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31 January, 2008 - Caberg’s Reversed Motorcycle Helmet
Caberg Downtown Reverso motorcycle jet helmet
Caberg logo
Caberg has a new style helmet. It's a jet helmet, but it's modular.

Called Caberg Downtown Reverso, it's a motorcycle helmet with a twist... literally.


31 January, 2008 - Busy Motorcycle Cockpit: Too Much Data?
Honda Varadero cockpit
Sometimes I needs a bit more information when riding one's motorcycle. But how much data do we need?

Here are four examples of bikers who want it all .... install extra batteries for all the electric power, and off you go...

Judy, Judy, Bogey at 4 o'clock!!!


31 January, 2008 - Idea: Get A Car, Or Less Kids
Pakistani with 5 children on a motorcycle
Here's an idea; get a car or less kids.....

Five children on a motorcycle ???


30 January, 2008 - Ads: French Castrol Oil
Ad for Castrol Oil
Castrol logo
From the same ad agency that brought the French Suzuki and Michelin ads, here are some Castrol oil ads as found in the French print magazines.

They all pretend to be washing machine ads....


30 January, 2008 - Video: Aprilia RSV 1000 R Promo Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a promotional ad from Aprilia for their RSV 1000 R motorcycle.

Modern and artsy...


30 January, 2008 - He’s Dead Jim, Can I Have His Motorcycle
Suharto on Motorcycle
Since Suharto has died, dead and buried, can I have one of his many motorcycles?


29 January, 2008 - Ads: French Michelin MotoGP Ad
Michelin MotoGP tires ad
Michelin logo
From the same agency that brought us the French Suzuki print ads, here are a couple of French Michelin tire ads.

The first one is new, and refers to Michelin losing the MotoGP 2007 season. The others are older ones when Michelin as winning.


29 January, 2008 - Reminder: MBi 2007 Nominations Still Open
MBI logo
The MBI Motorcycle awards are still open for your nominations.

It's your chance to tell the industry what you like, and what you don't. Don't be left out...


29 January, 2008 - Ducati To Acquire GasGas?
Ducati logo
GasGas logo
There's a very strong rumor going around that Ducati is about to buy into the Spanish off-road motorcycle manufacturer GasGas.

In contrast with BMW's purchase of Husqvarna, Ducati have no off-road motorcycles, and GasGas does not have any street motorcycles.

Marriage made in heaven???


29 January, 2008 - Now The Dutch Want To Force DRL
Daylight Running Light
The cloggy (Dutch) government wants to force cars to run their lights during daytime (DRL) in order to save 30 lives per year.

Car driver lives, not motorcycle rider lives.... how many motorcycle riders need to die before they notice the imbalance?


28 January, 2008 - Ads: French Suzuki Print Ads - Part 3
Suzuki French print poster ad
Suzuki logo
Last part of 3 parts, showing French Suzuki print ads.

The following three ads were billboard ads shown in France.


28 January, 2008 - Honda Goldwing F15 Fighter Jet
Honda Goldwing motorcycle/ F15 Jet Fighter
Here's a guy in Florida who has transformed his Honda Goldwing motorcycle into a replica F15 Fighter jet, complete with sound, banking, etc.

It's an incredible piece of engineering..... cool.

Now.. to get it to fly!


28 January, 2008 - Russell Crowe On His OCC Chopper
Russel Crowe on his motorcycle
Actor Russel Crowe gets another motorcycle for his collection; an Orange County Chopper.

He didn't strike me as being a OCC kind-of-a-guy....


28 January, 2008 - Spammer Update
Pirate flag
Quick update on the spam attacks we've been suffering from over the last few weeks.

The spammer has finally understood that his URL syntax was wrong and has updated it. So now finally his spam reaches the site, where it's rejected for being spam.

What this means, is that you can now again access the site 24/24, just that at times it can be slow. 20,000 spam messages a day is a lot of processing.


28 January, 2008 - You Think You Have Problems Buying A Motorcycle?
Palestinian with his new motorcycle
Buying a new motorcycle can often be difficult if you're not exactly living close to dealers.

Here's one guy who's as happy as Larry, despite having to walk for miles, under weapons fire, heat, etc and get his new motorcycle.


25 January, 2008 - In The Weird Department: Bikers Steal Hair
Woman with Long hair
In Brazil, 2 thieves on a motorcycle rode up to a woman, and with a machete, cut off her waist-length hair!

Ouch.... dangerous to have long hair...


25 January, 2008 - Ads: French Suzuki Print Ads - Part 2
Suzuki French print ad
Suzuki logo
Here's the 2 part of 3 parts showing the print ads for Suzuki that can be found in French magazines.

Funny and clever play with words.


25 January, 2008 - Real Tank Motorcycle: The Tankbike
Tankbike - Tank Motorcycle
SUVs on the road?? Have no fear, TankBike is here!

V-12, 1,000 HP, 4.8 tons .... move over... or else!!!


24 January, 2008 - Ads: French Suzuki Print Ads - Part 1
Suzuki French print ad
Suzuki logo
This is part 1 of a 3 part series of French print ads for Suzuki.

The French Suzuki ads are fun, and quite clever. I've put translations where possible...


24 January, 2008 - Be Seen At Night On A Motorcycle
HJC Windlight LED Helmet light
HJC logo
For a few dollar, you can be seen (more) on the road at night.

Install the HJC Windlight LED for Helmets Light, it's wind-powered, and allows you to be more visible from behind at night.

Not bad for US$27.


24 January, 2008 - Cook And Ride At The Same Time. Save Gas!
Exhaust Burger
For those of you always in a hurry, never taking the time to eat properly, here's a solution for you: the Exhaust Hamburger!

Place it at the end of your motorcycle exhaust, put a hamburger in, and ride away. When done, take out the hamburger (or roadkill), and enjoy!

Cheap, ecological, great food...


23 January, 2008 - Irish Motorcycle Riders Can Drink Less Than Cage Drivers
Talking beer mug
If one of the Ministers in Northern Ireland gets her way, that's exactly how it will look like.

She wants to reduce drinking limits for car drivers to .5 g/liter, and for motorcycle riders to 0.2 g/liter (half a beer).

Stupid woman, it should be the other way around. Ignorant!


23 January, 2008 - Rest Areas For The 2008 Enduropale (Le Touquet Beach race)
Le Touquet 2008 logo
The famous Le Touquet beach race will be held on the weekend of the 2nd of February again, and since they are expecting 100,000's of bikers coming from all over Europe, the French government has placed 4 biker rest areas alongside the popular roads. The A16 will be free for motorcycles during the weekend.

Here are the four areas, where you can find food, mechanical assistance, coffee, gas.. etc.


23 January, 2008 - Unsual Motorcycle Transport
Elephant transporting a motorcycle
Need to transport your motorcycle across that deep river, and don't want to get wet?

Here's one way of doing it...


22 January, 2008 - Ehh, Is That A Scooter?
Wacky but interesting design. The Mopah is a totally newly designed scooter/moped, that, as key, uses your iPod.

It'll only ride if you plug in your iPod, someone else's iPod will not power it.


22 January, 2008 - Cute Photo: Dogs On Motorcycle
2 dogs on a sidecar
This is one of those photos you go "ahhhh, how cute".

Two dogs on a motorcycle...


22 January, 2008 - Apologies, But Site Still Under Attack
This Site Article
Sorry for all of you who can't access this site, but we're still under attack, and nothing can really be done.

All we can do is wait it out, but if it doesn't stop, we'll need to close down forever. Bandwidth charges are increasing dramatically due to millions of spam messages per day, while ad revenue is down to a few cents a day.


22 January, 2008 - DIY Funeral
DIY Funeral on a motorcycle
How about that... a Do It Yourself funeral...with motorcycle.


21 January, 2008 - Anyone Want To Ride This Scooter?
LPG Gas Scooter
This somehow does not look like a safe implementation of running a scooter on gas ...

Would you want to ride this..??


21 January, 2008 - Cheapest Petrol Prices In The UK
Petrol price comparison in the UK
Now you can find out where the cheapest petrol prices are in the UK!

Save money, buy cheaper petrol...


21 January, 2008 - Sir Elton John Donates 120 Motorcycles
Sir Elton John
Riders for Healthlogo
Sir John donated 120 motorcycles to an African medical charity - Riders for Health -, allowing for doctors to ride to their patients.



21 January, 2008 - Scratch Off Sao Paulo As Biker Friendly
Sao Paulo motorcycle protest
Sao Paula, Brazil want to forbid motorcycles from riding on the main roads.

Scratch one holiday destination....


20 January, 2008 - Sorry For The Down Time This Weekend
This Site Article
Under instruction, we had to bring down the server.

Everything is running now again, so let's hope it stays that way.


18 January, 2008 - French 2007 Motorcycle Market Is Doing Well
Sales of motorcycles graph 2000-2007 in France
France Article
The motorcycle sales for France during 2007 has been very, very good.

For the last 5 years progression has been remarkable, thanks mostly to the 125 cc law.

Despite many attempts to curb motorcycles by the French government, sales are skyrocketing. Good!


18 January, 2008 - Oh Gawd! Posers!
Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone ride motorcycles
David Letterman rides a motorcycle
Give me patience with some of these "motorcycle riding" celebrities!

Get a real hobby, not a fashion statement!


18 January, 2008 - Michelin Chucking It In: GPS That Is
Michelin logo
Michelin is stopping development of its small portable GPS units, viaMichelin.

The competition from the likes of Garmin, Mio and TomTom is to hot & heavy, so they'll be concentrating on their excellent website.


17 January, 2008 - Givi New Style Helmet: X.01
Givi X.01 motorcycle helmet
Givi logo
Italian accessory manufacturer, Givi, have decided that full face helmets are nice, but not nice enough.

They are producing the X.01 helmet, which is a full face motorcycle helmet, but modular.

You can interchange the chin part of the helmet for winter and summer. Nifty!


17 January, 2008 - Scala Rider Ups The Ante With The Q2
Cardo Scala Rider Q2
One of the leading suppliers of wireless motorcycle communication devices, Cardo Systems, have a latest generation Bluetooth enabled device called the Q2.

The Q2, like the other Scala Rider devices use Bluetooth to communicate, but the Q2 is designed to be used for Bike-to-Bike communications between 3 riders!!!

Use it up to a distance of 500 meters/1640 feet. Also includes FM radio. Woooow!


17 January, 2008 - My Idea Of Camping
Truck with KTM motorcycle
Tents, ants, dust, warm/cold, dirt... not my cup of tea. This is much more in-style with what I want when I go camping.

A go-everywhere truck, comfortable and one that holds an off-road motorcycle.

Way to go...


16 January, 2008 - Motorcycle Classified Ads Using Video Site
Here's a new style "motorcycle-for-sale" website. Instead of using photos, it uses videos.

Search for the motorcycle you want to buy, and watch a movie from the seller about the motorcycle.


16 January, 2008 - This Site Still Under Attack! Patience
This Site Article
Sorry, the spammer is still flooding the site with millions of comment spams, causing havoc with readers trying to access the system.

we've got the cops involved, but this is going to take time.


16 January, 2008 - Radio Station For Bikers
Radio Motorcycle
Radio Motorcycle is a UK based internet radio station dedicated to motorcycle riders!

It's free, and you can listen to all sorts of music, chats, interviews and even live race coverage.

How cool is that??


16 January, 2008 - Now That’s A Big Load!
Heavy and big cargo load on a motorcycle
Imagine riding on your motorcycle with that cargo load ... through rush hour traffic.

Are we having fun or what...?


15 January, 2008 - Petrol Station?
Bali Petrol Station
Here are some nice photos made in Bali, Indonesia.

This, believe it or not, is a petrol station....


15 January, 2008 - New British Biker Movie Out Next Month: Freebird
Freebird motorcycle movie poster
Video clip
Next month sees the launch of a new British motorcycle movie comedy!

The movie is a real biker movie produced by the folks who brought you the excellent Layer Cake.

Click on the headline to see the trailer and screen snaps. This looks like an excellent biker movie.

I can't wait for it to appear on DVD....


15 January, 2008 - Hey, Watch Out! A Cow On Your Motorcycle
Cow on a Ducati motorcycle
Don't look now, but I think you've got a cow on your Ducati motorcycle!


14 January, 2008 - Road Kill (Toys)
Roadkill toy
Imagine buying this "toy" for your child/nephew/kid ???

Road Kill Toys are animals that look like a car (or motorcycle) has driven over them. Open the zipper, and the guts spill out...



14 January, 2008 - Rear View Camera
Cerevellum Rearview Monitor
Designed for bicycles, the Cerevellum Rearview Monitor could easily be used on sports motorcycles.

When you're not in the position to look into your mirrors (on tracks you don't have any..), this is a nice solution which would not break the bank.


14 January, 2008 - Ooops: Newsletter Problem
This Site Article
Sorry to all of you who have just recently subscribed to the weekly newsletter and received 100's of copies. There was a bug in the supplier's system.

Also sorry to all of you who did not receive any .... same bug.


14 January, 2008 - Video: Geico Motorcycle Insurance
Video clip
Kind-of lame, but still cute TV commercial from Geico for motorcycle insurance.

No motorcycles were hurt in making this commercial!


11 January, 2008 - How NOT To Paint Your Motorcycle!
Painted motorcycles
If you want to paint your motorcycle on the cheap, do it the Russian way.

Ride behind a paint truck which loses its load of paint drums.

Instant satisfaction!


11 January, 2008 - Front Wheel Drive Motorcycles Existed A Long Time Ago
Killinger and Freund Motorcycle
The motorcycle that I could not identify last month has been found.

Surprisingly, the motorcycle was built in 1938 and was a front-wheel drive.

Too bad it disappeared during WWII.


11 January, 2008 - France 2007 Road Death Statistics
Traffic accident
France Article
The 2007 road fatalities statistics have been released for France.

2% less deadly accidents, and a 40% improvement over 5 years.

Still they continue installing speed radars like breeding bunny rabbits...


10 January, 2008 - Nominations For Annual Motorcycle Awards 2008 Open
MBI logo
The annual Riders Choices awards organized by MBI are back again. No Al-Qaeda terrorists can stop this yearly event.

Nominations for best products, people and organizations are now open for you, the reader.

Head over to and nominate your preferred products. Next month is voting time....


10 January, 2008 - Been On The Road Too Long
Mailbox Ghostrider
It would seem that these two have been on the road a bit too long...


10 January, 2008 - Look! A Frog On My Motorcycle
Frog on motorcycle
Look Ma... a frog on my motorcycle!


9 January, 2008 - Site Still Under Attack! Times The Site Is Not Accessible
This Site Article
Sorry folks, the adolescent spammers is still at it, with some 10,000 comment spams per minute over 30 minutes, blocking all access to the site.

It usually takes 30 minutes, so if you can access the site, try again later.


9 January, 2008 - Memorial For Dead Bikers
Ukraine dead bikers monument
In the Ukraine, the people have erected a monument dedicated to all bikers who have died on the road.

How cool is that?


9 January, 2008 - Incontinent Motorcycles
Bike (motorcycle) diaper
You now longer need to feel ashamed that your aging motorcycle is leaking oil!

Presenting the BIKE DIAPERS!

Now too, your motorcycle can feel young without the need to show that it's incontinent....


9 January, 2008 - Belgium Police Looking At Kawasaki Motorcycles
Belgium Police Kawasaki motorcycle
Kawasaki logo
Is BMW going to loose the Belgium Police market as well?

The national Police force are currently evaluating a Kawasaki 1400GTR for use on the roads in Belgium. It's being tested, and is on display at the forthcoming Cars and Motorcycle show that's opening its doors on the 17th of this month in Brussels.


8 January, 2008 - Casey Stoner And Marco Melandri Unveil The Desmosedici GP8
Ducati logo
Ducati presented their new MotoGP motorcycle, the GP8.

Fun in the mountains before the season starts in earnest.


8 January, 2008 - Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry?
Beer spill on highway
Disaster on the highway....


8 January, 2008 - Despite Dakar Cancellation Heroes Legend Still On
Heroes Legend logo
The low cost adventure rally Heroes Legend, tracing the same route of the famous Paris-Dakar is still on despite the terrorist threats.

Organized by mufti winner of the Dakar itself, Hubert Auriol, the rally starts on the 8th of march.

Any takers??


8 January, 2008 - Remember This Guy?
Web Article
The guy who recently launched a book saying that riding motorcycles causes cancer, is now selling seats for motorcycles that prevent cancer.

Wouldn't you know.....


8 January, 2008 - Video: KTM and Japanese Superglue
Video clip
Short TV ad from some Japanese superglue, using a KTM motorcycle.


7 January, 2008 - The SUV Of Motorcycles
6 people on a motorcycle
6 people on a motorcycle, and then they're trying to sell them a $2,500 car....

Yes, the car is cheap, but if you can't even afford helmets, or 2 motorcycles, how can you afford $2,500...??


7 January, 2008 - Art, Pure Digital Art
Hayabusa art
Look at this! Isn't this beautiful?

Pure art.... words couldn't explain the concept of a Hayabusa, this digitally rendered photo can...


7 January, 2008 - Reminder For Newsletter Readers
This Site Article
If you've subscribed to our free weekly newsletter, and haven't seen it yesterday (Sunday), check you spam/junk folder.


7 January, 2008 - Covered In Snow
Snow covered motorcycle
Central Europe is not the place to be at this moment.

Record snow and bad weather has hit this part of the world.


4 January, 2008 - KTM Regrets Dakar Cancellation; Stands By Organizers Decision
KTM logo
Dakar logo
KTM's (probably first and last) newsletter for the Dakar 2008.

Not easy, even for the pro's.


4 January, 2008 - Is The Dakar Rally Doomed?
Dakar logo
The cancellation of the 2008 Dakar race on it's own is bad enough, not just for us viewers, but specially for the participants, sponsors, media and organizers.

But has this set a dangerous precedent? Can these ass-wipe terrorists now start treating all large sport events?


4 January, 2008 - Dakar 2008 Cancelled
Dakar logo
It looks like the 2008 edition of the Dakar race is cancelled due to terrorist threats.

Already 4 French tourist were killed in Mauritania, so the organizers are caving in.



4 January, 2008 - New Low Cost GPS Motorcycle Tracking
BikeGPSTracking are offering a new, low cost, unit that enables not only to track your motorcycle's exact position, but also raise an alarm in the case of you leaving your motorcycle without the desire to leave your motorcycle (ie, you're thrown off), in case of panic, or if your motorcycle is being nicked...

All that for a mere US$ 349.


3 January, 2008 - Dakar 2008: Yamaha - 30th Dakar Aawaiting Green Light
Dakar logo
Yamaha logo
First newsletter from Yamaha for the Dakar 2008.

Still a question if the Dakar will take the expected route or not. Introduction of the Yamaha riders.


3 January, 2008 - Fed Up With The Voice On Your GPS?
Record your navigation voice
Tired and fed up with the navigation voice in your GPS?

No more.... Here's a web site that will allow you to record any voice (and any instructions) that you can then download to your GPS.

Talk about your wife nagging you.... now you can really listen to her, or your boss, or kids, or even your dog.


3 January, 2008 - France: 2008 Will Be Tough
Radar Jackpot
France Article
During 2007, France saw a record number of speeding fines.

The summer months saw 1.8 million tickets alone. 1,000 more jackpots radars are being installed, and the number of mobile radars are being dramatically increased.

It's no longer about saving lives, it's about money....


3 January, 2008 - Concept Motorcycle: Pure CG
Dacoit concept motorcycle
Here's a stunning concept motorcycle that has never seen the hard reality of scale models or even been exposed at trade shows.

The motorcycle has been drawn by computer graphics from the fertile brain of Nikin, a designer living in Switzerland.

Beautiful motorcycle...


2 January, 2008 - Video: Arlington Camera
Video clip
Here's a funny TV ad for Arlington Cameras.

It's not a motorcycle ad, but has a motorcycle in it.

Rather funny...


2 January, 2008 - Get Your Kids Interested in Motorcycles, Early
Ducati coloring book
Your kids are never to young to learn about motorcycles.

Here's a free color booking of Ducati motorcycles, 23 pages of coloring bliss.


2 January, 2008 - World’s Longest Motorcycle Jump
Longest motorcycle jump
Robbie Maddison breaks the world record of the longest motorcycle jump.

Ouch... the landing must have been tough....


1 January, 2008 - UK: No Motorcycle Unfriendly (and Killing) Barriers
UK Wire Barrier
UK authorities have decided to stop the proposed wire barriers placements in the UK, since someone actually realized that this could double the number of bikers in the UK.

Catch my drift??


1 January, 2008 - Happy New Year! How To Escape The Police
Transparent motorcycle
Happy New Year to you all. I hope you passed to 2008 without any problems! Have a great year!!!

Here's a tip on how to escape Police controls.....



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