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24 August, 2015 - Thailand: Stallions - Thai Motorcycle Manufacturer
Stallions Centaur Classic 150
Stallions logo
#Stallions #Thailand - Almost every country has a motorcycle manufacturer, and Thailand is not exception. Here is Stallions motorcycles, with several motorcycles and scooters. But as companies go, this one is strange in its information and communications. And what's that BMW logo doing on one of their bikes?


24 July, 2015 - I Hope He Is Not Hungry - Motorcycle Made Out Of Spoons
Spoon Motorcycle
USA flag
#Art #Sculpture #Spoons - Imagine that! A motorcycle made 100% out of spoons. Let us hope he left some spoons in the house to eat with. This is a piece of art in its purest form, 100% spoon. In other words, a spoonful.


23 July, 2015 - Patents: Two Wheel Drive Motorcycle
Patent Two Wheel Drive
USA flag
#Patents #2WD #Rokon - Here is a patent that was submitted (and granted) in 2005 calling for a two wheel drive motorcycle. This patent uses chains to drive both wheels, and it looks very similar to the Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle, so much so, that I expect that the Rokon uses this patent. What do you think?


16 July, 2015 - Lara by Viba, MV Agusta Based Scrambler - Pretty
Viba Lara 800
Viba logo
#Viba #Scramblers - Viba is a small French motorcycle customization company, but with great ideas and talent. They have produced a limited edition Scrambler, called the Lara 800, based on a MV Agusta engine. Looks really rad, elegant and sporty at the same time. Only 23 of these will be made.


16 July, 2015 - Want To Buy A Vintage Motorcycle For Not That Much Cash?
DKW RT Standard
Heinkel Scooter with Sidecar
#Auction #Vintage - Buying a vintage motorcycle or scooter at an auction doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Here is one internet auction, that finishes next Tuesday, with some reasonably priced vintage motorcycles. Tempting...


12 June, 2015 - Is This The Future MotoGP Motorcycle ?
BMW IR MotoGP Concept
USA flag
#Electric #Design #BMW #MotoGP - Motorcycles evolve, and so do the ones in MotoGP racing. In the near future, when gasoline runs out, or costs $100 per liter, races will no longer be held with ICE bikes. The current fad is electric motorcycles, since they are already racing them albeit not for MotoGP. But the time will come.

American designer Jordan Cornille from Detroit thought so too, so he designed an electric motorcycle for MotoGP racing, and gave it a BMW identity (which means BMW would be racing MotoGP..finally) and called in iR Concept.


6 May, 2015 - Turkish Designer Makes Luscious Alfa Romeo Motorcycle
Alfa Romeo Spirito
Turkey flag
#AlfaRomeo #Turkey #Design - This Turkish designer makes some beautiful works of art. He already showed us a fantastic BMW motorcycle, and now he has made an incredible looking Alfa Romeo. Introducing the Alfa Romeo Spirito motorcycle.


29 April, 2015 - Zaeta Motorcycles Comes To North America - Bikers Rejoice
Zaeta SE530
Zaeta logo
#Zaeta #FlatTrack - You may never have heard of the motorcycle manufacturer Zaeta, but it's Italian, great at flat track and it's part designer is none other than Valentino Rossi's father. That's because the bike is used to train MotoGP (and other motorcycle racers) to slide into the curves. And now you can buy a street version of the bike, and you can do that even if you live in North America.


22 April, 2015 - The New Mash Cafe Racers - Old But New
Mash Cafe Racer 250
Mash logo
Chinese/French motorcycle maker Mash make some interesting retro-looking motorcycles. Another one of their latest are two Cafe Racers; 125 and 250. Nice looking and very affordable.


16 April, 2015 - Mash Von Dutch 400 - Cool Retro Motorcycle
Mash von Dutch 400
Mash logo
#Mash-Motors #Retro #VonDutch - Mash, the Chinese/French motorcycle manufacturer, have released after their successful presentation at Eicma, the Mash Von Dutch 400 motorcycle. A nice retro looking motorcycle, which even includes a kickstarter.


30 March, 2015 - The New Mash Adventure Motorcycle - Not Bad
Mash 400 Adventure
Mash logo
Mash, a joint-venture between a French and a Chinese company, makes some very interesting retro motorcycles sold for modest sums. Mash have now extended their growing range with the 400 Adventure motorcycle. Sold cheap and looks interesting. But it'll not beat BMW, or KTM, or Kawasaki, or ... etc.


18 March, 2015 - The Exceptional Motorcycle BMW Should Have Made
BMW Urban Racer Concept
BMW Urban Racer Concept
#BMW #Concept - This is one motorcycle that BMW should be making, but probably never will, since it's too radical. The concept was designed by Jans Shlapins who is no stranger to headlines. The concept, BMW Urban Racer, looks and should feel like a winner.


12 March, 2015 - The Kymco Muscle Cruiser?
Kymco Hipster
Kymco logo
#Kymco #MuscleCruiser - In stumbled upon this muscle motorcycle when waiting for a train. It looks like a cross between a Yamaha V-Max and a BMW R1200 Cruiser. So I looked it up...


5 March, 2015 - Thunderbike’s Precision-R Custom Motorcycle
Thunderbike Precision R
Germany flag
#Thunderbike #Custom #Germany - Germany has a custom motorcycle builder, Thunderbike, who has made a beautiful bike called Precision-R; a combo between steampunk, gothic and art deco. Really nice.


12 February, 2015 - 1957 Chevy Motorcycle, Harley Engine, French Build
1957 Chevy
#Chevrolet #Custom - Here is an amazingly beautiful custom motorcycle; based on the 1957 Chevy. Based on the iconic American car, with an Harley-Davidson engine, but designed and built by a Frenchman.


8 January, 2015 - Custom Making Your Motorcycle - A Different Way - Ryca
Ryca RR 1 Bobber
Ryca CS 1 Cafe Racer
#Customization #CafeRacer #Bobber - Making your own bobber, cafe racer, scrambler etc is fun, but hard work, and you need a lot of patience. Unless you have it made, but that is really reserved for Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Jay Leno. But Ryca offer another option: ready-made kits to transform your motorcycle into a kickass custom model at an affordable price.


20 November, 2014 - Brazil: Dafra - A Motorcycle Manufacturer Wanting Global Domination
Dafra Products
Dafra logo
#Dafra #Brazil - A look at a Brazilian motorcycle manufacturer with global ambitions, Dafra.


11 November, 2014 - Concept: Electric Mono-Motorcycle Inspired By Dyson
Dyke Electric Motorcycle
Singapore flag
#Design #Concept #Electric - Imran from Singapore designed this very futuristic mono-wheel electric motorcycle, inspired by the Dyson Air Multiplier. Interesting.


15 October, 2014 - China: World’s Longest Stretch Electric Motorcycle
Long Electric Motorcycle
China flag
#China #Electric #Scooter - Only in China. They made a 4.7 meter long electric scooter. Woow.


2 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: SnakeMotors
Snake Motors
Snake Motors
#SnakeMotors #CafeRacers - Here is a company I found at Intermot who produces some very beautiful cafe racer vintage motorcycle, with 50 cc, 125 cc or 250 cc. Surprisingly, they are not that expensive, considering they are works of art.


5 September, 2014 - This Ecology Movement Has Gone Too Far
Eco Motorcycle Too Far
#Funny #Ecology - Really! There are limits to the ecology movement..... this has got to stop.


20 August, 2014 - New Luxury Motorcycle - The Midual Type 1
Midual Type 1
Midual logo
#Midual #Luxury - A new luxury motorcycle has been presented. Coming from France, country of many famous luxury brands, the Midual Type 1 is a beauty, and it's expensive. How much? If you gotta ask, forget about it (pssst... it's €140.000).


11 August, 2014 - When Mopeds Become Lethal - Motoped Survival
Motopeds Survival
Motopeds Survival
#Mopeds #Survival - Mopeds can be a pain in the ass, but not the ones from Motopeds. In fact, their Survival moped is beautifully designed, and full of survival gear, and optional can be fitted with a 50 Cal machine gun. Watch that trucker move out of the way.


23 July, 2014 - Russia: Amazingly Detailed Wooden Motorcycle - Beauty
Wooden IZH 49
Russia flag
#Russia #Wooden #IZH-49 - A carpenter in Russia to keep himself occupied during those long winter nights created this master piece: a 1:1 detailed copy of the Russian IZH-49 motorcycle. An amazing detailed copy made totally out of wood. Impressive.


14 July, 2014 - Motorcycle Loaded For Bear Hunting ... I Think
Loaded to hunt bear vespa
#Vespa #Military #Customized - This looks like they are ready to hunt a bear or something. In fact, it's a "military" Vespa PX.


5 June, 2014 - Hyosung ST7 Cruiser Concept - Ducati Diavel Killer?
Hyosung ST7 Cruiser Concept
Hyosung logo
#Hyosung #Concept #PowerCruiser - Korean Hyosung (or whatever they are called nowadays) together with the Indian importer DSK Hyosung, have created a concept of their new power cruiser. We'll be seeing it probably at Intermot or Eicma this year. But can it beat a Diavel or H-D 750?


2 June, 2014 - Philippines: Water Pump Powered Motorcycles
Philippines Kuliglig
Philippines flag
#Philippines #WaterPump #kuliglig - No, you read it wrong. It's not water-powered motorcycles, but water PUMP powered motorcycles they ride in The Philippines. Interesting idea to convert a water pump into a motorcycle engine. It's cheap and very efficient. The bikes are called 'kuliglig', meaning cricket.


6 May, 2014 - Ad: Kasinski - Designed to Escape Traffic
Ad Kasinski Wind Tunnel
Kasinski logo
#Kasinski #Advertisement - Here is a pretty good print ad from Brazilian Kasinski for a Hyosung Comet GT 650R clone. Nice art work, it speaks to me.


27 March, 2014 - Tarus - The Russian Incredible 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycle/ATV
#AWD #Tarus #2-Wheel-Drive - The Russian Tarus is AMAZING as motorcycles go. 2 Wheel drive, weighs less than 50 kgs and packs an enormous surprise (you can see it in the attached video).

Amazing motorcycle/ATV.


10 February, 2014 - M1nsk Releases Dual Sport Motorcycle, The TRX 300i
M1nsk TRX 300i
M1nsk logo
#M1nsk #Minsk - M1nsk, a blast from the past, have recently released an interesting dual-sport motorcycle. Here is the TRX 300i.


4 December, 2013 - Paris Salon 2013: MASH Motorcycles
Mash Motorcycle Cafe Racer
Mash Motorcycle Seventy Five
The largest importer of motorcycle in France showed an interesting and very cheap series of motorcycles called MASH. Nice and cheap.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: New, But Does Not Look It - Bylot Motorcycles
Bylot Eicma 2013
Bylot Eicma 2013
#Bylot #Eicma #Vintage - It is nice to see startups at Eicma. This is Italian Bylot who is making new vintage scramblers. Very nicely done.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Brough Superior S.S.100 Motorcycle - Spectacular!
Brough Superior SS 100 Eicma 2013
Brough Superior SS 100 Eicma 2013
#BroughSuperior #Eicma #SS100 - For me, one of the most beautiful and impressive motorcycles on show at Eicma was the rebirth of the Brough Superior S.S. 100. Amazing to see this mythical bike back in business.


31 October, 2013 - It Is Halloween, So You Need To Ride A Halloween Motorcycle
Halloween Motorcycle
Halloween Motorcycle
#Halloween #Motorcycle #PumpkinMotorcycle - Today is Halloween, so apart from seeing a lot of carved pumpkins, you really need to be riding a pumpkin motorcycle. Whether you like or not, it's a question of style, my biggest question is what does the motorcycle owner do all other days of the year???


3 July, 2013 - Ride The Revolutionary Revolver Motorcycle
#Design #CompressedAir #Motorcycle - There's nothing that says a motorcycle should have a certain look or style. There are no laws, apart from physics and gravity, that apply to the design of a bike, and design student Darren Kuo from Taiwan has understood that very well.

Darren has designed this amazingly striking motorcycle called "Revolver" as his graduation project. The bike looks at first glance to be pretty awesome, but there's more to the motorcycle than what meets the eye..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 May, 2013 - Steam Train Motorcycle - Cool Design
Train Wreck Motorcycle
Train Wreck Motorcycle
#Steam #Train #Design - It looks like design student Colby Higgins in Boston has combined several of his passions; design, steam trains and motorcycles. He has created a motorcycle that looks like a steam train. A perfect design:

Now if it could really work with steam, the bike could make a fortune during these tough times. With petrol costing an arm & a leg, imagine putting some wood or coals in the motorcycle and steaming away, like they used to do in the past...........

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20 May, 2013 - If The Red Baron Would Have A Motorcycle, This Would Be It
Red Baron Motorcycle
#Amazing #Strange #Chopper - If ever the famous and notorious Red Baron would have had a motorcycle, this one would have been it. It's a custom made chopper, using a real aircraft engine, in this case a radial engine.

You should have a look at the video below, and TURN UP THE VOLUME. This is one engine you'll want to hear purr away. Amazing. I'd say the motorcycle has an enormous torque, but also that it's very heavy...........

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6 May, 2013 - OSSA Release Two New and Updated Trial Motorcycle Models
Ossa Factory 125
OSSA logo
#Ossa - Spanish legendary motorcycle manufacturer Ossa, risen from the ashes a few years back, has been beavering away making new models. And they seem to be doing a good job, since they had for a few years only one model in their catalog, now they have 6.

- Factory 125
- Factory R 300..........

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25 March, 2013 - France: 100 Year Celebration of the Motorcycle
Cany Barville 2013 BMW R69S (600cc) from 1967
Cany Barville 2013 Portuguese Casal from 1980, 50cc (Zundapp base)
Usually when I go out to make photos for an article, it involves packing up my motorcycle with all my cameras, computers, sleeping gear, toothbrush, etc, or it might involve planes, trains and automobiles. But whatever the mode of transportation, it'll mean it's going to take a while before I get there, and even longer before I get back. That's because I live in the real countryside, in a small (186 inhabitants) village in Upper Normandy. My next door neighbors are cows, and I mean the animals.

Once or twice I've had something as a source for an article close-by, usually 15 to 30 minutes ride from my house, and that made me happy, but last weekend on Sunday, in the closest town to me, Cany-Barville, was a exhibition called "100 Years of Motorcycles". Cany-Barville is almost at walking distance from my house, a little over 5 kilometers, so the expo got marked in big black marker in my agenda (something my iPad did not like), since it was going to be one I was not going to miss.

The only thing that troubled me, and I never got a response, was why "100 years". Motorcycles have existed for more than 100 years. Anyway, it didn't spoil my fun. So off I went to the exhibition. Now do remember, we're in the middle of "shit-kicker" country, so whatever it was going to be was small but done with gusto. ..........

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20 March, 2013 - Ever Hear Of Motorcycle Manufacturer Italika? They’re Big
Italika RT200
Italika logo
I thought I knew most of the big motorcycle manufacturers out there, but I was wrong (as usual). When you have a manufacturer who makes some 200,000 motorcycles and scooters per year, you'd expect to know them, right? I mean, Ducati is world famous, but only produces some 50,000 units per year, so 4 times that should be even more know....

The company is called Italika, and they are Mexico's big motorcycle manufacturer. They started using the Korean Hyosung motorcycle as their basis, assembling them in Mexico, but now they're on their own. They design and make several models and sell them not only in Mexico but Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama and Brazil.

As far as market share goes, Atalika "own" the Mexican market with some 63% market share in 2011; impressive for a company created in 2005. 1,000,000 motorcycles were made and sold since their creation. Here's what a few of their bikes look like...........

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15 March, 2013 - Movie: The 1st Motorcycle Cannonball Race Documentary
Video clip
Hmmm... looks like an interesting video. It's a documentary of a Motorcycle Cannonball "race", not by hardcore race motorcycles, but by pre-1916 motorcycles.

You can imagine how tough a coast-to-coast race would be on present-day race or endurance motorcycle, so you can imagine how it would be on a vintage bike dating before 1916. Some don't even have a transmission. The need to rebuild their engines in the parking lots, and keep squeezing every bit out of the bike to make it to the coast. And I guess the bikers will need to have their kidneys and other organs remolded after each day.............

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20 February, 2013 - India: Now Victory Motorcycles To Enter India
Eicma 2011 Victory Arlen Ness Vision Tour
Victory logo
Are there still any motorcycle manufacturers out there that haven't started selling in India or at least announced that they are planning to? Almost any self-respecting manufacturer has decided to enter this mega market. The last one to make their intentions known that they want to sell their high-end motorcycles is Polaris with their Victory Motorcycles brand.

Polaris are not an unknown name in India, since they sell ATVs, but it'll be a first for Victory. Apparently the Victory motorcycles will be shipped to India, not built there (CBU - Completely Built Unit). Any unit that is not manufactured in India faces enormous import duties (about 110%), so much so that you can expect the already expensive motorcycle to double in price before it reaches the customer's hands...........

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4 February, 2013 - World’s Fastest Motorcycle Sold
Glenn Brittian Rocket Motorcycle
Glenn Brittian Rocket Motorcycle
Imagine that... a motorcycle capable of doing 400 mph (640 kph). And it was up for sale at eBay for US$27,000. Of course, it's not a motorcycle that you can ride in traffic.

No, the motorcycle built by Glenn Brittian is a rocket motorcycle. So it's one step up over the Marine Turbine Y2K motorcycle, since it has a rocket, not a turbine engine.

The "motorcycle" is meant for drag races, since it'll last a quarter mile before you need to feed it pennies to go again, or more likely hydrogen peroxide. The bike's rockets provide 3500 pounds (that's 15.6 kN or the equivalent of 7,000 horsepower) of thrust, and it uses 30 lb (14 kg) of fuel PER SECOND...........

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30 January, 2013 - Help Fund And Get This Cool Robertsham CiTi
Robertsham CiTi
Robertsham CiTi vs Goldwing
Another interesting crowd-funding project on is the Robertsham CiTi. The CiTi comes from Robertsham, and looks like it is the result of the consummation between a Honda Goldwing and a Fiat 500. The resulting child is a three wheeler, as wide and long as a Goldwing, with the protection of a Fiat.

The Robertsham CiTi is a single seat motorcycle with a cage, i.e., a roof, windscreen and seat belt. So you don't need a helmet, or leathers, you can use your normal business clothes, step into the CiTi, put on the seat belt, and drive away. It's a bit like the ill-fated BMW C1, but with more protection...........

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28 January, 2013 - MTT Coming Out With A New Turbine Hyper-Superbike
MTT 420
MTT logo
MTT, Marine Turbine Technologies, have already captured the imagination of many bikers with their turbine powered super-motorcycle, the MTT Y2K. Made famous by Jay Leno, just turning on the engine will set many biker's hearts pumping extra blood through the veins. Or should I say kerosene? With an incredible power (320 hp) and dazzling top speeds, the super-motorcycle is only surpassed by its price. Let's face it, even the most expensive MV Agusta will look like spare change when you outfit your motorcycle with a helicopter turbine engine.

MTT are in the process of finishing off their latest creation, a hyper-super bike (for lack of a better word). The new motorcycle will receive a Rolls-Royce C-20B gas turbine engine developing 420 hp!!! A top speed of 420 kph is expected, and you can expect also to outgun any 4 wheel cage in acceleration...........

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23 January, 2013 - A Bobber For Less Than Euro 3000
Regal Raptor Bobber
Regal Raptor logo
Many folks dream of owning a special motorcycle but can't afford it. Cruisers, sports and even bobbers. The customization alone can cost you an arm & a leg, not to mention the motorcycle itself.

But it doesn't have to be so, not if you're not proud. Chinese Regal Raptor makes makes low priced motorcycles, from "normal" street motorcycles to cruisers and bobbers...........

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4 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: Horex - The German Muscle Motorcycle
Horex VR6 Roadster
Horex logo
When the Horex was announced in 2010 in Germany, I was a bit sceptical. In the present day fuel and economical crisis, developing a new brand and motorcycle that has an enormous engine, and therefore fuel consumption, was in IMHO the wrong moment. I would have thought that any new manufacturer would go electric, or maybe hydrogen. But in this gutsy move Horex announced their first motorcycle using a 6 cylinder engine with a total of 1200cc.

The 6 cylinders are in V shape, but also inline, making this special design named VR. Their first, and so far only, model is a roadster, the Horex VR6, Roadster. So I decided to pay them a quick visit at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition......

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21 September, 2012 - Using A BMW K1300 Motorcycle On Water, Properly
Gibbs Quadski Sea
Gibbs Quadski Beach
Water and motorcycles don't really mix, do they? You try to avoid riding in the rain, you take care when washing your bike, and the last thing on your mind is riding your motorcycle into the sea. Unless you are desperate of course. Or if you've got the latest GIBBS Sports Amphibian vehicle.

Called the Quadski, the latest piece of innovative engineering from GIBBS is a combination of a motorcycle, a quad and a jetski. The Quadski is powered by a BMW K1300 engine (the motorcycle part), it has 4 wheels (the quad part) and it rides on water (the jetski part). They decided for BMW engine because of reliability.

The Quadski will give you speeds of around 50 miles per hour (72 kph), both on land and water. ......

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19 July, 2012 - Harley: When One Engine Is Not Enough For Your Motorcycle
Double Engine Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
I would have thought that nowadays motorcycle engines were big & powerful, and that you didn't really need more. But I was wrong.... meet the Harley-Davidson with TWO engines

The double engined motorcycle can be found at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.


21 June, 2012 - Hungary: Wooden, But Real Motorcycle
Hungarian Wooden Motorcycle
Hungarian Wooden Motorcycle
Amazing. Istvan Puskas, a 52 year old tractor driver in a small town close to Budapest, Hungary made his own motorcycle from scratch. So far nothing special, many people have done it before him.

But what makes this motorcycle special, is that it is made out of wood. Totally from wood, apart from the engine and some other important parts. Even the wheel is made out of wood, apart from the tire.....

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19 June, 2012 - Celebrating 50 Years Of Montesa Impala In Style
Montesa Impalada 50th Anniversary Event
Montesa logo
Reaching 50 years of age is a milestone for any human being, but for a motorcycle, it is an exceptional occasion. That is why the Impala club of Spain decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their darling motorcycle in style.

Montesa is an old Spanish motorcycle manufacturer who got taken over by Honda, to become Honda Spain (but trading under the name Honda Montesa). As an interesting side note, one of their racers who made the name Montesa famous was one Bulto, who later went on and created Bultaco......

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18 May, 2012 - Making Something Out Of Nothing: Post Modern Motorcycles
Post Modern Motorcycles: Junk Mail
Post Modern Motorcycles: Dear John
The Honda CT110 is one of those reliable motorcycle you can see riding around the country side, clocking up many miles. Used not only by people who want a low cost and reliable transportation, but often used by organizations like the Post Office (in Australia and New Zealand it's called a "Postie Bike")..

Manufacturing started in 1980, and the motorcycle is still being made today. 4 stroke and air cooled, it's very reliable. But it's bland. Very bland. The bike almost can't be seen, that is how bland it is.

Until Melbourne, Australia based Post Modern Motorcycles got their hands on them. These guys customize the "bland" motorcycles into something more exciting. Not that you'll be able to race them, but at the very least you'll be able to ride to your local watering hole without feeling ashamed.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


30 April, 2012 - Cafe Racers: 1st Balneo Cafe Racer Event of Dieppe 2012
Balneo Cafe Racer Dieppe 2012
Balneo Cafe Racer Dieppe 2012
Despite tropical downpours and heavy winds, I managed to ride my motorcycle to the very first Balneo Cafe Racer event of Dieppe, a weekend long cafe racer exhibition, races, parades and demonstrations.

I managed to stay for 2 hours, and then totally soaked, I headed back home, not to return, but I did manage to make some photos of these amazing motorcycles and people.

Here are 37 photos of motorcycles, people and the area.


30 April, 2012 - Unique Ferrari Motorcycle Sold
Ferrari 900 Motorcycle
Ferrari does not make motorcycles as we well know, despite the fact that Enzo Ferrari started his career racing motorcycles. David Kay, a British engineer, decided to make a Ferrari motorcycle to honor the brand, and in 1990 got an official permission by the Ferrari company. So in fact, this is the only "official" Ferrari motorcycle. There are several custom made motorcycles out there that have Ferrari written on them, but they are not recognized by the Italian manufacturer.

Kay's Ferrari 900, a 900 cc engine producing 105 hp at 8800 rpm, allowing the biker to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, and a top speed of 160 mph, went up for auction last weekend at Bonhams.

The aluminium motorcycle, weighing only 172 kg was sold to a private, and unidentified, buyer for UK£85,000.


29 March, 2012 - 600cc Yamaha Engine With A Vespa Scooter Wrapped Around It
Vespa 600 Yamaha
Vespa 600 Yamaha
What do you do when you have a Vespa 50 scooter lying around doing nothing, and a spare Yamaha FZR600 engine gathering dust? One is a 50cc scooter, the other a powerful 600cc motorcycle engine...

That's a dilemma that someone in Italy had, and he solved it by taking the Yamaha engine and wrapping the Vespa scooter around it. Mind you, it's not a static scootBike, but it really works, just have a look at the video below.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 March, 2012 - Suzuki Nuda Concept - Take 2 - Add A Canopy
Suzuki Crossbow Canopy Concept
English designer Phil Pauley redesigned the incredible Suzuki Nuda concept presented in 1986 in Tokyo. He added a canopy, and called the new motorcycle the Crossbow Canopy Concept.

Although it has some good points, it's not a practical motorcycle. But it does look great, and should do good in the movies...


15 February, 2012 - TRT: The Tilting Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
TRT Harley
TRT Harley
Jim wanted a nice trike, and wanted it to be Harley-Davidson motorcycle based. He teamed up with Too Kool Cycles, and made this funky trike, but with a twist...

Instead of putting the third wheel in the back, he put it in the front. And to make the trike act more like a motorcycle, the front wheels tilt when you lean it into a curve. It'll angle up to 25°.

What's even nicer, he's gone into business. He is planning to sell the TRT as a kit for late model Harley-Davidson Tourer models.


12 January, 2012 - Get Your Own Scale Model Vintage Motorcycle
Montesa Impala 175 Sport Scale Model
Video clip
There's a company in Spain that make exact replicas of classic vintage motorcycles, scaled down to 1:5 and 1:9. These incredibly detailed models use the same materials found on the original motorcycles, and not only do all parts move, but actually work (except the engine).

So when you press the brakes, the wheels stop spinning. Have a look at the video, the scale models are truly impressive .... but... very expensive. Most are one-off, and even the "mass" produced one runs into 4 digits.

But if you're a fan... what's money?


4 January, 2012 - HDX3 - Mobility Scooter, The Italian Way
HDX3 Mobility Scooter
Just because you are disabled and want to ride a motorcycle or scooter, doesn't lean that the scooter has to look like crap....

A company in Italy has designed a really nice package for disabled bikers; called the HDX3, it's a scooter based on the popular Honda SH 125 with an electrically, and remote, operated loading platform for wheelchair.

They plan to sell the scooter for an affordable price. Looks good...


28 November, 2011 - 32 Photos Of John Deere Motorcycles
John Deere BMW Motorcycle
John Deere logo
The John Deere colors are probably one of the most recognizable colors in the world. John Deere agricultural equipment can be found in any part of the globe, so the green and yellow is something many people immediately identify as John Deere.

So it's no surprise that many motorcycle owners customize their bike in John Deere's colors. We've showed a few customized motorcycles in John Deere colors in the past, but here's a much bigger list, 32 photos (some are of the same motorcycle).

It's not only Harley-Davidson, but BMW, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki, Boss Hoss and even a diesel motorcycle that are "victim" of the John Deere craze.


31 October, 2011 - Customizing the ..... e-Solex
Carium eSolex
The Solex was a popular transportation vehicle (not a motorcycle nor scooter, not even a moped) in the 70's. Many people had one (7 million), including A-list celebs, like Steve McQueen and Brigitte Bardot. Production stopped in 1988, but recently an electric version is being made, the e-Solex.

Ecological, fun and reasonably expensive, one person wanted more. He contacted the car customizer, Carium, and had the e-Solex customized.


27 October, 2011 - BMW R80 Diesel Motorcycle For Sale
BMW R80 Diesel
BMW R80 Diesel
A unique opportunity for those who want to ride a motorcycle that is different!

On the German eBay, there's a BMW R80 motorcycle for sale, equipped with a Smart car diesel engine. You can dial in the horse power (using a laptop) between 30 and 60 hp, it'll run a the decent speed of 150 kph, despite its 270 kilos.

And it only uses 3.5 liters/100 kilometers.


10 October, 2011 - Ossa Releases The Explorer Motorcycle
Ossa Explorer 1
OSSA logo
The old, but new, Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Ossa, have released their second model since their re-launch 2 years ago.

Based on their successful Ossa TR280i Trial motorcycle, the new Ossa Explorer is halfway in between a Trial and an Enduro motorcycle, weighing only 74 kgs.


14 September, 2011 - Motorcycle Design Redone
Moto Undone
Moto Undone
Joey Ruiter set out to redesign the motorcycle. He stripped off all the things that make a motorcycle interesting, and made it a means of transportation. He placed an electric engine in the motorcycle, giving it a 90 miles range. But you can rest ... it's just a design, not meant to be taken in to production. In fact, you can admire this "stealth" motorcycles in the Grand Rapids Art Museum.


31 August, 2011 - 4 Hours Of Valmont Vintage Motorcycle Race 2011
Every year, in a small village close to me in Normandy, France, they hold a 4 hour vintage/classic motorcycle race. Despite a persistent rain, the spectators were there to admire the old motorcycles.

Here are some photos of the wonderful event, starting with the "paddock" motorcycles, and then the races.

I'm not an expert in vintage motorcycles, so you can guess the names and dates yourself.


9 June, 2011 - Custom Solex - Yes Sir, They Do Customize Them
Solex Hubless
The French Solex, also known as VeloSolex, is an incredible vehicle. It's not a motorcycle, not even a moped, but it's not a bicycle either. Design way back in 1941, the PTW is timeless. There's even an electric version available today.

Here is one customization that, IMHO, is incredibly well done. A French guy made a hubless Solex.... wow..


2 June, 2011 - For The Yuppie Motorcycle Rider Who Has Everything
Louis Vuitton seats
What do you give that motorcycle rider who has everything? Specially when he (or she) is a yuppie? How about a Louis Vuitton motorcycle seat?

It's not as expensive as the Louis Vuitton motorcycle, but you can still make a fashion statement.


27 May, 2011 - Tuk-Tuk Limousine
TukTuk Limo
You know those Tuk-Tuk you mostly see when travelling in Asia. Usually three wheel motorcycles with a two/three person seat...

Well, like any vehicle, you'll find stretch versions ... here's the Tuk-Tuk Stretch Limo


20 April, 2011 - Lost For Words! WTF?
Pink Strange motorcycle
It's not often that I'm lost for words, but this one got me very confused. What the hell is it?

Anyone know more about this......


14 April, 2011 - BMW K1600GTL Motorcycle- Wood
BMW K1600GTL Wood
Ukrainian artist Vyacheslav Voronovich made this incredibly detailed 1-to-12 replica of the BMW K1600GTL motorcycles, out of wood.

Lots of moving parts, and built in 40 days, it's a masterpiece.



11 April, 2011 - 45 Motorcycle Pick-ups (or Pick-up Motorcycles)
Motorcycle Pickup
Motorcycle Pickup
For those of you who have to haul lots of stuff around, you know that a pick-up truck not only is great vehicle, but it looks good. But if you're into motorcycles and not cages, then you might think you're out of options.

However, in Asia, motorcycle pick-ups (or are they called Pick-up Motorcycles) are as common as their cage counterparts in North America. No matter if you're transporting cargo or people, there's a motorcycle for it.

Here are 45 examples of motorcycle pick-ups.


14 March, 2011 - A Ural Bobber?
Ural 650 Bobber
Not exactly what you think off when you say Ural 650.

No Russian motorcycle looks like a cafe racer, but there you go....


3 March, 2011 - Patent: The Only Motorcycle Trike I Would Consider Buying
Gibbs Amphibious Trike
This would be the only reason I would consider buying a motorcycle trike; the Gibbs Technology Amphibious Trike.

Imagine riding the twisties, through the forest, and when you reach the river (or sea), go into it, and jetski for a while.


28 February, 2011 - 51 Weird Motorcycles
Weird Motorcycle
Weird Motorcycle
Some people have way too much time on their hands. Way too much. And what do they do with that time? The start messing with perfectly good motorcycles and turn them into something they were never designed to be.

But then I guess it's art, and art is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are 51 weird and definitely different motorcycles.


24 February, 2011 - Germany: ZP Moto-Another New Motorcycle Manufacturer
ZP Moto Scrambler
It's not everyday that you see a new German motorcycle manufacturer, but 2 in the space of one year has got to be a recent record.

Last year we saw Horex, this year we see ZP Moto come to life. This motorcycle manufacturer will be presenting shortly a classic looking scrambler motorcycle but using modern technology, including water cooling.


21 February, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 4
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Part 4 (the last one for a long time) of 4 articles showing 50 really weird, wacky and wonderful motorcycle trikes.

Some you just can't believe...


16 February, 2011 - An Ecological Fuel Powered Solex
Solex Propane Powered
We've seen gasoline powered Solex, electric Solex, and now there's the Butane gas powered Solex.

What's next, a nuclear powered Solex?


14 February, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 3
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Part 3 of our listing of weird, wonderful and/or wacky motorcycle trikes.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some more weird than others.



7 February, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 2
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Part 2 of weird, wacky and wonderful motorcycle trikes.

There are many weird ones, but also some pretty ones out there.



31 January, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 1
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Trikes by definition are strange or weird, since they are a crossing between a motorcycle and a car.

Here are 50 photos of motorcycle trikes, part 1 of several parts.


10 January, 2011 - 29 Futuristic, TRON Inspired, Motorcycles
Future Tron Inspired Motorcycle
ICARE, Future Tron Inspired Motorcycle
With the recent movie Tron: Legacy getting a lot of attention, specially the featured Light Cycle futuristic motorcycle, let's have a look at some designs for future motorcycles. Designs are either from special designers, or from the manufacturers themselves.

But not matter what the design, in the past, they have almost all been wrong...


29 November, 2010 - A Pregnant Honda Valkyrie Motorcycle
Honda Ryujin Valkyrie
How to make a heavy motorcycle, in this case the Honda Valkyrie even heavier and bigger looking.

A Japanese custom builder did just that. It looks enormous and futuristic. It's actually a motorcycle that would look perfectly in place in the latest Batman movie.


17 November, 2010 - Motorcycles and Go-Karts
Hayabusa Go Kart
Go-karts have small and light frames, and take small engines to power them at high speeds.

But if you're really crazy and out of this world, how about putting a high powered big displacement motorcycle engine on a go-kart. Like a Hayabusa, or a R1, or Ducati, or Fireblade, or......

Here are some of these one-of go-karts powered by a motorcycle engine, and 2 video to prove you need to be crazy to race one of them.


4 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: CR&S DUU Motorcycle
Italian motorcycle manufacturer CR&S presented their new DUU motorcycle. It's a Diavel style motorcycle, but far more refined.

It's a sports cruiser with several nice touches, like adjustable control (handlebars, footpegs etc) and a rear back plate to protect your pillion from hitting the road.


14 October, 2010 - YAFM #7632 (Yet Another Ferrari Motorcycle)
Ferrari Hayabusa
Ferrari Hayabusa
Yawn... another Ferrari motorcycle. This one is actually nicely done, making it look like a Ferrari F1 race car.

It's from Japan, and it's based on a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300, so it'll be pretty fast as well.


24 September, 2010 - Ducati Monster 900 - - Wheelchair
Ducati Monster 900 Wheelchair
Video clip
Wheelchair bound bikers who continue riding their motorcycle deserve our utmost respect (and I don't just mean Rossi). Here's an English biker who transformed a Ducati Monster into a motorized wheelchair!

There's even a video of the motorcycle in motion.


16 September, 2010 - EICMA 2010: New Custom Motorcycle Exhibit
EICMA 2010 Floor plan
EICMA logo
EICMA, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, is planing to host a Custom motorcycle sub-exhibition, called "Custom City".

Choppers et al will have their own dedicated area in the show, starting coming 4-7 November.


31 August, 2010 - Scooter Camping Car/Mobile Home
Piaggio APE 50 Bufalino
Who needs a Winnebago to travel in comfort, if you can have a camping motorcycle/scooter based on the popular Piaggio APE?

Bed, fridge, cooking area, desk, 2 seats, wash basin.... what more do you need?


26 July, 2010 - 51 Custom Paint Jobs For Chopper Motorcycles + 2
Custom Paint Chopper motorcycle
Custom Paint Chopper motorcycle
Choppers are by definition motorcycle that are custom made, so they almost all have custom paint jobs.

So here are 51 pretty (and not so pretty) choppers with custom paint jobs, plus the first and last one, just for fun...


28 June, 2010 - Sukhoi Fighter Jet Motorcycle - Ultra Cool
Sukhoi Fighter Motorcycle
Here's the Russian version of a motorcycle dressed up like a fighter jet.

It's a very well done version of a, I think, Sukhoi SU-35BM fighter jet.

Incredible details.


25 May, 2010 - Psst. Wanna Buy The Batman BatPod?
Batpod For Sale
A 1:1 replica of the famous Batman BatPod motorcycle is on sale. A mere US$100,000 will get you this monster.

But you've got to supply the guns, and it's not even street legal.


24 May, 2010 - First Real Motorcycle Hearse
Long Motorcycle Hearse
It's amazing the length we'll go to for a decent burial.

A company in New Zealand has developed the first true motorcycle hearse. Not one wit a sidecar, or a trailer, but a real motorcycle, just lengthened a bit, and a hydraulic system for the casket.

Powered by a Harley engine, you'll get buried in style (and probably noise).


22 April, 2010 - Mercedes Motorcycle Coming?
Mercedes SLK Trike Thailand
Here's an idea for Mercedes, since Volkswagen is looking at going the motorcycle route.... a Mercedes SLK motorcycle (actually a trike).


12 April, 2010 - 51 Rat Motorcycles
Rat Motorcycle/Bike
Rat Motorcycle/Bike
Rat motorcycles, or Rat Bikes as they are known more popularly have been in existence since we've had motorcycles.

Rat motorcycles/bikes are "normal" motorcycles that have not exactly been cared about, specially there exterior (unless done in an extreme method, on purpose). Some are so ugly that they have become a work of art.

Here are 51 photos of rat motorcycles.... enjoy.


5 March, 2010 - Ossa Motorcycles Doing Well. Enduro Motorcycle In The Works
OSSA logo
The legendary Spanish motorcycle manufacturer risen from the ashes, OSSA, is doing well. Their first new trial model introduced last year will be produced in 1250 units, next year that will leap to 3000.

More importantly, they are going to introduce a new enduro motorcycle at this year's EICMA exhibition.


3 March, 2010 - Concept: Ducati Desmosedici ATV Trike
Ducati 3 Wheel ATV Concept
French designer Nicolas Petit is designing a beautiful concept ATV that will make the Bombardier Can-Am Spyder look like a child's toy.

Based on the Ducati Desmosedici RR motorcycle, this ATV looks fast... and probably very expensive.

Who knows, maybe this vehicle will ever be produced... but I don't think Ducati will...


24 February, 2010 - The Bull Motorcycle
The Bull Motorcycle
From the folks who designed the Jaguar motorcycle, here's another beauty; the Bull motorcycle.

So expensive that only a trader at Wall Street can afford it, and only in a bullish market...


27 January, 2010 - Pimped Out Scooter Extreme: Sci-Fi?
Strange Scooter Lights
The ultimate in pimped-out scooters, or a scooter for a Sci-Fi movie.... ???



26 January, 2010 - France: New Old Motorcycle - GIMA 125
GIMA 125
GIMA 125
There is a classic, but new, motorcycle manufacturer here in France, that is reproducing a motorcycle from 1946. Called the GIMA 125, the motorcycle is an exact copy of the old bike, apart from current legislation technical specification, such as a 4 stroke engine.

The GIMA 125 will not win any speed race, but it will use only 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers. And it's very pretty....


11 January, 2010 - Motorcycle Choppers In The Snow. Possible?
Chopper Snow Ski
Riding in the snow is possible for most off-road motorcycle, as long as they're fitted with tracks and skis.

But I've never seen this before;... a snow chopper.... cool!


11 December, 2009 - Do Not Look Now, But We’ve Got A Predator Following Us
predator motorcycle
predator motorcycle
Although we've shown this before, what an incredible customization of a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle.

It's the Predator (from the movie)... scary stuff!


9 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Bimota Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Bimota logo
Bimota has slightly more merchandising gifts for Christmas than Benelli, but they need to be purchased in-store, and can't be bought off the net (apart from one I found).

So here are the Bimota gifts for Bimota motorcycle owners and lovers.


4 December, 2009 - Husaberg Motorcycle: Pixel - A Hell Of A Paint Job
Husaberg Carefully Considered Pixel Paint Job
Really nicely done paint and design job on this Husaberg motorcycle by UK based design company Carefully Considered.

It looks like pixels when zooming into too much in a photo. Cool.

Also a look at some work they did for Mac Cycles.


1 December, 2009 - Video: Old Indians Never, Ever Die 2
Video clip
During July 2009, some 400 Indian classic motorcycles attended a gathering in Scotland. A video documentary has been made, and here's a trailer.

It looks good, specially the characters that ride these precious motorcycles.


13 November, 2009 - Interesting 4-Wheeled Motorcycle
What a strange and wonderful motorcycle. It looks like it's still in finishing mode, but it has four wheels, though it's not a quad, and the wheels move independently.

Anyone have any info on this beast?


12 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Romet 249 Division - Polish Motorcycle
Here's something I've learned at EICMA 2009; Poland has an active, and old, motorcycle manufacturer.

The company is called Romet, and they were presenting several motorcycles, including this 249 Division.


12 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Swaygo Axio - Electric Quad?
I don't know if the manufacturers see this as a quad, but it does to me.

It goes 100 kph, range 120 kms, and it's electric with independent wheels controlled by a CPU.


3 November, 2009 - Verdandi Motorcycle: Concept Motorcycle For Women
Video clip
Swedish student at Chalmers University in Sweden have designed a motorcycle for women.

The concept model has been designed low, ergonomic, safe and easy to ride for women.

Here's a video of the motorcycle.


27 October, 2009 - KickBoxer: An Engine With Two Wheels Called A Motorcycle
Here's a motorcycle that is 90% engine (a Subaru turbo) and 5% wheels and the rest for the motorcycle rider to hang on for dear life.

It's called the KickBoxer, and it's not real, just a software rendition. But, it's nicely done. Maybe Confederate will pick it up...


23 October, 2009 - Ossa Motorcycles Lives Again! EICMA Unveiling
OSSA logo
Spanish OSSA rises from the ashes like a real phoenix. A popular motorcycle manufacturer from 1924 to 1985, it died a quite death. Popular in trials and motocross, specially in the North American market, it was the reliability of the motorcycle that was its strong point.

Next month, at EICMA, OSSA will present itself again, with a new trial motorcycle, the TRI 280. Check out their cool website.


23 October, 2009 - The Motorcycles Ducati Will Never Build
Here are two Ducati motorcycles you'll never see in the Ducati showroom.

One is a Ducati 749, the other a GT1000, and both have been transformed to compete in the AMA Flat Track races in the USA.



5 October, 2009 - Back-up Motorcycle For Your Main Motorcycle
Motorcycle trike with car and trailer
Incredible. This is not an ordinary trike. It's a Ford Escort car front (with engine) with a motorcycle welded in front. The motorcycle doesn't have an engine.

In the back is a trailer with a ..... motorcycle.


17 September, 2009 - Cafe Racers By The Wrenchmonkees
Here's an outfit in Denmark, called Wrenchmonkees, that transform some "bland" motorcycles into works of art, but practical works of art (ie you can ride them everyday).

Cafe racers from Hondas, Kawasakis, Harleys, etc.


10 September, 2009 - A Motorcycle Built For .. Many
Interesting motorcycle... it's built for many pillions, but doesn't look that weird.

Just three wheels. Should be able to fit 4..


7 September, 2009 - Ferrari F1 Motorcycle Chopper
The words Ferrari and chopper don't really mix, but here's an exception. Canadian Exotic Custom Choppers have built two Formula One themed motorcycles choppers, and both can be found on eBay.

They are not your typical choppers; these are sleek, very little chrome, and they are FAST! Just like the F1 cars...


2 September, 2009 - Russian Plumber Motorcycle
Here's a real plumber's motorcycle.

Built in Russia, it's made out of plumbing equipment.


31 August, 2009 - This Could Catch On - Motorcycle Skateboard
Finnish designer, Olli Erkkila, produced this amazing cross between a Solex motorcycle and a skateboard.

That would work in commuter traffic... fun!


20 August, 2009 - The MowerCycle
Some people have all the fun.

The people I mean, are those that are able to work with their hands, and produce motorcycles likes this.


5 August, 2009 - Typical Sturgis Motorcycle?
Is this the kind of motorcycle you get to see at Sturgis?


13 July, 2009 - Special Off-Road Motorcycle
Found on fleeBay... according to the title a"Unique Specially Built Off Road Motorcycle"....

Unique and specially built is correct...boy, they'll sell anything...


7 July, 2009 - Ride In Luxury - Bentley Motorcycle
If you think a motorcycle is not luxurious enough, that you need to ride a motorcycle in style, try the Bentley motorcycle.

That will impress the valet parking at the Four Seasons hotel...


6 July, 2009 - On The Last Leg Back From Italy
I'm heading back on the last leg of our Italian trip, back to the office.

Miss me??


29 June, 2009 - Transporting A Baby On A Motorcycle
Pram motorcycle
Got a rug rat? Need to bring it somewhere? Here's the prefect solution!

A motorcycle pram... excellent!


24 June, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Laverada Supercar
Here is another amazing sidecar! It's based on a Laverda motorcycle, and a home built supercar as the "side".

It took 10 years to make this amazing beauty! Incredible passion!


24 June, 2009 - Kuba Motor - Turkish Motorcycle Manufacturer - KTM?
I stumbled upon this motorcycle manufacturer by chance. On its own, nothing special. It's the Turkish manufacturer Kuba Motor with some low powered motorcycles.

But what's very interesting is their website. It's an almost carbon copy of KTM's website. Same style, same technology. But no mention of KTM.

So what's the tie-up between the two companies. Do you know?


24 June, 2009 - On-line Chopper Contest - On-line Motorcycle Beauty Contest
The good folks at ChopperTown are organizing their very first ON-LINE Chopper Backyard Build contest.

Very interesting idea. Instead of bringing your motorcycle to a central location, costing you fuel, money and time, you submit two photos, and a jury of 12 peers select the best ones.

The top 5 win prizes. How ecological is that?


23 June, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Citroen 2CV
Here's a very interesting combination of the famous Citroen 2CV car and a motorcycle. The 2CV sidecar.

Very nicely done...


19 June, 2009 - Skeleton Motorcycle (With Sexy Girl)
Hmmm Interesting! .....

.... so is the motorcycle.... ;-))


22 April, 2009 - Motorcycle Limo - The Only Limo Way To Go
If you need to arrive somewhere in style, like an important business meeting, a prom or your wedding, this is the ONLY limousine you should consider.

A real motorcycle limo!

Way to go!


21 April, 2009 - Cool Motorcycle Sidecar, And I Mean COOL!
This is a COOL, if not ICE COLD, motorcycle and sidecar. It's part of the Cool Cycles Ice Cream Co's offering for those of you looking for something to do, and make a buck or two.

US$39,000 gets you a franchise, including the motorcycle, allowing you to go to events and sell ice cream out of the motorcycle sidecar.

What a cool idea...


17 April, 2009 - eRanger: Motorcycle Ambulance Manufacturer
eRanger motorcycle ambulance
As a follow-up of the article for 2 weeks ago about motorcycle ambulances in the Sudan, here's a look at the company that makes these versatile and cheap ambulances.

eRanger produces not only motorcycle ambulances, but also mobile medical clinics, water treatment and even mobile education units.

Very cool products!


13 April, 2009 - Motorcycle School Bus
Now here's my kind of school bus! The S'Cool Bike

A motorcycle turned into a school bus!


7 April, 2009 - Cow Or Camouflage Motorcycle?
Cowhide motorcycle
Friend of mine took this photo. I can't make up my mind whether this is a cow hide motorcycle, or a camouflaged motorcycle....


6 April, 2009 - Vintage Motorcycle Expo In Valmont, Normandy
Valmont classic motorcycle expo
It's not only the big cities that have motorcycle exhibitions. In the small shit-kicker town of Valmont, Normandy, France, last weekend they had a vintage motorcycle expo.

Here are some of the classic motorcycles that were shown.


23 March, 2009 - Alien vs Predator Motorcycles: Popular Movie Theme
Customizing motorcycles to look like creatures from movies is a popular theme for customizers.

From all movies out there, it looks like the movie "Alien vs Predator" has the most interest.

Here are several customized motorcycles with the Alien vs Predator movie theme.


2 March, 2009 - Jeans Motorcycle - Suzuki Version
Suzuki Jeans edition
What an incredible skills job, customizing this Suzuki motorcycle. Woow!

Anyone know anything more about it?


19 February, 2009 - Custom Painted Motorcycles
Hulk motorcycle
Some people have gone to town painting their motorcycle into works of Art.

Here's a site full of them. Real custom paint jobs...


5 February, 2009 - BMW Motorcycle Sleigh
BMW Trike Sleigh
Need to ride in the snow? Here's a solution...

The BMW motorcycle sleigh. Just put some skis on, and off you go. Don't forget the blanket....


3 February, 2009 - Two Students Make A Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle
Swarthmore hydrogen motorcycle
Two engineering students from Swarthmore College have made a real hydrogen powered motorcycle!

On a Buell, they grafted a hydrogen, electrical generating, motorcycle engine. It works, but it's not very fast.


28 January, 2009 - Motorcycle For The Crisis
Steam motorcycle?
For the next fuel crisis (shortly now), is this the motorcycle we will all be riding?


19 January, 2009 - Bullet Proof Boss Hoss Motorcycle
Boss Hoss Armored Secret Weapon
Ever feel out-gunned and with not enough protection to face the road traffic?

Here's a Boss Hoss motorcycle that will change that feeling. Called "Secret Weapon", I think its name should be "Equalizer".

THE motorcycle to ride in busy traffic.


14 January, 2009 - Icon Warthog Motorcycle
Icon Warthog ZX-10 Motorcycle
Icon logo
Icon launched a special helmet some time ago called the Warthog. Named after the successful air-to-ground combat airplane from the 70s, Icon made a matching motorcycle.

The ZX-10 is very cool. Gatling guns, rearview TV, 800 watt sound system, all the nifty things you need to wrestle through enemy territory (traffic).


8 January, 2009 - Has Pollution Gotten So Bad On Our Motorcycles?
Gasmask motorcycle
Is pollution really that bad, or is this a rat motorcycle?


18 December, 2008 - Big, Normal, Small, Mini And Now Macro Motorcycle
Mini-Mini Motorcycle
You've got all sorts of sizes in the motorcycle world.

Ranging from ENORMOUS to very small, pocket bikes. But this one deserves a new category; MACRO Motorcycles.


17 December, 2008 - Ecological And Practical: Biotrike
Nowadays when designing a motorcycle or another type of vehicle, you need to take many factors in to account, foremost being the environment.

The builders of the Biotrike have done that. This motorcycle trike is not like any other trike. It has 2 front wheels and one rear wheel, the tires are car tires, and the engine runs on bio-diesel (and normal diesel).

The vehicle comes in 2, 4 or handicapped version, and even has an onboard air-conditioning unit.


9 December, 2008 - Crocodile Motorcycles
Crocodile motorcycle
Crocodile motorcycle harley
Crocodiles are scary animals and you'd better keep a distance.

You can understand why a few people would want to customize their chopper to look like crocodiles.


5 December, 2008 - Mad Max? Naw, Kids Stuff!
Russian Ghost-Rider
And you thought the motorcycles in Mad Max were rough and ready.

Try this one...


25 November, 2008 - Snow? What Snow?
Big motorcycle in the snow
If ever there was a motorcycle that can function in heavy snow, it's this one.

You're so high up, you probably don't see the snow....


20 November, 2008 - For When The Oil Barrel Reaches US$200
Derringer motorcycle bicycle
We all know it.. we're living on borrowed time. Gas prices will double again. Oil barrels are still expected to climb to US$200.

Riding a motorcycle is cheaper than cars, but at those prices you'll need to form of transportation that gets over 150 mpg.

Here's one, and it's good looking! Bookmark it, just in case you can't pay for gasoline anymore.


19 November, 2008 - Gasp! Is This A Kawasaki Motorcycle?
Kawasaki Ferrari F1 Trike motorcycle
If you're into trikes, this one should interest you. It's a Kawasaki ZR1100 motorcycle, converted into a F1 Ferrari. Not bad actually.

For sale on eBay.


30 October, 2008 - Ridley: Cool Small Displacement Motorcycles
Ridley Twin Motorcycle
If you always have wanted a classic (vintage) looking motorcycle, but did not want to be bothered with the maintenance, or the cost, here's an idea. The Ridley motorcycle.

The Ridley motorcycles have 4 versions and two engines (50 and 70 cc). They look really nice, and you can buy them without having to borrow money from a bank, subprime or not....


28 October, 2008 - Is It A Quad? A Sidecar ? A Motorcycle?
Here's a very strange and unusual vehicle, a cross between a motorcycle (Voxan), sidecar and a quad.

It has four wheels, three of them turn, and two side panels like in a sidecar. It's the K-Pteron.


17 October, 2008 - Ducati Multistrada Adventurer Motorcycle
Ducati Multistrada Adventurer
We can probably wait a long time before Ducati makes a real adventure, dual purpose motorcycle to compete with the likes of BMW, KTM and Aprilia (and Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda).

So one guy was not going to wait, and he converted his Ducati 1000 Multistrada into a real adventure motorcycle.


14 October, 2008 - Overview: Hyosung GT650R Motorcycle
Hyosung GT650R Motorcycle
Hyosung logo
Korean Hyosung continue to produce cheap motorcycles (and cheap translated documentation).

Their GT650R has been updated, and has received fuel injection. An ideal motorcycle for beginners with a limited budget.


18 September, 2008 - If Ferrari Were To Make Motorcycles, This Would be It
Ferrari Motorcycle
Amir Glinik is a very talented designer. He has designed a motorcycle that looks like it really was designed by Ferrari.

Using a modified "V4" of an Ferrari Enzo car, he designed, this sleek and aerodynamic motorcycle, included the latest technology gadgets, such as ride-by-wire.

If only, if only... dream on..


4 September, 2008 - Put A Tiger In Your Ducati Motorcycle
Ducati Tiger motorcycle
Going one step further than Esso's slogan "Put a tiger in your tank", here's someone who transformed his Ducati Monster motorcycle into a Tiger...

Does that make it into a Ducati Monster Tiger motorcycle?


19 August, 2008 - Motorcycle For Dirty Bikers
Bath tub motorcycle
What to do when you get dirty from riding your motorcycle all day long?

Here's the solution...


18 August, 2008 - Jaguar Motorcycle
Jaguar motorcycle
What do you get when someone loves the Jaguar car, or even better, loves the Jaguar logo, but also loves motorcycles? (and has a lot of time)

You get the Jaguar motorcycle...


18 August, 2008 - Ducati Multistrada Transformation - Motorcycle Italian Style
Transformed Ducati Multistrada
A bunch of Italians with time, nifty power tools, and a spare Ducati Multistrada motorcycle, turned their motorcycle into something else.

It's still a motorcycle, but would fit right into a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie.


12 August, 2008 - Spiked Motorcycle
Spikes on a motorcycle
With a motorcycle like that, who needs guns....

Spikes and enormous engine.... :-(


11 August, 2008 - Would You Spend US$300 K For This Motorcycle?
OCC Shelby GT500 Chopper motorcycle
On eBay at this moment you'll find a OCC produced motorcycle for sale. It's the Shelby Cobra chopper.

Is any motorcycle worth US$300,000? Maybe for a special technology one, like the turbine driven motorcycle, the MT Y2K, but for a chopper?


5 August, 2008 - Iranian Transformer Motorcycle
The Magic Tricycle
Here's a design produced by an Iranian student for an international competition. It's a trike/car that transforms itself into a motorcycle.

Nice looking design for a Sci-Fi movie.


4 August, 2008 - Cheap Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle
Replica Tomahawk
Have you always dreamed of owning the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle, but the US$ 550,000 is just a tad too steep for you?

You can now own one for only US$1400! That's right, 1398 dollars and it's yours. But you don't get a V10, 8 liter Viper engine; You do get a 150 cc engine, AND a scooter transmission. There you go... have fun!


1 August, 2008 - Very Pimped Out Motorcycle
Pimped out motorcycle
Talk about pimping out a motorcycle.... this is one well decorated motorcycle.

It's so decorated that I can't even recognize the model.


8 July, 2008 - Fires And Motorcycles
BMW R1200RT Firexpress motorcycle
Being a firefighter, on one of those big, and noisy, red fire engines has always been a dream of millions of boys and girls.

But now, the dream is a wet one.... how about rescuing those people while riding this red BMW R1200RT from Firexpress?

Now that's a job and a half!


7 July, 2008 - Pimp My Moped
Pimped up motorcycle/moped
Who said you couldn't trick out a moped like a motorcycle?

Not this bloke in Lucca, Italy. PimpMobile DeLuxe.....


26 June, 2008 - Dragon Motorcycle Riding The Dragon
Dragon motorcycle
How appropriate to have a dragon motorcycle riding that mythical stretch of roads called Deal's Gap, AKA "The Dragon".



25 June, 2008 - Motorcycle Caravans
Motorcycle pulling caravan
Cars pulling caravans???

Nope, a motorcycle (well.. a trike) pulling a caravan.

For the motorcycle rider who likes his comforts..


25 June, 2008 - One Spouse, 2 Kids: What To Ride?
Zeus sidecar motorcycle
Celtic motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle while you have a spouse and 2 kids is going to be difficult (unless you live in Asia, where you can fit 10 people on a bike). French company Side-Bike has the solution; ZEUS

Zeus is a 2 person side car, two wheel drive equipped with a 2 liter Peugeot engine developing more torque than you can shake a stick at. Add in the pillion, and your average family of 2 plus 1.2 kids can ride a motorcycle.

or you can use the hot-rod style trike, the Celtic. This time we're talking THREE wheel drive, and faster than the car equivalent. This motorcycle will hold 2 passengers, plus all their luggage.


24 June, 2008 - Want To Ride A Motorcycle Sidecar In Style?
Zion motorcycle with sidecar
Riding on a motorcycle is not exactly easy. It's not like driving a Bentley is it?

Manilla Imperial Motors has the product to change that; the Zion Motorcycle with sidecar. Even as the rider you have a sunroof..


10 June, 2008 - Learner Chopper Motorcycle
Hunter Spyder Motorcycle
What do you do in Australia when you want to ride a chopper motorcycle, but you don't have your full motorcycle permit?

The answer comes from Hunter Motorcycles. They produce a 250 cc based chopper that looks like the big ones, but allows you to ride on a learner permit.

And since it's a 250 cc, you're going to pay a lot less for fuel...


29 May, 2008 - NSU 2000 Bison: World’s Biggest Cylinder Motorcycle
NSU Bison 200
Kick starting a 700 cc motorcycle engine is not for the faint-hearted, or the featherweights....

So imagine trying to kick start a 2,000 cc single cylinder engine. And in the NSU Bison 2000 that's exactly what you need to do, since there's no starter. But it's a record!!!


1 May, 2008 - Bugatti Motorcycle
Bugatti T72A motorcycle
No.. sorry, Bugatti have not announced that they are going to build high speed, high performance motorcycles. In fact, no motorcycles.

But they did use to build engines for motorized bicycles (so motorcycles) but in the 1940's. Very high tech (for those days).


24 April, 2008 - Ecosse Spirit: Frameless Motorcycle
Ecosse Spirit ES1 motorcycle
Is it possible to have a frameless motorcycle? Conventional designs call for frames...

The former F1 Engineers at Ecosse Spirit don't think so. They've designed a motorcycle without a frame; lighter, better aerodynamics and a lot faster.


22 April, 2008 - Uniformed Bikers: Croatia Motorcycle Police - Woow!
Croatia Motorcycle Police
Is this a good reason to join the Croatia motorcycle Police?

have a look at the motorcycle... the only thing missing are missile launchers, and maybe they even have those but are hidden.


21 April, 2008 - Russian Fire Motorcycle
Fire motorcycle in Russia
Found this old photo of a (I presume) Russia fire fighting motorcycle.

I wonder why these types of motorcycle aren't used to fight fires? It sure gets you to a fire very fast..?


22 February, 2008 - Sci-Fi Motorcycle. Where Did This Come From?
Sci-Fi motorcycle
This is one serious Sci-Fi fan motorcycle.

It would not look out of place in a B-Movie.

Anyone know the history of this motorcycle? Is it nuclear?


28 January, 2008 - Honda Goldwing F15 Fighter Jet
Honda Goldwing motorcycle/ F15 Jet Fighter
Here's a guy in Florida who has transformed his Honda Goldwing motorcycle into a replica F15 Fighter jet, complete with sound, banking, etc.

It's an incredible piece of engineering..... cool.

Now.. to get it to fly!


25 January, 2008 - Real Tank Motorcycle: The Tankbike
Tankbike - Tank Motorcycle
SUVs on the road?? Have no fear, TankBike is here!

V-12, 1,000 HP, 4.8 tons .... move over... or else!!!


11 January, 2008 - Front Wheel Drive Motorcycles Existed A Long Time Ago
Killinger and Freund Motorcycle
The motorcycle that I could not identify last month has been found.

Surprisingly, the motorcycle was built in 1938 and was a front-wheel drive.

Too bad it disappeared during WWII.


3 January, 2008 - Concept Motorcycle: Pure CG
Dacoit concept motorcycle
Here's a stunning concept motorcycle that has never seen the hard reality of scale models or even been exposed at trade shows.

The motorcycle has been drawn by computer graphics from the fertile brain of Nikin, a designer living in Switzerland.

Beautiful motorcycle...


27 December, 2007 - Fed Up With SUVs On The Road?
Armed motorcycle
Here's your chance at getting even with those asses on the road.

Even your pillion can participate...


26 December, 2007 - Anyone Known This Motorcycle?
WWII motorcycle
Can anyone id this motorcycle?

It looks like it's from WWII...


25 December, 2007 - Decorating Your Motorcycle For The Holidays
Decorated motorcycle
Why not decorate your motorcycle for the holiday season?

Here are 6 photos of decorated motorcycles. Is yours next?


20 December, 2007 - Owner Found Of Fire Breathing Motorcycle
Excalibur motorcycle
The owner of the fire breathing dragon-motorcycle shown here last July has been found.

He hails from Argentina, and is touring the world on his motorcycle.

His site is full of videos and photos of this amazing motorcycle.


19 December, 2007 - Batman: The Biker
Batman and the Batpod
In the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight, the good old cape crusader will he riding a motorcycle.

Not just any motorcycle, but the batpod, fully equipped with machines guns and canons.

I want one...


30 November, 2007 - Yamaha V-Max MP3?
TMW 3 wheeled Yamaha V-Max
You'd think that this is a new Yamaha V-Max version based on Piaggio's MP3 scooter.

It's a prototype by Tilting Motor Works, designed to make motorcycles safer, but still fun.


20 November, 2007 - DAM Motorcycles
Here's a look at DAM motorcycles.

They are manufacturing thirteen motorcycles, one for each of the original states of the US of A.



20 November, 2007 - Custom Ducati Chopper
MotoCreations Ducati
Using a Ducati to build a chopper takes guts, money and you need to find someone who can do it for you.

MotoCreations are those "someone". They build choppers out of Ducatis.

Very pretty...


19 November, 2007 - Kerry McClean: The Unicycle Man
Web Article
I've posted several images in the last few weeks of what I called "a really compact motorcycle". They were single wheel motorcycles, and I discovered who built them.

Meet Kerry McClean, builder of monocycles...


29 October, 2007 - Slighty Less Compact Motorcycle
We've shown you two really compact motorcycles, though this one is compact, it's bigger than the previous two.

Still, it must be strange to ride....


24 October, 2007 - Bio-Diesel Motorcycle: 100 mpg
Bio-Diesel motorcycle
Some students of the University of Adelaide are competing in a 3000 km race in Australia with their own BioBike, a motorcycle that runs on bio-diesel.

The motorcycle runs 100 mpg, and is as cheap to produce as a normal motorcycle.

Is this the future?


22 October, 2007 - Really, Really Compact Motorcycle
Mono motorcycle
Just when you thought motorcycle couldn't get any more compact...

Last week's compact motorcycle is enormous compared to this one...


17 October, 2007 - Really Compact Motorcycle
One wheel motorcycle
Here's one really compact motorcycle.

Imagine riding that down the strip...


4 October, 2007 - Honda GL1800 Goldwing Quad
Hannigan Honda Goldwing Quad
Want a quad, but don't want to have the discomfort of one?

Now you too can drive a quad in all luxury! Introducing the Hannigan Honda Goldwing Quad!


6 September, 2007 - Pope Motorcycle
OCC Pope Motorcycle
The folks at OCC have produced a motorcycle fit for a Pope, specially one that has passed away some time ago.

The chopper is painted with images of John Paul II, and will be auctioned off for charity.


3 September, 2007 - BMW F800 Flat Tracker: A Bike BMW Will Never Make
BMW F800 Flat Track Race Motorcycle by Ron Wood
BMW logo
Have BMW produced another variation of the F800 motorcycle?

No, not in this case. It's a flat track racer from Ron Wood. Superb!


3 September, 2007 - World Championship Custom Motorcycle Bulding
Dotson Design's Slingshot
The World Championship Customer Motorcycle Building was held last month in Sturgis, and this motorcycle "only" made the 10th place...

Imagine how the rest looked. 4 categories and many entries.


31 August, 2007 - Winter Coming: Snow Riding With Radix
KTM equipped with Radix
If you dread the winter because you can't ride due to all the snow, how about this?

Radix kits can be bought for Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Husaberg motorcycle, that'll give you a maximum of fun in the snow.

Just because it's snowing, doesn't mean you can't have fun!


16 August, 2007 - Incredible Motorcycle - Confederate Renovatio
Confederate Renovatio motorcycle
Confederate Motor Company are going to produce a very special motorcycle; the Renovation.

Very sleek, very sexy (and probably very expensive). It's a work of art.


13 August, 2007 - Old Military Motorcycles - Birmenstorf
Old Military Motorcycles - Birmenstorf
They have a great gathering of some 500 old military vehicles in Birmenstorf, Switzerland.

Looks like fun!


9 August, 2007 - Diesel Motorcycle That Runs 130 MPH
Die Bike - Diesel motorcycle
The Crucible organization has created a motorcycle, based on a BMW engine, that runs on biodiesel, and can speed up to 130 mph (possibly even 160 mph).

On top of this, it's street legal!


3 August, 2007 - Very Fast Delivery Motorcycle
Fast Delivery Motorcycle
You want to be able to deliver pizzas really fast?

Here's your chance:


2 August, 2007 - Zen Motorcycles - Custom Dream Motorcycles
Zen Motorcycles WL45
I don't often "do" choppers, or custom motorcycles, but in this case, it's an exception.

Designer Laurent Dutruel from Zen Motorcycles makes works of art! Too pretty to ride on, they should be in a museum.


17 July, 2007 - Handicapped Riding Motorcycles - Martin Conquest
Martin Conquest - motorcycle trike for disabled riders
Martin Conquest in the UK are producing in series a BMW R1150R adapted for disabled riders and their wheelchairs.

An incredible feat of engineering, the trike has all that you need to be able to ride if you are in a wheelchair.

Bravo !


6 July, 2007 - BMW K1200R Resident Evil 3
BMW Resident Evil 3
BMW logo
BMW have produced a special one-off motorcycle to celebrate the new Resident Evil movie.

The motorcycle, a BMW K1200R, has gotten a "special" paint job !


5 July, 2007 - More John Deere Motorcycles
Boss Hoss/John Deere motorcycle
John Deere customized motorcycles seems to be a big thing.

Here's a Boss Hoss/John Deere motorcycle, weighing only 550 kilos...


19 June, 2007 - Video: World’s Biggest Motorcycle
Video clip inside
Greg Dunham built world's biggest motorcycle, costing over US$300,000. He got into the Guiness Book of Records.

Here's a video showing you the motorcycle (in motion believe it or not), and how it was built.


12 June, 2007 - Airplane Sidecar
T-Motor Sidecar
Henrik Tóth must have spent quite some time transforming his Yamaha into this sidecar.

Notice the details (including bullet holes). He won a motorcycle show in Hungary with this design.


7 June, 2007 - Bring Back The Old Days
Cree's SAM
Imagine cruising down the strip in this vehicle.

It the Swiss made Cree SAM. It's electrical, it looks like the old fashion Messerschmitt, and the running costs are very low.

The company is looking for investors, so if you have deep pockets, or want to see this vehicle on the road, contact Cree.


25 May, 2007 - Last Ride In NYC With Motorcycle Hearse
Motorcycle hearse
Motorcycle hearses are becoming more and more popular (does that mean there are more and more motorcycle related deaths?)!

You can now go for your last ride in a motorcycle hearse in New York....


24 May, 2007 - Custom Motocrosser - Egypte Style
SphiMX Egyptian motocrosser
It used to be that cruisers were customized.

Here's a really good looking motocross bike that has received a "special" treatment.

Very nice...


16 May, 2007 - A Sidecar As a Wheelchair! Great Job!
Ural motorcycle with wheelchair sidecar
How cool is this? Steve modified his Ural motorcycle with sidecar to be able to transport Heather's wheelchair.

Heavy modifications were needed, but now they can both ride on the motorcycle without any problems!



14 March, 2007 - World’s Most Powerful Motorcycle - Rapom 8200
So you think your Agusta, Hayabusa or Ducati has got a lot of horse power?

You think 200 hp is a lot ???

Try 1200 hp !! Nick Argyle has built himself a monster. The Rapom 8200 is fitted with an 8.2 liter V8 truck engine, runs on alcohol (not whiskey) and is very powerful!

The motorcycle is totally street legal, but you wouldn't use it for a spin around the block. What an incredible feat of engineering.


23 February, 2007 - Extreme Snowmobile - Red Bull 1000Trails
Red Bull 1000Trails
The same people who bring you that incredible tough motorcycle enduro, the roManiacs, this year are bringing you a snowmobile version.

So if you want to go and ride your snowmobile, and measure yourself in one of the toughest tracks against professionals, now's your chance.


21 February, 2007 - More and More Car Trikes - Bonning Roadster
Bonning Roadster
Yet another sexy and sleek trike/car/motorcycle.

No, it's not the Can-Am Spyder, but the Australian Bonning Roadster. Woow !


21 February, 2007 - Flying Motorcycle - Not a Dream
Super Sky Cycle - Flying motorcycle
A flying motorcycle (or really a trike) is not far off from being reality. The Butterfly LLC is offering the Super Sky Cycle for some US$20,000.

The vehicle will give you an autogyro capable of flying at cruise speeds of 50 mph, and landing on 20 feet of land. It's small enough thanks to its foldable rotor blades to be stored in almost any garage.

Let's see you get a speeding ticket in the sky with this one.


19 February, 2007 - VentureOne - Maturity Of Hybrid Trikes
VentureOne Mileage
Here is one motorcycle/car/trike you would see me in.

VentureOne is based on the Dutch Carver system, designed by BMW, and available shortly in hybrid or full electric versions.

Costing around US$20.000, the carcycle will give you 100 mph, 100 mpg and more fun than you can have on a motorcycle.


8 February, 2007 - Riding The First Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle
ENV Hydrogen motorcycle
Intelligent-Energy ENV
The BBC recently aired a short clip of someone riding the first hydrogen powered motorcycle, the ENV.

Now's your chance to see the clip yourself. An amazing motorcycle - the way of the future ?


31 January, 2007 - Prototype/Concept Motorcycles
Web Article
Here's a blog site with many photos of prototype and concept motorcycles. Quite a collection.


26 January, 2007 - Production Diesel Motorcycle - Smart Car Powered
T800CDI Diesel motorcycle
The surprising Dutch have produced a diesel motorcycle that can run bio fuels and has loads of optional extras.

You can buy them now, the true adventure motorcycle !

With this motorcycle you can go into the desert, two wheel drive will get you through, assisting pickup of the bike, 50 liter tank, you name it... what any self respecting adventure rider would want on their shopping list.


14 December, 2006 - American Muscle Car Motorcycle
Stan Hughes Chevy V8 Motorcycle
Custom built choppers can be very pretty and sexy.

Here's one built with a Chevy engine.

It's heavy, but nice. Not that I'd want to have one, but to look at one....yes, why not ?


12 December, 2006 - Chopper Bike - Real Bike
Chopper Bicycle
Here's a real, and I mean real, chopper bike.

Cheap, as fast as you can get it to go, almost no pollution, little noise !

A real chick magnet !!


24 November, 2006 - Four Wheel Ducati
Ducati Energia
Here's a four wheel Ducati I found at the EICMA exhibition.

But is it a Ducati, or is it a Ducati ?

To be or not to be..


17 November, 2006 - World’s Longest Motorcycle
World's longest motorcycle
World's longest motorcycle, built in Russia, is soooooo long you'd need a rider in the back to steer your motorcycle...


6 November, 2006 - Mad Max - Move Over
Mad Max style motorcycle
Here's a "motorcycle" that would not have been out of place in one of the Mad Max movies.

Anyone know the story behind this one ?


3 November, 2006 - Video: Waterki Vespa Scooter
Video clip inside
A small video clip from the "old" days, of a amphibian Vespa scooter. Why did this really cool scooter never make it to the market ?


22 September, 2006 - Woow - Whizzer Bikes
Whizzer Motorbike
Never heard of them, but I'm sure that many people in the USA have.

Whizzer motorbikes (read motorized bicycles) produce some really cool looking gear.

Good idea for me for when I loose my driving license.


23 August, 2006 - EcoRider Available in the USA
The Scottish diesel motorcycle, EcoRider, is now available in the USA.

Run diesel or gas, here's a nifty motorcycle.


31 July, 2006 - On My Chevy - Gone To Holland
1957 Chevy Motorcycle
I got an itch, and have gone walkabouts. Off to Holland to look into my father.

Back Thursday. There will be daily articles appearing (server Gods permitting). Have a look at this special motorcycle... a 1957 Chevy motorcycle !


21 July, 2006 - Deposit Taken For Motoczysz Replica - 50 only
Motoczysz C1 race motorcycle
The limited edition replica of the MotoCzysz C1 will be open for deposits during the US MotoGP. 50 of them will be built !

So if you've got US$ 100,000 lying around, better hurry!


17 July, 2006 - The Sound Of 48 Cylinders On A Motorcycle
48 Cylinder motorcycle
You've maybe seen photos of the 48 cylinder motorcycle before, but here's a video clip of the same motorcycle starting up..


17 July, 2006 - A *REAL* All Terrain Motorcycle
Hyanide ATV motorcycle
A special design, the Hyanide is a real all terrain vehicle. Ride anywhere on this motorcycle equipped with a rubber track instead of wheels.

Sand, Snow or mud is no problem for the TANK.


23 June, 2006 - Neander Diesel Turbo Motorcycle - A First !
Neander Turbo diesel motorcycle
A new motorcycle is seeing the light of day !

German built Neander is not an ordinary motorcycle, it's a turbo diesel bike, with enormous torque, power, speed and acceleration.

Is this the future for motorcycles ? It looks like it !!!


22 June, 2006 - MT Y2K Turbine Motorcycle - the Video
Video clip inside
Ahh, the sound of a turbine revving up ! Two video clips of the famous MT Y2K Turbine driven motorcycle. Hit that starter button, and listen while it spins up to 54,000 rpm !! Heaven on earth !


7 June, 2006 - New, Safer, Motorcycle - Genesis
Genesis Mark111 Motorcycle
British firm Genesis are finishing up their Genesis Mark 111, a safe motorcycle ! Several companies and universities have expressed interest in the special motorcycle.

Is this the answer to traffic jams and high oil prices ? Is this the way to reduce deaths on the road ?


31 May, 2006 - Turbo Charging Your Beemer Motorcycle
BMW K1200RS motorcycle with RB Racing Turbo
BMW logo
So you think your BMW motorcycle (or other manufacturer) is slow. How does 300 horses sound to you ? Or riding your motorcycle at 200 mph ?

RB Racing will fit a turbo on your BMW motorcycle. The need for speed...


10 May, 2006 - Rolling Sculptures
3DCustoms motorcycle tank
Motorcycle customization has gone one step further. No more just paintings on your chopper! Now you can have real 3D images on your favorite motorcycle !

By 3DCustoms.


1 May, 2006 - BMW/IMME 1200 Part Deux
IMME 1200 Motorcycle
Last week's article on the BMW IMME1200 drew a lot of reactions, including one from the designers. They now have a website and more photos.

They're also still looking for active participation in this adventure, so if you have the material, or money, contact them.


27 April, 2006 - Ferrari Motorcycle Part 2
Ferrari Dino Motorcycle
After last months post on the Ferrari based motorcycle, here's more information. George, the builder, built a second Ferrari motorcycle.

One is a V12, the other a V6 Ferrari engine. Can there be anything sweeter sounding than a Ferrari engine ?


26 April, 2006 - BMW/IMME 1200
IMME/BMW 1200 concept motorcycle
Two French designers have designed a special sports motorcycle based on BMW R1200 engine. It is so much of interest that BMW have taken an active participation.

Will we see the IMME 1200 in the nearby future ? A modular sports/racing motorcycle would be in the interest of all.


20 April, 2006 - Suzuki Diesel Motorcycle
Suzuki Diesel Motorcycle
Here's a person called Crazy Jerry who converted a Suzuki motorcycle into a diesel running motorcycle.

On his website he's selling a CD with the instructions on how to do it yourself. Tired of high gas prices ?? Here's your chance!


18 April, 2006 - Training Wheels - Part Deux
Safety Features Ghost Wheels
After a previous article on training wheels, I got an email with more information. You can actually get these extra set of wheels on a big motorcycle, that deploy like on an airplane.

It allows not only disabled people, but also bikers who are not tall or strong enough to ride a big motorcycle.


14 April, 2006 - Golden (Wing) Retriever
Video clip inside
A short video of a commercial car towing service in Sweden who uses a Honda Goldwing to tow broken down cars. The Honda motorcycles can be bought from them.


18 March, 2006 - Gold Plated Kawasaki
Two Brothers Racing Golden Kawasaki motorcycle
After the gold plated Buell, we now have a gold plated Kawasaki motorcycle.

What's next ??


7 March, 2006 - You Think Your Motorcycle Is Fast ? Try This!
Acabion Concept Motorcycle
Swiss Acabion are developing a concept motorcycle that will run 600 kph (370 mph) and get you to 450 kph in 19 seconds!

And all that with a minimum of gas. Place your order now.


2 February, 2006 - TECA Concept Motorcycle
TECA Concept Motorcycle
Yet another concept motorcycle, designed for safety and aerodynamics. From TECA !


10 January, 2006 - Jet Powered Moped
Yamaha YSR 50 moped
Here's a step by step instruction on how to convert a Yamaha YSR 50 moped into a turbine powered moped.

Jay Leno will be jealous.


4 January, 2006 - Volkswagen Concept GX3 Motorcycle/Trike
Volkswagen GX3 Concept Motorcycle/Trike
Volkswagen introduced a concept motorcycle trike today in Los Angeles.

Interesting to say the least.


29 November, 2005 - EcoRider - Scottish Diesel Motorcycle
EcoRider Hippo Motorcycle
A Scottish motorcycle ??

Not a joke, but a real diesel (or normal) all purpose motorcycle. Fun !


25 November, 2005 - Old Style Motorcycle Hearse
Motorcycle Hearse
A look at a motorcycle hearse manufacturer. These are the old-Western style hearse.

If you gotta go, you've gotta go...


24 November, 2005 - KTM-Brudeli; Hybrid Trike Motorcycle
Brudeli Trike motorcycle
The Norwegians launched a very special KTM 625 based vehicle.

Is it a Quad ? An ATV ? A motorcycle ? But it'll go off road and on normal roads.


16 November, 2005 - The Strength Of Motorcycle Designers
Ducati HyperMotard Motorcycle
John Keogh Design SuperMotard Motorcycle
An artist (John Keogh's) drawing 2 years ago of the Ducati HyperMotard motorcycle.


19 October, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles At The Tokyo Motorshow
Yamaha Maxam 3000 Concept Motorcycle
Yamaha shows off several new and concept motorcycles at the Tokyo Moto Show today.


19 October, 2005 - Honda Introduces the DN-01 Concept Motorcycle
Honda DN-01 Concept Motorcycle
Honda shows of a new concept motorcycle, the DN-01, with automatic transmission.


4 October, 2005 - Armored Tuk Tuk Motorcycle
Precipart Armored TukTuk Motorcycle
In Thailand they will be producing bullet proof Tuk Tuks to protect their monks !


28 September, 2005 - Police Motorcycles Outfitter
Thunderworks KTM Police Motorcycle
A look at a Police motorcycle outfitting company; Thunderworks.


28 June, 2005 - Chrome On Your Motorcycle
Chrome Motorcycle
The things you can do with chrome on a motorcycle.


21 April, 2005 - First Mass Produced Motorcycle
Hildebrand Wolfmuller motorcycle
Do you know what was the first mass produced motorcycle ?


29 March, 2005 - Boss Hoss V-8 Motorcycle
Boss Hoss V-8 Motorcycle
Boss Hoss currently wins the 'who has the biggest motorcycle engine' race !


22 February, 2005 - Motorcycle Designer Extraordinaire - Tim Cameron
Tim Cameron's BMBruiser
Tim Cameron, 3D Artist and Motorcyclist, shows some of his motorcycle design skills.


15 February, 2005 - Motorcycle Aprons - Cold & Wet Weather Riding
Aprons - Scooters
How to beat the cold and rain on a motorcycle European style.


25 January, 2005 - Aprilia Design Studies - A Trike
Aprilia Motorcycles Magnet
Aprilia's Magnet, the three wheeled motorcycle.


17 December, 2004 - New BMW Motorcycle - Very High Performance
Roadrunner's BMW V8
A new BMW sees the light; the most powerful one yet.


26 November, 2004 - Reinventing the Motorcycle Wheel
Osmos Wheel
Someone actually reinvented the motorcycle wheel !! ... and it looks good!


18 November, 2004 - Motorcycle Design School
Motorcycle by Amardeep Bansal
The Huddersfield University has many examples of motorcycle (and other) designs by their students.


29 July, 2004 - Another Motorcycle Hearse - Nice One
Tombstone Hearse
Another motorcycle hearse for the biker who wants his (her) last trip in style.


20 April, 2004 - Sports Motorcycle Trike/Truck ?
Crotch Trike
A sports motorcycle converted into a "truck".


21 January, 2004 - The Ultimate Crotch Rocket Motorcycles ?
F18 Crotch Rocket
Three jet turbine engine powered motorcycles....


17 December, 2003 - New Motorcycle Hearse - A proper one
Harley Motorcycle Hearse
A new motorcycle hearse


1 October, 2003 - Wanna Buy An Expensive Motorcycle ?? - On-line ?
Dodge Tomahawk
Upmarket store and on-line catalog Neiman-Marcus are selling the Dodge Tomahawk....


5 September, 2003 - Vicar Pulled Over on Motorcycle Hearse
A Vicar on a Motorcycle Hearse got pulled over by the Police.....


7 April, 2003 - The Outhouse Trike
Outhouse Trike
Ideal motorcycle for long distance rides. No longer you need to stop of a bathroom break..



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