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14 May, 2015 - Brazil: Rio Fire Department Go For Yamaha Cruisers
Rio Fire Department Motorcycle
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Yamaha #FireFighters - The Rio de Janeiro, Brazil fire department have selected a rather strange motorcycle for their fire fighters to arrive rapidly on the scene: the Yamaha XVS1300 Midnight Star, a cruiser.


11 May, 2015 - Review: 2015 Yamaha Tricity - Three Wheels at a Small Price
Review 2015 Yamaha Tricity
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha #Tricity - A detailed translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 Yamaha Tricity - Three Wheels at a Small Price


28 April, 2015 - Video: Yamaha FZS Motorcycle TV Commercial From India
Yamaha FZS India 2013
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #India - Yamaha sell their bikes everywhere in the world, and one major market is India. Here is a TV commercial that has an interesting saying. Have a look (and a listen).


23 April, 2015 - Review: 2015 Yamaha R3 - Double Game
Review 2015 Yamaha R3
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha - A detailed and translated review from a top French web site of the 2015 Yamaha R3 - Double Game


11 March, 2015 - Review: 2015 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer - Traces Long and Strong
Review 2015 Yamaha MT 09 Tracer
Yamaha logo
A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer - Traces Long and Strong


9 March, 2015 - Review: Yamaha YZF R1 and R1M - Magic Potion for the Transgenic HyperSports
Review Yamaha YZF R1 and R1M
Yamaha logo
A detailed review from a top French web site of the Yamaha YZF R1 and R1M - Magic Potion for the Transgenic HyperSports


27 January, 2015 - Video: Yamaha - We R1
Yamaha R1 Commercial
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #TVCommercial #WeR1 - Very nice TV commercial for Yamaha motorcycles. It's not about the motorcycle, it's about the passion.


26 December, 2014 - France: Yamaha Wins Police Motorcycle Contract, Again
Yamaha TDM900A France
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #France #Police - Yamaha got themselves a nice contract with the French administration for many different motorcycles and scooters. The long-lasting battle with BMW is not over. No clear winner so far.


19 December, 2014 - Review: 2015 Yamaha 250 WR-F - The Winning Comeback
Review 2014 Yamaha WR250F
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2015 Yamaha 250 WR-F - The Winning Comeback


15 December, 2014 - Xmas 2014 - Yamaha Motorcycle Lovers Gift Ideas
Yamaha logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2014
#Christmas #GiftIdeas #Yamaha- Worst company to buy Christmas gifts from. Yamaha offer lots of spare parts, spark plugs, etc, but very few novelty or interesting gifts. Thankfully, this is the end of the motorcycle manufacturer's Christmas gift ideas. Next are some novelty gift ideas.


11 November, 2014 - Video: Yamaha 2015 1 - We R1 Starring Valentino Rossi
Yamaha We R1 Ad
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #R1 #Commercial - Here is the launch TV commercial video of Yamaha's updated R1, starring Valentino Rossi (who goes half naked towards the end). The motorcycle images are boring and bland, but the voice-over is pretty good.


20 October, 2014 - WTF is The Matter With Yamaha, And Why Do They Hate The Press?
Oliepeil Yamaha MT 07
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #HateRelations #Press - Why is Yamaha being so unprofessional towards some of the press? They are the only ones who act childish and very unprofessional. One year after a crazy and amateur attitude, Yamaha still have not changed their ways. Do they care?


16 October, 2014 - Yamaha Patents Height Adjustable Motorcycle
Patent Height Adjustment
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Patents #HeightAdjustment - According to this patent filed last year, Yamaha together with Kayaba Industry are working on height-adjustable components for motorcycles. This means that at the press of a button, any motorcycle can lower or raise itself. Interesting?


14 October, 2014 - Ads: Yamaha - Air Riders
Yamaha Air Riders
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Advertisement #Motocross - Here is a TV commercial from Yamaha for their motocross motorcycles. Nicely filmed, but way too long.


3 October, 2014 - Intermot 2014: Yamaha - 2, 3 or 4 Wheels - Make Up Your Mind
Yamaha Concept Motorcycle 01GEN
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Intermot #Concept - Yamaha seems to have a problem deciding how many wheels a motorcycle needs. So far we've seen 2, 3 and 4 wheels. Will their latest concept, 01GEN, be something we will see in the future. 3 wheels is not uncommon.


12 March, 2014 - Cool Photo - The Spirit of Yamaha
Spirit of Yamaha
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha - Once upon a time, the brand with the tuning fork was a company that made pianos and motorcycles.

Here is a photo dating back to 1977 that reunites both "big" products of the Japanese company


25 February, 2014 - Review: 2014 Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere - A Slipper With Character
Review 2014 Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha- A detailed review of the 2014 Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere motorcycle - A slipper with character.


7 February, 2014 - Review: Yamaha MT-07
Review 2014 Yamaha MT 07
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha - A detailed review of the2014 Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle - the Tuning Fork's Bicyclinder .


19 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 14 -Yamaha- Pain Triumphs with Podium Finish for Yamaha As 2014 Dakar Comes to an End
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres and Olivier Pain
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha - It is not easy going in as a new team but as the world champion, but Yamaha did quite well in the 2nd week. Next year should be very interesting.


18 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 13 -Yamaha- Despres Takes Stage Win for Yamaha whilst Pain Goes 3rd Overall
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Despres is still winning stages, but too little, too late. But next year should be interesting. One more day.


17 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 12 -Yamaha- Despres Takes 2nd on Stage 11
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Despres is riding fine, if only he had been able to do so in the beginning. Maybe next year?


14 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 9 -Yamaha- Despres Scores Maiden Special Stage Victory
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Cyril Despres finally wins a stage. Now he needs to keep winning and hope the others get into trouble. It's the Dakar after all.


12 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 7 -Yamaha- A Day of Rest as Dakar Reaches the Halfway Point
Dakar 2014 Rest Day
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Yamaha team not doing well in the Dakar (even their PR department skipped beats). Maybe after this rest day.


10 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 5 -Yamaha- Frustrating 5th Day for Yamaha’s Dakar Challengers
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Yamaha's star biker Cyril Despres is having a Dakar he wants to forget real quick. Here's Yamaha's tale.


9 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 4 -Yamaha- Pain Breaks into the Top 5 on Day 4
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Yamaha's part of the Dakar during day 4, and 2nd part of the Marathon stage and Despres is in real trouble.


8 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 3 -Yamaha- Yamaha Riders Impress on 1st Marathon Stage
Dakar 2014 Michael Metge
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #CyrilDespres - Yamaha might have Despres, but so far it has not been easy. Day 3 of the Dakar tell the Yamaha story which went much better today.


6 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014: Day 2 -Yamaha- Challenging Second Day for Despres
Dakar 2014 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha - 2nd day on the Dakar, and Yamaha have a few things to say.


6 January, 2014 - Dakar 2014 - Day 1 - Yamaha - Despres Takes Third in Argentina
Dakar 2014 Frans Verhoeven
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Yamaha - Day 1 of the Dakar in Yamaha's words.


18 November, 2013 - Prices of A Motorcycle Around The World
Yamaha YZF R1 costs
#Prices #Yamaha - Here is what it costs to buy a motorcycle, in this case a Yamaha YZF-R1, around the world. The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is TIMES THREE!


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Yamaha And Their Relationship With The Press
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Eicma #Oliepeil - Yamaha have not understood how to deal with the motorcycle press. They just do not understand. Here are two cases in which Yamaha could have dealt with things in a mature and professional way, instead of childish.


31 July, 2013 - Video: Yamalube Starring Lorenzo and Rossi
Yamalube ad Rossi Lorenzo
Yamaha logo
#MotoGP #Yamaha #Advertising - As big name MotoGP racers you need to spend time making local TV commercials for your sponsors. If not, no money, and no money means no racing. Even the biggest names in motorcycle racing today can not escape these tasks.

Here are none other than Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi together in a Indonesian TV commercial for Yamaha's oil company Yamalube.


25 June, 2013 - Video: Yamaha MT-09 Launch Video
Yamaha MT 09 Launch
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #MT-09 #Advertisement - Unless you've been disconnected from the internet in the last week or so, you'll have noticed that Yamaha have launched their new MT-09 motorcycle. A stunner and what looks like a fun motorcycle.

Here's their launch video they used to promote the bike. In the video you see several MT-09 motorcycles riding at night in Japan by what you could describe as "hooligans".

This looks like a fun bike. The TV commercial is well filmed, plenty of action and great shots.


30 May, 2013 - Dakar: Cyril Despres Moves To Yamaha
Cyril Despres Team Yamaha motor france
Yamaha logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #Despres - Cyril Despres announced several months ago that he was leaving KTM, the brand that brought him multiple Dakar titles and off road fame, but he did not want to say what he was going to do next. Many people speculated that he would leave motorcycle rally racing and possibly go for four wheels.

But everyone was wrong. In a "Valentino Rossi" style move, Cyril Despres is going blue, Yamaha blue. He has nothing left to prove riding for KTM, and now he wants to show that it is him winning, not just the bike...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 April, 2013 - India: Yamaha To Build Motorcycle Costing As Much As An iPad
Hungarian Wooden Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #LocCost #India - Talk about a low cost motorcycle. The Senior General Manager of Yamaha India, Mr. Yuh Motoyama, stated to the press that Yamaha are planning to make a 100cc motorcycle that will cost around US$500 to buy.

Today, what can you get for $500? An iPad? A GPS? A week or two worth of food? Imagine that shortly you'll be able to buy a motorcycle for that money. The low cost Yamaha motorcycle will initially be sold in India, but then exported to other countries, like Africa and Latin America...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 February, 2013 - Video: Yamaha Indonesia Corporate Commercial
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Quite an interesting and well done corporate TV commercial for Yamaha Indonesia. It's a TV ad you'd expect from Yamaha's head quarters in Japan, but then considering how big the Indonesian motorcycle market is, they have a lot of money in their piggy bank to make these kind of videos.

No need for a real time translator, it's just music and motorcycles, lots of it. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the Harley-Davidson "Live by it" TV commercial, with one rider starting out, and ending in 100's of bikers. Except in this case, they're Yamaha scooters...


18 January, 2013 - Video: Yamaha V-ixion 150i
Video clip
Yamaha logo
There's a whole world of motorcycles out there in Asia that may never be seen here in Europe (or North America). Often small displacement motorcycles, they have fancy sounding names.

Here's one from Yamaha Indonesia, and the motorcycle is called a "V-ixion 150i". When you look at the TV commercial below, and the image it tries to portray, it kind of makes you laugh. They superimpose a cheetah, and when the bike takes off, it's like a MotoGP race bike.... all that on a 150cc bike.


7 December, 2012 - Video: Yamaha - For Fun (1960s)
Video clip
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha - I love these old vintage TV commercials. This one is from the 1960's and it's for Yamaha USA. Those were the days that you could easily say that motorcycles are for fun. In fact they say in the advertisement "Meet the people who are having fun, and meet the fun they're having".

They don't make ads like these anymore. They're all about power, speed - not about having fun. And isn't that what riding a motorcycle is all about?


6 November, 2012 - France: Police Order Yamaha TDM 900 Motorcycles
Yamaha TDM 900 Police
Yamaha logo
Even though BMW got the French Law Enforcement and Authorities market back from Yamaha, they didn't take away all the market from Yamaha. Yamaha after a 12 year partnership with the French police have re-signed an agreement to continue to deliver the Yamaha 900 TDM motorcycle to the national cops.

The Yamaha will be delivered in a special police version, complete with sirens and strobe lights. No numbers have been issued in terms of sales numbers, horsepower, top speed etc, but the customized TDM motorcycles are part of the "less-than-1000cc" category for the French administration. In other words, you'll mostly see them in big cities.

Have a look at the video below, where you can see two Yamaha TDM 900-Police motorcycles escort a fire truck through a busy streets (and a unmarked police motorcycles).


2 October, 2012 - Video: Yamaha BW’S 125 Scooter - Motocross
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Hmmmm... interesting way of showing a 125 scooter. It's a Yamaha TV commercial from Taiwan, and it shows their 2013 BW'S 125 scooter sliding through the dirt and pulling a wheelie.

Motocross with a scooter;.. how original.


24 September, 2012 - Scoop: New Yamaha FJR1300A or FJR1350A
Yamaha FJR1300A Scoop.png
Yamaha logo
Our buddies at the Dutch site Oliepeil have gotten their fingers on some photos of the new Yamaha FJR1300A motorcycle. The photos came from the exhaust manufacturer who obviously couldn't wait until next week.

The body looks wider than the current edition, hence the thought that this might be a 1350.


20 September, 2012 - Video: Someday You’ll Own A Yamaha
Video clip
Yamaha logo
This is a TV commercial from waaaay back, 1976 to be exact. The advertisement is from Yamaha USA, and it's actually funny. Done in a Keystone Cops way, it really never shows a motorcycle (apart briefly in a drawing).

The rest is for the cops to dream about.... funny and not bad for those days. In the mean time, they've got to do their work on foot...


5 June, 2012 - Ads: Yamaha Fazer, Or How Not Make Good Motorcycle Ads
Yamaha Fazer Columbus Ad
Yamaha logo
Somehow the ADK Fortune Communication PR company in India missed to boat on this one. Two Yamaha print advertisements for their Fazer motorcycle. Both ads refer to historical explorers, Columbus and Vasco de Game.

How many people will identify their Fazer with an adventure motorcycle? And that while Yamaha have an excellent "explorer" motorcycle, the XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


16 May, 2012 - Guy Makes Big Paper Version Of Yamaha R1 Motorcycle
Paper Yamaha R1
Paper Yamaha R1
I guess if you've not got the money to buy a real Yamaha R1 motorcycle, this is you best bet to have one in your living room.

Jack Chan from Australia spent quite some time making a 60% size Yamaha R1 motorcycle out of paper and cardboard. But it looks the bizz. All it needs is a coat of paint, and he'll have the perfect replica in his living room.


26 April, 2012 - Video: ProTaper and Yamaha Motorcycles
Video clip
ProTaper logo
Here's a nice, and short, TV commercial for ProTaper handlebars together with Yamaha motorcycles.

Lots of action shots, but not to sure why those shots mean anything for the handlebars, but nevertheless, nice to see.


3 April, 2012 - Ad: Yamaha - The Wait Is Over, Riding Season Begins
Yamaha Wait Is Over
Yamaha logo
A nice print advertisement from Yamaha, telling us all that the wait is over, summer (spring) is here and we can dust of our motorcycles and start riding again.

Nice, the photos says it all.


29 March, 2012 - 600cc Yamaha Engine With A Vespa Scooter Wrapped Around It
Vespa 600 Yamaha
Vespa 600 Yamaha
What do you do when you have a Vespa 50 scooter lying around doing nothing, and a spare Yamaha FZR600 engine gathering dust? One is a 50cc scooter, the other a powerful 600cc motorcycle engine...

That's a dilemma that someone in Italy had, and he solved it by taking the Yamaha engine and wrapping the Vespa scooter around it. Mind you, it's not a static scootBike, but it really works, just have a look at the video below.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 March, 2012 - Video: Yamaha Byson 2012 - Indonesia
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a TV commercial from Yamaha Indonesia for their Byson motorcycle, 2012 model. For the uninitiated, the Byson is a 153cc motorcycle with 10.1 kW power and 13,6 Nm torque.

As advertisements go, it fits right in Yamaha way of working & style; now if the motorcycle would be as good, they'd have a winner..


20 February, 2012 - The Most Stunning And Sexy Yamaha Motorcycle Babe
Yamaha Gas Tank Babe
I don't frequently post photos of the pretty and often sexy ladies on motorcycles, apart from the motorcycle exhibitions.

But this photos of a very pretty, and very sexy, Yamaha girl just had to be posted.... no offense to women meant, but she's just to sexy not to post.


27 December, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha Financial Services
Yamaha Bank Fazer Chart Brazil
Yamaha Bank XVS Chart Brazil
It's not an easy task to make an advertisement for a bank or financial services targeted at motorcycle riders. Most bikers just aren't interested in them. The FAM agency in Brazil did a pretty good job, producing ads that are for financial services geared towards motorcycle and scooter riders.

The company is Yamaha Bank, meant to give out loans to bikers wanting to buy a motorcycle or scooter. Instead of boring financial charts, theirs shows a bike. Nice touch.


29 November, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets - Oxi-Sanitation
Yamaha Oxi Sanitation Helmet
Yamaha logo
Yamaha not only make motorcycles, but they also sell helmets. And as we know, circulating air in our helmets is important, since it minimizes fog, and brings in fresh, cool, air.

But helmets are also bacteria traps, especially when you're sick. Yamaha Brazil are advertising their helmets with Oxi-Sanitation, meaning the helmets are aired properly and should be bacteria free.

Here are three of their ads, by the FAM Agency from Brazil.


12 August, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycle - Track Ready, Street Smart
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for Yamaha motorcycles, building on their racing championships, making a statement that their motorcycles are ready for the track, and are street smart.

Too bad the biker on the Yamaha isn't street smart (wearing sneakers.....).


19 July, 2011 - Ad: Yamaha X-Max, Master of City
Yamaha X Max Italy
Yamaha logo
Italians are known for designing pretty things, like motorcycles, cars and also advertisements. They pretty, but not always functional...

Here's a pretty print ad for the Yamaha X-Max scooter, though well done, I think the message is lost...


25 May, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Junoon YD 100
Video clip
Yamaha logo
It's funny how in some countries the small motorcycles are advertized the way we would advertize our big bikes. Here's a launch commercial from Pakistan for the Yamaha Janoon YD 100.

Photographers, groupies, smoke, sunglasses ..... the way you receive a big star.


4 May, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Indonesia and Valentino Rossi
Video clip
Yamaha logo
It sucks at times being a famous athlete like Valentino Rossi. Here he is making a kind-of dumb TV commercial for Yamaha Indonesia in a language which he doesn't understand, but pretends to speak....

... but in honesty, the ad ain't half bad...


28 April, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycles Makes Grown Bikers Cry
Video clip
Yamaha logo
In an obvious dig at Harley-Davidson, here's a Yamaha Motorcycle TV advertisement that will make grown men cry..... or at least that is what the ad will make you think.


26 April, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha And The Jungle
Ad Yamaha Gorilla Jungle Costa Rica
Yamaha logo
At first glance these ads didn't do it for me. They looked lame until you read the text and look at the photo. Then I got fact, I recognized two of the characters...

The three advertisements are for Yamaha Costa Rica


16 February, 2011 - Video: Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Tenere: Soul
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a very nice promo video clip from Yamaha for their new XT 1200 Super Tenere motorcycle.

It shows that they want to square off with the GS in the dual-purpose market. The video, despite a voice that will put you to sleep, is nice with good riding images.


15 February, 2011 - The Yamaha FZ8R Motorcycle Exists. Here’s The Proof
Yamaha FZ8R logo
Yamaha logo
Our colleagues from the French motorcycle news site happened by chance upon the upcoming Yamaha FZ8R at Yamaha.

The act is out of the bag, and they were allowed to make one photo of the tank.


15 February, 2011 - Investors Loose Faith In Yamaha Motorcycles, Stock Plunge
Yamaha logo
Yamaha Motorcycles took a plunge in the Tokyo stock market, after announcing a (small) profit for 2010, and an expected 9.3% rise in profit for 2011.

Their stock plunged 10% with fears for the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.


20 January, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Star Motorcycles
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a TV ad, if you turn off the volume, you'd swear it's a Harley commercial. But it's not, it's a Yamaha Star motorcycles one.


7 January, 2011 - Dakar 2011: Rodrigues Aiming For Podium After 1st Third
Yamaha logo
Dakar logo
Yamaha Racing's report on the progress of the 2011 Dakar.

Their main man, Helder Rodrigues, is doing his bit to get on the podium.


3 January, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Fiore Scooter
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a nice upbeat TV ad from Yamaha to start the new year with.

It's for a 50cc scooter, so nothing to write home about, but has a nice electronic tune to it.


15 December, 2010 - Christmas 2010: For Yamaha Motorcycle Lovers
Yamaha logo
Christmas Shiny Ball 2010 Gift Ideas
Time to have a look at some Christmas gift ideas for KTM motorcycle lovers.


21 June, 2010 - 44 Concept Motorcycles From Japan
Honda Concept Motorcycle
Yamaha Concept Motorcycle
Concept motorcycles are a must for any motorcycle manufacturer, and the Big Four from Japan, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha do not spare money when designing new models.

Here are 44 photos of Japanese concept (or prototype) motorcycles.


26 May, 2010 - Ad: Yamaha Using Gays, Transvestites and Transsexuals
Ad Yamaha Gays Thailand
Pretty amazing print ad/flyer for Yamaha Thailand.

They target gays, transvestites and transsexuals with their motorcycles and scooters..... amazing.


2 April, 2010 - Yamaha To Raise More Money To Develop Electric Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
Yamaha motorcycles is in dire need for cash to continue developing new motorcycles, specially fuel-efficient, low cost and electric motorcycles.

To provide their R&D department with the hard needed cash, they plan to sell more shares, US$816 million worth.


25 February, 2010 - Dual-Purpose Motorcycle Comparison
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
With the release of Yamaha's GS-Killer, the XT1200Z Super Tenere, let's have a look at how it stacks up to the other GS-Killers...

A look at the big cylinder dual-sports motorcycles. Will BMW survive, or is it laughing...


25 February, 2010 - Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere Motorcycle. The Official Release
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
Yamaha logo
Unless you've been hiding in a cave, you'll probably have seen the new Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere dual-purpose motorcycle announcement yesterday.

Here are the full specs and many photos of the gorgeous looking motorcycle...


1 February, 2010 - 29 Yamaha Motorcycles Ads from Around The World
Yamaha Ad Retailers Supermarket Unknown
Yamaha logo
It's the turn of Yamaha to see their motorcycles ads from around the world.

Here are 29 advertisements from Yamaha as found across all corners of the world.


12 December, 2009 - Christmas 2009: Yamaha Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
Yamaha logo
Boring... Yamaha have thousands of individual websites, each with their own, bland, merchandising programs. Individual motorcycle models have their own sites and accessories. Too much work...

So here's what I found on Amazon...


26 October, 2009 - Video: Mini-Yamaha Motorcycle
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a funny TV ad coming from Yamaha motorcycles. It was made by a Yamaha dealer, and the message is loud & clear.

Have a look....


21 October, 2009 - Yamaha Show Super-Tenere Motorcycle At Tokyo Show
Yamaha logo
Yamaha unveiled a concept motorcycle, called the Super-Tenere, at the Tokyo Motor Show today.

A 1200cc, dual purpose adventure motorcycle, shaft drive, linked brakes with ABS and lots of stuff you see on the BMW R1200GS, the bike it's trying to beat in the market.


30 July, 2009 - Racing The Dakar On A Yamaha Motorcycle With Support
HFP Offroad Yamaha motorcycle
Dakar 2010 logo
If you want to race in the 2010 Dakar, and are afraid for the logistics that goes with the race (motorcycle preparation, spares, mechanics), French HFP Off-road offer a Yamaha WRF450, specially prepared for the Dakar, and a full support package.

Three different options are available.


17 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycle Special - 1979
Video clip
Yamaha logo
A simple but very straightforward, almost sexy, TV ad for Yamaha motorcycles dating back to 1979...


16 July, 2009 - Biggest Motorcycle Exhibition Getting First Cancellations
EICMA logo
The two biggest motorcycle manufacturers have withdrawn from the biggest motorcycle exhibition: Honda and Yamaha will not be present at EICMA!

Bad news... will there be more cancellations? I hope not!


3 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Scooter - Save Money On Fuel
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice TV ad from Yamaha for their scooters.

Save fuel, ride a scooter... that's the message.


1 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha G5 Motorcycle
Video clip
Yamaha logo
A nice TV ad for the Indian Yamaha G5 motorcycle.

We need their ad agencies over here... better than what we get fed...


19 May, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Cygnus X - DILO
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice promo clip for the Yamaha Cygnus X scooter. It's a DILO (Day In the Life Of) a commuter.

Shows you why scooters and motorcycles are easy in cities.


14 May, 2009 - 125s: What The Difference A Few Years Make
It used to be that a 125 cc motorcycle looked and felt like a 125 cc motorcycle (see left photo).

But nowadays, it's very difficult to see the difference between a 125 and a real "bigger brother" motorcycle. Look at the differences between these two Yamahas: one is a 125 the other a R6!


17 April, 2009 - Video: Yamaha XTZ 125 Motorcycle Off-road
Video clip
Yamaha logo
A Portuguese language TV ad for the Yamaha XTZ 125 motorcycle, mostly off-road.

Nice action. The stuff you can do with a 125...


16 April, 2009 - Yamaha: Please Do Not Use E10 Fuel!
Bio fuel pump
Yamaha logo
Yamaha France are not convinced that the new ecological fuel, E10, is compatible with their motorcycles. They are currently testing out the fuel on all their motorcycles.

In the mean time, they advise their customers not to use the fuel.


19 March, 2009 - Video: 2x Yamaha North America Ads - Star and MotoGP
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Two Yamaha Motorcycles North America TV ads.

First one is about the sounds we hear every day, converging into the motorcycle starting up.

The 2nd is that you too can have MotoGP 365 days a year... just get a Yamaha R1.


6 March, 2009 - Video: Yamaha G5 Motorcycle - My Life
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Merciful short TV ad for India's Yamaha G5 motorcycle.

The ad is bland, but I like the music.


4 March, 2009 - Be A Yamaha Motorcycle Racing Manager
Yamaha logo
Yamaha Motorcycle have a web competition on-line, allowing you to play the Yamaha Racing Team Manager.

With a budget of 1 million Euros, you choose your team and the races.

Highest scorer gets Valentino Rossi helmet (once the races are over, since he needs it to race).


4 February, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Scooters And TVXQ
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Strange Korean TV ad for Yamaha scooters.

Features a locally well known music band called TVXQ.

Boy, this ad is loud!


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Yamaha Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Yamaha V-max motorcycles presentation
Yamaha logo
Yamaha presented their motorcycle line up for 2009. They also had a few celebs on hand.

My favorite is the V-max....


24 September, 2008 - Video: Yamaha MT-03 Motorcycle And Jetski
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice promo video clip from Yamaha. It not only features their MT-03 motorcycle, but also one of their jetskis.

Throw in some cool music and a pretty girl...


9 September, 2008 - Video: Yamaha R1 Motorcycle - 2009 Model
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Promo video clip of Yamaha's R1 motorcycle, 2009 model (2010 for the USA).

Nice bike....quite an evolution.


23 July, 2008 - Gerard Depardieu Launches Yamaha Motorcycle Dealership
Gerard Depardieu on a Yamaha motorcycle
Famous French A-list actor, Gerard Depardieu, has had his share of mishaps on motorcycles (partially due to his other business, that of wine making).

Now his keen passion leads him into another business venture: Depardieu is opening a mega Yamaha motorcycle dealership.

Let's hope he can keep both passions separated from now on.. for the sake of his customers.


12 May, 2008 - Video: Yamaha Acceleration
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Interesting ad for Yamaha motorcycle. It's an advertisement about Yamaha acceleration, but they never show the motorcycle.

It kind of works for me....


27 March, 2008 - Video: Yamaha Gladiator SS/RD
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Yamaha India have this quaint little motorcycle called the Gladiator.

Here's a TV ad for it...


11 March, 2008 - Yamaha: Super Tenere 1200 Coming?
Yamaha Tenere 660
Yamaha logo
Rumors are floating around that Yamaha will be releasing a 1200 cc version of their Tenere dual purpose motorcycle.

After BMW enormous sales of their R1200GS, there's a good a chance we'll be seeing a 1200cc version of this motorcycle.


12 February, 2008 - Video: Yamaha Enduro Motorcycles
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Spanish ad from Yamaha for their Enduro motorcycles.

The impossible jump....


11 December, 2007 - Christmas 2007: Yamaha Gift Ideas
Yamaha Thong
Yamaha logo
We've found a treasure chest of merchandising gifts at Yamaha. Each country has its own site, full of unique gifts.

Here's our choice for the Yamaha owner.


4 December, 2007 - Video: Yamaha and Suzuki 1980’s Ads
Click to see the Video clip
Click to see the Video clip
Two TV ads, one from Yamaha, the other from Suzuki.

Both are from the 1980's.


30 November, 2007 - Yamaha V-Max MP3?
TMW 3 wheeled Yamaha V-Max
You'd think that this is a new Yamaha V-Max version based on Piaggio's MP3 scooter.

It's a prototype by Tilting Motor Works, designed to make motorcycles safer, but still fun.


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 4 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Last part of a series of 4, each with 3 great Yamaha ads.

Enjoy all four. That's 12 ads....


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 3 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Part 3 of 4, of a series of 3 ads each for Yamaha.

They are really great ads...


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 2 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Three Yamaha ads, part 2 of 4.

All of them excellent!


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 1 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here are three excellent video ads for Yamaha.

They are part of a series of 4, each containing 3 ads. They are Australian (I think), and are a pleasure to watch.

Enjoy part 1


3 October, 2007 - Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
Yamaha logo
Yamaha has been selling the original Tenere since the early 1980's (after the Paris-Dakar successes). Therefore, it was no surprise to see the new Tenere on the well selling 660 Yamaha engines.

Yamaha launched the new XT660Z Tenere at the Paris motorcycle exhibition.


28 September, 2007 - Paris Mondial 2007: Yamaha
Paris Mondial 2007 Yamaha
Yamaha logo
Yamaha was next in Paris with a song & dance show, presenting the new motorcycles.

Here are some of their 8 new models (some were scooters which I'll skip here, more later).


17 September, 2007 - Yamaha Wins Bol d’Or 2007
The Yamaha from the GMT 94 team wins the French mythical 24 hours motorcycle race; the Bol d'Or 2007!

First non-Japanese motorcycle was a BMW R1200S in 23rd position (in the General category, 1st in the Open).


4 September, 2007 - Yamaha France and Dakar 2008 Spare Parts Support
Dakar logo
Yamaha logo
Yamaha France and HFP Off-road are offering a spare parts service for all Yamaha WR450F motorcycles riders that are participating in the Dakar 2008 race, including the new 07 model.

The maintenance support service is full (as is the race, so if you haven't entered, you'll need to wait until 2009).


31 August, 2007 - Video: Valentino Rossi and Yamaha
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
NOTE: We've implemented a new style of displaying video clips!

Here's a TV ad of Valentino Rossi and Yamaha.

What ??? No Michelin ad??


2 August, 2007 - Slightly Modified Yamaha Majesty
Yamaha Majesty Modified
Now, this is what I call a customized scooter. It's a Yamaha Majesty.

Where are the missiles?


28 June, 2007 - Video: Yamaha 2007 Ads (R1, XT660, FJR1300, WRF450)
Video clip inside
3 video clips from Yamaha for their new (2007) motorcycles.


27 March, 2007 - Video: Yamaha R1/R6 Respect
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
A TV advertisement of the Yamaha R1 and R6 motorcycles from the USA. The R stands for "Respect".


12 March, 2007 - Video: Yamaha Ads In Other Countries
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
Four Yamaha motorcycle TV ads from different countries. Yamaha Japan sure does play a lot of ads.


9 March, 2007 - Video: Yamaha Ads In North America
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
Four TV advertisements of Yamaha motorcycles as shown in North America. First one is a bit anti-Harley.


2 February, 2007 - Video: Yamaha (R1, R6, Fazer) Ads
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
Seven TV commercials from Yamaha, most of them R1. Some nice, some not. It would seem that Yamaha has the most publicity...


15 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Yamaha Press Release 15Jan
Yamaha logo
Finally a press release from Yamaha for the Dakar 2007 rally, 15Jan.


8 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Yamaha Press Release 07Jan
Helder Rodrigues
Yamaha's press release for the 2007 Dakar, 07Jan.


8 January, 2007 - Ecological Dakar 2007 Contestant
Christian Dequidt and his bio-fuel Yamaha
One of the Dakar motorcycle contestants is not only pro green, but he does what he preaches.

He's riding a Yamaha motorcycle converted to use bio-fuels (that he grows himself).

Christian Dequidt is a farmer from the North of France, and not only is his fuel made out of beetroot, but his engine oil is made out of coleslaw, and parts of his motorcycle are made out of compressed corn.

Way of the future ?


5 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Yamaha Preview
Yamaha logo
A look at Yamaha's efforts for the 2007 Dakar rally (from their Press Release).


14 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Yamaha Style
Yamaha Motorcycle Christmas Gifts
Yamaha logo
The first of a series of (Christmas) gifts as sold by the motorcycle manufacturers themselves.

First one is Yamaha (Europe).


30 November, 2006 - Extreme Motorcycle Riding - Dutch Style
Fun Article
2 crazy Dutchmen are going to ride their motorcycles, Marcus Kingma on a Yamaha YBR 125 and Sjaak Lucassen on a Yamaha R1, on December 23rd all the way to Nordkapp, Denmark - most North point of Europe. This is going to be one very cold trip.


27 October, 2006 - Renting a Motorcycle For The Le Touquet Endupale Beach Race
Racing Article
Foreigners who want to participate in the mythical Le Touquet Enduropale beach enduro race, can rent Yamaha race motorcycles by contacting the organizers. Here's your chance !


5 June, 2006 - Nuts Protector - Yamaha Invention
Yamaha Air Bag
Yamaha logo
Yamaha is showing off a new air bag for motorcycles. But is it one like Honda's, or is this one there to only protect the family jewels ?

You decide.


12 May, 2006 - Video TV Ads: Honda CBR600RR and Yamaha MT-01
Video clip inside
Two more TV commercials, one for Honda with Rossi on a CBR600R and an infomercial for the Yamaha MT-01.


12 May, 2006 - Dakar 2007 and Challenge Yamaha Dakar
Yamaha Dakar Challenge logo
Yamaha are really throwing a package towards next year's Dakar race. Private entries can get a full support package, including the WR450F Yamaha motorcycle, racing suits, maintenance, media assistance, etc etc for less than what it will cost you to enter the race yourself.

If you've always wanted to ride the Dakar, but can't get the money you'd need, this looks like a sweet deal.


2 May, 2006 - Two Yamaha TV Ads and two of Rossi
Video clip inside
Two Australian TV ads for Yamaha (made in 2004) and two Rossi ads, one Repsol (making of) and Honda Civic (car but motorcycle related).


10 April, 2006 - More Motorcycle TV Ads - Yamaha
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
A look at several more international TV ads. This time it's a look at Yamaha, and one on Valentino Rossi.


26 December, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles To Sell GPSs
Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Garmin GPS
Yamaha logo
Yamaha motorcycles is now the third large motorcycle manufacturer to offer OEM'd Garmin GPS for their range of bikes.

Can we live without GPSs ?


15 December, 2005 - Is BMW Losing The Police Motorcycle Market ?
Gendarme Police Ofiicer on BMW Motorcycle
BMW logo
Is BMW slowly losing its Police motorcycle market ?

They've lost France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and now The Netherlands; all in one year, and all to Yamaha !


19 October, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles At The Tokyo Motorshow
Yamaha Maxam 3000 Concept Motorcycle
Yamaha shows off several new and concept motorcycles at the Tokyo Moto Show today.


11 October, 2005 - Ceramic Motorcycle Exhausts
RaceTaylorMade John Keogh Benelli Motorcycle
A look at a company that produces very special exhausts for sports motorcycles.


4 October, 2005 - Yamaha MT Motorcycle Series
Yamaha MT-01 Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
Yamaha showed off their MT-01, MT-03 and MT-0S motorcycles at the Paris show.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 09: Yamaha - Take 2
Yamaha FZ1 Paris Motorcycle Show
Yamaha logo
A closer look at the Yamaha FZ1, YZF - R6 motorcycles at the Mondial show in Paris.


30 September, 2005 - Paris 04: Yamaha
Yamaha MT-05 Paris Motorcycle Show
Yamaha logo
A look at Yamaha's motorcycles and show.


26 July, 2005 - Motorcycle Ambulance in The Netherlands
RAVU Motorcycle Ambulance
A look at a Dutch motorcycle ambulance service.


28 June, 2005 - Chrome On Your Motorcycle
Chrome Motorcycle
The things you can do with chrome on a motorcycle.


13 May, 2005 - Rent a Race Motorcycle
Moto Run Yamaha motorcycles rentals
Moto-Run offer the rental of Yamaha R6 motorcycles at one of the French main racing circuits.


9 May, 2005 - Record Attempt Fastest Motorcycle RTW
Nick Sanders RTW Map
Nick Sanders is going to attempt to ride around the world in 20 days on his Yamaha R1 motorcycle.


7 March, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles Recalls 190,000 Motorcycles
Yamaha logo
Yamaha recalls 190,000 XV250, XVS11 and XVS65 motorcycles due to the pillion seat falling off.


4 January, 2005 - Motorcycle Ambulances in Africa
Yamaha Tenere Ambulance by Gignac school
A French school produces motorcycle ambulances for a remote part of Mali, Africa.


24 September, 2004 - 2004 Motorcycle Design Award Winners
Motorcycle Design Assocation logo
The Motorcycle Design Association awards the 2004 best designed motorcycle to ....


14 July, 2004 - Yamaha Motorcycles Launches MT-01
Yamaha Motorcycle Concept MT-01
Yamaha has decided to commercialize the concept motorcycle, the MT-01.

Looks great, so I'm sure it'll be really nice.


12 May, 2004 - Journalists Test the Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac (two wheel drive)
Yamaha WR450 2-Trac Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
Some lucky journalists get to test the 2WD Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac.


23 December, 2003 - Paper Yamaha Motorcycles
Yamaha logo
Yamaha are making available for free paper models of their popular motorcycles...


21 November, 2003 - Yamaha’s 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycle to Enter the Paris-Dakar
Yamaha logo
Dakar logo
Yamaha is to enter the Paris-Dakar race with its new all wheel drive motorcycle


16 November, 2003 - Yamaha to Launch 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycles in 2004
Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac
Yamaha logo
Yamaha plans to launch a 2 Wheel Drive motorcycle in 2004...


10 November, 2003 - Rossi to Yamaha - Confirmed
Racing Article
Yamaha logo
It's confirmed!


9 September, 2003 - Yamaha Relaunches YZF-R1 Motorcycle
Yamaha launches a new YZF-R1 motorcycle.....


13 August, 2003 - The New Yamaha FZ6 600 Fazer
As reported earlier


12 August, 2003 - MotorCycleNews uncovers the new Yamaha R1
MCN from the UK have exclusive photos of the 2004 Yamaha R1....


17 July, 2003 - New Fazer 600 Motorcycle Spy Photos
MCN published spy photos of the new Yamaha Fazer 600.....



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