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7 September, 2015 - This Site Is Stopped - End Of The Line - Gone Fishing For Good
Riding into the sunset
#TheEnd - I'm stopping. It's over. Too many problems, not enough revenue, too many fights with other sites and my hart is not longer in it. So this is the last article/post after 16 years. No, I'm not retiring, I've got some others things going on......


16 January, 2015 - Server Will Be Down For Maintenance Tomorrow For 3 Hours
Flying pillion on BMW motorcycle
#ServerUpgrade - My hard working server is getting a vitamin boost tomorrow so that it can cope with the harsh winter. So the site is going down starting at around 8 AM GMT/UTC time zone, and should be out for about 3 hours or so.

After that, the server should be able to resists all sorts of nasty bugs and flus.


24 December, 2014 - Snowed In! Site Closing Down For The Week! Merry Xmas
Snow Storm In Vladivostok
#SnowedIn #HELP - The snow has been atrocious over here, and everything has grinded to a halt. I am writing this with the last batteries in my laptop, using a 3G portable unit to get this out. After that I will be in the dark and cold.


24 November, 2014 - Status Of This Site: Not Good
Surrender white flag
#Problems #Hosting - An update on this site's problem. It's not looking good. traffic is still not back and I am at a major loss (both emotionally and financially). I am now looking at alternatives, including closing down this site.


14 November, 2014 - Dear Reader. I Need Your Help Desperately
Wiley Coyote Help
#Website #Crowd-Helping - I am at a loss. A great loss. Starting on the 3rd of November, this site suddenly lost 80 to 90% of its readers. Before I was running in the millions of pages served, now I only serve a few hundred per day.

I've contacted every organization that could be involved in this sudden drop, but so far, no one has come up with an answer. One thing we do know, it's not a DNS issue, nor a hosting issue. When you enter the URL of this site, you are brought there as would be expected.

This is killing the site, since no readers means no revenue means that the site will have to fold since I need to pay the hosting company, electricity, internet access etc.

I'm at a loss, and if you are in the business, maybe you can see what others have missed. Is there some hijacking going on? Some blacklist somewhere?

Please, please let me know what you think might be the problem. I would hate to have to close down the site after so many years.


4 June, 2013 - Good News For You Readers Using RSS
Feedly Bitfl
#Feedly #RSS - If you access this site via an RSS reader, chances are you are (were) using Google Reader, and as you probably know, Google is binning the service (another Google service bites the dust).

One web application (and smartphone app) has distinguished itself and will be able to load in all the RSS URLs you have saved in Google Reader, and that is Feedly. The Feedly folks are very reactive to their users, and have developed some very nice and free apps for smartphone and tablets, plus their web site is easy to use, and also free. They have a very active user community that feeds ideas and projects to the development team.

However, for the last few weeks, if you were already using Feedly you will not have been able to load my articles to read them. That was because Feedly added some parameters to my URL which my site could not handle, and you ended up in the 404 (Not Found) error.

The good news is that Feedly have rectified the issue, and now you can click on the headline in the Feedly feed and go straight to the article that interests you.

Feedly have also just announced that their site will be accessible by other RSS reader sites and apps when the migrate the Google Reader feeds (project Normandy), like Reeder, Press, Nextgen reader, Newsify and gReader. In fact, Feedly is more or less taking over from Google Reader and is becoming the de facto standard with 100,000's of Google Reader users migrating to them.

So, if you use the Google RSS reader to access the news, I suggest you switch rapidly to Feedly because shortly, Google's reader will not longer work.


1 January, 2013 - Happy New Year 2013 - And Welcome To The New Site
New Year 2013
Happy New Year 2013 to all of you, that your year may be full of pleasant surprises, fantastic motorcycle rides, happiness and cheer.

We're ready for another year, and over the last few days I've "redesigned" the site. Redesigned is a big word, it's more that I stripped all superfluous graphics and information to make it load faster, and to enable comments again.

The only problem I continue to have is with Microsoft Internet Explorer. They are such a pain in the proverbial ass that I've put a warning when you read an article on its own, with instructions on how to make the page readable under Micro$oft. Sorry, but I've given up on them.

Let me know if the "design" works for you. I'll leave the site as is until next Monday, ie, I'm still on holiday until then.

I hope you all had a great end of year party....


3 November, 2012 - Site Down For Maintenance 4 November 2012
Office Squeeze
This site will be down for maintenance by our hosting company on November 4th between 2 AM USA CT Time (-5 GMT) until about 6 AM. Operation should resume shortly thereafter.... I hope.


16 August, 2012 - We Are Back And Upgraded For The Next Fight
Handlebar Fire buttons
Since you can read this, it means only one thing... we're back! The hosting company, DNS and database changes went smoothly, very smoothly. We're upgraded, and ready for the next fight....

Not much as happened since we went of the air... just Valentino Rossi went back to Yamaha, Hell or Leather first dumped their paywall and then announced that they were acquired (Wes Siler is probably enjoying the bathing beauties on Malibu Beach by now). So you didn't miss much..

Many thanks to my new hosts, Promenic for a fantastic job in the migration. It went super smooth and most of the work was done by them. I currently on a shared server, but shortly I'll be moving to my own once it's configured, but the disruption should be minimum.

Now the only thing left to do is find out by the DISQUS commenting system is not playing well with Internet Explorer. All others work fine, but IE screws up the page. That might take some time... so if you want to comment, go for Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

Thanks for sticking with me and waiting patiently. Now, go and tell your friends, spouse and grandparents that we're back. I desperately need to ad revenue.


7 August, 2012 - Hosting Company Move - 1-2 Weeks Downtime Expected
I've been having some disastrous weeks with the hosting company I was using for this site. Due to total lack of "service" by the company, with many hours of downtime, I finally pulled the plug and signed up with a more professional outfit.

Normally, you can migrate to another hosting company with one or two days of downtime, but in this case it's going to take a bit longer. This means that this site will not be operating until the move has been done, and all the DNS have been updated. There are a lot of databases to move, and they take up a lot of space.

It will be of no use to update this site with news and articles, since I just don't know if the old so-called hosting company will be up, so I'm not going to bother until I'm back on-line with the new company.

You can follow the progress and status on:

Twitter: MikeWerner
Facebook: Bikes in the Fast Lane Page
Google +: Mike Werner


24 July, 2012 - Excuse The Long Downtime
Computer Lightning
Sorry for the two days downtime. The company that hosts my sites went down for almost 2 days. I'm currently talking to other hosting companies to plan a move somewhere more professional and communicative.

Tomorrow I'm not in either, so no stories or articles either. When it rains, it pours....

It's a major headache, since the platform I use is great and productive, but there are not that many service providers, and those that are there, are expensive.

Hang in there, and come back soon...


14 June, 2012 - Some More Info On Our New Comments App - Disqus 2012
Video clip
#disqus #D2012 - We've switched to the Disqus commenting system, one of the most popular on the web, since the 2nd of November of last year. The advantage of using Disqus, apart from great functionality, is that if you use Disqus on one site, you'll be able to use it on any other site without having the log in, etc.

Today, Disqus are launching their new and updated commenting system, Disqus 2012. It will make interacting with sites, publishers and readers so much more easy.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 February, 2012 - This Site Has A New Commenting System
Disqus logo
We have had to switch to yet another commenting system, since Google has withdrawn its Google Friend Connect system. All previous comments are lost (thanks Google for not enabling us to export old comments).

The new commenting system, DISQUS, is powerful, and you can use it anonymous, or using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, OpenId log on.

However, thanks to the millions of spammers out there, all comments are moderated, so will not show up immediately. Sorry...

Let me know what you think about the new system... please..


5 October, 2011 - Out Of Here For The Rest Of The Week -10/2011
Go To Paris
I've skedaddled off to Paris on a Nikon invite for Thursday, followed by an assignment on Friday.

Back Monday afternoon, but I've programmed some articles for your amusement, so enjoy.


17 March, 2011 - Reading This Site On An Apple iPad
BITFL Flipbook
Although this site (Bikes in the Fast Lane) works just dandy on the Safari browser of an Apple iPad, the iPad has a free app that is perfect for this site.

Called FlipBoard, you can read this site in a very graphical interface using a special feed I have created for FlipBoard.


5 February, 2011 - Apparently Computers and Networks Need Electricity
Computers need electricity
Learned something yesterday. It would seem that computers, routers, modems and networks require electricity, which was of very short supply yesterday evening.

A big storm hit us just when I arrived home after a quick trip. I had just started finishing an article I had started on the train, when all the lights went out. Thankfully I have loads of UPSs, but they are of no use for the network. So I guess you had to survive without an article yesterday evening.


24 December, 2010 - Merry Christmas 2010 For You All
Merry Christmas 2010
Merry Christmas, have a great weekend, indulge, be merry, but most of all, be SAFE.

Have a good one!


22 June, 2010 - Addition To Main Site
Motorbiker video games
I've added a new section to our main site at; after motorcycles in the movies, celebrities that ride motorcycles and motorcycle specific country information, we now have video games that have motorcycles in them.

We're listing many different video game platforms (not all - yet), and more titles will be put on-line shortly.


1 March, 2010 - Sorry For That! Lost Power, Phones And Internet Due To Storm
This Site Article
Normandy Beach
We've been hit by a major storm, 47 people have died so far, and power and phone lines are down.

They are trying to restore communication, but not very successfully. It's a hit & miss thing.

So hopefully I'll be back when things stabilize.


7 January, 2010 - A Couple Of Site Announcements
This Site Article
I'm back, and here are the changes to the site you may be noticing.

Hope you had a great start of the year!


5 January, 2010 - Normal Programming Will Resume Thursday
This Site Article
I'm still on assignment, and will be back to normal articles starting this Thursday.

In the mean time, enjoy the KTM Dakar articles. I file them when I can.


1 October, 2009 - This Site Now Available In Different Languages
This site is now available in some 50 different languages, thanks to Google Translate.

You'll find a language selector in the middle column, select a language and the whole site gets translated, even into non-latin fonts.


15 September, 2009 - Change In Commenting and Rating Function
Web Article
I've been playing with the comments & rating function thanks to being hit by spammers.

I've now re-opened the comments to all, registered or not, but now the comment need to be approved by me before they appear. That will keep spam from the site, but will slow down your comments.

This will need to be the way until Google invent the Captcha approval system... sorry.


22 July, 2009 - This Site Now Available On The iPhone
iPhone-BiTFL Home Page
iPhone-BiTFL Article Portrait mode
I've finally done it. There is now an Apple iPhone version of this motorcycle news site available.

It's a first attempt, so not very pretty, but it works. Currently for iPhone users only... Here's how to use it..


21 July, 2009 - New: Daily Newsletter Service
This Site Article
You can now opt to receive a daily email with the day's motorcycle articles as they have appeared on this site.

The service is run by Google's Feedburner.


22 May, 2009 - New Ids Possible To Join This Site
This Site Article
You can now become a member of this site by using a Netlog Id (if you have one).

So now the Google Friend Connect accepts membership from Google, Yahoo, AIM, OpenId and Netlog Ids.


16 May, 2009 - Review and Rating Function Now On Main Page
This Site Article
You can now rate and comment individual articles on the front page, and no longer need to go to the article itself to rate/review it.

However, it does mean I've lost all previous comments and rating... sorry.


15 May, 2009 - Recommendation Function Added
This Site Article
I've added a new function to the site, allowing you by pressing a single button at the end of an article, to recommend it.

The top 5 recommendations are show in the middle column.


12 May, 2009 - Survey: What Do You Think Of The New Social Gadget Here
This Site Article
I'd like to know what you think of the new "social" function I put in this site, courtesy Google Friend Connect.

Here's a one question survey, just let me know what you think.... please...


8 May, 2009 - New Rating, Comments & Social Function At This Site
This Site Article
I've changed the rating and commenting system (again). We are now using Google Friend Connect system, giving you rating, review and comments all in one handy place.

You do NOT need to have a Google Id. You can be anonymous, or use a Yahoo, AIM or OpenId to become a "member" of this site.

So do me a favor, and join up.... pretty please...


17 April, 2009 - Weekly Newsletter Having Problems
This Site Article
The weekly newsletter service provider is having problems thanks to the economic crisis, so newsletters may not appear.

I've decided to stick with them unless they go belly up, so patience.

Hopefully normal service is return next month.


21 January, 2009 - New Rating System On-line Plus A Small Site Change
This Site Article
I've changed the article rating system with a new one, and many of the new photos that are added can be seen in full size, instead of the limited 550 pixels.

I hope you enjoy.


7 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Slight Change In Reporting Format
Dakar logo
After a comment and several emails regarding the Dakar reporting on this site, we've decided to slightly change the format. We need to do this because of the people who follow this site using a RSS Reader and live in a country where the Dakar TV reporting is usually the following day. We'll no longer put spoiler information in the headline, nor in the RSS summary. That way the RSS readers will be able to continue scanning the motorcycle news, but not know what went on.


29 October, 2008 - New Additional Search Facility For This Site: 3D
SearchMe Help
I've implemented the 3D graphical search engine from It allows you to search for a specific page while seeing the page in a 3D wall. Nifty.

The Google search remains since it's faster, but this function is easier. The button to get to the search is located in the "This Site" panel.


10 October, 2008 - Twitter Enabled
This Site Article
Twitter logo
I have been using Twitter during the Intermot as experiment, using it as a live tool to show what was happening during the show, plus the Twitter pages get fed with the normal articles.

It seems to work, so if you want to follow me on Twitter, you for it. You can now also see the non-site messages posted to Twitter on this site at the bottom of the right hand column.


3 October, 2008 - Image Server Down. Sorry
This Site Article
The company that is running the photo storage has run into upgrade problems, and has been down since yesterday.

According to them, they will be back up on Saturday. Sorry...


18 September, 2008 - This Site Now Accessible Via Mobile Phone
Mobile Version
This site is now available to be accessed via mobile phone browsers.

So if you have a mobile phone (like the iPhone), you can access a special version of this site. The full article is not yet ready for a real mobile phone version, but it's readable.

Click here--> to access it on your phone.


29 July, 2008 - Due To Photo Server Down, No Updates
This Site Article
Since the image/photo service we use has been down for a while, we'll not publish anything new until they're back.

Showing text with blank images is just not nice. Now, could I have one full month without any problems!!


24 July, 2008 - Ads Are Back, Sorry
Trouble Ahead sign
I had removed the right most column ads (due to malware in one of the ads), and replaced it with a donate button. So far, one person did donate, so not enough to keep this site up & running.

So for the time being, I've put Google Ads in that column (the donate is still there, but below the fold).


13 July, 2008 - Server Virus Issued Resolved
This Site Article
We've found the culprit. It was from one of the ValueClick advertisers, which means I've removed them as ad supplier.

I have no control over the content if their ads, and I had thought since they were a big player, they check their ads. But I was wrong.

In the mean time I've placed a Donate button from PayPal. If that works out, I'll keep it there. In the mean time, I'll be looking at a more serious ad server.


12 July, 2008 - Server Virus Infected
This Site Article
Sorry, but our site has gotten infected with some malware. We're trying to figure out where it is, and we have disabled most Java Scripts, but it's still there.

If you get a warning that you have a virus, ignore it. Do not attempt to run their program, or download their files, just close the windows.


10 July, 2008 - The Price of Oil - Real Time
Crude Oil Price
Most of us know more or less the price of crude oil. The oil barrel is ruling our lives. Higher prices mean less motorcycle riding.

So that we all know what the current oil rate is, I've placed a real time graph on the site (at the bottom right). So know you can see if the oil (and therefore fuel) price is going up or down. My bet is up...


30 May, 2008 - Sorry For The Downtime, Again #8364
Electronic road sign
This Site Article
We seem not to be able to get one straight month were everything works okay on our site.

Our so-called redundant data center crashed and was off the air for 12 hours. Sorry...


12 May, 2008 - An Explanation Of The Article Rating
This Site Article
A quick explanation about this site's rating system. A look at some of the not so obvious functions.


28 April, 2008 - This Site Is Now Closed!
Emergency Exit Sign
This site is now closed down! is DEAD!!!

Long live !!!

What this means, is that from the different ways you could access this site, only one remains active: NEWS.MOTORBIKER.ORG. That includes access via RSS. All attempts to access are redirected, which will slow things down for you a but.

I strongly recommend that you update your bookmarks...


15 April, 2008 - Article Rating System Added
This Site Article
To make this site experience nicer, and to allow me to understand which articles are of the most interest to you, I've added a rating system.

Click on the star at the top of each article to let me know which articles you liked and didn't like. Easy?


21 March, 2008 - New Commenting System Enabled
This Site Article
We've enabled a new commenting system for this site.

We're using ( excellent blog commenting system, so let's hope this works and is not ruined by spammers.


20 February, 2008 - Due To Spammers, Comments Have Been Disabled
This Site Article
To prevent the floods of comment spams we were receiving, I've disabled the comment system.

None of the spam made it to the site, they were all being blocked, but the computing power needed to deal with them was enough to stop access for all to the site.

So I'm afraid there are no more comments....


19 February, 2008 - Sorry For The Continuous Interruptions
This Site Article
You have noticed that at times this site is still difficult to access.

We've moved to a more powerful server, making it a bit easier, but instead of ending their attacks, they've stepped it up. Sometimes they're sending pages of links in one single comment, and repeating that for every of the 3,000+ articles on the site.

The only thing I can do is keep paying the increasing bandwidth costs, grinning through the decreasing ad revenue, and hope for the best.

Sorry folks...


28 January, 2008 - Spammer Update
Pirate flag
Quick update on the spam attacks we've been suffering from over the last few weeks.

The spammer has finally understood that his URL syntax was wrong and has updated it. So now finally his spam reaches the site, where it's rejected for being spam.

What this means, is that you can now again access the site 24/24, just that at times it can be slow. 20,000 spam messages a day is a lot of processing.


22 January, 2008 - Apologies, But Site Still Under Attack
This Site Article
Sorry for all of you who can't access this site, but we're still under attack, and nothing can really be done.

All we can do is wait it out, but if it doesn't stop, we'll need to close down forever. Bandwidth charges are increasing dramatically due to millions of spam messages per day, while ad revenue is down to a few cents a day.


20 January, 2008 - Sorry For The Down Time This Weekend
This Site Article
Under instruction, we had to bring down the server.

Everything is running now again, so let's hope it stays that way.


16 January, 2008 - This Site Still Under Attack! Patience
This Site Article
Sorry, the spammer is still flooding the site with millions of comment spams, causing havoc with readers trying to access the system.

we've got the cops involved, but this is going to take time.


14 January, 2008 - Ooops: Newsletter Problem
This Site Article
Sorry to all of you who have just recently subscribed to the weekly newsletter and received 100's of copies. There was a bug in the supplier's system.

Also sorry to all of you who did not receive any .... same bug.


9 January, 2008 - Site Still Under Attack! Times The Site Is Not Accessible
This Site Article
Sorry folks, the adolescent spammers is still at it, with some 10,000 comment spams per minute over 30 minutes, blocking all access to the site.

It usually takes 30 minutes, so if you can access the site, try again later.


7 January, 2008 - Reminder For Newsletter Readers
This Site Article
If you've subscribed to our free weekly newsletter, and haven't seen it yesterday (Sunday), check you spam/junk folder.


31 December, 2007 - Last Post Of The Year: 2007 In Review
This Site Article
This is the last post for 2007. Time to review what went on this year.

It's been a very interesting year, 2008 is going to be difficult to compete.


31 December, 2007 - Site Under Attack! Sorry
Down time
At times this site is going to be very difficult to access (since Christmas). That's because some ass-wipe psychopath has decided to flood the site with comment spam.

With bursts of 10,000 comment spams, it slows down the server. This takes about 30 minutes, and then a couple of hours later, they try again.

Of course our excellent built-in anti-spam mechanism works fine, so nothing is stored or displayed, but it remains very frustrating. Sorry...


17 December, 2007 - First Newsletter Went Off Without Problems
The first, powered, weekly newsletter went off without a hitch.

If you are one of the recipients, please let me know what you think....


11 December, 2007 - We’re Going To Try Newsletters Again
We're ready to start our free, weekly, newsletter services thanks to web service.

If you're interested in receiving this weekly newsletter, follow the very simple instructions.

Hope you enjoy it.


16 October, 2007 - We’re Back - Crash & Burn
Crash & Burn
Missed us?? We did!

Our data center hosting company had a major crash in their firewalls, and took 24 hours to rebuild.



18 September, 2007 - Adblockers Now Welcome, Not AdSense Blockers
This Site Article
In the eternal struggle between ads and adblockers, I hope to have the right mix of blocking and ads.

Now, even if you have an active Adblocker, if you block the Google Ads, you'll be blocked from the site. If on the other hand you allow Google ads, or have this site on a white list, or have the blocker disabled, you can access it.

I hope this solves the most issues of the past few days.


14 September, 2007 - Adblockers Are Now Blocked From This Site
Opinion Article
This Site Article
After yesterday's post on the use of Adblock, I've found a great script that will block users with Adblock.

The only way to read the articles is to disable Adblock.

I'm sorry it had to come to this.


13 September, 2007 - This Motorcycle News Site To Disappear?
This Site Article
Opinion Article
This motorcycle news site is about to disappear! And many of you are the reason why it is going to go of the "net".

If you like this site, read on to find out why!


14 August, 2007 - Site Update: Geo Maps
This Site Article
I've added a geo- localization function for this site. Now, when you see a little blue globe, click on it, and a window opens with a Google Map of the city or country in question.

Now you can see where these exotic locations are. Like the Bronx, NY..


26 July, 2007 - RSS Feed Per Category Enabled
This Site Article
For those of you who want to subscribe to the RSS feed, but can't be bothered by everything, you can now select specific categories for your RSS feed.


19 July, 2007 - Reminder: Motorcycles For Sale Section On-Line
This Site Article
Just a gentle reminder that the pre-owned (2nd hand) motorcycles section has been added to this site.

You can add your motorcycle for sale for free. Why not add it?


10 July, 2007 - Motorcycles For Sale Section Added
For Sale Sign
We've added a 'Motorcycle For Sale' section to this site.

It's free, and your ad will run for 30 days.


4 July, 2007 - Site Preferences Page Added
Site preferences
We added a site preferences page for this site.

At this moment, only thing you can set is whether you want the Snap Shots preview on or off. More to come later.


25 May, 2007 - Sorry For The Downtime (#837456)
Sorry for the downtime yesterday.

My hosting company decided to do something stupid, and lost 3 hours and 15 minutes.

We're back, but very frustrated!


21 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Bloggers Headlines Back
Click here to read ALL motorcycle blogs
Due to several email received, asking for the motorcycle bloggers headlines, we've put them back.

On the top panel of the page, you'll see the text "Click here to read ALL motorcycle blogs". Click on it to see the latest headlines from other motorcycle blogs.


9 May, 2007 - Welcome To My Shiny New Site
Web Article
After several attempts at designing my own site, I gave up and hired a top professional to do the job.

The results are fantastic! Come on in, and have a look. Unfortunately, the publicity has to stay, since someone has to pay the upkeep and technology. But for the rest, I hope you like it... I do..


5 April, 2007 - We’re Back - Kind Of
Geographically, it was a move of 100 meters, so apart from shifting furniture, it wasn't difficult. But try to interconnect two LANs via wireless. Not easy. Well, we're back, just a few slight problems to fix, and we'll be in full swing.


4 April, 2007 - Not Going Good - Service Will Resume Eventually
If you're reading this message, then it means we've not been able to get the office up and running. Blame electricity, computers, LAN, WAN or cows.

If everything keeps failing, there will be one more prerecorded message, and after that a (long) silence. Hope for the best.



4 April, 2007 - Moving Office - Hard Work Ahead - Thirsty
We're moving offices. Either the next message is a normal one, or a preprogrammed "disaster has struck" message.


13 February, 2007 - Mini-Survey Results: Snap Preview
Statistics Article
The results of our mini survey on the usage of the SNAP site preview tool. The Ayes win...


8 February, 2007 - Mini Survey - SNAP Tool
This Site Article
We're running a single question mini-survey, trying to find out if you like the SNAP website preview tool we've got here. Your input is very valuable for us. Thank you for participating.


3 February, 2007 - Unbelievable ! 7000 Spams in 1 Hour
This Site Article
We suffered a comment spam attack; 7,000 spam comments in one hour ! They should hang !!


1 February, 2007 - I listened !!
This Site Article
After yesterday's feedback, I did a quick site redesign. More space thanks to show/hide functions and a white background. Hope you like it. Professional help is on its way to make the site nicer !


31 January, 2007 - Site Style Change
This Site Article
We've done a site skin and design change. We hope it works for you, and that you like the new "look".


13 January, 2007 - Newsletter Service Suspended - Searching Other Supplier !
This Site Article
We have suspended the Zookoda-powered weekly newsletter due to increasing problems at the supplier. We're keeping all registrations, we will only not allow new ones. Once we've found a new supplier, we'll migrate all current subscribers and then open to new ones. Sorry about that. Service will be resumed asap.


4 January, 2007 - Year 2006 Statistics
Statistics Article
A look at the 2006 statistics of this site. We've doubled in size over the year, but so have the spammers.


20 December, 2006 - New Site Preview Function
This Site Article
We've added a new function to the site. It allows you, when you hover your mouse over an external link, to preview the other website. Then you can decide whether you're going to click or not. Tools is courtesy of


18 December, 2006 - Slight Newsletter Problems
This Site Article
We're having slight problems with our weekly newsletter. Those of you who receive it, will have noticed that it doesn't always begin on Monday, sometimes the newsletter starts later in the week. That is because Zookoda, the service supplier, are having some technical difficulties. Hopefully, it'll be sorted out shortly.


3 December, 2006 - Message For Readers Of
This Site Article
If you are reading this message through the URL, please change it to read, in other words, change the first blogs to news. If not, you'll not be able to receive your daily news shortly !


11 November, 2006 - Product Reviews
This Site Article
We're going to be using the new website to earn a few bucks, doing paid-for product reviews. The reviews, despite being paid for by the manufacturers, are going to be honest. We are under no rule to write a positive review ! So, hopefully you'll see more reviews in this site.


31 October, 2006 - Updated "Other Motorcycle Blogs"
This Site Article
I've change the top part of this site to include "real-time" updates from the other motorcycle bloggers and MBI members. You can now see the headlines from 100's of bloggers around the world.


30 October, 2006 - Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 2 and This Site
This Site Article
Since the main two internet browsers have recently released major upgrades, let's have a look at both of them and how they are with this site.


6 October, 2006 - No News Today
This Site Article
No news since the French electricity company decided today that my computers didn't need electricity.


7 September, 2006 - No Crossword Puzzles On This Site
This Site Article
Since only 2 people stated they wanted the motorcycle crossword puzzle, it's not going to happen. Back to the drawing board...


22 August, 2006 - UK Motorbike Store Open
This Site Article
After yesterday's opening of the motorcycle store for the USA, today is the turn of the UK. Together with Amazon UK, we now offer a wide selection of motorbikes goodies.


21 August, 2006 - New Motorcycle Shop
This Site Article
We've opened a motorcycle shop on this site, together with Initially meant for the USA market, it'll eventually be available to other countries. Only motorcycle stuff (gear, Accessories, Books, Gadgets, software, etc).


8 August, 2006 - Yahoo and Our Weekly Newsletter
This Site Article
Yahoo is giving problems with our weekly newsletter. So if you've registered/subscribed for our newsletter, apologies. You will not have received it. Zookoda (the service provider) is working very hard at solving it, but the problem lies with Yahoo. Patience.


27 July, 2006 - Newsletter: Slight Problem Last Week
This Site Article
A couple of problems with our newsletter last week. Some new registrations never received the confirmation screen, the mail didn't go out on time, and Yahoo users didn't receive the email.


25 July, 2006 - Kropotkin Feed Added to Site
This Site Article
We've added a live feed coming from the excellent "Kropotkin Thinks" MotoGP review site.

Learn more what goes on in the MotoGP world.


20 June, 2006 - Newsletter Confirmation Reminder
This Site Article
A reminder to those of you who have registered for our weekly round-up newsletter. You need to click on the link in the confirmation email sent by Zoodoka. If not, you will not receive the newsletter. If you can't see the email, check you spam/junk folder.


23 May, 2006 - A Few Server Problems
This Site Article
The site has had a few problems due to a corrupted file. We tried bribing, but it wasn't enough. We hope the problems are fixed.


26 April, 2006 - Newsletter Update #2
This Site Article
You are now able to subscribe to the free weekly newsletter again. The Zookoda service is still in beta, so there might be a few hiccups, but you'll receive a newsletter emailed to you once a week on Sunday.


12 April, 2006 - Half of This Site Down Yesterday
This Site Article
This site was down yesterday due to a mapping problem at our hosting company. Anyone accessing could not access it. An alternative exists; try or


3 April, 2006 - Newsletter Suspended
This Site Article
Due to some technical problems, the weekly newsletter has been suspended until things are sorted out. Subscriber list remains, and if you want to subscribe, that remains possible.


27 March, 2006 - First Weekly Newsletter A Success
This Site Article
The 1st weekly newsletter went out without a glitch (apart from forgetting about the switch to summertime).

Any comments from the newsletter readers ?


24 March, 2006 - Weekly Newsletter Service Started
This Site Article
We've started a free, weekly, newsletter that will be emailed straight to your in-box. The newsletter is based on this RSS feed, and sums up all the articles for the week.


7 February, 2006 - Sorry for the Downtime
This Site Article
The server took a severe load yesterday evening and this morning thanks to the 10,000's of people who wanted to read about the "Le Touquet" Enduropale reporting and decided to call it a day.

It took some time to bring everything up and we beefed it up, so hopefully no more problems.


24 January, 2006 - Updated Software - Changes v3
This Site Article
We've upgraded the system software, and enabled a few new features.

Read all about it.


21 January, 2006 - Attention RSS News Readers !!!!! Please READ this
This Site Article
If you are reading this, please read the whole article. It is very important, since this service may stop shortly if the problem is not solved. So please read this article !


5 January, 2006 - Year End 2005 Statistics - The Gadgets
Statistics Article
2nd part of the year end statistics 2005.

A closer look at what gadgets motorcycle riders are interested in.


4 January, 2006 - Year End Statistics - Part 1
Statistics Article
First part of this site's 2005 statistics.

Number of articles read, readers, reffers.


21 December, 2005 - PODcasts Added to Motorcycle Blogger Database
This Site Article
We've added a section for the motorcycle PODcasts on our motorcycle blogger database.

It will allow you to find bloggers that are PODcasting.


16 September, 2005 - No More Motorcycle Sports Results
This Site Article
Racing Article
We've stopped the International Motorcycle Sports Results section on this site.


17 August, 2005 - Reminder - Firefox optimized site
This Site Article
This site has been optimized for Firefox browsers, so get it now.


28 July, 2005 - Lighting Strikes
Lighting struck, and despite a surge protector, my main PC died.


18 June, 2005 - New Navigation Structure
This Site Article
A new menu based navigation for this site, hopefully things will speed up a bit.


13 June, 2005 - Site down Sunday
This Site Article
Due to the hosting company having a technical problem, no sports results were posted on Sunday, but now, they are all up to date.


4 June, 2005 - We’re Back !!
This Site Article
Live from my new server and host; WE'RE BACK (did you miss us?).


31 May, 2005 - Moving Time - Pack Your Belongings
Contract signed, and it's time to move site.


27 May, 2005 - Status Update
This Site Article
I am finishing a deal with a USA based Hosting company.


23 May, 2005 - Due To ISP Problems, This Site Is Down UFN
This Site Article
This site will not have any new articles until my technical problems are sorted out, sorry !


19 May, 2005 - You’re Lucky If You Can Read This
This Site Article
This site is still have technical problems, and eventually might disappear; sorry !


14 May, 2005 - Still Site Problems
This Site Article
This site is still having problems.


12 May, 2005 - Welcome Back
This Site Article
Well, it looks like this site is accessible again, welcome back !


7 May, 2005 - Site Feed Problems
This Site Article
If you can read this, then there's no more problems with the RSS Feed.


1 February, 2005 - Lots of DSL Downtime .. Sorry
This Site Article
Big gaps in the DSL line availability, so the server seems to be down frequently; sorry !


20 January, 2005 - Photo Server Down until 25th
This Site Article
Due to a major cock-up at Wanadoo, no photos can be uploaded until at least the 25th of January.


6 January, 2005 - Motorcycle News Feed
This Site Article
You too can use the syndication news feed from this site for your web or newreaders.


22 December, 2004 - Six Google Email Accounts (Gmail) available
This Site Article
6 Google email (Gmail) accounts available - first come, first served.


10 October, 2004 - FireFox Publishing Only
This Site Article
We'll no longer be testing our articles using Microsoft Explorer, only Mozilla's Firefox. Our advise; get Firefox !


1 August, 2004 - Celebrities Searches Statistics Added
This Site Article
I've added the statistics on motorcycle riding celebrity searches for this site.


28 July, 2004 - Some Site Changes
This Site Article
We've made some improvements on this site. Hope you like'em.


12 July, 2004 - Server Down Tuesday 05:00-10:00 GMT
This Site Article
Server will be down for maintenance.


15 June, 2004 - Web Site Update
This Site Article
This site has just migrated to a new version, with many changes.


7 June, 2004 - Server Down During Weekend
This Site Article
The Server stopped working over the weekend.


25 May, 2004 - New Funny Searches Layout
This Site Article
I've changed the layout of the Funny Searches page.


23 April, 2004 - Site Search Capability Added
This Site Article
A site search capability has been added to this web site.


21 April, 2004 - Funny Searches Updated
This Site Article
Funny Searches Section is now updated.


20 March, 2004 - New Server Taking It’s Time
This Site Article
Sorry for the problems with this site but due to the move things are FUBAR'd.


18 March, 2004 - Welcome to the New Server
This Site Article
The new server has arrived... or not...


17 March, 2004 - Web Site Maintenance - Occasional Down Time
This Site Article
This site is moving hosting company and server so may be down regularly for the next 10 days.


24 May, 2003 - Site is Back
The site is now back and running properly. I have been moved server


23 May, 2003 - Site Hosting Problems
The Hosting company for this site is having problems with the server and lines. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.


22 April, 2003 - Off again, XML/RSS Feed added
Personal Article
My latest ride



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