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31 October, 2008 - On My Way To EICMA 2008
I'm on the way to attend the Milan EICMA motorcycle exhibition, back next week Friday afternoon.

HINT: If you're on Twitter, you can follow photos I'll be posting with my iPhone.


31 October, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 31 October 2008
Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle related stories than appeared on the internet during the last 7 days:

- Transporting Skis on your Motorcycle
- The Biker's Batsuit?
- Team USA wins in the Desert
- Another Fabulous Motorcycle Adventure Travel-Worthy Tent


31 October, 2008 - If It Is Good Enough For Navy Seals It Good For Bikers
Here's something that the US Navy Seals use that could very well be used by us motorcycle riders.

They are pants with 8 built-in tourniquet strings. Get hurt and bleeding? Pull the string and stop the blood flow.....

Medic, Medic....


30 October, 2008 - Video: 3 x Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ads - Good Ones
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are three, better than normal, Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV ads.

They are probably better than normal, because they come from a Harley dealer...


30 October, 2008 - Ridley: Cool Small Displacement Motorcycles
Ridley Twin Motorcycle
If you always have wanted a classic (vintage) looking motorcycle, but did not want to be bothered with the maintenance, or the cost, here's an idea. The Ridley motorcycle.

The Ridley motorcycles have 4 versions and two engines (50 and 70 cc). They look really nice, and you can buy them without having to borrow money from a bank, subprime or not....


30 October, 2008 - Netherlands: New Style Countdown Red Light Being Tested
Count down red light
In Den Bosch, The Netherlands, they are testing a new style red light. Instead of going directly from Red to Green, there's a 3 second countdown indicator before jumping to green.

What a great tool to do some drag racing with your motorcycle....


29 October, 2008 - New Additional Search Facility For This Site: 3D
SearchMe Help
I've implemented the 3D graphical search engine from It allows you to search for a specific page while seeing the page in a 3D wall. Nifty.

The Google search remains since it's faster, but this function is easier. The button to get to the search is located in the "This Site" panel.


29 October, 2008 - Dragging Your Motorcycle Around In Your Camping Trailer
Airstream Panamerica
Ever want to go on holidays with a camping/trailer, but didn't because you couldn't take your motorcycle with you?

The Rolls Royce of trailers, Airstream, have a new model that will make your day. The Panamerica has an 11 foot garage in the back, bit enough to store two big motorcycles.


29 October, 2008 - Learning How To Split Lanes On Your Motorcycle
TwoWheelTrauma game
Splitting lanes on your motorcycle is not easy, and best is to train. But training can cost you your motorcycle, so what to do?

Here's an on-line game, free, called Two Wheel Trauma, that allows you to select a motorcycle or scooter, and ride through dense traffic using your keyboard's arrow keys. Easy to use, but difficult to play.

If you're going to play, make sure you have the time...


28 October, 2008 - Vietnam To Ban Small Chested Riders From Motorcycle Riding
measuring chest
Vietnam is planning to ban people from riding a motorcycle is they have a small chest!

Strange but true! According to the Ministry of Health, a small chest means that you are not healthy.


28 October, 2008 - Is It A Quad? A Sidecar ? A Motorcycle?
Here's a very strange and unusual vehicle, a cross between a motorcycle (Voxan), sidecar and a quad.

It has four wheels, three of them turn, and two side panels like in a sidecar. It's the K-Pteron.


28 October, 2008 - Protecting Your Shoes On Your Motorcycle
Bering Shoe Protector
Protecting your shoes or boots when riding your motorcycle is a good idea, since your left shoe will get scuff marks real quick.

French clothing manufacturer is now selling a cheap shoe protector. €7 to protect any kind of shoe or boot.


27 October, 2008 - Video: Saturn Cars And Biker Gang Ad
Video clip
A TV ad for Saturn cars, featuring a rough & tough motorcycle gang.


27 October, 2008 - Anti-Motorcycle Jacking System
Here's an interesting and reasonably cheap way of protecting your motorcycle from being motorcycle-jacked.

It's the SkyBrake, and consists of a small personal transceiver that you put on you and an immobilizer on your motorcycle.

Beats riding around with a .44.....


27 October, 2008 - MotoGP2008 Champions - Season End, Start Of Game
Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli and Mike Di Meglio
Well, the MotoGP 2008 season is over. here are the three world champions on their motorcycles.

Now, what do we do until the beginning of next year's season. Here's an idea......


24 October, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 24 Oct 2008
Web Article
Here's what you may have missed on the internet with regards to motorcycle related stories:

-How to Get Rid of Rust in Motorcycle Gas Tanks
-Federal Helmet Law
-Details: BMW ESA II electronically adjustable suspension
-Can The Federal Government Tell me what I Can or Cannot Wear
-Does Size Really Matter? (In a battery)


24 October, 2008 - My Kind Of A Mayor
Fernando Gabeira on a motorcycle
Mayoral candidate for Rio de Janeiro, Fernando Gabeira, is a rebel.

He rides motorcycles, he wants to legalize marijuana, and okay, he kidnapped a US Ambassador. Now he wants to be mayor.


24 October, 2008 - YES! A New Excuse
Fun Article
We all do it, so let's admit it.

But now we do not need to be embarrassed, since we now have a medical excuse to do it.


24 October, 2008 - Midland BT2 Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
Midland BT2
Midland have a new generation Bluetooth communication device for motorcycle riders. The BT2.

The intercom uses Bluetooth 2 A2DP (so full stereo), and connects either via Bluetooth or WITH wires to music, GPS, PMR and/ or mobile phones.

Their helmet unit is waterproof and you can match its color with that of your helmet.


23 October, 2008 - EICMA 2008: What To Expect
World's biggest motorcycle exhibition, Milan's EICMA will open its doors in 2 weeks time.

Here's what can be expected. As usual, I'll be there...


23 October, 2008 - Russian Motorcycle Riders Are Clean
Russian bath motorcycle rider stopped by Police
Living proof that Russian motorcycle riders are cleaner than their western counterparts.

Imagine riding around on the streets in your "bath motorcycle" filled with water and soap....


23 October, 2008 - What Is The Big Deal?
Dog jumping over Police motorcycle
I can't see what the big deal is? A dog jumping over a (low) motorcycle?

Jeez.. I can do that, and so can my dog.


22 October, 2008 - Motorcycle Hotels In France
Etape Motards map
For those of you looking for motorcycle friendly accommodation in France, there's a group of hotels and B&Bs that are presented in a website.

Together with Google Maps, you can find where you can stay, and what motorcycle services are offered. Unfortunately, most of the information is in French.


22 October, 2008 - Why Some Parents Fail As Parents
Kid on scooter - let the image load ... it's big
Leaving your kid alone on your motorcycle or scooter while the engine is running and the keys are in the ignition is a sure recipe for disaster.

Witness one parent...


22 October, 2008 - Motorcycle Journalist For Hire
Mike Werner
One of my writing gigs for an English motorcycle magazine has been suspended, thanks to the economic crisis.

So, if you're looking for a freelance motorcycle journalist/photographer, drop me a line.


22 October, 2008 - iPhone Motorcycle Applications
Moto Chaser
So far, there's only one motorcycle related application available on the Apple iPhone.

It's a game (cheap, costing 0.79 cents) and it's called Moto Chaser.


21 October, 2008 - Bill Clinton And Motorcycles
Motorcycles at the Bill Clinton Library
At the Bill Clinton Library, there's a motorcycle exhibition.

No, you'll not be seeing Bill Clinton riding one.


21 October, 2008 - Australia Deploys Noise Cameras
Australian Noise Camera
In Australia, the local government in New South Wales have started installing noise cameras.

These cameras will take a 10 second clip of your motorcycle, video and audio, and fine you for excessive noise.

Looks more like a system that is going to cause problems for many, even those without a loud motorcycle.


21 October, 2008 - Custom Made High Visibility Motorcycle Vests
TinWolf motorcycle high visibility safety vest
TinWolf in the UK produce high visibility motorcycle vests that don't make you look like a highway worker (not that there's anything wrong with highway workers).

You can customize the hi-vis vests with your own message, slogan and/or logo.

Nice and safe, day and night.


20 October, 2008 - Radar Piggy Bank: Save Your Money For Speeding Tickets
Piggy Bank in the form of a radar
If you're going to speed on your motorcycle, you'd better start saving money for all those speeding tickets.

Here's a great way of saving your coins: a piggy bank in the form of a radar. Every time you put in coins, it flashes.


20 October, 2008 - Rossi Town Or Tavullia?
Tavullia speed limit
To celebrate their native son, 8 times world champion MotoGP, Valentino Rossi, the small town of Tavullia in Italy, have lowered their speed limit to 46.

The 46 speed limit sign is now plastered all over the city. Just be glad Rossi didn't use the number 10!


20 October, 2008 - A Strange Thing Happened To Me On The Way Home
Vinnemerville Church steeple removal
This post has nothing whatsoever to do with motorcycles, so be warned.

When I arrived from my trip in my very small village, I couldn't go through, since the road was blocked. The reason? They were removing the several centuries old church steeple to replace it with a new one.



20 October, 2008 - Big Boys And Their Big Toys
Iranian soldiers on motorcycles
You really got to get creative when it come to getting even with SUVs. Riding your motorcycle in Iran seems to be like anywhere in the world.

You've got to protect yourself....


17 October, 2008 - Nice Photo: Paolo Ceci At Pharaons Motorcycle Rally
Paolo Ceci on his motorcycle at the pyramides
A very nice photo of 11th overall, Paolo Ceci, on his Aprilia motorcycle at the Pharaons race.

The race that is used to prepare for the Dakar.


17 October, 2008 - Ducati Multistrada Adventurer Motorcycle
Ducati Multistrada Adventurer
We can probably wait a long time before Ducati makes a real adventure, dual purpose motorcycle to compete with the likes of BMW, KTM and Aprilia (and Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda).

So one guy was not going to wait, and he converted his Ducati 1000 Multistrada into a real adventure motorcycle.


17 October, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 17 Oct 2008
Web Article
The stories that made it to my in-box during this very busy week.

See what you may have missed on the internet.


16 October, 2008 - Duct Tape For All Your Motorcycle Problems
Duct Tape Bandage
We all know Duct Tape. Any self-respecting biker knows that motorcycles use Duct Tape and WD40.

Now, if you need to be repaired, there's Duct Tape Bandage. Real bikers don't use Band-Aid, they use Duct Tape!


16 October, 2008 - On The Road Again. Looking For Cheap Lodgings
Lodging - Prison sign
I'm out of here (again). Back on Monday afternoon.

Don't switch channels, news will continue to arrive here...


16 October, 2008 - In The Bizarre Category: Dead Nude Man Found Next To Motorcycle
News Article
A very dead, and very nude biker was found in Michigan, USA next to his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Travis Bell had been dead for a few weeks in what appears to have been an accident. But why was he naked?


15 October, 2008 - UK: Turn Off Streetlights - Smart?
Street Lights
In the UK, the savants are looking at cutting CO2 emissions by switching off streetlights between midnight and 5 in the morning.

What they save in CO2, the gain in dead people, with motorcycles and pedestrians crashes.

Smart move...


15 October, 2008 - Psst. Want To Buy A Real Police Motorcycle?
Kawasaki Z1000P Police motorcycle
Irish web site has a real and original Police motorcycle for sale.

It's the classic Kawasaki Z1000P, as used in the TV series CHiPS, and includes flashing lights, siren and even handcuffs and Police helmet.

Here's your chance to scare the living daylights out of people on the road.


15 October, 2008 - Overview: Suzuki Gladius Motorcycle
Suzuki Gladius Motorcycle
Suzuki logo
Suzuki presented the entry-level motorcycle, the Gladius at Intermot.

The SFV 650 comes in several bright colors, and looks a bit like a "Monster".


15 October, 2008 - Video: Honda V4 Magna Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
TV ad for the Honda V4 Magna motorcycle, dating back to the early 90's.

The Honda motorcycle, according to the ad, is meaner than a mean dog....


14 October, 2008 - Overview: Hyosung GT650R Motorcycle
Hyosung GT650R Motorcycle
Hyosung logo
Korean Hyosung continue to produce cheap motorcycles (and cheap translated documentation).

Their GT650R has been updated, and has received fuel injection. An ideal motorcycle for beginners with a limited budget.


14 October, 2008 - Overview: BMW K1300GT Motorcycle
BMW K1300GT motorcycle
BMW logo
There was no surprise when BMW unveiled their BMW K1300S, K1300R and K1300GT motorcycles at Intermot, since the press had been speaking about them at length.

Here's an overview of the BMW K1300GT motorcycle.


14 October, 2008 - France And Belgium Sign Bilateral Agreement For Traffic Fines
Speeding Sign
News Article
France has signed a 4th bilateral agreement with regards to cross border speeding fines. After Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, now it's the turn of Belgium.

Get caught speeding in one country? You'll need to pay the fine!

The UK is next...


14 October, 2008 - Overview: Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle
Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle
Triumph logo
Triumph unveiled their "mid size" cruiser at the Intermot exhibition; the 1600 cc Thunderbird motorcycle.

Designed along the classic cruiser lines, it's got power and appeal.


14 October, 2008 - Winter Coming: Heated Gloves
Heated gloves
Here are some interesting heated gloves for when you need to ride your motorcycle during those cold winter months.

They are battery operated, and will last 6 hours. Interesting technology.


13 October, 2008 - Overview: Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 Motorcycle
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 motorcycle
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield unveiled at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition their latest edition of world's oldest production model (79 years old and counting); the Bullet Classic 500.

Here's what the motorcycle is all about.

And yes, I'd love to have one...


13 October, 2008 - Jeremy Clarkson On A Motorcycle!
Jeremy Clarkson on a scooter
Famous and notorious Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted riding a motorcycle scooter!

On its own not much news, except for Jeremy's position and attitude towards motorcycles and scooters! He HATES them. But here he is riding one himself.


13 October, 2008 - Win A Ducati Monster Motorcycle At Charity Raffle
News Article
Our buddies at ProItalia are holding a charity raffle. For US$ 25, you get the chance of winning a Ducati Monster 696 motorcycle.

Winner will be announced at the upcoming Love Ride!


13 October, 2008 - Overview: Ducati Monster 1100 Motorcycle
Ducati Monster 1100 motorcycle
Ducati logo
A closer look at the Ducati Monster 1100 motorcycle presented at Intermot, Germany.

Ducati's main motorcycle just got bigger, better and faster.


13 October, 2008 - Overview: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Motorcycle
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Motorcycle
Kawasaki logo
A closer look at the Kawasaki's Ninja ZX-6R motorcycle presented at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition in Germany.

Detailed description, specifications and photos.


13 October, 2008 - ACEM Goes Motorcycle Cartoon
Lucky 13
ACEM logo
ACEM, the European motorcycle manufacturing association, have released a cartoon character and cartoon strips to help educate motorcycle riders in dealing with problems on the European roads.

The character, Lucky 13, can be seen in his first cartoon strip dealing with "How to avoid problems at intersections".


10 October, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson With Scot Mendelson Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Quite a good (for a change) TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, feature world record powerlifter Scot Mendelson.

18 bucks a pound....


10 October, 2008 - Ok, Ok, I Give In - Here Is One For The Girls
Since several female readers wanted to see The GUYS from Intermot, but as I explained, I can't do it for safety reasons, one reader has come to the rescue.

Here he is in full glory, demonstrating his motorcycle, it's Chris Kelley.

Thanks Chris


10 October, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 10 Oct 2008
Web Article
Due to travel to Intermot, there are less top picks of the week of internet motorcycle stories...

C'est la vie...


10 October, 2008 - Twitter Enabled
This Site Article
Twitter logo
I have been using Twitter during the Intermot as experiment, using it as a live tool to show what was happening during the show, plus the Twitter pages get fed with the normal articles.

It seems to work, so if you want to follow me on Twitter, you for it. You can now also see the non-site messages posted to Twitter on this site at the bottom of the right hand column.


10 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - The Girls
Intermot 2008 - The Girls
Here's the last photo article of the Intermot 2008 motorcycle exhibition; the girls (the ladies, women, demo dollies).

Breathtaking girls, and some less breathtaking, but all nice to watch. Without them, the show would be less interesting.

27 photos, so it might take some time loading.



9 October, 2008 - You Have Got To Be A Pretty Good Rider For This
Heavy loaded motorcycles in the water
Riding a motorcycle with a heavy and unstable load requires a lot of riding skills.

But doing this while there's a lot of water flowing through your wheels... miracle! Respect!


9 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Electric Motorcycles and Scooters
Intermot 2008 - Electric motorcycles and scooters
A round-up of the electric motorcycles and scooters found at Intermot.

There were a lot more than last year. These are the new ones I saw.


9 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Odds and Ends
Intermot 2008 - Motorcycle Exhibition
Here's a collection of photos of stuff I found at the Intermot Motorcycle Exhibition that would not fit in a dedicated article.

Some nice motorcycles, and some funny stuff.



8 October, 2008 - On My Way Back From Intermot 2008
Lots of crap on a motorcycle
I'm on the my back from Intermot 2008 full of motorcycle information, books, leaflets, CDs, DVDs, etc.

I'll be back on-line tomorrow.


8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - SCOOP: URAL Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Ural Motorcycles
I spotted a Russian made Ural motorcycles with a real innovation - for the Russian brand.

have a look at the sign of progress...


8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Royal Enfield
Intermot 2008 - Royal Enfield motorcycles
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield, apart from two charming ladies, had some new old motorcycles, or old new motorcycles at the show.

Here they are, more shortly.


8 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Scooters
Intermot 2008 - Scooters
Back on popular demand (well one person, Maggie), here's a look at the scooters of Intermot motorcycle exhibition.

There are sooooo many, mostly from China, that they could have a separate show as big as Intermot.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Honda Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Honda Motorcycles exhibition
Honda logo
Honda had nothing to show, despite a nice show.

The only thing they showed was a concept motorcycle that will probably never the light of day.

Only KTM was worse....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Triumph Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle exhibition
Triumph logo
Triumph motorcycles only had one motorcycle to show that hasn't been seen in the wild yet; the Triumph Thunderbird.

It's big, it's heavy and it's expensive.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - SCOOP. BMW To Use Normal Indicators
BMW logo
Our buddies at Dutch site Oliepeil have just discovered that BMW are going back to the normal way indicators are used on motorcycles.

Finally, after years of fighting, BMW finally have decided to listen.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Harley-Davidson/Buell Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Harley-Davidson / Buell motorcycles exhibition
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson had two new motorcycles to present at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition;

One Harley and one Buell.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Ducati Motorcycle: Free Back Protectors
Intermot 2008 - Ducati Motorcycles presentation
Ducati logo
Ducati managed to stir a buzz, by announcing that as off now, any new Ducati motorcycle purchased in Europe, will receive a top of the line, Dainese, back protector free of charge.

It's part of the Saving 25,000 Lines in Europe. Further, Ducati showed the 1100 Monster, GT 1000 Touring and the 1100 Multistrada S motorcycle in white.


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Kawasaki Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Kawasaki Motorcycles presentation
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki had a very interesting way of showing their 2009 motorcycle model range...

They used pretty girls......

Works for me....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Yamaha Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 - Yamaha V-max motorcycles presentation
Yamaha logo
Yamaha presented their motorcycle line up for 2009. They also had a few celebs on hand.

My favorite is the V-max....


7 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - BMW Motorcycles
Intermot 2008 BMW K1300GT Motorcycles
BMW logo
BMW's presentation consisted (of course of 90% financial) of the three new K1300 motorcycles; K1300GT, K1300S and K1300R and the new BMW SuperBike motorcycle and one of its racers, Ruben Xaus.


6 October, 2008 - Sleeping Kids On Your Motorcycle
Children sleeping on a motorcycle
How do they do it? Not only have they got 2 children on the motorcycle (and 2 adults), but the kids are asleep...



6 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Suzuki Motorcycles
Suzuki Motorcycles press event
Suzuki logo
First press conference is done, and here's what it looked like.

Several motorcycle celebrities, 1 real new motorcycle, and 2 updated models. 800 people, music and loads of motorcycles.


6 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Couple Of Facts
Statistics Article
Back from the first press conference. here are some facts & figures of the Intermot motorcycle exhibitions in Koln, Germany.


6 October, 2008 - Intermot 2008 - Build-up Glimpse
Intermot 2008 Stand build
Here's a brief glimpse of what a major motorcycle exhibition like Intermot 2008 at Cologne, Germany, looks like a few days before opening.

Some are ready after a long weekend of hard work, and some are just starting, and will be working day and night.

First real conference is late this afternoon at 6 pm. Suzuki opens the ball...


4 October, 2008 - Arrived At Koln For Intermot: Look At My Hotel Room View
View from the Doring Hotel room onto the Intermot
Arrived at Koln (Cologne), Germany for the Intermot motorcycle exhibition, and I couldn't have asked for a better and closer hotel.

have a look at the photo from my hotel room, and you see why.


3 October, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 3-Oct-2008
Web Article
A quick pick of motorcycle related stories you may have missed on the internet this week.


3 October, 2008 - Image Server Down. Sorry
This Site Article
The company that is running the photo storage has run into upgrade problems, and has been down since yesterday.

According to them, they will be back up on Saturday. Sorry...


3 October, 2008 - Love Ride 25 - Anniversary Motorcycle Charity Ride
Love Ride 25 logo
This October the 26th sees the 25th and anniversary issue of the famous Love Ride motorcycle ride out for charity.

Presided by none other than Jay Leno, this year features many motorcycle riding celebs. All for a good cause!


3 October, 2008 - Video: Colombian Bajaj Pulsar 2000 DTSi Motorcycle
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Yet another pretty good TV ad for Bajaj. It's for their Pulsar 200 DTSi motorcycle, and it's from Colombia.

Seems like most of their ads are good...


2 October, 2008 - On My Way To Germany For Intermot Motorcycle Show
Beer transport via motorcycle
I'm on the road, heading for Germany to cover the Intermot motorcycle exhibition.

I'll be back the following Wednesday evening. There will be a few stories (preprogrammed), but the majority will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay tuned.


2 October, 2008 - Ride The Wrong Way Round Like Ewan and Charlie - In Style
RTW motorcycle tour
If Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman can ride their motorcycles round the world in luxury and style, so can you. Want to ride a motorcycle along the Wrong Way Round tracks?

Here's your once-in-a-lifetime chance. Discovery Moto Tours are organizing a luxury motorcycle tour round the world. 40,000 kilometers in 18 weeks, including all the support crew, just like Ewan and Charlie; medics, mechanics, fixers, belly dancers.


2 October, 2008 - UK: Traffic Fatalities 2007 - Speeding Not To Blame
Statistics Article
The UK Department of Transport have published their traffic casualties report for 2007.

Almost all categories are decreasing, even motorcycles. But speed is not an issue, with only 3% of fatalities tied to speeding.

So why all those cameras??


1 October, 2008 - Video: Georgia State Lottery - Meter Maid
Video clip
Funny TV ad for the Georgia State Lottery, featuring a special Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


1 October, 2008 - GPS With No Screen: Ideal For Motorcycles?
Kapsys Kapten GPS receiver
French company Kapsys have released a credit card size GPS with no screen. It's vocal commands only.

It's also a MP3 player and FM radio. You can purchase Audio Guides to guide you through main tourist attractions, and city maps for most major European cities. At this moment it's French only, but I'm sure that might change.

Could be very interesting for motorcycles, since you don't need to be looking at a screen on your handlebar all the time.


1 October, 2008 - UK: Speeding Riders To Be Banned On 2nd Offence
Speeding motorcycle
The UK government, in their "wisdom" are planning to ban anyone who gets caught speeding for a 2nd time.

It's not even 3 strikes you're out, it's 2. Even if you're speeding on your motorcycle on a motorway, and get photographed twice, on the same stretch.. you're out!

When will this madness end?



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