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31 October, 2007 - Ride Your Scooter Like A Honda Goldwing
Maxi Trailer for scooters
Maxi Trailers produce special trailers for scooters.

Great if you're into riding long distance on your Vespa or Lambretta, but don't have any luggage space to put your stuff.

Nice looking stuff too....


31 October, 2007 - Bono’s Ducati Motorcycle Up For Auction
Bono signing his Ducati
You can own the Ducati motorcycle belonging to Bono (and previously to the late INXS singer, Michael Hutchence and by the other U2 member Adam Clayton).

The Ducati 916 is being auctioned off at the Birmingham NEC show (UK) end next month.

The money raised goes to the Riders for Health charity organization.


31 October, 2007 - Video: Vespa Party
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's an oldie TV ad for Vespa scooters.

Going back in time....


30 October, 2007 - AKE Looking For Dealers In The USA
News Article
German motorcycle communication gear manufacturer, AKE, have asked me to tell you that they are actively looking for distributors (especially in the USA, but elsewhere as well).

So if you're interested in distributing their communication products for motorcycles, contact them.


30 October, 2007 - TomTom Rider GPS, Route Planning and Google
TYRE application
If you've got a TomTom GPS (like Rider) and you wan to plan in advance a trip, you're doomed! Garmin does it with a PC application (MapSource), but not TomTom.

Now, thanks to a free application developed for the motorcycle community (but that can be used by anyone), you can plan a trip using TYRE, assisted by Google Maps or Google Earth!

Nothing is easier than making a comprehensive itinerary with TYRE. Point and click, that's it. Once done, "fly" through the route to have a bird's eye view, then upload to your TomTom.

This is what TomTom should have done in the first place!


30 October, 2007 - There’s a Motorcycle There Somewhere!
Birds on a motorcycle
If you look closely, real close, you'll see a motorcycle in the photo.


29 October, 2007 - Slighty Less Compact Motorcycle
We've shown you two really compact motorcycles, though this one is compact, it's bigger than the previous two.

Still, it must be strange to ride....


29 October, 2007 - Recognition At Last! Selected As Site Of The Week
FlixFind's Site of the Week
The top level part of this news site, known for the enormous listing of motorcycle in the movies, has been chosen as Site of the Week by

We've now got over 1050 movies in our database....


29 October, 2007 - Video: Kawasaki Helmet
Click to see the Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Not something you see often in ads, here's a commercial for Kawasaki helmets.

Done ninja style....


26 October, 2007 - A Crash Course
Accident Scene Management logo
Learning how to manage a crash site can be very important if you ride in a group, even if it's a small hand full of riders. There are many things you need to know when something nasty happens.

Here's one organization in the USA that prepares you for what to do when a crash occurs.


26 October, 2007 - Melbourne, Australia: The Next Motorcycle Unfriendly City?
Melbourne Parking Ban
It looks like Melbourne, Australia is the next city to become motorcycle unfriendly.

They're about to decide to ban motorcycles and scooters from parking on the sidewalk!

You can still act, but do it now!


26 October, 2007 - Video: Bike Magazine 2008 Ad
Video clip
A Scandinavian motorcycle magazine that's playing advertising on TV...

Interesting!! Fun ad too!


25 October, 2007 - Speeding Radars Fight Back
Radar fights back
The French government is fed up with people destroying their precious speed radars.

Now they'll fight back...


25 October, 2007 - Sci-Fi Scooter, Japanese Style
Honda Sci-Fi scooter
Take some Japanese, get a Honda scooter, mix in some fertile imagination, and let simmer for a few months.

The result: a scooter that would look really great in a Sci-Fi movie.



25 October, 2007 - Video: Bajaj Avenger - Feel Like God
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Here a Harley-style TV ad from Babaj for their Avenger motorcycle.

It's not bad...


24 October, 2007 - On-line Motorcycle Manuals For Professionals
Web Article, the folks who offer you on-line motorcycle maintenance manuals, now have a special version for maintenance professionals.

For US$49.95 per year, you have unlimited access to any of their on-line manuals.


24 October, 2007 - Bio-Diesel Motorcycle: 100 mpg
Bio-Diesel motorcycle
Some students of the University of Adelaide are competing in a 3000 km race in Australia with their own BioBike, a motorcycle that runs on bio-diesel.

The motorcycle runs 100 mpg, and is as cheap to produce as a normal motorcycle.

Is this the future?


24 October, 2007 - Funny T-Shirt: Women Are Like Motorcycles
Funny t-shirt
Funny t-shirt....

Just don't wear it when you SWMBO is around...


23 October, 2007 - The Danger Of Flip-up Helmets
Opinion Article
Many of us have flip-up helmets. Many of us think they are safe in case of an accident.

Here are two photos showing you that this is not always the case. It's not to stop you from using a flip-up helmet on your motorcycle, but that you should know that it's not 100% safe.




23 October, 2007 - Really, It Doesn’t Work Like That!
Riding motorcycle with an open umbrella
No matter how you try, riding with an open umbrella on a motorcycle does not work...


23 October, 2007 - Video: Honda CBF 1000 Commercial
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice, dreamy, TV ad for Honda's CBF 1000 motorcycle.

Ahh.. waiting for summer...


22 October, 2007 - The Tricks The Police Plays
Cardboard Cop
Ahh, the tricks Police play with us.

Cat & mouse games to the extreme...


22 October, 2007 - Really, Really Compact Motorcycle
Mono motorcycle
Just when you thought motorcycle couldn't get any more compact...

Last week's compact motorcycle is enormous compared to this one...


22 October, 2007 - Singapore: Kiddy Motorcycle Training
Kiddy Bike Training
Singapore, a country known for not being easy going, have got a pretty good training program for youngsters.

Aged between 7 and 12, they are taught about safe motorcycle and traffic riding. Nice one!


19 October, 2007 - Another Wall Clock In Form Of Motorcycle
Motorcycle Wall Clock
Here's a nice gift for the young ones.

A Motorcycle Wall Clock. Runs on batteries, and roars every hour on the hour.


19 October, 2007 - Angry Biker Throws Away Car Keys
Fun Article
In The Netherlands, an angry motorcycle rider takes away the car keys of a woman who had been hindering him on the road, and threw them away.

A big traffic jam followed, and now the cops are looking for the biker.


19 October, 2007 - What To Expect At EICMA 2007
News Article
The 2nd week of November (8-11) sees world biggest motorcycle exhibition opens its doors to the public.

Milan based Eicma is a not-to-be-missed-event in the motorcycle calendar. What can we expect to see?


18 October, 2007 - Review: AKE Powercom/Bluetooth 101
AKE Powercom Innova
Here's our very long review of the AKE Powercom and Bluetooth Headset 101 communication products for motorcycles.

It's German, well built-, effective and not cheap. But it works like a charm, and you can add things to it on the fly.

Verdict: Very Good!


18 October, 2007 - Patents and Motorcycles
Motorcycle Canteen
There have been many weird and strange patents filed over the years for motorcycles.

Good old Google gives you a good overview with the patent search. Here are three examples of patents that probably never made it..


18 October, 2007 - Find Out What Motorcycle You Should Get
Fun Article
At a loss what motorcycle you should be getting? Not sure if your Ducati Desmo is the right motorcycle for you? UK insurance company Bennetts will tell you. Answer a few questions, and the website will tell you what motorcycle you should be riding.

To be taken with a pinch of salt...


18 October, 2007 - Triumph Unveils Brand New Rocket III Touring
Triumph Rocket III Touring
Triumph logo
Triumph are making a touring version of their battleship motorcycle, the Triumph Rocket III.

With its 2.3 litre engine, the Rocket III Touring is going to be one of the biggest touring motorcycles to found on the roads.


17 October, 2007 - Motorcycle Quotes - To Be Or Not To Be
Quote Garden website
Here's an interesting website full of motorcycle quotes.

There are some beauties there...


17 October, 2007 - Motorcycle TV Using Google Maps
KapitalMotoTV Google Map
Here's an interesting web development by

On their version of a Google Map, you'll find red stars; click on one of them, and you'll see the motorcycle videos made on that spot. Click on a video thumbnail to view the actual video.

Many of them are race related. Nice...


17 October, 2007 - What To Do With That Old Harley ?
Harley-Davidson mailbox
Got a Harley you don't know what to do with?

Here's an idea...


17 October, 2007 - Really Compact Motorcycle
One wheel motorcycle
Here's one really compact motorcycle.

Imagine riding that down the strip...


16 October, 2007 - French Motorcycle Magazine Tests Airbag Jacket
News Article
French motorcycle magazine Moto Revue did a real test of the Protair airbag jacket.

Using a stuntman, they showed that the airbag jacket can save lives.

Check out there site, including a video of the stunt.


16 October, 2007 - Ducati Fashion 2008
Ducati Fashion 2008
Ducati logo
Ducati is throwing a little fashion show for the 2008 collection.

Want to join?


16 October, 2007 - We’re Back - Crash & Burn
Crash & Burn
Missed us?? We did!

Our data center hosting company had a major crash in their firewalls, and took 24 hours to rebuild.



15 October, 2007 - USA: First Documented Case Of Airbag Jacket Saving Life
Impact Airbag motorcycle jacket
Here's apparently the first official case in the USA, were an inflatable motorcycle jacket saved the life of the rider. He crashed at 140 mph, and the jacket saved his life!


15 October, 2007 - Video: French Motorcycle Safety Campaign 2007-10
Video clip
The French have stepped up their motorcycle safety campaigns with print ads and TV ads.

Here are one of each. Not badly done....


12 October, 2007 - LED Tire Pressure Warning System
 LED Tire Alert Valve cap
Checking your tire pressure is a pain, and you need to remember to do it every few weeks. You could install a wireless gauge, which is handy, but expensive.

Here's a good and reasonably cheap solution; the LED Tire Alert Valve. US$ 21.95 for four valves.

Works on motorcycles, and installation takes seconds.


12 October, 2007 - Video: Bell Helmets and Evel Knievel
Video clip
Bell Helmets logo
Nicely done TV ad for Bell Helmets.

Shows famous stuntman Evel Knievel braking the world record, and almost killing himself; saved by his Bell helmet.


11 October, 2007 - Audi Motorcycles?
Audi Motorcycle
Is this the future Audi Motorcycle? Or a concept?

No, it's wishful thinking of one car designer. But who knows, since Audi did use to make motorcycles...


11 October, 2007 - Airwolf Helmet
Airwolf Helmet
Ever watch the TV series Airwolf?

Remember the high-tech helmet the main character used? It was for sale on eBay! Sold for US$ 900.

Would have been interesting to see on a motorcycle...


11 October, 2007 - Video: Honda CBR1000RR Versus RC211V
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a very nice TV ad from Honda for their CBR 1000RR and a "guest" appearance of their RC2111V MotoGP motorcycle.

It's in Japanese, but riding a nice motorcycle goes in all languages.


10 October, 2007 - PMS Time? Remember Your Battery!
5-stage trickle battery charger
Time for the Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (PMS) again (although with the current warm weather, it's difficult to believe).

Time to remember to get a good battery trickle charger to keep your motorcycle batteries in tip-top shape.

Here's one I found...


10 October, 2007 - Parrot Bluetooth Headset With Radio For Motorcycles
Parrot SK4000
Parrot, known for their wireless peripherals, have released a motorcycle headset with Bluetooth and a FM RDS radio.

The Parrot SK4000 includes a remote control that's fixed on the handlebar of your motorcycle.

How cool...


10 October, 2007 - Now That’s A Lot Of Motorcycles!
Indonesia Motorcycles
Have you ever seen so many motorcycles together, packed like sardines??

Even during one of the famous French motorcycle protests, I've never seen them crowded like this!


9 October, 2007 - Keychain GPS
Keychain GPS
How small can a GPS get?

Here's a GPS fitted into a keychain.


9 October, 2007 - Ludivine Puy: Enduro Female Champion Of Europe
Ludivine Puy
The pretty and very capable Ludivine Puy, known for her riding skills during the Dakar race, has become European Champion Female Enduro last month.

Now, she's first of all getting married, and then she's stopping the Female Enduro Championships series, so that she can concentrate on taking on the guys in the E3 championships. And next year, she's riding a KTM 690 in the Dakar.


9 October, 2007 - Music On Your Motorcycle
Sound on your motorcycle
You think you can't have a sound system likes those you see (and hear) in those pimped-up cars??

Think again...


8 October, 2007 - New Long Distance Organization For Motorcycles
Long Distance Riders logo
A new organization has been created, competing with the Iron Butt Association.

Get certified for riding 1,000 mile sin 24 hours... after that the certificate will get you excellent physiatric help...


8 October, 2007 - Marc Coma Again Conquers Desert - Pharaons Rally
Marc Coma at the Pharaons Rally 2007
KTM logo
Spanish rally rider Marc Coma wins the famous Pharaons rally... again!

He looks like he's in great shape to win the Dakar race.


8 October, 2007 - Vespa: Drugs Or Scooter?
Vespa drug
It looks like the famous name of Vespa not only sells scooters, but also drugs, or rather sport supplements.

The Vespa supplement will cure anything you want... satisfaction guaranteed.


8 October, 2007 - Norifumi "Norick" Abe Dies In Stupid Traffic Accident
Norifumi 'Norick' Abe
Norifumi "Norick" Abe, the talented Japanese motorcycle racer, died Sunday in a stupid traffic accident while riding his 500 cc motorcycle.

Norick was 32.


5 October, 2007 - Motorcycle Accident Waiting To Happen
Motorcycle accident about to happen
Here's an accident about to happen....


5 October, 2007 - New Biker Gang TV Series Coming?
News Article
HBO, after the departure of their success TV series Sopranos and Six Feet Under, have commissioned a new TV series, called "%1".

The life of a biker gang in full glory. Could be interesting....


5 October, 2007 - Some Changes In France
Future French License Plate
The French are looking at reducing the maximum speed on roads. Autoroutes will go from 130 to 120, country roads from 90 to 80.

They have also announced that in 2009, the region code present on license plates since B.C. is going to be withdrawn. No more knowing where the motorcycle comes from...


4 October, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Safety - Distracted Drivers
Nice new motorcycle safety ad from Nationwide Insurance and the AMA.

You never know who's riding the motorcycle!


4 October, 2007 - Esquad Jeans On Your Motorcycle: A Real Alternative
Esquad jeans
Riding in jeans on a motorcycle is dangerous, since they can not stop you from getting road rash or severe burns. But riding in jeans is easy and practical. The only thing you could do today is ride in Draggin Jeans.

But now there's a real alternative, that's lighter, breathes and protects better. And that's the Esquad jeans. Using space technology, combined with cotton, you now have jeans that feel and wear like jeans, and protect you from crashes like never before.


4 October, 2007 - Honda GL1800 Goldwing Quad
Hannigan Honda Goldwing Quad
Want a quad, but don't want to have the discomfort of one?

Now you too can drive a quad in all luxury! Introducing the Hannigan Honda Goldwing Quad!


3 October, 2007 - Steve Tyler Launches Red Wing Motorcycles
Steve Tyler and Red Wing Motorcycles
Rock and Roll legend Steve Tyler from Aerosmith has launched a custom motorcycle company called Red Wing Motorcycles.

Based on Harley-Davidson engines, you can now buy one of these hand made motorcycles, signed by Steve Tyler.


3 October, 2007 - Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
Yamaha logo
Yamaha has been selling the original Tenere since the early 1980's (after the Paris-Dakar successes). Therefore, it was no surprise to see the new Tenere on the well selling 660 Yamaha engines.

Yamaha launched the new XT660Z Tenere at the Paris motorcycle exhibition.


3 October, 2007 - BMW Purchase Of Husqvarna Completed
BMW logo
Husqvarna logo
The marriage between BMW and Husqvarna has now been completed, and can be consummated. All legal obstacles have been cleared.

The Husqvarna managers have been nominated.


3 October, 2007 - KTM LC4 690 Stunt (Concept)
KTM LC4 690Stunt concept motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM surprised the world at the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition with their concept LC4 690 Stunt motorcycle.

This is one seriously good looking motorcycle, aimed at the urban market. It's a concept, but who knows, with enough customer demand, we might see this bike ride our streets.


2 October, 2007 - Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda logo
The original Honda Transalp was designed thanks to the success of the famous Paris-Dakar rally, way back in 1987.

Now, 20 years later, the XL700V Transalp sees the light of day, transformed and eager to conquer the unknown.


2 October, 2007 - Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
Honda logo
Honda, worlds biggest motorcycle manufacturer has released at the Paris motorcycle exhibition their latest version of their super sport motorcycle, the CBR1000RR Fireblade.

Here's a more detailed view of the beast.


2 October, 2007 - Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki presented at the Paris motorcycle exhibition the small version of their very successful sports bike, the Ninja 250R.

For a small displacement motorcycle, it's a very nice one, with enough power and functions to make the most discerning rider a happy one.


2 October, 2007 - Beta ALP 125/200
Beta ALP 200
Beta logo
A closer look at the Italian off-road motorcycle manufacturer BETA, and their new ALP125/200 enduro/trial motorcycle.


1 October, 2007 - BMW HP2 Sport - R1200S
BMW HP2 Sport - R1200S
BMW logo
At the Paris motorcycle exhibition, the Mondial, BMW showed their latest race motorcycle, the R1200S AKA HP2 Sport.

120 hp boxer engine with enough go-go power to make the motorcycle go really fast, on the road or the track.

The fact that BMW announced that they will be participating in the 2009 SuperBike world championship makes things even more interesting.


1 October, 2007 - Voxan GTV1200
Voxan GTV1200
Voxan logo
French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan, used the Paris Mondial motorcycle show to launch their new touring motorcycle, the GTV1200.


1 October, 2007 - New French Motorcycle Safety Ad
French motorcycle safety poster
The French and the English have got the best motorcycle safety ads, both in print and TV.

Here's the latest print ad from the French government, telling bikes to remain visible.



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