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28 August, 2015 - Remember Last Week’s SUV Motorcycle Photo: Here Is Its Story
Need more panniers
#JohnTodd #RTW #Travel - Remember the photo I posted as "fun" last week, describing a motorcycle as a SUV motorcycle? Trevor reached out to me via email and told me the story. Here it goes....


26 August, 2015 - Take Your Pooch With You On Your Motorcycle - Bagster
Bagster Friendly
Bagster logo
#Bagster #Dog #Travel - Many bikers like to take their dog with them on their motorcycle when taking a trip. And as long as it's not a Great Dane dog, you should be able to. Obviously if you've got a sidecar, there is no problem. But if not, apart from placing the dog behind you on the pillion seat, there aren't many other options available.

But French motorcycle luggage company Bagster has other ideas. Bagster have a pet friendly luggage called appropriately "Friendly", and it's a tank bag made for canines.


20 August, 2015 - Netherlands: According to Privacy Group, Speed Radar Signs Need To Be Shown
Dutch Radar Warning Sign
The Netherlands flag
#RadarSigns #Privacy - The Dutch government made it known that they will start removing signs on the road that you are approaching a radar. But one privacy group is saying that is not allowed by European Law. It invades our privacy....


17 August, 2015 - Russia: And You Thought Your Country’s Cops Had Nasty Radars
Russian Speed Camera
Russia flag
#Russia #SpeedCameras #Radars - In many countries around the world, police have nasty habits of hiding their radars, trying to catch motorcycles who are speeding. It's not fair, but all is fair in love, war and police traps. But here is one in Russia which is just plain nasty!


27 July, 2015 - France: First WIP Radar A Jackpot Bonanza
WIP Radar France
France flag
#France #WIPradars - The first Work In Progress radar installed in Brittany on a portion of a road where workers where working was a hit! Not for motorcycles or cars, but for the authorities! 900 photos of speeding vehicles in 24 hours.


23 July, 2015 - Adventure Riding As Glamour - Road To Beauty
Lequipee Road to Beauty
#Adventure #Glamour #Lequipee - The five pretty adventure girls featured in 3 videos of their motorcycle trip over the Himalayas, have recently come back from a three week motorcycle trip from Rio, Brazil into the Amazon jungle. The trip got captured by a professional photographers, and he has published some of his work on his web site. Great photos.


20 July, 2015 - India: Religious Festival With Motorcycle Stunts - Rath Yatra
Rath Yatra 2015 Stunts
India flag
#India #Stunts #RathYatra - Wow, you got to hand it to those good folks in India. Not only do they make some great food, but their culture is pretty decent as well. They have many Hindu Gods, and one of them, Ratha Yatra, results in an annual festival that sees the locals doing stunts on their motorcycles.


16 July, 2015 - Indonesia: Mass Motorcycle Exodus 2015
Indonesia Exodus 2015
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #MassTrafficJams - Looks like a mass exodus of motorcycles in Indonesia, but all it is, the end of the Eid al-Fitr religious holidays, a bit like Thanksgiving in the USA when everyone and their dog travels home.


8 July, 2015 - France: Another Motorcycle-Friendly Region - Auvergne
Auvergne by motorcycle
France flag
#Auvergne #Tourism - Auvergne is a beautiful area of France (center of France), with great motorcycling roads, scenery, restaurants and many biker friendly accommodation. Therefore the Tourist Office has released a web site dedicated to promoting motorcycling in their region, and yes, it's in English. So if you're looking for a trip to paradise, have a look.


2 July, 2015 - Netherlands: Spreading Salt On Roads, Not For Ice, But For Heat
Salt Spraying
The Netherlands flag
#SaltSprayingInTheSummer #TheNetherlands - So you thought you were safe on your motorcycle from salt trucks spraying salt on the roads to make them less slippery during the winter??? Well, think again. In The Netherlands, in one province they have started spraying salt on the secondary roads. The culprit? The heat wave.


2 July, 2015 - Uganda: The Motorcycle Equivalent Of Uber - Boda Boda
Uganda SafeBoda
Uganda flag
#BodaBoda #SafeBoda #Uganda - Uganda has many motorcycle taxis called Boda Boda (I now finally know what Boda Boda stands for...). They are fast, efficient and very deadly. But one organization is trying to change this; Called SafeBoda, the organization is giving its members riding lessons, maintenance, even first aid lessons. With the help of an Uber-like smartphone app (smartphones, helmets etc are part of the membership package), riders become safer, and their passengers as well.


16 June, 2015 - Idea: Travel With Your Electric Motorcycle On An Airplane
IndieGoGo #Electric #Scooter #Coolpeds - The title is 'slightly' misleading, I admit. This is a crowd-funding project which looks pretty cool, and it is an electric scooter (but not the motorcycle kind) incorporated in a carry-on luggage. Scoot around at 10 kph for some 20 kilometers on your bags... not bad.


11 June, 2015 - Indonesia: Go Jek - An Uber App For Motorcycles, But Better
Indonesia Go Jek
Indonesia flag
#Go-Jek #Indonesia #Uber - Go Jek is an Uber style app that allows you to hail a motorcycle to bring you, or your packages, to a destination of your choice. Very efficient when traffic is very dense. Sounds like something that will work in any big city. Move over Uber, this is the way it's done.


9 June, 2015 - France: Champagne and Motorcycles
Champagne Ardenne region
Logo Champagne Acceuil Motards
#Champagne-Ardenne #TouristInfo #France - The Champagne-Ardenne area in France is beautiful and fantastic for motorcycle trips. The tourist office there has seen the light, and have created a special label for motorcycle for hotels and other accommodations, and a web site full of information for great trips. But there's one major problem in this... despite a fantastic site, it's all in French. No English. Stupid.


5 June, 2015 - When You Do Not Wants Ants In Your Tent While Motorcycle Camping
Motorcycle Camping tent MoBed
#Camping #Tents #Funny - If you go camping regularly, you know that at times you can't help getting uninvited guests in your tent. Ants, snakes, elephants... So what do you do when riding your motorcycle on a camping trip? Here is a solution as seen by one developer.


3 June, 2015 - France: Main Lib’ - The Motorcycle Helmet Storage Locker Rolls Out
Mains Lib
France flag
#MainLib #HelmetLocker - The motorcycle helmet storage locker system, Main Lib', we mentioned a few months ago is rolling out with gusto. Railway stations, shopping centers, cinemas - places to ride to on your motorcycle and then put your helmet in one of these secure storage bins. National Security folks have approved the lockers since they are open. Cool system.


2 June, 2015 - India: Heat Wave Is So Hot, It Is Melting The Roads
New Delhi Heat Wave
India flag
#India #HeatWave - It is so unbelievable hot in India at this moment, that apart from over 2000 people who have died of heat stroke, the roads are melting.


21 May, 2015 - Idea: Motorcycle Towed Adventure Trailer
Motorcycle Revolution Cargo Trailer
#Trailer #Crowd-Funding #Kickstarter - An interesting project looking for crowd-funding, which can be of use for adventure motorcycle riders, if it weren't for a very steep price. A very modular motorcycle towed trailer that can go as off-road as you and your motorcycle can go.


15 May, 2015 - Another City That Gets Motorcycles: Vigo, Spain
Vigo Motorcycle Lane
Spain flag
#Spain #Vigo #BikerFriendlyCity - After the very pro-motorcycle report and action plan in Melbourne, Australia, here is another city that should be an example for other cities around the world: Vigo, Spain. Voted by the Asociacion Mutua Motera (the Spanish association that looks after motorcycle rights) as the safest city in Spain.


12 May, 2015 - France: MotoGP 2015 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
MotoGP 2015 France Poster
FFMC logo
#MotoGP #France #RelaisCalmos - The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 15, 16 and 17 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


11 May, 2015 - Venezuela: Get Killed For Your Motorcycle Spare Parts
Venezuela Deadly Motorcycle Spare Parts
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #SpareParts #Deadly - Scary. In Venezuela you can get killed on your motorcycle for your spare parts. Not your body spare parts, but your motorcycle's parts. Scary.


8 May, 2015 - Indonesia: Unmarried Couples Not Allowed To Ride Motorcycle Together
4 Girls
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Sharia - Religious laws are becoming weirder and weirder. Now in a province in Indonesia, couples are not allowed to ride on the same motorcycle together, unless they are married. This, because the zealots are claiming that the close proximity will lead to sinful acts. Weirdos.


8 May, 2015 - Scary: When Day Becomes Night
Day Becomes Night
China flag
#China #SandStorm - Scary planet. Day becomes night, full of dust and sand, not to speak of pollution. And then you got to ride your motorcycle in that...


7 May, 2015 - Australia: Melbourne Shows The World How It Is Done - Pay Attention
Melbourne Sidewalk Motorcycle Parking
Australia flag
#Australia #Melbourne #CityHall - The City of Melbourne, Australia is one of the rare cities that look upon motorcycles in a very positive light. Their recent plan for motorcycle 2015-2018 is an incredible ode to bikers, something other cities should look towards. Time to move to Melbourne? Here is one quote from he first page of the report 'Make motorcyclists feel welcomed and supported through safe, comfortable roads, and on-street and off-street parking. ' Fantastic, isn't it!


4 May, 2015 - Europe: A Country May Forbid You To Ride In Their Country
Dutch Driving License
Europe flag
#Europe #BannedDrivingLicense - A new European law allows for one country to forbid you from riding in their country, but can not take away your license, i.e., you are still allowed to ride in your own country, and the other European countries.


1 May, 2015 - Spain: The Legality Of Riding With Earphones
Lots of stereo components on a motorcycle
Spain flag
#Spain #Earphones #StupidLaws - A stupid law in Spain forbids the use of earphones when riding motorcycle. But a biker took the law to court, and won. Here is how his smart lawyer convinced the judge.


28 April, 2015 - Philippines: Only Close Relatives May Ride Pillion On Motorcycles
Monkey Pillion
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Pillion - Imagine that! In The Philippines, in some parts you are only allowed to ride as a pillion if you are a first degree relative. All others can be thrown in prison. And this to reduce crime. Crazy politicians.


20 April, 2015 - Philippines: Burnout Guinness World Record
Philippines Smoking
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Worldrecord #Burnouts - Smoke and noise is welcome in the Philippines, because that is where 300 bikers broke the Guinness World Record for the most number of simultaneous motorcycle burnouts. Oh, and they also broke the record of the most sidecars in one parade.


16 April, 2015 - India: Cough, Cough, Cough, Sputter, Cough
Indian air pollution who
India flag
#India #Pollution - Holly cow (pun intended).... imagine having to commute on your motorcycle in *THAT*...


14 April, 2015 - Warning To Motorcycle Riders - Europe-Wide Speed Check Marathon
Gendarme manning portable radar
TisPol logo
#Europe #Tispol #SpeedCheckingMarathon - This is a public service announcement. A warning to most European motorcycle riders! Starting on Thursday 06:00 (that's in the morning) until Friday 06:00, European police will be conducting a marathon speed check on the roads of 22 European countries... you have been warned.


10 April, 2015 - Iraq: A Motorcycle Race To Celebrate Victory Against ISIS
Iraqi Motorcycle race Baghdad
Iraq flag
#Iraq #Parade - I guess any reason is good to have a motorcycle race as celebration. Although this looks more like a parade than a race, but then the local journalists probably don't have that much experience with motorcycle gatherings over there.


8 April, 2015 - Slovenia: Start Of Motorcycle Riding Season
Riding Season Opening Slovenia
Slovenia flag
#Slovenia #EndOfPMS - #Gathering - It's not something I think about in France: we've got more or less a 365 days riding season, but there are places out there in the world, where bikers suffer from real PMS. And it looks like Slovenia is one of those countries. So what better than to start the season with a massive gathering and party?


25 March, 2015 - Videos: 5 Girls Ride One Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World - A MUST Watch
Himalayas 5 Biker Girls Adventure
Himalayas 5 Biker Girls Adventure
#Video #Adventure - 5 girls from Paris, France took 5 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motorcycles and crossed world's tallest mountain range, the Himalayas. Incredibly dangerous, physically and mentally tough, with real hardships, crashes, even a motorcycle going down a ravine, these 3 video episodes are incredible to watch (in the comfort of your home). One world comes to mind for these 5 brave girls, and their Royal Enfield motorcycles: RESPECT. Take your time and have a look at these videos. You will not be disappointed.


23 March, 2015 - Spain: Looking For Toll For Motorways
Spanish Road Caused Accident
Spain flag
#Spain #Motorways #Toll - Spanish giant construction companies are lobbying with the government to let them have the motorways so they can levy tolls and make a lot of money. That while car and motorcycle owner are already taxed for the road infrastructure. How much money is going to be passed under the table will decide if this is going to happen.


19 March, 2015 - Switzerland: Opposite Of Paris, Motorcycles Are The Solution
Geneva Motorcycle parking
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Geneva #Parking - Geneva, Switzerland, in sharp contrast with Paris, France, sees motorcycles and scooters as part of the solution to improve traffic. So to make bikers feel welcome in their fair city, they are going to make all outside parking spaces FREE. And what is Paris doing? Forbidding old motorcycles from entering their dirty city.


13 March, 2015 - France: Easy Motorcycle Helmet Storage At Parking Garages
Mains Lib
Mains Lib
#France #HelmetStorage - A French startup has found the money last year to develop a self-service motorcycle helmet storage pillar where you can easily store your helmet. Approved by the French anti-terrorism services, the first units were installed at the biggest motorcycle parking in Paris, the Gare de Lyon. Usage is free and easy to use. Nice.


25 February, 2015 - Spain: All Radars Will Be Visible and Announced
Spanish Radar matador
Spain flag
Spain is acting responsibly not like some other European countries. They really want to reduce road fatalities, so they are now going to make sure all radars, fixed and mobile, are very visible on the road, and they will even announce where there are. Even mobile check points. Great move.


18 February, 2015 - Spidi: New Motorcycle Adventure Touring Jacket - X Tour H2Out
Spidi X Tour H2Out
Spidi logo
Spidi's new adventure/touring jacket, the X Tour H2Out jacket looks like a winner, even facing strong competition from BMW and KTM adventure jackets.


17 February, 2015 - Daily Motorcycle Commute #9283 - Haiti
Daily Commute Haiti
Haiti flag
#Haiti #Commute - Stop complaining about your daily motorcycle commute. Try this instead.


16 February, 2015 - Food Truck? We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Food Truck! We’ll Ape It
Ape Romeo
Italy flag
There are cities in the world that can not accommodate food trucks as we see in some major cities (and movies). But they can handle Piaggio Apes, who have been designed to navigate the small and narrow streets of cities like Rome. There is even a Michelin-starred chef running one of these street food motorcycles. Hungry? You will be when you see their photos.


16 February, 2015 - When Millions Of Chinese Go On Their Motorcycle For Spring Festival
China Spring Festival 2015
China flag
#China #SpringFestival #NewYear - This is what you get when millions of Chinese get on their motorcycles and head for home during their Spring Festival. Talk about rush hour. Ready for the Chinese New Year....


12 February, 2015 - India: Good Idea - First Time Offenders Fined Less
Traffic offense India
India flag
#India #Novices #Fines - I think this is good idea coming from India. Novice riders/drivers and first time offenders will have to pay 5 times less for the fine amounts if they get caught for the first time. After that, they pay the full load. Much more forgiving.


11 February, 2015 - Japan: When One Light On Your Motorcycle Is Not Enough
Lit Up Japaense Motorcycle
Japan flag
#Japan #Bosozoku #ManyLights - Putting a light or two on our motorcycle is a done thing in many places around the world. But in Japan, one or two lights is for pussies. Here is a video of several motorcycles in Japan where you need sunglasses to actually see the bikes at night.


11 February, 2015 - Finland: New Speed Radars Can Not Detect Motorcycles
Dougie Lampkin In Finland
Finland flag
#Finland #Radars - 300 new radars are being installed in Finland, and none of them can read a motorcycle's license plate, or even detect a bike due to its small profile.


10 February, 2015 - Guatemala: Black Christ Motorcycle Pilgrimage
Black Christ Motorcycle Pilgrimage
Guatemala flag
#Guatemala #BlackChrist - The things you learn on the internet. I never knew this existed, nor that it was a big deal. The annual motorcycle pilgrimage to a small town of Esquipulas, Guatemala to go and pray before a black Christ. Apparently, it's a big thing in Central America.


9 February, 2015 - France: The Folding Trailer
Remorque Pliante
Remorque Pliante
Having a trailer is nice, but you loose a lot of real estate space in your garage. Here is a French company that has a totally folding trailer that takes up the space of a folded and stored Ping-Pong table, and can even 'bend' the rear allowing you to ride up your motorcycle.


6 February, 2015 - Colombia: A Day Without Motorcycles In Bogota
Bogota Motorcycle Free Day 2015
Colombia flag
#Colombia #Pollution - Wow. Yesterday was a day without motorcycles (or cars) in the country's capital city Bogota. On its own, I'd prefer their solution, one day in the year without any vehicles on the road, than the French way of banning motorcycles built before the year 2000 (and cars before 1997). Luckily it's not a law yet, but even after the proposed massive motorcycle protest ride, it probably will be.

I wonder what the results were in Bogota pollution-wise?


27 January, 2015 - India: Motorcycle Stunts Galore Republic Day 2015
India Republic Day Stunts 2015
India flag
#India #RepublicDay #Stunts - Like every year, during India's national day, Republic Day, there are massive parades in the street of the big cities. And one of the most entertaining, crowd-drawing, events are the motorcycle stunts performed by the likes of the police and border security forces (BSF). Their stunts are incredible and action packed. No wonder President Obama who is there visiting loved the stunts (I love the quote of Obama saying he is not allowed to ride on a motorcycle by the Secret Service, especially not on his head).


15 January, 2015 - North Korea: Ban On Motorcycles, Only For The Rich and Powerful
Kim jong un taking a dump
North Korea flag
Another great move by a great and intelligent man, supreme leader Kim Jong-un. He has decided in his infinitesimal wisdom to ban motorcycles. Only officials and miliary are allowed to ride them during non-rush hour. What a man! (please don't hack my site).


14 January, 2015 - Have 6 Tools On Your Motorcycle Key Ring
Swiss Tech Utili Key
Swiss Tech Utili Key
Bringing tools on your motorcycle ride is a smart move, but you never have enough space to carry them. Here is one solution, 6 tools in 1, in the shape of a key ring. Knives, screwdrivers, even a bottle opener.


14 January, 2015 - New Electric Scooter Rental Service in Paris and France
City Scoot Rental
Vinci Park logo
#Vinci #Rental #France - A new service has been started by the giant in public car parks, Vinci Park. Small, electric scooters are being made available for rent. No motorcycle license is required, and everything you need is supplied on the spot. Drive up to a car park, and then rent a small electric scooter.


23 December, 2014 - Does You Kid Do This On Your Motorcycle? I Hope Not!
Child Sleeping On Motorcycle Jakarta
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #SleepingOnYourMotorcycleIsDangerous - Wow, talk about dangerous for your kid. Not only is the child not protected at all, his parents are, but he looks like to be fast asleep. Would you do that to you kid? You probably would get arrested.


17 December, 2014 - Indonesia: Another City Wanting To Ban Motorcycles - Jakarta
Motorcyclist Jakarta Traffic
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Ban - Yet another city, in this case Jakarta, Indonesia, is planning on banning motorcycles on their main roads. Yet again a knee-jerk reaction by politicians that probably can't even run their own household, let alone a big city.


12 December, 2014 - The Netherlands: Utrecht Knows How To Deal With Motorcycles
Utrecht Motorcycle parking
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Utrecht #Parking - Utrecht, a beautiful city in The Netherlands is telling motorcycles riders you can park your bike on the sidewalk (but need to take care), or park it on the street where cars can park, but you will then need to pay a parking fee. Fair enough, the right way of dealing with all vehicles; no discrimination.


9 December, 2014 - India: Harley-Davidson and Taj Hotels - Marketing Wet Dream
Harley Davidson Taj hotels
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #TajHotels #India - Harley-Davidson HOG announces tie-up with top Asian hotel chain Taj. Sounds good?? Read on to find out what this incredible and wonderful partnership entails. Clue: not much.


8 December, 2014 - You Thought Your Wait To Get Fuel For Your Motorcycle Is Long?
Indonesia fuel jam
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Fuel-Queue - For all of you who complain that their wait is too long when getting fuel for your motorcycle, try this. What's a car or motorcycle in front of you compared to this?


2 December, 2014 - India: Om Banna - A Temple/Shrine Dedicated To Motorcycles
Om Banna
India flag
#India #Om-Banna #Shrine - In India there is a temple/shrine with in the middle a motorcycle. People come to worship the bike and its biker who was killed on the spot. After a miracle, a temple was created around the motorcycle. Read the story.


2 December, 2014 - This Law Should Not Spread To Here, Nor To Motorcycles
Indonesia Motorcycle Parking Tanjung
India flag
#Parking #Purchase #India - Some laws are out of this world, so crazy. A new law is being debated in India that will make it mandatory for you to have a parking space in order for you to buy a new car. Image this law in your country, and applied to motorcycles. Crazy.


19 November, 2014 - Europe: Insurance Claims Entering 21st Century
e Constat France
e Constat France
#InsuranceForms #Smartphone - The European (and therefore French) insurance claim form used for car/motorcycle accidents is getting a makeover. An electronic makeover. The form will be in iPhone and Android smartphones, and should get you out of the accident area within 6 minutes, and hopefully will see you get your money faster than normal.


6 November, 2014 - Germany: Bad News - Tolls For Motorways, Good News: Motorcycles Exempt
Airplane Crossing Autobahn
Germany flag
#Germany #Autobahn #Toll - The German government is going to make their famous autobahn (motorways) a toll road. Vehicles will not be required to place a toll sticker, instead cameras will be reading license plates, also for foreign cars. But motorcycles luckily do not need to pay toll, nor do electric cars.


28 October, 2014 - A Look At World’s Premiere Motorcycle Touring Company
Edelweiss Moscow Bangkok
Edelweiss logo
#Edelweiss #Travel #Holidays - A close look at one of the biggest and complete motorcycle holiday tour operators, the Austrian Edelweiss Bike Travel company. 36,000 bikers have already used their tours.


24 October, 2014 - China: Protect Your Lungs, But Not Your Head
Lungs protected head not
China flag
#China #Pollution #ATGATT - Strange. In China it's obviously important to protect your lungs, but not your head when riding a motorcycle. Forget about ATGATT. Just look after your lungs.


20 October, 2014 - And You Thought Riding Motorcycle In Pollution Is Bad? Try This
Venezuela Fumigation Ride
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Fumigation #Pollution - Riding your motorcycle in heavy pollution is for wimps. Real bikers ride though fumigation clouds....


8 October, 2014 - Givi: S300 Safety Kit For Motorcycles
Givi S300 Safety Kit
Givi logo
#givi #Safety - Italian Givi have an interesting safety kit for motorcycles. Although the European laws do not demand you have them (car drivers do), it's a good idea to have one when travelling.


7 October, 2014 - Italy: State Council Agrees With Removing Speed Radars
Italian Autovelox
Italy flag
#Italy #Radars - A ruling from the Italian State Council allows the removal of speed radars if they have been installed for only financial gains, not for safety concerns. Good news.


1 October, 2014 - Sports Motorcycle And Want To Bring A Lot Of Gear? SW-Motech Cargobag
SW Motech Cargobag
SW-Motech logo
#Tailbags #Sportsmotorcycles - Carrying a lot of gear on your sportsmotorcycle defeats the purpose of having a sportsbike, but sometimes it just can't be helped. Here is a good solution, 50 liters sitting on the tail of your sportsbike.


25 September, 2014 - Poland: Motorcycles Might Ride Motorways For Free - Study
Polish Motorway
Poland flag
#Poland #Motorways - The Polish government is looking into making motorways free for motorcycles. But the car association lawyers are fighting it.


24 September, 2014 - Spain: No Vehicles Inside Madrid Starting 2015, Except Motorcycles
Madrid Restricted Map
Spain flag
#Spain #Madrid #NoCars - Starting January 1st 2015, cars will no longer be allowed to drive into Madrid (unless you are resident, or have prearranged parking). Everyone??? No.. motorcycle can come in freely. Great news for bikers.


19 September, 2014 - India: Funny Enough You Will Need A Lot Of Water To Clean Them
Silt Covered Motorcycles
India flag
#India #Muddy #CleaningTime - Well, obviously it's not funny, but these motorcycles got so dirty because of excessive water, and now you'll need a lot of water to clean them.


17 September, 2014 - Lumina Trailers - Bring More Stuff With You On Your Motorcycle
Lumina Motorcycle Trailer
Lumina Motorcycle Trailer
#trailer #lumina - Here is another trailer to hitch behind your motorcycle. It's Lumina and it's popular. Low weight, lots of storage space.


12 September, 2014 - Italy: Milan To Go Scooter Sharing
Milan traffic
Italy flag
#Milan #ScooterSharing #Congestion - Milan despite several anti-congestion and pollution programs (congestion charges, bicycle and car sharing programs) have decided to go for a scooter sharing program. They just have not made up their minds whether it will be electric or ICE scooters.


4 September, 2014 - Italy: Young Scooterist Gets Record Fine For Helmet-less Riding
Tom Hanks With No Helmet
Italy flag
#Italy #RecordFine #Helmetless - A 22 year old, and very stupid scooterist got caught riding around a city in Italy without a helmet. At the end of the story he got fined a record fine: €7000.


3 September, 2014 - Spain: Finally (Tragically) Going High Tech Radars
Police Radar Gun UK
Spain flag
#Spain #Radar - Spain was one of the last hold-outs for the use of laser radar guns. No longer! 30 of them, valued over €1.6 million are now going into service. Looks like the Spanish authorities really need the money from fines, just like the French.


29 August, 2014 - Switzerland: Motorway Wrong Direction Radar
Matrix Wrong Direction Motorway
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #WrongWayYouSucker - The Swiss are experimenting with a wrong-way radar, hoping to quickly stop cars from going on a motorway in the wrong direction.


27 August, 2014 - An Ultralight Trailer For Behind Motorcycles
Go Easy motorcycle trailer
Go Easy motorcycle trailer
#Trailering #Camping - Towing a trailer behind your motorcycle is a possibility, but only for a few powerful motorcycles. But it doesn't need to be with this very, very, light trailer. Only weighing 125 kgs, almost any motorcycle or scooter can tow it. From SylvanSport, it's called the Go-Easy.


22 August, 2014 - Indonesia: No, That Is Not What You Do When You Lose An Election
Indonesia Lost Election Results
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Elections #Vandals - Sorry, no matter what happened, no matter what the results, when elections are lost, you don't take it out on poor innocent motorcycles. That's criminal.


21 August, 2014 - Europe: Week Long Police Checks Finds A Lot Of Drunk Drivers
Good Party Proof
Europe flag
#Europe #DUI #Police - The European police in 30 countries made a concerted effort to check for DUI during one week, and their haul was massive. There are a lot of drunk drivers in Europe.


21 August, 2014 - Does This Look Like Your Morning Motorcycle Commute?
Indonesian Traffic jam Tangerang
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #TrafficJams - Is this what your morning motorcycle commute looks like? I don't think so, unless you live in Indonesia. If even motorcycles are jammed up like that....


18 August, 2014 - Attention European Motorcycle Riders - This Is A PSA
Europe Fines Flag
Europe flag
#Europe #Police #Speeding - This is a PSA. Attention all motorcycle riders in Europe.

This week, starting today, throughout the 28 countries in Europe, all police and other LEO are going to conduct extensive speed checks. The police will be using all weapons they have in their arsenal, from radars to helicopters/drones, to catch cars and motorcycles that are going too fast. This is to be a concentrated effort.


13 August, 2014 - Trailer Your Motocross Securely - Lock-N-Load
Lock n Load
Lock n Load
#Lock-N-Load #Trailering - Putting your motocross motorcycle on a trailer or pickup truck involves not only a lot of work, but also it is bad for your front fork seals. The Lock-N-Load system is not only simple and fast but good for your motorcycle.


4 August, 2014 - Switzerland: Police Now Spot Testing Drug Use
Switzerland drug test
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Drugs - The police in Geneva, Switzerland have started using drug detection equipment, but will only use it if other means have failed, since it costs too much per person to use it in all cases. Money is important...


24 July, 2014 - Switzerland: Number of Radars To Be REDUCED!
Radar Swiss
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Radars #Speeding - Good news for our Swiss motorcycling bikers - the Swiss authorities have deemed that since there are less and less speeding tickets issued by speed radars, they are gong to remove several of them since the cost money. Less radars = GOOD, more radars = BAD.


21 July, 2014 - Philippines: Well Blow Me Down - That Is A Strong Wind
Typhoon Rammasun Manila
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Typhoon - I have never been one who likes to ride my motorcycle when there is a strong wind, but here motorcycles are shifting around without anyone on them. Holy crap!


17 July, 2014 - Europe: In Which Countries Do You Need A Hi-Visibility Vest?
Chicken HiViz Vest
Europe flag
#Europe #Hi-Vis #Vests - Not all European countries are equal. laws are different per country, and shortly you will need a motorcycle trailer and a detailed manual to tell you want you need per European country. Here are the European countries that need you, as a biker, to have a high visibility vest.


9 July, 2014 - Netherlands: Discover Amsterdam In Style - With A Sidecar
Amsterdam by Sidecar
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Touring #Sidecar - What better way to discover Amsterdam then by motorcycle sidecar? You get your private rider/guide, microphone/loudspeaker fitted helmets and a cool way of touring the city.


1 July, 2014 - Lebanon: Another Country Curfews Motorcycles
Jail Time For Biker
Lebanon flag
#Lebanon #Banned #Curfew - Beirut, Lebanon has placed a curfew on all motorcycles from riding at night. The brainless politicians in the government have made a stupid law, for stupid reasons with a predictable stupid reaction. How stupid can you get? Did I mention that I think this is stupid?


27 June, 2014 - France: How The Motorways Are Stealing From Motorcyclists
Automated toll booth
France flag
#France #Autoroutes #RipOffs - A note to all motorcycle riders riding the French autoroutes. More and more toll booths have become unmanned, and the computer has to be able to determine if you are a motorcycle or a car, but often it calculates you as being a car, so you end up paying a higher price. And there's not much you can do about it.


23 June, 2014 - Givi: Carry Your House On Your Back While Riding Motorcycle + Blacklisting
Givi XS317
Givi logo
#Givi #Backpack - Italian accessory make, Givi, have got a whopper of a rucksack. Called the XS317 the backpack can store up to 30 liters of stuff. 30 liters? Many topcases don't even have that capacity.

But they are also stupid. They are blocking the access to their USA site if your computer is from Europe. Pathetic way of trying to control pricing information.


11 June, 2014 - India: Motorcycle Commute In Record High Temperatures
India Hot Weather Commute
India flag
#India #RecordTemperature #Pollution - Often when it's nice and warm, riding your motorcycle is the answer. But not if you are in India, where with extreme high temperatures and pollution, life on a motorcycle must be hell.


10 June, 2014 - France: Finally A Politician Who Is Starting To Use His Brains
Emergency lane traffic jam
France flag
#France #EmergencyLane #TrafficJams - Finally one politician in France that is using his head, not his wallet. Good proposition, now let us see if it gets implemented.


9 June, 2014 - France: 1st EV Electric Recharge Network For Establishments
eTablissement Branche Seal
France flag
#France #Electric #Label - A novel idea in France, a label/seal is being given to shops, restaurants and hotels that have electric vehicle charging points in their establishment. With a network of locations, it'll allow EV owners to plan longer distances. Great idea.


6 June, 2014 - Belgium: Incredible Increase In Speeding Tickets Due To Segment Radars
Aircraft Enforced
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Radars - The new segment radars in Belgium are a major windfall for the government. 7 times more speeding tickets over one year!


5 June, 2014 - Germany: July 1, Hi-Vis Vest Mandatory, But Not For Motorcycles
Chicken HiViz Vest
Germany flag
#Germany #High-Visibility #Vests - Next month cars must have a high-visibility vest onboard, if not you'll be fined. Motorcycles do not need them.


4 June, 2014 - Going To Dubai And Want To Ride A Motorcycle?
FlyBike Dubai
UAE flag
#Dubai #Rent - Going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for work or holiday? Here's an address where you can rent a Honda Gold Wing 1800 motorcycle or tricycle and enjoy the country on a motorcycle.


3 June, 2014 - Switzerland: Now Cops Have Eye Vision Tests In Their Arsenal
Swiss Police Eye test
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #EyeTest - Switzerland is getting an additional weapon to fine its fine citizens. They are going to be conducting eye vision test on all vehicle drivers/riders. If they see that you can't see, you'll be fined - you see?


3 June, 2014 - Syria: Another Scenic Motorcycle Ride
Scenic Syrian Motorcycle Ride
Syria flag
#Syria #DeathAndDestruction - Not exactly a nice background for a motorcycle ride. Death and destruction ... poor folks.


30 May, 2014 - Italy: Milan Urban Congestion Charge System Rewarded
Milan Area C
Italy flag
#Milan #CongestionCharges #Award - Milan for from the OECD the reward for best implemented congestion charge. The inhabitants are very happy with the results, and yes, motorcycles go for free.


22 May, 2014 - France: Paris Moving Forward To Limit Speeds To 30 KPH
Paris Etoille Snail
France flag
#France #Paris #SpeedLimits - The Paris city hall is planning further to reduce the speeds limit in the capital to 30 kph, despite many experts stating that pollution will increase, and it does nothing for safety. The only thing it does is increase the number of fines. Which is what they probably want. The fact that the French rail roads ordered 2000 train cars that were too wide and now need to change all stations will not make things easier.


21 May, 2014 - Belgium: Fake Cops To Slow Down Vehicles
Belgium Cardbord Cops
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Cardboard #Police - Belgium are conducting an experiment by placing fake, cardboard, cops at strategic areas alongside the road to slow down cars and motorcycles. A much nicer way than radars.


20 May, 2014 - Brake Magazine: A New Adventure Riding Magazine Site
Brake Magazine Site
Brake Magazine logo
#brakemagazine #adventureriding - A new and wonderfully designed website, hosting a motorcycle adventuring riding magazine, has gone live. From the UK, it's called Brake Magazine, and is a jewel for anyone who likes adventure riding.


15 May, 2014 - Video: Here Is One Ferry You Do NOT Want To Use - EVER
Brazil Ferry in Storm
Brazil flag
#Ferry #Brazil #Storm - Here is a video of a Brazilian ferry in a storm, with motorcycle on the front deck going through a very nasty time. I'll pass.. thank you very much.


14 May, 2014 - Poor Man’s Motorcycle Cruise Control
Go Cruise Throttle Assist
USA flag
#GoCruise #CruiseControl - Interesting poor man's cruise control for your motorcycle. $19.99 gets you a simple and very effective throttle lock system; Easy to install and use. Great for long trips. Go Cruise.


12 May, 2014 - Riding In Europe: Laws, Limits and Rules
Europe Road Signs
Europe flag
#Europe #Laws - Almost holiday time. For those going in Europe, here are all the things you need to know about riding in Europe.


12 May, 2014 - France: MotoGP 2014 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
MotoGP 2014 France Poster
FFMC logo
#MotoGP #France #RelaisCalmos - The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 16, 17 and 18 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


5 May, 2014 - Tow Case - Bringing Much More With You On Your Motorcycle
Tow Case Trailer
Tow Case Trailer
#TowCase #Trailer - French Wipigroup make an interesting and cost efficient motorcycle trailer called the Tow Case.

200 liters storage, flexible and easy to manoeuvre in traffic.


1 May, 2014 - Spain: More Speed Radar Helicopters In Service
Spain Pegasus Helicopter
Spain flag
#Spain #Radar #Helicopter - Spain now has 2, shortly 4 helicopters that will catch you speeding. It is their sole function - catching speeders.

Good news though .... they can only catch you if you ride less than 360 kph.


28 April, 2014 - France: Big Brother Police Car Sees Everything
French Big Brother Police Car
France flag
#France #BigBrother #Police - The French police are testing a new device.. An 8 video camera device installed on a cop car that will see everything, everywhere.

Just riding through a street at a normal speed will generate a windfall of tickets, like if you haven't parked straight, or in an illegal spot. Big Brother is watching you.


25 April, 2014 - Spain: Roads Are In Very Bad Shape, Danger For Motorcycles
Spanish bad road
Spain flag
#Spain #Roads - The economic crisis in Spain means less and less money is spent refurbishing their roads, which are suffering tremendously.

A danger for motorcycle riders, if there ever was a danger!


24 April, 2014 - Belgium: Authorities Do Reverse Psychology On Radars
Belgium proposed radars
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Radars #Ask - The authorities in Belgium have done some very smart, something cops rarely do .....

They asked where people wanted the radars placed. More than 51,000 locations have been proposed.


23 April, 2014 - Never Enough Pockets When Riding: Givi EA109
Givi EA109
Givi logo
#Givi #Bags - Givi has an interesting bag for those who never have enough storage when riding their motorcycles.

It's the Givi EA109, a leg bag!! That's right a bag that gets placed on your thighs.


23 April, 2014 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2014
Bol Dor 2014
France flag
For those of you going to the last ol d'Or motorcycle endurance race at the Magny Cours circuit, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


22 April, 2014 - Planning or Dreaming Of Adventure? - HUBB 2014 Is For You
Hubbuk2013 meeting
Hubbuk logo 2014
#HUBBUK #Adventure #Travel - The inescapable Horizons Unlimited, for anyone traveling or adventure riding, are organizing their annual HUBBUK event for veteran, newbie, rookie and dreamers.

Now is your chance to learn more about that adventure motorcycle ride you are dreaming about.


22 April, 2014 - Ireland: €1000 Fine For SMS/Texting While Driving
Texting and Talking Texas
Ireland flag
#Ireland #Texting #SMS - Next month, if you get caught texting while driving, you will be find €1000 in Ireland. Twice in a year, the fine double to €2000.

Three times in a year .... 3 months jail. Now that is being tough on texting while driving. So much safer for us bikers.


18 April, 2014 - Germany: Douchebags Trying To Kill Motorcycle Riders - Oil On Road
Oil Slick on road
Germany flag
#Germany #DangerousIdiots - Some group of idiots have been placing oil in curves on German roads, causing motorcycles to crash.

That because they do not want bikers in the area. So far, no one has died, but that will not remain so.


17 April, 2014 - Germany: Autobahn To Become Toll Road, Except Motorcycles
Speeding on Autobahn
Germany flag
#Germany #Autobahn #Taxes - Germany is committing Autobahn suicide ... starting 2016 all foreign cars must pay an annual tax to drive on their speed limitless motorways.

... except for motorcycles, who go for free.


17 April, 2014 - France: Holiday? One Way Motorcycle Rental Between Paris and Cannes
Harley Davidson Next to Eiffel Tower
Columbus logo
#France #Holidays #Rental - Columbus International, a top motorcycle rental agency in France based in Cannes are now offering one way rentals between Paris and Cannes/Nice.

Not a bad way to visit France on a motorcycle.


2 April, 2014 - Never Enough Storage Space on your Motorcycle - MotoPockets
MotoPocket topcase
MotoPocket handlebar
#MotoPocket #Storage - Storing things on your motorcycle is not easy, and finding small stuff can be impossible.

But not if you use MotoPockets. Easy access and storage anywhere on your bike.


1 April, 2014 - France: Secondary Roads Limited To 80 KPH, Motorcycles At 60
Country Road Speed Limits
France flag
#France #SpeedLimits - The socialist government in France has ruled that on January 1st, 2015, the secondary road network will be limited to 80 kph for cars, and 60 of motorcycle.

Bikers have more accidents (30%) in the country, while only representing 2.7 of traffic.


31 March, 2014 - Motorcycle Camping: Very Small Sleeping Bag
Spark SpI
Spark SpI
#Camping #SleepingBag - Sea to Summit has a very, very small and light sleeping bag that you can use on your motorcycle camping trips.

It's so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.


27 March, 2014 - Luxembourg: New Warning Sign For Motorcycles
Luxembourg Motorcycle Danger Sign
Luxembourg flag
#Luxembourg #RoadSigns - Luxembourg is placing 70 road signs warning bikers that they are approaching an area that is dangerous for motorcycle riders.

1 out of 6 road deaths are bikers.


25 March, 2014 - France: Fake Speed Radars Are Coming?
Scarecrow Police Radar
France flag
#France #Radars - France is looking at the UK and Switzerland as example.

They want to install fake radars alongside the roads in France. But they will not do what is needed to really address the many road fatalities, and it's not speed.


20 March, 2014 - France: The Real Reason Paris Went For An Odd/Even System
Myanmar Motorway
France flag
#France #Pollution #Greed - The French started an odd/even license plate system in Paris on Monday. Officially it was to fight pollution, but since the pollution was already gone, why do it?

You guessed it.... MONEY!


19 March, 2014 - France: Paris To Have Electric Scooter Sharing Program?
Paris Scootlib
France flag
#France #Electric #ScooterSharing - The socialist candidate for Mayor of Paris is promising an electric scooter sharing program for her city.

3-5000 electric scooters will be made available to rent.


19 March, 2014 - Italy: Supreme Court Rules Speed Radars Must Be Signaled
Italy Speed Trap Autovelox
Italy flag
#Radar #Law #Court - Don't you live Italian judges.

The Supreme Court in Italy has ruled that all speed radars MUST be signaled well in advance, letting road users know they are approaching a speed trap.


12 March, 2014 - Belgium: Road Tax For Every Kilometer Ridden
Road Taxes Bandit
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Roadtaxes - Belgium is planning to tax every vehicle for every kilometer driven or ridden on their roads.

They are going to put GPS trackers in every vehicle. Craziness knowns no boundaries.


5 March, 2014 - Syria: A Nice Motorcycle Ride In The Old Neighborhood, NOT
Syria Bombed Houses By Bike
Syria flag
#Syria - Jeez, I would not want to live there. What was once a great country and people until the dictators got their hands on them.

Now even a nice motorcycle ride is no longer nice, but sad.


20 February, 2014 - Rules For Riding Motorcycle in Spain
Bald Tire
Spain flag
#Spain #Rules - Each European country has its own laws & rules for motorcycle riding. Here are a few for riding in Spain.


19 February, 2014 - Ducati: Virtual Visit of their Museum - Now Here and For Free
Bologna Ducati Museum
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Museum #Streetview - Here is your chance to visit the wonderful Ducati Museum from your armchair. Right here - Google Streetview allows you to do a virtual visit of this incredible museum.

Find the links on our site.


19 February, 2014 - Despite What You May Think, These 2 Are Not Riding Motorcycle On The Beach
Egypt Flooded Street Riding
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Rain - The photo looks like these two are riding a motorcycle alongside the beach, but they are not... it's a street, and the result of a downpour.

Noooo, there is nothing wrong with the climate...


17 February, 2014 - This Is What You Look Like Riding Motorcycle In Volcano Eruptions
Ash Covered Face
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Volcano #Ash - This is what your face looks like when you travel by motorcycle in an area where there is a major volcano eruptions, as is the case at this moment in Indonesia.


7 February, 2014 - Malaysia: Getting Your Motorcycle Onto The Ferry, The Hard Way
Motorcycle Carry On Ferry
Malaysia flag
#Malaysia #Ferry - Getting your motorcycle should be a straightforward affair for most of us, but not in Malaysia. At one spot, you can not ride up with your bike, so the locals do what they have to do; they carry the motorcycle.


31 January, 2014 - What A "Shitty" Motorcycle Cruise Ship
Shitty Motorcycle Cruise Ship
#Cruise - This has got to be a shitty cruise .. literally.


30 January, 2014 - Records: World’s Longest Motorcycle Trip In One Country
Great Ride of China Map
China flag
#GuinnessWorldRecord #China #LongestTrip - Two brave bikers have broken the world record of the longest trip in a single country. No, not in The Netherlands or Monaco..


27 January, 2014 - Europe: Electric Motorcycle Tours by Edelweiss
Edelweiss Electric Motorcycle Tour
Edelweiss logo
#Edelweiss #Touring #Electric - The first big tour operator, Edelweiss, is offering electric motorcycle tour of the Alps - 7 days of Zero Emission Tour. Very cool.


24 January, 2014 - What An Incredible Spooky But Great Motorcycle Photo
Indonesia Spooky Photo After Volcano
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Photo #Spooky - This is really a beautiful photo; the atmosphere & feeling is very spooky. It could come straight out of a Hollywood end-of-the-earth movie with the main character riding around a desolate earth on his motorcycle.


21 January, 2014 - Unified European Toll System On Its Way
Motorcycle toll booth
Europe flag
#Europe #Tolls #EETS - The European Electronic Toll System is coming (finally), that allows you to travel though Europe's toll roads using the same fast-pass system.


17 January, 2014 - India: We Are Doing Okay, A God Is Riding A Motorcycle
Shiva On A Motorcycle
India flag
#India #Shiva - I'd say we're doing okay for the year 2014 if a God rides a motorcycle. What more would you want? The best sign ever.


16 January, 2014 - The Biggest Motorcycle Flea Market In France
Elbeuf Les Puces Moto
France flag
#France #Fleamarket - Two times a year in a small town close to the city of Rouen, you will find the Mecca for motorcycle mechanics. In Elbeuf, a town located alongside the Seine river, twice a year some 45,000 motorcyclists gather to buy, sell and exchange information about their passion; motorcycles.


14 January, 2014 - Indonesia: Time To Really Clean That Motorcycle
Ash Covered Motorcycle Indonesia
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Volcano - Wow. Talk about a dirty motorcycle. Now would be a good time to clean the bike, thoroughly.


8 January, 2014 - France: New Long Range Speed Radar Comes Into Service
France flag
A new speed radar is being deployed in France, allowing mobile radars to check the speed of 2 vehicles at a distance of 1 kilometer. UNFAIR!


7 January, 2014 - France: Paris Ringroad Drops Top Speed, Gaelic Shrug Ensues
Boulevard Peripherique
France flag
#Paris #Peripherique - The Socialist Mayor of Paris has deemed it important to lower the speed on the Parisian ringroad by 10 kph. Boy, are we lucky.


19 December, 2013 - Syria: After Bombs & Bullets, Time For Snow
Syria Snow Riding 2013
Syria flag
#Syria #Snow - Riding motorcycle in Syria is a seriously dangerous business; first there were bombs, bullets and lethal gas, now they've got snow.


18 December, 2013 - South Africa: Bikers For Mandela
Bikers For Mandela
South Africa flag
#Mandela #SouthAfrica - Cool. Looks like Nelson Mandela had a motorcycle gang who were fans. Love the outfit....


13 December, 2013 - France: Travel Through France? Take the Motorcycle Train
Auto train
France flag
#Train #France #Travel - Taking the enhanced rail service in France can be an easy way of getting your motorcycle to the South.


11 December, 2013 - France: 1st Motorcycle Taxi To Offer Airbag Jackets To Clients
Honda Gold Wing Bibendum
France flag
#Taxi #TravelZen #Dainese - The first French motorcycle taxi company, TravelZen, is now going to offer Dainese Airbag jackets to its customers.


9 December, 2013 - Top Trailer - Self Inclining Motorcycle Trailer
Top Trailer
Top Trailer
#Trailers - I found this interesting French motorcycle trailer manufacturer at the Paris exhibition, but lost all their photos, so I'm using their web photos. It's an inclining trailer, interesting and handy.


2 December, 2013 - Indonesia: Riding Motorcycle On Volcanic Ash - Dangerous?
Indonesia Ash Riding
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #VolcanicAsh - Never having ridden my motorcycle on volcanic ash, I'm wondering if it's more difficult. Is it like riding on snow?


28 November, 2013 - Germany: What To Say About This Weird Motorcycle Photo
Strange Mannequin Germany
Germany flag
#Germany #Essen - This is a strange setup. The motorcycle is heavily camouflaged, and the female model behind it is even stranger.


27 November, 2013 - Nigeria: Motorcycle Taxi Ban - Security: 1 - Unemployment: 0
Okada protest
Nigeria flag
Last year's ban on motorcycle taxi in Nigeria has paid of for security, but not for unemployment & poverty.


14 November, 2013 - Liberia: Another African Country To Forbid Motorcycles
Penh pehn Liberia
Liberia flag
More and more countries are forbidding motorcycles from riding in Africa. Latest country is Liberia, where yet again the motorcycle taxis are at 'fault'. The Liberian government is saying that there are so many fatal accidents with the motorcycle taxis, aka 'pehn-pehns', that they have banned motorcycles from the main roads of the capital.


30 October, 2013 - Giant Loop: Securing Your Stuff On Your Motorcycle
Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps
Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps
#GiantLoop #Straps - Giant Loop introduced some new straps to secure your stuff to your motorcycle; Pronghorn Straps. Color coded, extra tough straps.


29 October, 2013 - Australia: Speed Radars To Be Hidden For Police Safety
French Radar Police Hidden
Australia flag
#Australia #Police #Radar - Police are now allowed to hide themselves when conducting speed checks in Victoria, because of personal safety concerns.


25 October, 2013 - ATGATT When Riding Flooded Roads On Your Motorcycle?
ATGATT In Flooded Road Question
Mexico flag
#Mexico #ATGATT #Flood - If you go riding your motorcycle on a flooded road, would you go ATGATT? If you look at the photo, the biker has a helmet, but is not wearing it...........

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24 October, 2013 - The Netherlands: Dutch Automobile Club Wants A Stop Of Fines Rise
Cash Cow
ANWB logo
#TheNetherlands #ANWB #Fines - Fines in The Netherlands are adjusted automatically according to inflation. Unfair says the ANWB (Dutch AA or RAC).


23 October, 2013 - Australia: 1st Road With NO Speed Limit
Stuart Highway
Australia flag
#Australia #SpeedLimits - Good news for one road in Australia. A 200 kilometer long road in the Outback has had its speed restrictions lifted!

Unlimited speed. It is a test case to see if other roads will get a similar treatment...........

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23 October, 2013 - Germany: Blitz War On Speeders - 24 Hour Marathon
Speed Radar Tank
Germany flag
#Germany #Speeding #Police - A real war on speeders was declared by the German Ministry of Home Affairs. In a 24 hour marathon, 15,000 police officers checked 8,600 locations throughout Germany for speeders.

In the 24 hour period, they caught 83,000 speeders!! 3 million cars and motorcycles were checked for speed. ..........

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16 October, 2013 - USA: Enterprise Rent-a-Car To Enter Motorcycle Rentals
Enterprise Motorcycle logo
Enterprise logo
#Enterprise #Rentals - Enterprise Rent-A-Car has started a pilot program renting motorcycles. First city is Las Vegas, and they have 6 different Harley-Davidson models...........

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15 October, 2013 - Syria: Even During War, Cleaning Your Motorcycle A Must
Syria Cleaning Motorcycle During War
Syria flag
#Syria #War #Cleaning - This is what every motorcycle owner in the world knows... you need to keep your bike clean. Even if you are in a war torn country like Syria, a properly clean bike means less problems. And at times, the last thing you want is that your motorcycle does not behave the way it should... like when the bullets start flying.


14 October, 2013 - India: Whew, That Was Some Wind - Cyclone Phailin
India Cyclone Phailin Trees
India flag
#India #Cyclone - It looks like that was a very strong hurricane/cyclone blowing in India last weekend. Must be very tough to get around on a motorcycle at this moment. Hang in there folks.


10 October, 2013 - The Right Way Of Motorcycle Camping
Moby1 Expedition Trailer C2
Moby1 Expedition Trailer C2
Camping can be fun, but it can also be a pain. Pitching tents can be problematic, and when you are finally staked into the ground, lying on a floor where bugs and other insects can easily come, and lying on an air mattress that deflates in the middle of the night can also be a good reason to go to the closest Marriott hotel...........


10 October, 2013 - South Africa: Call To Ban Lane-Splitting For Motorcycles
Lane Splitting Elephant
South Africa flag
#SouthAfrica #AA #Lane-Splitting - You win some, you lose some. Some countries have understood motorcycles and the benefits they bring to the community, while others just have their head in a dark and smelly place. It looks like South Africa is heading for the latter. The AA, not the Alcohol Anonymous organization but the Automobile Association, are calling for a country-wide ban for lane-splitting by motorcycles...........

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8 October, 2013 - Spain: Increasing Maximum Speeds On Motorways
Sign 120 to 130kmh
Spain flag
#Spain #SpeedLimits - Another country has seen the light. Spain has approved a new law that sees the maximum speed on their roads moved up from 120 kph to 130 kph. The new law will apply to roads that can "take" the higher speeds, ie motorways, and can only be used when the weather conditions are good (in other words, when it is not raining)...........

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7 October, 2013 - Russia: Road To Hell
Russia Road To Hell
Russia flag
#Russia #Road - We've shown you already one incredible road in Russia, and here is another one that defies imagination. The road is dubbed locally as the "Road to Hell", not only because of the bad state it is in, but also because the road is exactly 666 meters long.


4 October, 2013 - New York: Police Seize 1440 Motorcycles
NYC Seized Motorcycles 2013
USA flag
#NewYork #Police #NYC - It is not as an aftermath of the SUV vs Biker affair of this week, but what the New Your police have seized so far this year. Motorcycles and quads. Now that this SUV affair has happened, for sure that number is going to increase dramatically. The general public is now against bikers, and the cops know it. So far, they have taken 15 bikes of the road this week.


2 October, 2013 - Switzerland: No Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Allowed
Cow Lane Splitting Motorcycle
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Lane-Splitting - Although riding motorcycle in European has many pleasurable sides, there are also plenty of areas that are anything but pleasant. Those times when you start considering moving elsewhere are usually, probably more often 'always', the result of politicians forgetting who they work for - us, the tax payer. Politicians usually make laws because of personal reasons, often financial, or because they do not understand and have not take the time to learn about the reasons & consequences.

Switzerland is the latest victim of misguided or ignorant politicians. Switzerland, land of cheese and bankers, do not allow lane-splitting (also called filtering)...........

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1 October, 2013 - Just In Case: No Foreigners Allowed on Motorcycle in South Sudan
South Sudan Boad Boda
South Sudan flag
#Sudan #Taxi #BodaBoda - This is a PSA! In case you were planning to finally go for that nice motorcycle ride in South Sudan, let it be known, starting recently, foreigners are not allowed to ride a motorcycle in South Sudan. Mind you, it's not only foreigners riding foreign registered motorcycles, but also Sudan registered motorcycle. So no foreigners allowed on any motorcycle. Sorry to ruin your motorcycle weekend...........

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27 September, 2013 - The Netherlands - France: No More Escaping Speeding Tickets
Europe Fines Flag
Europe flag
#France #TheNetherlands #Fines - Almost all European countries are doing it now. Exchanging car/motorcycle owner data when you get caught doing something naughty in another country. What this means, if you are riding your motorcycle in another European country and you get caught speeding, DUI, drugged out of your mind, ignoring a red light, not having a proper helmet, riding on emergency lanes or/and using the phone, chances are you will now receive a fine at home. That is because European countries have bilateral agreements for the exchange of vehicle data.

The latest starting this week is between France and The Netherlands. So all the Dutch motorcycle riders who love to ride fast in France now will get a fine at home. The same applies for the French riders being naughty in The Netherlands...........

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26 September, 2013 - USA: Utah Gets It - One Down, How Many More To Go?
Utah Speed Limit 80 MPH
USA flag
#Utah #Speedlimits - Here is one state in the USA who actually gets it. One state that uses reasoning, not faulty logic, politics or knee-jerking to come to the right conclusion. The state? Utah. The conclusion? Lowering speeds on motorways and highways causes more accidents.

Therefore, Utah have raised the speed limits on various roads to 80 mph! A real study conducted by real scientists has concluded that 80 mph is the optimal speed for cars and motorcycles, allowing them to remain alert and focussed while minimizing accidents...........

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25 September, 2013 - Philippines: With The Help Of Some Friends
With Help of Friends Pushing In Water
Philippines flag
#Philippes #Monsoon #Water - Getting stuck with your motorcycle/scooter in deep water is not fun, but if you have some friends, or some nice bystanders, all sorts itself out. But that is a lot of water...


24 September, 2013 - Indonesia: Must Be Creepy - Riding Motorcycle On Volcanic Ash
Riding Volcano Ash Indonesia
Indonesia flag
#Indoenisa #Volcano - I've never done it, so can not really comment, but I would say it is a bit creepy riding on volcanic ash. Remember that volcanic ash can shut down an airplane engine, so what does it do to a motorcycle?


20 September, 2013 - Would You Ride Your Motorcycle There? I Wouldn’t!
Waterfall Motorcycle Ride China
China flag
#China #Dangerous #Motorcycle - Not only is he riding his motorcycle in deep water very close to a waterfall, but he has got his three children on the bike.

Would you ride there?


18 September, 2013 - Spain: Following Other Countries - Commission Paid On Radar Photos
Greed Camera
Spain flag
#Radar #Contractors #Spain - It is not a new thing for many countries, but it is new for Spain. Using private contractors for the purchase, installation, operation and administration of radars, speed and red light, is common in countries like USA and UK. But for the first time in Spain, it is being done as well, and as usual, there are a few eyeball raising differences.

The Spanish towns of Montgat and Mollet have hired Bibomatica to install and maintain several speed and red light cameras in their cities. Bibomatica will get as payment 30% of the proceeds of all fines issued by those cameras, in other words, they will be paid a commission...........

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11 September, 2013 - Ducati Win San Marino 2013 GP, Bradley Smith On Podium! Honest
San Marino Bicycle Race 1st 2013
San Marino Bicycle Race 3rd 2013
#SanMarino #MotoGP #BlogVille - I know you will not believe me, although it could happen, but to show you I am serious, here is the winner of the San Marino 2013 GP, Alex De Angelis and the Ducati team..........

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11 September, 2013 - A Revisit Of The Ducati Museum
Bologna Ducati Museum
Ducati logo
#Blogville #Ducati #Museum @DucatiMotor - A couple of years ago I visited the Ducati Factory and Museum, but now I was part of the Visit San Marino and the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board event, bring people like myself to not only visit this fantastic area of Italy, but also motorcycle events like the MotoGP and a visit to Ducati. I was the only motorcycle blogger in the group, but visiting Ducati is never boring, even if you have been several times.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the Ducati factory, apart from the obvious many Ducati motorcycles in the staff car park, but now most, almost 90%, of the staff cars are Audi. I wonder why?..........

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11 September, 2013 - The Sound Of A Ducati 899 Panigale Motorcycle
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Blogville #899Panigale - The Ducati 899 Panigale just got announced a few days ago, and of course it is already being produced in the factory in Bologna, Italy. Since I was doing the tourist tours of San Marino and the Italian Emilia Romagna region, part of the program was to visit the Ducati factory and museum (more on that later on). We were asked not to make any photos inside the factory, and I did not (for once in my life). But when we arrived at the testing station where they were testing the new 899 Panigales coming off the factory belt, I could not resist to record the sound of the engines...........

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10 September, 2013 - Truffles, Truffles and Many More Truffles
Sant Agata Feltria Truffles
Italy flag
#BlogVille #Truffles #Italy - One of the more memorable visits was to the town of Sant'Agata Feltria, not to far from San Marino. Again on some fantastic motorcycles roads, you arrive at a very small village which is kind-of the capital of truffles, especially the speciality of the area, white truffles.

We were met by several people involved in the truffle trade, from proprietary, world specialist, truffle hunters, trade fair organizers and even an armed park ranger...........

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10 September, 2013 - San Leo: Medieval Town In Italy - Torture Gala
San Leo
Italy flag
#BlogVille #SanMarino #SanLeo - On my second day, we left San Marino early in the morning and drive some of the fantastic motorcycle roads up to a medieval town called San Leo. The roads were perfect for motorcycles, twisting left and right, sharp - often 340°. Too bad we were in a van.

San Leo is a very old town, with a church dating back before 810, built using pagan temple stones, and a cathedral dating back to around 1100. The castle on the hill is as good as impregnable, built on steep cliffs, with only one access road, anyone stupid enough to attack will be sorry for the short life they will live. Inside the castle is a small museum with all the fun & games the gentry played in those days, i.e., torture materials. Gory stuff, and no, I'm not going to show it...........

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10 September, 2013 - Idea: Cotter Pin - Adventure Motorcycle Gear
Cotter Pin Adventure Roll
Cotter Pin Direction Wallet
#Kickstarter #Adventure #Camping - Here is a deserving Kickstarter crowd-funding project that looks like it will not meet its minimum funding requirement to become an operational project. Pity. Called Cotter Pin, the project wants to create several adventure motorcycle gear items. Gear to be used when adventure riding, like camping.

Cotter Pin is the brainchild of two bikers and artists, Sean Gilligan and Justin C. Knapp, both from Brooklyn. Neither of them liked the visual aspect of the current crop of adventure gear, and they set out to make their own...........

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10 September, 2013 - San Marino: Final Overview Of A Beautiful Place
San Marino
Visit San Marino logo
#SanMarino @VisitSanMarino @ERTourism @TheRidersLand - Between some walking on my own, and a guided tour with some other #Blogville bloggers, I have to say that San Marino has taken a special place for me in my heart. It is a very beautiful place, full of history and charm. Here are 16 photos of 100's I took between an afternoon solo walk and a late afternoon/early evening group walk. You will notice that when the sun sets over San Marino, colors become incredibly warm and bold. The Visit San Marino folks had given us a well informed guide, explaining us not only all the history of the place, but she was also very well versed in medicinal and culinary purposes of the plants we encountered...........

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9 September, 2013 - San Marino: A Visit To A Very Special Museum - Ferrari
San Marino Ferrari and Abarth Museum
Visit San Marino logo
@VisitSanMarino #Ferrari #Museum - On my first day here in San Marino, the kind folks of Visit San Marino have taken me to a very special museum. Although the museum has nothing to do with motorcycles, even the hardest core biker will melt when he/she hears the word 'Ferrari'. The museum is dedicated not just to the Ferrari car, but to the life of its creator, Enzo Ferrari. The Ferraris on display have all been developed by Enzo, right up to the F40. Enzo even talked about the museum.

No matter how hard core you are as a motorcycle rider, and most of us don't really like cages, the words Ferrari mean something else than 'car'. It's a bit like the name Ducati in the motorcycle world; it has dream built around it. That was Enzo Ferrari's legacy, who until the age of 90 was still designing world's most impressive and mythical cars...........

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9 September, 2013 - San Marino: First Impression of San Marino
San Marino
Visit San Marino logo
#VisitSanMarino I've arrived, pretty tired yesterday after 36 hours on the go. This morning I had a few hours to myself before being picked up by my gracious host of San Marino so I did a few steps around my hotel. San Marino is world's oldest republic in its original form, and can be traced back to around the year 300 AD. So very old, and very well conserved. The country (because it is an independent country, not a part of Italy) is in fact an enormous mountain, spreading around some 60 square kilometers.


6 September, 2013 - I Am Gone To The San Marino MotoGP Race - Special Event
Dorna logo
Visit San Marino logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Dorna - As you may know, I rarely write up anything about motorcycle racing like MotoGP. I prefer to leave that to well informed and excellent web sites like MotoMatters. Everyone has their speciality, and although I love MotoGP with a passion, I am not knowledgeable. But I am going to the Misano race circuit for the San Marino GP. Why you may ask?

I am going on an invitation by Dorna (the folks who organize the MotoGP races) and the San Marino government (San Marino is actually a sovereign state, much like Monaco). That's right, I am going on an invite to write about not only the MotoGP event, but also San Marino...........

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4 September, 2013 - South Europe: Novotel Hotels Wants Motorcycle Business
Sleeping Biker
Novotel logo
#Novotel #Hotels - I am a bit late with this news, but at least you will know for the next time. The Novotel hotel chain is offering a special promotion for motorcycle riders in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

For any biker booking one of their hotels, they offer not only secure motorcycle parking, but they will also clean your visor and give you a free beer.

So far, these kind of "biker friendly" hotels are not really biker friendly, it's just a small marketing ploy to attract our business. If you have a parking garage, then it does not mean you are biker friendly. Giving a biker a free beer ... well, what can I say. As for visor cleaning, thank you, but I prefer to clean my own...........

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30 August, 2013 - Kiwis Go On Final Frontier Motorcycle ADV Ride - Last Uncharted Country
New Zealand ADV Ride North Korea
North Korea flag
#NewZealand #NorthKorea #ADV - There are no countries left for adventurous motorcycle riders to discover. We have been everywhere. Everywhere? Well one country remains un-charted, un-explored and un-ridden; North Korea.

Well five brave and courageous New Zealand motorcycle riders have done it and have returned unscathed, but probably badly nourished. It looks like in these photos that they are being deloused.....


29 August, 2013 - Belgium: Brussels Radars Hidden In Trash Bags
Brussels Trash Bag Radar
Belgium flag
#Brussels #Radar #Hiding - Ahh, the tricks the police play in order to get as many speeding tickets as they can. Hiding speed radars in places you would not think, seems to be the lucrative option. Hiding behind billboards, garbage cans, unmarked cars, even unmarked motorcycles .. anything goes.

But this one is dirty. The cops in Brussels are hiding their speed radars inside garbage bags placed alongside the road. Just another garbage bag waiting to be picked up by the trucks. So innocent, but yet so lethal...........

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28 August, 2013 - Chad: No Motorcycle Taxis Allowed
Chad Clandos
Chad flag
#Chad #Terrorists #Taxis - In the capital of Chad, N’Djamena, motorcycle taxis have been forbidden since the 14th of August this year. The reason for this extreme measure by the government? Security!

Motorcycle taxis are very popular in Africa, and Chad sees many of these two wheeled death traps riding around picking up often more than 1 passenger, no helmets, no training, no good roads and no insurance. But the mortality rate amongst these "Clandos" (the name given to local motorcycle taxis in Chad) is not the reason to stop them; it is because of terrorist activities...........

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23 August, 2013 - Philippines: Holy Cow! Imagine Riding Your Motorcycle In That?
Philippines Flooding Scooter
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Floods - Imagine riding your motorcycle or scooter in that. There is no way it could work, unless you have a snorkel for your engine. Unless of course there are some fish pulling the poor bloke's scoot.


21 August, 2013 - World’s Most Awful and Toughest Road
Worlds Toughest Road Russia
Russia flag
#Russia #Roads #Video - Often when I go riding my motorcycle I may hit some place where the roads are badly done up. Potholes, cracks, metal plates, etc; Enough to send out a litany of expletives about the state of the road. Is that why I am paying taxes?

But after seeing this video (and photo), I think any other road is going to be holy; - a walk in the park compared to this Russian road. Just look at this photo..........

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21 August, 2013 - France: Airplanes Used For Speeding Tickets
Aircraft Enforced
France flag
#France #Police #Aircraft - France has been planting speed radars at a very high rate. It almost looks like the speed radars are copulating; they are spreading like bunny rabbits. But now the French government is going all Apocalypse Now on its citizens.

It used to be that the police would very occasionally use helicopters to spot speeders, often motorcycles, but at a cost of €2,000 per hour, you need to catch a lot of speeders to make it worth their while, and that just is not the case.

But what is interesting, at least for the government, is using light aircraft. The 10 police units operating in France will be equipped with a light aircraft costing €200 per hour...........

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16 August, 2013 - Help Prevent World’s Best Motorcycle Road From Becoming A Toll Road - Stelvio Pass
Twisties Stelvio Pass Italy
Italy flag
#Stelvio #Petition #Tolls - World's best motorcycle road (don't take my word for it, Top Gear said it as well), the famous Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps mountains is a Mecca for motorcycle riders from all over the world. Literally they come from anywhere, but mostly from within Europe, to ride the 48 consecutive hairpin curves on Europe's second highest mountain pass. Moto Guzzi even named one of their motorcycles after the famous mountain pass.

In the summer time you can see daily thousands of motorcycles riding up and down this incredible mountain, and not only enjoying the enormous amount of twisties, but also taking in breathtaking views.

Now the local authorities want to raise tolls for going up or down the mountain. What makes this even more worrisome is that they plan to ask the same amount of money for cars and motorcycles, but motorcycles do not gain anything particular for that amount. So not only very unfair, but something that could very well kill the local economy (restaurants, hotels, camping and bars). I imagine many less bikers heading for Stelvio if they also need to pay money for tolls.

So we need to help the Italian biker association (CIM) to try to kill this toll road implementation. There is a petition going (in Italian, but Google Translate is your friend), so head on over and sign the form. Let us try to keep Stelvio open and free to all motorcycles.


15 August, 2013 - Review: Ferry Crossing With Motorcycle - Condor
Ferry Crossing on a motorcycle (Condor Ferry)
Ferry Crossing on a motorcycle (Condor Ferry)
#Ferry #Condor #Motorcycle #Travel - I realize that not many people actually use a ferry to cross water while on their motorcycle. Of course there are plenty of bikers who use them, maybe even daily, but I would say that the majority have not, or have never used a ferry. So here is a review of what it is like to use a ferry while you are on a motorcycle.

The ferry in question belongs to Condor Ferries, and the trip, St.Malo in France to Jersey Island in the UK, takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ferry is a fast catamaran which is not only very fast, but quite stable. Here is what it looks like when you arrive on a motorcycle...........

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13 August, 2013 - Dominican Republic: Most Lethal Country To Ride A Motorcycle In
Dominican Republic Pillion Crowded
Dominican Republic flag
#DominicanRepublic #Deadly #Accidents - So if you thought your daily motorcycle ride was dangerous, try riding in the Dominican Republic. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1,400 inhabitants are killed on their roads every year. For an 11 million people country, that represents 43 fatal accidents for every 100,000 people (in comparison, the USA sees 11 deaths per 100,000)...........

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7 August, 2013 - Motorcycles and The Eiffel Tower - Chinese Version
Eiffel Tower China Version
China flag
#Eiffel #China - Here we see two photos of motorcycles riding past the Chinese Eiffel Tower. .... Wait.. What? Chinese Eiffel Tower???

So we got the original in Paris, a second big copy in Las Vegas, and now one in China....


7 August, 2013 - Europe: Cross-Border Fines - The Scoop
Peeing on a speed radar
Europe flag
#Fines #Europe #Data - We mentioned last week that Spain and France have signed a bilateral agreement to exchange vehicle data in case of speeding and other fines. What this means, if you get caught by an automatic radar speeding on your motorcycle in one country, you will get the fine sent to you in your home country, since now the authorities have your details in their computers. But the agreement is not only between Spain and France. In fact, the European Union have made it a law that will officially start on 7 November, and only Ireland, United Kingdom and Denmark have refused to sign the new law.

So all other European countries will exchange your vehicle's data; manufacturer, model, your address, etc. So now if you get caught speeding in any of the European countries (except the three "mavericks") you will receive the fine at home. The fines are not limited to speeding; red lights, DUI, telephoning while driving, not wearing a seat belt, etc. The only fines that escape the European law are parking fines, but these are dealt with in bilateral agreements...........

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31 July, 2013 - Spain: Radar Detectors Are Now Illegal
Radar Dector On Ducati ST4
Spain flag
#Radar #Detector #Spain - Like more and more European countries, the use of radar detectors are becoming illegal. Spain is the latest in the European Club to make the usage (and even possession) illegal. One hurdle remains, the Spanish Congress needs to approve the law in September, but it is seen as a formality.

What this means is that you will not be allowed to have a radar detector on you on your motorcycle. If you get caught, you will get fined $200 and 3 license points.

Mind you, radar location devices (like GPS) are still allowed.


30 July, 2013 - Spain And France To Exchange Speeding Fines
Europe Fines Flag
#Spain #France #Fines #Speeding - More and more bilateral agreements are being made between European countries allowing them to exchange vehicle registration data. What this means is that if you get caught speeding on your motorcycle in one country, you will get the fine sent to your home in your home country. If there was no bilateral agreement, you would never see the fine.

Now on August 1st 2013, Spain and France will start their bilateral agreement. Speeding in one country? Then expect a fine at home within days. This for all types of radar fines such as speeding and red light radars.

In 2012, 450.000 Spanish vehicles were caught in France speeding, and 130,000 French registered vehicles were photographed in Spain, so you can see the financial advantages of such an agreement...........

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25 July, 2013 - Australia: Cool Photo - Four Motorcycles In The Sunset
4 Riders In The Sunset
Australia flag
#Australia #Photo #Sunset - Nice photo.... this could be a nice poster on a wall somewhere. These guys are doing one of the few things left on my bucket list.


24 July, 2013 - China: A Road To Avoid On Your Daily Motorcycle Commute
China Cliff Road
China flag
#China #Earthquake - I would not want to have to ride this road on my daily motorcycle commute, especially when there is an earthquake going on. But then I would not want to ride any road during a quake.


22 July, 2013 - Video: Ladies, I Think This Ibis Ad Is For You
Ibis Biker TV Ad
Ibis Hotels logo
#Advertising #Ibis #Hotel - The French hotel group, Ibis Hotels, have released a TV commercial campaign here in France, and one of the advertisements has a couple arriving on a motorcycle, with the female pillion throwing a fit (I think I've been there before, done that before).

At the end, the TV commercial says you can save €15. Funny ad because we probably have all seen it before...


18 July, 2013 - France: Law Changes For Motorcycle Taxis - Status Quo
Taxi Police Inspect Motorcycle Taxi
France flag
#France #Taxi #Motorcycle - The French can be a rather strange people at times (okay, often). They apply laws with as objective to apply laws, not to regulate something properly. The case in point are the motorcycle taxis.

Motorcycle taxis are a boon sent from heaven for some people, while a curse for others. The people who love motorcycle taxis are people who are in a hurry, usually business people traveling for a meeting or celebrities going for a TV show. They need to arrive imperatively on time, and the only ones who can guarantee arrival are motorcycle taxis.

But the people who hate motorcycle taxis are the "normal" taxis. They see the bikes as stealing away their customers. But anyone who has traveled in Paris will know.... there are never enough car taxis available, and often you can not even get one, or will have to wait for hours (my record is 4 hours wait). And when you get one, it can take hours for them to struggle through Paris to your destination, time not only wasted, but you will need to pay for it...........

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11 July, 2013 - DR Congo: One City Forbids Motorcycles After 18:00
Congo biker fight
Democratic Republic of the Congo flag
#Congo #assassinations #Motorcycle #Taxis - In the Democratic Republic of Congo, somewhere in deep Africa, a wild west situation exists. In the city of Lubumbashi, in the last 6 months, 17 motorcycle riders have been assassinated on the streets. All of them were motorcycle-taxis, and some of them were killed by people in uniform (police or military). According to other sources, there probably are more bikers killed but the information has not reached the local police force.

In order to curb the killing of motorcycle riders, the Mayor of the city has ordered that no motorcycles are allowed to circulate after 6 PM. Any biker found to be riding after 18:00 will be arrested, as will the passenger.


2 July, 2013 - Belgium: Hidden Radar In Garbage Can - Jackpot
Belgium Trash Radar
Belgium flag
#Radar #Hidden #Belgium - There have been mentions before of radars hidden in garbage cans, but so far they have been fakes. Until now. In Belgium, at the town of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, a radar was spotted that was nicely camouflaged .. hidden in a garbage can.

The hidden radar has so far already caught 216 car drivers.


1 July, 2013 - Put Your Motorcycle On An Air Trailer: Airtrailer
#Airtrailer #Trailer #Motorcycles - Many see trailers as a necessary evil, a device that you at times need to use, even if you don't want to. We prefer to ride our motorcycles, not stare at it in the mirror of our car. But sometimes you just can't help it, you need to trailer your motorcycle.

The classic trailers work well, they are a proven system, but there are smarter alternatives (see related articles below). here's one interestingly designed trailer for motorcycle. It's called the AirTrailer, and it's from The Netherlands...........

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5 June, 2013 - Spain: Original Electric Scooter Sharing Program
#Motit #Barcelona #Electric - Most big cities nowadays have bicycle sharing programs, while the more daring cities have electric car sharing programs. They all rest on the same principle; you take the vehicle from a station and later on bring it back to a station (not necessarily the one you took it from).

But in Barcelona, Spain they came up with a much more elegant and easy solution, and it involves electric scooters. Called Motit, the program uses electric scooters developed by GoingGreen, and manufactured in Barcelona. These funky little scooters/motorcycles have an eye-catching color, a top speed of 65 kph and a range of 40 to 60 kms, depending on road and driving style. They weigh 80 kgs.

In contrast with the bicycle sharing programs (and electric cars), you can't go up to a station and take one. That is because there are no stations! You need the free smartphone app, which will tell you where the closest available Motit scooter is. Because you don't bring it back to a station, but leave it where you are going...........

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30 May, 2013 - Switzerland: VERY Strict Speeding Rules In Place
Jail Time For Biker
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Speeding - It used to be that speeding was a rich man's game in the land of bankers, cows and cheese, Switzerland. You got caught speeding on your motorcycle (or car), you get fined. That was it. As long as you paid the fine, you were fine.

But starting this year, on the 1st of January, the Swiss have gotten very serious about speeding. Now if you are going to speed, better start brushing on your jail etiquette, or at the minimum find a chauffeur who will drive your car for you since you're going to forfeit your license for a while. The new laws are bunched under the "Via Sicura" banner.

Going 40 kph faster than a speed limit posted for 30 kph (i.e. going more than twice as fast, so 70 kph), doing 100+ kph in a 50 kph zone, doing 140 kph in a 80 kph zone or doing 160 kph in a +80 kph zone will earn you at least 1 year jail time. You will also say good-bye to your car or motorcycle, forever.

You can lose your driving license for at least 2 years and at the most 10 years, for people who have been caught a second time, you can lose it forever. Jail time is a minimum of 1 year, while recidivists will discover a jail cellmate called Bubba for 4 years...........

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24 May, 2013 - Belgium: Action For The Safety Of Motorcyclists
Belgium Bad Motorways
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Safety #Politics - The Belgium government, in the form of the Minister of Public Works, is planning to make the Wallonne region of Belgium safer for motorcycle riders. Many bikers are killed on the roads of the French speaking part of Belgium, and to make sure the bikers understand their fragility he is installing 80 signs warning motorcycle riders of upcoming road dangers. But according to him, only 8% of accidents are caused by the road itself, 50% by the other driver and 37% by the biker.

He is printing 15,000 maps with all the danger spots in the area which will be distributed at biker events.

It's a good thing that the government is thinking about our safety but... and there is always a but... 1) instead of printing maps he should use & promote the Moto Smarty app to warn riders, and 2) instead of placing signs, how about doing something about the road itself?


23 May, 2013 - Motorcycle Funeral Lebanese Style
Lebanese Motorcycle Funeral
Lebanon flag
#Funeral #Lebabon - I'd say a lot of bikers I know would like to ride a motorcycle funeral like this; armed with machine guns (and probably many do).


15 May, 2013 - One European Hotel Chain That Caters For Motorcycles
Logis Hotel Castle
Logis logo
#Logis #Hotels - The private hotel chain Logis, a French group and France's biggest hotel chain, has started a campaign to attract motorcycle riders to their establishments.

Many of you who travel on holiday on a motorcycle will know that often hotels for some reason do not like bikers. They see us a rowdy and loud people, and are often not equipped to receive us and our stinking and noisy motorcycles (all true, but still....).

Logis seem to be going out of their way to accommodate us. They have recently sign a charter to make our lives more bearable when travelling. Out of the 2,556 hotel properties in Europe (2,429 in France, 32 in Spain, 25 in Belgium, 24 in The Netherlands, etc) 290 are already converted to servicing bikers. They are called Logis Moto...........

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10 May, 2013 - France: Monks, Motorcycles and Holiday
Abbaye Liguge Enamel Art
France flag
#Exposition #Monks #Abbey - Here's an interesting travel tip for those of you who are planning to visit France shortly. Starting on the 17th of May, until the 30th of June, in the Abbey of Saint-Martin de Ligugé the monks there are holding an exposition of enameled motorcycle art.

The expo is named "A Golden Century of Motorcycles", and consists of 25 enamel based portraits of vintage and modern motorcycles, even the latest Ducati Diavel and the Yamaha V-Max.

Apart from passing through the obligatory gift shop, you can even ask the monks to make an enamel rendering of your favorite motorcycle. All exposed artwork can also be purchased. Each artwork is on a copper plate measuring 17 x 25 cm...........

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8 May, 2013 - Idea: Traveling On A Motorcycle For Business
Skyroll luggage carrier
Skyroll luggage carrier
#Luggage #Business #Suits - When traveling for business, it's usually difficult to ride a motorcycle, since you can't really show up to a meeting dressed in your leathers and biker boots, can you now (unless you are maybe a loan shark or hitman)? And taking your business clothes, including your shoes, is a hassle and the end result will probably mean that your suit is as wrinkled as a 90 year old woman who has been sunbathing in the nude all her life.

But it does not need to be like this. The Skyroll Wrinkle-Free Luggage Carrier could solve your problems. In the center is a hollow tube into which fits your "dress" shoes, while your clothes, including suit, roll around the tube. Simple and very effective to make sure your suits are wrinkle free and easy to transport...........

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7 May, 2013 - France: MotoGP 2013 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 17, 18 and 19 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


24 April, 2013 - Syria: How To Get Your Motorcycle Across The River
Syria Motorcycle River Transport
Syria flag
#Syria #River #Motorcycle - In civil war-torn country like Syria, riding your motorcycle over a bridge can be very dangerous for your health, that is, if the bridge still exists. So people do what they need to do to cross the river.....


15 April, 2013 - The Most Dangerous Countries For Motorcycles In Europe
Statistics Article
Europe flag
#Accident #Europe #Statistics - The roadside assistance organization in Belgium, Touring, has conducted a research on the number of deadly motorcycles accidents in Europe, and correlating them with the number of inhabitants of that country. This gives a score of the countries where you are more likely to have a fatal motorcycle accident.

I didn't manage to get much data, except for the top 4 "most dangerous countries in Europe". The number you see after the country is the number of deadly motorcycle accidents per million inhabitants...........

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10 April, 2013 - Europe: No Tire Brand Change Rumor Debunked
Europe flag
#Politics #Europe - A strong rumor has been circulating amongst motorcycle professionals, particularly motorcycle dealers, that Europe was going to install a law that made changing your tires for a different brand illegal. Sounds far fetched?

Actually, Germany has such a law, that requires you to use only homologated parts on your motorcycle, including the tires. So if a motorcycle manufacturer has homologated their bike with tires from Brand A, model B, than that it what you will need to put on your bike from now on. It is forbidden in Germany to go for Brand X, Model Z, unless that tire has been approved. Tire manufacturers are bound to keep tires in play for 10 years, after that you're on your own...........

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9 April, 2013 - USA: WTF? No More Smartphone GPS Usage In California?
USA flag
#GPS #Smartphone - Sometimes I forget that there are other places on this planet that have nanny-states, where the government tries to control every aspect of our lives, from birth to burial. France is pretty bad at this, but I'd say California is a close second. In their latest drive to ensure that its citizens can't do anything that can be seen as remotely dangerous, they have disallowed to usage of smartphone-based GPS while driving, or in our case while riding our motorcycles.

Basically, some judge in a court somewhere in California decided that the ban currently in place that disallows you to talk or text while driving also implies that you are not allowed to use your smartphone to navigate through the roads of California. If you want to use your smartphone's GPS, do it at home..............

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8 April, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2013
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


5 April, 2013 - France: Motophobia Of The French Airport Orly
Orly Ouest Motorcycle taxi Move
France flag
#Taxi #France #Orly - The life of the French motorcycle taxi is overflown with obstacles, and they are usually not the ones you find on the road. The obstacles encountered by French motorcycle cabs are political, car taxis and obstructive & motophobic airport authorities.

In the latest slap in the face, ADP, the operators of Orly Ouest (West) decided to move motorcycle taxis to another place. Already a few years ago they closed the motorcycle taxi information booth (see related below) and now they decided to move passenger pickup from the door next to the "normal" taxis to the furthest away point in the airport (see diagram).

What this means is that business people who come to Paris for the day, find themselves walking a very long distance to get to their motorcycle taxi. Often these people are pressed for time, the reason they go for motorcycle taxis since normal taxis during rush hours can take hours, and now they need to rush to the other side of the airport to get their ride, not exactly passenger friendly but the airport has caved in several times under pressure of the 4 wheel taxis. To hell with the actual customer!..........

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2 April, 2013 - France: Video Ticketing Has Begun
Video Fining Sign Marseille
France flag
#Fines #CCTV #Video #France - In France politicians are grasping at any straw to get money into the state's purse. Things are going bad, with more and more unemployment and deficit, higher taxes, more factories closing down and therefore innumerable ways of ticketing cars and motorcycles. It looks like every few months the authorities think of new ways of parting motorcyclists and car drivers with their hard earned money. We've already seen all sorts of radars, but now the latest weapon to get your money has started in Paris on April 2nd; VIDEO.

The French had reluctantly started rolling out video surveillance equipment to fight crime (it's too expensive while money can be better spent getting money from hard working citizens), but now suddenly someone realized that you can actually use video cameras to find ways of making money. A plan was immediately put into place, and with a speed that you will never see a government do for something good & proper, the video surveillance cameras will now fine you for a host of issues:..........

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25 March, 2013 - 40 "Gas Stations" From Around The World
Gas Station Benin
Gas Station Bolivia
In many parts of the world you can expect a certain standard when riding up with your motorcycle to fuel up. Gas stations are gas stations right? I mean, what's the difference between one or another; maybe the shop, or self-service, the brand. Maybe the gas station operator is better than the next one, cleaning the floor more regularly, friendly.

But if you travel around the world, you'll be amazed how gas stations differ. Many RTW motorcycle riders have found themselves in front of one of these "gas stations", but as the saying goes "any port in a storm". When you need to fill up your motorcycle, you need to fill up. Even when the gas station looks like one of these....

Here are 40 photos of gas stations from around the world, and I use the word gas station loosely.


21 March, 2013 - France: Some Clarification About The Motorcycle Helmet Stickers
click to see where France is on the map
Two weeks ago I published an article about an old law in France that requires all motorcycle helmets sold in France to have reflective stickers on them. In the article I stated the dimensions, and it was just a reminder of the law.

The article itself drew several questions, and I've been monitoring discussion forums and blogs on this matter, and I'm amazed at some of the things mentioned. Here are some responses to the items ..........

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20 March, 2013 - Don’t Ever Complain About Your Gas Station Again
Somalia Gas Station
Somalia flag
I've heard fellow motorcycle riders complain about the amenities of their gas station, or some bikers even complain about the pumps. After you see this "gas station" in Somalia you'll never complain again.


15 March, 2013 - UK: Thankful Villages Run 2013
Thankful Villages Run 2013
UK flag
You might be wondering what a "thankful" village is? Sounds kind of strange, doesn't it? "Thankful Villages" are those villages in the UK that have not had any people killed during the World Wars that had decimated many villages in Europe. In other words, these are villages that did not need to place a war memorial to honor the villagers that had fallen for their country. There are 51 such villages in the UK, and 14 of them are "Double Thankful" since they lost no one during World War One and Two.

To mark the occasion, to meet the proud residents and to raise fund for the Royal British Legion, Medwyn Parry and Dougie Bancroft have organized a motorcycle trip starting July 27th to visit all 51 villages. That's a total of 2,500 miles covered in 9 days. Mind you, it's not a race, so no speeding...........

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13 March, 2013 - Spain: Proposed New Maximum Speeds - Up & Downs
Spain flag
The Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), after a review of speed limits in Spain, have drafted a new law concerning speed limits and a few other transportation related issues.

The most important ones concern the maximum speed limits on the motorways. Depending on road conditions and general state of the roads, the speed limit can be raised to 130 kph (currently 120 kph). On the secondary roads, again depending on the state and width of the road, maximum speeds will vary. If the width is 6.5 meters, the speed limit is lowered from 100 kph to 90 kph. If the width is less than 6.5 meters, speed limit goes between 50 and 70 kph. If there's no visible lines on the narrow roads, speed limit is set to 50 kph...........

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8 March, 2013 - Tunisia: Creation Of An Angry Biker Federation
FTMC Tunis
Tunisia flag
Tunisia have gone through hell and back with their "revolution". A dictator was disposed, and the current government is not exactly popular, so there's still a lot of unrest in the tourist-depraved country. But one thing the motorcycle groups have decided to do is set up a proper motorcycle lobbying association.

Modelled after the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), the Tunisian one is called FTMC (Federation Tunisienne des Motards en Colere)...........

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6 March, 2013 - France: No Entry Into Alps For Motorcycles No Longer An Issue
Col de la Schlucht
France flag
In January this year, the local governor of the Haut-Rhin province called for a ban on motorcycles riding the Alps in his area. The ban was supposed to be for the weekends only and would forbid motorcycles from riding the twisting roads to the mountain peaks.

This brought a very loud outcry, not only by motorcycle riders all over Europe, but also from the biker rights lobby groups like the FFMC. Since this goes against the freedom of movement, a fundamental human right in Europe, the local government quickly caved in and stated that this is a non-issue...........

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4 March, 2013 - France: New Hidden Radar In Service This Month
France New car radar
France flag
A new and very sneaky speed radar starts this month in France. The radar is mounted in unmarked police cars, and there are no visible signs that you're about to be caught by one. No markings, no telltale radar bubble, to visible flash... nothing to tell you that you've been photographed apart from a very expensive photo sent to your house in the next few days (and remember that radar detectors are highly illegal in this country).

The only current sign is that these unmarked police cars are Renault Megane 1.5 dCi, and there will be two uniformed gendarmes inside, and starting on the 15th of March, there will be 20 of them patrolling the French roads. The cost for each car is €70,000, paid for by our taxes and speeding fines...........

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1 March, 2013 - A Virtual Visit Of The Michelin Facilities - Very Nice
Michelin Virtual Museum Visit
Michelin logo
Many of you will never get the chance to visit the incredible Michelin museum. Michelin have been manufacturing motorcycle tires since there were motorcycles, and they have a history to be proud off.

In the city of Clermont-Ferrand, Michelin have had their headquarters since the beginning (1888). In fact, most of the city is Michelin. One of its biggest attractions is the impressive and very big museum. But as I said, not many people get the chance to see this museum, until now...........

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28 February, 2013 - Ducati: Factory Visit and Tour The Area On A Ducati Motorcycle
Ducati logo
#Ducati - Here's your chance of a nice mini holiday. Ducati are organizing the "Ducati Dream Tours", a guided tour on the Italian motorcycle. The tour starts on Friday with a visit of the Ducati factory and museum, and a lunch at the factory. You leave your luggage at the factory.

After the lunch, the participants pick up their preferred Ducati motorcycle and participate in a guided ride through the fabulous Bologna area. Mountains, twisting roads, forests ... a perfect ride through the "Moto Valley". Your destination is the Monte del Re hotel in Dozza, where your luggage will have been transferred to. After check-in and relaxation you'll be having a nice dinner...........

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19 February, 2013 - South Africa: Western Cape To Stop Motorcycle Lane-Splitting?
Lane Splitting 2 Cars
South Africa flag
While in some parts of the world they are actively promoting motorcycle lane-splitting, other countries are looking into legalizing it, while even other countries are looking into stopping lane-splitting.

In the latter category falls Western Cape in South Africa (Cape Town et al). There the Member of the Executive Council (MEC), responsible for Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle, has decided that he's seen too many bikers die on his roads, most of them in between cars.

According to Carlisle, motorcycle crashes increased by 33% from 63 crashes in 2008 to 84 in 2012. Of course he doesn't show the increase of motorcycle ownership during the same timeframe. Statistics, statistics and lies...........

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14 February, 2013 - France: French Solution For Mandatory Breathalyzer
Alcootel testing
France flag
If you've been following the news here last year, you'll have read about the incredible law that was created, making it mandatory to have at least 1 breathalyzer kit in any motorized vehicle on the French territories. That meant that all motorcycles above 50cc had to have a breathalyzer, in working condition (meaning you'd need to have two, since if you use one, you need to have another one in working condition). If you were stopped and didn't have one, you'd be fined €11.

Since this meant that all European vehicles transiting France needed to have one, you can imagine the nightmare it became to have breathalyzers in your car, or on you on your motorcycle. Especially when you consider you could only use ones that were approved in France. The two factories that made them were churning them out day and night.

The CNSR's recommendation is the continue making breathalyzers mandatory in every vehicle (and now possibly even 50cc mopeds), but not to fine anyone if they don't have it...........

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11 February, 2013 - Study Your Lean Angles With iPhone App Kneeslider
Kneeslider icon
Motorcycle riders love curves, it's what drives most bikers. We'll go out of our way to ride them. But for the serious curve riders, the ones that like putting their knees down, there's an iPhone app that allows you to record the event.

Italian Aspidea have produced an app (for non-geeks that's software), called Kneeslider, that runs on the Apple iPhone that will record the roads you take with many curves. It allows you to measure your performance in the curves, either on the public roads or on tracks. The app records the lean angles and acceleration that the bike is subjected to during the ride...........

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11 February, 2013 - China: Workers Use Motorcycle For New Year Migration
China New Year Commute 2013
China flag
Chinese workers are obviously as fed up about public transportation as we are in the Western world, so they've taken to motorcycles to go and celebrate new Year at home. Good for them...


8 February, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Are Allowed To Be Called Taxis
taxi moto paris taxi
France flag
Crazy as it may sound, the French car taxi associations had forced the motorcycle taxis to remove the word "taxi" from their business and motorcycles. In other words, French motorcycle taxis were no longer allowed to call themselves "taxi". This was one of the weapons the "normal" car taxis were deploying to stop motorcycle taxis. Car taxis see motorcycles are an enormous enemy since motorcycles don't have fare meters and more importantly, they don't pay for a taxi license.

But on the other hand, motorcycle taxis aren't allowed to be "hailed" on the road, nor are they allowed to wait for walk-by passengers; they need to be reserved in advance.

Anyway, the organization that controls the industry (FNTDR) has finally judged that motorcycle taxis are allowed to call themselves taxis. So all the motorcycles that had removed the word "TAXI" from motorcycle cabs can be put back again...........

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1 February, 2013 - The Netherlands: Lights On Motorcycle Clothing Is Illegal
Triumph Light Jacket
The Netherlands flag
We can file this under the archaic and stupid laws politicians regularly surprise us with. In The Netherlands, a country reigned by a queen king, the law states that lights are only allowed on a motorcycle. Very simple, what it means, is what is says. Lights (those shiny things) are only allowed on a motorcycle, in other words not on the biker's clothing. So if you like to ride safely by using lights on your jacket or helmet, as some of you do, know that it's illegal in The Netherlands...........

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31 January, 2013 - Cute Vespa Ice Cream Bar - While It Lasts
Braehead Shopping Centre Ice Cream bar
Braehead Shopping Centre Illegal Photo
This looks like a cool (excuse the pun) ice cream parlor, with Vespa scooters as seats for the patrons to sit on. So far nothing special but cute. But the photo is illegal, and I can possibly expect a take-down notice.......

The photo was taken at the Braehead Shopping Centre in Glascow, Scotland. It's a normal shopping mall, like million others around the world, except of course they have this cute ice cream bar.

And that's what Chris White thought when he took his 4 year old daughter there. They went and had an ice cream, and Chris immortalized the occasion by taking a photo or two of the girl and uploaded it to his Facebook account, something millions of people do everyday.

But bad luck for him.... the police arrived and confiscated his camera...........

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17 January, 2013 - Luggage: A Perfect Adventurer Saddle Bag
ViaTerra Claw
India flag
Motorcycle adventure riding, and I don't mean riding to a Starbucks in the next town, requires bringing quite a lot of stuff with you. Sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, clothing, espresso machine, etc, all of it needs to be stored on your motorcycle for your trip. And as we know, there's never enough room on your bike. One way is to place panniers alongside your motorcycle. Another way is to use the ViaTerra Claw Saddle / Tail bag.

ViaTerra is an Indian outfit who produces some interesting luggage sets (just look at their tool bag). The Claw is a reversed U-shape luggage that either is placed on your pillion's saddle (i.e. no passenger), or if you really need to take your pillion with you, you can place it on the tail end of your bike...........

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8 January, 2013 - Indonesia: Shortly Woman Pillions Not Allowed Biker Style
Amazon Only Female Pillions
Indonesia flag
Sometimes the world goes backwards, not forwards, as is the case in the city of Lhokseumawe in Indonesia. Indonesia, a former Dutch colony, is now predominately Muslim, and in Lhokseumawe the town fools elders have decided that female pillion riders are not going to be allowed to sit as bikers sit on a motorcycle, with a leg on each side of the bike.

Instead, in the name of Muslim decency and to protect the woman from unwanted male sexual desires, they will need to sit amazon style, ie, both legs on the same side. Funny enough, they are allowed to ride the motorcycle, and that is allowed to be done in normal style. However, women must wear a head scarf and clothing must cover all parts of her body.


7 January, 2013 - 17 Photos Of Bombed, Burned and Exploded Motorcycles - Part 4
Blown up motorcycle Bangladesh Reuters
Blown up motorcycle India
Part 4 of photos of motorcycles that have been blown up, burned and destroyed beyond recognition. What a violent lot we are, we humans....

Warning: If you are any bit squeamish for the site of dead motorcycles, for crying out loud, DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES. These 17 photos are pictures of motorcycles that have been totally destroyed....


20 December, 2012 - Indonesia: Holy Crap! That Is A Lot Of Motorcycles
Jakarta Motorcycles Shipment
Indonesia flag
It's starting to look like Indonesia is becoming the next India/China, i.e., a country where there's an explosion of wealth for the wealthier people (and less money for the poor), and with that explosion of wealth comes the big question... what do we do with the extra money.

And one of the many things they do.. is buy motorcycles.


17 December, 2012 - China: Tour Beijing On An Electric Scooter With Guide
Beijing Electric Bike Tours
China flag
I don't known about you, but I absolutely hate going on city tours on a bus with a guide. I prefer not to go than to sit in a bus listening to a tour guide's drivel. But here's one interesting guided tour way to visit one of world's most interesting cities, Beijing, China.

Beijing Electric Bike Tours is a Canadian owned and operated touring organization who, as their name says, operates guided tours through China's Beijing on electric scooters.

Using 330 - 350 w electric scoots, and an English speaking guide, you tour the mythical city on your own scooter, giving you a freedom rarely offered by bus tours...........

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13 December, 2012 - Philippines: Testimony Of Motorcycle Maker’s Quality
Philippines Crowded motorcycle
Philippines flag
When I see these frequent photos of several people (usually more than 5) riding on the same motorcycle, I can't but help wonder: a) how dangerous it is and b) how incredibly well built the motorcycle is to withstand this kind of punishment.

Have you considered how your motorcycle, be it a Ducati, BMW, KTM or Triumph would hold up with 7 people riding on it for miles of bad roads?


10 December, 2012 - USA: Louisiana Requires You To Explain Your Cash
Kid Pulled Over
USA flag
Scary laws for states that are strapped for cash. If you get stopped in Louisiana by cops, and you have money on you, you better be able to show that the money is yours, and how you obtained it.... if not, the cops will confiscate your money.

The ruling came down from the Louisiana Supreme Court after a motorist for stopped by a State Trooper. The Trooper was given permission to search the car, and he found $144,320 hidden away in the minivan. The driver, Tina Beers, had no reasonable explanation for the money, and despite the fact they found no drugs, and the seizure was no warranted, the cops were allowed to keep the money...........

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6 December, 2012 - Spain: The Penguins Gathering For 2013
Pinguinos 2012
Spain flag
For the truly brave bikers, the ones that don't mind a bit of cold weather, snow and ice, and those than can sleep in a tent covered with snow, this one is for you. Once a year in Spain (yes, it does get cold there), the annual Pinguinos gathering (Pinguinos is Spanish for Penguins) attracts over 27,000 motorcycle riders from all over Europe and beyond.

Braving the cold weather, they sleep in tents, and do several group ride-outs in the snow, parading in the main city of Valladolid. In the evenings there are concerts, strip shows (poor girls...) and many famous motorcycle riders are present at this unique event...........

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28 November, 2012 - France: Hi-Viz Armband and Breathalyzers Law Suspended
Alcootel testing
France flag
Things always happen when governments change. One law made during the last government gets changed with the new one. And that is what happened here.

Two laws had been created by the previous conservative government, the mandatory wearing of 150 cm2 of high-visibility armband for motorcycle riders and the mandatory breathalyzer kit in your car or motorcycle. Both laws had been heavily criticized by associations and people alike. Even the European Commission intervened saying that the laws were illegal (see related below). And both laws have been suspended.

Here's what this is all about...........

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27 November, 2012 - Colombia: No More Male Motorcycle Pillions Allowed
Monkey Pillion
Colombia flag
Wow, talk about drastic measures. In Colombia apparently there's a lot of thieves working on motorcycles. Pillions rip handbags out of the hands of old ladies walking to church, and ride off in the sunset with the loot.

To stop the expanding crime, the 10 mayors of the Aburra Valley area have decided that starting November 30th, for a period of 2 months, no motorcycle is allowed to carry male pillions. According to statistics, 20% of thefts are done by motorcycle riders and 17% of homicides were also performed by armed pillions...........

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22 November, 2012 - Switzerland: New Law - Speeding = Jail Time
Ski Speed
Switzerland flag
Already speeding in Switzerland, land of banks, cows and skiing, can be a very expensive affair. Speeding fines are allocated according to your income, so the more you earn, the higher the fine (the record is a guy in a Ferrari who was going 100 kph too fast, and had to pay €200,000). But it's not enough to make one of the safest countries in the world to ride in, even safer.

Starting on the 1st of January 2013 (if the world still exists), Switzerland will throw you in jail for speeding. The minimum jail time will be 1 year, the maximum 4 years.

You will be thrown in the slammer, whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle, for the following speeding offenses..........

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21 November, 2012 - Europe: 3 Motorcycle-Related Laws Coming Into Play
Europe flag
The European Parliament has passed three laws specific to the motorcycle world yesterday. They are all positive, but with some negative news.

The three laws are on the following topics:

1. 100+ (74kW) limitation of motorcycles

2. Mandatory ABS

3. Euro4 and Euro5 polution norms

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5 November, 2012 - The Netherlands: Interesting Electric Motorcycle Taxi Company
Hopper Electric Scooter taxi
The Netherlands flag
The Netherlands is an eco-friendly country, with cities like Amsterdam seeing more bicycles than cars. There are quite a lot of motorcycles as well, but what's interesting is the new motorcycle taxi company operating in Amsterdam.

Since October 1st, the new Hopper motorcycle taxi company offers a novel approach to bring people to their final destination. They use an electric scooter for the "last mile", in other words, for short inter-city destinations. But the interesting thing is that the scooters are limited to a maximum speed of 25 kph. That speed limit allows you to ride a scooter without a helmet in The Netherlands. This means logistically, it's easier to use, since the cab company doesn't need to bring different helmets. You really hop on and off.

Also interesting is the fare. There's only one price, and that is €2.50..........

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2 November, 2012 - Colombia: The Place To Be For Motorcycle Halloween Parties
Moto Halloween Party 2012
Colombia flag
Cali, Colombia is the place to be if you want to celebrate Halloween as a motorcycle rider.

Every year they give the Moto Halloween Party, with hundreds of bikers riding fully dressed in a costume.


23 October, 2012 - Spain: Race Between Taxi and Motorcycle Taxi
Moto taxi vs Car Taxi
Spain flag
It was bound to happen one day... a race between a car taxi and a motorcycle taxi. The location is Madrid, Spain, and one of the MotoTaxi scooters up against a car taxi in a 6 kilometer race through the heart of Madrid. The time is just before rush hour traffic, so a lot of cars, but not jam-packed.

Both vehicles leave at the same time, and as you can guess, the motorcycle taxi arrived at the destination 10 minutes before the car. But the real race was not the time it was going to take, since the answer to that was quite obvious, but the real race was the cost...........

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23 October, 2012 - Lebanon: A Nice Day For A Motorcycle Ride?
Lebanon Ride With Burning Tires
Lebanon flag
When I go for a motorcycle ride, I enjoy seeing the scenery of trees, hills and winding roads... but it looks like in Lebanon, the scenery is burning tires...

To each their own..


18 October, 2012 - Europe: The Top 10 Most Congested Cities
Monster traffic jam
If there's anytime you need a motorcycle or scooter, it's when you need to go into a congested city. When traffic is at a standstill, motorcycles usually can carve their way through traffic and arrive at the destination on time. Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom has been recording their user's GPS data; they receive anonymous data from the TomTom GPS, so they know when a car has slowed down, or stopped entirely. So they can see when and where the traffic gets dense.

Using this statistical data, TomTom have compiled a list of European cities that are the most jammed up...........

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17 October, 2012 - Italy: Next Month No More Euro1 Motorcycles In Rome
Coliseum motorcyclist
Italy flag
Some politicians (okay, most politicians) must have their heads examined. Knee-jerk reactions are often dangerous and can have disastrous consequences. Like the one the Rome major has taken. Starting the 1st of November 2012, all motorcycles using the 12 year old Euro1 exhaust norm are forbidden to enter the old city during weekdays. This because of pollution reasons....

This means that 100,000's of motorcyclists that have bought their motorcycles before 2004 (the Euro1 norm was defined in 1999 but motorcycles not respecting that standard could be sold until 2004) will need to scrap their bikes, or use the inadequate public transportation to go to work.

Another display of total lack of understanding of mankind.


5 October, 2012 - Belgium: Dutch Bikers Do Not Need To Pay Speeding Fines
Speeding Fine Belgium
Belgium flag
With more and more bi-lateral agreements between European countries, and with a general Europe-wide law that allows a country to retrieve data and money from speeding fines made by the other country's citizens, one country is having a problem. It's becoming common place that if you live in Country A and get caught speeding on your motorcycle in country B, nowadays many countries will hand over DMV information to the country where the fee was generated. This allows for the "other" country find you and to go and get their badly needed money.

But in Belgium they have a problem with it. With their neighbor The Netherlands, there is no legal agreement so far. In order to get their money from your speeding fine, the authorities will need to jump through legal hoops... So a Dutch motorcycle rider can get fined in Belgium, but the authorities will not be able to send him/her the fine and to cash in.

But the government is hopeful to have a new treaty inked and signed before the end of the year. And then in 2014 it will become common place in Europe with a general law.


25 September, 2012 - Australia: Mandatory High-Visibility Clothing Coming?
Yellow car with elephant driver
Australia flag
It looks like we in France (and others) aren't the only ones who will be forced to wear hi-viz gear when riding our motorcycles. In Australia, one misguided cop has gotten in his mind that he can save many of the 200 or so motorcycle related deaths per year amongst the 1.3 million riders.

He is trying to push through legislation that will force motorcycle riders to wear hi-visibility clothing, day and night. He reckons that this way, bikers will be more visible to car drivers, and therefore avoid accidents (we'll become target fixation, that's probably more like it)

On the rider side, they are totally opposed to the idea.......

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19 September, 2012 - Dubai: Good Merits Points For Good Driving, Bad For Bad
Arab Stuntman on car
UAE flag
Quite an unusual way of dealing with naughty drivers. Instead of penalizing people for reckless use of their cars or motorcycles, deducting or adding (depending on the system) merit points from your license, in this latest Dubai scheme, you get "White" points if you ride without fines.

Black points are added to your driving license for any bad driving you do (speeding, running red lights, etc), while white points are given if you manage to ride without any traffic offences.

Here's the stinger; after 12 months of cumulating white points, you get gift vouchers....


5 September, 2012 - France: Use Smartphone To Get Motorcycle Taxi
Uber Paris Motorcycle Taxi
France flag
It used to be that in the good old days in Paris, you could flag down a taxi by just holding up your hand in the street. But that was a long time ago, and nowadays you need to reserve taxis by using complicated phone-in procedures, or for the more modern companies, a dedicated web service. Even motorcycle taxis don't escape this process.

But the smartphone app Uber is changing this. Available for iPhone and Android devices, you can not only reserve a motorcycle taxi (and normal car taxis) in Paris, but also pay for it using the app. So you don't need to bring your money with you to pay the cab........

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4 September, 2012 - Dutch Government Against Mandatory Roadworthiness Test
Motorcycle Rusted
The Netherlands flag
This is a very good sign. The European politicians are planning to make an annual technical roadworthiness inspection for motorcycles mandatory somewhere in the near future. Every motorcycle lobby group is totally against this, but now one government has pronounced against it, that of the Dutch government.

The Dutch government has sent out a letter saying that they are against the proposed new law. According to them

"The Netherlands is against the expansion of mandatory technical inspections for 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles, resulting in an enormous increase of administration and roadside inspections, since the expected positive effects on road safety and the environment can not be offset by the administrative efforts by its citizens and enterprises."....


31 August, 2012 - Belgium: You Will Need To Pay To Use The Motorways
Belgium Bad Motorways
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Toll - I preferred Belgium when they didn't have a working government...The Belgium government is going to charge for the usage of their motorways. Until now, their autoroutes were free, and you could riding through Belgium without spending a dime. But on the downside, the roads are in pretty bad shape. To repair the roads, you need a lot of money, and that today is not something most governments have.

Starting in 2016, if the world hasn't ended, people who live in Belgium will need to pay road tax. It's something that most countries in Europe do, so not that much different.

But.... foreigners will need to pay as well.


30 August, 2012 - The Netherlands: Motorway Speeds Now 130 KPH
Sign 120 to 130kmh
The Netherlands flag
Starting on the 1st of September, most motorways in The Netherlands will raise their speed limits to 130 kph (previously they were 120 kph). Not all roads are at this speed though, some may still be at 100 or 120 kph, depending on traffic and environment.

Some motorways will only have the maximum speed allowed during evening or night riding. The speed limits will be clearly marked, but if there's no speed limit posted, then the limit will be 130 kph.


29 August, 2012 - France: Mandatory Breathalyzer Contested By Luxembourg
Breathalyzer Approved France
Luxembourg flag
The mandatory breathalyzer that every motorist, including motorcycle riders, must have with them at all times when on the road has been a hot iron in a part of the French government that doesn't shine. The previous government had made it a law that all vehicles on French soil must have an "in-working-condition" unit in the vehicle (meaning if you used one, you had to have another one unused). To make matters worse, the unit had to be approved for French soil, visible by the "NF" logo. So even as a foreigner riding your motorcycle in France, you need to buy a French approved unit.

Luxembourg has gone on the attack. They have written to the current president of France, telling him that this is nonsense. This is Europe after all, and politicians over the last few decades have been trying to normalize laws and products over its borders.

If France wants to continue a law that most experts deem inappropriate, then France should allow European breathalyzers, not just French ones.


24 August, 2012 - France: Record Revenue From Radars Expected
Radar jackpot
Radars, as we all know, are money generating machines; real jackpots for the government. Our fearless & greedy "leaders" will tell you that the radars are there to keep speeds down, to promote safety and to reduce the mortality figures, but in the end it's all about money. Show me the money....

This year in France, the radars are expected to bring in a record 700 million Euros! That's close to ONE BILLION US$. Thanks to many more automatic speed radars, red light radars and the introduction of segment radars, it looks like it's the French government's way of shoveling money into the deficit black hole. By the end of the year, we'll have 4,000 radars in France - another record.

So if you're planning on riding your motorcycle in France, better watch out of the money machines. Despite many election promises by the current socialist government, they are going to continue "taxing" vehicle son the road. It's in our own benefit... meaning they want and need the cash.


20 August, 2012 - Europe: Who Are The Worst Drivers - Survey
Monkey driver
Often when riding your motorcycle in Europe, you end up having the impression that some countries have worse drivers than other countries. I know I've had that feeling often enough. Travel web site Zoover thought so too, so they held a survey on their site, asking their readers which country has the worst drivers. Some 30,000 readers responded.

In the top 15 of the countries with the worst drivers, the number 1 slot (i.e. the worst drivers) is Italy, and the best drivers come from Finland.

Here's the complete list.......

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17 August, 2012 - Belgium: Europe’s Worst And Most Ridiculous Road
Video clip
Belgium flag
The fact that most politicians suffer from chronic CRI is a given, but at times you got to wonder how bad their disease really is. In Belgium, a road that has been marked as a heritage road (it once was a Roman road, but nowadays there's no sign of the old road) has been "protected" by means that can only be described as ridiculous.

On the 5 kilometer long stretch, the politicians have had installed 27 chicanes and 250 (that's right, two hundred and fifty) signposts. The posted speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour, and the road has become so narrow that no trucks can drive through. It's just wide enough for two motorcycles. And all this in the name of road safety....

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24 July, 2012 - The Netherlands: Road Signs To Be Readable By Color-Blind
Colorblind Road Signs
The Netherlands flag
Being color-blind can be unforgiving on the road. You can "guess" the color of traffic lights by the position of the light that is on, but road signs can be a problem. Riding up on your motorcycle, you have only seconds to see the road sign, and if you are color-blind, you'll have a problem.

In The Netherlands, there are some 700,000 color blind drivers, and now the government has decided to change all the important road signs so that these people can recognize them quickly.

The problem with current road signs is that there is not enough contrast, especially for red and blue, the two main colors many color-blind people have problems with.......

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23 July, 2012 - Belgium: Not As Rosy As It Seems In The Motorcycle World
Brigitte Grouwels
Belgium flag
A few months ago we wrote about how things were looking up in Belgium for the motorcycle world. With some progressive and well thought-out laws in favor for bikers, it was a good step in the right direction.

But that is not how the political world works, is it now? On the 11th of June, the State Council cancelled a Royal Decree allowing motorcycles to park on the sidewalks, as long as they left 1.5 meters of space for pedestrians. The Royal decree was very reasonable, a win-win for everyone.

It looks like the mistake the Belgium government made (remember that in those days there was none, it was the civil servants who were running things), was not talk to the big cities about their plans for these new laws, in particular Brussels.........

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20 July, 2012 - The Netherlands: Meter Maids Go Electric
Amsterdam Electric Metersmaids
The Netherlands flag
It looks like getting a parking fine is going to be ecological in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company that manages the parking meters has just received 14 electric scooters for their meter maids (and boys) to zoom around the canal city looking for cars that have run out of time on their parking meter and giving them a nice fine.

The 14 scooters are from the German Govecs, and the electric scooter allows them to ride 140 kilometers, fining cars left, right and center. That's a lot of tickets they can issue before needing to recharge. But at least it's ecological. Personally, I think they should walk....


10 July, 2012 - South Africa: Great Idea! Police Confiscate Mobile Phones
South Africa Police Confiscate Mobile Phones
South Africa flag
This is a great idea that the police have had in Cape Town, South Africa. There, like anywhere else in the world, many motorist drive their cages while talking on their mobile phone. Distracted as they are, they are a menace to all, especially motorcycle riders.

Most countries will fine you when caught. But not in Cape Town. There the cops just take away your mobile phone, and you can come and get it back 24 hours later .....

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6 July, 2012 - France: Need A Motorcycle Taxi? There’s An App For That
Hi Cab app
France flag
Motorcycle taxis have become part of the everyday scenery in most European cities, and now they've become an everyday commodity. You can see that when the first software for smartphones arrives on the scene allowing you to order a motorcycle taxi.

France based Hi-Cab has some 80 motorcycle riders at your disposal in several French cities, and to get the one you need, they've developed an app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The app will know where you are thanks to the geo-localization function, and when you indicate where you are going to, it will tell you how much, when and what time you'll arrive.


2 July, 2012 - The "Real" Results of the Dutch MotoGP Race Weekend
The Netherlands flag
The real fight within the MotoGP world wasn't just the one we saw this weekend in the TT of Assen. It wasn't just between racers, it's also between the motorcycle world and the general media.

The general TV/Media blamed the motorcycle world for a lot of bad things that happened on the road, but when the Dutch motorcycle news site Nieuwsmotor, investigated, it became apparent that the general media's reporting was shoddy at best. Even the Dutch cops were satisfied with the motorcycle world.

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29 June, 2012 - France-Belgium: Bilateral Fine Exchange Starts
Belgium flag
France flag
Starting tomorrow, June 30th 2012, all speeding (and other) fines you incurred in either France or Belgium will be exchanged between the two neighboring countries.

Foreign cars and motorcycles represent 25% of speed radar fines (while they only account for 5% of the traffic), and so far, they managed to escape without paying their fines. Last year, 400,000 speeding fines were made by Belgium-registered vehicles in France. Each country will have access to the other country's Motor Vehicle registration database. With that, they have your name and address (at least, if you motorcycle is in your name)........

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28 June, 2012 - You Can’t Ride Your Motorcycle When You See This Sign
Road Flooded Really
Australia flag
You know you can not ride your motorcycle when you see this sign.....


25 June, 2012 - France: Next Week Starts The Mandatory Breathalyzers For Motorcycles
Breathalyzer Approved France
France flag
We've warned you already, but now it's just around the corner. Starting the 1st of July, all motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, ATV, trucks, but not mopeds) will be required to have an approved alcohol testing unit on them.

The Breathalyzer units can be bought in most pharmacies and gas stations, or can be bought on-line, but they will need to have the "NF" logo on it (meaning it's an approved brand). It's not like it will empty your piggy bank, since a unit will cost you €1-€2.

The law does not say you have to use the unit, just that you need to have it on you (or in the car). Starting November 2012, getting caught without a unit will cost you an €11 fine.

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21 June, 2012 - France: First 3 Segment Radars
Segment Radar Beure
France flag
We've already told you that France was going to deploy segment radars, or radars that would take a photo of your motorcycle when entering the segment, and then again when exiting the segment, usually several kilometers further. Then by simple mathematics, they'll calculate your average speed. If it's above the authorized maximum speed, you'll get a nice letter from the government asking you for your first born. Or an arm & a leg.

The segment radars, like all new radars in France, will not be signposted, and the exact locations are not allowed to be stored in a GPS or smartphone (they only will tell you that you'll be entering a "danger zone"). The 3 segment radars will be operational starting July 20th, 2012, but for the first week, they'll not send you the nice government letter, but will just be tested. On August the 1st, the machines will start generating the much needed money for the government.

The first three segment radars will be located.......

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14 June, 2012 - Travelling To Europe? There’s An App For That
Goodyear Europe Safety App
Goodyear Europe Safety App
If you're planning to travel to Europe on holiday this year, with your motorcycle, car or caravan, and you want to know the general rules of the roads, and more importantly, the speed limits, then Goodyear comes to your rescue.

Goodyear have released a free app for the iPhone that has a lot of information for each European country. They have under each European country, a selector for cars & motorcycles, caravans and mobile homes information. Furthermore, you can select if you want to see the speeds in kph or mph.

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12 June, 2012 - Brazil: Sao Paulo The Next City To Restrict Motorcycles?
Sao Paulo Lane Splitting
Brazil flag
According to this news report, it looks like Sao Paulo, Brazil is going to be the next city that is going to restrict cars & motorcycles from entering their city. Please don't tell me they are going to start with congestion charges....

When will the elected officials ever understand that motorcycles are a solution, not a problem....


25 May, 2012 - USA: Florida Judge Allows Warning Others Of Speed Traps
Dirty Harry
USA flag
The cops hate it when they set up their speed traps hidden in the bushes somewhere, and then people start warning cars and motorcycles by flashing their lights. Here in France it is common place (and legally you HAVE to warn other vehicles about an upcoming speed trap), and it is the case in many other countries.

In Florida it's not the case, but it is done once in a while. Ryan Kinter was one of them. When he saw the local sheriff set up a speed trap, he decided to warn other drivers that they were heading for a ticket. He did this by pointing his car towards oncoming traffic and flashing his lights.

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14 May, 2012 - European 4 Corner Motorcycle Tour Coming Up
Adventure Scooter
EMTA logo
For more years then I can remember we've had the Four Corner Tour of the USA (as far as I can remember, it started in 1983), whereby members would ride their motorcycles to the four corners of the US. It is a great way of seeing an immense country, and still have a measure of competition, or should we say adventure, in it.

Well, now the USA is not the only one. The European Motorcycle Tour Operator Association, EMTA, is organizing a similar tour calling it appropriately "4 Corner Tour". The tour is sanctioned, and helped by, the organizers of the US version, the SCMA.

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14 May, 2012 - France: MotoGP 2012 Motorcycle Rest Places
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on this weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


10 May, 2012 - UK: Is The London Congestion Charge Working?
London Congestion Charge Traffic Change
UK flag
Back in 2003 London introduced a congestion charge for any car that wanted to travel into London. Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00. The charge is £10 (about US$16) per day. The money is to be used to enhance the public transport system, and relive the traffic logged city from cars.

There was a lot of criticism, saying it would never work. But this graph below from the ITO World show the change. The red zones is where that was an increase of traffic, the blue zones where there was a decrease. I guess the red zones can be explained that it's commuter traffic heading for the train stations, and from there into the inner city by train or underground.

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10 May, 2012 - France: 150 Average Trip Speed Radars To Be Installed
Speeding motorcycle sign.jpg
click to see where France is on the map
One of the last things the current French president has been able to push through before becoming unemployed, is the installation of 150 route trip radars.

Route trip radars consist of 2 sets of radars, one at the beginning of a road segment, the other at the end. When you arrive at the beginning of the segment on your motorcycle, the first radar makes a photo of your motorcycle license plate, recording the date & time. Then when you pass through the end part of the segment, another photo is made, and the average speed is calculated. If you have been speeding, and your average exceeds the maximum speed authorized, you'll get fined, and license points will be deducted.

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9 May, 2012 - Know Where To Ride Motorcycles In Northern California
MotoSFO site
MotoSFO site
There are lots of sites out there that have route descriptions for great motorcycle rides, almost all using crowdsourcing. But here's a site that will tell you very well where to ride in Northern California, and all the rides have been created by several knowledgeable local "guides".

The site, MotoSFO, was created under the leadership of Carla King, well known adventure rider and author. Together with several other, mostly female, bikers she's put together a comprehensive database of routes to put your motorcycle on when you are in Northern California.

The itineraries are not some generic database, but a well laid out travelogue of the route. There are the inescapable Google Maps with the actual route, but also the recommended restaurants and hotels/B&Bs.

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8 May, 2012 - Russia: 2012 Motorcycle Season Starts
Motorcycle Season 2012 Russia
Motorcycle Season 2012 Russia
We tend to forget that some countries in the Northern Hemisphere take longer to reach motorcycle riding season, Russia is definitely one of them, especially Vladivostok.

At least they can start riding their motorcycles now.


19 April, 2012 - India: Woman On Motorcycle? No Need For ATGATT
India Woman No ATGATT
<India flag
Hmmm.. strange laws in India. As a male motorcycle rider, you are required to ride your motorcycle with a helmet, but if you are female, you do not need one. In other words, females lives are much more expendable, not counting for much.

It's probably why so many women die on their roads.


18 April, 2012 - Indonesia: Evacuate? Use A Motorcycle
Indonesia Evacuating
<Indonesia flag
If you have a motorcycle, it'll come in handy if you need to evacuate, and not only from Tsunamis, but any reason to get the hell out of Dodge City.

I guess we bikers are lucky, imagine having to evacuate in a car, amidst 1000's of cars...


10 April, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2012
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


29 March, 2012 - Foreign Motorcycle Riders and France (UPDATE)
France Article
Many are planning their holidays, and it might involve riding your motorcycle through France, so here's the scope about the recent law changes.

- Breathalysers

- Reflective Clothing


23 March, 2012 - Got A Royal Enfield Motorcycle? Get Discount In A Pub
Royal Enfield Pub
Royal Enfield logo
The town of Redditch in the UK used to be the home of the Royal Enfield factory, from 1893 until 1967 when the motorcycle factory closed its doors and moved to India where it has been ever since.

2 years ago, a fantastic and award-winning pub opened in the former city of Royal Enfield, and was aptly named "The Royal Enfield". Located in the town's old cinema, it looks pretty good as far as pubs go.

But if you arrive on a post 1999 Royal Enfield motorcycle, the owner will give you a 10% discount on the food.


23 March, 2012 - Ural 5th European Get-Together
Ural 5th Europe Meeting Poster
Ural logo
Russian motorcycle manufacturer, Ural, have released the dates of their 5th European motorcycle bash. It's a time for Ural owners and lovers to gather, swap stories, drink lots of beer and do some ride outs.

The date is set for 31 August until 2 September. The venue is Aschach, Austria (on the Danube river).

So if you are into Ural motorcycle, mark the dates, and start planning your holiday.


23 March, 2012 - Europe: Tickets Interchangeable In Countries
Europe Fines Flag
This is going to become more and more common while Europe gets its act together: speeding tickets interchangeable between countries. Until recently, if you got caught speeding (or other less drastic offences, like parking) in another European country, you could forget about paying. At the very most, the country in which you got caught, will send you several letters, each one more menacing than the other, but they could never do something about it.

Several bilateral agreements have started over the years between countries allowing them to exchange speeding tickets details, giving access to a country's computer system containing the motorcycle (or car) registration details.


22 March, 2012 - Italy: Government Runs Out Of Money. Can Not Mail Licenses
Italy Driving License Rossi
The Italian government has run out of money, and can no longer afford to pay for postage stamps for license renewals, residency stickers, license points, etc.

This has been 2 months already that no letters have been sent by the Ministry of Transportation.

But I bet you that speeding fines are still being sent...


20 March, 2012 - UK: Tougher Action Against Aiding Fine Dodging
UK Driving License
Help a friend keep his license in the UK? You'll now get prison time....

Get money for helping someone avoid license points penalties .... several years prison time!!!

You're better off killing someone, since you'll probably get less prison time..


14 March, 2012 - Belgium: First Motorcycle taxi Operational
City Scoot Taxis
Following up on their promises, the Belgium government made it possible for the first motorcycle taxi to start its operation in Brussels. Brussels has one of the worst traffic jams in Europe, so it's appropriate to have such a service.

The first company, City Scoot, has started operating a service with 400cc scooters. More companies will follow shortly.

It's good to see that this initiative is government sponsored, not like other countries, where motorcycles are still seen as a problem.

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8 March, 2012 - USA: Proposed Colorado Bill Will Prohibit Biker Discrimination
Viking Biker
A bill is being proposed in Colorado that will prohibit discrimination towards motorcycle riders in bars, restaurants, stores and hotels.

It's not a rare occurs, as I have found out myself often enough, and such a bill should be wide spread, but unfortunately, the opposing political side does not see eye-to-eye.


6 March, 2012 - Germany: New License Point System Presented
Peter Ramsauer Point System
Germany is to introduce a new license point system in 2013, stricter but simpler.

Instead of 18 points, now you will lose your license, car or motorcycle, if you have 8 points. But only 1 or 2 points will be presented, depending on what you did.

Minor infringements will not be penalized.


5 March, 2012 - UK: Motorcycle Insurance Incentives
Japanese Police car and motorcycle
A guest article about motorcycle insurance incentives in the UK.


2 March, 2012 - France: Alcohol Test Unit Mandatory, Also On Motorcycles
Alcootel testing
Already last year, the outgoing President of France had announced that he was planning to introduce mandatory alcohol testing units in every car in France. The alcohol test unit would need to be approved, but could be a simple, single-use unit that can be bought on the internet for a few Euros. God knows why, since someone who is drunk and insists on driving will do it anyway. Someone who takes care, and just wants to be on the safe side, will not have drunk enough to be unsafe... so a totally useless measure.

But yesterday the law was published by the Prime Minister, and now there's a twist.... the measure applies to motorcycles and scooter as well. Only mopeds are exempt.

So now we need to keep a alcohol test unit on us at all times, even in the hot summer. If you don't have any storage on your motorcycle, tough. Failing to have one, will cost you $11.

Click on the headline to


29 February, 2012 - The Netherlands: How Not To Launch A Motorcycle Smartphone App
KNMV Weather App
The Dutch motorcycle association, KNMV, has launched an app for motorcycle riders for iPhone and Android devices that will tell you if the weather is good for riding your motorcycle.

So far, so good. The app is free, but only for members (you need to enter your membership number to activate). That is bad!! For an official organization that looks after the motorcycle world in The Netherlands, something like this should be available to all bikers, not just members.

It's self-serving, and not in the interest of the motorcycle world.


28 February, 2012 - Travel North To South Europe On The Train With Your Motorcycle
AutoSlaapTrein Motorcycle
AutoSlaapTrein Map
Going from the Middle/North part of Europe to the Southern part of Europe (Cote d'Azur or North Italy) is a great motorcycle ride, with beautiful scenery, but... it's bloody long.

An alternative for your holiday is take the Dutch Autoslaaptrein, a Motorail service that brings you and your motorcycle, in comfort to your destination. Live, eat, & sleep in a comfortable cabin, arrive fresh at your destination and take your motorcycle off the train, and start your holiday at your destination.

Not a bad way to start ...


24 February, 2012 - Tunisia Motorcycle Rally Tour 2012 - With A Twist
Tunisia Rally 2012
Again this year the organizers are preparing for the 2012 version of the Tunisia Rally Tour. This one week, all inclusive motorcycle rally, suits all types of contestants, from beginners to professionals.

But this year the organizers have added a category, that of the "Gentleman Biker". This category is targeted for those riders who want to see the amazingly beautiful country, but who do not want to race. They will follow the itinerary of the race, but after the last racers have left. There are no timings involved, no penalties, no rush. You'll discover this scenic country at your own pace.

Once you reach the destination, you get to party, eat & drink with the rest. As an added advantage, this category allows for pillions, so a real holiday.

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23 February, 2012 - India Discovery Adventure Organized By Unicef
Unicef Classic Indian Adventure
Unicef logo
The UN agency, Unicef, is organizing an adventure motorcycle trip in India. Planned for November 2012, 20 odd adventurers will be setting out on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles (plus vintage Ambassador cars) to discover parts of India.

The itinerary will see you go past several Unicef projects, so you can see the work they do. This is a quote on part of their program:

"The 1,000 km route takes you along Kerala's coast, inland to Mysore, through the tiger reserves of Bandipur and Mudumallai and up through 36 hairpin bends to a vast expanse of tea plantations. The trip ends back in the serene backwaters of Kerala – an exquisite conclusion to a remarkable adventure."

The trip is planned for 30 November to 9 December. It's not cheap, since it the trip supports the Unicef work, so it's worth it.


21 February, 2012 - Even In Iran Motorcycles Have To Queue Up For Fuel
Iran Motorcycle Queue For Petrol
It's strange if you think about it... one of the biggest oil producers in the world, and still motorcycles need to queue up for along time to get their fuel.

I guess the cobblers' children wear the worst shoes.


17 February, 2012 - France: Michelin Guide For Motorcycles 2012
Michelin France Motorcycle Guide 2012
Michelin logo
French tire giant, and renowned map maker, Michelin, have for the last few years been publishing a nice guide for motorcycle in France. The guide, published like one of Michelin's guide books, has many motorcycle trips detailed.

This year, the Michelin guide has 96 fully explored itineraries available. All the itineraries are available on their ViaMichelin website to down load, either in one of the GPS standards, or as a printable roadbook. The downloads are free, but you'll miss out on all the detail.

The details for each itinerary is encompassing. You'll see which are the good restaurants along the way, what the tourist sites are which you can visit, maps of the area, including elevations. Each trip is graded between 1 and 3 stars (like the Michelin Red Restaurant guides). They are also categorized for fun, duo riding and sightseeing.

Click the headline to read on.....


16 February, 2012 - Wolfman Luggage: Very Comprehensive Motorcycle Luggage
Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage
Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage
Sometimes the right motorcycle luggage can make an adventure trip, a long distance motorcycle trip, a RTW trip or even a camping trip the difference between a success and a fail.

Most motorcycle luggage manufacturers make hard luggage, either metal or plastic. These luggage are really cargo holders, functioning only as a place to put stuff.

USA based Wolfman Luggage make luggage that you can not only store on your motorcycle or scooter, but also carry with you on your airplane trip, or when checking in into the White House.

Wolfman have many different sorts of luggage. If there's a place to store luggage on your motorcycle, Wolfman has got you covered!


14 February, 2012 - India: Something Really, Really, Wrong With This Picture
India Disabled Pulled By 2 Motorcycles
I don't know about you, but when I see this photo I can't help but say that something is really wrong, if not twisted, with this photo.

What do you say?


13 February, 2012 - Philippines: This Is Why We Need Motorcycles
Motorcycles on broken road Philippines
If ever there's any doubt on why we need motorcycles, this photo will quickly put that to bed.


9 February, 2012 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Riding To Be Put In The Constitution
Swiss Alps Twisties
There is a movement going on in Switzerland to have motorcycle riding put officially in the constitution. It sounds pretty strange, but what the motorcycle groups are trying to do is make motorcycle riding a "normalized" form of transportation, guaranteed by the constitution.

The movement comes from a group of illuminated politicians, assisted by the motorcycle lobby groups.

The proposed constitution change will allow people to make the free choice of transportation vehicles, allow lane splitting, riding in the bus lanes, and for cities to have sufficient parking spots.

It should also mention that using motorcycles is an efficient way of transportation.


8 February, 2012 - Italy: Milan Congestion Charge Paying Off?
Pollution India
We've already reported on Milan's congestion charge, something motorcycles do NOT have to pay, since they are allowed to go into the city without paying the tax.

After the first week of the congestion charge, authorities stated that traffic inside the inner city was reduced by 37%! Cars dropped from 122,000 to 77,000 during the operating hours of the congestion charge. Carbon emissions dropped 30%.


6 February, 2012 - France: Toll Roads Price Hike, Even For Motorcycles
Motorcycle toll booth
The French government, in their "wisdom" has agreed that motorway operators in France are allowed to increase their tolls by an average of 2.5%.

That makes way to an incredible fraud by the operators, who already charge an arm & leg for their motorways, particularly for motorcycles. The last thing they need is an increase in tolls, since they are making filthy profits on roads that were paid for by tax payers.


30 January, 2012 - The Netherlands: No Full Face Helmets On The Street
Helmet Niqab
Following closely in the footsteps of France and Belgium, The Netherlands are voting in a law forbidding the wearing of face masks, traditionally found in Muslim countries. This means that the traditional nicabs or burqas worn by Muslim women will be outlawed.

But what that also means is that a full face helmet will be outlawed as well. You will be allowed to ride your motorcycle with it (apparently), but once you stop your motorcycle and get off, you'll need to remove the helmet, or if possible, open it (for modular helmets).

Failing to do so will cost you a fine.


19 January, 2012 - Eating On The Road On A Motorcycle - Recipes
Oasis of the soul recipes
Ara, a professional chef and fellow motorcycle adventure rider, and his trusty and loyal dog Spirit have been on the road longer than I can remember. As a chef with 40 years experience, Ara is publishing many recipes for on the road....

The idea is that you need only 1 pan and a few utensils to make these great recipes. Beats warming up some beans.


19 January, 2012 - France: About The Hi-Viz Law For Motorcycles
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
Several publications have been writing about the new law in France making it mandatory to wear reflective material on your motorcycle clothing. Many got it wrong!

Here's the details of the new law, what you can wear, how much, when, and where.


16 January, 2012 - Italy: No Congestion Charges For Motorcycles In Milan
Milan Area C
The authorities in Milan, Italy are using their grey matter. A first? Maybe, but at least motorcycles will profit from this moment of lucidity.

January 16th 2012 sees the start of a congestion charge into the inner center of Milan, called Area C. Everyone must pay to drive into the city, except, motorcycle and scooters.

They are seen as a solution to traffic problems.


11 January, 2012 - Nepal: Filling Up Your Motorcycle, Not Easy
Motorcycles Filling Up Un Nepal.JPG
At times when I need to fill up my motorcycle at a gas station and I see another motorcycle in front of me, I just go to the next station. Why wait? But it looks like these poor bikers do not have a choice. Guess you can wait a day to fill up.

Maybe electric motorcycles are a better choice...


4 January, 2012 - France: Radar Localization Hardware - Forbidden, But..
Radar Photographed Sign
Fun and games on the French roads....

New laws are being applied for radar localization devices such as Coyote/Inforad, and all smartphone with a GPS app. They are no longer allowed to tell you that you are approaching a radar, just that you are approaching a "danger" zone.

But thanks to the law, cops are not allowed to inspect your smartphone without a warrant, since it's a privacy issue. So if your smartphone has a GPS with radar warning, they can't touch it... fun!


28 December, 2011 - Switzerland: Tougher Traffic Laws - Prison Sentences
Swiss Cheese Speed Radar
Switzerland is getting serious about speeding and dangerous driving, be it cars or motorcycles. It used to be a matter of money, from the speeding fine. That was it. Now it's more serious....

You can now expect a jail term of between 1 and 4 years.

Do you think they serve Swiss cheese and chocolates in Swiss jails?


22 December, 2011 - UK: Motorcycles In London Bus Lanes Now Official
London bus lanes
London, UK gets an early Christmas present for motorcycle riders....

Starting January 23rd, 2012, motorcycles will be allowed to ride in the bus lanes! Major victory.... now, will Paris please pay attention!


14 December, 2011 - Xmas2011: Adjustable Bungee Cord
Christmas Shiny Ball 2011
We've all had to haul something on our motorcycle one day or another. And since our rides aren't pick-up trucks, at least most of our bikes, you'll need to attach the "something" to your motorcycle.

Enter the bungee cord. Since it stretches, it's easy to tie around whatever object you need to carry. But on the flipside, if the bungee cord is too large, you either have to try another wrap around, or, if you have this adjustable bungee cord, you just adjust the length you need.

Nothing is simpler to bring it along. Adjust the length of the cord, snap into place, and off you go.


9 December, 2011 - Italy: Massive Fuel Tax Hikes
Pumping gas
Italy is under financial pressure thanks to a previous government mismanagement of the economic crisis, and now the public has to pay the price...

Fuel taxes have been added 3 times already this year, and now the 4th tax makes Italy the most expensive country to buy gasoline in.

With these gas prices who can afford to ride a motorcycle, let alone a car?


6 December, 2011 - Europe:  IMCO Vote on Type Approval Legislation
FEMA logo
FEMA tells us that the European Parliament are putting things in place to make our lives much more difficult when riding a motorcycle.

Maybe they have a few good points, but the bad points far outweigh the good ones.

Here's the press statement from FEMA.


2 December, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Taxi Operator Tests The Victory 1700
Victory 1700
Motorcycle taxis usually use Honda Gold Wing as their workhorse, but since they are expensive to purchase, the operators are always looking for alternatives.

Here's one operator that has tested the Victory 1700 motorcycle. This is his view...


1 December, 2011 - Switzerland: Riding Without Motorway Tax Will Cost Double
Switzerland Road Tax 2012 Sticker
Riding your motorcycle in Switzerland without the annual motorway tax sticker is going to cost you dearly. Even as a foreigner, and even if you are only on the motorway system for 10 minutes, you need to pay the CHF40.

But starting today, if you get caught riding without the tax sticker, the fine is now double... from CHF100 to CHF200 (some $220).

So be aware...


29 November, 2011 - Vietnam: Using Fishnets To Stop Motorcycles
Fishnets stop speeding motorcycles
Interesting, but very dangerous, way of stopping speeding motorcycle in Vietnam....

...Throw a fishnet over the rear tire!!!

I prefer the solution in the photo..


7 November, 2011 - UK: Filling Up Motorcycle To Be More Difficult
There is a big drop in gas stations in the UK. It went from 21,000 to 8,500 in the whole country, which is not much.

We're seeing "fuel deserts", where you'll need to travel a long distance with your motorcycle to fill'er up.


7 November, 2011 - Broken Down On The Motorway? There’s An App For That
SOS AutoRoute
SOS AutoRoute
When your motorcycle stops working on a motorway, it can turn into a disaster. Imagine having to walk in a storm to the nearest emergency phone booth, usually placed miles apart. Trucks thundering past, wind and rain... not fun.

But there's an app to help you out. Available in both iPhone and Android version, press the button, and the emergency center immediately knows where you are, and will send a crew to help you out asap.

Nothing simpler..


2 November, 2011 - Motorcycle Towed Away? Where Is It? There’s An App For That
iPhone App Paris Police
iPhone App Paris Police
The Parisian police have released an iPhone/Android/Mobile Windows application that allows you to find the closet police station, find lost objects and most importantly, find out if your motorcycle was towed away for illegal parking, where it is, and how much it'll cost to get it back.

Service with a smile...


26 October, 2011 - How To Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipping
Crated Motorcycle Using Quick Crate
A guest article by Amar Patel on the things to do (and not do) for when you plan to ship your motorcycle using a transporter.

It's not something to take lightly if you want to see your motorcycle in a riding condition at arrival, but it can make your life a lot easier.


25 October, 2011 - Hey! Where Did The Road Go?
Bangkok Flooded Road
Holy Crapolla!

Yesterday there was a road, now there's a river...


20 October, 2011 - Renting An Electric Scooter In France
Peugeot eVivaCity
Peugeot logo
Peugeot is offering a rental service, initially in the French cities, but shortly all over the big European cities of not only their normal scooter range, but also of their electric scooter, the e-VivaCity.

Prices are very reasonable. Currently their web site only allows rentals in France (and in French).


14 October, 2011 - United Nations Condemns European Motorcycle License
License Back Germany
United Nations logo
The United Nations is telling the European Commission to watch out with the standard and uniform driving license for motorcycle riders.

The aim to have a dual stage license, one for beginners with a restricted power, the other for more experienced bikers, is going to cause problems internationally.

Next step: - bomb Europe...


6 October, 2011 - Save What You Can! What Would You Save?
Motorcycle on float Philippines
If you could only save one thing in your household, what would you save?

These guys in the Philippines have got their priorities right!


26 September, 2011 - Ireland To Go Yellow
Hi Vis Jacket Motorcycle
Ireland is going for the same thing the French have been fighting against; the mandatory wearing of yellow high-visibilty (hi-vis) vests.

The Irish government wants all motorcycle riders to wear hi-vis vests starting 2014. So until then, we can expect a large number of protest rides.

The fight is on!


21 September, 2011 - Signs: Motorcycle Heaven For The Next 140 Miles
Greatest Motorcycle Road Sign
Motorcycle Paradise! When you see this road sign, you know you're in trouble... you'll never want to go back home.

Imagine a twisty road for 140 miles...... heaven.


15 September, 2011 - How To Cross A River On Your Motorcycle
Pakistan Men Carrying Motorcycle Over Water
India Men Carrying Motorcycle Over Water
Who wants to get their motorcycle wet & dirty when crossing a river?

Not these folks... different countries, same methods


5 September, 2011 - Tunisia: First Motorcycle Road Rally?
Tunisia Road Rally 2011 Map
Tunisia Road Rally 2011
Here's a great motorcycle race for all to do! You get to "race" in a foreign country, Tunisia to be exact, but it's not in the desert, but you'll ride on normal roads. This means you can bring your Hayabusa, 125cc, Royal Enfield sidecar or you Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Accommodation is in 4/5 star hotels, and the fee includes shipping, hotels, food and race fees. You'll not need a support crew, since they provide the mechanics.

Best of all, they have a special program for your followers/fans. Bring your spouse/partner and kids... Everyone wins.


30 August, 2011 - Indonesia: Mass Motorcycle Exodus
Indonesia Mass Motorcycle Exodus 2011
Why a mass exodus of motorcycle riders you may ask yourself. Since motorcycles are the preferred and favored form of transportation in Asia, it's the one and only way to get home quickly.

All the motorcycle riders in Indonesia are rushing home for a great meal. For those of you who have never tasted Indonesian food, give it a try. I was raised on it (my grandparents was born there).

It's a great reason to rush home for the first good meal in a month...


19 August, 2011 - Lightweight Camping Tent For Your Motorcycle
Sea to Summit Specialist tent
The Sea to Summit Specialist tents are so incredibly lightweight and compact, you can carry it easily with you on your motorcycle the next time you go camping.

Why is it important? First you are less heavy, secondly you'll burn up less fuel and third, and this is the most important, you'll be able to carry more beer.


18 August, 2011 - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine Facebook Edition
Adventure Motorcycle Magazine Facebook Page
The two main resources for adventure motorcycle riders just to increased. There's the Advrider forum, the Adventure Motorcycle Magazine print edition (and electronic version), and now the magazine has a very interesting Facebook page full of interesting information for experienced, or budding, adventure motorcycle rider.


17 August, 2011 - God, Decibels and Motorcycles
Madone des Motards 2011 Blessing
Once a year, in a small and sleepy village in Brittany, France, population 635, some 20,000 motorcycles and 10,000 spectators come on a pilgrimage to the Madonna of Bikers statue, and to receive a blessing by one of the (bike riding) priests.

A special prayer is held for all bikers that have died in the last year, and for the rest, it's party time.


16 August, 2011 - Latvia: The First Motorcycle Taxi Company Arrives
Riga City Scooters
Latvia now has their first motorcycle taxi company. Called City Scooter, they use scooters with removable roofs.

However, their laws are a bit unclear whether they are allowed to carry passengers.


8 August, 2011 - An Honest Government?
Greed Camera
Well, what do you know? One government is playing an honest "game". NSW in Australia is removing speed cameras that have not shown that they save lives, but instead generate revenue.

25% of the speed cameras are being removed.


28 July, 2011 - Ireland: Nice Motorcycle-Friendly Road Pillions - NOT!
Naas Ireland
When will they ever learn? Authorities on one hand are trying hard to make us behave, trying, according to them to save our lives, but on the other hand, they do everything to kill us.

Here's an example of what's happening in Ireland.


20 July, 2011 - Belgium: Roads To Be Dark, Very Dark
Dark Road tracks
% of the motorways/autoroutes in Belgium are going dark. There's no money for something as frivolous as lamps on autoroutes.

Even when your roads are not in a good state, and motorcycles often have problems because of truck tracks ingrained in the road.


12 July, 2011 - Tour Paris On A Vespa Scooter
Paris Tours Vespa Scooter
Visiting Paris on holiday (or even business). Here's a tip for you....

2 Wheel Tours offer Vespa scooter tours of the French capital. Up to 3 scooters with a guide, will navigate you through the French streets. No traffic jams, and a great way of seeing the city of lights.


12 July, 2011 - New Radar Cars Even More Difficult To Detect
Hidden Radar In French Police Car
The police and government are coming up with new methods to part you from your hard earned money.

A new mobile radar meant for unmarked cars is being tested in France. Not visible, no flash, infrared and highly intelligent. There goes our money...

Now if only they would use the money spent on radars and invest it in road safety, lives would actually be saved.


8 July, 2011 - Europe: The One Place Europe Is To Be Unified
Politics Article
Europe is going to have its cross border exchange of vehicle and driver information.

Apart from 3 European countries, all others will, when they fine you for speeding on your motorcycle (plus a few other offenses), will know where you live. They can then send a hit squad to get you...


8 July, 2011 - Motorcycles: Germany Gets It, France Does Not
German License plate Difference
On one side, we have Germany, with a Transport Minister who understands motorcycle riders, and has reduced the minimum dimensions for license plates, and on the other side we have France, where the Minister of Interior hates motorcycles, and is trying to increase license plates dimensions.

So what happened to the unified and uniform Europe? Only when it suits you.... right?


1 July, 2011 - UK: New Mobile Radar Van Against Motorcycles
Mobile Radar Van UK
In the UK, the North Yorkshire police have gotten themselves a new high-tech weapon against speeding motorcycles.

It's a van, highly visible, with radar cameras all around, that can take 360°, very high definition photos, up to 1 kilometer away.

From the 36 people who died on their roads last year, 22 were motorcycle riders, and 24% of them died because of speeding.


27 June, 2011 - Belgium: Changes For Motorcycle Riders - Good Ones
Thumbs Up
FINALLY! Finally a country that gets it. Belgium, despite not having a working government has passed several laws for motorcycle riders, and they are all (mostly) positive.

In fact, most are stuff of wet dreams....

Lane Splitting/Filtering, Sidewalk Parking, Bus Lanes.... you name it ... we're allowed to do it.

Long live Belgium.


27 June, 2011 - We All Live In A Yellow Submarine
China Submerged Motorcycle in Hubei
First thing that sprung to my mind when I saw this photo of the motorcycle and two guys in China.. now I can't get it out of my mind (the song, not the photo).


24 June, 2011 - France: Ride A Motorcycle Taxi, Fly Air France
City Bird logo
The number 1 motorcycle taxi company in France, City-Bird, has signed an agreement with France's national airline, Air France. The agreement will in a first phase, allow the Flying Blue Frequent Flyers program users to reserve a motorcycle to go to, or return from, the airport.

In a second phase, Air France will package the motorcycle taxi in an all-inclusive package for business folks flying to/from Paris.


7 June, 2011 - UK: Want Motorcycle Insurance? No Pillion Then
Monkey Pillion
One of world's biggest, and the UK top, insurance companies, Aviva, will not insure you on many motorcycle models, if you are planning to take a pillion with you.

And it's not only sportsbike that are involved, even some off-road models.

Now if that's not discrimination, I don't know what is...


1 June, 2011 - French Way Of Dealing With Radar Warning Devices
AlerteGPS G520
France Article
Buckling under the enormous pressure from dissatisfied voters and their own elected politicians, the French government has made a few changes to the planned banning of radar location devices (such as smartphones, GPSs and dedicated radar location devices on your motorcycle).

They have found a "French" way of dealing with the problem, while still trying to maintain face....


31 May, 2011 - Motorcycles Lined Up, Everywhere
Motorcycle Line up USA 2011
Motorcycle Line up Yemen 2011
Two photos taken on the same day, thousands of miles apart, but with the same story; motorcycle lined up....

One for a nice occasion, the other for a not-so-nice one.


25 May, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Not Allowed To Use The Word Taxi
No Taxi Signs
In the eternal struggle for world domination, or at least for the French roads, the car taxi companies have struck another blow against their motorcycle counterpart.... Some obscure French law defines the word "taxi" belonging to the four wheel vehicles, and therefore excludes motorcycles.

The taxi drivers are demanding that motorcycle taxi companies remove the word taxi from their names, commercial info and web.

But they don't ask that for boat, airplane, bicycle and donkey taxi companies. They are making themselves (the cagers) look ridicules and childish.


24 May, 2011 - Maybe Loud Pipes Save Lives, But They Will Cost you
Noise Snare
Video clip
A guy in Canada, who was fed up with the sound level of some motorcycle in his neighborhood, made a device that records sound levels from vehicles, video tapes them, and can sound out an automatic fine to the owner of the vehicle.

Calgary, Canada is testing out the system for wide use.

Another quick way for governments to get money? France should be very interested in the system...


20 May, 2011 - Europe: EC Tells 11 Countries To Improve Their Roads
Car Sank In Pothole
It looks like the European Commission agrees with most of us .... it's the bad road infrastructure that kills people, not speed...

The have mandated 11 countries in the European Union to get their act together and make the roads safer! It's only been a few years that the motorcycle associations have been saying it, but who will listen to us?


20 May, 2011 - France: What Does It Mean That The Radar Signs Are Going?
Radar Photographed Sign
With the abolishing of radar warning signs in France, what does this mean for us motorcycle riders?


19 May, 2011 - France: Anti-Government Swelling In The Make
FFMC Protest 18June
France Article
As could be expected after the announcement of the new drastic measures agaisnt motorcycle riders (and cars and other vehicles) in France, a large series of protests rides have been organized, with the biggest one on June the 18th.

But the biggest one has not been organized by the motorcycle associations, but from a more unlikely corner, the Association of Manufacturers of Technology for Driving Assistance (AFFTAC), the association that looks after the makers of GPS based speed radar warning devices, of which there are some 6 million users.

They plan to bring France to a standstill on June the 2nd.


17 May, 2011 - India: Judge Grants 3 Year Old A Motorcycle License
Biker Boy India
Stranger than fiction? A judge in India has granted a 3 year old kid the right to ride a real motorcycle, with as only restriction, that he is not allowed to ride it on a busy road...

No wonder India has the highest death rate on the roads.


13 May, 2011 - France: The French Fight Back, Government Indifferent
Protest Sign Crap
After the French government announced even stricter measures to get our money, the associations are getting their acts together ..... PROTESTS coming up.

The biggest association, the one that looks after cars (40 million car users in France) is making some very strong noises.

The guillotine is apparently being taken from storage and dusted off...


11 May, 2011 - France: Government Has Had Enough! Gloves Come Off
France Article
France has had several months of increase in road mortality, and the French government held an urgent meeting to address the issue.

Here's what the politicians have decided.


11 May, 2011 - India: No Helmet ? No Petrol !
Turban clad biker
A new order in the Northern part of India forces petrol pumps not to sell fuel to bikers on motorcycles without helmets.

But petrol stations are ignoring the order, since they loose a lot of revenue.


11 May, 2011 - MotoGP Truck Kills Biker, Dangers Of Motorways For Motorcycles
Truck at Peage
This would not have happened if companies operating the motorways/autoroutes in France would place motorcycle-only toll booths next to the normal toll booths.....

At a toll booth in France, a motorcycle pulled in behind a truck, waiting to pay the toll (motorcycles are only allowed to use the manual/truck toll gate). The truck driver reversed his truck in order to take a shorter/faster toll booth, crushing the biker. The biker died.

To make things worse, the truck belonged to the MotoGP Tech3 Team. The driver has been detained for involuntary manslaughter.

It's rare, but it does happen. This is why we need our own toll booths.


11 May, 2011 - France: MotoGP 2011 Motorcycle Rest Places
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on this weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


10 May, 2011 - Cannes Film Festival Will See New Taxi Service Using Victory Motorcycles
ProtectDriver Services Victory
A new motorcycle taxi service has started just in time for the famous Cannes Film Festival.

Every year, this film festival sees the very top of the A-list from Hollywood appearing, and going from party to party. To help them cut down in travel time, the new motorcycle taxi company, named ProtectDriver Services, will be riding the stars, starlets, directors and producers, plus any commoner, around on a Victory Vision motorcycle.

A bit unusual, but very fitting in Cannes.


6 May, 2011 - India: Highest Number Of Road Deaths - Number 1
Motorcycle Carried On Head
India has surpassed China in the number of yearly road deaths; 1.3 MILLION PER YEAR to be exact.

A growing middle class, bad roads, and even worse habits have made it possible for India to overtake China. But China is fighting back.

Motorcycle deaths have the record within the record. 27% of the accidents are motorcycle ones.


3 May, 2011 - Ace Cafe Coming To America
Ace cafe popular
Logo Ace Cafe
The very popular, and very British, Ace Cafe is coming to evade North America.

10 outlets are planned, and one temporary one is opening on the 14th of May in Florida to celebrate the grand opening of Dime City Cycles at Largo, Florida.

So now you too can have a place to meet fellow motorcycle riders in a supercool decor.


2 May, 2011 - Switzerland: *This* Is Start Of Motorcycle Season?
Saint Gotthard Pass Open 2011
If this is what the start of the motorcycle riding season looks like, can you imagine what winter looks like...


20 April, 2011 - You Think Your Wait To Fill Up Motorcycle For Gas Is Bad?
Nepal Motorcycle gas queue
Next time you're at the gas station and have to wait to fill up your motorcycle because there are one or two other motorcycles in front of you, just remember this picture....


14 April, 2011 - USA: LAX and NYC - A Motorcycle Taxi Service Starts Up
Moto Limos Club Fleet
A new and well equipped motorcycle taxi service is starting in world's most grid locked cities, Los Angeles and New York. With a fleet of 15 Honda Gold Wings, and even Can-Am Spyders, with or without trailers, Moto Limos Club, the motorcycle taxi service, is starting next month.

Professional and experienced riders, full protective equipment for the passengers and even Bluetooth equipped helmets allowing you not only to talk to the rider, but also use your own mobile phone on the move.


14 April, 2011 - Meanwhile, Back In Germany
German Smaller License Plates
While France has just announced that they are looking into making license plates on motorcycles bigger, Germany is doing the reverse... motorcycle license plates are being made smaller, legally.


6 April, 2011 - France: Paris To Go 30 KPH?
Paris Taxi Protest
The Mayor of the French capital Paris is trying to get a citywide reduction of speed to 30 kph, and at night a speed limit of 50 kph on the ring road.

Try keeping your motorcycle upright at 30 kph while riding through a major city.... but we all know that the Mayor hates motorcycles...


5 April, 2011 - Smartphones: Greatest Roads Goes 2.0
Greatest Roads 2
Greatest Roads 2
The iPhone app Greatest Roads has gone version 2.0, giving your much more social content, ability to post to Facebook, and more...

It's currently free, and an Android version will be available shortly.

So what are you waiting for?


4 April, 2011 - Belgium: Government To Put Motorcycle Taxi In Place
ScooTaxi Brusells
A first? In Belgium, a country without a government, the temporary government is putting in place licenses for motorcycle taxis in Brussels.

Aimed at shaving off 50% of the journey time in the city, with enormous daily traffic jams, it's good to see a government that see motorcycle taxis are a solution, not a problem.

Already the first company has a web presence, and will be using Hybrid Piaggio MP3 scooter.


31 March, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2011
Bol D'or 2011 Poster
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


30 March, 2011 - France: Radar Equipped Motorcycles This Year
Aprilia With Mobile Radar
The French government has found another very effective way of parting us from our hard earned money. They are planning this year to equip several unmarked motorcycles with onboard digital radars and cameras to catch us speeding.

There's no way you can see them, and even worse, next year, the motorcycles can photograph you on opposing lanes.


30 March, 2011 - The Netherlands: Point System For Driving Licenses Coming?
Dutch Driving License
The Dutch government are into NIHS (Not Invented Here Syndrome). The are looking at applying a very repressive license point system. Get caught twice in a period of 5 years, and your riding license is gone for 6 months. No matter if it's in a car, your motorcycle license is gone as well.

Other countries in Europe are looking at easing the penalties since now there are many people without a license but still on the road (and therefore no insurance).

One day a politician will be born that actually uses brains...


28 March, 2011 - Bulgaria: Motorcycle Season 2011 Officially Opened
Sofia 2011 Motorcycle Season Open
That's what we need here, an official start to the motorcycle season. But I guess with virtually no season differences, it's kind of hard.


4 March, 2011 - Belgium: ATGATT Law To Continue
If you think you have a problem in your country because you are forced to ride your motorcycle with an approved helmet, think again.

In Belgium for example, you need to ride full ATGATT. End of story.


2 March, 2011 - Belgium: You Got To Love Lawyers
Christophe Redko
There's a lawyer in Belgium who has managed to get ironclad traffic tickets (speeding, DUI, parking) for cars and motorcycles thrown out of court.

He's a one man get-out-of-jail card.


28 February, 2011 - Here’s Your Chance To Ride With Tiffany Coates
Tiffany at the Copacabana beach in Brail
The famous female adventure motorcycle rider, Tiffany Coates, will at the drop of a hat take her motorcycle and travel the world to unknown places.

This time you can go too.... she has been asked by GlobeBusters to serve as guide for their upcoming Silk Route expedition to Tibet and Beijing.


24 February, 2011 - Motorcycle Ride Review Using Google Streetview
DailyRide Ride Streetview
DailyRide Ride Mini Map
Daily Moto Rides, from Sunday Morning Rides, is a motorcycle ride database with a difference.

Using Google's Streetview, it allows you to view proposed motorcycle itineraries around the world. You can decide whether this is a good ride to go on, or you can ride your virtual motorcycle along some of the best roads around the world without leaving your armchair.


23 February, 2011 - The Netherlands: Keep The Boycott Of Camping WitterZomer
Opinion Article
The Dutch camping WitterZomer near the famous race circuit of Assen (TT Assen MotoGP and WSB) have been a thorn in the sides of all motorcycle riders and organizations. They want to close down the circuit.

last week all groups involved signed an agreement to stop all legal actions and try to work out the issues. All, except one... the camping ground. They want to old track to disappear. But in the mean time, they do want you to visit their camping when there's a race.

So for crying out loud, please to do stay with them ... ever!


9 February, 2011 - Motorcycle Taxi Meters Coming?
Motorcycle Taxi Meter
Motorcycle Taxi Meter Advertising
A great idea whose time has come! Two American expats living in Thailand have created the world's first motorcycle taxi meter.

No motorcycle taxi have fare meters. The device just don't exist since traditional cage taxis meters don't work on a bike. So they developed a high tech one that looks great.

It's equipped with an onboard GPS, it offers geographical proximity advertising and it has a black box feature that will provide an extra safety bonus for the passengers.

All that for an attractive price that even Asian and African motorcycle taxis should be able to afford.


9 February, 2011 - Brazil: Government Trying To Outlaw Motorcycle Taxi
Motorcycle Taxi Brazil
The Brazilian government is trying to legislate motorcycle taxis to such an extent that they would have to disappear.

31% of all fatal accidents in Brazil involve motorcycle, so they are deemed a "public health" problem.

Why do we have some many idiots.. and why are they almost always politicians?


31 January, 2011 - Why Obeying The Speed Limit Can Kill You
Bayview Boulevard Intersection
And you thought that by riding your motorcycle at the speed limit was safe! Not always. June 2009, a 79 year old driver, Andrew Cavanaugh, was driving his car through an intersection in Pinellas County, Florida. The posted speed limit is 25 mph, but the red lights were timed for passing through the intersection at 30 mph.

In other words, just before the lights turn orange, you can safely cross the four lanes at 30 mph before the opposite lights turns green.


26 January, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Now To Be Regulated
Taxi carte professionnelle
Motorcycle taxis in France are finally better regulated.

Starting on the 1st of April, 2011, motorcycle taxis will require several certificate & papers (medical, maintenance, professional cards, etc), that are delivered by the local government.

Hopefully, this will sort out the cowboys from the serious operators, and make the motorcycle taxi more "accepted".


24 January, 2011 - How To Ride Your Motorcycle Through Water
Jakarta flooding motorcycle push cart
There are many different ways of riding your motorcycle through water, but this is probably the best one, if you want to keep dry, and your motorcycle in good working condition.


21 January, 2011 - Poland: Speed Limit Raised To 140 KPH, But 150 Possible
Poland, in a wise move, has raised speed limits for cars and motorcycles on their motorways to 140 kph (from 130). On normal dual carriage ways, the speed limit was raised by 10 kph as well, to 120 kph.

What's more interesting, is that the Polish government has stated that you are allowed to speed by 10 kph without being ticketed, in other words, you are allowed to ride 150 kph. But at 151 the ticketometer starts running.


19 January, 2011 - Germany: Largest Motorcycle Museum Re-Opens
Augustusburg castle
Augustusburg Motorrad museum
One of the biggest motorcycle museums in Europe has reopened its doors in Germany. Located inside a spectacular 16th century castle, not only can you see some of the oldest motorcycles in the world, but you can also stay in the castle, and eat in one of its two restaurants.

This area of Germany has 10 castles in its immediate vicinity, plus many hotels and hostels, and the scenery is to die for.

Great holiday tip!


18 January, 2011 - Gas Prices On The Rise! Where To Find Cheap Gasoline
Fill up motorcycle
Fuel for our motorcycles is rising, and will continue forever. There's no stopping now, and the days of cheap fuel are over.

To help you find the cheapest fuel around for your motorcycles, here's a list of sites around the world that tell you where to find cheap fuel.


17 December, 2010 - Greece: Motorcycle Police And Protesters
Greece Police Protester
Now you know why the police use motorcycles during street protests...


14 December, 2010 - Benelli Opens New Motorcycle Shop In China
Benelli China Shop Opening
Benelli logo
Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli, opened their 3rd shop in China.

Next year, they plan to expand to 4 other shops. Boy, things are moving in China.... and we're paying for it..


10 December, 2010 - Germany: Mandatory Winter Tires For Motorcycles?
BMW Snow Bell 1150GS
The new law in Germany, making it mandatory for vehicles to have special winter tires during snow, ice and slush seems to also apply to motorcycles and other PTWs.

Though not 100% confirmed, since the law is a bit "open", experts are deeming the law to apply also to motorcycles. Riding one in the winter will cost you if you don't have snow tires, including foreign registered bikes. So be warned.

If you're going to the Elefantentreffen, better check in advance.


9 December, 2010 - Ahh I Love The Smell Of Burning Tires In The Morning
Haiti Burning Tires
The nicest thing to wake up too in the morning for your daily motorcycle commute... burning tires.... NOT!


6 December, 2010 - Europe: United Europe, United Speeding Fines
Speeding Ticket France 2008
Europe is going to finally unite! It's going to allow member countries to consult each other's car/motorcycle registration database, and send speeding fines committed in another European country to the wrong-doer.

But getting the money is a whole different kettle of fish.


3 December, 2010 - Judge To Be Sentenced For Not Sentencing
OJ get out of jail free
Damn. Here I was believing in fairy tales.

The German judge we wrote about that released 42 speeders because he stated that the system was unfair, for sentenced himself for letting the motorists go. The German government was not amused.

The 42 speeders are going in front of another judge.


3 December, 2010 - The Netherlands: Official-Motorway Speeds Increase To 130 KPH
Sign 120 to 130kmh
I thought I would never live to see the day! The Netherlands is raising its speed limit starting next year March from 120 kph to 130 kph on several motorways.

This applies to cars and motorcycles! A miracle!


26 November, 2010 - UAE: Big Drop In Traffic Deaths In Dubai
Statistics Article
Interesting statistics coming from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) regarding road/traffic deaths.

Deaths are in a decline, but some interesting data. Why would you have so many radars, and why have radars to monitor pedestrians?

And what's a Jin Radar?


22 November, 2010 - France: New Laws Protecting Sacred Cows
Cows Crossing Road
France Article
A new French law has declared that pedestrians are sacred cows. Hitting one with your motorcycle has always been a bad idea, but now even more.

A pedestrians who decides to cross the road outside a normal pedestrian crossing, can do so, and you'll need to stop. If not, big fine and many points gone on your license.


18 November, 2010 - Motorcycle Taxis Hit Madrid, Spain
Spain Madrid Motorcycle Taxi
Madrid in Spain now has joined the European cities where you can get to your destination faster than with any other transportation. They now have two motorcycle taxi companies operating in the capital city.

One with Honda Gold Wing 1800, the other with BMW R1200RT motorcycles.


11 November, 2010 - Germany: Judge Understands, Speeding Bikers Released
Police Radar Gun UK
A judge in Germany who actually thinks for himself, and uses common sense, overturned 42 speeding tickets by cars and motorcycles.

In his opinion, the government is not interested in road safety, but in generating money using speed cameras.

The law that allows the police to photograph someone without their consent was put in place to capture terrorists, not speeding offenders.

Long live the judge...


11 November, 2010 - Riding Motorcycles In Pollution Is Bad Enough, But This?
Volcano Ash Indonesia
And you think your motorcycle ride in your city's pollution is bad... try this.


26 October, 2010 - Yeah! My Book Is Now Available
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After 2 years work, my book is finally available for purchase.

120 pages of Upper Normandy's Pays de Caux area, including a bit of history, some of the bigger cities and towns, village life and the industries.


25 October, 2010 - Italy: Beanie Helmets Outlawed
Beanie Helmet Carbon
As off October the 12th, Italy has outlawed all use of the popular North American motorcycle helmet, the beanie.

Tolerated for mopeds and Harley motorcycles until now, if you get caught, expect a high fine, and possible confiscation of your motorcycle. This also implies foreign visitors.


22 October, 2010 - France: Exhaustive List Of Paris Based Motorcycle Taxi
France Article
With all the strikes, protests and traffic jams, the French capital has become a jungle. If you need to catch a flight, or go to an important meeting, your only real transportation choice is the motorcycle taxi.

For those of you needing to travel to Paris, here's a (long) list of motorcycle taxis and their phone numbers, motorcycles used and web links.


20 October, 2010 - The Netherlands: New Motorcycles Not Recognized By New Radars
Radar Road Sensor
The new radars being installed in The Netherlands and Belgium require a metal sensor placed in the road surface.

The sensor detects metal, and present day motorcycle have very little metal; more carbon, aluminium and plastics, so they don't get detected, and therefore don't get ticketed for speeding.


14 October, 2010 - Try A BMW Motorcycle During A Holiday In Spain This Winter
BMW Test Camp
BMW logo
BMW, to beat the winter blues, are offering people the chance of a winter holiday in South Spain, riding the BMW motorcycle of their choice.

Four packages are available, either road trips and/or track time. Choose any BMW motorcycle (except the new K1600 series), including (or specially) the S1000RR.

Speaking German is going to be a must....


21 September, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Now Bookable By Travel Agents
CityBird Electri City Vectrix scooter
French motorcycle taxi CityBird have been contracted by world's biggest business travel agency, Carlson WagonLit, to provide taxi services in France for the travel chain's business travellers.

This in addition to the contracts they already had with the French railroads and British Airways.

Things are getting more solid for motorcycle taxis.


15 September, 2010 - Thailand: Did Not Know Motorcycles Could Swim
Bangkok Motorcycle in the Water
Jeez.... Asian built motorcycles can take enormous amounts of people, and they can swim.

Take that BMW...


31 August, 2010 - Scooter Camping Car/Mobile Home
Piaggio APE 50 Bufalino
Who needs a Winnebago to travel in comfort, if you can have a camping motorcycle/scooter based on the popular Piaggio APE?

Bed, fridge, cooking area, desk, 2 seats, wash basin.... what more do you need?


30 August, 2010 - Nigeria: Ban On Motorcycle Taxi In Parts Of Lagos
Nigeria Okada Motorcycle tax ban
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The okada, the extremely dangerous motorcycle taxi in Africa (particularly Nigeria), is often the only way to get around the traffic jam invested city on time, but is also very dangerous.

Now it looks like the authorities are trying to prevent these motorcycle from riding on their streets. They are being banned.


27 August, 2010 - The Netherlands: Hell Freezes Over
Slow on Motorway
Looks like hell has frozen over, and pigs can fly! The ultra strict country of The Netherlands, were many portions of motorways are limited to 80 kph, and where there is an overall maximum speed of 120, has gotten many of the Members of Parliament asking the Minister of Transportation to "up" the speed limit to 130 kph, or even 140 kph!

I would have thought it would have been faster to see Paris Hilton get an Oscar for acting.


26 August, 2010 - Europe: Motorcycles Have A New Powerful Enemy
Trafistar SR590 image
Airplane HUD
Our most powerful enemy has reached Europe, in Switzerland. A Swiss company is testing the first of a new, military technology, radar in Switzerland. Cheap, and extremely powerful, it can follow 22 vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks etc) on 4 different lanes, and track 10 different traffic violations at the same time.

The company plans to make 150 next year, and we'll be seeing them in Europe in no time at all.


25 August, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2010
Bol D'or 2010
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurancerace, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


24 August, 2010 - Missed Out Riding In Europe On A Motorcycle? Harley To The Rescue
Harley France Video Map
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson France have released an incredibly well done web site, showing you a 7 day trip through the Southern part of France and the Northern part of Italy on a Harley motorcycle.

The video is very well done, not only does it show you the scenery, but you can drag the video to look around you in a 360° scenery. Want to see the rider, or the sky, or side scenery...? No problem. All in HD and full screen. It's like being there.

Very nice way of riding in Europe without the cost.


16 August, 2010 - License Plate Country Codes
Web Article
Here's something really interesting.... (I couldn't find anything else to write about to keep you amused)....

All the country codes you find on motorcycles and cars, telling you from where in the world they are....

There.. aren't you glad you tuned into this site today?


10 August, 2010 - Europe: Speed Limits For Motorcycles
European logo
Since the holidays are just around the corner, and if you're planning to ride your motorcycle here in Europe, here is a reminder of the speed limits.

Note that some countries have different speed limits for motorcycles...


28 July, 2010 - France: The New Radar Warning Signs
France Radar New sign
This is the new radar warning sign in France. No longer do you get an advanced warning of an upcoming speed radar so you can slow down your motorcycle, but now all it tells you is that you are in a zone covered by a radar a few kilometers long.


23 July, 2010 - Don’t Bother, It’s Flooded!
Flooded Motorcycle Vietnam
Don't even bother push starting the motorcycle! Can't you see it's flooded...


22 July, 2010 - News On Tiff Coates’s Travels
Tiffany in Japan
Tffany and Carla King
Some news about Tiffany "Tiff" Coates world travels on her trusty, but old, BMW GS motorcycle.

She's back in the USA, and has decided, spur of the moment, to head for Labrador.

In the mean time, Tiff has met up with Carla King, female solo world traveller and successful book author.


15 July, 2010 - Going Under The Bridge With A Motorcycle, Not Easy
Philippines Under Bridge
That's tough. You'd think riding under a bridge on your motorcycle would be easy....


13 July, 2010 - The Netherlands: Cops Have A Field Day
Piggy Bank with money
The Dutch cops, you know, that country that lost the Worldcup football, had a speeding ticket bonanza last weekend.

Of the 8,300 cars and motorcycles driving on a section of the A1 autoroute, 5,000 got a speeding ticket!

Ka-Diiing goes the cash register!


13 July, 2010 - Less Drinking In Ireland
Guinness turtle
Ouch... this has got to hurt. In Ireland, they have drastically lowered the drinking limit.

80mg/100 has gone down to 50mg/100, while learners and professionals have got theirs lowered to 20 mg/100.


12 July, 2010 - France: Paris Airport Motorcycle Discount Parking
Motorcycle parking only sign
It was bound to happen!

The first off-airport motorcycle parking garage in Paris. 24/7 shuttle service, secure and inside parking, lockers for your helmet & stuff.


8 July, 2010 - iPhone: BestBikingRoads App
BestBikingRoads iPhone App
BestBikingRoads iPhone App
The site "Best Biking Roads", a web site that allows you to store your best rides, and for others to find out which are the best roads to ride their motorcycles on, have recently released an iPhone/iTouch app.

The app allows you to not only find great rides for you and your motorcycles, but that's to the onboard GPS, the app can tell you which are the closest rides to where you are at that moment. No more searching... just ask "what's nice close to me"...


5 July, 2010 - The Netherlands: People Willing To Pay Not To Be In Traffic Jams
Dutch Lane Splitting
The Dutch are debating a new way of taxing you on the road. The politicians are looking at a "pay-as-you-go" tax, i.o.w., you pay for each kilometer on the road.

But a market research done by Goodyear, shows that the Dutch to not want to pay a tax scheme like this, but are willing to pay more money in order to avoid to having to drive in traffic james.

But then why not just ride a motorcycle? No traffic jams and it's much more fun...


9 June, 2010 - Indonesia: Jakarta Traffic Jams, Even For Motorcycles
Jakarta Motorcycle Traffic Jam
With more cars and motorcycles being bought in Asia, there are increasingly number of traffic jams created.

Even here in Jakarta, Indonesia, motorcycles are having problems getting to work on time...


18 May, 2010 - Thailand: Motorcycle Gang With Their Patches
Thai Motorcycle Police
Looks like the motorcycle gang, complete with their patches, are at the loose again in Bangkok, Thailand.

Will those 1%ers ever learn.... ?


14 May, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Rest Areas For The MotoGP 2010
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on next weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place many motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


14 May, 2010 - Italy: No 150 kph For Motorways
No 150 kph
After years of debate, arguments and political promises, the Italian politicians have finally made de decision..... there will be no raising of the speed limit on the motorways to 150 kph.

So the only country left where you can ride at a faster pace, is Germany...


10 May, 2010 - A Tour De France On A Scooter For A Special Girl
Ara Lucia Ashburne
Here's a young lady that deserves our respect. Ara Lucia Ashburne suffered an enormous physical problem, resulting in a life long severe disability, but the disability is not visible.

Many people think if you don't show the disability, you're not disabled. So she's going to set out on trip of her life, riding through France. Just to prove that she can do it, and to make people aware of invisible disabilities.

That's tough... not an easy task.


7 May, 2010 - Italy: New Motorcycle Protection Laws Coming
Naked motorcycle rider
The days of riding naked in Italy are going to be over... well, I don't think many were riding like in this photo.

A new law being debated will make mandatory, depending on your motorcycle power rating, the wearing of protective motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycles over 70 hp will have a mandatory wearing on either a full integral suit, or a two piece suit, protected, including back protector.


15 April, 2010 - India: Naked On A Motorcycle For A Bath
India Naked Hindu
Sitting naked on your motorcycle, covered with ash, waiting to take a bath, is a pastime that seems interesting...

Wash yourself and your motorcycle at the same time....


9 April, 2010 - Ride Exceptional Motorcycles In The South Of France
Columbus Club
Now you can join the equivalent of the supercar clubs, but on motorcycles.

Columbus International, based in sunny Cannes, South France, offer an annual membership that allows you to ride one of their super motorcycles, Ducati, BMW, MV Agusta, or even a Triumph Rocket III.

Fly in to Cannes, pickup your motorcycles, ride via the beaches through the mountains, end up in the casino of Monte Carlo.

James Bond, move over;...


9 April, 2010 - Crash Your Motorcycle In The USA? Pay The Rescue Bill!
Motorcycle Accident Ambulance
When will politicians stop trying to take our money? Their next scam is having you pay for your own crash!

Take example in this story, guy gets hit from behind on his motorcycle, fire department arrives, and hands him a bill for $200 (the car driver got a bill for $100).

Is that what you pay your taxes for? "Crash Tax" - my ass!


7 April, 2010 - Riders On The Storm, Riders On The Storm
Motorcycle Sandstorm Minqin
When I saw this photo, the famous song from The Doors sprang to mind.... Riders On The Storm....


31 March, 2010 - OMG! Dolomites To Be Closed For Motorcycles This Summer?
Dolomites Motorcycle Curves
Bad news, very bad news. The European motorcycle paradise, known as the Dolomites mountains (part of the Italian Alps) is going to be closed for motorcycle starting this summer.

Why? Because some people (three of them) don't want motorized vehicles sharing the roads they hike. 10,000's of motorcycle per day enjoy the curves, the restaurants and hotels love us!


30 March, 2010 - France: Confusion About License Point System
French driving license
France Article
There's some confusion about the point system for French driving license according to some smart lawyers....

According to the law, licenses delivered before 1992 are for life, and therefore can not be taken away with the point system...

Of course the government disagrees....


29 March, 2010 - Bulgaria: 2010 Motorcycle Season Declared Open
Sofia Season Opening 2010
Sofia Season Opening 2010
Looks like there's an official motorcycle riding season in Bulgaria, and it opened officially last weekend.

Does that mean that bikers are now fair game?


26 February, 2010 - Indonesia: Normal Traffic Jam Or Something Going On?