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13 July, 2015 - France: Motorcycle Lobby Group Asks For Speed Reduction!
FFMC Le Mans Radar Warning
France flag
#France #FFMC @SpeedLimits - The French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is asking for a speed limit reduction from 90 kph to 70 kph in an area that has become dangerous for motorcyclists.


2 July, 2015 - USA: Bikers Against Flag Burning
Bikers Against Flag Burning
USA flag
#USA #FlagBurningNotCool - It looks like some misguided individuals want to disarm the New York police (probably sponsored by the local Mafia), and to force them to do this, they planned to burn the flag. Thankfully, a motorcycle club decided to stop this.


26 February, 2015 - France: Fight The Paris Old Motorcycle Ban - Sign The Petition
FFMC Paris Ban Petition
FFMC logo
#FFMC #Ban #Petition - The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) has put up a petition against the ban of old motorcycles to access Paris. Three fields to enter, 10 second of work. Please sign and pass to as many people as you can. Thank you.


13 February, 2015 - Brazil: Motorcycle Delivery Bikers Protests
Rio Motorcycle Delivery Protest
Brazil flag
#Brazil #MotoBoys #Delivery - It looks like the motorcycle delivery boys & girls in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil don't like the heavy-handed police approach towards them. Motoboys as they are called, went on a protest ride.


9 February, 2015 - France: The Anti-Motorcycle-Ban Protest Ride In Paris
FFMC Paris Protest
FFMC logo
On Sunday, the FFMC organized protest ride against the motorcycle ban for bikes older than the year 2000 from entering in Paris was followed by some 4000 bikers. Here is what happened.


7 February, 2015 - France: The Year 2000 Motorcycle Ban Gets Worse, Much Worse
Marie Antoinette
France flag
The ban on motorcycles built before the yer 2000 is bad, but it's worse, much worse. Already the Parisian police have vetoed the Monday 9th protest while the law is being voted, and this Mayor of Paris has already said she wants to ban in the year 2020 all motorcycles built before 2015. Yes, you read that right, 2015.


3 February, 2015 - Paris: Biker Protest Ride Against Ban On Old Motorcycles
Paris Biker Protest 201404
FFMC logo
The French Federation of Angry Bikers to organizing a protest ride this February 8th against the ban for ail motorcycle built before the year 2000 from entering Paris. This should be a massively followed ride, blocking the whole city.


1 December, 2014 - USA: Ferguson Protests - Both Side With Motorcycles - Photos
Ferguson Protests
USA flag
#Ferguson #Protests - Here are several photos of the Ferguson protests in the USA seen from both sides of the law. Well, one side is the law. So the law and the protesters use motorcycles. A novel way of slowing down the motorcycle police....


24 November, 2014 - Mexico: Use Motorcycles As Riot Barricade?
Mexico Riot Motorcycle Blockade
Mexico flag
#Mexico #Riots - Doesn't make sense to me. Using motorcycles as barricades during riots. They should be ashamed.


21 October, 2014 - Hong Kong: Police Is Not Very Nice Towards Motorcycles
Hong Kong Motorcycle Removal
Hong Kong flag
It looks like the police in Hong Kong are not very nice and tender towards motorcycles. Just look at the way they are removing that motorcycle. Poor bike, it's going to get crushed. With an attitude towards defenseless motorcycles like that, imagine how they are towards protestors.


2 May, 2014 - Venezuela: Motorcycle Used As Paddy Wagon, Again
Venezuela Paddy Wagon 201404
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Police #Riots - Second time we see the police using their motorcycles to arrest and take away protestors instead of using paddy wagons. No money?


14 April, 2014 - France: Nationwide Protest Against Lowering Of Speed Limits
Le Havre Protest 201404
France flag
#France #Protests - The French motorcyclists, supported by car drivers, went on protest rides throughout the country. They are protesting the proposed lowering of the speed limit on secondary roads from 90 to 80.

A measure not to reduce road fatalities, but to increase the dwindling number of speeding tickets.


3 February, 2014 - Venezuela: Another Crazy Anti-Motorcycle Law
Venezuela Protest 201401
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Protest - Another country, another stupid law - Venezuela wants to ban motorcycle riding at night!! Massive protests ensue.


27 January, 2014 - Philippines: Protest Against License-Plates-On-Vest Law - Crazy
Philippines Motorcycle Protest 2014
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Protest - The Philippines is seeing a massive motorcycle protest for a very good reason: mandatory wearing of your motorcycle license plate on your jacket. CRAZY.


10 January, 2014 - Thailand: Riot Police Beat The Living Crap Out Of A Motorcycle
Thai Riot Police Hits Motorcycle
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Police #Violence - The poor motorcycle! What did he ever do to that policeman. The cop is beating the living daylights out of the motorcycle, and the bike is not even moving but down for the count. Poor bike.


17 December, 2013 - Thailand: Good Use Of Motorcycles During Protests
Bangkok Motorcycle Protest
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Protests - The good folks in Thailand have understood how to properly use motorcycles during their protests. They can edge the bikes forward and then block all traffic... effective.


6 December, 2013 - Egypt: Watch It, Do Not Burn Yourself
Burning Tires Egypt
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Riots - Doesn't really look like fun & games to me.


5 December, 2013 - Yemen: 15 Day Motorcycle Ban Turns Into Major Riots
Yemen Motorcycle Ban and Riots
Yemen flag
#Yemen #Riots #Protests - A 15 day motorcycle ban resulted in major riots in Yemen, but still a lot of motorcycles got taken off the streets.


18 November, 2013 - France: French Radar BBQ
French Radar BBQ
France flag
#France #Protests #Radars - The French are fed up with the very bad socialist government who know only how to raise tax after tax. The last taxes, ecological taxes, was the spark. A revolution is coming, and they started burning radars. BBQ time.


6 September, 2013 - France: Monday 9 September - Free Parking Country Wide
Ticketing clamped motorcycle
France flag
#France #Police #Strike - The French love strikes. It is part of their DNA, they will drop everything at the drop of a hat, and head for a strike march. Often strikes get met with a grumble, but an understanding, even if the strike affects your daily life. Railroads are more often on strike than functioning, but deep in their hearts, the average French person supports the strikers. It is therefore that an announced strike that has gotten a wide acclaim here in France: the municipal police has called for a nationwide strike this coming Monday (9 September). What they are going to do that day, or more specifically NOT do that day, is ticket vehicles for bad parking and other minor offenses...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


22 August, 2013 - Canada: Motorcyclists Sue Quebec Insurance Board: $100 Million
Quebec SAAQ protest 2013
Canada flag
#Insurance #Lawsuit #Canada #SAAQ - That is the way to go! The Motorcyclist Movement of Quebec is taking the Quebec's Automobile Insurance Board, SAAQ, to court, and is looking for a cool $100 million in damages.

According to the motorcycle group, representing some 8,000 bikers, the insurance premiums are unfair and discriminate against motorcycle owners. Since 2008, license plate registration fees have increased by 400%.

As is the way with the rest of the world, the vast majority of accident involving a motorcycle will see the car at fault. So why do bikers need to pay extra high premiums, if the car owners are the ones causing the accidents?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


21 August, 2013 - UK: London Forbids Motorcycles From Riding Past Hospital
UK Not Allowed For Motorcycles
UK flag
#London #Hospital #Noise - Strange reaction from the local authorities. The hospital located in Brent, London has apparently been the scene of a few misguided bikers racing their motorcycles alongside the hospital. As we all know, you are expected not to make noise when riding, or driving, alongside a hospital. So no loud pipes, no honking, no revving up, etc.

So what do the local authorities do? See the photo..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


16 August, 2013 - Help Prevent World’s Best Motorcycle Road From Becoming A Toll Road - Stelvio Pass
Twisties Stelvio Pass Italy
Italy flag
#Stelvio #Petition #Tolls - World's best motorcycle road (don't take my word for it, Top Gear said it as well), the famous Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps mountains is a Mecca for motorcycle riders from all over the world. Literally they come from anywhere, but mostly from within Europe, to ride the 48 consecutive hairpin curves on Europe's second highest mountain pass. Moto Guzzi even named one of their motorcycles after the famous mountain pass.

In the summer time you can see daily thousands of motorcycles riding up and down this incredible mountain, and not only enjoying the enormous amount of twisties, but also taking in breathtaking views.

Now the local authorities want to raise tolls for going up or down the mountain. What makes this even more worrisome is that they plan to ask the same amount of money for cars and motorcycles, but motorcycles do not gain anything particular for that amount. So not only very unfair, but something that could very well kill the local economy (restaurants, hotels, camping and bars). I imagine many less bikers heading for Stelvio if they also need to pay money for tolls.

So we need to help the Italian biker association (CIM) to try to kill this toll road implementation. There is a petition going (in Italian, but Google Translate is your friend), so head on over and sign the form. Let us try to keep Stelvio open and free to all motorcycles.


30 July, 2013 - Egypt: Motorcycles Come In Handy As Ambulances During Riots
Motorcycle Ambulance Egypte 1307
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Protests #Ambulances - Tough, but as least there were motorcycles around to ferry injured demonstrators. It is not much of an ambulance, but you take what you can get.


17 July, 2013 - France: Fighting The Mandatory Technical Inspection For Motorcycles
FFMC logo
#MOT #France #Protest - With the heavy political horsetrading and self-serving actions by European politicians, the mandatory annual technical inspections for motorcycles is back on the table, despite promises from the politicians ("the cheque is in the mail") of the contrary. Obviously many national motorcycle lobby groups, lead by FEMA, will not take this lying down.

The French very active Association of Angry Bikers, the FFMC, usually takes the fight to the streets, and for sure this will happen. But they also launched another campaign, this one a bit more subtle...........

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8 July, 2013 - Europe: Mandatory Technical Inspection For Motorcycles Back On The Table
Motorcycle MOT Bay
Europe flag
#Politics #Europe #MOT #Motorcycles - How dirty politics are. For a year or two, some politicians in the European Parliament have tried to make Europe-wide annual technical inspections mandatory for motorcycles. Some countries, notably the UK, already had the rule, but many other did not (like France, The Netherlands and Sweden).

In many countries, the motorcycle riding community took exception to these proposed rules and did their thing; protest rides. And it paid off, many politicians in the countries that would be affected by the proposed law saw the light and voted against the amendments.

So all bikers let out a sigh of relieve. Until the 2nd of July when a few politicians in the European Parliament slipped in the same rules. This while it had been decided that they would wait for a more detailed analysis & study whether these inspections were really needed. That had been the agreement. Two politicians, the MP from Belgium, Isabelle Durant and the Romanian Silvia-Adriana Ticau fought hard to get the law in. You have got to ask yourself, why would they fight that hard? What else is at stake for them privately?

They want an inspection after 4 years, then every 2 years after that. Obviously you need to pay for these inspections, and they would be mandatory. So it is all about money, a lot of it since these are separate businesses run by large companies. Large companies that employ lobbyists.

Obviously we have not heard the end of this, since the law has not been voted in, and the national motorcycle lobby groups are getting ready their response, and it is not going to be a nice one, in fact it might just get ugly.

I have tried to dig up a report I had seen some time ago about the MOT test in the UK. Apparently, if my memory serves me right, the vast majority of motorcycles of any age pass the test with flying colors, and from those that do not, the vast majority are for minor things, like a burned out light bulb. So a waste of time and money.

I will keep you posted on what is going to happen next, but I think the folks in Egypt have had the right idea.


20 June, 2013 - Brazil: Protesters Loot Motorcycle Shop - End Of Civilization?
Brazil Protesters Loot Motorcycle Shop
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Protests #Looting - Is this the first sign of the end of civilization when protesters loot a motorcycle shop. What's next? Human sacrifices?

And to think the pope has just blessed motorcycles...


6 June, 2013 - Turkey: Even The Motorcycle Dogs Are Protesting
Turkish Dog Protesting
Turkey flag
#Turkey #Protest #Dogs - Things must be really serious when the dogs are out on their motorcycles protesting the current "regime".


14 May, 2013 - Thailand: Political Protests Turn To Motorcycles
Thailand Red Shirts Protest Ride
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Political - In a country, even continent, where motorcycles are one of the main forms of transportation, it's no wonder that even political groups turn to motorcycles when organizing protests. Here's one in Thailand, called the Red Shirts, and no, it's not a motorcycle 1%-er gang (although the opposition probably thinks so).

But as biker gang/club names go, "Red Shirts" is a pretty catchy name.... just saying.


17 April, 2013 - Venezuela: Motorcycles Against Riot Squads
Venezuela Motorcycles vs Riot Police
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Riot - Brave people, pitting motorcycles against riot squads. This is not going to end well....


3 April, 2013 - Yemen: Motorcyclists Protest 5 Day Riding Ban
Yemen Motorcycle Protest
Yemen flag
#Protest - Really! It really looks like politicians are dumb creatures anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter where you live, if there are politicians you know that a) your life has become complicated and b) they enrich themselves.

Why ban motorcycles for 5 days to ensure that a conference is safe? The mind boggles....


7 January, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Cops On "Strike" Because Of Helmets
Paris Motorcycle Expo 2011   Gendarme Yamaha
France flag
ATGATT is not only the fact that you need to wear all your safety equipment all of the time, but also that the equipment is in good shape. And that's something that is not the case for the motorcycle gendarmes in Morbihan (in Brittany, France). The motorcycle cops had received new helmets in 2007, and today these helmets have become unusable, the paint is flaking, the shell has deteriorated, and the helmets do no longer sit properly on their heads. Also the visors have become foggy and scratched. The cops have been trying to get replacement helmets, but the authorities are not listening and just paying lip-service...........

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17 December, 2012 - France: Hmmm... Nothing Left To Protest
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France flag
You can clearly see that the end of the world is closing in on us rapidly. This time last year, the French motorcycle riders and their associations had a laundry list with grievances the length of the Eiffel Tower. Now, one year later, there's nothing left. What a difference one year makes..

In one year, hot protest items like mandatory high-visibility armbands for all bikers, mandatory annual technical inspections for motorcycles, mandatory alcohol breathalyzers and 100 HP power limit for motorcycles are all binned or suspended.

Two other hot subjects are about to be granted..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 December, 2012 - Poland: Naked Cyclist Flashed For Speeding
Naked Cyclist Speed Photo
Poland flag
I love these kind of protests against speed radars, though it's the wrong time of year to do it. In Poland Mariusz Sztuba made a very unusual protest against the local speed radar in Bialy Bor, Poland.

Wearing nothing but his sneakers and his birthday suit, he went on his bicycle, speeding at 53 kph (33 mph) past a speed radar set for 40 kph (25 mph).

Imagine the surprise of the police officers looking at the speed radar photos of that day in October...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 December, 2012 - Egypt: Motorcycle Against Tank
Egypt Motorcycle vs Tank
Egypt flag
Several years ago in China, we saw man against tank, now in Egypt, we see motorcycles against tanks. Scary stuff.

They don't seem to catch a break there.


27 November, 2012 - France: Government Suspends Mandatory Armband
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France flag
According to Moto Magazine (the printed magazine of the French Federation of Angry Bikers - FFMC), after many months of protests and lobbying, the Minister of Interior has suspended today the mandatory wearing of high visibility armbands, a law that was going to be in place starting January 1st 2013...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 November, 2012 - France: French Federation of Angry Bikers Against Armbands
FFMC Protest Armband Statue
FFMC logo
Since the French government has decided that for our own interest and safety they want all motorcycle riders, including foreign registered ones, to wear a high visibility armband, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) has been strongly opposed. It's a moronic law which serves no one apart from maybe the manufacturers of the armband.

Apart from a couple of advertisements in the newspapers opposing the new law (which comes into effect January 1st, 2013), and a bunch of protest rides, the FFMC have been peppering pubic places with armbands.

Here are a few photos of statues and landmarks that have received the FFMC's "touch".


19 November, 2012 - French Radars Made Unusable By .... French Cops
French Radar Unusable By Cops
France flag
And this is the way it should be. France's biggest TV station, TV1, showed last week that the French cops are fed up with quotas and the whole drive towards increased revenue by cops. They are fed up with radars being used to generate money, moved to strategic locations, not for safety but from more money.

So several of them have started to strike back. In the video shown on TV, a camera crew follow a couple of cops going to radars and using garbage bags and duct tape, masking off the radars, rendering them useless.

They are brave cops, since if they get caught, not only will they lose their jobs, but risk 5 years in prison...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 November, 2012 - France: The French Association Of Angry Bikers Is Losing Patience
FFMC What Do We Need To Do
France flag
With all the new laws and proposed changes to the motorcycle world, almost all of them bad, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is losing patience.

They currently got an advertisement up that reads:

Do we need to get to this point to get your attention?


2 November, 2012 - France: Motophobic Mayor Wants To Cut Down All Traffic In Paris
France flag
The extreme motophobic and socialist mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, has often been heard about his views on cars and more importantly, motorcycles. He is the man that has started the rent-a-bicycle operations and now even has a rent-an-electric-car thing going in Paris. He has closed many of the lanes in Paris, dedicated them to bus (motorcycles are not allowed to take bus lanes) and he has placed an extensive tramway in the French capital, taking away more lanes in the process. There's also the eternal struggle to get parking spots, both for cars and motorcycles. There just isn't close enough to what is needed in terms of parking spots, but then it's a ticket bonanza for the city, reaping in fortunes for parking tickets. So you know why he's not creating more parking spaces.

But that's not enough for the Parisian mayor. He has now announced that he's going to go many steps further to eliminate traffic from one of world's most beautiful cities, and shortly one of world's most empty.


Motorcycles that are 10 years old or older will not be allowed into the city...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 October, 2012 - Greece: Strikes Are Always Better On A Motorcycle
Greece Protest Strike 201210 1
Greece flag
If you're going on strike, or protest, doing it on a motorcycle is a hell of a lot better than marching. Looks like the folks in Greece have understood that...


24 September, 2012 - European Bikers Demonstrate Against Mandatory Annual Technical Inspections
Brussels Demonstration 201209
Europe flag
The European union, in its eternal wisdom, and greed, is planning to subject all European motorcycle riders to an annual technical inspection of our rides. It's something that is mandatory for cars, but not for motorcycles; so far. But under heavy lobbying of the main companies that do the actual inspections, and therefore the companies that make a lot of money, the European politicians think it's a great idea for motorcycles to be inspected annually.

It doesn't matter that all reports and statistics show that motorcycle accidents are very rarely caused by faulty motorcycles. So if it's got nothing to do about the technical side of motorcycles, then what has it got to do with? You've got it.... money.

The European bikers went on a protest demonstration ride last weekend in the city where these crazy laws get voted; Brussels. Bikers from the neighboring countries arrived in mass, and in the individual countries mass protest were held as well (France saw 27,000 bikers riding protests).


28 August, 2012 - South Korea: Violent Anti-Japan Protests - Nasty
South Korea Anti Japan Protest
South Korea flag
This is nasty, if not criminal. If you've got a problem with another country and want to burn their flag, that's fine with me.

It's only a piece of cloth after all. But burning motorcycles? What have they ever done to you?


18 July, 2012 - Germany: This Guy Must Piss The Hells Angels Off - A Lot
Anti Hells Angels Protest
Germany flag
This guys must be a thorn in the eyes of the Hells Angels. "Piss on the Hells Angels" is not the protest banner that will endear him to this extreme motorcycle riders...

How long before something happens..??


16 July, 2012 - Germany: Hells Angels On Strike - 12 Photos
Hells Angels Protest Germany
Hells Angels logo
Everyone can go on strike in Europe, everyone. Even the Hells Angels. Well, it's not a strike, more a protest run, since the local government is banning the Hells Angels from entering their city, even to have their club there.

So they organized a massive protest ride on their motorcycles into the city. 1,000 motorcycles... that must have been impressive.


31 May, 2012 - Do Not Like Fuel Price? Throw Your Motorcycle In The River
India Throw Motorcycle In Water
India flag
What a strange way of protesting a fuel price hike? Throwing your motorcycle in the water seems a bit OTT...but then, if you can't ride it anymore, you have no use for it.


4 May, 2012 - Bad Moments When Motorcycles Are Just Not Good Enough
Escaping on motorcycle in Egypt
Egypt flag
I'd say this is one of these moments you'd prefer to be in a cage, preferably an armored one. Plus maybe a few guns...

.... a motorcycle just doesn't cut it.


20 April, 2012 - France: Excellent Motorcycle Protest This Important Weekend
Biker Voting
France flag
Usually a motorcycle protest here in France, involves lots of motorcycles riding slowly through cities and motorways, blocking traffic, generating bedlam everywhere as much as possible. It usually works, and bikers, despite being a pain in the *$$ are supported by the general population.

But this weekend's protest is going to be different, very different. This Sunday is an important day for France, since it's the 1st round of the presidential elections. 10 candidates are up for the top job, and during the whole of the day, voting booths will be open all over the country.

What the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) are asking is that the bikers that are going to vote, go around 10:00 AM, and go dressed in full ATGATT gear. If enough bikers go and vote at the same time, all dressed up in full gear, it should become a clear message to the round 2 candidates:- BIKERS DO VOTE!

It's a great idea, since no one is bothered by the protest (well, maybe the old lady standing next to a big biker at the voting booth), and it does send a clear message that bikers do vote, so do not forget us in your policies.


4 April, 2012 - Belgium: Massive Motorcycle Protest Organized For 28 April
FBMC FFMC Protest 201204
Belgium flag
Motorcycle riders are not happy, and they should be happy. More and more countries are making our lives impossible, piling up regulations, repressing us on the roads, and in general make our lives miserable. Throw on top of that a bunch of technocrats in Brussels who can think of nothing better to do then make strange and often stupid laws for all of Europe, and you get anarchy.

France is known for its motorcycle protests, but now it's its neighbor, Belgium, who is taking to the roads. The Belgium Association of Angry Bikers (FBMC), with help of the French FFMC, is planning an all-out motorcycle protest ride on April 28th.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


26 March, 2012 - France: Massive Motorcycle Protest Last Weekend
Paris Motorcycle Protest 2012/03
We're in the final stretch for the French presidential elections, and the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) organized massive protest ride-outs through the country.

The protest was organized to send a message to the political powers to-be, that as a motorcycle group, we should be heard. 3.5 million PTW in France should be enough to get their attention. And after this weekend, the message should be loud & clear. An estimated 80,000 motorcycle, scooters and quads took part throughout France, with some 15-20,000 in Paris alone (with many coming from all over France, Belgium and even the UK to help pass the message.


23 February, 2012 - France: Pre-Presidential Elections Motorcycle Protest
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
In about 3 months the French presidential elections are upon us. The French get a chance to elect yet another leader to ruin run the country for 5 years. And as is always the case with French elections, there are more candidates than snails.

But in the end, there are two serious candidates, both belong to the biggest political parties in the country. One, Sarkozy, is the current President and sits on the right of the political spectrum - and is pretty anti-motorcycles. On the other side of the spectrum, a Socialist, is Hollande - a biker himself.

But whoever wins, the motorcycle world will not get any better here in France. So to reenforce the message to all presidential candidates, the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is calling for a massive motorcycle protest ride on March 24 and 25th, one month before the elections.


2 February, 2012 - Indonesia: Nice Motorcycle Protest - Impressive
Indonesia Protest Ride 201201
That's quite an impressive display of strength these Indonesian motorcycle riders are putting up.


20 January, 2012 - Nepal: Violence Against Motorcycles
Nepal Kicking A Motorcycle
You'd think that people in Nepal were pacifistic, you know, Buddhist and all.

But no, they kick motorcycles out there.


18 January, 2012 - Fight SOPA! Do Your Bit Now. Here Is How
SOPA Strike
The proposed bill in the USA, called SOPA, is the biggest threat to the internet which we have seen since the internet started. SOPA will allow companies to shutdown websites, like this one, without a proper and legal due process. Targeted sites will not be able to defend themselves, and you will see many sites disappear.

You can do something about it! Whether you live in the USA, or in another country, here is how to act, and here is what you can do! #SOPASTRIKE Stop #SOPA


9 January, 2012 - Egypt: Bikers For Disabled Politician
Egypte Ride For Disabled Politician
Nice to see that motorcycle riders can be shown in a positive light. Here a bunch of motorcycle riders are showing support for a politician who has been disabled since birth, and is running for office, fighting to achieve equal rights for disabled people.


5 December, 2011 - Egypt: Family On Motorcycle At Protests - Brave
Egyptian Family on motorcycle at protest
Are they brave, stupid or dedicated about their freedom... riding with so many on a motorcycle during protests can be any of these choices.

I choose for brave and dedicated.


1 December, 2011 - Philippines: Journalists On Motorcycles
Philippines Journalists on motorcycles
It's not only motorcycle journalists that ride motorcycles, but also "normal" journalists.

The more the merrier...though in this case, killing journalists is not cool.


25 November, 2011 - Colombia: More Bikers Against Kidnapping
Colombia Anti Kidnapping Protest Bikers.JPG
Last week we already showed you the motorcycles against kidnapping in Colombia, but here's another photo of a biker with a banner saying "No more FARC".


24 November, 2011 - Egypt: Motorcycles Back As Ambulances
Tahrir Square  Motorcycle Ambulance
Looks like things have flared up again in Cairo, Egypt, and motorcycles are pressed into service as ambulances.

It's tough out there, so hang in boys & girls. Keep it up, you know you'll win. Eventually, the military will give in.


23 November, 2011 - New York: Police Throw Scooters At OWS Protesters
New York Police Scooter Against OWS
Over the last few weeks, I've lost all respect I had for the boys in blue in New York.

Between failing to handle the OWS protests properly (a bit like what's happening in Egypt now), and the way they deal with motorcycles, it's no wonder they are as unpopular as ever before.


17 November, 2011 - Colombia: Bikers Against Kidnapping
Colombia Bikers Against Kidnapping
We motorcycle riders are up for anything, especially protests.

We'll protest against causes that directly influence our motorcycle riding lives, but we'll also protest against other worthy reasons, like cancer, toys for kids, and now we'll even protest against kidnappings.


17 October, 2011 - Occupy Wall Street Turns Ugly. Motorcycles Molested!
Occupy Wall Street Police Motorcycles Tipped Over
Looks like things are turning ugly in the Occupy Wall Street protests...

.....they've tipped over police motorcycles. What have those poor motorcycles and scooters done to anyone?


26 September, 2011 - Ireland To Go Yellow
Hi Vis Jacket Motorcycle
Ireland is going for the same thing the French have been fighting against; the mandatory wearing of yellow high-visibilty (hi-vis) vests.

The Irish government wants all motorcycle riders to wear hi-vis vests starting 2014. So until then, we can expect a large number of protest rides.

The fight is on!


19 September, 2011 - India: That Is One Way Of Moving Your Motorcycle
India Motorcycle Dragging
For most people, moving your motorcycle forward involves turning the engine on, putting your motorcycle into 1st gear, and letting go of the clutch.

These guys in India have discovered a new way....


8 September, 2011 - France: Another Major Motorcycle Protest! Europe Joins In
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France, but with other European countries are going on the attack again this month. Coming weekend, most big cities in France will be blocked by not only motorcycles, but all other groups of road users.

UK, Belgium and Spain are not only supporting the French movement, but organizing their own protest rides. So this month, you'll see plenty of motorcycles on the road, even if you didn't want to..


6 September, 2011 - France: FFMC Fed Up, And On The Attack
Ad FFMC Crash Barriers
The French Association of Angry Bikers are fed up with the unpopular government, and has gone on the attack. Already, we're seeing a lot of protest rides, but they have now also unleased a advertising campaign, ridiculing the government's decisions.


23 June, 2011 - France: Score 2 For The Motorcycle Movement
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
After the massive motorcycle protests of last weekend concerning a series of repression laws that the unpopular French government wanted to levy on the unsuspecting French people, it would seem that they have taken note...

3 of the unpopular measures have been watered down, or all together removed.

You see, protests do work....


22 June, 2011 - France: Score 1 For The Motorcycle Movement
French motorcycle gendarme in sleeveless shirt.
After the enormously successful motorcycle protest last Saturday, the Minister of Interior is down peddling, spin-doctoring, face-saving...

He's now claiming that he never wanted motorcycle riders to wear hi-vis vests, yellow or orange, but just reflective stripes on our jackets...

... like the French motorcycle cops... right???


20 June, 2011 - Anatomy Of A French Motorcycle Protest Ride
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
18th of June was a national day of protests in France against the government's planned repression tactics. Usually it's motorcycles that protest, but for the first time ever, car, trucks, taxi and other road users joined forces, but led by the motorcycle associations, to protest these drastic steps the unpopular French government is undertaking.

Here is a photo article of the protest in Rouen, Normandy, with some 4-5,000 motorcycles. 40 photos and 1 video, so it'll take some time to load.


15 June, 2011 - France: 18 June - Better Not Come To France, But If You Come...
Manif 20110618
If you're planning to visit France this weekend, 18th of June, better think again!

The 18th is when all of France will protest the French government's new traffic laws, biased heavily towards repression. As a first, it's all the road users who are joining the protest, cars, trucks and motorcycles. In short, it will be hell in all major cities.

Most neighboring countries are sending official delegations to help us fight these stupid rules. Many foreign motorcycle riders are expected, so if you're in for some fun, head over to the closest city.


19 May, 2011 - France: Anti-Government Swelling In The Make
FFMC Protest 18June
France Article
As could be expected after the announcement of the new drastic measures agaisnt motorcycle riders (and cars and other vehicles) in France, a large series of protests rides have been organized, with the biggest one on June the 18th.

But the biggest one has not been organized by the motorcycle associations, but from a more unlikely corner, the Association of Manufacturers of Technology for Driving Assistance (AFFTAC), the association that looks after the makers of GPS based speed radar warning devices, of which there are some 6 million users.

They plan to bring France to a standstill on June the 2nd.


9 May, 2011 - Yemen: Strange Anti-Government Protest With Motorcycles
Yemen Anti Government Motorcycle Protest
This looks like a strange protest... riding your motorcycle around in circles!

Nice photo though.


1 March, 2011 - Switzerland: Government Refuse To Lift Motorcycle Races Ban
Swiss Ban Circuit Racing
A bunch of current and former Swiss motorcycle racers (and F1 racers) handed over a petition with 71,000 signatures asking the Swiss government to lift the ban for motorcycle and car races in their country.

The ban has been in place since 1958, but so far the government has cheese in its ears, and does not hear the plight of many Swiss who want to see races in their country.

And you thought your country didn't like motorcycle races?


24 February, 2011 - Greece: Protestors Set Motorcycle Cop On Fire
Greece Police vs Protestors 201102
You can understand protests against the government, specially that of Greece, and you can understand the violence towards the establishment, and the police is the prime target....

But to throw a petrol bomb on a motorcycle cop who is down on the ground is criminal. Nothing different from what is happening in Libya.


14 February, 2011 - Egypt Is Over, Greece Still Ongoing: Motorcycle Protests
Greece Protest 20110211
The reboot of Egypt might be over, but there are still many struggles going on.

Greece is still at it, here's a motorcycle protest. Not bikers, but civil servants on motorcycles riding a protest.


9 December, 2010 - Ahh I Love The Smell Of Burning Tires In The Morning
Haiti Burning Tires
The nicest thing to wake up too in the morning for your daily motorcycle commute... burning tires.... NOT!


17 June, 2010 - UK: Despite Threats To Withdraw, Motorcycles Are Allowed To Use Bus Lanes
London bus lanes
Despite threats of stopping the motorcycles on bus lanes experiment, London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has decided to continue allowing motorcycles to ride on the red lanes.

According to the Mayor, there have been no problems with motorcycles in the bus lanes.

Fantastic. Now if other cities would take note....


16 June, 2010 - France: 18 June Another Day Of Motorcycle Protests
Protest ride
FFMC logo
The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is calling a massive motorcycle protest gathering on the 18 and 19th of June to protest the French government's lack of positive actions towards the motorcycle world.

One of the main points is to legalize lane splitting, something until recently tolerated, but now deemed illegal.


3 June, 2010 - UK: London Mayor Threatens Motorcycle Protest
Video clip
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, got caught up in the traffic jams caused by the London motorcycles against parking tax protest, and was not pleased.

He's now threatening to prevent motorcycle from using the bus lanes.

Pure blackmail, good old fashion political style.

Shame on you!


3 May, 2010 - Canada: Vancouver Motorcycle Parking Protest
Vancouver Motorcycle Parking Protest
100's of motorcycles in Vancouver went on a protest "Parking" ride, parking their motorcycles in cars spots, one motorcycle, one spot.

They did that to show the Vancouver city council what would happen if they continued their upcoming policy to allow motorcycles only to park in legal spots, and taxing them for the privilege.


22 April, 2010 - Belgium: Petition Against New Laws Against Motorcycles
A petition is circulating on the internet for Belgium. Motorcycle riders are against a bunch of new laws coming up that will greatly reduce their freedom.

Will it work? You too can sign ...


17 March, 2010 - UK: Ongoing Fight To Stop Paying For Motorcycle Parking Taxes -Help Needed
UK No Motorcycle Parking Tax Protest
Video clip
There's a big fight going on in London, UK. The Council there is charging a premium for motorcycle to park in special parking bays. There are not enough of them, far from it. So they fine you £120 for illegal parking if you park outside the bays.

The parking fee is supposed to be used to create more parking bays, but that is not happening. One organization has been created that actively is fighting the City. Court, Police investigations, and weekly demonstrations.

You can help... even if you live abroad.... read this...


16 March, 2010 - Thailand: Using Motorcycles For Protest Marches
Thailand Protest
Why walk when going on a protest march????

Take your motorcycle... it's more fun!


15 March, 2010 - France: The Massive Motorcycle Protest Of This Weekend
Motorcycle Protest Paris
Last Saturday saw a massive motorcycle protest ride in 40 cities n France.

Despite the miserable weather, 10,000 bikers paralyzed Paris traffic for hours.


17 February, 2010 - Iran: Burn, Motorcycle, Burn!
Iran Motorcycle Burn
The situation in Iran is pretty dramatic...

... burning motorcycles???


9 February, 2010 - France: 13 March 2010 - Major Protest Ride Planned
Lane Split Lights Bangkok
Motivational Poster Lane splitting
The French government are looking at removing the last freedom motorcycle have in France; lane-splitting (filtering). Many years it was tolerated, now they want to make it illegal.

The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) is planning a protest day on March the 13th. They will be asking all bikers to stay in the lane during rush hour, adding 100,000's of vehicles to the traffic jams.

That should show the authorities why it's a stupid idea...


8 December, 2009 - France: Paris Taxis On Strike Because Of Motorcycles
Paris Taxi Protest
The Parisian taxis went on strike today, paralyzing the French capital with their protest.

The reason? Car taxis want motorcycle taxi to be stopped, and not allowed to use the taxi ranks at airports.


15 June, 2009 - Iran: Protests From Both Sides-By Motorcycle
Iran Election Protest
Iran Election Protest Police
Both sides of the rigged election protests in Iran use motorcycles.

The good guys and the bad guys use them. But who is good and who is bad..?


13 May, 2009 - The Upside Of Some French Strikes
Stickered Radar
France Article
Don't you love it when once in a while a strike in France actually benefits you.

In this case, employees of the German tire manufacturer, Continental, have stickered one of the most productive speed radars with Continental stickers, rendering the radar inoperative for 12 days.

I wonder how many motorcycle riders have been saved from getting a speeding ticket?


29 April, 2009 - A Strike I Do Like Here In France
EDF Strike
France Article
The French have a love affair with going on strike. They do it so often, that its no longer fun.

But one utility company has recently started going for full strikes, and now we LOVE them. This is one strike we endorse.

Find out why.... click on the headline....


5 March, 2009 - France: Bikers: 1 Government: 0
France Article
FFMC logo
The FFMC (the French Angry Biker Association) have gained an enormous victory. After a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation, the proposed law that would make on-the-spot technical inspections possible, towing to a garage and inspections by non-trained mechanics, is off the table for motorcycles.

From now on, we'll be consulted for all new laws, and several study/working groups have been created to make recommendations about all those other pesky laws (100 HP limit, lane splitting, bus lanes, etc).

Spring is going to be nice...


9 February, 2009 - France: Massive Motorcycle Protest Planned For March
Protest ride
FFMC logo
The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) are organizing on 21 and 22 March a massive motorcycle protest ride.

The protest is about technical inspections, on request by LEOs without any reason, and all fees will need to be paid by you, even if your motorcycle is conform the rules.

Technical inspections will be conducted by people with no motorcycle training or knowledge, simple car mechanics.

This stinks.....


29 January, 2008 - Now The Dutch Want To Force DRL
Daylight Running Light
The cloggy (Dutch) government wants to force cars to run their lights during daytime (DRL) in order to save 30 lives per year.

Car driver lives, not motorcycle rider lives.... how many motorcycle riders need to die before they notice the imbalance?


21 January, 2008 - Scratch Off Sao Paulo As Biker Friendly
Sao Paulo motorcycle protest
Sao Paula, Brazil want to forbid motorcycles from riding on the main roads.

Scratch one holiday destination....


20 April, 2007 - What The French Bikers Want
France Article
The French presidential elections are this Sunday. No matter who wins, we, the bikers, are screwed.

French motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal, asked what we motorcycle riders would like to see happen. here's the list of wishes.

I honestly don't think any will see the light of day...


8 March, 2007 - Korea: Anti-Motorcycle Politics
We're not the only ones that have problems with strange anti-motorcycle laws.

Have a look at what's happening in Korea. Not that strange North Korean, but in South Korea!

As a motorcycle rider, you're not allowed to ride on highways (express ways), car-only roads and over passes! The only roads you can take are smaller rural roads and city streets, both are far more dangerous for motorcycles. Why ? Because the Korean government, in 1972, decided it was not safe for motorcycles!


19 January, 2007 - Don’t Come To Paris On The 27th Jan
France Article
Don't come to Paris on the 27 of January with a car. You're not going to be able to park. The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) is throwing a little protest, asking all motorcycles to use up the legal parking spots of cars, thereby making it impossible for cars to park. All that because an idiot in City Hall has ordered all motorcycles to be removed from the sidewalks !


11 September, 2006 - Belgium and Motorcycle Greenlanes
Politics Article
The Belgium motorcycle riders have their share of problems with new laws forbidding them to ride off-road. A small protest of 500 bikers ended in the Minister's garden.


13 March, 2006 - Big Protest Planned In France - Greenlaning Issue
Codever Logo
France, through Codever, is planning massive protest rides on the 18th of March, protesting the proposed laws forbidding any vehicle (horse, quads, bicycles, 4x4 and motorcycles) from riding off-road !


28 October, 2005 - Legal Motorcycle Parking
Good Motorcycle Parking
The French Angry Biker Association is planning a massive protest ride on the 5th of November protesting parking laws, while the Toronto authorities have granted free parking to motorcycles!


16 May, 2005 - Massive Mexican Motorcycle Protest
Motorcycle Protest in Mexico
A massive motorcycle protest because of an actor who died on his motorcycle.


11 April, 2005 - Paris Motorcyclists Protest Ride - DRL
Paris Motorcycle Protest
7,000 motorcyclists block Paris for hours as a protest !


22 March, 2005 - Paris Motorcyclists Start Their Protests
Protest ride on the Champs Elysee
The first protest ride by motorcycles in Paris against the proposed ban on motorcycles was held last week.


29 October, 2004 - Australian Motorcyclists Up In Arms
News Article
A drunk woman driver in Australia is allowed to continue driving after killing a motorcyclist.


21 September, 2004 - French Motorcyclist Protest - Against Daylight Running Lights
FFMC Protest
French Motorcyclists protest proposed law forcing Daylight Running Lights for cars !


9 July, 2004 - Some Law Changes For France - Bad For Motorcycles
Campaign Logo
The so-called experts in France want all vehicles to run daylight lights.

Now, you'll no longer be able to see motorcycles. Time for a petition.


21 May, 2004 - Paris Motorcycle Parking - A Problem ?
Parking Problem
French motorcyclist protest the new anti-motorcycle parking laws.


15 May, 2003 - Swiss Bikers in Trouble
Politics Article
The swiss want to limit all motorcycles to 80 kph by putting limiters on their bikes.


24 March, 2003 - Biker Protest Follow-up
France Article
Follow up on the French biker protest.


17 March, 2003 - Biker Protest
Protest ride
Here's what a motorcycle protest ride looks like taken from within the protest ride.



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