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20 July, 2015 - France: Outrageous! Cops Get Bonus For Most Tickets
French Radar Police Hidden
France flag
#France #Police #Scandal - I am outraged! Scandalized! The French car magazine Auto Plus found out that not only are cops being given points for every ticket issued, but the top police units (cars or motorcycles) get an annual bonus of €600 per person. Unacceptable!


2 June, 2015 - Something Stinks In The Kingdom Of France, and It’s Not Motorcycle Rubber
France restricted to 100 hp
France flag
#France #RestrictedPower - France has restricted motorcycles to 100 hp for the last 3 decades (foolishly), but finally the European courts condemned the government to all unrestricted motorcycles, starting the 1st of January 2016. But no words has been said, and still hasn't, about what happens to the older motorcycles who have been restricted. No a word. And surprisingly, not a word from the manufacturer either. Strange? You bet!


6 April, 2015 - France: Some New and Stupid Laws, Again - Or How To Piss Off Your Citizens
Motorbiker with wired Headset
France flag
France Inc. has just launched several new laws that will have an effect on us motorcycle riders. All of them are stupid, if not moronic, laws, serving no other purpose but making our lives miserable and enriching the politicians. Yellow vest mandatory for bikers, reduced speed limits on secondary roads, no earphones connected to phones/music devices, much higher parking fines, much lower alcohol levels and oh yeah no smoking gin your own car. Sorry, this is not an April Fool jokes.. it's real.


25 February, 2015 - France: Now They Want To Make Mandatory Dorsal Armor and Gloves
France flag
Now another group of politicians in France, the opposition party (UMP), want the spot light, and to hell with the consequences. They have proposed a new law that will make it mandatory for all motorcycle riders and their pillions to wear gloves and have dorsal protection.


7 February, 2015 - France: The Year 2000 Motorcycle Ban Gets Worse, Much Worse
Marie Antoinette
France flag
The ban on motorcycles built before the yer 2000 is bad, but it's worse, much worse. Already the Parisian police have vetoed the Monday 9th protest while the law is being voted, and this Mayor of Paris has already said she wants to ban in the year 2020 all motorcycles built before 2015. Yes, you read that right, 2015.


22 December, 2014 - Whose Scrambler Is It Really? Borile vs Ducati - Open Letter
Borile 450 Scrambler
Borile logo
Here is an open letter I received from Italian motorcycle maker Borile, accusing Ducati from everything under the sun about their Scrambler motorcycle. Sour grapes or design theft? You decide.


5 November, 2014 - Eicma 2014 Question - From The Other Side Of The Internet
Feedly Eicma Articles
EICMA logo
#Eicma #Exhibition - When is too much, too much? Being for the first time on the other side of the of the internet, in my sickbed following what was happening at Eicma, I realize that I was drowning. Yes, partially from the sweat from my high fever, but also from all the articles and photos. But what about you????? Is the coverage of Eicma too heavy, too much, or can you not get enough?


20 October, 2014 - WTF is The Matter With Yamaha, And Why Do They Hate The Press?
Oliepeil Yamaha MT 07
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #HateRelations #Press - Why is Yamaha being so unprofessional towards some of the press? They are the only ones who act childish and very unprofessional. One year after a crazy and amateur attitude, Yamaha still have not changed their ways. Do they care?


25 September, 2014 - France: Police Want More Repressive Measures. Orwell Was Right
Radar Foiling
France flag
#France #Police #Repression - The top cops are asking the government for more repressive measures so they can get to more citizens. Measures like catching motorcycles speeding, issuing tickets without stopping you and making it mandatory that employers denounce their employees. Crazy world we live in. Orwell was right.


19 August, 2014 - Darwin Award Nominee #98273
Gendarme manning portable radar
France flag
#France #Speeding #Squid - A French squid got arrested for riding his motorcycle at the speed of light, drunk, and with his license plate bent over so that he could not be photographed by radars. What an idiot.


14 August, 2014 - Study: Cell Phone Use While Driving Not Dangerous As Thought
Texting and Talking Texas
Ford Bound Gagged Ad
#Cellphone #Study - According to a recent study, using a cell phone while driving is not as dangerous as people thought. The study is probably paid for by the telecoms industry.


17 February, 2014 - USA: Moronic Politician’s View On Motorcycles: There Shouldn’t Be Any!
Bicycle Carrying Sports Motorcycle
USA flag
#USA #Politicians #FAIL - One USA politician, who should actually be institutionalized, declared that bicycles and motorcycles should not be in his city. Cars only please.

In what make-believe world does this man live?


7 January, 2014 - France: Paris Ringroad Drops Top Speed, Gaelic Shrug Ensues
Boulevard Peripherique
France flag
#Paris #Peripherique - The Socialist Mayor of Paris has deemed it important to lower the speed on the Parisian ringroad by 10 kph. Boy, are we lucky.


24 October, 2013 - France: The Real Threat For Speeders
French Unmarked Radar Car
France flag
#France #Speeding #Police - The French police are now using a real threat for speeders, even those that go over the limit by a small percentage. An unmarked radar car that catches you passing, and on the opposite side of the road.

Repression at its best, and a very high tax collecting scheme...........

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17 September, 2013 - France: Next Year No More Appealing Traffic Tickets
Blind justice
France flag
#France #Law #Legal - It is becoming increasing more and more like a dictatorship over here. I can understand it from the far right, or the far left, but from a Socialist political party, this amounts to a complete and utter contempt for the tax paying public.

The current Socialist government slipped in a change in the law during the summer vacation. The new law will make it impossible to appeal a ticket/judgement. If a judge removes points of your license, and you are in disagreement, tough...........

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12 September, 2013 - France: Paris Mayor Wannabe - Reduce Speeds To Crawl Speed
Boulevard Peripherique
France flag
#Paris #Elections #Speeds - The elections for next year's Mayor of Paris is heating up, and both side, left and right of the political spectrum, are having their sound bites , saying stuff that will hopefully catch some moments of PR glory.

The main candidate of the Socialist party (the current party for both Paris and the country), Anne Hidalgo, has already expressed her dislike of motorized vehicles, especially motorcycles, and she has been campaigning to reduce lanes and reduce speeds in the country's capital...........

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21 August, 2013 - UK: London Forbids Motorcycles From Riding Past Hospital
UK Not Allowed For Motorcycles
UK flag
#London #Hospital #Noise - Strange reaction from the local authorities. The hospital located in Brent, London has apparently been the scene of a few misguided bikers racing their motorcycles alongside the hospital. As we all know, you are expected not to make noise when riding, or driving, alongside a hospital. So no loud pipes, no honking, no revving up, etc.

So what do the local authorities do? See the photo..........

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8 July, 2013 - Europe: Mandatory Technical Inspection For Motorcycles Back On The Table
Motorcycle MOT Bay
Europe flag
#Politics #Europe #MOT #Motorcycles - How dirty politics are. For a year or two, some politicians in the European Parliament have tried to make Europe-wide annual technical inspections mandatory for motorcycles. Some countries, notably the UK, already had the rule, but many other did not (like France, The Netherlands and Sweden).

In many countries, the motorcycle riding community took exception to these proposed rules and did their thing; protest rides. And it paid off, many politicians in the countries that would be affected by the proposed law saw the light and voted against the amendments.

So all bikers let out a sigh of relieve. Until the 2nd of July when a few politicians in the European Parliament slipped in the same rules. This while it had been decided that they would wait for a more detailed analysis & study whether these inspections were really needed. That had been the agreement. Two politicians, the MP from Belgium, Isabelle Durant and the Romanian Silvia-Adriana Ticau fought hard to get the law in. You have got to ask yourself, why would they fight that hard? What else is at stake for them privately?

They want an inspection after 4 years, then every 2 years after that. Obviously you need to pay for these inspections, and they would be mandatory. So it is all about money, a lot of it since these are separate businesses run by large companies. Large companies that employ lobbyists.

Obviously we have not heard the end of this, since the law has not been voted in, and the national motorcycle lobby groups are getting ready their response, and it is not going to be a nice one, in fact it might just get ugly.

I have tried to dig up a report I had seen some time ago about the MOT test in the UK. Apparently, if my memory serves me right, the vast majority of motorcycles of any age pass the test with flying colors, and from those that do not, the vast majority are for minor things, like a burned out light bulb. So a waste of time and money.

I will keep you posted on what is going to happen next, but I think the folks in Egypt have had the right idea.


9 May, 2013 - Spain: Government Kills Biker, Then Balks At Paying Damages
Spanish Road Caused Accident
Spain flag
#Spain #Court #Compensation - You know that government rarely have the best interest of its citizens in mind. Usually the contrary, as long as they can get rich and/or more powerful, and when they do get caught doing something they shouldn't, or should, they pretend that it wasn't their fault. It's what has been going wrong in the world lately, and you can see that citizens are revolting against it. Enough is enough.

The latest abuse/mis-actions can be seen in Spain. Back in 2007, a Spanish motorcycle rider lost control of his motorcycle because of the potholes in the motorway. The road is that bad that when hitting one of the holes it means the biker can easily get ejected from his bike, which is what happened. This was not a city road, but a motorway, so speeds are higher, and you have less time to react.

More bad luck for the unfortunate motorcyclist, he hit the guardrail which was one of the old, and very unsafe, rails, killing the biker on the spot:..........

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27 March, 2013 - What It Takes To Become World Champion Motorcycle Racing - The Case of Vasco van der Valk
Vasco Van Der Valk Hockenheim Moriwaki GP3
Vasco Van Der Valk Banner
You don't become world champion motorcycle racing, be it MotoGP, Superbike or any motorsport, by accident. You don't hope of on a race motorcycle at the "ripe" age of 18 and go and win races. There's virtually no sport that allows that. Whether you're racing motorcycles, cars, skiing downhill, swimming, horse riding, running, etc, you need one thing, and one thing only: YOU NEED TO START YOUNG.

The younger you are when you start competing in your chosen sport, the better you will be. Very few people will question that tactic. Valentino Rossi started racing at the tender age of 5 (karts, but quickly went to motorcycles). Casey Stoner started with motorcycle racing at the age of 4. Jorge Lorenzo started riding a home built motorcycle at the age of 3 years. Very few champions and professionals will make it to the top if they did not start really young.

Before we continue, watch this video...........

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26 March, 2013 - Why European Politicians Should Be Lobotomized
Europe flag
You know you're in trouble when politicians start talking. Grandstanding is their way of trying to get more votes, more power and therefore more money, and nowhere is this more visible when politicians touch the motorcycle world. The motorcyclists are a small group of voters, so we do not represent a threat, so we're easy pickings for politicians who want to make a name for themselves, at our expense.

In Europe, there's currently a heated debate on making motorcycles go through a mandatory annual technical inspection. Experts are quite clear, as is the motorcycle world, that it's a waste of money. Most countries have agreed.

But still you'll find politicians who "believe" they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Here is a video of Brian Simpson, a British member of the European parliament. Apart from being a MP, unfortunately he is also the Chair of the European Transport Committee, in other words, he has more power over the motorcycle world than most politicians.

In this video, he's calling motorcycles "DEATH CARRIERS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine, this "elected" official, who has to look after the interest of amongst other bikers, thinks we ride on death carriers. This man suffers from terminal CRI. There is no hope in this world when men like him have the power. An obese man, who obviously is not healthy (mind & body), thinks he can judge bikers? What did we do to deserve this man?

Have a look at the video. You can understand my anger....


11 March, 2013 - France: Doubling The Parking Fines, Even For Motorcycles
Motorcycle pound towing
France flag
A few days ago the French socialist government announced with big ceremony that they would be spending billions of Euros to make "The Greater Paris"; a project for Paris and the extended suburbs. To do that, they would need to beef up the crumbling transportation infrastructure, mainly the metro and commuter rail, and to do that, they would need to spend 30 BILLION Euros. And that in a country that is laden with debt, so much so that it would make the Japanese look debt free.

So you can guess what comes next... the government is going to look at us, the honest hard working tax payer, to finance this idea. And even if you don't live in Paris or its suburbs, pay you will.

But raising the tax rates even more is political suicide (the tax rate will shortly be set at 75%, yes, you read it right, seventy-five %), and the last thing the powers want is a spring uprising and then the chopping off heads. So they're now planning the next best thing; raise the price of fines!

A few days after announcing the Greater Paris project (which goes until 2030), the politicians now want to raise the price of the fine you get when you park badly, or forget to feed to parking-monster (which is easy to do since you can only feed them 2 hours at a time). Currently when fined you pay €17, shortly, if the extension gets approved, it will become €35, double what it is now.

The trouble is the fines are for all of France since it's a police matter. You can not fine someone in Paris for an amount A and someone elsewhere in France an amount B. That is illegal. So people living outside Paris will be paying enormous high fines to subsidize a project they will never benefit from. Or, they de-penalize parking fines and outsource it to private organizations, which will probably make fines even more expensive.

All in all, it really looks like this government does not know what to do. It's stumbling in the dark, bumping into objects while trying to find the bathroom and on the way, loose the content of their bladder. With all the rich people and celebrities fleeing the country because of ridiculous tax rates, with record unemployment, with companies closing down factories because of the power the unions have and the cost of having employees, the only thing successive governments will have left is higher and higher taxes. But I'm ranting....

So back to the subject. If they really want to make traffic fluid in Paris without major influx on money, all they need to do is promote motorcycles and scooters. Make more parking available in Paris, allow motorcycles to ride in the bus lanes and officially allow them to split lanes, and suddenly there's going to be less traffic jams, less pollution and a lot more happy people. But €30 BILLION is way to attractive a sum of money for some. Politicians need to think about their retirement too.


22 February, 2013 - France: Paris Mayor Elections - Anti-Motorcycle Candidate
Anne Hidalgo
France flag
The elections for the Parisian mayor will be held next year and already the battles have started. The current mayor Bertrand Delanoe, a man who has done a lot of things AGAINST the motorcycle world, is stepping down. Several candidates have declared themselves, and funny enough they are all women.

The biggest contender is Anne Hidalgo, the current 1st deputy mayor, and the person behind all the current mayor's anti-motorcycle movements.

Already she has mentioned in her programs that she's planning even more drastic measures to curb motorcycles inside Paris (aside from the older motorcycles not allowed in the city, requiring mandatory annual technical inspection of motorcycles, no using of bus lanes). One of her pet peeves is the fact that motorcycles take up parking spaces in Paris. She wants to limit the number of parking spaces allocated to bikes in the country's capital. And that when there's already not enough spaces, and motorcycles are no longer allowed to park on sidewalks...........

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28 November, 2012 - France: Hi-Viz Armband and Breathalyzers Law Suspended
Alcootel testing
France flag
Things always happen when governments change. One law made during the last government gets changed with the new one. And that is what happened here.

Two laws had been created by the previous conservative government, the mandatory wearing of 150 cm2 of high-visibility armband for motorcycle riders and the mandatory breathalyzer kit in your car or motorcycle. Both laws had been heavily criticized by associations and people alike. Even the European Commission intervened saying that the laws were illegal (see related below). And both laws have been suspended.

Here's what this is all about...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 November, 2012 - USA: Go And Vote! Now!
Biker Voting 2012
USA flag
Time for you to get on your motorcycle and vote. No matter who you support, you need to vote. Because if you don't, you're not allowed to bitch about the way things are.

And remember, whoever you vote for, also has an impact on the rest of the world.

Happy voting...


2 November, 2012 - France: Motophobic Mayor Wants To Cut Down All Traffic In Paris
France flag
The extreme motophobic and socialist mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, has often been heard about his views on cars and more importantly, motorcycles. He is the man that has started the rent-a-bicycle operations and now even has a rent-an-electric-car thing going in Paris. He has closed many of the lanes in Paris, dedicated them to bus (motorcycles are not allowed to take bus lanes) and he has placed an extensive tramway in the French capital, taking away more lanes in the process. There's also the eternal struggle to get parking spots, both for cars and motorcycles. There just isn't close enough to what is needed in terms of parking spots, but then it's a ticket bonanza for the city, reaping in fortunes for parking tickets. So you know why he's not creating more parking spaces.

But that's not enough for the Parisian mayor. He has now announced that he's going to go many steps further to eliminate traffic from one of world's most beautiful cities, and shortly one of world's most empty.


Motorcycles that are 10 years old or older will not be allowed into the city...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 October, 2012 - Motorcycle-Riding-Wheelchair-Bound Press Photographer - Respect
Wheelchair Photographer
Palestine flag
I've really got to give this guy a lot of respect. Knowing what it is like to be taking a lot of gear with you to take photos (like the recent Intermot), you are worn down to the bone. But this guy not only has to take all his gear with him, but also his wheelchair, and he has to hold on for dear life sitting behind the motorcycle. And then take photos in a war zone.



22 August, 2012 - How Not To Start A Kickstarter Motorcycle Project
Rockin Rebel Kickstarter
USA flag
Kickstarter and Fundable are great sites to help you create a motorcycle project with crowd-funding. Several good ideas have seen the light of day (including the reviewed Screaming Banshee horn) because of these websites that allow the general public to fund startups without taking equity. But people need get something in return for their money.

And that is where to problems lies with several of these ideas looking for money. You need to offer something valuable in return.

Take this project for example: Rockin' Rebel on Kickstarter is someone who makes beautiful wooden rocking chairs in the shape of a motorcycle. Really pretty... So you'd expect people to help this guy out by providing him with funds to get proper tools to make more of them. But at the time of writing this, he has gathered $200 of the $50,000 required, and only 8 days left.


......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


24 May, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Parking Becoming A Luxury
Ticketing clamped motorcycle
France flag
Living in a world dominated by socialists and left-wing green parties, plus an explosive growth of motorcycles and scooters in the big cities, can bring a lot of problems, and some of them are not that evident.

One of the biggest headaches for both bikers and city planners is that when the motorcycle market expands very rapidly, the problem is "where do you park your motorcycle?".

Some 15 years ago, it wasn't a problem. You could ride up to the sidewalk and park your bike there as long as you didn't hinder pedestrians. But then 1) the treehuggers came, 2) the socialsts started running Paris and 3) the number of motorcycles and scooters coming into the big cities exploded. In Paris, parking a motorcycle on the sidewalk, became illegal, though it had always been the case, but until now it was tolerated. No longer. Parking tickets, and even removals of "badly" parked bikes have become the norm.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 May, 2012 - France: The End Of The Road - For Me?
Francois Hollande
You may have heard it on the news, but France has a new government, and it doesn't look good. The country has gone from the right to the left, i.e., a socialist government.

The current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, had been trying hard to get rid of the debt left to him by previous socialist governments, and with the state of the world economic crisis, was having problems. This made him very unpopular, but that is always what happens when someone tries to solve difficult problems; they must make hard decisions and unless you run a dictatorship, the people will not like it. Unfortunately, he did not like motorcycles and their riders much either, so that was another strike against him, albeit a minor one for the majority of the population.

The new president of France, Francois Hollande, is a true-blooded socialist. Despite the country having an enormous debt, he has already promised to hire an extra 65,000 civil servants, to tax anyone earning over €1 million with a whopping 75% tax rate, to bring back the minimum retirement age from 62 to 60 (Sarkozy increased it since the retirement funds are going bankrupt), and to increase minimum wages. All that while there is no money.

So how is he going to do this? Unless he is Jesus, and can split bread in more and more parts, the only way is to increase further taxes, both revenue and corporate. He has also stated that he plans to un-hire, un-appoint, all appointments made by the previous government. Which means less and less companies will be coming to France. It'll mean an exodus of wealthy people and companies that are making profits. But at least, he has said he will not hinder immigrations, so we'll be getting plenty of folks from countries worse off than France. And then things will go belly-up and Greece will look like a well-run country compared to France.

But at least there's a positive side to this event; Francois Hollande is a biker; he rides scooters, and he does it a lot (just look at the photo at his left hand fingers, the mark of a veteran rider).

So at least, he knows what it is means being on two wheels, so hopefully he'll be more clement towards us.

So apart from the motorcycle side of things, economical and political things do not look good. The French have voted with their hearts, not their brains, and they'll pay for it later.

Anyone want to hire a motorcycle journalist who wants to live outside of France. Any honest proposition will be considered with care. Only places I'll not go and live is Nigeria (I lived there, don't want to again), Syria (for the time being) and possibly Sudan.


27 March, 2012 - France: Mandatory Audible White Lines
Scooter on white line
A strange law has recently passed here in France undetected, that does not have many applications, but can cause harm to motorcycle riders.

It's a law applied to statistics that have been liberally analyzed, and has so many escape clauses that it'll not be applied in many areas.

Your government at work for you, spending you money....


29 February, 2012 - The Netherlands: How Not To Launch A Motorcycle Smartphone App
KNMV Weather App
The Dutch motorcycle association, KNMV, has launched an app for motorcycle riders for iPhone and Android devices that will tell you if the weather is good for riding your motorcycle.

So far, so good. The app is free, but only for members (you need to enter your membership number to activate). That is bad!! For an official organization that looks after the motorcycle world in The Netherlands, something like this should be available to all bikers, not just members.

It's self-serving, and not in the interest of the motorcycle world.


18 January, 2012 - Fight SOPA! Do Your Bit Now. Here Is How
SOPA Strike
The proposed bill in the USA, called SOPA, is the biggest threat to the internet which we have seen since the internet started. SOPA will allow companies to shutdown websites, like this one, without a proper and legal due process. Targeted sites will not be able to defend themselves, and you will see many sites disappear.

You can do something about it! Whether you live in the USA, or in another country, here is how to act, and here is what you can do! #SOPASTRIKE Stop #SOPA


6 December, 2011 - France: President Sarkozy Does Not Like Bikers
Breathalyzers bag
President Nicolas Sarkozy has last week declared war on many things, but most importantly, on motorcycle riders.

He has announced several drastic, and often stupid, measures, like mandatory breathalyzers in every car in France starting next spring..

But the worst was his statement on motorcycle riders. He's convinced that bikers are the reason so many people die on the French roads. He calls them "Human Bombs"!!


21 November, 2011 - New York: Judge Approves Discrimination Against Motorcycles
New York Police Scooter Runs Over Guy
A judge has decreed that the New York police are allowed to discriminate against motorcycle riders.

It's in our own interest! And then they wonder why judges, politicians and cops are so unpopular.

Time for judges and cops to get their collective heads out of each other's asses.


1 September, 2011 - TomTom LIVE: Good Idea, But Very Dangerous
TomTom Live Search and Go
A very dangerous idea coming from TomTom. The Dutch GPS manufacturer has released a new service, called Search & Go LIVE, it allows the TomTom GPS to connect to the internet (like Twitter and Expedia) on the go...

In other words, more distractions for car drivers, and more motorcycle accidents because a SUV was playing with the GPS while driving.



21 June, 2011 - Europe: Confusion With Motorcycle Licenses
French driving license
ACEM logo
ACEM are pointing out some facts about the unified European motorcycle license that is going wrong in Europe.

What is supposed to be a uniform motorcycle training and license, is becoming chaotic, and member states are doing whatever they want to do, with some very damaging consequences.


20 May, 2011 - France: What Does It Mean That The Radar Signs Are Going?
Radar Photographed Sign
With the abolishing of radar warning signs in France, what does this mean for us motorcycle riders?


21 April, 2011 - France: Government Withdraws From Motorcycle Rest Stops
Relais Calmos 27
FFMC logo
The French government, like all governments, speaks with two (at least) tongues.....

On one side they are reprimanding motorcycle riders for not being safe, and on the other, they have withdrawn their financial support for the motorcycle rests tops (Relais Motard Calmos) at the big motorcycle events. In other words, give us your money because you are not safe, but keep riding without stopping, and kill yourselves.

Is there any government out there that does a proper job?


7 April, 2011 - France: More Troubles Looming For Motorcycles
Big License Plate Suzuki
It's a week where it seems that the French government has latched onto the motorcycle world trying to score political brownie points for the upcoming presidential elections.

This time their latest brainchild is to enlarge motorcycle license plates.


29 March, 2011 - France: Minister Holds Motorcycle Safety Meeting Without Bikers
Protest ride
The New Minister of Interior for France held a meeting about motorcycle "safety" (read "how to get more money out of motorcycle riders"), and invited the whole world ... except the FFMC - the association for motorcycle riders - an association for the defense of biker rights.

They are planning to get even stricter with bikers, and will try anything in their power to bleed us dry. It's got nothing to do with safety, and all to do with money.


10 February, 2011 - Price Hikes For Raw Material: Expensive Motorcycles?
Extra fuel on motorcycle
Prices are going up, and will not come down anymore. And it's not just petrol, though we'll be seeing enormous price hikes win before the end of 2012, with peak oil production being reach by the end of next year.

Other raw materials, like rubber are going to go through the roof. Already most tire manufacturers have announced price hikes of 8%, and more to come.

But iron is going up 30% this year. Our beloved motorcycles are going to be more expensive to buy, and much more expensive to run.


16 December, 2010 - France: Government Selling DMV Data To 3rd Parties?
Carte Gris
The French latest trampling over civil rights comes under the banner "security".

Their latest law allows the government to sell DMV data (car/motorcycle registration data) to 3rd parties. Not only will you be telemarkeded to death, but now the criminals will know what expensive vehicles you have. The DMV data will become a shopping list of thieves.


23 November, 2010 - Motorcycle Dealers: End Of The Road?
Future Electric Motorcycle Dealer
Electric motorcycle vending machine
With the upcoming electric motorcycle craze, with prizes going down and specifications going up, will the traditional motorcycle dealer survive the next 10 years.

Already, electric motorcycles are being sold in areas that traditional motorcycles are not. The obvious one, Brammo and BestBuy, but we also see the first all electric motorcycle dealers coming to town.

So is this the end of an era?


22 September, 2010 - Bajaj, Kawasaki and KTM: A (Un)Holy Threesome?
KTM Bajaj Kawasaki Love
Volkswagen Bajaj Logo Love
Bajaj, KTM and Kawasaki are in an ideal position to join forces to conquer the motorcycle world. They are all already tied up in some shape or another, and could complement each other in the global market place, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Add to that the fact that Volkswagen is on the motorcycle manufacturer trail, look at the Bajaj logo and the Volkswagen logo, and we might just end up with world's largest motorcycle manufacturer: VolksKawaBajKTM (or whatever the name).

Here's a short analysis.


26 July, 2010 - Europe: FEMA Against Europe’s Motorcycle Safety Proposals
FEMA logo
FEMA are opposed to the ridiculous recommendations made by the European Commission to make our European roads safer, specially for motorcycles.

In essence, the EC wants you to pay much more for buying your motorcycle, not allow you to put after--market stuff on it, and basically make your life as miserable as passible so that you give up motorcycle altogether, and follow the masses.

And to think we paid for that.....


12 April, 2010 - The Way The Motorcycle Industry Should Treat The Internet
Fiat Yamaha Team logo
David Emmett from is a lucky man, and here's why.


1 April, 2010 - Trusting Authorities With Tickets
Laser Gun Slovenia
My question is "do we trust authorities that hand out tickets & fines"?

It's one thing if you know you were wrong, but if you can't remember???

Here are two recent examples where the authorities were totally wrong (and will not admit it).

Money talks....


11 March, 2010 - France: Ruling Political Party Chairman Caught Speeding, Blames Everyone Else
France Article
Xavier Bertrand UMP
The chairman of the ruling party in France got caught speeding, 140 kph in a 90 kph zone... enough for a loss of license and impounding his car...

He blames the radar, the driver and the cops who caught him.... not his fault.

Poor guy....


10 March, 2010 - France: Regional Elections, Politicians And Motorcycles
Opinion Article
France Anti Motorcycle
The French regional elections are to be held next week, and the three main motorcycle organizations have sent all candidates an 8 questionnaire, asking them for their position towards motorcycles.

Sad.... a quarter of politicians responded, the green party want to kill all bikers, and the rest are not interested.... sad.


19 February, 2010 - France: Getting Ugly, Time To Immigrate?
Yesterday the French government announced a new series of repressive measures towards vehicles in general, and motorcycle specifically!

Time to look for another country?


16 December, 2009 - Sons of Anarchy And The Golden Globes
Sons of Anarchy Katey Sagal
Big award programs, like the upcoming Golden Globe, Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA, never award a TV series like Sons of Anarchy.

But why? SoA is excellent drama, the way Hollywood should make for-adults entertainment. They deserve more than anyone else the recognition. But it'll not happen... ever!


14 May, 2009 - 125s: What The Difference A Few Years Make
It used to be that a 125 cc motorcycle looked and felt like a 125 cc motorcycle (see left photo).

But nowadays, it's very difficult to see the difference between a 125 and a real "bigger brother" motorcycle. Look at the differences between these two Yamahas: one is a 125 the other a R6!


27 April, 2009 - Suzuki Gives Jay Leno A GSX-R1000 Motorcycle
Jay Leno and his new Suzuki GSX-R1000
Suzuki logo
Good old Suzuki North America "gives" a free GSX-R1000 motorcycle to Jay Leno.

The gift is because he's done so much for motorcycles in the US. But here's a man richer than God, with more motorcycle in his garage than most big motorcycle dealers have in their showroom.....

Not fair... but good for him..


30 March, 2009 - How Trustworthy Are Speed Cameras?
More and more stories are coming out of people receiving speeding tickets for offenses they never committed.

Several of them are clear, like this lady whose car was PARKED, and are others in different countries.

It's obvious that the technology they use for speed radars are not to be trusted. But why do the authorities keep stating that their machines are flawless?

Answer: MONEY!


9 February, 2009 - France: Massive Motorcycle Protest Planned For March
Protest ride
FFMC logo
The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) are organizing on 21 and 22 March a massive motorcycle protest ride.

The protest is about technical inspections, on request by LEOs without any reason, and all fees will need to be paid by you, even if your motorcycle is conform the rules.

Technical inspections will be conducted by people with no motorcycle training or knowledge, simple car mechanics.

This stinks.....


6 February, 2009 - Jeremy Clarkson Strikes Again
News Article
Opinion Article
Jeremy Clarkson is at it again, insulting the whole world and his dog. Nothing is sacred for him, and he might just have passed all levels of decency.

He called the UK Prime Minister a "Scottish one eye idiot", referring to Gordon Brown's handicap (he has only one eye). He also said it didn't matter if the French motorcycle stuntmen died, since they were only French. Further, he called his fans "apes".

His brand of "humor" is getting worse. He is very popular, and you should see his "prose" as entertainment, but these things just can't be said.


9 January, 2009 - Critics And The Dakar Race
Thierry Sabine Foundation Maternity school
Dakar logo
Despite being a very popular race for motorcycles and cars, almost in any country of the world, there are always groups of people who want the race stopped.

In most cases, these people are ill-informed about the race and its economical and ecological impact in the region.

Time to take stock!


30 December, 2008 - Motorcycle Predictions 2009: Crystal Ball Time
I try to gaze in a crystal ball after all the Christmas food, and stuffed as I am, I've come to some conclusions.

It's a bit gloomy next year..... bummer. Why do I listen to myself?


10 December, 2008 - No More European Motorcycles In The USA?
US Europe Beef dispute
American Motorcycle Association (AMA) logo
Because of a beef dispute between Europe and the USA, it might become impossible to buy an Europe motorcycle shortly. The US Government is looking at hiking the import duty on European motorcycle to 100%! Meaning your Ducati, BMW, Aprilia et al, will cost you double.

Not good....


8 December, 2008 - New Ticketing System For Europe And The USA: Beware!
Opinion Article
News Article
Europe is spending US$ 10 million to develop a RFID based ticketing system.

Currently Finland, Germany and France are testing the system on commercial vehicles, but for sure, we'll be seeing this system shortly mandatory on our motorcycles.

What it means, for example, if you're too close to another vehicle, you automatically get fined for tailgating....

Big brother too the extreme...


21 October, 2008 - Australia Deploys Noise Cameras
Australian Noise Camera
In Australia, the local government in New South Wales have started installing noise cameras.

These cameras will take a 10 second clip of your motorcycle, video and audio, and fine you for excessive noise.

Looks more like a system that is going to cause problems for many, even those without a loud motorcycle.


15 October, 2008 - UK: Turn Off Streetlights - Smart?
Street Lights
In the UK, the savants are looking at cutting CO2 emissions by switching off streetlights between midnight and 5 in the morning.

What they save in CO2, the gain in dead people, with motorcycles and pedestrians crashes.

Smart move...


1 October, 2008 - UK: Speeding Riders To Be Banned On 2nd Offence
Speeding motorcycle
The UK government, in their "wisdom" are planning to ban anyone who gets caught speeding for a 2nd time.

It's not even 3 strikes you're out, it's 2. Even if you're speeding on your motorcycle on a motorway, and get photographed twice, on the same stretch.. you're out!

When will this madness end?


25 September, 2008 - Europe 2011: All New Vehicles To Have DRL
European logo
The European Commission (with agreement of the European Motorcycle association FEMA) have announced that as off 2011, all cars must have Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

It's a blow for motorcycle safety, since until now, in most European countries, it was the fact that motorcycles had their lights on during the day that enabled us to be seen by cars. Now, despite the fact that the lights are "special", our safety margin has diminished.


17 September, 2008 - The Netherlands: More Taxes For Motorcycles
The Joker
The Dutch Government has had it with motorcycles. They are going to dramatically increase the road tax for motorcycles starting next year.

Each year, they are planning to pile on more taxes, year after year.

Will someone please pull their finger out of the dike...


16 September, 2008 - UK: Motorists Are Major Cash-Cows
Cash cow
The UK government is in trouble, and are looking at generating more money. Tag ... you're it!

They are looking at taxing you for taking out your motorcycle on a "pay-as-you-use-it" basis, with penalties for using it for short distances!

Bring back the guillotine!


15 September, 2008 - Europe Mobility Week: Motorcycles Are A Problem, Not A Solution
FEMA logo
European logo
FEMA have rightfully pulled an alarm bell!

In the European Mobility Week (designed to promote better transportation in cities), motorcycles are seen as a problem, not a solution. This is dangerous, since eventually the politicians are going to outlaw motorcycles!!!!

Read the article, and at the bottom is an email form you can fill in and start asking questions!


5 September, 2008 - So? What Did You Think Of Anarchy?
Statistics Article
After the first episode of Sons of Anarchy, I really would like to know what you though.

Here's a single question survey, so it will not take more than 5 seconds of your time.


29 July, 2008 - Bikers: We Do Not Like You, But Give Us Your Money
Opinion Article
MotoGP logo
The town leaders of the city of Speedway, the city hosting September's Indianapolis MotoGP race, want your money. But they don't want your noise.

So they are voting a new ordinance that will prevent you from revving up your motorcycle engine. The law is squarely aimed at motorcycles, not cars.

They don't deserve the MotoGP race! If bikers will not come to see the race, they will not need to vote on new discriminating laws.


11 July, 2008 - Harley Davidson and MV Agusta: Marriage Made In Hell?
Harley-Davidson logo
MV Agusta logo
So Harley-Davidson and MV Agusta are getting married, and they haven't even been engaged.

To me, here on the sidelines, it looks like a marriage made in hell. What can Agusta bring to Harley? Harley is already on shaky financial grounds. Someone with a double PhD in economics please explain....


11 June, 2008 - Spain: Motorcycle Rules Going The French Way?
Opinion Article
Politics Article
Just when Spain was showing the way in pro-motorcycle attitudes, they throw in a spanner into the works.

The Spanish government are looking into limiting the horsepower of a motorcycle to 100 hp, the same way they are in France.

It's stupid, and does not serve any purpose apart from emotional ones.


19 May, 2008 - The Real Problem With The Price Of Fuel
Broken leg on motorcycle
With rising fuel prices, many people are flocking to the local motorcycle dealer to buy cheap motorcycles and scooters.

This is bad! Really bad for us! Here's why...


15 April, 2008 - The Dangers Off Not Recalling: Manufacturers At Fault
Front tire damaged KTM
Many of us think that if there's a known problem with your motorcycle, that the manufacturer will do anything in their power to contact you and repair your issue, especially when your safety and life is at risk....

Well... you're wrong! Not all manufacturers make sure that their recalls are heard by all. Some don't say anything. Some say the minimum. At least in some countries, there are central databases that you can check, but many countries don't even have that.

Here's an example of what can happen. The story has an happy end...


8 April, 2008 - Assen Motorcycle Race Circuit Downsizing
Assen TT
TT Assen Logo
The TT-Assen motorcycle race circuit have caved in to demands from the locals! The organizers have scrapped 20 races so far, most of them were motorcycles using standard street legal pipes!!

1) how dare people complain about motorcycle noise on a circuit when the circuit was there before they were even borne. 2) why does the Dutch authority want to stop folks using the circuit to race ? Would they prefer them to race on the streets? 3) why did the TT-Assen organizers cave in so quickly?

The MotoGP and Superbike races are not cancelled, but that will not take long before they are....!


3 March, 2008 - New York Continues To Discriminate Towards Motorcycles
Opinion Article
Politics Article
The New York Police department (NYPD) have decided that despite a federal law, no motorcycles are allowed in HOV lanes.

The reason. Simple... they disagree with giving bikers that right!

So if I understand it right, if you disagree with a law, you can ignore it?? Right ???


29 January, 2008 - Now The Dutch Want To Force DRL
Daylight Running Light
The cloggy (Dutch) government wants to force cars to run their lights during daytime (DRL) in order to save 30 lives per year.

Car driver lives, not motorcycle rider lives.... how many motorcycle riders need to die before they notice the imbalance?


4 January, 2008 - Is The Dakar Rally Doomed?
Dakar logo
The cancellation of the 2008 Dakar race on it's own is bad enough, not just for us viewers, but specially for the participants, sponsors, media and organizers.

But has this set a dangerous precedent? Can these ass-wipe terrorists now start treating all large sport events?


20 December, 2007 - Ducati’s Pierre Terblanche Leaves!
Pierre Terblanche
Ducati logo
The famous motorcycle designer, Pierre Terblanche, has resigned and left Ducati. After CEO Minoli's departure, this is the number 2 guy, head of the Design department, who has left.

Can Ducati live on with their top dogs leaving?

This is worrying....


20 November, 2007 - Motorcycles Cause Cancer?
Motorcycle Cancer book
There's a book out that states that riding a motorcycle MIGHT cause cancer due to low frequency radiation from the engine.

What do you think? Possible? ...


9 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Opinion Article
With the EICMA 2007 exhibition now over (for me at least), here's what I saw good and bad with regards to the show itself (not the motorcycles, since any motorcycle is good for me).

In other words, here's my chance to strike back... ;-)


26 October, 2007 - Melbourne, Australia: The Next Motorcycle Unfriendly City?
Melbourne Parking Ban
It looks like Melbourne, Australia is the next city to become motorcycle unfriendly.

They're about to decide to ban motorcycles and scooters from parking on the sidewalk!

You can still act, but do it now!


13 September, 2007 - This Motorcycle News Site To Disappear?
This Site Article
Opinion Article
This motorcycle news site is about to disappear! And many of you are the reason why it is going to go of the "net".

If you like this site, read on to find out why!


24 January, 2007 - Anti Motorcycles Laws Down Under
Politics Article
Our fellow motorcycle riders in Queensland, Australia are facing a tough new law starting July, forcing them to ride a car for one year before being allowed to pass a motorcycle test. Have they gone bonkers down under ?


19 September, 2006 - Speed Radars and the Next Generation
Sagem Mesta 2000
The latest technology has been introduced to the new generation speeding radars.

Smaller, faster, more accurate, when will this end ??


31 July, 2006 - Paris Mayor Has Motorcycle-phobia
France Article
Politics Article
The idiot mayor of Paris has decided that on high pollution days, motorcycles can only go into the city on alternate days !

He's stated that motorcycles pollute between 3 and 122 times more than cars !!


25 July, 2006 - Getting Worse in France !
France Article
Politics Article
The French government is stepping up their efforts to enrichen themselves (they say it's for your own safety). More radars, no more warning, average speeds calculated on autoroutes, etc etc. Living hell !!! Vive La Revolution !


4 July, 2006 - Does Your Personality Change On Your Motorcycle ?
Statistics Article
Does your personality change when you ride your motorcycle ? That's a question Thomas at Unicornadventurers asked in his blog. I know I do, but what about you ?

Take this one question survey. Results will be published in August.


15 June, 2006 - Has There Been Only One Motorcycle Accident ?
Opinion Article
Just because one, famous American football player (Ben Roethlisberger) has had a motorcycle accident, the media has not stopped writing about it for days. It is totally overshadowing all other stories. Get a life !!


15 May, 2006 - Respect ! David Barr
David Barr on a motorcycle
David Barr has two amputated legs, and still managed to ride his Harley motorcycle around the world. Does that not deserve respect ?

And he hasn't stopped after the RTW, he's still doing mad challenges which most mere mortals wouldn't even think about.


5 April, 2006 - Excellent Document From ACEM
ACEM's Guidelines for Powered Two-Wheelers - Safer Road Design in Europe
ACEM published a new document today, that not only all governments should read, but all motorcycle riders as well.

Meant for the governments of this world, as a rider you can learn a lot.


16 December, 2005 - Are There Problems With The Motorcycle GPS - TomTom Rider ?
TomTom Rider
The first few motorcyclists have bought their TomTom RIDER GPS. This specific motorcycle GPS looked like the solution to all our problems, but is it ??

The first reviews are in, and not all are positive.


14 November, 2005 - How Safe Are Motorcycle Airbag Vests ?
AireTronics Motorcycle Airbag vest
How safe are airbag vests for motorcycles ?


16 July, 2005 - Shoot The Biker Game - Real Life
Opinion Article
The ad game, shoot the biker, reported earlier has come true in real life.


1 July, 2005 - Motorcycle Pollution - Paris Study
Smoking motorcycle
A French report shows motorcycle pollution can be 25 higher than that of cars. WTF?


6 May, 2005 - Dying Biker’s Motorcycle Stolen
News Article
Thieves steal a dying biker's motorcycle!


12 April, 2005 - Anti-Motorcycle Ad - Shameful
Anti motorcycle ad
Fastclick is running an anti-motorcycle ad !


14 March, 2005 - Why Suffer Just Because We Ride Motorcycles ?
Opinion Article
A rant about the after-sales service of all motorcycle manufacturers.


11 March, 2005 - Paris To Forbid Motorcycles ?
France Article
Politics Article
The Paris City Hall is planning to outlaw all motorcycles in the city !


28 January, 2005 - Mob Lynches Motorcycle Thief
News Article
A motorcycle thief is hacked to death.


24 January, 2005 - Discrimination -Motorcyclist Perception By General Public
Conference Room Parking
Woes of trying to get a good hotel while travelling on a motorcycle.


23 December, 2004 - Back From Florida - Motorcycle Europe vs USA
Opinion Article
Back from Florida with two motorcycle questions in my mind.


15 December, 2004 - Motorcycle Safety - Useful website
Motorcycle safety is always on my mind, so I'm glad I got this product.


9 December, 2004 - Female Motorcyclists - The Paper
Web Article
Opinion Article
After the flood of emails that Carla has received about Females and Motorcycles, here is the paper that was submitted.

Download in Adobe Acrobat.


24 November, 2004 - Saving 25,000 Motorcycle Lives
Statistics Article
A new European plan to save 25,000 motorcycle lives !


15 October, 2004 - New Proposed European Motorcycle License
News Article
The European Commission is proposing some stupid new motorcycle license laws !!!


14 October, 2004 - BUMMER - Stupid Motorcycle Awareness Campaign
A stupid motorcycle awareness, anti-speeding campaign in the UK.


1 June, 2004 - Nigerian 419 Scammers Hitting Motorcycle Industry
Web Article
Nigerian 419 Scammers are trying to scam themselves into the motorcycle industry.


11 May, 2004 - MotoGP Still Far To Go
News Article
Schumaker wins over Rossi the Laureus Sportsman of the Year award.


2 April, 2004 - Motorcycles in the Movies
This Site Article
More and more movies have motorcycles in them.


28 March, 2004 - How Not To Sell A Motorcycle Via The Internet
Opinion Article
Here's how NOT to sell your motorcycle on the internet. An incredible case study.


23 February, 2004 - Manufacturers as Seen by the French Motorcycle Dealers
France Article
The motorcycle manufacturers' graded according to their dealers in France.


17 March, 2003 - Biker Protest
Protest ride
Here's what a motorcycle protest ride looks like taken from within the protest ride.


9 March, 2003 - Great Idea for Hotels


27 February, 2003 - First Blog on the New Site


26 February, 2003 - Biker Parents Name Their Child - PIG !


20 February, 2003 - Looks Like a Good Things is Turning in to a Bad Thing !


4 February, 2003 - Have An Accident ?? Your Organs Will Be Harvested !!!


4 February, 2003 - Here’s Something to Sober You Up


28 January, 2003 - London Mayor Scares Bikers


15 January, 2003 - Bad Biker Image Makes Organizers Move Bike Show



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