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31 January, 2006 - BMW’s Serious Fun Website
BMW logo
BMW motorcycles has launched yet another new website, dedicated to their new F800 series motorcycles.


31 January, 2006 - Getting Cold Here
Motorcycles under snow
While it's getting colder and colder, I'll need to brave the elements this weekend and go on my motorcycle to cover the Le Touquet EnduroPale beach race.


30 January, 2006 - Start’em Young
Young kid on Motorcycle
If you want your kids to be able to ride a motorcycle, you got to start them young, real young.


30 January, 2006 - Thirsty and Hungry When Motorcycling ?
Tree on Motorcycle
What to do when riding your motorcycle, and you fell thirsty or hungry.

A novel approach! :-))


27 January, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs DVD
Red Bull roManiacs
The toughest enduro race in the world, to Red Bull roMANIACS, can now be seen on DVD. Get your copy at your local KTM dealer, or order it on the web.

Not to be missed.


26 January, 2006 - Ride A Ducati Motorcycle On Your Mobile Phone
Ducati 3DExteme game
You can now play Ducati's videogame, 3DExtreme, on your GSM telephone.

No stopping you now.


26 January, 2006 - Motorcycle License in France
Motorcycle Training
Obtaining a motorcycle license in France is not an easy process. It's lengthy and not easy.

They really put you through their paces. Read what you need to do.


25 January, 2006 - Stepped Off - Different Kind of Book
A look at a sobering book by Steve Pape. After a severe accident in Scotland while riding his Fireblade motorcycle, Steve tells his true story about his accident and long journey to recovery.

Should make you think a bit before going into that blind corner.


24 January, 2006 - Learning to Ride Motorcycles With BMW
Motorcycle Training
BMW logo
The famous double Guinness Book of Record holders, Kevin and Julie Sanders now offer a BMW training course for beginners.

Learn how to ride a motorcycle in a couple of days.


24 January, 2006 - Updated Software - Changes v3
This Site Article
We've upgraded the system software, and enabled a few new features.

Read all about it.


23 January, 2006 - Motorcycle Sales In France - 2005
France Article
Statistics Article
The new motorcycle sales statistics for France during 2005 look very good.

The record number of motorcycles sold has been broken, so the French motorcycle market is looking very good.


21 January, 2006 - Attention RSS News Readers !!!!! Please READ this
This Site Article
If you are reading this, please read the whole article. It is very important, since this service may stop shortly if the problem is not solved. So please read this article !


20 January, 2006 - Uniformed Bikers - Chinese Firefighters
Chinese Firefighters on motorcycle
A look at some "strange" Chinese Firefighters on motorcycles.


19 January, 2006 - Kidnap Mobile Phone For Adventure Riders
Nokia Kidnap Telephone
A possible telephone for those of you who go adventure motorcycling in dangerous countries.

A GSM mobile telephone that alerts authorities that you're being kidnapped !


18 January, 2006 - BMW Motorcycle’s New Enduro Site
BMW Enduro World
BMW logo
BMW have launched a new Enduro web-magazine, for the Enduro and Adventure rider.


18 January, 2006 - Cat on Motorcycle - Part Deux
Cat on a motorcycle
After yesterday's photo of a cat on a motorcycle, here's another one, maybe of what happened after the photo was taken.


17 January, 2006 - Cat on Motorcycle
Cat on a motorcycle
Here's a different way of carrying a cat with you on your motorcycle.


16 January, 2006 - Dakar 2006 Summary and Bivouac Photos
Dakar 2006 -Gio Sala
The Dakar is now over, and here are the last race and bivouac photos as supplied by KTM.

See you next year.


15 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 15th stage: Dakar > Dakar
Dakar logo
Last day, no surprises.


14 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 14th stage: Tambacounda > Dakar
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
Last full day of Dakar racing, and for a change, it's not a KTM that won the day's special, but a Yamaha.

And they took 3rd place as well.


14 January, 2006 - Ludivine Puy, Dakar Angel
Dakar 2006 - Ludivine Puy
A look at the pretty, and very cable Ludivine Puy, female motorcyclist in the Dakar race.

Too bad she crashed while avoiding a little boy standing on the road during the special in Day 13, and she's now in the hospital.


13 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 13th stage: Labé > Tambacounda
Gio Sala
Almost there. Still a few crashes.

One little boy died when he was hit by a car today.


13 January, 2006 - Hairy Bikers vs Biker Billy
Hairy Bikers Simon King and Dave Myers
The BBC response to USA's Biker Billy. Two Hairy Bikers travel around the world on their BMW R1200GS motorcycles, while cooking local food.

Yummy !


13 January, 2006 - San Francisco DJ Incites Cars To Crash Motorcyclists
News Article
Some stupid San Francisco based DJ incited his listeners to open their doors when motorcycle split lanes in rush hour.


12 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 12th stage: Bamako> Labé
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
Only 3 days left, and the racers look like leftovers from the second World War.


12 January, 2006 - 13 Men and 1 Motorcycle ? No Problem
Indian Border Security on a motorcycle
How to put 13 men on one single motorcycle.

Trust the Indians.


12 January, 2006 - Carry Your Mutt On Your Motorcycle
Road Hound Dog Carrier
For those bikers amongst you who really want to take their dog (the animal kind) with you on their motorcycle.


11 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 11th stage: Kayes > Bamako
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
Today was an "easy" day compared to the previous 3 days. 231 km special.


11 January, 2006 - Andy Caldecott’s Trust Fund and Condolences
Web Article
KTM Australia are organizing a Trust Fund for Andy Caldecott's family, and there is now an official condolences register for you to sign.


11 January, 2006 - Most Popular Motorcycles Movies
Statistics Article
The final statistics, this time from the Motorcycles in the Movies database, and the Celebrities that ride Motorcycles list. Top 5 movies and top 10 celebrities.


10 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 10th stage: Kiffa > Kayes
Dakar logo
After the tragic death of Any Caldecott, the race was suspended for the motorcycles today. The motorcycles had only to do a liaison.


10 January, 2006 - Jet Powered Moped
Yamaha YSR 50 moped
Here's a step by step instruction on how to convert a Yamaha YSR 50 moped into a turbine powered moped.

Jay Leno will be jealous.


9 January, 2006 - Tradegy Strikes Again In The Dakar Race 2006
Andy Caldecott
Another tragedy in the Dakar race, Andy Caldecott died instantly after a bad crash.


9 January, 2006 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Bites The Dust
Arnold Schwarzenegger on a Harley motorcycle
Arnold "the Terminator" Schwarzenegger had a motorcycle accident yesterday. He's had 15 stiches.

The car driver who Arnold crashed into can now say "that he gave Arnold a fat lip!".


8 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: Bivouac Photos Week 1
Dakar 2006 - Bivouac Tan Tan
Since today is a rest day for the Dakar race, here are some photos taken over last week at the different bivouacs.

For those of you who can't get enough.


7 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 8th stage: Atar > Nouakchott
David Casteu
KTM motorcycles top the first 11 brands in the Dakar.

What was supposed to be an easy day turned into another slaughter.


7 January, 2006 - Riding In The Snow
Postman in the snow
A photo of a mailman in Japan riding in the snow.


6 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 7th stage: Zouerat > Atar
Fretigne and Grider go bump, Despres still racing.


6 January, 2006 - Superman Back Flip - First Ever
Cameron 'Sincs' Sinclair superman back-flip
One of the last motorcycle freestyle eldorados has been reached.

A back-flip while doing a superman !!


5 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 6th stage: Tan Tan > Zouerat
Dakar 2006 - Carlo de Gavardo
Day 6 of the Dakar, and favorite Cyril Despres has had a bad accident, but is going to continue.


5 January, 2006 - roMANIACS Inscription Open For 2006
Red Bull roManiacs
For those of you who want a real challenge, and find the Dakar race a bit too tame, try the Red Bull roMANIACS.

Registration will be open for the first 60 riders on 10JAN2006.


5 January, 2006 - Year End 2005 Statistics - The Gadgets
Statistics Article
2nd part of the year end statistics 2005.

A closer look at what gadgets motorcycle riders are interested in.


4 January, 2006 - Volkswagen Concept GX3 Motorcycle/Trike
Volkswagen GX3 Concept Motorcycle/Trike
Volkswagen introduced a concept motorcycle trike today in Los Angeles.

Interesting to say the least.


4 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 5th stage: Ouarzazate > Tan Tan
Marc Coma
Last day in Morocco.

Tomorrow Mauritania and the dunes.


4 January, 2006 - Year End Statistics - Part 1
Statistics Article
First part of this site's 2005 statistics.

Number of articles read, readers, reffers.


3 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 4th stage: Er Rachidia > Ouarzazate
Dakar 2006 - Chris Blais
Almost at the desert.

Tomorrow it's sand all the way.


3 January, 2006 - Even Guerilla Leaders Ride Motorcycles
Subcomandante Marcos
It's not only politicians and stars that ride motorcycles.

Even guerilla leaders need them.


2 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 3rd stage: Nador > Er Rachidia
Dakar 2006 - David Casteu
3rd day of the Dakar, and the KTMs look unstoppable.


2 January, 2006 - Naked Motorcycle - For The Ladies
Naked Motorcycle
By popular request from the ladies, here's a naked motorcycle.


1 January, 2006 - KTM: Dakar 2006: 2nd stage: Portimao > Malaga (01.01.2006)
Dakar 2006 - Andy Caldecott
2nd day of the Lisbon to Dakar race.

Still racing in Europe. Fun begins tomorrow.


1 January, 2006 - KTM: 1st stage: Lisboa > Portimao
Dakar 2006 - Marc Coma
1st stage of the Dakar.

Three KTMs at the top.



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