 years. Very few champions and professionals will make it to the top if they did not start really young.

Before we continue, watch this video...........

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22 March, 2013 - We Will Be On "Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys" Radio Program
Listen to internet radio with conxroad on Blog Talk Radio
#Podcast #BlogtalkRadio #Radio - For those of you who don't know them (they started last year), the "Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys" is a very popular radio program you can hear on the web via podcasting (so you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want).

The USA based radio show has had some famous motorcycle personalities on their show, like the CEO of Brammo Motorcycles, Craig Bramscher and fellow news site operator Basem Wasef (About Motorcycles), Lois Pryce (famous Female RTW rider and book author) or famous personalities like Alexandra Paul (Baywatch TV series), Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers), actor and stunt rider Dan Haggerty and many others.

Now they'll be talking to little old me, so I guess they ran out of famous motorcycle people...

You can hear me jabbering away on Saturday at 01:00 PM EST (that's 13:00 USA Eastern Time Zone) o'clock and anytime thereafter.


23 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Tiziana Di Gioia
MotoGP France 2010 Tizana Di Gioia
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
An interview with Tiziana Di Gioia from the Fiat Yamaha Team. Tiziana has a dream job; the job that almost anyone would love to have, and she's got it, and she'll not let go.

She is the Sponsorship Manager for Fiat for the team, so she gets to go to every MotoGP, tour the country in fancy Fiats, and meet loads of A-list celebrities.

But she also gets up a 5 am, and goes to sleep at 3 am at times. Read her interview.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Michele Quarenghi
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team Michele
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Continuing our look at the Fiat Yamaha MotoGP team support staff, we interviewed probably the most popular person on any large racing team; the chef/cook.

Michele Quarenghi has been doing this for 3 years, and cooks, hold your breath, .... 15,000 meals during the race season. Here's the interview.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Brent Stevens
Brent at MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
As promised, a look at the people you rarely see or hear from at the MotoGP races, but have very important roles.

This is Brent Stevens, a Kiwi, living in Australia, but working on every MotoGP circuit of the world, and he is one of Valentino Rossi's mechanics. For your info, he spends some 500 hours per year flying in airplanes.... that's more than what most commercial pilots do..


15 April, 2009 - Interview: Tiffany Coates - Pre Mongolia Motorcycle Trip
Tiffany Coates in Malawi
Here's 14 questions I asked Tiffany Coates before she heads out, on her own, from the UK to Outer Mongolia on her trusty BMW R80GS motorcycle.

Find out what makes her tick... Would you dare go out into the unknown, often dangerous countries, on your motorcycle?


9 November, 2005 - Interview: Scott Whitney (HogWildRacing)
Scott Whitney
An interview with motorcycle sidecar contestant in the next Dakar race; Scott Whitney.


15 March, 2005 - Interview: Tiffany Coates
Tiffany Coates
An interview with RTW rider, Tiffany Coates, on riding around the world as a female.



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