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7 September, 2015 - Review: Fobo - Smart and Ultimate TPMS For Motorcycles
Fobo Bike
Fobo Bike
#Review #Fobo #TPMS - We told you about them last year when they appeared on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo, and now their product is live, and it's EXCELLENT. Fobo Bike is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that works via your smartphone(iPhone or Android), and monitors in real-time, and more importantly, IMMEDIATELY. No need to turn the tires before you know if you have to go back to inflate them; here is the review.


3 September, 2015 - Idea: Protective Motorcycle Gear Without The Drawbacks
Idea High Performance Gear
Idea High Performance Gear
#Kickstarter #ThesisLabs #Leathers - A new revolutionary motorcycle gear is coming. On Kickstarter there is a leather jacket that is thinner and much stronger than Kevlar. A project initiated by Thesis Labs, the jacket looks cool, strong and ..... very very expensive.


19 August, 2015 - Idea: Is This Worthy For Motorcycles - Alcoho-Lock
Alcoho Lock
Japan flag
#AlcohoLock #DUI #Japan - An interesting concept/product coming from Japan. It's meant for bicycles and it's a lock that tests if you are drunk or not. But to unlock if you are over the level is interesting; But is this something that would work for the motorcycle world.


23 July, 2015 - Portugal: Nice DUI Safety Campaign - Great Visual
Portugal DUI Campaign
Portugal flag
#SafetyPSA #DUI - This is a nice visual from an anti-DUI campaign coming from Portugal (dating back to 2011)


22 July, 2015 - Garmin Varia: Would This Be Something For Motorcycles?
Garmin Varia
Garmin logo
#Garmin #Safety - Garmin's new Varia unit is meant for bicycles. It's a rear facing radar that warns the cyclists and car/trucks/motorcycles that there's a bicycle in front of them. But would this be something of interest to motorcycle riders?


1 July, 2015 - Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger As Terminator and SAM - Safety PSA
Terminator and SAM
click to see where France is on the map
#France #Terminator #PSA - Arnold Schwarzenegger was in town to not only promote the Terminator Genisys movie, but also to kickstart a new drinking & driving campaign here in France with SAM, the designated driver character from the French safety ads.


23 June, 2015 - France: New ’Do-Not-Enter’ Road Sign
France New Entry Forbidden Sign 2015
France flag
#France #RoadSigns - France, to stem the tied of fools driving cars and going to wrong way onto a motorway, scaring the Beejesus out of motorcycles, has 'invented' a new road sign. It's the old 'do-not-enter' sign, but with fluo yellow. Will it work?


11 June, 2015 - Idea: Intelligent Wireless Headset Or Dumb Idea - The X-1
X 1 headset
USA flag
#Bluetooth #Safety #IndieGoGo - From a first glance, the X-1 headset on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo looks interesting; a Bluetooth wireless headset inside your motorcycle helmet that when you crash and can not call for help, will call for you. Sounds interesting? Well, it's not!


10 June, 2015 - Spidi: Armored Hoodie
Spidi Hoodie Armor
Spidi logo
#Spidi #ArmoredHoodies - Italian Spidi have increased their models in their already extensive motorcycle clothing range with an armored hoodie.

The hoodie is great for riding motorcycle when it's not hot enough for summer clothing and not too cold enough for winter gear. Or just for riding in the summer.


26 May, 2015 - Ads: Belgium, Young Drivers and Social Media
PSA Belgium Text Drive
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Advertisements #Safety - Here are three pretty well done PSA coming to us from Belgium. They are targeted towards young drivers, trying to get them not to use Facebook, SMS and Twitter while driving their cars.


24 April, 2015 - French National Police - Results Of Airbag Vest For Motorcycle Cops
French National Police Airbag Vests
France flag
#France #NationalPolice #AirbagVests - The French motorcycle police undergoes a gruelling and very difficult training. The National Police training center has adopted airbag vests for the trainees, and since they have had them, they have not had any serious injuries. On average, one airbag vest gets deployed EVERY DAY!


16 April, 2015 - Volvo Life Paint: The Video
Video Volvo Life Paint
Volvo logo
#VolvoLifePaint #Safety - Volvo's new product, the Life Paint spray is handy for motorcycle riders to stand out at night time. It's safe, easy to apply and it doesn't change the colors of your motorcycle, leathers, backpack and/or helmet. But there is one downside to the product....


14 April, 2015 - Video: Hilarious Motorcycle Safety Movie From Scotland
Live fast Die Old Video
Live fast Die Old
#Scotland #Safety #LiveFastDieOld - The Scottish police and government understand very well that motorcycle safety campaigns don't need to be boring or full of gore and shock effects. In fact, their campaign, called 'Live Fast Die Old' is perfect. And their video is even better. Check out the three old geezers. And what is that Llama doing in the hotel room? Funny, well done safety PSA.


3 April, 2015 - Patent: Be Safe - Ring Of Light
Patent Ring Of Light
#Patent #Safety #HelmetLights - Joshua thinks we motorcycles are not visible enough, especially at night. And he's right of course. His remedy for this deadly problem is placing a ring incorporating several LEDs lights around your helmet. He's calling it a "ring of light". Is this for you? Or will you give it a pass?


31 March, 2015 - Video: Brilliant Volkswagen Ad About Their Blind Spot Monitoring System
Volkswagen Blind Spot Tablet ad
Volkswagen logo
#Advertisements #Volkswagen #Brazil - This is a brilliant advertisement from Volkswagen Brazil showing off their blind spot monitoring system on their cars. The ad is not a print ad or TV commercial. It's part of an electronic magazine ad will take readers by surprise. Brilliant idea.


25 March, 2015 - Patent: Man Invents Bibendum Suit For Motorcycles
Patent Protective Suit
Michelin Man Bibendum Biker
#Patent #Airbag #Protection - A guy put in a patent for a complete airbag suit, protecting every part of your body by the airbag. In other words, he invented the Bibendum (aka the Michelin Man).


24 March, 2015 - Video: Ireland - Bike Aware PSA
Video Ireland Bike Aware
UK flag
A hair raising motorcycle safety PSA coming to us from Ireland. The very well done TV commercial incites car drivers to take another look before doing something on the road. Very good and thoughtful. Pass it along to your car driving friends.


19 March, 2015 - Idea: Noke - Keyless U-Lock - No More Keys For Motorcycle Locks
Noke U Lock
#Noke #FuzDesigns #U-Locks - Noke already have launched a kick-ass keyless padlock, and now they have released upon the world a keyless padlock that you can use on your motorcycle or scooter. You can unlock the very secure U-lock (including an alarm) via your smartphone, or a key click combination on the lock or via an optional Fob. Locking and unlocking your motorcycle will never be as easy, fast and simple.


18 March, 2015 - New Safety Rating: Slide Rating for Motorcycles Jeans
Road Rash
Bull-It logo
UK based Bull-It Jeans, motorcycle jeans, has addressed the information for potential buyers, to let bikers know how good the jeans are when you start sliding on the road. In other words, the new Slide Rating will tell you how long before you will get the dreaded road rash. But... yes, there is a but...


17 March, 2015 - Rust and Redemption - Armored Motorcycle Shirt
Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption
Speed and Strength logo
Riding motorcycle in spring and summer is not always fun riding ATGATT. But at times it can't be helped going in your jeans and shirt. But Speed and Strength have a product that should make it a lot safer: Rust and Redemption is an armored shirt with Kevlar and real armor. Safe and stylish. BTW, they also make motorcycle jeans.


4 March, 2015 - Airbag Motorcycle Helmet - No Helmet, Just When Crashing
Airbag Helmet Movement
Sweden flag
A Swedish company patented a scarf that inflates itself to form a protective bubble around your head in case of a crash. Interesting, but would you use such a product instead of a standard helmet when riding a motorcycle?


26 February, 2015 - Video: Your Hood Is Not A Race Circuit
Video Your Hood Is Not A Circuit
France flag
#France #Safety #Ghetto - In French low-income housing projects, like anywhere else in the world, kids are bored and do dangerous things, like racing motorcycles in the streets. One city in France attacked the problem by asking the kids themselves to make a video for their own safety. The result is actually quite good and clear.


24 February, 2015 - Ads: Mercedes Got Motorcycles Covered - Nice Ad
Ad Mercedes Benz Van Rear Mirror
Mercedes logo
Nice and well done advertisement from Mercedes-Benz, who are claiming that their blind spot monitoring system will 'see' motorcycles. Therefore safer for us. Well done ad.


19 February, 2015 - France: Nice Anti Drinking and Driving Campaign
French Anti Alcohol Campaign
France flag
#France #DUICampaign - Here is an advertisement which was published some time ago in France for an "anti drinking & driving" campaign.

It's a good image. I translated the text from French on the image. Not bad??


12 February, 2015 - Someone Actually Patented A LED-Equipped Motorcycle Jacket
Jacket with LED Lights Patent
USA flag
#Patent #Safety #BeSeen - Funny. You see a lot of crowd-funding projects for putting LED lights on a motorcycle jacket for added visibility, but here is someone who is a bit smarter. He filed a patent for the same idea.


3 February, 2015 - Video: Follow Up On Excellent Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Ride To Live Commuter Rider
Australia flag
#Australia #Safety #NSW - A follow up on the excellent motorcycle safety campaign from last year coming to you from NSW, Australia. Four short videos using 'ghost' motorcycles on what will happen if you take the wrong decision. Very nice.


2 February, 2015 - Idea: Electric Rain Wipers For Motorcycle Helmets - RainPal
RainPal is an idea sitting in a crowd-funding site that is basically a rain wiper for motorcycle helmets, that is very thin, small and has a wireless remote control located in your motorcycle's handlebar.


26 January, 2015 - SOS Notify When You Fall From Your Motorcycle - Ridersmate
Riding motorcycle on your own, and you fall of your bike. What to do? This Kickstarter project is cool and can save your life. The cord rips a plug out of Ridersmate, sending SMS/Text messages, including exact location to pre-programmed people. Did you just bruise your ego? Put the plug back, and a false alarm message is sent. Your guardian angle.


22 January, 2015 - USA: AAA - Blind Spot Monitoring Not Effective To Spot Motorcycles
Blind Spot Monitoring System
AAA logo
According to the AAA (American Automobile Association), blind spot monitoring system in cars don't work well in detecting motorcycles: something that is very dangerous for bikers.


22 January, 2015 - New Very Portable Breathalyzer - Key Chain - Breeze
Breeze Key Chain
#Breathalyzer #Breeze - A new and very small Breathalyzer called Breeze. It's a key chain. Blow in it, the results are shown a few second later on your smartphone. And if you are to drunk to ride your motorcycle, Breeze tells you when you will be sober, or will call you a taxi/uber.


20 January, 2015 - Idea: Another Bad One Bites The Dust - Improved Safety Jacket
Improved Safety Jacket
USA flag
Here's a beauty. Corey is looking at getting US$300,000 so he can develop a parachute for motorcycle jackets! Oh yeah, that'll work...


19 January, 2015 - Video: Interesting Motorcycle Safety PSA From The USA
Washington DOL Motorcycle Awareness Video
USA flag
A nicely done motorcycle awareness PSA from Washington State, USA. The first minute is pretty boring, but then it gets interesting. Have a look.


5 January, 2015 - Europe: How Safe Are European Roads?
2012 Bad Roads Britain Map
EuroRAP logo
EuroRAP is an organization that surveys and reports on the safety of European roads. Here are a few examples of reports on European countries and the safety of their road network.


23 December, 2014 - Does You Kid Do This On Your Motorcycle? I Hope Not!
Child Sleeping On Motorcycle Jakarta
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #SleepingOnYourMotorcycleIsDangerous - Wow, talk about dangerous for your kid. Not only is the child not protected at all, his parents are, but he looks like to be fast asleep. Would you do that to you kid? You probably would get arrested.


11 December, 2014 - USA: Marijuana Breathalyzer Coming To The Cops Shortly
Marijuana Smoking Helmet
USA flag
#Marijuana #Breathalyzer - An university in the USA are getting ready a portable breathalyzer that will determine whether you were stoned while riding your motorcycle. Field test will be done next year. Any volunteers?


4 December, 2014 - Idea: New Material Could Become Excellent Biker Body Armor
Graphene bulletproof armor
USA flag
#Graphene #BodyArmor #RiceUniversity - Houston's Rice University discovered the Graphene material is 10 x stronger than steel at absorbing impacts, and far lighter and flexible. This could turn into an excellent motorcycle body armor material, lighter and better than Kevlar.


3 December, 2014 - Australia: ABS vs Non-ABS - Video
TAC logo
#TAC #Safety #ABS - Here is a great educational video, 1 year old already, that clearly shows the difference between braking hard in the wet on a motorcycle with or without ABS. From TAC Australia.


13 November, 2014 - Idea: Yawn. Another LED Motorcycle Backpack
Lighting de Soleil
Lighting de Soleil
Yawn. Another motorcycle backpack with integrated brake and indicators light that are actioned wirelessly. But they also offer similar in the shape of a motorcycle jacket. But this is one project that will never take off.


13 November, 2014 - Drunk Or Not? Quick Way To Check
BACTrack Vio
BACTrack Vio
Getting caught DUI is not good, and not smart. But carrying breathalyzers is never easy. BACtrack have a very small device called Vio that works with your smartphone, and not only tells you if you are drunk, but also when you will be sober.


7 November, 2014 - For Ladies Only: Armored Leggings from GoGoGear
GoGoGear Kevlar Leggings
#GoGoGear #KevlarLeggings - Hip outfit GoGoGear, the outfit that brought you the armored hoodie, are coming out with a new product meant for women: Kevlar leggings with knee protectors.


30 October, 2014 - Helite Improves The Motorcycle Airbag With Turtle Technology
Helite Airnest Turtle
Helite logo
#Helite #Airbag #Safety - Helite, a manufacturer of airbag vests and clothing have perfected their airbag technology with Turtle technology. Now if you crash into a pointed object, you're safe as well.


30 October, 2014 - Safety: Be Visible At Night - MotoGlo
Whistler MotoGlo
USA flag
#Whistler #MotoGlo #Safety - Riding motorcycle at night is an added danger, since cars and trucks have problems seeing you, or seeing what you are about to do, like braking or turning. American Whistler Group have a product called MotoGlo that gets installed on your helmet and will light up in different colors depending on your actions.


29 October, 2014 - Safety: Excellent Australian Motorcycle Safety Program - The Best
Australia Ride To Live Site
Australia flag
Here is probably the best motorcycle safety program I have seen. It's excellent, well done, fun and educational without being overbearing. 4 very short videos and a well put together website enabling you to ride a virtual motorcycle and learn from your mistakes. Brave Australia NSW.


27 October, 2014 - Idea: Nicely Designed, and Safe Motorcycle Backpack - MEDA
Meda backpack
Meda backpack
#Backpack #Design - Here is a very nicely designed motorcycle backpack, rainproof, with armor and camelbak and able to hold a 17 inch laptop and that incorporates brake and indicator lights. It's also probably the only backpack I've seen that has male or female straps. Design by Angela Wang.


16 October, 2014 - New High-Tech Helmet: Shark Skwal
Shark Skwal motorcycle helmet with LEDs
Shark logo
#Shark #Helmets - Shark is launching a new helmet next month at Eicma called the Skwal. It's an integral motorcycle helmet, very light and it has 4 onboard LEDs that give you a special "look" and makes you more visible at night.


13 October, 2014 - Save Your Ass With UFO Underwear
UFO Plast Atom
UFO Plast logo
#UFOPlast #Underwear #ATGATT - Riding off road on your motorcycle requires more than just protected trousers and jacket. You will also need to think about your underwear. Yep.. underwear. Here is one from UFO plast. Protected underwear.


8 October, 2014 - Givi: S300 Safety Kit For Motorcycles
Givi S300 Safety Kit
Givi logo
#givi #Safety - Italian Givi have an interesting safety kit for motorcycles. Although the European laws do not demand you have them (car drivers do), it's a good idea to have one when travelling.


8 October, 2014 - Ixon: Top Quality Motorcycle Jeans
Ixon Spencer HP Jeans
Ixon logo
#Ixon #Jeans - Ixon is a company that requires no introduction if you follow motorcycle racing. But they make more than high quality racing leathers. They also make motorcycle jeans, and they have just released a new, very high quality, motorcycle jeans that are made out of denim and have received CE Certification.


7 October, 2014 - Belgium: Interesting Concept - Speeding Selfies For Road Safety
Speeding Selfie Belgium
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Radar #Selfies - Belgium have got an interesting road safety concept going. Using your selfies and speed radars.... interesting, but is it safe?


29 September, 2014 - Intermot 2014: European Motorcycle Safety Conference
Intermot 2014 Safety Conference
Intermot logo
#Acem #Intermot #Safety - Intermot is not only about stands with motorcycles, gear and pretty girls. There is also a big conference with as topic Motorcycle Safety. Well attended by reps of the industry, politicians and university, they are coming up with ideas to make our lives safer.


23 September, 2014 - USA: The New Weapon Against Driving and Texting
Texting and Talking Texas
USA flag
#Texting #Police - A new weapon is coming on the market to allow cops to detect whether you are texting while driving. And that is a good thing for us motorcycle riders.


22 September, 2014 - China: Riding Motorcycle During A Storm, Not A Good Idea
Storm riding dangers China
China flag
#China #Typhoon - It is definitely not a good idea to ride a motorcycle during a storm, but that goes double so for riding a heavily loaded motorcycle during a hurricane/typhoon. Ouch....


11 September, 2014 - The One Place On Your Body That Is Never Well Protected
Del Rosario Articulated Hand Armor
Del Rosario Articulated Hand Armor
#Del-Rosario #Gloves #ATGATT - If you think your gloves will protect you from a motorcycle accident, think again. Just think what happens to your hand in case of a crash. Today's motorcycle gloves are anything but useful apart from in minor crashes. But one man is trying to change this; John Del Rosario. have a look at this upcoming product.


10 September, 2014 - Take Your Young Child For A Motorcycle Ride - Safely With Givi
Givi S650 Baby Ride
Givi logo
#Givi #Children - Carrying a child on a motorcycle can give you headaches for their safety. But Givi have a good solution, based very much on a car child seat. It straps to your saddle, has footrest and is quite safe for children aged 5 to 8.


9 September, 2014 - Bike Shield App: Avoid Car vs Motorcycle Crashes
The Bike Shield App
The Bike Shield App
#TheBikeShieldApp #Safety - Here is a smartphone app that could save lives, preventing car vs motorcycle (or bicycle) accidents, but for it to work you need critical mass and willingness of the users. A first (and cheap) step towards the USA government mandate for vehicle-to-vehicle communications.


9 September, 2014 - Haiti: Kill-All-Our-Children Back To School Motorcycle Ride?
Haiti Back To School Ride
Haiti flag
#Haiti #BackToSchool #ATGATT - It looks like it's back to school in Haiti, and proud parents pile their children on their motorcycles and bring them to school. Except of course the father has a sort-of-a-helmet, while rug rat and wife get none. I guess there has to be some difference in the world, right?


3 September, 2014 - Germany: Hein Gericke Complete Newbie Biker Package
Hein Gericke Riding School Outfit
Hein Gericke logo
#HeinGericke #Newbies - In Germany, Hein Gericke is offering a complete ATGATT package for newbies who are going to motorcycle riding school. Everything you need to start riding.


29 August, 2014 - Switzerland: Motorway Wrong Direction Radar
Matrix Wrong Direction Motorway
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #WrongWayYouSucker - The Swiss are experimenting with a wrong-way radar, hoping to quickly stop cars from going on a motorway in the wrong direction.


29 August, 2014 - Belgium: Old Motorcycle Safety Campaign - Still Very Good
Belgium Safety Ad
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Safety #Advertisements - Here is a look at an 'older' motorcycle safety campaign from Belgium (dating back to 2009). I had already shown the video PSA? but here are the two print ads that came with it. Quite good.


27 August, 2014 - USA: Scary! Lawnmower Crashes Into Motorcyclists
Lawnmower Crashes into motorcyclists
USA flag
#USA #LawnmowersAreDangerousForMotorcycles - How scary is that? Imagine being hit by a lawnmower while riding the highway on your motorcycle. Super scary.


26 August, 2014 - Is This The Ultimate Squid?
Ultimate squid rider
#Squid #PhoningWhileDrivingIsStupid - What do you think? Is this the ultimate squid? Wheelie on a public street. No gear whatsoever? Phoning while riding?


18 August, 2014 - USA: Makes Roads Safer, Smoke Marijuana
Marijuana Smoking Helmet
click to see where USA is on the map
#USA #Marijuana #Statistics - The three points legalize marijuana naysayers have been claiming are being torn down. The latest point, increased road accidents due to weed smoking, is now also debunked. The contrary.


14 August, 2014 - Study: Cell Phone Use While Driving Not Dangerous As Thought
Texting and Talking Texas
Ford Bound Gagged Ad
#Cellphone #Study - According to a recent study, using a cell phone while driving is not as dangerous as people thought. The study is probably paid for by the telecoms industry.


12 August, 2014 - Ad: Vodafone India and Texting & Driving
Vodafone logo
Vodafone India Text and Drive
#Advertisement #Vodafone #TextandDriving - Mobile phone company Vodafone is trying to teach car drivers in India not to text & drive, and I'm all for it. I see more and more people texting and phoning while driving, handling their car dangerously, often almost swiping my motorcycle.


5 August, 2014 - Motorcycle Meets Tank - The Result
Motorcycle Meets Tank
Palestine flag
#Tank #Gaza #Crash - It would have been a no-contest! A motorcycle meets a tank, you do not even have to guess who won. Here is the result!


1 August, 2014 - Bagster Starlight - Backpack With Integrated LED Stop Lights
Bagster Starlight
Bagster logo
#Bagster #Stoplight #Backpack - French Bagster have released their Starlight motorcycle backpack, with integrated LED Stop lights in the back of the backpack. Safety rules.


31 July, 2014 - Fed Up With Needing To Buy New Safety Gear For Your Kid?
POD logo
#Pod #KneeProtector #Children - Knee protectors for children who race motorcycles is expensive especially when you need to replace them every year (kids do grow, don't they?). POD has a knee brace that grows with the kids; called the K1.


29 July, 2014 - Ad: Verizon - Do Not Text and Drive
Ad Verizon Text and Drive
Verizon logo
#Advertisement #Texting #Trucks - Hmmmm .. interesting safety advertisement from American phone company Verizon. The concept is good (but not new), the message is loud & clear ... but... this could backfire.


25 July, 2014 - France: Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy Shows How To Ride Motorcycle, NOT!
Sarkozy Non ATGATT
#France #Sarkozy #ATGATT - For the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was known to be very strict regarding the rules of the road, the man who started the speed radars craze, the gigantic vehicle repression, but also the man who reduced road fatalities, he should know better.

Sarkozy got caught by the Paris Match magazine riding a Vespa scooter with his lovely wife, none of them dressed appropriately for riding a PTW. No protected clothes, no gloves and more importantly, NO HELMET!


17 July, 2014 - France: ’Funny’ Government Safety Campaign
Ad France All Vurnable Lunch
France flag
#France #Funny #PSA - Sometimes the government has a sense of humor. Like with this safety campaign for motorcycle riders and pedestrians. For two weeks last month, they showed these safety ads with a common text line that translates as "In the greater Paris area, 2 out of 3 killed are motorcycle riders or pedestrians".

That's not funny, but each ad has its own main copy, which is more-or-less funny, or at least light


14 July, 2014 - Stay Cool and Protected With Spidi Airtech Armor Jacket
Spidi Airtech Armor
Spidi logo
#Spidi #AGATT #Armor - Spidi have a nice jacket for summer riding:- meshed, armored and expensive.


8 July, 2014 - Idea: Another Failed Crowd-Funding Project - SensePod
#Crowd-Funding #SensoPod - Another failed crowd-funding project, the SensoPod. A safety feature that would never have worked.


7 July, 2014 - France: Using Trucks To Save Motorcyclists Lives
France Essonne Truck Ad
France flag
#France #Safety #Truckers - It looks like French truckers are looking after our lives. 30 trucks in France have on the rear of their truck an enormous publicity asking car drivers to watch out for motorcycles. Should be very effective advertising.


25 June, 2014 - Video: UK - Stay A Hero, Stay Safe
Ad Stay a hero stay safe
UK flag
#UK #Safety #Video - A great motorcycle safety PSA dating back to 2011 from the Sussex region in the UK. Makes you think without showing any violence or shock. Just plain common sense.


24 June, 2014 - Ad: Think - Wooow What A Great Ad, But Need To Look Twice
Ad Think Take longer to look for motorbikes.
Think! logo
#Advertisement #Think! #Safety - Here is a very good, if not great, safety advertisement coming from the UK Think! organization. It's a PSA you need to look twice to get it, but then it hits home. Cool.


23 June, 2014 - Keep Your Head Cool With Tucano Urbano In Hot Weather
Tucano Urbano Frescura
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #CoolingDown - Keep your head cool while riding in motorcycle in hot weather is important. Tucano Urbano have a cheap way of doing this.


20 June, 2014 - France: Moving Towards No Phone While Driving, Even Hands Free
Phoning on motorcycle in Indonesia
France flag
#France #MobilePhone - The safety authorities are proposing to ban all phones while driving even if equipped with a hands free kit. This because according to them, 10% of all accidents involve phoning while driving.


17 June, 2014 - Ad: Chevrolet and Pizza Guys
Chevrolet Blindspot Pizza Guy
Chevrolet logo
#Advertisement #Chevrolet #Blindspot - A nice advertisement from Chevrolet where they think of us motorcycle and scooter riders with blind spot detectors. But.... there is always a but....


12 June, 2014 - Laser Detecting DUI Is Coming
Ad Tac Drink Drive Margarita Australia
Poland flag
#Poland #DUI #LaserDetection - A University in Poland has found a way to use a laser beam to determine if someone has been drinking in a car, and all that remotely. You'll never know what hit you...


5 June, 2014 - Germany: July 1, Hi-Vis Vest Mandatory, But Not For Motorcycles
Chicken HiViz Vest
Germany flag
#Germany #High-Visibility #Vests - Next month cars must have a high-visibility vest onboard, if not you'll be fined. Motorcycles do not need them.


28 May, 2014 - Idea: Locks Are Getting Smarter and Better - SkyLock
#SkyLock #Locks #GreatIdeas - Here is another really great lock for (bicycles) motorcycles. A high tech lock, solar charged, that locks/unlocks when you are close to the lock, that senses a crash and deals with it and remember where you parked your bike. Nifty.


13 May, 2014 - Crave: Riding Motorcycle In Your Shirt, Safely
Crave AXE2 Hornet
Crave logo
#Crave #KevlarShirt #ATGATT - Here is a great shirt that you can safely ride with on your motorcycle. Reinforced with Kevlar, armor and many pockets, it's perfect for riding in good weather without needing a jacket. Perfect.


8 May, 2014 - You Don’t Need Special Biker Clothes To Be Safe - The Bohn Way
Bohn Adventure Pants
Bohn Armored Shirt
#ATGATT #Bohn-Armor #Safety - I am very much in favor of riding safely with all the right motorcycle gear, just for safety sake. But Bohn Armor is a way that allows you to ride with normal street clothes and still be safe.


8 May, 2014 - Givi’s New Highly Reflective Motorcycle Luggage
Givi WP405 and WP406
Givi logo
#Givi #Baggage #Safety - Givi have a new series of motorcycle luggage, side, tank and roller bags that are not only waterproof but also highly reflective and visible, even during the day.


2 May, 2014 - Tanzania: SMS Messages To Remind Bikers To Wear Helmets
Texting message
Tanzania flag
#Tanzania #Study #Amend - They are doing an interesting study in Tanzania to see what kind of daily SMS/Text message will incite bikers to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Three different groups, three different type texts.


30 April, 2014 - Is Apple Coming To The Rescue For Motorcyclist Safety?
Apple Lockout Patent Drawing
Apple logo
#Apple #Safety #Patent - Apple has applied for a patent that could save a few motorcyclist lives. They have a patent that disables functions like texting when the iPhone is in motion. Good news.


29 April, 2014 - Ads: Audi Makes The Road Safer?
Audi Traffic Email Ad
Audi logo
#Advertisement #Audi #Safety - If these three print advertisements from the German car maker (and Ducati owner) Audi is to be believed, their cars allow you to be distracted, because if you aren't paying attention, the car is.

Do you believe it?


29 April, 2014 - Idea: Rear Lights Equipped Motorcycle Backpack
DSL300 20 Back pack
France flag
#Backpack #Safety #Lights - Interesting motorcycle backpack coming up in 2 months. The Moov'Systec DSL300.20 is a biker backpack with integrated brake lights and indicators lights. Both run wireless. Safety first.


22 April, 2014 - Ad: Bangalore Safety Campaign - INCREDIBLY GOOD
Bangalore Safety Campaign Helmets
India flag
#India #Bangalore #Safety - Here is one really smart safety campaign for the city of Bangalore, India. First of all the numbers are staggering and amazing. I never knew....

Secondly, their idea to put helmets on motorcycle riders is very novel and interesting. But will it work?


18 April, 2014 - Germany: Douchebags Trying To Kill Motorcycle Riders - Oil On Road
Oil Slick on road
Germany flag
#Germany #DangerousIdiots - Some group of idiots have been placing oil in curves on German roads, causing motorcycles to crash.

That because they do not want bikers in the area. So far, no one has died, but that will not remain so.


17 April, 2014 - Belgium: Invited To Your Own Funeral - Safety
Your Own Funeral
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Safety #YourOwnFuneral - An interesting and novel safety campaign in Belgium. Habitual speeders got invited to a funeral - THEIR OWN!

Here is the video.


15 April, 2014 - Video: French Safety - Without The Right Gear
French Safety Video Right Equipment
France flag
#France #PSA #ATGATT - Here is a very good and educational TV commercial what the difference is between real biker clothing and street clothing.

And that at 30 kph.


7 April, 2014 - Venezuela: I’m A Politician, I Don’t Need A Motorcycle Helmet
Maria Corina Machado Venezuela
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Elections #ATGATT - This is what she is saying: 'I am going to be president, and I will show you the way. I do not need a helmet when riding pillion on a motorcycle since I am a politician and do not have a brain anyway'.

That sets a good example....


3 April, 2014 - Ventilate Your Biker Clothing while Riding In The Heat With Ventz
#Ventz #Heat #Summer - Riding your motorcycle in the summer heat brings some cooling down issues. But not with the British Ventz - simple and efficient product to cool you down.

Great idea.


24 March, 2014 - The ONLY Way To Wear Jeans On A Motorcycle - Great Idea
Ruste Jeans Tailoring
#Jeans #Protected #GreatIdea - Love your jeans? But can't use them on your motorcycle because they are not safe?

Ruste Protection have got THE service for you. Send them your favorite jeans, and they make it motorcycle safe with Kevlar, Coolmax and D3O.


6 March, 2014 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Safety Campaign - Stayin’ Alive
Swiss Biker Road Safety Campaign
Switzerland flag
#Safety #Campaign #Switzerland - The Swiss have launched a safety campaign for motorcycle riders.

Nice idea for the poster, and they even have a video.


5 March, 2014 - Ami Powersports e-Tint Automatic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
e Tint AX 10 ON OFF
e Tint Akari models
#Visor #LCD - Ami Powersports, through e-Tint, make automatic darkening visors for motorcycle helmets based on LCD technology.

Here is their latest product the Akari AX-11 insert.


3 March, 2014 - Protect Animals And Yourself With This Paint
Albedo 100 Reindeer Paint
Finland flag
#Safety #Albedo100 #Paint - Finnish paint group, Albedo 100, have a paint that can be sprayed on animals that will make them visible at night (horses, dogs, etc).

They are painting reindeer antlers in Finland with this product. You too can buy this product


3 March, 2014 - Idea: These Are The Tires I Want For My Motorcycle
Nokian Studded Concept Tyre
Nokian logo
#Nokian #Tires - Finnish tire maker Nokian, have made a concept tire that can deploy studs at the push of a button.


26 February, 2014 - Spanish Telecom Giant, Telefonica, Shows Smart Helmet and Gloves
Telefonica Smart Helmet
Telefonica Smart Helmet
#Spain #Telefonica #SmartHelmets - Spain's telephone giant, Telefonica, have unveiled a smart motorcycle helmet and gloves to the MWC14 conference.

Safety, ease of use and a fat telephone bill awaits you.


18 February, 2014 - Idea: RightPSI - The Very Easy Way Of Checking Your Tire Pressure
#RightPSI #Safety #Tirepressure - A beautifully and well thought out product hits Kickstarter. RightPSI is a color coded tire air pressure indicator which shows you in one glance if your tires are at the right pressure.

Easy to use, safe and cheap.


3 February, 2014 - France: First Official Crash Test Classification For Biker Airbags
Bering Airbag Jacket Test
France flag
#Airbag #Safety #SRA - The French SRA have released for the first time the results of tests done on motorcycle airbag jackets, classifying them between 1 and 5 stars.


24 January, 2014 - Hit-Air New Airbag Motorcycle Jacket: EU5
Hit Air EU5
Hit-Air logo
#Hit-Air #Airbag - Hit-Air, manufacturer of Airbag Jackets for motorcycles, has released a good looking airbag jacket that has not to envy other jackets, apart from the price.


21 January, 2014 - Ad: Romania - Don’t Text and Drive - Watch Out For Motorcycles
Ad Bucharest Traffic Police Motorcycle
Romania flag
#Advertisement #Romania #Texting - A PSA from Romania not to text and drive, especially when there are motorcycles around.


20 January, 2014 - Michelin Introduces A New and Safer Long-Lasting Tire
Michelin Premier AS Cross Section Info
Michelin logo
#Michelin #Premiere #Tires - Michelin introduced a new tire that is safer, and lasts much, much, longer.


14 January, 2014 - HALO Strips Now Available - Motorcycle Night Safety First
HALO Agusta
#HALO #Safety - The HALO project has got its funding on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase. Increase your safety at night when riding your motorcycle (or walking, jogging, playing).


11 December, 2013 - France: 1st Motorcycle Taxi To Offer Airbag Jackets To Clients
Honda Gold Wing Bibendum
France flag
#Taxi #TravelZen #Dainese - The first French motorcycle taxi company, TravelZen, is now going to offer Dainese Airbag jackets to its customers.


10 December, 2013 - Xmas 2013: Super High Reflective Motorcycle Rim Tape
Highly Reflective Motorcycle Wheel
Christmas Shiny Ball 2013
#Christmas #Gifts #Safety - For Christmas giving a motorcycle safety gift is pretty cool. Here are highly reflective strips for your motorcycle tires. Cool.


26 November, 2013 - Review: NoNoise - Love Your Hearing On Your Motorcycle
NoNoise Earplugs
NoNoise Earplugs
#NoNoise #Earplugs - A product review of the NoNoise Earplugs - excellent earplugs for motorcycle riding (and other activities).


19 November, 2013 - Why Do Chicken Cross The Road? Who Cares, Just Watch It!
Chicken HiViz Vest
Chicken HiViz Vest
#Safety #High-Vis #Chickens #Omlet - You are not going to believe this story, and it truly is not an April 1 joke. A company in the UK (named Omlet....) is making something that will make chickens safe when crossing the road. Honest.


4 November, 2013 - The Only Way To Take A Baby/Child On A Motorcycle
Baby Transport For Motorcycles
#Children #baby - Transporting a child/kid/baby on a motorcycle is serious stuff. You need to ensure that the kid can not fall off your motorcycle. How is this for a solution?


29 October, 2013 - Boblbee: Backpack For Motorcycle Riding Photographers
Boblbee M180 Vortex
Boblbee M180 Vortex
#Boblbee #PhotoBackPack - Swedish Boblebee is a great backpack for motorcycle riding photographers. It includes a certified dorsal protector.


25 October, 2013 - Is This The Future Of Roads?
Pro Teq Light Road
UK flag
#Pto-Tech #Innovation #Lights - British Pro Teq have a great solution for those roads that have no street lights. Sunlight absorbing coating that emits light in the dark. Spray-on the road. Done.


25 October, 2013 - ATGATT When Riding Flooded Roads On Your Motorcycle?
ATGATT In Flooded Road Question
Mexico flag
#Mexico #ATGATT #Flood - If you go riding your motorcycle on a flooded road, would you go ATGATT? If you look at the photo, the biker has a helmet, but is not wearing it...........

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23 October, 2013 - X-Ray Vision Heads Up Display - HUD
X Ray HUD Bus
Portugal flag
#Portugal #Safety #HUD - Researchers in a university in Portugal want to place a camera in the front of busses and trucks, and beam the image to vehicles behind them so you can see when you can safely overtake.

Would it work?..........

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22 October, 2013 - Video: Watch A Great Australian Motorcycle Safety Ad
TAC Victoria Perfect Ride
Australia flag
#TAC #Victoria #Safety - TAC Victoria of Australia have yet again come out with a very good motorcycle safety PSA.

Bravo to TAC.


21 October, 2013 - Pillion Safety: Love Handles Will Do The Trick
Love Handle
Love Handle
#Pillion #LoveHandle - Here is a Love Handle for your motorcycle's pillion comfort and safety. Easy to use, both for biker and pillion...........

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15 October, 2013 - Ad: Thai Road Safety PSA - Nicely Done
Thai Land Save Wear A Helmet Ad
Thailand flag
#Advertisement #Safety #Thailand - Here are some nicely done road safety PSA from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. They are trying to get people on two wheels, motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles, to wear helmets...........

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9 October, 2013 - Custom KTM Leathers - Web Special
Custom KTM Leathers
KTM logo
#KTM #Leathers - You don't need to be a big name motorcycle racer, like Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez, to have your name on your motorcycle leathers. Now KTM are offering you to ability to customize your leathers with colors and your name...........

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23 September, 2013 - Video: Watch This Nicely Done Animated Motorcycle Safety Film
Twist and Ride Animated PSA
UK flag
#Advertising #Safety #UK - The TWIST organization, brought to you by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership (CPRSP) are trying to educate motorcycle riders in the UK about safety.

Safety is a hot topic, and most organizations release instructive or high-impact videos serving as PSA to be shown on TV or at events. But the Twist and Ride one is different. They have produced a very nice animated safety advert showing you in a rather comical way what not to do when riding your motorcycle...........

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11 September, 2013 - New Air-Bag Vest: AllShot AIRV1
Allshot AirV1
Allshot AirV1
#Airbag #Vests #Safety - Air-bag vests are quickly becoming more and more popular. With the safety proven during the many crashes you can see in MotoGP races, it is obvious that built-in air-bag systems can save lives, or at the very least, prevent serious injuries. French company AllShot have been a distributor of the Hit-Air air-bag vest system since the beginning, but now they have decided that the market has become big enough for them to make their own product. They have just launched the AIRV1 air-bag vest...........

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2 September, 2013 - Idea: Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmet Kit
Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
#Helmets #Safety #Kickstarter - Putting lights on your motorcycle helmet might be a good idea to increase your visibility at night, but somehow I don't think this will do the trick, and especially not at the price.

The Electroluminescent Helmet Kit project can be found on Kickstarter, and they are looking for funds. Not just any funds, but a wooping US$10,000. If they ever get the funding, which I doubt, you should be able to buy them for US$50 for a basic kit.

The thing I do no like in this setup is the enormous battery pack located at the back of your helmet...........

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28 August, 2013 - Faster Photochromic Motorcycle Visors Now Possible - InVision Inserts
Hyper Optics Shield
#Photochromic #Visors #Tinted - Riding your motorcycle in "unstable" weather, weather were you get alternating sunshine and clouds, or riding in places where there are a lot of shadows (cities, forests), means that your eyes will need to get used to sudden sunshine or sudden darker vision. Of course this is not a problem when you ride with sunglasses since it is always dark. But that is not a good thing either, since if your vision is darkened by sunglasses you might just miss seeing that pothole or animal in front of you. The same applies to using sun-visors built-in your helmet. Although built-in sun-visors are the next best thing since you can lower or raise them whenever you need to, you need to let go of your handlebar to do it, and that is not always welcome either.

One accessory that helps you achieve a more relaxing motorcycle ride, not requiring you to do anything to cut the sun glare or be able to see more of the road, are photochromic visors. These are visors that are placed onto (from the inside of your helmet) your normal visor, and when the sun hits these inserts, they turn darker. When the sun goes away, they go clear. You can buy prescription glasses that do that for the last few decades, so it is not new technology.

So very simple and easy, right? Not really, since one of their biggest defaults until now was that these visors require time to change tint. A few years ago, it could take up to 60 seconds for them to change, and when riding a motorcycle, 60 seconds can be a lifetime.

Maric Performance, a company that has been supplying anti-fog inserts for ages now, have a new product called Hyper Optiks. Hyper Optiks are photochromic inserts that change state within 4 seconds!..........

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6 August, 2013 - Video: Latvian Motorcycle PSA - Making Scooters Even Smaller
Latvia Scooter PSA
Latvia flag
#PSA #Safety #Scooters #Latvia - Here is a video of a group of people trying to get a message across that scooters are small and difficult to see, so please watch out for them. The way they do it, is by placing a toy scooter on the ground of a gas station, and placing some text around them.

People who walk past and almost hit the toy will see the text and "learn the lesson". Folks who do not see the toy and crush it, do not see what has happened. So they will not learn. So people who pay attention and would normally see motorcycles on the road are being taught a lesson, while people who crash into us, will not.

In other words, an exercise that is a bit useless. But then again, anything to promote motorcycle & scooter safety is better than nothing. Have a look at the video


16 July, 2013 - Ads: Brazilian Safety PSA - When You Are Driving, Be Driving
Brazil Safety PSA Facebook Driving
Brazil flag
#PSA #Safety #Advertising - The local Brazilian authorities launched a series of safety PSAs to get Brazilians to stop using the internet while driving their cars. Apparently drivers there, like in other countries, use email, Facebook and Twitter while weaving through traffic, and that can only be a good thing for us motorcycle riders, right?

It is why I do not like seeing gadgets to be used for vehicles, like GPS, that allows drivers to connect to the internet. Way to dangerous for us.


11 July, 2013 - Product Review: Tyredog TPMS For Motorcycles
TyreDog TPMS
TyreDog TPMS
#TPMS #TyreDog #Tires #Safety - Quite some time ago I reviewed a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from Tire Watch. Since then, I have always had the TPMS on my motorcycles, since I'm lazy but safety conscious. I will check tires visually, but can not be bothered to put a pressure gauge to the tires unless I think they need adjustment. A TPMS is heaven sent, since it shows on a display what your tire pressures are.

And believe me, it is important to have the right tire pressure, and also remember that pressures change depending on the load; alone, with pillion and/or with cargo.

My Honda GL-1800 Gold Wing is of a year that doesn't incorporate a built-in TPMS, so I put one on. This time I opted for one from the Taiwanese company Tyredog. Technology has changed over the years, even in TPMS systems...........

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9 July, 2013 - Ireland: The Luck Of The Irish Ran Out - Motorcycle Fatalities
Ireland Motorcycle fatal 10yr
Ireland flag
#ireland #Statistics #Mag #Motorcycles - The famous luck of the Irish seems to have run out according to the latest statistics. At least, the luck of Irish motorcycle riders. Over the last few years, motorcycle related deaths have been increasing, bucking the 10 year trend.

The graph clearly shows that the last 10 years, motorcycle fatalities have been steadily decreasing, until 2011. Now, every year, they have been increasing again.

According to the local police, the Garda, 4 out 5 fatal accidents involve an another vehicle, usually a car. 52% of the accidents occurred on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, with July being the worst month of the year. 75% of the fatal accidents where on regional or local roads, i.e., bikers going for a weekend spin in the country.

The Irish police are asking all car drivers to pay more attention to motorcycle riders during the summer months. So Irish bikers should not ride their motorcycles on country roads on weekends in July....


4 July, 2013 - Video: Horror Movies From Volkswagen
Volkswagen Side Assist Biker Ad
Volkswagen logo
#Advertisements #Volkswagen #Safety - Volkswagen are promoting a technology that will assist you in detecting objects in your blind spots while driving one of their cars. Called "Side Assist", it's a mirror system that uses radar to detect if some vehicle is alongside you and you can't see it.

On its own, it's a good idea, it's just too bad drivers can't just turn their head slightly to see if they are safe to make the maneuver they want to make.

Anyway, to promote the technology, Volkswagen have launched three TV commercials which I find pretty well thought-out in the way they bring it to your attention; they use horror movie images...........

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26 June, 2013 - Belgium: Very Detailed Study Of Motorcycle Accidents
Statistics Article
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Accidents #Statistics - For the first time ever, the authorities in Belgium have spent a lot of time analyzing serious motorcycle accidents. They went and looked at 200 motorcycle accidents that resulted in deaths or badly hurt ones. The study, named MOTAC (Motorcycle Accident Causation), concentrated on accidents in 2009 (16% of the accidents) and 2010 (84% of the accidents).

50% of the 200 accidents studied had deadly victims, the other 50% had very badly hurt victims.

Something different from other accident studies; 56% of the accidents were initiated by the motorcycle rider, 41% by a third party. But as the report mentions, just because an accident is initiated by one vehicle, legally it does not mean that the biker is responsible. 3% of the accidents were caused by external problems, like bad road infrastructure (which IMHO seems low for Belgium who have a notoriously bad road network).

Single Vehicle Accidents 35% of all the 200 accident involved only the motorcycle, meaning no other vehicles were involved. 90% of these single vehicle accidents were caused by the biker. This is usually because of a loss of control, sliding while braking (80%), while 58% of these single vehicle accidents happened in a curve...........

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24 June, 2013 - France: Mandatory High-Visibility Vests Mandatory (Again) For Motorcyclists, With A French Twist
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France flag
#France #High-Visibility #Motorcycles - To think we pay these people a salary to do whatever they want, including making senseless laws. It's really incredible, but when you start thinking about it when sitting on the toilet, it makes sense. Politicians, like any other "human", needs to make sure they have a job. And one way of keeping your job is to pretend to be very busy. Even if it means making laws that make no sense whatsoever and are a pain to everyone.

So what got my knickers in a twist you may ask yourself? Remember last year we had a lot of problems, protests, political unrest because the government wanted to make high-visibility vests mandatory for all motorcycle riders, including foreign registered ones. Eventually, because of the heavy handed protests here in France, they dropped the idea. Until now... it's back, but with the typical French twist...........

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20 June, 2013 - D3O Aero: The Next Evolution In Motorcycle Armor
D3O Smart Skin
d3o logo
#D3O #Armor #Protection - I have since the beginning been an ardent fan of the D30 material. I even have a jar of the product here to play with. D30 is an orange soft putty-like material that you can very easily shape with your fingers. But when you subject the product to a sudden and strong impact, like hitting it with a hammer, it immediately becomes as hard as a rock.

In other words, it's an ideal product for motorcycle clothing. Since it's flexible, you can put it in places that move, like elbows, knees and fingers, and in the case of a crash, it will become solid as a rock and protect your limbs.

Many top-of-the-line motorcycle clothing manufacturers have since then adopted this magic material. Names like Icon, Acerbis, Triumph, KTM and Klim are just a few of the names that now have D3O material integrated into their products (I even have an iPhone protector case made out of D3O).

But there are two "disadvantages" to the product: 1) price and 2) volume. On the price, the only thing that will help is sell more products. On the volume thing, the D30 is not thicker than most other safety products, like Kevlar, but still thick enough to feel it's there.

But now D30 have announced their D30 Aero range, and part of the offering is the D30 Smart Skin product. The D3O Aero is very lightweight, made for those applications where weight is a big factor. The Smart Skin product is an easy way of integrating the D30 material into garments...........

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17 June, 2013 - Airbag Vests - How Efficient Are They - Study
Airbag Vest Accident Deployment
spidi dps airbag vest
#Airbag #Research #Vests #Motorcycles - Airbag vests are a hot discussion topic on most motorcycle discussion forums. There are probably as many pro-airbag bikers as there are anti-airbag bikers. Everyone has an opinion. But how efficient are these safety devices?

Basically there are two types of airbag vests; cabled and electronic. The cabled ones have a cable between your motorcycle and the airbag, and when you get an involuntary off, the cable is pulled and the air is released into the jacket turning you into the Michelin man. The electronic versions have data capturing devices installed in your motorcycle that calculates if you've had a crash, and if so, orders the jacket to inflate remotely.

So what does this mean? Which is the two is more efficient, or are any airbag vests safe? France based IFSTTAR is a research institute that analyzes technologies used in the transport industry. Thierry Serre at IFSTTAR published the results from an extensive study done between 2005 and 2009 of all types of airbag vests used in the motorcycle industry.


First, let's start with the summary. Cabled airbag vests are far less safe than electronic ones. But any airbag vest is safer than a t-shirt...........

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17 June, 2013 - France: Shocking Motorcycle Students Into Safety
Val d Oise Accident Book
France flag
#France #Accidents #Exams - One of France's states ("departements"), Val d'Oise, has gotten itself in its head that by shocking people they will take things more seriously.

What the local authorities have done, is take photos made by their emergency crews and made a photo book out of them. All the photos are of serious motorcycle accidents, and the books are distributed to students who are to take their motorcycle license exams.

The authorities hope that when the pupils see the terrible accidents they will take care while riding their motorcycles. What these so-called experts fail to see, is that the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents were caused by cars, not motorcycles. Maybe they should give the booklet to student car drivers?..........

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12 June, 2013 - CrashLight: Interesting Safety App For Motorcycle Riders
EatSleepRide CrashLight
#EastSleepRide #CrashLight #App - The web site EatSleepRIDE has had a nice iPhone app for a while that is used by motorcycle riders to record their motorcycle trips and share their experiences with like-minded bikers. The app has some nicely designed features allowing you to visualize your ride through the data your smartphone has gathered. You can use it to discover new routes and share photos of your rides.

You can even check to see where your riding buddies are, and if they are close-by, go and join them. But EatSleepRIDE have recently released an in-app purchase (that's when you can activate a subset of your app by paying some money as an app "option") that is very nice and handy and more importantly, offers a good peace-of-mind.

The function is called CrashLight, and what it is, is a function that uses your smartphone's hardware to detect whether you had a motorcycle crash, and if you have, it contacts your "support" team...........

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6 June, 2013 - Idea: The End Of Tank-Slappers?
Electronic Steer Dampning
#Quirky #Streering #Motorcycles - Are we seeing the end of the era of tank-slappers? You know, those times when your sports motorcycle wobbles because it encounters something on the road that makes it oscillate the steering sideways, making you at best hit the fuel tank, and at worst, allows you to exit the motorcycle high, ie a highside.

Kirk Spiegel has submitted a project in Quirky that will prevent this. It is an electronic steering damper for motorcycles, that electronically senses objects (which could be a high speed maneuver) on the road that causes the oscillations, and activates the steering damping automatically and electronically...........

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4 June, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Sensitivity Program Greater Paris Area
France IdF 15 Days Program 2013
France IdF 15 Days Program 2013
#Safety #France #Motorcycles - For 15 days, in the greater Paris area, called Ile-de-France (Island of France), the local authorities will be conducting an extensive sensitivity communication program for motorcycle and other "fragile" road users (like pedestrians and cyclists).

Although 2011 and 2012 saw an improvement of the number of fatal accidents in that part of France, 326 people died in 2012. 113 of them were motorcycle riders (81 pedestrians and 17 cyclists).

To gain awareness in the general population, the local authorities are running several posters, like this one:..........

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3 June, 2013 - Idea: Safety Helmet Lights For After A Motorcycle Crash
Helmet Crash Lights
Helmet Crash Lights
#Quirky #Safety #Crash - So far we've seen several motorcycle helmet lights that make riding your bike safer, especially those lights that show your indicator and light up when hitting the brakes. But this Quirky project is slightly different.

The project has more or less the same idea of placing a LED strip on your helmet, either a stick-on or a collar you would be able to purchase, but instead (or even apart from) showing if you've pressed the indicators to turn or hitting the brakes, this project activates after you have had a crash...........

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24 May, 2013 - Belgium: Action For The Safety Of Motorcyclists
Belgium Bad Motorways
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Safety #Politics - The Belgium government, in the form of the Minister of Public Works, is planning to make the Wallonne region of Belgium safer for motorcycle riders. Many bikers are killed on the roads of the French speaking part of Belgium, and to make sure the bikers understand their fragility he is installing 80 signs warning motorcycle riders of upcoming road dangers. But according to him, only 8% of accidents are caused by the road itself, 50% by the other driver and 37% by the biker.

He is printing 15,000 maps with all the danger spots in the area which will be distributed at biker events.

It's a good thing that the government is thinking about our safety but... and there is always a but... 1) instead of printing maps he should use & promote the Moto Smarty app to warn riders, and 2) instead of placing signs, how about doing something about the road itself?


22 May, 2013 - Idea: Increase Your Safety With These Vololights Motorcycle Plates - Nifty!
#Safety #Vololights #Kickstarter - You'd have thought that almost anything that can increase our safety on a motorcycle has already been invented, but you'd be wrong. Two bright motorcycle riders in the USA have come up with a great safety product that will not cost you a fortune, nor hours spent installing it.

Currently a Kickstart project looking for funding (help them out by donating a few bucks), Vololights is a smartly designed product that can, and probably will, save you from being rear-ended. It has always been one of my fears when riding my motorcycle; when you decelerate your bike by just letting go of the throttle, or by downshifting, your motorcycle slows down faster than a car would, but with no warning to car drivers.

If the car driver is not paying attention, like most of them don't, your sudden deceleration will catch them by surprise, and boooom, before you know it at the very least they'll kiss your rear end. It might sound dirty to you, but it's super dangerous. Many motorcycles have found themselves in the ditch,or worse, because the car behind them didn't see them decelerating.

The Vololights is a license plate that replaces your current one...........

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21 May, 2013 - India: PSA - Keep Your Thoughts On The Road - Also For Motorcycles
India Keep Thoughts On Road
India flag
#India #Safety #Ads - Hmmm.. interesting. Here's a public service announcement coming from India, trying to keep riders and drivers focused on the road. They've got several ads, cars and motorcycle, and in the nicely-done graphics, they show what the driver is thinking.

"Obviously" the motorcycle rider is thinking about his Girlfriend, while the car drivers are thinking about the Boss and the Husband.....

It's true, that especially when riding a motorcycle, better keep 100% of your focus on the road and not let you mind wander off.


20 May, 2013 - France: Self Teaching Site On The Dangers Of Motorcycle Riding
#Safety - Here's an interesting site developed by the Prevention Routière et Assureurs Prevention, an organization for the prevention of accidents funded by insurance companies. The site, called MotoPrev (as in Motorcycle Prevention) is like a video game without the controls. It shows you how and when motorcycle accidents happen. It allows you to identify areas where you may be in danger.

There are 7 main areas, and each area loads a video (using high quality animated graphics) which you can view from either the motorcycle's point of view, satellite/above view or the car's view. There's at the end also an explanation, but it's in French (as is the whole site)...........

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17 May, 2013 - App: Help Others On Motorcycles Be Safe - Great Software
MotoSmarty Assign
MotoSmarty Direction
#iPhone #App #Dangers - We told you some 2 weeks ago about a French initiative to use crowd-sourcing to highlight road infrastructure problems. The initiative was not bad, but quite limited since it requires to you to remember where the danger spots where during a ride and then fill them in on the web later. However a much better method has been launched in Belgium for its surrounding countries (so not limited to one country) using smartphones. The approach is quite interesting, innovative and biker safe. Maybe you can lobby the developer to release the app for the rest of the world since everyone can benefit from this app.

The app is called Moto Smarty and currently works on iPhones with an Android version in test (they are looking for testers). It's the way they allow you to share your experience in bad or dangerous roads that makes this application so interesting.

Basically Moto Smarty records all hazards; potholes, manholes, fissures, slippery surfaces, bumps, dangerous curves, etc... they even warn you of speed bumps. The danger points are pointed out by other motorcycle riders (even car drivers) traveling those same roads and encountering the problem areas.

But here's where it gets interesting...........

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14 May, 2013 - Thailand: 3 Do Not Drink & Drive Ads - Nicely Done
Ad Do Not DUI Beer
Thailand flag
#DUI #Advetisement #PSA #Thailand - Here are three nicely done anti-DUI print advertisements coming from Thailand. The images are perfect, they say it all.

I didn't realize that they had such as drinking & driving problem there. Obviously this applies to all vehicles, including motorcycles.


9 May, 2013 - Video: Watch An Interesting Motorcycle PSA From C-Dot
C Dot Crashed PSA
Colorado Department of Transportation logo
#Video #Safety #Motorcycle - The Colorado Department of Transportation released an interesting PSA for motorcycle riders. Instead of showing blood & gore, they show blood & gore, but in this case it's not real blood & gore. They are very up-front about it. In fact, you see them apply the blood & gore on the "victim".

It's an interesting and novel way of showing what happens when you don't ride your motorcycle with the appropriate safety gear. There are also a few words from some specialists (using echoes, not to my taste) and some real and ugly crash scenes involving motorcycles...........

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9 May, 2013 - Spain: Government Kills Biker, Then Balks At Paying Damages
Spanish Road Caused Accident
Spain flag
#Spain #Court #Compensation - You know that government rarely have the best interest of its citizens in mind. Usually the contrary, as long as they can get rich and/or more powerful, and when they do get caught doing something they shouldn't, or should, they pretend that it wasn't their fault. It's what has been going wrong in the world lately, and you can see that citizens are revolting against it. Enough is enough.

The latest abuse/mis-actions can be seen in Spain. Back in 2007, a Spanish motorcycle rider lost control of his motorcycle because of the potholes in the motorway. The road is that bad that when hitting one of the holes it means the biker can easily get ejected from his bike, which is what happened. This was not a city road, but a motorway, so speeds are higher, and you have less time to react.

More bad luck for the unfortunate motorcyclist, he hit the guardrail which was one of the old, and very unsafe, rails, killing the biker on the spot:..........

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9 May, 2013 - France: Crowd Sourcing To Highlight Road Dangers
MotoMap France
France flag
#Safety #Facebook - Two organization that have as main goal to reduce road fatalities have launched a crowd-sourcing page within Facebook for French road users. The idea is for the road users, car and motorcycles, to highlight danger points on a map of France. The two organizations are Association Prevention Routiere and Assureurs Prevention (insurers group), and the map is called MotoMap.

Using Google Maps, you locate a danger zone you are familiar with, highlight it, tell the rest of the world what the problem is and save the point.

You can specify the category of problem area; infrastructure, motorcycle specific, dangerous curves, etc...........

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2 May, 2013 - Idea: Be Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle, Be Safe
#Safety - Riding your motorcycle at night means that with the few lights we've got on our rides, we're pretty much invisible for cars. Already during the day we're often invisible, but at night, with one small rear light, we might as well fix a big bullseye on our backs.

Another crowd-funding Kickstarter project that has already received ample funds is the Tracer360. The Tracer360, from, is a multi-colored fiber "vest" that you can easily slip over your motorcycle jacket...........

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30 April, 2013 - Idea: See Through Rain While Riding Your Motorcycle
invisible rain headlights
#Technology #Rain #Safety - Riding your motorcycle in rain is no fun especially at night, but the real danger is that rain makes it more difficult to see. It's like trying to see the bottom of a pool. When rain comes down in big quantities, the rain drops throw up a screen that makes our vision of what is ahead blurry. Couple with that your motorcycle's headlights illuminating the drops and you have a sure recipe for disaster.

But Intel together with Carnegie Melon University are developing technology that will enable you to see through rain (and the other forms of rain, snow and hail). They are using a camera that is stuck inside the headlight assembly, and when it detects rain, it anticipates the path the rain is taking. Since it know (more or less) where the raindrop will be, it can block out the rain drops that would normally be illuminated by your headlights..

In other words, it scrubs the rain from your field of vision, a bit like Photoshopping a fat roll from your favorite Playboy Centerfold...........

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24 April, 2013 - Video: Quebec PSA - It Is Easy To See A Motorcycle Rider
Canada Quebec Safety PSA 2013
Canada flag
#PSA #Safety #Canada - Here's a very well done, excellent even, PSA for motorcycle safety. It's from the Quebec Car Insurance Organization (SAAQ) in Canada, and even though it's in French, just the visuals say enough to understand the message.

The message (said in French) is "it's easy to see a biker, except on the road".


15 April, 2013 - The Most Dangerous Countries For Motorcycles In Europe
Statistics Article
Europe flag
#Accident #Europe #Statistics - The roadside assistance organization in Belgium, Touring, has conducted a research on the number of deadly motorcycles accidents in Europe, and correlating them with the number of inhabitants of that country. This gives a score of the countries where you are more likely to have a fatal motorcycle accident.

I didn't manage to get much data, except for the top 4 "most dangerous countries in Europe". The number you see after the country is the number of deadly motorcycle accidents per million inhabitants...........

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4 April, 2013 - Real Armored Motorcycle Clothing - Bullet Proof
Miguel Caballero RoadPower
Colombia flag
#Armor #Bulletproof #ATGATT - When we talk about protective clothing on our motorcycles we often talk about "armor". When an outsider hears us talking about our armor they envisage SWAT team-like clothing, or soldiers doing the rounds in Afghanistan. But in reality, motorcycle armor is usually a bit of plastic (if you're lucky it's liquid metal from D3O) with some Kevlar. That's it.

But you can go the whole hog. Columbian company "Miguel Caballero" has combined both motorcycle and personal protective clothing; bullet proof motorcycle clothing.

He should know about what is needed, living in one of the hot spots of the world with drug & political assassinations, kidnappings and many other violence that plagues that part of the world. Miguel started his clothing line because he realized that many "people" needed discreet protection. So he started making discreet & stylish bullet proof jackets, using leather on the outside, making it look like a normal jacket, not bullet stopping materials. He quickly branched out, and one of his successful lines of clothing is motorcycle gear...........

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2 April, 2013 - Europe: Explanation About Motorcycle Clothing Norm EN 1621-1
EN 1621 1 Pictogram
Europe flag
#Safety #Norms #Armor - As you may know, here in Europe we "love" norms & standards. Mostly created by politicians who have nothing better to do than impose more and more rules and regulations on motorcyclists, some of these norms are meant to inform motorcycle riders about the equipment they are buying. It's a kind of "leveling the playing field" approach, so that you can purchase the right safety gear that applies to you.

Back in 1997 they came up with a standard for motorcycle armor, called the EN 1621-1 standard. It got updated in 2003 and the last update was last year. The norm is there to make sure you understand what level of protection you'll be getting with the gear. To make it "simple" to understand, they came up with a pictogram, a drawing that shows you to what levels the motorcycle armor will protect you. You'll be finding these pictograms on the clothing you'll be buying in stores. It's an European wide norm.

Here's a brief description of what the pictogram represents...........

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14 March, 2013 - France: Little Known Fact - All Motorcycle Helmets Require Stickers!
Reflective Helmet Stickers
France flag
Here's a little fact that few people know, even those living in France. France is the only country in the world, to my knowledge, that requires all motorcycle helmets to have reflective stickers.

Officially you need four reflective stickers; front, rear and both sides. The surface of each sticker needs to be 18 cm2, and within each sticker you need to be able to draw a 40mm diameter circle, or a 12.50 cm2 rectangle with a minimum 20 mm length. The stickers should not be removable (without damaging the helmet) and remain reflective over time.

Crazy as it may sound, this is true, and if you get caught without one, you get fined €135 and they deduct 3 points from your license. So you get docked the money and points even if you motorcycle helmet itself has been properly homologated...........

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13 March, 2013 - Prescription Sunglasses For Motorcycle Riders From Different Brands
Oakley Monster Dog
USA flag
Wearing prescription glasses puts me at a disadvantage when riding motorcycle during the day. It's very difficult, at times impossible, to get prescription sunglasses that work well while riding a motorcycle.

The stronger your prescription, the more difficult it is to get sunglasses. Of course you can get plain sunglasses with a prescription, but they don't work well on a bike. First of all the frame is usually too big to fit properly under your helmet, and they don't wrap around your eyes, so wind will make your cry like a newborn baby.

ADS make lenses for popular sunglasses (and normal glasses) that make it possible to wear just about any sunglass while still having prescribed glasses...........

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5 March, 2013 - Ads: Thailand - Dead Helmet
Ad Thailand Dead Helmet
Thailand flag
Maybe something got lost in the translation. Or it's a cultural thing. These two print advertisemenst from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation are just plain weird.

The text reads "Ride safe, wear a helmet" but what is the image supposed to tell us? Is it that our heads are not a helmet (probably), or use helmets that are in good condition?

Your guess is as good as mine...


5 March, 2013 - Smartphone Based Alcohol Breathalyzer
Alcootel testing
USA flag
Here's something that might satisfy the safety nazis in France. With their new mandatory-breathalyzers-but-no-sanction-if-caught law in France, every vehicle, including foreign registered ones, will require to have a working breathalyzer onboard, but if you get caught, you'll not be fined (I know, it's stupid but that's politics for you).

The Alcohoot is a Bluetooth device that works are a breathalyzer. It pairs with your smartphone (iPhone in the beginning, Android later) and you blow into the device. The data is sent over to your phone where it is analyzed, but more smartly than the breathalyzers used by LEOs since it uses your gender, age, weight and height to correctly tell you if you should be riding your motorcycle or not.


28 February, 2013 - DWC More Dangerous Than DUI
Sneezing Biker
UK flag
According to a recent study in the UK, driving with a cold (DWC) is more dangerous than driving under influence (DUI). Or maybe DUI should mean Driving Under Influenza.

The study shows that reaction times when driving, or riding a motorcycle, with a cold or flu drops your reaction time by 36 milliseconds, while driving with 4 pints of beer in you, slows you down 15 milliseconds...........

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26 February, 2013 - Ad: Office for Victims of Violent Transit: Biker - Brazil
Ad Avitran Office for Victims of Violent Transit
Brazil flag
Interesting visual concept for this PSA from Brazil. It's for Avitran, which after some research turns out to be a traffic victim treatment center which is part of a some psychotherapy clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In fact, the url above directs you to the clinic web site.

The visual is nicely done, with "death" riding behind a motorcycle rider who is not ATGATT and the text "Recklessness kills. Ride with caution and always wear safety gear".


18 February, 2013 - France: ATGATT Shortly Mandatory?
France flag
It looks like the debate that is happening in some places in the world about the mandatory use of helmets on motorcycles is so minor compared to the one that France is going to have......

.... helmets are mandatory, as is the case in all other European countries, but the French want to go for the next step. Currently the next step is making it mandatory to wear gloves when riding your motorcycle. According to French and international research, gloves can reduce severe corporal accidents, and in a medical system that is in a huge deficit, any penny that can be saved is a penny that can be spent on the politician's campaigns. According to a recent study, it costs the French state €1.1 BILLION for non-lethal motorcycle (over 50cc) accidents per year.

But the next steps might solicit more emotions. The government is looking at introducing bit-by-bit new legislation regarding a sort of ATGATT law..........

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14 February, 2013 - Idea: Carry Stuff On Your Motorcycle And Be Safe At The Same Time
Halo Zero Messenger Bag
USA flag
Two things we motorcycle riders always face:

1. We need to carry stuff with us, and
2. We need to be seen, especially at night

The following Kickstarter project might just help us with both. Called Halo Zero Messenger LED Bag from Rickshaw Bags as the name says, is a messenger bag that can be carried on your back, and it's equipped with a LED light strip in the back...........

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12 February, 2013 - Ads: 4 Safety Ads - Drinking and Driving - Wrong Place
Ad France DUI Wall
Ad France DUI Rail
Here are four very nicely done print advertisements from France, trying to get people to stop drinking & driving (a very difficult task for a wine producing country).

The images are nicely done, not violent, and the tag line says "Don't let alcohol drive you to the wrong place". Each ad has an object that cars and motorcycle are known to crash into when DUI.

But will it stop people from drinking & driving... I doubt it.


7 February, 2013 - Rhino Tires - Never Have A Flat Tire Again
If the Fundable web site is to be believed, putting Rhino Tire inside your motorcycle tire will prev

ent it from going flat, even if you ride over several nails at the same time. Rhino Tire is a polymer byproduct that gets sprayed inside your tire. The spray was tested on one of the cars in the Gumball 2012 rally, and according to the site, the results were outstanding. According to Rhino Tire, because the inside of the tire is lined with their product, it can withstand holes up to a quarter of an inch wide...........

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6 February, 2013 - Egypt: Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Not Going To Protect You From This
Jacket Protection On Motorcycle Egypt
Egypt flag
Your jacket is not going to protect you from flying stones and tear gas grenades, especially not on a motorcycle.


1 February, 2013 - The Netherlands: Lights On Motorcycle Clothing Is Illegal
Triumph Light Jacket
The Netherlands flag
We can file this under the archaic and stupid laws politicians regularly surprise us with. In The Netherlands, a country reigned by a queen king, the law states that lights are only allowed on a motorcycle. Very simple, what it means, is what is says. Lights (those shiny things) are only allowed on a motorcycle, in other words not on the biker's clothing. So if you like to ride safely by using lights on your jacket or helmet, as some of you do, know that it's illegal in The Netherlands...........

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30 January, 2013 - BMW Training For US Army
BMW Sponsored US Army Training
USA flag
It looks like the US Army has picked up some professional and knowledgeable help for training & educating their soldiers. BMW's factory rider Nate Kern has gone to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to give a seminar about motorcycle riding, safety and techniques.

It's part of an ongoing education program to make sure that the US armed forces personnel remain safe on the road back home. The 2 day seminar allowed bikers and those that want to be a biker, to familiarize themselves with riding a powerful motorcycle.


16 January, 2013 - Patents: Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor
Patent Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor
Although something like this already exists on the market, in fact we've done a product review on it, this patent goes a step further. Patent #US 20120292488 A1 describes a flexible LCD screen that can get fitted on motorcycle helmets and goggles. With a light sensor placed on top of the visor, when a strong light hits it, it commands a battery to power up the LCD screen, darkening the visor in the process. The process is accomplished in milliseconds. Like the Raleri in the review, it means that when there's a strong light, like the sun, your visor instantaneously become dark. Unlike the Raleri, it can darken your visor to different degrees, depending on how strong the light is. It's like having different sunglasses on, changing the glasses whatever the sun throws at you...........

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15 January, 2013 - Ad: Volkswagen Makes Our Lives Safer
Ad Volkswagen Side Assist
Volkswagen logo
It's no secret that the Chairman of Volkswagen is an ardent and passionate motorcycle rider, so much so that he decided to buy Ducati; not the motorcycle but the company. And although through history, TV commercials and print advertisements from the German manufacturer were often biased or satirical against motorcycle, in this ad they show something else.

In the new Volkswagen Touareg SUV, they're highlighting the technology that will show vehicles, in this case motorcycles, that are in the blind spots alongside the car. In other words, if the car driver uses the technology, it will permit us from being seen and not side-swapped.


8 January, 2013 - Safety: Discolored Tires Show Wear and Tear
Discolor Tire
An invention that can greatly enhance our safety on the road. Discolor Tire is a patent submitted by two designers, Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi, that places a colored layer underneath the normal black rubber of a tire.

Once you ride your motorcycle, the rubber starts wearing down, and the more it wears down, the more unsafe the tire becomes. With Discolor Tire, the closer you come to having the replace your tires, the more orange the tires become. Simple and efficient...........

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5 December, 2012 - Video: Canadian PSA - Texting While Driving
Video clip
Canada flag
Here's a very good PSA from the Canadian government. It's an educational TV commercial that shows why people didn't text while driving in the "old days".

The message is quite clear, and the French words pronounced during the ad are "Before, we didn't write text messages while driving.... there was probably a good reason".


29 November, 2012 - Video: Australian Safety Ad - The Party Is Over
Video clip
TAC logo
The Australian Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria state is very active in the prevention of accidents and in general road safety. And like very year anywhere in the world, during the festive season, people drink and party. Drink a lot. And that leads to accidents.

TAC have put out a TV commercial addressing the drinking & diving during the silly season, and I have to say, it's very good. They've done it seriously, but with a good sense of humor by using wordplay...........

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23 November, 2012 - Clover’s New Airbag Motorcycle Jacket
Clover Crossover Airbag
Clover logo
Italian motorcycle clothing company Clover have released an all-purpose all-season motorcycle jacket with an incorporated airbag. Called Crossover Airbag, the new jacket is made out of Duratek 7 and it's rain proof. To further protect you from water, inside there's a waterproof membrane.

The airbag in the Clover Crossover jacket can be optional, i.e., you can order it without an airbag. The airbag deploys in 0.08 seconds which is very fast, and it's fully integrated inside the jacket itself. According to the commercial blurb from Clover, it's the first true 3 layer jacket with a homologated airbag...........

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20 November, 2012 - Ads: Australia Motorcycle Safety With Mick Doohan - Black Spots
MAC Invisble Motorbikes
Australia flag
The Australian Motor Accident Commission, MAC, have been trying hard to reduce the number of motorcycle related deaths for years, some campaigns with success, some not so. Their latest campaign is to make bikers aware of the black spots in traffic. According to none other than multi-world champion MotoGP, Mick Doohan, the biggest black spot on the road is an intersection. More than 50% of deadly accidents occur at an intersection.

To make motorcycle riders aware, MAC have released a print ad and a video. They have also dedicated a part of their web site for this purpose. The print ad is pretty weak. You need to stare at the black spot of 30 seconds, and the light blue bikers will disappear. After 30 seconds, not only did they disappear for me, but I got images of Marilyn Monroe dancing naked. Not the effect that I thought they would go after..............

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8 November, 2012 - New European Tire Label - Not For Motorcycles
European Tire label
Europe flag
Starting on the 1st of November 2012, Europe has a new mandatory labeling system for tires. The new label gives consumers good information about the tires they are about to purchase, and might just increase tire technology & competition between the manufacturers.

The label is divided into 3 parts;

The top left part shows you the fuel consumption of the tire. The more the tire heats up, the more fuel it uses and more more CO2 is emits.. Tires graded "A" are far more economical with fuel than tires graded "G". For a vehicles that does 36 mpg, each grade represents between 0.42 and 0.56 mph extra fuel usage.

The top right part shows the tires braking distance ability when it's wet. "A" rated tires brake better than "F" rated. The difference between an "A" and an "F" is about 18 meters.

The bottom part of the label shows you the noise the tires generate. The value is expressed in waves. One wave is twice as silent as 2 waves. The sound is measured at a constant speed of 80 kph with the engine switched off...........

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7 November, 2012 - GoGo Gear Armored Kevlar Hoodie - The Video
Video clip
GoGo Gear logo
Some time ago we showed you a cool product, the armored Kevlar hoodie from GoGo Gear. As motorcycle clothing goes, it's pretty neat, since it offers protection (maybe not as much as a leather jacket, but with armor and Kevlar, it's better than normal street clothing), warmth and it looks cool.

The photos from the GoGo Gear site were good, but it doesn't really offer a good view on this nifty piece of clothing. So here's a video of Arlene Battishill, the creator of GoGo gear, showing the Kevlar hoodie.


6 November, 2012 - Video: 6 Old Motorcycle Safety PSA - Part Deux
Video clip
UK flag
2 weeks ago we showed you 8 PSA made in the 1950s in the UK about motorcycle road safety. These old vintage TV commercials are excellent since most of what is being said still applies today, with a few exceptions.

The last 6 video of the whole PSA still illustrate it. It's funny to hear that "sidecars the safest of all road vehicles" in those days... and that "motorcycles are safer towards children on the road than any other vehicle". And finally, something I love to hear, but don't hear that much nowadays "motorcycles always renowned for their courtesy and consideration".


30 October, 2012 - Canada: Smartphone App To Block Calls and SMS While Driving
Quebec SMS Free Driving App
Quebec SMS Free Driving App
Texting and making phone calls while driving is very dangerous. Dangerous for you, but then you control it, but it's also very dangerous for others. Reading that all important text from your BFF saying "LOL", entering that one letter in the SMS, or looking up a phone number to call, all while driving, means that you are not paying attention to the road and traffic. And that is when cars crash into motorcycles.

The Quebec government in Canada have gone one step further to prevent people from doing it. They've developed an app (currently for Android only) called "Mode Conduite" that will block SMS (receiving and sending) and incoming phone calls while driving.

It's not a simple button you push to say stop SMS and incoming calls. No..........

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30 October, 2012 - France: Anti-Reflective Armband Ad - FFMC Strikes Again
FFMC Anti Reflective Band
FFMC logo
First the previous government wanted all motorcycle riders (even foreign ones riding into France) to wear reflective clothing. Then, under pressure after multiple protests, they toned it down to making us wear a 150 cm2 fluorescent armband (starting the 1st of January 2013).

This law just adds to the stupidity of governments. Like a small armband will make any difference. The only bit that makes the difference is when you get caught without one... a €68 fine and 2 license points. To illustrate the stupidity, the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) have released a print advertisement... I've translated the upper text, the rest is of no use....


26 October, 2012 - Here Is A Road Safety Feature I Will Sign Up For
Glow in the dark road
The Netherlands flag
Dutch design company Studio Roosengaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure are on the path of designing super smart highways. Highways that will have built-in icons that show drivers what the road conditions are (like icicles icons for when it's freezing - see photo below), lights that go on when there are vehicles (off when there are none) and electric car & motorcycle charging lanes. But the one thing I will sign up for is...

.... glow in the dark lines on the roads...........

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25 October, 2012 - Be Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle: Torch Backpack
Torchflux backpack
Overall, motorcycles are pretty small on the road, and easy to miss. That's why there are so many accidents with cars running into motorcycles because the cagers didn't see us. At night that danger is accentuated many fold. The same applies to bicycles. It's the the bicycle world that a product has been made that will make cyclists been seen in the dark, and if it applies to bicycles, it'll work very well on motorcycles.

Torch makes the Flux backpack, a waterproof backpack, big enough to carry a lot of your gear, made out of Denier Cordura Nylon, AND incorporating integrated LED lights. The LED lights can be set to steady or flashing...........

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23 October, 2012 - Videos: 8 Old Motorcycle Safety PSA - Hilarious
Video clip
Video clip
Here are 8 British motorcycle safety PSA, in black & white from the 1950's. On one side they're funny, on the other side, almost everything they say still applies today.

It's funny when you see these old TV commercials (made in 1954) since they use more or less the same terminology and sayings we use today, like "made for bikers by bikers"...........

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22 October, 2012 - France: Parliament Rejects Mandatory Technical Inspection for Motorcycles
Motorcycle MOT Bay
France flag
Good news for motorcycle riders living in France (and other European countries: The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland). The European Commission proposed law that would make an annual technical inspection (MOT) of motorcycles mandatory has been massively rejected by the French parliament and senate.

The French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) had not only been lobbying heavily against the new proposed law, but had also held massive protest rides. The interesting tidbit of this veto was that all parties - left, center and right - were against the law...........

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15 October, 2012 - Idea: Staying Safe At Night On Your Motorcycle
Xfire bike light laser
Xfire bike light laser
Here's an idea, or rather a product, that was made for bicycles but could be of us to us motorcycle riders. Bicycles are more at risk than motorcycles in the dark by being sideswiped by a car, since they have less lights (sometimes none), and are often invisible on the road.

Motorcycles are bigger, and more visible, but often enough cars edge up real close to us since they haven't really estimated the distance between us and their cage. At night, this becomes a bigger problem, and there's not much you can do about it apart from kicking the car (which is a bad idea since you'll loose your balance).

Xfire makes an interesting solution for bicycles that could be used for motorcycles..........

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10 October, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Security Tattoo Now With RFID
Stolen Motorcycle Just Chain left
France flag
Most motorcycles (and cars) in France have several tattoos, usually because the insurance company makes it mandatory if you want to be insured. Some tattoos are visible (as a deterrent), some not so. If your motorcycle gets stolen and resold, the tattoo serial number allows a person (buyer, dealer, police) to find out who the real owner is, and since the tattoo is often placed on expensive bike components, selling parts of the motorcycle is complicated. It's not impossible (8 motorized two wheelers are stolen every hour in France) but it does slow down the Sunday-thief.

Now the largest motorcycle tattoo company in France, ICA, is offering an additional high-tech tattoo. They'll still place the serial number as a tattoo in strategically placed locations on your motorcycle, but now they also give you a RFID strip which you can place anywhere you want (obviously you'll want to hide it). RFID, meaning Radio Frequency IDentification..........

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9 October, 2012 - France: Government Back-pedaling On Mandatory Breathalyzer
Breathalyzers bag
France flag
As you may have read in the previous months, the former French government had made it a law that every vehicle (cars, motorcycles and trucks) in France, including foreign registered ones, need to have at least one approved and in good working condition breathalyzer in their possession while driving.

The new law is already in application, but the government had announced that the first fines would occur starting the 1st of November. A lot of protests have risen for this stupid and senseless law, not only from within France, but from other European countries. The main two suppliers had a field day making the breathalysers, so much so that they quickly ran out of stock, and prices went through the roof. Now, a normally €1.50 unit is selling for €10.00.

Yesterday the French government announced that the fines for not having a working unit on you will be moved from the 1st of November to the 1st of March 2013, and that a commission has been formed to study the mandatory breathalyzer law in more detail...........

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2 October, 2012 - Ads: CDOT - For Better Or For Worse
More Training For Better Or
USA flag
Here's a reasonably funny print advertisement from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), trying to get motorcycles riders to get proper training.

The image used is not bad, but I don't think the publicity will get bikers flocking to motorcycle training facilities. But it's funny enough...


26 September, 2012 - Video: 3 Good Motorcycle Safety Ads From Utah
Video clip
USA flag
Between Colorado and Utah it's a tossup for who produces the best safety TV commercials. Both states are very active in road safety advertisements, cars and motorcycles.

The Utah Department of Safety (DPS) just released three very short TV PSAs that hit home in their simplicity and message. Very short, 15 seconds each, I particularly like the first one, since it's slogan is very good: "Body Shops Can't Repair Bodies". The second one is good too if you listen to the introduction. The last one is not bad, but less than the others.

All three commercials are divided between car and motorcycles riders need to pay attention....


25 September, 2012 - Goodyear: Shortly Never Need To Inflate Your Tires Again
Goodyear amt tire
Goodyear logo
Good news for lazy people like me. Checking for your tire pressure is a thing that you must do on a very regular basis. Under or over tire pressure not only can cost you more petrol, but is very unsafe. But it's a hassle to check the tire pressure. Knowing myself and my laziness, I've even installed a wireless tire pressure system on my BMW, but I haven't been able to do it on the Ducati. And I usually don't check it.... bad boy!

Well, for people like me, Goodyear is coming with a solution that is heaven sent. It's a totally self-contained self-inflating tire technology called Goodyear's Air Maintenance Technology (AMT). This very smart system sits inside the tire, and is not connected in any shape to the vehicle, so no pumps, hoses or wires.

Inside the tire is a regulator system that checks the tire pressure......

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25 September, 2012 - Australia: Mandatory High-Visibility Clothing Coming?
Yellow car with elephant driver
Australia flag
It looks like we in France (and others) aren't the only ones who will be forced to wear hi-viz gear when riding our motorcycles. In Australia, one misguided cop has gotten in his mind that he can save many of the 200 or so motorcycle related deaths per year amongst the 1.3 million riders.

He is trying to push through legislation that will force motorcycle riders to wear hi-visibility clothing, day and night. He reckons that this way, bikers will be more visible to car drivers, and therefore avoid accidents (we'll become target fixation, that's probably more like it)

On the rider side, they are totally opposed to the idea.......

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19 September, 2012 - Video: TAC - Assume The Worst In All Traffic
Video clip
TAC logo
Quite a good safety commercial from TAC Australia for motorcycle riders. It's thought provoking due to the second part of the advertisement.

The ad shows you that you're not always safe when riding your motorcycle, and in a nice stunt accident, you can see that a crash can happen without you doing anything wrong. But what's more important are the after effects....

The ad was shown in 1997 in Australia.


18 September, 2012 - App: First Aid By The Red Cross
British red Cross First Aid App
British red Cross First Aid App
Medical problems happen quicker than what you'd expect. Before you know it something can go wrong with anyone, and I don't mean just accidents. Many of us travel miles on our motorcycles, often with several riding buddies. Anything can go wrong, anything..

But what do you need to do when something goes wrong with one of us? One obvious problem is a crash, but apart from crashes, what do you need to do when one of your group or family has an asthma attack? Or a seizure ? Or has a diabetic emergency? Or gets burned ...broken bone... the list is very long.

If someone in your group is a doctor, you're in luck, but if no one has any medical knowledge, this FREE app can save someone's life, maybe yours. The application was made for the British Red Cross, and runs on iPhone, Android and Blackberry........

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17 September, 2012 - Armored Hoodies - Perfect For ATGATT
Armored Kevlar Hoodie
USA flag
For those of you, like me, who believe in ATGATT, this is a great product. The Armored Kevlar hoodie from GoGo Gear. You don't always want to ride your motorcycle with a full fledged jacket. In spring, or even fall, the weather can be nice and warm, but not warm enough to ride with a mesh jacket, and not cold enough to put on a jacket.

A hoodie that is made out of Kevlar, and has removable armor at the elbows, shoulders and back seems to me as heaven sent. The hoodie itself is made out of heavy duty cotton, while the lining in the back and in the sleeve-back is made out of Kevlar. Meaning you can protect yourself decently against road rash. The added armor will prevent bruising or worse......


7 September, 2012 - Another Thing To Be Shortly Forbidden On A Motorcycle
Lots of stereo components on a motorcycle
When I ride my motorcycle, I love listening to some upbeat music. And often while riding I sing along. It's relaxing and fun, and I don't have to be bothered that people think I'm crazy (which I am), since they can't see me singing thanks to my full face helmet.

But that pleasure may just be short-lived if authorities start noticing the recent research done in Australia. According to the research, singing and driving is first of all distracting, but it also makes you a bad driver. ....

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28 August, 2012 - Ads (6x): Colorado Against Drinking and Driving Campaign
CDOT Campaign 2012
USA flag
The state of Colorado (CDOT) is quite active in accident prevention of cars and motorcycle, with many campaigns to get drivers to be more sensible. Their latest, and IMHO not their best, campaign focusses on motorcycle riders and DUI.

The Amelie Company, a PR company, produced a series of advertisements for billboards, print and even beer coasters that try to get the message across that riding a motorcycle after having been drinking is a bad idea.........

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21 August, 2012 - Ads: Preventing People From Texting While Driving - Weird
Do not text and drive ad
Do not text and drive ad
Sometimes PSA are weird, if not scary. The Blue Hive PR agency in the UK created the following advertisements for the Brake organization (a road safety charity organization) to condition people not to text/SMS while driving their cars.

Car drivers that read their SMS/text messages while driving are a menace to everyone, especially motorcycle riders, so it's a good thing people are trying to prevent it, but these ads are just plain weird.

If you are one of these that text while driving, would you stop doing it because of these ads? I don't thing so.


21 August, 2012 - Signal: More Safety Lights On Motorcycle Helmets
Signal Helmet Lights
Signal Helmet Lights
Suddenly several people got the idea that lights on a motorcycle helmet is a good idea, and it is. Riding a motorcycle in dense traffic can be dangerous, since our "surface" is small, and the lights on our rides are even smaller. Stop lights and indicators are really small, particularly on a sportsbike. So when you do hit the brake, or decide to turn, cars behind you may not have seen your lights.

Signal is one of the several new products that tries to address this issue. Instead of using standard LED lights, these guys use Lumigram, a new fiber-optic fabric.......

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6 August, 2012 - Site Temporary Suspended While We Try To Figure What To Do
Which Direction Road Sign
After many hours of repeated downtime on this site, I'm working on a solution to get a stable environment. So I'm looking at options, and since I don't want to publish articles but then have the server go down so that no one can read them, I'm stopping all articles until such time I know what and where to go.

Hopefully I'll have more news in a day or two. So, please patience.... things are a bit awkward at this moment..... I'm lost


1 August, 2012 - Video: Attack On French Road Security PSA
Video clip
France flag
The French Minister of Transportation does a reasonable good job with its safety commercials for motorcycle riders here in France. Every few months they bring out a thought-provoking PSA. But not thought-provoking enough for Mehdiator.

Mehdiator is a fellow who has a bee up his bonnet about safety, and that the government is not doing enough. He makes his own PSAs, one which got a very wide audience about the crash barriers (link).

Now he is on the war path about the latest government ad -.........

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30 July, 2012 - Be Seen, Really Seen, On A Motorcycle
Sometimes you just can't be careful enough when riding your motorcycle, especially at night. We're small in size, compared to trucks and cars, and with only one light in front and back, we can easily be run over by cagers who just don't pay attention.

BikeLink hopes to remedy this situation. Through Fundable, a web site like KickStart that allows people to invest in ideas without taking an equity stake, BikeLink wants to turn their safety product into a sellable product.

BikeLink is a battery operated collar you place behind your motorcycle helmet. At night time, turn on the BikeLink, and several bright LED lights will start shining......

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26 July, 2012 - Review: Screaming Banshee - Super Loud Motorcycle Horn
Screaming Banshee 01
Video clip
Sometime ago we mentioned this Kickstart project involving the Banshee motorcycle horn. It was the idea of an enterprising person in the USA that wanted to make a proper and safe horn for motorcycles. Motorcycle horns are notorious for being lame; sounding like a duck with a severe cold.

The Banshee horn, when pressed normally, would still sound like a duck, but when pressed a bit longer, it would blow the socks off that truck driver moving into your lane because he is busy watching TV while sending a SMS to his girlfriend. The horn also will flash your high beams, so people will also know where the danger is coming from. Great idea.

Well, the good new is that the Kickstarter project got fully funded, and the horn is being manufactured and sold. To mark the occasion, Screaming Banshee LLC, the company founded for this horn, sent me a version of their horn to test out........

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24 July, 2012 - The Netherlands: Road Signs To Be Readable By Color-Blind
Colorblind Road Signs
The Netherlands flag
Being color-blind can be unforgiving on the road. You can "guess" the color of traffic lights by the position of the light that is on, but road signs can be a problem. Riding up on your motorcycle, you have only seconds to see the road sign, and if you are color-blind, you'll have a problem.

In The Netherlands, there are some 700,000 color blind drivers, and now the government has decided to change all the important road signs so that these people can recognize them quickly.

The problem with current road signs is that there is not enough contrast, especially for red and blue, the two main colors many color-blind people have problems with.......

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10 July, 2012 - South Africa: Great Idea! Police Confiscate Mobile Phones
South Africa Police Confiscate Mobile Phones
South Africa flag
This is a great idea that the police have had in Cape Town, South Africa. There, like anywhere else in the world, many motorist drive their cages while talking on their mobile phone. Distracted as they are, they are a menace to all, especially motorcycle riders.

Most countries will fine you when caught. But not in Cape Town. There the cops just take away your mobile phone, and you can come and get it back 24 hours later .....

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26 June, 2012 - Pay Fine For Speeding, Get Paid For Not Speeding
Slow Drivers Rewarded
NHTSA logo
Most kids know the carrot and the stick approach (though many kids don't like carrots). Do something naughty and you get the stick, do something good and you get a carrot (or more likely an increase in your allowance, or at least some sweets).

But the carrot & stick approach doesn't only apply to children. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, it works great with road users; cars and motorcycles. In the study, they placed a GPS in 8 cars, which then got turned over to 50 different riders for a week. The drivers were instructed that if they kept to the speed limits, they would each be rewarded $25. But anytime a driver would go over the posted speed limit by 5 to 8 mph, they'd forfeit $0.03, and any speeding over 9 mph would cost them $0.06 (and if they got caught by the real cops, they'd not only get docked the money, but also would have to pay the real speeding ticket)........

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8 June, 2012 - Infograph: The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety In The UK
Infographic by Bennetts
Bennetts logo
Infographs are all the fashion nowadays, so here's one that applies to us motorcycle riders. The artwork was produced for UK insurance giant Bennetts, and it shows you over time how safety has improved in the UK. They've added some other motorcycle related data to the graph, just to make it more interesting.

The graph below is linked in, embedded, so if the Bennetts site is down, you'll not see anything here.


4 June, 2012 - Leatt: Cool Down On Your Motorcycle
Leatt Coolit Vest
Leatt logo
South African Leatt are very well known for their neck brace. It will have saved many lives in the Dakar race, where all motorcycle riders now must wear one.

But they do not only make neck braces as safety equipment. They also have a reasonably cheap vest that will cool you down when the weather is very hot. Called CoolIt Vest, the vest worn next to your skin will keep you cool for long periods of time while riding in extreme hot temperatures.

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4 June, 2012 - Spain: Not All Repression, Carrot and Stick Approach
Driving License Spain
Spain flag
It's nice to see that in a country like Spain, it's not all about repression. In most countries that have adopted a license point system, you get a capital of license points to start out with. When you do something naughty, like speeding, riding through a red light or crossing a white line, points get deducted from your existing points (or added, depending on the method used). Once you have no points left, you lose your license and you need to go to school to get it back.

If you have been ducted points, you get them back after a while, usually a year or two. That's the way the system works in most countries. But not in Spain. There they add points to your capital of points if you have been a good driver. 3 years into the points system, back in 2009, the government added 1 or 2 points to all drivers who had a clean driving license. This year, 6 years after the points system was introduced, they are adding another "free" point; a bonus point.

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24 May, 2012 - France: Another Excellent Motorcycle Safety Campaign - 2012
Video clip
France flag
The French government, notably the Minister of Transportation, knows how to make hard hitting safety campaigns. They have released their latest creation to the French TV and print magazines.

I'll not bother you with the print ad, since it's a bit difficult to translate, but their TV commercial/PSA is very good. Just watching it made my skin get goose bumps.

The main motto of the campaign is pretty good: "On a motorcycle, the biggest danger is to think there is none". Good start...


16 May, 2012 - Video: Motorcycle Reconstruction Safety Ad - TAC
Video clip
TAC logo
The boys & girls at the Australian Traffic Accident Commission, TAC, have been making some nicely done motorcycle safety and awareness videos. Here's their latest, and IMHO, best safety advertisement.

The graphics are very well done, as is the message. You'll see a motorcycle accident in slow-motion and in reverse. The tag line is "Slow speed will not kill you".


15 May, 2012 - So You Really Want To Be Seen On Your Motorcycle?
Fibre Flare MVP
Fibre Flare MVP
It's a wonder that the French government has not (yet) decided to make this product mandatory for all motorcycle riders, the same way they are making hi-viz clothing mandatory.

But there are a lot of bikers out there who want to be sure they are seen, particularly at night, so this product may be of use to them. The product, called "Fibre Flare MVP" (MVP stands for Maximum Visibility Protection) is a battery powered fibre tube that is fixed to the rear of your helmet. You can mount it horizontal or vertically.

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27 April, 2012 - Videos: 6 x Belgium Safety Ads
Video clip
Belgium Eye Each Other
Almost every country has them; motorcycle PSA focussed around safety. Motorcycle safety advertisements come in two flavors; cars need to watch out for bikes, or bikes need to watch out for everything else.

Here are 6 TV ads from Belgium of the first kind, cars need to watch out for bikers. Each commercial starts the same, a few seconds of a surreal image of a car and a motorcycle ridden by an eye. That is because the campaign is called "Eye each other", i.o.w., keep an eye out for each other. The campaign site, Go For Zero is both in French and Flemish.

After the 4 seconds of watching eyes driving vehicles, we come to the ad itself. To be honest, I'm disappointed, since the ads are pretty bland. But it does tell car drivers that they need to watch out for motorcycles, and that is a good thing. Better a bland ad than no ad. Right?


24 April, 2012 - Ad: Don’t Let The Drink Drive You
Cadd Drunk Riding
<India flag
In a very artistic advertisement, the following print ad was made by JWT for CADD, Community Against Drunk Driving, in India.

The artwork is very well done, but as messages go, it disappears in the art. By looking at the "motorcycle", made out of body parts, you can not see what it's about. It's only when you see the bottom tag line, "Don't let the drink drive you", that you understand what it is.


24 April, 2012 - Study Shows Scooters Safer Than Motorcycles
Statistics Article
Australia flag
A study undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety in Australia has determined that scooters are safer than mopeds and motorcycles.

Moped as we all know are very dangerous despite the fact that they don't go very fast. Limited to 50cc, and often limited to 50 kph, they can not go fast, but they are very mobile and dodge in and out of traffic, as do motorcycles and scooters. But mopeds are ridden by youngsters with little or no training and experience, so that if the study shows they have the biggest accident & mortality rate, it's no surprise.

But according to the Australian university study, scooters are better off than motorcycles. When they are involved in an accident, 1% of the scooter riders will die, while 3.4% of the motorcycle riders will buy the farm.

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23 April, 2012 - When Is ATGATT To Far?
When would you say riding motorcycle with ATGATT going to far?

Is this it??


19 April, 2012 - India: Woman On Motorcycle? No Need For ATGATT
India Woman No ATGATT
<India flag
Hmmm.. strange laws in India. As a male motorcycle rider, you are required to ride your motorcycle with a helmet, but if you are female, you do not need one. In other words, females lives are much more expendable, not counting for much.

It's probably why so many women die on their roads.


5 April, 2012 - Video: Safety - US Navy Style
Video clip
US Navy logo
As you may know, many of the armed forces personnel ride motorcycles, and many die on the road. All the branches of the military are trying to do something about it, and most have released safety videos for their men & women to see.

The US Navy is no exception, and this safety video highlights the ATGATT principle. Of course, it wouldn't be military if there weren't any acronyms. Obviously we know ATGATT, but PPE is new to me. This stands for Personal Protective Equipment....

You'll be glad to know that the Navy has not used up much of your tax dollars to make the video, but then, if you want to get a message across, you don't need to hire Spielberg to make the video.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and see the video.......


5 April, 2012 - To Satisfy Even The Most Strict Motorcycle Visibility Rules
Glowing Hi Viz Vest
France is not the only country in the world that is demanding that their motorcycle riders wear high visibility (Hi-Viz) clothing. More and more countries want their bikers to be visible on the road when they ride their motorcycles. Whether this is good or bad is another debate.

LumiGram, a company specialized in making all sorts of objects that glow in the dark (from tables to dresses), now have this glowing safety vest. It's battery operated, and it will make sure you are seen, day or night. In fact, I'd say that it might provoke an adverse reaction of cagers, that of target fixation.

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3 April, 2012 - Video: A Positive Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
You know those motorcycle safety commercials they show on TV? Anywhere in the world, you'll see them ... often brutal, usually shocking. Their main strategy is to shock you into thinking about safety, either as a car driver, but more often as a motorcycle rider.

But it doesn't need to be so. Carma in Australia are several companies and institutions that promote road safety. They have amongst others produced this motorcycle safety TV advertisement.

It's a positive one. No accidents, no motorcycles or human beings were hurt. It's nice to see a positive safety campaign for once.


2 April, 2012 - Bol d’Or: 1 Biker Rest Area Cancelled Due To Police Action
Relais Calmos 27
Relais Motards Calmos logo
One of the three Relais Calmos, the Biker rest areas, for the upcoming Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, has been cancelled.

The reason? Police presence last year made it impossible to organize one of the safe rest places, forcing bikers to continue their long journey towards the Magny-Cours circuit.

What is supposed to be an area for safety reasons, is going to become a danger area. That you police, and thank you French government for making our lives more dangerous.


27 March, 2012 - France: Mandatory Audible White Lines
Scooter on white line
A strange law has recently passed here in France undetected, that does not have many applications, but can cause harm to motorcycle riders.

It's a law applied to statistics that have been liberally analyzed, and has so many escape clauses that it'll not be applied in many areas.

Your government at work for you, spending you money....


21 March, 2012 - Ward Off Motorcycle Jackers With A Female Scream
Screaming Alarm
Video clip
Motorcycle jacking is something that is common all over the world. People pull you off your precious motorcycle and ride off with the bike. Not much you can do about it, but this little product might help you. The product is not meant for motorcycles, but with a little re-thinking, it could work for us.

It's a Personal Screaming Alarm, and it's a chain chain. You attach the key chain to your ignition key, the other end to your jacket (or elsewhere), and when you are pulled off you motorcycle, it pulls a pin, and the alarm starts screaming at 130 dB. The interesting thing is that it's not a typical alarm/siren sound, but the voice of a female screaming. 130 dB is very loud, and the thief will be not to comfortable with a sound that will drown out even the biggest and loudest motorcycle.

Click the headline to read more about it......


16 March, 2012 - Bifocal Sunglasses For Motorcycles
Dual Eyewear Sunglass Bifocals
While old age creeps up on us, many still have a great long distance vision, but require reading glasses to see what's on the food plate (or read a book). Which means that you have problems reading the dials on your motorcycle's dashboard.

Many of us just put on sunglasses and guess what's on the dashboard or GPS.

But Dual Eyewear have got a great solution for you, that not only allows you to see close up with sunglasses, but also make you look cool.

Click on the headline to read on......


9 March, 2012 - France February 2012 Record Month For Road Safety
Statistics Article
The numbers are in, and they are looking good, if not spectacular. In France, during the month of February 2012 the number of people who have died on the roads has dropped dramatically, a record.

During the month, 25.3% less people died in their cars and on their motorcycles. The politicians are all slapping their own backs, since the presidential elections are only a few weeks away. But IMHO, I don't think it has anything to do with politics, but more with a) weather (the coldest we've had in a very long time) and b) the price of gasoline.

Click on headline to continue reading......


28 February, 2012 - Ads: Utah - Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over
Utah Drive Sober Wine Cuffs
Here are three interesting PSA advertisements from the Utah Department of Highway Safety, urging you not to drink & drive. As visuals go, they are very good and powerful, it says it all in one visual.

Ads were made by R&R Partners, and clearly show what will happen if you do drink....


21 February, 2012 - Ads: The Road Is No Place To Socialize
Ad No Twitter Dubai
This is a PSA that is not targeted at motorcycle riders but should, if it works, provide some more protection for us. The three advertisements come to us from Dubai, made by Livingroom, and try to get car drivers there to stop using social media when driving.

It's an increasing problem worldwide, not just in Dubai, where cagers are using Twiiter, Facebook and/or BBM, with all the disastrous consequences.


21 February, 2012 - Learn To Wheelie The Easy And Safe Way
Learning To Wheelie
Many bikers dream of popping a wheelie on their motorcycle but are afraid to do so. It's not rocket science, but until you've done it, you are afraid to flip over.

There are many schools that will teach you how to do a wheelie, but it still involves some risk of flipping the motorcycle.

The easy way, and definitely the safest way, is to use a wheelie machine; a simulator of sorts. The machine is a trailer with a moving belt, motorcycle attachments and a rope tied to the front wheel.


15 February, 2012 - The Netherlands: Highest Speeding Fines In The Area
highway robbery sign
After a study done by radio/TV organization RTL of several European countries, it was determined that The Netherlands was charging the most for speeding, despite being a small country, or maybe because of it.

The study analyzed speeding fines for Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. For example, if you are speeding 15 kph over the limit on your motorcycle in The Netherlands, you will be fined €110, for the same offence in Germany it'll cost you €20 and in France €45.

While in 2006, fines in The Netherlands were still low-to-average, but since then fines have risen 66% which is definitely more than inflation.

According to officials, the increase in fines is to deter speeding, but then we all know that is not true... it's all about money.


13 February, 2012 - UK: Study Shows Speed Cameras Have No Affect On Safety
UK Speed Camera   Accidents Before and After
After a study done in the UK in one area of the country, it was determined that speed radars cameras have no or very little affect on accident son the road, neither for cars or motorcycles.

On average, accidents dropped 0.2% after a speed camera was installed. So why are they there? ... You know the answer.


23 January, 2012 - France: Shocking Road Safety Campaign - As Long As...
Video clip
The French Minister of Transportation, the road safety commission, are known to have produced several high quality, high hitting, safety campaigns. Many have been produced with strong messages and visuals that hit home. They do make you think...

They have released a new TV commercial that will be shown on several TV stations in France with very strong images. The campaign in is Black & White (probably to spare you with a lot of red color).

There is only one part with a motorcycle, actually a scooter, and the accident is not his fault, but a truck running a red light. Jeez, I hope this was a trick shot, and not a real accident....


11 January, 2012 - Ad: Utah Safety - Eye Chart - Watch For Motorcycles
Utah Highway Safety Eye Chart
Nice safety advertisement from the Utah Highway Safety Office.

The PSA is targetted at cars and trucks, to remind them to keep a watch-out for motorcycles. The nice idea is to use an eye chart, reminding them that a motorcycle is small, and at a distance iit even looks smaller.

I wonder if it'll work??


5 January, 2012 - Ireland: Record Low Death Toll On Roads
Ireland Garda Accident Sign
Irish road users have been behaving! Since road mortality figures are kept (1959), the number of people who have died on the Irish roads is at its lowest, ever.

Motorcycle riders are in the group that does not change, but car accident related deaths are way down. Surprisingly, the 2nd highest death rate is that of pedestrians. Better off on a motorcycle.


3 January, 2012 - Incredibly Loud Horn Coming: Banshee Horn
Video clip
We all know that the horn on our motorcycle sucks. It sound like a duck with a severe cold. But replacing it with a high decibel horn can be problematic when you just require someone's attention. You don't want it to sound like the heaven is coming down on them.

The Banshee Horn might just be the solution. Small tap on the horn button, and you get your normal horn sound. A stronger push, and 135 dB of sound will hit around you. Plus, the high beam will start flashing.

Have a look at the video demonstration..


15 December, 2011 - France: Campaign Against Souping Up Mopeds
Cyclo Debride
If there's one thing that bothers the daylights out of me are teenagers racing around on souped up mopeds. Many are 2-strokes, with their exhaust removed, and they race around town and villages, often with their helmets loose on their heads. ... and the noise is ear splitting.

Many of these kids get involved in accidents, often with terrible life-long consequences. Mopeds are limited in horsepower and speed, but what the teenagers do is modify the engine to give them more speed. The first thing they do is remove the exhaust, often put in a bigger carburetor, and the more mechanically inclined, rebuild the engine.

According to the statistics from the French government, 37 teenagers are involved in bad accidents daily. On top of that, they not only face a fine of €135, but in case of an accident, the insurance will not pay up if the moped has been modified. So the parents are out of pocket, often for a lifetime.

To try to change their mindsets, the government had recently launched a publicity campaign. The photo below is exactly the way these kids ride their mopeds, trying to keep down wind resistance.


13 December, 2011 - Ads: Drink and Drive Australia
Ad Tac Drink Drive Margarita Australia
Ad Tac Drink Drive Tall Glass Australia
Getting people to not drink & drive, whether it's with a car, motorcycle or truck, is difficult enough. Getting advertisements that will make people think before turning the ignition key of their vehicle after a few drinks is very difficult; in fact it's a real art.

Ads that make people think need to send an instant message to their brains, and to do that, you require a certain creativity. Unfortunately, these two TAC ads lack that. It's not a message that will make you think "hmmmm, let me get a taxi".

The art work is nice, but honestly, would that stop you from getting on your motorcycle after a few margaritas?


9 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Key Chain
Motoress tire Pressure Gauge
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
As motorcycle riders, we know very well why keeping your motorcycle tires correctly inflated is not only smart economically (since it saves gasoline), but more importantly, it's a lot safer.

Ideally, you should check your tire pressure every day, since pressure vary depending on the outside temperature, and badly inflated tires can cause serious accidents.

Here's a great Christmas gift for any motorcycle rider. Motoress's tire pressure gauge on a key chain! You can never forget the tire pressure gauge if you put your motorcycle's ignition key on it.


7 December, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Motorcycle Cage Patent
Motorcycle Cage Patent
Motorcycle Cage Patent
Sometimes you got to think what people want, but sometimes you over think. That's the case with this recently filed patent....

It's a patent for a cage around a motorcycle! The cage "protects" the rider, and to ensure that the rider stays in the cage, she/he is attached via a harness (shoulder and seat).

I think you'd be better off in a real cage...


6 December, 2011 - Ads: Goodyear - Do Not Break The Vase
Goodyear Vases Brazil
Goodyear logo
Here's a nice and a so-so print advertisement from Goodyear tires made in Brazil. The first one speaks to me, showing you why a Goodyear tire will keep you in your trajectory without hitting the vases. The second one is like the first, but doesn't really speak to me. Made by the Y&R PR agency in Brazil. Clever images though...


5 December, 2011 - Know You Alcohol Riding Limits! There Is An App For That
Alcootel testing
Alcootel smartphone app
Knowing whether you are at the legal limit to ride your motorcycle is quite easy if you have this app.

Made by the French insurance company MAAF, it'll ask you a few questions, and then tell you if you can get on your motorcycle. Available for a large variety of smartphone, and on their web site.

Or you could just blow into your mobile phone, and it'll tell you you're drunk (or you need mints).


30 November, 2011 - Seeing What Is Behind You On A Motorcycle
We all know by know that motorcycle mirrors don't show the whole picture. How many pucker moments have we had when overtaking, to find out that some crazed cager has crept up behind us?

Here's a product that might help your safety, and it's not a machine gun. A centrally mounted mirror with 180° visibility. It's called Riderscan.


21 November, 2011 - New York: Judge Approves Discrimination Against Motorcycles
New York Police Scooter Runs Over Guy
A judge has decreed that the New York police are allowed to discriminate against motorcycle riders.

It's in our own interest! And then they wonder why judges, politicians and cops are so unpopular.

Time for judges and cops to get their collective heads out of each other's asses.


21 November, 2011 - France: 1 Biker Tries To Get Rid Of Crash Barrier Guillotines
Crash Barrier Guillotine Abolition
Video clip
One biker here in France is trying hard to get the government to do something about the deadly crash barriers. His name is Mehdiator, and he's produced photos and 14 videos explaining why they are so deadly.

When you fall off your motorcycle and you slide towards a crash barrier, you stand a very big chance of losing your head and limbs. The government knows this, but the adding of an extra barrier at the bottom costs money, and they don't really want to spend it on bikers.


19 October, 2011 - European Motorcyclists Say NO To Mandatory Technical Inspections
FEMA Petition Handover.JPG
FEMA logo
FEMA has handed over a petition with 110,000 signatures to try to stop the mandatory technical inspections on motorcycles.

Statistics show that only 0.3% of all accidents is due to technical failure, so it makes no sense, and will cost the motorcycle owner money.


12 October, 2011 - Imbecile Wheelies With 3 Year Old On Fuel Tank
Video clip
Some people should never ride a motorcycle, nor have children. This UK guy is one of them.

Speeding, dogging, riding on pavements, wheelie (small ones) - all that while you got your 3 year old on the fuel tank - and no protection whatsoever.

Here's the video...


11 October, 2011 - Another Sliding Motorcycle & Biker Caught On Radar
Radar Photo Sliding Motorcycle Rider Switzerland
Second time we see this happening. A motorcycle rider gets ejected from his motorcycle just before a speed radar takes a photo of him speeding.

Last one was in the Netherlands, this time it's in Switzerland. But unlike the Dutch one, this Swiss one is going to be fined.


28 September, 2011 - Video: California Motorcycle Safety - Remember When..
Video clip
Here's a pretty bland Californian motorcycle safety commercial, comparing the past with today.

The past was carefree, today is not....


20 September, 2011 - Safety: Do Not Drink and Drive - Great Ad!
Ad Do Not Drink and Drive Austria
Sometimes it's not easy to get a safety message across, specially when it concerns drinking & driving. But the Lowe GGK Agency in Austria did a pretty good job with this safety advertisement....

They liken drinking & driving to Russian roulette.... can't think of a better way to show the dangers of drinking. Especially on a motorcycle..


19 September, 2011 - Study: DRL Saves Lives! But Not Motorcyclist Ones
Statistics Article
Using badly done research (so called scientific), the Dutch National Road Safety Research Institute is calling for all cars to use Daylight Running Lights (DRL).

Though the research was not done by them, they say the study shows that in fact if cars use DRL, and motorcycles as well (which is mandatory already), motorcycles will be safer.

Yeah right... on what planet?


15 September, 2011 - Why This Safety Billboard Will Not Work With Motorcycles
Ad Safety Camera Billboard
This is not a good idea for safety when there are motorcycles around!!!!

It will probably work fine with cars around schools, but not motorcycles... nope!


8 September, 2011 - Spain: Motorcycle Riding Exam - The Diagram
Spanish Motorcycle Exam
Despite the European Commission trying to regulate motorcycle license exams, and failing, Spain has gone its own way.

Here's a diagram showing you what you need to be able to do to take your motorcycle exam. And that's only a small part of it.


6 September, 2011 - Electronic Earplugs. Has The Time Come?
hd 15 earplug
hd 15 earplug
Has the time come for very small noise cancelling electric earplugs that can be used for riding motorcycle?

It looks like this device fits the bill. Insert it in your ear, and any noise above a certain noise level is blocked. And if you're deaf already, it can also amplify conversations at the same time. Nifty.


30 August, 2011 - Ad: Lose Your Licence and You’re Screwed
Ad Lose Your Licence Australia
MAC South Australia logo
Nice print and TV commercial promoting safety for young driver and riders. Using some strong words, the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia reminds you what will happen when you lose your motorcycle (or car) license...


23 August, 2011 - Ad: Romanian Motorcycle Safety
Ad Romanian Traffic Police Headlight
Motorcycle safety advertisements can be found almost anywhere, and Romania is no exception. Here's a print ad from the Romanian Traffic Police, urging motorcycle riders to keep their headlights on during the day so that they remain visible in traffic.

Not exactly an imposing commercial, but it does the trick.


15 August, 2011 - Be *REALLY* Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle
Naked Famous Glow In Dark Jeans
Being seen on your motorcycle, especially at night, can be life saving. But is it worth it to wear one of these.....

.... Glow-In-The-Dark jeans! Yep, been seen at all times with this jeans.

Only $240..


10 August, 2011 - Ad: Driving And Social Media Just Do Not Mix - Funny
Texting Driving Thames
An excellent safety advertisement that appeared in TopGear Magazine. It's all about texting and more importantly, social media (like FaceBook and FourSquare) while driving a car. ... something us motorcycle riders know all about.


10 August, 2011 - No Wonder There Are So Many Accidents
Texting and Talking Texas
No wonder so many text and talk on mobile phones while driving. If the government officials do it, specially those that should know better, then why wouldn't the general population?

On a motorcycle you can always spot the idiots on the phone in a car. Just see a car swerving, and you'll know they are either talking or texting.


10 August, 2011 - Moto-Grip: Motorcycle Pillions Can Now Travel In Safety
Moto Grip jr
Carrying a young child (or even adult) on your motorcycle can be scary, for them or for you. Myself, I nearly lost my SWMBO on a long motorcycle ride when she fell asleep and nearly keeled over.

Moto-Grip is one of several options to ensure that your pillion stays on the motorcycle.


8 August, 2011 - Emergency Motorcycle Ambulance
Motorcycle Ambulance R Aid
One of the worst nightmare, being stuck in a traffic jam inside an ambulance with precious minutes draining away your life, just got solved.

A designer has created a trailer for a motorcycle that is a fully functional ambulance. With space for emergency medial equipment, a medic and the patient, the motorcycle ambulance could get through traffic faster than an normal car ambulance.

Great idea...


8 August, 2011 - An Honest Government?
Greed Camera
Well, what do you know? One government is playing an honest "game". NSW in Australia is removing speed cameras that have not shown that they save lives, but instead generate revenue.

25% of the speed cameras are being removed.


28 July, 2011 - Ireland: Nice Motorcycle-Friendly Road Pillions - NOT!
Naas Ireland
When will they ever learn? Authorities on one hand are trying hard to make us behave, trying, according to them to save our lives, but on the other hand, they do everything to kill us.

Here's an example of what's happening in Ireland.


7 July, 2011 - France: Hi-Viz Motorcycle Vest Confusion
Motorcycle Hi Viz Band
Now the French government, after lots of changes, protests, discussions, wheeling & dealing, are planning to have all motorcycle and scooter riders (with engines over 125 cc) to wear hi-viz reflective armbands.

Two colors are allowed, yellow and gray, and you'll need to wear two of them, one on each arm.

Do you think it'll make any difference???


6 July, 2011 - Ads: Australian Government Wants Motorcycles to Slow Down
Ad Speeding Grass Australia
Ad Speeding Sunset Australia
Three print ads and 7 radio commercials from the Western Australia Government (Perth) trying to get motorcycle riders to slow down.

Some clever use of words, and in the radio ads, clever use of speeding up sound.

But will it work?


1 July, 2011 - UK: New Mobile Radar Van Against Motorcycles
Mobile Radar Van UK
In the UK, the North Yorkshire police have gotten themselves a new high-tech weapon against speeding motorcycles.

It's a van, highly visible, with radar cameras all around, that can take 360°, very high definition photos, up to 1 kilometer away.

From the 36 people who died on their roads last year, 22 were motorcycle riders, and 24% of them died because of speeding.


30 June, 2011 - France: Why Is The Government Trying To Kill Motorcycle Riders?
France Road Spikes
Here's a sign that the French government is really trying to kill motorcycles riders.

Can you imagine falling off your motorcycle onto one of these?


29 June, 2011 - UK: Want To Get Your Motorcycle License? Dress Appropriately
Waking Ned
Starting the 1st of July 2011, the UK's agency that tests you for your motorcycle license, the Driving Standards Agency, will refuse candidates who do not have appropriate motorcycle clothing.

They've issued a list of what you must haven and what they will refuse, like no sneakers...


29 June, 2011 - Eight European Countries Cut Road Death By 50%
Europe Road Deaths Since 2001
Statistics Article
8 countries in Europe have reduced their road deaths by 50% since 2001, saving some 100,000 lives.

Now if only they would look into saving motorcycle rider's lives seriously...


28 June, 2011 - Ads: Alberta Safety Ads
Safety Genuine Parts Canada
Safety Broken Rules Canada
Two print safety ads from Alberta trying to get motorcycle riders to ride properly and safely...

... but I think it fails.


23 June, 2011 - Rocking Motorcycle Jeans - Rokker
Rokker Revolution
Rokker Polly
Swiss company Rokker makes some very interesting motorcycle jeans. Using some high-tech material, the jeans regulate temperature, i.e., if it's cold and rainy, it closes, and when it's hot, it opens.

Their top of the line jeans, Revolution, offer the liquid armor d3o protection we wrote about along time ago.

Though the jeans looks perfect, the only downside is the price....


21 June, 2011 - Europe: Confusion With Motorcycle Licenses
French driving license
ACEM logo
ACEM are pointing out some facts about the unified European motorcycle license that is going wrong in Europe.

What is supposed to be a uniform motorcycle training and license, is becoming chaotic, and member states are doing whatever they want to do, with some very damaging consequences.


14 June, 2011 - Ad: Safety Australia Style - Wankers
Ad Safety Wanker New Zealand
Interesting road safety campaign from Down Under.

Using slang expressed in pictographs, it gets the message across....

Motorcycles riders and car drivers are targeted..


10 June, 2011 - Ad: Riffel Safety Gear - Ghost
Riffle Ghost Brazil
Nice print ad for Brazilian Riffel, makers of motorcycle safety gear.

Good image... a motorcycle going to heaven... or becoming a ghost.


8 June, 2011 - Hot Weather? Cool Motorcycle Helmet!
Dr Sinnappoo Kanesalingam
Dr Sinnappoo Kanesalingam from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has come up with an innovative utilization of textiles inside motorcycle helmets to keep our heads cool...

Using two textiles (PWAT and PCM), he can lower the temperature inside our helmets by 8 to 9 degrees Celsius.

The cooler our heads, the safer we are on our motorcycles...


1 June, 2011 - French Way Of Dealing With Radar Warning Devices
AlerteGPS G520
France Article
Buckling under the enormous pressure from dissatisfied voters and their own elected politicians, the French government has made a few changes to the planned banning of radar location devices (such as smartphones, GPSs and dedicated radar location devices on your motorcycle).

They have found a "French" way of dealing with the problem, while still trying to maintain face....


20 May, 2011 - Looking Great On A Motorcycle As A Woman
Lycaon Babe Female Jacket
Lycaon Vixen Female Kidney Belt
Riding a motorcycle as a woman doesn't mean you can't look good while still be protected.

Lycaon will ensure that you are protected, even you kidneys, while still looking fashionable enough to go to the Royal Wedding...


20 May, 2011 - Europe: EC Tells 11 Countries To Improve Their Roads
Car Sank In Pothole
It looks like the European Commission agrees with most of us .... it's the bad road infrastructure that kills people, not speed...

The have mandated 11 countries in the European Union to get their act together and make the roads safer! It's only been a few years that the motorcycle associations have been saying it, but who will listen to us?


17 May, 2011 - India: Judge Grants 3 Year Old A Motorcycle License
Biker Boy India
Stranger than fiction? A judge in India has granted a 3 year old kid the right to ride a real motorcycle, with as only restriction, that he is not allowed to ride it on a busy road...

No wonder India has the highest death rate on the roads.


11 May, 2011 - France: Government Has Had Enough! Gloves Come Off
France Article
France has had several months of increase in road mortality, and the French government held an urgent meeting to address the issue.

Here's what the politicians have decided.


11 May, 2011 - India: No Helmet ? No Petrol !
Turban clad biker
A new order in the Northern part of India forces petrol pumps not to sell fuel to bikers on motorcycles without helmets.

But petrol stations are ignoring the order, since they loose a lot of revenue.


11 May, 2011 - MotoGP Truck Kills Biker, Dangers Of Motorways For Motorcycles
Truck at Peage
This would not have happened if companies operating the motorways/autoroutes in France would place motorcycle-only toll booths next to the normal toll booths.....

At a toll booth in France, a motorcycle pulled in behind a truck, waiting to pay the toll (motorcycles are only allowed to use the manual/truck toll gate). The truck driver reversed his truck in order to take a shorter/faster toll booth, crushing the biker. The biker died.

To make things worse, the truck belonged to the MotoGP Tech3 Team. The driver has been detained for involuntary manslaughter.

It's rare, but it does happen. This is why we need our own toll booths.


6 May, 2011 - Dainese Equipping Italian Police With Air Bag Vest For Giro
Dainese D air street Italian Police
Dainese logo
Dainese is equipping 15 police officers of the Italian police with a new airbag vest, the yet not available D-air Street.

The 15 cops will be using the new protective vests when escorting the famous bicycle race, the Giro.


6 May, 2011 - India: Highest Number Of Road Deaths - Number 1
Motorcycle Carried On Head
India has surpassed China in the number of yearly road deaths; 1.3 MILLION PER YEAR to be exact.

A growing middle class, bad roads, and even worse habits have made it possible for India to overtake China. But China is fighting back.

Motorcycle deaths have the record within the record. 27% of the accidents are motorcycle ones.


27 April, 2011 - Honda Looking At Airbags For Their Motorcycles
Honda Airbag Patent
Honda logo
According to a recent patent filing, Honda is looking at providing airbags for most of its motorcycles.

Looks like Honda wasn't as crazy as we thought when the opted for airbags for their Gold Wing.

But will it work? Will people flock top buy Honda motorcycle because of its airbags?


26 April, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha And The Jungle
Ad Yamaha Gorilla Jungle Costa Rica
Yamaha logo
At first glance these ads didn't do it for me. They looked lame until you read the text and look at the photo. Then I got fact, I recognized two of the characters...

The three advertisements are for Yamaha Costa Rica


21 April, 2011 - SafeTkick - Making Sure Your Motorcycle Does Not Fall When Parked
Dropping your motorcycle when parking is not fun, specially when your motorcycle is heavier then a car. But motorcycles do topple over when parked in grass, sand, mud or even hot asphalt. There are a couple of devices that prevent your motorcycle from falling over, and here is one of them:

The safeTkick is a simple "coaster" with a bright colored telescopic rod. Easy to place under your kickstand, and not easy to forget when riding away.


21 April, 2011 - France: Government Withdraws From Motorcycle Rest Stops
Relais Calmos 27
FFMC logo
The French government, like all governments, speaks with two (at least) tongues.....

On one side they are reprimanding motorcycle riders for not being safe, and on the other, they have withdrawn their financial support for the motorcycle rests tops (Relais Motard Calmos) at the big motorcycle events. In other words, give us your money because you are not safe, but keep riding without stopping, and kill yourselves.

Is there any government out there that does a proper job?


18 April, 2011 - Squids Are Not All Male
Female Squid On Suzuki Motorcycle
Most motorcycle squids and bikers who are trying to win the annual Darwin award are male. It's a given, but then, there are still more male then female motorcycle riders out there. Maybe over time, we'll see more and more female squids arriving on the scene.

Like this one.....


13 April, 2011 - Ad: French Safety - Things To Remember
Ad Things to remember France
On one side the French government does everything in its power to stop us from riding our motorcycles, but on the other hand, they do come out with some very good safety advertisement campaigns. You'd almost think they care....

Here's a nice ad they published a year or so ago. On the helmet you see several Post-It notes of things to watch out for or to remember

The text reads "On two wheels, let's be twice as alert".


12 April, 2011 - France: Give And Take On Motorcycle Laws
100HP-Limit sign
Motorcycle Orange Yellow Vest
Looks like political horse trading in France.

We'll finally be able to buy and ride motorcycle with more than 100 HP, but on the other hand, it's going to be mandatory to have an orange or yellow fluorescent vest.

... and there are a few more mandatory protective clothing coming up...


8 April, 2011 - Ad: Taming Your Ride - French Safety
Ad Things to remember France
Here in France if you've got a car license for more than 2 years, you are allowed to ride a 125cc motorcycle or scooter. But... you need to spend seven hours with a qualified instructor learning to master the two wheeler.

For that purpose, the French government had launched a campaign last year to tell newbie motorcycle riders that they needed to take some lessons.


6 April, 2011 - Idea: Display Warning Sign With Your Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet Warning Triangle
A great, practical and low cost idea. Use your motorcycle helmet carry bag as warning/emergency/break down triangle sign.

Place your helmet inside the carry bag, and place it on the road. Simple. Reflective, so it can be seen at night.


29 March, 2011 - Video: Excellent Vietnam Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
It just shows you that you don't need to have an enormous budget, stunt riders, CG and big name producers to make a good and hard hitting motorcycle safety TV spot. But that's what Oglivy in Vietnam did.

A very simple way of convincing Vietnamese motorcycle rides to use a helmet on their children. Plan ahead.....


25 March, 2011 - France: Funny Electric Safety Sign For Motorcycle Riders
France Electric Safety Sign Motorcycles
France Article
Very funny French electric sign for motorcycle safety.

Written by a woman, meant for men. Read the translation, and make sure you're not drinking anything...


23 March, 2011 - France: Interesting Local Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Seine Maritime Safety Ad
Spotted this interesting motorcycle safety advertisement on one of the local roads where I live in France.

Nice reminder...


28 February, 2011 - Patents: Revolutionary Device Will Save Motorcycle Pillion Lives
Motorcycle Pillion Grip Device
Love Handle
Here's the device we've all been waiting for. Finally filed for a patent, the motorcycle pillion gripping device.

But... I thought that was why we have love handles?


22 February, 2011 - Ad: Aviva - Phones Dangerous For Motorcycle Riders
Ad Aviva Biker UK
Interesting print ad from insurance company Aviva for the prevention of mobile phone usage while driving a car.

This ad, part of a campaign, is about motorcycle (or bicycle) bikers. Smartly done.


9 February, 2011 - Brazil: Government Trying To Outlaw Motorcycle Taxi
Motorcycle Taxi Brazil
The Brazilian government is trying to legislate motorcycle taxis to such an extent that they would have to disappear.

31% of all fatal accidents in Brazil involve motorcycle, so they are deemed a "public health" problem.

Why do we have some many idiots.. and why are they almost always politicians?


31 January, 2011 - Why Obeying The Speed Limit Can Kill You
Bayview Boulevard Intersection
And you thought that by riding your motorcycle at the speed limit was safe! Not always. June 2009, a 79 year old driver, Andrew Cavanaugh, was driving his car through an intersection in Pinellas County, Florida. The posted speed limit is 25 mph, but the red lights were timed for passing through the intersection at 30 mph.

In other words, just before the lights turn orange, you can safely cross the four lanes at 30 mph before the opposite lights turns green.


14 January, 2011 - Video: Vintage Safety TV Ad - British Motorcycle Fashion
Video clip
Interesting. A vintage, black & white, TV ad from the UK, promoting the use of helmets on motorcycles and scooters.

Not only do they make you safe on your motorcycle, but it's also a great fashion statement.....


7 January, 2011 - France: Milestone In Road Deaths, Motorcycles Way Down
France Article
Statistics Article
For the first time road deaths in France went under the 4,000 during 2010.

Even motorcycles contributed, with a noticeable drop of 20% for biker deaths.

Do we now get a cigar?


28 December, 2010 - Ads: Tame French Motorcycle Safety Ads
IDF Securite Routier
Three very tame motorcycle safety ads from the Paris area in France.

Not hard hitting, not something you need to think about... in fact very tame.


16 December, 2010 - CURV - Special Motorcyclist Sunglasses
Curv Z Glasses
Sunglasses are something a motorcycle rider always uses. You not only look cool, but they keep the wind out of your eyes. But biker glasses are special, you can't use normal ones that the general public uses.

Here's a company, CURV, that offers for a very reasonable price special sunglasses adapted to motorcycle riders.


15 November, 2010 - 50 Crashed Motorcycles + 1 Waiting To Happen
Crashed Motorcycle
Crashed Motorcycle
I've been pondering for a while whether to do this "list" article. I'm dead-set against rubbernecking and glaring at pictures of deadly crashes, specially those of motorcycles, but seeing crashed motorcycles is often a way to make you think a bit. And thinking and realizing that this could happen to you is actually a good thing.

Bold bikers don't live to be old, so it's a question of knowing that anything can happen out there, and to be prepared.

So here are 50 photos of motorcycles that have crashed, and one that is bound to crash shortly.


22 October, 2010 - Europe: Bureaucrats Reject ABS Kill Switch For Motorcycles
ABS Switch
The European Commission has first of all declared that all new motorcycle with more than 125cc will have mandatory ABS. Now they have rejected the notion that there will be an ABS kill-off switch!!!!!

This means that if you're riding a dual-sport or off-road bike (licensed for road), you will not be able to override the ABS. Therefore you will likely crash.

Thank you European Commission for getting rid of more bikers.


12 October, 2010 - Ad: Safety Gimmick In Indonesia For Motorcyclists
Railway Crossing Indonesia
A smart advertising way of preventing motorcycle riders in Indonesia from trying to make it across a railway crossing when the barriers/gates are going down.

Simply replace the gates with a giant meat cleaver! That will make you think twice...


30 September, 2010 - Top Ten Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In The Dark
Deer In Headlights
Ten tips for riding your motorcycle at night by our guest blogger from Bikesure in the UK, David Wilson.

Riding motorcycle at night is more dangerous than during daytime, so it always helps to remind yourself of those little things that can save your life.


29 September, 2010 - Switzerland: A Mine Field For Motorcyclists
Switzerland Mine Field
Nice safety ad from Switzerland, made by the motorcycle association IG Motorrad.

It shows a mountain road, wet, and full of metal drain covers, making the road a real mine field for motorcyclists.


28 September, 2010 - Ad: Italy - Motorcycle Safety
Ducati Safety Ad
ANCMA Motorcycle Safety Ad Italy
Three print ads from Italy for the same organization promoting motorcycle safety, all done by the same PR agency. One is "sponsored" by Ducati.

Strange print ad from Ducati motorcycles. Another one that escape me...

In a crowded drawing of a city, there's a lone Ducati motorcycle riding. The text says "You have less than a second to see the biker". The other two are more "easier to understand".


21 September, 2010 - How To Survive A Motorcycle Crash
Crashed helmet
A guest post by Jordan Roberson on how to survive a motorcycle crash.

It's not what many people think about, but proper safety gear is a must when riding a motorcycle. Like it or not.


31 August, 2010 - Ads: Motorcycle Safety Ads From Missouri
Ad Missouri Stumpy USA
Three billboard ads promoting motorcycle safety in Missouri.

Not as powerful as others we've seen, but they'll do the trick, I guess.


23 August, 2010 - Video: Funny Drinking & Riding TV Ad
Video clip
Funny drinking & riding a motorcycle TV ad, though I don't know if it's real or a spoof.

If it's funny, it usually isn't real....


26 July, 2010 - Europe: FEMA Against Europe’s Motorcycle Safety Proposals
FEMA logo
FEMA are opposed to the ridiculous recommendations made by the European Commission to make our European roads safer, specially for motorcycles.

In essence, the EC wants you to pay much more for buying your motorcycle, not allow you to put after--market stuff on it, and basically make your life as miserable as passible so that you give up motorcycle altogether, and follow the masses.

And to think we paid for that.....


22 July, 2010 - Australia: Educating Motorcycle Riders On Safety
Video clip
Queensland, Australia have a very good web site, run by the local authorities, full of interesting and useful information on motorcycle safety.

Detailed information about the gear you can wear, tips fro riding safely, quizzes, and a good safety video.

Education is a lot better than repression!


21 July, 2010 - Safe Motorcycle Tires
Squared off tire
Riding your motorcycle to your destination, and then switching to those nice twisties can be a danger.

Your motorcycle tires can suffer squaring-off, putting you at risk.


20 July, 2010 - Night Vision On Your Motorcycle
Tag Heuer Squadra 3.jpg
Tag Heuer have developed special glasses that can be used at night. It's not real night vision, but it does make objects stand out more at night when riding your motorcycle.

It's been tested by the 24 Hours of Le Mans racers, both by the Peugeot cars and the Yamaha motorcycle racers.


19 July, 2010 - Securing Your Motorcycle The Easy Way
Grip Lock
Interesting motorcycle security device. Instead of bringing a big chain and lock with you to secure your motorcycle, this device fits over your handlebar grip^, and is closed with a combination lock.

It's impossible to ride away with your bike, though it can always be lifted onto a truck.

An added advantage is that you can't ride away forgetting to remove the lock...


8 July, 2010 - India: Buy A New Motorcycle? You Must Buy A Helmet
India 1 helmet 3 riders
By some strange law, the Supreme Court of India has ruled that in India, when you buy a new motorcycle, you MUST buy a new helmet.

Even if you already have one, or even if you want one, but the dealer doesn't have that brand, you must buy whatever the dealer supplies. If not, no new motorcycle.



11 June, 2010 - France: 4 New Motorcycle Safety TV Ads. New Campaign
Video clip
Video clip
The French government has come out with four new TV ads promoting motorcycle safety.

3 of the ads are targeted towards motorcycle riders, 1 towards car drivers. The ads are well done, showing you the perspective of the biker. Nice stunt work.


9 June, 2010 - Video: Motorcycle Safety Alaska Style
Video clip
Even the Northern most state of the USA has a motorcycle safety ad.

From Alaska, here's a more unusual, or at least different, motorcycle safety ad.


8 June, 2010 - Ads: 15 Great Motorcycle Safety Ads From The USA
Ad UDoPS Crazy USA
Here are two series of motorcycle safety billboards from Colorado and Utah. Some clever slogans...

But will they save lives?


3 May, 2010 - Video: Swedish Motorcycle Safety - Invisible
Video clip
Quite a good TV ad from Sweden for motorcycle awareness.

It's longer than most safety ads, but the twist is towards the end....


28 April, 2010 - Video: Michigan Motorcycle Safety Ad - Fairy Godmother
Video clip
Nice, and not in-your-face, motorcycle safety ad from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.

If only....


28 April, 2010 - France: Insurance Company Subsidizes Airbag Vest Purchase
Helite Airbag Vest
In France, if you use a motorcycle insurance from Mutuelle-Europe insurance company, the will reimburse you between €100 and €200 for the purchase of an Helite airbag vest or jacket.


14 April, 2010 - Video: Norway Motorcycle Safety Ad - Are We Just Bugs
Video clip
Nice motorcycle safety TV ad from Norway.

It's funny, but it's not....


8 April, 2010 - Belgium: New Safety For Motorcycle Campaign
Belgium Safety Do Not Loose Sight
Belgium has started a new motorcycle safety campaign, targeted towards car drivers.

The poster says "Do not loose sight of motorcycle riders".

They also have started a safety campaign targeted towards bikers.


1 April, 2010 - France: They Just Do Not Get It
The French think they have come up with some motorcycle safety device on the roads, even the Prime Minister, says so, but in reality, it's of no use to us.

Their idea is a pole (that carries road signs, billboards, etc), that snaps in two when something crashes into it.

Only problem is that the "it" that crashes into it is a car, not a bike... we are too light.


31 March, 2010 - ACEM: Motorcycle Protective Clothing Guideline Booklet
ACEM Protective Clothing Booklet
ACEM logo
ACEM, Europe's motorcycle manufacturer association, have released a free downloadable booklet, in several languages, about protective clothing for motorcycle riders.

It is designed to help you in your choice of clothing, anything from jackets, trousers and helmets, to goggles and ear plugs.

They even have a section for moped riders...


25 March, 2010 - UK: Motorcycle Riders Ignore Tire Safety
BikeTyreSafetyMonth Logo
The TyreSafety organization is saying that motorcycle accidents caused by defective tires has increased by 28%!!!

During the mandatory technical inspection (MoT), 26,000 motorcycles fail due to bad tires!!

Here are some simple tips to help you ensure that your tires are in top shape.


1 March, 2010 - UK: Another Great Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Video clip
It seems that the UK have got a monopoly on great motorcycle safety TV ads.

Here's another one that is really great, and should save a life or two... hopefully!


18 February, 2010 - Safety: California Sets An Example For Motorcycles
Share the road message
This is a good use of message signs you find on motorways, and it's California that shows you the way.

Now if other countries could please follow. It's effective and doesn't cost anything extra.


27 January, 2010 - Pro-Neck-Tor: Enhanced Motorcycle Helmet Safety
Pro Neck Tor helmet
Video clip
The University of Columbia is working on a new type helmet that will severely reduce neck fractures in case of a violent crash.

Using a smart double shell helmet, this can save many lives. Not only motorcycles helmets, but many other sport activities can use it... football, ice hockey, skiing, bicycles.. etc.


21 January, 2010 - UK: Embrace This Safety Video
Video clip inside
It's not everyday that you get to see a great safety campaign video, and if you do, it's probably from the UK.

This one is no exception, but this time it does not have any blood, gore or shock effects. Actually, it doesn't even have a motorcycle in it (nor does it have any other vehicles).

But it's bloody well done.... Embrace This!


23 November, 2009 - France: New Regional Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Motorcycle Safety Poster
Motorcycle Safety Poster
The state ("departement") of France called Haute-Garonne has started its own motorcycle safety campaign after the death rate on the roads for motorcycles and scooters increased.

Now, 1 out of 3 death are motorcycles and scooters.


3 November, 2009 - Video: Australia Motorcycle Safety - Road Is No Place To Race
Video clip
A very good Australian motorcycle safety TV ad, warning people that racing on public roads is not so smart. They use some good images to make you think.

No blood, gore or shock effects, just plain good old fashion logic.


22 October, 2009 - Video: Australia TAC Safety Videos (2x)
Video clip
Video clip
Two TV Safety ads for motorcycles coming from TAC Australia.

The latest one (shown first) is excellent. The 2007 one is so-so.


7 October, 2009 - Get Your Own Tailor-made Motorcycle Leather Suit
Here's a company in the UK that will tailor make motorcycle leather suits using the best possible materials for a reasonable price.

If you're into using leathers, then this is a great solution. You can even design your own suit, including logos....

Why would Rossi be the only one allowed to have fun with his motorcycle racing suits?


2 October, 2009 - Vote For The Best MSF Slogan, Win A Prize
Web Article
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) are calling for people to vote on the top 10 best slogans for the "Motorcycles and Women" theme.

Prizes available for the 3 chosen ones. Entries close on October 15th.


1 October, 2009 - Video: AMA You Never Know - Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
Funny motorcycle safety TV ad from AMA.

It's true, you never know who is riding that motorcycle, so better be cool...


29 September, 2009 - Video: UK Motorcycle Safety Campaign Optical Illusion
Video clip
Interesting UK safety TV ad geared towards car drivers, to make them aware of motorcycles.

In sharp contrast with current safety ads, this one does not use shock techniques (just a little), but uses a good explanation why you should "give a motorcyclist a second thought".

Very well done ad from Transport for London.


28 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Helmet Lock
A simple, but effective helmet lock.

Designed for bicycles, I think this should work for motorcycles.


16 September, 2009 - France: Massive Communication Campaign On Road Safety
The French government have started a massive TV campaign to prevent further road deaths.

20 TV ads, each with a specific topic, will be shown over the next few weeks.

The slogan? "Accidents Never Happen By Accident".


21 July, 2009 - Europe’s Top Bad Tire Offenders
Michelin logo
Michelin tires company has checked 50,000 cars and motorcycles in 27 countries for tire pressure, and here is what they found.

You want to take a guess which countries are the worst offenders?


10 June, 2009 - Video: Semper Ride - The Marine Motorcycle Solution
Video clip
The US Marine Corp are releasing a special movie about motorcycle safety. Here's the teaser.

It looks very good, very professional. Wouldn't mind watching the real version. Does that mean I need to join??


2 June, 2009 - France: 8 Million Drivers/Riders Have Bad Eyesight
France Article
According to a French optician organization, 8 million, out of 20 million, rider/drivers have bad eyesight.

They are saying you should take regular eyesight tests (see photo of proposed test....). Your life on your motorcycle depends on your eyesight...


14 May, 2009 - ACEM’s Lucky 13 Cartoon Going Strong
ACEM logo
ACEM have been steadily releasing their motorcycle safety cartoon character, Lucky 13, since last fall.

They have reached their 6th edition now, and it's worth your while to have a look.

At the very least, you'll get a snicker or two.


4 May, 2009 - Utah Motorcycle Safety Campaigns
The state of Utah, USA has some interesting, if not funny, safety slogans and posters for motorcycle riders.

At first glance, they're funny, but they do make you think... Here are five slogans!


1 May, 2009 - Australia: DUI Safety Campaign
Australia-Safety-Drink-Drive ad
The Australian DUI safety campaign ad took me a few cups of coffee before I figured it out.

Nice ad... funny...


29 April, 2009 - Video: Belgium Safety Ad - Do Not Be Surprised By Bikers
Video clip
That time of the year, loads of motorcycle safety TV ads. Here's a good one from Belgium.

The ad is targeted towards car drivers, telling them not to be surprised by bikers. The ad is quite simple, but effective.


28 April, 2009 - Video: Germany Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
Here's an interesting and well done German motorcycle safety TV ad.

The concept is quite good, showing that when you increase your speed on your motorcycle, simple objects like trees and road signs become lethal for you.


23 April, 2009 - European Motorcycle Accidents Report (MAIDS) 2nd Edition Available
ACEM logo
Statistics Article
The European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association have released the 2nd edition of their excellent accident report; MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study).

The 179 page report is full of data, reasons, locations, and importantly why an accident occurs. You'll be surprised to see what you learn when reading this report.

One of the MOST interesting statistics in this report: WHICH COLOR MOTORCYCLE IS MORE LIKELY TO GO DOWN! Want to guess which one it is........


31 March, 2009 - France: Government Testing Motorcycle Slip Simulator
The French government are designing and testing a system that simulates or facilitates the loss of adherence, causing you to slip.

The system is meant for young kids who want to learn how to ride a 50 cc (mandator lessons in France), teaching them about slipping on a motorcycle/scooter.


25 March, 2009 - Givi Bring The Right Accessory For Children On Motorcycles
Givi Babyride kids seat
Givi logo
It's strange that this didn't exist before. Children on motorcycles can be very dangerous, since they don't perceive the same dangers on the motorcycle as we tend to do.

here's a new seat from Givi meant for children. Like it's car counterpart, it's strapped to the pillion seat, and firmly holds the toddler in place while you ride on your motorcycle. great idea.


20 March, 2009 - European Traffic Police - Safety Quiz
Web Article
TisPol logo
The European Traffic Police organization, TISPOL, have put a traffic and safety quiz on-line.

10 questions, which may not be as easy as you'd think. No registration required.


17 March, 2009 - UK: Positive Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Derbyshire-Safety poster
The county of Derbyshire in the UK launched last year a fresh approach towards motorcycle safety.

Instead of scaring the living daylights out of you, they've taken a positive approach.

With text like "Stay in control. Die of old age" and "Bikes aren't dangerous. Bad riders are", they've won the top PR prize in the UK.



5 March, 2009 - Refueling Your Motorcycle, Mobile Phones And Fire
Motorcycle on fire
Debunking an urban legend.

Can mobile phones ignite fuel fumes when refueling your motorcycle?


26 February, 2009 - Great Roads, Great Rides Part 2 - Motorcycle Education DVD
Video clip
The UK Highway Agency have released a follow up of their popular Great Roads, Great Rides DVD. Appropriately named "Great Road, Great Rides 2", this DVD-ROM is an interactive guide on how to read the dangers on the road in front of you when riding your motorcycle.

It looks well done, and you can have a look at the motorcycle journey on this site. Bravo to the UK Ministry of Transport!


20 February, 2009 - Luv Handles On Motorcycles
Luv Handles
What can you hold on to when riding pillion on a motorcycle?

Rear handles? The rider's waist? The rider's shoulders? Here's a new way which is easy, the Luv Handles are two handlebar grips that are fastened on the riders belt in seconds. Easy does it... no embarrassing moments...


13 February, 2009 - USA: Start Of A National Motorcycle Helmet Database
HelmetCheck website
In the USA, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) have made a halfhearted attempt at establishing a national database of approved motorcycle helmets in the US.

It's nothing compared to the UK's SHARP website with safety rating for each and every motorcycle helmet on the market, but it's a start.

Who knows, maybe in the future...


12 February, 2009 - France: January 2009 Was A Very Safe Month
France Article
Snowed under motorcycle
France saw a dramatic drop in road deaths during the month of January 2009....

Duh! Extreme cold weather, snow, ice and sleet doesn't really get you to go out and ride your motorcycle does it?


10 February, 2009 - Learner Motorcyclist? Do The Survey, Win A Scooter
Learner motorcycle
FEMA logo
FEMA, together with several other alphabet agencies (FIM, ACEM and CEICA) are conducting a survey for trainee motorcycle riders.

Fill in the multilingual survey form (with some interesting questions), and you stand the chance of winning one of several prizes, including a 150cc Suzuki scooter.


27 January, 2009 - Video: Hit-Air Airbag Motorcycle Jacket Ad
Video clip
A badly made, almost amateur production, ad for the Hit-Air airbag motorcycle jacket. Apart from the production quality, the information that comes across is pretty good.

Who knows, maybe these motorcycle jackets will become more popular?


26 January, 2009 - Bermuda To Start Very Graphic Safety Campaign
News Article
On the tropical islands of the Bermudas, the authorities are starting a very graphical safety campaign in order to reduce the number of car & motorcycle road deaths .

They are using photos of what happened to people after an accident. With the use of blood and gore, they plan to shock the population, hoping that fewer people will drink & drive.

The shocking photos will be placed in public rest-rooms, bars and restaurants.


I am showing one of the photos so that maybe a few people who don't live on the island will think before they drink & drive.


13 January, 2009 - Steel Denim: Motorcycle Jeans
Steel Demin female
Steel Demin Male
Many people don't like putting on their Power Ranger suites for small rides. Too much hassle. But if you go off wearing jeans, you can get nasty road rash.

Protective jeans are not new to the motorcycle world. There are more and more players in the market. Here's one of them: Steel Denim.


6 January, 2009 - Safely Taking Children On Your Motorcycle
Taking a kid with you on a motorcycle can be daunting. Children have a different notion of safety, and they can not hold on to your motorcycle the way an adult pillion would.

Here's one product that will prevent your kids from falling off your bike, the BackRider.


15 December, 2008 - Alternative To Standard Safety Vests
Exelite vests and sash
Exelite vests and sash
Putting on a safety vest when riding your motorcycle, makes you look pretty dorky, but at least you're alive. But there are alternative ways of making you visible at night on your motorcycle.

Here's a pretty good solution by Exelite from New Zealand. Single sash up to backpack add-ons, all are battery powered LEDs.


28 November, 2008 - Video: French No Phone While Driving Campaign
Video clip
No Phone While Driving campaign ad
Another hard hitting and shocking safety campaign by the French government.

This one is to tell people to stop using phones while driving. The TV Ad has a good shock effect.


14 November, 2008 - Germany: Shocking Speed Reduction Campaign
German speed campaign
The Germans are using billboards in the shape of death notices to get driver and motorcycle riders to slow down on their motorways.

The idea is to shock people into thinking!


31 October, 2008 - If It Is Good Enough For Navy Seals It Good For Bikers
Here's something that the US Navy Seals use that could very well be used by us motorcycle riders.

They are pants with 8 built-in tourniquet strings. Get hurt and bleeding? Pull the string and stop the blood flow.....

Medic, Medic....


21 October, 2008 - Custom Made High Visibility Motorcycle Vests
TinWolf motorcycle high visibility safety vest
TinWolf in the UK produce high visibility motorcycle vests that don't make you look like a highway worker (not that there's anything wrong with highway workers).

You can customize the hi-vis vests with your own message, slogan and/or logo.

Nice and safe, day and night.


13 October, 2008 - ACEM Goes Motorcycle Cartoon
Lucky 13
ACEM logo
ACEM, the European motorcycle manufacturing association, have released a cartoon character and cartoon strips to help educate motorcycle riders in dealing with problems on the European roads.

The character, Lucky 13, can be seen in his first cartoon strip dealing with "How to avoid problems at intersections".


26 August, 2008 - Wear Your Motorcycle Brake and Indicator Lights
Harness brake light for motorcycles
Brake lights on a motorcycle are not that easy to see. They're usually low, and car, specially when tailgating, can't see them enough.

Placing them on your helmet is one idea, but here's another way of doing it. A harness that is worn on the back, will show the brake light and indicators, both attached to the motorcycle without wires!


21 July, 2008 - Video: British Army Motorcycle Safety
Video clip
To prevent British soldiers from killing themselves outside of the battlefields, specially when riding their motorcycles, they've produced a good safety video.

It's well done, with a good tag line. I hope it makes them think...


15 July, 2008 - Florida State Getting Fashion Conscious
LED covered motorcycle
The Florida State Highway officials have launched a campaign called "Ride Proud, Ride Loud", and they're not talking about loud pipes...

The State Police think that by telling motorcycle riders in their sunny state to wear bright colors, to paint their motorcycles brights colors and to put on extra lights, that the fatalities will go done.

Personally, I think the only thing that will make you visible on the road as a motorcycle is a bright and blue flashing strobe light!


17 June, 2008 - Europe To Standardize Motorcycle Safety Guardrails
Accident motorcycle against barrier
FEMA logo
Anyone with half a brain will know that most guardrails (safety barriers) are dangerous for motorcycles and their riders.

After 2à years fighting, FEMA has announced that the European Union is now going to look at making a standard for safety barriers to accommodate motorcycles.



26 May, 2008 - Motorcycles Ranked 2 In Terms Of Recalls
Statistics Article
Motorcycle recalls ranked 2nd only after toys. That shows you how many problems there are in the manufacturing of motorcycles.

OK, most of the recalls are for mini-motorcycles or off-road bikes, but still....

The EU have a website with all recent motorcycle recalls. It's searchable.


20 May, 2008 - First 100% Motorcycle Friendly Road Opened
FEMA - Motorcycle friendly road in Norway
Politics Article
After intense lobbying by FEMA (the Federation of Motorcycle Associations), the first motorcycle friendly road has been opened.

Located in Norway, the road has been adapted to be safe for motorcycles. Way to go! More please !!!!


13 May, 2008 - France: Electronic Alcohol Tests Mandatory?
French safety ad 2002
After 2 drinks, the risk exists
France likes its booze and its public holidays. But both do not mix. Last weekend was a 5 day weekend, and it resulted in a record number of road fatalities; 19 so far.

Alcohol is the biggest contributing factor, and the government has decided to do something about it. It's not drastic (yet), but we'll see how it pans out.


12 May, 2008 - 30% More Deadly Accidents In Belgium Over 7 Years
Belgium Motorcycle Safety Ad
Of the many deadly motorcycle accidents in Belgium, 70% are caused because the car driver did not see the motorcycle!!!

Time to educate cage drivers!


29 April, 2008 - Chris Vermeulen’s Motorcycle Safety Message
Chris Vermeulen safety poster
Click to see the Video clip
Australian MotoGP rider, Chris Vermeulen, has put all his personal time and efforts in promoting motorcycle safety in Australia.

Posters, TV ads and a MySpace page, all dedicated to motorcycle safety.



23 April, 2008 - Video: Canadian Motorcycle Safety Ad
Click to see the Video clip
A kind-of-lame motorcycle safety ad from Canada. Not much thinking material, but I guess it's better than nothing....


16 April, 2008 - Minnesota Motorcycle Safety
Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center poster
The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center have gotten themselves a great web site full of useful safety information.

Meant to educate motorcycle riders about being visible in today's busy roads, the site is full of handy safety tips. I highly recommend a visit. Take the quiz....


15 April, 2008 - The Dangers Off Not Recalling: Manufacturers At Fault
Front tire damaged KTM
Many of us think that if there's a known problem with your motorcycle, that the manufacturer will do anything in their power to contact you and repair your issue, especially when your safety and life is at risk....

Well... you're wrong! Not all manufacturers make sure that their recalls are heard by all. Some don't say anything. Some say the minimum. At least in some countries, there are central databases that you can check, but many countries don't even have that.

Here's an example of what can happen. The story has an happy end...


20 March, 2008 - Video: TAC Motorcycle Protective Clothing Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Another hard hitting motorcycle safety ad, this time it's Australian.

It's run by TAC, and it's to remind you that even when riding a short distance on your motorcycle, it's a good idea to pt on protective clothing.


19 March, 2008 - The Downside Of Motorcycle Leathers
Alpinestar Nero motorcycle jacket
Alpinestar logo
Alpinestar, known for the protective gear for motorcycles, and conscious of the Power Ranger effect we have when dressed in our leathers, have come up with a new line of motorcycle protective clothing.

Dubbed NERO, their protective clothing can be used as "casual" clothes. But it comes at a price...


19 February, 2008 - Video: USA DOT Safety Ad With Secretary Peters
Video clip
Mary Peters
Here's an interesting safety ad from the USA. It features none other than the head of the Department of Transportation (DOT), the agency ultimately responsible for motorcycle safety.

Mary Peters is not only the Secretary of the DOT, but she's also a biker. And she had in 2005 a motorcycle accident.


11 February, 2008 - Wireless Impact Guardian: More Than A WIG
Brycen Spencer helmet WIG
Brycen Spencer has invented a life saving device for us motorcycle riders.

Called WIG (Wireless Impact Guardian), it's a device mounted inside a motorcycle helmet, that when sensing an impact, gives the rider 60 seconds to disable the alarm. If it's not disabled, the device calls 911, and includes the exact geographical location of the crashed rider.

Pretty cool!


7 February, 2008 - Motorcycle Friendly, Smart and Ecological: Road Studs!
Astucia SolarLite
British company Astucia have released a new road stud, that's smaller, less obtrusive than normal studs, but also store solar energy to light up the road during nighttime.

900 meters visibility at night! What more do you want?


5 February, 2008 - Too Much ATGATT?
barbecue transport on a motorcycle
I'm a firm believer in ATGATT, but this bloke is going too far in the protection department.

He looks more like a knight going into battle...


24 January, 2008 - Be Seen At Night On A Motorcycle
HJC Windlight LED Helmet light
HJC logo
For a few dollar, you can be seen (more) on the road at night.

Install the HJC Windlight LED for Helmets Light, it's wind-powered, and allows you to be more visible from behind at night.

Not bad for US$27.


1 January, 2008 - UK: No Motorcycle Unfriendly (and Killing) Barriers
UK Wire Barrier
UK authorities have decided to stop the proposed wire barriers placements in the UK, since someone actually realized that this could double the number of bikers in the UK.

Catch my drift??


4 December, 2007 - AlphaMirror: Automatic Dimmer Mirror For Motorcycles
AlphaMirror motorcycle automatic dimmer mirror
Anyone who has ridden their motorcycle at night time will have been faced with rear traffic blinding you with their lights. Cars can manual or electronically dim their mirrors, but we're stuck....

AlphaMirrors offer you the solution. Automatic dimming motorcycle mirrors. No light glare at night anymore!!


22 November, 2007 - UK: New Motorcycle Helmet Testing Standard
SHARP website
The UK government is starting a new helmet testing and rating system. 1-5 stars will tell you how good a specific motorcycle helmet is.

All UK approved helmets will be on a website, so easy to reference.

Website is already available, but the data will be populated Spring 2008.


16 November, 2007 - Video: Look Twice Save A Life
Video clip
Yet another very lame and tame motorcycle awareness TV ad from the USA.

Nobody will pay attention to this ad, except bikers, and they're not the ones targeted.


14 November, 2007 - Want ABS But Can’t Afford It? Try Lifesaver!
Lifesaver TCB
Lifesaver TCB may not be ABS, but it's doesn't have the ABS price tag either.

Lifesaver prevents you from blocking your wheels in the case of a panic stop. And it does it for US$99.

You can't really go wrong with that, can you?


13 November, 2007 - Video: More French Safety Ads
French Road Safety print ad
The French road safety campaigns continue. Now they're targeting car drivers that forget to put out their indicators, speed, or use their mobile phones.

All this to protect the motorcycle riders.

Don't you love the French ??


23 October, 2007 - The Danger Of Flip-up Helmets
Opinion Article
Many of us have flip-up helmets. Many of us think they are safe in case of an accident.

Here are two photos showing you that this is not always the case. It's not to stop you from using a flip-up helmet on your motorcycle, but that you should know that it's not 100% safe.




22 October, 2007 - Singapore: Kiddy Motorcycle Training
Kiddy Bike Training
Singapore, a country known for not being easy going, have got a pretty good training program for youngsters.

Aged between 7 and 12, they are taught about safe motorcycle and traffic riding. Nice one!


16 October, 2007 - French Motorcycle Magazine Tests Airbag Jacket
News Article
French motorcycle magazine Moto Revue did a real test of the Protair airbag jacket.

Using a stuntman, they showed that the airbag jacket can save lives.

Check out there site, including a video of the stunt.


15 October, 2007 - USA: First Documented Case Of Airbag Jacket Saving Life
Impact Airbag motorcycle jacket
Here's apparently the first official case in the USA, were an inflatable motorcycle jacket saved the life of the rider. He crashed at 140 mph, and the jacket saved his life!


15 October, 2007 - Video: French Motorcycle Safety Campaign 2007-10
Video clip
The French have stepped up their motorcycle safety campaigns with print ads and TV ads.

Here are one of each. Not badly done....


12 October, 2007 - LED Tire Pressure Warning System
 LED Tire Alert Valve cap
Checking your tire pressure is a pain, and you need to remember to do it every few weeks. You could install a wireless gauge, which is handy, but expensive.

Here's a good and reasonably cheap solution; the LED Tire Alert Valve. US$ 21.95 for four valves.

Works on motorcycles, and installation takes seconds.


4 October, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Safety - Distracted Drivers
Nice new motorcycle safety ad from Nationwide Insurance and the AMA.

You never know who's riding the motorcycle!


4 October, 2007 - Esquad Jeans On Your Motorcycle: A Real Alternative
Esquad jeans
Riding in jeans on a motorcycle is dangerous, since they can not stop you from getting road rash or severe burns. But riding in jeans is easy and practical. The only thing you could do today is ride in Draggin Jeans.

But now there's a real alternative, that's lighter, breathes and protects better. And that's the Esquad jeans. Using space technology, combined with cotton, you now have jeans that feel and wear like jeans, and protect you from crashes like never before.


1 October, 2007 - New French Motorcycle Safety Ad
French motorcycle safety poster
The French and the English have got the best motorcycle safety ads, both in print and TV.

Here's the latest print ad from the French government, telling bikes to remain visible.


26 September, 2007 - d3o (Liquid Armor) Mini Review
d3o logo
Charles, a motorcycle rider on a RTW trip from the UK to Australia is testing out the new d3o protection material. D3o is a gel like material that solidifies on impact (liquid armor).

Charles took the times to send in a mini review of the d3o material.


21 September, 2007 - Smart and Simple: Super-Visor
Riding into a low sun is anything but fun on a motorcycle.

Unless you have an off-road or enduro helmet, there's not much you can do about it.

Here's a simple solution for you; the Super-Visor!


18 September, 2007 - Video: Safety-Looking Isn’t Always Seeing
Video clip
Here's a nice safety video, not the kind you normally see.

I think it's British, but don't think it's an official one, ie, broadcast, but still it's good because it's simple.


4 September, 2007 - Airbag Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet Airbag system
Spanish company, APC Systems, has designed an airbag system for motorcycle helmets.

Adaptable for most helmets, it'll open within 0.15 seconds, and save your neck and back.


3 September, 2007 - Nice Safety Feature From Volvo: Would Work On Motorcycles
Volvo warning system
Volvo have come out with a safety feature in some of their cars, that would work on motorcycles as well.

The system warns you when you need to take a break, and get a cup of coffee.

Direct me to the nearest Starbucks please...


30 August, 2007 - Biker Id Bracelets
Biker Ids
Interesting product; biker bracelets with your id and vitals engraved.

Be fashionable, while still being safe.


17 August, 2007 - Bulletproof Backpacks
Bulletproof Backpack
Here's an interesting product. Bulletproof Backpacks!

It's interesting to see, since they're quite useful in today's violent society, but sad when you read who the market is for. Read on.


19 July, 2007 - Video: USA: Slightly Better Motorcycle Safety
Video clip inside
Here's another motorcycle safety video from the USA.

Not as bad as last week's video, but still far behind the safety videos from the UK.


12 July, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Awareness USA Style
Video clip inside
A pretty lame video, made in the USA, for motorcycle awareness.

Not like in the UK, where videos are hard hitting and make people think.


25 June, 2007 - Video: Safety Ad-The Day You Went To Work
Video clip inside
Here's yet another excellent TV ad promoting motorcycle safety from the UK. The UK would seem to have the best safety ads.

They make you think!


19 June, 2007 - France: Motorcycle Technical Control Coming
France Article
The French are deciding to emulate the British with their MOT - annual motorcycle technical inspection. The aim is to have motorcycles over a certain age limit, to under go an annual technical inspection.

A way to save lives, or to make certain people richer ?


5 June, 2007 - France And Motorcycle Safety Campaigns
French Motorcycle safety poster
The French Ministry of Transportation (Road Safety) has launched another hard hitting campaign to promote road safety for motorcycles.

As usual, their effective ads are not only aimed at motorcycle riders, but also at car drivers.

With a good slogan, they try to teach French car drivers to look before doing something in a car.


18 May, 2007 - Safety: Ducati’s Mission
European Road Safety Charter logo
Ducati are committing themselves in helping Europe reach its ambitious objective of 50% less fatal motorcycle accidents by 2010.

They will launches several campaigns to sensitive motorcycle riders to the dangers of riding motorcycles.

First examples will be seen at the WDW and HyperTour.


16 May, 2007 - Motorcyclist Posts His Injury Photos On The Net
Bryan Cameron's face after the motorcycle accident
British motorcycle rider, Bryan Cameron, took a spill when riding his motorcycle without a helmet.

His face needed 13 stiches, and he decided to post his injury photos in order to warn others of what happens when riding without a helmet.


15 May, 2007 - Video: Spanish Safety Ad
Video clip inside
A safety TV ad from Spain. No need to understand Spanish in order to see what they're talking about.

The message is loud and clear!


7 May, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Safety Irish Style
Video clip inside
A nice reminder on what can go wrong. Here's a safety TV ad from Northern Ireland. Hard hitting!


3 May, 2007 - Video: Safety - Don’t Speed
Video clip inside
"Funny" and interesting safety TV ad, promoting motorcycle riders to think about speeding. You don't always have the luxury to think when speeding.


26 April, 2007 - Rolls-Royce Sponsoring Motorcycle Safety Ride
Rolls Royce logo
Luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce are hosting a local BikeSafe effort conducted by the local Sussex Police.

30 Rolls-Royce employees will be given instruction and advice on how to ride safe.

The Chairman and CEO of Rolls-Royce is himself a keen motorcycle rider. So why can't other car manufacturers host these kind of events ?


24 April, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Safety - Helmets (Czech Republic)
Video clip inside
Here's a really nice TV ad for motorcycle safety (apparently from the Czech Republic). It's why you should always wear a helmet.

The interesting thing is that they don't even show a motorcycle!


2 April, 2007 - Video: You Didn’t See Me
Video clip inside
Here's an interesting motorcycle safety video ad. It's about cars not seeing motorcycles.

I don't know if this ad was actually broadcast, but it's simple and very effective.


6 March, 2007 - Useful Motorcycle Website - Elf Moto
Elf lubricants has a very comprehensive website dedicated to motorcycles.

It is full of tips for maintenance, safety gear purchase and other very useful information for beginner or veteran motorcycle riders.

Much of their stuff can be downloaded, or printed.

The site is in several languages.


1 March, 2007 - Stylish Reflective Motorcycle Clothing
Don-B reflective motorcycle clothing
You don't need to look like a biker when you wear reflective motorcycle clothing. There are alternatives that allow you to be seen at night, but still look stylish. Check out Don-B clothing.


1 February, 2007 - KTM/BMW Neck Brace Available
KTM Leatt Neck Brace for Motorcycle Enduro
The BMW/KTM Neck brace is now available (as off March), and will set you back some €500 !

How expensive (or cheap) is your life ??


20 December, 2006 - Video: Airbag For Motorcycles - Good/Bad ?
Video clip inside
A video demonstration of the airbag on a motorcycle. A motorcycle hits a car at 50 kph from different angles, with and without an airbag. You judge whether it's a good thing or not !


14 November, 2006 - Video: Awareness Ads - New York, USA
Video clip inside
Finally, here's a motorcycle awareness TV ad from New York, USA. Who said that the Americans weren't producing shock ads to increase motorcycle awareness ?


9 November, 2006 - Video: Getting People To Slow Down - Denmark’s Solution
Video clip inside
Denmark has some very interesting ways of making you slow down. Speeding is everywhere, including Copenhagen. But their approach is far more user friendly ! Would you slow down ???? I know I would !


31 October, 2006 - Naked Bikers - Not Naked Bikes
Naked Motorcycle Riders in Sydney
Here's a look at a very original safety awareness campaign from down under (Australia).

They want non-bikers to know how vulnerable motorcycle riders are. To do that, they all stripped and rode around naked.

Great publicity !


24 October, 2006 - Dainese Neck Protectors
Dainese Motorcycle Neck Protector
Dainese logo
Dainese have introduced at the Intermot motorcycle show a line of products with a built-in neck protector.

Not as bulky and the KTM/BMW Neck brace, it looks very useable and safe.


23 October, 2006 - MADD
Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers
MADD stands for Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers, and is an American organization that wants to properly educate car drivers to take into account motorcycles.

They publish all the email addresses of US Governors and a standard form letter to send them.

Maybe you'll save a life... maybe even yours !


11 October, 2006 - KTM Motorcycle Neck Brace
KTM Leatt Motorcycle Neck Brace
KTM logo
KTM have shown at the Intermot the prototype neck brace for off-road motorcycle racers that will be used by all their factory racers.

Looks good !


2 October, 2006 - Video: Awareness 70’s Style
Video clip inside
Here's a cute TV ad for raising motorcycle awareness (that is, being aware as a biker) made in the 70's in the UK. They don't make'em like this anymore (thank heaven).


14 September, 2006 - Cellphones, Motorcycles and Road Signs
Stop Using Cellphones Road Sign
If only we could see these kind of road signs for real.

Wouldn't that be great ?


13 September, 2006 - Hit-Air Motorcycle Gloves
Hit-Air Motorcycle Glove
Hit-Air are one of the main inflatable airbag jackets manufacturers in the world, but did you know they also produce motorcycle gloves ?


12 September, 2006 - Cell Phones and Driving
Law Article
Cells phones in cars are dangerous for us motorcycle riders. Sweden is about to ban all cell phones, including hands-free ones. Here's a list of countries with regulations against mobile phone usage.


12 September, 2006 - Revolutionary Motorcycle Rider Protection
Dow Corning Active Protection System for Motorcycle Jackets
Do Corning have released a miracle material for motorcycle clothing.

Light, comfortable, integrated, but with 40% more protection.

Called the Active Protection System, this looks like the way forward.


26 July, 2006 - New British Motorcycle Safety Video
Video clip inside
A new hard hitting British motorcycle safety TV ad has been launched !

Very good, as usual. It makes you think (first about the ad) why other countries aren't doing similar.

Is it because the lives of bikers means less ??


10 July, 2006 - ResQtag - Life Saving ?
Often in a motorcycle accident, if you're not able to talk, having information on you for medical emergencies can be life saving.

He's a nifty and cheap product from the USA that will help; ResQtag ! How much is your life worth ?


7 June, 2006 - New, Safer, Motorcycle - Genesis
Genesis Mark111 Motorcycle
British firm Genesis are finishing up their Genesis Mark 111, a safe motorcycle ! Several companies and universities have expressed interest in the special motorcycle.

Is this the answer to traffic jams and high oil prices ? Is this the way to reduce deaths on the road ?


22 May, 2006 - Stridelite - Reflective Clothing with Strobes
StrideLite reflective and strobe jacket
Stridelite produces a reflective jacket with a strobe light. Meant for cyclists, it could be used by motorcyclists.

Be seen in bad weather !


11 May, 2006 - Coasters for Safety
Ignition Motorsports coasters
A company in the USA is selling beer coasters promoting motorcycle safety. Isn't that a bit incompatible ?

They plan also to distribute 10,000 to local bars and restaurants.


7 April, 2006 - One Way of Learning To Ride A Big Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle with Training Wheels
One way to learn, a Harley-Davidson V-Rod with training wheels.

What will they think of next ?


5 April, 2006 - Excellent Document From ACEM
ACEM's Guidelines for Powered Two-Wheelers - Safer Road Design in Europe
ACEM published a new document today, that not only all governments should read, but all motorcycle riders as well.

Meant for the governments of this world, as a rider you can learn a lot.


1 March, 2006 - Think Video - A Perfect Day
Video clip inside
Thanks to Google's Video service, you can now see videos on this site. First one is from the UK.


2 February, 2006 - Excellent Motorcycle Safety Video Ad
Video clip inside
Here's an excellent TV ad from the UK, promoting biker awareness.

It has got to be one of the better ones, that will make car drivers pay more attention to motorcycles.


14 November, 2005 - How Safe Are Motorcycle Airbag Vests ?
AireTronics Motorcycle Airbag vest
How safe are airbag vests for motorcycles ?


8 November, 2005 - Test Driving The SportVue Motorcycle HUD
An extensive review of MotionResearch's SportVue MC2 Heads Up Display (HUD) for motorcycles.


21 October, 2005 - Tire Watch - The Motorcycle Safety Valve
Tire Watch Transmitter
French company, LDL Technology, come out with a wireless tire pressure monitor; nifty !


8 September, 2005 - Airbag For Motorcycles ? Yes, Done Deal !
Honda Goldwing motorcycle Airbag
Honda logo
Honda have announced their new (2006) Goldwing motorcycle; it includes an airbag !


17 February, 2005 - Reflective Strips Placed on All Motorcycles !
News Article
Klang Valley, Malaysia is placing reflective stickers on all motorcycles hoping to reduce night time accidents.


31 January, 2005 - Reflective Tape Added To My Motorcycle
StreetGlo's reflective tape
I added some reflective tape to my motorcycle, and here's an animated photo of it.


15 December, 2004 - Motorcycle Safety - Useful website
Motorcycle safety is always on my mind, so I'm glad I got this product.


5 August, 2004 - Extensive Accident Study In Europe - Report
Statistics Article
ACEM's MAIDS report is out, detailing how, why and where European motorcycle accidents happen.

An interesting read.


26 May, 2004 - Reevu Motorcycle Helmet with Mirror Revisited
Reevu Helmet
Revisit of the Reevu Motorcycle Helmet with integrated mirror.


24 March, 2004 - Airbag Equipped Motorcycle Jackets
Protairbag GS
A look at several airbag equipped motorcycle jackets.



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