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29 October, 2010 - On My Way To Eicma 2010 Motorcycle Exhibition. News Coming
Reserve scooter
I'm on my (long) way to the Eicma motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy.

This time, thanks to a back-to-back press conference schedule, I'll not be able to post many articles right after the press conferences, but you will be able to follow "live" reporting via Twitter and Facebook, receive exhibition only news via a RSS reader, or just exhibition news on this site and finally via our daily (or weekly) free newsletter.

Whatever the way you get your motorcycle news, Monday afternoon will see the start with a Ducati press conference. So until then, stay safe, and have fun.


29 October, 2010 - I Did Not Know BMW Made Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?
BMW Harley Cruiser R100/7
I was walking in the streets of Paris, when I noticed this Harley-Davidson motorcycle....

But on closer inspection, the motorcycle had a boxer engine. It's a BMW R100/7.....


28 October, 2010 - General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz #6
Web Article
It's been a while, but finally here the next one. Quiz #06... test your general motorcycle knowledge.

If you've got a good quiz question, send it to me, but please, also send the answer...


28 October, 2010 - Video: Vintage Safety Ad - Helmets
Video clip
A vintage PSA TV ad from the UK, dating back to 1965, urging you to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or scooter.

It's funny to see these old TV ads....


28 October, 2010 - Do Not Leave Your Scooter Outside For Too Long
Vespa Grass Grown
This is what happens if you leave your motorcycle or scooter out too long, without cleaning it.... so be aware..


28 October, 2010 - Europe: EC To Outlaw Self Maintenance On Motorcycles?
European Parliament Against Discrimination
The bunch of over-paid and over zealous politicians in the European Commission are looking at outlawing most self-maintenance, specially when putting after-market items on your motorcycle. By means of on board electronics, if the computer detects a non-homologated item, it shuts down. Only official dealers will have access to the device.

They also want special tools, available only to dealers, that can open the ECU.

And then they're surprised when their heads roll off at the guillotine...


27 October, 2010 - France: Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Race Open For Registration
Enduropale 2011 Poster
Le Touquet 2007 Funnel
On-line registrations of one of world's wackiest and craziest motorcycle beach races, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is open for all. You can register for this epic beach race before November 30th and receive a nice discount.

The race is held on the 29th and 30th of January, so bring plenty of warms clothing. It's free for the 250,000+ spectators.


27 October, 2010 - Scoop: KTM To Present 990 Dakar Motorcycle At Eicma
KTM Adventure 990 Dakar
KTM logo
KTM will be presenting a special version of their 990 Adventure motorcycle next week at the Eicma motorcycle exhibition; the KTM 990 Adventure Dakar.

It looks good and very cool... More enws about it next week.


27 October, 2010 - Hells Angels Sue Saks, McQueen and Zappos
McQueen Angels Leather Handbag
McQueen Hells Angels Jacquard Dress
The Hells Angels motorcycle club are taking Alexander McQueen's design company, Saks and Zappo (an Amazon company) to court for trademark infringement.

Expensive dresses and handbags are being sold with the death-head, and even the Hells Angels name.

My money is on the Hells Angels...


26 October, 2010 - Video: BMW Documentary Trailer With Tiffany & Her Motorcycle
Video clip
Tiffany "Tiff" Coates had been invited by BMW to star in a documentary. She and her GS motorcycle were flown to Turkey for a few weeks filming.

Here's the trailer of the BMW documentary, or maybe it's an infomercial.


26 October, 2010 - Yeah! My Book Is Now Available
Photographic visit ...
By Photographs &...
After 2 years work, my book is finally available for purchase.

120 pages of Upper Normandy's Pays de Caux area, including a bit of history, some of the bigger cities and towns, village life and the industries.


26 October, 2010 - BMW: 19 Great Motorcycle Ads From Wordbang
BMW Ad from Wordbang USA
BMW logo
Wordbang are a US based PR agency specialized in writing great slogans. They've come up with some beauties, and BMW North America has been using them for their motorcycles.

Here are 19 great motorcycle ads and billboards from Wordbang.


25 October, 2010 - 50 Motorcycle Biker Tattoos
Motorcycle Biker Tattoo
Motorcycle Biker Tattoo
We customize about everything we can get our hands on, like our motorcycles, helmets and leathers, so why not do the ultimate customization; ourselves!

Here are 50 photos of motorcycle tattoos...


25 October, 2010 - Motorcycle Police In South Korea Are VERY Young
Korea Police Kids Sidecar
Wow. They sure start motorcycle cops in South Korea really young.

I mean, this is young to be a motorcycle cop...are there no laws against child labor?


25 October, 2010 - Italy: Beanie Helmets Outlawed
Beanie Helmet Carbon
As off October the 12th, Italy has outlawed all use of the popular North American motorcycle helmet, the beanie.

Tolerated for mopeds and Harley motorcycles until now, if you get caught, expect a high fine, and possible confiscation of your motorcycle. This also implies foreign visitors.


25 October, 2010 - Rallye du Maroc 2010: Victory For KTM Motorcycles
Rallye du Maroc 2010 Cyril Despres
Cyril Despres wins the first motorcycle rally race for the new KTM 450 Rally. Score 1 for the Rally of Morocco.

Helder Rodrigues finishes 2nd on his Yamaha, and Marc Coma suffering from penalties ends in the 3rd spot on his 450 KTM.


22 October, 2010 - France: Exhaustive List Of Paris Based Motorcycle Taxi
France Article
With all the strikes, protests and traffic jams, the French capital has become a jungle. If you need to catch a flight, or go to an important meeting, your only real transportation choice is the motorcycle taxi.

For those of you needing to travel to Paris, here's a (long) list of motorcycle taxis and their phone numbers, motorcycles used and web links.


22 October, 2010 - Europe: Bureaucrats Reject ABS Kill Switch For Motorcycles
ABS Switch
The European Commission has first of all declared that all new motorcycle with more than 125cc will have mandatory ABS. Now they have rejected the notion that there will be an ABS kill-off switch!!!!!

This means that if you're riding a dual-sport or off-road bike (licensed for road), you will not be able to override the ABS. Therefore you will likely crash.

Thank you European Commission for getting rid of more bikers.


22 October, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 22 October 2010
Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle articles I've been reading last week.

- 10 Great Motorcycle Trips
- The Top 5 Fastest Bikes For Indian Roads
- Electronic Transmissions On Motorcycles .. Why
- The Great Ethanol Scam And Your Motorcycle Engine: Get Worried


22 October, 2010 - Fly The Friendly Skies With Jorge Lorenzo
Lorenzo Air Europa Airplane
Spain is so happy with Jorge Lorenzo winning the MotoGP title, that they've placed an image of him and his Fiat Yamaha Team motorcycle on one of their airplanes!



21 October, 2010 - Proper Motorcycle Falling Down Technique
Proper Falling Down Motorcycle
Here's the correct technique on letting your motorcycle drop, whether it's because someone drove into you, or you slipped and let the motorcycle drop.


21 October, 2010 - DVD Review: Outlaw Bikers
Outlaw Bikers Scene
Outlaw Bikers Cover
A review of the National Geographic Channel documentary about the Hells Angels, and the (mostly) failed attempts by the police to bring them to court.

Interesting look at the Angels' culture and history, plus interviews with real members (including Sonny Barger), and with cops.


21 October, 2010 - France: Mondial du Deux Roues Expo Fixed For 2011
Paris Mondial 2007
The French Mondial du Deux Roues motorcycle exhibition, held every two year, and cancelled last year due to the world economic crisis, is on next year - 2011.

Last seen in 2007, the Mondial is now changing dates. It will be 30 November until 4 December. Dates that are really strange, since no manufacturer is going to wait until then to release new information or models. Is this the end of the Mondial?


20 October, 2010 - The Netherlands: New Motorcycles Not Recognized By New Radars
Radar Road Sensor
The new radars being installed in The Netherlands and Belgium require a metal sensor placed in the road surface.

The sensor detects metal, and present day motorcycle have very little metal; more carbon, aluminium and plastics, so they don't get detected, and therefore don't get ticketed for speeding.


20 October, 2010 - Leaps Forward In Electric Motorcycle Technology
Brammo Enertia Plus
With Brammo's announcement of an extended range for the Inertia Plus (80 miles and top speed of 60 mph), the electric motorcycle market is starting to become a serious contender for commuters.

But Brammo's Inertia Plus and Empulse are only the tip of the iceberg. More and more manufacturers are releasing electric motorcycles and scooters that can come reasonably close to their piston driven counterparts, albeit at a higher price.

Here's a look at the market and the technology used.


20 October, 2010 - Rallye Maroc 2010: Coma Wins Stage, Fretigne Crashes
Shamrock 2010 BMW David Fretigne
Shamrock 2010 Cyril Despres
KTM motorcycle racers Marc Coma and Cyril Despres retain the first 2 spots in the Rally Maroc, while David Fretigne crashes on his BMW motorcycle, and breaks his collarbone.


19 October, 2010 - Avoid BMW Cars In The UK
Angry Cage Driver
According to a survey by, it's best to stay away from BMW cagers on the road, specially when riding a motorcycle.

According to the survey, BMW cagers are the angriest drivers out there, and also the most dangerous.


19 October, 2010 - Video: Hero Honda Hunk 2010 Motorcycle - Yuk!
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
One really bad TV ad for a motorcycle partnership that is splitting up (no wonder), Hero Honda.

This is one ad where the marketing people have thrown every superlatives they could find into the ad. The best one is "Solid Disc Brakes"....


19 October, 2010 - KTM Start Their 450 Rally Motorcycle With A Bang
KTM logo
KTM has shown its cards. In the first stage of the Rallye Maroc (the precursor of the Dakar race), with the first time ever for their new 450 cc motorcycles, Cyril Despres took 1st place, and Marc Coma took 2nd. Third went to Dutchman Frans Verhoeven on a BMW, 10 minutes behind Cyril.

So it looks like KTM are still planning to take all top places for the Dakar.


18 October, 2010 - 50 Motorcycles In Manga And Anime
Manga Anime Motorcycle
Japanese Manga and Anime have become popular all over the world, not just in Japan. Several of the hero characters often ride motorcycle or scooter.

Here are 50 Manga or Anime, with as central part, their motorcycle.


18 October, 2010 - The Narrowest Road To Ride Your Motorcycle On, By Far
Chen Shuangquan Motorcycle Tightrope China
You'd think that some roads are really narrow for your daily motorcycle commute.....

Try Chen's road. It's got to be the narrowest road in the world for a motorcycle to ride on...


18 October, 2010 - Scooter Fit For A Yacht
Vespa Tribute Yacht
Vespa logo
Having a yacht brings different kinds of problems for the rich & mighty. Like, how do you ride around on a scooter to buy your bread?

Digital Veneer has a solution. A Limited Edition Tribute Vespa scooter... a scoot that looks like one of those old fashioned mahogany Italian speedboats.

There you go, problem solved. Just don't ask for the price.


15 October, 2010 - Honest, I Would Rather Be Racing My Motorcycle
Toilet Bathtub Racing
I don't know about you, but I much more prefer riding a motorcycle than a toilet, or a bathtub. Even if it's a Solex...


15 October, 2010 - Belgium: Age Increase For Full Motorcycle License
Mini Mini Motorcycle
The good folks in Belgium are going to have to be older to ride a full motorcycle. Laws are being drafted to change the legal age for riding a 35 kW+ motorcycle from 21 to 24.

Sounds fine, but what about cars. Can a kid drive a Lambo, Ferrari or Bugatti at 18?? Sounds unfair...


15 October, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 15 October 2010
Web Article
Here are a few motorcycle articles I've been reading that may interest you.

- Instamapper: Free Real Time Ride Tracking On Your Smartphone
- Nolan N43 Helmet Review
- Nice Supercar. Now Eat My Dust.


14 October, 2010 - DVD Review: One World Tour Europe
One World Tour scene
Video clip
A review of the documentary DVD "One World Tour". A tour of Europe by the makers of great motorcycle documentaries like Choppertown and Brittown.

The 6 weeks tour was to promote their documentaries, visiting places like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Hamburg, Barcelona and Venice (and a few more).

You not only get to see great motorcycles and their builders, but also a bit about the biker culture in Europe.


14 October, 2010 - Try A BMW Motorcycle During A Holiday In Spain This Winter
BMW Test Camp
BMW logo
BMW, to beat the winter blues, are offering people the chance of a winter holiday in South Spain, riding the BMW motorcycle of their choice.

Four packages are available, either road trips and/or track time. Choose any BMW motorcycle (except the new K1600 series), including (or specially) the S1000RR.

Speaking German is going to be a must....


14 October, 2010 - YAFM #7632 (Yet Another Ferrari Motorcycle)
Ferrari Hayabusa
Ferrari Hayabusa
Yawn... another Ferrari motorcycle. This one is actually nicely done, making it look like a Ferrari F1 race car.

It's from Japan, and it's based on a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300, so it'll be pretty fast as well.


13 October, 2010 - Motorcycle Dogs Carrier
Motorcycle dogs carrier
If you've got more than one dog, and want to bring them along on your motorcycle, either get yourself a sidecar, or be inventive.

That's exactly what this biker did. Now he can carry more than one dog on his motorcycle....If you've got more than one dog, and want to bring them along on your motorcycle, either get yourself a sidecar, or be inventive. That's exactly what this biker did. Now he can carry more than one dog on his motorcycle....


13 October, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Magazine Adds Web TV
Moto Journal TV
The French weekly motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal, has created a Web TV site full of videos of motorcycles.

Tests and funny motorcycle videos can be seen here.


13 October, 2010 - Video: Suzuki GSX-R 600 and GSX-R 750 Motorcycle Ads
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Two recent TV ads from Suzuki for their GSX-R 600 and GSX-R 750 2011 motorcycles.

Not creative, but nice to watch.


12 October, 2010 - Advertising While Riding Motorcycle
Motorcycle riding ad
Advertising goods or services on a motorcycle is not a given. Cars, specially taxis, have a lot more space to put an ad.

But not for this biker. He's found the perfect ad space while riding his motorcycle; himself.


12 October, 2010 - Ad: Safety Gimmick In Indonesia For Motorcyclists
Railway Crossing Indonesia
A smart advertising way of preventing motorcycle riders in Indonesia from trying to make it across a railway crossing when the barriers/gates are going down.

Simply replace the gates with a giant meat cleaver! That will make you think twice...


12 October, 2010 - France: Revenge Of The Cagers! Is Paris Burning?
Burning Motorcycle
Some cagers don't like seeing precious real estate going to motorcycles-only parking spots.

In fact, they are so angry that they are burning down the motorcycles. In two different attacks, motorcycles have been torched in reserved motorcycle parking.

The revenge of the cagers.


11 October, 2010 - 55 Motorcycles In Art, Or Is It Art In Motorcycles
Motorcycle Art
Motorcycle Art
It's rare to have the word "motorcycle" and "art" mentioned in the same sentence. Art usually shows landscapes, houses, people, horse or sailboats, but rarely does it show motorcycles.

So here are 55 photos of different forms of art showing motorcycles. Just to make things right...


11 October, 2010 - Zero Motorcycles In National Geographic Must Have Gear
Zero DS Electric Motorcycle
How cool... Zero electric motorcycles has been listed by National Geographic in their 35 Must Have Gear for Fall/Winter.

Electric motorcycles are starting to get noticed by the traditional press... good stuff.


11 October, 2010 - Marc Coma World Champion Motorcycle Rally
Marc Coma Pharaons Rally
KTM's Marc Coma wins the Pharaons Rally, and with the victory over Chaleco's Aprilia, wins the World Champion Motorcycle Rally Title.

3 Spaniards crowned World Champion this weekend. Is there no stopping Spain?


8 October, 2010 - Is The KTM 125 Duke Really A KTM Motorcycle?
Bajaj KTM 125 Duke
Is the new KTM 125 Duke, as their website says "It's A Real KTM" really a KTM?

From articles on the internet, it's not. It's really a Bajaj made motorcycle. Remember that Bajaj have bought a big chunk of KTM, and 125s are popular in India.

So when is a KTM not a KTM?


8 October, 2010 - France: Gendarmerie Goes For Schuberth For Motorcycle Squads
Schuberth C3 Gendarmerie
The French motorcycle cops are going to be happy campers. They are getting 6,000 Schuberth C3 flip-up helmets.

Finally they are getting some proper gear...


8 October, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 8 October 2010
Web Article
Don't blink, you may have missed these motorcycle articles last week.

- Motorcycle GPS Cases: Givi Versus Arkon
- BMW G450X Off Road Test
- Cold Weather Bike Prep


7 October, 2010 - Incredible Photo Of Robbie Maddison Playing Superman
Robbie Maddison Superman
This is an amazing photo of Robbie Maddison doing a Superman at the Red Bull X-Ray event in Australia. Would make a great poster, flying behind his motorcycle.


7 October, 2010 - Movie Review: Dawn Of The Dead
Dawn of the Dead Scene
A good low budget horror movie, with towards the end a lot of motorcycle action.

Despite being a horror/zombie movie, there are quite a few funny moments, intentional, or by accident.


7 October, 2010 - Pharaons: Another Aprilia Motorcycle Wins Over KTM
Pharoans Aprilia Gerard Farres Day 3
Aprilia logo
Another day, another Aprilia win at the Pharaons rally. Day 3 sees two Aprilia motorcycle takes the top spots in the rally.

Despite riding 450cc motorcycle over KTM's 690, the two Aprilias are aiming at finishing the rally and winning.

Is this the end of world domination by KTM?


6 October, 2010 - Strange Ads: Hero Honda Motorcycles - Get There Faster
Ad Hero Honda Faster India
Hero Honda logo
Three print ads from India's Hero Honda that just do not make any sense.

Why would one of world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers make ads that you can not understand. Someone understand this?


6 October, 2010 - India: Unusual Security Agent On Motorcycle
Monkey On Bike India
This is not what it may seem. No, it's not a monkey riding on a motorcycle (as pillion), but it's a security agent.



6 October, 2010 - 10 Wheels On A Hayabusa Motorcycle
Hayabusa Roller Blade
Looks like this guy didn't think there were enough wheels on his Hayabusa motorcycle.

Two aren't enough, 10 are better....


5 October, 2010 - Intermot 2010: KTM 125 Duke
KTM 125 Duke
KTM logo
KTM release the specs and photos of their "starter" motorcycle, the 125 Duke.

Looks great .... wish I was younger.


5 October, 2010 - Intermot 2010: BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL
BMW K1600GT and GTL
BMW logo
BMW officially launched their flagship touring motorcycle today at the German Intermot motorcycle exhibition. The K1600GT and K1600GTL are all you hoped for ... and more.


5 October, 2010 - Motorcycle Rally: Is This Aprilia’s Year?
Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez on his Aprilia
Aprilia logo
After a great 2010 Dakar result, and now leading the Pharaons motorcycle rally, Aprilia is showing that they can taken KTM on in a fair fight in the rally stages.

Chaleco is an amazing racer, but the Aprilia motorcycle is pretty awesome as well. First day of the Pharaons, and Chaleco already has a 5 minute lead over the number 2.


4 October, 2010 - 46 Dakar Motorcycles Over The Years
Dakar 1980 Vespa
Dakar 1980 KTM 240
46 motorcycles that have participated in the famous Dakar rally, from the very first year until 2011 (okay, the last one still has to race).

Some of them are very special, like the Vespa scooter. They're not all KTMs, believe it or not, KTM do not hold the number of victories.


4 October, 2010 - Video: Kawasaki ZX-14 Promo
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
With Kawasaki being the motorcycle flavor of the day, here's a commercial, more a promo, of the Kawasaki ZX-14 motorcycle.

Nice, lots of CGI and fast action. Not like the ads they used to make, but still pretty good. From 2007.


4 October, 2010 - European Union Angry With France Because Of Motorcycle Politics
100HP-Limit sign
The European Commission is up in arms against France's 100 hp restriction for motorcycles.

Brought into law in 1984 to reduce road deaths among motorcyclists, it has been proven that there is no correlation between horsepower and road fatalities. So Europe is telling France to remove the law.

But will they listen? Do they ever?


1 October, 2010 - Dakar 2011: A Lonely Bultaco Motorcycle Joins The Fun
Bultaco Dakar 2011 Ignacio
Bultaco Dakar 2011 Ignacio
Believe it or not, but a 1978 Bultaco 2-stroke Pursang 370 is going to take part in the 2011 Dakar rally. This old motorcycle has already seen quite some action in its life time, and now it has been entered by a Spanish racer, into world's toughest motorcycle race.

That takes guts!


1 October, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 1 October 2010
Web Article
Here's the motorcycle stories I've been reading over the last 2 weeks.

- SPOT 2 Satellite Messenger Review
- Two Stroke Vs. Four Stroke Engines
- Top 5 Mistakes: Motorcycles


1 October, 2010 - Video: Making Of The SBK BMW Umbrella Girls At Misano
Video clip
Nice video with catchy tune, on the "Making of" the BMW Umbrella girls at the recent Misano SBK motorcycle race.

It's not easy being an umbrella girl, you can see that for the video. Always smiling, always being pretty while 1000's gawk at you.

Interesting video.



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