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27 August, 2015 - France: This Is The Way The French Police Deal With Motorcycle Thieves
French police catch motorcycle thieves
France flag
#France #PoliceArrest #Video - Here is a video of a couple of thieves who were stealing motorcycles out of a shop in Paris, France. Cops from the BAC, an elite anti-gang squad, caught them red-handed. And these undercover cops are not exactly friendly neighborhood cops ... and also a bit heavy-handed (thankfully).

Aren't you jealous that your cops aren't allowed to do this?


20 July, 2015 - France: Outrageous! Cops Get Bonus For Most Tickets
French Radar Police Hidden
France flag
#France #Police #Scandal - I am outraged! Scandalized! The French car magazine Auto Plus found out that not only are cops being given points for every ticket issued, but the top police units (cars or motorcycles) get an annual bonus of €600 per person. Unacceptable!


9 July, 2015 - Tour de France 2015: Motorcycle Cop Crash
Motorcycle Cop Crash TdF 2015
Tour de France logo
#TourDeFrance #TdF #Crash - Riding escort for the Tour de France is a great job for the motorcycle Gendarmes, and it looks like a cozy gig. But it's not, it's difficult and at times dangerous, as you can see from the photo. Passing cyclists on a narrow road, on the wet grass seemed like a good idea at the time...


7 July, 2015 - France: Police - Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Paris Police Heatwave
France flag
#France #ATGATT #HeatWave - The French authorities have been telling French bikers to be ATGATT on their motorcycle during the summer, but their own cops have been found riding around with no protection whatsoever (except helmet). Do as I say, not as I do.


12 June, 2015 - Yamaha - Reliable Prisoner Transportation Since 1960
Tunis Prisoner Transport
Tunisia flag
#Tunisia #PrisonerTransportation - Yamaha, a name for prisoner transportation. Reliable, comfortable and economical.


8 June, 2015 - 25 Weapon Grade Motorcycles From The Old Days
Weapon Grade Motorcycles Vintage
Weapon Grade Motorcycles Vintage
Back before you and I were born people had big wars, enveloping several continents. And the military knew a good thing when they saw it; motorcycles. Motorcycles were retrofitted to become weapons, or at the least transport weapons to their destination.

So in World War I and the sequel World War II, there were quite a lot of motorcycles and sidecars equipped with all sorts of weapons. The first one below is probably the most seen on the internet, the Vespa scooter that was used as a parachute-dropped canon.

Here are 25 such weapon-grade motorcycles from the old days.


27 May, 2015 - Spain: Malaga Police Go Electric Motorcycles - Brammo
Malaga Police Brammo
Brammo logo
#Brammo #Electric #Police #Malaga - The Spanish municipal police in Malaga have bought two Brammo Empulse Police version electric motorcycles to patrol the city center. This after a competition between the leading manufacturers. More order can follow if the Brammos behave well.


19 May, 2015 - Not Be Be Outdone, Motorcycle Police In India Use Onboard Camera
India Onboard Police Camera
#Funny #Police #Onboard-Cameras - We probably all seen those cop reality TV shows , with police cars and motorcycles equipped with video cameras record everything that is happening on the road. Often funny, sometimes even hilarious, they do prove to be effect these onboard cameras. Now the police in India are trying the technology themselves. Here's the first one:


14 May, 2015 - Brazil: Rio Fire Department Go For Yamaha Cruisers
Rio Fire Department Motorcycle
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Yamaha #FireFighters - The Rio de Janeiro, Brazil fire department have selected a rather strange motorcycle for their fire fighters to arrive rapidly on the scene: the Yamaha XVS1300 Midnight Star, a cruiser.


12 May, 2015 - BMW On A Roll: Supplying Electric Vehicles To Milan Expo
Milan Police BMW C Evolution
BMW logo
#BMW-Motorrad #Police #Italy - BMW are on a roll with their electric vehicles: now they are supplying 6 C-Evolution electric scooters, and 4 i3 electric cars to the Milan World Expo efforts. They are supplied for free, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.


6 May, 2015 - BMW Deliver Electric C-Evolution Scooters To Italian Cops
Cagliari Police BMW C Evolution
BMW logo
#BMWMotorrad #Italy #Electric - BMW are selling their electric C-Evolution scooter like hot cakes, especially to the Law Enforcement community. First there were 30 of these electric scooters to the Barcelona, Spain cops, now 15 units to the Cagliari, Italy cops. Who is next?


24 April, 2015 - French National Police - Results Of Airbag Vest For Motorcycle Cops
French National Police Airbag Vests
France flag
#France #NationalPolice #AirbagVests - The French motorcycle police undergoes a gruelling and very difficult training. The National Police training center has adopted airbag vests for the trainees, and since they have had them, they have not had any serious injuries. On average, one airbag vest gets deployed EVERY DAY!


16 March, 2015 - Spain: Barcelona Cops Get 30 Electric BMW C-Evolution Scooters
Barcelona BMW C Evolution Police
Spain flag
#Spain #Barcelona #BMW #Electric - The local police force in Barcelona, Spain have gotten an advanced Christmas present; 30 BMW C-Evolution, the advance electric scooters from the German manufacturer. Now the local plods can ride around in total silence, without any CO2, and they can do it by accelerating like a rocket.


18 February, 2015 - Okay, From Which Planet Is This Police Motorcycle?
Alien Police Motorcycle
click to see where USA is on the map
#Police #Sci-Fi - Have any alien race invaded us, and are their police force using their own motorcycles? Just look at those Gatling guns in the front...


10 February, 2015 - Europe: Looking For A Military Motorcycle?
Zundapp KS750 1944
Harley Davidson MT350
Would you like to have a military motorcycle in your garage. An old one or a reasonably recent one? Have I got a web site for you.


12 January, 2015 - India: Preparing That Day They Share 1 Motorcycle With Many
India Border Security Force Daredevils Rehearsal
India flag
#India #RepublicDayParade #Daredevils - The Indian Border Security Force motorcycle stunt group called the "Daredevils" have been preparing their Indian Republic Day parade event which will he held on January 26th.

As tradition wants it, every year during India's national day, the armed forces go out on their motorcycles, never one but always many to one bike, and amaze the gathered public with their incredible stunts.


5 January, 2015 - Australia: A Good Christmas For Aussie Motorcycle Cops
Queensland Motorcycle Mobile Police Radar
Australia flag
#Australia #Radars - The cops in Queensland, Australia got a great Christmas present from Santa: new radars that get fitted to their motorcycles and that can catch you speeding while they are riding.


26 December, 2014 - France: Yamaha Wins Police Motorcycle Contract, Again
Yamaha TDM900A France
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #France #Police - Yamaha got themselves a nice contract with the French administration for many different motorcycles and scooters. The long-lasting battle with BMW is not over. No clear winner so far.


22 December, 2014 - Italy: Cops Fall Asleep, Their Radar Gets Stolen
Stealing Police speed camera
Italy flag
Two cops in Rome fell asleep on the job, and when they woke up their precious and latest technology radar had been stolen. Karma? Or North Korea strikes again?


16 December, 2014 - Motorcycle Cops Also Like Taking Selfies-Just Before Crushing A Riot
Motorcycle Police Selfie
Indonesia flag
#Indonesida #RiotPolice #Selfie - It looks likes everyone likes taking selfies, even motorcycle cops. They even do it just before crushing a riot or two. I wonder if this cop will ever publish his photo?


15 December, 2014 - France: Violent Knee-jerk Reaction From Authorities About Facebook
Radar jackpot
France flag
#France #Facebook #Radars - 15 people got convicted for putting radar location information on Facebook in France. Ridiculous. Time for another revolution.


15 December, 2014 - One Little Nudge, Please
Many Dutch Police Motorcycles
#Funny #Police - If we could nudge one of the police motorcycles on the side, it could be very funny.


18 November, 2014 - France: Guy Gets Car Impounded, Then Needs To Pay Fines For Speeding After The Impounding
Impounding a car
France flag
#France #Impound #Speeding - Guy gets his car impounded. Police decide to use his car for sting operations, and in doing so rack up 10 tickets, 5 for speeding. The car owner is expected to pay.


17 November, 2014 - New Radar Will Detect If You Are Insured Or Not
Italy flag
#Italy #Insurance #Technology - An Italian company has produced, and is selling, a device that when placed alongside the road will detect whether your motorcycle is insured or not.


10 November, 2014 - Burkina Faso: Rioters Steal Police Motorcycle, Have Fun With It
Burkina Faso Stolen Police Motorcycle
Burkina Faso flag
#BurkinaFaso #Revolution #Police - In one of the poorest countries of the world, where there gas been a revolution recently, and riots are rampant in the streets, a couple of rioters steal an expensive BMW police motorcycle. Looks like they're having fun with it...


4 November, 2014 - Austria: The BEST Motorcycle Job?
Austrian Alps Pass
Austria flag
#Austria #AlpinePasses #Police - This has got to be one of the best motorcycle jobs ever! Austrian motorcycle police, riding KTM motorcycles in the Alps mountain passes. Woow.


23 September, 2014 - USA: The New Weapon Against Driving and Texting
Texting and Talking Texas
USA flag
#Texting #Police - A new weapon is coming on the market to allow cops to detect whether you are texting while driving. And that is a good thing for us motorcycle riders.


15 September, 2014 - France: Some Cops Are Just Not Smart - Video
Dumb Cop Holds Radar Wrong
France flag
#Funny #PoliceScrewUpAsWell #Fail - The police are not infallible as this video will show. On France's biggest TV station, this cop is showing the use of the modern laser radar gun. Except he is holding it inversed - he's checking the speed of his eyeballs...FAIL!


18 August, 2014 - India: Share-A-Motorcycle Day (aka Independence Day)
India Independence Day 2014
India flag
#India #IndependenceDay #Stunts - It's that time of the year in India that mostly soldiers share their motorcycle with several other soldiers - while riding - (or use some fire to go faster). In other words, it's India's Independence Day celebrations.


29 July, 2014 - Cyprus: Unusual Way For Motorcycle Police To Patrol The Streets - WTF?
Cyprus Motorcycle Show Off
Cyprus flag
#Cyprus #Police #Funny - This has got to be the most unusual and weirdest way to patrol the streets for motorcycle cops. Is this the upside down world? Or are they doing upskirts?


23 July, 2014 - Syria: Cops Expected To Ride With Photo Of Dictator Assad?
Syria Cop Assad Photo
Syria flag
#Syria #Police - Wow, it looks like the motorcycle police in Syria need to ride around with photos of the (dictator) president Assad. If not....


8 July, 2014 - UK: High-Fiving Motorcycle Cop At The TdF 2014 - Cool
UK Police High Five TdF2014
Tour de France logo
#UK #TdF #Police - This is a pretty cool photo, showing that British motorcycle police officers are human and have a good sense of humor. Giving spectators of the Tour de France high-fives.... nice.


2 July, 2014 - France: The Grueling Training of the Motorcycle Gendarmes
Gendarme training Turbo
Gendarme training Turbo
#France #Gendarme #Training - A look at the French motorcycle Gendarme training, photo and video. Quite intense and difficult.


26 June, 2014 - I Do Not Think This Is What They Meant With ATGATT
Iraq flag
#Iraq #ATGATT #Military - Talk about riding motorcycle with body armor. Somehow when they talk about riding motorcycle ATGATT, I don't think this is what they had in mind.


24 June, 2014 - France: You’ve Got To Love Lawyers, Specially When You Screw Up
Speeding on Autobahn
France flag
#France #Speeding #Lawyers - Two men were caught speeding in France at 244 kph, racing each other in cars. But thanks to the magic from two lawyers, they got off scot-free.


23 June, 2014 - Brazil: How To Keep Soccer Supporters In Check
Keeping soccer supporters in check
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Soccer #Supporters - Several soccer (or as it is known here, football) supporters can be rowdy if not downright violent before, during and after their matches. But it looks like this is one thing that Brazil has under control. Not the kind of guys you want to pick a fight with.


20 June, 2014 - The Netherlands: Yet Again People Stole Cop’s Radar Equipment
Stealing Police speed camera
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Police #Radar - Yet again someone stole the Dutch police radar from under their eyes. It's gone. Maybe they should check on eBay.


16 June, 2014 - USA: Those LEO Funeral Processions Are Sad But Impressive
Las Vegas Cop Funeral 2014
USA flag
#USA #Police #Funeral - Looking at the photos of yet another funeral procession of a police officer, I can only say that a) it's sad and b) it's very impressive. The only question that I ask is "who fights crime while everyone is at the funeral?". Do criminals know this will happen and strike?


30 May, 2014 - Thailand: The Most Military Motorcycle They Have Got
Thailand Real Military Scooter
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Military #Funny - Thailand evokes the image of peace, quite, flowers, Buddhist monks, etc (and a few other things we'll not mention here). Just look at their military might.... what a "macho" military scooter these soldiers are riding. Imagine the fun others will be making of them (but then they do have some serious weapons).


27 May, 2014 - China: Terror Drills - But Who Are The Terrorists?
China Terror Drills Police.JPG
China flag
#China #Police #Terrorists - So in China, the authorities are holding terror drills. But looking at the phone, you have to ask yourself - Who are the terrorists???


26 May, 2014 - Philippines: Police Patrol? Looks More Like A Ride-Out
Philippines Police Ride Out Patrol
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Police - This does not look like a police patrol, does it? It looks more like a police ride-out, or cops prefer not to patrol with 1 or 2 motorcycles, but go with a whole gang.


22 May, 2014 - BMW Is Doing Very Well With Police Bikes In The USA, Thank You For Asking
BMW Authority Motorcycles USA
BMW logo
#BMW #Police - BMW have been selling their special police motorcycles in the USA like donuts.... a lot of them. Since a few years, police departments in the USA have been forsaking Harley and Indian for BMW. Why?


21 May, 2014 - Belgium: Fake Cops To Slow Down Vehicles
Belgium Cardbord Cops
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Cardboard #Police - Belgium are conducting an experiment by placing fake, cardboard, cops at strategic areas alongside the road to slow down cars and motorcycles. A much nicer way than radars.


14 May, 2014 - Yemen: I Would Stop Too To Get Checked. Damn Right I Would
Yemeni Motorcycle Checkpoint
Yemen flag
#Yemen #Checkpoint - There would be no way I would ride past on my motorcycle at such a checkpoint. I'd stop and play real nice ... yes sir.


8 May, 2014 - Officer, Please Arrest Me! Hey, What’s That You Are Riding?
Syria Kurdish Police On BT Hond Wuyang
Syria flag
#Syria #Kurdish #Police - First glance saw me looking at some pretty Kurdish police officers in Syria, but then my attention went to their motorcycles. BT-HOND! Ever hear of them? Have a look.


2 May, 2014 - Venezuela: Motorcycle Used As Paddy Wagon, Again
Venezuela Paddy Wagon 201404
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Police #Riots - Second time we see the police using their motorcycles to arrest and take away protestors instead of using paddy wagons. No money?


23 April, 2014 - USA: Not A Single Motorcycle Cop In L.A. - All Gone To Funeral
LA Police Officer Funeral
USA flag
#USA #Police #Funeral - From this photo, it would seem that there is not a single motorcycle cop patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. Woow, what a turn out.

Of course it is never good to lose one of your own, especially not under the circumstances the police officer died.


21 April, 2014 - USA: How Can Cops Stop Texting & Driving When They Do It
US Texting Motorcycle Cop
USA flag
#USA #Police #Texting - Police officers are supposed to show the way it's done properly, a role model. Not 'do as I say, not as I do'.

This San Antonio motorcycle cop got caught texting while riding his motorcycle. Shame on him!


11 April, 2014 - Venezuela: This Is How Motorcycle Cops (Mis)Behave
Venezuela Police Gunman on motorcycle
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Riots #Police - Pretty scary to see motorcycle cops behave like that. It even looks like the pillion cop is enjoying himself.

No wonder the people of Venezuela are fed up.


24 March, 2014 - The Netherlands: Woow! Is That All The Dutch Motorcycle Police?
Dutch Motorcycle Police Line up 201303
The Netherlands flag
#TheNetherlands #Police - For such as small country, you'd think that this is all the Dutch motorcycle police in one spot.

That's a lot of police bikes!


21 March, 2014 - Is This The Venezuelan Version Of A Paddy Wagon?
Venezuela Paddy Wagon
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Police - Despite all the petrol money they have, it looks like the Venezuelan police can not afford real paddy wagons, and are using motorcycle to transport their "prisoners".

How sad...


14 March, 2014 - France: Double Whammy Radar
Radar Photographed Sign
France flag
#France #radar #Police - The French police in the Alsace region have a new game.

It consists of two speed radars on one stretch of road, and some interesting psychology. Nice game.


3 March, 2014 - France: Cop Places Himself In Danger To Catch Speeders
France Gendarme Hiden Radar
France flag
#France #Police #Dumb - Here is an example of a French cop putting his life at stake in order to catch speeders.

It's illegal and stupid.


27 February, 2014 - France: First Drive-In Police Station Opened
France Drive In Police Station
France flag
#France #Police #Drive-in - The police in a Southern town of France have opened the very first drive-in police station.

Open 24/7, you can ride in with your motorcycle, do you business and ride away, never leaving your bike. Cool.


23 January, 2014 - The Netherlands: Police Lose Mobile Radar Gun
Belgium Radar
The Netherlands flag
The Netherlands - A cop on a speed radar trap break, when he returned noticed that his radar was stolen. And it wasn't the first time.


15 January, 2014 - Brazil: Nice Police Motorcycle Line Up - Ready For A Bowling Strike
Brazil Sao Paulo Police Silvester Run 2013
Brazil flag
#Police #Brazil - Nice photo. It's almost like they are waiting for someone to send a bowling ball down the road...


10 January, 2014 - Thailand: Riot Police Beat The Living Crap Out Of A Motorcycle
Thai Riot Police Hits Motorcycle
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Police #Violence - The poor motorcycle! What did he ever do to that policeman. The cop is beating the living daylights out of the motorcycle, and the bike is not even moving but down for the count. Poor bike.


9 January, 2014 - Somalia : Motorcycle Police Do Not Believe in ATGATT?
Somali Police No Atgatt
Somalia flag
#Somali #Police - So the motorcycle cops in Somalia don't believe in ATGATT it would seem from this photo.


18 December, 2013 - France: Electronic Tickets Enormous Windfall For Government
Electronic Tickets
France flag
#ElectricTicketing #Police #France - By 2016 all tickets (parking, etc) will be electronic and not in paper. All cops will be issued with a PDA to do this. Couple advantages, but also future disadvantages.


5 December, 2013 - UK: Police Latest High-Tech Weapon Against Motorcycles
RF Safe Stop
UK flag
#Police #Inventions - The police in the UK are looking at a device that will immobilize a motorcycle at a distance; sending a sort of an electromagnetic pulse.


26 November, 2013 - Video: Liqui-Fruit Motorcycle Cop - Pretty Lame
Liqui Fruit Motorcycle Cop
South Africa flag
#Police #Advertisement - That's a pretty lame TV commercial. It is for Liqui-Fruit, one of those small package liquid fruit drinks that you normally drink out of a straw. But apparently they no longer make them with straws.


20 November, 2013 - USA: Wow, A Lot Of Motorcycle Cops To Escort The POTUS
Miami Obama Police Escort
USA flag
#USA #Police #POTUS - You sure need a lot of motorcycle cops to escort the President of the USA. Are they back up cops, in case one of them crashes?


15 November, 2013 - When Is The Last Time You Thanked A Motorcycle Cop?
John Kerry Thanking Swiss Motorcycle Cops
Switzerland flag
#USA #Police #Switzerland - Personally I think it's gentlemanny to thank your motorcycle police escort, since they do put their lives as risk escorting you around the city, and these cops aren't even American.


13 November, 2013 - France: Less Money For Police, More For Radars
Corrupt Politician
France flag
#France #Politics #Police - The French socialist government has decided to cut even more the police budgets by reducing their patrols, but increased significantly the annual radar budget. More money to make money, less money to make its citizens safe.


29 October, 2013 - Australia: Speed Radars To Be Hidden For Police Safety
French Radar Police Hidden
Australia flag
#Australia #Police #Radar - Police are now allowed to hide themselves when conducting speed checks in Victoria, because of personal safety concerns.


28 October, 2013 - Just Me, My Motorcycle And A Gun, Out For A Nice Ride
Syria Weapon Carrier
Syria flag
#Syria #Weapon - What a nice peaceful scene; a guy riding his motorcycle. Oh, and his gun. Like anywhere else in the world.


21 October, 2013 - France: More Police Warnings Of Speed Checks Via Facebook
Gendarmerie Yvelines Facebook
France flag
#France #Police #Facebook - Now a 2nd police unit in France is warning road users of upcoming speed and alcohol checks via Facebook.

How cool is that?..........

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11 October, 2013 - Unfair: Police Motorcycles Should Be Heard and Seen - Not Silent
LAPD Electric Zero Motorcycle
Zero logo
#Electric #Zero #Police #LAPD - It's unfair! Police motorcycles should be big, loud and very visible. Not small, electric and totally silent; this will allow the cops to silently creep up to people. Not fair. I vote that all cop bikes are Harley-Davidson with their pipes removed...........

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4 October, 2013 - New York: Police Seize 1440 Motorcycles
NYC Seized Motorcycles 2013
USA flag
#NewYork #Police #NYC - It is not as an aftermath of the SUV vs Biker affair of this week, but what the New Your police have seized so far this year. Motorcycles and quads. Now that this SUV affair has happened, for sure that number is going to increase dramatically. The general public is now against bikers, and the cops know it. So far, they have taken 15 bikes of the road this week.


17 September, 2013 - Romania: Good News - Radar Car Catches Spontaneous Fire
Speed Radar Caight Fire Romania
Romania flag
Maybe this is a sign from above, some Device intervention. A car with a hidden speed radar in Romania, was happily making photos of cars and motorcycles going too fast when suddenly... the car caught fire.

The police officer immediately called for help and tried to extinguish the fire, and when the firemen arrived, they too tried but to no avail. The fire totally destroyed the Dacia Logan car and the radar equipment...........

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6 September, 2013 - France: Monday 9 September - Free Parking Country Wide
Ticketing clamped motorcycle
France flag
#France #Police #Strike - The French love strikes. It is part of their DNA, they will drop everything at the drop of a hat, and head for a strike march. Often strikes get met with a grumble, but an understanding, even if the strike affects your daily life. Railroads are more often on strike than functioning, but deep in their hearts, the average French person supports the strikers. It is therefore that an announced strike that has gotten a wide acclaim here in France: the municipal police has called for a nationwide strike this coming Monday (9 September). What they are going to do that day, or more specifically NOT do that day, is ticket vehicles for bad parking and other minor offenses...........

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29 August, 2013 - Belgium: Brussels Radars Hidden In Trash Bags
Brussels Trash Bag Radar
Belgium flag
#Brussels #Radar #Hiding - Ahh, the tricks the police play in order to get as many speeding tickets as they can. Hiding speed radars in places you would not think, seems to be the lucrative option. Hiding behind billboards, garbage cans, unmarked cars, even unmarked motorcycles .. anything goes.

But this one is dirty. The cops in Brussels are hiding their speed radars inside garbage bags placed alongside the road. Just another garbage bag waiting to be picked up by the trucks. So innocent, but yet so lethal...........

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21 August, 2013 - France: Airplanes Used For Speeding Tickets
Aircraft Enforced
France flag
#France #Police #Aircraft - France has been planting speed radars at a very high rate. It almost looks like the speed radars are copulating; they are spreading like bunny rabbits. But now the French government is going all Apocalypse Now on its citizens.

It used to be that the police would very occasionally use helicopters to spot speeders, often motorcycles, but at a cost of €2,000 per hour, you need to catch a lot of speeders to make it worth their while, and that just is not the case.

But what is interesting, at least for the government, is using light aircraft. The 10 police units operating in France will be equipped with a light aircraft costing €200 per hour...........

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16 August, 2013 - New Zealand: Police Motorcycle Burst Spontaneously Into Flames
Christchurch Police Motorcycle Fire
New Zealand flag
#Police #Fire #BMW - That is got to be a major shock for all parties involved. At a routine traffic stop, a motorcycle police officer in Christchurch, New Zealand had just arrested a car driver for drugs and gun possession when he called in a patrol car to come and collect the arrested driver.

While the patrol car was getting ready to leave with the arrested man, the motorcycle cop got on his BMW R1200RT-P motorcycle and while riding away noticed smoke coming from under his saddle. He quickly pulled over when his bike caught flames and started burning.

A local car salesman, Paul Mills, had just arrived on the scene when he noticed the flames and took these photos...........

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12 July, 2013 - Thailand: ATGATT? Do Not Need No Stinkin’ ATGATT! Use Magic
Thailand No ATGATT Charms
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Magic #Safety - Many motorcycle riders believe that riding motorcycles with ATGATT is the only way to see another day. Even hardcore & professional riders like LEO wear ATGATT. It makes sense no?

Well, not in Thailand. There, Police Sergeant-Major Maneesak Saentaweesuk decided that he needs something extra to protect him, so apart from his normal helmet and gun, he now uses "magic" to protect him on the road while patrolling on his motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 July, 2013 - Egypt: Be A Good Sport, Kiss A Motorcycle Cop
Egypt Kiss A Motorcycle Cop
click to see where Egypt is on the map
#Egypt #Police #Motorcycle - Be happy, be a good sport, be a nice person --- kiss a motorcycle police officer.


2 July, 2013 - Belgium: Hidden Radar In Garbage Can - Jackpot
Belgium Trash Radar
Belgium flag
#Radar #Hidden #Belgium - There have been mentions before of radars hidden in garbage cans, but so far they have been fakes. Until now. In Belgium, at the town of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, a radar was spotted that was nicely camouflaged .. hidden in a garbage can.

The hidden radar has so far already caught 216 car drivers.


1 July, 2013 - Syria: Use Your Motorcycle As Weapon Hanger
Syria AK 47 On Motorcycle
Syria flag
#Syria #AK-47 #Motorcycle - That's a new use you can use a motorcycle for .... discovered in Syria, use it to hang your weapons on.

An AK-47 hanger.


28 June, 2013 - Look At The Motorcycle Cop Longing To Get Some
Marijuana Confiscated Colombia Cops
Colombia flag
#Colombia #Police #Marijuana - Marijuana and motorcycles don't mix, but this police officer looks like he's longing for some.


19 June, 2013 - France: Cop Gets Driving License Torn Up For Motorcycle Speeding
Speeding Motorcycle
France flag
#France #Police #Speeding - I guess not all cops are born equal, some of them will get hit as hard as we civilians do by their brothers-in-arms. A police officer got caught speeding on his personal motorcycle on a road limited to 110 kph. He was "racing" his motorcycle at 186 kph (with the margins used by the police, he was officially clocked at 176 kph).

When he was stopped by his colleagues, he told them that he was riding in a group, and he was trying to catch up with the other bikers.

Later on he left the scene as a passenger/pillion since his license was taken away on the spot. He'll now have a date with a judge.

So it is possible for cops to ticket cops, which is a good thing, but IMHO it rarely happens. But it shows that at times a) cops are honest enough to ticket other cops and b) cops are human and do things they shouldn't be doing.


17 June, 2013 - Ad: Ministry of Defense - Changing A Tire
Min Defense Changing Tires
#Advertisment #Defense #Army - These print advertisements have got nothing to do with motorcycles but I thought they were so well done and gutsy, I decided to show them to you.

The ads are from the (Dutch?) Ministry of Defense, and are made to look like a page from the "Manual Automotive Repair", and just to be sure, they've shown the version number of the manual, i.e. v.2.3 from 2009.

The page from the manual is "how to change a tire".... just look at the ad. The copy text is "Technician at the Ministry of Defence. Do you have what it takes. Being a technician at the Ministry of Defence is a little bit more demanding. Seemingly easy technical problems can become a real challenge in their environment."


14 June, 2013 - Asian Motorcycle Police Feel The Financial Crisis - Belt Tightening
Asiam Police Financial Crisis
#Funny #Police #Motorcycles - Even in Asia people are feeling the global economic and financial crisis. Individual households, companies and civil service all have to tighten their belts. Even the motorcycle police are feeling it. No longer can they afford expensive BMW, Yamaha or Honda motorcycles.

Here's a candid photo of the latest motorcycle police getting ready to patrol the streets.


12 June, 2013 - Gawd! I Hate These Tailgaters When Riding My Motorcycle
Tailgating Extreme
Lebanon flag
#Funny #Tailgating #Military - Don't you hate it when you are out having a nice day, riding your motorcycle and when you look in your mirrors you see two ass-wipes tailgating behind you.

You just want to stop and start shooting at them....


31 May, 2013 - Switzerland: Cop Gets Slap On Wrist For Speeding & Endangerment On A Motorcycle
Cops Doing Wheelies
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Police - This Swiss police officer can be glad he didn't do what he did this year, since he'd be playing hide & seek in jail. What did he do, I hear you ask?

In Geneva, Switzerland, on the 11th of December 2009, the 40 year old cop was first of all caught popping a wheelie while going through a green light on his official police motorcycle. A pedestrian who was jaywalking got hit by the cop. It was obvious that the Swiss Gendarme could not see the pedestrian since his front wheel was up off the ground. A witness saw him on one wheel going over a length of 10 meters. The cop initially denied the accusation, then changed his mind and stated that the wheel came up by itself.

A bit less than a month later, the same cop, but this time on his private motorcycle was caught speeding by a radar doing 105 kph in a 50 kph zone (i.e. in the city). He claims that he loaned out the motorcycle, but did not want to give the name of the person who had it. He claimed he was not able to ride, since he was still hurt from the wheelie accident, but he did admit he had taken out the bike earlier. So a double lie...........

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30 April, 2013 - USA: Unusual Biker Gang Bar Fight - Strange 1%er
Police Motorcycles Group
USA flag
#1%er #bikergang #police - That 1%-er biker gangs go for a tumble in a bar is what is expected from them ... more or less. Outlaw motorcycle gangs will pull out their fists (and other weapons) at the drop of a hat. It's then up to the boys (and girls) in blue to stop the bar brawl.

But what happens when the biker gang participating in a bar fight ARE the men (and girls) in blue?

The gang is called the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club and despite having mainly law enforcement members, for the rest it's a typical m/c gang, down to the patches and nicknames. You even get rewarded for being in a bar fight...........

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25 April, 2013 - France: Cop Dies After Riding Motorcycle Without Helmet
Minibike cop
France flag
#Police #Accident #Motorcycle - Cops should know better, after all they are the ones who give us tickets when we do not obey the law, not matter what the excuse is. In this case, the person didn't get a ticket, worse, he died, and the person was a cop.

A police officer from the anti-crime unit (BAC) died in a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The motorcycle has just been confiscated during a routine traffic stop, and the 35 year old cop decided to ride the motorcycle back to the police station. The bike was confiscated after having been stopped due to the two bikers (rider and pillion) were on it without helmets. While the two bikers were being transported to the police station in a police car, the third cop took the bike and drove it to the station...........

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17 April, 2013 - Venezuela: Motorcycles Against Riot Squads
Venezuela Motorcycles vs Riot Police
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Riot - Brave people, pitting motorcycles against riot squads. This is not going to end well....


28 March, 2013 - India: Cardboard Police To Calm Drivers Down
Indian Cardboard Cop
India flag
#Police #Fake - Although it's not an original idea, it still works. The authorities in the Indian city of Bangalore have placed a life-sized cardboard cutout of a police officer at a busy intersection.

According to the reports, Indian drivers, both cars and motorcycles, are notoriously bad behaved, unless they know there's a cop watching them. So the authorities inspired by North American and European efforts installed 3 cardboard cops...........

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22 March, 2013 - Syria: Free Army Motorcycle Patrol With Dog
Syria Motorcycle Dog Patrol
Syria flag
It looks like the Free Syrian Army is getting their act together; motorcycle patrol with dog..... beats what the French Gendarmes are doing.


13 March, 2013 - USA: Cops In Richmond Prefer Honda Motorcycles Over Harley
Richmond County Honda Harley
USA flag
It's a strange read when you see that in Richmond Country, Georgia, USA, the motorcycle police prefer Honda motorcycles over their Harley-Davidson ones, even if Harley has been a traditional supplier of LEO bikes since their existence.

But according to the Richmond cops (and other places in the USA), although the Hondas are much more expensive, they are safer, lighter and easier to use. Also, an important factor is when in pursuit, the Harley takes its time, while the Honda reaches faster speeds much quicker. Also having a water-cooled Honda engine is a blessing when temperatures go over the 100°F. But according to the cops, the Harley looks better...............

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11 March, 2013 - 41 Firefighting Motorcycles From Around The World (+ Videos)
Firefighter Japan Yamaha
Firefighter Malaysia Honda ST1200
#Firefighters #Firemen - Firefighters, as we all know, are heroes. They put their lives in danger to protect us and our possessions, often with disastrous consequences for the firefighters. But getting to a fire in crowded cities is not easy, even if fire trucks have priority. When there's a traffic jam, even they are stuck.

So one way of getting there fast is by motorcycle. Many countries have adopted motorcycles for their first responders. Often these motorcycles are equipped to start putting out a fire until the fire tenders arrive, not an easy task for these brave firefighters. They need to circumnavigate crowded cities on heavy motorcycles, facing first the danger of riding a heavy motorcycle in a city, then putting out a fire. Respect.

Here are 41 photos of different kind of firefighting motorcycles from around the world...........

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28 February, 2013 - North Korea: What’s Wrong With This Motorcycle Cop?
North Korean Motorcycle Cop Helmet Back
North Korea flag
I saw this photo of a North Korean motorcycle cop and skipped it. Then I returned to it, since something struck me as funny. Did you notice? He's got a helmet, but he's not wearing it, instead he's wearing a furry cap to keep his head warm; I guess his helmet is not warm enough.

Maybe they should get furry motorcycle helmets?


4 February, 2013 - France: A Look At The New Schuberth Helmets For The Police
Schuberth French Police Version
Schuberth logo
There's been quite a lot of heated articles and debates concerning the helmets used by the French police. Even so much so that a part of them went on "strike", since their helmets were totally inadequate.

However, the French National Police and the Gendarmerie (which is a different authority), have contracted German motorcycle helmet manufacturer Schuberth to deliver 7,000 police version C3 helmets (not the C3 PRO which was introduced later). This means that over the next 4 years all the old helmets are being phased out, and replaced by the newer, but heavily modified, Schubert C3...........

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30 January, 2013 - BMW Training For US Army
BMW Sponsored US Army Training
USA flag
It looks like the US Army has picked up some professional and knowledgeable help for training & educating their soldiers. BMW's factory rider Nate Kern has gone to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to give a seminar about motorcycle riding, safety and techniques.

It's part of an ongoing education program to make sure that the US armed forces personnel remain safe on the road back home. The 2 day seminar allowed bikers and those that want to be a biker, to familiarize themselves with riding a powerful motorcycle.


28 January, 2013 - The Indians Are At It Again, The Indians Are At It Again!
India Republic Day 2012
India flag
It's that time of the year again, when the Indian army and police show off their stuff during their Republic Day parade. Crazy motorcycle stunts seem to be the "in-thing" to do.

Impressive stuff & stunts, and all that on fabulous Royal Enfield motorcycles...


18 January, 2013 - Australia: Ambulances Prefer BMW Motorcycles Over Piaggio MP3
Australia MP3 Ambulance
Australia flag
Although on paper the Piaggio MP3 scooter should be an ideal motorcycle for use by emergency crews, like medical first responders, it apparently is not. At least not in Victoria, Australia. You would have thought that having three wheels would make the vehicle more stable, therefore better suited for medical emergencies.

But after a mishap with the MP3 brakes failing, resulting in a crash, and furthermore learning that the MP3 can't really take curbs, nor can it go off-road (like bike trails), plus the scoot runs out of battery charge too rapidly, and finally it needs to go at a snail pace to clear speed bumps, the Ambulance Association is turning to BMW motorcycles...........

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14 January, 2013 - Postal Services Motorcycles and Scooters - Then and Now - Around The World
Postal USA
Postal Switzerland
From all the service companies out there, the post office comes to our homes and businesses almost daily, and in order to do this as efficiently as possible, they often ride motorcycles or scooters. Motorcycles are easy to use for the mailman (and mailwomen) as they don't need to get off to deliver the mail.

Postal services have been using motorcycles and scooters from the beginning when the bikes were created, so it's not a new thing. But what is recent, is that many of these PTW used by the post office are becoming electric. You can see more and more electric scooters and electric powered bicycles...........

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7 January, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Cops On "Strike" Because Of Helmets
Paris Motorcycle Expo 2011   Gendarme Yamaha
France flag
ATGATT is not only the fact that you need to wear all your safety equipment all of the time, but also that the equipment is in good shape. And that's something that is not the case for the motorcycle gendarmes in Morbihan (in Brittany, France). The motorcycle cops had received new helmets in 2007, and today these helmets have become unusable, the paint is flaking, the shell has deteriorated, and the helmets do no longer sit properly on their heads. Also the visors have become foggy and scratched. The cops have been trying to get replacement helmets, but the authorities are not listening and just paying lip-service...........

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19 November, 2012 - French Radars Made Unusable By .... French Cops
French Radar Unusable By Cops
France flag
And this is the way it should be. France's biggest TV station, TV1, showed last week that the French cops are fed up with quotas and the whole drive towards increased revenue by cops. They are fed up with radars being used to generate money, moved to strategic locations, not for safety but from more money.

So several of them have started to strike back. In the video shown on TV, a camera crew follow a couple of cops going to radars and using garbage bags and duct tape, masking off the radars, rendering them useless.

They are brave cops, since if they get caught, not only will they lose their jobs, but risk 5 years in prison...........

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13 November, 2012 - France: 1 Region Warns About Speed Radars On Facebook - Courtesy Police
Var Gendarmerie facebook Warning
France flag
This is so strange that it's got to be true. In one region in France, the Var region, the Gendarmerie (the national police) have a Facebook page. So far, not so unusual, though you do not find many regional police forces with one. But what's really interesting is that they've started announcing their speed radar traps on their Facebook page.

What they've said in their last posting, that "they'll pay a particular attention to the RN7 road, where there have been several incidents over the last 15 days"...........

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6 November, 2012 - France: Police Order Yamaha TDM 900 Motorcycles
Yamaha TDM 900 Police
Yamaha logo
Even though BMW got the French Law Enforcement and Authorities market back from Yamaha, they didn't take away all the market from Yamaha. Yamaha after a 12 year partnership with the French police have re-signed an agreement to continue to deliver the Yamaha 900 TDM motorcycle to the national cops.

The Yamaha will be delivered in a special police version, complete with sirens and strobe lights. No numbers have been issued in terms of sales numbers, horsepower, top speed etc, but the customized TDM motorcycles are part of the "less-than-1000cc" category for the French administration. In other words, you'll mostly see them in big cities.

Have a look at the video below, where you can see two Yamaha TDM 900-Police motorcycles escort a fire truck through a busy streets (and a unmarked police motorcycles).


29 October, 2012 - Video: Why Hi-Viz Clothing Do Not Always Work
Video clip
The Netherlands flag
Here's a video of a nasty crash between a car and a very courageous motorcycle police man in The Netherlands. The motorcycle cop rides up to the right lane of a motorway to move cars to the left so that an upcoming ambulance can merge into traffic without a problem.

Despite having very bright colored jacket and a strobe light, the car never saw the poor cop and ran right into him. Other cars (and truck) did see him and moved to the left lane, except one. The driver was not paying attention, so no matter what motorcycle jacket he would have had on, it would not have saved him.

The cop was badly injured but did live. But it's a miracle. And he was "lucky" that he was escorting an ambulance who was able to give first aid.


26 October, 2012 - Video: Try Doing That With A Regular Ambulance
Video clip
The Netherlands flag
Now you can see why having a first responder on a motorcycle is a great idea.... try doing that with a car ambulance.


16 October, 2012 - USA: Yet Another Police Motorcycle Escort Crashes - Too Many?
Crashed Police Escort Michelle Obama
USA flag
It's becoming a regular occurrence, way too much IMHO. Police motorcycles in VIP escort duty crashing, often at low speeds. This time it was for the First Lady, Michelle Obama, when two police motorcycles crashed into each other Delaware County. One had stopped, the other didn't see him.

I realize that since the USA is a big and widespread country, police motorcycle escorts are not specially trained officers, but officers taken from their regular duty and put to work escorting VIPs. This means the cops aren't trained for this task, which is a lot different from pulling over speeders. Here in France, escort duty is performed by a specialized police unit, called the Garde Republicaine.

So maybe the powers should start considering a special unit like this. Already they fly in protective cars and secret service agents, so why not a special motorcycle unit? Or maybe they need to local motorcycle cops not to get lost....


28 September, 2012 - France: Police Allowed To Get BMW Motorcycles Again, Finally
BMW logo
France flag
Several years ago, BMW lost the contract of supplying the Gendarmes, National Police and Customs officers with Bavarian-made (Berlin actually) motorcycles. Instead, the authorities decided to buy their officers Yamaha FJR1300 motorcycles.

Now, BMW France announced that they will be supplying the Law Enforcement Officers from the different units with BMW R1200RT "Special Administration", or better "Police" version. BMW's contract is for 3 years.

So now the big question is why are they going back to BMW. Did the Yamaha not fulfill it's role, was it too expensive (doubtful), or what was the reason BMW got the contract back???

No numbers were announced, only that the contract is for 3 years.


10 September, 2012 - USA: Yet Another POTUS Police Motorcycle Escort Dies
Police motorcycle escort
USA flag
This happens way too much in the USA. Yesterday, a police officer escorting the POTUS on his motorcycle crashed and died while doing his duty. Although this time, from the press reports, the police officer was crashed into by a pick-up truck, so there's not much you can do about that, it's still something that happens a lot in the US (see the Via: below for the source article). Far more than motorcycle escorts in Europe.

You've got to ask yourself why? Is it training? Procedures? Technique? Or simply that the law doesn't allow full control of traffic, something that cops in Europe have.....

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6 September, 2012 - China: They Call This A Police Motorcycle Patrol? It Is A Parade!
Luoyang Police Patrol
Chile flag
I know they have a lot of people in China, with more bodies than what they know what to do with, but calling this a "police patrol" is even too much for China.

In my humble experience a police patrol on motorcycle is a maximum of 2 guys... this is a parade.


20 June, 2012 - Switzerland: Chief of Police Speeds And Loses Driving License
Stephan Reinhardt
Switzerland flag
"The shoe is on the other foot". "Justice for all". "Cosmic Karma". "There is justice after all". Terms that spring to my mind when I heard this story, plus a grin on my face.

Last year Stephan Reinhardt, chief of police in the Argovienne canton of Switzerland was caught speeding in his car (no, he doesn't ride a motorcycle). He was doing 86 kph in a 60 kph zone.

Reinhardt had to surrender his driving license and is no longer allowed to drive.....

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15 June, 2012 - Europe: You Know Things Are Really Bad Financial When....
Police car out of gas
You know things have reached rock bottom in Europe, when you see this photo.... (notice the billboard..)


6 June, 2012 - Indonesia: Cornered Car Thief Steals Police Motorcycle
Indonesian Police Bike Stolen
Indonesia flag
There's going to be a lot of egg, or more probably rice-sate, on the faces of the local LEO.

They corner a car thief, but then the guy steals a police motorcycle, and now they've lost a) the thief, and b) their own motorcycle.


26 April, 2012 - Italy: Milan Police Dump Their 108 Electric Scooters
Oxygen Milan Police
Oxygen logo
#Electric #Police - Back in 2003, the municipal police of the city of Milan, Italy bought 108 electric scooters made by Oxygen, the Italian electric motorcycle maker. The 108 electric scoots were meant for the local police to patrol the streets of Milan; safely, quietly and with no pollution.

But instead of patrolling the streets, the 108 scooters are stored in some storage area, and not used. Abandoned! The reason? The batteries do not work, and make it impossible to ride.

So instead of doing something about it, the city has binned the scooters, worth some .......

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25 April, 2012 - Brash Biker Robs Car In Daylight & In Front Of Camera
Guatamala Highway Robbery
Guatemala flag
How brash can you get? How cocky? Robbing a car in daylight, in front of cameras on your motorcycle.

What is the world coming too??


11 April, 2012 - Greece: Want A Police Escort? Rent A Motorcycle Cop Cheap
Police Escort Car
Greece flag
You probably all know by now that Greece is in deep financial shit. Their debt is out of this world, and the likes of Goldman and politicians have been milking the country dry for years. Salaries have been slashed, particularly for government employees, pensions cut, investments stopped and taxes (for those few who pay them) raised. Not a colorful situation.

In order to cope with rising cost, and lower salaries, the Greek police force is now hiring out their cops to private individuals or companies. So if you are going to the latest "in" spot in town, and want to arrive in style, you can now arrive with a couple of police motorcycle escorts. Flashing lights, sirens; that will get people's attention. For sure it'll get you in the door without having to queue up.

Rates are reasonable....

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26 March, 2012 - Dangerous Escorting VIPs Using Motorcycles
Crashed Motorcycle Cop With Pope In Mexico
It's looking more and more that police who escort VIPs using their motorcycles are in danger.

What used to be a glamour job, high profile, can now get you injured or killed. Or is it just that the media are more interesting in these kind of accidents?


14 March, 2012 - Belgium: Massive Motorcycle Police Accident
Belgium Royal Palace Accident
This is one of those very rare occasions that something like this happens in Europe. The motorcycle police is very well and extensively trained, but not much could be done here.

A car driver plowed into the motorcycle police escort of a Qatari dignitary, hurting 5 of the police officers. The car driver was attempting suicide.

For more info and photos on the accident click on the headline....


8 March, 2012 - How Does A Motorcycle Cop Ticket A Tank?
Motorcycle cop ticketing a tank
.... very carefully...


20 February, 2012 - South Korea: That Is One Way Of Jumping On A Motorcycle
South Korea Jumping Over Motorcycle
Some people have strange ways of getting on a motorcycle. Most people get on as pillion on the left, swing their right foot over the bike.

But not this guy.


13 February, 2012 - Philippines: This Is Why We Need Motorcycles
Motorcycles on broken road Philippines
If ever there's any doubt on why we need motorcycles, this photo will quickly put that to bed.


27 January, 2012 - India: Motorcycle Daredevils Strike Again
Republic Day Parade 2012
Republic Day Parade 2012
Stunning images from their annual event. These army motorcycle stuntmen sure put up an interesting parade.

Beats the ones we see in Europe.


17 January, 2012 - India: Army Day 2012 Motorcycle Stunts
India Army Army Day Parade 2012
It looks like all the rehearsals for the Indian Army Day 2012 has paid off.


13 January, 2012 - India: Getting Ready For Army Motorcycle Stunts 2012
India Army Motorcycle Stunt Prep 2012
Every year the Army of India do these impressive stunts on their motorcycles. Maybe one day I'll actually go there and make some photos.

It sure is a way of economizing motorcycles, but sharing one motorcycle with many soldiers....


12 January, 2012 - USA: Utah-Massive Motorcycle Police Funeral Escort
Utah Police Funeral
Impressive showing by the motorcycle police in Utah, under sad circumstances.


28 December, 2011 - You Took The Wrong Road, Mate
China Riot Blockade
You shouldn't have taken that road with your motorcycle, just the wrong place, the wrong time...


12 December, 2011 - India: Army Keeps Jumping Through Hoops With Motorcycle
Indian Army Ring of Fire Jump 2011
Every year it's the same, but still it's impressive.

Jumping through a ring on fire while burning yourself is indeed not for the many...


9 December, 2011 - France: Police All Seeing Strobe Light
Police All Seeing Beacon Strobe
The French cops got a new high-tech toy to play with, and to fine us with. It's a fully automated strobe light, that has 4 video cameras hidden inside, recording everything we do continuously, and then the onboard computer analyzes it.

It'll be used to track stolen cars & motorcycles, but also to fine you for not wearing seat belts, using your mobile phone, not stopping at a stop sign, picking your nose, etc.

... someone got to pay the €17,000 for this new toy...


29 November, 2011 - Vietnam: Using Fishnets To Stop Motorcycles
Fishnets stop speeding motorcycles
Interesting, but very dangerous, way of stopping speeding motorcycle in Vietnam....

...Throw a fishnet over the rear tire!!!

I prefer the solution in the photo..


25 November, 2011 - UK: AA Orders Many More Honda Motorcycles
AA Honda Pan European UK
AA logo
The British Automobile Association, the AA, is very happy with Honda. After having used Honda Silverwing 600 scooters and Honda 700 Deauville motorcycle sin the big cities, they've now purchased 50 Honda Pan European motorcycles.

The motorcycles are used in the big cities to rescue stranded cars, since repairs cars take too long to reach their destination.


23 November, 2011 - New York: Police Throw Scooters At OWS Protesters
New York Police Scooter Against OWS
Over the last few weeks, I've lost all respect I had for the boys in blue in New York.

Between failing to handle the OWS protests properly (a bit like what's happening in Egypt now), and the way they deal with motorcycles, it's no wonder they are as unpopular as ever before.


16 November, 2011 - France: Moped Caught Speeding On Motorway - 142 kph
Dominique Nancy on his moped
How can one take speed tickets serious here in France (and other countries) when they make a lot of mistakes. Speeding tractors, parked cars, and now a moped doing 141 kph on the motorway in France.

The vintage moped, a Peugeot 102, is on a good day, with a strong tailwind and downhill, capable of doing a fantastic top speed of 50 kph!

On top of that, the moped doesn't even have a license plate, so how could the cops send him a ticket?


16 November, 2011 - Brazil: Police Confiscate and Crush Motorcycles - Drug War
Brazil Impounded Motorcycles In Drug War
Brazil Impounded Motorcycles In Drug War
The Brazilian police have declared a war on the crime syndicates in Rio de Janeiro (before the World Soccer Cup and the 2016 Olympics).

They did this by crushing motorcycles with their tanks,and those that escaped the crushing, were confiscated.


15 November, 2011 - Korea: Motorcycle Cop Helps Guy To Get To Exams In Time
Korean Police Motorcycle To Exams
Now that is being helpful. Police is not only there to make lives miserable, in this case a motorcycle cop is being very helpful to a guy who really needs to do his exams.

Nice to see this happening.


19 October, 2011 - Yet Another Motorcycle Cop Crashes During POTUS Escort Duty
Motorcycle Cop Down During POTUS Escort 201110
Something is very wrong with this picture, and I don't mean the photo below, but if you see it, and look at the ones in the related articles, it's a very worrying trend.... motorcycle cops crashing during escort duty for the President Of The United States.

I wonder why so many crash. Is it bad training, or big demands on the job, faulty equipment, bad communication, or all of the above? Let's face it, it couldn't have been speed, since he was escorting the Presidential bus....


18 October, 2011 - Ad: Digicel - Another One I Do Not Understand
Digicel West Indies Cricket
I seem to be hitting a few advertisements recently that just don't make sense to me. This one is not motorcycle related, but got my attention because it has a big police motorcycle in it.

It's for Digicel, the telecommunication company in the Caribbean. With a tag line reading "We're all in. Digicel. Proud sponsor of west Indies cricket." it just doesn't make sense. The ad was made by the Boys and Girls agency in Ireland. Maybe something got lost over the distance.


17 October, 2011 - Occupy Wall Street Turns Ugly. Motorcycles Molested!
Occupy Wall Street Police Motorcycles Tipped Over
Looks like things are turning ugly in the Occupy Wall Street protests...

.....they've tipped over police motorcycles. What have those poor motorcycles and scooters done to anyone?


13 October, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Cop Crashes Into Barrier And Dies! Debate Open
Republican Guard Bastille Day
A member of the elite French Republican Guard, on a motorcycle, while doing a recon mission in France, fell of his motorcycle and crashed into an unprotected crash barrier, killing him on the spot.

Dubbed Guillotine Barriers, many bikers have been decapitated by them, and pressure has been put on the government to do something about it. But they have been moving very slowly.

Maybe now, with the unfortunate death of a government representative, will they do something now.


20 September, 2011 - Sebastopol Police Buy Electric Zero Motorcycle
Sebastopol Police Zero Motorcycle
The cops in Sebastopol, California, are the 2nd law enforcement agency in the state to buy an electric Zero Motorcycle.

The electric motorcycle will be used to patrol the parks in their area. It's so quite, the officer/biker can hear people talking while riding in the parks.

Oh oh ... no more necking in the parks after dark...


1 September, 2011 - Is This A Police Motorcycle Now?
Police car motorcycle
Strange photo. Is that a police motorcycle (because it is on a police car), or a back-up vehicle?


17 August, 2011 - Thailand: The Sweet Battalion - Honest
Thailand Sweet Battalion
Thailand Sweet Battalion
You just can't make this kind of stuff up, unless you are a movie script writer in Hollywood....

Thailand has a female-only police force, called the "Sweet Battalion", with some 40 motorcycle riding cops. Gaddafi move over!


15 August, 2011 - Want To Buy A Military Motorcycle?
Witham Military Motorcycle Sales
If you're in the market for military vehicles, including several motorcycles, there's a web site in the UK that specializes in selling/auctioning military vehicles as they come out of the British MOD.

Here's a Harley-Davidson MT350 going for UK£675.

Sorry, no tanks (but I did see a half-track)...


25 July, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Cops No Longer Unsafe
Gendarme New Clothing
Finally, after many years dressed in the most unsafe motorcycle clothing you can expect, the French motorcycle Gendarmes are going to ride ATGATT, proper ATGATT.

Apart from the already announced Schuberth C3 helmet, they'll now have airbag jackets, proper pants and real motorcycle boots.

All uniforms will have reflective and high-viz stripes on them.


13 July, 2011 - This Would Make Me Very Nervous
Afghan Family on motorcycle front army
Riding your motorcycle packed with people would make you nervous, but doing it in front of an armored military car, loaded for bear, I'd be shitting in my pants.

Nobody sneeze...


11 July, 2011 - Motorcycle Officer Down, Get A Crane!
LEO Crash Canada Prince William Visit
Seems to happen quite frequently, motorcycle police escorts crashing their rides. Must be embarrassing to lie-down your motorcycle in front of the media, VIPs and your boss.

I wonder if it's a training thing?


1 July, 2011 - UK: New Mobile Radar Van Against Motorcycles
Mobile Radar Van UK
In the UK, the North Yorkshire police have gotten themselves a new high-tech weapon against speeding motorcycles.

It's a van, highly visible, with radar cameras all around, that can take 360°, very high definition photos, up to 1 kilometer away.

From the 36 people who died on their roads last year, 22 were motorcycle riders, and 24% of them died because of speeding.


25 May, 2011 - France: G8 Summit - Motorcycles Are Ready Sir
G8 Summit Motorcycles
The French motorcycle police is getting ready for the G8 summit held in Deauville, France....

... about 100 kms from my home. Will the tear gas reach that far?


18 May, 2011 - France: Good Actions By Paris Police, Bad Vibes
French Police Solex Squad
France Article
The Paris police force went for a "good conduct" drive....

They followed on unmarked motorcycles any motorcycle riders in the French capital that was showing a good behavior. The good biker would then be pulled over and given some symbolic gifts from a B-list celeb.

Either a gift, or CPR from getting a heart attack from being pulled over while minding your own business.

10 points for the idea, 0 points for the execution. At least it's positive, not repression.


10 May, 2011 - This Is The Way Tunis Motorcycle Police Transport Suspects?
Tunis Motorcycle Police Suspect Transport
Tunisia flag
Usually in countries where a motorcycle cop arrests someone, they call in a car or van to transport the suspect. But apparently not in Tunisia ... they just put him (or her) on the back of their motorcycle. Only salient point is that each motorcycle cop already has someone riding pillion...

How safe is this?


6 May, 2011 - Dainese Equipping Italian Police With Air Bag Vest For Giro
Dainese D air street Italian Police
Dainese logo
Dainese is equipping 15 police officers of the Italian police with a new airbag vest, the yet not available D-air Street.

The 15 cops will be using the new protective vests when escorting the famous bicycle race, the Giro.


23 March, 2011 - You Just Can Not Make This Up, Even If You Tried
Motorcycle Cop Crash Convertible
In California, land of TV series and movies, a motorcycle cop did one that you'd not even expect in a movie....

He crashed his police motorcycle into a convertible... and you can guess what happened...


15 March, 2011 - An Unusual BMW Motorcycle At The Fire Department
Fox Fire Engine 1
A most unusual BMW motorcycle at the fire department.

It's just a BMW R1200GS motorcycle engine, used to power a portable pump used by the firemen to extinguish fires.

1600 liters/minute will help a long way...


4 March, 2011 - Even A Motorcycle Cop Needs To .....
Even A Motorcycle Cop Needs To
So, motorcycle cops are human after all...


25 February, 2011 - Italy: Local Police Adopt Raleri LCD Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Video clip
Remember the product review of the Raleri LCDrive motorcycle helmet visor we did last year? The LCDrive is a motorcycle helmet visor insert, based on LCD technology that turns dark and light, instantaneously, depending on how much sun light there is. It's really handy, and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The local cops in Italy have started using the LCDrive for their motorcycle police. Here's a video showing them adapting their helmets for the visor insert, and going out on a patrol.


24 February, 2011 - Greece: Protestors Set Motorcycle Cop On Fire
Greece Police vs Protestors 201102
You can understand protests against the government, specially that of Greece, and you can understand the violence towards the establishment, and the police is the prime target....

But to throw a petrol bomb on a motorcycle cop who is down on the ground is criminal. Nothing different from what is happening in Libya.


28 January, 2011 - Sudan: Army Motorcycle Riders Do Not Believe in ATGATT
Sudan PDF Parade 2011
Looking at this photo, it would seem that the ragtag soldiers of the Sudanese army have a motorcycle unit, but do not believe in ATGATT


21 January, 2011 - India: Is It That Time Of The Year Again?
India Motorcyce Stunt Rehearsal 2011
OMG, it's almost like they do this every other month.

Don't they do anything else with those Enfield motorcycles?


30 December, 2010 - Peru: And That Is A Motorcycle Cop?
Peruvian Motorcycle Police 2010
Imagine being pulled over by these motorcycle cops...


17 December, 2010 - Greece: Motorcycle Police And Protesters
Greece Police Protester
Now you know why the police use motorcycles during street protests...


16 December, 2010 - Sri Lanka: Motorcycle Special Forces Graduation
Special Forces Sri Lanka
What more could you want out of life? Motorcycles, guns, buddies? Maybe cigars, a woman or two? Anyway, these guys seem to be having fun.


14 December, 2010 - Hong Kong Police Testing Brammo Electric Motorcycle
Brammo Hong Kong Police
Brammo logo
Brammo have supplied one of their electric motorcycles, the Enertia, to the Hong Kong police for testing.

Not bad, having the cops ride an electric motorcycle in a polluted city. Much better.


13 December, 2010 - 52 Unusual Police Motorcycles Around The World - Part 3
Police Motorcycle UK
Police Motorcycle Mali
3rd and last part of the three part series of unusual police motorcycles around the globe.

It looks like the UK wins the prize of the most number of unusual police motorcycles.


6 December, 2010 - 49 Unusual Police Motorcycles Around The World - Part 2
Police Motorcycle China
Police Motorcycle Cuba
Here's part 2 of a three part series of unusual police motorcycles (next week part 3).

With unusual, I mean motorcycle that are not BMW LT or RT, or Harley-Davidson. The police motorcycles are from around the globe.


29 November, 2010 - 20 Unusual Police Motorcycles Around The World - Part 1
Police Motorcycle Australia
Police Motorcycle Afghanistan
Here's a three part series of unusual police motorcycles (next week part 2).

With unusual, I mean motorcycle that are not BMW LT or RT, or Harley-Davidson. The police motorcycles are from around the globe.


8 October, 2010 - France: Gendarmerie Goes For Schuberth For Motorcycle Squads
Schuberth C3 Gendarmerie
The French motorcycle cops are going to be happy campers. They are getting 6,000 Schuberth C3 flip-up helmets.

Finally they are getting some proper gear...


6 October, 2010 - India: Unusual Security Agent On Motorcycle
Monkey On Bike India
This is not what it may seem. No, it's not a monkey riding on a motorcycle (as pillion), but it's a security agent.



28 September, 2010 - China: Motorcycle Riding SWAT Team
China Motorcycle SWAT
Here's a police SWAT team from China "training" on their motorcycles....

What??? Are X-Gamers terrorists now, and they need to be chased??


8 September, 2010 - UK: New Police Vehicle Against Motorcycles
Police John Deere Tractor
It looks like the police in the UK have gotten themselves another vehicle to stop speeding motorcycles....


6 September, 2010 - 22 Extraordinary Police Cars: Known Your Enemy
Police Caparo UK
Police do not necessarily drive standard police cars, fast enough to intercept a moped. To stop really fast motorcycles (and cars of course), several police departments around the world have gotten themselves supercars.

From Italian cars like Ferrari and Lambos, to Vipers and Corvettes plus the standard gaggle of Porsches, here are 22 police cars you do not want to mess around with.

The last police car should be, IMHO, the standard issue for all police forces.


27 August, 2010 - Thailand: Special Forces Or Motorcycle Hooligans?
Thai Special Police Moped
Fun or serious? Thailand Special Police Motorcycle Unit in training.

Yeah... right!


2 July, 2010 - France: Cops Reward Good Drivers With Gasoline
Kid on toy motorcycle
This is one ticket I'd like to receive from the French police.

During the next 4 weekends, when France Inc. goes on holiday, the French cops in the Essone departement (=state) will be on the lookout not only for bad drivers, but also good ones.

50 lucky car or motorcycle riders will receive a ticket to get €50 worth of free gasoline.

Great idea... should work better than repression.


18 June, 2010 - Donation Of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles To....?
Philadelphia Harley Donations
This time a bunch of Harley-Davidson motorcycles aren't donated to some third world country in dire need of equipment, but instead have been donated to an American city's police force.

What a strange world we live in...


7 June, 2010 - 55 Military Motorcycles + 1
Military Motorcycle
Military Motorcycle
Here are 55 military motorcycles, plus 1 not so (not so motorcycle that is).


2 June, 2010 - France: Due To Bureaucracy 30% Of Radars Not Working
Motorcycle Police France Radar
Due to its own inertia, the French government shot itself in the foot. They themselves passed a law making it mandatory that a neutral company inspect all mobile radar guns annually, but were so slow getting the contracts organized, that 1/3 of all mobile radar devices are not-to-be-used.

And they still haven't signed a contract, so more and more radars are unserviceable.


19 May, 2010 - Lebanon: Security Forces Receive Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Lebanon Harley Davidson Security Forces
Looks like the security forces in Lebanon are happy.

They just received 20 Harley-Davidson motorcycles as gift from the USA.

Now they too can look cool.


4 May, 2010 - USA: May Is Motorcycle Safety Month. But Maybe Not In California
LAPD Motorcycles
With the NHTSA calling May the Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, the LAPD have decided instead of making sure that motorcycles are safe from cars and SUVs, that they are going to target motorcycle riders for traffic violations.

I think they didn't read the memo correctly...


27 April, 2010 - Not Exactly A Very Manly Motorcycle For A Soldier
Thai Soldier Pink Scooter
Be a man, they said! Join the army, they said! And then they issued this pink/red 50 cc scooter.....


26 April, 2010 - Shit Happens
Dirty Harry
Straight out of a slapstick Hollywood movie. In The Netherlands, a motorcycle cop was stopping a truck on the motorway to inspect its contents. When the cop rode his motorcycle behind the truck, coincidence or not, the rear flap opened up, and the trucks cargo spilled onto the police officer.

Initially the cop thought he made the bust of the century, since the load was white and powdery, but after closer inspection it turned out to be shit. Or to be more accurate, a fertilizer made out of mushrooms.

The truck got stopped, and the driver fined. The cop got to clean up himself and his uniform.

I wonder if the cop's name was Harry?


16 April, 2010 - Germany: Stay Away From Kulmbach April 24th
Police motorcade
Kulmbach patch 2010
On April 24/25 in Kulmbach, Germany, some 50,000 motorcycles are gathering for a weekend of fun.

Most of them are European motorcycle police officers! And the event is held in a brewery.... need I say more?


23 March, 2010 - There Is Justice In The World. Honest
Cop Car Clamped
Yes! Yes! That's what I like to see!

Police cars are not exempt from following the law!


19 March, 2010 - France: Ticket Quotas For Police Confirmed
Paris parking ticket
The French daily newspaper, Le Parisien, has obtained a secret document from the Parisian police department highlighting the fact that the police has quotas for tickets.

Officers that reach their objectives receive a cash bonus.


12 March, 2010 - Pakistan: That Is How You Patrol On A Motorcycle
Pakistan motorcyc epolice patrol
Police force in the Western world, take note!!!!

This is how you patrol the street on your motorcycle....


11 March, 2010 - USA: LEO Caught At 149 Mph Is Not Immoral, Gets Job Back
The state topper that was caught racing his motorcycle at 149 mph, and subsequently fired has had to be rehired.

The state mediator deemed that the cop was not immoral, and should be put back to work!!!



24 February, 2010 - Widowed Family Sues Clinton For Motorcycle Cop Death
Police motorcade
The family of the motorcycle police officer that crashed and was killed when escorting Hillary Clinton is suing anyone with pockets.

The one target for the lawsuit should indeed be sued, and that's the Dallas police department, since they didn't provide proper training (he crashed because he couldn't take a curve at normal speed), and they didn't provide adequate protection (a motorcycle helmet with little protection).

But they are also suing the helmet manufacturer and Hillary Clinton. Why not sue the road manufacturer, the tarmac and the weather...?


10 February, 2010 - Honda Motorcycles Is Probably Not Too Pleased With This Photo
Iran Police Feb2010
I dare say that Honda motorcycles is not too happy with this photo being shown......

Maybe they'll ask the Iranian cops to remove the enormous Honda logo from their motorcycles...


29 January, 2010 - India: The Real Thing-Pink Soldiers On Motorcycles
India Pink Soldiers Motorcycle
We've seen the rehearsals last week, now the real deal.... but...

pink soldiers on motorcycles??? Pink?????


25 January, 2010 - Japan: Mini Motorcycle Police
Tokyo Mini Motorcycle Police
Is it me, or are the police getting smaller and smaller?

This is the case in Japan... or they are Mini-Me's....


25 January, 2010 - India: This Is A Motorcycle Parade? WTF?
Indian Soldiers Motorcycle Rehearsal Jan2010
That's a pretty impressive motorcycle parade. The photo is pretty small, but it looks impressive and colorful.


19 January, 2010 - India: Rolling Art
India Rolling Art on a motorcycle
Isn't this just like a moving sculpture? Pretty??

Or is it just a case of cramming as many soldiers as you can on a motorcycle?


14 December, 2009 - Police Are Humans Too, But Should They Be?
Drunk Keychain
An off-duty cop died after crashing his motorcycle in Los Angeles, USA. He was well over the legal limit, and had just been drinking with his colleagues at the Police Academy Bar.

On its own, that's pretty bad example, but why did the bar staff allow him to ride away drunk? That's criminal, and in many countries, the bar owner would face stiff charges.


19 October, 2009 - Downsizing Police Style
Minibike cop
Even the Police need to downsize. No more expensive motorcycles, like BMW, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki or Yamaha....

And when I say downsize, I mean downsize....


15 October, 2009 - Where Not To Ride Your Motorcycle This Weekend
Tarrango-International-Motorcycle-Cops meeting
Do not go riding your motorcycle in Tarragona, Spain this weekend. You have been warned!

That is when the international meeting of motorcycle police is being held, with 100's of motorcycle cops.... do you really want to ride there?


10 September, 2009 - The Netherlands: No Fear For Police Chases
The Dutch cops have got a big problem on their hands. One of their main cars, the Volvo V50, has been declared unsafe at high speeds, and now cops are allowed to drive it up to a maximum speed of 140 kph.

The brakes of the car catch fire when used at high speeds. So not more motorcycle chases...


26 August, 2009 - Iraq: Decorating The Police Motorcycle
I think all police motorcycle should be decorated in fancy stuff.

It makes them easy to recognize, and things fall off during high speed chases..


25 August, 2009 - Goose And Gander?
Two cops in Ohio, USA were caught speeding on their motorcycles (off duty). One at 147 , the other at 149 mph.

One was given a slap on the wrists, the other fired. The moral of the story? If you want to speed without any dire consequences, join the police.


7 August, 2009 - Braving The Morning Rush Hour On A Motorcycle
To face the morning rush hour when riding a motorcycle, you either have to be very brave in some cities, or have the right equipment.

These three lads have both...


31 July, 2009 - This Is Giving Us Motorcycle Riders A Bad Name
This has got to stop. These Iranian motorcycle cops are giving us serious riders a bad name...


28 July, 2009 - Chinese Army Motorcycle Stunt
Passenger: Please stop.. we need to change the side tire on the motorcycle sidecar!

Rider: Stop? Are you out of your cotton pickin' mind. We've got to eat!

Passenger: Okay, I'll change it on the go, please lean to the left...


8 July, 2009 - In the Police Motorcycle Oooops Category
I guess this doesn't do your Police career any good... image the bill to repair all these motorcycles.

I can fell for the cop... think what he was feeling when his motorcycle started slipping away..


15 June, 2009 - Iran: Protests From Both Sides-By Motorcycle
Iran Election Protest
Iran Election Protest Police
Both sides of the rigged election protests in Iran use motorcycles.

The good guys and the bad guys use them. But who is good and who is bad..?


22 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Training? But You Are Not On The Bike?
Police officer shooting next to a motorcycle
Billed as an advanced motorcycle training, I can't see it..... the cop is not on the motorcycle!

I thought that motorcycle training was on a bike?


11 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Ride-Out With The French Gendarmes
France Article
The French Gendarmerie are organizing their 9th annual ride out in the Alps mountains.

Everyone is invited for a memorable ride in the mountains.


29 April, 2009 - Next Week 5000 Extra Ticket Writing Police In The Netherlands
Koninklijke Marechaussee BMW K1100
Koninklijke Marechaussee KTM
Since centuries, the Dutch Military Police, called the Koninklijke Marechaussee, had many rights as a normal Police Officer, but one right/duty they did NOT have. And that was writing out tickets!

Next week, that changes, and now some 5,000 Military cops can stop you, and write out a ticket. Did you get that number?? 5,000 extra ticket writing cops as off next week!!!!


6 April, 2009 - Sudan Combats Maternal Mortality With Motorcycles
UNICEF have deployed these special motorcycle sidecar ambulances in Southern Sudan.

The female mortality rate at childbirth there is the highest in the world, with one out of 6 women dying at childbirth.

The motorcycle ambulance will bring the women to proper healthcare facilities.


31 March, 2009 - Oh Sh*t, This Is Going To End Bad
Police motorcycle stunt team going wrong
This Police motorcycle stunt team demo is going to go wrong, horribly wrong....


24 March, 2009 - After London AA, Now Ambulance Service Go Honda Motorcycles
London Ambulance Service Honda Pan European
Honda logo
The London Ambulance Service is one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

To ensure that their paramedics get to the scene as quickly as possible, The Service has extended its partnership with Honda UK, taking delivery of 12 new ST1300 Pan European motorcycles.

The Service knows from experience, that motorcycles are the only vehicle that can get there in the fastest way possible.


4 March, 2009 - Times Are Tough - Even For The Indian Army
8 soldiers on one motorcycle
Times are tough, and even the Indian Army needs to save costs.

Now they're riding 8 soldiers to one motorcycle.

Amazing... try taking a curve with that.


10 February, 2009 - Australia: State Of WA Loses Its Motorcycle Police Force
Western Australia Police Honda
The Police in the state of Western Australia have announced that because the motorcycles from the Police are "unsafe" and "ineffective", they are reducing the force from 90 to 34.

The remaining motorcycles will be used for decorative purposes.

What an incredible stupidity, and waste! They do not deserve to run a Police department.


4 February, 2009 - Malta: Motorcycle Police Breaking The Law The Enforce
Malta Police Motorcycle Police
The motorcycle Police in Malta have not been equipped with special comms equipment that has an earpiece. They need to use a handheld radio when chasing cars....

... and that is against the law!

They also don't have proper helmets, bad quality gloves and boots, and no protective jacket.

It looks like the authorities from Malta do not like their motorcycle Police officers...


26 January, 2009 - France: 36% Of Motorcycle Police Force Slashed
France Article
French Police National on motorcycles
The French government has announced that since the introduction of digital radars has been so successful, there is less need for motorcycle cops.

So they are laying off 36% of all "Police National" motorcycle cops.

Too bad, since most of them are really cool cops, and served a good purpose!


2 January, 2009 - French Gendarme Now Allowed To Dress Up When Motorcycling
French motorcycle gendarme in sleeveless shirt.
The short sleeved French motorcycle Gendarme is a thing of the past! No longer do they need to ride their motorcycle clothed the way they ride their horses.

Now, they getting real motorcycle jackets with an incorporated airbag! Good on them!


10 December, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Gives Away Motorcycles
Beijing Police on Harleys
Harley-Davidson are giving away free motorcycles.

Three motorcycles have been given to China's Police force.

Is that what they call "FREE SAMPLES"...??


8 December, 2008 - Video: French Motorcycle Police/Gendarme Gruelling Training
Video clip
I've written already about the grueling training the French motorcycle Police (Gendarme) have to undergo before they are let loose on the streets of France.

Between 5 and 8 months of training. Now you can see how intense their training is. Here's the video of the training, condensed into 4 minutes...


27 November, 2008 - String Them Up! Only Humane Thing To Do
London Ambulance Service Motorcycle
Kids out for some fun, are stealing the helmets of the London Ambulance Service Motorcycle Response Group, grounding the paramedic.

No helmet, no life saving activities. Apart from the cost (£600), the helmet is useless to anyone else.

Only one merciful thing you can do...


13 November, 2008 - UAE: Dubai’s Version Of Charlie’s Angels
Dubai female bodyguards
The male dominated society of the United Arab Emirates has a team of 6 female bodyguards working for the Dubai Police force.

The 6 ladies ride the big Yamaha motorcycles, and run around with guns, protecting VIPs.

Great, if it weren't that this is happening in the Middle East, were women are cost less than camels (Ok, Dubai is more liberal, but still ...).


20 October, 2008 - Big Boys And Their Big Toys
Iranian soldiers on motorcycles
You really got to get creative when it come to getting even with SUVs. Riding your motorcycle in Iran seems to be like anywhere in the world.

You've got to protect yourself....


15 October, 2008 - Psst. Want To Buy A Real Police Motorcycle?
Kawasaki Z1000P Police motorcycle
Irish web site has a real and original Police motorcycle for sale.

It's the classic Kawasaki Z1000P, as used in the TV series CHiPS, and includes flashing lights, siren and even handcuffs and Police helmet.

Here's your chance to scare the living daylights out of people on the road.


4 September, 2008 - China Motorcycle Police Display
Chinese motorcycle Police in Beijing
The Chinese motorcycle Police are showing off their riding skills just before the Paralympics opens this week in Beijing, China.

Looking good!


29 August, 2008 - AA-UK Turn To Honda Motorcycles
The AA Honda Motorcycles and scooters
Honda logo
Honda are delivering 50 Silverwing 600 scooters and Deauville motorcycles to the UK based AA. No, not Alcoholics Anonymous, and but British Automobile Association.

The AA hopes to cut down the waiting time for car drivers than have broken down in the major cities of the UK.

So, it's motorcycles to the rescue of cars.... ironic..


8 August, 2008 - Iran: Join The Army They Say, Ride Motorcycles All Day
Iran soldier with RPG on a motorcycle
Yeah, join the Army, ride motorcycles all day long. Except they didn't tell you about the pillion with his RPG, bursting your ear drums every few minutes.

Plus they shoot at you...


21 July, 2008 - Video: British Army Motorcycle Safety
Video clip
To prevent British soldiers from killing themselves outside of the battlefields, specially when riding their motorcycles, they've produced a good safety video.

It's well done, with a good tag line. I hope it makes them think...


16 July, 2008 - Video: Italian Motorcycle Police Display
Video clip
Nice video clip of display by the Italian motorcycle Police during the 1950's.

You get dizzy from watching the video...


10 June, 2008 - Belgium: First BMW R1200GS For Police
Belgium Police BMW R1200GS
The Belgium Police unveiled at the latest "Biker Safety Days" their new BMW R1200GS-P.

Since switching to Yamaha for Police motorcycles, it's the first new BMW in the Police force.


6 June, 2008 - Some Serious Army Motorcycle Squad
Army motorcycle with bazookas
This looks like quite a serious Army motorcycle squad, equipped with bazookas and all...

Do you think it's effective?? I don't....


5 June, 2008 - US Anti-Terror Motorcycle Squad
US Anti-Terror Army motorcycle squad
US Anti-terror motorcycle squad from the Army. What... riding what appear to be very heavy Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Don't they have anything lighter...??


7 May, 2008 - UK Police Using A Hayabusa Motorcycle!
Video clip
Riding a motorcycle in the UK? Better watch out....!!!

Johnny Law has got a new weapon; a Hayabusa!! Now they can catch up with you...

Watch the video..


1 May, 2008 - Video: Super Obstacle Course Police Motorcycle
Video clip
Very impressive video clip of a Police officer on a motorcycle riding a heavy motorcycle through an obstacle course.

Could you do it?? Honest ???


25 April, 2008 - Sit Dog, Sit! Good Boy!
Russian Police dog on a motorcycle
That's a pretty neat trick... I can't even get my dog close to my motorcycle when the engine is running...


22 April, 2008 - Uniformed Bikers: Croatia Motorcycle Police - Woow!
Croatia Motorcycle Police
Is this a good reason to join the Croatia motorcycle Police?

have a look at the motorcycle... the only thing missing are missile launchers, and maybe they even have those but are hidden.


21 April, 2008 - Russian Fire Motorcycle
Fire motorcycle in Russia
Found this old photo of a (I presume) Russia fire fighting motorcycle.

I wonder why these types of motorcycle aren't used to fight fires? It sure gets you to a fire very fast..?


11 April, 2008 - German Police Motorcycle Phobic?
German Police firearms training
This undated photo shows German Police training in the usage of their new firearms.

The only problem is that the target is a motorcycle rider with his helmet! Is that what the German Police think about bikers?


10 April, 2008 - Nice Way To Get Those SUVs
Militia on a motorcycle with weapons
Most of us have had problems with SUVs riding on the road. It's almost impossible to share the road with them.

These two chaps seem to have found the solution...


21 March, 2008 - Iraq: Police Torture Using Motorcycles
Iraqi Police on Motorcycle
Strange habits in Iraq.... Riding over your fellow officer with your motorcycle is a graduation exercise!!

What do they do when they get mean??


10 March, 2008 - Motorcycle Cop Escorting Clinton Was Not Able To Take Curve
Opinion Article
News Article
The motorcycle Police officer that died while escorting Hilary Clinton in Texas, crashed because he was not able to ride in a single lane, and negotiate a curve!

That implies a lack of proper training, and it's not the cop's fault, but the Police management. Training Police officers for these kind of duties is extremely important!


7 March, 2008 - USA: Fake Motorcycle Cop
A fake motorcycle cop tries to stop a woman in California.

The local Police are now telling people to make sure that the cop stopping you is really a cop?

Will a gun pointing in your face prove that the person is a cop?


4 March, 2008 - Dutch Motorcycle Police Downsizing! Setting An Example
Dutch Motorcycle Police and their new motorcycles
Due to budget cuts in The Netherlands, the Dutch motorcycle Police have been required to trade in their BMW and Yamaha motorcycle for new ones.

Here's a photo of the training they are undergoing.


3 March, 2008 - Funeral Of Motorcycle Police Officer Killed In Texas
Motorcycle Police Officer funeral in Texas
The funeral of the motorcycle Police Officer killed while escorting Senator Hilary Clinton, was attended by 100's of motorcycle cops.

This seems to happen quite regularly in the States. Why?


14 February, 2008 - Iraq Motorcycle Police Graduation: Not The Way To Treat Colleagues
Iraqi Motorcycle Police
Looks like when they graduate from the Iraqi Police academy, they ride over their colleagues with a motorcycle.

Strange habit...


1 February, 2008 - France: New Police Camera Against Stolen Vehicles
France Paris Police with LAPI system
The French Police have a new weapon against thieves! Called LAPI, it's a highly sophisticated infrared digital camera system.

It'll record a license plate, and within seconds tell the Police Officer if the vehicle was stolen (not only in France, but any European country).

So far, they are recovering between 1 and 4 stolen vehicles per day with 3 cars equipped with the LAPI system.


9 January, 2008 - Belgium Police Looking At Kawasaki Motorcycles
Belgium Police Kawasaki motorcycle
Kawasaki logo
Is BMW going to loose the Belgium Police market as well?

The national Police force are currently evaluating a Kawasaki 1400GTR for use on the roads in Belgium. It's being tested, and is on display at the forthcoming Cars and Motorcycle show that's opening its doors on the 17th of this month in Brussels.


31 December, 2007 - Motorcycle Police: Going Electric
NYPD Vectrix scooter
On both sides of the pond, Police forces are starting to test the Vectrix electric scooter for their officers.

No CO2 emissions, cleaner, cheaper, and a lot quieter (so they can sneak up on you), we'll see what the results are after 6 months.

One advantage though, not only do the electric scoots have the speed and range, if they run out of power while chasing you, they can't nip into a gas station and tank up...


27 December, 2007 - Fed Up With SUVs On The Road?
Armed motorcycle
Here's your chance at getting even with those asses on the road.

Even your pillion can participate...


21 December, 2007 - And You Call Yourself A Cop?
Police officer dressed as Santa Claus on a motorcycle
As a motorcycle Cop, even dressed as Santa Claus, you should know better....

Riding with pretty pillions, more than legally allowed, and no helmets ??


17 December, 2007 - Camouflaged Motorcycles For Bangalore Police
Bangalore Police on Bajaj motorcycle
For some reason, the Police in Bangalore, India need to ride around on Bajaj motorcycles that have a tiger camouflage....

Got to bite my lips from saying something stupid...


14 December, 2007 - Same Old, Same Old
Every time there's a special event in India, it would seem the roll out the army stunt team, and have them jump through hoops, tubes and fire.

Same old, same old...


12 December, 2007 - This Is Why The Police Need GPS On Their Motorcycles
Fun Article
Boy is this ever embarrassing... in the UK, a Police motorcycle escort was supposed to bring the British Queen to her destination 2 kilometers further up the road.

However, they got lost!!!!! Coming out of the station, they took a wrong turn, and finally arrived 23 minutes late.

Time to invest in GPSs.


23 November, 2007 - Jackpot For BMW Spain
Spanish Police BMW R1200RT-P
BMW logo
BMW Spain delivered 300 new R1200RT-P motorcycles to the Police in Spain.

There's one lucky BMW salesperson floating around in Spain today....


20 September, 2007 - Uniformed Bikers: Columbia Fire Fighters
Medellin Fire Department Suzuki 650 V-Strom
A look at the Fire Fighters from Medellin, Columbia.

Part of our Uniformed Bikers series.


29 August, 2007 - India: Motorcycle Police Extreme Brutality
India Motorcycle Police pulling a man
Motorcycle Police in India get extreme violent with a purse snatcher.

On TV, they drag the man through the streets chained to their motorcycle.

Makes Rodney King look like a walk in the park.


21 August, 2007 - Praying On A Motorcycle?
Indian Motorcycle Police team
It looks like this Indian Police stunt team is praying!

Praying that the top guy doesn't fall? Or that they will not all tumble!


13 August, 2007 - Uniformed Bikers: Istanbul Police
Instambul Turkey R1200GS-P
The Turkish Police in Istanbul have all the fun.

Riding around on nice BMW R1200GS-P motorcycles. Tough!


13 August, 2007 - Old Military Motorcycles - Birmenstorf
Old Military Motorcycles - Birmenstorf
They have a great gathering of some 500 old military vehicles in Birmenstorf, Switzerland.

Looks like fun!


10 August, 2007 - Police in Victoria, Australia On Strike
Video clip inside
The Police in Victoria, Australia are going on strike. They are planning to stop collecting money of the fines generated by the radars, unless their demands for a pay rise are met.

They've even produced a nice little TV ad promoting their strike!

NO RADARS!! Yeah !


7 August, 2007 - Big Headed Motorcycle Police
Big Headed Motorcycle Police
The Motorcycle Police boys and girls can at times have a big head.... ;-)


7 August, 2007 - Scary Boys-"Special" Uniformed Bikers-Part 7-Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Army on motorcycle
Not exactly folks you'd want to encounter in a dark alley, or a lonely road out to nowhere.

Sri Lanka's Military in action.


14 June, 2007 - China: Police Officer Keep Part Of Fines
Politics Article
In some parts of China, Police Officers get to keep 10% of issued traffic fines, while the Police station gets to keep 20%. The results are obvious; a massive hunt for traffic offenders.

The "bonus" these Police Officers get at substantial.


15 May, 2007 - UK: Police Withdraw Their Honda Pan European Motorcycles
UK Police version of the Honda Pan European ST1300
The UK Police Force had to withdraw their Honda Pan European ST1300 motorcycles due to an alert given by the UK coroner that the motorcycle was unsafe.

A death resulted by one of their officers after a high-speed wobble.

The ban is just for the Police version of the Pan, not for the standard versions.


29 March, 2007 - Taiwan’s Elite Motorcycle Army
If you're going to serve your country in the army, THIS is the job !

Imagine riding motorcycle all day, out of helicopters, off road, no miles long marches

... yeah baby !


8 March, 2007 - UK: Lighter Motorcycles For Female Cops
Police in the UK, according to English motorcycle magazine MCN, are required to be able to lift their motorcycle off the ground. This prevents a lot of female cops to become a motorcycle cop.

So the authorities are looking in to providing lighter motorcycles to the female Police officers.

But why do they also need to provide them with smaller guns ????


2 February, 2007 - French Motorocycle Cops Fed Up!
France Article
The French motorcycle Gendarmes are fed up with having to fine speeding bikers, so they've stopped doing it ! They don't feel they should be tax collectors. Now, for speeds of under 20 kph over the limit, you'll get a warning. Vive la France !


30 January, 2007 - Difficult To Believe ! Is It True ?
Law Article
Is it true that (in Galveston, Texas, USA) Police Officers need to buy their own motorcycles if they join the motorcycle patrol unit ? True/False ? Other places ?


10 January, 2007 - Would You Like To See Motorcycle Police Like This ?
Iraqi Motorcycle Police
Imagine all motorcycle Police dressing up their motorcycles like this ???

Cheerful !


20 December, 2006 - Lima, Peru Santa Claus Police
Lima Police on motorcycle as Santa Claus
Even the Police Officers in Lima, Peru are playing the Christmas game.

That's the spirit !


8 December, 2006 - Florida’s Christmas Spirit
Elf Radar
In Florida, USA, the Orange County Police force have gotten the Christmas spirit.

Dressed up as elves, they're manning their speed radars, and handing out speeding fines as if they're croissants.

What has the world come to ?


18 October, 2006 - Scary Boys-"Special" Uniformed Bikers-Part 6-Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Special Motorcycle Unit of the Army
Another look at some scary uniformed motorcycle riders; the Sri Lanka Special Motorcycle Unit of the Army.

Don't these people believe in ATGATT ?


4 October, 2006 - You Need More Police Motorcycles Escort ?
Motorcycle Police escort Air Froce 2
A photo of "a lot" of Police motorcycles escorting the Air Force 2 airplane with the American VP onboard.


3 October, 2006 - Bologna Police Go For Ducati Motorcycles
Bologna's Police on Ducati Motorcycles
Bologna's (Italy) Police force is now equipped with Ducati Multistrada 620's according to Federico Minoli, the CEO of Ducati.

That sure beats boring BMW and Yamaha motorcycles.


27 September, 2006 - That’s a Lot of Police Motorcycles
Chinese Police Motorcycles
A photo of a Police Officer walking between 1,200 Police motorcycles.

Where else but China ??


14 August, 2006 - UK Police Chief Told Off For Anti-Motorcycle Writing
Politics Article
The British Motorcyclist Federation (BMF) have logged a complaint against the deputy Chief of Police for North Wales, Clive Wolfendale, for anti-motorcycle writings in his blog. He now wants to ban motorcycles from Wales's national parks.


4 August, 2006 - Castle, Horses and Motorcycles - A Day In Normandy
Paris Motorcycle Police Exhibition Team
Last weekend we visited the annual horse and buggy race. Also at the event was the Paris Motorcycle Police Exhibition Team showing off their skills.

Quite interesting and impressive.


12 June, 2006 - Do They Need To Ride With Those Stickers ?
Afghan Motorcycle Police
Photo of Afghan Police officers on their spanking new motorcycles, with a big sticker on the front saying that the bikes were donated by China !


2 June, 2006 - Hamburg Police Decide for BMW Motorcycles
BMW logo
The Harley-Davidson experiment of the German Hamburg Police has come to an end. They've decided to go for BMW R1200RT-P. The first 25 have arrived. BMW sighs a relief!


2 May, 2006 - Uniformed Bikers: Both Sides in Sri Lanka
Tamil Tiger Soldiers on a motorcycle
A look at both sides of the Sri Lanka conflicts.

Both are using motorcycles.


11 April, 2006 - France’s Gendarmerie New Supersport Motorcycle
French Gendarmerie Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Police motorcycle
The French Gendarmerie Police have purchased 50 Kawasaki ZZR 1400 high speed motorcycles ! They have formed a special "High Speed Interception Brigade".

The motorcycle is capable of 315 kph (195 mph).


27 February, 2006 - European Union Donates Motorcycles To Albania
Albanian Motorcycle Police
The European Union has donated motorcycles to the Albanian Police.

Your tax Euros as work...


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - The Police
Le Touquet Quad Motorcycle (Enduropale)
A quick look at the Police at Le Touquet, and some of their strange vehicles.


2 February, 2006 - Uniformed Bikers - Iranian Parade Police
Iran Motorcycle Police
A look at some weird Iranian Police on motorcycles.

Please don't kill me...


20 January, 2006 - Uniformed Bikers - Chinese Firefighters
Chinese Firefighters on motorcycle
A look at some "strange" Chinese Firefighters on motorcycles.


25 December, 2005 - Camouflaged Santa Claus on Motorcycle
Camou Claus on Sidecar
A camouflaged Santa Claus riding a motorcycle sidecar.


15 December, 2005 - Is BMW Losing The Police Motorcycle Market ?
Gendarme Police Ofiicer on BMW Motorcycle
BMW logo
Is BMW slowly losing its Police motorcycle market ?

They've lost France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and now The Netherlands; all in one year, and all to Yamaha !


24 November, 2005 - New Police BMW Motorcycle
BMW R1200RT Police motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW launched their Police/Miliary version of their new R1200RT motorcycle in the MILIPOL State Security exhibition in Paris.


5 November, 2005 - Uniformed Bikers - Argentina Style
Argentina Riot Police on Motorcycles
Two photos of the Argentina Riot Police on motorcycles.


7 October, 2005 - Got To Be Easier Way To Ride A Motorcycle
Thai Soldier Rear Faced on Motorcycle
Looks like the Thai Army like having their pillion passengers face backwards on their motorcycles.


24 August, 2005 - White Helmets - World’s Leading Motorcycle Display Team
Motorcycle Display Team; the White Helmets
A look at the leading motorcycle display team in the world; the British Army's White Helmets.


9 August, 2005 - The French Motorcycle Gendarme - Their Training
A look at the French Gendarme motorcycle training.


26 July, 2005 - Motorcycle Ambulance in The Netherlands
RAVU Motorcycle Ambulance
A look at a Dutch motorcycle ambulance service.


25 July, 2005 - Great View From A Motorcycle
Thai Army MotorcycleMotorcycle
The way the Thai Army pillion riders sit on a motorcycle.


19 July, 2005 - Shiny New Motorcycles
Palestinian Police Motorcycles
Palestinian Police receive 25 shiny new motorcycles.


12 May, 2005 - What A Way To Treat Your Allies!
US Army motorcycle
A photo of a US Army soldier riding over an Indonesian soldier on a motorcycle.


7 January, 2005 - Scary Boys - "Special" Uniformed Bikers - Part 5 Indonesia (yet again)
(c)  REUTERS/Dadang Tri
Another recent view of those scary boys (& girls) in Uniform and on their motorcycles.


1 November, 2004 - MZ Motorcycles Sold To French Army
French Army on MZ Motorcycles
The French Army have purchased 502 MZ Motorcycles from Germany.


27 May, 2004 - Civilian Version of Military KLR DIESEL Motorcycle
Mil Spec KLR Diesel motorcycle
Civilian version of the Military Diesel powered KLR 650 coming.


19 May, 2004 - Italian State Police Drive a Lamborghini
Police Version Lamborghini
The Italian State Police receive a Lamborghini Gallardo sportscar for traffic patrols.


15 April, 2004 - Uniformed Bikers - Thailand Military
Thai soldiers demonstrate their skills on the motorcycles
In the series Uniformed Motorcycle riders here's another one from Thailand.


9 April, 2004 - "Urban Warfare" Motorcycles For Sale In Iraq
650cc Russian-made Ural motorcycle
Iraq has 1500 Ural motorcycles for sale including sidecars.


16 March, 2004 - Uniformed Bikers - Thailand Military
Thai soldier rides a motorcycle through a fire ring
In the series Uniformed Motorcycle riders here's an unusual one from Thailand.


10 March, 2004 - Motorcycle & Politics - Indonesia
Wind burn ??
A large motorcycle "march" for political reasons in Indonesia.


30 January, 2004 - Scary Boys Part 5 - Dominican Republic
News Article
Dominican Republic Riot police shooting a pistol from a riding motorcycle


28 January, 2004 - Uniformed Bikers - Beijing Police
Beijing Police
In the series Uniformed Motorcyclists, the Motorcycle Police in Beijing, China


5 January, 2004 - Motorcycle Police ?
Crowded Police Motorcycle
A funny photo of yet another police motorcycle display team....


14 December, 2003 - Time to Buy Some Motorcycles for these Guys
Fun Article
These guys badly need some motorcycles....


28 October, 2003 - US Army Confiscating Motorcycles in Iraq
News Article
The US Army is confiscating motorcycles in Iraq...


24 October, 2003 - UK Police Equips Motorcycles with Video Gear
Police Motorcycle Camera
The UK is equipping their police bikes with video recording gear...


3 October, 2003 - Uniformed Bikers - Jordan Special Forces
Jordan Special Forces on their Rokon Motorcycles
In the Uniformed Bikers series, the Jordan Special Forces and their Rokon motorcycles.


1 September, 2003 - Uniformed Bikers - German Police
German Police's BMW C1
In the series "Uniformed Bikers"


28 August, 2003 - Scary Boys Part 4 - Indonesia (again)
In the series 'Scary" Uniformed Bikers


18 August, 2003 - Scary Boys - "Special" Uniformed Bikers - Part 3
In the uniformed biker series


14 August, 2003 - Scary Boys - "Special" Uniformed Bikers - Part 2
In the uniformed biker series...


11 August, 2003 - Scary Boys - "Special" Uniformed Bikers
Indonesian Riot Police
Three countries with scary motorcycle police....


5 August, 2003 - ANWB Wegenwacht Roadside Assistance Motorcycles
ANWB Wegenwacht BMW LT 1100
In the Uniformed Services on Motorcycles series, the Dutch roadside assistance organization, the ANWB.


26 July, 2003 - Diesel Power Military Motorcycles
The US and UK Military are producing special motorcycles that run on diesel.....


22 July, 2003 - German Police to try Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
The German Police in Hamburg is trying out 20 Harley-Davidson motorcycles......


8 July, 2003 - Austrian Army KTM
Austrian Army KTM
In my "Uniformed" Bikers serie


4 July, 2003 - Dog Poop Motorcycles
Motocrotte (Dog Shit Motorcycle)
The French have scooters that are equipped with a vacuum cleaner that patrol the sidewalks and "suck" in all dog shit.....


25 June, 2003 - Hong Kong Medical Emergency Services
In the series Uniformed Bikers


24 June, 2003 - Hong Kong Fire Services Motorcycles
In the series Uniformed Motorcycles


16 June, 2003 - US Secret Service
I decided to do a new blogline when the news is slow... here's a motorcycle from the US Secret Service.


12 May, 2003 - Firefighters on Motorcycles
The UK Fire Services are considering using motorcycles to fight all about it!


10 April, 2003 - Iraq War Motorcycles part 2
Some of the US Military moorcycles used in Iraq.


9 April, 2003 - Motorcycles and the War


11 March, 2003 - Police Force Grounded due to Bad Helmets



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