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30 January, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 30-January-2009
Web Article
Here's what I found in the internet this week with regards to motorcycle related stories. Not much... must be the economic downturn.... - To Dismantle an Engine or Not…
- 10 safety tips for motorcycle riders
- Aligning Motorcycle Wheels


30 January, 2009 - KTM Motorcycles To Shed 300 Employees
KTM logo
KTM announced that they have to fire 300 employees, and possibly start part-time work.

They will further reduce production by 25%. 'tis not good!


30 January, 2009 - UK: Despite Crisis, Royal Enfield Outsells
Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield, a former British motorcycle manufacturer, but now an Indian, has had a record sales year.

In a moment of gloom, with companies closing down, it's really nice to hear one company selling 30% (yes THIRTY) more motorcycles last year!

And that for a motorcycle that has not changed its design since 50 years.


30 January, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles And A Bee
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle TV ad, featuring a little bee.

It's actually funny.... for a change...


29 January, 2009 - Renting A Motorcycle In France
France Article
When you go on holidays, you're probably like me. If you didn't get there on a motorcycle, you'll want to rent one.

Here's a list of all the motorcycle rentals I could find in France, with rates, motorcycle brands, location and more.


29 January, 2009 - Video: Hero Honda CD Deluxe
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
Again, ads from India are usually better than the European or US based TV ads.

Here's one from Hero Honda motorcycles. Nice...


29 January, 2009 - Motorcycles Are Getting Bigger, Or Bikers Smaller - And Uglier
Is it me, or are motorcycles getting bigger and bigger... or bikers getting smaller and smaller ... and uglier....


28 January, 2009 - Video: Fosters Beer Ad With Yamaha
Video clip
Strange (Russian??) ad for Fosters beer. It looks more like a Yamaha motorcycle ad.


28 January, 2009 - Motorcycle For The Crisis
Steam motorcycle?
For the next fuel crisis (shortly now), is this the motorcycle we will all be riding?


28 January, 2009 - New Cool Motorcycle Helmet, Or Will You Look Like A Dork?
Canedo Gladiat8r Helmet
Is this going to be the uber-cool summer motorcycle helmet?

Or are you going to be the neighborhood dork?


27 January, 2009 - Review: Nolan N103 Motorcycle Helmet With N-COM
Nolan 103 modules
Nolan logo
A very detailed product review of the Nolan 103 motorcycle helmet with N-COM Bluetooth.

A very good, if not excellent, helmet, with a very good wireless communication module (which can be purchased as wired or Bluetooth).

The review is very long, so if you decide to have a look, let it load.


27 January, 2009 - Ho Chi Minh Is My Copilot
Carrying a portrait of Ho Chi Minh
Who needs to see where he is going? Not when Ho Chi Mink is the copilot of this motorcycle...

Only in Asia...


27 January, 2009 - Video: Hit-Air Airbag Motorcycle Jacket Ad
Video clip
A badly made, almost amateur production, ad for the Hit-Air airbag motorcycle jacket. Apart from the production quality, the information that comes across is pretty good.

Who knows, maybe these motorcycle jackets will become more popular?


26 January, 2009 - Ducati Motorcycle Manuals On-line
Ducati logo
Ducati are now offering their owner manuals on-line, and downloadable for all their motorcycle models since the year 2000.

The service is free, and available in many different languages.



26 January, 2009 - France: 36% Of Motorcycle Police Force Slashed
France Article
French Police National on motorcycles
The French government has announced that since the introduction of digital radars has been so successful, there is less need for motorcycle cops.

So they are laying off 36% of all "Police National" motorcycle cops.

Too bad, since most of them are really cool cops, and served a good purpose!


26 January, 2009 - Bermuda To Start Very Graphic Safety Campaign
News Article
On the tropical islands of the Bermudas, the authorities are starting a very graphical safety campaign in order to reduce the number of car & motorcycle road deaths .

They are using photos of what happened to people after an accident. With the use of blood and gore, they plan to shock the population, hoping that fewer people will drink & drive.

The shocking photos will be placed in public rest-rooms, bars and restaurants.


I am showing one of the photos so that maybe a few people who don't live on the island will think before they drink & drive.


23 January, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 23-January-2009
Web Article
Here are the motorcycle related stories seen on the web during last week:

- Legendary Motorcycles Book Review
- Photographer, Author, Artist, Garage Girl - An Interview with Sara Liberte
- How Many Headchecks?
- MotoGP's Biggest Fan Base - Not Where You Think It Is


23 January, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Hit By Slump - Cutting Jobs
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson sold far less motorcycle during the last quarter of 2008, and is suffering.

They have announced the closure of a motorcycle plant, shedding 1,100 jobs in the process.

Bad news...


23 January, 2009 - How To Transport Your Sheep On Your Motorcycle
Sheep carrying on motorcycle
Got any sheep? Need to bring them to the market?

Here's how you do it if you've only got a motorcycle...


22 January, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Original Publicity Stunt
Harley Tram Handle Grips
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson Switzerland had an original idea to introduce their latest motorcycles to the country of cheese and banks.

They placed motorcycle grips on the tram's handlebars. Not bad idea!


22 January, 2009 - Hero Honda Motorcycle Print Ads
Hero Honda Ad twisties
Hero Honda logo
Hero Honda is another one of those motorcycle manufacturers you find only in India. But they are no small fry: some 20 million Hero Honda motorcycles are still in circulation today.

Here are three interesting print ads from the Indian manufacturer.

I love the first one...


22 January, 2009 - Video: Bajaj DTSi - No Fuel Please
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj motorcycle have got the best ads on average. They are fun to watch, well done and pass along a good commercial message. Other manufacturers should pay attention.

Here's a TV ad that would have been great last year during the fuel crisis, but it was made before it.


21 January, 2009 - Dear Insurance Agent, You Are Not Going To Believe This
How do you explain this to your insurance company?

Natural causes? Meteor strike? Bad luck?


21 January, 2009 - Holiday Tip: Motorcycling In Former East Block
Motorbike Ventures web site
Here's a holiday tip for you. Rent a motorcycle in the Czech Republic and tour all those great motorcycling countries, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Germany.

Or go with the organizers to visit the infamous Erzberg Rodeo, or go for a three week off-road trip to Russia. All you pay are the reasonable rental fees and your own accommodation (tents).

Motorbike Ventures will do it all for you...


21 January, 2009 - New Rating System On-line Plus A Small Site Change
This Site Article
I've changed the article rating system with a new one, and many of the new photos that are added can be seen in full size, instead of the limited 550 pixels.

I hope you enjoy.


21 January, 2009 - Ducati Motorcycles Goes Tata
S. Ramadorai on Ducati motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati sign a big deal with Indian conglomerate, Tata, for improving Ducat Supply Chain Management and motorcycle dealer logistics.

At the same time, Ducati also announce the first Ducati showrooms in India.

And to top things off, Ducati announce that they have asked the MotoGP to come to India.


20 January, 2009 - Surfing With Your Motorcycle - Terraplaning
Motorcycle Terraplaning
Here's a sport that should be included in the 2012 Olympics: Terraplaning !

Stand on a surfboard, attached to a motorcycle, and off you go. Fun! Fun! Fun!


20 January, 2009 - DVD Review: Hard Miles
DVD Hard Miles
Iron Butt motorcycle rally needs no introduction. Even a newbie knows what it is.

Here's a DVD documentary of the 2007 edition of this motorcycle extreme endurance rally, 11 days, 11,000 miles. Called "Hard Miles", the DVD documents the process and the efforts of riding a motorcycle in this rally.


20 January, 2009 - MotoGP To Save Money By Doubling Up
Two up racing
To save money for the cash-strapped teams, MotoGP are now allowing two riders per motorcycle.

This move will save 50% of the team's running cost.


19 January, 2009 - Celebs And Motorcycle Racing Teams
Racing Article
With the financial crisis, many motorcycle racing teams are facing difficulties. One of the ways to save the teams, is when a celeb takes an interest.

Several celebs have done exactly that, and now Antonio Banderas is interested in creating a 125 and 250 cc racing team.

Looking good!


19 January, 2009 - Bullet Proof Boss Hoss Motorcycle
Boss Hoss Armored Secret Weapon
Ever feel out-gunned and with not enough protection to face the road traffic?

Here's a Boss Hoss motorcycle that will change that feeling. Called "Secret Weapon", I think its name should be "Equalizer".

THE motorcycle to ride in busy traffic.


19 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Final Post and Round-Up
Dakar logo
A final look at the Dakar race, the special motorcycle riders, the statistics and where is the 2010 edition going to be held?

What a race...!


17 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 15-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Marc Coma, Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 15 - KTM Motorcycle report

Last real day, tomorrow is a "parade"....


17 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 14-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 14 - Honda Report

Everyone is getting tired....


16 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 14-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 14 - KTM Motorcycles Report

Almost there, and then another year to wait...


16 January, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 16 January 2009
Web Article
Didn't have that much time to check the "normal" web, thanks to the Dakar race, but here are 2 motorcycle stories I found:

- Posture Perfect: The Best Riding Position For You
- How Much Does it Cost to Race in MotoGP?


16 January, 2009 - Ideal Motorcycle For The Dakar Dunes
Square front wheel
Now, is this not the ideal way of getting through the top of those enormous sand dunes on the Dakar with your motorcycle?

How to get to the top with this wheel, is an entirely different matter...


16 January, 2009 - France: 2008 Good Year For Road Mortality Rate
France Article
Statistics Article
The statistics are in regarding the number of people who have died on the French roads last year.

At least this is one figure that makes people happy when it goes down, and it did. Again, for the 7th year.


16 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 13-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 13 - Honda Motorcycles Report

Tough day


15 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 13-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009: Day 13 - KTM Motorcycles Report

Different day, same actors (apart from the cars, but that's another story)....


15 January, 2009 - Not The Way They Intended To Race The Dakar
Motorway traffic for the Dakar
I do not think many people envisaged racing their motorcycle in the Dakar race like this...

....on the motorway....


15 January, 2009 - Respect: Isidre Esteve Pujol
Esteve Pujol
Anyone racing in the Dakar merits respect. But some merit more than others.

Esteve Pulol, a Spanish KTM motorcycle rider, was one of world's top racers, when a crash in 2007 resulted in him losing the use of his legs.

But that has not stopped him from racing in the Dakar, but now he's using 4 wheels instead of 2. Respect!


15 January, 2009 - Official Honda Fury Motorcycle Photo Leaked!
Honda Fury
Honda logo
Our friends at Hell For Leather Magazine have managed to "find" an official photo of the new Honda Fury Chopper motorcycle, which is due to be launched on Friday.

Since we web sites don't receive the info officially (with an embargo date), we don't feel we need to adhere to these dates, so they get published. So here's the official photo of the Fury.

Thanks Hell For Leather Magazine!


14 January, 2009 - Video: Ducati 1098 Motorcycle (.?.)
Video clip
Ducati logo
A TV ad for the Ducati 1098 motorcycle.

The ad is marked to have been found in an Apple Computer Store...??? Bit hard to believe.


14 January, 2009 - Icon Warthog Motorcycle
Icon Warthog ZX-10 Motorcycle
Icon logo
Icon launched a special helmet some time ago called the Warthog. Named after the successful air-to-ground combat airplane from the 70s, Icon made a matching motorcycle.

The ZX-10 is very cool. Gatling guns, rearview TV, 800 watt sound system, all the nifty things you need to wrestle through enemy territory (traffic).


14 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 12-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Marc Coma
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 : Day 12 - KTM Motorcycle Report

Lazy day for all, except maybe the mechanics.


14 January, 2009 - DIY Motorcycle Sidecar
Selfmade sidecar
Need a motorcycle sidecar, but can't afford one.

Here's one way of getting one on the cheap...


14 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 11-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Mirjam Pol
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 : Day 11 - Honda Motorcycle Report

The herd is being thinned out. Only the strongest remain.


14 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 11-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Jordi Viladoms
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 11 - KTM Motorcycles Report

Sand? Anyone see any sand??


13 January, 2009 - Steel Denim: Motorcycle Jeans
Steel Demin female
Steel Demin Male
Many people don't like putting on their Power Ranger suites for small rides. Too much hassle. But if you go off wearing jeans, you can get nasty road rash.

Protective jeans are not new to the motorcycle world. There are more and more players in the market. Here's one of them: Steel Denim.


13 January, 2009 - Arm Baggage For Motorcycles
Bagster Flex
Bagster logo
Are we seeing a new term being coined? Arm Baggage?

French Bagster is launching a luggage item that is strapped to your arm or thighs.

Interesting concept...


13 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 10-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Honda
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 10 - Honda Motorcycles Report

Not nearly as pretty photos as KTM, but good enough story...


13 January, 2009 - Lots Of Motorcycles For Obama Inauguration
Obama Inauguration Motorcycles
I sure hope Obama likes motorcycles, since there are going to be lot during his inauguration.

If not, we're in trouble...


12 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 10-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Frans Verhoeven
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 10 - KTM Motorcycles Report

Tough race...


12 January, 2009 - Crisis: People Pawn TVs To Buy Motorcycles
Pawn Shop Sign
People in Australia are selling off their TV sets in order to buy motorcycles and scooters.

Hard times means less TV, and more motorcycle riding...


12 January, 2009 - Video: Honda Unicorn Motorcycle
Video clip
Honda logo
Very tame (lame) TV ad for Honda India Unicorn motorcycle (Indian market special).

They are no Bajaj when it comes to TV advertisements.


12 January, 2009 - Music ON You Motorcycle Helmet - Not IN!
TuneBug Quake
Until now, if you wanted to listen to music or sound on your motorcycle, you needed to place loudspeakers inside your helmet. Either loudspeaker, or earphones.

With the new TuneBug you will not need to do this anymore. Just place the device against your helmet, and you will be listening to music without the wires.


12 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 9-Honda Motorcycles Report
Honda logo
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 : Day 9 - Honda Motorcycles Report.

No photos supplied, so kind of bare...


11 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 9-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009: Day 9 - KTM Report

Rest day is over, they back at the grind.


11 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Rest Day-Honda Motorcycle Report
Dakar 2009
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009. Honda motorcycles report on the rest day.


10 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: 2 More Dead! Tragic!
Dakar logo
Tragedy struck again on the Dakar race trail. On Friday, a support truck carrying tires for the 9th stage crashed into a private car, killing the two occupants.

The truck driver is currently in prison pending investigation.



10 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 8-Honda Motorcycle Report
Dakar 2009 Mirjam Pol
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009: Honda Motorcycle Report on day 7 and rest day 8.


10 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 7-KTM Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Marc Coma
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 7 - KTM motorcycle Report


9 January, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 09 January 2009
Web Article
Back again. Here are the motorcycle articles doing the rounds of the internet you may have missed during the week. - Drive-By Review: Bags Connection Engage Bag Installation
- To Vegas, Baby: Windhoff Engine
- Rally Days Are Painful Taxpayer Nights
- EPA Asked To Do More Ethanol Tests


9 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Honda-Mini Interview With Mick Extance
Mick Extance
Dakar logo
Mini Interview with Honda's top motorcycle Dakar rider, Mick Extance.


9 January, 2009 - Official: Honda To Manufacture Electric Motorcycles by 2010
Honda Hybrid Scooter
Honda logo
Honda have finally released an official statement that they are going to produce an electric motorcycle by next year (2010).

How would you like an electric CBR1000... or Electric Goldwing...?? Or is it going to be an electric Rebel?


9 January, 2009 - Critics And The Dakar Race
Thierry Sabine Foundation Maternity school
Dakar logo
Despite being a very popular race for motorcycles and cars, almost in any country of the world, there are always groups of people who want the race stopped.

In most cases, these people are ill-informed about the race and its economical and ecological impact in the region.

Time to take stock!


9 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 6-KTM Report
Dakar 2009 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009 - Day 6 - KTM Motorcycle report


8 January, 2009 - Has Pollution Gotten So Bad On Our Motorcycles?
Gasmask motorcycle
Is pollution really that bad, or is this a rat motorcycle?


8 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 5-Honda Report
Dakar 2009 Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Dakar logo
Dakar 2009, day 5, Honda motorcycle report.


8 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Cause Of Death Of Rider Known
Pascal Terry
Dakar logo
The official cause of death of the Dakar motorcycle rider, Pascal Terry, have been published.

His life could have been saved if the organizers had attempted to rescue him when things started going south, but due to communication errors, it took several days.


8 January, 2009 - Reserving A Motorcycle Parking Spot In Paris
France Article
Parking a motorcycle in Paris used to be easy; any sidewalk or dead space was fair game. But no longer! It's raining parking fines...

Now there's a service that allows you, for a reasonable price, to reserve a parking spot for your motorcycle in Paris. On an ad-hoc or annual basis.


7 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 5-KTM Report
Dakar 2009 Jonah Street
Dakar logo
KTM's 2009 Dakar report, with a new stage winner in the motorcycle category.


7 January, 2009 - Nigerian Motorcycle Riders Using Pumpkin Helmets
Watermelon helmet
In Nigeria motorcycle taxis are resorting to wearing pumpkin shells to escape the new helmet law.

Helmets are either stolen, or evil spells cast on them by their passengers.

Only in Nigeria....


7 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: First Motorcycle Death
Dakar logo
The 2009 Dakar is in mourning again. 49 year old Frenchman, Terry Pascal, died on his Yamaha motorcycle on the night of Sunday.

He did not die of a crash, since he was sitting in the shade, with his helmet off, and food and water.

The local Police is investigating.


7 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 4-Honda Motorcycles Report
Dakar 2009 Honda
Dakar logo
Honda Motorcycle report on day 4 of the 2009 Dakar.


7 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Slight Change In Reporting Format
Dakar logo
After a comment and several emails regarding the Dakar reporting on this site, we've decided to slightly change the format. We need to do this because of the people who follow this site using a RSS Reader and live in a country where the Dakar TV reporting is usually the following day. We'll no longer put spoiler information in the headline, nor in the RSS summary. That way the RSS readers will be able to continue scanning the motorcycle news, but not know what went on.


6 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 4-Marc Coma Nice And Easy...
Dakar 2009 KTM Factory Racing Team
Dakar logo
Marc Coma seems unstoppable. The KTM Motorcycle rider hasn't had any problems, while everyone behind him has.

Here's what the 4 KTM factory riders have to say.


6 January, 2009 - Video: Renault Biker Tattoo Ad
Video clip
Cute, but totally unrealistic TV ad from Renault.

As if a motorcycle rider would....


6 January, 2009 - Safely Taking Children On Your Motorcycle
Taking a kid with you on a motorcycle can be daunting. Children have a different notion of safety, and they can not hold on to your motorcycle the way an adult pillion would.

Here's one product that will prevent your kids from falling off your bike, the BackRider.


6 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 3-The Serious Stuff Is About To Begin
Dakar 2009 Honda Truck
Dakar logo
Things are heating up, also for Honda motorcycles, at the Dakar.

Here's Honda's report on their riders.


6 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 3-Coma and Viladoms Crossing The Final Finishing Line Together On Stage 3
Dakar 2009 Marc Coma
Dakar logo
Marc Coma is starting to really build up his lead in the motorcycle ranking while the previous winner, Cyril Despres, is going through hell. Nothing works for him.

Is South America tougher than Africa.... the big question?


5 January, 2009 - Water Drag Race With Motorcycle
Water Manilla 2009
Doesn't this look like a drag race on water between a motorcycle and a car?

Lots of rain....


5 January, 2009 - Sliding Angels: Female Supermoto team
Sliding Angels
More and more women are joining not only the ranks of motorcycle riders, but also motorcycle sports.

Here's an all female Supermoto team, consisting of four lovely girls racing the local Italian Supermoto Championships.

Good on'em!


5 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 2-Team Honda Europe Well Under Way
Dakar 2009 - Honda -Krzysztof JARMUZ
Dakar logo
Honda's report on the 2nd day of the 2009 Dakar.

It's going quite well for Honda motorcycles.


5 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 2- Marc Coma Still Overall Leader After Stage 2
Dakar 2009 Frans Verhoeven
Dakar logo
First time since many years that a Dutchman wins a motorcycle stage in the Dakar. And stage 2 of the 2009 Dakar was it.

Here's KTM's report on the race of today.


4 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day 1-Commanding Lead For Coma On 1st Stage Of Dakar
Dakar 2009 Marc Coma
Dakar logo
First in a series of press releases from KTM during the Dakar 2009 motorcycle race.

High quality photos and results. Day 1 did not go the way the KTM factory riders wanted it to go, apart from Marc Coma, who now has a big lead after the 1st day.


2 January, 2009 - France: Ultimate Motorcycle Rally
Ultimate-Rally 2009
A new motorcycle race is going to start next year here in France. Called the Ultimate Rally, it is styled on the old fashion Monte Carlo race from many years ago.

Contestants leave at the same time from the four corners of France, all arriving at a city in the middle of France. Then they continue with different races for 2 days.

The race is open to all sorts of riders, beginners and professionals. Motorcycles, scooters and sidecars are welcome.


2 January, 2009 - French Gendarme Now Allowed To Dress Up When Motorcycling
French motorcycle gendarme in sleeveless shirt.
The short sleeved French motorcycle Gendarme is a thing of the past! No longer do they need to ride their motorcycle clothed the way they ride their horses.

Now, they getting real motorcycle jackets with an incorporated airbag! Good on them!


2 January, 2009 - Dakar 2009: Day -2
Dakar 2009 preparations
Dakar logo
If you want to see photos of the preparations of the Dakar races, cars, motorcycles and trucks, here's a website that is showing it all "live" from Buenos Aires.



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