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31 October, 2006 - Updated "Other Motorcycle Blogs"
This Site Article
I've change the top part of this site to include "real-time" updates from the other motorcycle bloggers and MBI members. You can now see the headlines from 100's of bloggers around the world.


31 October, 2006 - Naked Bikers - Not Naked Bikes
Naked Motorcycle Riders in Sydney
Here's a look at a very original safety awareness campaign from down under (Australia).

They want non-bikers to know how vulnerable motorcycle riders are. To do that, they all stripped and rode around naked.

Great publicity !


30 October, 2006 - Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 2 and This Site
This Site Article
Since the main two internet browsers have recently released major upgrades, let's have a look at both of them and how they are with this site.


30 October, 2006 - Joe Bar Team Life Size Sculpture
Joe Bar Team
World famous biker comic strip hero, Joe Bar Team's Ed, is now available in a life size sculpture !

Hurry to buy Ed on his Honda 750 Four before its limited edition is sold out.

Do you need to know my shipping address ?


27 October, 2006 - Renting a Motorcycle For The Le Touquet Endupale Beach Race
Racing Article
Foreigners who want to participate in the mythical Le Touquet Enduropale beach enduro race, can rent Yamaha race motorcycles by contacting the organizers. Here's your chance !


26 October, 2006 - Video: Suzuki and Michael Jackson
Video clip inside
Suzuki logo
A look at 2 old TV commercials from Suzuki Japan, featuring none other than Michael Jackson.


26 October, 2006 - How’s Your Motorcycle Commute ?
Palestinian Motorcycle
You think your motorcycle commute is difficult, try this guy in the Gaza strip.

Dodging fires... the ultimate rush !


25 October, 2006 - Find Out More Info About Your BMW Motorcycle
BMW logo
Here's a website that allows you to enter the last 7 digits of your BMW motorcycle's serial number (VIN), and the system will tell you when your motorcycle was produced, and where.


25 October, 2006 - Roof Bamboo Motorcycle Helmet
Roof Bamboo motorcycle helmet
French motorcycle helmet manufacturer, Roof, introduced a helmet made out of bamboo.

Will this replace the traditional motorcycle helmets ?


24 October, 2006 - Dainese Neck Protectors
Dainese Motorcycle Neck Protector
Dainese logo
Dainese have introduced at the Intermot motorcycle show a line of products with a built-in neck protector.

Not as bulky and the KTM/BMW Neck brace, it looks very useable and safe.


24 October, 2006 - Video: Kawasaki ZX-6R, Z100 and Versys commercials
Video clip inside
Kawasaki logo
Three TV ads for Kawasaki motorcycles, the ZX-6R, Z1000 and the Versys.


23 October, 2006 - On The Road Again, Return Trip Holland
Warning Sign
I've headed back to Holland, where I'm staying until Friday to check up on my very ill dad.

Stories will be appearing automatically every morning at 08:00 CET.


23 October, 2006 - Video: Harley-Davidson Black Sheep Ad
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
A look at another "strange" Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV commercial. This one compares Harley riders to black sheep. Judge yourself !


23 October, 2006 - MADD
Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers
MADD stands for Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers, and is an American organization that wants to properly educate car drivers to take into account motorcycles.

They publish all the email addresses of US Governors and a standard form letter to send them.

Maybe you'll save a life... maybe even yours !


20 October, 2006 - Video: Motorcycles in Ads - Lynx Shaving Blades
Video clip inside
Motorcycles are often used in TV ads to make an image, even if they're not selling the bike. Here's a funny TV ad from Lynx shaving blades. Stay with it to the end...


20 October, 2006 - The Things You Can Carry On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle pulling a trailer full of wood
It always amazes me how much stuff you can carry (or pull) on a motorcycle, even when it's a small one.

I guess necessity is the mother of invention.


19 October, 2006 - Leveraging Motorcycle Performance For Cars
Suzuki XL7 ad
You don't often see print advertisements for cars where a motorcycle is shown as the role model.

Suzuki are one of these few (if not only) companies that are leveraging their motorcycles to sell cars !

Try that Mr. BMW or Honda !


18 October, 2006 - Scary Boys-"Special" Uniformed Bikers-Part 6-Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Special Motorcycle Unit of the Army
Another look at some scary uniformed motorcycle riders; the Sri Lanka Special Motorcycle Unit of the Army.

Don't these people believe in ATGATT ?


18 October, 2006 - A "Special" Motorcycle Website
Bikers Accident Survivor Forum web site
Not exactly an everyday website, not a website you'd think of visiting, but nevertheless, a very good and important website.

Bikers Accident Survivor Forum is a site meant for motorcycle riders who have had major accidents. It's a support forum that hopefully will help the accident survivor to continue in life ! Very noble and important. Also, you can learn from others, hopefully preventing injuries yourself.


17 October, 2006 - Harley-Davidson’s Tough Meat
Beef Jerky
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is going the whole hog, or should I say beef.

Harley has announced a partnership with ConAgra to market a Beef Jerky to bikers under the Harley name.



17 October, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Race Web in English
Racing Article
Web Article
The Le Touquet Enduropale beach race, world's biggest, has translated their website in English. Also, the prize money for first foreigners has been increased. For those that want to participate, but don't want to send over their motorcycle, the organizers are trying to obtain rental race motorcycles from several manufacturers.


16 October, 2006 - Video: How Not To Load Your Motorcycle On A Trailer
Video clip inside
Here's an easy video lesson, how not to load your motorcycle onto a truck/trailer. Could have been me...


13 October, 2006 - Video: Suzuki (Motocross, GSX, TLR, SV) Ads
Video clip inside
Suzuki logo
A look at 4 TV ads made for Suzuki motorcycles. The 1st one is actually funny..


13 October, 2006 - Another Motorcycle Wiki - Japanese Bikes
Cycle Chaos Motorcycle Wiki
Here's a Wiki website from Cycle Chaos that gives you all the information you were always looking for on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles.

If you're a fan of these Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, you're going to be spending a lot of time here.


12 October, 2006 - Video: A Better Harley Motorcycles Ad - Tornado
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Not all Harley-Davidson motorcycle ads are bad, as previously seen. Here's one that put a smile on my face.


11 October, 2006 - Pet Trailer For Motorcycles
WAGS Motorcycle Pet Trailer
You no longer need to choose between taking your pet or spouse with you on your motorcycle.

The WAGS pet trailer allows you to take both.


11 October, 2006 - KTM Motorcycle Neck Brace
KTM Leatt Motorcycle Neck Brace
KTM logo
KTM have shown at the Intermot the prototype neck brace for off-road motorcycle racers that will be used by all their factory racers.

Looks good !


10 October, 2006 - 2nd Hand Motorcycles in the USA
Suzuki logo
To my shock, Suzuki USA announced the first warrantee program for pre-owned (=2nd hand) motorcycles in the USA. Does that mean that normally 2nd hand motorcycles are not protected even if you buy them from a dealer ?


10 October, 2006 - BMW’s New Motorcycles Intermot 2006
BMW G650 Xchallenge
BMW logo
The first official photos of BMW's 5 new motorcycles.

3x G650, K1200R Sport and the HP2 Megamoto.


10 October, 2006 - Video: Why You Shouldn’t Make a Getaway On A Motorcycle
Video clip inside
Here's a good reason why you shouldn't try to make a getaway on a motorcycle in Spain !


9 October, 2006 - New Proposed Law For Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Politics Article
The European Commission are proposing to equip all vehicles sold in Europe with special Daytime Running Lights (DRL). So not only do vehicles need to have their lights on during the day, but the lights have to be special. Will this craziness ever end ?


9 October, 2006 - Marcus Kingma from OliePeil Breaks Record
Marcus Kingma record
Marcus "McKing" Kingma from the Dutch motorcycle site Oliepeil broke the long distance record by travelling through 15 European countries in 24 hours on his Yamaha.

Congrats Marcus.


6 October, 2006 - No News Today
This Site Article
No news since the French electricity company decided today that my computers didn't need electricity.


5 October, 2006 - BMW To Launch New Motorcycle Line At Intermot
BMW logo
BMW are planning to launch a complete new, and unknown, new motorcycle series, called the G-Series during the German Intermot motorcycle show next week. Rumor has it that the BMW G Series will be a single cylinder, possibility 450 cc engine.


5 October, 2006 - Motorcycle Legal Advise - UK
Bikers Advice website
In the UK there's a website that hands out free legal advice to motorcycle riders on all sorts of issues.

Handy to have.


4 October, 2006 - Even A Bear Can Ride A Motorcycle
Bear on a motorcycle on a tightrope
A photo of a bear riding a motorcycle on a tightrope with a person hanging below it.

Quite incredible ! Would you do it ?


4 October, 2006 - Video: Another Harley Ad - Cheater
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a look at another Harley-Davidson motorcycles TV ad. Not what you'd expect if you're living in Europe or Asia. Harley seem to be promoting life-style and image, not motorcycles !


4 October, 2006 - You Need More Police Motorcycles Escort ?
Motorcycle Police escort Air Froce 2
A photo of "a lot" of Police motorcycles escorting the Air Force 2 airplane with the American VP onboard.


3 October, 2006 - Bologna Police Go For Ducati Motorcycles
Bologna's Police on Ducati Motorcycles
Bologna's (Italy) Police force is now equipped with Ducati Multistrada 620's according to Federico Minoli, the CEO of Ducati.

That sure beats boring BMW and Yamaha motorcycles.


3 October, 2006 - Riding Solo To The Top Of The World
60kph Riding Solo
A look at a very interesting travel/adventure website from India, and a closer look at one of their epic journeys to the top of the world.

Prepare yourself to spend several hours at this site.


2 October, 2006 - Video: Awareness 70’s Style
Video clip inside
Here's a cute TV ad for raising motorcycle awareness (that is, being aware as a biker) made in the 70's in the UK. They don't make'em like this anymore (thank heaven).



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