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30 October, 2009 - Pimp-out My Motorcycle Sidecar
Talk about decorating your motorcycle sidecar.

Is too much, too much?


30 October, 2009 - Ducati Readying Multistrada 1200 Website
Ducati logo
Ducati have a new website dedicated to the new Multistrada 1200.

It's a real teaser site, with a countdown clock and a teaser video, just to wet your appetite.


30 October, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 30 October 2009
Web Article
The last two weeks worth of motorcycle stories found of interest in the WWW.

- How To Buy A Motorcycle
- 10 Reasons Not To Wear Helmet
- Digital Guard Dawg Type 1 Motorcycle Security Alarm RFID
- Turns Out I'm Just A Poser


30 October, 2009 - Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Does 616 Kph
Moto Guzzi logo
Paolo Turina is a proud man. He got clocked by the Police riding his Moto Guzzi motorcycle at 616 kph (383 mph)!

The fastest production motorcycle out there..... if it weren't that this was the result of a technical glitch at the cops...

Too bad...


30 October, 2009 - Cali: Motorcycle Halloween
This is more like it. A real Halloween!

In Cali, Colombia, they celebrate Halloween the way it was intended - on a motorcycle and for adults.

Beats trick & treating...


29 October, 2009 - France And The Carbon Tax
France is going to tax CO2 starting the 1st of January 2010. €17 per tonne of CO2.

Here's what I understand of the new tax. I don't know if I've got it 100% right, since you need a double PhD to understand the formula.


29 October, 2009 - Video: Not Official, But Nice Ducati Ad
Video clip
Ducati logo
This is not an official Ducati motorcycle ad. In fact, this is not a real ad for Ducati motorcycles.

It's just some horsing around, but it's well done, and it could very well be a real Ducati ad.


29 October, 2009 - Holy Cow! Now That Is A Motorcycle Traffic Jam!
Can you imagine commuting to work in this kind of traffic on your motorcycle. It would almost make me switch to a car, since there's no reason to take your motorcycle.

Imagine the noise level...


28 October, 2009 - Movie Review: Icy Riders
Video clip
A review of the DVD documentary Icy Riders. A look at an incredible bunch of riders, competing in the world championship ice speedway racing in Sweden and Russia.

It's a real tough and hard world they live in, with motorcycle riders who think summer is boring, and can't wait for the first snow to fall. Bikes who race with 2.5 inch steel studs in their tires, no brakes and a rock hard icy surface.

See what this world is like....


28 October, 2009 - What To Do With Left Over Honda Motorcycle Parts?
If you've got some spare parts from an old motorcycle doing nothing in your garage, here's a practical idea what you could do with them....

Use it to flush your toilet....!!!



28 October, 2009 - Travis Pastrana Pastrami Hamburger?
Travis Pastrana jumps over a helicopter with its blades turning in Syndey, Australia.

One slip and we've got a Pastrana Pastrami burger...


28 October, 2009 - Middle East HOG Gathering In Bahrain
The Middle East chapter of HOG are gathering for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain 11 to 14 November. 100's of Harley motorcycle are expected to attend this big event, not only from the Middle East.

Interesting event.... not like Sturgis, but in its own atmosphere...


27 October, 2009 - Bringing Your Dogs With You On Your Motorcycle
Bringing a dog with your on a motorcycle is a problem for many, so how do you bring several big sized dogs with you.

This army chap seems to know how...


27 October, 2009 - New GPS System For Helmets: Safer?
A motorcycle GPS either shows you where to ride, or tells you via a sexy voice! Right????

Not if Kajimoto labs have their say. They are studying a novel way of telling you when to turn.... they have a device that will pull you ear to turn; left ear for turning left, right ear for turning right....



27 October, 2009 - KickBoxer: An Engine With Two Wheels Called A Motorcycle
Here's a motorcycle that is 90% engine (a Subaru turbo) and 5% wheels and the rest for the motorcycle rider to hang on for dear life.

It's called the KickBoxer, and it's not real, just a software rendition. But, it's nicely done. Maybe Confederate will pick it up...


26 October, 2009 - Got Livestock? Brand Them With KTM
KTM logo
Believe it or not, but KTM Motorcycles have in their PowerWear catalog a real, honest-to-God, Branding Iron.

Let's hope people don't use it to brand their dog or cat...


26 October, 2009 - Video: Mini-Yamaha Motorcycle
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a funny TV ad coming from Yamaha motorcycles. It was made by a Yamaha dealer, and the message is loud & clear.

Have a look....


26 October, 2009 - Using A Motorcycle Rail Service In Europe
Traveling through Europe can be made easier if all you want to do is reach your holiday destination with your motorcycle, quickly and efficiently.

RailSavers offer a comprehensive package for motorcycle riders traveling from the North to the South. With as starting point the Dutch city of Den Bosch, you travel in comfort and style to the South of France, or North of Italy.

Rested and full (great dinner on board)... ready for your holiday.


23 October, 2009 - Ducati Open Officially Their 1st Motorcycle Store In China
Ducati logo
Ducati have opened their first motorcycle shop in China. 1st goes to Shanghai.

I'm sure it's not going to be the last...


23 October, 2009 - Ossa Motorcycles Lives Again! EICMA Unveiling
OSSA logo
Spanish OSSA rises from the ashes like a real phoenix. A popular motorcycle manufacturer from 1924 to 1985, it died a quite death. Popular in trials and motocross, specially in the North American market, it was the reliability of the motorcycle that was its strong point.

Next month, at EICMA, OSSA will present itself again, with a new trial motorcycle, the TRI 280. Check out their cool website.


23 October, 2009 - Suzuki Introduces New Burgman Scooter With Fuel Cell
Suzuki logo
Suzuki have introduced a prototype hydrogen fuel cell scooter based on the popular Burgman scooter.

10 liters will get you a maximum of 300 kms range, but that only under special circumstances.



23 October, 2009 - KTM To Introduce A New Motorcycle At EICMA
KTM logo
KTM will be releasing a new 350cc motocross motorcycle at EICMA. I also expect they'll show a prototype or concept electric motorcycle.

Press conference starts at 13:30 on Tuesday 10 Nov.


23 October, 2009 - The Motorcycles Ducati Will Never Build
Here are two Ducati motorcycles you'll never see in the Ducati showroom.

One is a Ducati 749, the other a GT1000, and both have been transformed to compete in the AMA Flat Track races in the USA.



22 October, 2009 - Electric Motorcycle Wins Race Against Normal Motorcycles
Last month at an official FFM motocross race in France, in a free-for-all scramble, in between 250 to 450cc motocross motorcycles, where 5 electric motorcycles competing in their own Electric category.

But the only Zero MX electric motorcycle not only won his category, he went on and beat all other motorcycles, finishing overall in 1st position!


22 October, 2009 - Video: Australia TAC Safety Videos (2x)
Video clip
Video clip
Two TV Safety ads for motorcycles coming from TAC Australia.

The latest one (shown first) is excellent. The 2007 one is so-so.


22 October, 2009 - Honda’s Takanobu: Woow! He Sits On A Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda's CEO, Takanobu Ito seen actually sitting on a motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor Show.


21 October, 2009 - UK Not To Do What France Has Done: Limit Motorcycle Power
100HP-Limit sign
The UK Government has decided not to emulate the French but imposing a power limit of 100 HP for motorcycles.

According to the Prime Minister, it serves no purpose. Training and attitude save lives, not power restrictions.

Will the French government please take note!!


21 October, 2009 - Yamaha Show Super-Tenere Motorcycle At Tokyo Show
Yamaha logo
Yamaha unveiled a concept motorcycle, called the Super-Tenere, at the Tokyo Motor Show today.

A 1200cc, dual purpose adventure motorcycle, shaft drive, linked brakes with ABS and lots of stuff you see on the BMW R1200GS, the bike it's trying to beat in the market.


21 October, 2009 - Honda Unveil New CB1100 Motorcycle At Tokyo
Honda logo
Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show their new CB1100 motorcycle.

Continuing their long line tradition of the CB Series, the in-line DOHC engine, 18" wheels and optional ABS should appeal to a more mature audience.


21 October, 2009 - Honda Continues Tradition With Electric Cub Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show an electric version of the best selling motorcycle of all times, the Super Cub (with 60 million units sold).

The EV-Cub, still a concept, is a Two Wheel Drive motorcycle, powered by a big battery. Engines are placed inside the wheels.

Interesting ....


20 October, 2009 - In The "If You Can Read This" Motorcycle T-Shirt Section
T-shirt: the dick will not let me ride
Here's another answer to the classical motorcycle t-shirt that says "if you can read this, the bitch fell off".

Good answer.... funny.


20 October, 2009 - Another Politician Promise, Another Promise Not Kept
Boris Johnson on a bicycle
Instead of keeping his campaign promise to reduce London Congestion Charges, the Mayor of London has decided to increase the rate.

Going from £8 to £10 to enter the city with your vehicle....

What can I say...


20 October, 2009 - EICMA 2009 - What To Expect
EICMA logo
Here's what I expect to see at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, EICMA 2009.

A round-up of each motorcycle manufacturer, with their expected, rumored or confirmed new motorcycles.


19 October, 2009 - Downsizing Police Style
Minibike cop
Even the Police need to downsize. No more expensive motorcycles, like BMW, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki or Yamaha....

And when I say downsize, I mean downsize....


19 October, 2009 - Good Samaritan Helps Biker, Then Shoots Him
News Article
An off-road motorcycle broken down, loosing his chain in South Africa.

Two men came up and helped him put the chain back on, then drew a gun and shot him in the leg, taking off with his tools.



19 October, 2009 - Team France Wins ISDE World Trophy And Women’s Trophy
Team France won both the World Trophy and Female World Trophy at the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) motorcycle enduro event in Portugal last week.


18 October, 2009 - Ducati New Multistrada Motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati are rumored (but good rumored) to release their new dual purpose motorcycle as the Multistrada 1200.

4 different models are seen, the standard Multistrada 1200, the S version, the T version (with panniers and top case), and the T version with more off-road capabilities.

130 hp, lots of options, like ABS, etc...

November the 9th will see the truth...


16 October, 2009 - Despite The Crisis, EICMA 2009 Fully Booked
EICMA logo
Despite the economic crisis with motorcycle manufacturers going bankrupt, stopped, or sold, with sales figures way down the toilet, one spark of light remains...

World's biggest motorcycle show, Milan's EICMA, not only is continuing, but has been sold out, and now there's a waiting list of 138 manufacturers who want to come, but there's no more space for them...

And yes, I will be there!


16 October, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 16 October 2009
Web Article
Here are the top picks of motorcycle related articles seen on the web this week:

- Walk Through AZ Motorcycle Swap Meet
- Countersteering 101 -The Basics Behind Countersteering And How To Do It
- What Every Rider Should Know About Protective Eyewear


16 October, 2009 - What Is It About Sheep And Motorcycles?
Sheep on a motorcycle
Somehow sheep seem to be attracted to motorcycles, or is it that motorcycle riders are attracted to sheep???

Look at the smirk of the guy...


16 October, 2009 - Video: Buell American Motorcycles
Video clip
Buell logo
As a final show of respect, here's a TV ad I dug up for Buell American Motorcycles...

What a waste ... a pity since it was a good motorcycle company and brand.


15 October, 2009 - Where Not To Ride Your Motorcycle This Weekend
Tarrango-International-Motorcycle-Cops meeting
Do not go riding your motorcycle in Tarragona, Spain this weekend. You have been warned!

That is when the international meeting of motorcycle police is being held, with 100's of motorcycle cops.... do you really want to ride there?


15 October, 2009 - Buell Motorcycles The End, MV Agusta Looking for Buyer
Buell logo
MV Agusta logo
Harley-Davidson has announced that it is closing down Buell motorcycles, end of the line for the motorcycle manufacturer.

Harley also announced that it is going to sell off Mv Agusta in a restructuring effort to stay alive.

Bad news... very bad.


15 October, 2009 - 1st All Electric Motorcycle & Scooter Shop In Paris?
The 1st all-electric scooters and motorcycle shop opens in Paris, France.

With a €400 cash-back from Paris, prices are interesting, specially since charging up your battery at one of the city's charging points is FREE! Plus free parking and very low insurance, this could move many commuters to use an electric vehicle.


15 October, 2009 - General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz #05
Web Article
Quiz #05... test your general motorcycle knowledge.

That's 50 questions I've managed to get... not bad. If you've got one, send it to me, but please, also send the answer...


15 October, 2009 - An Asian Honda Goldwing?
Would you think that is an Asian Honda Goldwing motorcycle (trike actually)?

What gives it away?


14 October, 2009 - Not What They Had In Mind With That Sign
Handicapped parking
Not the done thing, unless these German motorcycles are anticipating something with their riding skills...


14 October, 2009 - Video: Kawasaki Versys, Ninja ZX-10R, Z1000 and GTR1400 2010 Models
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Four promo videos of the new Kawasaki Versys, Ninja ZX-10R, Z1000 and GTR1400 motorcycles for 2010.

Fun.. fun ... fun...


14 October, 2009 - Tate Replace Brooke Shields Photo With Brooke Shields And A Motorcycle
Local cops decided that a photo of a 10 year old Brooke Shields was too raunchy, so they ordered the Tate Gallery in the UK to take it down.

They replaced it with another one of the famous actress, but in this one she's standing next to a motorcycle.

Much better!! Much...


14 October, 2009 - Rallye du Maroc Shamrock 2009
Video clip
The "Rallye du Maroc" Shamrock 2009 race starts next week.

The final motorcycle (and cars, trucks and quads) rally in which the rally Gods can test their skills before the Dakar.

Here's a little video to put you in the mood.


13 October, 2009 - Trapster: See Where The Cops Have Speeds Traps - Worldwide
Trapster is one of those tools that cops hate, and motorcycle riders love.

It tells you on your smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or J2ME, or on your GPS, where the police traps are. Even the mobile ones.

With 1.6 million users worldwide, it's a real community service. And best of all, it's free...


13 October, 2009 - Women: Remain Stylish On Your Motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle as a female doesn't mean that you can't ride in style, at least as far as your head goes....

Style Saver Scarves offer a wide range of hand made silk scarves to suit any occasion, while retaining a female look.

Oh yeah, you also avoid having helmet hair...


13 October, 2009 - Wheelchair Sidecar Motorcycle - Simple and Effective
Nicely done and executed modification of a sidecar to accommodate a wheelchair. It allows a wheelchair biker to roll in the wheelchair and ride away, with the motorcycle command & control units on the sidecar portion.



12 October, 2009 - Harley: Funny French Print Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny Harley-Davidson print ad found in one of the French motorcycle magazines.

Sexist ? Yeah, but funny....


12 October, 2009 - Campari Calendar Featuring Ducati Motorcycles
Campari-Ducati calendar
The Campari calendar, like the Pirelli calendar, are collector items.

Beautifully done, sexy photo models, and this year, apart from a beautiful actress/phot model (Olga Kurylenko), there's an even more sexy Ducati motorcycle.

Can life can any better?


12 October, 2009 - UK: Surge In Naked Motorcycles In September
Statistics Article
UK based MCIA have published the motorcycle sales statistics for the UK for the month of September.

Is this the end of bad news...?


12 October, 2009 - Despres Celebrates His Return To Pharaons Rally With Overall Victory
Pharaons logo
Cyril Despres after 5 years not competing in this race, comes back to the Pharaoans Rally on his KTM motorcycle and wins the race.

But no Dakar for him....


12 October, 2009 - Ohh How Sweet: Kids Rocking Vespa Scooter
Here's a very nicely done kids rocking horse, but instead of a horse, it's a Vespa scooter.

Well done... sweet!


9 October, 2009 - Boy, I’m Glad He Got Stopped
55 year old guy in Florida rides around on his bicycle wearing nothing but thongs, real skimpy ones.

Judge orders him to wear something else, so Irby now wears bicycles shorts.... thank God!


9 October, 2009 - Crisis Strikes Again: Love Ride 26 Canceled
News Article
Due to the economic crisis (ie people don't have the money), the big motorcycle charity ride, Love Ride 26, is canceled for this year.

Instead, they'll be showing the Easy Rider movie, with Peter Fonda in the audience.


9 October, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 9 October 2009
Web Article
Here are the last 2 weeks worth of interesting motorcycle articles found on the net: - Tecmate Optimate 4 Battery Charger
- DIY How To Adjust Your Motorcycles Chain
- REVIEW: New Women & Motorcycling Photo Book
- Federal Highway Administration Launches Major Study Into Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes


9 October, 2009 - Motorcycle Pillion Comfort
Being a pillion on a motorcycle is not easy......

Foremost, it's not comfortable. You get a small seat, and that's it. But it doesn't have to be like that.... move over Goldwing.


9 October, 2009 - iBike Rider: iPhone For Motorcycle Riders
iBike Rider
iBike So Easy Rider
Here's a complete system for motorcycle riding iPhone users.

It's a wired solution to allow you to listen to your iPhone (music, phone, etc), and even see what's happening on the screen (GPS Navigation, radar alerts, etc). You can also extend your iPhone's battery life.


9 October, 2009 - Gaza Strip: Women Are Not Allowed On Motorcycles
Hamas have decreed in the Gaza Strip that for their own safety, women are no longer allowed on motorcycles.

Not as rider, nor as pillion.

Please stay pregnant and barefooted on your donkey.


8 October, 2009 - General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz #04
Web Article
Quiz #04... test your general motorcycle knowledge.


8 October, 2009 - Honda VFR1200F: It’s Official
Honda logo
Honda have released full information on their new V4 motorcycle, the VFR1200F.


8 October, 2009 - Motorcycle Strip Ride - Too Funny
Interesting form of protest in Israel.....

To protest the rising insurance prices for motorcycle riders, stating that the companies are stripping the country naked, the motorcycle riders rode around stripped down to their underwear.


7 October, 2009 - Get Your Own Tailor-made Motorcycle Leather Suit
Here's a company in the UK that will tailor make motorcycle leather suits using the best possible materials for a reasonable price.

If you're into using leathers, then this is a great solution. You can even design your own suit, including logos....

Why would Rossi be the only one allowed to have fun with his motorcycle racing suits?


7 October, 2009 - Team USA Wins Motocross of Nations 2009 - Veni, Vidi, Vici
KTM's press release on the Motocross of Nations 2009, won handsomely by Team USA.

Not many KTMs on the podium this time...


7 October, 2009 - Christmas 2009 Approaching: Neiman Marcus Catalog Is Out
Neiman Marcus Mission One catalog
Yet again, Neiman Marcus have put some really sexy, and very expensive, toys in their 2009 Christmas Catalog. The stuff of dreams...

This year, apart from a really cool personal airplane, they've included the Mission One electric motorcycle.... US$ 75,000.


6 October, 2009 - In The Start Them Young Department
Get your kids used to motorcycles at an early age.

Here's a UK based company that makes different motorcycle models out of wood. Choppers, Superbikes, Scramblers and even Scooters for young kids...



6 October, 2009 - Congestion Charge Coming To France
France Article
Last month, the French senate approved a law that will allow French cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants to apply a congestion charge for entering their city.

None have taken up the charge (yet), but that will change.

No information was given whether motorcycles are exempt.


6 October, 2009 - BMW Release Info On Electric C1 Scooter
BMW logo
BMW have released information about their prototype electric scooter based on the good old C1 scooter.

Looks interesting, and it might be more successful than the real C1..


5 October, 2009 - Harley Motorcycles Everywhere, Even Lebanon
Harley-Davidson has really become a brand like Coca-Cola and McDonalds. They are everywhere, and known everywhere in the world.

Here the HOG group in Beirut, Lebanon.


5 October, 2009 - Kawasaki’s New Z1000
Kawasaki logo
The specs for the new Kawasaki Z1000 2010 model have been released.



5 October, 2009 - Back-up Motorcycle For Your Main Motorcycle
Motorcycle trike with car and trailer
Incredible. This is not an ordinary trike. It's a Ford Escort car front (with engine) with a motorcycle welded in front. The motorcycle doesn't have an engine.

In the back is a trailer with a ..... motorcycle.


3 October, 2009 - Stop/Action: An Interesting Motorcycle Art Display
Our friends at Hell For Leather Magazine have organized a real art exhibit (ie not an internet one), called Stop/Action, in New York.

Until October 11th, you can see Aprilia motorcycle positioned in such a way as they would appear in a movie film; panel-by-panel.

So if you're in New York, head over to the art gallery and have a look. It must be interesting, since it's a novel idea.


2 October, 2009 - Amazing! Man Owned Every BMW Motorcycle Model Ever Made
Willy Neutkens during his lifetime collected every model BMW motorcycle every made (he was a Dutch BMW dealer, so that helped).

He recently passed away, and now his collection is being auctioned off next month at the BMW Museum in Munich.

Over 100 BMW Motorcycles, dating back to 1923...until 2000. Amazing!


2 October, 2009 - Diesel-AGV Motorcycle Helmet: Unique Promotion
Video clip
A very original way of introducing the Diesel-AGV motorcycle helmet.

They invented a bodyless character, Quique the head, and you can follow his life, and his search for a body donor.



2 October, 2009 - Dress Like Batman On Your Motorcycle
You too can dress and ride your motorcycle like Batman.

For almost US$1000, Universal Designs will sell you a replica Batman suit made for motorcycles, ie, armored and rain proof.


2 October, 2009 - Vote For The Best MSF Slogan, Win A Prize
Web Article
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) are calling for people to vote on the top 10 best slogans for the "Motorcycles and Women" theme.

Prizes available for the 3 chosen ones. Entries close on October 15th.


1 October, 2009 - Video: AMA You Never Know - Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
Funny motorcycle safety TV ad from AMA.

It's true, you never know who is riding that motorcycle, so better be cool...


1 October, 2009 - Valentino Rossi Web Site Finally On-line
Valentino Rossi's web site has finally gone on-line.

It's pretty busy there, but as usual you can see Vale's presence.... a good doze of humor.

Loads of unpublished photos and videos...


1 October, 2009 - General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz #03
This Site Article
The 3rd general motorcycle knowledge quiz.

Looks like last week was a bit easier, so this one is even easier. We've been getting about 4,500 players on average. We'd love to see the readers go over 5,000 this time, so PLEASE, send the quiz to all your friends, buddies, colleagues, bosses, mistresses, cops, judges and even to the Senate.


1 October, 2009 - This Site Now Available In Different Languages
This site is now available in some 50 different languages, thanks to Google Translate.

You'll find a language selector in the middle column, select a language and the whole site gets translated, even into non-latin fonts.


1 October, 2009 - Okay You Maggot! Give Me 50 Push-ups On Your Motorcycle
You can almost hear the drill sergeant screaming at the Marine, while being trained to ride a motorcycle.




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