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31 January, 2013 - Cute Vespa Ice Cream Bar - While It Lasts
Braehead Shopping Centre Ice Cream bar
Braehead Shopping Centre Illegal Photo
This looks like a cool (excuse the pun) ice cream parlor, with Vespa scooters as seats for the patrons to sit on. So far nothing special but cute. But the photo is illegal, and I can possibly expect a take-down notice.......

The photo was taken at the Braehead Shopping Centre in Glascow, Scotland. It's a normal shopping mall, like million others around the world, except of course they have this cute ice cream bar.

And that's what Chris White thought when he took his 4 year old daughter there. They went and had an ice cream, and Chris immortalized the occasion by taking a photo or two of the girl and uploaded it to his Facebook account, something millions of people do everyday.

But bad luck for him.... the police arrived and confiscated his camera...........

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31 January, 2013 - Follow-Up On Ducati Testing Spy Photos
Fueling Up The Donkey
A second photo has appeared of the new Ducati being tested (see last week's photo).

This time the test vehicles are being refueled....


31 January, 2013 - Germany: This Weekend Is The Elephant Gathering
Elefantentreffen 2012
Germany flag
This weekend, 1 to 3 February 2013, will see very brave motorcycle riders gather at Europe's largest winter-biker-gathering, the Elephantentreffen. It's the 57th time the event is organized, and this year it's held in Thurmansbang in the Bavarian Forest.

The Elephantentreffen is an institution, a bit like Sturgis in the USA, since it's one of these things that should be on a European biker's bucket list. The event attracts 1000's of motorcycle riders from Europe, spending a weekend camped out in the snow. Because yes, it's snowing here in Europe (or at least in Germany), and it's ice cold. So the gathering is meant for hardened bikers, but it's not an event where you can expect live music, beer tents, skimpy clad ladies and show bikes. The gathering is meant to go riding, games, fun, drinking and mingle. ..........

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30 January, 2013 - BMW Training For US Army
BMW Sponsored US Army Training
USA flag
It looks like the US Army has picked up some professional and knowledgeable help for training & educating their soldiers. BMW's factory rider Nate Kern has gone to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to give a seminar about motorcycle riding, safety and techniques.

It's part of an ongoing education program to make sure that the US armed forces personnel remain safe on the road back home. The 2 day seminar allowed bikers and those that want to be a biker, to familiarize themselves with riding a powerful motorcycle.


30 January, 2013 - Help Fund And Get This Cool Robertsham CiTi
Robertsham CiTi
Robertsham CiTi vs Goldwing
Another interesting crowd-funding project on is the Robertsham CiTi. The CiTi comes from Robertsham, and looks like it is the result of the consummation between a Honda Goldwing and a Fiat 500. The resulting child is a three wheeler, as wide and long as a Goldwing, with the protection of a Fiat.

The Robertsham CiTi is a single seat motorcycle with a cage, i.e., a roof, windscreen and seat belt. So you don't need a helmet, or leathers, you can use your normal business clothes, step into the CiTi, put on the seat belt, and drive away. It's a bit like the ill-fated BMW C1, but with more protection...........

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30 January, 2013 - The Bin Laden Motorcycle?
Bin Laden Motorcycle
Mali flag
I didn't know Bin Laden had his own motorcycle? Looks about right...


29 January, 2013 - Ad: Hunting Motorcycle Helmet
Forstinger Motorcycle Helmet Ad
Austria flag
Nicely done image, but it doesn't sell. The print advertisement is for Forstinger, an Austrian car and motorcycle retail site, and in the ad they trying to get you to buy helmets.

The tag line says "Hunting equipment at a competitive price. From boots to helmet", and as you can see, the helmet looks like an animal.


29 January, 2013 - France: 2012 Top 10 Motorcycles Sales
Statistics Article
France flag
#Sales #Statistics - For a fifth consecutive year, the French motorcycles and scooters market shrunk, thanks to the economic crisis. People just don't have the money to buy a new motorcycle, and it shows. During 2012, only 158,106 new motorcycles and scooters were registered. At the turn of the millennium, sales were at a premium, with a constant growth every year. But that stopped in 2007, and since then we've seen a steady decline in sales, and 2013 doesn't look any better.

Here are some of the more salient results of 2012, models, manufacturers and categories...........

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29 January, 2013 - France: Major Reduction In Road Deaths for 2012 - Record
France Location Stats 2011 2012
France flag
For once we've got good news coming from France. The number of road deaths and accidents during 2012 has been at an all time low, a record since these figures were recorded (1948). In total for all vehicle types there were "only" 3,645 people killed on the French roads, a significant reduction of 8%. When comparing the statistics between 2011 and 2000 (when a serious effort was undertaken to reduce road accidents), the overall drop has been 52%.

But when you look at all the statistics, motorcycle riders showed the way.... with a reduction of 14.5% in the number of deaths. Although motorcycles have been very good at reducing the number of accidents, they still represent 18% of all road fatalities, while only representing 1.9% of traffic...........

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28 January, 2013 - France: 1st Electric Motorcycle & Scooter Exhibition
eBikeTec logo
France flag
#electric #eBikes - You can see that electric motorcycles and scooters are becoming more mainstream when they get their own exhibitions. Between April 16 and 18, Paris will see the opening of the eBikeTec exhibition, an expo dedicated to electric PTW.

The expo runs at the same time as the eCarTec, the electric car exhibition. The venue is Port de Versailles in Paris, and although the accent of the expo is more BtoB (business-to-business) the general public is welcome...........

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28 January, 2013 - The Indians Are At It Again, The Indians Are At It Again!
India Republic Day 2012
India flag
It's that time of the year again, when the Indian army and police show off their stuff during their Republic Day parade. Crazy motorcycle stunts seem to be the "in-thing" to do.

Impressive stuff & stunts, and all that on fabulous Royal Enfield motorcycles...


28 January, 2013 - MTT Coming Out With A New Turbine Hyper-Superbike
MTT 420
MTT logo
MTT, Marine Turbine Technologies, have already captured the imagination of many bikers with their turbine powered super-motorcycle, the MTT Y2K. Made famous by Jay Leno, just turning on the engine will set many biker's hearts pumping extra blood through the veins. Or should I say kerosene? With an incredible power (320 hp) and dazzling top speeds, the super-motorcycle is only surpassed by its price. Let's face it, even the most expensive MV Agusta will look like spare change when you outfit your motorcycle with a helicopter turbine engine.

MTT are in the process of finishing off their latest creation, a hyper-super bike (for lack of a better word). The new motorcycle will receive a Rolls-Royce C-20B gas turbine engine developing 420 hp!!! A top speed of 420 kph is expected, and you can expect also to outgun any 4 wheel cage in acceleration...........

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25 January, 2013 - Video: One Of The Best Advertisements Out There - Need To Watch
Video clip
Taiwan flag
Sometimes TV commercials are works of art, sometimes they stink. But once, every now and then, comes an advertisement that goes way beyond what it is supposed to do, one that will move you and have a lasting effect.

That is the case for this TV ad. It was only in the last 3 seconds of the 3 minute commercial that I knew for who the commercial was. The whole story is very moving, so if you're someone who quickly sheds a tear while watching drama movies, better get some tissues ready.

Basically the story is about a bunch of old bikers in Taiwan, average age 81, who set out for a epic motorcycle ride to honor fallen comrades. The video is in Chinese but subtitled in English.

I strongly recommend you watch this TV commercial. You'll not be disappointed. I now know what I want to do when I grow up....


25 January, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops for Enduropale 2013
Relais Calmos 27
Enduropale 2013 Poster
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on next weekend (February 2 & 3), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race.


25 January, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 25 January 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
It was a sad week with the passing of esteemed colleague Kevin Ash, but life goes on, as do motorcycle articles. Here are several motorcycle related articles that have appeared last week that you may have missed.

- Did you know…? Testing (Schuberth Blog)
- A small tribute... (MCN)
- How to Deal with Poor Customer Service from Bike Dealers and Service Centers (Bike Advice)
- Book Review: Conversations With A Motorcycle (For Love Of A Motorbike)


24 January, 2013 - Product Review: Netatmo, Motorcycle Riding and Garages
Netatmo screen shot
Working in a garage brings not only joy for accomplishing mechanical interventions yourself, but it can also bring danger. Although I was born with two left hands, making me incapable of performing some of the easiest mechanical adjustments (remember, I'm the guy who put paint in an engine instead of oil), I do at times need to work on my motorcycle. Easy things, like in the winter run the engine for some time to make sure that when spring arrives, the bike is ready to go.

And this is where a danger arrived last year. I had started my GS and was running it at idle, and spent some of the time cleaning the bike. Since it was freezing, I had closed the garage door. Stupid mistake. It was only after I had killed the engine and was working on something else in the garage that I noticed that I was feeling drowsy. You guessed it.... CO2.

Since then I have bought myself the Netatmo "gadget"..........

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24 January, 2013 - Europe: Participate In The FEMA Rider Survey
FEMA Riderscan Poster
FEMA logo
FEMA, the European Federation of Motorcycle Associations, the powerful European motorcycle lobby group, are trying to get a good idea about European motorcycle riders and their habits.

They have launched a massive on-line survey, where they are trying to get an idea on our thoughts about riding in Europe. They are trying to find out what our habits are, what we think of road safety, clothing, etc.

The survey is available in several languages (more being added), and will run through 2013...........

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24 January, 2013 - Spy Shot: New Ducati Testing - Single Cylinder?
Burrati Spy shot
A spy shot has surfaced of a new Ducati prototype being tested in the Middle East. It looks like Ducati is finally entering the off-road motorcycle market.

Is this going to give KTM a run for their money? And this after BMW as seen testing their off-road motorcycle.


23 January, 2013 - A Bobber For Less Than Euro 3000
Regal Raptor Bobber
Regal Raptor logo
Many folks dream of owning a special motorcycle but can't afford it. Cruisers, sports and even bobbers. The customization alone can cost you an arm & a leg, not to mention the motorcycle itself.

But it doesn't have to be so, not if you're not proud. Chinese Regal Raptor makes makes low priced motorcycles, from "normal" street motorcycles to cruisers and bobbers...........

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23 January, 2013 - Lock Up Your Leathers With LeatherLock
Something that most bikers face when riding their motorcycles, at least those bikers that go ATGATT, where to put your riding gear when you've reached your destination. The problem really occurs when riding in warm or hot temperature, and you've got your leather jacket on you. You don't really want to walk around in the blistering sun while wearing a leather jacket?

The same applies when you've got gear with you, like your tent, or duffle bag, or other voluminous items. You can always just trust humanity and leave them on your motorcycle.... right?

LeatherLock can help you. LeatherLock are two metal hooks that sit on your motorcycle's handlebar. The hooks have a lock so they can't be removed from your bike, and with the optional thick plastic coated metal cord, you can secure almost any object...........

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23 January, 2013 - Kevin Ash, Motorcycle Journalist For The Telegraph Dies At BMW Launch
Kevin Ash
It's one of those articles which I hate to read. Any motorcyclist who dies while riding is one too many, but when it hits a fellow colleague, it brings home the often deadly consequences when riding a motorcycle.

Kevin Ash, a long term (20 years) motorcycle journalist for the UK based The Daily Telegraph died on the road in South Africa while attending the press launch for the new BMW motorcycle.

Details are still sketchy since the police are currently investigating the accident, but unfortunately Kevin is dead. Tony Gallagher, Editor, The Daily Telegraph, said: “Kevin Ash was the doyen of motorcycle correspondents. Respected throughout journalism and the motorcycle trade, he was also one of our most admired motoring columnists and will be greatly missed by both Telegraph staff and readers. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family at this difficult and sad time.”

You will have noticed I had used many of Kevin's articles in my Friday afternoon roundups.

He'll be missed. RIP.


23 January, 2013 - France: Governor Looking At Forbidding Motorcycles In Mountains On Weekends?
Col de la Schlucht
France flag
It doesn't get any crazier than this.

The governor (in French called a Prefet, but appointed, not elected) of the Haut-Rhin province in France, a beautiful province where the Alps start, is going to put in place a law that will forbid motorcycles from entering the mountain peaks during weekends...........

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22 January, 2013 - Patent: Waterproof Socks For Motorcycles
Patent Waterproof Socks
Don't you hate it when you go out riding your motorcycle in the rain and your socks become wet? Or you go riding off-road and you end up going through a river, and your socks get wet? Terrible. Not comfortable.

But have no fear, help is here.....

Okamoto Corporation (who produce anything but wearable products) in Japan have filed a patent for waterproof socks that allow the feet to breath nevertheless. At least, reading the description that's what I think it means, since it's written in legalese English, which probably used to be legalese Japanese...........

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22 January, 2013 - Indonesia: Now This Looks Like An Interesting Motorcycle Race
Jakarta Flood Motorcycle Race
Indonesia flag
Doesn't this look like a motorcycle race? This might become a new sport; racing on flooded streets....


22 January, 2013 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 and Lions
Piaggio MP3 Lion
Piaggio logo
I don't know about you, but there's no way in hell I'll be riding a Piaggio MP3 scooter, or even a super fast motorcycle alongside any lions. So I'm a bit amazed at this advertisement from Piaggio. With a copy line that says "So stable, you'll think it's a car", just because the scooter is more stable than traditional 2 wheelers, doesn't mean that it's safer?


21 January, 2013 - Video: Esso Easymix Commercial - Motocross
Video clip
Esso logo
Another oldie but goodie TV commercial from Esso. This one is for their two-stroke oil for motorcycles, EasyMix.

In the short TV ad, they show a (noisy) motocross race. It's the way ads were made in the 70's and 80's.


21 January, 2013 - Saudi Arabia: Harley-Davidson Camel Jockeys
Saudi Harley and Camels
Saudi Arabia flag
At times I do feel like I'm riding a camel. But that's with my trusty GS. How do Harley-Davidson riders feel, especially when their motorcycle is riding in between camels?


21 January, 2013 - 15 Bikers Sleeping On Their Motorcycles and Scooters - Part 2
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
I've already mention in Part 1, that I have great admiration for anyone who can sleep anywhere, especially on a motorcycle. Motorcycles or scooters aren't meant for sleeping and are as uncomfortable as can be, but still these people manage to sleep. Amazing.

I guess if you're tired (or drunk) enough, you can sleep anywhere, but I know I can't. If I don't have a good bed, then I do not sleep. It's that simple. If you can, kudos to you.

So here are 15 photos of bikers asleep on their ride, though some more comfortably than others.


18 January, 2013 - Video: Yamaha V-ixion 150i
Video clip
Yamaha logo
There's a whole world of motorcycles out there in Asia that may never be seen here in Europe (or North America). Often small displacement motorcycles, they have fancy sounding names.

Here's one from Yamaha Indonesia, and the motorcycle is called a "V-ixion 150i". When you look at the TV commercial below, and the image it tries to portray, it kind of makes you laugh. They superimpose a cheetah, and when the bike takes off, it's like a MotoGP race bike.... all that on a 150cc bike.


18 January, 2013 - Australia: Ambulances Prefer BMW Motorcycles Over Piaggio MP3
Australia MP3 Ambulance
Australia flag
Although on paper the Piaggio MP3 scooter should be an ideal motorcycle for use by emergency crews, like medical first responders, it apparently is not. At least not in Victoria, Australia. You would have thought that having three wheels would make the vehicle more stable, therefore better suited for medical emergencies.

But after a mishap with the MP3 brakes failing, resulting in a crash, and furthermore learning that the MP3 can't really take curbs, nor can it go off-road (like bike trails), plus the scoot runs out of battery charge too rapidly, and finally it needs to go at a snail pace to clear speed bumps, the Ambulance Association is turning to BMW motorcycles...........

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18 January, 2013 - Dakar2012: Day 14 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Kurt Caselli
Dakar logo
Almost there, one more day after this, and for those who don't like the Dakar it'll be over, and for those who love it, we can start looking forwards to next year's one.

One thing is certain, both Barreda and Caselli have proven themselves to be very worthy rookies. Top 5 motorcycles, yet again, are KTM; Things don't change. Not that I want it to...


18 January, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 18 January 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Another very cold week, and week without being able to ride my motorcycle. So here are some motorcycle related articles that have appeared over the week that you may have missed.

- Route 66 By Harley Davidson (The Telegraph)
- Police Riders Handbook To Better Motorcycling (Keep Britain Biking)
- The American Police Motorcycle Museum (Bikers Report)
- Mexico City's Motorcycle Reporters (Motorcycle Usa)


17 January, 2013 - Using Your Scooter As Toilet
Vespa Scooter Toilet
Lambretta Scooter Toilet
Last year we've seen a motorcycle that runs on a toilet's "product" on the internet. We've also seen toilets that have motorcycle logos. But how about motorcycles, or in this case scooters, that ARE toilets.

Imagine someone loves their Vespa so much, they're willing to take a crap on them..............

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17 January, 2013 - Luggage: A Perfect Adventurer Saddle Bag
ViaTerra Claw
India flag
Motorcycle adventure riding, and I don't mean riding to a Starbucks in the next town, requires bringing quite a lot of stuff with you. Sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, clothing, espresso machine, etc, all of it needs to be stored on your motorcycle for your trip. And as we know, there's never enough room on your bike. One way is to place panniers alongside your motorcycle. Another way is to use the ViaTerra Claw Saddle / Tail bag.

ViaTerra is an Indian outfit who produces some interesting luggage sets (just look at their tool bag). The Claw is a reversed U-shape luggage that either is placed on your pillion's saddle (i.e. no passenger), or if you really need to take your pillion with you, you can place it on the tail end of your bike...........

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17 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 13 - KTM Report
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Interesting and another tough day, day 13 stage 12, from steaming hot to freezing cold. Another Yamaha wins the stage, but with no influence on the general rankings.

The 1st five were all different brands..... what a difference a few years make...........

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17 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: The Only Way Forward With A Motorcycle Is With ...
Dakar 2013 Helicopter Transport
Dakar logo
here are times in the Dakar rally that there's only one way forward on a motorcycle, and that's what happened in the disastrous stage yesterday where flash floods made it impossible for the competitors to continue their route.

Only the first part of the motorcycle race passed through unharmed, but when the last motorcycles arrived at the dry river beds, followed by the cars and trucks, the flash floods arrived. One motorcycle got really stuck, and needed some "help" getting out.

Amazing race, amazing photos.


16 January, 2013 - Patents: Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor
Patent Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor
Although something like this already exists on the market, in fact we've done a product review on it, this patent goes a step further. Patent #US 20120292488 A1 describes a flexible LCD screen that can get fitted on motorcycle helmets and goggles. With a light sensor placed on top of the visor, when a strong light hits it, it commands a battery to power up the LCD screen, darkening the visor in the process. The process is accomplished in milliseconds. Like the Raleri in the review, it means that when there's a strong light, like the sun, your visor instantaneously become dark. Unlike the Raleri, it can darken your visor to different degrees, depending on how strong the light is. It's like having different sunglasses on, changing the glasses whatever the sun throws at you...........

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16 January, 2013 - Follow Up: The Clandestine
Clandestine Episode 2
Last year we showed you the Kickstarter crowd-funding project of The Clandestine. The project was for a web TV series, a real comedy, made in Northern Ireland.

They had made their first episode for Kickstarter, and the comedy series is centered around office workers during the day, who turn into a "vicious" 1%-er biker club at night...........

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16 January, 2013 - Brazil: 15.62% Drop In Motorcycle Sales For 2012
Statistics Article
Brazil flag
Brazil is supposed to be a growth market, one of the emerging markets, but not for motorcycles as it appears. The Brazilian federation of automotive vehicles reported a large slump in sales for motorcycles, despite the fact that car sales jumped 6.11%

Motorcycle sales throughout 2012 fell 15.62%. 1,637,481 new PTW were on the road, in sharp contrast with 2011, were there were 1,940,533 new bikes. Citing restrictions in bank credit, less people are able to buy new motorcycles, and a high number of motorcycles dealers were forced to close; a good 4% of the 2,500 dealers in Brazil closed their doors...........

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16 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 12 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Kurt Caselli
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Rainy day, so much that the car & trucks section had to be cancelled, and several amateur motorcycle got stuck in fast rising water...

Kurt Caselli rides majestically, another future Dakar winner; KTM have done their thing, and taken the top spots of the leader board...........

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15 January, 2013 - USA: Woman Fired Because Hubby Was In Biker Gang
Desert Roadriders Visit Old Folks
USA flag
Talk about discrimination, bigots and perceptions.. Melissa Summerson works in the city of of Kingman (North Arizona) as human resource technician, and she's been doing that for 11 years. But recently she got fired, and not because she was bad at her job, or got drunk on the job, or took pay-offs.... no, she got fired because her husband is a member of the Desert Roadriders motorcycle club...........

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15 January, 2013 - Ad: Volkswagen Makes Our Lives Safer
Ad Volkswagen Side Assist
Volkswagen logo
It's no secret that the Chairman of Volkswagen is an ardent and passionate motorcycle rider, so much so that he decided to buy Ducati; not the motorcycle but the company. And although through history, TV commercials and print advertisements from the German manufacturer were often biased or satirical against motorcycle, in this ad they show something else.

In the new Volkswagen Touareg SUV, they're highlighting the technology that will show vehicles, in this case motorcycles, that are in the blind spots alongside the car. In other words, if the car driver uses the technology, it will permit us from being seen and not side-swapped.


15 January, 2013 - Italy: Rome Send €725 Clean-up Bill To Dead Biker’s Mother
Rome Street Cleaning
Italy flag
There are times in one's life that you just shake your head in dismay, pickup your .357 and start shooting. This is one of those cases.

In 2009, a 15 year old kid crashed his scooter in Rome, and died while hitting a lamp post. On a side note, the lamp post was placed there illegally and since then has been removed and the people involved in placing the post are being investigated for involuntary manslaughter.

But that did not stop the city to send the dead kid's mother a bill for cleaning the blood of the street for €725. Heartless b*stards...........

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15 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 10 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Ruben Faria
Dakar logo
#Dakar -Stage 9 Day 10, 1st day after day 9 which was a "rest" day for the Dakar. The first day after a rest day is always the most dangerous day on the Dakar, since riders are not as sharp as they should be.

Day 10 was also the longest of the rally, with Despres going balls-to-the-walls. But will he make it? ..........One thing is sure, Yamaha is no longer in the lead, the difference 1 day makes, but then, it's the Dakar! Poor Casteu and the unfortunate cow...

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 11 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Pablo Oscar Pascual
Dakar logo
#Dakar - After the many upsets of yesterday in the motorcycle part (and also cars and trucks), the rally continues into stage 10, day 11.

The KTMs have taken the upperhand again, and it's looking like Despres is getting strong and stronger in the 2nd half. Strategy or Luck?


14 January, 2013 - Postal Services Motorcycles and Scooters - Then and Now - Around The World
Postal USA
Postal Switzerland
From all the service companies out there, the post office comes to our homes and businesses almost daily, and in order to do this as efficiently as possible, they often ride motorcycles or scooters. Motorcycles are easy to use for the mailman (and mailwomen) as they don't need to get off to deliver the mail.

Postal services have been using motorcycles and scooters from the beginning when the bikes were created, so it's not a new thing. But what is recent, is that many of these PTW used by the post office are becoming electric. You can see more and more electric scooters and electric powered bicycles...........

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14 January, 2013 - USA: Bonhams Motorcycle Auction A Flop?
Husqvarna Steve McQueen
USA flag
The vintage motorcycle & memorabilia auction held by Bonhams in Las Vegas flopped pretty much. Most high value motorcycles, including the master piece, a 1939 BMW RS255 Kompressor, were withdrawn from auction since the reserve price was not met.

Some classic motorcycles did do well however; the 1954 BMW Rennsport RS54 Sidecar, the motorcycle used to win the Sidecar World Championship, sold for a record US$148,000. Only 2 motorcycles were sold in the 6 figure bracket (the other being a 1952 Vincent 998cc Black Shadow)...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 January, 2013 - Dakar2013 - 20 Bivouac Photos
Dakar 2013 Bivouac
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Yesterday may have been an official rest day at the Dakar rally, but it was anything but rest for the competitors and support staff. Motorcycles needed to be maintained, limbs needed to be straightened out, bellies fed and strategies revised for the 2nd part of the race.

The day after a rest day is always the most dangerous part of the rally, since attention spans are at an all-time low, so they racers need to keep sharp.

Here are 20 photos taken in the bivouac area during the rest day, provided by different media outlets.


12 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 8 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Riaan Van Niekerk
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Last day before the well deserved rest day, and the first half of the race was cancelled due to heavy rain.

This was the 2nd part of the marathon stage, meaning no mechanic support the night before, so any problems on the motorcycle had to be repaired by the racers themselves. Is this going to be the Yamaha year?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 January, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 11 January 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
First batch of the year 2013, including a few from last year when I was on holiday. Here are some motorcycle related articles you may have missed.

- What Your Bike Color Says Not About You But To Birds (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Motorcycling Review Of The Year 2012 (The Telegraph)
- Motorcycle News Goes Out Of Print As Porn Mag Sales Dwindle (News Biscuit)
- Buying An Electric Scooter Check Out This Guide (Beijing Electric Bike Tours)
- A guide to the motorbike gangs heading for the UK (The Guardian)


11 January, 2013 - Dead Biker Rides His Motorcycle
Dead Man Riding Motorcycle
Creepy, and the problem is that it's not the first time that this has happened. A funeral parlor, on the biker's request, instead of putting the corpse in a casket for mourners to see, mounted the man on his favorite motorcycle. So the dead embalmed biker is sitting on his motorcycle in the funeral parlor. Creepy..?? Sounds more like a George A. Romero zombie movie in the make.

Like I said, it's not the first time, but I still find it creepy. On top of that the biker is not ATGATT, but then at this stage, does he really care? I can't find where this happened, and more important.... did they bury the motorcycle with him??


11 January, 2013 - France: You Would Think He Knew It Was There By Now
Speeding Motorcycle
France flag
A French motorcycle rider on the island of Corsica has been "flashed" 52 times in the last 9 months BY THE SAME RADAR! You'd have thought he should know by now where that radar was located.

But the story is slightly different. He knew very well where the speed radar was located, and he also knew that the radar was front facing, so no way it could photograph his license plate. So he was speeding happily on the Yamaha Vmax, at times doing 172 kph in the 50 kph zone. And he was doing this always around the same time (late at night), wearing very distinctive clothing...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 7 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Kurt Caselli
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Day 7 sees the circus enter Argentina, and nice trip through very high mountains. But it did not good to the motorcycle favorite, Cyril Despres. He's gone back in the ranking, despite 1 & 2 stage win for KTM (Yamaha in 3rd).

They're almost halfway, so anything can still happen. It's the Dakar ...............Here's what KTM has to say

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10 January, 2013 - Review: GoGo Gear Biker Armored Hoodie
Video clip
GoGo Gear logo
I've already mentioned the fab GoGo Gear armored hoodie before when I discovered it. In fact, I liked the look of the hoodie so much I decided to splurge and buy one.

Ordering from GoGo gear is a pleasure, since it's not just fill in the form and hope it arrives. Arlene at GoGo gear actually looks at the orders to make sure everything is done right, and has no problems contacting you if she has a question, which was the case. Since I was ordering in Europe, and the site is American, clothing measures are different, and it's a good thing she checked the order if not I would have had a hoodie fitted like a tent rather than a proper fitting hoodie.

The biker hoodie is made for motorcycle riders. It has removable armor at the elbows, shoulders and back, and is lined with Kevlar. The Kevlar is important in case you decide to leave your motorcycle expectantly while riding. It greatly reduced the risk of the dreaded road rash.

There are three pockets, two on the outside, which can..........

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10 January, 2013 - Keep Warm With KTM
KTM Down jacket
KTM logo
As we know by now, KTM don't only make great motorcycles. They have lots of great merchandising gear, ranging form very useful to very fun. Something for everyone.

Now, the Austrian manufacturer have released a down jacket for those who are in the winter and want to keep warm, while still being part of the KTM family.

You can get the super warm jacket in KTM orange, or in black with an orange line. Made out of 90% duck down and 10% duck feathers, three outside pockets and 1 inside pocket..........

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10 January, 2013 - Syria: This Is What A Drone Strike Does To A Motorcycle
Drone Strike Motorcycle
Yemen flag
Ever wonder what a motorcycle would look like after a drone sent a missile along its way?

Wonder no more....


10 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 6 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Tim Forman
Dakar logo
#Dakar - First full day in Chile, with a very long stage. Early up, late to bed.

It looks like so far that the KTM domination is over. Even a God-like racer like Despres is having problems with Yams and Husqvarnas, now he's in a Yamaha sandwich. ..........

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9 January, 2013 - Rumors: Is Apple Producing An Electric Bike?
Apple e Bike
China flag
As rumors go, this is far fetched, even with the "spy-photo" as proof.

The electric bike was photographed in Beijing, China sporting not only a 36 Volt battery pack but also the famous Apple logo...........

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9 January, 2013 - Afghanistan: One Way Of Saving On Fuel On Your Motorcycle
Afghan Balloon Motorcycle
Afghanistan flag
We all know, or should know, that the heavier your motorcycle, the more fuel you'll consume.

And even in Afghanistan, petrol is at a premium, so I guess bikers are doing what they can to lighten their loads....


9 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 5 - KTM Report
Dakar 2013 Kurt Caselli
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Day 5 sees the boys (sorry, no girls this time) entering Chile for a short time.

The race continuous to make men out of boys, and many are seeing the end their dreams early. At the top 5 of the ranking, there's a hard fought battle between 2 Yamaha, 2 KTM and 1 Husqvarna rider. And the winner is..............

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9 January, 2013 - Belgium: Minister Wants To Ban Sexy Demo Babes From Exhibitions
Girls of Eicma 2011
Belgium flag
Talk about equality and discrimination. The Minister of Equal Opportunities in Belgium, Joelle Milquet, is fed up with going to car and motorcycle exhibitions, like the show that opens on Friday in Brussels, and see sexy and scantly clad ladies demonstrating cars and bikes.

So she's putting a law into place that will forbid this, a bit like a Muslin Sharia law for exhibitions..........

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8 January, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Make Your Own Noise
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Okay, here's 1 minute of my life I'll never get back. It's a Harley-Davidson TV commercial (I think, but not sure), and it looks a bit like a sci-fi movie.

The message is quite clever as is the final (and only) text, but to sit 1 minute watching two bikers walk to their motorcycles is waaay too long. The whole advertisement is 1 minute 15 seconds.


8 January, 2013 - Safety: Discolored Tires Show Wear and Tear
Discolor Tire
An invention that can greatly enhance our safety on the road. Discolor Tire is a patent submitted by two designers, Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi, that places a colored layer underneath the normal black rubber of a tire.

Once you ride your motorcycle, the rubber starts wearing down, and the more it wears down, the more unsafe the tire becomes. With Discolor Tire, the closer you come to having the replace your tires, the more orange the tires become. Simple and efficient...........

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8 January, 2013 - Indonesia: Shortly Woman Pillions Not Allowed Biker Style
Amazon Only Female Pillions
Indonesia flag
Sometimes the world goes backwards, not forwards, as is the case in the city of Lhokseumawe in Indonesia. Indonesia, a former Dutch colony, is now predominately Muslim, and in Lhokseumawe the town fools elders have decided that female pillion riders are not going to be allowed to sit as bikers sit on a motorcycle, with a leg on each side of the bike.

Instead, in the name of Muslim decency and to protect the woman from unwanted male sexual desires, they will need to sit amazon style, ie, both legs on the same side. Funny enough, they are allowed to ride the motorcycle, and that is allowed to be done in normal style. However, women must wear a head scarf and clothing must cover all parts of her body.


8 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 4
Dakar 2013 Jacek Czachor
Dakar logo
#Dakar - Over 20 motorcycles already out of the race, that's 10%, and counting. It's getting tougher and tougher.

KTM is no longer leading, Despres had to relinquish lead to fellow Frenchman Olivier Pain on a Yamaha, followed by David Casteu, also on a Yamaha..

Looks like this year we're not going to see that many Austrian motorcycles in the top spots...........

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7 January, 2013 - 17 Photos Of Bombed, Burned and Exploded Motorcycles - Part 4
Blown up motorcycle Bangladesh Reuters
Blown up motorcycle India
Part 4 of photos of motorcycles that have been blown up, burned and destroyed beyond recognition. What a violent lot we are, we humans....

Warning: If you are any bit squeamish for the site of dead motorcycles, for crying out loud, DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES. These 17 photos are pictures of motorcycles that have been totally destroyed....


7 January, 2013 - USA: Bonhams Auctioning Off Motorcycles and Memorabilia
Bonham Las Vegas 2013 Auction Poster
Bonham 1939 BMW RS 255 Kompressor Chassis
In the city of lights (and other things), Las Vegas, on January 10th, Bonham is auctioning off many old and vintage motorcycles and motorcycle memorabilia. In total they've got 476 items for auction.

Among the old motorcycles are some exceptional bikes from manufacturers like BMW, BSA, Triumph, Honda, Harley-Davidson and Norton. Or you can go even more classic with bikes from Rudge, Scott, Ariel, Douglas, ACE and even Puch mopeds.

You don't need to be a zillionaire to buy these bikes, amongst others a 1958 Berini Moped or 1976 Puch M50 Grand Prix should fetch between US$300 and US$500, and there are many more like that...........

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7 January, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Cops On "Strike" Because Of Helmets
Paris Motorcycle Expo 2011   Gendarme Yamaha
France flag
ATGATT is not only the fact that you need to wear all your safety equipment all of the time, but also that the equipment is in good shape. And that's something that is not the case for the motorcycle gendarmes in Morbihan (in Brittany, France). The motorcycle cops had received new helmets in 2007, and today these helmets have become unusable, the paint is flaking, the shell has deteriorated, and the helmets do no longer sit properly on their heads. Also the visors have become foggy and scratched. The cops have been trying to get replacement helmets, but the authorities are not listening and just paying lip-service...........

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7 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 3
Dakar 2013 Ruben Faria
Dakar logo
#Dakar - We're really in the Dakar now, and in day 3 we've seen several motorcycles disappear from the leader boards.

It's time for the pure professional now to show their stuff, and stage 3 was no disappointment. It looks like Despres's new frenemy is Chaleco, with Marco Coma's inability to play...........

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7 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: The Lonely Bultaco Is Back
Dakar 2013 Bultaco
Dakar logo
It takes a brave person to race in the Dakar on a motorcycle, and an even braver person to race on a very old motorcycle, in this case a 1978 Bultaco Frontera. Igancio Chivite is a 48 year old Spanish racer, and crazy about the old, and demised, Bultaco. Despite the demise in 1983 of the "old" Spanish motorcycle manufacturer (the company was started by the former MotoGP racer Sete Gibernau's grandfather), Chivite tried racing the motorcycle in the 2011 Dakar but had to retire due to problems in the 6th stage (and he had to spend 3 nights sleeping in the desert).

Now he's back, with the another "old" bike (and some modifications), and with a Herculean effort, he's going to try to finish this year. Currently, stage 2, he's in the respectable position of #150...........

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6 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Day 2
Dakar 2013 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
Saturday’s opening stage of Dakar 2013 may have been largely ceremonial but on Sunday riders plunged into some difficult territory in a loop circuit around Pisco tackling difficult dunes on Peru’s desert coast. KTM factory riders Ruben Faria and Joan Pedrero finished 2-3 overall behind leader Joan Barreda while Red Bull KTM title defender Cyril Despres is overall fifth...........

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5 January, 2013 - Dakar2013: Starts Today - The Statistics
Dakar 2013 Cyril Despres
Dakar logo
One of the most grueling and tough rally enduro races in the world starts today, the famous, and often notorious, Dakar. Although they haven't been going to Dakar for years now, the race keeps the name Dakar. Today the 35th edition of this race starts, with trucks, cars, quads and of course the motorcycles racing in South America (Peru, Argentina and Chile) for 14 days. Since its creating, the Dakar has been raced in 27 different countries.

The record man for the most number of victories remains the Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel, with 6 motorcycle victories and 4 car wins.

The youngest contestant is 19 years, the Dutchman Robert Van Pelt on a motorcycle..........

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1 January, 2013 - Happy New Year 2013 - And Welcome To The New Site
New Year 2013
Happy New Year 2013 to all of you, that your year may be full of pleasant surprises, fantastic motorcycle rides, happiness and cheer.

We're ready for another year, and over the last few days I've "redesigned" the site. Redesigned is a big word, it's more that I stripped all superfluous graphics and information to make it load faster, and to enable comments again.

The only problem I continue to have is with Microsoft Internet Explorer. They are such a pain in the proverbial ass that I've put a warning when you read an article on its own, with instructions on how to make the page readable under Micro$oft. Sorry, but I've given up on them.

Let me know if the "design" works for you. I'll leave the site as is until next Monday, ie, I'm still on holiday until then.

I hope you all had a great end of year party....



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