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25 May, 2015 - 25 Special, Weird & Wacky Motorcycle Sidecars - Part 3
#Sidecars #Weird - It's been a while since we've shown you very special motorcycle sidecars. Sidecars on their own are special already, but sometimes the owners go a few steps further in customizing their rides. Of course many have changed their sidecar to be more "beautiful", but others out of necessity. In other words, sidecars that can be used professionally. Here are 25 such special sidecars, beautiful, useful and/or just plain wacky.


16 March, 2015 - If Ducati Were To Make A Sidecar, This Would Be It
Ducati Sportclassic sidecar
Ducati logo
If ever Ducati would decide to start making sidecars instead if just motorcycles, this should be their first one. Based on the SportClassic Sport 1000, it's a jewel.


21 January, 2015 - Movie: Johnny Depp, Ural Motorcycles and Mortdecai
Mortdecai movie Ural
#Movie #JohnnyDepp #Ural - We got some interesting information about the Ural Motorcycle chase scene in the new Johnny Depp movie Mortdecai. Looks like an excellent and very funny movie.


5 January, 2015 - A Good Motorcycle Ride, When You Outgun SUVs
Outgunning SUVs
#Funny #GunsOnMotorcycles - This is of course a recurring wet dream of mine. Being able to ride my motorcycle and blast away at any SUV or car that misbehaves on the road.

Who's your daddy now?


10 October, 2014 - Philippines: Where Old Sidecars Go And Die
Philippines Sidecar Graveyard
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Sidecars - Looks like a motorcycle sidecar graveyard to me. Sad....


16 September, 2014 - Now I Understand Why People Use Motorcycle Sidecars
Sidecar washer
#Sidecars #Funny #WashingMachines - So this is why you need a sidecar. Makes sense.....(and no, I'm not saying it's a woman's thing ... no sexism to be found here).


8 September, 2014 - Real Motorcycle Ambulances
Motorcycle Real Ambulance
Motorcycle Real Ambulance
#Ambulances #Sidecars #Medical - Often in many countries you can not get to a medical emergency and transport the needy quickly and efficiently with a normal (and expensive) ambulance. That is why there are many motorcycle ambulances operating in these areas of the world. fast, efficient and low cost. Here are several of them.


1 September, 2014 - Annual Ural European Meeting - Sense Of Humor
Ural European Meeting 2014
Ural logo
#Ural #Event #Austria - Russian Ural motorcycles are holding their annual gathering for European riders next weekend, and their PR department have a wicked sense of humor if you have a look at the event's poster. Wicked.


9 July, 2014 - Netherlands: Discover Amsterdam In Style - With A Sidecar
Amsterdam by Sidecar
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Touring #Sidecar - What better way to discover Amsterdam then by motorcycle sidecar? You get your private rider/guide, microphone/loudspeaker fitted helmets and a cool way of touring the city.


7 July, 2014 - That Could Work Nicely - Motorcycle Bench Sidecar
Bench Sidecar
#Sidecar #Bench #Creativity - What a great idea... this could well work.


24 April, 2014 - Video: Ural Philippines
Ural Philippines Video
Ural logo
#Ural #Philippines #Video - It's not everyday you get to see an infomercial or video from Ural in the Philippines, but here you go.

In this 2 and 1/2 minutes video you get to see two Ural motorcycle sidecars playing around in the Philippines landscapes.


21 January, 2014 - Half Of The Russian Ural Motorcycles Sold In The USA
Cany Barville 2013 Ural M63 from 1972, 650cc
Ural logo
#Ural #Sidecars - Amazing! 50% of the Russian Ural motorcycle production is sold in the USA. 95% is exported worldwide. Anyone say cold war?


3 December, 2013 - Ad: Ural Gaucho Rambler - Russian Sidecar At Its Best
Ural Gaucho Ad USA
Ural logo
#Ural #Sidecar #Advertisement - A nice print ad for the new Ural Gaucho Rambler sidecar. New paint job, add some gadgets and you have a new motorcycle. Cool.


29 November, 2013 - Video: Ural Sidecar - Let Life Take You For A Ride
Ural Sidecar Let Life Take You
Ural logo
#Ural #Advertisment - A beautiful TV commercial for Ural sidecars, based on a true adventure ride from Patagonia to Alaska. Enjoyable.


1 August, 2013 - DIY Redneck Motorcycle Sidecar
DIY Red neck Sidecar
#Funny #Sidecar #DIY - Hmmmm creativity known no boundaries. Making your own motorcycle sidecar seems easy.


18 June, 2013 - Ads: Ural Motorcycles - Break Out Of Boredom
Ural Break Out
Ural logo
#Ural #Advertisement - Even Russian motorcycle manufacturers advertise. Everyone has to advertise, but to be successful, you need to do good, if not great, ads. Russian motorcycle maker Ural has two good print ads.

Both ads say it all, the tag line reads "Routine, boredom, office slavery and chains of marriage – this is not about people who ride bikes. Ural motorcycle sets you free. It helps you get away from all this, and gives you absolute freedom.".

There you go, Ural sets you free. So go little bird, enjoy your freedom.


18 June, 2012 - Relooked Ural Sidecar
Destino Ural Sidecar 1
Australia flag
The Ural sidecar has been around for ages. Made in Russia, the Ural is a beast in a field of beauties, but it's a beast that can take almost any punishment you can throw at it, and still beg for more.

Used as army motorcycle, and on its own it's a special and noticeable motorcycle sidecar. But the folks are Destino in Australia re-looked the sidecar into something more modern and pretty......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 April, 2012 - Matra Announce 1st Electric Sidecar
Matra SIDE scooter sidecar
Matra logo
#sidecar #electric - To our knowledge this is the first ever electric sidecar that will appear in the market shortly. But before you imagine an electric Ural or similar, I'm sorry to have to disappoint you.

The Matra SIDE is an electric scooter, with an equivalent of a 50cc engine, i.e., a moped. The SIDE uses as basis the Matra e-MO XP electric scooter, to which they have added a sidecar.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 September, 2011 - Great Idea: Surfboard Motorcycle Sidecar
Surf board sidecar
What a great photo and idea...

A surfboard attached to a motorcycle (ridden by a very pretty girl) like a sidecar.

Two passions in one!


6 June, 2011 - Ewan McGregor, A Motorcycle Sidecar And A Dog
Ewan McGregor Sidecar and Dog
Ewan McGregor bought a motorcycle sidecar. Not to transport his lovely wife, but to bring along his dog.

Any reason to go for a motorcycle ride is a good one, and bringing the dog for a ride is as good as it gets.


26 May, 2011 - A 5 Wheels Motorcycle?
5 wheels motorcycle
You've got to ask yourself what is going on here.

Is the scooter a backup for the motorcycle? Is it a break-down service for small motorcycles and scooters? Is it a his and hers thing?


4 April, 2011 - 45 Special, Weird & Wacky Motorcycle Sidecars - Part 2
Last year we've shown you 52 rather special, wacky and/or weird sidecars, either motorcycle or scooter ones.

Time for another look. Here are 45 out of this world sidecars.


25 November, 2010 - Sport Motorcycle With Small, Streamlined Sport Sidecar
Aerodynamic Motorcycle Sidecar
We all know that having a sidecar next to your motorcycle is going to slow things down. Sidecars, even the modern, aerodynamic ones, create quite a lot of drag.

And if you don't really need a sidecar other than transporting something small, then why not opt for this...


24 November, 2010 - What Else Would You Use A Motorcycle Sidecar For?
Motorcycle sidecar drums
Why else bother having a motorcycle sidecar?


25 October, 2010 - Motorcycle Police In South Korea Are VERY Young
Korea Police Kids Sidecar
Wow. They sure start motorcycle cops in South Korea really young.

I mean, this is young to be a motorcycle cop...are there no laws against child labor?


17 September, 2010 - Now That Is The Way To Carry A Lot Of People
Sidecar Lots of people
Need more than 7 or 8 people on your motorcycle? This guy can help. He's got it figured out.

A sidecar on his motorcycle is not enough.... a roof can also carry passengers.


3 May, 2010 - 52 Special Motorcycle Sidecars
Sidecar with girls
Motorcycle (or scooter) sidecars, don't need to be boring....

Some sidecars are incredibly designed, and some are made to be very practical. Here are 52 motorcycle sidecars that are unusual.


19 January, 2010 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Speedboat
Speedboat Motorcycle Sidecar
Speedboat BSA Motorcycle Sidecar
Very nice. Here are two motorcycle sidecars with a speedboat as the sidecar part.

Both look like you can actually put the speedboat part into the water... cool.


14 January, 2010 - Italy: Motorcycle Sidecar Museum
Sidecar Museum Poster
Sidecar Museum
In a small town in middle Italy, known for its motorcycle sidecar races, there is an interesting museum.

Two exhibits are shown in the museum; sidecars and Motorcycles & Cinema.

A worthwhile visit.


3 December, 2009 - Motorcycle Trailer As Sidecar
Sidecar storage trailer
Who said that a motorcycle trailer, the one you pull, has to be behind you?

Not Tow-Pac, who have a motorcycle "trailer" which is located besides you, just like a sidecar.

Interesting concept, is it not?


19 November, 2009 - Motorcycle Sidecar - Extreme Decorations
Motorcycel sidecar with lots of lights and horns
You'd think this motorcycle sidecar is a bit over the top...??? Poor battery when all the lights are on and the horns are blown..


30 October, 2009 - Pimp-out My Motorcycle Sidecar
Talk about decorating your motorcycle sidecar.

Is too much, too much?


13 October, 2009 - Wheelchair Sidecar Motorcycle - Simple and Effective
Nicely done and executed modification of a sidecar to accommodate a wheelchair. It allows a wheelchair biker to roll in the wheelchair and ride away, with the motorcycle command & control units on the sidecar portion.



7 August, 2009 - Braving The Morning Rush Hour On A Motorcycle
To face the morning rush hour when riding a motorcycle, you either have to be very brave in some cities, or have the right equipment.

These three lads have both...


28 July, 2009 - Chinese Army Motorcycle Stunt
Passenger: Please stop.. we need to change the side tire on the motorcycle sidecar!

Rider: Stop? Are you out of your cotton pickin' mind. We've got to eat!

Passenger: Okay, I'll change it on the go, please lean to the left...


24 July, 2009 - Special Edition Ural Sidecar: Red October
Ural logo
Russian Ural motorcycles has a 30 unit special edition sidecars the Red October.

The special edition is to honor the book/movie The Hunt For Red October...


23 July, 2009 - Coffin Motorcycle - Not A Hearse
Nice customization job. It's a motorcycle/sidecar combo in the shape of a coffin.

So it's not a hearse, but it does have a coffin... hmmmm..


2 July, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Canoe


24 June, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Laverada Supercar
Here is another amazing sidecar! It's based on a Laverda motorcycle, and a home built supercar as the "side".

It took 10 years to make this amazing beauty! Incredible passion!


23 June, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Citroen 2CV
Here's a very interesting combination of the famous Citroen 2CV car and a motorcycle. The 2CV sidecar.

Very nicely done...


10 June, 2009 - Movies On Motorcycles
Nice idea, some creative entrepreneur is going around with his mobile cinema on a motorcycle-sidecar.

The projector is built-in to the sidecar part of the motorcycle. Good idea, I hope it works out for him.


4 May, 2009 - DIY Motorcycle Sidecar #2
Motorcycle sidecars do not need to be expensive. yes, you can go out and buy a Ural with sidecar, but this solution is cheaper.

He only got the position wrong...


21 April, 2009 - Cool Motorcycle Sidecar, And I Mean COOL!
This is a COOL, if not ICE COLD, motorcycle and sidecar. It's part of the Cool Cycles Ice Cream Co's offering for those of you looking for something to do, and make a buck or two.

US$39,000 gets you a franchise, including the motorcycle, allowing you to go to events and sell ice cream out of the motorcycle sidecar.

What a cool idea...


17 April, 2009 - eRanger: Motorcycle Ambulance Manufacturer
eRanger motorcycle ambulance
As a follow-up of the article for 2 weeks ago about motorcycle ambulances in the Sudan, here's a look at the company that makes these versatile and cheap ambulances.

eRanger produces not only motorcycle ambulances, but also mobile medical clinics, water treatment and even mobile education units.

Very cool products!


6 April, 2009 - Sudan Combats Maternal Mortality With Motorcycles
UNICEF have deployed these special motorcycle sidecar ambulances in Southern Sudan.

The female mortality rate at childbirth there is the highest in the world, with one out of 6 women dying at childbirth.

The motorcycle ambulance will bring the women to proper healthcare facilities.


19 February, 2009 - Dog On Motorcycle Sidecar USA Tour
Sidecar dog
Video clip
Van Federick and his faithful dog, Bobaji, are travelling cross the USA in a motorcycle sidecar, with a mission.

They want people to know the advantages of neutering/splaying your animals, hopefully stopping all the animals in the overcrowded shelters from being put to sleep.

They even produced a nice and catchy video.


12 February, 2009 - History: Jaguar Motorcycle Sidecar
Here's something I just learned while surfing the net...

Did you know that the famous car manufacturer Jaguar, started life as a luxury motorcycle sidecar manufacturer. The step from sidecars to cars was an easy one, but for quite some time, they made both.


14 January, 2009 - DIY Motorcycle Sidecar
Selfmade sidecar
Need a motorcycle sidecar, but can't afford one.

Here's one way of getting one on the cheap...


5 December, 2008 - Mad Max? Naw, Kids Stuff!
Russian Ghost-Rider
And you thought the motorcycles in Mad Max were rough and ready.

Try this one...


21 November, 2008 - Beaujolais Nouveau And Motorcycles
Beaujolais Nouveau on a Motorcycle
Is it a good idea to mix motorcycles and wine?

Even if the wine is a Beaujolais Nouveau..


28 October, 2008 - Is It A Quad? A Sidecar ? A Motorcycle?
Here's a very strange and unusual vehicle, a cross between a motorcycle (Voxan), sidecar and a quad.

It has four wheels, three of them turn, and two side panels like in a sidecar. It's the K-Pteron.


3 September, 2008 - 2 Seats Not Enough On A Motorcycle? Want 5? No Problem
5 Seat 4 engines Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Sometimes 2 or even 3 seats just isn't enough on a motorcycle. If you got a SWMBO and 3 kids, you've got a problem.

But not for this Harley-Davidson dealer in the USA. Using 4 engines, he made a single motorcycle with 5 seats.

Oh yeah, he also used a beer keg!


19 August, 2008 - Motorcycle For Dirty Bikers
Bath tub motorcycle
What to do when you get dirty from riding your motorcycle all day long?

Here's the solution...


25 July, 2008 - How To Fit 7 People On A Motorcycle
Big motorcycle sidecar
That's simple, each one gets his/her own sidecar.

Nice PhotoChop.....


25 June, 2008 - One Spouse, 2 Kids: What To Ride?
Zeus sidecar motorcycle
Celtic motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle while you have a spouse and 2 kids is going to be difficult (unless you live in Asia, where you can fit 10 people on a bike). French company Side-Bike has the solution; ZEUS

Zeus is a 2 person side car, two wheel drive equipped with a 2 liter Peugeot engine developing more torque than you can shake a stick at. Add in the pillion, and your average family of 2 plus 1.2 kids can ride a motorcycle.

or you can use the hot-rod style trike, the Celtic. This time we're talking THREE wheel drive, and faster than the car equivalent. This motorcycle will hold 2 passengers, plus all their luggage.


24 June, 2008 - Want To Ride A Motorcycle Sidecar In Style?
Zion motorcycle with sidecar
Riding on a motorcycle is not exactly easy. It's not like driving a Bentley is it?

Manilla Imperial Motors has the product to change that; the Zion Motorcycle with sidecar. Even as the rider you have a sunroof..


22 January, 2008 - Cute Photo: Dogs On Motorcycle
2 dogs on a sidecar
This is one of those photos you go "ahhhh, how cute".

Two dogs on a motorcycle...


21 December, 2007 - Getting Your Christmas Tree On Your Motorcycle?
Christmas tree on a motorcycle sidecar
Who said you couldn't get a Christmas tree on your motorcycle?

Not this one.... all you need is a sidecar...


16 November, 2007 - VW Bus Scooter Sidecar
VW Bus Sidecar for scooter
Wooow... a VW Bus sidecar for a scooter...

What will they think of next? Some job!! Nice....


12 June, 2007 - Airplane Sidecar
T-Motor Sidecar
Henrik Tóth must have spent quite some time transforming his Yamaha into this sidecar.

Notice the details (including bullet holes). He won a motorcycle show in Hungary with this design.


28 May, 2007 - Touring Normandy On A Ural Sidecar
Moto Masala Map
We've written a lot about exotic places to tour on your holidays, but here in Normandy, you can also book your holidays, riding the World War II beaches in style.

Moto Masala will organize your tour riding a Ural sidecar or a Royal Enfield Bullet. Prices are very reasonable, and you'll be staying in charming B&B's along the way.

What better way to discover Normandy then in style!


16 May, 2007 - A Sidecar As a Wheelchair! Great Job!
Ural motorcycle with wheelchair sidecar
How cool is this? Steve modified his Ural motorcycle with sidecar to be able to transport Heather's wheelchair.

Heavy modifications were needed, but now they can both ride on the motorcycle without any problems!



25 December, 2005 - Camouflaged Santa Claus on Motorcycle
Camou Claus on Sidecar
A camouflaged Santa Claus riding a motorcycle sidecar.


11 November, 2005 - Blogsite: The Harley Sidecar’s Dakar Race
Wild Hog Racing Motorcycle Sidecar Blog
The Harley-Davidson vRod sidecar team now have a blog site about their efforts to get underway for the Dakar rally.


9 November, 2005 - Interview: Scott Whitney (HogWildRacing)
Scott Whitney
An interview with motorcycle sidecar contestant in the next Dakar race; Scott Whitney.


5 August, 2005 - Heading To The Netherlands On My Motorcycle
Motorcycle sidecar and cow
Holy cow !


13 July, 2005 - Harley Motorcycle in the Dakar 2006
Hog Wild Racing team
A "real" Harley-Davidson V-Rod is racing in the next Dakar !


10 December, 2004 - Motorcycle Moving Truck
Manila (c) Aaron Favila
Photo of a motorcycle, very heavy loaded !


29 July, 2004 - Another Motorcycle Hearse - Nice One
Tombstone Hearse
Another motorcycle hearse for the biker who wants his (her) last trip in style.


9 April, 2004 - "Urban Warfare" Motorcycles For Sale In Iraq
650cc Russian-made Ural motorcycle
Iraq has 1500 Ural motorcycles for sale including sidecars.


2 February, 2004 - Adventure Rider Looking for a Condor 650 Motorcycle Sidecar
Condor 650
Fellow Motorcycle Blogger, Carla King, is looking for a Condor 650 motorcycle sidecar.


8 December, 2003 - Good Use of a Motorcycle
Beer motorcycle carrier
Photo of a motorcycle carrying beer...


13 November, 2003 - A Harley to Enter the Paris-Dakar Motorcycle Race ?
Harley v-Rod sidecar
Dakar logo
A Harley sidecar is looking at competing in the Paris-Dakar....


10 October, 2003 - Prewar II BMW R71 Motorcycle
Chang Jiang BMW R71 Replica
Always wanted a pre World War II motorcycle with sidecar....



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