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15 July, 2015 - Tour De France: The Motorcycle Riders - Not For Everyone
Tour de France 2015
Tour de France logo
#LeTour #TourDeFrance #Tour2015 - Riding a motorcycle in the Tour de France may sound ideal, but it's very hard work with no time to admire the scenery for fear of hitting a child, or crashing into the cyclists. In order to make sure the bikers are at the top of their skills, they must follow a mandatory training with the motorcycle cops every two years.


13 July, 2015 - A Day At The Races: All the Tour de France 2015 Vehicles
France Radar Greed
Tour de France logo
Many people around the world follow world's biggest and toughest bicycle race, the famous Tour de France. This year was a double bonanza for me.. it would be going through not only our region, but the city where I live. And to make things even easier, it would be passing 5 meters from my garden terrace. So what better than throw a Tour de France party by inviting some friends. So here are 186 photos of all the vehicles on the Tour. 186 photos out of the some 3,000 vehicles.


12 June, 2015 - Is This The Future MotoGP Motorcycle ?
BMW IR MotoGP Concept
USA flag
#Electric #Design #BMW #MotoGP - Motorcycles evolve, and so do the ones in MotoGP racing. In the near future, when gasoline runs out, or costs $100 per liter, races will no longer be held with ICE bikes. The current fad is electric motorcycles, since they are already racing them albeit not for MotoGP. But the time will come.

American designer Jordan Cornille from Detroit thought so too, so he designed an electric motorcycle for MotoGP racing, and gave it a BMW identity (which means BMW would be racing MotoGP..finally) and called in iR Concept.


12 May, 2015 - France: MotoGP 2015 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
MotoGP 2015 France Poster
FFMC logo
#MotoGP #France #RelaisCalmos - The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 15, 16 and 17 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


13 April, 2015 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Race 2015 - Biker Rest Places
Poster 24 Hours Le Mans 2015
Relais Motards Calmos logo
#24HoursLeMansMotorcycles #LeMans #RelaisCalmos - The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle endurance race is upcoming weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open. You will also find a list of the autoroutes (motorways) that are free during the weekend for motorcycles.


8 April, 2015 - The Economic Fallout of a MotoGP Race
Le Mans MotoGP Spectators
MotoGP logo
MotoGP races cost a lot of money, that's a given. But how much does a single race generate for the local economy. French weekly motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal, breaks down the revenue for the Le Mans MotoGP race.


16 February, 2015 - First Electric Motorcycle Finishes World’s Wackiest Race - Le Touquet Enduropale 2015
Marc Chochois Zero Enduropale 2015
Zero logo
#Zero #Electric #LeTouquetEnduropale - A first! The first time an electric motorcycle, in this case a modified Zero FX, finished the crazy and very tough 3 hours beach race; the Le Touquet Enduropale. 552nd out of 1000+ motorcycles that started. Not bad at all.


2 February, 2015 - EnduroPale: World Wackiest Motorcycle Beach Race 2015 - Photos
EnduroPale 2015
Enduropale Touquet 2015 vintage
#EnduroPale #BeachRace #France - The Le Touquet EnduroPale motorcycle beach race is one of the biggest motorcycles races in the world, but also one of the wackiest and crazy, not to speak about dangerous; races you can watch. Here are 11 photos of the crazy beach race.


28 January, 2015 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops for Enduropale 2015
Relais Calmos 27
Enduropale Touquet 2015 vintage
#Enduropale #LeTouquet #WackyRaces - If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, this weekend (January 31, February 1), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race.


3 December, 2014 - China: It’s At This Point You Don’t Want Your GPS To Fail
China Taklimakan Rally 2014
China flag
#China #Rally #SandDunes - I guess that when you reach this stage in a motorcycle rally, you don't want your GPS to fail. No Sir...


22 October, 2014 - Pist’It: Smartphone App For Track Days
Pistit app for track days
France flag
#App #TrackDay - Here's an interesting smartphone app developed by a French company for motorcycle track days. Record all your motorcycle's settings per track, and best times. The app is called Pist'It.


6 October, 2014 - A First! Electric Motorcycle Wins National Championship
Bastien Hyete With Electric Motion Winner
Electric Motion logo
#ElectricMotion #Trial #Championship - This has got to be a first! The first national championship won by an electric motorcycle. The country was France, the championship was Trial S2 and the electric motorcycle was made by Electric Motion.


29 September, 2014 - World Superbike Race France - Biker Rest Stop
SuperBike France 2014
France flag
The World Superbike Championship race, French leg, is held next weekend, and the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) have placed one motorcycle rest stop at your disposal if you are going there on your motorcycle. A good place to stop, rest, eat, drink and meet other bikers.


15 September, 2014 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Race 2014 - Biker Rest Places
24H Le Mans Moto 2014 Poster
Relais Motards Calmos logo
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle endurance race is upcoming weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open. You will also find a list of the autoroutes (motorways) that are free during the weekend for motorcycles.


21 July, 2014 - Tour de France 2014: The Motorcycle Police
Tour de France 2012 The Race
Tour de France logo
#TourDeFrance #TdF #Police - We're almost getting towards the end of the famous Tour de France for 2014, and I know many motorcycle riders like watching the TdF, not only for the cyclist's inhuman efforts, but also the 100's of motorcycles that ride with the Tour.

One such group of motorcycles play a very important role for the Tour; the motorcycle police.


15 July, 2014 - Germany: Crazy ’Schwalbe’ Race - 1000 Mopeds
Schwalbe Moped Race Germany 2014
Germany flag
#Race #Mopeds #Simson - This must have been some crazy race to see. 1000 mopeds celebrating the 'old' East Germany Schwalbe moped made by Simson, that turned 50.


4 June, 2014 - China: Now That Is A Beach To Ride Motorcycle On
China Taklimakan Rally Desert 2014
China flag
#China #Dunes #Taklimakan - That looks like enormous sand dunes, big enough to interest the Dakar organizers to race the next Dakar in China. That would be an interesting motorcycle race...


3 June, 2014 - Ad: Honda - Only Gods Think Once
Honda Moto Only Gods Think Once
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #TTIsleofMan - Cool print advertisement from Honda about them winning the TT of the Isle of Man several years in a row. Nice art work.


12 May, 2014 - France: MotoGP 2014 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
MotoGP 2014 France Poster
FFMC logo
#MotoGP #France #RelaisCalmos - The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 16, 17 and 18 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


6 May, 2014 - Belgium: Sarolea - Old Company, New Electric Motorcycle
Sarolea SP7 Electric Motorcycle
Sarolea logo
#Sarolea #Electric #Belgium - A company from Belgium created in 1850, dead in 1963 lives again. Now they are making a beautiful electric racing motorcycle, the SP7.


23 April, 2014 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2014
Bol Dor 2014
France flag
For those of you going to the last ol d'Or motorcycle endurance race at the Magny Cours circuit, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


17 April, 2014 - Bol D’Or 2014 - Change of Venue for 2015
Bol dOr running start
Bol d'Or logo
#Bol-D'Or #Endurance - The 24 hours motorcycle race, the Bol d'Or will be held 27/28 April on the Magny-Cours circuit. But next year it looks like it is moving down South - very South!

Starting 2015 the 24 hour race returns to the Paul Ricard circuit in Le Casetellet.


3 April, 2014 - Video: Marc Marquez Latest ’Motorcycle’ For MotoGP
Video Marc Marquez Honda Blade 125 ad
Honda logo
#MarcMarquez #Honda #MotoGP - In the latest Honda TV ad, you see none other than Marc Marquez racing his latest motorcycle around the Sepang circuit. The bike? A Honda Blade 125 Fi. Will he race that at COTA and give other a sporting chance?


28 March, 2014 - Very Realistic Moto GP Game - GP Bikes
GP Bikes Screen snap
#MotoGP #Game #GPBikes - Here is what looks like a very good and realistic MotoGP game that can be played via the internet with others.

Difficult, realistic and more important ... cheap. Download a free trial.


10 February, 2014 - Le Touquet Enduropale Motorcycle Beach Race 2014 - A Few Photos
Enduropale 2014
Enduropale 2014
#LeTouquet #Enduropale - The famous beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is over, and what a race it was. A storm was blowing, tide was coming in, and 1100 motorcycles tried to reach the end of 3 hours of crazy racing. Here are a few photos.


6 February, 2014 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2014: A16 Motorway To Be Free For Bikers
A16 Le Touquet Map
Enduropale 2014 Poster
#LeTouquet #Enduropale - The Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race starts tomorrow. The A16 motorway is free for motorcycles, and here are some web sites that will be streaming the race live.


30 January, 2014 - Red Bull Sea To Sky Hard Motorcycle Enduro 2014
Red Bull Sea To Sky 2013
Red Bull logo
#RedBull #Enduro #Turkey - Red Bull enduro races means hard and extreme motorcycle enduro. Their latest find is the Turkey Sea to Sky enduro. 3 days of nut cracking enduro riding with the pros. Here are the dates.


15 January, 2014 - You Know Why Spain Is Going To Get More Great Motorcycle Racers?
Spanish Mini Motorcycle Racer
Spain flag
#Spain #Sponsorship - Spain is looking at investing to continue dominating international sports like motorcycle racing. Here's how.


4 December, 2013 - Motorcycle Envy or Extra Taxes? Spanish PM and Marc Marquez
Prime Minister Spain Marc Marauez
Spain flag
Looking at this photo, it would seem that the Spanish Prime Minister is either envious of the motorcycle, admiring it, or thinking 'hmmm, maybe I could tax these motorcycles and the young kids who ride them'.


19 November, 2013 - Bradley Smith (MotoGP) Goes Out And Gets Dirty
Cyril Despres and Bradley Smith
#CyrilDespres #BradleySmith #MotoGP - Bradley Smith, MotoGP racer, does some serious off-road riding with someone who should know how to do it, 5 x Dakar winner Cyril Despres.


1 November, 2013 - France: Insurance Is Killing Motorcycle Sports
France flag
#France #Insurance #Motorsports - Insurance costs are doubling every year for motorcycle sports events. It is killing the French motorsports, and shortly there will be no more races in France.


30 September, 2013 - Italy: Misano Classic Weekend - It is About The Bike, Not The Racer
Misano Circuit Classic 2013
Misano logo
#Misano #Vintage #Classic - Almost all motorcycle races are about the person on the motorcycle; the racer. Just look at fans of MotoGP, WSB, AMA, BSB, etc. They cheer their favorite racer; Rossi, Marquez, etc. Even when the rider switches team and motorcycle manufacturer, they stay as a fan.

The Misano Classic Weekend is not about the racers, it is about the motorcycle. In this case, it is about classic, vintage, motorcycles. During the weekend of 18, 19 and 20 October at the Misano Race Circuit, you are going to find 'old' motorcycle racing. It is a race for passionate people who love these vintage bikes and want to race them on a real race circuit...........

Note: article includes a vintage Ducati GP bike firing up..

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21 September, 2013 - MotoGP: And Finally, The Umbrella Girls Of The San Marino GP
San Marino MotoGP 2013 Umbrella Girl
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #UmbrellaGirls - What would a MotoGP race be without the glamour of the umbrella girls? No girls, no glamour. It is like motorcycle exhibitions with their demo dollies, the motorcycles races need their brollie girls.

The San Marino MotoGP race in Misano was no exception. The girls where to be found everywhere, not just on the track keeping the racer in the shade. Their role is to promote the brand of the sponsors, and the teams themselves, so they parade along the paddocks, and will pose for photos for anyone.

Here are 24 photos of the San Marino MotoGP umbrella girls, plus the last one is of Elena who I interviewed...........

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21 September, 2013 - MotoGP: What Goes On After The Motorcycle Race
San Marino MotoGP 2013 End Of Race
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #ValentinoRossi #Misano - We all know that the motorcycle racing fans in Italy (and Spain) are really passionate, to the point of fanatic. Their passion knows no boundaries, and this goes double for the Valentino Rossi fans. The MotoGP race in Misano has even more Rossi fans; no wonder since he grew up only a few miles away. At the end of the San Marino race, a couple of Rossi fans managed to get through the barriers and head on over to the pit lane. Then a few more followed, and before you could say "Mamma Mia", it looked like all of the public was streaming through holes made in the barriers. Security was totally overrun. Mind you, these fans were not malicious. They were well behaved and stopped at the last fence between the track and the pit lane. The only thing being taken was grass (I guess it is a kind of a souvenir).


20 September, 2013 - MotoGP: A Walk Through The San Marino GP Paddock
San Marino MotoGP 2013 Paddocks
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Paddocks - I realize not many people get the chance of seeing a MotoGP motorcycle race up close and personal. Even if you are lucky enough to attend one on the stands, or just sitting on the grass, not many see what goes on in the paddocks. Since I was being hosted by Dorna (the MotoGP organizers) and Visit San Marino, I took the opportunity to make a few photos of what goes on in the paddocks.

The paddocks is where the action is. Well, after the race of course, but there is 24 by 24 hours action going on. The paddock never sleeps, and you not only hear the noise of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 motorcycles revving up while mechanics feverishly work on the motorcycles, but you also hear thousands of small displacement scooters riding around bringing riders, mechanics, photographers and organizers around the immense paddocks area.

There are thousands of people walking around; many VIPs invited by the teams, or just folks who spent the extra money so that they could be close to their heroes. The smell of oil and gasoline is mixed with the smell of garlic and onions from the food being prepared in the many hospitality tents. It's a wonderful world, and if you get the chance to be in the paddock, grab it with both hands.

So here is a long (27 photos) impression of the paddocks..........

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19 September, 2013 - MotoGP: Anatomy Of A Moto3 Race
MotoGP Moto3 Race San Marino 2013
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Moto3 - I know most people watch the MotoGP races on TV, and even those that go to the circuits don't always see what happens before one of the motorcycle races. I was nicely located in the Visit San Marino VIP stands, overlooking the pits and the start/finish line of the Misano Circuit.

So here is what happens before and after a race, in this case the Moto3 race. There are 26 photos, and they are heavy, especially one that was of the first crash. ..........

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18 September, 2013 - MotoGP: The Ducati MotoX2 Experience - Death By 100 Curves
MotoGP Ducati MotoX2
Ducati logo
#MotoGP #SanMarin #Ducati #MotoX2 - While visiting the San Marino MotoGP at the Misano circuit, I saw the incredible Ducati MotoX2 event. For those of you who don't know what the Ducati MotoX2 is, it's a pillion ride on a motorcycle. That's it, just a ride as a pillion on a motorcycle. However .... the motorcycle in question is a MotoGP bike, fitted with an extra saddle for a pillion, and the rider is either former professional MotoGP racers Randy Mamola or Franco Battaini. So maybe not that simple of a ride.

The event is for VIPs or for people willing to pay the money to allow them to walk around with a brown streak in their underpants. In other words, the pillion is not going for a leisurely tour on one of several leading race circuits in the world. The pillion will know what it feels like going around a race circuit at very high speeds...........

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15 September, 2013 - Interview: Andrew Wheeler - MotoGP Photographer
Interview Andrew Wheeler
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #Photographer #Misano - Most of us watch a MotoGP race on TV, and then can't wait to read about it in our favorite motorcycle magazines, or better yet, our favorite web site. But often it's not the story that interests us since we've seen the race on TV, but it's the photos.

Looking at beautiful photos of the racers and their fast motorcycles not only allows us to relive the race, but to actually see the motorcycle and racers up close. Often real close. Some MotoGP photographers take interesting photos of the race, while others not only make interesting photos, but creative ones too

. One of those photographers who excels in making not only some of the best action photos of MotoGP races, but also very creative and often very inspiring photos, is Andrew Wheeler from AutoMotoPhoto. I caught up with Andrew in the Media/Press Center of the Misano race circuit during the 2013 San Marino GP...........

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14 September, 2013 - MotoGP: San Marino 2013 - The Elbow Down Boys
MotoGP San Marino 2013 Elbow Down
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #ElbowDown - Today at the qualifiers of the San Marino MotoGP 2013 I was standing at the hospitality suite of the Visit San Marino crowd (yes I know, life is tough but someone has got to do it) when I noticed I had a nice overview of one of the curves. I also noticed that the 'elbow down' method is fast becoming the accepted practise for motorcycle racers to take their curves even faster.

Although I did not bring the right lens with me for this kind of photo work, I quickly did a stab at it for your amusement and pleasure. Here are 9 photos of riders who have no problem putting their elbow down.


14 September, 2013 - Interview: Elena ’Y-Elena’ Iankovskaia - Umbrella Girl
Interview Elena Iankovskaia
LCR Honda logo
#MotoGP #LCR #UmbrellaGirls - MotoGP, as we all know, is a glamour sport, like Formula One. But what makes it a glamour sport? Not the racers, not the loud motorcycles, not the sweaty mechanics nor the officials. What makes the glamour in top motorcycle racing, in my humble opinion, are the umbrella girls.

Having very pretty, tall and even sexy girls standing over the motorcycle racer with an umbrella, or walking the walk in the paddocks, standing guard in front of the hospitality tents is what makes it a glamour sport. It's not easy, standing in the glaring sun without trying to sweat, or every man, and a lot of women, staring at you.

But everyone loves having them around. Many people make a beeline for the girls when they see them walking through the paddocks. Many, often men, want to pose with them, and the girls do not mind. It's good publicity for the company who have hired them.

I was able to interview one of these umbrella girls, Elena Iankovskaia aka Y-Elena, from the LCR Honda team at the San Marino GP in Misano. Elena is Russian, and as you can imagine she is very pretty and tall, but under the beautifulness exterior there is an even prettier interior and a sharp mind. We met up in the VIP section of the LCR hospitality tent where I asked her some questions...........

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14 September, 2013 - Interview: Norma Companys - Dorna Event Manager
Interview Norma Companys
Dorna logo
#MotoGP #Dorna - Running MotoGP races are a team work of many companies. It is not one company that does it all, but the two most important ones are the circuit companies themselves, in this case Misano Circuit, and the other company is Dorna, who organize and promote the MotoGP races.

There are some 200 people who work at Dorna in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) to make sure that we can enjoy ourselves watching the MotoGP races (and Moto2 and Moto3). It is Dorna who run the TV programs, so when you watch the race at home in whatever country, you can see the race courtesy Dorna.

One job that you never hear of is the job that allows Dorna, the circuit and all other partners to communicate with each other. The job is called Event Manager, and Norma Companys is the head of that department...........

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13 September, 2013 - Interview: Dr. Berardi Eraldo - Chief Medical Center Misano Circuit
Misano Circuit Medical Center
Misano logo
#MotoGP #Misano #MedicalCenter - In the series 'interviews with people who makes MotoGPs happen', I spoke with someone who we all hope none of the riders will ever see, despite the fact that he is a really nice man. The man is Doctor Berardi Eraldo and he runs the medical center of the Misano circuit. In other words, when one of the riders hurts himself, this is where he is taken to be 'repaired'. And by the way, it is not only racers who can find themselves in the capable hands of Dr. Eraldo and his staff: the public present on the race track also end up here if they have a problem. But... not in the same area where the racers are.

The Misano race circuit medical center is quite big and very well equipped. The latest technology can be found here; so many that a smaller hospital would be jealous. And as far as staff go, they have a lot, and very professional. You will see several photos after the interview of the medical center. Obviously I am not an expert, far from it, so I can not describe what all the machines do. Use your imagination...........

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13 September, 2013 - Interview: Marco di Bassi - Hospitality Events Structures
Interview Marco di Bassi
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP @VisitSanMarino - At MotoGP races like the San Marino MotoGP race at Misano, you will see many hospitality tents & trucks belonging to the motorcycle racing teams. They go from race to race, and usually the staff belong to the team. But there are also always a lot of other hospitality tents, and these are used for companies or organizations to promote their stuff at special, or one-off events. It makes no sense for them to have their own truck and tent like in this photo: Marco di Bassi runs a small company, Noleggio Truck Motor Home Hospitality, with two trucks that are hired by companies or organizations to host a hospitality tent for their guests at events. For example, in these photos, the truck and tent are used by the Visit San Marino crowd to inform visitors not only about the MotoGP, but also of their country. In this case, the truck was placed inside the San Marino city, not at the circuit...........

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12 September, 2013 - Interview: Maurizio Damerini, M.D. of Misano Circuit
Maurizio Damerini
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #Misano #SanMarino - When we watch the MotoGP races anywhere in the world, you probably do not realize how much work goes into these events. There are enormous organizations and companies working to make sure that a MotoGP race is held in perfect conditions. Over the next few days, I will be interviewing several people who play behind-the-scene-roles; They may be behind the scene, and they will not get the glamor or attention, but without them, there will be no race.

One of those people is Maurizio Damerini, the Managing Director of the Misano race circuit. Misano is where the San Marino MotoGP race is held, and it lies next to the city of Rimini. Maurizio oversees a big company that ensures that the race track is in perfect condition, and that races can be held safely...........

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12 September, 2013 - Interview: MotoGP Moto2 Racer Alex de Angelis
Alex de Angelis At Misano 2013
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #AlexDeAngelis - As you know, I stay away from MotoGP serious stuff like racers and motorcycles. I leave that to specialists like MotoMatters. But since I was hosted by the San Marino people, and this very special MotoGP Moto2 racer comes from San Marino, the occasion to do an interview with a professional and all-round nice guy was too good to pass.

Of course I am talking about San Marino's 28 year old native son, Alex de Angelis. I sat down with Alex in the San Marino MotoGP and asked him a few personal questions. Alex's English is near perfect, and his smiling personality makes him an easy interview. He is not shy, and is easy to talk to...........

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11 September, 2013 - Ducati Win San Marino 2013 GP, Bradley Smith On Podium! Honest
San Marino Bicycle Race 1st 2013
San Marino Bicycle Race 3rd 2013
#SanMarino #MotoGP #BlogVille - I know you will not believe me, although it could happen, but to show you I am serious, here is the winner of the San Marino 2013 GP, Alex De Angelis and the Ducati team..........

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6 September, 2013 - I Am Gone To The San Marino MotoGP Race - Special Event
Dorna logo
Visit San Marino logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Dorna - As you may know, I rarely write up anything about motorcycle racing like MotoGP. I prefer to leave that to well informed and excellent web sites like MotoMatters. Everyone has their speciality, and although I love MotoGP with a passion, I am not knowledgeable. But I am going to the Misano race circuit for the San Marino GP. Why you may ask?

I am going on an invitation by Dorna (the folks who organize the MotoGP races) and the San Marino government (San Marino is actually a sovereign state, much like Monaco). That's right, I am going on an invite to write about not only the MotoGP event, but also San Marino...........

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31 July, 2013 - Video: Yamalube Starring Lorenzo and Rossi
Yamalube ad Rossi Lorenzo
Yamaha logo
#MotoGP #Yamaha #Advertising - As big name MotoGP racers you need to spend time making local TV commercials for your sponsors. If not, no money, and no money means no racing. Even the biggest names in motorcycle racing today can not escape these tasks.

Here are none other than Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi together in a Indonesian TV commercial for Yamaha's oil company Yamalube.


6 June, 2013 - France: All Female Team For 24 Hours Motorcycle Le Mans - With A Serious Twist
Eric Jeannot
#Endurance #LeMans #Transexual - That there have been all-female motorcycle endurance teams is no news. There are quite a lot of them, and there are more and more. Why not? Women riders are as good a male riders, so why not race 24 hour races?

But this French all-female team has a twist, a serious twist. With two Suzuki GSXR race motorcycles entered , the female team manager is Agnes Dupuy (winner of many endurance races). Steffie Naud, Amandine Creusit and Caroline Locussol are 3 of the 4 members of this female racing team. And the 4th racer?????

This is where the serious twist comes into play... the 4th player is Erika Jeannot. Erika used to be Erik Jeannot. That's right, Erika is a transexual!..........

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31 May, 2013 - USA: Dodge City Brings Back 100 Year Old Motorcycle Race
Dodge City 300 1st Race
Dodge City 300 Centennial Logo
#Vintage #Race #DodgeCity - It used to be that you had to get out of Dodge City if the Hollywood Western movies were to be believed, but in this case, it's you should go to Dodge City. Here's why:

Next year (2014), 100 years ago, Dodge City saw the creation of a major motorcycle race. Back on 1914, 17,000 people flocked to Dodge City to see the first motorcycle race there, dubbed the "Indianapolis of motorcycle racing", a 300 miles long race and since then named the "Dodge City 300". People like William Harley and Walter Davidson, the founders of Harley-Davidson, were there, as were many other famous motorcycle celebrities...........

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7 May, 2013 - France: MotoGP 2013 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 17, 18 and 19 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


8 April, 2013 - So You Think Your Motocrosser Is Too Light? Try This
Honda Gold Wing XR 1500R
Honda Gold Wing XR 1500R
#Honda #GoldWing #Funny - Motocross motorcycles are tough, powerful and light. After all, you need to be able to pull yourself and the bike out of mud, ruts and sand. So it pays having a motorcycle that weighs next to nothing. Right?

Well some Dutch bikers don't think the same as you. They prefer heavier motorcycles to race down the mud. And what can get heavier than a Honda Gold Wing (well maybe a Victory, Rocket III or Valkyrie). So they went about and modified several Honda Gold Wings from decent & comfortable long distance motorcycles into machines that could go anywhere, especially mud and dirt.

I don't think they'll try this with a brand-new 1800 cc motorcycle, those pesky airbags are going to get in the way of jumps, but they did take a 1400 cc and 1200 cc...........

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8 April, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2013
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


27 March, 2013 - What It Takes To Become World Champion Motorcycle Racing - The Case of Vasco van der Valk
Vasco Van Der Valk Hockenheim Moriwaki GP3
Vasco Van Der Valk Banner
You don't become world champion motorcycle racing, be it MotoGP, Superbike or any motorsport, by accident. You don't hope of on a race motorcycle at the "ripe" age of 18 and go and win races. There's virtually no sport that allows that. Whether you're racing motorcycles, cars, skiing downhill, swimming, horse riding, running, etc, you need one thing, and one thing only: YOU NEED TO START YOUNG.

The younger you are when you start competing in your chosen sport, the better you will be. Very few people will question that tactic. Valentino Rossi started racing at the tender age of 5 (karts, but quickly went to motorcycles). Casey Stoner started with motorcycle racing at the age of 4. Jorge Lorenzo started riding a home built motorcycle at the age of 3 years. Very few champions and professionals will make it to the top if they did not start really young.

Before we continue, watch this video...........

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18 March, 2013 - Switching From 2 to 4, From 4 to 2 Wheels - Motorcycles & Cars
Sebastian Loeb Moto2
Casey Stoner V8 Car
#Motorcycle #Car - It looks like a lot of professional racers in the car and motorcycle sports are crossing over to the other category. What used to be motorcycle racers going to the "dark" side of the sport, ie car racing, has now become a common cross occurrence.

We all remember the speculations when Valentino Rossi tried the Ferrari F1 race car a few times. Most fans were convinced that he was going to race Formula One. Other champions had done that in the past, so why not him. Notably John Surtees, who became the only world champion MotoGP and Formula One.

Many Dakar motorcycles racers have gone on to race cars...........

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15 March, 2013 - Movie: The 1st Motorcycle Cannonball Race Documentary
Video clip
Hmmm... looks like an interesting video. It's a documentary of a Motorcycle Cannonball "race", not by hardcore race motorcycles, but by pre-1916 motorcycles.

You can imagine how tough a coast-to-coast race would be on present-day race or endurance motorcycle, so you can imagine how it would be on a vintage bike dating before 1916. Some don't even have a transmission. The need to rebuild their engines in the parking lots, and keep squeezing every bit out of the bike to make it to the coast. And I guess the bikers will need to have their kidneys and other organs remolded after each day.............

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4 February, 2013 - France: Le Touquet Enduropale 2013 - Photos and Video
Le Touquet Enduropale 2013
Le Touquet Enduropale 2013
#Touquet #Enduropale - Another year, another crazy Le Touquet Enduropale beach motorcycle race is over. And what a race it was.... suspense, drama, fights, weather. A 3 hour super tough beach race which lasted 2 hours, since the weather had become impossible and the tide was therefore turning in much quicker than expected, making it not only very difficult, but also very dangerous.

And it was a good thing for the declared winner Jean Claude Mousse since he had to rip off his goggles halfway through the last lap (a lap takes 15 minutes to complete) and he couldn't see anything. He was passed just before the finish line by Potisek, but since the red flag was out, the previous lap counted, not the finished one...........

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25 January, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops for Enduropale 2013
Relais Calmos 27
Enduropale 2013 Poster
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on next weekend (February 2 & 3), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race.


19 December, 2012 - I Nominate This For The Next Winter Olympics - Anyone Else?
Motorcycle Skijoering
It has always bothered me that there's never any mechanical sports in the Olympics games, summer nor winter. Motorcycle racers are top athletes, so why wouldn't they be allowed to measure themselves against others every 4 years, and why wouldn't they be allowed to participate in kick-ass opening ceremonies? It's not fair, but the IOC can't seem to find a motorcycle sport that could be used for any of the Olympics games.

Well, I beg to differ. Back in 1928 at the Winter Games of St. Moritz, Switzerland, they held a horse-skiing race as demonstration. What they did was use a horse to pull a skier, making it a trial for both horse rider, horse and skier. Very noble. Very exiting.

Well, believe it or not, the sport cam from Sweden and Norway, and is called Skijoering. The clever Scandinavians knew that horses or, as originally used dogs, would have a difficult time in their climate, so they substituted horse with motorcycles............

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29 October, 2012 - MotoGP: This Photo Sums Up The 2012 Season
Lorenzo Sleeping
MotoGP logo
Despite being an enormous fan of MotoGP racing, it's a motorcycle sport that has been less than competitive for a couple of years now. Even Valentino Rossi has to admit the motorcycle race has become boring. All the artificial limitations imposed on the sport, penalties for riders who dare overtake, too many technical constraints, and not enough "showman" racers makes the sport more and more difficult to watch.

It was great watching Jorge Lorenzo win the championship again, he deserved it. Seeing Casey Stoner win his home race as head-alien was cool as well. But if there's one photo that sums up the 2012 season, it's this one:


27 October, 2012 - Video: 2012 AirAsia Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Video clip
MotoGP logo
Here's a very good and entertaining TV commercial for the 2012 AirAsia Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held tomorrow. It shows all the great motorcycle racers of the MotoGP race, all with added animations.

Very nicely done, and fun to watch; Let's just hope the race will be the same - fun, thrilling and entertaining.


23 October, 2012 - Spain: Race Between Taxi and Motorcycle Taxi
Moto taxi vs Car Taxi
Spain flag
It was bound to happen one day... a race between a car taxi and a motorcycle taxi. The location is Madrid, Spain, and one of the MotoTaxi scooters up against a car taxi in a 6 kilometer race through the heart of Madrid. The time is just before rush hour traffic, so a lot of cars, but not jam-packed.

Both vehicles leave at the same time, and as you can guess, the motorcycle taxi arrived at the destination 10 minutes before the car. But the real race was not the time it was going to take, since the answer to that was quite obvious, but the real race was the cost...........

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21 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 6 - Despres Wraps Up Victory in Morocco Rally
Morocco 2012 Cyril Despres
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
Last day of the Rally of Morocco, and Cyril Despres wins this epic dune race with his KTM.

Is it a song for the Dakar?


20 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 5 - Despres Hangs On To Overall Lead
Morocco 2012 Joan Pedrero
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
If this rally will be anything like the Dakar, KTM is in for a nasty surprise...

Husqvarna and Honda are making the Austrian's brand life difficult. Cyril Despres still leads, but by a narrow margin.

At the bottom of the page is a short round-up video made by Cyril Despres himself.


19 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 4 - Despres Surges Back Into Lead
Morocco 2012 Jakub Przygonski
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
What looked like a tough rally for KTM, yesterday thing came back to "normal" with Cyril Despres leading again...

... but there are less and less KTM's in the running. Is it the end of the orange supremacy?

Photos and a video....


18 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 3 - Despres Drops To 2nd; Coma Withdraws
Morocco 2012 Marc Coma
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
Everything has changed in the space of 24 hours on the Morocco Rally. KTM lost to Husqvarna and Honda in Stage 3, and the overall lead went to Honda.

One of the two top runners, Marc Coma, is in hospital with a dislocated shoulder, while Cyril Despres has been moved to 2nd place with 11 minutes behind the leader.


17 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 2 - Despres Moves Into Overall Lead
Morocco 2012 Marc Coma
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
Day 2 of this increasingly spectacular motorcycle rally, the OiLibya Rally of Morocco, with three racers starting to detach themselves from the others, including the two rally aliens Marc Coma and Cyril Despres.

Included also a short video message from Cyril Despres about the stage itself.


16 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 1 - The Start Of Something Beautiful
Morocco 2012 Marc Coma
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
A few months until the Dakar rally, this is the main event before the fun starts. The Rallye OiLibya du Maroc as it is called officially has become THE pre-Dakar motorcycle rally. All the big (and lesser) motorcycle racers are taking part in what is becoming the 2nd biggest motorcycle rally, after the Dakar. Names like Cyril Despres, Marc Coma, Helder Rodrigues, Chaleco Lopez, etc can be found here. Here is what KTM has to say..........

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13 September, 2012 - Baja Morocco 2012 - A New Motorcycle Race
Oilibya Maroc 2011
Baja Maroc 2012 Logo
Building on the name and style of the famous Baja races held in North America, and their own successful OiLibya Rally of Morocco, the organizers (NPO) have created the Baja Maroc race.

The 3 day event is styled after the Baja 500 event, meaning you don't need roadbooks, just skill, endurance and money to participate. The race is held in the Southern part of Morocco, with the famous Ouarzazate city in the middle (where the movie studies are). It's where you get to ride your motorcycle in the real Sahara desert, with vast stretches of sand, and more importantly; DUNES.

In total during the three days, you'll be riding some 500 kilometers.........

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7 September, 2012 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle - LIVE Feed
24 Hours Le Mans Motorcycle
FIM logo
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle endurance race is upon us, since it starts this Saturday. However, the qualifiers will start today. FIM, the international motorcycle race federation, is live streaming all tests, qualifiers and the actual race. So if you live somewhere too far to go and see the actual race, and even if you live close-by and want to watch it, turn on your computer.

Several TV stations are transmitting the motorcycle race, but none will be showing the whole race. You have the choice of watching the race on FIM Live-TV, or on YouTube.


5 July, 2012 - Tour de France 2012 - The Motorcycles
Tour de France 2012 Motorcycles
Tour de France 2012 Motorcycles
#TdF - As luck would have had it, the 2012 Tour de France passed along my house by some 500 meters, enough for me to have a look. Some 6 hours were spent there, 3,000 photos taken, and now many hours of sorting, editing and publishing. It'll take a long time to show you what it looks like being a "spectator" alongside the road of the Tour, so to keep you busy, here's just "some" of the motorcycles that can be found.

There are some 200 bicycles in the race, and at least the same number of motorcycles, maybe even more. I've divided up the motorcycles per category; police, official and press.

Here are 31 photos of the motorcycles in the Tour de France.


2 July, 2012 - The "Real" Results of the Dutch MotoGP Race Weekend
The Netherlands flag
The real fight within the MotoGP world wasn't just the one we saw this weekend in the TT of Assen. It wasn't just between racers, it's also between the motorcycle world and the general media.

The general TV/Media blamed the motorcycle world for a lot of bad things that happened on the road, but when the Dutch motorcycle news site Nieuwsmotor, investigated, it became apparent that the general media's reporting was shoddy at best. Even the Dutch cops were satisfied with the motorcycle world.

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8 June, 2012 - Le Touquet Enduropale Motorcycle Race 2013 + Video 2012
Video clip
The dates for the 2013 Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race, world's biggest motorcycle race, have been announced.

If you have never been, or want to see more about this amazing and very tough motorcycle race, check out the red Bull video in the article.

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4 June, 2012 - Marc Coma Takes Podium In His First Baja 500
Marc Coma Baja 500 2012
Spanish Dakar winner Marc Coma competed in his first ever Baja 500, and he finished in 3rd place, not bad for a first time. He raced with two other team members, Mexican Ivan Ramirez and USA Mike Brown.

Ramirez crashed the KTM motorcycle in the beginning, badly damaging the bike. They had to quickly change the exhaust on the KTM 450 Enduro bike, and then make up for lost time.

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24 May, 2012 - Marc Coma To Race In The 2012 Baja 500
Marc Coma
Marc Coma, one of the two "alien" Dakar racers (the other being Cyril Despres), will compete in the upcoming Baja 500 desert race. The Spanish motorcycle rider is well used to riding in the desert and enduro; you just need to have watched the Dakar to know that.

On June the 2nd, he will be entering the race on an official KTM North America 450cc enduro motorcycle. His almost instinct-driven navigation skills that has seen him win 3 Dakar races in the past, will be of no use to him, since in Baja 500 the race track is signposted. It's all up to riding skills.

According to Coma, he is in great physical shape, and is training to take part in this legendary race.


21 May, 2012 - MotoGP: A Suggestion For Improvement
Wet MotoGP Sprinklers
For those of you who saw the MotoGP race of Le Mans 2012, you know what I'm going to suggest. For those of you who haven't seen the race, go and see it. You'll not be sorry.

After having seen several seasons worth of motorcycle racing, the best races have always been those that were qualified as "WET". So instead of hoping for rain, why not put sprinklers on the side of the track, and make the track wet?

This has many advantages:

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14 May, 2012 - France: MotoGP 2012 Motorcycle Rest Places
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on this weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


2 May, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Goes On A Ride-Out With Friends and Fans
Jorge Lorenzo Ride Out Spain 1
Jorge Lorenzo Ride Out Spain
It looks like the former World Champion MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo went on a nice little ride out after last week's race at Jerez.

I guess after that race he deserved a bit of R&R.


26 April, 2012 - Royal Enfield: Fuel Economy Race
Royal Enfield BVM Fuel Run 2012
Royal Enfield logo
The Gloucestershire dealer of Royal Enfield motorcycle, BVM, had organized on the 14th of April a special race for Royal Enfield owners. Not a speed race, nor an endurance race, but a race to see who could beat the factory quoted Miles Per Gallon figure of 79 mpg.

Two categories Enfields were organized, motorcycles with EFI and ones with carburetors. The "race" was held on a 39 mile stretch of road.

The winner of the most economical run was a Royal Enfield Fury, riding the distance at 96.93 mph, the runner up did 92.76 and third best ran at 92.20 mpg. Despite riding a road with many steep climbs, they bettered the factory average by 22%.


17 April, 2012 - E-Power Race: Munch Racing Team
Munch Racing team
Munch Racing team
The first round of the FIM e-Power race, electric motorcycle race, is now history. Held at Magny-Cours last weekend during the famous Bol d'Or endurance race, the e-bikes race was a disappointment. Not the bikes, nor the teams, but the fact that there were only 3 bikes at the start. Not much of a competition..

It's something that the FIM needs to address properly if they want to make this an interesting race.

Here's a look at the winning team and their riders, Munch racing Team.


16 April, 2012 - A Photographic Visit Of The Magny-Cours Circuit
Magny Cours Finish Line
Magny Cours Medical Clinic
I realize that not many people get to visit the Magny-Cours circuit here in France, let alone visit the "special" and off-limit areas. So after my little visit to the circuit for the FIM e-Power race (which wasn't much of a race), I've decided to show you a lot of photos of the circuit. Most of them were taken really early in the morning (Friday 13th). Magny-Cours, together with the Le Mans Bugatti circuit are the two main race circuits in France, hosting races for the MotoGP, World SuperBike, Formula 1 and of course the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This weekend was the other large 24 hours endurance motorcycle race, that of the Bol d'Or.

The one thing you'll notice at this circuit, the same as with the other French motorcycle races, is the incredible noise, 24 hours per day. It's not the race bikes, but the bikers who have come to attend the race and are camping around the circuit. All the time, and I mean all the time, there are several who are revving up their bikes, spitting and flaming. At 6 AM in the morning of the 13th you could still hear them. A pity if you need to sleep....

Here are 44 photos of the circuit I've taken. You can click on any photo for a bigger version, but if you are going to do that, let the whole page load with all its photos.

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13 April, 2012 - Bol d’Argent - A Quick Action Photo Look
Bol D Argent Stock
Bol D Argent Stock
Apart from the premature e-bike race, the FIM e-Power, and the always impressive sidecars, the main pre-event for the Bol d'Or race is the Bol d'Argent. For those who don't read French, "Or" means gold, "Argent" means silver. The "Or" are the supersports bikes racing for 24 hours, the "Argent" are stock road bikes, racing for 3 hours. Any stock bike will do, single, bi or 100 cylinders.

The Bol d'Or gets enough publicity, so here are some action shots of the Bol d'Argent qualifiers for your amusement.

NOTE: All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, but let the whole page load first before you do.


13 April, 2012 - Electric vs Gas Powered - A Video Look
Video clip
I used my trusty iPhone 4 smartphone's video camera to shoot some video of some of the motorcycles doing their free practise runs at the Bol d'Or at Magny-Cours. Obviously I also filmed the e-Power electric motorcycles, so here's a brief video clip of not only the e-bikes, but also comparing them in the same curve with a "normal" bike.

The "normal" motorcycles were the Bol d'Argent category, so not full race endurance motorcycles. The first bit is a warm up lap for the e-bikes, followed by a fast lap, followed by a "normal" bike, followed again by 2 more of the electric ones.

I think you'll need to start getting used to seeing more and more footage of electric bike races, but it might take much longer if I look at FIM's attempt at organizing the e-Power race. It's just comical, and I'm not talking about the teams, but the organization.

Click on the headline to see the video.......


12 April, 2012 - A 1st Look At The FIM E-Power Race, And Probably Last
e Power Magny Cours
e Power Magny Cours
#electric #FIM - As you may gather form the title, I am not amused. I planned to spend the weekend covering the 1st leg of the FIM e-Power race, electric race motorcycle, in the world championship.

To my surprise, and dismay, there are only three teams present at Magny-Cours. I heard from the stewards that it's an improvement, since last year there were only 2 electric motorcycles.

It's a pity that FIM is not throwing in a lot of their weight to promote the category. Paying for teams to attend (like the USA ones), would make the event much more interesting. I for one, am not planning to get up early in the morning to see the qualifiers or even the race, since it's not a real race if there are only 3 bikes. It's more a comical farce.


11 April, 2012 - Gone To The Races, Electric Motorcycle races
Gone to the races
FIM logo
#Electric #Motorcycles #FIM: I'm on the road again, gone to the races. No, not horse races, but electric motorcycle races. I've planned to see the first leg of the international championships of the FIM e-Power races at Magny-Cours, France this weekend.

I've decided it is time to start looking at these races more seriously if we want electric motorcycles to advance in technology. The only way electric bikes will improve rapidly is via competition, since that is what will drive them to make them ride faster, and for longer distances.

Unfortunately, FIM and other organizers still don't look at this category seriously. The E-Power race is the first race on the agenda (the main event is the Bol d'Or 24 hour endurance race), starting on Saturday 9 AM..... 9 AM??? We'll be lucky to see the racers show up at that time....forget about any public and press (except me).

I'll be sending out photos to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, not only from the e-Power race and qualifiers, but also the sidecar and Bol d'Or categories.


10 April, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2012
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


27 March, 2012 - Want To Ride The Magny-Cours Circuit At Night? Yes You Can
Night time racing
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you who are planning to attend the Bol d'Or 24 hour motorcycle endurance race next month (14/15 April), there's an added advantage for going. The organizers are opening the circuit for all and their dogs (or bikes).

But the really interesting thing about this open circuit is that they plan to allow you to ride your motorcycle AT NIGHT. Friday the 13th of April (for some it's lucky, for some it's unlucky), starting at 21:00 (9 PM) until midnight, there will be several "trackday" sessions, allowing you to race on the circuit for 3 laps at night.

Click on the headline to read more .....


7 March, 2012 - Rally of Tunisia Cancelled Due To Terrorist Activities
Oilibya Tunisia Rally logo
The previously announced 2012 Oilibya Rally of Tunisia has been cancelled since the government of Tunisia could not guarantee the safety of the participants due to severe unrest in the Southern part of the country.

NPO, the organizers decided to cancel the rally since the danger was too great.


7 March, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Passed His Motorcycle Exam And is Now Allowed To Ride
Jorge Lorenzo, the former World Champion MotoGP, finally is allowed to ride motorcycles legally. Legally on the streets that is.

Yes, the man passed all his driving tests in Spain (not an easy task), and can now ride a real motorcycle.


14 February, 2012 - Ultimate Marco Simoncelli Tribute Book - 58 of #58
Automotophoto Simoncelli 58of58 book
Automotophoto Simoncelli 58of58 book
Not many people get the chance of mingling with the Gods of MotoGP, and very rare are those who are around them all of the time. But MotoGP professional photographer, Andrew Wheeler, is one of those rare individuals.

For years he has been flying all over the world, following the MotoGP circus from track to track, making photos that you will have all seen in print or on the web. His photos are very much sought after for those interested in motorcycle racing.

It's therefore no surprise that his enormous collection of photos he had made over the last few years contained many of the late Marco Simoncelli, #58.

As a tribute to Simoncelli, Andrew has released a limited edition book full of fantastic photos of the man-who-left-us too-soon. The book is called "58 of #58", and it's a 12 by 12 hardbound book with 49 pages of Marco.

If you read the comments on Facebook you will see that many are truly enjoying this book.

10% of the proceeds of the book go to the Simoncelli Foundation.


8 February, 2012 - Michelin Introduces Its New Motorcycle Tires With Changes To Race Cup
Michelin logo
French tire giant, Michelin, introduced a couple of new tires last year meant for discerning motorcycle riders, and to mark the occasion, they are adding new categories to their Michelin Power Cup motorcycle races.

Newbies, women only and endurance categories have been added, plus the ability to sign up for individual races, and not have to commit to a whole season.

Plus, they have instructors available to help you on the circuit.


6 February, 2012 - Taddy Blazusiak Takes Third World SuperEnduro Title
Barcelona SuperEnduro2012 Taddy Blazusiak
Barcelona SuperEnduro2012 Johnny Walker
KTM factory rider Taddy Blazusiak continued his golden run on Sunday night to win the third and last SuperEnduro event of the FIM World Championship season 2011-2012 in Barcelona, Spain, to again clean sweep both the event and the series.

Engloshman Johnny Walker took second spot, also on a KTM motorcycle.


6 February, 2012 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Photos and Video
Le Touquet Enduropale 2012
Le Touquet Enduropale 2012
For those of you who saw the Enduropale beach race in Le Touquet (either on the spot, on TV or the Web), you'll agree that it was incredible... incredibly crazy that is. 1080 motorcycles leaving the start at the same time in snow & ice, not to mention the deep sand was a sight to see.

But this year, to slow down the holeshot winner, they made several curves in the circuit. Which is fine when you arrive as one of the first, but when the 1000+ Sunday riders arrive, they get stuck. On its own, not a problem, but it becomes an enormous problem when the front of the pack has done a complete lap (about 10-15 minutes), and reaches the backmarkers who are still stuck in their first curve or hill.

That is a sight to see. Check the video below (for as long as it plays since it might be removed). You'll see the front leader loose his position since he got stuck in a still-standing pack of Sunday riders, while the number 2 manages to pass on the outside. Fun. That's life on the Enduropale, it's not the circuit, nor the obstacles, nor the professional competitors who are a threat, but the Sunday riders, all 1000+ of them.

Here are some photos of the event, and below that videos.


3 February, 2012 - Enduropale 2012: Live On The Web
EnduroPale 2012 Poster
Even if you are not coming to that wacky and incredible beach motorcycle enduro, the Le Touquet Enduropale, you can still see it.

The France3 national TV stations will be broadcasting it live on TV, but will also be streaming it on their web, all 3 hours worth.

This year might just be a notable one, since they are predicting snow for the weekend....


31 January, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops for Enduropale 2012
Relais Calmos 27
EnduroPale 2012 Poster
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on next weekend (February 4 & 5), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race.


23 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo First Motorcycle Lesson
Lorenzo Motorcycle Riding Lesson
As we had already reported, former World Champion MotoGP racing has started getting his motorcycle license, allowing him to ride a motorcycle. He already passed his Spanish theory test, and now needs to spend a few hours, officially, with an instructor. After he has done his mandatory minimum hours of riding lessons, he will need to "prove" himself in the exams.

I bet there's not a large number of examiners who are queueing up to go out for a ride with Jorge to see if he is able to ride a motorcycle.


16 January, 2012 - Video: Portrait of Shelina Moreda - ePower Racer
Video clip
Here's a video portrait of the Californian female racer, Shelina Moreda, who races in FIM ePower electric motorcycle races for the Italian eCRP team.

She is pretty, and very good.... 2012 is going to be interesting for electric motorcycle races.


13 January, 2012 - France: Le Touquet Enduropale 2012 - No Biker Camping
EnduroPale 2012 Poster
The famous motorcycle beach race, world's biggest, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is held on Sunday 5 February. For the first time, one lonely American is taking part... he probably got lost and ended up in Le Touquet...

This year, the city has decided not to allow camping at the horse track, since bikers get drunk, and they wreck the place. The city, celebrating 100 years, is also the overflow for the London Olympics this year, so they want to keep the city intact.

So if you want to camp, you'll need to go to a real camping...

BTW, the oldest competitor is 91 Years old..


10 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Allowed To Ride Motorcycles, Legally
Believe it or not, former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo just passed his motorcycle riding theory test, needed to get his motorcycle license. This will allow him to ride a motorcycle on the streets.

Now...... which instructor is going to teach Jorge how to take a curve with his motorcycles, and which examiner is crazy enough to "test" him if he knows how to drive???


29 December, 2011 - Belgium: Government To Finance The 2012 Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations flags
Cool. The Belgium government finally went back to work, after some 2 years of a government-less country, and they immediately announced that they are financing the 2012 FIM/Monster Motocross of nations race to be held in their country to the tune of €250,000.

Not a bad way to make yourself popular with the motorcycling community.


21 December, 2011 - HKER Luciole - The French Electric Race Motorcycle
HKER Luciole
France has an entry for the world electric motorcycle races, E Power.

Made by HKER, the Luciole is a 140 kph race motorcycle that is still under development, but hopefully for 2012 should see its first race.


23 October, 2011 - Marco Simoncelli - You Were The Best! RIP
Marco Simoncelli RIP
Words fail me. I am stunned.

Marco, you will greatly missed.


14 October, 2011 - Record Your Own Lap Times and Analyze Performance
AIM SmartyCam
Italian AIM company provides you with several options for your track days, riding around on your motorcycle. The easiest and cost effective solution SOLO, a GPS with a built-in database of world's race tracks (but you can add your own), giving you a full analyze of your performance. The GPS device even includes an accelerometer.

But you can get even more. With their SmartyCam, you can not only log your laptimes, you can actually see it with superimposed telemetry data on the video. See what you did right, see where you can improve.


11 October, 2011 - Michelin Introduced 3 New Motorcycle Track Tires
Micheling New Track Tires 2012
Michelin logo
Michelin have introduced three new motorcycle tires to be used on the race tracks;

- Michelin Power Cup
- Michelin Power Slick
- Michelin Power Rain


10 October, 2011 - Marc Coma King of the Desert. Wins 5th Pharaons Rally
Pharaons 2011 Marc Coma
Pharaons logo
Marc Coma is the King of the Desert! The Spanish KTM rider won for his fifth time the Egyptian Pharaons Rally on his KTM motorcycle.

He needs to win the next race (Morocco) to clinch the world title. He's now favorite to win the Dakar race, again.


4 October, 2011 - Learn Motorcycle Racing Photography From A Real Pro
Automotophoto seminar poster
Andrew Wheeler from AutoMotoPhoto is one of the great motorcycle race photographers of the moment. You can see many of his fantastic photos in magazines and websites around the world. And Andrew is not selfish, he wants to share his talent.

For the upcoming MotoGP of Australia, Andrew is offering a seminar on how to make photos of race motorcycles. And it doesn't end there...

Andrew will also cook you a meal. Two for the price of one...


3 October, 2011 - France’s Minister of Sport: 1st Official Visit? A Motorcycle Race
David Douillet Enduro GP France
The recently appointed French Minister of Sports, former multiple world champion Judo David Douillet, went for his first official visit.... and it was to the world champion round of motorcycle enduro in France.

David, himself a passionate motorcycle rider, handed out the prizes and spent some time talking to enduro legend David Knight.

Not bad for a member of the government who do not like motorcycles. Wonder how much time he'll last?


29 September, 2011 - World’s Biggest Motorcycle Beach Race Inscriptions Opens
Le Touquet 2007 Funnel
The famous Le Touquet Enduropale beach motorcycle race opens for registration this Saturday for the 1,000 motorcycles participating in the 5th of February 2012 race.

First come, first served. If you don't plan to race, you might want to come and have a look at these mad 1,000 bikers racing in deep sand, jumps and chicanes. 3 hours of total fun.


26 September, 2011 - 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2011 Motorcycle Race - The Photos
24 Hours Le Mans 2011 Motorcycle Race
24 Hours Le Mans 2011 Motorcycle Race
It was a great race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance motorcycle race. It was like a 24 hours SuperBike race.

Here are 14 photos and 1 video of the motorcycle race.


23 September, 2011 - Follow 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle 2011 Race Live
24 Hours Le Mans 2011
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle endurance race, for the first time ever, can be watched on your PC or laptop. The organizers are streaming the whole 24 hours event LIVE and free on the internet.

Just as well, since a new ordinance in Le Mans city and surroundings forbids to sales and transportation of quantities of alcohol and other booze.


9 September, 2011 - Motorcycle 24 Hours of Le Mans 2011: Biker Resting Places
24 Hours Le Mans 2011
FFMC logo
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race is on in 2 weekends from now, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


5 September, 2011 - Tunisia: First Motorcycle Road Rally?
Tunisia Road Rally 2011 Map
Tunisia Road Rally 2011
Here's a great motorcycle race for all to do! You get to "race" in a foreign country, Tunisia to be exact, but it's not in the desert, but you'll ride on normal roads. This means you can bring your Hayabusa, 125cc, Royal Enfield sidecar or you Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Accommodation is in 4/5 star hotels, and the fee includes shipping, hotels, food and race fees. You'll not need a support crew, since they provide the mechanics.

Best of all, they have a special program for your followers/fans. Bring your spouse/partner and kids... Everyone wins.


31 August, 2011 - 4 Hours Of Valmont Vintage Motorcycle Race 2011
Every year, in a small village close to me in Normandy, France, they hold a 4 hour vintage/classic motorcycle race. Despite a persistent rain, the spectators were there to admire the old motorcycles.

Here are some photos of the wonderful event, starting with the "paddock" motorcycles, and then the races.

I'm not an expert in vintage motorcycles, so you can guess the names and dates yourself.


11 July, 2011 - Tour de France To Reduce Motorcycles In 2012
Video clip
Tour de France logo
After last week's motorcycle taking out a cyclist in the 2011 Tour de France, ASO (the organizers) announced not only suspending the motorcycle rider, but that they plan to reduce the number of motorcycles in next year's race.

But then Sunday, a TV car took out 2 cyclists who were riding up front (see the video), one of them a favorite. The diver got suspended too (despite the fact that it was the race steward's fault), but will they no also reduce the number of cars?


7 July, 2011 - Motorcycle Takes Away Bicycle In Tour De France 2011
Tour De France 2011 Motorcycle vs Bicycle crash
Tour de France logo
In a bizarre accident yesterday in the Tour de France, a motorcycle carrying a press photographer hooked a bicycle with Danish racer Sorensen on it.

Sorensen got ejected onto the grass (lucky) but the bicycle was hooked onto the motorcycle which happily and blissfully unaware of what had happened, continued its course.


6 June, 2011 - Learn Off-Road Motorcycle Riding With Leon Haslam
Leon Haslam BMW WSB 2011
You might think the headline is a mistake, but you'd be wrong. End July you can get trained by none other than Leon Haslam, BMW Superbike racer (just before Silverstone round of the WSB) is not only a street racer, but also a motocross/off-road specialist.

BMW Off Road Skills Course is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get trained not only by the BMW Off Road Skills training staff (headed by Simon Pavey), but also by guest "teacher" Leon Haslam.

If you're interested, hurry, since it's for one class only, and limited to 28 participants.


1 June, 2011 - Video: Follow Valentino Rossi’s 2011 Season
Video clip
An interesting way of getting you to follow Valentino Rossi's 2011 MotoGP season on Italian TV...

Don't show Rossi.... show a sexy red head!


23 May, 2011 - Lorenzo Explains The Facts Of Life To Schumacher
Lorenzo and Schumacher
Jorge Lorenzo, reigning MotoGP World Champion and Spanish, visited his national Formula One race this weekend and hooked up with multiple World Champion F1 racer, Michael Schumacher.

It's at this stage I would have loved to be a fly on the wall....


19 May, 2011 - Randy de Puniet Gets Himself A Ducati Diavel Motorcycle
Randy de Puniet Ducati Diavel
Ducati logo
Randy de Puniet is a lucky man. Not because he crashed and survived the last MotoGP race, but because at the race he was given a Ducati Diavel power cruiser.

Let's hope this motorcycle stays intact.


11 May, 2011 - France: MotoGP 2011 Motorcycle Rest Places
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on this weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


2 May, 2011 - Statement From Paul Bird - Kawasaki SuperBike Team
Racing Article
News Article
After the Kawasaki SuperBike Team trucks were found to contain drugs and a weapon, and 4 members of the Paul Bird Motorsport Team were arrested, Paul Bird has issued the following statement.


2 May, 2011 - Kawasaki SuperBike Team Arrested For Drug Smuggling
Racing Article
News Article
The Kawasaki SuperBike Team, racing under the Paul Bird Motorsport Team, got stopped by British Customs/Border Agency and was found to have a lot of drugs and a loaded weapon on board of the trucks.

4 people were arrested (drivers and mechanics). From now on, all motorcycle and Formula One teams will receive a close inspection by customs.


20 April, 2011 - Advantage Of Ducati/AMG Tie-up For One Person
Nicky Hayden Mercedes
Looks like Nicky Hayden is making full use of the Ducati/Mercedes AMG tie-up.... He just took delivery of a brand new Mercedes AMG CLS 63... a very fast car.

But is it as fast as his Ducati motorcycle? And when will he receive his first speeding ticket?

Lucky Nicky...


1 April, 2011 - Valentino Rossi Announces Participation In The 2012 Dakar
Rossi and his temporary KTM 450 Rally
In an interview with La Repubblica, Valentino Rossi let it be known that he has negotiated with Ducati a release during next year's off season to participate in the Dakar 2012. His love for rallies and motocross is no secret to anyone.

He has had several training session on a KTM with multiple winner Cyril Despres, with more to follow at the end of the MotoGP season.


31 March, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2011
Bol D'or 2011 Poster
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


1 March, 2011 - Spain: Jerez Racing Circuit To Close?
Circuito de Jerez
The beautiful motorcycle (and car) race circuit in Spain, the Circuito de Jerez, used in the MotoGP races, is in dire financial difficulties, and may have to close.

They have suspended payment to Dorna, and the upcoming MotoGP race in April might be in jeopardy.

Will the bad news for motorcycle tracks ever end?


24 February, 2011 - Taddy Blazusiak Crowned World Indoor Enduro Champion
Taddy Blazusiak Indoor Enduro Champion 2010
After several race were cancelled, Polish enduro specialist and part of the KTM factory team, Taddy Blazusiak, has been crowned Indoor Motorcycle Enduro Champion.


17 February, 2011 - Help Save The Nurburgring Circuit. You Can Help
Nurburgring circuit
The famed Nurburgring race circuit is not only one of the oldest in Europe (Germany), but also one of the toughest and most demanding. It has been the host to many races, movies and TV shows (like Top Gear). It's a circuit where you can go to on your motorcycle, and do a few laps.

Thanks to an amalgamation of government and private enterprise stupidity and greed, the race circuit is in danger of disappearing (for once it's not the ecologist movements' fault).

But you can help, and it's only going to cost you a minute. Sign the on-line petition. That's all you need to do.


7 February, 2011 - KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak Clean Sweeps Indoor Enduro At Barcelona
Barcelone Enduro 2011 Taddy Blazusiak
KTM logo
KTM's Taddy Blazusiak is on a roll. He just won the indoor motorcycle enduro of Barcelona.

David Knight ended in 2nd spot. Can anything stop the wonderboy from Poland?


2 February, 2011 - The Netherlands: No MotoGP On TV
MotoGP logo
No Dutch TV station will be transmitting the MotoGP races this year (as they did not last year either).

Dorna's fee is too high, and there's a lack of advertisers in the small country to generate sufficient revenue for the TV stations to make money. So they'll need to watch the BBC...


1 February, 2011 - Put A Motorcycle Race Track On Your Wall
Race Tracks Of The World
Some people put a motorcycle on the wall, but this idea might just be better.... a copy of one of world's famous race circuit.

Made out of wood and Formica, with a special system to hang them up on your wall, without nails, this is a motorcycle racing fan's dream.


31 January, 2011 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2011: The Photos And Results
Le Touquet 2011
Le Touquet 2011
The famous and biggest motorcycle beach race, the Le Touquet Enduropale is over for another year.

Here are the results... and no, you'll not find the electric motorcycle (a Zero) anywhere in the top.


28 January, 2011 - 2011 OiLibya Rally Of Tunisia Scheduled
OiLibya Rally Of Tunisia logo
Despite a difficult political climate, the OiLibya motorcycle rally in Tunisia is scheduled to be held in May.

To help to local economy and moral, Tunisian riders are invited to participate for free.


25 January, 2011 - Cyril Despres To Race Le Touquet This Weekend
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
Just back from the Dakar, and Cyril Despres is already competing this weekend. And what a competition he racing in... he's racing in world's toughest motorcycle beach race, the Le Touquet Enduropale.

1100 motorcycles (800 quads) racing around like crazy for 3 hours in freezing temperature. Despres has won the holeshot in the past with a special motorcycle, but this year, he's going to compete for the whole distance.


13 January, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Le Touquet Enduropale 2011
Relais Calmos 27
France Article
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on the last weekend of January (29/30), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race.


12 January, 2011 - Valentino Rossi: It Hurts When I Do This!
Rossi Del Torchio at Vroom
Is that what Valentino is trying to tell the Ducati CEO, or is it a rude gesture?


10 January, 2011 - Electric Motorcycle To Compete In The Le Touquet Enduropale
Thibault Veuillet  and his Zero MX
Zero logo
This is a first! On one of the toughest (and biggest) beach motorcycles races in the world, the French Le Touquet Enduropale, with 1,000 motorcycles racing on a 17.8 kilometer beach circuit, one of them will be an electric motorcycle.

A Zero MX electric motorcycle will be raced in this 3 hours race by Thibault Veuillet from the Craze-Team. The electric charge should last for one lap, so he'll need to come in every lap to swap batteries, but the bike itself should be very fast over the sand.

The race will be held the end of the month.


8 December, 2010 - Le Touquet 2011: Speeds To Be Lowered
Enduropale 2011 Poster
Le Touquet 2007 Start
The Enduropale of Le Touquet, the French wacky and famous beach race held 29/30 January has had a slight change in their rules.

There's no longer a long straight line for the first lap to wards the holeshot. Speeds have reach 200+ kph, and serious accidents have happened in the past.

The circuit length remains the same, but now the first lap is no longer at top speeds, increasing the spectacle, and increasing the chance to win the holeshot for anyone.


24 November, 2010 - Dakar 2011: BMW Motorcycles In Trouble
Shamrock 2010 BMW David Fretigne
David Fretigne
David Fretigne, French superstar enduro racer and BMW's hope for winning the Dakar race, has been declared unfit to race in the upcoming Dakar race.

David crashed in last month's Rallye du Maroc, breaking vertebrae and ribs, and has not been able to fully recover.

Now BMW's hope lies totally on Dutchman's Frans Verhoeven's shoulders.


9 November, 2010 - Erzbergrodeo Dates For 2011 - Waiting List Only
ErzbergRodeo 2010
Erzbergrodeo logo
The popular Austrian hard motorcycle enduro, Erzbergrodeo, not only has an official start date, but within 5 hours of the registration being open, the 1,500 slots were filled. If you want to participate in this massive and crazy off-road event, you'll need to go onto the waiting list.

The Erzbergrodeo is getting more popular every year, and TV stations around the world are now broadcasting this event. So if you can't compete in it, go and see it on the spot.


8 November, 2010 - FIM: Vote For The Motorcycle Rider Of The Year
FIM logo
FIM, the International Motorcycle Federation are organizing their annual motorcycle rider of the year event, and are asking for your votes.

Three categories, it'll take you less than a minute. But for your time, you stand the chance of winning a prize, including a Tag Heuer watch.


27 October, 2010 - France: Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Race Open For Registration
Enduropale 2011 Poster
Le Touquet 2007 Funnel
On-line registrations of one of world's wackiest and craziest motorcycle beach races, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is open for all. You can register for this epic beach race before November 30th and receive a nice discount.

The race is held on the 29th and 30th of January, so bring plenty of warms clothing. It's free for the 250,000+ spectators.


25 October, 2010 - Rallye du Maroc 2010: Victory For KTM Motorcycles
Rallye du Maroc 2010 Cyril Despres
Cyril Despres wins the first motorcycle rally race for the new KTM 450 Rally. Score 1 for the Rally of Morocco.

Helder Rodrigues finishes 2nd on his Yamaha, and Marc Coma suffering from penalties ends in the 3rd spot on his 450 KTM.


22 October, 2010 - Fly The Friendly Skies With Jorge Lorenzo
Lorenzo Air Europa Airplane
Spain is so happy with Jorge Lorenzo winning the MotoGP title, that they've placed an image of him and his Fiat Yamaha Team motorcycle on one of their airplanes!



20 October, 2010 - Rallye Maroc 2010: Coma Wins Stage, Fretigne Crashes
Shamrock 2010 BMW David Fretigne
Shamrock 2010 Cyril Despres
KTM motorcycle racers Marc Coma and Cyril Despres retain the first 2 spots in the Rally Maroc, while David Fretigne crashes on his BMW motorcycle, and breaks his collarbone.


19 October, 2010 - KTM Start Their 450 Rally Motorcycle With A Bang
KTM logo
KTM has shown its cards. In the first stage of the Rallye Maroc (the precursor of the Dakar race), with the first time ever for their new 450 cc motorcycles, Cyril Despres took 1st place, and Marc Coma took 2nd. Third went to Dutchman Frans Verhoeven on a BMW, 10 minutes behind Cyril.

So it looks like KTM are still planning to take all top places for the Dakar.


11 October, 2010 - Marc Coma World Champion Motorcycle Rally
Marc Coma Pharaons Rally
KTM's Marc Coma wins the Pharaons Rally, and with the victory over Chaleco's Aprilia, wins the World Champion Motorcycle Rally Title.

3 Spaniards crowned World Champion this weekend. Is there no stopping Spain?


7 October, 2010 - Pharaons: Another Aprilia Motorcycle Wins Over KTM
Pharoans Aprilia Gerard Farres Day 3
Aprilia logo
Another day, another Aprilia win at the Pharaons rally. Day 3 sees two Aprilia motorcycle takes the top spots in the rally.

Despite riding 450cc motorcycle over KTM's 690, the two Aprilias are aiming at finishing the rally and winning.

Is this the end of world domination by KTM?


5 October, 2010 - Motorcycle Rally: Is This Aprilia’s Year?
Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez on his Aprilia
Aprilia logo
After a great 2010 Dakar result, and now leading the Pharaons motorcycle rally, Aprilia is showing that they can taken KTM on in a fair fight in the rally stages.

Chaleco is an amazing racer, but the Aprilia motorcycle is pretty awesome as well. First day of the Pharaons, and Chaleco already has a 5 minute lead over the number 2.


1 October, 2010 - Video: Making Of The SBK BMW Umbrella Girls At Misano
Video clip
Nice video with catchy tune, on the "Making of" the BMW Umbrella girls at the recent Misano SBK motorcycle race.

It's not easy being an umbrella girl, you can see that for the video. Always smiling, always being pretty while 1000's gawk at you.

Interesting video.


27 September, 2010 - Ludivine Puy 1st Ever Female World Champion Motorcycle Enduro
Valentino Rossi HelmetLudivine Puy Push up gasgas
Ludivine Puy Airborn
French woman, Ludivine Puy was crowned the first ever FIM Female Enduro Motorcycle Champion last weekend.

Already French and European Champion, after many other titles, this is the first ever title award by FIM in the new category, and Ludivine got it.

Congratulations to Ludivine Puy (and the other champions that day).


13 September, 2010 - France: Bol D’Or 2010 Results
Bol Dor Start 2010
Yet another 24 hour motorcycle endurance race of the Bol d'Or is over, and despite the many accidents and safety cars, the SERT Suzuki team has yet won again.


8 September, 2010 - The Netherlands: Motocrossers Will Require Certification
An animal (dog) on a motorcycle
Starting next year, in The Netherlands, if you want to ride on a motocross circuit, you will need to have a certificate allowing you to do so. The certificate will be issued after a basic instruction.

Many sports require you to be certified, so why not a dangerous one like motocross. With lots of motorcycles riding around in the dirt, it makes sense.


6 September, 2010 - Red Bull Alpen Brevet 2010
Red Bull Alpen Brevet Map 2010
Red Bull Alpen Brevet Map 2010
Forget high speed motorcycle races, this is a race from a different era. The Red Bull Alpen Brevet is a race for some 600 mopeds, "racing" 138 kilometers over three Alpine passes.

Looks like a really fun race. One participants even had a riding BBQ moped, with sausages cooking while riding.


30 August, 2010 - Video: MotorLand Aragon MotoGP 2010 Ad
Video clip
MotorLand MotoGP 2010
Interesting TV ad for the upcoming MotoGP race in Aragon, Jorge Lorenzo's home circuit.

It's quite obvious from the ad's graphics, that Lorenzo is expected to win.... and he probably will...


25 August, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2010
Bol D'or 2010
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurancerace, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


22 July, 2010 - Tour de France: More Motorcycles Than Bicycles?
TdF Cantador Motorcycles
Are there more motorcycles then bicycles at the Tour de France race?

Sure looks like it...


7 July, 2010 - France: Tour de France 2010 - Motorcycle and Some Figures
Tour de France Media Motorcycle
Tour de France 2010 Kawasaki
A closer look at the impressive Tour de France; the incredible, money-generating, publicity caravan, and some of the motorcycles.


6 July, 2010 - Motorcycle The Cause Of The Tour De France Massive Crash
Tour de France 2010 Crash Day 2
It looks like a motorcycle was the cause of the massive pile-up during Day 2 of the Tour de France bicycle race....

You see? Bicycles and motorcycles don't mix!


1 July, 2010 - KTM Factory Rider Chris Birch Wins His First Romaniacs
RedBullRomaniacs 2010 Chris Birch
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
Another Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro race, another winner. Chris Birch wins his first Romaniacs race, after Taddy meets a tree.

Crazy racers in a crazy race.


29 June, 2010 - Video: Romaniacs 2010 Day 0 and 1
Video clip
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
The Red Bull Romaniacs is considered as one of the toughest motorcycle extreme enduro races. During 4 days, top racers of the world participate, and many do not make it to the finish.

Even the top racers have to admit defeat, like this year....

Here are two videos, one of the prologue, the other of Day 1. You'll see why they say the Romaniacs makes grown men cry!


28 June, 2010 - The Netherlands: The Real Cost Of The TT of Assen MotoGP
Speeding motorcycle sign.jpg
The cost of attending the Dutch MotoGP, the TT of Assen, just went up for a few thousand motorcycle riders....

Despite the strong sunshine, speed tickets were raining over the three days. One got clocked at 220+ kph!


9 June, 2010 - ErzbergRodeo To Become Extreme-Enduro World Championship
ErzbergRodeo 2010
Video clip
The extreme hard motorcycle enduro, Erzbergrodeo in Austria is to become the World Championship Extreme Enduro.

Check out the video of this extreme motorcycle event.


7 June, 2010 - Erzberg: 4th Red Bull Hare Scramble to KTMs "Taddy The Great"
Erzberg 2010 Taddy Blazusiak
KTM logo
KTM's report on the last day of the famous and notorious Erzbergrodeo motorcycle hard enduro race.

A living hell, high temperatures, steeps mountain cliffs, sharp rocks, high speeds .... just another day in the office of the Polish rider Taddy Blazusiak.


6 June, 2010 - Raikkonen Prevails In The Red Bull Clash on Erzberg
Erzberg 2010 Taddy Blazusiak
KTM logo
At the Erzbergrodeo hard motorcycle enduro, one vehicle was not a motorcycle.

A WRC - Rally -Citroen car took part, driven by none other than Kimi Raikkonen, who raced his car against a KTM motorcycle, ridden by none other than Taddy Blazusiak.

A flat out race around the mountain.. and the winner was.....


5 June, 2010 - Erzbergrodeo: Ossi Reisinger (Suzuki) Leads 1st Day
Erzbergrodeo 2010
Erzbergrodeo 2010 Poster
Looks like this year's Erzbergrodeo, one of world's toughest motorcycle enduro races, was more a speedboat race than a motorcycle race.

Even the favorites stumbled, and DNF'd.


4 June, 2010 - Man Threatening To Kill Valentino Rossi Arrested
Valentino Rossi fiat yamaha
A man in Italy got arrested for threatening to kill Valentino Rossi.

Police raided the man's house, and found enough evidence to arrest him.


1 June, 2010 - Shamrock Motorcycle Rally Put Forward 1 Week
Shamrock 2010 Logo
The Moroccan rally Shamrock, used by the Dakar participants to do a last trial run, has been put forward by one week, allowing more time for the participants to repair any damages.

NPO, the organizers, also offer an initiation category, allowing motorcycles to race on the same tracks, without time constraints.

Financially, it's very low compared to the Dakar.


28 May, 2010 - Get Your Face On Rossi or Lorenzo
Fiat Yamaha M1 Photo Upload
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
The Fiat(Yamaha MotoGP racing team, are going to give a lucky person the chance to ride with Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, but not the way you may think.

No, the lucky winner is not going physically on the motorcycle, but their mug shot will. Fans can upload their photo starting June 1st, and the lucky winner will have their photo displayed on the race motorcycle.



28 May, 2010 - Sphinx Rally In Egypt Cancelled Due TO Economic Reasons
NPO logo
The Egyptian rally, cars & motorcycles, the SPHINX Rally has been cancelled due to financial and safety concerns.

The NPO organized race, like their other race, the Shamrock, are both races that the Dakar racers used as practice.

The Morocco based Shamrock rally is still going ahead, and registration has opened.


27 May, 2010 - Hertz To Ride The MotoGP
MotoGP logo
Hertz car rentals has been signed up by Dorna Sports (the MotoGP organizers) to provide rental cars, power equipment and climate control equipment for all MotoGP races.

But they'll not provide the motorcycles.... ;-)


25 May, 2010 - MotoGP Le Mans 2010 - 35 Photos Of Motorcycles
MotoGP France 2010
MotoGP France 2010
After having been invited by the Fiat Yamaha Team as guest at the French MotoGP, I shot a series of photos during the FP1. I have never made photos of high speed motorcycles before, so it was a hit & miss method, but here are 35 shots of the race motorcycles in full glory.

Let me know what you think..... do I give up my day job?


23 May, 2010 - A Great Thanks To The #fiatyamahateam
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
After a great, educational and even emotional long weekend at the Le Mans MotoGP, as guest of the Fiat-Yamaha team, I would like to thank the whole, very professional, team.

Thanks to everyone, from riders, mechanics, managers,PR staff, cooks, etc for making this experience one of a life time.


23 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Tiziana Di Gioia
MotoGP France 2010 Tizana Di Gioia
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
An interview with Tiziana Di Gioia from the Fiat Yamaha Team. Tiziana has a dream job; the job that almost anyone would love to have, and she's got it, and she'll not let go.

She is the Sponsorship Manager for Fiat for the team, so she gets to go to every MotoGP, tour the country in fancy Fiats, and meet loads of A-list celebrities.

But she also gets up a 5 am, and goes to sleep at 3 am at times. Read her interview.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: The Scooters
MotoGP France 2010 Quantya
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
MotoGP races isn't only about really fast motorcycles. The majority of motorcycles are in fact small, 50cc, scooters and mopeds.

Here's a look at the fleet of scooters and almost-motorcycles, and one electric Quantya motorcycle that I saw at the French MotoGP.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 2 PM
MotoGP France 2010 Hospitality
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
A quick look at all the other main MotoGP hospitality areas. I went during the MotoGP qualifiers since nobody was outside. If you want to know more about the QP, check out they know more about it than me.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Michele Quarenghi
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team Michele
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Continuing our look at the Fiat Yamaha MotoGP team support staff, we interviewed probably the most popular person on any large racing team; the chef/cook.

Michele Quarenghi has been doing this for 3 years, and cooks, hold your breath, .... 15,000 meals during the race season. Here's the interview.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 2 AM
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Here's a quick tour of the paddock area of the Le Mans MotoGP.

We even spotted Valentino Rossi's private motorhome, where he sleeps when racing in Europe.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Brent Stevens
Brent at MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
As promised, a look at the people you rarely see or hear from at the MotoGP races, but have very important roles.

This is Brent Stevens, a Kiwi, living in Australia, but working on every MotoGP circuit of the world, and he is one of Valentino Rossi's mechanics. For your info, he spends some 500 hours per year flying in airplanes.... that's more than what most commercial pilots do..


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 Night
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
A quick look at the French MotoGP circuit at night.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: For The Doubting Thomases
Mike Werner at the MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Rossi Bike
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
If any of you doubt that I really am at Le Mans, France at the MotoGP, courtesy Fiat Yamaha Team, here's a photo they took..


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 PM
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Afternoon of Day 1, the MotoGP time trials.

Here are several photos of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, plus some general shots. The other racers will have to wait until I'm back in the office. Enjoy.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 AM2
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
A quick visit to the Fiat Yamaha Team pits, where our two heroes, Rossi and Lorenzo, would be signing autographs.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 AM1
MotoGP France 2010 paddock
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Here's the first day, first part of the morning at the French MotoGP at Le Mans, as a special invitee of the Fiat-Yamaha Team.

Part 2 coming shortly.


20 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 0
MotoGP France 2010 paddock
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Here's my first report on the Le Mans French MotoGP as invitee of the #fiatyamahateam.

My hosts had not arrived yet, but went to the circuit and bullshitted myself in. Here are some photos.


20 May, 2010 - Gone To MotoGP With #fiatyamahateam
Emergency headlight on motorcycle
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Have left real, real, early for the #MotoGP to join the #fiatyamahateam for the French race.

... and I mean real early....


18 May, 2010 - Great News! Fiat-Yamaha (#fiatyamahateam) Invite Us To Go To French MotoGP
Fiat Yamaha Team logo
MotoGP logo
I'm in luck! Lots of luck! I have been invited by the Fiat-Yamaha racing team (#fiatyamahateam -the team of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo) to attend the French MotoGP in Le Mans this weekend as their guest blogger.

It means that starting Thursday you'll be reading articles about the workings of the Fiat-Yamaha team, with an in-depth view and photos of individuals who make up the world class team.


14 May, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Rest Areas For The MotoGP 2010
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on next weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place many motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


11 May, 2010 - MotoGP: Casey Stoner To Ride For Honda in 2011
MotoGP logo
Casey Stoner, with a bitter taste in his mouth, has apparently signed with Honda HRC for next year's MotoGP races. He'll be riding a Honda motorcycle.

This leaves the top spot at Ducati up for grabs, and Ducati have made an offer to Valentino Rossi.

Rossi has until June to decide.... interesting times...


19 April, 2010 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Race 2010
24 Hours of Le Mans 2010 Motorcycle race
Video clip
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race were held last weekend, and here are 9 photos and 1 video for you to watch (the video is that of an impressive pit fire).


9 April, 2010 - Motorcycle Rest Stops 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2010
25 Hours Le Mans 2010
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race is on the weekend of the 17th of April, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place many motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


9 March, 2010 - A Look At Livia Lancelot, Female Motocross Knight
Livia Lancelot
Livia Lancelot
On the day after World Woman Day (I'm always a bit late), here's a closer look at Livia Lancelot.

Who is Livia Lancelot you may ask? She is the 2008 World Champion Female Motocross!! Not an easy feat, so she deserves a closer look.


9 March, 2010 - Race The Sardegna Race With Cyril Despres As Your Mentor
Cyril Despres logo
Multiple Dakar winner, Cyril Despres, is offering a unique experience opportunity for 10 first timers in the world of motorcycle rally racing.

He will take 10 racers under his wing for the 3rd FIM race of the calendar, the Sardegna Rally Race. The 10 riders will share the three mechanics and crew chief (Chris Evans), and will receive instructions and race mentoring by Cyril Despres himself.

Not a bad deal....


5 March, 2010 - Life’s Daytona 1948 Motorcycle Madness Photo Archive
Daytona 200 Time Life
The Daytona 200 motorcycle race held this weekend is a classic, and when you say classic, you'll know that Time-Life magazine will have covered it at one stage.

Therefore, thankfully, Time have released unpublished black & white photos of this incredible motorcycle race from 60 years ago. In those days, the Daytona 200 was still raced on the beach. Fantastic photos.... a must see!


8 February, 2010 - Enduropale 2010: Major Upsets! Cause: Loud Pipes
Enduropale 2010 race start
Enduropale 2010 Mickael Pichon
After an upset for the winner, due to a too loud motorcycle, Mickael Pichon won the 2010 Le Touquet Enduropale beach motorcycle race.

1050 motorcycles started, and there were several leaders in the 3 hour race. But to loose on a too loud exhaust must be a first...


5 February, 2010 - See The Le Touquet Beach Race Live On The Web
FR3 Le Touqet 2010 Feed
Le Touquet 2007 Start
If you can't make it to France to see this weekend's crazy Le Touquet Enduropale, and don't live in France so you can see one of the 2 TV channels transmitting the race live, then there's still hope....

France 3, one of the main TV channels here, are transmitting 5 feeds from the race on the web. You can see the race as it happens. That's 3 hours of fun....


5 February, 2010 - Video: Road To Baja 1000 Documentary
Video clip
Two mountain bikers swapped their pedals for a motorcycle, and raced in the Baja 1000 desert race.

Their attempt was very well filmed and is available, for free, on-line. Very well done documentary. Have a look.


3 February, 2010 - Motorcycle Rest Areas For The Le Touquet Enduropale 2010 Race
France Article
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on the weekend of 6/7th of Feb, and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways are free for motorcycles going to the race.


2 February, 2010 - MotoGP Yamaha 2010 Live Presentation
Video clip
Yamaha logo
You can follow the presentation of the Fiat Yamaha MotoGP team for 2010 LIVE...

Fiat will be broadcasting the 2010 motorcycle and the two racers, interviews etc. You just need to get out of bed... it's a 2 AM GMT time...


16 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 16 and Final - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Marc Coma / Cyril Despres
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 16 and final day of the Dakar rally. Here's KTM's report on this day.

No surprise who won, but who ended up in 2nd and 3rd?


15 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 15 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Pal Anders Ullevalseter
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 15 and almost last day. Here's the KTM Motorcycle report of the Dakar.

Good finish for Norway (finally Pal wins, and gets 2nd overall place), and yet again the Aprilia ends in the top 3. Next year is going to be interesting with all bikes running 450cc.

Unless a miracle happens tomorrow, Despres will have won the Dakar (again).


14 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 14 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Cyril Despres
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 14 of the Dakar, here's the KTM report. Bummer than Verhoeven lost yesterday's victory, the Dakar management have some favorites....

The motorcycle field has been decimated, but Despres's position is solid. Tomorrow is the penultimate stage, and the most technical (last year, many bit the dust).


13 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 13 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Cyril Despres
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 13 of the Dakar, almost there.... we're back in Argentina, and the motorcycle riders have had to go through the impressive Andes mountains.

Another day, another tough stage. For a change, it was not Coma who won, but Dutchman Verhoeven, followed by USA Jonah Street. All that because of a screwup by a local cop who closed the wrong road. The top riders went wrong, the rest went right.


12 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 12 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Marc Coma
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 12 of the Dakar rally, and Coma is on a winning streak, but Despres remains the leader of the motorcycle race. This is the last day in Chile, back in Argentina tomorrow.


11 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 11 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Marc Coma
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 11 in the ongoing saga of the Dakar rally. Interesting start for the motorcycles, a first in the Dakar. A motocross style departure...

Despres still leading, and Marc Coma still winning stages without having any chance of winning the Dakar.


11 January, 2010 - iPhone: Record Your Track Motorcycle Performance
iPhone Motorcycle Track Log
For those of you who regularly test your motorcycle on a track (any kind), and don't have a support crew that will write, record and file all your motorcycle adjustments, here's an interesting application for you.

It's called Motorcycle Track Log and it runs on an Apple iPhone. It will record your motorcycle adjustments per track, per bike and per weather conditions.


10 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 10 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Marc Coma
Dakar 2010 logo
The day after the rest day, Day 10 of the Dakar, sees a really long and tough stage.

Coma is out thanks to 6 hours penalty, and Despres is playing it safe.


10 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 8 - KTM Bivouac Photos
Dakar 2010 KTM
Dakar 2010 logo
Yesterday was a well deserved rest day, and the halfway mark of the race.

Here are some photos of the bivouac.


9 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: 8 Photos Of Motorcycles On Day 8
Dakar 2010 Claudio Rodriguez
Dakar 2010 logo
The Dakar is not just about the top riders, it's really about the unsung heroes, the motorcycle riders you never get to see on TV or media.

Here are 8 photos of the real Dakar riders.


9 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 8 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Ruben Faria
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 8, Stage 7 and we're on the halfway mark of the 2010 edition of the Dakar (Saturday is rest day).

This was the longest stage, so the field is decimated.


8 January, 2010 - Dakar2010: Annie Seel - Leading Female Motorcycle Rider
Dakar2007 Annie Seel
Dakar 2010 logo
A look at the leading female motorcycle rider in the 2010 Dakar rally, Swedish Rally Princess Annie Seel.

She's leading the race in the female category, and is 40th overall in the motorcycle category, despite riding with an injury.


7 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 7 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Cyril Despres
KTM logo
Day 7, Stage 6 of the Dakar, here's the KTM Report.

Too bad Manca, after yesterday's great gesture giving his rear tire to Coma, despite being in the running for a podium, crashed and is in hospital.


6 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 6 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Cyril Despres
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 6, Stage 5, and here's KTM's report on their motorcycles in the Dakar.

To bad Casteu is out, and Coma is really suffering in this race. And an Aprilia winning the stage???? Wow!


5 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 5 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Cyril Despres
Dakar 2010 logo
Day Five (Stage 4) of the Dakar, and the KTMs are starting to run the race, again, though the Sherco is holding well.

It has become so tough, they had to shorten today's race.


5 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 4 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Jordi Viladoms
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 4 of KTM's report.

Cyril Despres wins the stage and leads, while Jordi crashes and is out of the race. Things are heating up..


4 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 3 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Henk Knuiman
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 3 of the Dakar, and here's KTM's report for the day.


4 January, 2010 - Dakar 2010: Day 2 - KTM Report
Dakar 2010 Marc Coma
Dakar 2010 logo
Day 2 of the Dakar rally, and here's KTM's report.


10 December, 2009 - First Eco Motorcycle Enduro To Start Tomorrow
Video clip
Eco Enduro 2009
The first ever Eco Enduro for electric motorcycles will be held during the environment conference in Copenhagen, sponsored by a.o. FIM and the United Nations. During this weekend several enduro races will be held, with on Sunday a SuperMoto race in Copenhagen itself.

Loads of participants (39), with many heavy hitters. Looks good and interesting.


1 December, 2009 - New FIM World Championship Female Enduro
Racing Article
FIM are organizing next year the first Female Enduro World Cup.

Three races, each 2 rounds will be held in Italy, Poland and France.

My favorite to win... Ludevine Puy!


25 November, 2009 - Kenan Sofuoğlu, ex World Supersport Champ Refuses Sponsor Money
Kenan Sofuoğlu
Kenan Sofuoğlu, the former world champion SuperSport motorcycle racing (2007), and only ever Turkish champ, refused won he was due because of his title, because it came from gambling.

Islam law forbids gambling, so the 480,000 US$ is going to charity.

Nice to see principles amongst champions.


10 November, 2009 - Death Of French Beach Motorcycle Racer, Timotei Potisek
Timotei Potisek
Timotei Potisek, a great French beach motorcycle racer has just died after a training accident on a beach. He was 25.

At the age of 25, he had already won several of the toughest beach races in Europe, including the crazy Le Touquet Enduropale.



22 October, 2009 - Electric Motorcycle Wins Race Against Normal Motorcycles
Last month at an official FFM motocross race in France, in a free-for-all scramble, in between 250 to 450cc motocross motorcycles, where 5 electric motorcycles competing in their own Electric category.

But the only Zero MX electric motorcycle not only won his category, he went on and beat all other motorcycles, finishing overall in 1st position!


19 October, 2009 - Team France Wins ISDE World Trophy And Women’s Trophy
Team France won both the World Trophy and Female World Trophy at the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) motorcycle enduro event in Portugal last week.


14 October, 2009 - Rallye du Maroc Shamrock 2009
Video clip
The "Rallye du Maroc" Shamrock 2009 race starts next week.

The final motorcycle (and cars, trucks and quads) rally in which the rally Gods can test their skills before the Dakar.

Here's a little video to put you in the mood.


12 October, 2009 - Despres Celebrates His Return To Pharaons Rally With Overall Victory
Pharaons logo
Cyril Despres after 5 years not competing in this race, comes back to the Pharaoans Rally on his KTM motorcycle and wins the race.

But no Dakar for him....


7 October, 2009 - Team USA Wins Motocross of Nations 2009 - Veni, Vidi, Vici
KTM's press release on the Motocross of Nations 2009, won handsomely by Team USA.

Not many KTMs on the podium this time...


7 October, 2009 - Get Your Own Tailor-made Motorcycle Leather Suit
Here's a company in the UK that will tailor make motorcycle leather suits using the best possible materials for a reasonable price.

If you're into using leathers, then this is a great solution. You can even design your own suit, including logos....

Why would Rossi be the only one allowed to have fun with his motorcycle racing suits?


21 September, 2009 - Watch The Ducati Xerox SuperBike Action This Weekend From The Pits
Ducati logo
Ducati are going to offer, free, live webcam streaming from Haga's pit lane garage during this weekend's World Superbike race.

You'll be able to see the live action while mechanics prepare Haga's Xerox motorcycle at Imola, Italy. Cool!


21 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Trial In Shit-Kickers Country
A day in the back country of Normandy, France looking at a motorcycle trial competition.

It's a difficult motorcycle sport, very technical. Here's a photographic impression of the day..


18 September, 2009 - Erzberg Rodeo 2010 - Already
The 2010 dates for the next Erzberh extreme hard motorcycle enduro have been announced.

Write it down... June 3rd to 6th in Austria. Registrations will open shortly on their web site. Remember, there are limited number of places for kamikaze riders...


13 September, 2009 - Bol D’Or 2009 Over: Nice Photo
The famous 24 hour motorcycle endurance race, the Bol D'Or, is over for another year.

The winner was SERT -Suzuki Endurance Racing Team. Congrats!

Isn't this a beautiful photo?


11 September, 2009 - Schumacher Back In The Motorcycle Saddle
Racing Article
German multiple world champion Formula One rider, Michael Schumacher, has been spotted training again on a Honda motorcycle in France.

Undeterred by a nasty accident recently, he's back in the saddle!


6 August, 2009 - A Special 24 Hours Motorcycle Race
Every year, in Chaumont, France, there's a 24 hours motorcycle race, using a very special type of motorcycle: the SOLEX.

For 24 hours, mad bikers race around on a small, 2-stroke, pedal assisted, moped. The "prototypes" are able to reach 100 kph.


24 July, 2009 - A Race Between Motorcycles and Bicycle?
Sometimes, when watching the Tour de France bicycle race, I wonder if it's a bicycle or a motorcycle race?

You see more motorcycles riding than bicycles...


26 June, 2009 - Lorenzo Is Going To Need All the Help He Can Get
Jorge Lorenzo will need all the help he can get if he wants to beat Rossi in Assen this weekend, in what should be a great MotoGP race.

Do you think he'll do it?


25 June, 2009 - KTM Motorcycle Support Package For Romaniacs 2009
KTM logo
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
KTM have announced a complete service package for the 2009 Red Bull Romaniacs. This is a service package for private entries, not for the pros.

€250 buys you trained rally mechanics at your beck & call, spares truck (but you'll need to order spares in advance), a hospitality truck and service points along the way. So all-in-all a very interesting proposition.

But... your motorcycle needs to be 2008 or newer...


15 June, 2009 - Erzberg Rodeo 2009. Taddy Wins Again - Epic
The 2009 edition of world's toughest motorcycle hard enduro race, the Austrian Erzberg Rodeo, is over for another year.

Not to be outdone by the MotoGP race of the weekend, Taddy won an epic race, claiming his most hard fought win.


12 June, 2009 - DeJong Wins 1st Trophy At Erzbergrodeo 2009
ErzbergRodeo 2009 Seppi Fally
ErzbergRodeo 2009
The peaceful mountain of Erzberg is no longer peaceful, at least for the weekend!

The first full day of racing started yesterday (Thursday), and we have a winner of the hill climb, Belgian Gilles DeJong.


8 June, 2009 - Isle Of Man 2009: Mad Sunday
Mad Sunday at the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, where many dress up, or down, for the mad race.



21 May, 2009 - Erzberg Rodeo 2009: Almost Time Again
Some of the top motorcycle enduro riders in the world are going to be present in a few week at the 2009 edition of world toughest enduro, the Erzberg Rodeo.

Big names like Marc Coma, Cyril Despres and Taddy Blazusiak; a total of 85 top level pro riders, and 1,500 motorcycle riders will be competing


15 May, 2009 - Valentino Rossi Came For Coffee Yesterday
Valentino Rossi in Paris
Good old Valentino Rossi came over to France Yesterday for a cup of espresso.

Well, he was close enough for it. He was riding around on his R1 motorcycle in Paris. Apparently he got 5 speed radar photos taken...


8 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Rest Stops For the 2009 French MotoGP
FFMC logo
The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) have organized free motorcycle rest stops again this year for the 2009 French MotoGP race.

So if you'll be coming on your motorcycle on one of the free autoroutes (toll free), you now know where to stop and meet like minded bikers.


6 May, 2009 - MotoGP France 2009: Some Autoroutes Free For Motorcycles
France Article
If you're planning to attend the 2009 edition of the French MotoGP race in Le Mans, the good news is that most autoroutes leading to Le Mans are going to be free.

Here they are.


5 May, 2009 - How Not To Take A Curve In Motorcycle Races
Valentine-Devise-Off bike
Somehow I think this is not the way of taking a curve on a motorcycle during a race.

Am I right?


20 April, 2009 - Le Mans 2009 - And The Winner Is..
LeMans-2009 running start
Another 24 Hours of La Mans motorcycle endurance race is finished for the year.

A Yamaha R1 motorcycle wins the crown..... after a hard fought battle with Honda in the dark, windy and wet race.


15 April, 2009 - Dangerous: Riding A Motorcycle In A Bicycle Race
Riding a motorcycle in a difficult and challenging bicycle race is far more dangerous to all than what you might think.

Lots of wounded this time...


9 April, 2009 - Buy A Real KTM Racing Motorcycle - Slightly Used
KTM-GP-250 for sale
KTM logo
KTM are selling off several of their racing motorcycles used by their champions.

Here's your chance to own a real MotoGP 125 or 250 motorcycle.


9 April, 2009 - Spectacular Motorcycle Race Photo
Jumping motorcycle racer with hand in the air
Site Asphalt & Rubber published a really spectacular motorcycle race photo.

The kind that makes you want to see more of the sequence.


30 March, 2009 - Marc Coma Wins Desert Classic: On A Roll
Marc Coma
KTM logo
Marc Coma is on a roll. First he wins the 2009 edition of the Dakar, now he wins the United Arab Emirates Desert Classic motorcycle enduro race.

Good old Cyril Despres keeps finishing second... frustrating.


23 February, 2009 - Potisek Wins Le Touquet Enduropale Majestically
Timotei Potisek
Frenchman Timotei Potisek won for the 2nd time the Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach enduro.

It was a very interesting race, lasting 3 hours and 10 minutes, with a lot of action. What made it more interesting was that you could follow it on the internet, live.


20 February, 2009 - Want To Watch The Crazy Le Touquet Enduropale On-line?
Le Touquet bottleneck
If you're not able to attend the famous and crazy motorcycle beach enduro of Le Touquet Enduropale, and you can not receive the national French TV or European MotorsTV stations (they are showing the race live), then there is good news for you!

The French national TV station, France3, is showing the race LIVE on the internet. Not only can you see the race as it happens, you can select which of the 5 cameras you want to see. Cool!


18 February, 2009 - France: A16 Autoroute Free For Motorcycle This Weekend
France Article
Racing Article
This weekend, for the Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race, world's craziest race, the A16 autoroute will be free for all motorcycles going to this event.

They've also added one rest point for bikers, with free hot soup to warm you up.


17 February, 2009 - Taddy Blazusiak Wins Hells Gate 2009, Again
KTM logo
The daring Polish KTM motorcycle enduro racer, Taddy Blazusiak, won the difficult Hells Gate enduro, again.

Can nothing stop this guy?


11 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Rest Areas For The Le Touquet 2009 Race
France Article
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on the weekend of 21st of Feb, and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 4 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.


9 February, 2009 - Close To The Motorcycle Racing Season - Can Not Wait
Racer falls from his motorcycle
We're almost there. Three more weeks, and the first motorcycle race is going to start. SBK in Australia.....

I can't wait...


4 February, 2009 - MotoGP Stars And Facebook
Web Article
MotoGP logo
On the internet, Facebook is a very popular website. In the motorcycle racing world, MotoGP is very popular. So what happens when you put the two together?

Here are the MotoGP Gods' facebook presence. Some good, some bad, and one incredibly popular... wanna guess who?


19 January, 2009 - Celebs And Motorcycle Racing Teams
Racing Article
With the financial crisis, many motorcycle racing teams are facing difficulties. One of the ways to save the teams, is when a celeb takes an interest.

Several celebs have done exactly that, and now Antonio Banderas is interested in creating a 125 and 250 cc racing team.

Looking good!


5 January, 2009 - Sliding Angels: Female Supermoto team
Sliding Angels
More and more women are joining not only the ranks of motorcycle riders, but also motorcycle sports.

Here's an all female Supermoto team, consisting of four lovely girls racing the local Italian Supermoto Championships.

Good on'em!


2 January, 2009 - France: Ultimate Motorcycle Rally
Ultimate-Rally 2009
A new motorcycle race is going to start next year here in France. Called the Ultimate Rally, it is styled on the old fashion Monte Carlo race from many years ago.

Contestants leave at the same time from the four corners of France, all arriving at a city in the middle of France. Then they continue with different races for 2 days.

The race is open to all sorts of riders, beginners and professionals. Motorcycles, scooters and sidecars are welcome.


10 December, 2008 - MotoGP Coming To Bulgaria
MotoGP logo
The MotoGP circus, complete with all its motorcycles, riders, pit and umbrella girls will be setting up their tents in Bulgaria.

As off 2011, you'll be seeing MotoGP races in that former East-Block country. According to the designers, the circuit is out of this world.


5 December, 2008 - Video: David Fretigne Training For The Dakar 2009
David Fretigne Dakar training
Video clip
David Fretigne is one of the top French motorcycle enduro champs, and he's been training very hard to win the Dakar 2009.

Here's an impressive video clip of David on his Yamaha motorcycle. Wooow!


4 December, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2009 Announced
Romaniacs 2008 water trap
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
The Red Bull Romaniacs, world's toughest hard motorcycle enduro, have been announced.

Starting numbers are now allocated to a first come, first on the starting grid. Registrations open on the 6th of December, so better get ready..


18 November, 2008 - Want To Race The Touquet Beach Race? Motorcycles For Rent
Le Touquet Enduropale
For foreigners who want to race in this famous and crazy beach motorcycle enduro race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, you can now rent BMW G450X Enduro or Honda motorcycles.

The Honda bikes even come with mechanical assistance during this mythical 3 hour race.


17 November, 2008 - Red Bull Knockout: And The Winner Is...
Red Bull Knockout motorcycle beach enduro race
The 3rd edition of the Red Bull Knockout beach motorcycle enduro race was held again in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

650 motorcycles started, only 102 finished.


27 October, 2008 - MotoGP2008 Champions - Season End, Start Of Game
Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli and Mike Di Meglio
Well, the MotoGP 2008 season is over. here are the three world champions on their motorcycles.

Now, what do we do until the beginning of next year's season. Here's an idea......


17 October, 2008 - Nice Photo: Paolo Ceci At Pharaons Motorcycle Rally
Paolo Ceci on his motorcycle at the pyramides
A very nice photo of 11th overall, Paolo Ceci, on his Aprilia motorcycle at the Pharaons race.

The race that is used to prepare for the Dakar.


29 September, 2008 - Fretigne Wins AMV Shamrock of Maroc Motorcycle Rally
AMV Shamrock rally
Frenchman, David Fretigne, wins the AMV Shamrock rally of Morocco on his Yamaha motorcycles.

This is one race that KTM has not won, since 2nd and 3rd place are for Honda motorcycles.


25 September, 2008 - Motocross Of Nations Widget
Web Article
Racing Article
MediaZone Moto, the transmission rights owners of the Motocross of Nations event in North America, has released a nice widget that can be used on your desktop, social network or blog.

It shows you the count down to this weekend grand event, and also shows you video clips of the last 2 years.

35 countries are participating at the Donington Park Circuit. In North America, you'll be able to watch the event live on your PC.


18 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2008: Final Results Day 4
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008
The last day of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro. Time to really put the kamikaze riders through their paces.

Visits to the hospital are scheduled.


17 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2008: D-Day
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008 Hard Motorcycle Enduro
Day 3 for the contestants of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro in Romania.

A few riders are still left standing in the mud. Are you having fun yet?


16 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2008: Shadow Riding
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008
Day 2 of the very hard motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs 2008.

This is a race that should be labelled "riding on your motorcycle on this enduro can seriously damage your nerves".


15 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romanics 2008: Off The Road And Up The Hills
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008 -
Video clip
First real day of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro.

Crazy race... see the photos and video clip.

Who's next??


11 September, 2008 - Motorcycle Rest Places For Bol D’Or 2008
Bol d'Or 2008
There are a large number of rest areas set aside for motorcycle riders attending the Bol d'Or motorcycle race this weekend.

Here's the list of places you can stop and rest, fill up with fuel, food, drinks, and generally relax amongst bikers.


11 September, 2008 - Le Touqet Enduropale 2009 Motorcycle Beach Enduro Announced
Le Touquet
The timetable for the 2009 Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race have been released. World's biggest motorcycle race, with 3-500,000 spectators.

This year, every participant will get a DVD of the motorcycle race (see what you missed).


10 September, 2008 - Start Of The Notorious RedBull RoManiacs This Weekend
Red Bull RoManiacs 2008
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 motorcycle enduro
This weekend sees the 5th edition of the extreme hard motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Only riders with suicide tendencies need to apply.


8 September, 2008 - Colin Edwards Smoking!
Colin Edwards on fire on his Aprilia motorcycle
Where was I when this went down. I missed it completely...

Texan Colin Edwards on fire in his first year of the MotoGP, riding his Aprilia motorcycle in the Sachsenring.

The year: 2003...


3 September, 2008 - 3 USA Representative Of BMW GS Motorcycle Trophy Selected
Team USA BMW GS Trophy
BMW logo
The first Team USA for the BMW International GS Trophy have been selected. 3 BMW motorcycle owners and 3 journalists get to ride BMW F800GS motorcycles in the deserts of Tunisia for a grueling 10 days.


1 September, 2008 - Vintage Motorcycle Rally Of Therouldeville
Therouldeville vintage motorcycle race
Once a year, in a village 5 kilometers from my house there's a vintage motorcycle race. It's called the 4 hours of Valmont, and they have a large collection of old motorcycles running around the countryside amongst the cows.

Some motorcycle were so old that even Senator McCain would have a problem recognizing them...

Here are 20 photos taken of the event.


27 August, 2008 - Isle Of Man TT: Ecological Motorcycle Race
TTxGP logo
The first major emission free motorcycle race is scheduled to be held during next year's Isle of Man TT race.

The 101 year old race is the oldest motorcycle race, and is a major event. Now, it's going to be high tech, with electric motorcycles riding next to high powered gasoline guzzling motorcycle.

That's going to be interesting!


29 July, 2008 - Bikers: We Do Not Like You, But Give Us Your Money
Opinion Article
MotoGP logo
The town leaders of the city of Speedway, the city hosting September's Indianapolis MotoGP race, want your money. But they don't want your noise.

So they are voting a new ordinance that will prevent you from revving up your motorcycle engine. The law is squarely aimed at motorcycles, not cars.

They don't deserve the MotoGP race! If bikers will not come to see the race, they will not need to vote on new discriminating laws.


18 June, 2008 - MotoGP At Assen: Where NOT To Stay
Racing Article
If you're planning to attend the MotoGP at the TT of Assen, do NOT stay at the Wittezomer camp grounds! These people are one of the reason most motorcycle races have been at Assen have been cancelled.

Our colleagues at the Dutch site are warning riders away, and they have a good reason. The camp site doesn't mind motorcycles if they make a lot of money, but if there's nobody staying, they don't want motorcycles around them. Hypocrites.


13 June, 2008 - Rally of Morocco and AMV Shamrock To Merge
Racing motorcycle in the desert
Rallye du Maroc AMV Shamrock logo
The two "other' motorcycle rallies in Morocco (the other being the Dakar) have merged to form one single race.

A 6 day event will cost you significantly less than the Dakar, and you'll find many racers using this race to train for the Dakar.

You can even double up with other contestant, sharing a single motorcycle.


3 June, 2008 - Erzberg Rodeo 2008 - Participant Race Report
Andrew Reeves
Video clip
Here's a first hand report by Andrew Reeves of the Erzberg Rodeo 2008 hard enduro.

Andrew raced in it for the first time, and finished 19th!!

Here is his report, plus some photos and a video of the incredible crazy race. Enjoy!


26 May, 2008 - Taddy Blazusiak Wins Erzbergrodeo 2008 Red Bull Hare Scramble
Erzberg Rodeo 2008
The 2008 edition of the Erzberg Rodeo is over, with record number of motorcycle participating.

This year the Red Bull Hare Scramble was very tough, and was won by Taddy Blazusiak, the Polish factory KTM rider.


21 May, 2008 - Live Video From Erzberg Rodeo 2008
Erzberg Rodeo 2008 logo
The famous (and notorious) Erzberg Rodeo, world's toughest motorcycle enduro, starts tomorrow. 1500 riders will start, only a few finish.

You don't need to be there, since the organizers have placed 7 webcams, allowing you to view the massacre remotely. Have fun watching.


13 May, 2008 - Video: Running After Your Race Motorcycle - Funny
Video clip
Funny video sequence about a rider who fell of his race motorcycle, and while the bike was moving without rider, hopped back on...


5 May, 2008 - Motorcycle Rest Stops For The French MotoGP 2008
France Article
MotoGP logo
For the French MotoGP at Le Mans, 16 to 18 May 2008, there are again three rest stops for motorcycle riders. Get mechanical help, food, drinks, tyre inflation, visor cleaning, even sleep.

But more importantly, meet 1,000's of other bikers.


2 May, 2008 - Video: Spectacular Shunt Jorge Lorenzo In China
Jorge Lorenzo crash china 2008
Click to see the Video clip
Not only does Jorge Lorenzo know how to ride his motorcycle, he knows how to crash in a spectacular way!

China MotoGP 2008.


28 April, 2008 - David Casteu 1st Winner Of The Central Europe Rally
Dakar Central European Rally - David Casteu
KTM logo
David Casteu wins the very first Dakar series rally, the Central Europe Rally.

Started right after the cancellation of the famous Dakar race, it's meant to give competitors the chance to test their motorcycles and riders for the big event.


21 April, 2008 - Dakar Central Europe Rally Day 1 - KTM


17 April, 2008 - KTM Rally Team Tackles First Central Europe Rally
KTM Rally Light motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM outlines their plans for the Dakar Central Europe Rally and their special motorcycle for this series.


9 April, 2008 - Now That Is A Big Motorcycle Parking
Motorcycle parking at the Jerez MotoGP
Imagine having to look for your red Honda motorcycle in this parking lot.....


8 April, 2008 - Assen Motorcycle Race Circuit Downsizing
Assen TT
TT Assen Logo
The TT-Assen motorcycle race circuit have caved in to demands from the locals! The organizers have scrapped 20 races so far, most of them were motorcycles using standard street legal pipes!!

1) how dare people complain about motorcycle noise on a circuit when the circuit was there before they were even borne. 2) why does the Dutch authority want to stop folks using the circuit to race ? Would they prefer them to race on the streets? 3) why did the TT-Assen organizers cave in so quickly?

The MotoGP and Superbike races are not cancelled, but that will not take long before they are....!


7 April, 2008 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Rest Stops
Motorcycle 24 hours of Le Mans poster
As usual, the French government and the FFMC (French Angry Biker Association) have put in place many rest stops for motorcycle riders attending the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans races on the 19th and 20th of April.

Here's the complete list of places where you can get food, drinks, gas, tire pressures, mechanics etc, and most important, meet your brother and sister bikers.


2 April, 2008 - Motorcycle GP of France 2008 Is No Longer!
France Article
Racing Article
No, the MotoGP of France has not been cancelled but the name may be.

Some group using the same name (Grand Prix of France) want the MotoGP to stop using the term. You know, those folks who drive cars around circuits without passing each other, and when there's a duel between drivers it's in the pits and press that they are fought, never on the circuit. Well... they want us to stop using the term Grand Prix!!!


1 April, 2008 - France: VIP Motorcycle Training Sessions
France Article
Learning how to race does not need to be a Spartan event. French company 4G, with two former 500GP racers as instructors, offer a VIP package to some of the most beautiful racing circuits of Europe.

Learn how to race your motorcycle (or rent one) while sleeping in luxury hotels, eat good food and be pampered.


17 March, 2008 - New MotoGP Website Coming
old MotoGP website
new MotoGP website
The good folks at the MotoGP website are in the process of updating the look & feel of their otherwise VERY busy website.

The new design is far more easier on the eyes.


10 March, 2008 - MotoGP: Qatar TV
MotoGP logo
What a night it was! First race of the MotoGP season was great: suspense, fast racers, you name it... it was there

However, one negative note: The motorcyclse were hard to distinguish at times due to the "slow" TV cameras during the night race.


6 March, 2008 - TT Assen Circuit Fined For Sound Levels
TT Assen Logo
The motorcycle race circuit of TT Assen (North of The Netherlands) has been fined €10,000 for noise hindrance.

Does this mean that the people who live there didn't know there was a race circuit next door?


5 March, 2008 - Erzberg Rodeo 2008 Full Of Stars (plus Video)
Video clip
Erzberg Rodeo 2008 logo
22nd May sees the latest edition of what is billed as World's Toughest Enduro. Many off-road stars are lined up to take part in this year's events.

Here's the schedule for the 4 mad days, and a video of last year's race.


11 February, 2008 - Taddy Blasuziak Blasts His Way Through Hell’s Gate
Taddy Blazusiak
KTM logo
Taddy Blazusiak, the new KTM factory rider, showed all that there's a very good reason he got the job.

At the Italian Hell's Gate, he peeked into hell, and gave it the finger... easy.


7 February, 2008 - David Knight Crowned World Cup Indoor Enduro Champion in Genoa
David Knight
KTM logo
Indoor enduro motorcycle riding has become quite popular in Europe.

Especially now that David Knight has become World Champ in a packed Genoa, Italy stadium.


6 February, 2008 - KTM Welcomes New Central European Rally of "Dakar Series"
Dakar Series Central Europe Rally 2008 logo
KTM logo
KTM is happy with ASO's Dakar Series Central Europe Rally. It gives them a chance to test out their new recruits, and private entries that had registered for the ill-fated 2008 Dakar can participate for free.

Route brings the rally through Romania and Hungary.


5 February, 2008 - Video: Le Touquet 2008, Including The Crash
Video clip
Le Touquet 2008 logo
Here are two videos, both in French, about the Le Touquet Enduropale 2008 beach race.

The first one is the first 16 minutes of the race, including start, holeshot and traffic jams. It's commented by Cyril Despres.

The 2nd one is the near fatal crash of one of the competitors.


4 February, 2008 - Honda CBR 900 Fireblade Wins Le Touquet Enduro Holeshot
Honda CBR 900 Fireblade at Le Touquet Enduropale 2008
Le Touquet 2008 logo
Usually, the motorcycles that win the holeshot at the Le Touquet Enduropale, worlds biggest beach race, are big off-road motorcycles; KTM 950's and BMW HP2's.

But this year they were all passed by a street motorcycle; a Honda 900 CBR Fireblade! The heavily adapted streetbike is capable of 230 kph in the sand. It was dubbed a Sand Dragster.!


4 February, 2008 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2008 Results
Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race
Le Touquet 2008 logo
The Le Touquet Enduropale beach race for 2008 has been won by Arnaud Demeester (yet again) in a hard fought battle on a sunny but cold day.

The Le Touquet enduro had it's first bad accident since it started, with one rider in a coma.

250,000 spectators attended on Sunday.


23 January, 2008 - Rest Areas For The 2008 Enduropale (Le Touquet Beach race)
Le Touquet 2008 logo
The famous Le Touquet beach race will be held on the weekend of the 2nd of February again, and since they are expecting 100,000's of bikers coming from all over Europe, the French government has placed 4 biker rest areas alongside the popular roads. The A16 will be free for motorcycles during the weekend.

Here are the four areas, where you can find food, mechanical assistance, coffee, gas.. etc.


8 January, 2008 - Casey Stoner And Marco Melandri Unveil The Desmosedici GP8
Ducati logo
Ducati presented their new MotoGP motorcycle, the GP8.

Fun in the mountains before the season starts in earnest.


8 January, 2008 - Despite Dakar Cancellation Heroes Legend Still On
Heroes Legend logo
The low cost adventure rally Heroes Legend, tracing the same route of the famous Paris-Dakar is still on despite the terrorist threats.

Organized by mufti winner of the Dakar itself, Hubert Auriol, the rally starts on the 8th of march.

Any takers??


14 December, 2007 - Motocross of Nations 2008 Cancelled
News Article
Due to financial problems, the 2008 Motocross of Nations has been cancelled in Northern Ireland.

The FIM are busy looking for another venue in order to save this prestigious event.


19 November, 2007 - Colin Edwards: Extreme Racer
Colin Edwards
Here's a photo of M1 Yamaha MotoGP racer Colin "Texas Tornado" Edwards racing his motorcycle .. extreme....

I wonder if he had it..


19 November, 2007 - Italy Conquers 2007 Six Day Event To Take World Trophy
Alessandro Belometti
KTM logo
The World Trophy is over in La Serena, Chile, and Italy has won the trophy.

It looks like it was a tough race, 6 days worth of sand and hard rocks.


16 November, 2007 - Baja 1000 2007 Reveals First Podium Finish For KTM’s 690 Baja
KTM 680 Baja 1000 team
KTM logo
The KTM 690 Baja races the first race it was created for... the Baja 1000 and finishes 3rd.

Under leadership of Chris Blais, the KTM did well...


15 November, 2007 - Transorientale Rally: St.Petersburg To Beijing On A Motorcycle
Racing Article
TransOrientale Logo
Tired of riding the good old Dakar race? How about a new challenge?

Why not race your motorcycle from St; Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China ? 10,000 kilometers of fun, fun, fun...

Join the Transorientale rally.


9 October, 2007 - Ludivine Puy: Enduro Female Champion Of Europe
Ludivine Puy
The pretty and very capable Ludivine Puy, known for her riding skills during the Dakar race, has become European Champion Female Enduro last month.

Now, she's first of all getting married, and then she's stopping the Female Enduro Championships series, so that she can concentrate on taking on the guys in the E3 championships. And next year, she's riding a KTM 690 in the Dakar.


8 October, 2007 - Marc Coma Again Conquers Desert - Pharaons Rally
Marc Coma at the Pharaons Rally 2007
KTM logo
Spanish rally rider Marc Coma wins the famous Pharaons rally... again!

He looks like he's in great shape to win the Dakar race.


25 September, 2007 - Wanted: World Champion MotoGP 2015
Red Bull 125 Selection race motorcycle
Red Bull are still looking for those special young (and fast) kids who can become world champion MotoGP in 2015.

The final selections will be held next month, and the deadline to apply for the selection is 5 October.

All you need is a helmet, leathers and a plane ticket to Italy.

Rossi and Stoner Jr., are you out there?


25 September, 2007 - Video: Bridgestone and Casey Stoner
Video clip
Bridgestone logo
Bridgestone have lots of advertize about with Casey Stoner, Ducati and their victories in the MotoGP world.

And that's exactly what they're doing...


24 September, 2007 - USA Favortes Take Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations
Jeremy van Horebeek
KTM logo
The 2007 Motocross of Nations in the USA is over, and the USA beats everyone.

Here's KTM's take on the event.


23 September, 2007 - Casey Stoner 2007 World Champ, Capirossi Scores Great Motegi Win
Casey Stone on a Ducati in Motegi
Ducati logo
Unless you've been sleeping in a cave, you'll not have escaped that Australian Casey Stoner became a well deserved world champion MotoGP.

Congratulations to Stoner and to Ducati, for a job very well done.


18 September, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2008: Registrations
Le Touquet 2008 logo
Registrations for the famous Le Touquet Enduropale race (held 2nd February 2008) will open on the 1st of October 2007.

Registrations have been limited to 1,000 motorcycles (previously 1,100), so if you want to race, better hurry.


18 September, 2007 - Ducati 1098 Versus a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Video clip
An interesting race between the Ducati 1098 and a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera supercar.

Produced by the British TV program Fifth Gear.


17 September, 2007 - E3 Enduro 2007: World Champion Ivan Cervantes Finishes Season Victorious
Ivan Cervantes
KTM logo
The freshly crowned E3 World Champion Ivan Cervantes won the final race of the Enduro World Championships on Sunday in France to finish the season in style, just one day after claiming the title.


17 September, 2007 - E2 Enduro 2007: Samuli Aro Holds Onto 2nd Place
Samuli Aro
KTM logo
KTM Factory rider Samuli Aro wound up the E2 season at the French Grand Prix on Sunday with a sixth place securing enough championship points to finish second in the world championship behind arch rival Mika Ahola.


17 September, 2007 - E1 Enduro 2007: World Champ Salminen Wins Final Season Race
Juha Salminen
KTM logo
Juha Salminen, 2007 world champion in the Enduro E1 class on Sunday proved that the top podium spot was his natural habitat when he took the final race of the season in a style that has won him admiration and the season’s title.


17 September, 2007 - Yamaha Wins Bol d’Or 2007
The Yamaha from the GMT 94 team wins the French mythical 24 hours motorcycle race; the Bol d'Or 2007!

First non-Japanese motorcycle was a BMW R1200S in 23rd position (in the General category, 1st in the Open).


13 September, 2007 - Bol d’Or 2007 This Weekend
Bol D'Or 2007 poster
The famous 24 hours endurance race starts this weekend in France.

The Bol d'Or starts on Saturday 15:00. If you're coming on your motorcycle, here are all the rest places dedicated to motorcycle riders.


11 September, 2007 - Marc Coma Victorious In Las Pampas Rally ...
Marc Coma
Spanish KTM ride does it again. He wins the Law Pampas Rally, and is now leading the world championship ranking.


5 September, 2007 - What’s Faster: BMW M6, K1200S or a Golf Ball?
BMW M6 against K1200S against golf ball
BMW logo
Since BMW are the main sponsors in this PGA Golf tournament, they organized a race.

A BMW M6 car, against a BMW K1200S motorcycle, against a golf ball.

Guess who won?


3 September, 2007 - Pity: End Of The Line For Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi
It's over for Valentino Rossi.

Pity, since it was going to be interesting to see if he could crawl back to regain his title, but it's not to be.


31 August, 2007 - See The Motocross of Nations LIVE
Racing Article
US based Mediazone are offering a special deal to watch the Motocross of Nations live on the internet.

So, if you're a fan of this event, tune in on your PC to watch the race live.


31 August, 2007 - Hayden’s Dad Dragged Into Drug Gang Arrests
News Article
Earl Hayden, Nicky's father, has a car dealership. The business manager of the dealership has just gotten himself arrested for drug money laundering.

Earl himself is not accused or arrested.

Interesting, specially after reading the Bostrom Conspiracy...


29 August, 2007 - Video: AMA Corona Superbike Ad
Video clip inside
A TV ad of the upcoming AMA Corona Superbike race in Laguna Seca this September.


24 August, 2007 - Book Review: The Bostrom Conspiracy
Book Article
A review of the book entitled "The Bostrom Conspiracy".

Verdict: I've read better books, this one is low on proof, but still an interesting read. Lots of interesting characters. Nonfiction.


14 August, 2007 - European Women’s Championship Results
Iris Ten Katen
Nina Prinz
Dutch girl Iris Ten Katen wins the European Women Championship Superstock 600, while German Nina Prinz wins the Superstock 1000 in the same championship.

The 3rd year that the races are being held, and it's become very popular. 40,000 people attended the last race.


1 August, 2007 - Technology Changes Over The Years In Motorcycle Racing
Racing Article
Statistics Article
French motorcycle magazine published an interesting article in the advances technology has made in motorcycle racing.

In some 30 years, we're going faster, further and better then ever before. You can't stop technology. Interesting figures...


31 July, 2007 - Video: Racing Commercials
Video clip inside
TV ads for "old" motorcycle races, one for motocross, the other for motorcycle dragsters.


24 July, 2007 - BMW R1200GS Wins 5th Centopassi
BMW logo
A BMW R1200GS Adventure won the Italian Centopassi event, which finished this weekend. The mountain event has become a main part of the road races in Europe. Again, many people participated.


24 July, 2007 - KTM 690 Baja Comes Through Baja Aragon With Flying Colors
KTM's Marc Coma
KTM logo
KTM and Marc Coma have tried out the new KTM 690 Baja in the Spanish Baja Aragon race.

The motorcycle is doing better than expected. It's now ready for next month's Baja 1000.


16 July, 2007 - Not What He Had Planned To Ride, Rossi
Valentino Rossi on a scooter
Valentino Rossi had other plans for riding to the pits, and it did not involve riding a scooter!

Ouch !


3 July, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 Report
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
Here's the final report on the hard motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs held last month.

Several photos and quotes. See you next year for this incredible event.


22 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Last Day
Kyle Redmond @ Red Bull Romaniacs
The 2007 Red Bull Romaniacs are over; Frenchman Cyril Despres won, after leader Michel Gau broke his hand.

Tough race as ever, world's toughest motorcycle enduro fulfilled all its promises.


21 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Day 4
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Frans Verhoeven
They must be really nuts to ride in these conditions, either that, or they're superhuman!

Day 4 of the notorious hard (and I mean HARD) motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs.


20 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Day 3
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
The Red Bull Romaniacs has reached the 3rd day, and things are tough, really tough.

Here are five photos, you'll see what I mean with tough.

There's also a video of day 2. Would you want to race here ?


18 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Day 2
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
Day 2 for the Red Bull Romaniacs, and things are getting serious already.

The French brigade are leading the way.


18 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007: Day 1 Prologue
 Start of the 2007 Red Bull RoManiacs race
The famous hard motorcycle enduro, Red Bull Romaniacs, started again on Sunday.

After the Chris Pfeiffer show, they started the prologue. Cyril Despres is leading. Here are a couple of photos.


11 June, 2007 - Red Bull Hare Scramble @ Erzberg
The 2007 Erzbergrodeo is now over, and there's a new sensation in the endurocross world. Polish rider, Tadeuz Bzazusiak, on a borrowed KTM, won the Red Bull Hare Scramble with a large margin.

A record number of riders took part in the race (1300 riders).


11 June, 2007 - Rossi Says Stoner Is THE MotoGP God
Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner
Casey Stoner has been declared a MotoGP God by Valentino Rossi himself.

After an epic 8 laps in Spain last weekend, Rossi had to throw in the towel... one of the very few.

After the race, Rossi said Stoner rides like a God!


7 June, 2007 - Erzberg: David Knight & The 950 Super Enduro R Both Perform
David Knight
First day of the 2007 Erzberg rodeo, one of the toughest hard enduros in the world.

The BMW HP2 won the day, while David Knight came in 2nd on the KTM 950 Super Enduro R.

Looks like a heavy day.


7 June, 2007 - Erzberg Rodeo Webcams
Web Article
Racing Article
For those of you interested in the Erzberg Rodeo, the really tough motorcycle enduro which starts today in Austria, the organizers have installed 8 webcams.

So you can follow the action more or less live....


5 June, 2007 - Ready For The Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
Mueller and Stone
In two weeks (17-21 June) we'll see another edition of that spectacular motorcycle hard enduro race, the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Many of the world's top racers will be present, including last year's winner (Michel Gau), and Dakar winner Cyril Despres.

150 riders will be competing in this gruelling race over 700 kilometers of some of the toughest terrain you can imagine.

This year, you'll be able to track the professionals in real time!


4 June, 2007 - KTM 690 Baja Premieres In The Baja 500 With 2nd Place
Cyril Despres
KTM logo
The Baja500 was run last weekend in Mexico, and the prototype KTM 690 did very well.

The team with Cyril Despres and Chris Blais ended in 2nd place.

Not bad for a first attempt at the Baja500!


30 May, 2007 - Premiere in the USA - KTM 690 BAJA
KTM 690 Baja
KTM logo
KTM are going to the Baja 500 races for the first time, in style.

With three top riders, and a brand new motorcycle, the LC4 690 Baja !

Cyril Despres (winner of the 2007 Dakar), Chris Blais and Davis Pearson to ride for the team.


22 May, 2007 - Marc Coma To The Dark Side
News Article
After several motorcycle stars leaving the motorcycle world for the four-wheel world, it looks like Spanish KTM motorcycle rider and former Dakar winner, Marc Coma, is getting a taste of riding a car in a race.

Marc has signed up to drive a Porsche Cayenne S in the Transsyberian race held in August. Let's hope he'll leave it at that, and not ride the car in next year's Dakar.


14 May, 2007 - Want To be Sponsored In The USA?
iKAT Motorsport logo
Sparkplug enhancer, iKAT, are offering motorcycle race sponsorship, technical support and advice to young motorcycle racers who are just starting out.

Here's your chance to get a head start.

Go to their website and fill in the form. If you're one of the lucky three, you'll get a break that can make you the next world champ. And if you don't win, you can still get support.


24 April, 2007 - ScootGP, Not MotoGP
Scooter racing
Scooter racing!

Quite spectacular, considering that these machines are not race motorcycle. They have rather large skirting boards, small wheels, and you're not exactly sitting in an aerodynamic position.

This photos "stolen" from Vespinoy, where you can find tons of other photos of the scooter race.


23 April, 2007 - Heart Attack - Blame the Turkish MotoGP
After the Turkish MotoGP I'll be needing one of these standing next to the TV.

If any of the next races are like this one, I think there are going to be several people dead, not counting the riders.

How tame F1 looks compared to the full-contact MotoGP races....

Bring it on!


10 April, 2007 - Marc Coma Dominates Tunisian Rally
Marc Coma
1st Enduro race of the 2007 season, and already Marc Coma shows the colors. The man who almost won the Dakar now wins the Optic 2000 rally for the 1st time.


30 March, 2007 - Operation Confirms Paralysis for Isidre Esteve Pujol
Spanish KTM professional rider, Isidre Esteve Pujo, was badly injured last week in a rally.

Despite some initial reports that his injuries were not as bad as thought, after a spinal operation, he still seems to be paralyzed from the waist down.

There is a slight hope for improvement with some advanced medical treatment, but it looks like his career might be over. Bad news !!

Several of the top motorcycle rally riders have been badly injured or even killed in the last few years. Let's hope it's not a spark that will start politicians legislating our sport!!


23 March, 2007 - Cyril Despres To Race The USA Baja ?
Racing Article
There are very strong rumors circulating, confirmed by a good friend who should know, that the double Dakar Champion, Cyril Despres, will be racing the Baja races this year in the USA.

So he'll be racing against the top Americans on their home turf. This could be a very interesting year for enduro racers.


12 March, 2007 - Rossi’s Salary: Worth It?
Racing Article
There's no dispute that Valentino Rossi is a genius on 2 wheels, but is he worth his salary of €22.8 million per year? Have a look at the other top 10 sportsmen (sorry, no sportswomen in the top 10) and see what they earned last year.


5 March, 2007 - MotoLiam - MotoGP Blog From The Inside
For any MotoGP or WSBK racing fans, here's a blog that you shouldn't miss. MotoLiam is one of the Ducati mechanics who gives you a great and entertaining glimpse of the backstage MotoGP world.

A must read for any fan.


5 March, 2007 - MotoGP 2007 - The Odds
Odds for MotoGP winners Qatar
With the 2007 MotoGP season a few days away, let's have a look at what the odds are for whoever to win the first race, and who will win the season. A good way is to look at (, who publish real time odds.

Guess who's on 1st ?


21 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2008 Announced
Le Touquet 2008 logo
In case you want to participate in the legendary Le Touquet Enduropale beach enduro, with 1,000 other motorcycles, the dates for the 2008 event are now known. So mark 2 and 3 February 2008 in your calendar. If you'll be wanting a hotel, better book soon.


15 February, 2007 - 930 Photos Of Le Touquet Beach Enduro
Web Article
Racing Article
We've placed 930 photos of the famous 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale beach motorcycle enduro race on a photo server, which you can now access. The photos are available, more or less in time sequence, so you can follow the race as you'd see it on TV.


12 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - The Race Part 3
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Part 3/3 of 124 photos of the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Enduro, worlds biggest and toughest beach motorcycle enduro.

Part 1 and 2 are to be seen elsewhere on this site.


12 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - The Race Part 2
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Part 2/3 of 124 photos of the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Enduro, worlds biggest and toughest beach motorcycle enduro.

Next part is the final one #3.


12 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - The Race Part 1
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Part 1/3 of 124 photos of the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Enduro, worlds biggest and toughest beach motorcycle enduro.

Too many photos to put on one page.


11 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Sunday - Appetizer
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Just back from the Le Touquet motorcycle beach enduro race, with some 7000 photos to sort.

So here's an appetizer. More during the week.


10 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Saturday - Quad Race
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Last part of the day, 350 quad racing on the beach of Le Touquet.

Some pro, most amateur racers, they were very lucky since the sun broke out 5 minutes before the race started.


10 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Saturday - Star Quad
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
The organizers for the first time scheduled a celebrity quad race on the Saturday morning of the Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 beach race.

Some 30 French stars were invited, and hosted by Honda.

Interesting to see how some of them tried to ride their quads. Too bad it was raining "chiens et chats".


9 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Friday
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
The 1st photos of the first day at the "Le Touquet Enduropale" 2007.

Quad and motorcycle scrutineering, some celebs and some views.

More to come.


29 January, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 Sold Out
France Article
Racing Article
The 2007 edition of the Le Touquet Enduropale, world's biggest motorcycle race, is sold out for motorcycles (and quads too). More than 1,000 motorcycles will start on February 11th, and race up and down a beach for three hours. Many big name motorcycle stars will be present. The race is free for spectators !


19 January, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2006 - 450 photos
France Article
Racing Article
We've put some 450 photos on-line of the 2006 Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach enduro. Enjoy !


15 January, 2007 - Endurose 2007 Cancelled
France Article
Racing Article
Since their paperwork was a bit late, the authorities decided to cancel the female-only motorcycle enduro, L'Endurose. French authorities are showing their true colors. Would this have happened if the event was the Tour de France ?


12 January, 2007 - Registrations For Red Bull roManiacs 2007 Open
Red Bull roManiacs logo
Registrations is open for the Red Bull roManiacs (very) hard enduro rally.

The format has been changed thanks to contestant feedback.

If you want to attend, better hurry, the race is often oversubscribed !


4 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007 - Almost There
Dakar 2007 Scrutineering.
Dakar logo
It's almost that time of the year again, the Dakar race will start in 2 days time.

In the mean time, the competitors are having their motorcycles checked by the scrutineering folks.


1 December, 2006 - Travis Pastrana To The Dark Side
Travis Pastrana
Travis Pastrana has signed a three year deal with Subaru, the dark side of the force....


22 November, 2006 - CannonBall Motorcycle Run Back To The USA
Racing Article
The CannonBall Motorcycle Run will finally be held in the USA, country of origin of the race. May 13th sees the (in)famous race start in Los Angeles and run 2500 miles until it reaches Las Vegas for a 48 hour party.


27 October, 2006 - Renting a Motorcycle For The Le Touquet Endupale Beach Race
Racing Article
Foreigners who want to participate in the mythical Le Touquet Enduropale beach enduro race, can rent Yamaha race motorcycles by contacting the organizers. Here's your chance !


17 October, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Race Web in English
Racing Article
Web Article
The Le Touquet Enduropale beach race, world's biggest, has translated their website in English. Also, the prize money for first foreigners has been increased. For those that want to participate, but don't want to send over their motorcycle, the organizers are trying to obtain rental race motorcycles from several manufacturers.


18 September, 2006 - Cannonball Bike Run Report and VisorDown
Mick Doohan's Visordown Sponsored Suzuki
Visor down's newly redesigned website has an interesting report by one of their riders on his race in the latest Cannonball Bike Run.

70+ motorcycles in a highly illegal motorcycle race through Europe. Smoky and the Bandits move over.


15 September, 2006 - GNCC Podcast Interviews with Racers logo
A look at a website offering PODcast interviews with off road racers from the GNCC series in the USA.

Three celebrity interviewers asking the questions.


15 September, 2006 - Bol D’Or, Aprilia and a webcam
Web Article
Aprilia logo
Aprilia have installed a webcam for the Bol d'Or, AND a camera on their factory RSV. See the action live on your PC.


24 August, 2006 - Le Touquet EnduroPale and Foreigners
Racing Article
In order to attract more foreigners to the beach enduro race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, the organizers are now offering a special prize for the first foreigner to cross the finish line.


20 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 7 Final
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Final day of the Red Bull roManiacs. 7 days of hell for the contestants.

The winner is another Frenchman, Michel Gau (after two years of Despres).

Will they come back next year ?? (videos available of the day's race).


19 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 6
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Penultimate day, last day of hard enduro.

Only 10 riders left in the expert class. If you look at the results at the bottom, some folks have been on their motorcycles for 20 hours !!

There's again a video available of the day's ride.


18 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 5
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
Almost there, Day 5. Longest day, with the shortest time for Michel Gau, in 9 hours and 41 minutes.

The longest is still underway while day 6 starts. Are they crazy or what ?


17 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 4
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Day 4, past the half way stage of the race.

Not many riders left. Not many motorcycles left without scratches.


16 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 3
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Day 3 summary of the Red Bull roManiacs hard (and tough) enduro, some photos of day 1, and the full results and standings for the pro class.

More and more are dropping out. Is this year too tough ??


15 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 2
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
The results of day 2 of the roManiacs. Already Cyril Despres had to quit, Sala won, and the Americans are way behind.

A tough and "normal" day at the roManiacs hard motorcycle enduro.


14 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 1
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
The first day of the famous Red Bull roManiacs tough motorcycle enduro race was held on Sunday 13 August. 2 time winner, Cyril Despres won the prologue.

Are these riders really that good, or just plain suicidal ?


4 August, 2006 - Interesting "Race" - From Junk To Race
Team Momba's Kawasaki motorcycle
12 people, in 72 hours, produced a vintage motorcycle from scratch at a motorcycle swap meet in Ohio, USA, and then raced the old Kawasaki motorcycle in a vintage race (and ended in 7th place).

Nice idea !!


27 July, 2006 - Video: Erzberg 2006- BMW HP2
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Here's a three minute video clip of BMW HP2 efforts in this year's Erzberg Rodeo Enduro race, featuring Jimmy Lewis (USA), Gerhard Forster (Germany), Chris Pfeiffer (Germany) and Simo Kirssi (Finland). Quite amazing ! Also, a 2 minute clip of last year's event, giving you a good overview why this race is so difficult.


13 July, 2006 - Book Review: Valentino Rossi Autobiography
A look at Valentino Rossi's autobiography book.

In short, good book. Gives you a good insight in the man's mind, and in MotoGP.


12 July, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Planning
Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle race
Since we've received quite some emails asking for more information on the next Le Touquet Enduropale beach race, here's information for you.

Prizes, cost, hotels, etc. Nothing to stop you from preparing this race.


22 June, 2006 - Rossi To Continue in WRC
Racing Article
Rossi may have said "No" to Ferrari F1, but he's still going to race a car in the New Zealand rally in November. It may not be a Ferrari, but it has 4 wheels (most of the time) and it goes fast !


19 June, 2006 - Le Touquet Beach Race - The Video
Video clip inside
A nice video clip of world's biggest and craziest beach motorcycle enduro race, the Le Touquet Enduropale.


12 June, 2006 - Dakar 2007 Race Is Full For Motorcycles
Dakar logo
The 2007 Lisbon-Dakar race was closed for motorcycle within 8 days of registration being open. 330 motorcycle registered !


12 June, 2006 - New Zealand MotoGP ?
New Zealand Tuapo circuit
Is New Zealand going to host a MotoGP next year ? The local authorities hope so.

They're investing heavy in the new race track in Taupo. it looks like some circuit !!!

This could be an interesting track for a MotoGP!


9 June, 2006 - ORPI Maroc 2006 Rally Results
Orpi Maroc 2006
Last weekend saw the finish of the Orpi Maroc rally. Unfortunately, the race saw one fatality. Eric Coma won the race.

The Orpi Maroc race is seen as the testing grounds for the Dakar race.


29 May, 2006 - Erzberg Rodeo 2006 Results
Erzberg Rodeo Motorcycle race
The Erzberg Rodeo motorcycle enduro race is over. Here are some photos of this incredible tough event.

There were several races, but in the main category, the BMW HP2 did very well.


24 May, 2006 - Videos: Trailer and Stupid Crash
Video clip inside
Two Google Videos, one a trailer to a full feature documentary of last year's MotoGP in the USA and one really stupid biker crashing into a bus.


19 May, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs - Star List
Colomban Loic
The Red Bull roManiacs motorcycle enduro race this year will be full of motorcycle stars.

Travis Pastrana will be coming over to race with several fellow Americans in World's Toughest Enduro race.


12 May, 2006 - Dakar 2007 and Challenge Yamaha Dakar
Yamaha Dakar Challenge logo
Yamaha are really throwing a package towards next year's Dakar race. Private entries can get a full support package, including the WR450F Yamaha motorcycle, racing suits, maintenance, media assistance, etc etc for less than what it will cost you to enter the race yourself.

If you've always wanted to ride the Dakar, but can't get the money you'd need, this looks like a sweet deal.


10 May, 2006 - Another Race: Yamaha YZF R1, Jet Fighter and a Porsche
Video clip inside
We've all seen the video clip posted last month of the Formula 1 car versus a motorcycle. Here's a new drag race, this time between a Yamaha YZF R1 motorcycle, a Porsche and a Jet fighter plane.. yes a plane !! Interesting race ! To be seen.


5 May, 2006 - Spanish Baja Motorcycle Race
Spanish Baja motorcycle
The American Baja races are not the only one with the "Baja" name. Spain has a Baja motorcycle race, lasting 3 days over 1300 kilometers.

An idea for those of you in Europe who want to compete in a Baja event.


28 April, 2006 - Formula One versus Motorcycle - The Race
Video clip inside
A video clip of a drag race between a Formula One car and a motorcycle. Boy, is that F1 fast !! What a difference.


14 April, 2006 - 1300 Start - 30 Finish ! Erzbergrodeo Enduro
Video clip inside
The Erzbergrodeo is one of the toughest, with some 1300 riders starting and only 30 finishing after 4 days. Here's a video clip (45 minutes long) that shows you why it's so tough ! The race starts again next month, May 25th.


30 March, 2006 - ROManiacs Video Clip
Video clip inside
Here's a video clip of the famous and notorious Red Bull ROManiacs enduro race. Marvel at these kamikaze motorcycle riders. Are they mad or just passionate ?


23 March, 2006 - MotoGP Season 2006 To Start
MotoGP Riders
This weekend is the start of the MotoGP season, and I for one will be watching these lads on Sunday.

It's promising to be a great season!


15 March, 2006 - Rossi Challenges Alonso To Duel
Racing Article
Rossi has challenged Alonso to a high speed duel. F1, Rally and MotoGP are the weapons of choice.

Is Alonso man enough, or will he take back his words ?


8 March, 2006 - Two African Rallies, 2 Ways Of Doing Them
Optic2000 logo
Orpi Maroc logo
There are two other African rallies apart from the Dakar. The Optic2000 Tunisia and Orpi Maroc motorcycle races are open to all amateurs.

But you can also fly there on a VIP package, and follow the race in a chauffeur driven 4x4 car, sleep in the bivouac and wine and dine with the stars.


17 February, 2006 - 2006 Edition Of The Female Enduro - Endurose
Endurose Female Motorcycle Enduro
The 2006 edition of the all-female motorcycle enduro, the Endurose, is to be held on the 15th of July in the Beaujolais region of France.


6 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - The Race
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
The last part of the "Le Touquet Beach Enduro race" the Enduropale.

60 photos.


6 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - The Start
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
The start was given to this Le Touquet Beach Enduro motorcycle race.

1,000 motorcycles left in a roar and thunder.


6 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - Pre-Race
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
A quick look at the things that were happening before the motorcycle race itself.


5 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - Teaser
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
Just a quick teaser.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - The Evening
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
A quick look at the after race and night life of Le Touquet.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - The Quad Race
Le Touquet Quad Enduro (Enduropale)
The Quad race at Le Touquet.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - Getting ready
Le Touquet Quad Motorcycle (Enduropale)
The Saturday morning, quad tests, pit lane.


3 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 1 Friday
Le Touquet Quad Motorcycle (Enduropale)
Here's a photographic view of the first day of the race weekend of Le Touquet Enduropale. Scrutineering and layouts.


3 February, 2006 - Off to Le Touquet’s Enduropale race
Personal Article
I'm off to Le Touquet to cover the beach enduro race.

1,000 mad and crazy bikers racing down the beach. Photos will be posted as soon as we can.


27 January, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs DVD
Red Bull roManiacs
The toughest enduro race in the world, to Red Bull roMANIACS, can now be seen on DVD. Get your copy at your local KTM dealer, or order it on the web.

Not to be missed.


16 January, 2006 - Dakar 2006 Summary and Bivouac Photos
Dakar 2006 -Gio Sala
The Dakar is now over, and here are the last race and bivouac photos as supplied by KTM.

See you next year.


15 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 15th stage: Dakar > Dakar
Dakar logo
Last day, no surprises.


14 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 14th stage: Tambacounda > Dakar
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
Last full day of Dakar racing, and for a change, it's not a KTM that won the day's special, but a Yamaha.

And they took 3rd place as well.


14 January, 2006 - Ludivine Puy, Dakar Angel
Dakar 2006 - Ludivine Puy
A look at the pretty, and very cable Ludivine Puy, female motorcyclist in the Dakar race.

Too bad she crashed while avoiding a little boy standing on the road during the special in Day 13, and she's now in the hospital.


13 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 13th stage: Labé > Tambacounda
Gio Sala
Almost there. Still a few crashes.

One little boy died when he was hit by a car today.


12 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 12th stage: Bamako> Labé
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
Only 3 days left, and the racers look like leftovers from the second World War.


11 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 11th stage: Kayes > Bamako
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
Today was an "easy" day compared to the previous 3 days. 231 km special.


11 January, 2006 - Andy Caldecott’s Trust Fund and Condolences
Web Article
KTM Australia are organizing a Trust Fund for Andy Caldecott's family, and there is now an official condolences register for you to sign.


10 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 10th stage: Kiffa > Kayes
Dakar logo
After the tragic death of Any Caldecott, the race was suspended for the motorcycles today. The motorcycles had only to do a liaison.


9 January, 2006 - Tradegy Strikes Again In The Dakar Race 2006
Andy Caldecott
Another tragedy in the Dakar race, Andy Caldecott died instantly after a bad crash.


8 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: Bivouac Photos Week 1
Dakar 2006 - Bivouac Tan Tan
Since today is a rest day for the Dakar race, here are some photos taken over last week at the different bivouacs.

For those of you who can't get enough.


7 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 8th stage: Atar > Nouakchott
David Casteu
KTM motorcycles top the first 11 brands in the Dakar.

What was supposed to be an easy day turned into another slaughter.


6 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 7th stage: Zouerat > Atar
Fretigne and Grider go bump, Despres still racing.


5 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 6th stage: Tan Tan > Zouerat
Dakar 2006 - Carlo de Gavardo
Day 6 of the Dakar, and favorite Cyril Despres has had a bad accident, but is going to continue.


5 January, 2006 - roMANIACS Inscription Open For 2006
Red Bull roManiacs
For those of you who want a real challenge, and find the Dakar race a bit too tame, try the Red Bull roMANIACS.

Registration will be open for the first 60 riders on 10JAN2006.


4 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 5th stage: Ouarzazate > Tan Tan
Marc Coma
Last day in Morocco.

Tomorrow Mauritania and the dunes.


3 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 4th stage: Er Rachidia > Ouarzazate
Dakar 2006 - Chris Blais
Almost at the desert.

Tomorrow it's sand all the way.


2 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 3rd stage: Nador > Er Rachidia
Dakar 2006 - David Casteu
3rd day of the Dakar, and the KTMs look unstoppable.


1 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 2nd stage: Portimao > Malaga (01.01.2006)
Dakar 2006 - Andy Caldecott
2nd day of the Lisbon to Dakar race.

Still racing in Europe. Fun begins tomorrow.


1 January, 2006 - KTM: 1st stage: Lisboa > Portimao
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
1st stage of the Dakar.

Three KTMs at the top.


30 December, 2005 - KTM: Dakar 2006: Scrutineering
Dakar logo
KTM logo
I'll be publishing, "as-is", the KTM press releases that come in directly from the Dakar race. This is the first one, the scrutineering.


29 December, 2005 - Stars In The Dakar Race - Good or Bad ?
BMW Dome Motorcycle Team - Charley Boorman
Is it a good thing that celeb Charley Boorman is racing in the Dakar race this year ?? Or is it a bad thing ?

Your opinion is sought.


8 December, 2005 - The "Le Touquet" Enduro 2006 - World’s Biggest Event
Le Touquet EnduroPale Motorcycle Beach Race circuit
World's biggest motorcycle race is on for the 4th and 5th February.

The "Le Touquet" beach race, with 1,000 motorcycles competing. But it has changed format and name.

There are still a few motorcycle spots available.

Interested ??


25 November, 2005 - Winter Alternative to MotoGP Racing
Ice Motorcycle Racing
MotoGP season is over, now the icespeedway season starts.

Hold on to your hats (helmets?).


11 November, 2005 - Blogsite: The Harley Sidecar’s Dakar Race
Wild Hog Racing Motorcycle Sidecar Blog
The Harley-Davidson vRod sidecar team now have a blog site about their efforts to get underway for the Dakar rally.


9 November, 2005 - Interview: Scott Whitney (HogWildRacing)
Scott Whitney
An interview with motorcycle sidecar contestant in the next Dakar race; Scott Whitney.


24 September, 2005 - Following the Dakar - Group Effort ?
Dakar logo
If you are planning to follow the Dakar race on your own motorcycle, and you're looking for companions, read this article.


23 September, 2005 - Ride With A Professional Dakar Motorcycle Team ? Yes It’s Possible
Euromaster Motorcycle Team
Here's you chance to ride the Dakar with a professional motorcycle team; Euromaster are looking for a fifth rider !


22 September, 2005 - Motorcycle Olympics - Motocross of Nations This Weekend
News Article
The Olympic games for motorcycles starts this weekend; the Motocross des Nation debuts in Ernee France for 40,000 spectators.


21 September, 2005 - Unusual Position For Valentino Rossi
Rossi as a passenger on a  Motorcycle
A photo of Valentino Rossi in an unusual position on a motorcycle.


14 September, 2005 - The 1st Ironbutt Motorcycle Rally Photos
1st Ironbutt motorcycle rally
On someone published photos of the very first Ironbutt motorcycle rally !


31 August, 2005 - Strong Rumor: Sete Gibernau To Go To Ducati
Ducati logo
Musical motorcycles towards the end of the MotoGP season, Gibernau to go Ducati ?


31 July, 2005 - Motorcycle Races Updates
This Site Article
Every minute the latest sports results box on the top right of the main page refreshes with the latest results.


30 July, 2005 - Danger For Motorcycles In The Tour De France
Motorcycle Accident in the Tour
It's not always easy to ride a motorcycle in the Tour de France.


20 July, 2005 - Red Bull’s roManiancs on again - Toughest Enduro
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
World's toughest enduro race, the Red Bull's roManiacs on again end of this month.


13 July, 2005 - Harley Motorcycle in the Dakar 2006
Hog Wild Racing team
A "real" Harley-Davidson V-Rod is racing in the next Dakar !


12 July, 2005 - Tour de France’s Motorcycles
Tour de France Kawasaki Motorcycle
A look at the motorcycles in the "Tour de France" bicycle race.


5 July, 2005 - Betting Against Valentino Rossi gambling odds aginst Rossi
You can bet that Valentino does NOT win the championship, or win, but whatever you bet, you'll not make much money.


27 June, 2005 - Couples Motorcycle Enduro Cup
Coupe des Couples, couples motorcycle race
A look at the annual "COUPLES" motorcycle enduro race in Chablis, France.


25 June, 2005 - Suzuki’s new Red Bull Motorcycle Ready For Laguna
Red Bull Suzuki motorcycle
Photos of the new Red Bull Suzuki motorcycle for Laguna MotoGP.


13 June, 2005 - Site down Sunday
This Site Article
Due to the hosting company having a technical problem, no sports results were posted on Sunday, but now, they are all up to date.


9 June, 2005 - Low Cost Dakar Race
Budapest-Bamakor motorcycle race
A low cost alternative to the Dakar race is now available - the Budapest-Bamako rally.


8 June, 2005 - Olivier Jacque To Race For Kawasaki In MotoGP
Racing Article
Looks like Olivier Jacque has been hired full time for Kawasaki's MotoGP team.


5 June, 2005 - International Motorcycle Sports - NEW !
This Site Article
Racing Article
A new section has been created with the latest international motorcycle sports results from the manufacturer's perspective.


11 May, 2005 - Dakar Race To Impose Speed Limit For Motorcycles
Dakar logo
The Dakar organizers will impose a speed limit to motorcycles for the duration of the race.


2 May, 2005 - Visit Mugello Motorcycle GP With Ducati
Mugello Red Curve
Ducati logo
Special offer by Ducati to visit the motorcycle MotoGP at Mugello, Italy.


26 April, 2005 - Dakar Race (2006) To Start From Lisbon
Dakar logo
The Dakar race is to start from Lisbon next year.


9 April, 2005 - Where Will You Be This Sunday ?
2005 MotoGP Rider
And where will you be this Sunday ?


17 March, 2005 - Motorcycle (Motorcross) Holidays
Motorcross Vacations
A site that offering motorcross holiday in the USA while the family goes to Disney.


4 March, 2005 - Motorcycle 24 Hours of Le Mans Race - New Rules
Racing Article
New spectators rules for the motorcycle 24 hours of Le Mans race, hoping to restrict vandals.


1 March, 2005 - Motorcycling on Europe’s Circuits
Bikers Days logo
This is your chance of riding on several of Europe's motorcycle racing circuits.


11 February, 2005 - Motorcycle Enduro of Le Touquet 2006
Racing Article
World's largest motorcycle enduro event is back on for 2006 in a different format, and will be one week (bike week).


8 February, 2005 - Moto-Tour 2005 Motorcycle Inscriptions have started
France Article
Racing Article
Registrations are now open for the Tour de France on a motorcycle, the Moto-Tour.


7 February, 2005 - The Last Motorcycle Enduro of Le Touquet
Touquet Enduro
My "failed" report on world biggest motorcycle enduro race; the Enduro of Le Touquet.


4 February, 2005 - Ducati and Xerox in Superbike Championship
Ducati - Toseland & Laconi
Ducati logo
Ducati announces partnership with Xerox for Superbike racing.


4 February, 2005 - Motorcross Videos Web Site