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3 September, 2015 - So You Like Bling On Your Scooter?
Thailand bling scooter
#Thailand #Bling #Scooters - Some people really like to show off their bling. Even on a small displacement motorcycle/scooter. This one is from Thailand...


25 August, 2015 - Piaggio: Orange Is The New Black
Piaggio Vietnam Orange New Black
Vietnam flag
#Piaggio #Vietnam - Looking at what is rolling out of Piaggio's scooter factory in Vietnam, you'd say that all new motorcycles are going to be orange, because as we all know, orange is the new black.


18 August, 2015 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Tilting Doll
Ad Piaggio Tilting Doll
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #MP3 #Advertisement - Funny. You know Piaggio's MP3 scooter, the three wheel scooter that can tilt because the front wheels have independent suspensions? You can ride over a sidewalk with only one wheel, and still not fall.

Obviously Piaggio also thought it's a pretty cool system, so they brought out this print advertisement back in 2010. It's kind of funny, since it does look like the MP3 motorcycle riders are a bit like titling dolls.


18 August, 2015 - Bored Riding On Your Scooter? Here Is A Solution
Scooter TV
ScooterTV - Some people get bored riding the same roads over and over again. Here's a solution...


17 August, 2015 - 25 Customized and Tuned Scooters - Part 1
Customized Scooter
Customized Scooter
#Scooters #Customization - Many hard core motorcycle riders think scooters are and look boring. Plain, vanilla, not much imagination. But they would be wrong, very wrong. Because, like with motorcycles, scooters can be totally customized. Not just a paint job, but real customization works to turn them into something they are not.

Here are 25 such scooters, customized, tuned and made to look nothing like the original.


21 July, 2015 - A Vespa Scooter For Four?
Four Seater Vespa
#StrangeScooters - This is plain weird. Is this a scooter built for 4 (like parents and two children), or is this a Royal Vespa, with the royalty sitting behind the driver, and two valets sitting next to the Monarch? You tell me...


29 June, 2015 - Review: 2015 Honda SH 300i - Dolce Scoot, The Same But Better
Review 2015 Honda SH 300i
Honda logo
#Review #Honda - A detailed and translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 Honda SH 300i - Dolce Scoot - The Same But Better


8 June, 2015 - Review: 2015 Quadro4 - The Four-Wheel Scooter
Review 2015 Quadro4
Quadro logo
#Review #Quadro4 - A detailed translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 Quadro4 - The Four-Wheel Scooter


11 May, 2015 - Review: 2015 Yamaha Tricity - Three Wheels at a Small Price
Review 2015 Yamaha Tricity
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha #Tricity - A detailed translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 Yamaha Tricity - Three Wheels at a Small Price


30 April, 2015 - Review: 2015 Honda SH 125i - The City Scooter
Review 2015 Honda SH 125i
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #SH125i - A detailed, translated, review from a top French web site of the 2015 Honda SH 125i - The City Scooter


20 March, 2015 - Double Sidecar or Training Wheels?
Double Sidecar or Training Wheels
Okay, this one has me stumped. Is this like a double sided sidecar on a scooter, or training wheels on a scooter? What do you think?


4 March, 2015 - Govecs Coming With Retro Electric Scooter - Nice
Govecs Schwalbe
Govecs logo
Govecs, the German electric scooter manufacturer is a powerhouse is making and selling low displacement equivalent electric scooters. Nice, efficient but boring. Until now. Govecs are releasing a East German vintage scooter; the Schwalbe KR51. Sold mostly in the USSR, the company went bankrupt, but now lives on as the Govecs Schwalbe electric scooter. Nice.


2 March, 2015 - A Photographic Look At The BMW C-Evolution Factory
BMW C Evolution Production
BMW logo
#BMW #Electric #Scooter - A detailed photographic visit of the BMW motorcycle factory in Berlin where they make the electric scooter, the BMW C-Evolution.


27 February, 2015 - Review: 2015 Piaggio MP3 500 ABS ASR - The Ultimate Evolution?
Review 2015 Piaggio MP3 500
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #MP3 - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 Piaggio MP3 500 ABS ASR - The Ultimate Evolution?


4 February, 2015 - Kyburz: 1000’s Electric Scooters Sold But Do You Know Them
Kyburz DXP
Kyburz logo
#Kyburz #Electric - This company has sold over 4,000 electric scooters, but very few people will have heard of the name; Kyburz. You can understand this if the company is Chinese for example, since there are 100's of them. But the company in question is from Switzerland, and their electric scooters can be found all over the world.

So why don't you know about them?


29 January, 2015 - The Useful Electric Scooter Project - VOI
VOI Scooter
VOI Scooter
#VOI #ElectricScooter - Here is a very usable electric scooter project from two universities; VOI. It has modular pods, allowing it to be configured as passenger taxi, vendor or cargo hauling. Very interesting idea that has a lot of merit.


23 December, 2014 - Review: 2014 Suzuki Burgman 200 - City and Field Mouse
Review 2014 Szuki Burgman 200
Suzuki logo
A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2014 Suzuki Burgman 200 - City and Field Mouse


26 November, 2014 - That Is Not Why You Have A Cargo Platform On Your Scooter
Scooter Cargo Space Bad Usage
#Scooters #Cargo #Funny - Scooters often have a cargo/loading platform at the front of the rider, ideal to store your shopping bag and other items. Handy ... but not for this:


20 November, 2014 - When Your Scooter Needs To Go, He Needs To Go
Taking a Leak
#Funny #Toilet #TakingaLeak - Scooters (and motorcycles) have needs, just like us humans. They also need to do their thing, but usually they do it when we're not watching. This scooter just really had to let go of some oil, so he went.

And you can see it's a "he", since he is standing taking a leak....


18 September, 2014 - Cezeta Reborn, Beautiful, Powerful and Electric
Cezeta Type 506
Cezeta logo
#Cezeta #Type506 #ElectricScooter - Back from the dead, the funky and beautiful Czech scooter from Cezeta (late 1950's) is making the Type 506 - - a beautiful electric scooter based on the old vintage models. What more do you want; hand built, affordable and great looking.


18 July, 2014 - Taiwan: Now That Is A Rush Hour, Even For Motorcycles
Taiwan Scooter Rush Hour
Taiwan flag
#Taiwan #RushHour - And here I was thinking that rush hour in Paris was bad. You can't even split lanes in Taiwan during their rush hour. Holy crap, that is a lot of scooters and motorcycles. Here are two videos of an enormous crowd of motorized two wheelers.


18 July, 2014 - How To Ride Camouflaged In Traffic On Your Motorcycle
#Funny #Camouflage - I guess this is the way you don't get notice on your motorcycle while riding. But it's a bad idea....


26 June, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda PCX 125
Review 2014 Honda PCX 125
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #Scooter - A detailed review from one of the top French sites of the 2014 Honda PCX 125 scooter.


10 June, 2014 - Review: Electric BMW C-Evolution Scooter - The Future Now
BMW C Evolution Review
BMW C Evolution Review
#BMW #Electric #Scooter - Here is my own detailed review of the BMW electric scooter, the C-Evolution. I do compare it with the Zero DS I tested, and I can tell you even before you read the review; this is one VERY fast scooter. It's really an equivalent 600 cc scooter.


6 May, 2014 - France: A Scooter Get Stolen Every 8 Minutes
Grand theft scooter
France flag
#France #Scooter #theft - A scooter gets stolen every 8 minutes in France. Here are some interesting statistics.


15 April, 2014 - Review: 2014 Vespa GTS 300 ie Touring - Cities and Fields Hornet
Review 2014 Vespa GTS 300 Touring
Vespa logo
#Review #Vespa #Scooter - A detailed review of the 2014 Vespa GTS 300 ie Touring - Cities and Fields Hornet

A French review and take on this Vespa scooter.


11 March, 2014 - Review: Piaggio Fly 125 3V - Chic and Low Cost Scooter
Review 2014 Piaggio Fly 125
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #Scooter- A detailed review of the 2014 Piaggio Fly 125 3V scooter, a chic and low cost scooter.


28 February, 2014 - Review: Vespa GTS 125 Super ie - La Dolce Vita version Grand Tourism
Review 2014 Vespa GTS 125 Super
Vespa logo
#Review #Vespa #Scooter- A detailed review of the 2014 Vespa GTS 125 Super ie scooter. La Dolce Vita version Grand Tourism


20 February, 2014 - T-Scooter: iPhone With An Electric Scooter Wrapped Around It
T Scooter
T Scooter
#Electric #Technology #Scooter - The T-Scooter just own Best Red Dot Award Design Concept. An electric scooter with as central console, an iPhone. Nice, sleek, sexy.


20 February, 2014 - Review: Piaggio X10 125 - The Biggest of Small Scooters
Review Piaggio X10 125
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Scooter #Review - A detailed review and test of the Piaggio X10 125 scooter - the biggest of small scooters.


22 January, 2014 - Spain: How To Smuggle Cigarettes With Your Scooter
Spain Cigarette Contraband
Spain flag
#Spain #Smuggle - Well... maybe it should be entitled "How not to smuggle cigarettes with your scooter" since they got caught. But pretty smart since who would think to stop a small scooter... there's barely enough space for the rider.


17 January, 2014 - Review: Kawasaki J300 Scooter
Review Kawasaki J300 Scooter
Kawasaki logo
#Review #Kawasaki #J300 - A very detailed review of the brand new Kawasaki J300 scooter - 1st Kawasaki Maxi-Scooter Inspired by the Ninja and Z


6 January, 2014 - Review: Vespa Primavera 125
Review Vespa Primavera
Vespa logo
#Review #Vespa #Scooter - A detailed review of the Vespa 125cc Primavera scooter - a city flower!


6 January, 2014 - The VespWay or SegPa? It’s A Vespa Segway
Vespa Segway
#Segway #Vespa - Segway too boring? Try the Vespa Segway, or VespWay. Made from original Vespa parts, it is for sale.


18 December, 2013 - Review: Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 ie LT
Review piaggio mp3 yourban 300 ie lt
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #Yourban - A detailed review of the three wheel scooter from Piaggio, the Yourban; a 300 cc urban wonder.


3 December, 2013 - Paris Salon 2013: French Electric Scooter ecCity
#LeSalondelaMoto #ecCity #Electric - I found this French manufacturer of electric scooters in the Paris based Le Salon de la Moto exhibition; ecCity.


2 October, 2013 - Perfectly Crafted Wooden Vespa Scooter - Master Piece
Vespa Wooden Daniela
Portugal flag
Some artists are just too good for words. Carlos Alberto from Portugal is one of them. Carlos is a carpenter with a magic touch when wood comes on his workbench. He has done many beautiful items ranging from stair cases, furniture and to windows. But what he has done to this Vespa is more than impressive..


5 September, 2013 - Piaggio Electric Scooter - PAM
Piaggio PAM Electric scooter
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Electric #Scooter - Piaggio, an enormous motorcycle conglomerate which includes brands like Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, is known to be innovative. Just look at their MP3 three wheel scooter. Many manufacturers are now copying the innovative designs from the Italian company.

Now Piaggio have released a prototype, more a design/concept of an electric scooters that looks like a winner. Called PAM (Personal Advanced Mobility), the electric scooter is partially enclosed (like the doomed BMW C1), photovoltaic solar panels, a Heads Up Display, a GPS and even airbags...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 August, 2013 - Gibraltar Way Of Cooling Down On A Scooter
Gibraltar Cooling Down Scooter
Gibraltar flag
#Cooling #Scooter #Funny - You think this works? Funny though...


19 July, 2013 - Be.e: A True Ecological & Electrical Scooter
Be.e Plant Scooter
Be.e Plant Scooter
#Ecological #Electrical #Scooter #Be.e - Most people equate an electrical scooter or motorcycle to be ecological, and in a sense they are, but not as much as you would think. Obviously the battery is enormously not ecological, but what do you think about the frame and other body parts?

Dutch design firm Waarmakers have released the first ever truly ecological electric scooter, the Be.e. And the reason it is ecological is because it is made out of plants, flax to be more accurate. Flax is what is used to make linen (amongst others), and using the flax seed, Waarmakers have made a glass-fibre composite frame, but without the glass part. The glass has been substituted by the flax seeds. In other words, the scooter is made out of plants...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 July, 2013 - Scooters and Wines - They Do Mix
TDT scooter wines
Italy flag
#Wine #Scooter - Well, let me rephrase that title. Scooters and wines do mix, but not when you are riding. But the Italian wine brand, Terre de Trinci, not only makes highly regarded wines, but also makes Chardonnay and Sangiovese box wines. And according to experts, they are pretty good.

But what makes these wines more interesting for the PTW crowd is that the box wines contain photos of pretty girls riding a scooter. What more would you want?

Of course if you are into wines and motorcycles, there is always the V-Twin Zin.


13 May, 2013 - India: Bajaj Wins Patent Court Case Against LML - 7 Year Struggle
LML logo
Bajaj logo
India flag
#Bajaj #LML #India - Italian scooter manufacturer LML and Indian manufacturer Bajaj have been at odds for the last seven years, and slugging it out in court. The reason? Bajaj have been granted a patent for an intake system for two stroke engines which improves fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, two much sought-after technologies in today's world.

LML have been claiming that the patent granted to Bajaj was not new, just a minor improvement over existing technology. The Indian courts disagreed, but it took 7 years of, probably very boring, testimonies to come to that conclusion.

Bajaj is over the moon, and LML will challenge the ruling. I think the only real winners were the lawyers.


22 January, 2013 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 and Lions
Piaggio MP3 Lion
Piaggio logo
I don't know about you, but there's no way in hell I'll be riding a Piaggio MP3 scooter, or even a super fast motorcycle alongside any lions. So I'm a bit amazed at this advertisement from Piaggio. With a copy line that says "So stable, you'll think it's a car", just because the scooter is more stable than traditional 2 wheelers, doesn't mean that it's safer?


17 January, 2013 - Using Your Scooter As Toilet
Vespa Scooter Toilet
Lambretta Scooter Toilet
Last year we've seen a motorcycle that runs on a toilet's "product" on the internet. We've also seen toilets that have motorcycle logos. But how about motorcycles, or in this case scooters, that ARE toilets.

Imagine someone loves their Vespa so much, they're willing to take a crap on them..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 November, 2012 - Kymco Gives You Wings
Kymco Angel
Kymco logo
Want to fly? Get a Kymco scooter... or at least that is what the advertisement would let you believe. I found the ad in a local French motorcycle magazine, I kind of liked the image (I just scanned the image not the ad itself).

So if you want to be an angel, or a devil, you know what to do....


29 August, 2012 - Govecs: The Right Way Of Doing Electric Scooter Batteries
Govecs GO S1 4 Battery
Govecs logo
#electric #e-bikes - There are many reasons why people decided not to buy an electric scooter or motorcycle. Although many of the traditional reasons, like performance, range and even price, are becoming less of a factor, one reason not to buy an e-Bike is the battery charging method.

Simply put, you need to have a power outlet where you park your motorcycle. If you live in a house, it will not be a great problem, even if you don't have a power outlet outside. You can make do.... but houses are usually found outside the big cities, in the suburbs. If you live in the city, and have an apartment, you could be out of luck. Even if you're lucky enough to have an underground parking space, chances are that there's no power outlet. If you don't have a parking space, you're not going to hang a power cord down your window 15 floors down to charge your scooter or motorcycle, are you?

So the only sensible thing is to take the battery with you. But 99% of the electric motorcycles and scooters don't allow you to do this. Their batteries are embedded deeply inside the vehicle, and are often very heavy. The e-Solex was one of the first to allow their customer to remove the battery and take it home to charge. But the battery is relatively small and light.

Now there's Govecs...........

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 August, 2012 - iPhone Connected Piaggio Scooters
Piaggio PMP/iPhone
Piaggio logo
Piaggio released an optional kit for their X10 series of scooters that allows you to hook up your iPhone (and shortly Android) smartphone to your scooter, which will then tell you, without wires, all your telemetric data, like speed, fuel consumption, battery, when to replace your tires, tire pressure and if you have a GPS/Navigation unit app installed, where to go to get fuel, since it knows when you are running out.

With a large number of extra functions, like your owner manual, downloadable telemetric data and others, you'll not need the old fashion onboard dashboard.

We might even find the Piaggio PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) on Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa models in the near future. How cool is that?

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 May, 2012 - If Your Scooter Gets Cold At Night, Here Is A Solution
Crochet Scooter
Crochet Scooter
If your scooter sleeps outside during the night, especially in the winter, here's something you can make to keep it warm...

.. or you can just use it as it was intended to be used, decoration. The scooter is a crochet, but you can not buy it. No, you're going to have to work for it. You buy the pattern, and then you spend the next weeks crocheting the thing together.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 February, 2012 - First All Spanish Electric Scooter - LEMev Stream
LEM logo
Three companies got together back in 2007 to develop better motorcycles, and here is their first brainchild. The three companies, Inmotec (Moto2 and Moto3 racing technology), Luma (Europe's biggest anti-theft devices) and Dhemen (industrial design group).

The joint venture company is called LEM, and their first product is named LEMev Stream, and it is an electric scooter. The scooter is 100% Spanish, designed and built there, and funded by national and local authorities.


2 February, 2012 - Switzerland: 20 Times More Scooters Last 20 Years
Swiss Army Knife Scooter
These are pretty amazing statistics coming from the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics (OFS). Overall in 2010, there were 5.36 million vehicles circulating in Switzerland, of which 12% were motorcycles.

In the last 20 years, the number of motorcycle doubled, from 299,264 to 651,252 in 2010, but it's the number of scooters that blows your mind (well, at least it did mine). In the last 20 years, the number of scooters was multiplied by a factor of 20, representing 37% of the motorcycle park.


4 January, 2012 - HDX3 - Mobility Scooter, The Italian Way
HDX3 Mobility Scooter
Just because you are disabled and want to ride a motorcycle or scooter, doesn't lean that the scooter has to look like crap....

A company in Italy has designed a really nice package for disabled bikers; called the HDX3, it's a scooter based on the popular Honda SH 125 with an electrically, and remote, operated loading platform for wheelchair.

They plan to sell the scooter for an affordable price. Looks good...


30 December, 2011 - Switzerland: Electric Scooters 9th Best Selling Motorcycle
Statistics Article
Electric scooters are the 9th best selling category of motorcycles in Switzerland during the month of November 2011.

Electric motorcycles didn't make it to the top 10.


28 December, 2011 - Yuk! A Real Rat Motorcycle
Rat Motorcycle Vietnam
From all the rat motorcycles and scooters out there (many seen on this site, see related articles below), this has got to be the real rat bike. No doubt about it.

... and to think they eat the creatures....


27 December, 2011 - Electric Scooter Made Out Of Linen
Citi Ek o
French research & development group, Citi, showed at the last Paris motorcycle & scooter exhibition, their electric scooter concept, named ek'O.

The interesting things that set this electric scooter apart from others, is that the frame shell is made out of linen (resin), and that it used only 15 parts, instead of the traditional average of 50 parts.

Performance is that of a 125cc, and they expect to be selling it by 2013 at a street price of €5000.


7 December, 2011 - DIY: Paper Model Vespa Scooter
Vespa Scooter Paper Model
Here's a 10 minute project to do during the holiday season, when you're waiting your turn to get the presents.... make a small paper model of a Vespa scooter.


15 November, 2011 - Video: Lambretta Ad - Anti Vespa
Video clip
Lambretta logo
Hehe... a funny anti-Vespa scooter commercial from Lambretta. It's Italian, from the Life, Longari & Loman PR agency in Italy.

The advertisement squashes Vespa, literally.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: The Electric Motorcycles
Eicma 2011 Electric Volta
Eicma 2011 Electric Zero
Every year at Eicma there are more and more electric motorcycles and scooter manufacturers.

This year so a lot of them, though many are cheap Asian bikes, there where however several players in the market.

Here's a round-up of the more interesting electric motorcycles and scooters.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: BMW New Maxi-Scooters
BMW Maxi Scooter
BMW logo
BMW introduced with a big ceremony their two new maxi-scooters, the 600 Sport and the 650 GT.

Only thing missing to make it a real BMW, is heated seats...


23 September, 2011 - Ad: Vespa Map
Vespa Map Romania
Vespa logo
Interesting print advertisement for Vespa scooters from Romania.

It's a bit too sophisticated for my taste, but it does convey the message.


22 September, 2011 - DIY Scooter/Motorcycle #7465
DIY Scooter
This is what a scooter/motorcycle will look like if I tried to make one from scratch.

I'd probably forget to put in an engine...


15 September, 2011 - Vespa Scooter - The Golden Edition
Vespa Golden Edition
This was spotted on the streets of Paris, France - a golden edition of the Vespa scooter..

Since it's a delivery scooter, we'll assume that it's not real gold..


13 September, 2011 - Ad: Vespa Scooters and Shavers
Ad Shick Quattro Vespa USA
The things you got to do as an ad agency. Well, one thing that works for me, is a motorcycle (or in this case a Vespa scooter) and a pretty girl, even if they're drawings.

That's what the JWT agency in New York used to draw your attention to Schick Quattro shavers for women. Okay, so maybe I'm the wrong audience...


13 September, 2011 - BMW’s New Electric Scooter - Changing The World
BMW Concept E Scooter
BMW logo
BMW have released their concept electric motorcycle today at the Frankfurt car exhibition.

Looks pretty good. read the specs, see the photos..


9 August, 2011 - The Problem With Being Popular - Lambretta Case
Lambretta logo
Lambretta, the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer, has taken the fight against their former dealers and fake sites to the web.

Just head for the web site, and see their lawyers at work.

But is this the way?


2 August, 2011 - Ads: Ellesse Italia - Classy Ads
Ellesse Italia Spring Portofino UK
Ellesse Italia Autumn Rome UK
Two very classy, and old fashion print advertisements for Ellesse Italia casual and sportswear.

One way of showing them in ads is the old fashion way. Nice artwork, young folks sitting on scooters. How more Italian can you get?



19 July, 2011 - Ad: Yamaha X-Max, Master of City
Yamaha X Max Italy
Yamaha logo
Italians are known for designing pretty things, like motorcycles, cars and also advertisements. They pretty, but not always functional...

Here's a pretty print ad for the Yamaha X-Max scooter, though well done, I think the message is lost...


27 May, 2011 - Tuk-Tuk Limousine
TukTuk Limo
You know those Tuk-Tuk you mostly see when travelling in Asia. Usually three wheel motorcycles with a two/three person seat...

Well, like any vehicle, you'll find stretch versions ... here's the Tuk-Tuk Stretch Limo


2 May, 2011 - 26 Scooters Ready For Adventure Riding
Adventure Scooter
Adventure Scooter
Adventure riding is a state of mind, not that of the right motorcycle. Of course a big bore BMW or KTM helps, but anything PTW will do the job.

Scooter, though made for city riding, can be used for adventure rides. Here are 26 photos of scooters ready for a long distance ride into the unknown.


7 April, 2011 - A Scooter In Its Element
Scooter Transport Element
Thar ya go... how to bring your scooter along if you can't ride it, and don't have a trailer, but you do have a Honda Element.

Somehow I don't think it's easy to load and unload the scooter.


5 April, 2011 - Twisted Vespa Scooter: Art or Accident?
Twisted Vespa
Would this twisted Vespa scooter be the result of an artist making art, or just a freak accident?


28 March, 2011 - 41 Scooter Trikes
Scooter Trike
Scooter Trike
We've shown you many motorcycle trikes, but you don't need to have a motorcycle to turn it into a trike. A scooter will do.

Maybe not as creative, but functional. Here are 41 (40 really) scooter trikes.


4 March, 2011 - Yet Another Wooden Scooter - Rocking Chairs
JIP Wooden Rocking Chair Blue
JIP Wooden Rocking Chair pink
Another children's rocking chair in the shape of a (Vespa) scooter.

From the Dutch company Present Time, it's cute, and meant for kids aged 1-3, so not for you.


8 February, 2011 - 0 Emission Vespa Scooter
A true zero emission Vespa scooter, but you will not get very far with it....

It's a rocking toy for kids. Nice crafted in oak wood.


17 January, 2011 - 43 Scooters With Lights, Many, Many Lights
Scooter Many Lights
Scooter Many Lights
Having a good visibility at night is a good thing. Most motorcycle and scooter manufacturers often do not put sufficient lights on our rides to see properly in the dark. So we add some lights. And then we add some more light. And even more lights. Before you know it, you've got more lights than vehicle!

Here are 43 scooters that have installed extra lights. And I mean a lot of lights.


11 January, 2011 - Video: Aprilia Scarabeo Starring Holly Fields
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a nice TV ad for the Aprilia Scarabeo scooter starring Holly Fields.

Nicely done, a real story and some great music. A very anti-men ad... but funny...


6 January, 2011 - Ultra Light Scooter
Gilmour Carboard Lambretta Scooter
We're already shown you a Harley-Davidson motorcycle made by Chris Gilmour; totally made out of cardboard and glue.

Here's another masterpiece made by the artist, a cardboard life-size replica of a Lambretta scooter, include an overdose of lights. Masterful!


29 September, 2010 - Video: Peugeot Scooter vs Lamborghini Gallardo Drag Race
Video clip
Incredible as it may sound, here's a video of a drag race between a Lamborghini Gallardo supercar and a Peugeot 50cc scooter.

Can you guess who won? Ohhh ... the moped has a jet turbine engine onboard.

Want to take another guess?


23 September, 2010 - Details Of The BMW/MINI Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Some of the official blurb from BMW/Mini about their new concept electric scooter.

Looks good... too bad I don't ride mopeds anymore, but if I were to loose my license, I'd go for this...


31 August, 2010 - Scooter Camping Car/Mobile Home
Piaggio APE 50 Bufalino
Who needs a Winnebago to travel in comfort, if you can have a camping motorcycle/scooter based on the popular Piaggio APE?

Bed, fridge, cooking area, desk, 2 seats, wash basin.... what more do you need?


23 August, 2010 - 49 Custom Paint Jobs For Scooters
Custom Paint Scooter
Motorcycles aren't the only two wheelers that receive customized paint jobs. Scooter often have more daring paint jobs then their motorcycle counterparts.

Here are 49 scooters and some outrageous paint jobs.


9 August, 2010 - USA: How To Get Noticed At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis Rally Scooter
Riding in the Sturgis motorcycle rally and wanting to be noticed with 1000's of motorcycles, you need to ride something special...

.... but would you attend Sturgis riding a scooter??


14 June, 2010 - France: Cany-Barville’s Vintage Vehicles Market
Cany Barville Vintage Vehicles 2010
At the small provincial town of Cany-Barville in Normandy, France, a few miles from my house, they held last weekend a rather large vintage cars and motorcycle swap-meet, spare parts and exposition gathering.

It was quite an interesting event, with some pristine classic cars and motorcycles.

Who ever said it was boring living in the country?


7 June, 2010 - The Piaggio Scooter Museum
Scooter Airplane
Vespa Transport
Here's a photographic visit to the Piaggio Museum in Italy, a place not only full of Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera scooters, but also other "strange" and wonderful vehicles.

A worthwhile visit...


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: The Scooters
MotoGP France 2010 Quantya
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
MotoGP races isn't only about really fast motorcycles. The majority of motorcycles are in fact small, 50cc, scooters and mopeds.

Here's a look at the fleet of scooters and almost-motorcycles, and one electric Quantya motorcycle that I saw at the French MotoGP.


19 May, 2010 - Beautiful Scooter Desk Lamps
Lamponi Lambretta Lamp
Lamponi Vespa Lamp
Don't you just love these beautiful desk lamps fashioned after Vespa and Lambretta scooters?

The handlebars are the original size.


26 March, 2010 - Please Do Not Steal Me! Actually, Please Do!
Kymco Mitch
Yuk.... maybe someone should steal it...


5 March, 2010 - Scoot Magazine Looking For Original Scooter Art
Scoot Magazine
Scoot Magazine are looking for original scooter art to publish in their magazine.

If you've made any art representing scooters (on any type of support, like photo, jewelry, etc), send it in, and it may be published in their next issue.


27 January, 2010 - Pimped Out Scooter Extreme: Sci-Fi?
Strange Scooter Lights
The ultimate in pimped-out scooters, or a scooter for a Sci-Fi movie.... ???



8 January, 2010 - Training Wheels For Scooters
TVS Scooty Training Wheels
TVS logo
TVS Motors in India offer a scooter, called very originally, Scooty, for girls, and it includes training wheels....

Kind of strange that they don't offer it for guys...Why is that? And don't say that guys can ride better than gals...


22 December, 2009 - Stretch Scooter
Stretch Vespa Scooter
Here's a pretty and handy Vespa scooter. It's a stretch version of a Vespa, made for Vespa South Africa for promotional activities.

But it might catch on when the cost of fuel goes North again.


24 November, 2009 - Video: Everyone Loves A Vespa, Even Harley Riders
Video clip
Vespa logo
Nice TV ad for Vespa scooters.... using Harley-Davidson motorcycles....

Brass balls for the producer of the ad...


11 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Hyosung Electric Scooter GEM 4.0 and 2.0
Hyosung logo
Hyosung showed other prototypes of electric scooters, the GEM 4.0 and the GEM 2.0.

Both look nice, but they remain prototypes. Maybe when the reach the 4.5 and 2.7 version will they go live....


5 November, 2009 - One Way To Make Sure No One Steals Your Scooter
If you want to make sure nobody makes off with your motorcycle or scooter, do what this owner did...

Put it in fresh concrete... no one can move it ... including yourself...


23 October, 2009 - Suzuki Introduces New Burgman Scooter With Fuel Cell
Suzuki logo
Suzuki have introduced a prototype hydrogen fuel cell scooter based on the popular Burgman scooter.

10 liters will get you a maximum of 300 kms range, but that only under special circumstances.



12 October, 2009 - Ohh How Sweet: Kids Rocking Vespa Scooter
Here's a very nicely done kids rocking horse, but instead of a horse, it's a Vespa scooter.

Well done... sweet!


27 August, 2009 - Customizing Your Scooter Saddle
YooStile saddle
Here's a company in Germany that customizes your scooter saddle by using photo-realistic prints on vinyl.

Ride on the photo of your girl/boy friend, or use the logo of your pizza delivery.

Prices start at €99...


9 July, 2009 - Hybrid Peugot Hymotion Motorcycle On Sale Next Year
Peugeot-hymotion hybrid scooter
Peugeot logo
Announced last year at the Paris car exhibition, the hybrid Peugeot Hymotion will go on sale next year.

With a 125 cc engine and two electric engines, performance should be that of a 400 cc scooter/motorcycle, while using only 2 liters per 100 kms, emitting only 47 grams / 100 km of CO2.

Not bad...


3 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Scooter - Save Money On Fuel
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice TV ad from Yamaha for their scooters.

Save fuel, ride a scooter... that's the message.


18 June, 2009 - Backup For Your Scooter
Need to bring your bicycle with you on your scooter/motorcycle?

That's a bit of a hassle, unless you're good with a few tubes and soldering equipment.


11 June, 2009 - Mirror, Mirror On The Motorcycle
When is more than 2 mirrors enough on a motorcycle or scooter?

Here are 8 extreme cases... you decide...


3 April, 2009 - BMW’s New C1 Replacement?
BMW logo
BMW, under the "Project I" think-tank, are designing a new ecological motorcycle/scooter for 2012.

Based on the C1 scooter concept, the bike will have a roof, transport 2 people, not require a helmet, and will have some form of alternative fuel engine.

Looks interesting!


16 December, 2008 - Video: Kawasaki Zone 125 TV Ad
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
A lame, but well done, Kawasaki Indonesia TV ad for their Zone 125 motorcycle scooter.

It's amazing what can be done with CGI nowadays, but I still prefer the good old fashion comical Kawasaki TV ads for a few years back.


3 December, 2008 - Sci-Fi Scooter/Motorcycle
Sci-fi scooter/motorcycle
This looks like the scooter/motorcycle of the future.

LCD screens, lots of lights (used to levitate the contraption?)... Alien UFO or just a plain simple Honda?


5 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: A Few Scooters
Here are some photos of scooters that caught my attention at EICMA 2008.

I don't know much about scoots, but these were special...



13 October, 2008 - Jeremy Clarkson On A Motorcycle!
Jeremy Clarkson on a scooter
Famous and notorious Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted riding a motorcycle scooter!

On its own not much news, except for Jeremy's position and attitude towards motorcycles and scooters! He HATES them. But here he is riding one himself.


8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Scooters
Intermot 2008 - Scooters
Back on popular demand (well one person, Maggie), here's a look at the scooters of Intermot motorcycle exhibition.

There are sooooo many, mostly from China, that they could have a separate show as big as Intermot.


14 August, 2008 - Off Road Riding With Your Scooter
Scooters in the mud
From the photo it's obvious that you can ride your scooter off road, though it's not a dirt motorcycle.

But somehow I don't think the people wanted to ride off road.. at least not with pleasure.


31 July, 2008 - Triumph Scooter
Triumph T10 Tina Scooter
A little know fact, but Triumph motorcycles used to make scooters once upon a time.

The 100 cc Tina T10 scooter had a short lived time, since the competition was fierce, and the Japanese were invading the motorcycle market. It cost Triumph dearly.


25 July, 2008 - US Scooter Sales Up 65% 1st Half 2008
Scooters sold sign
Guess what? Sales of scooters (and motorcycles) are through the roof!

In the US alone, during the 1st half of 2008 sales of scooters was up 65.7%!!


18 June, 2008 - New Airbag For Scooters
Scooter airbag
Scooters are now following their bigger motorcycle counterparts. They're being equipped with airbags.

Makes the world a safer place...


19 March, 2008 - John Kerry Rides The Vectrix, Forgets His Helmet
John Kerry on a Vectrix scooter
Senator (and ex-Presidential candidate) John Kerry is a motorcycle lover, we probably all know that.

He recently gave the electric Vectrix a twirl, but in the process forgot his helmet, despite a mandatory helmet law in the state.


13 March, 2008 - Electric Scooter Vectrix Scootering Away In The UK
Glasgow Police on Vectrix scooter
Vectrix logo
Vectrix may not be selling in the quantities they would have liked to the general public, but their sales to government agencies seem to be working.

In the UK, they just got two sales, one in London, and one in Glasgow.


18 February, 2008 - KTM Scooter In The Offering?
KTM Scooter
Is KTM finally moving into another market? After bicycles, street motorcycles and even cars, is KTM now going to produce scooters?

Scooters are a highly lucrative market segment, with more scooters sold than motorcycles, so why not?

Find out more...


1 February, 2008 - First 3-Wheel Scooter Taxi Comes To Paris
NIP Bike logo
Another motorcycle/scooter taxi company has started in Paris. Called NIP Bike Urban Transport, they used the Piaggio 400cc MP3 scooter.

Nice, cheap(ish) and fast.


22 January, 2008 - Ehh, Is That A Scooter?
Wacky but interesting design. The Mopah is a totally newly designed scooter/moped, that, as key, uses your iPod.

It'll only ride if you plug in your iPod, someone else's iPod will not power it.


21 January, 2008 - Anyone Want To Ride This Scooter?
LPG Gas Scooter
This somehow does not look like a safe implementation of running a scooter on gas ...

Would you want to ride this..??


7 December, 2007 - France: Scooter Publicity, or How To Make A Buck
ScootPub-Scooter Publicity
Two wheel publicity vans are becoming more and more popular in crowded and grid-locked cities.

here's an example of a French company offering street publicity, scooters dragging a trailer with billboards behind them.

Good idea..


16 November, 2007 - VW Bus Scooter Sidecar
VW Bus Sidecar for scooter
Wooow... a VW Bus sidecar for a scooter...

What will they think of next? Some job!! Nice....


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Vectrix
Vectrix, the electric scooter/motorcycle manufacturer showed off at EICMA 2007 some special version of their current electric scooter, different versions of their prototype 3 wheeler, and...

...their electric sports motorcycle. 200 kph, 1/4 mile in 12 seconds, costing €50,000....


1 November, 2007 - US Navy Blue Angels Scooter
US Navy Blue Angels
US Navy Blue Angels scooter
Going from the photo on the left to the one on the right takes some imagination.

Not a bad job...


31 October, 2007 - Ride Your Scooter Like A Honda Goldwing
Maxi Trailer for scooters
Maxi Trailers produce special trailers for scooters.

Great if you're into riding long distance on your Vespa or Lambretta, but don't have any luggage space to put your stuff.

Nice looking stuff too....


25 October, 2007 - Sci-Fi Scooter, Japanese Style
Honda Sci-Fi scooter
Take some Japanese, get a Honda scooter, mix in some fertile imagination, and let simmer for a few months.

The result: a scooter that would look really great in a Sci-Fi movie.



28 September, 2007 - Paris Mondial 2007: CargoBike
Paris Mondial 2007- CargoBike
Walking alongside the stands at the Paris Mondial Motorcycle Exhibition, I noticed this stuffed motorcycle.

It's called the CargoBike, and it's exactly that... a motorcycle to carry lots of cargo.


27 August, 2007 - Motorcycle/Scooter Desk Lamps
Lamponi Desk lamp
Lamponi produces works of art. They're desk lamps based on famous scooter and motorcycle manufacturers.

Have a Vespa or Indian desk lamp.


20 August, 2007 - Create A Video, Win A Vespa Scooter
Piaggio logo
Vespa logo
Piaggio USA are running a contest. Create a video showing Vespa in a positive light for global warming, and you can win a .... Vespa.

Grab your camera, and start shooting. You've got 2 months.


14 August, 2007 - Afraid to go from cars to scooters?
Car door on a scooter
Want to ease the transition from car to scooter? Don't feel too safe on two wheels?

Here's the solution!


8 August, 2007 - What Is Faster? Bird or Scooter?
Scooter Police chasing ostrich
Scooter Police chasing an ostrich!

Who's faster?


2 August, 2007 - Slightly Modified Yamaha Majesty
Yamaha Majesty Modified
Now, this is what I call a customized scooter. It's a Yamaha Majesty.

Where are the missiles?


6 June, 2007 - Renting A MP3 Scooter At Paris
Piaggio MP3 scooter
If you need to travel to Paris, France by airplane, you'll probably will want to go downtown with a two-wheeler, since traffic is terrible.

But how about going on three wheels ??

There's a company in Orly that rents out Piaggio MP3 scooters!

€89 per day, unlimited mileage.... off you go!


24 April, 2007 - ScootGP, Not MotoGP
Scooter racing
Scooter racing!

Quite spectacular, considering that these machines are not race motorcycle. They have rather large skirting boards, small wheels, and you're not exactly sitting in an aerodynamic position.

This photos "stolen" from Vespinoy, where you can find tons of other photos of the scooter race.


20 February, 2007 - Video: How To Go Really Fast On A Scooter
Video clip inside
So you want your scooter to run really fast ? Simple, put in a bigger engine, and boost it with a nitro system. See the video! Fun !


29 January, 2007 - Horse Scooter or is it Scooter Horse ?
Scooter as Horse
A very strange photos of some contraption being pulled by a scooter, without a rider; a bit like a horse and carriage.

Have a look, and judge yourself.


15 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Sym - Woow ! (5 photos)
From all the stands we saw, from all the attention grabbers, SYM were by far the most creative.

Imagine having STRIPPERS on your stand, stripping out of their clothes, and pole dancing !!

Way to go Sym !


20 June, 2006 - Female Scooter
Furry Scooter
I don't think we're wrong in claiming that this scooter belongs to a girl.


1 February, 2006 - Scooters TV - A First ?
ScooterScoop TV Show
Here's a first (we think). has launched a first TV show that can be downloaded or viewed directly from your PC 'but you need to live in a country currently serviced by Google Video).


4 March, 2005 - Honda’s Hybrid Scooter
Honda Numo Scooter
Honda releases a prototype hybrid scooter (where's my hybrid motorcycles ??).


28 July, 2004 - Sophisticated Scooter - Piaggio X9
Piaggio X9 Dashboard
Piaggio have come out with a high tech scooter, the X9.


10 May, 2004 - UK Denies BMW C1 Riders to Ride Without Helmet
C1 rider
The UK High Court has ruled that riding without helmet on a BMW C1 is illegal.


23 January, 2004 - Wrong Exit Strategy
Fun Article
A small animated photo of a scooter rider that exits a parking garage without looking.



4 July, 2003 - Dog Poop Motorcycles
Motocrotte (Dog Shit Motorcycle)
The French have scooters that are equipped with a vacuum cleaner that patrol the sidewalks and "suck" in all dog shit.....



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