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31 January, 2012 - World Records: Fastest Electric Motorcycle - eSolex
e Solex World Record
It's incredible if you think about it. Last year, during Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, where cars and motorcycles often reach speeds of 200 mph, trying to break some speed record, one vehicle managed to obtain a record, but at a very low speed...

The vehicle was the e-Solex, an electric Solex moped, and with the 4 French motorcycle lovers, the electric Solex managed the world record of 32 kph (19.893 mph).

The reason this is certified as a world record? Because it's the first mass-produced, unmodified, electric motorcycle to try for the record. Before that, the record stood at 0 mph. So now they are in the record books.


31 January, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops for Enduropale 2012
Relais Calmos 27
EnduroPale 2012 Poster
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on next weekend (February 4 & 5), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race.


31 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson - Hand-picked
Harley Handpicked Headmaster UK
Harley-Davidson logo
I really don't understand the Harley-Davidson advertisement philosophy. Their main thread is rebellion; being a bad person. So does that mean that Harley motorcycle riders are all bad people? Because that's what their ads say.

Here are three print ads from McCann-Erickson in the UK. The first one is actually pretty good, the other two expand on the main theme and the message gets lost.


30 January, 2012 - Europe 2011 Motorcycle Registrations Statistics
ACEM logo
The Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers, ACEM, have released the sales statistics for motorcycles and other PTWs in Europe for 2011.

In average over 32 countries last year, there was a reduction in the number of motorcycles and other PTWs sold. More than 1.7 million units were pushed out the door last year.


30 January, 2012 - Indonesia: Motorcycle Tires Roadside Change - Good Business
Indonesia Motorcycle Tire Roadside Change
Looks like a good business to have in Indonesia. Almost no financial outlay, working outside, working on motorcycles, and all that for 22 bucks.

Looks like the tire delivery services could do good business here.


30 January, 2012 - The Netherlands: No Full Face Helmets On The Street
Helmet Niqab
Following closely in the footsteps of France and Belgium, The Netherlands are voting in a law forbidding the wearing of face masks, traditionally found in Muslim countries. This means that the traditional nicabs or burqas worn by Muslim women will be outlawed.

But what that also means is that a full face helmet will be outlawed as well. You will be allowed to ride your motorcycle with it (apparently), but once you stop your motorcycle and get off, you'll need to remove the helmet, or if possible, open it (for modular helmets).

Failing to do so will cost you a fine.


27 January, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 27 January 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Well, come and get it... here are some motorcycle related articles that have appeared over the last week that you may have missed...

- Images Of Hells Angels Taken By A Photographer Who Infiltrated The Famously Secretive Club In 1965 (Daily Mail)
- Proficient Motorcycling By David Hough (Road Captain Usa)
- How To Make Motorcycle Ad Photos (Helmet Hair Blog)


27 January, 2012 - Scooters and Pizzas
Vespa Pizza Cutter
Anyone who is a fan of pizzas (is there anyone out there who isn't?) will know that most pizzas are delivered via scooter. Scooters are the easiest way to bring piping hot pizzas to your door.

It's therefore very fitting to have a pizza cutter shaped like a Vespa scooter. Let's face it, why use a boring pizza cutter if you can get this:


27 January, 2012 - India: Motorcycle Daredevils Strike Again
Republic Day Parade 2012
Republic Day Parade 2012
Stunning images from their annual event. These army motorcycle stuntmen sure put up an interesting parade.

Beats the ones we see in Europe.


26 January, 2012 - Motorcycle Tire Delivery Service - Worldwide
Pneus Online
French/Swiss company Pneus-Online are going for world domination. They sell motorcycle tires on-line for less money than at garages, and they have an enormous network of garages and mobile workshops that will fit your tires for you.

They are all over Europe (15,500 garages), Canada, shortly in the USA and Brazil, and more countries coming.


26 January, 2012 - Heaps Of Destroyed Motorcycles - Gasp
Nigeria Motorcycle Heap
Gasp! What a waste....


26 January, 2012 - WTF of the Week: DIY Motorcycle Fairing
DIY Fairings 1
You're desperate, dumb, and/or just plain stupid to try this... but then if you look at the rest of the motorcycle you got to wonder about the mental health of its owner.

But then a motorcycle is a motorcycle...


25 January, 2012 - France: Divide and Conquer
FFMC logo
FFM logo
It's so close to the Presidential elections here in France, that the politicians are falling over themselves trying to outdo each other in stupidity. Now, the Minister of Transportation's road safety commission called a meeting to talk about motorcycle road safety (lane splitting and clothing), and instead of calling both main motorcycle organizations, FFMC (French Angry Biker Association) and FFM (French Motorcycle Federation), they only summoned the FFMC.

When questioned why they only invited one organization, the government answered that they wanted to keep to number of participants low. In other words, we do not want to be ganged up upon - Divide & Conquer.

The FFMC did the right thing, and left the meeting. Now, there was only one participant, the government. And to think I pay my taxes to these idiots.


25 January, 2012 - Royal Enfield Car
1959 Berkeley B 95 Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield are a well established and long time manufacturer of motorcycles. In fact, they have the oldest model still in production. They used to be English, but are now based in India, and they produce some of world's best classic motorcycles.

They're not known for making fast motorcycles, you known... sportsbikes. They make classic, or shall I say vintage motorcycles that you can ride in the countryside, taking your time, enjoying the ride and views.

It's therefore a surprise to see a sportscar using a Royal Enfield engine. But it's true. This is the Berkeley B-95 LHD (Left Hand Drive). The car was built in 1959, and they only made 12 LHD units, 3 survived.


25 January, 2012 - Video: Shit Bikers Say
Video clip
As motorcycle riders, we tend to say a lot. Instead of just riding, we like talking about our motorcycles, and often we say, as the French say, "N'importe quoi", meaning "whatever". It's true, we do say a lot of things, and this video proves it.

You'll recognize many of the things said in the video, that's for sure. Starring Bill Dwyer from AtlasRider.

Have a look, and see how many of the things said in the video are said by you.... I dare you.


24 January, 2012 - Use Alpinestar To Protect Your iPhone
Alpinestar Tech10 iPhone case
Alpinestar logo
Alpinestars is not an unknown company for motorcycle riders worldwide. Alpinestars have been since 1963 giving us clothing, boots, gloves and much more, to not only make us look good on a motorcycle, but also to protect our ass.

Now Alpinestars will protect another important aspect of our lives; our mobile phone. They have a rugged silicone protection case of the iPhone 4/4S. Not only will it protect your smartphone, but also reduce the antenna problem.


24 January, 2012 - Profession: Breast Milk Motorcycle Courier
Indonesia Breat Milk Courier
There's a profession for almost anything, and a lot involve motorcycles, but this motorcycle job beats them all.... that is... how does the courier get the breast milk...

The mind boggles..


24 January, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Multiple Lovers Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
This Spanish TV commercial is not a real Harley-Davidson TV advertisement, but it could have been. It's very much in style with previous Harley ads.

Nicely done, quite professional, it shows a young guy on his Harley motorcycle going from woman to woman....


23 January, 2012 - France: Shocking Road Safety Campaign - As Long As...
Video clip
The French Minister of Transportation, the road safety commission, are known to have produced several high quality, high hitting, safety campaigns. Many have been produced with strong messages and visuals that hit home. They do make you think...

They have released a new TV commercial that will be shown on several TV stations in France with very strong images. The campaign in is Black & White (probably to spare you with a lot of red color).

There is only one part with a motorcycle, actually a scooter, and the accident is not his fault, but a truck running a red light. Jeez, I hope this was a trick shot, and not a real accident....


23 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo First Motorcycle Lesson
Lorenzo Motorcycle Riding Lesson
As we had already reported, former World Champion MotoGP racing has started getting his motorcycle license, allowing him to ride a motorcycle. He already passed his Spanish theory test, and now needs to spend a few hours, officially, with an instructor. After he has done his mandatory minimum hours of riding lessons, he will need to "prove" himself in the exams.

I bet there's not a large number of examiners who are queueing up to go out for a ride with Jorge to see if he is able to ride a motorcycle.


23 January, 2012 - Photos of Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2012
Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2012
Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2012
The Progressive International Motorcycle Show started last weekend in New York, and here are some photos as they appeared in the news wires.


20 January, 2012 - Video: Pepsi and Motorcycles
Video clip
Pepsi logo
Funny, specially for a Coca-Cola drinker (and loyal fan) like me.... this is a Pepsi TV commercial dating back to 1985.

It shows that as a motorcycle rider, you can't drive past a service station that sells Pepsi. Well.... I can.


20 January, 2012 - Nepal: Violence Against Motorcycles
Nepal Kicking A Motorcycle
You'd think that people in Nepal were pacifistic, you know, Buddhist and all.

But no, they kick motorcycles out there.


20 January, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 20 January 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Missed last week, but here are several motorcycle articles that have appeared over the last two weeks that may interest you.

- 28 Of The Worlds Top Motorcycle Collections And Museums (Motorcycle Insurance)
- Riding Motorcycle In The Winter Part 1 (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Riding Motorcycle In The Winter Part 2 (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Buying Battery Charger - What To Look For (Motorcycle Thailand)


19 January, 2012 - Eating On The Road On A Motorcycle - Recipes
Oasis of the soul recipes
Ara, a professional chef and fellow motorcycle adventure rider, and his trusty and loyal dog Spirit have been on the road longer than I can remember. As a chef with 40 years experience, Ara is publishing many recipes for on the road....

The idea is that you need only 1 pan and a few utensils to make these great recipes. Beats warming up some beans.


19 January, 2012 - France: About The Hi-Viz Law For Motorcycles
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
Several publications have been writing about the new law in France making it mandatory to wear reflective material on your motorcycle clothing. Many got it wrong!

Here's the details of the new law, what you can wear, how much, when, and where.


19 January, 2012 - Tour De France Cyclist, Sylvain Chavanel, Introduced On A Motorcycle
Sylvain Chavanel On A Motorcycle
Tour de France logo
Kind of strange to introduce a Tour de France bicyclist on a motorcycle, unless the organizers have decided to let them compete on one....


18 January, 2012 - Brazil: The Power Of Mudslides - Wrecked Motorcycles
Rio Mudslide 2012
These photos just show you the power that a mudslide has, enough to crush motorcycles, so we humans stand no chance with our frail bodies.


18 January, 2012 - Fight SOPA! Do Your Bit Now. Here Is How
SOPA Strike
The proposed bill in the USA, called SOPA, is the biggest threat to the internet which we have seen since the internet started. SOPA will allow companies to shutdown websites, like this one, without a proper and legal due process. Targeted sites will not be able to defend themselves, and you will see many sites disappear.

You can do something about it! Whether you live in the USA, or in another country, here is how to act, and here is what you can do! #SOPASTRIKE Stop #SOPA


17 January, 2012 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Spirit - Baby and Tattoo
Harley Davidson Spirit Tattoo
Harley-Davidson logo
Again, Harley-Davidson is seen promoting the Harley motorcycle lifestyle, not their motorcycles. In these two print advertisements, made in Brazil by Momaprograganda, they're showing the future Harley riders.

The first one is not bad, the second one is just plain weird. The first one, a kid pasting fake tattoos is kind-of funny, but as someone pointed out at the source site (see Via: below), you'll notice that there aren't any motorcycle in the tattoos, just a few cars.


17 January, 2012 - India: Army Day 2012 Motorcycle Stunts
India Army Army Day Parade 2012
It looks like all the rehearsals for the Indian Army Day 2012 has paid off.


17 January, 2012 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Sales Increase in 2011
Statistics Article
Some countries do great in terms of motorcycles sales, some do less, and some do worse. Switzerland, a country that has always been neutral, sits exactly in the middle.

During 2011, 9.48% new motorcycles and scooters were registered in the country of chocolate, cheese and secret bank accounts. It's not a bad figure for Europe, so maybe the financial crisis has not hit the Swiss.

If you look at purely motorcycle sales, that figure was up by 16.23% during 2011.


16 January, 2012 - Taiwan: Start Of Electric Battery Swap Stations for Motorcycles
Taiwan Electric Charging Station
The government of Taiwan are placing 60 Battery Swapping Stations for electric motorcycles and scooters in two of the main cities. This will allow any electric motorcycle to replace their battery for a fully charged one in a matter of seconds.

They also plan to make available 600 electric motorcycles for free as part of a sharing program.

Clever people...


16 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 14 and Final
Dakar2012 14 Cyril Despres 1
Dakar logo
Last day of the famous Dakar rally, and in the motorcycle category, Cyril Depres has won. It's his 4th title, one more than his arch-rival Marc Coma. It was not an easy 3 weeks for either of them. For the spectators, we could not have asked for a better race, since it was played until Day 13 within seconds of each other. This made the race very interesting to watch.

Congratulations to both Cyril and Marc for making this year so interesting to follow.

BTW: Not only did motorcycle riders win the motorcycle category, obviously, but the top 2 in the car category were/are bikers, both having won the Dakar on a motorcycle. So to win the Dakar, you really need to be a motorcycle rider, maybe a lesson for Robby Gordon.


16 January, 2012 - Spain: Penguins Motorcycle Rally 2012
Pinguinos 2012
Pinguinos 2012
Every year, some 25,000 weathered motorcycle riders come together for some fun in the snow in Spain. Called the Penguin International Winter Motorcycle Rally, or in Spanish, Pinguinos, this year, they came as well, but there was no snow, blame global warming.

But still, it's pretty cold in Puente Duero, and the bikers had fun. It's not the Elephant Rally, but still up there for cold weather motorcycle riding.


16 January, 2012 - Video: Portrait of Shelina Moreda - ePower Racer
Video clip
Here's a video portrait of the Californian female racer, Shelina Moreda, who races in FIM ePower electric motorcycle races for the Italian eCRP team.

She is pretty, and very good.... 2012 is going to be interesting for electric motorcycle races.


16 January, 2012 - Italy: No Congestion Charges For Motorcycles In Milan
Milan Area C
The authorities in Milan, Italy are using their grey matter. A first? Maybe, but at least motorcycles will profit from this moment of lucidity.

January 16th 2012 sees the start of a congestion charge into the inner center of Milan, called Area C. Everyone must pay to drive into the city, except, motorcycle and scooters.

They are seen as a solution to traffic problems.


15 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 13
Dakar2012 13 Marek Dabrowski
Dakar logo
Day 13 of the Dakar. 13 may be a unlucky number for some cultures, but for the French, 13 is an lucky number, and the proof is in the pudding. Frenchman Cyril Despres won this important and penultimate stage of the rally, and his unlucky opponent, Coma, lost so much time, that he will need a miracle to win the race. What's worse for Coma is that he might have to change engine, incurring a 45 minute penalty.

One more day, not a ride in the park, but still easy compared to the last 2 weeks worth of racing, and then it's over. This year was a bumper year, with an incredible track laid out for the motorcycles to cross. A lot of deep sand dunes made it spectacular to watch.


14 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 12
Dakar2012 12 Bivouac
Dakar logo
Almost there, and all the cards have been played. The top 2 motorcycle riders, Marc Coma and Cyril Despres are still very close, with Coma re-taking the lead, but this time, Despres will not start immediately behind Coma, so the chances that he will overtake are slim.

The terrible dunes were reasonably easy, compared to the picture drawn by the organizers. More media attention is currently given to the fight between Gobby Gordon vs The Rest of the World.


13 January, 2012 - India: Getting Ready For Army Motorcycle Stunts 2012
India Army Motorcycle Stunt Prep 2012
Every year the Army of India do these impressive stunts on their motorcycles. Maybe one day I'll actually go there and make some photos.

It sure is a way of economizing motorcycles, but sharing one motorcycle with many soldiers....


13 January, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Cologne - Bad Ass Smell
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
I'm sorry, but this just doesn't do it for me. It's kind of funny, but the tag line works against the product. The product is Harley-Davidson Cologne, and saying "Bad Ass Smell" is like saying your perfume smells of a public toilet.... not nice.

I realize that Harley is playing on the tough as nail biker image they portray in all their advertisements, and it probably works for motorcycle sales, but for perfumes? It's almost an oxymoron, "bad ass" biker perfume.


13 January, 2012 - France: Le Touquet Enduropale 2012 - No Biker Camping
EnduroPale 2012 Poster
The famous motorcycle beach race, world's biggest, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is held on Sunday 5 February. For the first time, one lonely American is taking part... he probably got lost and ended up in Le Touquet...

This year, the city has decided not to allow camping at the horse track, since bikers get drunk, and they wreck the place. The city, celebrating 100 years, is also the overflow for the London Olympics this year, so they want to keep the city intact.

So if you want to camp, you'll need to go to a real camping...

BTW, the oldest competitor is 91 Years old..


13 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 11
Dakar2012 11 Felipe Zanol
Dakar logo
Apart from the two main motorcycle racers getting closer and closer, Day 11's only real excitement was the river crossing, with many riders flooding their motorcycle engines.

The real race starts tomorrow, day 12. Uncharted dunes, deep sand and stress (because we're in a marathon phase, with no mechanical assistance), so my guess is whoever wins Friday the 13th, will win the race.


12 January, 2012 - Video: 70s Esso Gas Station Commercial
Video clip
Esso logo
There used to be a time, many decades ago, that you could actually get service in a gas station:- service and a smile. This 70's TV commercial reminds me of those good old days...

It's an advertisement from Esso, and it's short, but sweet. It'll make you smile...


12 January, 2012 - Get Your Own Scale Model Vintage Motorcycle
Montesa Impala 175 Sport Scale Model
Video clip
There's a company in Spain that make exact replicas of classic vintage motorcycles, scaled down to 1:5 and 1:9. These incredibly detailed models use the same materials found on the original motorcycles, and not only do all parts move, but actually work (except the engine).

So when you press the brakes, the wheels stop spinning. Have a look at the video, the scale models are truly impressive .... but... very expensive. Most are one-off, and even the "mass" produced one runs into 4 digits.

But if you're a fan... what's money?


12 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 10
Dakar2012 10 Felipe Zanol
Dakar logo
Last full day in Chile, and tomorrow on to Peru, a first for the Dakar rally. The motorcycles had another tough day, but that's the Dakar, a tough day follows a tough day.

Despres lost tme against his arch-rival Coma, and now only 21 seconds seperate them. 21 seconds is nothing, and anything can happen in the next few days, it's that close.

Spanish rider Joan Barreda took his first ever victory in the Dakar on his Husqvarna, and looks promosing as a future winner.


12 January, 2012 - USA: Utah-Massive Motorcycle Police Funeral Escort
Utah Police Funeral
Impressive showing by the motorcycle police in Utah, under sad circumstances.


11 January, 2012 - Ad: Utah Safety - Eye Chart - Watch For Motorcycles
Utah Highway Safety Eye Chart
Nice safety advertisement from the Utah Highway Safety Office.

The PSA is targetted at cars and trucks, to remind them to keep a watch-out for motorcycles. The nice idea is to use an eye chart, reminding them that a motorcycle is small, and at a distance iit even looks smaller.

I wonder if it'll work??


11 January, 2012 - Nepal: Filling Up Your Motorcycle, Not Easy
Motorcycles Filling Up Un Nepal.JPG
At times when I need to fill up my motorcycle at a gas station and I see another motorcycle in front of me, I just go to the next station. Why wait? But it looks like these poor bikers do not have a choice. Guess you can wait a day to fill up.

Maybe electric motorcycles are a better choice...


11 January, 2012 - Signs That Winter Is Upon Us
Iced up motorcycle
When you look out your window and see your motorcycle like this, you know you're in the middle of winter.

Lucky for me, all I see is sun, birds and double digits on the thermometer.


11 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 9
Dakar2012 9 Felipe Zanol
Dakar logo
ay 9 saw the incredible and scary sand dune of Iquique, a monster of a dune that would make any downhill skier green of envy, but now the Dakar racers needed to ride it down on their motorcycle after the longest stage of the whole race. Not an easy accomplishment.

Day 9 saw the motorcycles racing in sand and fesh-fesh for some 500 kms, and Despres regained the lead from Coma, but you can see that both racers are tired.


10 January, 2012 - Australia: Motorcycle Sales Up 3%
Statistics Article
Australia, like the rest of Asia and AsiaPacific are doing well in terms of motorcycle and scooter sales. 2011 saw yet another bumper year, with a rise of 3% in sales.

Honda is the top brand, with Harley-Davidson as the first non-Asian motorcycle manufacturer in 5th position. Husqvarna had the most impressive growth rate.


10 January, 2012 - Showing Your Faith On A Motorcycle
Showing Faith on a motorcycle
Some people like to show their faith while riding their motorcycle. It's like a badge of honor, and it can't hurt, since it might just protect you from unforeseen problems. You never know, just hedge your bets.

But I think this guy has taken it a step too far... don't you?


10 January, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Allowed To Ride Motorcycles, Legally
Believe it or not, former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo just passed his motorcycle riding theory test, needed to get his motorcycle license. This will allow him to ride a motorcycle on the streets.

Now...... which instructor is going to teach Jorge how to take a curve with his motorcycles, and which examiner is crazy enough to "test" him if he knows how to drive???


10 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 8
Dakar2012 8 Ruben Faria
Dakar logo
The Dakar race is now in its 2nd week, and things have been happening, some of them not good. Apart from Despres falling into a mud trap and loosing 15 minutes, the organizers decide to credit him with time lost in the trap, but none to Marc Coma who managed to avoid the trap, but spent some time doing so.

Life is not fair, but who cares? In the mean time, the motorcycle are doing their best to finish. They are rapidly approaching Peru, a first for the Dakar.


9 January, 2012 - France: TomTom Warns Users About Not Using GPS Radar Data
TomTom Radar Supression Database
TomTom have issued a warning to its GPS owners (cars and motorcycle devices), that it illegal to use their radar mapping service, and to dis-activate it, and delete the database.

The next update of their smartphone software will see the service disappear automatically.


9 January, 2012 - Egypt: Bikers For Disabled Politician
Egypte Ride For Disabled Politician
Nice to see that motorcycle riders can be shown in a positive light. Here a bunch of motorcycle riders are showing support for a politician who has been disabled since birth, and is running for office, fighting to achieve equal rights for disabled people.


9 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: The Easy Way Of Racing A Motorcycle
Dakar2012 Motorcycle Via Helicopter
Dakar logo
You'll probably all seen the TV images of motorcycle racers in the famous Dakar rally, laboring through the dunes, stranded in mud, broken down alongside the road while trucks are thundering past at an alarming speed.

It's all part of the fun of racing your motorcycle in the Dakar rally. Until this photo......

This clearly shows there's another way of taking part in the Dakar with a motorcycle...


8 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 7
Dakar2012 7 Ruben Faria 1
Dakar logo
Day 7 sees the Dakar racing the motorcycles in Chile, after the incredible decent from the sand mountain at Copiapo.

The day before the rest day is always tough and long, and this year was no exception. Despres and Coma are still slugging it out, leaving the rest of the motorcycle field in their dust.

Coma won this stage, nibbling away at Despres's lead.


7 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 6
Dakar2012 6 Marc Coma
Dakar logo
Stage 6 of the Dakar rally may have been cancelled due to bad weather in the mountain passes, but it didn't mean that the motorcycles were not riding. Just because there was no race, the motorcycles still needed to brave the extreme cold temperatures and snowy roads through an almost 5,000 meter high mountain pass.

Imagine that the day before they were exposed to 40°C, and now it's freezing. I wonder how many will start the race on Saturday with a cold or flu? If you think it was a ride-in-the-park, forget it.


6 January, 2012 - France: Motorcycle License Plates Bigger Starting July
French License Plates
The French government has finally published the new legal sizes for license plates for motorcycles and scooters. The new size will start being implemented July 2012, but not for existing motorcycles and scooters. You'll only need to replace your license plate for the new one, if you re-register your bike.

Failing to comply with the very long size will result in a €135 fine.


6 January, 2012 - Video: Pulsar - A Decade Of Dominance
Video clip
Bajaj logo
That the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj makes excellent TV commercials we know. We've seen many of them in the past. Their motorcycle advertisements are second to none.

Their Pulsar motorcycle models are their workhorse, they are the most sold in India. They have had the model range for 10 years, and to celebrate, they've issued this infomercial, in black & white, about the pulsar.

As usual with Bajaj ads, it's very well done. It's simple, with a Pulsar doing a wheelie while a voice over pronounces some interesting philosophies.

BTW, it's probably one of the longest wheelie you'll see on video...


6 January, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 6 January 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
A new year has begun, and already there are loads of interesting motorcycle-related articles out there that you may have missed during the festivities. Here's a round-up of the last week.

- Electric Motorcycles And Pedelecs In 2012 (Technologic Vehicles)
- How Wrenching On Your Own Bike Makes (The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour)
- Preparing Your Motorcycle For The Winter (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- The 15 Best Motorcycle Roads In America (About Motorcycles)
- How Ducati Is Like Apple Redux (Ducati News Today)


6 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 5
Dakar2012 5 Christopher Birch
Dakar logo
The terrible sand dunes of Fiambala are done, and this time the weather helped everyone a little hand. It had been raining for days before the day all motorcycle had to cross the frightening sand dunes, and now the sand was harder and firmer for motorcycles.

Chances were that you would not get as stuck as in previous editions of the race. Cyril Despres took the most advantage of it, and beat his arch-rival, Marc Coma, to the finish, increasing his lead. But the race is only over when the fat lady sings. Dutchman Frans Verhoeven got problems and lost his 3rd place, replaced by Helder Rodrigues.


5 January, 2012 - Video: Breitling Watches and Pretty Girl On Motorcycle
Video clip
Breitling logo
Breitling watches are known as the aviation watch. Many private and professional pilots wear them, it's like a status symbol and a sign that you are a pilot. It's therefore no wonder that Breitling would show an airplane in their latest TV commercial, and not just any airplane, but a beautiful Mustang P51. But even better, they have a motorcycle with a beautiful girl riding it.

The moral of the story is that you'll never be late if you have a Breitling watch. To me, the guy is a sucker.... leaving just because the lady is late..

Have a look at the ad. It's very nicely filmed.


5 January, 2012 - Ireland: Record Low Death Toll On Roads
Ireland Garda Accident Sign
Irish road users have been behaving! Since road mortality figures are kept (1959), the number of people who have died on the Irish roads is at its lowest, ever.

Motorcycle riders are in the group that does not change, but car accident related deaths are way down. Surprisingly, the 2nd highest death rate is that of pedestrians. Better off on a motorcycle.


5 January, 2012 - Royal Enfield Unveils Thunderbird 500 - Cruiser Style
Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield, world's oldest motorcycle manufacturer with the same model, has unveiled a "new" motorcycle model. Called the Thunderbird 500 (there is already a popular Thunderbird 350), it's a course change for the English-then-Indian manufacturer. Their traditional model, the Bullet has been unchanged for decades. Now, they have made a more modern look-&-feel, with updated technology.

The Thunderbird is a touring motorcycle, styled like a cruiser. But you'll not find much chrome on this motorcycle, even the engine is black. The color choices for the new motorcycle are black, black and black (in fact, there are three colors black to choose from). The pillion seat can be removed, allowing you to carry luggage. There are even hooks for bungee cords.

Here are the specs...


5 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 4
Dakar2012 4 Christopher Birch
Dakar logo
The Dakar rally is now in full swing. All competitors are on their rhythm, but many are falling off, especially in the motorcycle field. Have the organizers made this year's edition too tough? 22 riders have withdrawn in 3 days!

It's amazing to watch the superpros battling it out, it makes the "normal" pros look ... normal. The fight between Despres and Coma is intensifying, and even a really great enduro rider like Verhoeven just doesn't get close. The fight between the two arch rivals looks like it's going to be until the last round, they are so evenly matched.

Here are the photos of Day 4, courtesy KTM and Maragni M.


4 January, 2012 - HDX3 - Mobility Scooter, The Italian Way
HDX3 Mobility Scooter
Just because you are disabled and want to ride a motorcycle or scooter, doesn't lean that the scooter has to look like crap....

A company in Italy has designed a really nice package for disabled bikers; called the HDX3, it's a scooter based on the popular Honda SH 125 with an electrically, and remote, operated loading platform for wheelchair.

They plan to sell the scooter for an affordable price. Looks good...


4 January, 2012 - Ad: Honda Motorcycles - Arrive Home Before Yourself
Honda Home Before Yourself Israel
Honda logo
Funny concept for a print advertisement. The ad comes from Mccann Erickson in Israel, and the idea is interesting. You come home faster than usual, because you are using a Honda motorcycle, and find yourself in bed with your wife...

Beats the Harley ads finding your wife in bed with a biker..


4 January, 2012 - France: Radar Localization Hardware - Forbidden, But..
Radar Photographed Sign
Fun and games on the French roads....

New laws are being applied for radar localization devices such as Coyote/Inforad, and all smartphone with a GPS app. They are no longer allowed to tell you that you are approaching a radar, just that you are approaching a "danger" zone.

But thanks to the law, cops are not allowed to inspect your smartphone without a warrant, since it's a privacy issue. So if your smartphone has a GPS with radar warning, they can't touch it... fun!


4 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 3
Dakar2012 3 Mohammed Balooshi
Dakar logo
Day 3 of the famous and fabulous Dakar race for 2012, and the motorcycle field is being thinned out, more a culling.

The USA riders are down to 4, but others are not doing any better. It looks like this year's edition is very tough, with the local hospitals getting crowded.

Here are the photos of the epic day.


3 January, 2012 - Incredibly Loud Horn Coming: Banshee Horn
Video clip
We all know that the horn on our motorcycle sucks. It sound like a duck with a severe cold. But replacing it with a high decibel horn can be problematic when you just require someone's attention. You don't want it to sound like the heaven is coming down on them.

The Banshee Horn might just be the solution. Small tap on the horn button, and you get your normal horn sound. A stronger push, and 135 dB of sound will hit around you. Plus, the high beam will start flashing.

Have a look at the video demonstration..


3 January, 2012 - Taiwan: Motorcycle and Many Flags
Taiwan Supporter of Tsai Ing Wen On Motorcycle
One thing is sure, this motorcycle will never see the legal speed limit passed; the biker is pretty old (at least from looking at the photo), and all those flags will make it impossible...


3 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Day 2 - The Photos
Dakar2012 2 Zanol 1
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Here are many photos, courtesy KTM motorcycles and Maragni M., of Day 2 of the Dakar race.

Funny enough, many of the KTM motorcycle riders are Polish.


2 January, 2012 - Dakar2012: Cyril Despres Rolls Out The Big Guns - Literally
Dakar2012 Cyril Despres Ruben Faria Guns
Dakar logo
It looks like the Dakar 2012 edition is heated up already. With the number of wins between arch-rivals Marc Coma and Cyril Despres at 3 - 3, both motorcycle riders are going to be at their best to win this year's race. Cyril Despres has decided with team mate Ruban Faria to win this year, and he's brought in the big guns, and I mean BIG GUNS. This should give Marc Coma something to think about....



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