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31 August, 2015 - Tucano Urbano Apron/Leg Protector For Honda Forza 125 Scooter
Tucano Urbano Honda Forza 125 Termoscud Apron
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #Aprons #HondaForza125 - Aprons on scooters and motorcycles are a mater of fact in Europe, especially during the winter, but even in the summer. So it's no surprise to see Tucano Urbano released a special apron for the recent and very popular Honda Forza 125 scooter.


22 July, 2015 - Garmin Varia: Would This Be Something For Motorcycles?
Garmin Varia
Garmin logo
#Garmin #Safety - Garmin's new Varia unit is meant for bicycles. It's a rear facing radar that warns the cyclists and car/trucks/motorcycles that there's a bicycle in front of them. But would this be something of interest to motorcycle riders?


1 July, 2015 - Have A Gyroscopic Video Camera On Your Motorcycle Like A Pro
IrisTab Line R
#Iristab #GyroCam - MotoGP onboard videos are truly cool and spectacular. That is because they use expensive gyroscopic stabilized cameras. Now you too can do the same, but for far less. All you need is a video camera and the IRISTAB GyroCam system, and you are in business. Different camera models exist.


19 June, 2015 - AceBikes: Park Your Motorcycle In Your Garage/Trailer With Ease
AceBikes Steadystand
AceBikes logo
#AceBikes #Stands - Dutch company AceBikes have several interesting products to hold your motorcycle upright and steady, for your garage and your trailer, and they do not involve drilling it into place, since these stands can be moved around.


17 June, 2015 - Bering Catch - Motorcycle Backpack for Adventure Riders
Bering Catch
Bering logo
#Bering #Backpack #AdventureRiding - If you are looking for a daily commute backpack, move on. But adventure motorcycle riders could be interested in this Bering Catch backpack. Rain and sun proof, 55L, camelback, etc - all made for long distance motorcycle travel.


10 June, 2015 - Spidi: Armored Hoodie
Spidi Hoodie Armor
Spidi logo
#Spidi #ArmoredHoodies - Italian Spidi have increased their models in their already extensive motorcycle clothing range with an armored hoodie.

The hoodie is great for riding motorcycle when it's not hot enough for summer clothing and not too cold enough for winter gear. Or just for riding in the summer.


22 May, 2015 - Octo Rider 1: Pay-As-You-Ride Motorcycle Insurance
Octo Rider 1
Octo logo
#Octo #Telematics #Insurance - Octo Rider 1 is an electronics box that gets installed on your motorcycle or scooter, and allows the insurance company to charge you only on when you ride your bike. It also allows the insurance company to get your bike back if it gets stolen. Good deal? Or do you have privacy concerns?


16 April, 2015 - Mash Von Dutch 400 - Cool Retro Motorcycle
Mash von Dutch 400
Mash logo
#Mash-Motors #Retro #VonDutch - Mash, the Chinese/French motorcycle manufacturer, have released after their successful presentation at Eicma, the Mash Von Dutch 400 motorcycle. A nice retro looking motorcycle, which even includes a kickstarter.


30 March, 2015 - The New Mash Adventure Motorcycle - Not Bad
Mash 400 Adventure
Mash logo
Mash, a joint-venture between a French and a Chinese company, makes some very interesting retro motorcycles sold for modest sums. Mash have now extended their growing range with the 400 Adventure motorcycle. Sold cheap and looks interesting. But it'll not beat BMW, or KTM, or Kawasaki, or ... etc.


12 March, 2015 - Duplicate Your Motorcycle Keys Cheaply With KeyMe Kiosk
KeyMe Kiosk
USA flag
#KeyMe #KeyDuplication - An interesting service in the USA, which could be seen as positive or negative. Called KeyMe Kiosks, it's a service that allows you to put your motorcycle key in the kiosk, and get it duplicated cheaply. Good or bad?


4 March, 2015 - Govecs Coming With Retro Electric Scooter - Nice
Govecs Schwalbe
Govecs logo
Govecs, the German electric scooter manufacturer is a powerhouse is making and selling low displacement equivalent electric scooters. Nice, efficient but boring. Until now. Govecs are releasing a East German vintage scooter; the Schwalbe KR51. Sold mostly in the USSR, the company went bankrupt, but now lives on as the Govecs Schwalbe electric scooter. Nice.


23 February, 2015 - Optimate For Lithium Motorcycle Batteries
Optimate Lithium
Optimate logo
#Optimate #BatteryChargers #Lithium - Lithium motorcycle batteries have many advantages over lead-based ones, but they are fragile (and expensive), so you really need to take care of them. Optimate has many solutions for maintaining all sorts of motorcycle batteries, and now they have a full and automatic system for Lithium-Ion ones, the Optimate Lithium 0.8A.


18 February, 2015 - Spidi: New Motorcycle Adventure Touring Jacket - X Tour H2Out
Spidi X Tour H2Out
Spidi logo
Spidi's new adventure/touring jacket, the X Tour H2Out jacket looks like a winner, even facing strong competition from BMW and KTM adventure jackets.


5 February, 2015 - New Gorilla Alarm - Small, Powerful and Communicative
Gorilla Alarm Series 9
Gorilla Alarms logo
#Gorilla #Alarms - Gorilla Alarms, an institution for motorcycle protection, has released a new alarm that is smaller, more powerful (120 db siren) and can communicate with you. The Series 9.


28 January, 2015 - Maggi Finally Coming With Communicating Motorcycle U-lock
Maggi i Close motorcycle lock
Maggi Group logo
#MaggiGroup #i-Close #SmartLock - Maggi is finally coming out with their SMS equipped motorcycle u-locks, a lock that will text you with its position when someone is attempting to steal your bike. But was it worth the wait?


26 January, 2015 - Wear Your Leatherman Around Your Wrist - Tread
Leatherman Thread
Leatherman logo
Leatherman multi-tools are great, but lugging one on your belt can be cumbersome. So they invented something even better, the Tread. The Leatherman Tread is a 25-in-1 multi-tool in the shape of a bracelet. There is even a 26th tool available; a Swiss-made time piece. How cool on your motorcycle?


1 December, 2014 - Keep Your Feet Warm With Your Smartphone When Riding Motorcycle
France flag
#Digisole #WarmHappyFeet - Here is a great product for those cold winter months. Insoles from Digisole that you can control via your Smartphone. Set each foot's temperature individually, and track how much you walk and how many calories you burn. Great for riding motorcycle in the cold.


26 November, 2014 - Extend Your Motorcycle’s Sidestand With Givi
Givi Sidestand Extension
Givi logo
#Givi #Sidestand - Givi have a nice solution for many motorcycles to prevent the bikes from sinking in soft grass or mud. It's not a coaster but gets fixed to the bike.


7 November, 2014 - For Ladies Only: Armored Leggings from GoGoGear
GoGoGear Kevlar Leggings
#GoGoGear #KevlarLeggings - Hip outfit GoGoGear, the outfit that brought you the armored hoodie, are coming out with a new product meant for women: Kevlar leggings with knee protectors.


23 October, 2014 - Bagster: Split Personality Motorcycle/Scooter Apron
Bagster Win'Zip
Bagster logo
Bagster released a new apron for scooters and motorcycles that can be used in summer and winter, since it has a zip divided the summer half from the winter one.


2 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans - Insects?
Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans
Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans
#Trilobite #Intermot #Jeans - Here is a manufacturer of really good looking motorcycle jeans from the Czech Republic. They have several designer models, all of them made for motorcycle riding, and many are rain proof. Interesting name... an extinct insect.


1 October, 2014 - Sports Motorcycle And Want To Bring A Lot Of Gear? SW-Motech Cargobag
SW Motech Cargobag
SW-Motech logo
#Tailbags #Sportsmotorcycles - Carrying a lot of gear on your sportsmotorcycle defeats the purpose of having a sportsbike, but sometimes it just can't be helped. Here is a good solution, 50 liters sitting on the tail of your sportsbike.


1 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: iWashMyBike - Automatic Motorcycle Wash
Intermot 2014 IWashMyBike
Intermot 2014 IWashMyBike
#Intermot #AutomaticWashing - Don't you hate having to wash your motorcycle or scooter? I Do! Here is a machine that will totally and fully wash your bike in 8 - 10 minutes, including waxing. Tell your garage/dealer about it.


25 September, 2014 - Extended Your Motorcycle Windshield With A Givi Shield
Givi S180T Shield
Givi logo
#Givi #Windshield - Tired of having your head stick above your motorcycle's windshield and keep getting banged by turbulent air? Here is a simple solution to deflect the air from your windshield. By Givi.


11 September, 2014 - The One Place On Your Body That Is Never Well Protected
Del Rosario Articulated Hand Armor
Del Rosario Articulated Hand Armor
#Del-Rosario #Gloves #ATGATT - If you think your gloves will protect you from a motorcycle accident, think again. Just think what happens to your hand in case of a crash. Today's motorcycle gloves are anything but useful apart from in minor crashes. But one man is trying to change this; John Del Rosario. have a look at this upcoming product.


8 September, 2014 - Don’t Like The Color Of Your Motorcycle Helmet Anymore?
Mask Helmet
Mask Helmet logo
#HelmetMask #Helmets #Cool - Don't like the color or design of your motorcycle helmet anymore, but don't want to spend a fortune on a new helmet? The Helmet Mask comes to the rescue. For some €20 you can change the look of your helmet within 3 minutes to something more 'interesting'. Now you can change your helmet look every day.


27 August, 2014 - An Ultralight Trailer For Behind Motorcycles
Go Easy motorcycle trailer
Go Easy motorcycle trailer
#Trailering #Camping - Towing a trailer behind your motorcycle is a possibility, but only for a few powerful motorcycles. But it doesn't need to be with this very, very, light trailer. Only weighing 125 kgs, almost any motorcycle or scooter can tow it. From SylvanSport, it's called the Go-Easy.


21 August, 2014 - Ride Your Motorcycle Wearing A Panama Hat - Cool
Tucano Urbano Panama
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #Liner #Helmets - Tucano Urbano has some radically rad gear for motorcycle riders, and this one is no different. It's called Panama, like the famous hat, and it gives your head more air in your helmet, keeping it cool and without sweat, and prevents static electricity from messing up your hairdo.


7 August, 2014 - Spidi: Plenair Meshed Summer Jacket With Protection
Spidi Pleinair
Spidi logo
#Spidi #HotWeatherRiding - Just because it's hot does not mean that you should shed your protective gear when riding your motorcycle. It just means you got to adapt your clothing. Hot weather means that traditional biker gear, like leathers, become very hot inside, and that is not a good thing. Spidi have a nice meshed motorcycle jacket with good protection.


5 August, 2014 - Michelin Cleans Your Motorcycle, Thoroughly
Michelin Moto
Michelin logo
#Michelin #Cleaning - After WD-40 announced a series of motorcycle cleaning products, it's now the turn of French tire manufacturing giant Michelin. Michelin now has a series of interesting cleaning products.


1 August, 2014 - Bagster Starlight - Backpack With Integrated LED Stop Lights
Bagster Starlight
Bagster logo
#Bagster #Stoplight #Backpack - French Bagster have released their Starlight motorcycle backpack, with integrated LED Stop lights in the back of the backpack. Safety rules.


30 July, 2014 - Idea: Safer Navigation Instructions On A Motorcycle
Lechal Bluetooth Shoes
Lechal Bluetooth Shoes
#Lechal #Navigation #GPS - Indian company Lechal has come up with a novel idea to give you navigational instructions on your motorcycle; not by a screen, not by voice - by your feet!


23 July, 2014 - CapIt For Helmet Drying
CapIt Dry Helmet
CapIt logo
#CapIt #DryHelmets - Italian Capit, known for its race motorcycle tire warmers (MotoGP, SBK, etc) are now selling their helmet dryer, using warm or cool air to dry your helmet.


16 July, 2014 - Michelin Enters Light & Power Products With Big Range - Wrenches Cheer
Michelin Lights
Michelin logo
#Michelin #Garage #Lights - Michelin, well known for their tires and guidebooks, have entered into a new product range: power and lights. Their aim is to provide power and light to people working on their motorcycles (or cars) in a garage, be it professionals or be it private individuals.


23 June, 2014 - Givi: Carry Your House On Your Back While Riding Motorcycle + Blacklisting
Givi XS317
Givi logo
#Givi #Backpack - Italian accessory make, Givi, have got a whopper of a rucksack. Called the XS317 the backpack can store up to 30 liters of stuff. 30 liters? Many topcases don't even have that capacity.

But they are also stupid. They are blocking the access to their USA site if your computer is from Europe. Pathetic way of trying to control pricing information.


23 June, 2014 - Keep Your Head Cool With Tucano Urbano In Hot Weather
Tucano Urbano Frescura
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #CoolingDown - Keep your head cool while riding in motorcycle in hot weather is important. Tucano Urbano have a cheap way of doing this.


19 June, 2014 - Forma Santos Riding Boots - Cool Motorcycle Boots
Forma Santos Boots
Forma logo
#Forma #Boots - Riding motorcycle with full riding boots can be a pain when socializing or other activities than riding. Therefore half size boots that look like normal boots but still protect you can be pretty cool, just look at these Italian Forma Santos boots.


8 May, 2014 - Givi’s New Highly Reflective Motorcycle Luggage
Givi WP405 and WP406
Givi logo
#Givi #Baggage #Safety - Givi have a new series of motorcycle luggage, side, tank and roller bags that are not only waterproof but also highly reflective and visible, even during the day.


3 April, 2014 - Ventilate Your Biker Clothing while Riding In The Heat With Ventz
#Ventz #Heat #Summer - Riding your motorcycle in the summer heat brings some cooling down issues. But not with the British Ventz - simple and efficient product to cool you down.

Great idea.


2 April, 2014 - Never Enough Storage Space on your Motorcycle - MotoPockets
MotoPocket topcase
MotoPocket handlebar
#MotoPocket #Storage - Storing things on your motorcycle is not easy, and finding small stuff can be impossible.

But not if you use MotoPockets. Easy access and storage anywhere on your bike.


19 February, 2014 - Smell That Vespa
Coty Vespa
Vespa logo
#Vespa #Perfumes - Vespa announced that together with Coty, a specialist company, they will be making a perfume.

Out next May, it will not smell of gasoline or smoke.


24 January, 2014 - Hit-Air New Airbag Motorcycle Jacket: EU5
Hit Air EU5
Hit-Air logo
#Hit-Air #Airbag - Hit-Air, manufacturer of Airbag Jackets for motorcycles, has released a good looking airbag jacket that has not to envy other jackets, apart from the price.


22 January, 2014 - Time To Rethink The Motorcycle Throttle - Inoveli
Inoveli Throttle system
Inoveli logo
#Inoveli #Throttle #Innovation - The throttle has been on our motorcycle (ATV, snowmobile or jetski) ever since Fred Flintstone. Isn't it time to rethink the system? Inoveli did, and they did it with a lot of success.


20 January, 2014 - Michelin Introduces A New and Safer Long-Lasting Tire
Michelin Premier AS Cross Section Info
Michelin logo
#Michelin #Premiere #Tires - Michelin introduced a new tire that is safer, and lasts much, much, longer.


9 January, 2014 - You Know Those Snow Globe Thingies? Well, Now You Can Have A Live Size One
#Protection #CarCapsule - A bubble to protect your vintage motorcycle. Continuous dry air blown in keeps your bike safe & sound.

Plus it has another use that's more fun....


9 December, 2013 - Top Trailer - Self Inclining Motorcycle Trailer
Top Trailer
Top Trailer
#Trailers - I found this interesting French motorcycle trailer manufacturer at the Paris exhibition, but lost all their photos, so I'm using their web photos. It's an inclining trailer, interesting and handy.


28 November, 2013 - Security: Maggi’s I-Close - GSM/SMS Enabled Lock
Maggi i close
Italy flag
#Maggi #i-Close #Locks - Italian Maggi is about ready to release their GSM SMS/Text message enabled lock for motorcycles and scooters. Be the first to read that your bike is being stolen.


18 November, 2013 - Use Your Touchscreen On Your Motorcycle With Any Gloves
Aerostich logo
#Gloves #Aerostich #ThumbDogs - For $14 you can buy two ThumbDogs, fingertips you slide over your normal gloves that allow you to operate your touchscreen device on your motorcycle.


30 October, 2013 - Giant Loop: Securing Your Stuff On Your Motorcycle
Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps
Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps
#GiantLoop #Straps - Giant Loop introduced some new straps to secure your stuff to your motorcycle; Pronghorn Straps. Color coded, extra tough straps.


29 October, 2013 - Boblbee: Backpack For Motorcycle Riding Photographers
Boblbee M180 Vortex
Boblbee M180 Vortex
#Boblbee #PhotoBackPack - Swedish Boblebee is a great backpack for motorcycle riding photographers. It includes a certified dorsal protector.


28 October, 2013 - Ruby Celebrates BMW 90 Years In Their Own Helmet Style
Ruby Munich 90 Collection
Ruby logo
#AtelierRuby #Helmets #BMW - Atelier Ruby are celebrating BMW's 90 years in the motorcycle business with some beautiful and stylish helmets of their own. They would look perfect on the new BMW NineT.


22 October, 2013 - France: Have Your Motorcycle Washed Wherever In Paris - Nifty
Bike Washer
France flag
#TheBikeWasher #Washing #Motorcycles - Cleaning your motorcycle is a pain. A new service in Paris makes it easy. The Bike Washer will come wherever you are and clean your bike for you. Using an App for your smartphone, it geolocalizes it, you pay for it and you rate the cleaning.

Having your motorcycle or scooter cleaned has never been easier...........

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16 October, 2013 - Skully: New Augmented Realty Motorcycle Helmet
Skully Helmets P 1
Skully Helmets P 1
#Skully #HUD #Helmet - Skully is the latest company to come out with a full Heads Up Display for motorcycle helmets. With a rear mounted 180° camera, voice recognition and Bluetooth, is this the future helmet?..........

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15 October, 2013 - Winter: Keep Your Feet Dry and Warm On Your Motorcycle
Lenz Heat Sock
Lenz Heat Sock
#HeatedSocks #WinterRiding - Keeping your feet warm while riding your motorcycle in the winter is a good idea. Here is a product that does it nicely...........

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14 October, 2013 - Another Way Of Having Customized Tires - Tire Penz
Tire Penz
Tire Penz
#Tires #Customization #TirePenz - You know those colored tires you can buy nowadays? Buy tires that match the color of your motorcycle, nice but so last century. Now you can customize your motorcycle's tires easily by yourself, and for far less money. If you want to stand out in a crowd, have we found the solution for you...........

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11 September, 2013 - New Air-Bag Vest: AllShot AIRV1
Allshot AirV1
Allshot AirV1
#Airbag #Vests #Safety - Air-bag vests are quickly becoming more and more popular. With the safety proven during the many crashes you can see in MotoGP races, it is obvious that built-in air-bag systems can save lives, or at the very least, prevent serious injuries. French company AllShot have been a distributor of the Hit-Air air-bag vest system since the beginning, but now they have decided that the market has become big enough for them to make their own product. They have just launched the AIRV1 air-bag vest...........

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16 July, 2013 - Extend The Range Of Your Electric Motorcycle By Far
EP Tender
France flag
#Electric #EV #Tender - If you think about it, this is stupid, even FUBAR. People who buy electric motorcycles (or cars) do it to save money on fuel or/and because of ecological convictions (lack of CO2, noise, etc). Some, possibly myself included, because of interesting performances.

But this product goes against any of the above ideas. EP Tender got launched a few days ago in France, and it is a trailer equipped with a small 600cc engine (coming from the Tata Nano car) and a 35 liter fuel tank. The EP Tender "talks" to your electric car (and maybe with some adaptations to your electric motorcycle) and when the batteries start running on empty, kicks-in the 600cc engine to recharge your batteries while you keep driving...........

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21 June, 2013 - Nigeria Rolls Out 1st Motorcycle - Wants Import Ban On All Others
Nigerian Motorcycle
Nigeria flag
#Nigeria #Scooter #Motorcycles - Nigeria has rolled out their very first motorcycle. Developed by National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), the 80cc scooter uses 85% of locally sourced components and resources.

Apparently, you can't see it on the only photo available, is that this scooter is a trike. IMHO, it looks like a Honda Cub.

Now, the Vice Chairman of NASINE, Dr. Muhammad Sani Haruna, is calling upon the Nigerian government to ban the importation of all motorcycles and scooters so that the national scooter manufacturing industry can be "protected"...........

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20 June, 2013 - D3O Aero: The Next Evolution In Motorcycle Armor
D3O Smart Skin
d3o logo
#D3O #Armor #Protection - I have since the beginning been an ardent fan of the D30 material. I even have a jar of the product here to play with. D30 is an orange soft putty-like material that you can very easily shape with your fingers. But when you subject the product to a sudden and strong impact, like hitting it with a hammer, it immediately becomes as hard as a rock.

In other words, it's an ideal product for motorcycle clothing. Since it's flexible, you can put it in places that move, like elbows, knees and fingers, and in the case of a crash, it will become solid as a rock and protect your limbs.

Many top-of-the-line motorcycle clothing manufacturers have since then adopted this magic material. Names like Icon, Acerbis, Triumph, KTM and Klim are just a few of the names that now have D3O material integrated into their products (I even have an iPhone protector case made out of D3O).

But there are two "disadvantages" to the product: 1) price and 2) volume. On the price, the only thing that will help is sell more products. On the volume thing, the D30 is not thicker than most other safety products, like Kevlar, but still thick enough to feel it's there.

But now D30 have announced their D30 Aero range, and part of the offering is the D30 Smart Skin product. The D3O Aero is very lightweight, made for those applications where weight is a big factor. The Smart Skin product is an easy way of integrating the D30 material into garments...........

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29 May, 2013 - Macna: Keep Your Head Cool, But Your Body Cooler On A Motorcycle
Macna Dry Cooling Vest
Macna logo
#Macna #Cool #Motorcycle - I'm writing this while the temperature is at its lowest it has ever been, and to think in a week or two it's summer. Going out early in the morning I can see my breath and there's frost on the grass. So why I even think about writing an article about cooling vests is beyond me, but there you go....

Macna, the Dutch manufacturer of motorcycle clothing, launched a cooling vest for those rare days that the sun is out and the temperatures are above single digits. According to Macna, they did not copy the HyperKewl technology used by BMW and Rev'It, since they saw that technology as too limited. Instead they redesigned the technology to be usable for people who ride motorcycles in hot climates and they do it by not making the outside of the vest wet (HyperKewl technology recommends not to use their technology on cotton undershirts, since the vest gets damp).

You pour 1/2 liter of water into the Mecna Dry Cooling Vest, and the vest then uses the natural body heat from your body and some special crystals inside the vest to lower the temperature 10 to 15 °C. Which means if you're riding in the desert and your body reaches 40°C, it'll cool it down to 25°C, a much more comfortable temperature...........

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17 May, 2013 - App: Help Others On Motorcycles Be Safe - Great Software
MotoSmarty Assign
MotoSmarty Direction
#iPhone #App #Dangers - We told you some 2 weeks ago about a French initiative to use crowd-sourcing to highlight road infrastructure problems. The initiative was not bad, but quite limited since it requires to you to remember where the danger spots where during a ride and then fill them in on the web later. However a much better method has been launched in Belgium for its surrounding countries (so not limited to one country) using smartphones. The approach is quite interesting, innovative and biker safe. Maybe you can lobby the developer to release the app for the rest of the world since everyone can benefit from this app.

The app is called Moto Smarty and currently works on iPhones with an Android version in test (they are looking for testers). It's the way they allow you to share your experience in bad or dangerous roads that makes this application so interesting.

Basically Moto Smarty records all hazards; potholes, manholes, fissures, slippery surfaces, bumps, dangerous curves, etc... they even warn you of speed bumps. The danger points are pointed out by other motorcycle riders (even car drivers) traveling those same roads and encountering the problem areas.

But here's where it gets interesting...........

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25 April, 2013 - Anti-Theft: Maggi Active Locks With Alarm
Maggi FortKnox Active Square
Maggi FortKnox Active Blade
#Alarm #Theft #Motorcycle - Nowadays putting a simple lock on your motorcycle or scooter is not enough. Thieves have gotten wise to padlocks, chains and disc locks and can open them in seconds. Just locking your bike by using the steering wheel lock is stupid... a child can open that, just have a look at the video:

Today, you need to have extremely strong locks that take a long time to saw open, and you need something that will dissuade thieves from forcing open the lock, and that something is a screaming siren alarm.

Italian Maggi Group are currently supplying two different locks with alarms. Both locks have a movement sensor and a 100 dB siren. Maybe 100 dB is not the loudest you can hear, but can you imagine sitting next to a lock trying to saw it open while there is a 100 db siren blaring out into your ears? It's not going to be easy.............

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13 March, 2013 - Prescription Sunglasses For Motorcycle Riders From Different Brands
Oakley Monster Dog
USA flag
Wearing prescription glasses puts me at a disadvantage when riding motorcycle during the day. It's very difficult, at times impossible, to get prescription sunglasses that work well while riding a motorcycle.

The stronger your prescription, the more difficult it is to get sunglasses. Of course you can get plain sunglasses with a prescription, but they don't work well on a bike. First of all the frame is usually too big to fit properly under your helmet, and they don't wrap around your eyes, so wind will make your cry like a newborn baby.

ADS make lenses for popular sunglasses (and normal glasses) that make it possible to wear just about any sunglass while still having prescribed glasses...........

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7 February, 2013 - Rhino Tires - Never Have A Flat Tire Again
If the Fundable web site is to be believed, putting Rhino Tire inside your motorcycle tire will prev

ent it from going flat, even if you ride over several nails at the same time. Rhino Tire is a polymer byproduct that gets sprayed inside your tire. The spray was tested on one of the cars in the Gumball 2012 rally, and according to the site, the results were outstanding. According to Rhino Tire, because the inside of the tire is lined with their product, it can withstand holes up to a quarter of an inch wide...........

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17 January, 2013 - Luggage: A Perfect Adventurer Saddle Bag
ViaTerra Claw
India flag
Motorcycle adventure riding, and I don't mean riding to a Starbucks in the next town, requires bringing quite a lot of stuff with you. Sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, clothing, espresso machine, etc, all of it needs to be stored on your motorcycle for your trip. And as we know, there's never enough room on your bike. One way is to place panniers alongside your motorcycle. Another way is to use the ViaTerra Claw Saddle / Tail bag.

ViaTerra is an Indian outfit who produces some interesting luggage sets (just look at their tool bag). The Claw is a reversed U-shape luggage that either is placed on your pillion's saddle (i.e. no passenger), or if you really need to take your pillion with you, you can place it on the tail end of your bike...........

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10 January, 2013 - Keep Warm With KTM
KTM Down jacket
KTM logo
As we know by now, KTM don't only make great motorcycles. They have lots of great merchandising gear, ranging form very useful to very fun. Something for everyone.

Now, the Austrian manufacturer have released a down jacket for those who are in the winter and want to keep warm, while still being part of the KTM family.

You can get the super warm jacket in KTM orange, or in black with an orange line. Made out of 90% duck down and 10% duck feathers, three outside pockets and 1 inside pocket..........

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23 November, 2012 - Clover’s New Airbag Motorcycle Jacket
Clover Crossover Airbag
Clover logo
Italian motorcycle clothing company Clover have released an all-purpose all-season motorcycle jacket with an incorporated airbag. Called Crossover Airbag, the new jacket is made out of Duratek 7 and it's rain proof. To further protect you from water, inside there's a waterproof membrane.

The airbag in the Clover Crossover jacket can be optional, i.e., you can order it without an airbag. The airbag deploys in 0.08 seconds which is very fast, and it's fully integrated inside the jacket itself. According to the commercial blurb from Clover, it's the first true 3 layer jacket with a homologated airbag...........

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21 November, 2012 - Bagster: iPad Friendly Tankbag
Bagster Driver
Bagster logo
It was bound to happen with more and more folks buying tablets and wanting to use them while riding their motorcycles. A tablet, like the popular Apple iPad, when equipped with GSM you automatically get a great navigation device, since you have an onboard GPS. Instead of having a small screen telling you where to go, you now have a big screen.

But you can't really put a tablet device on your motorcycle's handlebar, it'll take up too much room. French based Bagster have a solution. A tankbag called RIDER has a tablet friendly flap on the top where you can store your iPad or Android based tablet. The 15 liter, extensible to 24 liters, tankbag is your choice if you want to carry and use your tablet while riding...........

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7 November, 2012 - GoGo Gear Armored Kevlar Hoodie - The Video
Video clip
GoGo Gear logo
Some time ago we showed you a cool product, the armored Kevlar hoodie from GoGo Gear. As motorcycle clothing goes, it's pretty neat, since it offers protection (maybe not as much as a leather jacket, but with armor and Kevlar, it's better than normal street clothing), warmth and it looks cool.

The photos from the GoGo Gear site were good, but it doesn't really offer a good view on this nifty piece of clothing. So here's a video of Arlene Battishill, the creator of GoGo gear, showing the Kevlar hoodie.


10 October, 2012 - The Ideal Baseball Hat For Motorcycle Riders
GautShark Baseball Hat
GautShark Baseball Hat
Sometime ago I stumbled upon this product at a public event in France, and liked the idea. The product, called GautShark is in fact nothing other than a baseball cap/hat for bikers. Why would motorcycle riders need a special hat?

For one, caps can't be used while riding. They'll not fit under a helmet, so you need to stow them away while riding. You can put them in a topcase, tankbag or in a pocket, but one thing is sure, - they crumble.

Another thing with baseball hats is that when there's sun, they become hot, and therefore your head will start sweating like a pig.

The GautShark hat is made of resistant and thick leather, but the hat opens in slices. What this means is that a) you can easily flatten the hat without causing it any harm (so easier to transport), and b) it lets a lot of air through when you've got them on, so no sweating. Also, they are original..............

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8 October, 2012 - Smelly Motorcycle Boots? Try This!
Sidas DryWarmer
Those of you who have been in the saddle for hours, know this problem. When you take off those motorcycle boots, you and everyone around you will know they're off. The smell can easily compete with the best of the smelliest cheese made anywhere in the world. And if you need to take your motorcycle out again the next day, and you need to put on those boots.... OMG. If you get stopped, the cops might think you were transporting a ripe dead body.

Here's a product made for ski boots. Ski boots, like motorcycle boots, are sturdy and usually calf-length. They hold out the water and cold air, which results in your feet staying nice and dry. So nice and dry that they'll start sweating. The sweat become bacteria, and that smells, and makes the inside of the boots humid.

Using the Sidas Drywarmer could eliminate this after a long ride. Insert one in each boot, and the strong UV light kills any bacteria and heats up the boots, drying them out.....

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26 September, 2012 - Apps: Smartphone Helps You Avoid Red Lights
MIT SignalGuru
MIT SignalGuru
I knew there was some very usefulness for smartphones, somewhere. Yes, phoning is nice, but so 1990's, texting is nice, but so 2000's, navigation is nice, but so 2010. No, what's really cool is when your smartphone app tell you how fast you should go to catch the next light green. And it's something that's going to happen shortly.

The geeks at MIT have designed a smartphone app that does exactly that. Using the front camera of your phone (if your phone doesn't have one, stop reading now and go back to your Tandy TRS-80), the software detects when traffic lights change color (red, orange, green), and using complicated formulas (which only MIT folks can understand), it will tell you at what speed you need to be travelling on your motorcycle to reach the light while it's green. So no more stopping for red lights (and no more drag races).

But it's not just a formula, since that wouldn't be possible.......

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25 September, 2012 - Goodyear: Shortly Never Need To Inflate Your Tires Again
Goodyear amt tire
Goodyear logo
Good news for lazy people like me. Checking for your tire pressure is a thing that you must do on a very regular basis. Under or over tire pressure not only can cost you more petrol, but is very unsafe. But it's a hassle to check the tire pressure. Knowing myself and my laziness, I've even installed a wireless tire pressure system on my BMW, but I haven't been able to do it on the Ducati. And I usually don't check it.... bad boy!

Well, for people like me, Goodyear is coming with a solution that is heaven sent. It's a totally self-contained self-inflating tire technology called Goodyear's Air Maintenance Technology (AMT). This very smart system sits inside the tire, and is not connected in any shape to the vehicle, so no pumps, hoses or wires.

Inside the tire is a regulator system that checks the tire pressure......

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18 September, 2012 - App: First Aid By The Red Cross
British red Cross First Aid App
British red Cross First Aid App
Medical problems happen quicker than what you'd expect. Before you know it something can go wrong with anyone, and I don't mean just accidents. Many of us travel miles on our motorcycles, often with several riding buddies. Anything can go wrong, anything..

But what do you need to do when something goes wrong with one of us? One obvious problem is a crash, but apart from crashes, what do you need to do when one of your group or family has an asthma attack? Or a seizure ? Or has a diabetic emergency? Or gets burned ...broken bone... the list is very long.

If someone in your group is a doctor, you're in luck, but if no one has any medical knowledge, this FREE app can save someone's life, maybe yours. The application was made for the British Red Cross, and runs on iPhone, Android and Blackberry........

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17 September, 2012 - Armored Hoodies - Perfect For ATGATT
Armored Kevlar Hoodie
USA flag
For those of you, like me, who believe in ATGATT, this is a great product. The Armored Kevlar hoodie from GoGo Gear. You don't always want to ride your motorcycle with a full fledged jacket. In spring, or even fall, the weather can be nice and warm, but not warm enough to ride with a mesh jacket, and not cold enough to put on a jacket.

A hoodie that is made out of Kevlar, and has removable armor at the elbows, shoulders and back seems to me as heaven sent. The hoodie itself is made out of heavy duty cotton, while the lining in the back and in the sleeve-back is made out of Kevlar. Meaning you can protect yourself decently against road rash. The added armor will prevent bruising or worse......


16 April, 2012 - Foldable Motorcycle Trailer, Custom Made
Tyligo Trailer
Tyligo Trailer
Motorcycle #trailers can be very handy when your bike breaks down and needs to be hauled to the shop. But trailers take up a lot of space in your garage.

British made Tyligo has a solution for you. Their trailers, custom made - including the color, is foldable, taking up a minimum of space in your garage.

Very handy, and can be bought with an electric winch...

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21 March, 2012 - Ward Off Motorcycle Jackers With A Female Scream
Screaming Alarm
Video clip
Motorcycle jacking is something that is common all over the world. People pull you off your precious motorcycle and ride off with the bike. Not much you can do about it, but this little product might help you. The product is not meant for motorcycles, but with a little re-thinking, it could work for us.

It's a Personal Screaming Alarm, and it's a chain chain. You attach the key chain to your ignition key, the other end to your jacket (or elsewhere), and when you are pulled off you motorcycle, it pulls a pin, and the alarm starts screaming at 130 dB. The interesting thing is that it's not a typical alarm/siren sound, but the voice of a female screaming. 130 dB is very loud, and the thief will be not to comfortable with a sound that will drown out even the biggest and loudest motorcycle.

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16 March, 2012 - Bifocal Sunglasses For Motorcycles
Dual Eyewear Sunglass Bifocals
While old age creeps up on us, many still have a great long distance vision, but require reading glasses to see what's on the food plate (or read a book). Which means that you have problems reading the dials on your motorcycle's dashboard.

Many of us just put on sunglasses and guess what's on the dashboard or GPS.

But Dual Eyewear have got a great solution for you, that not only allows you to see close up with sunglasses, but also make you look cool.

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8 March, 2012 - Bridgestone New Pattern Printed Tires - Useful?
Bridgestone Pattern Tires
Bridgestone logo
Bridgestone has announced a new technology that allows them to print any color, any pattern on the side of your tires. You can now totally decorate and change your tires on your motorcycles.

It means you can put art, photos and ... gasp.... advertisement on your tires.


29 February, 2012 - New Motorcycle Octane Boost Product
Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost
Amsoil logo
Amsoil have released today a new motorcycle octane boost product. By mixing 1.3 fluid ounces per gallon of their liquid, you increase your motorcycle's octane by 3 notches.

Increasing octane can help increase the power and efficiency of your engine, cleaning the combustion chamber of deposit, thereby ensuring a better startup of your engine. It can also reduce or eliminate engine pinging, and as a blessing, provide more power at low revs.

The fuel additive is made for 4-stroke, air or liquid cooled engines, and its use if legal.


3 January, 2012 - Incredibly Loud Horn Coming: Banshee Horn
Video clip
We all know that the horn on our motorcycle sucks. It sound like a duck with a severe cold. But replacing it with a high decibel horn can be problematic when you just require someone's attention. You don't want it to sound like the heaven is coming down on them.

The Banshee Horn might just be the solution. Small tap on the horn button, and you get your normal horn sound. A stronger push, and 135 dB of sound will hit around you. Plus, the high beam will start flashing.

Have a look at the video demonstration..


11 October, 2011 - Michelin Introduced 3 New Motorcycle Track Tires
Micheling New Track Tires 2012
Michelin logo
Michelin have introduced three new motorcycle tires to be used on the race tracks;

- Michelin Power Cup
- Michelin Power Slick
- Michelin Power Rain


9 August, 2011 - New Old Motorcycle Manufacturer, Or An Old New One?
Hero MotoCorp logo
A new company was launched after Honda pulled out of Hero Honda in India.

Now called Hero MotoCorp (not exactly a creative name, but it builds on name recognition), the company starts life as an elephant, with a projected sales of $10 BILLION in the next 5 years, and 12 million motorcycles to be manufactured per year.


4 July, 2011 - Borile To Introduce New Scrambler Motorcycle
Borile B540Scrrambler
Borile logo
Borile, a small Italian motorcycle manufacturer, making many handmade classic looking motorcycles, will be introducing at this year's EICMA show their new B450Scrambler.

If you don't know Borile, have a look at their cute Multiuso motorcycles...


30 June, 2011 - Airhawk Redesign Their Motorcycle Seat To Fit Your Prostate
Airhawk R seat
Airhawk logo
Airhawk, the manufacturer of the popular air cushion seat covers for motorcycles, have released a new model that hopefully makes it even easier for guys to ride for longer times on their motorcycles.

The Airhawk-R addresses special prostate issues, and other "rear end" problems.


24 June, 2011 - Givi: The Ideal Motorcycle Tank Bag?
Givi TPH02 Mount
Givi logo
Givi have got an interesting tank bag system, called the 3D Tank Lock for your motorcycle.

Instead of using straps or magnets, they adapt your fuel filler ring, replacing it with one of their own, allowing you to snap your Givi tank bag onto the fuel tank within a second. Removing it is also as fast.


23 June, 2011 - Rocking Motorcycle Jeans - Rokker
Rokker Revolution
Rokker Polly
Swiss company Rokker makes some very interesting motorcycle jeans. Using some high-tech material, the jeans regulate temperature, i.e., if it's cold and rainy, it closes, and when it's hot, it opens.

Their top of the line jeans, Revolution, offer the liquid armor d3o protection we wrote about along time ago.

Though the jeans looks perfect, the only downside is the price....


12 May, 2011 - Android: Check The Motorcycle Riding Weather
Android Motorcycle Weather
Riding a motorcycle when the weather is bad, can be risky....

Here's a free Android-based mobile phone app that will tell you if it's a good idea to go and ride your motorcycle.


4 May, 2011 - Myth: Bird Shit Damages Motorcycle Paint Due To Acid
Bird Shit on Motorcycle
Contrary to popular believe, it's not the acid in bird shit that causes the corrosion of your motorcycle's paint.... it's the cooling down of the paint at night, molding itself on the bird poop.

This according to the UK's premium vehicle care products manufacturer, AutoGlym, who of course have got a perfect product for you... bird wipes (not to wipe a bird's bottom...).


21 April, 2011 - SafeTkick - Making Sure Your Motorcycle Does Not Fall When Parked
Dropping your motorcycle when parking is not fun, specially when your motorcycle is heavier then a car. But motorcycles do topple over when parked in grass, sand, mud or even hot asphalt. There are a couple of devices that prevent your motorcycle from falling over, and here is one of them:

The safeTkick is a simple "coaster" with a bright colored telescopic rod. Easy to place under your kickstand, and not easy to forget when riding away.


3 March, 2011 - Patent: The Only Motorcycle Trike I Would Consider Buying
Gibbs Amphibious Trike
This would be the only reason I would consider buying a motorcycle trike; the Gibbs Technology Amphibious Trike.

Imagine riding the twisties, through the forest, and when you reach the river (or sea), go into it, and jetski for a while.


24 February, 2011 - Germany: ZP Moto-Another New Motorcycle Manufacturer
ZP Moto Scrambler
It's not everyday that you see a new German motorcycle manufacturer, but 2 in the space of one year has got to be a recent record.

Last year we saw Horex, this year we see ZP Moto come to life. This motorcycle manufacturer will be presenting shortly a classic looking scrambler motorcycle but using modern technology, including water cooling.


21 February, 2011 - Safeguard Your Motorcycle Helmet: Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Here's a product you can think why we never had something like this before.

The Helmet Hammock from Two Wheel Addiction, is a simple but very effective storage system for your motorcycle helmet and gear such as gloves, keys , sunglasses, etc.

You can even place two on top of each other, and if you have many helmets, just hand them next to each other.


24 January, 2011 - You Know Those Beaded Taxi Seats? Well....
IXS Yin Yang
Here is the motorcycle jacket you have been waiting for. Finally!

Now you too can pretend to be a New York cabbie driver on your motorcycle. This German jacket, from IXS, has beads in the back that will massage you while you mow down pedestrians..... fun!


15 September, 2010 - India: Get Paid To Ride A Motorcycle
Video clip
Mahindra logo
Indian manufacturing conglomerate Mahindra are launching a motorcycle line. 2 years after having bought an Italian motorcycle engineering firm (designers for Ducati, MV Agusta and Benelli to name a few), they are rolling out a series of motorcycles shortly.

To promote their new motorcycle, they are looking for 20 riders to ride their new motorcycle for 6-8 weeks, all expenses paid, and a salary. The lucky winners get to keep their new bike.


9 September, 2010 - Females: Riding Motorcycles, While Remaining Beautiful
Motoress Gear
Vicky Gray, the female motorcycle racer and blogger at Motoress, has launched a comprehensive product range for females who ride motorcycle.

Called "Beauty Gear", girls (and guys ....) can buy the specially made-for-motorcycle-riding cosmetic at the Motoress website.

So if you're a girl who rides motorcycles, or a guy looking for a gift for your SWMBO, here's the site to go to.


25 August, 2010 - Cleaning Your Motorcycle The Slick Way
Muddy Motorcycle
Slick Offroad Wash packet
Cleaning your motorcycle after a long ride, or going off-road is not easy. It takes time and lots of energy.

One product might just make your life a lot easier; Slick Offroad Wash. Not pressure hose, no scrubbing, no elbow grease. Just spray it on, wait, and wash off the dirt, mud, grime and bugs without worrying about your ball bearings and joints.


27 July, 2010 - Raleri PCShade Universal Photochromic Visor
Raleri PCShade
Raleri LCD Visor
Two great visors for motorcycle helmets from Italian Raleri.

One, reasonably chap, is a photochromic visor that changes tint depending on the sun light. The other is an electronic one, that changes tint immediately, but is more expensive.

Both visors do not replace your own motorcycle helmet visor, but sit inside it. All most all helmet can be used.


26 July, 2010 - iPhone: Best Motorcycle Roads In France
iPhone France Moto
The guide to the best French motorcycle roads is now available on the iPhone as an app.

Some 100+ roads in France to ride your motorcycle on.


21 July, 2010 - iPhone: BMW Motorcycles North America Introduces App
iPhone BMW USA app
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles North America have released a free iPhone app for BMW motorcycle owners.

Use it for assistance, and info. Looks good.

What about us poor folks in Europe??


20 July, 2010 - Night Vision On Your Motorcycle
Tag Heuer Squadra 3.jpg
Tag Heuer have developed special glasses that can be used at night. It's not real night vision, but it does make objects stand out more at night when riding your motorcycle.

It's been tested by the 24 Hours of Le Mans racers, both by the Peugeot cars and the Yamaha motorcycle racers.


19 July, 2010 - Securing Your Motorcycle The Easy Way
Grip Lock
Interesting motorcycle security device. Instead of bringing a big chain and lock with you to secure your motorcycle, this device fits over your handlebar grip^, and is closed with a combination lock.

It's impossible to ride away with your bike, though it can always be lifted onto a truck.

An added advantage is that you can't ride away forgetting to remove the lock...


15 July, 2010 - No More Speed Radar Tickets! Here’s How
Radar Motorcycle Id
Radar speed tickets are going to be a thing of the past! Why?

Because a company in Israel has developed a special paint that makes airplanes and missiles invisible to radar. So if it works on airplanes with sophisticated military radar, it's going to be even simpler for motorcycles and police radars!

I wonder if they have the paint in Ducati red?


15 June, 2010 - Strapping Your iPhone To Your Motorcycle
4Lock iPhone Motorcycle
Nice iPhone attachment for motorcycles.

Called the 4lock, it's a cool design, rain proof, motorcycle handlebar attachment bracket and it's reasonably cheap, €35.


20 May, 2010 - New German Motorcycle Manufacturer: Part 2
News Article
The new German motorcycle manufacturer has been heard from. They have released a few more tidbits on their new motorcycle.

In summary, it's a green-field engine, i.e., developed from scratch, super efficient.


19 May, 2010 - A New German Motorcycle Manufacturer Coming
New German Manufacturer
Wow. It's not everyday that a new motorcycle manufacturer makes itself known.

In Germany, a new motorcycle manufacturer is starting to make noise. They've got a website, but they are not giving out any info, yet. They are planning to drip-feed info until their full launch next month.

Is it going to be a conventional motorcycle? An electric one? Wait and see...


6 May, 2010 - Motorcycle Kickstand Fun
Kickstand Squirrel
You know that sinking feeling you get when you see your heavy motorcycle tumble over because the kickstand was in gravel, dirt or hot asphalt? Yes, you can get one of those boring coasters, or you can get one of these fun ones...

Aerostich have Kickstand Kritters, in the form of a squirrel or frog... funny.


27 April, 2010 - TomTom Release New Motorcycle GPS - Urban Rider
TomTom Urban Rider
TomTom logo
Dutch GPS manufacturer, TomTom, have released a new motorcycle specific GPS, the Urban Rider.

Based on the Rider 2 GPS, it has been simplified and now includes IQ Routes.


14 April, 2010 - Latest Resurrection Of An Old Motorcycle Brand
Pannonia bol d or
Pannonia logo
The "old" Hungarian motorcycle brand, Pannonia, is being resurrected.

In the making since 2007, they have just released their first prototype, and are waiting for their permits before starting production of 55 units.

Will they make it?


12 April, 2010 - Great Idea: Locking Your Helmet On Your Motorcycle
Great idea for locking your helmet on your motorcycle.

Put the OJ Helmo on your handlebar (replacing your counterweight of your handlebar), and lock your helmet. Easy...


29 March, 2010 - Making Potholes Visible
Pothole Painted
Two Italian students have come up with a great idea for us to avoid potholes with our motorcycles.

They are testing a road surface that has a bright color beneath the surface. Once a pothole is created, the bright color becomes visible, allowing you to be alerted, and avoid the pothole.

Of course, it would be better to fill the potholes;..


17 February, 2010 - Accessories: Real Tire Belt
Tire Belt
Wearing motorcycle helmets, jackets or boots is soooo old fashion! Only has-been models and B-list actors wear them.

To be really in, you need to wear one of these tires as a belt!

Cool... though in truth, it's not a motorcycle tire, but a bicycle, but who can tell...


12 February, 2010 - Tires: Chicken Strips Or Not? Is This Better?
Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Lean Indicator
Metzeler logo
Metzeler's new Sportec M5 tire for sports motorcycles has a lean indicator!

No more removal of chicken strips to show how deep you've gone into the curve with your motorcycle. Now the indicator will show the angle of attack...

You can't stop progress....


22 January, 2010 - Motorcycle Air Conditioner To Be Released Shortly
EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner
Back in 2004 we wrote about a new motorcycle portable air conditioner unit coming to the market.

Well, it has reached the point for sales. EntroSys have released the BikeAir-1 unit, a portable Airco unit made specially for motorcycles. The unit will also provide you with hot air, in case you want to ride in cold climates.


21 January, 2010 - iPhone: Greatest Roads for Motorcycles
iPhone Greatest Road
iPhone Greatest Road
Here's a (not free) application for your iPhone that will tell you where the great roads are that you can ride with your motorcycle.

You can find roads on a map, rate them and share them with your friends. You can also show people the roads you like to ride by creating your own.


19 January, 2010 - India: Trailblazer, Special Motorcycle-Only GPS Launched
TrailBlazer GPS
MapMyIndia have launched an interesting motorcycle-specific GPS (in India).

Apart from the normal functions of a modern technology GPS, it communicates with the rider via FM radio, not Bluetooth. That allows one GPS to provide navigation instruction to many motorcycle via FM. Interesting...


18 January, 2010 - Park Your Motorcycle In A Safe, A Moto Safe
Motosafe Secure motorcycle parking
Parking your motorcycle or scooter in a city is always a hair raising affair, specially when you come back. Is the motorcycle still there, has it been damaged, are the mirrors still on it???

UK company Moto Safe have a motorcycle & scooter storage unit that's cool! It works like the left luggage lockers in airports and railroad stations. Insert coins, store your bike and gear, and off you go.

You can even buy one for home.... nice!


24 November, 2009 - Snow Motorcycle Sled - Fun
Motorcycle style snow sled
Motorcycle style snow sled
A Google patent search reveals a nice new toy coming up for the long snowy winter months... a motorcycle style snow sled.

It's got handlebars, a fuel-style gas tank and your feet are positioned towards the front, cruiser style.

It looks like fun.... any ape hangers out there?


23 October, 2009 - Ossa Motorcycles Lives Again! EICMA Unveiling
OSSA logo
Spanish OSSA rises from the ashes like a real phoenix. A popular motorcycle manufacturer from 1924 to 1985, it died a quite death. Popular in trials and motocross, specially in the North American market, it was the reliability of the motorcycle that was its strong point.

Next month, at EICMA, OSSA will present itself again, with a new trial motorcycle, the TRI 280. Check out their cool website.


21 October, 2009 - Yamaha Show Super-Tenere Motorcycle At Tokyo Show
Yamaha logo
Yamaha unveiled a concept motorcycle, called the Super-Tenere, at the Tokyo Motor Show today.

A 1200cc, dual purpose adventure motorcycle, shaft drive, linked brakes with ABS and lots of stuff you see on the BMW R1200GS, the bike it's trying to beat in the market.


21 October, 2009 - Honda Unveil New CB1100 Motorcycle At Tokyo
Honda logo
Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show their new CB1100 motorcycle.

Continuing their long line tradition of the CB Series, the in-line DOHC engine, 18" wheels and optional ABS should appeal to a more mature audience.


18 October, 2009 - Ducati New Multistrada Motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati are rumored (but good rumored) to release their new dual purpose motorcycle as the Multistrada 1200.

4 different models are seen, the standard Multistrada 1200, the S version, the T version (with panniers and top case), and the T version with more off-road capabilities.

130 hp, lots of options, like ABS, etc...

November the 9th will see the truth...


8 October, 2009 - Honda VFR1200F: It’s Official
Honda logo
Honda have released full information on their new V4 motorcycle, the VFR1200F.


28 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Helmet Lock
A simple, but effective helmet lock.

Designed for bicycles, I think this should work for motorcycles.


10 September, 2009 - Caravans And Motorcycles: Dethleffs’ Solution
Though this is "common" in North America, in Europe you don't see many caravans that are equipped to store a motorcycle.

German caravan manufacturer, Dethleffs, has introduced one recently. Nice...


8 September, 2009 - Real Motorcycle Applications On Apple’s iPhone
Biker Beacon iPhone application
Finally! We now have a third real, motorcycle specific, application on Apple's iPhone!!!

Called Biker Beacon, the application can be seen as a social networking for bikers, allowed you to see like-minded bikers in your area, post motorcycle club events, or just a bunch of biker friends calling for happy hour at the local watering hole.

Nice. The developers are waiting for Apple to approve the app...

We also list some of the other iPhone motorcycle applications..


7 September, 2009 - Toshiba and Ducati Team Up: PC and VideoCam
Ducati have teamed up with Toshiba to release a new portable, and powerful, PC, and a video camera that looks small and easy to use.

No prices or availability are known (yet)...


26 August, 2009 - Ridelicious - Catchy Motorcycle Music Single
Fellow motorcycle blogger, Sasha, has released a really nice single called Ridelicious.

A catchy song, great for when riding your motorcycle...


3 August, 2009 - Motorcycle Trailers And What To Do With Them Afterwards
Tow-n-stow trailer
Tow-n-stow trailer
Interesting idea if it weren't for the price tag. Having a trailer can be a blessing, but often you are faced with the dilemma on what to do with a trailer. They take up a lot of space in the garage.

Tow-N-Stow is a trailer, that when not in used you stand up, and use as storage.



31 July, 2009 - Stilo VerbaVolant Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communicator
Italian Stilo are famous for their car rally helmets and communication gear (World champ WRC Loeb uses it to talk to his navigator).

Stilo have released their new Bluetooth communicator for motorcycle helmets, the Stilo VerbaVolant.


28 July, 2009 - Harley-Davidson iPhone Clock
Combining two of the big American icon, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Apple's iPhone/iPod gives you a Harley shaped headlights that functions are radio/alarm/clock with either the music from your Apple gadget, or it plays the roar of a Harley motorcycle.

If that doesn't wake you up.. what will??


28 July, 2009 - Radar Alerts On Your Smartphone
You can now get real-time speed radar alerts on your smartphone (like iPhone or Blackberry) for several European countries.

You'll be warned that you are approaching a fixed, mobile or red light camera on your motorcycle....


1 July, 2009 - France: Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Puncture Insurance
Dunlop logo
Dunlop France are offering an interesting insurance for those that buy their Roadsmart motorcycle tires.

For 1€, you get a one year puncture insurance. Get a flat tire, Dunlop will come and either swap your tire for a new one, or come and tow you to a garage where they will swap your tire. All that within 1 hour. Service is available 24/7.


18 June, 2009 - New Motorcycle Specific GPS - Easy, Simple Cheap
French electronics manufacturer, Danew, have released the motorcycle specific GPS, the E 135 Outdoor.

In sharp contrast with its more well know rivals, this one is not only simple and easy to use, but it's cheap! In fact, it's 2 to 3 times cheaper. In September, it will be going for some €279.


11 June, 2009 - Personalize Your Motorcycle Garage Door
Personal-garage-doors motorcycle
Tired of your boring motorcycle garage door? Everything inside depicts your personality, so why have a plain garage door.

Here's a website that offers you the chance to personalize your garage door. You can use their motifs, or you can make your own.



5 June, 2009 - AKE Release New Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles
AKE logo
German motorcycle communication devices manufacturer AKE, have released their latest wireless headset, the Helmset 201.

Ultra thin, this Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP communicators slides into the neck-guard of your motorcycle helmet. It features full stereo and an extended operating range (typically 250 meters).


9 April, 2009 - Pirelli’s New Motorcycle Sport-Touring Tire
Pirelli Angel ST Tires
Pirelli logo
Pirelli have a new advanced sports road tire for motorcycle.

Called the Angel ST, it changes it's thread drawing after you've ridden it for a while. Nice touch.


25 March, 2009 - Givi Bring The Right Accessory For Children On Motorcycles
Givi Babyride kids seat
Givi logo
It's strange that this didn't exist before. Children on motorcycles can be very dangerous, since they don't perceive the same dangers on the motorcycle as we tend to do.

here's a new seat from Givi meant for children. Like it's car counterpart, it's strapped to the pillion seat, and firmly holds the toddler in place while you ride on your motorcycle. great idea.


24 March, 2009 - Ideal Adventure Motorcycling Jacket
Vessel tent coat
Here's a very interesting concept jacket that has its use for motorcycle riders who camp.

The jacket can be used as backpack, but at the end of the day, the lining stretches out and forms a one person tent.



2 March, 2009 - Fighting Parking Tickets The High Tech Way
Parking ticket
What to do when you have one of those terrible parking tickets on your motorcycle? Especially when you were parked legally. It happens all the time!

One website not only offers to fight the ticket for you, but they offer a version that uses your iPhone's built-in camera.

A good fight, using technology.... I love it!


20 February, 2009 - Luv Handles On Motorcycles
Luv Handles
What can you hold on to when riding pillion on a motorcycle?

Rear handles? The rider's waist? The rider's shoulders? Here's a new way which is easy, the Luv Handles are two handlebar grips that are fastened on the riders belt in seconds. Easy does it... no embarrassing moments...


13 January, 2009 - Steel Denim: Motorcycle Jeans
Steel Demin female
Steel Demin Male
Many people don't like putting on their Power Ranger suites for small rides. Too much hassle. But if you go off wearing jeans, you can get nasty road rash.

Protective jeans are not new to the motorcycle world. There are more and more players in the market. Here's one of them: Steel Denim.


13 January, 2009 - Arm Baggage For Motorcycles
Bagster Flex
Bagster logo
Are we seeing a new term being coined? Arm Baggage?

French Bagster is launching a luggage item that is strapped to your arm or thighs.

Interesting concept...


12 December, 2008 - Smart Speed Bumps - The Way Forward?
Smart speed bump design
Everyone hates speed bumps, no matter what you're driving; motorcycles, cars, SUVs even trucks.

Even when riding at the correct speed, the speed bumps are a pain in the ass (literally).

But here's a new style speed bumps, and it's smart. Correct speed ? No speed bump!


3 December, 2008 - Protecting Your Motorcycle Trailer
Trailer Dog Security TD 6000 G
Protecting your motorcycle trailer from theft is not easy. Chains and padlocks are not enough.

Trailer Dog Security have several alarms, one of them even is solar powered.

How much is your trailer worth to you..


26 November, 2008 - Sunglasses Made For Motorcycles
AR123 sunglasses
Italian eyewear designer, Bertoni, produce a wide variety of sunglasses made for different sports, including motorcycles.

Their website is well designed, and you can quickly find the right sunglasses for you, with or without prescriptions.


25 November, 2008 - Givi Universal GPS Holder
Motorcycle GPS cover
Givi logo
Italian accessories manufacturer, Givi, have released an universal GPS holder.

The Givi S850 will take any portable GPS (for cars or PDA), and will fit most motorcycles.


24 November, 2008 - Have Sports Motorcycle And Want To Carry Luggage?
Having a sports motorcycle does not mean you can not load cargo onto your bike and transport it.

Granted, it's not a BMW GS workhorse, but with this system, you can bring "stuff" on your sports motorcycle.


12 November, 2008 - Overview: KTM 990 SMT Motorcycle
KTM 990 SMT motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM introduced a new category to the motorcycle community at EICMA 2008; a Touring version of the SuperMoto motorcycle.

Based on their powerful 990 engine, the SuperMoto receives more long distance riding equipment.

Here's a closer look.


11 November, 2008 - Overview: Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Classic Motorcycle
Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Classic
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi keep churning out classic looking motorcycles. At EICMA 2008, no surprise, they released the latest variation for their popular twin, the V7 Cafe Classic.

A 70s look motorcycle, here are the specifications.


11 November, 2008 - Overview: Vespa GTS 300 Super
Vespa GTS 3000 Super
Vespa logo
Vespa, part of the Piaggio group, showed off their new big displacement scooter at the EICMA 2008 motorcycle exhibition.

It's the biggest engine Vespa have ever made.

Here's a closer look at the stylish scooter.


11 November, 2008 - Overview: Derbi GPR 125 4T 4V Motorcycle
Derbi GPR 125 motorcycle
Derbi logo
Derbi showed at the EICMA 2008 motorcycle exhibition at Milan, their new GPR 125 4T 4V.

The 125 is based on their 125 MotoGP worldchampionship winning motorcycle. Here's a closer look...


10 November, 2008 - Overview: Ducati Streetfighter Motorcycle
Ducati Streetfighter
Ducati logo
A closer look at Ducati's new Streetfighter as presented at the EICMA 2008 motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.

One word springs to mind: Woooow!


10 November, 2008 - Overview: BMW F800R Motorcycle
BMW F800R motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW presented at EICMA 2008 the F800R naked motorcycle, part of their mid range motorcycles.

The naked roadster uses the popular BMW 800cc engine.

Here are the specifications and a closer look.


7 November, 2008 - Ducati Unveil Watches With Binda
Ducati/Binda watch
Ducati logo
Ducati have partnered with Binda to produce high tech and stylish watches to suit their motorcycles and their riders.

Two models are proposed.


31 October, 2008 - If It Is Good Enough For Navy Seals It Good For Bikers
Here's something that the US Navy Seals use that could very well be used by us motorcycle riders.

They are pants with 8 built-in tourniquet strings. Get hurt and bleeding? Pull the string and stop the blood flow.....

Medic, Medic....


29 October, 2008 - Dragging Your Motorcycle Around In Your Camping Trailer
Airstream Panamerica
Ever want to go on holidays with a camping/trailer, but didn't because you couldn't take your motorcycle with you?

The Rolls Royce of trailers, Airstream, have a new model that will make your day. The Panamerica has an 11 foot garage in the back, bit enough to store two big motorcycles.


28 October, 2008 - Protecting Your Shoes On Your Motorcycle
Bering Shoe Protector
Protecting your shoes or boots when riding your motorcycle is a good idea, since your left shoe will get scuff marks real quick.

French clothing manufacturer is now selling a cheap shoe protector. €7 to protect any kind of shoe or boot.


27 October, 2008 - Anti-Motorcycle Jacking System
Here's an interesting and reasonably cheap way of protecting your motorcycle from being motorcycle-jacked.

It's the SkyBrake, and consists of a small personal transceiver that you put on you and an immobilizer on your motorcycle.

Beats riding around with a .44.....


27 October, 2008 - MotoGP2008 Champions - Season End, Start Of Game
Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli and Mike Di Meglio
Well, the MotoGP 2008 season is over. here are the three world champions on their motorcycles.

Now, what do we do until the beginning of next year's season. Here's an idea......


24 October, 2008 - Midland BT2 Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
Midland BT2
Midland have a new generation Bluetooth communication device for motorcycle riders. The BT2.

The intercom uses Bluetooth 2 A2DP (so full stereo), and connects either via Bluetooth or WITH wires to music, GPS, PMR and/ or mobile phones.

Their helmet unit is waterproof and you can match its color with that of your helmet.


16 October, 2008 - Duct Tape For All Your Motorcycle Problems
Duct Tape Bandage
We all know Duct Tape. Any self-respecting biker knows that motorcycles use Duct Tape and WD40.

Now, if you need to be repaired, there's Duct Tape Bandage. Real bikers don't use Band-Aid, they use Duct Tape!


15 October, 2008 - Overview: Suzuki Gladius Motorcycle
Suzuki Gladius Motorcycle
Suzuki logo
Suzuki presented the entry-level motorcycle, the Gladius at Intermot.

The SFV 650 comes in several bright colors, and looks a bit like a "Monster".


14 October, 2008 - Overview: BMW K1300GT Motorcycle
BMW K1300GT motorcycle
BMW logo
There was no surprise when BMW unveiled their BMW K1300S, K1300R and K1300GT motorcycles at Intermot, since the press had been speaking about them at length.

Here's an overview of the BMW K1300GT motorcycle.


14 October, 2008 - Overview: Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle
Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle
Triumph logo
Triumph unveiled their "mid size" cruiser at the Intermot exhibition; the 1600 cc Thunderbird motorcycle.

Designed along the classic cruiser lines, it's got power and appeal.


14 October, 2008 - Winter Coming: Heated Gloves
Heated gloves
Here are some interesting heated gloves for when you need to ride your motorcycle during those cold winter months.

They are battery operated, and will last 6 hours. Interesting technology.


13 October, 2008 - Overview: Ducati Monster 1100 Motorcycle
Ducati Monster 1100 motorcycle
Ducati logo
A closer look at the Ducati Monster 1100 motorcycle presented at Intermot, Germany.

Ducati's main motorcycle just got bigger, better and faster.


24 September, 2008 - Cool Motorcycle Saddle
Cool Ass Motorcycle Saddle cover
Cool Ass Motorcycle Saddle cover
Riding a motorcycle or scooter in hot temperatures is fun, but what's not fun, is getting on your saddle after your motorcycle has been left out in the sun to bake for a few hours.

CoolAss hopes to remedy this problem. It's a heat shield, i.e., it reflects the heat, keeping your saddle cool (and dry in case of rain). Remove the cover, and hope on your motorcycle and ride away into the sunset.


15 September, 2008 - New Automatic Motorcycle Wash System
Motorcycle wash Moto Express
FINALLY! A motorcycle wash like the automatic car washes available all over the world.

5 minutes to properly clean your motorcycle instead of 2 hours! YEAH!


2 September, 2008 - New GPS For Motorcycles: Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
German Becker have released details of their for-motorcycles GPS, the Crocodile.

Rubber coated, rugged, water resistant, real 3-D navigating, the unit has been optimized for motorcycles.

Available next month, it'll cost you €300.


26 August, 2008 - Wear Your Motorcycle Brake and Indicator Lights
Harness brake light for motorcycles
Brake lights on a motorcycle are not that easy to see. They're usually low, and car, specially when tailgating, can't see them enough.

Placing them on your helmet is one idea, but here's another way of doing it. A harness that is worn on the back, will show the brake light and indicators, both attached to the motorcycle without wires!


15 August, 2008 - Color Motorcycle Helmet Mirror Camera Thingymething
SAM HCS motorcycle helmet
Lots of gadgets built into helmet
The SAM HCS is a dual color camera system mounted on your helmet, that through small LCD screens on your visor will show you what going on behind you on your motorcycle.

The LCD screens can be placed on your motorcycle as well. It's not apparent how big the screens or cameras are.


15 August, 2008 - Airplane And Motorcycle! How To Combine?
Airplane flying with POD
Having an airplane is not always as easy as it may seem. Transportation at your destination is often hard to find. have THE solution for you. A pod that will transport your motorcycle for you, attached to your airplane.

End of all your problems....


8 August, 2008 - Using Coyote To Warn Others About Radar Traps
French company Coyote have the 21st century equivalent of flashing your lights or warning others on your CB radio if you spot a Police speed radar trap.

It'll also warn you of upcoming traffic jams, and if you've parked your motorcycle while under influence (or just plain tired), and can't remember where it is, a SMS message will tell you where you left it....


22 July, 2008 - Running Your Motorcycle on Ethanol - Bio Flex Power Kit
Thorn Bike's Bio Flex Power
French engineering company, Thorn Bikes, is a firm believer in E85 fuel, an 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline fuel. far less expensive than normal fuel, 40% less CO2, it's one way of reducing pollution.

They have manufactured a transformation kit for injection motorcycles, that should allow any injection motorcycle to run this kind of fuel. They believe so much in it, that they've entered a Honda CBR 1000 in the upcoming 24 hour endurance race, the Bol D'Or.

Honda believe in it as well, since they've supplied the motorcycle, and Elf is backing them. Soon we'll be able to buy the kit.


15 July, 2008 - Need Not To Look Like A Biker?
Tucano Urbano Figaro blazer
TucanoUrbano logo
Even if you love riding your motorcycle, many employers and other "people" don't think it's cool, specially when you arrive with leathers.

Tucano Urbano have a solution for you; It's a blazer, that looks real "officey", but is rain proof, and more important has armor incorporated. So you can still look like an office dork slave clone worker, but be a cool motorcycle rider.


20 June, 2008 - Say It With Flowers, Even On Your Motorcycle
Tucano Urbano motorcycle/scooter flower decoration
Motorcycles and scooters may be beautiful, but they are hard and cold! Metal, leather and plastic makes it a real macho item.

Tucano Urbano are making plastic flowers, different types exist, that can be bolted on to your motorcycle.

It's make the world prettier.... Are you man enough??


19 June, 2008 - First Motorcycle Friendly Petrol Station Opens
France Article
Total logo
French petrol giant, Total, have opened the first "made-for" motorcycle petrol station.

Not only is it biker friendly, it was designed for motorcycles. Special fuel pumps with shorter nozzles, payment while still seated on your bike, hooks for helmets, anti-slip floor etc.

There's even a special place to clean your motorcycle, adapted for motorcycles. How cool is that...


12 June, 2008 - Locking Your Motorcycle Helmet and Jacket
Kask-lock motorcycle helmet lock
Arriving at your destination on your motorcycle, what do you do with your helmet and jacket?

It's not always obvious. French Kask-Lock has a solution.


29 May, 2008 - Oiling Your Motorcycle Chain - The Easy Way
Cameleon Oiler
If you're anything like me, forgetful in oiling your chain, and when you do, half the oil consumption of your country goes towards lubricating your motorcycle chain, then this is the product for you.

The Cameleon Oiler is an automatic chain oiler that gets installed don your motorcycle. You don't have to do anything, the system oils your motorcycle chain regularly. How cool is that ?


28 May, 2008 - KTM’s Future Off-Road Competition Motorcycle
KTM off-road motorcycle patent drawing
KTM logo
KTM filed a patent in January of this year for a rear fuel tank to be placed on off-road competition motorcycles.

Nothing earth shattering since the 690 has a rear fender fuel tank, so what's so special that they filed a patent? Someone enlighten me...


23 May, 2008 - Extra Protection For Your Motorcycle
Motobox Chiocciola Motorcycle cover
Italian Moto Box offer an interesting alternative to motorcycle covers.

It's not cheaper than a cover, but if your motorcycle sleeps outside, it's quite an effective solution that does not take up much space. It even looks good in a garage...


14 May, 2008 - Michelin Anakee 2
Michelin Anakee 2
Michelin logo
French tire company, Michelin, are releasing a new version of their all-purpose road tire, the Anakee.

With a lot of originality, it's called Anakee 2. The new compounds used will last 29% longer than the previous version.

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman rejoice!


9 May, 2008 - Green Knickers (And Boxers Too)
GreenKnickers bicycle underwear
Riding your motorcycle long distance is not easy. Specially on your poor butt. The cheap and fast way is using bicycle shorts. But... they're not nice looking, and often reveal strange bulges.

UK based GreenKnickers produce nice looking male and female underwear that can be change in seconds into padded knickers or boxers. Great for those long distance rides, while still looking cool. On top of that, it's ecological!


7 May, 2008 - Where To Keep Your Stuff On A Motorcycle?
Grabit Pack
Here's a solution to a problem I know many have faced while riding your motorcycle. Where to put all your personal stuff (keys, wallet, credit cards, etc) ??

Here's one solution; the Grabit Pack. Like a fanny pack, it sits on your hip/leg, ready for fast access (like a gunslinger). It costs only US$ 23, and it's water resistant.


5 May, 2008 - Special Motorcycle Sandal
Bata MotoSandal
Bata, one of world's leading shoe manufacturers, have released a special sandal for motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Slated to offer protection on a motorcycle, you got to ask yourself what they were smoking...


29 April, 2008 - Rigid Motorcycle Tie-Downs For Trailers
DeathGrips motorcycle tie down
A new rigid tie-down system for motorcycles on trailers. Called the DeathGrips, it's secure, and most importantly, you can fasten your motorcycle on your trailer very quickly.


21 April, 2008 - Protecting Your Shoes: Tucano’s Way
Tucano Urbano's Foot On 314
Tucano Urbano have a nice permanent solution to scuff marks on your shoes while riding your motorcycle.

Either that or buy an automatic...


9 April, 2008 - Real Time Color Changing Roads
Eurovia color road patch
Here you are riding around the winding roads on your trusty motorcycle, when suddenly the roads turn PINK!!

What do you do?? Give up booze? Stop smoking...? Go to an eye doctor? No... you slow down, since it's a new technology that warns you that the roads are frozen.!

It'll save your life!


31 March, 2008 - Special Forces Style Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycle
RoadRunner Bluetooth Communicator
RoadRunner Bluetooth Communicator is a communication device styled after the ones the special forces use.

It consists of a small ear piece and a larynx microphone.


19 March, 2008 - The Downside Of Motorcycle Leathers
Alpinestar Nero motorcycle jacket
Alpinestar logo
Alpinestar, known for the protective gear for motorcycles, and conscious of the Power Ranger effect we have when dressed in our leathers, have come up with a new line of motorcycle protective clothing.

Dubbed NERO, their protective clothing can be used as "casual" clothes. But it comes at a price...


17 March, 2008 - Hi-Def Motorcycle Documentaries For Free!
Twist The Throttle
That's right, free motorcycle documentaries. Our friends and fellow MBI bloggers, Twisting Asphalt, have produced four hours worth of behind-the-scene footage on 8 sports motorcycle manufacturers.

Shown on-line in HD for free at Turbo Discovery. See how Bimota, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles are designed and made.


12 March, 2008 - Esquad Motorcycle Gloves: High Tech
Esquad Racer glove
Esquad, manufacturers of indestructible motorcycle jeans, are producing in collaboration with Racer, special motorcycle gloves made out of their patented material; Armaliith.

Three models are proposed, each with their own style.


11 March, 2008 - Tag Heuer Eyewear: Night Vision
Night vision Tag Heuer glasses
TAG Heuer Eyewear logo
Swiss watch maker, race timing and F1 cars has launched a new series of eyewear, including a special series of glasses.

Called "Night Vision", these glasses were developed for the 24 hours of Le Mans, and allow you to see better at night.

Most of their glasses can be used with a motorcycle helmet!


12 February, 2008 - AKE Introduces the BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater
AKE BlueCom 102
AKE logo
German communication gear manufacturer, AKE, have released a very interesting device for us motorcycle riders that enjoy wireless communications.

Called BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater, the 102 is a Bluetooth (version 2) small device, that's NOT installed on your motorcycle, that enables you to interconnect different Bluetooth manufacturers' headsets. E.g., you can interconnect a Scala with an CellularLine Interphone. Or different Bluetooth enabled helmets, like a Nolan and a Dainese.

All that with a 65 grams package. Interesting!


11 February, 2008 - Wireless Impact Guardian: More Than A WIG
Brycen Spencer helmet WIG
Brycen Spencer has invented a life saving device for us motorcycle riders.

Called WIG (Wireless Impact Guardian), it's a device mounted inside a motorcycle helmet, that when sensing an impact, gives the rider 60 seconds to disable the alarm. If it's not disabled, the device calls 911, and includes the exact geographical location of the crashed rider.

Pretty cool!


15 January, 2008 - New British Biker Movie Out Next Month: Freebird
Freebird motorcycle movie poster
Video clip
Next month sees the launch of a new British motorcycle movie comedy!

The movie is a real biker movie produced by the folks who brought you the excellent Layer Cake.

Click on the headline to see the trailer and screen snaps. This looks like an excellent biker movie.

I can't wait for it to appear on DVD....


4 January, 2008 - New Low Cost GPS Motorcycle Tracking
BikeGPSTracking are offering a new, low cost, unit that enables not only to track your motorcycle's exact position, but also raise an alarm in the case of you leaving your motorcycle without the desire to leave your motorcycle (ie, you're thrown off), in case of panic, or if your motorcycle is being nicked...

All that for a mere US$ 349.


4 December, 2007 - AlphaMirror: Automatic Dimmer Mirror For Motorcycles
AlphaMirror motorcycle automatic dimmer mirror
Anyone who has ridden their motorcycle at night time will have been faced with rear traffic blinding you with their lights. Cars can manual or electronically dim their mirrors, but we're stuck....

AlphaMirrors offer you the solution. Automatic dimming motorcycle mirrors. No light glare at night anymore!!


3 December, 2007 - Sarah Lyon’s 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon is a female photographer who travels cross-country on her motorcycle in the USA making photos of female mechanics.

Then she assembles her best photos and produces a calendar. This year is no exception, and Sarah Lyon has produced a great 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar.

Here's a nice Christmas gift for someone (or yourself).


28 November, 2007 - O’Neill H4 Campack
O'Neill H4
O'Neill have recently released a new back pack that, though meant for snowboarders, can be used by us motorcycle riders.

The H4 campack incorporates a detachable video camera, buttons for the camera on the straps, and a LCD monitor.

Imagine using it on the Dakar rally...


26 November, 2007 - New Innovative Motorcycle Anti-Theft Device
Lockfree TO-Clamp
We all know the U-lock, chain and disc lock anti-theft devices for our motorcycles.

Now there's a fourth device type, the chain lock. From Lockfree, it's called the TO-Clamp and is installed in seconds, and is small enough to stow away on a sportsbike.


15 November, 2007 - BMW F800GS
BMW logo
BMW's long awaited F800GS finally was launched at EICMA 2007.

Here's a closer look at BMW's new dual-purpose motorcycle.

Verdict: A beauty


14 November, 2007 - Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi launched their new Stelvio at the EICMA 2007 last week.

Here's a closer look at the motorcycle.

Verdict: Nice bike..


13 November, 2007 - Aprilia FV2 1200 Concept
Aprilia FV2 Concept motorcycle
Aprilia logo
A second look at Aprilia's concept sportbike, the FV2 1200.

Unveiled at EICMA 2007, it looks incredible, and it's very light.

Will this ever see the light of day???


13 November, 2007 - Husaberg FE450e Prototype
Husaberg FE450e prototype
Husaberg logo
Husaberg have brought out a nice prototype of their new FE450e Enduro motorcycle.

Redesigned from the bottom up, the new engine should make all the difference when riding off road.

Here's a closer look.


12 November, 2007 - KTM 1190 RC8
KTM 1190 RC8
KTM logo
A look at KTM's long awaited 1190 RC8 sports motorcycle.

They're offering it in different versions. I have debs on the Read-to-Race black one....


12 November, 2007 - Ducati 848
Ducati 848
Ducati logo
Ducati impressed many of the assembled journalists at their 848 motorcycle unveiling at EICMA 2007.

For a medium sized sportsbike, the Ducati does it well. A "little" brother for the 1098, this motorcycle will not look bad in anyone's garage.


12 November, 2007 - Ducati Monster 696
Ducati Monster 696 headlamp
Ducati logo
A second look at Ducati's new Monster as presented at the EICMA 2007 show.

Presenting the Ducati Monster 696! What a sweet motorcycle...

A real Monster!


12 November, 2007 - Derbi Terra Adventure 125
Derbi Terra Adventure 125
Derbi logo
A second look at Derbi's nifty Terra Adventure 125 dual purpose motorcycle.

For a 125 cc motorcycle, this is not a bad one. With its 117 kilos, it could be quite nimble in the sand.

For the budding Ewan McGregor/Charlie Boorman fans..


8 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Pirelli Diablo Rosso
Pirelli Diablo Rosso ad
Pirelli logo
At EICMA 2007, Pirelli introduced a new super sports motorcycle tire; the Diablo Rosso.

Sportsbikes are getting increasing power and torque, and motorcycle tires need to keep up. This is Pirelli's effort.

They've produced a really nice video...


1 November, 2007 - XLOX Motorcycle Transportation and Lock Device
XLOX system for motorcycles on trailers
Here's a new system that you can use to transport your motorcycle on a trailer. Called X-LOX, it secures your motorcycle with rods and tubes (no tie-downs, so no suspension compression), and it secures it from thieves.

Nice system to hold your bike in place without damaging it.


4 October, 2007 - Esquad Jeans On Your Motorcycle: A Real Alternative
Esquad jeans
Riding in jeans on a motorcycle is dangerous, since they can not stop you from getting road rash or severe burns. But riding in jeans is easy and practical. The only thing you could do today is ride in Draggin Jeans.

But now there's a real alternative, that's lighter, breathes and protects better. And that's the Esquad jeans. Using space technology, combined with cotton, you now have jeans that feel and wear like jeans, and protect you from crashes like never before.


3 October, 2007 - Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
Yamaha logo
Yamaha has been selling the original Tenere since the early 1980's (after the Paris-Dakar successes). Therefore, it was no surprise to see the new Tenere on the well selling 660 Yamaha engines.

Yamaha launched the new XT660Z Tenere at the Paris motorcycle exhibition.


3 October, 2007 - KTM LC4 690 Stunt (Concept)
KTM LC4 690Stunt concept motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM surprised the world at the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition with their concept LC4 690 Stunt motorcycle.

This is one seriously good looking motorcycle, aimed at the urban market. It's a concept, but who knows, with enough customer demand, we might see this bike ride our streets.


2 October, 2007 - Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda logo
The original Honda Transalp was designed thanks to the success of the famous Paris-Dakar rally, way back in 1987.

Now, 20 years later, the XL700V Transalp sees the light of day, transformed and eager to conquer the unknown.


2 October, 2007 - Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Honda logo
Honda, worlds biggest motorcycle manufacturer has released at the Paris motorcycle exhibition their latest version of their super sport motorcycle, the CBR1000RR Fireblade.

Here's a more detailed view of the beast.


2 October, 2007 - Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki presented at the Paris motorcycle exhibition the small version of their very successful sports bike, the Ninja 250R.

For a small displacement motorcycle, it's a very nice one, with enough power and functions to make the most discerning rider a happy one.


2 October, 2007 - Beta ALP 125/200
Beta ALP 200
Beta logo
A closer look at the Italian off-road motorcycle manufacturer BETA, and their new ALP125/200 enduro/trial motorcycle.


1 October, 2007 - BMW HP2 Sport - R1200S
BMW HP2 Sport - R1200S
BMW logo
At the Paris motorcycle exhibition, the Mondial, BMW showed their latest race motorcycle, the R1200S AKA HP2 Sport.

120 hp boxer engine with enough go-go power to make the motorcycle go really fast, on the road or the track.

The fact that BMW announced that they will be participating in the 2009 SuperBike world championship makes things even more interesting.


1 October, 2007 - Voxan GTV1200
Voxan GTV1200
Voxan logo
French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan, used the Paris Mondial motorcycle show to launch their new touring motorcycle, the GTV1200.


14 September, 2007 - Chinese Clone BMW Scarver Motorcycle
Jonway YY250 - Scarver clone
Jonway, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has cloned the BMW 650 Scarver.

Instead of the 650 engine, they provide 125, 250 or 300 cc engines, but still, it's an exact replica of the BMW.

Illegal or approved by BMW?


7 September, 2007 - Dilemma: Carrying Good Wine On Your Motorcycle
WineCruzer 6 bottle carrier
Going on a wine tour on your motorcycle? How to bring some good bottles with you?

WineCruze has the answer.


4 September, 2007 - Airbag Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet Airbag system
Spanish company, APC Systems, has designed an airbag system for motorcycle helmets.

Adaptable for most helmets, it'll open within 0.15 seconds, and save your neck and back.


3 September, 2007 - Nice Safety Feature From Volvo: Would Work On Motorcycles
Volvo warning system
Volvo have come out with a safety feature in some of their cars, that would work on motorcycles as well.

The system warns you when you need to take a break, and get a cup of coffee.

Direct me to the nearest Starbucks please...


30 August, 2007 - Biker Id Bracelets
Biker Ids
Interesting product; biker bracelets with your id and vitals engraved.

Be fashionable, while still being safe.


28 August, 2007 - First Official Photos of BMW HP2 Sport
BMW HP2 Sport
BMW logo
MCN UK have several photos of the new BMW HP2 Sport version.

It looks like a real race version of their High Performance motorcycle.


17 August, 2007 - Bulletproof Backpacks
Bulletproof Backpack
Here's an interesting product. Bulletproof Backpacks!

It's interesting to see, since they're quite useful in today's violent society, but sad when you read who the market is for. Read on.


30 July, 2007 - Final Motorcycle Rider Resting Place
Motorcycle Memorials Urn Fuel Tanks
We've seen motorcycle hearses for our final journey, but here even one better. Motorcycle fuel tanks that are urns for your ashes!

What better way of making your final statement?


19 July, 2007 - Uvex F1 Magic Goggle: Electronic Tint
Uvex Magic F1 Goggles
Uvex have launched a skiing goggle (that could be used for motorcycles, since it's compatible with helmets), that changes tint by the press of a button.

Using state-of-the-art liquid crystal technology, it's light, and changes tint very fast.

Available in September 2007.


11 July, 2007 - Keeping Cool: VentilationVest
Keeping cool on your motorcycle can be hard. Even though it's a very cold summer here, other parts of the world are experiencing major heat waves.

The German made ventilationVest can be a life saver. Battery operated (8 hours of operation), the vest will cool you down.


3 July, 2007 - Charging Motorcycle Tank bags
Bags-Connection 12V charging tank bag
German made Bags-Connection have several model motorcycle tank bags that contain their own 12V charging points inside the bag.

They also have a system that doesn't use straps or magnets, but instead, the bags get bolted on to your tank.


27 June, 2007 - Carrying Your Picnic Stuff On Your Motorcycle
Picnic for one
Bring food with you on your motorcycle is not easy, since you also need to carry plates, cups and cutlery. Putting a picnic basked on your bike is not the done thing.

Here's a potential solution. It's not yet available, but maybe hopefully shortly it will be.


26 June, 2007 - Solar Powered Motorcycle
Urban Solar Motorcycle from Sunred
Putting solar panels on a motorcycle is not an easy thing. Not enough surface to even light up your 12V accessory plug.

Spanish engineering outfit, SunRed, have come up with an innovative solution. Still very much in design mode, maybe in 1,000 years we'll be seeing these motorcycles on the road.


13 June, 2007 - Too Many Electrical Accessories On Your Motorcycle?
Brando 3in1 unit
Many of us have several electronic gadgets for our motorcycles, but not enough 12V plugs to put them in.

Here's an interesting solution; Brando's 3-in-1 12V plug, plus a USB charging port.

Now you can put in all your gadgets. US$20.


31 May, 2007 - General GPS On Your Motorcycle
Car GPS on a motorcycle
Many of you have bought a general purpose or car GPS. They're nice, but you'd like to use it on your motorcycle.

That's not an easy thing, since they're not rain proof, and fixing them to your motorcycle ain't easy.

Fear not, we have a real solution for you. From Xtream Weather, the So Easy Rider V2.


30 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Jackets With Incorporated Rain Trousers
Riding with all your gear stowed away, just in case it rains or gets cold, is not always easy.

Getting caught in a downpour is not nice either. So what to do?

XtreamWeather have a solution. Called LexSystem, they're motorcycle jackets with incorporated rain trousers.

A few seconds, and you're back on the road again. Dry!


14 May, 2007 - Dianese Beta Testing Bluetooth 2 Helmet and B2B
Dainese Airstream Course Infinity with Bluetooth
Dainese are beta testing a new Bluetooth equipped motorcycle helmet, which includes bike-to-bike capabilities.

The helmet uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology (better battery life, less powerful transmitter), and it's equipped with a bike-to-bike transmitter.

Beta testers (some 200 per country in Europe) will receive a free mobile phone in order to take snap shots and videos.


4 May, 2007 - Ducati Release The Hypermotard Motorcycle
Ducati Hypermotard
Ducati officially launched their brand new Hypermotard today.

The motorcycles will be arriving at your local Ducati dealer shortly, but getting one is going to be difficult, since they're selling like hot croissants.

Have a look at the many photos and tech specs...


3 May, 2007 - Liquid Motorcycle Jacket
GZe Liquid Motorcycle Jacket
Imagine a motorcycle jacket that's like water.

Very light, comfortable and highly resistant to shocks and high temperature. It exists, and can be bought today.

GZe are producing a motorcycle jacket based on space-age technology, liquid shell. The jacket can be bought for a mere €1990...the price you pay for being high-tech.


20 April, 2007 - Official - BMW’s New 450 Motorcycle
BMW 450 Enduro motorcycle
BMW logo
The first official photo has been released by BMW of their new (but still under development) 450 motorcycle.

In their press statement, they outline that they have two World Champions riding their prototype in several Enduro races this year.

Is BMW making an attempt at stopping KTM's world domination?


17 April, 2007 - Special Motorcycle Backpacks - Axio
Axio motorcycle backpacks
Thanks to Liam at the MotoGP blog, MotoLiam, I now know of a real, purpose built for motorcycles, backpack.

The company is called Axio (they are now sponsoring the Ducati Antin MotoGP team), and they make really nice, hard shell, backpacks for motorcycles. There... aren't you glad you tuned in today...


16 April, 2007 - Easy Motorcycle Trailers - UndertakerMTS
UntertakerMTS motorcycle trailer
Sometimes you do not need to buy an expensive and cumbersome motorcycle trailer.

The UndertakerMTS motorcycle trailer is simple, and doesn't take up much space. Ideal for motorcycles.


29 March, 2007 - Smart Motorcycle Sunglasses
The University of Washington have developed sunglasses that at the touch of a button change tint.

The tint change, or transparency change, is accomplished by a low voltage battery, and is instantaneous. No waiting !

These sunglasses look like winners (as long as they change the shape a bit - Help Oakley!!).

Can't wait for them to hit the market.


7 March, 2007 - BMW’s New 450 Spy Photos
BMW's new 450 motorcycle
BMW logo
A prototype BMW enduro motorcycle was spotted recently at a German race.

It is assumed that the motorcycle is a new BMW 450 series, but no logo, badge, or BMW colors were present on the motorcycle. However, it was racing under the BMW team banners, and the racer was none other than the BMW development rider Sascha Eckert.

So, is this a new BMW motorcycle ? Is BMW going to seriously race motorcycle off-road now ? Dakar ?

Read on, and find out more about this motorcycle.


6 March, 2007 - Pogo Alert - Speed Radar Warning For The UK
The UK is a country full of speed radars. They probably have one of the most dense populations of radars in the world.

It's therefore not surprise to see a special speed radar warning device in the UK. Called the Pogo Alert, the small device not only has a database of all fixed radar positions (and accident blackspots and schools), but also senses infrared cameras, and you can bolt-on a laser radar detector.

Just watch out using the device in Europe. It's totally illegal now in Switzerland, and even in France.


2 March, 2007 - Need More Grip Under Extreme Conditions ?
Ever wish you had more traction and grip when riding in deep sand, mud or snow ? Here's the answer to your prayers, Attrax.

Go like a tank !


27 February, 2007 - Switzerland’s New Motorcycle Manufacturer; DUSS
DUSS motorcycle
Switzerland has a new motorcycle manufacturer!

DUSS is a 90° V2 engine developing 120 hp for a 145 kgs motorcycle.

Not bad, until you see the price. Scary !


22 February, 2007 - Secure Motorcycle Backpack ?
Mobile Edge Secure Backpack
Just because you brand something "motorcycle", doesn't make it a motorcycle product.

Here's the case of the Secure Backpack from Mobile Edge. Probably a nice backpack, but not one for motorcycles.


24 January, 2007 - UFO - Orange Wear
UFO MX17 Motorcycle Jacket
Italian manufacturer UFO have a motorcycle enduro clothing series that would look good on any KTM biker.

Gloves, jacket, jersey and pants... all color coordinated.


18 January, 2007 - Moto-Map: USA Discovery Maps for Motorcycles
Moto-Maps State Map
Finding the right motorcycle road/itineraries in the USA can be an impossible task.

Here's Moto-Map to the rescue, tailor made motorcycle maps with some of the best roads to ride on for motorcycles.


7 January, 2007 - Garmin Launches Zumo 450 Motorcycle GPS
Garmin Zumo 450
Garmin launched the Zumo 450 motorcycle specific GPS, a low(er) cost version of the Zumo 550.


22 December, 2006 - Dakar Rally For Kids
Peg Perego Desert Tenere toy motorcycle
Prepare your kids for the Dakar race, by buying them this small, electric, Desert Tenere motorcycle.

Start them young, so hopefully they'll finish the race.

By Peg Perego.


5 December, 2006 - Female Motorcycle Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon Female Mechanics Calendar
Female professional photographer, Sarah Lyon, has produced a calendar featuring female mechanics.

She travelled 6000 miles on her Yamaha motorcycle to find them in the USA.

Now, you can buy the wall calendar.


23 November, 2006 - Luma’s Xmart - Smart Motorcycle Lock Revisited
LUMA Xmart motorcycle footpeg disc lock
Luma's Xmart is a really nifty lock. It's your motorcycle footpeg, turned into a wheel lock.

Now, Luma are producing the right side footpeg, so your motorcycle is symmetrical.

And the right peg is a lock as well.


22 November, 2006 - KTM 990 Super Duke R
KTM 990 Super Duke R
KTM logo
A look at KTM's 990 Superduke R, and a promo film of the 990 Superduke motorcycle.


22 November, 2006 - Derbi Mulhacen 659 Hot Bob
Derbi Mulhacen 659 Hot Bob
Derbi logo
A look at Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Derbi, and their Hot Bob prototype.

Different it is !


21 November, 2006 - Derbi X-Vision - TV on your Motorcycle
Derbi Mulhacen 659 X-Vision
Derbi logo
Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Derbi, showed a prototype motorcycle, called the 659 Mulhacen X-Vision, that has an onboard LCD TV Screen and strategically placed cameras.

This allows you to record your motorcycle ride, and download it later to your computer and internet.


21 November, 2006 - Moto Guzzi 940 Custom
Moto Guzzi 940 Custom
Moto Guzzi logo
A look at Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Moto Guzzi's new 940 Custom.


21 November, 2006 - Moto Guzzi Griso 8 V
Moto Guzzi Griso 8V
Moto Guzzi logo
A look a Moto Guzzi's new Griso 8 V as presented at Milan's EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


20 November, 2006 - Ducati Hypermotard 1100
Ducati HyperMotard 1100
Ducati logo
A closer look at Ducati's new motorcycle, the Hypermotard 1100 and 1100S.


20 November, 2006 - Ducati 1098
Ducati 1098 S
Ducati logo
A look at Ducati's flagship sports motorcycle, the 1098.


20 November, 2006 - Aprilia NA 850 Mana
Aprilia MA 850 Mana
Aprilia logo
A look at Aprilia's NA 850 Mana motorcycle presented at Milan's EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


20 November, 2006 - Aprilia Shiver SL 750
Aprilia SL 750 Shiver
Aprilia logo
A look at Aprilia's SL 750 Shiver introduced at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy.


15 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Kawaski (3 photos)
EICMA Kawasaki
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki did a big event, including lunch. But .... they had nothing to present.

What a waste of money.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 KTM (3 photos)
KTM logo
KTM introduced the 990 SuperDuke R (for Racing), a ready to race version of the SuperDuke.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Moto Guzzi (6 photos)
EICMA Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi introduced two new motorcycles, the 940 Custom, and the Griso 8V.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Aprilia (9 photos)
EICMA Aprilia
Aprilia introduced the Mana 850, the Shiver 750 and a new V4 999 cc.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 MV Agusta (4 photos)
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta introduced their new F4 CC motorcycle.

Nice looking, fast, sleek, but not that new.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Husqvarna (4 photos)
EICMA Husqvarna
Husqvarna logo
The first on the very long list of press conferences and introductions is Husqvarna, with their STR 650.

Very pretty (so are the motorcycles ;-).


10 November, 2006 - D-Lock: A Forget-Me-Not For Motorcycle Locks
D-Lock System motorcycle lock reminder
Here's a very simple and effective way of reminding you that you've got a chain or U-lock on your motorcycle, preventing you from riding away with the lock still on.

D-Lock to the rescue.


11 October, 2006 - KTM Motorcycle Neck Brace
KTM Leatt Motorcycle Neck Brace
KTM logo
KTM have shown at the Intermot the prototype neck brace for off-road motorcycle racers that will be used by all their factory racers.

Looks good !


10 October, 2006 - BMW’s New Motorcycles Intermot 2006
BMW G650 Xchallenge
BMW logo
The first official photos of BMW's 5 new motorcycles.

3x G650, K1200R Sport and the HP2 Megamoto.


21 September, 2006 - Ducati Bicycles
Ducati logo
Ducati are producing three bicycles together with Bianchi. Very snazzy looking bicycles.

For those of you who have always wanted a Ducati, but couldn't afford one ...


12 September, 2006 - Revolutionary Motorcycle Rider Protection
Dow Corning Active Protection System for Motorcycle Jackets
Do Corning have released a miracle material for motorcycle clothing.

Light, comfortable, integrated, but with 40% more protection.

Called the Active Protection System, this looks like the way forward.


16 August, 2006 - Motorcycle Chair
Motorcycle armchair
For the really passionate motorcycle rider, here's an armchair that looks like a motorcycle, complete with saddlebags.

Hope it's more comfortable than my motorcycle saddle..


11 August, 2006 - Locking your Motorcycle in a Campground
Motorcycle In-Lock
British inventor/product designer John Wrightson has designed a nifty way of securing your motorcycle when there's nothing to secure your motorcycle too.

Simple, easy to use and carry, it's the egg of Columbus.


19 July, 2006 - New Garmin GPS ! Special For MOTORCYCLES !
Garmin Zumo GPS for motorcycles
Garmin have released a specially-built-for-motorcycles GPS, the Zumo.

Small, strong, waterproof, it can be used with gloves, sports Bluetooth and will even tell you when you're running out of gas, and route you to the nearest gas station.


19 July, 2006 - Purpose Built Motorcycle XM Radio
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle XM Radio AL20
Harley-Davidson and XM Radio have released in the USA, a special motorcycle satellite radio.

It's only available on Harley motorcycles, and only in the USA, but if you're a Harley rider, it makes a lot of sense (cents ?? $250 worth).


11 July, 2006 - New French Motorcycle Manufacturer - Wakan
Wakan 1640 Motorcycle
France has a new motorcycle manufacturer; Wakan.

Finally there's a second manufacturer who has produced a very pretty and sexy cafe-racer style motorcycle.

The motorcycle will be available later this year, and distributed in several countries, including the UK and USA.


10 July, 2006 - Wearable GPS - For Motorcycles!
Xtream So Easy Rider motorcycle GPS
French motorcycle clothing company, Xtream Wearther, have released a wearable GPS for motorcycles.

Small, it's strapped to your left wrist. Is this the gadget of the year, or is someone dreaming ?


6 July, 2006 - The New BMW R1200R
BMW R1200R motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW have announced their new R1200R motorcycle.

Here's the full specification.


30 June, 2006 - Custom Floorboards - R2 Concepts
R2 Concepts motorcycle floorboard
Here's one pretty way of customizing your motorcycles; colored floorboards !

The color can be made to match your motorcycle color. Pretty nice stuff, but don't think it'll work on my KTM.


23 June, 2006 - Neander Diesel Turbo Motorcycle - A First !
Neander Turbo diesel motorcycle
A new motorcycle is seeing the light of day !

German built Neander is not an ordinary motorcycle, it's a turbo diesel bike, with enormous torque, power, speed and acceleration.

Is this the future for motorcycles ? It looks like it !!!


13 June, 2006 - LED Flashlights - Mag-Lite Upgrade
Mag-Lite LED lightbulb replacement kit
Most bikers have one; a Mag-Lite flashlight.

Here's a replacement light bulb for your flashlight, that's based on LED technology, and will save you 10 times the batteries you use !


8 June, 2006 - ZMoto 7 Released
ZMoto Palm software for motorcycle owners
The popular ZMoto Palm software for motorcycle owners has been released as version 7.

More functions, faster, stabler. And it's still free !


5 June, 2006 - Ducati Eye-wear - Oakley enabled
Oakley/Ducati Motorcycle Sunglasses
Ducati logo
Ducati and Oakley have signed a round-robin, "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal. Now available, Oakley Ducati Signature sunglasses.


1 June, 2006 - TomTom New PC Software - Watch Out !
Opinion Article
TomTom have released (finally) new software for the PC. Interesting, but faulty, since they managed to crash my PC. So watch out before installing. Make a backup of your vital data.


1 June, 2006 - Ducati MotoGP Replica - Desmosedici RR
Ducati Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati have unveiled their new MotoGP replica. As good as a real one, now you can ride Capirossi's motorcycle legally on the street.

The Ducati Desmosedici RR !


22 May, 2006 - Stridelite - Reflective Clothing with Strobes
StrideLite reflective and strobe jacket
Stridelite produces a reflective jacket with a strobe light. Meant for cyclists, it could be used by motorcyclists.

Be seen in bad weather !


19 May, 2006 - GPSs and BMW R1200 Motorcycles
Motorradconcepts TomTom Rider GPS on a 1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
The problem with having a long distance BMW motorcycle (like the R1200GS, R1200GS-Adventure, R1200RT or R1200GT) is that it is not always easy to mount a GPS in such a way that you can read the screen and keep it dry.

Scottish firm Motorrad Concepts have got several solutions for you if you have a Garmin or TomTom GPS.


17 May, 2006 - Ducati Motorcycle for Kids
Peg Perego Ducati toy motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati have produced, together with toy manufacturer Peg Perego, a faithful reproduction of Ducati's Monster motorcycle. The electrical toy, will allow your kids to zip around the house at 7.5 kph.

Now, your kids can emulate you on your motorcycle.


9 May, 2006 - Roadmaster GPS - Tripy
Tripy Roadmaster on motorcycle
A Belgium GPS manufacturer has issued a motorcycle specific GPS. But it's not a normal GPS the way a Garmin or TomTom is. It's a GPS to produce road books, or to follow a road book.

It's an interesting device that should interest clubs and event organizers.


4 May, 2006 - Always Wrenching ?
Mini tools on keychain
Always working on your motorcycle ? Never being able to find your tools ?

Here's a tip; use a keychain mini tool.


2 May, 2006 - Garmin Intoduces New "Do-It-Everything" GPS
Garmin 2820 GPS
Garmin has introduced a new GPS, the Garmin 2820. Bluetooth, XM Radio and MP3.

Also features a touchscreen and 3D navigation.


25 April, 2006 - Tankbag Protector/Alarm
Doberman Bag Protector
I've been looking for a simple, low cost, solution to secure my tankbag for long trips, without requiring me to take off the tankbag for every stop.

I think I found a solution that will not cost much and provide protection for thieves stealing the tankbag, or opening it.


30 March, 2006 - Ducati - Breathless !
Ducati Zegna Perfume
Ducati logo
Ducati has brought out a new product - we're breathless here !


23 March, 2006 - All Singing and Dancing Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator
Intaride Libery Motorcycle Helmet Pod
Here's finally a great, all singing, all dancing, Bluetooth communications device made for motorcycles. This unit does it all, from intercom, to bike-to-bike, to GPS, Radar, etc.

Made in the UK, this device will see the light of day at the end of April.

Orders are already being taken, the first come get a discount.


20 March, 2006 - Ducati and Their Luggage
Ducati Tumi Motorcycle Luggage
Ducati logo
Ducati and USA based Tumi in a round-robin deal.

Tumi introduces a Ducati line of motorcycle luggage, and Tumi becomes an official sponsor for Ducati's MotoGP team.


7 March, 2006 - You Think Your Motorcycle Is Fast ? Try This!
Acabion Concept Motorcycle
Swiss Acabion are developing a concept motorcycle that will run 600 kph (370 mph) and get you to 450 kph in 19 seconds!

And all that with a minimum of gas. Place your order now.


23 February, 2006 - Self + Easy Loading Motorcycle Trailer
EZ Rise Motorcycle Trailer
A motorcycle trailer that's really easy to use and load. Roll'em on/off by yourself with all the ease of the world.


22 February, 2006 - Moldable, Re-usable Plastic
UtilePlastic Box
You too can now repair broken plastic on your motorcycle.

Nothing easier, boil, mold, cool down and you've fixed it !


15 February, 2006 - Tank Grips For Motorcycles
TechSpecs Tank Grip KTM Motorcycle
A look at a manufacturer of motorcycle tank grips.

Safer, better and more in control.


8 February, 2006 - Foldable Motorcycle Trailer
A & G Foldable Motorcycle Trailert
An interesting, foldable, motorcycle trailer that does not require tools to put together.

Save in storage space.


19 January, 2006 - Kidnap Mobile Phone For Adventure Riders
Nokia Kidnap Telephone
A possible telephone for those of you who go adventure motorcycling in dangerous countries.

A GSM mobile telephone that alerts authorities that you're being kidnapped !


12 January, 2006 - Carry Your Mutt On Your Motorcycle
Road Hound Dog Carrier
For those bikers amongst you who really want to take their dog (the animal kind) with you on their motorcycle.


27 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Sunglasses
RidersEye Motorcycle Sunglasses
A look at special motorcycle sunglasses, specially for prescription sunglasses.

Not many of those around, so this is an interesting site.


22 December, 2005 - Chrome Handlebar Loudspeakers For Your Motorcycle
J&M Motorcycle Handlebar Loudspeakers
So you like listening to music while riding your motorcycle ?

But you don't like wearing earplugs with those tiny loudspeakers ? Here's the solution!


21 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Lock With A Twist
Luma XMART Motorcycle Disc Lock/Foot-peg
Luma have introduced the smart motorcycle disc lock.

It will replace your foot-peg, and when you want to lock your motorcycle, you remove your foot-peg an use it as disc lock. Nifty !


13 December, 2005 - Is This The Future Motorcycle Helmet ?
d3o Ribcaps helmet
A new technology arrives for helmets. Developed by the US Army, these helmets are very light and flexible, until it reaches impact. Then it solidifies.

Not yet for motorcycles, but it's just a question of time.


7 December, 2005 - High Tech Backpack
O'Neill H2 Solar backpack
A very futuristic backpack hits the market, including solar charging station, Bluetooth, iPod controls - and it's not for motorcycles !

BUT !! Can it be adapted to work for us bikers ? By O'Neill !


2 December, 2005 - ZMoto Version 6 Released
ZMoto Palm Software for motorcycles
The popular, and very free, Palm PDA motorcycle application, ZMoto has been released in version 6.

If you've got a motorcycle, and a Palm, what are you waiting for ?


21 November, 2005 - Musical Motorcycle Helmets
Musical Motorcycle Helmet
Shortly you'll be able to listen to music on your motorcycle with BONE CONDUCTION loudspeakers installed in your helmet.

This year in Japan for $50, next year Europe & USA ??


31 October, 2005 - Xena Motorcycle Garage Alarm
XENA Motorcycle Garage Alarm System
Xena brings out three motorcycle garage alarms.


27 October, 2005 - BMW and KTM Join Forces To Protect Motorcyclists
BMW/KTM Spinal Protection System for Motorcycles
KTM and BMW Motorcycles are jointly developing a spinal protection for motorcycle racers.


26 October, 2005 - Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Shorts
LDComfort Motorcycle Short
A look at motorcycle specific long distance riding shorts.


21 October, 2005 - Tire Watch - The Motorcycle Safety Valve
Tire Watch Transmitter
French company, LDL Technology, come out with a wireless tire pressure monitor; nifty !


13 October, 2005 - More Color Tires/Tyres - Motorcross Ones Now
Color Motorcycle Tires/Tyres
A look at another reseller of colored motorcycle tires/tyres.


12 October, 2005 - LoJack, Now For Motorcycles - Does It Work ?
News Article
Stolen vehicle recovery device, LoJack, is now available on motorcycles.


5 October, 2005 - Aprilia SVX & RVX Motorcycles
Aprilia SVX Paris Motorcycle Show
Aprilia logo
Paris Mondial - Aprilia

A closer look at Aprilia's new SVX and RVX motorcycles presented at the Paris Motorcycle Show.


4 October, 2005 - Yamaha MT Motorcycle Series
Yamaha MT-01 Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
Yamaha showed off their MT-01, MT-03 and MT-0S motorcycles at the Paris show.


2 October, 2005 - Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle
Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle
Triumph logo
A closer look at one of my favorites, the Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.


2 October, 2005 - Aprilia Pegasos 650 Trail
Aprilia Pegasos 650 Trail Motorcycle
Aprilia logo
A look at the recently launched Aprilia Pegasos 650 Trail motorcycle.


2 October, 2005 - Buell XB12X Ulysses
Buell XB12X Ulysses Motorcycle
Buell logo
A closer look at the Buell XB12X Ulysses dual sport motorcycle.


29 September, 2005 - BMW T800 Becomes the F800S - Official
BMW F800S Motorcycle
BMW logo
First official photos of the new BMW F800S (previously known as the T800).


28 September, 2005 - Ducati’s New SportClassic Motorcycles
Ducati SportClassic Motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati introduces a new motorcycle; the Cafe Racer SportClassic.


27 September, 2005 - Narrow Car ? or Wide Motorcycle ?
NARO - Motorcycle-car
A British company is going to produce a four wheeled motorcycle.


26 September, 2005 - BMW R1200GS Adventurer Motorcycle Breaks Cover ?
BMW R1200GS A (Adventure) Motorcycle
BMW logo
The first photos of the BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle surface.


16 September, 2005 - Ducati’s New Monster S2R 1000 Motorcycle
Ducati Monster S2R motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati announces a new motorcycles, the Monster S2R 1000.


13 September, 2005 - Royal Enfield Bullet Electra T Motorcycle
Royal Enfield Electra T motorcycle
Royal Enfield logo
A look at the new Royal Enfield Bullet Electra T motorcycle.


8 September, 2005 - Airbag For Motorcycles ? Yes, Done Deal !
Honda Goldwing motorcycle Airbag
Honda logo
Honda have announced their new (2006) Goldwing motorcycle; it includes an airbag !


30 August, 2005 - Moto Guzzi Launches Griso 1100 Motorcycle
Moto Guzzi Griso 1100
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi have launched a new bi-cylinder motorcycle, the Griso 1100.


26 August, 2005 - New Triumph Retro Motorcycle ?
Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle
Triumph logo
Triumph to launch a new retro-look motorcycle; the Scrambler.


22 August, 2005 - Helmet Mice
Helmet mouse
For those of you who are desperate to be reminded about your motorcycle while working at your computer.


15 August, 2005 - e-Plate - Danger to Motorcycles
A new electronic license plate is being tested in the UK, and followed with interest in the USA and Canada.


21 July, 2005 - Keeping Cool On A Motorcycle
Ride Cool Motorcycle Vest
A product that keeps you cool on your motorcycle when riding in hot temperatures.


19 July, 2005 - Long Range Fuel Tanks for Motorcycles
Tour Tank on Suzuki Vstrom motorcycle
A better way of bring extra fuel with you on your motorcycle trip.


23 June, 2005 - Kawasaki’s New ER6 Motorcycle
Kawasaki ER6 motorcycle
Kawasaki's new motorcycle, the ER6, photos have made it to the internet !


22 June, 2005 - Showing Off Your Motorcycle
Motorcycle Fenderliminators
Want to really show off your motorcycle ???


21 June, 2005 - Tie-down For Motorcycles
KYA Racing's TyreDown
An ingenious system to tie down motorcycles on a trailer.


20 June, 2005 - Motorcycle Dogs
Biker Dogs
Dogs and motorcycles !


17 June, 2005 - New BMW T800 Motorcycle Spy Photos
Spy photo BMW T800
BMW logo
First spy photos of the new BMW T800 motorcycle.


15 June, 2005 - Speed Camera Warning GPS for Motorcycles !
Inforad GPS for motorcycles antenna
The first motorcycle specific radar warning system based on GPS hits the market.


7 June, 2005 - Photochromic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Sunshift motorcycle helmet visor
A looks at a photochromic motorcycle helmet visor.


10 May, 2005 - Casio’s New Motorcyclist Watch
Casio Street Rider Watch
Casio have released a biker specific watch.


3 May, 2005 - Scala Rider - Bluetooth Add-On For Any Helmet
Scala Rider Bluetooth
Cardo launches an add-on Bluetooth communicator for any type of motorcycle helmet.


29 April, 2005 - Knaus Motorcycle Trailer
Knaus YAK Motorcycle Trailer
A very beautiful motorcycle trailer / camping car.


28 April, 2005 - Fix Your Motorcycle DVD
Web Article
Spotted by Carla King at Motorcycle Misadventures, a DVD on how to repair/maintain your Harley motorcycle.


25 April, 2005 - Helmet Mounted GPS Information
GPS HUD Helmet
GPS meets Heads Up Display meets Helmet technology.


19 April, 2005 - Charging Station
Solar Charging Station
A solar charging station for electrical bikes.


18 April, 2005 - The Shape Of Motorcycles To Come
Robrady's rMoto
Robrady Design's shows the Electric SuperBike, the rMoto !


14 April, 2005 - Suzuki’s B-King naked motorcycle
Suzuki B-King prototype
It looks like Suzuki is launching their high powered naked motorcycle, the B-King, this year !


29 March, 2005 - Boss Hoss V-8 Motorcycle
Boss Hoss V-8 Motorcycle
Boss Hoss currently wins the 'who has the biggest motorcycle engine' race !


16 March, 2005 - Bluetooth Communication Device - Talk’N’Tel
Nextel's Talk'N'Tel
A new Bluetooth equipped intercom system from Nextel for motorcycles.


10 March, 2005 - GPS Made For Motorcycles
TomTom Rider
TomTom logo
TomTom produces the first motorcycle specific GPS; the TomTomRider.


8 March, 2005 - Harley Motorcycle Merchandising Madness
Harley-Davidson Coffee
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is now selling you Harley Coffee !!


8 March, 2005 - A 2 of Everything Motorcycle
Drysdale 2x2x2 Motorcycle
Introducing the Drysdale 2 Wheel Drive and 2 Wheel Steering motorcycle !


4 March, 2005 - Honda’s Hybrid Scooter
Honda Numo Scooter
Honda releases a prototype hybrid scooter (where's my hybrid motorcycles ??).


28 February, 2005 - Flame Throwing Motorcycle Exhausts
Hot Licks Flame Throwing Exhaust for motorcycles
Two flame throwing exhausts for motorcycles.


24 February, 2005 - Alarm & Tracking Device for Motorcycles - Phantom
Phantom Tracking Device
A great motorcycle alarm and tracking system, AND, crash detection system.


23 February, 2005 - Big Motorcycles For Small Bikers
Marcel Canetti's training wheels for motorcycles
A Frenchman's invention will allow small bikers to ride big & tall motorcycles.


22 February, 2005 - Motorcycle Designer Extraordinaire - Tim Cameron
Tim Cameron's BMBruiser
Tim Cameron, 3D Artist and Motorcyclist, shows some of his motorcycle design skills.


12 January, 2005 - New Small Helmet Video Camera
Viosport Helmet Camera
A new helmet camera from Viosport for your motorcycle.


15 December, 2004 - Motorcycle Safety - Useful website
Motorcycle safety is always on my mind, so I'm glad I got this product.


26 November, 2004 - Reinventing the Motorcycle Wheel
Osmos Wheel
Someone actually reinvented the motorcycle wheel !! ... and it looks good!


22 November, 2004 - BMW new R1200RT and R1200ST motorcycles
BMW logo
New photos of the BMW R1200RT and R1200RS motorcycles from


17 November, 2004 - Sweet Motorcycle - The New Ducati S2R
Ducati S2R
Ducati logo
Ducati introduces its new Monster S2R motorcycle.


5 November, 2004 - Kiwi Helmets With BlueTooth - Yet Another One
Blue Kiwi helmets
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer, KIWI, announce BlueTooth equipped helmets.


4 November, 2004 - Motorcycle Fashion - The Other Way
Arlene The Biker Queen Logo
Arlene The Biker Queen Chopper fashion, clothing for the fashion conscious biker.


28 October, 2004 - AWD Motorcycle Technology
Christini AWD Motorcycle
Christini All Wheel Drive technology for motorcycles, coming to a motorcycle close to you.


22 October, 2004 - More Photos of the Electric Motorcycle BLADE
I received some photos of the Blade, the electric motorcycle; interesting !


19 October, 2004 - Flying Motorcycle
Introducing the PALV, the Persona Air and Land Vehicle; a flying motorcycle.


18 October, 2004 - Is This The New BMW R1200RT ?
BMW logo
A new spy photo of the actual new BMW R1200RT motorcycle.


7 October, 2004 - Ultimate Motorcycle Gadget Power Supply
Voltaic Solar Backpack
A solar powered backpack to keep your motorcycles gadgets fully charged!


4 October, 2004 - New Motorcycle Communication System & BlueTooth
Motorcycle Intercom Chatterbox XB1
Chatterbox to introduce new motorcycle communication device including BlueTooth module.

The XB1!!


30 September, 2004 - Pirelli Introduces Self-Inflating Motorcycle Tire
News Article
Pirelli introduce a self-inflating motorcycle tire (tyre).


28 September, 2004 - Shoes and Motorcycle Gear Shifting
ShuBandIt's Shifter Skinz
ShuBandIt's product will save your shoes from gearbox scuff marks.


23 September, 2004 - New Type Of Motorcycle Insurance On Its Way
News Article
English insurance company Norwich Union tries out new insurance premium calculation method using high tech gadget.


22 September, 2004 - Michelin Introduces Airless Motorcycle Tires
News Article
Michelin introduces airless tire for motorcycles.


17 September, 2004 - AuHelmet - Mobile Phone For Motorcycles
Auhelmet device
New mobile telephone gear designed for motorcycles.


16 September, 2004 - Motorcycle Helmet HUD (Heads Up Display)
SportVeu MC1 HUD Display
A Heads Up Display (HUD) for Motorcycle helmets.


16 September, 2004 - Air-conditioning for Motorcycles
News Article
Airco for Motorcycles! It's happening.


15 September, 2004 - BMW Announce Motorcycle Helmet With BlueTooth
BMW System V Helmet with BlueTooth
BMW announce System V Helmet equipped with BlueTooth.


14 September, 2004 - BMW Motorcycles at Intermot - A Surprise
BMW K1200R
BMW logo
New BMW K1200R and end of the R1200C.


14 September, 2004 - New KTM Motorcycles at the Intermot
KTM 990 SuperDuke
KTM logo
KTM lie up for the Intermot. 4 new bikes !


14 September, 2004 - Extra Photo Of The New Aprilia 650 Pegaso Motorcycle
Aprilia 650 Pegaso
Aprilia logo
Updated photo of the Aprilia 650 Pegaso.


13 September, 2004 - Momodesign and Motorola Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth - Finally
Momo Helmet and Motorola Bluetooth
Momodesign Helmets and Motorola present a Bluetooth equipped Motorcycle Helmet.


13 September, 2004 - Aprilia’s New 650 Pegaso Motorcycle
Aprilia 650 Pegaso
Aprilia logo
The Aprilia 650 Pegaso. Is it me, or does it look like a.... BMW...


6 September, 2004 - The New Ducati 999 Testastretta Motorcycle
Ducati 999 Testastretta
Ducati logo
Ducati introduce their latest speed bomb; the Ducati 999 Testastretta


2 September, 2004 - GSM Telephone Headset for Motorcycles
A mobile phone headset for motorcycle helmets.


1 September, 2004 - Motorcycle Helmet Camera
A look at a helmet cam.


25 August, 2004 - Bike Guard - Innovative Motorcycle Alarm
Bike Guard Logo
Interesting motorcycle alarm with GSM transmitter.


23 August, 2004 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle’s MP3/WMA Player
Harley Motorcycle MP3/Digital Radio
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson are coming out with a MP3/WMA player for some of their motorcycle models.


19 August, 2004 - New Honda VFR1200 Motorcycle
Honda VFR1200 Motorcycle
Honda logo
The rumored Honda VFR1200 motorcycle.


2 August, 2004 - Good Article & Test of the new BMW K1200S
BMW K1200S
BMW logo
Link to a nice article and test of the BMW K1200S.


28 July, 2004 - Sophisticated Scooter - Piaggio X9
Piaggio X9 Dashboard
Piaggio have come out with a high tech scooter, the X9.


27 July, 2004 - License Plate Holder With A Message
LED motorcycle plate holder
Nice license plate for motorcycles, with a LED personalized message.


20 July, 2004 - KTM Motorcycle Releases New Exhaust
Akrapovic Slipon Silencer
KTM are now using a new exhaust, built by Akrapovic Silpon.


14 July, 2004 - Yamaha Motorcycles Launches MT-01
Yamaha Motorcycle Concept MT-01
Yamaha has decided to commercialize the concept motorcycle, the MT-01.

Looks great, so I'm sure it'll be really nice.


13 July, 2004 - Jet-Powered Hovercraft Motorcycle
Want a real cool motorcycle. One that will ride on water.

Read on


6 July, 2004 - BMW MP3 Watch
BMW MP3 Watch
BMW logo
BMW introduce a MP3 watch. Batteries are carried in spare briefcase..


23 June, 2004 - Interesting Radar Warning System
Interesting radar warning system, based on GPS technology. Called Inforad.


21 June, 2004 - Gold-plated Buell Motorcycle
Golden Buell
Buell logo
Buell Australia launches a one-off gold plated motorcycle.


9 June, 2004 - Part 4 of the BMW K1200S Now Available
BMW K1200S
BMW logo
More data becomes available of the new BMW K1200S sports motorcycle.


28 May, 2004 - KTM To Produce 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycle?
KTM 2 wheel drive
KTM logo
KTM testing an All Wheel Drive Motorcycle.


27 May, 2004 - Civilian Version of Military KLR DIESEL Motorcycle
Mil Spec KLR Diesel motorcycle
Civilian version of the Military Diesel powered KLR 650 coming.


20 May, 2004 - Motorcycle Tires Are Black ... Aren’t They ??
Colored Tires/Tyres
An English company produces colored tires for motorcycles.


18 May, 2004 - BMW Press Release for K1200S Motorcycle
News Article
BMW logo
BMW has issued a Press Release on the new K1200S motorcycle.


17 May, 2004 - More On BMW’s New K1200S Motorcycle
BMW K1200S
BMW logo
New photos of the BMW K1200S Sportsmotorcycle.


12 May, 2004 - Journalists Test the Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac (two wheel drive)
Yamaha WR450 2-Trac Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
Some lucky journalists get to test the 2WD Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac.


4 May, 2004 - "Portable" Motorcycle
Di Blasi portable motorcycle
A foldable and portable motorcycle from Di Basi.


26 April, 2004 - BMW Getting Ready to Launch the new K1200S
News Article
BMW logo
BMW is getting ready to launch its new K1200S motorcycle.


26 April, 2004 - Motorcycle Performance Data Acquisition System
Veypor Motorcycle Intelligence
A small unit that records telemetric data from your motorcycle for further performance analysis.


22 April, 2004 - Electric Motorcycle crosser
Electricmoto's Blade .04
An electrical off-road motorcycle from ElectricMoto.


14 April, 2004 - License Plate Photo Blocker
Photo Blocker
A spray that makes your motorcycle license plate invisible to radar cameras....


13 April, 2004 - Motorcycle Immobilizer
ICA's Moto-Alarm
ICA's new alarm prevents motorcycle-jacking....


6 April, 2004 - KTM Bikes, Not Motorcycles
KTM Adventurer Bicycle
KTM logo
KTM Motorcycles also manufacturer mountain bicycles and adventure riding bicycles.


5 April, 2004 - Interesting VFX Motorcycle License Plate
VFX Motorcycle License Plate Pivoy Kit
A pivoting license plate for VFX Motorcycles.


29 March, 2004 - Australian Underwater Motorcycle
An underwater motorcycle hits the market.


24 March, 2004 - Airbag Equipped Motorcycle Jackets
Protairbag GS
A look at several airbag equipped motorcycle jackets.


10 March, 2004 - New SuperMotard Motorcycle On Its Way
Terra Modena 450 SX2
A new Supermoto is to be launched on the 25th at Milan.


3 February, 2004 - The Motorcycle Computer
Think Tank Computer
The Motorcycle Computer/PC....


12 January, 2004 - Latest Official Photos BMW R1200GS
BMW logo
More (and last) official photos of the BMW R1200GS motorcycle....


7 January, 2004 - Great Motorcycle Sunglasses
Adidas elevation ClimaCool
Just bought a pair of new Adidas Sunglasses for the motorcycle. High tech.....


5 January, 2004 - BMW ready to launch the R1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
Some "official" photos of the pre-launch of the BMW R1200GS.


19 December, 2003 - Designer Motorcycle Wear ??
Chanel Lambskin Motorcycle Boots
Is Motorcycling become too "in" ?


15 December, 2003 - Towards the Integrated Motorcycle "Cockpit"
Frog Design/Motorola
Electronic convergence is becoming stronger and stronger.


3 December, 2003 - The New 2004 BMW F650 ??
BMW logo
Is this the new 2004 BMW F650 ??


28 November, 2003 - Military Segway ?
Military Segway ?
A military spec Segway ???


27 November, 2003 - KTM Motorcycles School and Magazine for Kids
KTM Kids Magazine
KTM France have started a school and magazine for kids...


16 November, 2003 - Yamaha to Launch 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycles in 2004
Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac
Yamaha logo
Yamaha plans to launch a 2 Wheel Drive motorcycle in 2004...


23 October, 2003 - Tokyo Motorshow - Concept Motorcycle Heaven
News Article
The Tokyo Motorshow is concept motorcycle heaven...


22 October, 2003 - More Spy shots of the BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW logo
More photos of the R1200GS have appeared.


22 October, 2003 - Michael Jordan to Market Motorcycle Gear
Michael Jordan
The famed Michael Jordan rides a motorcycle, has a team and is launching motorcycle clothing.


22 October, 2003 - KTM - 990 RC8 Concept Motorcycle
KTM LC8 Concept
KTM logo
At the Tokyo Motorcycle Show KTM shows their concept race motorcycle....


1 October, 2003 - Wanna Buy An Expensive Motorcycle ?? - On-line ?
Dodge Tomahawk
Upmarket store and on-line catalog Neiman-Marcus are selling the Dodge Tomahawk....


30 September, 2003 - UPDATE: BMW’s new K Motorcycles
Motorrad Magazine's photo of the new BMW K serie
BMW logo
German Motorrad Magazine has exclusive photos of BMW's new K-series motorcycles....


29 September, 2003 - The Motorcycle of the Future ??
Bombardier EMBRIO
Bombardier show concept-motorcycle for the future....


26 September, 2003 - Vemar Motorcycle Helmets & Bluetooth
Vemar Bluetooth Flipup
At the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition we discovered the Vemar Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.


25 September, 2003 - UPDATE: New Photo of the BMW R1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
A new photo has appeared of the BMW R1200GS in Motorrad Aktuel...


24 September, 2003 - MV Agusta’s New F4 1000 Motorcycle - 190 MPH !
MV Agusta F4 1000
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta's New F4 1000 is capable of 190 MPH !!....


19 September, 2003 - Milan: SIDI Vertebra 2 Motorcycle Boots
SIDI Vertebra 2
After the news frenzy of all the new bikes has finally died down a bit, it's the turn of SIDI.


18 September, 2003 - Milan: Triumph announces Thruxton 900 motorcycle
Triumph Thruxton-900
Triumph logo
Triumph announced in Milan today the Triumph Thruxton 900 cafe racer....


17 September, 2003 - Milan: Moto Guzzi Announces Breva 1100
Moto Guzzi Breva 1100
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi announced at the Milan Motorcycle Exhibition the Breva 1100....


17 September, 2003 - Milan: Gilera Announces Automatic Transmission Motorcycle - Ferro
Gilera Ferro
Gilera announced the Ferro


16 September, 2003 - Milan: Aprilia Launches New Engine and Models
Aprilia launches a revolutionary new engine


14 September, 2003 - Touratech Revamped 1150GS Motorcycle
The Touratech company have announced a version of the BMW R1150GS dual-purpose motorcycle...


9 September, 2003 - Yamaha Relaunches YZF-R1 Motorcycle
Yamaha launches a new YZF-R1 motorcycle.....


8 September, 2003 - Is it a Motorcycle ? A Trike ? A Car ? .....
A very interesting vehicle... a tilting car (3 wheels) that drives like a motorcycle.....


2 September, 2003 - Triumph’s new Daytona 1300 Motorcycle ?
UK MCN Magazine detail the new Triumph Daytona 1300.....


27 August, 2003 - "Official" Photos of the new Kawasaki ZX-10R Motorcycle
The first "official" photos of the acclaimed Kawasaki ZX-10R...


23 August, 2003 - New Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja Motorcycle
The new Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja
Kawasaki logo
First photos of the brand new Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja...


19 August, 2003 - Triumph ready for Launch ! Rocket III Motorcycle
The new Rocket III from Triumph is ready for launch...


13 August, 2003 - The New BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Photos
The new BMW R1200GS
BMW logo
New spy photos appeared in the UK magazine MCN of the BMW R1200GS....


13 August, 2003 - The New Yamaha FZ6 600 Fazer
As reported earlier


12 August, 2003 - MotorCycleNews uncovers the new Yamaha R1
MCN from the UK have exclusive photos of the 2004 Yamaha R1....


4 August, 2003 - Gadgets for Motorcycles - Bluetooth Helmets
Motorola/Momo Moto'Cycle
It was only a matter of time.... Bluetooth technology has finally arrived in the motorcycle industry.....


28 July, 2003 - Aprilia Launch 2 Updated Motorcycles
The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia launches two revamped sportbikes


26 July, 2003 - Diesel Power Military Motorcycles
The US and UK Military are producing special motorcycles that run on diesel.....


24 July, 2003 - Spy Photos of the New Kawasaki ZX-10R Motorcycle
Motorcycledaily publishes several spy photos of the new Kawa ZX-10R....


20 July, 2003 - Harley to Introduce Naked Bike
It is rumored that Harley Davidson is introducing a new


18 July, 2003 - Motorcycle in the Fashion Industry
A motorcycle is used as part of the models in Renato Balestra's fashion show in Rome.....


17 July, 2003 - New Fazer 600 Motorcycle Spy Photos
MCN published spy photos of the new Yamaha Fazer 600.....


16 July, 2003 - New Buell Motorcycles for 2004
Buell XB12R (04)
Buell logo
Two new Buell motorcycles are introduced for the 2004 lineup.....


15 July, 2003 - Hybrid Motorcycle That Does 180 Miles Per Gallon
The eCycle is a hybrid motorcycle that will run at 180 mpg.....


10 July, 2003 - The MV Agusta Brutale - The ultimate Naked Bike
The MV Augusta Brutale is close to getting ready for the market. It's the ultimate naked bike....t


20 June, 2003 - BMW Launches a new 1200 Cruiser
BMW have launched a new R1200C Cruiser for their September line up. Photos available.


19 June, 2003 - Put New Handlebars on the GS
Kuhn Protaper Handlebars
Photos of the new Ricardo Kuhn handlebar installed on the 1150GS.

What a relief !


13 June, 2003 - Honda Rune Preview
A preview of the new Honda Rune motorcycle.


2 June, 2003 - New Bike Seen, but NO Photos
I saw a new bike while going to Switzerland


25 May, 2003 - The Valentino Rose
A yellow rose has been created and named after the MotoGP worldchampion


22 May, 2003 - Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All
A new product that is put on the tire valve and lights up in the dark in neon colors.


14 May, 2003 - New Diesel power Motorcycle
Centaurus 851, diesel powered motorcycle
A new DIESEL powered motorcycle.


12 May, 2003 - The MotoCam
A Motorcycle Video Camera and TFT Monitor used as rear view mirror.


30 April, 2003 - 1st Photos of the new Honda Fireblade


28 April, 2003 - BMW’s Ralley 2 Jacket
Personal Article
I try out the BMW Ralley 2 motorcycle jacket..


21 April, 2003 - BMW R1150GS-T
BMW R1150GS Touratech
Touratech have prepared a special version of the popular BMW R1150GS motorcycle.


16 April, 2003 - Spy Photos of the new Triumph Cruiser
Triumph Cruiser
Triumph logo
This first spy photos of Triumphs enormous cruiser are out.


15 April, 2003 - New Ducatis tested


14 April, 2003 - A Harley Davidson Phone....


4 April, 2003 - 1st Photos of the Kawasaki/Suzuki bike
Kawasaki logo
Suzuki logo
The first photos surface of the joint Kawaski/Suzuki motorcycle.


1 April, 2003 - New Italian Multi-Bike


12 March, 2003 - Thailand claims production of world’s first armoured motorcycle


9 March, 2003 - Ducati Introduce new Monster


3 March, 2003 - First Motorcycle designed for Women


19 February, 2003 - Stealth Motorcycle Plates


18 February, 2003 - Suzuki & Kawasaki Built Joint Bike


11 February, 2003 - You Need Balls to Ride a Bike



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