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2 September, 2015 - France: Honda Forza 125 Runaway Hit
Honda Forza 125
Honda logo
#Honda #Forza125 #Statistics - The recently released Honda Forza 125 scooter is a runaway success, breaking all sales records and pushing Honda into the number 1 spot of sales in France. Looks like a very popular scooter.


17 June, 2015 - Brazil: Economy Reduces Motorcycle Sales To Historic Levels
Brazil Motorcycle factory
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Statistics - The bad world economy is still having very negative effects around the world, and even BRIC countries like Brazil are feeling the pinch. The first 5 months of 2015 saw the lowest production of motorcycles in 10 years in Brazil.


11 June, 2015 - France: Road Mortality Statistics 2014 - Interesting
France 2014 Stats
France flag
#France #Statistics #Fatalities - I know statistics are boring, but sometimes you find gems. The official statistics for 2014 in France regarding fatalities and accidents have been published by the Ministry of Transportation, and they make an interesting read.


22 April, 2015 - Europe: Road Fatalities - The Best, The Worst
Changing Statistics
Europe flag
#Europe #Statistics #Roadfatalities - The European Commission has published the statistics of road fatalities in Europe during 2014. Who were the good countries and who were the bad ones. Where do you stand a bigger chance of becoming road kill on your motorcycle?


8 April, 2015 - The Economic Fallout of a MotoGP Race
Le Mans MotoGP Spectators
MotoGP logo
MotoGP races cost a lot of money, that's a given. But how much does a single race generate for the local economy. French weekly motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal, breaks down the revenue for the Le Mans MotoGP race.


1 April, 2015 - France: 2014 - Increase In The Number Of Radar Photos
Aircraft Enforced
France flag
#France #Radars #Statistics - 20 MILLION radar photos taken in 2014 in France, a record. And most of them are not thrown away as it used to be. And now the new red light radars and mobile radars are also becoming cash cows. No where to hide.


4 March, 2015 - France: Motorcycle Thefts Declining - Traqueur Data
France Theft Types 2014
France flag
#Thefts #France #Statistics - The French theft prevention company, Traqueur, have released the theft figures of motorcycles and scooters equipped with their geolocalization system in France during 2014. Can you guess which motorcycle or scooter got stolen the most .... by far...


9 February, 2015 - Switzerland: 1000 Charging Stations For EV Passed
Switzerland Charging map 201502
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #EVChargingStations #Statistics - The land of mountains, cows, chocolate and bankers has passed the 1,000 mark for electric cars and motorcycles charging stations. Not bad for a 41K km2 country with high mountains.


3 February, 2015 - Two Old Brand Slugout: Royal Enfield Sells More Than Harley-Davidson
Royal Enfield vs Harley
Royal Enfield logo
For the very first time, India based Royal Enfield sold more motorcycles globally than USA based Harley-Davidson. Both are old and established brands. But that's sales, on the financial side it's a different story.


29 January, 2015 - France: Excellent Sales Figures Electric Motorcycles 2014
BMW C Evolution Review
France flag
#France #Electric #Statistics - France has sold quite a lot of electric motorcycles and scooters for 2014. Surprisingly, half of them were BMW C-Evolution electric scooters, but others did quite well. Slowly but surely, EVs are taking off, helped maybe by the fact that electricity is quite cheap due to all the nuclear power plants they have.


21 January, 2015 - Paris: The Effects Of Diminished Speed Limit On Ring Road
Boulevard Peripherique
France flag
#France #ParisPeripherique - The effects after one year of reduced speed limits on the Paris ring road (aka Le Peripherique).


5 January, 2015 - Europe: How Safe Are European Roads?
2012 Bad Roads Britain Map
EuroRAP logo
EuroRAP is an organization that surveys and reports on the safety of European roads. Here are a few examples of reports on European countries and the safety of their road network.


10 December, 2014 - Spain: Motorcycle Market Rebounds - Marquez To Blame?
Changing Statistics
Spain flag
#Spain #Statistics #Sales - Spain has had growing motorcycle and scooters sales over the last 14 months, with a record month of November (increase of 25%). Is this thanks to Marc Marquez?


1 December, 2014 - Which Country Had The Most Motorcycle Victories in 2014
French Police Solex Squad
France flag
#France #Victories - Wanna guess which country had the most world titles in motorcycle racing? No.... not Spain.


11 November, 2014 - 2014 Eicma A Recording Breaking Success
EICMA logo
#Eicma #Exhibitions #Statistics - Another record breaking Eicma exhibition edition this year. Again attendance broke all records, the number of companies exhibition increased and the professional attendees did the business they were hoping to do. And the dates for the 2015 edition are known as well.


8 October, 2014 - Taiwan: I Just Love This Photo of Rush Hour - 15 Million Motorcycles!
Taiwan Scooter Rush Hour 2
Taiwan flag
#Taiwan #RushHour - First of all the photo speaks for itself. It's impressive, but we've seen them before. What's even more impressive is the caption below it. 15 MILLION motorcycles!! 6 out 10 inhabitants have a motorcycle or scooter.

That has got to be the most dense PTW utilization... or am I wrong?


6 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: Resounding Success
Intermot 2012 Entrance
Intermot logo
#Intermot #Exhibitions - The Intermot motorcycle exhibition in Germany has come to an end, and the statistics are looking good. It's still a very popular motorcycle show as the figures show.


30 September, 2014 - Dramatic Increase In Electric Vehicles In The UK
Brammo Electric Charging
UK flag
#Electric #Fast-Charging #Ecotricity - The fast charger network for electric vehicles (cars and motorcycles) is seeing a dramatic increase. Installed currently at 90% of British motorway service stations, the number of EVs coming to charge has tripled over the last 3 quarters. There are now over 10,000 EVs in Britain, and growing fast.


23 September, 2014 - Belgium: Record Number of Motorcycles and Scooters
Brussels Motorcycle Ride
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Record #Statistics - Belgium sees a record number of motorcycles and scooters on their roads, maybe because of increasing cars on the road. But fewer new bikes are being sold, older motorcycles and scooters are kept for longer periods of time.


26 August, 2014 - Study: Electric Motorcycles To Grow To 55 Million By 2023
BMW C Evolution Review
Statistics Article
#Research #Electric #eMotorcycles - An extensive research by Navigant Research is showing that the electric motorcycles and scooters sales will have reached 55 million by the year 2023. But what does that mean?


21 August, 2014 - Europe: Week Long Police Checks Finds A Lot Of Drunk Drivers
Good Party Proof
Europe flag
#Europe #DUI #Police - The European police in 30 countries made a concerted effort to check for DUI during one week, and their haul was massive. There are a lot of drunk drivers in Europe.


18 August, 2014 - USA: Makes Roads Safer, Smoke Marijuana
Marijuana Smoking Helmet
click to see where USA is on the map
#USA #Marijuana #Statistics - The three points legalize marijuana naysayers have been claiming are being torn down. The latest point, increased road accidents due to weed smoking, is now also debunked. The contrary.


14 August, 2014 - Study: Cell Phone Use While Driving Not Dangerous As Thought
Texting and Talking Texas
Ford Bound Gagged Ad
#Cellphone #Study - According to a recent study, using a cell phone while driving is not as dangerous as people thought. The study is probably paid for by the telecoms industry.


11 July, 2014 - France: The Real Truth Behind Speed Reductions - Myths Debunked
Country Road Speed Limits
France flag
#France #SpeedLimits #Politicians - The French (unpopular) government wants to reduce the speed limits of country roads in order to reduce pollution and road fatalities. Here are their lies/myths debunked.


3 July, 2014 - France: 2012 Map Of All The Accidents - Interesting
France 2012 Accidents Map
France flag
#France #Map #Statistics - Here is a very interesting interactive map of France, with all the accidents that happened during 2012. It allows you to filter accidents with many criteria. Nicely done.


18 June, 2014 - UK: Statistics Fight Over Speed Cameras Saving Lives - Cat Fight!
Changing Statistics
UK flag
#UK #Statistics #Gatsos - There's a fight going on in the UK about statistics. The operator of speed cameras in the UK says they are saving lives, but according to others, their math sucks (like their cameras do) and the cameras are increasing accidents.


11 June, 2014 - France: Big Reductions in Road Deaths in 2013
Statistics icon
France flag
#France #Statistics #Fatalities - The French authorities have published the road fatalities for 2013, and it's looking very good. But who is to congratulate?


6 June, 2014 - Shocking Statistics: More Eggs Eaten, More Deadly Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents vs egg eating
USA flag
#Statistics #Funny - A shocking statistics proves that the more eggs people eat, the more deadly accidents are caused between motorcycles and cars & vans. There is no escaping the facts. Stop eating eggs if you want to continue riding your motorcycle.


6 June, 2014 - Belgium: Incredible Increase In Speeding Tickets Due To Segment Radars
Aircraft Enforced
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Radars - The new segment radars in Belgium are a major windfall for the government. 7 times more speeding tickets over one year!


6 May, 2014 - France: A Scooter Get Stolen Every 8 Minutes
Grand theft scooter
France flag
#France #Scooter #theft - A scooter gets stolen every 8 minutes in France. Here are some interesting statistics.


19 March, 2014 - Brazil: Honda Continues To Dominate Motorcycle Market
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Sales #Statistics - Honda is dominating the Brazilian motorcycle market by a very far margin.

In 2013 they sold 81.09% of all motorcycles in Brazil. Here are the sales figures for 2013.


10 March, 2014 - Europe Is Doing Well: Traffic Jams Have Increased
Belgium Traffic Jam
Europe flag
#Europe #TrafficJams #Statistics - Europe is doing better. One sure sign is that traffic jams have increased by quite a lot.

And the winner of the worst traffic jams goes to .....


7 March, 2014 - Where Are The Most Fatal Road Crashes in The World
Global Best and Worst Deadly Accidents
Statistics Article
#Statistics #Accidents - Where in the world is it safer to ride your motorcycle, and where is it the most dangerous?

A new report shows in every country in the world, the number of deadly accident per 100,000 inhabitants.


6 March, 2014 - Study: Driving Habits Of The Europeans - 2013
Europe Special Map
Europe flag
#Study #Manners - A recent study in 7 European countries show the different driving habits of Europeans.

Who are the better drivers, who the worst?


13 February, 2014 - France: When The Government Lies or Fuddles The Numbers
Biker Zombies
#France #Statistics - Two cases here in France where the authorities were caught fibbing on statistics that according to them was better for us. How many more?


6 February, 2014 - Brazil: A Look At The State Of The Motorcycle World There
Sao Paulo Lane Splitting
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Statistics - Brazil is growing, becoming more wealthy, and therefore much more deadly. Here are some incredible figures.


4 February, 2014 - Theft: Cars Decrease, Motorcycles Increase
Vehicle Theft Netherlands 1996 2013
#Statistics #Theft - It looks like from statistics that the theft of cars is decreasing, while theft of motorcycle is increasing. Why?


3 February, 2014 - France: First Official Crash Test Classification For Biker Airbags
Bering Airbag Jacket Test
France flag
#Airbag #Safety #SRA - The French SRA have released for the first time the results of tests done on motorcycle airbag jackets, classifying them between 1 and 5 stars.


29 January, 2014 - France: Top 50 New Motorcycle Sales In 2013
France 2013 Marketshare
France flag
#France #Sales - Here are the (morose) sales figures for 2013 of the French motorcycle industry. Still in decline.


21 January, 2014 - Half Of The Russian Ural Motorcycles Sold In The USA
Cany Barville 2013 Ural M63 from 1972, 650cc
Ural logo
#Ural #Sidecars - Amazing! 50% of the Russian Ural motorcycle production is sold in the USA. 95% is exported worldwide. Anyone say cold war?


5 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: The Figures
Dakar 2013 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Statistics - The Dakar is starting today (Sunday) so let us have a look at what this motorcycle rally represents, statistics-wise.


22 November, 2013 - France: Speeding Tickets In The Increase & Show Me The Money
Greed Camera
France flag
#France #Speeding #ShowMeTheMoney - The French government is really going speeding fines crazy. They say it's not a tax, I say it's a super-tax. Here is a breakdown of the money flow.


18 November, 2013 - Prices of A Motorcycle Around The World
Yamaha YZF R1 costs
#Prices #Yamaha - Here is what it costs to buy a motorcycle, in this case a Yamaha YZF-R1, around the world. The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is TIMES THREE!


13 November, 2013 - Kawasaki: Spectacular Growth In UAE
Kawasaki 1400GTR
Kawasaki logo
#Kawasaki #UAE - Kawasaki had a spectacular growth of 45% so far in the United Arab Emirates. And the year is not over.


18 October, 2013 - Survey: Truckers See Dutch Motorcyclists As Good Drivers
The Netherlands flag
#Survey #Truckers #TheNetherlands - The Dutch trucker magazine and website, Truckstar, ran an on-line survey to find out what these road professionals thought of motorcycle riders...........

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10 October, 2013 - France: The Real Costs Of Automatic Radars
France Radar Destroyed by Tractor/Digger
France flag
#France #Radars #Financials - I think that every country has them by now. Radars that not only take a photo of you speeding on your motorcycle, but then send the digital photo to a central computer that analyzes the photo, identifies your motorcycle (or car, or truck) and then sends you a nice letter asking for your financial contribution to the state's coffers.

It's a big money racket, that much we have all gathered by now. Millions and millions of dollars/euros are paid each year to cash-strapped governments. But these modern-day highway robbers have pretty high costs as well...........

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26 September, 2013 - Europe: During 1 Week, 720,000 Drivers Were Caught Speeding
Europe flag
#Europe #Speeding #Statistics - During the week of 19 to 25 August, 28 countries in Europe made a coordinated effort to catch speeding cars and motorcycles. The effort was spearheaded by the European Traffic Police Network, TISPOL. During that week, a total of 728,268 vehicles were caught speeding; 274,355 directly by the police involved and 453,913 by radars. Although fatal crashes have been reduced dramatically, from 54,000 in 2000 to 28,157 in 2012, according to TISPOL, speed is still one of the top three reasons many people die on the European roads...........

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27 August, 2013 - European Motorcyclists Go Very Far On Their Summer Holidays
Delticom European Vaction Stat
Adventure Scooter
#Holiday #Europe #Statistics - Delticom, Europe's biggest internet provider of tires, has performed an interesting survey of the summer holiday habits of European motorcycle riders. A total of 1,234 bikers in seven countries were surveyed on where they were going on their holidays.

The total number of kilometers to be ridden is astonishing; 3.4 million kilometers, that's 85 times around the world. And that by only 1,234 bikers. On average, each motorcycle will be riding 2,729 kilometers for their holiday.

Who Goes The Furthest?..........

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14 August, 2013 - France: Less Car But More Deadly Motorcycle Accidents
France July 2013 Motorcycle Accidents
France flag
#Statistics #Accidents - I am surprised that the French authorities are surprised.... The number of cars and trucks having fatal accidents have decreased last month by 5.7%, a record. But the number of deadly motorcycle accidents has increased between June and July 2013 by 19.3%

As the authorities state, the motorcycle fatal accidents had been decreasing months before that, and now they have started increasing again.

So let me get this straight.... in the winter there were less motorcycle accidents, and in the summer they increased.... hmmmmmmm .... I wonder why?

All these statistics actually mean nothing if you do not have something to compare with, like the number of motorcycles on the road at that time. If only 100 motorcycles are on the road during winter and 50 of them died, that is enormous, with a 50% casualty rate. But if 1,000,000 are on the road and 50 died, it's a small percentage.

But the government will never publish these kind of statistics since then they can not keep the repression going, making a lot of money in the process. So they just try to scare us with one-sided figures.


13 August, 2013 - Dominican Republic: Most Lethal Country To Ride A Motorcycle In
Dominican Republic Pillion Crowded
Dominican Republic flag
#DominicanRepublic #Deadly #Accidents - So if you thought your daily motorcycle ride was dangerous, try riding in the Dominican Republic. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1,400 inhabitants are killed on their roads every year. For an 11 million people country, that represents 43 fatal accidents for every 100,000 people (in comparison, the USA sees 11 deaths per 100,000)...........

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1 August, 2013 - UK: Interactive Map Of Accident Statistics
MCE UK Motorcycle Accidents Statistics
UK flag
#UK #Statistics #Motorcycles - MCE Insurance of the UK have published on their web site an interesting interactive map of motorcycle accidents on the British island. With a quick glance you can see where most of the motorcycle accidents happen.

The initial graph/map is for general motorcycle accidents, but by selecting one of "drill-down" options on your left, you can see more details. Details like sex (meaning gender), road conditions, age, time of day, day of the week etc...........

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9 July, 2013 - Ireland: The Luck Of The Irish Ran Out - Motorcycle Fatalities
Ireland Motorcycle fatal 10yr
Ireland flag
#ireland #Statistics #Mag #Motorcycles - The famous luck of the Irish seems to have run out according to the latest statistics. At least, the luck of Irish motorcycle riders. Over the last few years, motorcycle related deaths have been increasing, bucking the 10 year trend.

The graph clearly shows that the last 10 years, motorcycle fatalities have been steadily decreasing, until 2011. Now, every year, they have been increasing again.

According to the local police, the Garda, 4 out 5 fatal accidents involve an another vehicle, usually a car. 52% of the accidents occurred on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, with July being the worst month of the year. 75% of the fatal accidents where on regional or local roads, i.e., bikers going for a weekend spin in the country.

The Irish police are asking all car drivers to pay more attention to motorcycle riders during the summer months. So Irish bikers should not ride their motorcycles on country roads on weekends in July....


26 June, 2013 - Belgium: Very Detailed Study Of Motorcycle Accidents
Statistics Article
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Accidents #Statistics - For the first time ever, the authorities in Belgium have spent a lot of time analyzing serious motorcycle accidents. They went and looked at 200 motorcycle accidents that resulted in deaths or badly hurt ones. The study, named MOTAC (Motorcycle Accident Causation), concentrated on accidents in 2009 (16% of the accidents) and 2010 (84% of the accidents).

50% of the 200 accidents studied had deadly victims, the other 50% had very badly hurt victims.

Something different from other accident studies; 56% of the accidents were initiated by the motorcycle rider, 41% by a third party. But as the report mentions, just because an accident is initiated by one vehicle, legally it does not mean that the biker is responsible. 3% of the accidents were caused by external problems, like bad road infrastructure (which IMHO seems low for Belgium who have a notoriously bad road network).

Single Vehicle Accidents 35% of all the 200 accident involved only the motorcycle, meaning no other vehicles were involved. 90% of these single vehicle accidents were caused by the biker. This is usually because of a loss of control, sliding while braking (80%), while 58% of these single vehicle accidents happened in a curve...........

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7 June, 2013 - Record Traffic Jams - Ride A Motorcycle, That’s Why
Traffic Chaos
#Traffic #Records - Even when you are not allowed to split lanes on your motorcycle, when traffic is at a standstill for hours on end, most bikers ride in between cars. If you need to wait days before you can actual start again, then every biker will push through.

Traffic jams in which you need to spend 15 minutes are truly horrible. Imagine not or barely moving, inch by inch for 10 to 15 minutes (the average time you are at a standstill when traffic is stopped). Well, can you imagine having been in one of the traffic jams below; all of them are record holders...........

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22 May, 2013 - France: Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Gather Public Support
Statistics Article
France flag
#Statistics #Survey #Electric #Ecological - After a recent study of the French market, the survey shows that the French as a nation support in rather large numbers the use of electric or hybrid cars and motorcycles.

A survey conducted of some 2,000 people shows that 38% of them would purchase a hybrid vehicle if they had the financial means to do so. That's 15% up over the previous year. 18% of the surveyed said they'd like to purchase an electrical vehicles, up over 2011 when that figure was only 8%...........

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29 April, 2013 - USA: And The Winner For The Worst Congested City Is ....
Monster traffic jam
USA flag
#Traffic #Statitics #LosAngeles - Los Angeles, California. It's not the first time L.A. has taken the top prize, but last year this prestigious prize went to Honolulu. According to data company Inrix, L.A. drivers sat in traffic jams a total of 59 hours last year, a total of 59 hours wasted per year, per person - that's 2 1/2 days per year sucking in fumes. Honolulu, last year's winner, drivers sat 50 hours in traffic jams during 2012.

Honolulu was pushed into second spot, but at least Los Angles is in good company, since San Francisco was in 3rd place and San Jose in seventh. So in the top ten US cities where motorcycles really have an advantage, there are three Californian cities. Not bad..............

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22 April, 2013 - Study: What Will Break The Quickest On A Motorcycle?
Duct Tape Motorcycle Repair
USA flag
#Study #Reliability #Motorcycle - When we buy a new motorcycle, the last thing you want to think about is what is going to break first, and what will need repairs. But it will happen, at one stage or another, you'll need to repair something on your bike.

Consumer Report in the USA did a study on what breaks down on a motorcycle. They looked at consumer (i.e. bikers) who bought a new motorcycle between 2009 and 2012 and reported that their ride needed a repair that was not covered by the warrantee. The study involved 4,424 bikers and 4,700 motorcycles.


17 April, 2013 - India: Changes In Ranking Of The Top Motorcycle Makers
Motorcycle Parking India
India flag
The motorcycle manufacturer's position for the top production & selling spots in India have changed a bit. That's one part of the news; Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has moved Bajaj into third spot. So currently the top ranking are;

1st is Hero MotoCorp (Honda's former partner but now independent) with 5.91 million motorcycles per year, now in 2nd spot is Honda India with 2.61 million units, moved into 3rd spot are Bajaj with 2.46 million units and then TVS (who recently partnered with BMW) in 4th position.

What's interesting in these ranking is that Honda was in 4th spot in 2011, and..........

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15 April, 2013 - The Most Dangerous Countries For Motorcycles In Europe
Statistics Article
Europe flag
#Accident #Europe #Statistics - The roadside assistance organization in Belgium, Touring, has conducted a research on the number of deadly motorcycles accidents in Europe, and correlating them with the number of inhabitants of that country. This gives a score of the countries where you are more likely to have a fatal motorcycle accident.

I didn't manage to get much data, except for the top 4 "most dangerous countries in Europe". The number you see after the country is the number of deadly motorcycle accidents per million inhabitants...........

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15 April, 2013 - France: Record Year For Speed Radar Revenues
Radar jackpot
France flag
#France #Radar #Record - For those of you who still think that speed radars are there to reduce speeding on the roads, think again. They are there for one reason only, and that is to raise as much cash as they can.

Last year (2012), the 4000+ speed radars in France managed to generate an incredible 730 MILLION Euros of cash, up €100 million over the previous record year - 2011. On average, a single radar will ticket 5200 times per year. During 2012 12.5 million tickets were issued, many of them for only a few kilometers over the speed limit...........

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6 March, 2013 - France: Interesting Statistics On Motorcycle Usage In Paris
Statistics Article
France flag
#Statistics #France #Paris - With all the troubling issues coming from the Mayor of Paris, and the upcoming 2014 Mayor elections and their moto-phobic candidates, it's interesting to see some statistics about the usage of motorcycles and scooters in Paris. The number crunching was done by the DRIEA (Direction Regionale et Interdepartementale de l'Equipement et de l'Amenagement).

First of all, the stats aren't for just Paris, but what is called "Ile-de-France", or more accurately the Greater Parisian Area, which is Paris and its suburbs. If the candidate politicians ever read these statistics, maybe they'll change their minds about motorcycles, but somehow I doubt it.

Every day there are 570,000 PTW moving around and through Paris. That's half a million per day! Between 2001 and 2010, there was an increase of 34% in the number of daily PTW movements...........

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25 February, 2013 - The Netherlands: 2012-More Motorcycle Riders, Many More Female
Dutch Motorcycle Lessons School
The Netherlands flag
The community of motorcycle riders in The Netherlands has expanded quite a lot last year. During 2012 31,500 cloggies (=Dutch people) got their precious motorcycle license, an increase of 18% over 2011. Half of the new bikers are under the age of 24.

The most interesting statistics is that 50% of the under 24 year old new motorcycle riders are female. So more and more girls are taking to riding their own motorcycle, which is a good thing.

The reason for the sudden increase in the number of people taking a motorcycle license... on January 19th, a new motorcycle license law came into effect in Europe, making it impossible for younger riders to go directly to bigger displacement bikes. Younger riders need to progressively move to larger displacement motorcycles, so many wanted to go directly to the big bikes license.


5 February, 2013 - Switzerland: Growth Motorcycle Sector For 2012 - Harley Big Winner
Statistics Article
Switzerland flag
Europe is not unified in terms of motorcycle growth, some countries are in a slump, while others do well. In the last category, Switzerland has done nicely.

During 2012, the land of cheese and bankers, grew their motorcycle market by 2.6% over 2011. A total of 46,710 new PTW were registered; 23,464 motorcycles (+1.6%), 22,140 scooters (+3.7%) and 1,106 electric scooters (-5.2%).

In the motorcycle category, the manufacturer that excelled during 2012 was Harley-Davidson with 3,612 new motorcycles sold, while Honda (3,462) was in 2nd place, BMW in third with 2,877 and Yamaha in 4th spot with 2,760...........

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29 January, 2013 - France: 2012 Top 10 Motorcycles Sales
Statistics Article
France flag
#Sales #Statistics - For a fifth consecutive year, the French motorcycles and scooters market shrunk, thanks to the economic crisis. People just don't have the money to buy a new motorcycle, and it shows. During 2012, only 158,106 new motorcycles and scooters were registered. At the turn of the millennium, sales were at a premium, with a constant growth every year. But that stopped in 2007, and since then we've seen a steady decline in sales, and 2013 doesn't look any better.

Here are some of the more salient results of 2012, models, manufacturers and categories...........

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29 January, 2013 - France: Major Reduction In Road Deaths for 2012 - Record
France Location Stats 2011 2012
France flag
For once we've got good news coming from France. The number of road deaths and accidents during 2012 has been at an all time low, a record since these figures were recorded (1948). In total for all vehicle types there were "only" 3,645 people killed on the French roads, a significant reduction of 8%. When comparing the statistics between 2011 and 2000 (when a serious effort was undertaken to reduce road accidents), the overall drop has been 52%.

But when you look at all the statistics, motorcycle riders showed the way.... with a reduction of 14.5% in the number of deaths. Although motorcycles have been very good at reducing the number of accidents, they still represent 18% of all road fatalities, while only representing 1.9% of traffic...........

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24 January, 2013 - Europe: Participate In The FEMA Rider Survey
FEMA Riderscan Poster
FEMA logo
FEMA, the European Federation of Motorcycle Associations, the powerful European motorcycle lobby group, are trying to get a good idea about European motorcycle riders and their habits.

They have launched a massive on-line survey, where they are trying to get an idea on our thoughts about riding in Europe. They are trying to find out what our habits are, what we think of road safety, clothing, etc.

The survey is available in several languages (more being added), and will run through 2013...........

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16 January, 2013 - Brazil: 15.62% Drop In Motorcycle Sales For 2012
Statistics Article
Brazil flag
Brazil is supposed to be a growth market, one of the emerging markets, but not for motorcycles as it appears. The Brazilian federation of automotive vehicles reported a large slump in sales for motorcycles, despite the fact that car sales jumped 6.11%

Motorcycle sales throughout 2012 fell 15.62%. 1,637,481 new PTW were on the road, in sharp contrast with 2011, were there were 1,940,533 new bikes. Citing restrictions in bank credit, less people are able to buy new motorcycles, and a high number of motorcycles dealers were forced to close; a good 4% of the 2,500 dealers in Brazil closed their doors...........

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5 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Starts Today - The Statistics
Dakar 2013 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
One of the most grueling and tough rally enduro races in the world starts today, the famous, and often notorious, Dakar. Although they haven't been going to Dakar for years now, the race keeps the name Dakar. Today the 35th edition of this race starts, with trucks, cars, quads and of course the motorcycles racing in South America (Peru, Argentina and Chile) for 14 days. Since its creating, the Dakar has been raced in 27 different countries.

The record man for the most number of victories remains the Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel, with 6 motorcycle victories and 4 car wins.

The youngest contestant is 19 years, the Dutchman Robert Van Pelt on a motorcycle..........

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7 December, 2012 - France: Record Number Of Tickets & Points in 2011
French Driving License Torn Up
France flag
2011 was a record year in France, but not a record year were we saw athletes surpass themselves, or a national football team win the world cup, or the French administration reduce the taxes. No, it was the year that saw the most number of points withdrawn from driving licenses, but funnily enough, a reduction in the number of driving licenses being shredded.

12,096,911 points were deducted from driving licenses during 2011 (an increase of 19.3% over 2010). The 12 million points were deducted from some 7,252,738 tickets, 78% of them for speeding and 2.43% for DUI. Because of the new red light radars, a dramatic increase in tickets for driving through a red light was seen, +128%...........

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20 November, 2012 - Study: Best European Drivers Are German
Statistics Article
Europe flag
According to a survey performed by Garmin in Europe on some 4200 people, the GPS manufacturer determined that European drivers find the Germans the best drivers in Europe. About a quarter of the 4200 people who responded to the survey think so. 19.5% of these same people think the French are second best (they obviously don't live where I live).

As for cities that are difficult to drive through, Paris, France takes the top spot, followed by London and in third place, surprisingly, is Aalborg, Denmark.

Finally, it was determined in the survey that France had the most hidden and therefore sneakiest radars, followed by The Netherlands.


18 October, 2012 - Europe: The Top 10 Most Congested Cities
Monster traffic jam
If there's anytime you need a motorcycle or scooter, it's when you need to go into a congested city. When traffic is at a standstill, motorcycles usually can carve their way through traffic and arrive at the destination on time. Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom has been recording their user's GPS data; they receive anonymous data from the TomTom GPS, so they know when a car has slowed down, or stopped entirely. So they can see when and where the traffic gets dense.

Using this statistical data, TomTom have compiled a list of European cities that are the most jammed up...........

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8 October, 2012 - Switzerland: 2012 Motorcycle Market Doing Well
Statistics Article
Switzerland flag
In the land of cheese, chocolates and banks, Switzerland is doing very well in terms of motorcycles sales. Between January and August 2012, traditionally the best months for motorcycles sales, there was a nice bump upwards in new motorcycles being sold.

In total an increase in sales of 6.7% was seen for motorcycles (a total of 20,743 bikes), while scooters saw an increase of 9.3%, totalling 17,635 new scoots. Honda has a big jump, +26%, thanks to several new models, while Yamaha jumped 8%, while European manufactures like KTM (+36%), BMW (7%) and Vespa (+20%) did extremely well. Even Harley-Davidson did well, with an increase of 13%.

The manufacturers who did not fare well were Piaggio (the brand -20%), Kawasaki (-7%) and even Triumph did bad, with -9%. Ducati remained stable.

The top 20 sales in motorcycles during the time frame were........

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7 September, 2012 - Another Thing To Be Shortly Forbidden On A Motorcycle
Lots of stereo components on a motorcycle
When I ride my motorcycle, I love listening to some upbeat music. And often while riding I sing along. It's relaxing and fun, and I don't have to be bothered that people think I'm crazy (which I am), since they can't see me singing thanks to my full face helmet.

But that pleasure may just be short-lived if authorities start noticing the recent research done in Australia. According to the research, singing and driving is first of all distracting, but it also makes you a bad driver. ....

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24 August, 2012 - France: Record Revenue From Radars Expected
Radar jackpot
Radars, as we all know, are money generating machines; real jackpots for the government. Our fearless & greedy "leaders" will tell you that the radars are there to keep speeds down, to promote safety and to reduce the mortality figures, but in the end it's all about money. Show me the money....

This year in France, the radars are expected to bring in a record 700 million Euros! That's close to ONE BILLION US$. Thanks to many more automatic speed radars, red light radars and the introduction of segment radars, it looks like it's the French government's way of shoveling money into the deficit black hole. By the end of the year, we'll have 4,000 radars in France - another record.

So if you're planning on riding your motorcycle in France, better watch out of the money machines. Despite many election promises by the current socialist government, they are going to continue "taxing" vehicle son the road. It's in our own benefit... meaning they want and need the cash.


23 August, 2012 - Thailand: Honda Aims To Keep Its 70% Market Share. Wait, 70%!?
Statistics Article
Honda logo
These are incredible figures. Honda has a supremacy in the Thai motorcycle market, to the tune of 70% market share. And they are going to try to keep that market share.

Honda Thailand is projecting the sale of a record 2.1 million motorcycles this year, an increase of 4% over last year.......

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20 August, 2012 - Europe: Who Are The Worst Drivers - Survey
Monkey driver
Often when riding your motorcycle in Europe, you end up having the impression that some countries have worse drivers than other countries. I know I've had that feeling often enough. Travel web site Zoover thought so too, so they held a survey on their site, asking their readers which country has the worst drivers. Some 30,000 readers responded.

In the top 15 of the countries with the worst drivers, the number 1 slot (i.e. the worst drivers) is Italy, and the best drivers come from Finland.

Here's the complete list.......

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27 June, 2012 - Study: Which Vehicle Colors Attract Bird Droppings
Suzuki SV650 Shitted
Sometimes research studies can go into deep shit...literally. UK retailer Halfords researched a smelly situation; what color car (and I guess it's the same for motorcycles) attracts bird droppings.

Surveying 1,140 cars in big cities like Brighton, Glascow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol in the UK, found that 18% of the cars that were marked by birds were RED, followed by cars that were BLUE (14%), .........

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26 June, 2012 - Pay Fine For Speeding, Get Paid For Not Speeding
Slow Drivers Rewarded
NHTSA logo
Most kids know the carrot and the stick approach (though many kids don't like carrots). Do something naughty and you get the stick, do something good and you get a carrot (or more likely an increase in your allowance, or at least some sweets).

But the carrot & stick approach doesn't only apply to children. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, it works great with road users; cars and motorcycles. In the study, they placed a GPS in 8 cars, which then got turned over to 50 different riders for a week. The drivers were instructed that if they kept to the speed limits, they would each be rewarded $25. But anytime a driver would go over the posted speed limit by 5 to 8 mph, they'd forfeit $0.03, and any speeding over 9 mph would cost them $0.06 (and if they got caught by the real cops, they'd not only get docked the money, but also would have to pay the real speeding ticket)........

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8 June, 2012 - Infograph: The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety In The UK
Infographic by Bennetts
Bennetts logo
Infographs are all the fashion nowadays, so here's one that applies to us motorcycle riders. The artwork was produced for UK insurance giant Bennetts, and it shows you over time how safety has improved in the UK. They've added some other motorcycle related data to the graph, just to make it more interesting.

The graph below is linked in, embedded, so if the Bennetts site is down, you'll not see anything here.


5 June, 2012 - Europe: Electric Vehicle Sales To Reach €1.7 Billion By 2017
Statistics Article
Europe flag
#EV #Electric - According to the market research company Frost & Sullivan, the sales of Electric Vehicles (EV - Cars and Motorcycles) in Europe will reach €1.7 Billion by the year 2017. 2010 saw a sales of €55 million in Europe, but the company sees an expansion of 50% each year.

The largest hold-back is the battery technology used today, with the cost of the battery materials rising. New battery technology could accelerate the sales of EVs, plus additional government subsidies for the purchase of electric cars and motorcycles.

30 to 40% of manufacturers who subcontract the development and manufacturing of the electric engines will be insourcing this over the next few years.


4 June, 2012 - Spain: Not All Repression, Carrot and Stick Approach
Driving License Spain
Spain flag
It's nice to see that in a country like Spain, it's not all about repression. In most countries that have adopted a license point system, you get a capital of license points to start out with. When you do something naughty, like speeding, riding through a red light or crossing a white line, points get deducted from your existing points (or added, depending on the method used). Once you have no points left, you lose your license and you need to go to school to get it back.

If you have been ducted points, you get them back after a while, usually a year or two. That's the way the system works in most countries. But not in Spain. There they add points to your capital of points if you have been a good driver. 3 years into the points system, back in 2009, the government added 1 or 2 points to all drivers who had a clean driving license. This year, 6 years after the points system was introduced, they are adding another "free" point; a bonus point.

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25 May, 2012 - Belgium: Survey - Car Drivers Do Not Like Motorcycles
Statistics Article
Belgium flag
In a survey performed by the magazine Autozone from Belgium, with 9,693 responses (of which 5,886 were bikers), it became apparent that 24% of car drivers do not want to see motorcycles splitting lanes when there is a traffic jam. It was only last year, that Belgium legalized lane splitting by motorcycles. But now cagers do not like seeing motorcycles getting the advantage.

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23 May, 2012 - France: 2011 Sales of Electric Motorcycles
Matra e Mo
Top Weekly Web Article
#electric - Electric motorcycles and scooters are not high on the shopping list for the French buyers. 2011 sales figures were lower than 2010 (-17%), and 2012 is not going to be very different.

Of the 1200 electric motorcycles and scooters sold in France during 2011, the majority were 50cc equivalent, and one company outsold everyone else, and that was Matra with the e-Mo, representing 40% of the market, followed by e-Solex.

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15 May, 2012 - France: Net Decrease In New Motorcycle Sales Q1 2012
Statistics Article
click to see where France is on the map
According to CSIAM, the French Association of International Vehicle Manufacturers, the sales of new motorcycles during the 1st quarter of 2012 in France was pretty bad.

Last year during the same time frame, 61,504 motorcycles were sold, this time this year it dropped by 7.8% down to 56,711 motorcycles.

Strangely enough, it's the 125cc market that has suffered the most, with a drop of -19.4%, while the best increase was that of three wheelers (MP3 etc) by +25.6%. Motorcycles and scooters over 125cc stayed stable, only increasing by +0.08%.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story for a brand by brand breakdown.......


11 May, 2012 - Netherlands: Decrease In Number Of Motorcycle License Exams
Motorcycle riding teaching The Netherlands
The Netherlands flag
The number of people going for a motorcycle exam in The Netherlands has decreased sharply compared to last year.

21% less exams, so lots less motorcycle riders out there. Good or bad sign?


10 May, 2012 - UK: Is The London Congestion Charge Working?
London Congestion Charge Traffic Change
UK flag
Back in 2003 London introduced a congestion charge for any car that wanted to travel into London. Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00. The charge is £10 (about US$16) per day. The money is to be used to enhance the public transport system, and relive the traffic logged city from cars.

There was a lot of criticism, saying it would never work. But this graph below from the ITO World show the change. The red zones is where that was an increase of traffic, the blue zones where there was a decrease. I guess the red zones can be explained that it's commuter traffic heading for the train stations, and from there into the inner city by train or underground.

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24 April, 2012 - Study Shows Scooters Safer Than Motorcycles
Statistics Article
Australia flag
A study undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety in Australia has determined that scooters are safer than mopeds and motorcycles.

Moped as we all know are very dangerous despite the fact that they don't go very fast. Limited to 50cc, and often limited to 50 kph, they can not go fast, but they are very mobile and dodge in and out of traffic, as do motorcycles and scooters. But mopeds are ridden by youngsters with little or no training and experience, so that if the study shows they have the biggest accident & mortality rate, it's no surprise.

But according to the Australian university study, scooters are better off than motorcycles. When they are involved in an accident, 1% of the scooter riders will die, while 3.4% of the motorcycle riders will buy the farm.

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12 April, 2012 - Take The Female Motorcyclist Survey
Survey Check Marks
#motorcycles #survey - I'm a bit late, but the survey is still open. There's a big survey going on for female motorcycle riders. I think it's a great initiative, so if you are female and ride a motorcycle, head on over to RevGirl and answer 12 easy questions.

The results will give a good idea what drives women to motorcycles.

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21 March, 2012 - France: Government Survey Of The Motorcycle World In Progress
Survey Check Marks
After many years of debate, the French government has finally listened to the motorcycle associations (FFMC), and is now conducting a massive survey of the French motorcycle scene.

A survey is being sent out to 30,500 motorcycle riders, trying to understand more about us.

It's a bit late, but at least they are trying to do something about it.


9 March, 2012 - France February 2012 Record Month For Road Safety
Statistics Article
The numbers are in, and they are looking good, if not spectacular. In France, during the month of February 2012 the number of people who have died on the roads has dropped dramatically, a record.

During the month, 25.3% less people died in their cars and on their motorcycles. The politicians are all slapping their own backs, since the presidential elections are only a few weeks away. But IMHO, I don't think it has anything to do with politics, but more with a) weather (the coldest we've had in a very long time) and b) the price of gasoline.

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29 February, 2012 - Royal Enfield Grows 42% In 2011
Royal Enfield logo
Indian motorcycle manufacturer hits a home run with an increase of 42% in sales during 2011 over 2010, and 2012 looks as good.

Customer currently need to wait 6 months to get their motorcycles, but that will get better next year when the new factory opens.


16 February, 2012 - France: Fines Bring In €1.4 BILLION In 2011
It pays having speed radars in France! Not for safety as has been determined by many studies, but for the cash strapped government. Last year, the combined issued fines brought in a whopping €1.398 BILLION, that's almost 1.5 Billion Euros (at today's rate, almost US$2 Billion).

€660 Million of that collected windfall goes to the local communities, in order to help them improve roads. €65 Million is used for processing the fines (administration costs), €52 Million to maintain the radars, €20 Million to fight the increasing vandalism (I wonder why?), €18 Million to purchase and install new radars, €37 Million to put in place a new electronic and automated fine system and €35 Million for some delinquents program and €16 Million to change the old license files to the new one.

That leaves €474 Million for the government, to be used as they please. It's not going to be used to increase safety the way it should (like motorcycle crash barriers, reduction in sales tax for motorcycle safety equipment, etc... the list is long). Instead, the money will be used to fill that big black hole they call the budget.


15 February, 2012 - The Netherlands: Highest Speeding Fines In The Area
highway robbery sign
After a study done by radio/TV organization RTL of several European countries, it was determined that The Netherlands was charging the most for speeding, despite being a small country, or maybe because of it.

The study analyzed speeding fines for Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. For example, if you are speeding 15 kph over the limit on your motorcycle in The Netherlands, you will be fined €110, for the same offence in Germany it'll cost you €20 and in France €45.

While in 2006, fines in The Netherlands were still low-to-average, but since then fines have risen 66% which is definitely more than inflation.

According to officials, the increase in fines is to deter speeding, but then we all know that is not true... it's all about money.


13 February, 2012 - UK: Study Shows Speed Cameras Have No Affect On Safety
UK Speed Camera   Accidents Before and After
After a study done in the UK in one area of the country, it was determined that speed radars cameras have no or very little affect on accident son the road, neither for cars or motorcycles.

On average, accidents dropped 0.2% after a speed camera was installed. So why are they there? ... You know the answer.


9 February, 2012 - France: Top Motorcycle Sales For 2011
France 2011 Motorcycles Sales
For a fourth consecutive year, sales of motorcycles and scooters in France has declined. While 2007 was a record year, 2011 is turning out to be one of the worst of this millennium.

But interestingly enough, the European motorcycle manufacturers saw incredible sales increases, while the Japanese (except Honda) saw the reverse.


2 February, 2012 - Switzerland: 20 Times More Scooters Last 20 Years
Swiss Army Knife Scooter
These are pretty amazing statistics coming from the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics (OFS). Overall in 2010, there were 5.36 million vehicles circulating in Switzerland, of which 12% were motorcycles.

In the last 20 years, the number of motorcycle doubled, from 299,264 to 651,252 in 2010, but it's the number of scooters that blows your mind (well, at least it did mine). In the last 20 years, the number of scooters was multiplied by a factor of 20, representing 37% of the motorcycle park.


17 January, 2012 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Sales Increase in 2011
Statistics Article
Some countries do great in terms of motorcycles sales, some do less, and some do worse. Switzerland, a country that has always been neutral, sits exactly in the middle.

During 2011, 9.48% new motorcycles and scooters were registered in the country of chocolate, cheese and secret bank accounts. It's not a bad figure for Europe, so maybe the financial crisis has not hit the Swiss.

If you look at purely motorcycle sales, that figure was up by 16.23% during 2011.


10 January, 2012 - Australia: Motorcycle Sales Up 3%
Statistics Article
Australia, like the rest of Asia and AsiaPacific are doing well in terms of motorcycle and scooter sales. 2011 saw yet another bumper year, with a rise of 3% in sales.

Honda is the top brand, with Harley-Davidson as the first non-Asian motorcycle manufacturer in 5th position. Husqvarna had the most impressive growth rate.


5 January, 2012 - Ireland: Record Low Death Toll On Roads
Ireland Garda Accident Sign
Irish road users have been behaving! Since road mortality figures are kept (1959), the number of people who have died on the Irish roads is at its lowest, ever.

Motorcycle riders are in the group that does not change, but car accident related deaths are way down. Surprisingly, the 2nd highest death rate is that of pedestrians. Better off on a motorcycle.


30 December, 2011 - Switzerland: Electric Scooters 9th Best Selling Motorcycle
Statistics Article
Electric scooters are the 9th best selling category of motorcycles in Switzerland during the month of November 2011.

Electric motorcycles didn't make it to the top 10.


29 December, 2011 - France: Fake License Plates On The Rise
French License Plates
With the French government coming down very hard of speeders, the number of fake or false license plates in circulation has increased 19% last year, and probably much more this year.

The only way to escape hefty fines on your motorcycle nowadays is to use someone else's license plate.

But you can spend 7 years are the guest of the state for doing it...


21 December, 2011 - India: Scooter Sales Explode
Statistics Article
It's not doom & gloom in every country of the world with regards to scooter and motorcycle sales.

India has seen an incredible sales explosion of scooter (+39%) and even motorcycles, with "only" 22% increase.

The increase is so dramatic, that manufacturers can not cope, and have enormous backlogs. Customers have to wait for months to get their ride.

Maybe India should outsource the production to Europe and North America.... ?


8 December, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Thefts 2011
Stolen Motorcycle Just Chain left
Theft of motorcycles and scooters in France is getting to be bad. Statistics for the last 12 months, show that 8 motorcycles get stolen every hour!

95% are stolen the classic way (though 50% get taken from garages), while bike jacking has increased to 5%.


26 October, 2011 - Using Motorcycles Eases Congestion - Scientific Study
Leuven Brussels 0740
Leuven Brussels 0740 with motorcycles
A very detailed report has been published in Belgium that proves something we all knew....

.. it's better to have more motorcycles! The scientific study shows that replacing 10% of cars by motorcycles will result in a saving of €350,000 per day in Belgium!

Another interesting fact found in this report, is that despite what a popular TV program in the US has stated, motorcycles pollute less than cars!


29 September, 2011 - UK: The True Cost Of Commuting
Driving Down Cost of Commuting
Here's an interesting research and statistics on the real cost of commuting.

The research was done by "Get On" in the UK (a group of motorcycle manufacturers and other interested motorcycle people), and it clearly shows that you would be out of your mind (and pocket) to commute by car or public transport. Especially in the UK...

Motorcycles are a far better alternative.


21 September, 2011 - USA: Motorcycle Thefts Down 24% For 2010
USA Thefts 2007 2010
A lot less motorcycles were stolen during 2010 (24% less compared to 2007, and 11% compared to 2009).

Good news, but is it because of better technology, better police work, or is there another reason for the decline... read on.


19 September, 2011 - Study: DRL Saves Lives! But Not Motorcyclist Ones
Statistics Article
Using badly done research (so called scientific), the Dutch National Road Safety Research Institute is calling for all cars to use Daylight Running Lights (DRL).

Though the research was not done by them, they say the study shows that in fact if cars use DRL, and motorcycles as well (which is mandatory already), motorcycles will be safer.

Yeah right... on what planet?


9 September, 2011 - Europe: Motorcycle Registrations Down 6% in 1st Semester 2011
Statistics Article
ACEM logo
According to statistics published by ACEM (European Motorcycle Manufacturer's Association), things are not looking up for the motorcycle industry, with a drop of 6% in the first semester of the year.

The only type of motorcycle that is selling very well, are the electric ones.


9 August, 2011 - France: The FFMC Calls B.S.
FFMC logo
The French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) have called on the government's B.S.

The government, using statistics from the beginning of the year (during one of the worst and coldest winters on record) correlated them for the rest of the year, and used that as an excuse to repress all and sunder.

The FFMC called B.S. and using one of the government's own agencies, showed that motorcycle mortality has dropped 20.7%!


28 July, 2011 - France: 10 Million License Points Lost In 2010
French driving license
During 2010 a total off over 10 MILLION license points were deducted from driving licenses in France.

The majority for small speeds, typically less than 20 kph on motorways. 20 kph? That accelerating on your motorcycle to overtake.

Over 85,000 driving licenses were revoked during the same year.


29 June, 2011 - Eight European Countries Cut Road Death By 50%
Europe Road Deaths Since 2001
Statistics Article
8 countries in Europe have reduced their road deaths by 50% since 2001, saving some 100,000 lives.

Now if only they would look into saving motorcycle rider's lives seriously...


15 June, 2011 - Europe: Most Congested Cities Of 2011
Statistics Article
Like last year, Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom, has compiled a report based on the GPS data logged by cars and motorcycles of the most congested cities in Europe.

The GPS knows when you are moving slowly, hence it's classified as a traffic jam. Once the GPS reports the data back to the central server, TomTom can see where the traffic jams are.

The Top 50 list hasn't changed much... Brussels is still the worst city in Europe, and the UK and France aren't doing that good. You're better off in Spain or Switzerland


14 June, 2011 - Difference Between Car and Motorcycle Owners #8365
Messy Garage
According to a study in the UK, only 25% of car owners with a garage actually put their car in the garage..... the rest is filled with junk.

Sounds familiar? But what about motorcycle owners?


6 May, 2011 - India: Highest Number Of Road Deaths - Number 1
Motorcycle Carried On Head
India has surpassed China in the number of yearly road deaths; 1.3 MILLION PER YEAR to be exact.

A growing middle class, bad roads, and even worse habits have made it possible for India to overtake China. But China is fighting back.

Motorcycle deaths have the record within the record. 27% of the accidents are motorcycle ones.


5 May, 2011 - 138 Million Electric Motorcycles By 2017
Pike Research Electric Market 2017
According to market research company Pike, there will be some 138 million electric motorcycles and scooters in the world by 2017.

Electric scooters will be outselling the motorcycle counterparts 6 to 1.


15 April, 2011 - France: 49% Increase In Motorcycle Mortality For March 2011
France Article
Statistics Article
The month of March 2011, compared to March 2010, saw an increase in road deaths of 2.7% for all vehicles types..... but motorcycles saw an increase of 49% during the same month.

That's very bad, and to make things worse, it's a great excuse for the French government to even further hammer our heads into submission.


8 April, 2011 - Survey: We Need Your Help - Men Only Please
Biker in straightjacket
This is a request for any male biker (18 years or older who can read/write English) to help out in an extensive survey being performed by the University of Akron (USA).... Psychology Department.

As bikers we see our motorcycle as our mental therapy. We all know that you'll never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist office. So the university is trying to figure us out.

So please help out and run the survey. It's lengthy, but for a good cause. You can also enter the raffle for a 64 Gb iPod.


8 February, 2011 - BMW Sweeps UK Motorcycle Survey, Again
BMW logo
BMW have sweeped many of the top spots in the annual RIDE Magazine customer survey. BMW took the top spot, plus many other categories.

Looks like the other motorcycle brands in the UK better behave.


24 January, 2011 - Top 10 Movies With Motorcycles In Them
Movie Article
Here are the top 10 movies containing motorcycles that were viewed on our main site.

These are movies listed on our "Motorcycles in the Movies" site. We've omitted the "erotic" ones, and the documentaries.


20 January, 2011 - Study: Male Bikers Prefer Women Over Motorcycles
Strathclyde Study
A study performed by a British university on male and female motorcycle riders, shows some interesting, and unexpected results.

Let's face it, we all know men prefer riding a motorcycle over playing with kids or babies, and women, given the choice between kids or babies and riding a motorcycle, will choose within a New York minute the first choice. ... but ..... read the survey results...


19 January, 2011 - Dakar 2011: Some KTM Statistics
Dakar logo
KTM logo
KTM released some very interesting statistics about their 2011 Dakar motorcycle rally.

Impressive figures: it shows you what they have to put up with.


17 January, 2011 - France: Bad 2010 For Motorcycle Sales
2010 France Motorcycle Sales
France Article
Another year, and another year of bad motorcycles sales in France. 2009 was already one of the worst years on record, and still motorcycles are being sold in few quantities.


7 January, 2011 - France: Milestone In Road Deaths, Motorcycles Way Down
France Article
Statistics Article
For the first time road deaths in France went under the 4,000 during 2010.

Even motorcycles contributed, with a noticeable drop of 20% for biker deaths.

Do we now get a cigar?


6 January, 2011 - The Netherlands: BMW Number 1 Motorcycle Sold
Statistics Article
BMW logo
For the first time in their history, BMW have sold more motorcycles than any other manufacturer in The Netherlands.

They also occupied the top 3 spots of motorcycle models sold.


5 January, 2011 - The Netherlands: Motorcycle Magazines Downward Spiral
Statistics Article
Dutch motorcycle magazines, like in all other countries, lost heavily. Their subscriber numbers are in a downward spiral.

On-line magazines and websites are on the increase.

Good or bad?


26 November, 2010 - UAE: Big Drop In Traffic Deaths In Dubai
Statistics Article
Interesting statistics coming from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) regarding road/traffic deaths.

Deaths are in a decline, but some interesting data. Why would you have so many radars, and why have radars to monitor pedestrians?

And what's a Jin Radar?


12 November, 2010 - Spain: Road Death Down By 50%
Statistics Article
Spain has had an incredible drop in road/traffic fatalities between 2001 and 2009: 50 %, despite an increase in population of 12%.

But still a lot of motorcycle riders bite the bullet. Why? For a country that breeds motorcycle racing champions, you'd expect a lower death figure.


8 November, 2010 - EICMA 2010: Big Success & Message To Organizers
EICMA logo
The Eicma 2010 motorcycle exhibition is over for another year. Eicma have released their visitor statistics, and it's been a record year in attendance.

Who said the economy is dead?

But Eicma should also pay more attention to the press needs. Here's why!


19 October, 2010 - Avoid BMW Cars In The UK
Angry Cage Driver
According to a survey by, it's best to stay away from BMW cagers on the road, specially when riding a motorcycle.

According to the survey, BMW cagers are the angriest drivers out there, and also the most dangerous.


3 September, 2010 - USA: The Safest Cities To Ride In
Driving Texting
Allstate Insurance company has compiled a report on which cities have the least accidents, and which have the most.

No surprises there, big cities have more per driver, small cities have less.


31 August, 2010 - License Plate Blockers: LAPD Finds Them Useless
LAPD Photo Spray Test
The LAPD went out and field tested photo blocking spray and license covers, to see how effective they really are in avoiding tickets.

Their test results show that the products used on cars and motorcycles, aren't that effective.


24 August, 2010 - France: Shocking Motorcycle Mortality 2009
France Article
Statistics Article
Deadly accidents in France during 2009 for motorcycle riders saw a dramatic increase, up 11.1%. A reason for the Minister of Interior to target all motorcycle riders in France with police actions.

But what they fail to mention, is that over the last 4 years, France recorded an increase of some 40% in motorcycles on the road, so on per-biker basis, mortality has gone down. And most accidents are caused by cars, not motorcycles.

But do they listen..... no!


23 August, 2010 - Belgium: Every Other Day, A Motorcycle Rider Dies
Motorcycle into car accident
According to the authorities, a motorcycle rider died every other day in Belgium during this summer.



30 July, 2010 - These Motorcycles Were Meant For Walking (On It)
Worker on Honda Motorcycle Jakarta
Sorry, got stuck with some stupid music tune in my head when I saw the photo.

What's more interesting are the statistics. 3 x more motorcycles sold than cars in Indonesia...


9 July, 2010 - France: Road Mortality Rate Getting Better & Better
Motorcycle into car accident
Statistics Article
The French Ministry of Transportation published the safety figures of last month, and for the first 6 months of 2010.

Woow. Less and less people are being killed on the roads in France, even motorcycle riders.

So why all the new radars?


5 July, 2010 - The Netherlands: People Willing To Pay Not To Be In Traffic Jams
Dutch Lane Splitting
The Dutch are debating a new way of taxing you on the road. The politicians are looking at a "pay-as-you-go" tax, i.o.w., you pay for each kilometer on the road.

But a market research done by Goodyear, shows that the Dutch to not want to pay a tax scheme like this, but are willing to pay more money in order to avoid to having to drive in traffic james.

But then why not just ride a motorcycle? No traffic jams and it's much more fun...


28 June, 2010 - The Netherlands: The Real Cost Of The TT of Assen MotoGP
Speeding motorcycle sign.jpg
The cost of attending the Dutch MotoGP, the TT of Assen, just went up for a few thousand motorcycle riders....

Despite the strong sunshine, speed tickets were raining over the three days. One got clocked at 220+ kph!


21 June, 2010 - Paris: Motorcycles Are Problem #1
Paris Hilton on motorcycle
The Paris police have released the 2009 mortality stats of the French capital city, and almost half of them are motorcycles.

But is that the whole story, or are the authorities hiding the real truth?


14 June, 2010 - France: Declining Road Mortality In May 2010
Statistics Article
France Article
The road deaths for the month of May 2010 has dropped significantly, as have the first 5 months of the year.

Is this the result of strict driving rules, or is it that people take out their car or motorcycle less since it has become very expensive?


5 May, 2010 - Spain: Motorcycle Sales Increasing - Scrappage Working
scrapped motorcycles
Despite rumors of financial doom and gloom in Spain, last month saw a healthy increase in the number of motorcycles sold; 18% over last year.

But the Spanish motorcycle association wants to government to extend the scrappage scheme...


30 April, 2010 - Europe: TomTom’s List Of Most Congested Cities
Monster traffic jam
TomTom logo
TomTom, the Dutch GPS manufacturer, has been recording anonymous user data, and with that data, has compiled a list of Top 60 cities in Europe and their traffic jams.

With a Congestion Level indicator, you can now see how long extra a trip on your motorcycle (or car) will take you.


23 April, 2010 - USA: 2009 Motorcycle Deaths Down! No Explanation
Statistics Article
There has been a noticeable drop in road deaths by motorcycle riders in the USA for 2009.

Authorities are scratching their collective heads, trying to figure out what they did right.

... but we know why.... read our explanation.


15 April, 2010 - UK: The Financial Impact Of The Motorcycle Industry
Statistics Article
A survey commissioned by MCI in the UK, shows that the motorcycle industry in the UK generates annually £5.8 BILLION (US$ 8 Billion)!!

Time to take note Mr. Politician!


8 April, 2010 - UK: The Worst Pillion Passenger On A Motorcycle
Unknown Pillion Passenger
In the UK, Bridgestone surveyed British motorcycle riders, asking them who they would NOT want to have as pillion passenger.

here are the results;..


5 March, 2010 - Ossa Motorcycles Doing Well. Enduro Motorcycle In The Works
OSSA logo
The legendary Spanish motorcycle manufacturer risen from the ashes, OSSA, is doing well. Their first new trial model introduced last year will be produced in 1250 units, next year that will leap to 3000.

More importantly, they are going to introduce a new enduro motorcycle at this year's EICMA exhibition.


4 February, 2010 - Royal Enfield 500 Selling Like Hot Cakes
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 motorcycle
Royal Enfield logo
The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is selling so well, that there's no a backlog.

You're going to have to wait for 6 months before you can see yours if you order one now.

You see, it's not all bad news... things are pretty good in India...


2 February, 2010 - India: When Things Go Good, They Go Great
Statistics Article
Sales of motorcycles, scooters and other PTWs are still doing extremely well in India. EXTREMELY WELL!

Three manufacturers reported January 2010 sales, none of them reported less that 20% increase in sales, some reported 100+% and 266+%.



15 January, 2010 - France: New Motorcycles Sales 2009 Down
Statistics Article
The new motorcycle & scooters sales for 2009 in France, at a first glance look pretty bad. Down 15.8%, but that's because they don't take the MP3 into account, since it has three wheels.

Piaggio have been selling the MP3 like hot-cakes (or hot croissants) in France, and if you take them into account, sales "only" fell 10%.


13 January, 2010 - UK: 2009 Motorcycles Sales Down The Crapper
Statistics Article
The 2009 motorcycles sales statistics for the UK have been published.

Guess what??? They're bad news, but then you already knew that. But they're not as bad as you thought.


18 December, 2009 - The Netherlands: Increase In Motorcycles Theft
Anti theft motorcycle chain
In The Netherlands, during last month, there has been an increase of 7.8% in motorcycle thefts.

Is it a sign of economic hardships?


16 December, 2009 - UK: Naked Is Good
Statistics Article
The only motorcycle category that saw an increase in sales last November in the UK, were Naked motorcycles. The rest is down the toilet.

The only brand that made a major jump in sales was .... BUELL. Dealers were trying to off-load their inventory after Harley closed down the brand, giving away major discounts.


2 December, 2009 - The Netherlands: More And More Female Motorcycle Riders
female manga motorcycle
In The Netherlands, one third (1/3) of all people riding motorcycles (there are 650,000 of them), are female.

That up from a quarter 10 years ago.


30 November, 2009 - Japan: Motorcycle Exports At Record Low
The motorcycle sales and manufacturer statistics have been released from Japan, and things are not good. Not good at all.

Japan has taken enormous hits, and October 2009 is down 54.6% compared to last year...


27 November, 2009 - Europe: 27% Decline In Motorcycles Sales In 1 Year
ACEM logo
ACEM report sales/revenue figures for the motorcycle and scooter industry in Europe for the period SEP2008 to SEP2009; a drop of 27%!!!

By year end, Europe will have reached sales figures recorded 16 years ago... a drop of 25%!


19 November, 2009 - Suzuki India Doubles Motorcycle Production Capacity
Suzuki Factory India
Suzuki logo
Suzuki India have announced that they are doubling their motorcycle and scooter production capacity. End of the year, will see 300,000 units made yearly.

By March, they will reach 25,000 units per month. Not bad.

Looks like they are getting the reverse effect of the economic downturn.


3 November, 2009 - BMW Motorcycles Sales In A Slump
BMW logo
BMW motorcycles aren't doing that good at this moment. 3Q2009 saw a 8.4% drop in motorcycles sales, the 9 months saw a drop of 13.7% and revenue has taken a sharp hit as well.



2 November, 2009 - India: Motorcycle Sales At Record Highs
Statistics Article
Sales of motorcycles in India are doing very well, in fact, they are doing excellent.

Bajaj, amongst others, announced an increase of 51% of their motorcycle sales in October over last year October.

But how will the big boys & girls from abroad do in India? Ducati's prices will be incredibly high. You are going to be paying US$38,500 for a Streetfighter... God only knows how much people will have to pay for a Harley motorcycle.


12 October, 2009 - UK: Surge In Naked Motorcycles In September
Statistics Article
UK based MCIA have published the motorcycle sales statistics for the UK for the month of September.

Is this the end of bad news...?


30 September, 2009 - France: Motorcycle Study - Then and Now
France Article
Statistics Article
A study report has been published about the motorcycle world in France. Compared to a similar study made in 2004, you can see some evolution.

Here are the salient facts of this year's research on the motorcycle world in France.


9 September, 2009 - Netherlands: Bad 1st 6 Months Of Motorcycle Sales
The first six months of vehicles sales statistics on The Netherlands have been published, and it doesn't look good (either).

Though motorcycles have fared better than cars, 15 vs 28% down, it's still looking bleak...


28 August, 2009 - UK: Study Shows Savvy Commuters Use Motorcycles
Statistics Article
UK motorcycle industry association (MCI) shows in a study that savvy commuters use motorcycles for transportation, not cars or bicycles.

So, it's time the government took note!


21 July, 2009 - Europe’s Top Bad Tire Offenders
Michelin logo
Michelin tires company has checked 50,000 cars and motorcycles in 27 countries for tire pressure, and here is what they found.

You want to take a guess which countries are the worst offenders?


17 July, 2009 - Cambodia: Motorcycles 2nd Highest Killing Rate
Pretty incredible! Riding motorcycles in Cambodia has the 2nd highest mortality rate, just after passing away from AIDS.

So having sex and riding motorcycle is going to be the most lethal activity you can do..


9 July, 2009 - UK: June Motorcycles Sales - Gloomy
Statistics Article
MCIA logo
The UK based motorcycle industry association have published the June 2009 sales statistics for the UK.

Not good, really not good. A lot less motorcycles and scooters sold.... bummer.


12 June, 2009 - Germany/France Most Expensive For An Accident
Having an accident, motorcycle or car, in Germany or France can result in 50% more cost than the average European countries.

So beware...


8 June, 2009 - Europe: Motorcycle Statistics 2007/2008
ACEM logo
Statistics Article
ACEM, the European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association, have recently published their 2008 Yearbook, full of interesting statistics and facts about the European motorcycle industry.

Number of motorcycle made, sold, and in use, cost of ownership, etc.


28 May, 2009 - Arai Motorcycle Helmets Wins 11th Straight Year Satisfaction Survey
JD Power Helmet Survey 2009
Statistics Article
Arai wins its 11th straight year in satisfaction survey about motorcycle helmets.

Study done last year by J.D. Power over 4,600 responses.


22 May, 2009 - The Top 5 States In The USA Where They Do Not Like Motorists
kangaroo court
Which are the worst states in the USA to ride your motorcycle (or drive your car).

Here's a "scientific" survey is all states, the worst and the best. Criteria are speed cameras, kangaroo courts, etc.


19 May, 2009 - One Week, 600,000 Speeding Tickets
Laser Gun Slovenia
TisPol logo
The European Traffic Police organization, TISPOL, went on a speeding rampage in April. In the space of one week, they caught 600,000 people speeding in cars or on motorcycles.

That's almost 100,000 per week!!!


11 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Riders Have A Soft Heart
Statistics Article
According to a survey run by Progressive Insurance Company, we bikers are not as tough as we pretend to be.

We are more romantic than non-motorcycle riders. We cry when our heart gets broken, or a child is born.

Grab your paper hankies, and read on...


23 April, 2009 - European Motorcycle Accidents Report (MAIDS) 2nd Edition Available
ACEM logo
Statistics Article
The European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association have released the 2nd edition of their excellent accident report; MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study).

The 179 page report is full of data, reasons, locations, and importantly why an accident occurs. You'll be surprised to see what you learn when reading this report.

One of the MOST interesting statistics in this report: WHICH COLOR MOTORCYCLE IS MORE LIKELY TO GO DOWN! Want to guess which one it is........


8 April, 2009 - 2007 Motorcycle Market Revenue Around The World
Statistics Article
Here are some interesting statistics on motorcycle revenue in different countries and continents for 2007, their growth rate between 2003 and 2007 and how much new cars brought in during the same time.

Some countries have a lot of money tied up in motorcycles....


2 April, 2009 - France: Most Stolen Motorcycles 2008
France Article
Statistics Article
There has been a reduction in stolen motorcycles in France during 2008.

In the top 10 of stolen motorcycles and scooters, better not have a Yamaha, since you stand a good chance of not finding your motorcycle...


1 April, 2009 - France: 17.15 Million Speed Radar Photos During 2008
Speed radars are jackpots for governments. In France, during 2008, 17,150,000 speed photos were made (for 65,000,000 inhabitants), generating €550,000,000 in revenues.

Talk about a great ROI!


31 March, 2009 - USA: Motorcycle Thefts Down
Statistics Article
The number of motorcycles stolen in the USA for 2008 had a noticeable drop over 2007 and even more over 2006.

Having a Japanese motorcycle or a Harley-Davidson puts you in a higher risk. Living in California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina or Indiana as well.


26 February, 2009 - France: The 2008 +125cc Motorcycle Market Share
France 2008 Market Share
France Article
The 2008 market of motorcycles over 125cc looked pretty good, specially in the first half.

Here's what the market share per manufacturer looked like. The Japanese motorcycle gained the vast majority of the market (67+%).


12 February, 2009 - France: January 2009 Was A Very Safe Month
France Article
Snowed under motorcycle
France saw a dramatic drop in road deaths during the month of January 2009....

Duh! Extreme cold weather, snow, ice and sleet doesn't really get you to go out and ride your motorcycle does it?


30 January, 2009 - UK: Despite Crisis, Royal Enfield Outsells
Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield, a former British motorcycle manufacturer, but now an Indian, has had a record sales year.

In a moment of gloom, with companies closing down, it's really nice to hear one company selling 30% (yes THIRTY) more motorcycles last year!

And that for a motorcycle that has not changed its design since 50 years.


16 January, 2009 - France: 2008 Good Year For Road Mortality Rate
France Article
Statistics Article
The statistics are in regarding the number of people who have died on the French roads last year.

At least this is one figure that makes people happy when it goes down, and it did. Again, for the 7th year.


16 December, 2008 - The Netherlands: Motorcycle Purchase Statistics 2007
Want to know who bought what motorcycles in The Netherlands?

More and more older people are buying big motorcycles in that small country.


24 November, 2008 - Motorcycles Riders Can Not Get It Up?
Statistics Article
According to a scientific study performed in Japan, between 45 and 70% of motorcycle riders who ride for three hours have a erectile dysfunction.

According to the scientists, this is caused by the motorcycle vibrations. Does this mean that male Harley riders do not have any children?


2 October, 2008 - UK: Traffic Fatalities 2007 - Speeding Not To Blame
Statistics Article
The UK Department of Transport have published their traffic casualties report for 2007.

Almost all categories are decreasing, even motorcycles. But speed is not an issue, with only 3% of fatalities tied to speeding.

So why all those cameras??


22 September, 2008 - Despite Clampdowns, 100K Speeders Per Day In Europe
Statistics Article
TisPol logo
The second time that the combined Police forces in Europe went after motorcycle and car speeders during one whole week. The 1st time was in April, and not much has changed.

800,000 speeders were caught during the week, representing over 100,000 speeders per day !

And guess what... half of them where in France!


10 September, 2008 - Survey Results on Sons Of Anarchy
Statistics Article
Sons of Anarchy survey
The results are out of the mini survey we conducted on the motorcycle gang TV series "Sons of Anarchy".

This is what 7100+ people thought of the new series.


28 August, 2008 - 100K Road Deaths Per year? In One Country?
Motorcycle in Mumbai
Yes... you read that right! 100,000 motorcycle and car deaths per year.

All in one country... India. It's a world record! And if there are 100,000 deaths, there must be millions of injuries!

Holy cow!


30 July, 2008 - Study: Riding Your Motorcycle Dangerous For Your Children
Leather Motorcycle Pants
According to some Doctor, riding a motorcycle for more than 3,000 miles per year, and wearing tight leathers, will not only prevent you from getting children, but could also give you sexual performance issues.

So it looks like you've got to make a choice.... sex or motorcycles, motorcycles or leathers, leather or sex...


25 July, 2008 - US Scooter Sales Up 65% 1st Half 2008
Scooters sold sign
Guess what? Sales of scooters (and motorcycles) are through the roof!

In the US alone, during the 1st half of 2008 sales of scooters was up 65.7%!!


22 July, 2008 - France: Road Kill On A Dramatic Increase
Elephant on the road
Road kill is on the increase in France. Currently, reports have reached the 25,000 accidents between motorcycles (and other vehicles) and animals.

Wild boars represent 46% of the accidents. These small tanks are not scared of anything, and will charge a biker.


16 July, 2008 - Allstate Survey Of American Motorcycle Riders
Statistics Article
American insurance company, Allstate, did a survey amongst motorcycle riders in the USA.

Not much surprise in the results, apart that the majority would leave their spouse if they had to choose....

Needless to say the survey was anonymous...


15 July, 2008 - Florida State Getting Fashion Conscious
LED covered motorcycle
The Florida State Highway officials have launched a campaign called "Ride Proud, Ride Loud", and they're not talking about loud pipes...

The State Police think that by telling motorcycle riders in their sunny state to wear bright colors, to paint their motorcycles brights colors and to put on extra lights, that the fatalities will go done.

Personally, I think the only thing that will make you visible on the road as a motorcycle is a bright and blue flashing strobe light!


10 July, 2008 - SafeRider Motorcycle Survey - Europeans Only
SafeRider ad
SafeRider is an European effort, sponsored by FEMA, to develop technology that will enhance the safety of motorcycle riders.

They are looking for your opinion. Tell them what you think is important for our safety.

And don't say no one values your opinion....


30 June, 2008 - US Highways Motorcycle Survey
Fellow MBI motorcycle blogger, Cecilie Hoffman Open link in a new window, points out that the US Federal Highway Administration's Motorcycle Council is doing a large scale survey amongst motorcycle riders. They would like to know if their roads are motorcycle friendly.

So take a few minutes and do the survey...


19 June, 2008 - Search Patterns On The Net Show It All
Statistics Article
Search patterns/keywords on the internet are gathered by a variety of sources and analyzed.

It's very interesting to see that motorcycles are creeping towards the top spots in the automotive category.

You'd think people are getting interested by motorcycles...


18 June, 2008 - France: 2007 Official Traffic Accident Statistics
France Article
Statistics Article
The official statistics for road fatalities in France during 2007 have been published.

Overall, a net reduction, EXCEPT for, you guessed it... motorcycles. We're a race menaced with extinction...


9 June, 2008 - Europe: 21-27 Apr 2008: 100,000 Speeding Tickets/Day
Statistics Article
Between 21 and 27 April 2008, in 20 European countries, the local Police force clamped down on speeding. An average of 100,000 speeding tickets were issued during those days, PER DAY!

Here's what the statistics show. And for a change, France is not the worst...


2 June, 2008 - Help This Lady With A Motorcycle Questionnaire
Web Article
Statistics Article
This is a general cry for help from a young lady studying for her MBA in Ireland (she's Greek though).

She's writing her thesis, and has a few questions for bikers who buy European off-road motorcycles (BMW, KTM).

So why not answer her questions....


29 May, 2008 - France: Middle Of The Road - Traffic Mortality-wise
2006 Europe fatal accidents chart
France Article
France is no longer the bad boy of Europe with regards to fatal road accidents.

They're middle of the road (no pun intended). Here's what was happening during 2006 in Europe.....

You make your own conclusions..


26 May, 2008 - Motorcycles Ranked 2 In Terms Of Recalls
Statistics Article
Motorcycle recalls ranked 2nd only after toys. That shows you how many problems there are in the manufacturing of motorcycles.

OK, most of the recalls are for mini-motorcycles or off-road bikes, but still....

The EU have a website with all recent motorcycle recalls. It's searchable.


12 May, 2008 - 30% More Deadly Accidents In Belgium Over 7 Years
Belgium Motorcycle Safety Ad
Of the many deadly motorcycle accidents in Belgium, 70% are caused because the car driver did not see the motorcycle!!!

Time to educate cage drivers!


18 April, 2008 - France: Motorcycle Sales Progressing
France Article
Statistics Article
The first three months of new motorcycle registrations in France has been very good compared to 2007.

A progression of 8% over the same period last year. Kawasaki and Triumph both have had spectacular increases.


10 April, 2008 - Petrol Tax Around The World. What You Pay!
Petrol taxes
Oil is really not that expensive at this moment, it's the taxes that are killing us.

Here's a table showing you what countries around the world are paying in taxes at the pump.

So... Americans... stop bitching about your gas price.... you're the very lowest!!


18 January, 2008 - French 2007 Motorcycle Market Is Doing Well
Sales of motorcycles graph 2000-2007 in France
France Article
The motorcycle sales for France during 2007 has been very, very good.

For the last 5 years progression has been remarkable, thanks mostly to the 125 cc law.

Despite many attempts to curb motorcycles by the French government, sales are skyrocketing. Good!


11 January, 2008 - France 2007 Road Death Statistics
Traffic accident
France Article
The 2007 road fatalities statistics have been released for France.

2% less deadly accidents, and a 40% improvement over 5 years.

Still they continue installing speed radars like breeding bunny rabbits...


3 January, 2008 - France: 2008 Will Be Tough
Radar Jackpot
France Article
During 2007, France saw a record number of speeding fines.

The summer months saw 1.8 million tickets alone. 1,000 more jackpots radars are being installed, and the number of mobile radars are being dramatically increased.

It's no longer about saving lives, it's about money....


22 November, 2007 - Continued Growth In Worldwide Motorcycle Market
Statistics Article
According to a study by Bharat organization, motorcycle sales will continue to rise 5.4%, reaching a whopping 55.7 MILLION motorcycles by 2011.

To think a few of those will be mine....


12 September, 2007 - Deadly Motorcycle Accidents USA: And The Winner Is?
Statistics Article
Not surprising, the type of motorcycle that has the most motorcycle deaths in the USA (and probably in any other country).

You guessed it... it's the supersport motorcycle!


16 July, 2007 - France: Accident Statistics 2006
France Article
Statistics Article
The 2006 accident statistics for France are out. Reduction in road deaths.

More radars coming !


4 July, 2007 - Statistics: UK: Road Fatalities 2006
Statistics Article
The road fatalities statistics for the UK during 2006 have been released. Interesting reading!

Did you know it's more dangerous being a pedestrian than a motorcycle rider ?


4 June, 2007 - Motorcycles Pollute/Do Not Pollute More Than Cars
Smoking car
Report on motorcycle pollution have always been written with a lot of bias, usually by people with obvious interests.

In Paris, France, the environment agency, ADEME, have produced a real, unbiased, report. They looked at pollution in real life, not on a test bench.

Surprise! Motorcycle pollute less than cars!

But we all knew that...


3 April, 2007 - GPS Is Safer Than No GPS
Dutch technical research organization, TNO, have published a detailed research performed on drivers of cars with and without a GPS system.

Their conclusions aren't earth shattering, but interesting nevertheless.

In essence, if you drive around with a GPS, you have 12% less chance of having an accident.If you have 2 GPSs, would you therefore have 24% less chance of an accident ?


28 March, 2007 - Motorcycles Safer Than Horses
Statistics Article
A study in the UK has shown that is far safer to ride a motorcycle than that it is to ride a horse. In fact, it's 21 times safer !

So stop riding your horse, and switch to your motorcycle !


9 February, 2007 - Australia’s 2006 Motorcycle Sales
Statistics Article
Australia's 2006 motorcycles sales statistics. Anyone buy any non-Japanese, big cylinder motorcycles out there ?


8 January, 2007 - 2006 Statistics: The Gadgets
Statistics Article
A closer look at the your search patterns for 2006 with regards to the gadgets and accessories. Bluetooth lives !


4 January, 2007 - Year 2006 Statistics
Statistics Article
A look at the 2006 statistics of this site. We've doubled in size over the year, but so have the spammers.


13 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Accidents and the USA
Statistics Article
A look at the 2005 road/traffic accident statistics of the USA. Lots of motorcycle riders died, many with frontal accidents, often by cars turning left ! Also, more older bikers are buying the farm. Bad news.


31 August, 2006 - 2005 Deaths Down In France, Except Motorcyclists
France Article
Statistics Article
The 2005 statistics on road fatalities were published yesterday in France. Everything is pretty good, except for motorcycles and pedestrians.


1 August, 2006 - Personality Change Survey - The Results
Survey Results Graph
The results of the "Does your personality change when on a motorcycle ?".

Over 17,000 people responded !!


28 July, 2006 - Top 10 Motorcycle Sales Australia 1H2006
Bug Jive
The 1st half 2006 sales of motorcycles in Australia.

There's one strange sounding bike in there...


25 July, 2006 - California The Hardest Hit By Motorcycle Thefts
Statistics Article
California has been the hardest hit by motorcycles theft during 2005. Way more !!!

See the statistics of the worst states in the USA.


4 July, 2006 - Does Your Personality Change On Your Motorcycle ?
Statistics Article
Does your personality change when you ride your motorcycle ? That's a question Thomas at Unicornadventurers asked in his blog. I know I do, but what about you ?

Take this one question survey. Results will be published in August.


29 June, 2006 - Vespa/Piaggio and the USA
This Site Article
Statistics Article
Found an interesting website belonging to Piaggio (Vespa) USA. It's not a sales site, but a lobby site. There, they're lobbying for more parking space in the USA for scooters and motorcycles.


28 June, 2006 - USA Motorcycle Helmet Survey - JD Power
J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction survey
US customer satisfaction survey group, J.D. Power, conducted their annual motorcycle satisfaction survey.

Arai scored the highest, 8th year in a row !!!

But more and more potential buyers turn to the internet for helmet information.


21 June, 2006 - The French and Mobile Telephones
France Article
Statistics Article
The French Minister of Interior published some interesting statistics on mobile phone usage in cars. it would seem that 90+% of French drivers know it's dangerous and know it's forbidden, but still they do it !!


16 June, 2006 - Number of Safe Motorcycle Riders in the World
Fun Article
Since the media is talking recently a lot on how dangerous motorcycle riding is, we at Bikes in the Fast Lane have decided to show people how safe it actually is to ride a motorcycle. Incurring great financial expense, we went out and produced a real-time accident monitoring system, worldwide.

Now, you too can see how safe riding a motorcycle is.


8 June, 2006 - French Accidents Statistics 2005
France Article
The fatal accidents in French traffic statistics has been published for 2005. Another improvement over the previous year, except, as usual, for motorcycles.


6 March, 2006 - Motorcyce Sales Hit Parade 2005
Statistics Article
The top 5 motorcycle sales of the top 5 countries in Europe.


4 March, 2006 - Ladies Biker Gangs
Chrome Angels Female Biker Group
According to the USA Motorcycle Council, female riders are on the increase (36%), and more and more women are forming motorcycle clubs.


28 February, 2006 - Theft/Crash Statistics USA 2005
Statistics Article
US insurance company Progressive has compiled a statistics report on where you motorcycle will most likely be stolen or crashed in the USA; Interesting results, some surprising.


10 February, 2006 - French License Points
France Article
Statistics Article
The three year statistics on the number of points withdrawn from the French driving license have been issued. A very clear progression in the number of people who have lost their driving license.


23 January, 2006 - Motorcycle Sales In France - 2005
France Article
Statistics Article
The new motorcycle sales statistics for France during 2005 look very good.

The record number of motorcycles sold has been broken, so the French motorcycle market is looking very good.


11 January, 2006 - Most Popular Motorcycles Movies
Statistics Article
The final statistics, this time from the Motorcycles in the Movies database, and the Celebrities that ride Motorcycles list. Top 5 movies and top 10 celebrities.


5 January, 2006 - Year End 2005 Statistics - The Gadgets
Statistics Article
2nd part of the year end statistics 2005.

A closer look at what gadgets motorcycle riders are interested in.


4 January, 2006 - Year End Statistics - Part 1
Statistics Article
First part of this site's 2005 statistics.

Number of articles read, readers, reffers.


15 November, 2005 - Motorcycles Theft - UK
Statistics Article
Damning report from the MCIA on motorcycle theft in the UK.


25 October, 2005 - Motorcycle Market in Europe
Statistics Article
ACEM released their annual report with interesting statistics on the European Motorcycle market.


19 October, 2005 - Will Your Motorcycle Be Stolen ? Or Crash ? Find Out!
Statistics Article
American insurance company, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, has compiled a report on which motorcycles will be most (and least) likely to be stolen or crash.


18 October, 2005 - European Motorcycle Accident Database
Percentage Motorcycle Fatalities Europe
A European Community website that details fatal accidents for motorcycles.


9 September, 2005 - Price Comparison Database
This Site Article
We've created a database comparing prices in Europe (and the US) for motorcycle gear.


18 August, 2005 - Speed Radar Cameras Unsafe !
Statistics Article
A report published in 2004 (and hidden) shows that Speed Radar Cameras are dangerous and cause more accidents.


29 July, 2005 - Motorcycle Sales France 1st Half 2005
Motorcycle Units sold
The motorcycles sales in France for the first half of 2005 are in.


7 July, 2005 - Extensive Motorcycle Helmet Survey Results
Web Article
A comprehensive motorcycle helmet survey results.


5 July, 2005 - Betting Against Valentino Rossi gambling odds aginst Rossi
You can bet that Valentino does NOT win the championship, or win, but whatever you bet, you'll not make much money.


1 July, 2005 - Motorcycle Pollution - Paris Study
Smoking motorcycle
A French report shows motorcycle pollution can be 25 higher than that of cars. WTF?


30 June, 2005 - Motorcycle Survey Results
Motorcycle Survey graph
The results of my motorcycle survey.


2 May, 2005 - Motorcycle Manufacturers Survey
Statistics Article
A short survey about you the readers of this site.


31 March, 2005 - Forbes List: 10 Top Toughest Endurance Races
Statistics Article
Forbes publishes a list of Top 10 Toughest Endurance Races.


30 March, 2005 - Motorcycles Sales In The USA 2004
Statistics Article
The sales of new motorcycles in the USA passes the 1,000,000 mark, females account for 10% !


2 March, 2005 - Motorcycles Sales 2004 France and Australia
Statistics Article
Sales statistics of new motorcycles in France and Australia for 2004.


17 February, 2005 - Australian Motorcycle Sales Increase in 2004
Statistics Article
The number of motorcycles sold in Australia during 2004 makes a big leap.


19 January, 2005 - Most Researched Motorcycle Gadget/Item
Statistics Article
This Site Article
Most popular researched motorcycle gadgets on our site.


25 October, 2004 - General Motorcycle Statistics for France
France Article
Statistics Article
Some interesting usage statistics of motorcycles in France.


6 October, 2004 - UK-Women and Motorcycles
Statistics Article
An increase of female motorcycle riders in the UK.


15 September, 2004 - Germany: Motorcycle Statistics 1st Half 2004
Statistics Article
1st half 2004 motorcycle statistics of Germany.


8 September, 2004 - Motorcycle Reliability Survey Results - UK
Ride Magazine
Ride Magazine publishes their UK reliability survey of motorcycles (motorbikes in English).


6 September, 2004 - MotoGP Winning Over F1
Statistics Article
More and more viewers are turning to MotoGP, not happy with F1. Surprised ?


11 August, 2004 - Motorcycle Deaths USA - 2003
Statistics Article
The USA motorcycle related deaths for the year 2003 have been published.

Not looking good!


6 August, 2004 - Speed Repression In France Paying Off
France Article
Statistics Article
The speed radars are paying off, with less speeding in France.

Except of course for motorcycles, who are still speeding.


5 August, 2004 - Extensive Accident Study In Europe - Report
Statistics Article
ACEM's MAIDS report is out, detailing how, why and where European motorcycle accidents happen.

An interesting read.


4 August, 2004 - Motorcyclists Work Better - Study
Statistics Article
According to Piaggio group study, motorcycle riders are happier at work than cage drivers.

Ya think?


3 August, 2004 - Female Riders In Germany On The Increase
Statistics Article
There are more and more female motorcycle riders in Germany now.


8 July, 2004 - Valentino Rossi’s Name Sells Motorcycles !
Statistics Article
Yamaha logo
The Name Rossi sells motorcycles. Ask Yamaha!


5 May, 2004 - Top Selling Motorcycles in Italy for 1st Quarter 2004
Statistics Article
Top 10 sold motorcycles in Italy has one problem.


23 April, 2004 - Motorcyclists Better Drivers Than Car Drivers !
Statistics Article
Statistics prove that motorcycle riders are better drivers than car drivers.


15 April, 2004 - Deadly Motorcycle Accident Statistics France 2002
Statistics Article
France Article
The 2002 deadly accident statistics for motorcycles in France.


26 March, 2004 - 1,000,000 Motorcyclists in the U.K.
Statistics Article
UK has passed the one million registered motorcycles.


23 March, 2004 - Best Sold Motorcycles in Europe 2003
Statistics Article
The number one sold motorcycle in Europe during 2003 per country statistics.


16 January, 2004 - China - Frighting Statistics
Statistics Article
China published some frighting road death statistics...


3 January, 2004 - Updated Monthly Site Statistics
This Site Article
Statistics Article
December Site Statistics


25 December, 2003 - Top 10 European Motorcycles Sales 1st Quarter 2003
Top 10 Motorcycle Sales in Europe 1Q2003
The top ten motorcycles sold in Europe during the 1st Quarter 2003.


1 December, 2003 - Updated Site Statistics
This Site Article
Statistics Article
Updated site statistics now available.


30 October, 2003 - Motorcycles Sales to Reach 35.6 Million by 2007
Statistics Article
Worldwide Motorcycles sales is forecasted at 35.6 Million by the year 2007...


19 August, 2003 - Over 50+ age group on the increase riding motorcycles
The age group 50+ is increasing for motorcycle riders....


12 June, 2003 - French Motor Mag Test of Flip-up Helmets
The results of a french motorcycle magazine's test of flip-up helmets.


2 June, 2003 - Top bike sales in France April 2003
Table of the top 20 bikes sold in France during April 2003.


24 March, 2003 - Biker Protest Follow-up
France Article
Follow up on the French biker protest.


17 March, 2003 - Dangerous Mothers


4 February, 2003 - Here’s Something to Sober You Up


3 February, 2003 - Motorcycle Deaths up 50 % since 1997 in the USA



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