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25 August, 2015 - Piaggio: Orange Is The New Black
Piaggio Vietnam Orange New Black
Vietnam flag
#Piaggio #Vietnam - Looking at what is rolling out of Piaggio's scooter factory in Vietnam, you'd say that all new motorcycles are going to be orange, because as we all know, orange is the new black.


18 August, 2015 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Tilting Doll
Ad Piaggio Tilting Doll
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #MP3 #Advertisement - Funny. You know Piaggio's MP3 scooter, the three wheel scooter that can tilt because the front wheels have independent suspensions? You can ride over a sidewalk with only one wheel, and still not fall.

Obviously Piaggio also thought it's a pretty cool system, so they brought out this print advertisement back in 2010. It's kind of funny, since it does look like the MP3 motorcycle riders are a bit like titling dolls.


27 February, 2015 - Review: 2015 Piaggio MP3 500 ABS ASR - The Ultimate Evolution?
Review 2015 Piaggio MP3 500
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #MP3 - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 Piaggio MP3 500 ABS ASR - The Ultimate Evolution?


16 February, 2015 - Food Truck? We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Food Truck! We’ll Ape It
Ape Romeo
Italy flag
There are cities in the world that can not accommodate food trucks as we see in some major cities (and movies). But they can handle Piaggio Apes, who have been designed to navigate the small and narrow streets of cities like Rome. There is even a Michelin-starred chef running one of these street food motorcycles. Hungry? You will be when you see their photos.


11 March, 2014 - Review: Piaggio Fly 125 3V - Chic and Low Cost Scooter
Review 2014 Piaggio Fly 125
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #Scooter- A detailed review of the 2014 Piaggio Fly 125 3V scooter, a chic and low cost scooter.


20 February, 2014 - Review: Piaggio X10 125 - The Biggest of Small Scooters
Review Piaggio X10 125
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Scooter #Review - A detailed review and test of the Piaggio X10 125 scooter - the biggest of small scooters.


18 December, 2013 - Review: Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 ie LT
Review piaggio mp3 yourban 300 ie lt
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #Yourban - A detailed review of the three wheel scooter from Piaggio, the Yourban; a 300 cc urban wonder.


5 September, 2013 - Piaggio Electric Scooter - PAM
Piaggio PAM Electric scooter
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Electric #Scooter - Piaggio, an enormous motorcycle conglomerate which includes brands like Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, is known to be innovative. Just look at their MP3 three wheel scooter. Many manufacturers are now copying the innovative designs from the Italian company.

Now Piaggio have released a prototype, more a design/concept of an electric scooters that looks like a winner. Called PAM (Personal Advanced Mobility), the electric scooter is partially enclosed (like the doomed BMW C1), photovoltaic solar panels, a Heads Up Display, a GPS and even airbags...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


22 January, 2013 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 and Lions
Piaggio MP3 Lion
Piaggio logo
I don't know about you, but there's no way in hell I'll be riding a Piaggio MP3 scooter, or even a super fast motorcycle alongside any lions. So I'm a bit amazed at this advertisement from Piaggio. With a copy line that says "So stable, you'll think it's a car", just because the scooter is more stable than traditional 2 wheelers, doesn't mean that it's safer?


2 August, 2012 - iPhone Connected Piaggio Scooters
Piaggio PMP/iPhone
Piaggio logo
Piaggio released an optional kit for their X10 series of scooters that allows you to hook up your iPhone (and shortly Android) smartphone to your scooter, which will then tell you, without wires, all your telemetric data, like speed, fuel consumption, battery, when to replace your tires, tire pressure and if you have a GPS/Navigation unit app installed, where to go to get fuel, since it knows when you are running out.

With a large number of extra functions, like your owner manual, downloadable telemetric data and others, you'll not need the old fashion onboard dashboard.

We might even find the Piaggio PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) on Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa models in the near future. How cool is that?

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 February, 2012 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Slippery When Wet
Piaggio MP3 Slippery When Wet Israel
Piaggio logo
Pretty good print advertisement for Piaggio MP3 scooter. According to the ad, you are safer on the MP3 than when walking on slippery roads, thanks to the three wheels.

Ad was done in Israel by Adler Chomsky Grey. Not a bad image, it says it all.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Police Confiscate Motorcycles
Eicma Police Remove Piaggio Rip Offs
Eicma Police Remove Piaggio Rip Offs
The Chinese manufacturers are known to rip-off copies of almost anything under the sun, and fake motorcycles are the norm there. But they are becoming more and more brazen about their rip-offs, so much so that they actually tried to market their fake Piaggio MP3 scooters at Eicma.

Piaggio pressed charges during the Eicma exhibition, and the police came and took away the fake models.


14 September, 2011 - India: Piaggio To Re-Launch Vespa And Others
Vespa logo
Piaggio is planning to re-enter the Indian market (for a third time). Three times lucky?

This time they're opening a factory, and plan to start selling Vespa scooters next year. Their other brands will hopefully follow, with Aprilia (already being sold a little), Guzzi and Gilera.


7 June, 2010 - The Piaggio Scooter Museum
Scooter Airplane
Vespa Transport
Here's a photographic visit to the Piaggio Museum in Italy, a place not only full of Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera scooters, but also other "strange" and wonderful vehicles.

A worthwhile visit...


18 March, 2010 - Piaggio Sets Up Shop In Vietnam
Piaggio Vietnam Factory
Piaggio logo
Piaggio/Vespa have stopped production in Singapore, and set up shop, or should I say, factory, in Vietnam.

Piaggio are getting ready to tap into the major Asian market with small scooters and motorcycles.


23 September, 2008 - France: No Motorcycle License For MP3 250 and 400
Piaggio MP3 400 Scooter
In France you are allowed to ride a 125cc motorcycle or scooter if you have a car license for at least 2 years. Anything above 125cc takes ages and hard effort to get a license for.

But as off next month, people without a motorcycle license are allowed to ride the Piaggio MP3 250 and 400 cc scooters.


27 August, 2008 - Piaggio To Buy Airline? Motorcycles Not Enough!
Piaggio logo
Alitalia logo
Piaggio is joining an Italian group that is going to bail out the Italian Airline, Alitalia.

The motorcycle consortium's CEO is marked to become the CEO of the troubled airline.


1 February, 2008 - First 3-Wheel Scooter Taxi Comes To Paris
NIP Bike logo
Another motorcycle/scooter taxi company has started in Paris. Called NIP Bike Urban Transport, they used the Piaggio 400cc MP3 scooter.

Nice, cheap(ish) and fast.


20 August, 2007 - Create A Video, Win A Vespa Scooter
Piaggio logo
Vespa logo
Piaggio USA are running a contest. Create a video showing Vespa in a positive light for global warming, and you can win a .... Vespa.

Grab your camera, and start shooting. You've got 2 months.


6 June, 2007 - Renting A MP3 Scooter At Paris
Piaggio MP3 scooter
If you need to travel to Paris, France by airplane, you'll probably will want to go downtown with a two-wheeler, since traffic is terrible.

But how about going on three wheels ??

There's a company in Orly that rents out Piaggio MP3 scooters!

€89 per day, unlimited mileage.... off you go!


29 June, 2006 - Vespa/Piaggio and the USA
This Site Article
Statistics Article
Found an interesting website belonging to Piaggio (Vespa) USA. It's not a sales site, but a lobby site. There, they're lobbying for more parking space in the USA for scooters and motorcycles.


15 August, 2004 - Italian Wedding - Piaggio and Aprilia
News Article
The Piaggio Group are planning to eat up Aprilia for lunch. Wedding Italian style envisaged.


4 August, 2004 - Motorcyclists Work Better - Study
Statistics Article
According to Piaggio group study, motorcycle riders are happier at work than cage drivers.

Ya think?


28 July, 2004 - Sophisticated Scooter - Piaggio X9
Piaggio X9 Dashboard
Piaggio have come out with a high tech scooter, the X9.


17 September, 2003 - Milan: Gilera Announces Automatic Transmission Motorcycle - Ferro
Gilera Ferro
Gilera announced the Ferro


28 January, 2003 - Commuters, Piaggio & Sheep



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