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31 January, 2007 - Dodging Speed Cameras
Motorcycle plate flip SpeedFlip
Most anti-speed camera stuff comes from the USA, but here's one manufacturer of an electronic license plate flip-up device from the UK.

It's highly illegal to use, but ... who knows...


31 January, 2007 - Site Style Change
This Site Article
We've done a site skin and design change. We hope it works for you, and that you like the new "look".


31 January, 2007 - Prototype/Concept Motorcycles
Web Article
Here's a blog site with many photos of prototype and concept motorcycles. Quite a collection.


30 January, 2007 - King Abdullah II Buys A Confederate Hellcat
Confederate Hellcat motorcycle
King Abdullah II of Jordan has taken procession of his US$ 70,000 Confederate Hellcat motorcycle.

A keen and passionate motorcycle rider, the King sees his motorcycle stable growing.


30 January, 2007 - Pink KTM - Part Deux
Skinny and her pink KTM motorcycle
The mystery of yesterday's pink KTM has been solved thanks to reader Ed Moore.

It belongs to a very interesting girl, nicknamed Skinny, living in South Africa.

Read more about her....


30 January, 2007 - Difficult To Believe ! Is It True ?
Law Article
Is it true that (in Galveston, Texas, USA) Police Officers need to buy their own motorcycles if they join the motorcycle patrol unit ? True/False ? Other places ?


29 January, 2007 - Pink KTM
Pink KTM Motorcycle
I thought all KTM motorcycles were orange.... not so !!

Here's a pink one !

You think it's a girl riding it ?


29 January, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 Sold Out
France Article
Racing Article
The 2007 edition of the Le Touquet Enduropale, world's biggest motorcycle race, is sold out for motorcycles (and quads too). More than 1,000 motorcycles will start on February 11th, and race up and down a beach for three hours. Many big name motorcycle stars will be present. The race is free for spectators !


29 January, 2007 - Horse Scooter or is it Scooter Horse ?
Scooter as Horse
A very strange photos of some contraption being pulled by a scooter, without a rider; a bit like a horse and carriage.

Have a look, and judge yourself.


26 January, 2007 - Production Diesel Motorcycle - Smart Car Powered
T800CDI Diesel motorcycle
The surprising Dutch have produced a diesel motorcycle that can run bio fuels and has loads of optional extras.

You can buy them now, the true adventure motorcycle !

With this motorcycle you can go into the desert, two wheel drive will get you through, assisting pickup of the bike, 50 liter tank, you name it... what any self respecting adventure rider would want on their shopping list.


26 January, 2007 - Biker Dogs
Biker Dog
Here's a page full of photos of our four legged friends (not the drunken biker variety), and their masters on motorcycles.


25 January, 2007 - Video: Ducati Monster and Exilim
Video clip inside
Ducati logo
Two ads featuring the legendary Ducati motorcycle, one of the Monster, and one for a digital camera (but you see more of the Ducati than the product itself).


25 January, 2007 - Geat Idea In Malaysia ! Why Not Here ?
Politics Article
In Malaysia the local politicians would seem to be motorcycle friendly. They are planning to install motorcycle-only lanes on their roads. Way to go ! Are the politicians in other countries paying attention !!


25 January, 2007 - Supermarket For Bikers
Motorcycle Shopping cart
We all hate going to supermarkets !

Will this make us go more willingly ?


24 January, 2007 - Anti Motorcycles Laws Down Under
Politics Article
Our fellow motorcycle riders in Queensland, Australia are facing a tough new law starting July, forcing them to ride a car for one year before being allowed to pass a motorcycle test. Have they gone bonkers down under ?


24 January, 2007 - UFO - Orange Wear
UFO MX17 Motorcycle Jacket
Italian manufacturer UFO have a motorcycle enduro clothing series that would look good on any KTM biker.

Gloves, jacket, jersey and pants... all color coordinated.


24 January, 2007 - Video: BMW Motorcycles; R and K series (8 videos)
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Eight video clips of BMW promotions for their K1200R, K1200S, R1200ST, R1200CL, K1200LT, R1200RT, R1150R and Rockster motorcycles.


23 January, 2007 - Review CellularLine Interphone - Bluetooth Intercom
CellularLine Interphone box
A detailed product review of the CellularLine Interphone; a Bluetooth communication device for motorcycles. Intercom, Phone or bike-to-bike communications.

Extended range (100-150 meters) makes it ideal for when riding with a buddy, or use it with your pillion passenger.

Have a read.


23 January, 2007 - Urban Biker Goddess
Urban Biker Goddess- Women in the Wind
Carole Bennett has produced a calendar based on digital art, depicting women and their motorcycles.

Not the kind you'll find in a men's locker room, but real fake images.


22 January, 2007 - Free BMW Motorcycles in the UK
BMW logo
After a ship wreck last week, of a big container ship, hundreds of people are combing the beaches in Devon, UK, for treasures. And some of them found more than they expected! BMW R1200RT motorcycles !!

Losers Weepers, Finders Keepers.


22 January, 2007 - Video: BMW R1150GS and HP2
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Four ads/promotion videos of the BMW R1150GS and the HP2. Very nice !


22 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Bivouac Photos Part 2
Dakar KTM Bivouac title=
The last posting of the Dakar 2007, photos of the 2nd week of the bivouacs.

Photos courtesy KTM.


21 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 21Jan
Dakar KTM Cyril Despres
Last press release of KTM for the Dakar 2007, dated 21Jan.


21 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 20Jan
Honda logo
Dakar 2007 - Honda Press Release for 20Jan


20 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 20Jan
KTM logo
Almost there ! KTM's press release for the 2007 Dakar, dated 20Jan.


20 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 19Jan
Honda motorcycles press release, dated 19Jan, for the Dakar 2007.


19 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 19Jan
Dakar KTM Chris Blais
KTM's press release for the Dakar 2007, dated 19Jan.


19 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 18Jan
Honda Motorcycles press release for the 18th of January, Dakar 2007.


19 January, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2006 - 450 photos
France Article
Racing Article
We've put some 450 photos on-line of the 2006 Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach enduro. Enjoy !


19 January, 2007 - Don’t Come To Paris On The 27th Jan
France Article
Don't come to Paris on the 27 of January with a car. You're not going to be able to park. The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) is throwing a little protest, asking all motorcycles to use up the legal parking spots of cars, thereby making it impossible for cars to park. All that because an idiot in City Hall has ordered all motorcycles to be removed from the sidewalks !


18 January, 2007 - Moto-Map: USA Discovery Maps for Motorcycles
Moto-Maps State Map
Finding the right motorcycle road/itineraries in the USA can be an impossible task.

Here's Moto-Map to the rescue, tailor made motorcycle maps with some of the best roads to ride on for motorcycles.


18 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 18Jan
Dakar KTM Marc Coma
Short KTM Press Release for the Dakar 2007, 18Jan.


18 January, 2007 - Dakar Stars and Their Websites
Cyril Despres Website
Even the Dakar motorcycle stars have their own websites.

Some very good, some with a blog, or some with a forum in which they themselves participate.

Have a look at the sites.


17 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release Marc Coma
KTM logo
Today, no Dakar race, but KTM issued an interview with the motorcycle category leader, Marc Coma.


17 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 16Jan
Honda motorcycles press release for the 2007 Dakar; 16Jan


17 January, 2007 - Miss Behavin - Female Motorcycle Chopper
Miss Behavin Big Bear Choppers female motorcycle
Here's a special chopper made for the ladies; low and short - great for vertically challenged people.

By Big Bear Choppers.


16 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Team Rally Pan America Press Release 16Jan
Casey McCoy
Dakar 2007 press release from the Team Rally Pan America, a USA based motorcycle team of Street and McCoy.

Not easy if you don't have the big budgets of the official KTM teams.


16 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 16Jan
Dakar KTM Frans Verhoeven
KTM's press release for 16Jan, Dakar 2007.


16 January, 2007 - Ricky Carmichael To The Dark Side (too)
Ricky Carmichael
With a possible move by Rossi to cars, with Travis Pastrana moving to cars, now it's the turn of Ricky Carmichael.

He has signed a multi-year deal with MB2 allowing him to race in the NASCAR series. He'll still race motorcycle this year, but not the full program.

One more good guy who has moved to the dark side !


16 January, 2007 - French Radars List Jan 2007
France Article
The French Government frequently publishes a list of all their fixed speed radars. Here's the latest edition, with an interactive map of France and all the digital speed radars.


16 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 15Jan
15Jan Press Release of Honda motorcycles for the Dakar 2007.


16 January, 2007 - Female Biker Only Shop (Paris)
SDeesse Shop
I discovered France's only for-females-only motorcycle shop, full of gear for lady bikers.

Very nice, and a great website.

Way to go !!


15 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Yamaha Press Release 15Jan
Yamaha logo
Finally a press release from Yamaha for the Dakar 2007 rally, 15Jan.


15 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 15Jan
KTM's Chris Blais
15Jan Press Release of KTM motorcycle for the 2007 Dakar.


15 January, 2007 - Reminder: MBI Riders Choice Awards Nominations
Web Article
Nominations for the annual MBI Riders Choice Awards is still open. So if you haven't nominated your favorite products yet, head over to the MBI and do so now.


15 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 13Jan
Honda logo
Honda motorcycles press release of 13Jan of the Dakar 2007.


15 January, 2007 - Endurose 2007 Cancelled
France Article
Racing Article
Since their paperwork was a bit late, the authorities decided to cancel the female-only motorcycle enduro, L'Endurose. French authorities are showing their true colors. Would this have happened if the event was the Tour de France ?


14 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 14Jan
Dakar KTM Marc Coma
KTM motorcycles press release of 14Jan, Dakar 2007.


13 January, 2007 - Newsletter Service Suspended - Searching Other Supplier !
This Site Article
We have suspended the Zookoda-powered weekly newsletter due to increasing problems at the supplier. We're keeping all registrations, we will only not allow new ones. Once we've found a new supplier, we'll migrate all current subscribers and then open to new ones. Sorry about that. Service will be resumed asap.


13 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 13Jan
Dakar KTM Hans Trunkenpolz
KTM's roundup during the off day at the 2007 Dakar.


13 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 12Jan
Mick Extance
12Jan Press Release of Honda motorcycles for the Dakar 2007 rally.


13 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Photos From The Bivouacs
Dakar KTM Bivouac title=
Photos from the first half of the Dakar race - from the bivouacs.


12 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 12Jan
KTM logo
12Jan. Dakar 2007. KTM Press Release minus photos.


12 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 11Jan
Honda motorcycles press release of 11Jan of the 2007 Dakar rally.


12 January, 2007 - Registrations For Red Bull roManiacs 2007 Open
Red Bull roManiacs logo
Registrations is open for the Red Bull roManiacs (very) hard enduro rally.

The format has been changed thanks to contestant feedback.

If you want to attend, better hurry, the race is often oversubscribed !


12 January, 2007 - Give It, Then Take It Away - Politics !
France Article
Politics Article
First you needed a license and pass a test to ride a 125 cc motorcycle, then they allowed you to ride a 125cc motorcycle without a license or a test, now you need to lessons, but don't need a license for a 125 cc motorcycle here in France. Will the politicians please make up their minds.


11 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 11Jan
Dakar KTM Muddy
Day 6 of the Dakar 2007 Rally, KTM's press release for 11Jan.


11 January, 2007 - HelloBiker: Bluetooth For Motorcycles
HelloBiker Bluetooth intercom
Italian electronics manufacturer Cobra has a Bluetooth intercom made specially for motorcycles.

Called HelloBiker, you can get a single unit, or a dual unit.


11 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 10Jan
Honda motorcycles press release for the Dakar 2007, 10Jan.


11 January, 2007 - Tired Of The Dakar ? Want To MotoGP ?
TableMotoGP Board Game
Here's a way of getting ready for the MotoGP season.

Get the Table-MotoGP board game ! Play with the whole family on 6 different race circuits, and 19 different MotoGP motorcycles.

Fun, fun, fun !!


10 January, 2007 - Vatican: Paris-Dakar-Bloody Race of Irresponsibility
Politics Article
The Vatican today slammed the Dakar race as a "Bloody Race of Irresponsibility", condemning the Dakar as a "irresponsible, violent and cynical attempt to impose questionable Western tastes on the developing world". In which ass have they got their heads ?


10 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 10Jan
Dakar KTM Marc Coma
KTM Motorcycles Dakar 2007 press release for 10Jan.


10 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 09Jan
Honda's press release for the Dakar 2007, 09Jan.


10 January, 2007 - Would You Like To See Motorcycle Police Like This ?
Iraqi Motorcycle Police
Imagine all motorcycle Police dressing up their motorcycles like this ???

Cheerful !


9 January, 2007 - Is This Legal ? Who cares ?
Mexican Motorcycle Police
If you would do this on the street, you'll be arrested.

If you're a cop, you get applauded.


9 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Press Release 09Jan
Dakar KTM Chris Blais
On this sad day, here's the press release of KTM for the 2007 Dakar rally, 09Jan.


9 January, 2007 - Dakar Contestant Extraodinaire: Annie Seel
Annie Seel - Rally Princess
A closer look at one of the more extraordinary contestants of the Dakar 2007, Swedish Goddess, Annie Seel, aka RallyPrincess.

She's done it all on two wheels, including climbing the Mt. Everest on her motorcycle.

This is her 2nd Dakar attempt (she finished very good in her first, with a broken hand).

Read all about her.


9 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 08Jan
Press Release of Honda motorcycles for the 2007 Dakar rally, 08Jan.


8 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 08Jan
Dakar KTM
First real serious day on the Dakar.

Here's KTM's press release for 08Jan, plus 2 photos.


8 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Yamaha Press Release 07Jan
Helder Rodrigues
Yamaha's press release for the 2007 Dakar, 07Jan.


8 January, 2007 - Ecological Dakar 2007 Contestant
Christian Dequidt and his bio-fuel Yamaha
One of the Dakar motorcycle contestants is not only pro green, but he does what he preaches.

He's riding a Yamaha motorcycle converted to use bio-fuels (that he grows himself).

Christian Dequidt is a farmer from the North of France, and not only is his fuel made out of beetroot, but his engine oil is made out of coleslaw, and parts of his motorcycle are made out of compressed corn.

Way of the future ?


8 January, 2007 - Dakar2007: Honda Press Release 07Jan
Day 2 for Honda's press release of the 2007 Dakar rally.


8 January, 2007 - 2006 Statistics: The Gadgets
Statistics Article
A closer look at the your search patterns for 2006 with regards to the gadgets and accessories. Bluetooth lives !


7 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 07Jan
Dakar KTM Mechanics
Day 2 of the Dakar. Here's KTM's Press Release for 07Jan2007.


7 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Honda Press Release 06Jan
Honda's press release for the first day of the Dakar rally, including 9 photos.


7 January, 2007 - Garmin Launches Zumo 450 Motorcycle GPS
Garmin Zumo 450
Garmin launched the Zumo 450 motorcycle specific GPS, a low(er) cost version of the Zumo 550.


6 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Press Release 06Jan
Chris Blais
Dakar 2007. Day 1.

First day of racing, and already KTM is behind.

Here's there 1st press release.


5 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: KTM Review
KTM logo
A look at KTM's 2007 Dakar efforts (from their press release).


5 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007: Yamaha Preview
Yamaha logo
A look at Yamaha's efforts for the 2007 Dakar rally (from their Press Release).


5 January, 2007 - Video: Movie Preview: Wild Hogs
Video clip inside
The previously announced movie, Wild Hogs, is getting close to release. Here the preview of the movie, starring Martin Lawrence, John Travolta and Tim Allen. Actually, it looks kind of funny...


4 January, 2007 - Dakar 2007 - Almost There
Dakar 2007 Scrutineering.
Dakar logo
It's almost that time of the year again, the Dakar race will start in 2 days time.

In the mean time, the competitors are having their motorcycles checked by the scrutineering folks.


4 January, 2007 - Cardo’s Scala Rider Review - Video
Video clip inside
Steve at the ScooterScoop website has produced a great video reviewing the Cardo Scala Rider FM Bluetooth unit. Nicely done TV program with good graphics.


4 January, 2007 - Year 2006 Statistics
Statistics Article
A look at the 2006 statistics of this site. We've doubled in size over the year, but so have the spammers.


3 January, 2007 - Very Crowded Motorcycle ! A Record ?
Crowded Motorcycle
I've seen several photos of many pillions on a motorcycle, but this one tops them all.

And to make matters worse, it a serious photo, not a record daring attempt.


3 January, 2007 - Video: KTM 950 Adventure
Video clip inside
KTM logo
To prepare us mentally for the Dakar, here's a short and nice commercial for the KTM 950 Adventure. Might as well start getting used to the orange color over the next few weeks.


2 January, 2007 - 2007 Motorcycle Awards Nominations are now Open
Web Article
The MBI's 2007 Riders Choice Award nominations are now open to all. During January 2007, you, our readers, have the chance to nominate who you think is the best (motorcycle, product, company or person) during 2006. Later, in a few weeks, you'll be able to vote for all the nominations in 17 different categories.

The MBI Riders Choice awards is run by 80+ motorcycle blog and news websites. Have your say, and nominate !!! We need you !



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