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28 March, 2013 - Documentary: Sayonara Speed Tribes - Japan’s 1%ers
Sayonara Speed Tribes
Japan flag
#Video #Japan #1% #Gang - This is a very interesting documentary that our friends at One World Studios are distributing. One World Studios are the good folks that made the excellent motorcycle documentaries like "Choppertown - The Sinners", "The Harbortown Bobber" and "Brittown". In other words, they have good taste in videos.

They have released the distribution of a documentary on the legendary Japanese Bosozoku motorcycle gangs, a self-styled 1%er gang of violent bikers. The Japanese word Bosozoku can be broken down into "Violent" "Speed" "Tribe". These extreme violent gangs, have a samurai and kamikaze culture, and it shows.

The Japanese video documentary (in English subtitles) shows the extreme lengths these gangs go to, both on their on members and towards anyone else. Death means nothing to them...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 October, 2012 - Movie Review: Quadrophenia
Quadrophenia Cover
Quadrophenia Scene
A review of the cult classical movie Quadrophenia, a movie based on the popualr rock opera of The Who (they produced the movie). It's not a musical, but there's a lot of music from that era.

It's a real biker movie, but not the kind you expect. There's a lot of motorcycle and scooter riding going on in the movie, since it's a struggle between the Mods and the Rockers. In this epic movie, you'll see front nudity (but all male), a lot of super customized scooters, motorcycles, a lot of fighting and drugs.

This is a highly recommended movie if you've never seen it before. It really shows the way things were in the mid-60's in the UK, the clash between two cultures, and the way the young men and women were trying to find their way.


14 June, 2012 - Movie Review: Priest
Priest Poster
Priest Scene
A review of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/vampire movie Priest. There's a lot of motorcycle riding around this movie, most of them are turbine equipped motorcycles.

The movie itself, though a bit Blade meets High Noon, is quite good and enjoyable.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 February, 2012 - Movier Review: Timerider
Timerider Poster
Video clip
Review of the movie entitled "Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann", an honest-to-God Biker/Sci-Fi/Western movie. It's original, and reasonably good.

Image you are sent back into time, to the good old Western days, and all you have is your motocross motorcycle. That'll be fun...

All the usual suspects for a Western movie are there...


27 October, 2011 - Movie Review: The Silencer
The Silencer DVD Cover
Video clip
Review of the "biker" movie entitled "The Silencer". A B-movie about a women who rides her Harley motorcycle catching and killing men who make sex slaves, all the while she sheds her clothes at the drop of a hat.

The plot is reasonable, a bit far fetched, but the script itself is very bad, and the movie director should take up another job.


29 September, 2011 - Movie Review: Born To Ride
Born to Ride
Video clip
Born To Ride is billed as a biker movie "a la" Easy Rider. Released in 2011, this 90 minutes long movie centers around two motorcycle riders heading for Sturgis but getting themselves in a lot of trouble.

The flick isn't bad, but it's not great either. It's a movie you'll want to see on a rainy Sunday when there's no football on the TV.


3 February, 2011 - DVD Review: America Wild And Wacky - Sturgis
America Wild and Wacky Sturgis Cover
America Wild and Wacky Sturgis Scene
An overview of the DVD documentary from the Smithsonian Networks called "America Wild And Wacky: Sturgis".

A look at Sturgis 2007 motorcycle rally. Good overview, specially for people who have never been.


27 January, 2011 - DVD Review: Hog Heaven - River Run Wild
Hog Heaven River Run Wild cover
Hog Heaven River Run Wild scene
A review of the documentary "Hog Heaven: River Run Wild" - the Laughlin annual event for motorcycles.

They should be showing this DVD at film school.... on how NOT to make a documentary. If you look at it without any sound (highly recommended), you would not know where this was filmed.


9 December, 2010 - Movie Review: City Limits
City Limits Cover
City Limits Scene
A review of the 1984 Sci-Fi biker movie "City Limits" starring James Earl Jones and Kim Cattrall. Despite the names, it's still a B-movie, but not a bad one.

There are a lot of motorcycles in this movie, since it's two teenage motorcycle gangs that square off against each other and a third party using Mad Max style motorcycles.


2 December, 2010 - DVD Review: Hog Heaven: The Story Of The Harley-Davidson Empire
Hog Heaven The Story of the Harley Davidson Empire Cover
Hog Heaven The Story Of The Harley Davidson Empire scene
A review of the History Channel DVD documentary "Hog Heaven: The Story Of The Harley-Davidson Empire". It's in fact two documentary, since there's an hour and 30 minutes bonus feature called Modern Marvels.

This is a very interesting documentary! High quality, well researched, and full of exceptional motorcycles, not only historical ones, but also modern day technology marvels (like Jay Leno's turbine motorcycle, the MT Y2K).

A high recommended DVD. No matter how much you already know about motorcycles, you'll learn something here.


25 November, 2010 - Movie Review: Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels Cover
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels Scene
A review of the comedy/horror/biker/erotic movie "Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels". With a title like that you know you're not getting an Oscar winning performance.

But it does have everything a movie needs; lots of motorcycles, topless girls galore, a "funny" plot and some really bad acting.


18 November, 2010 - DVD Review: Harley-Davidson The Spirit Of America
Harley Davidson The Spirit of America scene
Harley Davidson The Spirit of America cover
A quickly to be forgotten DVD documentary about Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the spirit of America.

Boring and pretty badly done, it's more about a dealer in Arizona than the spirit of Harley and America.


11 November, 2010 - Movie Review: 1990 Bronx Warriors
1990 The Bronx Warriors Scene
1990 Bronx Warriors Cover
A review of the sci-fi/biker flick "1990: The Bronx Warriors".

A truly cheesy movie, with over-acting, strange & weird people, and a lot of motorcycles, and I mean a lot. I love it.... perfect mindless movie. Who needs art?


21 October, 2010 - DVD Review: Outlaw Bikers
Outlaw Bikers Scene
Outlaw Bikers Cover
A review of the National Geographic Channel documentary about the Hells Angels, and the (mostly) failed attempts by the police to bring them to court.

Interesting look at the Angels' culture and history, plus interviews with real members (including Sonny Barger), and with cops.


14 October, 2010 - DVD Review: One World Tour Europe
One World Tour scene
Video clip
A review of the documentary DVD "One World Tour". A tour of Europe by the makers of great motorcycle documentaries like Choppertown and Brittown.

The 6 weeks tour was to promote their documentaries, visiting places like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Hamburg, Barcelona and Venice (and a few more).

You not only get to see great motorcycles and their builders, but also a bit about the biker culture in Europe.


7 October, 2010 - Movie Review: Dawn Of The Dead
Dawn of the Dead Scene
A good low budget horror movie, with towards the end a lot of motorcycle action.

Despite being a horror/zombie movie, there are quite a few funny moments, intentional, or by accident.


30 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Voluptuous Biker Babes
Voluptuous Biker Babes Cover
Voluptuous Biker Babes scene
A review of the movie "Voluptuous Biker Babes". Don't let the title fool you, there are only two small scenes with a motorcycle in them, and you can't really call it a movie either.

Strange and weird "movie", not hard core Adult entertainment, but close. I got it sent, so I took the time to review it. Here's what I thought.


23 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Exit Speed
Exit Speed Cover
Video clip
A review of a decent movie, Exit Speed.

It's a movie where the motorcycle riders are the really bad guys (and gals), riding around on their crotch rockets high on meth.

Good plot, good acting and great motorcycle stunts.


16 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Rumble Fish
Rumble Fish Scene
Rumble Fish Cover
A review of the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie "Rumble Fish", starring Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Dennis Hopper, Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne (when they were very young and just starting).

A very dark drama movie, filmed in black & white (2 scenes have some color), not your typical biker movie, though it's about a motorcycle rider's life (Mickey Rourke). Very well done, but a bit artsy.


9 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell
Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell scene
Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell cover.jpg
By far, world's worst movie, ever! And don't let the movie titles fool you, there's virtually no motorcycles in the movie, apart from the opening credits and in one short scene.

Painful to watch.


2 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Death Valley
Death Valley scene
Death Valley Cover
Review of the DVD movie called "Death Valley", base d on true events.

Again, the motorcycle riding gang are the bad guys, but this time the motorcycle gang don't ride choppers but dirt bikes.

Verdict: interesting movie, but a bit slow.


26 August, 2010 - DVD Review: Hard Miles 2
Hard Miles 2
Iron Butt Owen Winning Route
A review of the DVD Documentary Hard Miles 2. A sequel to the Hard Miles DVD we reviewed last year.

The documentary brings you along some of the contestants of the 2009 Iron Butt Rally, riding a motorcycle for 11 days over 11,000 miles.

A very well done look at this grueling motorcycle rally, also know as a scavenger hunt on steroids.

Worth it...


29 July, 2010 - Movie Review: Killer Biker Chicks
Killer Biker Chicks scene
Killer Biker Chicks cover
This would count for the ultimate B-movie (in fact, they show the definition of B-movies at the start). It's got motorcycles, bare chested women, violence and barely no acting and the most cheesy and corny lines you can imagine.

It's so corny and strangely filmed that it's not only funny, but enjoyable. That is, if you're into B-Movies. Killer Biker Chicks is not a biker movie despite it having motorcycles.


22 July, 2010 - Movie Review: Angel Unchained
Angel Unchained cover
Video clip
A 1970 biker movie, where for a change, the motorcycle riders are mostly the good guys.

Not one of your best biker movies, but it's not bad. Obviously highly improbable, that a 1%-er gang goes and helps a hippie community fight against the town, but there you go, that's Hollywood for you.


8 July, 2010 - Movie Review: The Cycle Savages
Cycle Savages Scene
Cycle Savages Cover
A review of the motorcycle movie "The Cycle Savages". Another feeble attempt by Hollywood to portray all bikers are bad people.

Thin plot, lack of acting, lots of inconsistencies .... yuck!


1 July, 2010 - Movie Review: The Mini-Skirt Mob
The Mini Skirt Mob Scene
Mini Skirt Mob Cover
A review of the biker movie "The Mini-Skirt Mob".

Strange movie, not a biker movie in the classic sense. Lots of motorcycles, but a "gang" ran by women, but not the hard core biker style, but mini skirt clad girls.


24 June, 2010 - Movie Review: Chrome and Hot Leather
Chrome and hot leather scene
Chrome and Hot Leather cover
A review of the DVD movie "Chrome & Hot Leather" starring the hard core movie biker William Smith.

It's a motorcycle revenge story, with a bad gang of bikers, and four green berets on their Kawasaki 2-strokers.


17 June, 2010 - Movie Review: Roadside Prophets
Roadside Prophets scene
Video clip
Cool and entertaining motorcycle movie from the 90's. It's a weird and surreal road movie, with lots of funny moments thanks to strange characters (played by a.o. David Carradine and John Cusack).

It's one of those movies that will entertain you and your family for 1 1/2 hour. Worth seeing it if you haven't seen it before.


10 June, 2010 - Movie Review: Northville Cemetery Massacre
Northville Cemetery Massacre Cover
Video clip
A good motorcycle movie, a real biker flick from the 70's.

Don't let the title fool you, it's not a horror movie, but a movie in which the motorcycle gang are the good guys, and the cops the bad guys.

Good plot, fun and lots of action, and of course lots of motorcycles.


3 June, 2010 - Movie Review: The Wild One
The Wild One Cover
The Wild One Scene
A classic, if not THE classic, motorcycle movie from Hollywood. They don't make'em like this anymore.

Here's a review of the classic biker movie, starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. Acting, plots and stunts... no special effects.


27 May, 2010 - Movie Review: The Jesus Trip
The Jesus Trip scene
Video clip
A review of the movie The Jesus Trip. Another cheap, trashy, biker exploitation movie from the 70's, with loud motorcycles, choppers & off road, no plot, very (and I mean very) bad picture quality, bad directing, no acting, only two names of people, no sex .... a real biker movie.


20 May, 2010 - DVD Review: The Hell On Wheels
2009 Hell On Wheels Cover
Video clip
A review of the DVD documentary "2009 The Hell on Wheels Moto Rally & Pin Up Beauty Pageant", distributed by ChopperTownNation.

Party, Music, Motorcycles, Girls... in other words, fun!


11 March, 2010 - Movie Review: Stone Cold
Stone Cold Cover
Video clip
A review of the movie "Stone Cold", featuring American Football star, Brian Bosworth in a decent movie.

The story-line is a bit old, but lots of motorcycles in this, good action, pretty girls and surprising scenes.

Just the way we like'em...


4 March, 2010 - Movie Review: Knightriders
Knightriders Cover
Knightriders scene
A review of the 1981 movie Knightriders, a real motorcycle movie, not this time centered around a 1%-er biker gang (though they are present), but about an entertainment group riding motorcycles, pretending to be knights.

It's quite a good movie, imaginative, and great acting by Ed Harris.


18 February, 2010 - Movie Review: Hell’s Belles
Hell's Belles Scene
A review of the 70's biker movie Hell's Belles.

A surprisingly good movie with lots of motorcycles riding off-road, good acting and a reasonably good plot.

But the title is misleading....


11 February, 2010 - Movie Review: The Wild Angels
Wild Angels Cover
Wild Angels Scene
A review of the movie "The Wild Angels" starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra.

A real 60's biker movie, featuring real Hells Angels on their Harley motorcycles.


4 February, 2010 - DVD Review: Two Wheel Terrors 2
Two Wheel Terrors 2 DVD Cover
Video clip
A review of the motorcycle documentary Two Wheel Terrors 2, a DVD full of choppers and cafe racers fooling around.

WARNING. Motorcycles were hurt during the filming of this documentary!


28 January, 2010 - Movie Review: Hell’s Angels ’69
Hell s Angels 69 DVD
Hell Angels 69 scene
A surprisingly good movie, with a nice, but thin, plot.

Major plus point of this movie is that it stars the real Hells Angels from Oakland including Sonny Barger himself as the leader.


21 January, 2010 - Movie Review: Hell’s Bloody Devils
Hell's Bloody Devils DVD Cover
Video clip
A review of the 1970 movie "Hell's Bloody Devils".

Despite the title, cover and trailer, it's not a biker flick, but a real movie, featuring a 1%-er motorcycle gang working for neo-Nazis.

Nice and entertaining movie.


14 January, 2010 - Movie Review: Run, Angel, Run
Run Angle Run cover
Video clip
A review of the biker movie "Run, Angel, Run!". A real B-Movie (B for Biker), featuring many motorcycles, topless women, tough men, and a paper thin script.

It was more about the motorcycles than acting, but the movie has its moments, even some funny ones.


7 January, 2010 - DVD Review: Let’s Riiide
LET'S RiiiDE DVD Cover
Here's the review of a DVD documentary called Let's Riiide. It's a great documentary about riding a motorcycle in California.

3.5 hours full of motorcycles, entertainment, motorcycles, humor, motorcycles, places to visit, motorcycles, places to eat, motorcycles, tracks, motorcycles, and a few motorcycles thrown in for good measure.

It's a great DVD if you're planning to go to California to ride a bike (they even tell you where to rent them), or just as a real documentary on what it is like riding a bike in SoCal.


15 December, 2009 - Movie Review: Stone
Stone cover
Video clip
Review of a very decent biker flick, Stone. It's Australian from 1974, with a lot of motorcycles, good characters, acting, and there's even a real plot.

The main biker gang has as only motorcycles, the Kawasaki 900. Kind of strange....

Good movie, worth it to have a look.


9 December, 2009 - Movie Review: The Last Riders
The Last Riders cover
The Last Riders scene
A review of the 1991 DVD "The Last Riders", starring Erik Estrada (from CHiPS fame).

Verdict: Cheesy movie, quickly written script (if there was one), lots of motorcycles and sexy girls.


8 December, 2009 - Movie Review: The Harbortown Bobber
The Harbortown Bobber cover
A review of One World Studio's motorcycle documentary, The Harbortown Bobber.

From the successful makes of Choppertown - The Sinners and Brittown, this documentary has a personal touch to it, since it involves a 2 year project by one of the studio's director, Scott. Transforming what is essentially a '69 Triumph frame into a full fledged bobber. Scoot goes to the guru and master of bike building, and gets his bobber built.

Very interesting documentary, specially for those that build, or want to build their own bike. It's a real step-by-step with loads of expert advise.


2 December, 2009 - Movie Review: The Loveless
The Loveless
Video clip
A review of the DVD movie "The Loveless" starring a very good William Dafoe.

It's not your typical biker/motorcycle flick with a bad script, nonexistent acting and bad filming. It's a real movie, but filmed in a Film Noir style, in other words, SLOOOOW and dark.

The story is pretty simple, a bunch of Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders are heading towards Daytona to see the races, stopping in a small hick town to repair one of the bikes. They get into all sorts of trouble.


27 November, 2009 - Movie Review: She-Devils On Wheels
Video clip
A review of the biker movie She-Devils on Wheels, a true B-slease motorcycle biker gang movie.

But this time the bad boys are girls! The Man-Eaters m/c is sooo bad, they even take away an ice-cream from a little girl, that's how bad they are!


20 November, 2009 - Movie Review: The Rebel Rousers
The Rebel Rousers DVD cover
Video clip
A review of the DVD movie "The Rebel Rousers", starring Jack Nicholson before he became famous.

It's probably one of the worst movies I've seen, so bad, that I actually enjoyed it. But, if not nonexistent, script, bad acting, useless sound, worse-then-TV-picture-quality, old crappy motorcycles, you name it... everything to make a perfect biker movie.


4 November, 2009 - Movie Review: Hell Ride
Video clip
A review of the motorcycle movie Hell Ride from Quentin Tarantino.

In short, it's Kill Bill on wheels, or Sons of Anarchy on steroids. Motorcycles, blood, sex, blood, drugs, blood, booze, blood, sex, riding, blood, violence, sex, and lots of blood.

Great movie though...


28 October, 2009 - Movie Review: Icy Riders
Video clip
A review of the DVD documentary Icy Riders. A look at an incredible bunch of riders, competing in the world championship ice speedway racing in Sweden and Russia.

It's a real tough and hard world they live in, with motorcycle riders who think summer is boring, and can't wait for the first snow to fall. Bikes who race with 2.5 inch steel studs in their tires, no brakes and a rock hard icy surface.

See what this world is like....


18 March, 2009 - DVD Review: Free To Wander
Free to Wander scene
A review of the DVD entitled "Free to Wander".

It's a documentary of a bunch of guys who have produced their own choppers, some beautiful, some not, and ride for the pleasure of riding.

The DVD's main audience are chopper lovers, who love to see choppers riding, or being made.

A nice rainy Sunday afternoon DVD.


20 January, 2009 - DVD Review: Hard Miles
DVD Hard Miles
Iron Butt motorcycle rally needs no introduction. Even a newbie knows what it is.

Here's a DVD documentary of the 2007 edition of this motorcycle extreme endurance rally, 11 days, 11,000 miles. Called "Hard Miles", the DVD documents the process and the efforts of riding a motorcycle in this rally.


2 September, 2008 - Review: Sons of Anarchy TV Series
Ron Perlman
A review of the new TV series that airs this September the 3rd in the USA called "Sons of Anarchy".

It's a very watchable TV series about a biker gang in the US. It's not meant for motorcycle diehards, it's for the general public. And in that, it's very good.

Drama and action.... centered around "criminals" that ride motorcycles. And no, don't compare it with the Sopranos, it's not that kind of series.


22 April, 2008 - DVD Review: Brittown
Brittown DVD cover
Here's a review of the documentary DVD "Brittown", from the makers of Choppertown.

Nice movie about a bunch of bikers who wrench and ride English motorcycles; Triumph and BSA.

Good music, lots of interesting rides (dirt track, flat track....).


7 September, 2007 - DVD Review: Choppahead Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machiines Vol.2
Choppahead Vol2 DVD cover
This DVD is a documentary about real chopper builders, not the fancy, OCC style, $60,000 choppers, but home built custom motorcycles, and then men that built them.

It's not a DVD for everyone. You need to love choppers, and you need to be able to sit through the at times "relaxed" filming style.


6 September, 2007 - DVD Review: Ghost Rider
Movie Article
Review of the DVD movie: Ghost Rider.

Nice enough movie, specially for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Lots of special effects, nice story line, and a role meant for Nicolas Cage.

But.... not a great movie. Expect to see sequels..


28 August, 2007 - DVD Review: Wild Hogs
Movie Article
This is a seriously funny movie! Wild Hogs has a lot of motorcycle action great comedy and beautiful riding sequences.

The movie is great to watch with the whole family. Everyone will get something out of it.


15 August, 2007 - DVD Review: Ducati: A Story Of Passion
Ducati DVD
Ducati logo
A review of ProItalia's DVD called "Ducati: A Story Of Passion". The DVD is very good, and explains well the passion of the Ducati owner (and even non-Ducati owners).

The spirit of a Ducatist can only be likened with that other mythical motorcycle manufacturer, Harley. I highly recommend it.


6 February, 2007 - 1,000 Movies With Motorcycles
This Site Article
We have reached 1,000 movies with motorcycles in them, in our "Motorcycles in the Movie" database at Many different kind of movies, from many different countries and many different kind of motorcycles. Now for the next 1,000.


17 December, 2006 - Girl On A Motorcycle Movie Online
Movie Article
The cult movie, Girl On A Motorcycle, is currently on-line at Video Google. It may not remain there, so if you want to see it, look at it now.


23 November, 2006 - DVD Review: Speed On Two Wheels
Speed on two wheels DVD
A review of the very good documentary, "Speed On Two Wheels".

A recommended DVD for any motorcycle passionate rider, whether you race or not.


6 September, 2006 - DVD Review: Choppertown - The Sinners
A review of the "Choppertown - The Sinners" DVD. Real life documentary, not only of some guys trying to build a real chopper (instead of one of those $100,000 static ones), but also a close insight of the Sinners motorcycle club.


27 June, 2006 - DVD Review: World’s Fastest Indian
US Amazon
UK Amazon
The DVD/Movie review of a MUST HAVE movie; World's Fastest Indian.

Powerful, well acted and incredible story !

A movie that will be enjoyed by all, not just motorcycle fans.


11 January, 2006 - Most Popular Motorcycles Movies
Statistics Article
The final statistics, this time from the Motorcycles in the Movies database, and the Celebrities that ride Motorcycles list. Top 5 movies and top 10 celebrities.


17 May, 2005 - DVD Review: Torque
Opinion Article
DVD Movie review of Torque


26 April, 2005 - DVD Review: Electra Glide In Blue
US Amazon
UK Amazon
DVD Movie review of Electra Glide In Blue


4 April, 2005 - DVD Review: Motorcycle Gang
DVD Movie review of the Motorcycle Gang.


23 March, 2005 - DVD Review: Born Losers
Move review of the Born Losers.


18 February, 2005 - DVD Review: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Movie Article
Review of the movie Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.


9 February, 2005 - DVD Review: Lone Hero
Lone Hero movie review.


3 February, 2005 - DVD Review: Beyond the Law
Movie Article
Movie Review: Beyond the law


21 January, 2005 - DVD Review - MotoGP Documentary: FASTER
Movie Article
A short review of the MotoGP documentary FASTER.



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