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19 May, 2015 - Ducati, Zero, Electric HyperMotard and the CEO - Nice Story
Electric Ducati HyperMotard with Zero
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Zero #Electric - Ducati's CEO tested a converted Hypermotard recently in Thailand. The conversion was to electric, so an electric Ducati, using Zero FX parts. The liked it so much, he then tested a Zero SR. Now his mind was be working overtime....Would you like to have an electric Ducati?


14 February, 2014 - Watch A Drag Race Between A KLR650 And An Electric Zero FX
KLR 650vs Zero FX Race
#Zero #Kawasaki #Video - Watch this rolling drag race between a Kawasaki KLR650 and an electric Zero FX motorcycle. Just notice the enormous torque difference...


3 February, 2014 - Mini Review: Brammo vs Zero Electric Motorcycles
Brammo vs Zero
Brammo vs Zero logos
#Review #Zero #Brammo - Here is a mini review, comparing a Zero SR to a Brammo Empulse R electric motorcycle. Make your own conclusion; which electric bike is better?


27 January, 2014 - Mini Review: 2014 Zero SR - Electric Powerhouse
Review 2014 Zero SR
Zero logo
#Review #Electric #Zero - Here is a mini review of the brand new 2014 Zero SR - an electric powerhouse.


27 January, 2014 - Europe: Electric Motorcycle Tours by Edelweiss
Edelweiss Electric Motorcycle Tour
Edelweiss logo
#Edelweiss #Touring #Electric - The first big tour operator, Edelweiss, is offering electric motorcycle tour of the Alps - 7 days of Zero Emission Tour. Very cool.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Launch
Zero SR Eicma 2013
Zero logo
#Zero #Electric #Eicma - Zero, an American electric motorcycle manufacturer, decided to launch their latest electric motorcycle, the SR, at Eicma. Here is how it went.


11 October, 2013 - Unfair: Police Motorcycles Should Be Heard and Seen - Not Silent
LAPD Electric Zero Motorcycle
Zero logo
#Electric #Zero #Police #LAPD - It's unfair! Police motorcycles should be big, loud and very visible. Not small, electric and totally silent; this will allow the cops to silently creep up to people. Not fair. I vote that all cop bikes are Harley-Davidson with their pipes removed...........

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9 July, 2013 - Review: Riding The Zero DS Electric Motorcycle In A Rural Environment - Conclusion
Plug in the Zero motorcycle when and where you can
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Conclusion and summary of riding a Zero DS electric motorcycle in a rural environment

I had to bring back the Zero DS to the ATS dealer in Paris, unfortunately. I have had a lot of fun, although there were a few hiccups. Here is a detailed summary and conclusion of the test rides.


8 July, 2013 - Review: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle At A Concert - Day 7
Zero motorcycle at a Rabeats concert
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 7 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was the last day of testing, and to celebrate the occasion, I took the Zero DS to a concert. The band was the Rabeats, a Beatles tribute band, and in the process I tested night riding with the electric bike.


5 July, 2013 - Review: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle Long Distance Test - Day 6
Zero motorcycle at the Le Havre harbor
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 6 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was the day I was going to try a long distance ride on the electric bike. The plan was to ride to Le havre, a big harbor city, meaning I would have to ride 160 kilometers in total, more or less. But that was the plan. But as we know, plans change...........

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4 July, 2013 - Review: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle On A Railroad Run - Day 5
Zero motorcycle at a linen field
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 5 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

I regularly need to go to the magazine's editorial offices, and often take the train. The train is some 45 kms from my house, through one of my favorite motorcycle roads; a valley with lots of twisting roads, river, watermills and beautiful nature.

Here are some photos and a video I made of the ride, plus my take on the ride.


3 July, 2013 - Review: SWMBO Tries The Zero DS Electric Motorcycle - Day 4
SWMBO and the Zero DS
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 4 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today my wife (SWMBO) took the electric motorcycle for a spin. Although she's had a full motorcycle license for a very long time, she's not exactly a biker who rides a lot. She rides around Normandy in a Suzuki VanVan, and she hasn't done that for 3 years, so a challenge and a good opportunity to see what a novice would do.


2 July, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle - Day 3 - Video Taping Ride
Zero motorcycle at a German WWII bunker
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 3 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was a day we went and videotaped the electric motorcycle riding through the French countryside. We visited a big castle, a German WWII bunker and drove down the cliffs to the closest city for some photos.

Afterwards, I tried the top speed of the bike..... ooops... just joking Mr. Police Officer.


1 July, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle - Day 2 - 70 Kms Ride
Zero motorcycle at a local airstrip
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 2 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Day 2 was to get more used to the electric motorcycle and do some local riding. Most of the ride was in Eco mode, and I stopped frequently to enjoy the scenery, and you can see several nice photos of what I saw.


28 June, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle - Day 1 - Hands On
The Zero DS at the beach
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 1 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was a get-to-know your motorcycle day. I'll be showing you a bit of the bike and the dashboard, and I've filmed a video of the bike doing the daily bread run, and comparing it with the previous video of the same run but on a BMW 1150GS. Wanna guess who won?


27 June, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle In A Rural Environment
Zero DS Electric Motorcycle 2013
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - For the next 10 days or so I will be riding a Zero electric motorcycle in my neck of the woods (Normandy). The DS model (Dual-Sport) is probably the best suited for here since I've got loads of small roads and tractor tracks to go through.

But why is a rural environment different? Electric motorcycle are ideally suited for cities, since the motorcycles stop frequently for red lights or intersections, and every time you hit the brakes, it generates electricity, charging the batteries and thereby giving the rider more range. Speeds are lower in the city, so the battery consumption is not enormous. On the other hand, riding on motorways, usually what commuters do, drains batteries, and therefore the range is lower.

Rural riding is a bit in between both types. The closest town for my bread & croissants to where I live (I live in the "deep" country") is 5 kilometers from my house (including a steep hill). The closest small city is 30 kilometers away and the closest big city is 70 kilometers (note: I make a distinction between small city and big city by the number of McDonalds they have: 1 = a small city, 1+ = big city)...........

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14 May, 2013 - Zero Wins European E-Motorcycle Of The Year 2013 For 3rd Time
Zero S
Zero logo
#eBikes #Electric #Zero - There's no stopping Zero motorcycles. They introduced recently a military version of their electric motorcycles, and now they've won the Clean Week 2020 European Electric Motorcycle of the Year Award. Not only did they win it, but they've won it for the third time in a row.

The prize went to the Zero S, and second place went to the Zero DS. What's interesting is that no other manufacturers competed in the category, so the Zero electric motorcycles were the only ones competing...........

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4 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: Zero Motorcycles - Making Electric Go Faster
Zero S
Zero logo
Although the Zero press conference was on Wednesday, the day I couldn't be at Intermot thanks to the Belgian railroads who decided to have an all-out strike, I still managed to visit the Zero stand on Tuesday.

Reports were already out that Zero had successfully updated their main electric motorcycle, their new flagship, to not only look like a real motorcycle, but have the performance and range that would make this electric bike acceptable for general use.

The new Zero S has doubled the range of their bikes, under ideal riding conditions you can ride a good 220 kilometers (137 miles) on a single charge. And if you have the "S" configured with the rapid charging option (CHAdeMO - something you can always bolt on afterwards), the 95% full charge can be done within an hour.......

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1 June, 2012 - Zero Cafe Racer - Hollywood Electrics
Hollywood Zero Cafe Racer
Hollywood Zero Cafe Racer iPad
Electric motorcycles come in all shapes and forms; race, sports, trial, enduro, motocross, street and now cafe racer. It's not a standard production, but a customization by Zero Motorcycles' biggest dealer, Hollywood Electrics in Los Angeles.

They took a 2010 trade-in and customized it. They stripped most of the fairing, added a classic cafe racer seat, added LED brakes and to make things a bit more modern, they installed an iPad in the fuel tank.

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8 May, 2012 - Zero Wins European eMotorcycle Of The Year
Clean Week 2020 2012
Clean Week logo
Partially sponsored by FEMA, the European Federation of Motorcycle Associations, the Clean Week 2020 - 2012 edition, is an annual competition to elect the best of the best in terms of electric vehicles.

Held at the Zolder race circuit in Belgium last week, a team of 12 motorcycle journalists gathered to test the entries; Brammo, Zero, Vectrix, IO, E-Max, Govecs, Dumco, Nimoto, Novox, Peugeot, Sens, Sym, Noveco, Emco and Solex.

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4 April, 2012 - Video: Fabio And His Electric Motorcycle
Video clip
Fabio Motorcycle Collection
Here's an interesting "documentary" from PlugInAmerica. It's all about electric cars and motorcycles, and it is hosted by the beautiful Alexandra Paul (remember her from Baywatch?). In this episode the subject is Fabio, one of the big name male models.

Fabio has a collection of 100's of motorcycles (and cars), equal to that of Jay Leno, and in this documetnary episode, he talks to us about electric cars and motorcycles. He has just become the proud owner of a Zero electric motorcycle, and you get to see him ride around (fast).

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and see the video.......


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Zero Electric Motorcycle 2012 Improvements
Zero logo
I found a French leaflet in the press center at Eicma, full of new information on the changes coming to the Zero electric motorcycles.

Faster, further and better. Here's what it says...


20 September, 2011 - Sebastopol Police Buy Electric Zero Motorcycle
Sebastopol Police Zero Motorcycle
The cops in Sebastopol, California, are the 2nd law enforcement agency in the state to buy an electric Zero Motorcycle.

The electric motorcycle will be used to patrol the parks in their area. It's so quite, the officer/biker can hear people talking while riding in the parks.

Oh oh ... no more necking in the parks after dark...


20 June, 2011 - Video: See, Not Hear, An Electric Motorcycle In The Woods - Zero
Video clip
Zero logo
Here's a short video that shows you why electric motorcycles, especially in the woods, can be very handy. You'll see a Zero MX "thundering" through the woods. There is very little sound, apart from the wheels on the ground and the chain. Eerie...

It's been a dream of mine to go enduro riding in the woods on an electric motorcycle, scaring the bejasus out of hikers...


16 June, 2011 - Zero Electric Motorcycle Does Well In Spain’s Enduro
Zero MX Impossible Dream 2011
Zero logo
A Zero MX electric motorcycle did very well in one of Spain's main enduro events, the Impossible Dream.

With only 40 motorcycle qualifying in the obstacle course, one was the Zero, which finished as one of the only 9 that survived the event. Pretty good...


10 January, 2011 - Electric Motorcycle To Compete In The Le Touquet Enduropale
Thibault Veuillet  and his Zero MX
Zero logo
This is a first! On one of the toughest (and biggest) beach motorcycles races in the world, the French Le Touquet Enduropale, with 1,000 motorcycles racing on a 17.8 kilometer beach circuit, one of them will be an electric motorcycle.

A Zero MX electric motorcycle will be raced in this 3 hours race by Thibault Veuillet from the Craze-Team. The electric charge should last for one lap, so he'll need to come in every lap to swap batteries, but the bike itself should be very fast over the sand.

The race will be held the end of the month.


11 October, 2010 - Zero Motorcycles In National Geographic Must Have Gear
Zero DS Electric Motorcycle
How cool... Zero electric motorcycles has been listed by National Geographic in their 35 Must Have Gear for Fall/Winter.

Electric motorcycles are starting to get noticed by the traditional press... good stuff.


25 March, 2010 - Arnold Schwarzenegger To Ride Electric Motorcycle?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Zero Motorcycles
Zero logo
Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger has a look at Zero, the American electric motorcycle manufacturer.

Now that Arnold has a proper motorcycle endorsement, he could even ride one....


22 October, 2009 - Electric Motorcycle Wins Race Against Normal Motorcycles
Last month at an official FFM motocross race in France, in a free-for-all scramble, in between 250 to 450cc motocross motorcycles, where 5 electric motorcycles competing in their own Electric category.

But the only Zero MX electric motorcycle not only won his category, he went on and beat all other motorcycles, finishing overall in 1st position!



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