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31 October, 2012 - Pakistan: New Race? Cars vs Motorcycles vs Camels
Cars Motorcycles Camels
Pakistan flag
At first glance, this looks like a new race. Motorcycle against cars, both holding on to a camel. What a novel idea..... I want to try that.


31 October, 2012 - Elect The FIM Champion Of The Year 2012 and Win A Prize
FIM Elections 2012
FIM logo
The international federation of motorcycle sports, FIM, are holding their prestigious Champion of the Year 2012 awards, and you can help decide who will win the trophies.

Three categories are up for grabs, Rookie of the Year, Woman of the Year and Personality of the Year. Head on over to their web site, vote, and you stand the chance of winning one of many prizes, including a Tag Heuer watch...........

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31 October, 2012 - KTM Motorcycles, Pumpkins and Halloween
KTM Pumpkin
Here's the perfect Halloween pumpkin from a KTM motorcycles lover. KTM on your toast, KTM on your bathrobe, on your coffee cup and now on your pumpkin.


30 October, 2012 - France: Anti-Reflective Armband Ad - FFMC Strikes Again
FFMC Anti Reflective Band
FFMC logo
First the previous government wanted all motorcycle riders (even foreign ones riding into France) to wear reflective clothing. Then, under pressure after multiple protests, they toned it down to making us wear a 150 cm2 fluorescent armband (starting the 1st of January 2013).

This law just adds to the stupidity of governments. Like a small armband will make any difference. The only bit that makes the difference is when you get caught without one... a €68 fine and 2 license points. To illustrate the stupidity, the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) have released a print advertisement... I've translated the upper text, the rest is of no use....


30 October, 2012 - Iraq: Motorcycle Squids
Iraqi Squid
Iraq flag
You'll find squids riding motorcycles anywhere in the world, probably no exceptions, even in the most strictest country. So, no surprise to see some squids doing their thing in the streets of Baghdad.

Like life is not dangerous enough for them in the country....


30 October, 2012 - Canada: Smartphone App To Block Calls and SMS While Driving
Quebec SMS Free Driving App
Quebec SMS Free Driving App
Texting and making phone calls while driving is very dangerous. Dangerous for you, but then you control it, but it's also very dangerous for others. Reading that all important text from your BFF saying "LOL", entering that one letter in the SMS, or looking up a phone number to call, all while driving, means that you are not paying attention to the road and traffic. And that is when cars crash into motorcycles.

The Quebec government in Canada have gone one step further to prevent people from doing it. They've developed an app (currently for Android only) called "Mode Conduite" that will block SMS (receiving and sending) and incoming phone calls while driving.

It's not a simple button you push to say stop SMS and incoming calls. No..........

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29 October, 2012 - Video: Why Hi-Viz Clothing Do Not Always Work
Video clip
The Netherlands flag
Here's a video of a nasty crash between a car and a very courageous motorcycle police man in The Netherlands. The motorcycle cop rides up to the right lane of a motorway to move cars to the left so that an upcoming ambulance can merge into traffic without a problem.

Despite having very bright colored jacket and a strobe light, the car never saw the poor cop and ran right into him. Other cars (and truck) did see him and moved to the left lane, except one. The driver was not paying attention, so no matter what motorcycle jacket he would have had on, it would not have saved him.

The cop was badly injured but did live. But it's a miracle. And he was "lucky" that he was escorting an ambulance who was able to give first aid.


29 October, 2012 - MotoGP: This Photo Sums Up The 2012 Season
Lorenzo Sleeping
MotoGP logo
Despite being an enormous fan of MotoGP racing, it's a motorcycle sport that has been less than competitive for a couple of years now. Even Valentino Rossi has to admit the motorcycle race has become boring. All the artificial limitations imposed on the sport, penalties for riders who dare overtake, too many technical constraints, and not enough "showman" racers makes the sport more and more difficult to watch.

It was great watching Jorge Lorenzo win the championship again, he deserved it. Seeing Casey Stoner win his home race as head-alien was cool as well. But if there's one photo that sums up the 2012 season, it's this one:


29 October, 2012 - Darwinian Population Control
Population Control
Is this the way nature tries to control the ever growing population?

A Darwin approach to the strongest survives...?


27 October, 2012 - Video: 2012 AirAsia Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Video clip
MotoGP logo
Here's a very good and entertaining TV commercial for the 2012 AirAsia Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held tomorrow. It shows all the great motorcycle racers of the MotoGP race, all with added animations.

Very nicely done, and fun to watch; Let's just hope the race will be the same - fun, thrilling and entertaining.


26 October, 2012 - Video: MotoFest - Tigerman Incredible Motorcycle Stunts
Video clip
Finland flag
Somewhere in the deepest forests of Finland live a few beautiful & sexy girls, and a crazy motorcycle stuntman named Tigerman. Tigerman, part of the StuntFreakTeam is equipped with cape and costume, and knows how to perform motorcycle stunts - he's the best in the world.. or at least in his own mind.

Here's a video of him trying out his master stunts. Don't try this at home!


26 October, 2012 - Here Is A Road Safety Feature I Will Sign Up For
Glow in the dark road
The Netherlands flag
Dutch design company Studio Roosengaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure are on the path of designing super smart highways. Highways that will have built-in icons that show drivers what the road conditions are (like icicles icons for when it's freezing - see photo below), lights that go on when there are vehicles (off when there are none) and electric car & motorcycle charging lanes. But the one thing I will sign up for is...

.... glow in the dark lines on the roads...........

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26 October, 2012 - Video: Try Doing That With A Regular Ambulance
Video clip
The Netherlands flag
Now you can see why having a first responder on a motorcycle is a great idea.... try doing that with a car ambulance.


25 October, 2012 - New Role-Playing Motorcycle Game Coming: Motobushido
Motobushido role playing game
Motobushido role playing game
There's a new role-playing card game coming onto the market with motorcycles. The game is called Motobushido, and it involves motorcycle-riding samurai warriors. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

In their own words "Motobushido is a tabletop role-playing game about brotherhood, sacrifice, and death - all part of the Motorcycle Samurai lifestyle. In this game, you and a group of your friends play a pack of motorcycle-riding samurai in the years after a great war ravaged the land - a war that your side lost. As motobushi you travel a hostile world that rejects your ideals, and tell the stories of your trials and adventures."..........

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25 October, 2012 - Halloween As A Biker? Get This Helmet
Pumpkin Helmet
Halloween is around the corner, and time to think about a great costume. Going as a ghost, skeleton, etc is so 90's. Getting dressed as a motorcycle rider is easy for us, but to put yourself in the real Halloween spirit go as a biker with this helmet.

You can make it yourself...


25 October, 2012 - Be Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle: Torch Backpack
Torchflux backpack
Overall, motorcycles are pretty small on the road, and easy to miss. That's why there are so many accidents with cars running into motorcycles because the cagers didn't see us. At night that danger is accentuated many fold. The same applies to bicycles. It's the the bicycle world that a product has been made that will make cyclists been seen in the dark, and if it applies to bicycles, it'll work very well on motorcycles.

Torch makes the Flux backpack, a waterproof backpack, big enough to carry a lot of your gear, made out of Denier Cordura Nylon, AND incorporating integrated LED lights. The LED lights can be set to steady or flashing...........

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24 October, 2012 - Ad: Shell, Steve McQueen and The Great Escape
Video clip
Shell logo
Shell, the giant Dutch oil company, put out an epic TV commercial, featuring none other than the King of Cool, Steve McQueen (although it's not him but a look-alike) and one of McQueen's best movies, The Great Escape.

They didn't adjust the movie, they just reshot it with their own actor, but it's very close to the stunning escape scene on a motorcycle during WWII. And of course, they've added a Shell gasoline pump to the sequence.... but it's okay, it does make the scene more funny.


24 October, 2012 - What The Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition Reminds Me Of
Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition
The recently announced Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition reminds me of something...


24 October, 2012 - Don Quixote Was A Motorcycle Rider
Don Quixote Biker
Argentina flag
It looks like the novel writer Miguel de Cervantes was wrong. Don Quixote didn't ride against the windmills on a horse, but on a motorcycle. At least if the photos of the Cultural Center "Islas Malvinas" in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) are to be believed.

Isn't that the case of bikers in general? We're fighting the windmills... the windmills of the bureaucracy..


23 October, 2012 - Videos: 8 Old Motorcycle Safety PSA - Hilarious
Video clip
Video clip
Here are 8 British motorcycle safety PSA, in black & white from the 1950's. On one side they're funny, on the other side, almost everything they say still applies today.

It's funny when you see these old TV commercials (made in 1954) since they use more or less the same terminology and sayings we use today, like "made for bikers by bikers"...........

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23 October, 2012 - Lebanon: A Nice Day For A Motorcycle Ride?
Lebanon Ride With Burning Tires
Lebanon flag
When I go for a motorcycle ride, I enjoy seeing the scenery of trees, hills and winding roads... but it looks like in Lebanon, the scenery is burning tires...

To each their own..


23 October, 2012 - Spain: Race Between Taxi and Motorcycle Taxi
Moto taxi vs Car Taxi
Spain flag
It was bound to happen one day... a race between a car taxi and a motorcycle taxi. The location is Madrid, Spain, and one of the MotoTaxi scooters up against a car taxi in a 6 kilometer race through the heart of Madrid. The time is just before rush hour traffic, so a lot of cars, but not jam-packed.

Both vehicles leave at the same time, and as you can guess, the motorcycle taxi arrived at the destination 10 minutes before the car. But the real race was not the time it was going to take, since the answer to that was quite obvious, but the real race was the cost...........

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22 October, 2012 - Kawasaki Z Series Over Time - First to Last (Video)
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki recently announced their latest version of the very popular Z Series, the Z 800, at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition in Germany. The Z Series was one of the very first superbikes when introduced in the 70's, many say it was the first.

The Z series has sold very well over the decades, and every few years, Kawasaki updates the motorcycle with the latest technology and design. And since the 70's it has changed a lot. In the video below, you'll find the changes they made over the decades, using a morphing program...........

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22 October, 2012 - Girls Ride KTM As Well, Here Is A Blouse To Prove It
KTM Girls Blouse
KTM logo
It's not only alien guys like Cyril Despres and Marc Coma who get to ride KTM motorcycles. Lots of girls ride them as well, but for those that want to show their love for the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, there's not much they can do in terms of clothing, unless they want to be a walking billboard.

But now KTM have expanded their merchandising offering with this nice blouse for the ladies. It's checkered, 100% cotton, it has elbow pads and as far as I can see, there's no KTM logo apart from something at the right bottom. But you'll find the KTM orange in the coloring of the shirt.


22 October, 2012 - France: Parliament Rejects Mandatory Technical Inspection for Motorcycles
Motorcycle MOT Bay
France flag
Good news for motorcycle riders living in France (and other European countries: The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland). The European Commission proposed law that would make an annual technical inspection (MOT) of motorcycles mandatory has been massively rejected by the French parliament and senate.

The French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) had not only been lobbying heavily against the new proposed law, but had also held massive protest rides. The interesting tidbit of this veto was that all parties - left, center and right - were against the law...........

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21 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 6 - Despres Wraps Up Victory in Morocco Rally
Morocco 2012 Cyril Despres
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
Last day of the Rally of Morocco, and Cyril Despres wins this epic dune race with his KTM.

Is it a song for the Dakar?


20 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 5 - Despres Hangs On To Overall Lead
Morocco 2012 Joan Pedrero
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
If this rally will be anything like the Dakar, KTM is in for a nasty surprise...

Husqvarna and Honda are making the Austrian's brand life difficult. Cyril Despres still leads, but by a narrow margin.

At the bottom of the page is a short round-up video made by Cyril Despres himself.


19 October, 2012 - Scare Old Ladies In Cars? Viker Biker Does It And More
Viker Biker
UK flag
Imagine coming across this on the road? That'll scare the beejesus out of anyone. And you could, if you live in the UK.

It's the Viker Biker, and he rides a Harley motorcycle.


19 October, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 19 October 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Another rainy week, and yet more to come. Impossible to ride a motorcycle unless it's a jet ski, so here are some motorcycle related articles you may have missed this week?

- Motogp: How The Past Could Help The Future (Autosport)
- Motorcycle Helmets Funny Weird And Strange Ones (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- REVIEW: Ducati 1199 Panigale S - My Multiday Test - Comprehensive Impressions (Bmwsuperbikes)


19 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 4 - Despres Surges Back Into Lead
Morocco 2012 Jakub Przygonski
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
What looked like a tough rally for KTM, yesterday thing came back to "normal" with Cyril Despres leading again...

... but there are less and less KTM's in the running. Is it the end of the orange supremacy?

Photos and a video....


18 October, 2012 - HelmetLok: Ideal Motorcycle Helmet Locking Device?
I always struggle to lock my helmet on my motorcycle when travelling. I never want to carry my helmet when I've arrived at my destination, and although my BMW has got a helmet lock, the Ducati or Suzuki doesn't. I do have a small chain and lock, but they take up room when not in use, usually stowed away in the Beemer's topcase, or in a backpack. And when riding two-up, it becomes more of an issue.

Australian HelmetLok looks like it's the right product. HelmetLok comes in normal or rubberized versions, chrome or none, and as an extra option, you can get a cable to add extra things to the lock-up, or if your helmet doesn't have a D-ring...........

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18 October, 2012 - Europe: The Top 10 Most Congested Cities
Monster traffic jam
If there's anytime you need a motorcycle or scooter, it's when you need to go into a congested city. When traffic is at a standstill, motorcycles usually can carve their way through traffic and arrive at the destination on time. Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom has been recording their user's GPS data; they receive anonymous data from the TomTom GPS, so they know when a car has slowed down, or stopped entirely. So they can see when and where the traffic gets dense.

Using this statistical data, TomTom have compiled a list of European cities that are the most jammed up...........

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18 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 3 - Despres Drops To 2nd; Coma Withdraws
Morocco 2012 Marc Coma
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
Everything has changed in the space of 24 hours on the Morocco Rally. KTM lost to Husqvarna and Honda in Stage 3, and the overall lead went to Honda.

One of the two top runners, Marc Coma, is in hospital with a dislocated shoulder, while Cyril Despres has been moved to 2nd place with 11 minutes behind the leader.


17 October, 2012 - Video: Vespa - Fashion Unchanged
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's a very nicely done, upbeat, TV commercial for Vespa scooters. The advertisement is from Vespa India.

The ad is nicely done, in a semi-cartoon style, with colorful people and scenery. Have a look..


17 October, 2012 - Italy: Next Month No More Euro1 Motorcycles In Rome
Coliseum motorcyclist
Italy flag
Some politicians (okay, most politicians) must have their heads examined. Knee-jerk reactions are often dangerous and can have disastrous consequences. Like the one the Rome major has taken. Starting the 1st of November 2012, all motorcycles using the 12 year old Euro1 exhaust norm are forbidden to enter the old city during weekdays. This because of pollution reasons....

This means that 100,000's of motorcyclists that have bought their motorcycles before 2004 (the Euro1 norm was defined in 1999 but motorcycles not respecting that standard could be sold until 2004) will need to scrap their bikes, or use the inadequate public transportation to go to work.

Another display of total lack of understanding of mankind.


17 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 2 - Despres Moves Into Overall Lead
Morocco 2012 Marc Coma
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
Day 2 of this increasingly spectacular motorcycle rally, the OiLibya Rally of Morocco, with three racers starting to detach themselves from the others, including the two rally aliens Marc Coma and Cyril Despres.

Included also a short video message from Cyril Despres about the stage itself.


16 October, 2012 - Video: Clorets Pure Chewing Gum - Mad Biker
Video clip
Interesting product being advertised.... chewing gum that will clean the mouth of an angry motorcycle rider. The chewing gum is Clorets Pure, and the biker is angry because someone knocked down his parked motorcycles.

Short but sweet, by the Oglivy Agency in Cape Town, South Africa.


16 October, 2012 - Rally of Morocco 2012: Day 1 - The Start Of Something Beautiful
Morocco 2012 Marc Coma
Rally OilIbya of Morocco logo
A few months until the Dakar rally, this is the main event before the fun starts. The Rallye OiLibya du Maroc as it is called officially has become THE pre-Dakar motorcycle rally. All the big (and lesser) motorcycle racers are taking part in what is becoming the 2nd biggest motorcycle rally, after the Dakar. Names like Cyril Despres, Marc Coma, Helder Rodrigues, Chaleco Lopez, etc can be found here. Here is what KTM has to say..........

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16 October, 2012 - USA: Yet Another Police Motorcycle Escort Crashes - Too Many?
Crashed Police Escort Michelle Obama
USA flag
It's becoming a regular occurrence, way too much IMHO. Police motorcycles in VIP escort duty crashing, often at low speeds. This time it was for the First Lady, Michelle Obama, when two police motorcycles crashed into each other Delaware County. One had stopped, the other didn't see him.

I realize that since the USA is a big and widespread country, police motorcycle escorts are not specially trained officers, but officers taken from their regular duty and put to work escorting VIPs. This means the cops aren't trained for this task, which is a lot different from pulling over speeders. Here in France, escort duty is performed by a specialized police unit, called the Garde Republicaine.

So maybe the powers should start considering a special unit like this. Already they fly in protective cars and secret service agents, so why not a special motorcycle unit? Or maybe they need to local motorcycle cops not to get lost....


15 October, 2012 - Idea: Staying Safe At Night On Your Motorcycle
Xfire bike light laser
Xfire bike light laser
Here's an idea, or rather a product, that was made for bicycles but could be of us to us motorcycle riders. Bicycles are more at risk than motorcycles in the dark by being sideswiped by a car, since they have less lights (sometimes none), and are often invisible on the road.

Motorcycles are bigger, and more visible, but often enough cars edge up real close to us since they haven't really estimated the distance between us and their cage. At night, this becomes a bigger problem, and there's not much you can do about it apart from kicking the car (which is a bad idea since you'll loose your balance).

Xfire makes an interesting solution for bicycles that could be used for motorcycles..........

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15 October, 2012 - Block Your Motorcycle License Plate Legally From Speed Cameras
NoPhoto Plate Blocker
USA flag
Speed and red light cameras can be a pain in the ass, even if you don't speed or run red lights. So many have been known to be wrong, and fighting the fines is often an uphill battle. There are plenty of products out there that will block your license plate, with varying effectiveness, some legal, many not. In most countries, you're not allowed to do anything to your license plate, so for example putting Vaseline on them is illegal.

But Jonathan Dandrow came up with a novel idea to thwart authorities from making expensive photos of your ride. Although he's aiming it at the car market, this is a product that can be adapted to motorcycle.

His idea came when he noticed that many cameras pick up the infrared light from a TV remote. Using that principle, he's made a prototype license plate holder, that has a light sensor that will detect of camera flash (like many camera flashes that can be slaves to each other by using the flash light from the master). Once it detects a flash, it fires its own 2 xenon flashes mounted to the side of the license plate. The two flashes over-illuminate the license plate, making it overexposed to the radar camera.

The end result?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 October, 2012 - Japan: Tsunami Damaged Motorcycles Galore
Japan Tsunami Destroyed Motorcycles
Japan flag
Just look at what a tsunami can do to lives and properties ... and it's not only those that get damaged, but also motorcycles.

Frightening what nature can do to us.


12 October, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 12 October 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Two weeks' worth of motorcycle related articles that you may have missed.

- The Man Who Saved Harley Davidson And Your Spine (Motorcycle Insurance)
- Video: Riding The Brammo Empulse R (Hell For Leather Magazine)
- 3D Printing Change Motorcycle Industry (Asphalt And Rubber)
- The Leg Wave (Moto Dna)
- For Some Drivers Electric Motorcycle Could Be The Best Of Both Worlds (New York Times)


12 October, 2012 - This Motorcycle Is Going Nowhere
Going nowhere
I don't think this motorcycle is going anywhere.... is it art, or is it Photoshop.

I'd say the latter.


12 October, 2012 - Greece: Strikes Are Always Better On A Motorcycle
Greece Protest Strike 201210 1
Greece flag
If you're going on strike, or protest, doing it on a motorcycle is a hell of a lot better than marching. Looks like the folks in Greece have understood that...


11 October, 2012 - Movie Review: Quadrophenia
Quadrophenia Cover
Quadrophenia Scene
A review of the cult classical movie Quadrophenia, a movie based on the popualr rock opera of The Who (they produced the movie). It's not a musical, but there's a lot of music from that era.

It's a real biker movie, but not the kind you expect. There's a lot of motorcycle and scooter riding going on in the movie, since it's a struggle between the Mods and the Rockers. In this epic movie, you'll see front nudity (but all male), a lot of super customized scooters, motorcycles, a lot of fighting and drugs.

This is a highly recommended movie if you've never seen it before. It really shows the way things were in the mid-60's in the UK, the clash between two cultures, and the way the young men and women were trying to find their way.


11 October, 2012 - Video: Honda Fitting Room
Video clip
Honda logo
Kind of strange TV commercial from Honda, in what I guess is Indonesia. It's aimed at the young kids, and the key message is that clothes don't make you cool, but a Honda motorcycles does....

I guess we could say that anywhere... right?


11 October, 2012 - And You Are Afraid Of A Little Bit Of Rain On Your Motorcycle?
Togo Stone Rain
Togo flag
Several bikers I know don't like riding in the rain on their motorcycle. They don't like rain hitting them on their face (actually on their helmet) and don't like getting wet. Well to those who feel similar, just think of this guy.......

.... rain is for wimps.....


10 October, 2012 - The Ideal Baseball Hat For Motorcycle Riders
GautShark Baseball Hat
GautShark Baseball Hat
Sometime ago I stumbled upon this product at a public event in France, and liked the idea. The product, called GautShark is in fact nothing other than a baseball cap/hat for bikers. Why would motorcycle riders need a special hat?

For one, caps can't be used while riding. They'll not fit under a helmet, so you need to stow them away while riding. You can put them in a topcase, tankbag or in a pocket, but one thing is sure, - they crumble.

Another thing with baseball hats is that when there's sun, they become hot, and therefore your head will start sweating like a pig.

The GautShark hat is made of resistant and thick leather, but the hat opens in slices. What this means is that a) you can easily flatten the hat without causing it any harm (so easier to transport), and b) it lets a lot of air through when you've got them on, so no sweating. Also, they are original..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 October, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Security Tattoo Now With RFID
Stolen Motorcycle Just Chain left
France flag
Most motorcycles (and cars) in France have several tattoos, usually because the insurance company makes it mandatory if you want to be insured. Some tattoos are visible (as a deterrent), some not so. If your motorcycle gets stolen and resold, the tattoo serial number allows a person (buyer, dealer, police) to find out who the real owner is, and since the tattoo is often placed on expensive bike components, selling parts of the motorcycle is complicated. It's not impossible (8 motorized two wheelers are stolen every hour in France) but it does slow down the Sunday-thief.

Now the largest motorcycle tattoo company in France, ICA, is offering an additional high-tech tattoo. They'll still place the serial number as a tattoo in strategically placed locations on your motorcycle, but now they also give you a RFID strip which you can place anywhere you want (obviously you'll want to hide it). RFID, meaning Radio Frequency IDentification..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 October, 2012 - Baby Transport - The Chinese Way
baby in basket
Why mess around with special equipment when you've got to transport your baby on a motorcycle?

Do it the Chinese way.... easy, no hassle. Safe? Not really...


9 October, 2012 - If Loud Pipes Save Lives, What Does This One Do?
Really Big Pipes Save Lots Of Lives
We all know that many bikers think that loud pipes save lives on a motorcycle.

If that's the case, how many lives is this guy going to save....?


9 October, 2012 - Video: McDonald’s - Leader Of The Pack
Video clip
McDonald's logo
In this 1983 TV commercial, McDonald's is playing with words: they play the "Leader of the pack" song while showing two motorcycle cops riding up to one of their "restaurants", ordering a Big Mac.

Now you've got to decide who is the leader, the front cop or the Big Mac. It's a bit corny, but still fun to watch how they did their TV advertisements in those days.

They don,'t make them like this anymore (Thank God).


9 October, 2012 - France: Government Back-pedaling On Mandatory Breathalyzer
Breathalyzers bag
France flag
As you may have read in the previous months, the former French government had made it a law that every vehicle (cars, motorcycles and trucks) in France, including foreign registered ones, need to have at least one approved and in good working condition breathalyzer in their possession while driving.

The new law is already in application, but the government had announced that the first fines would occur starting the 1st of November. A lot of protests have risen for this stupid and senseless law, not only from within France, but from other European countries. The main two suppliers had a field day making the breathalysers, so much so that they quickly ran out of stock, and prices went through the roof. Now, a normally €1.50 unit is selling for €10.00.

Yesterday the French government announced that the fines for not having a working unit on you will be moved from the 1st of November to the 1st of March 2013, and that a commission has been formed to study the mandatory breathalyzer law in more detail...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 October, 2012 - Smelly Motorcycle Boots? Try This!
Sidas DryWarmer
Those of you who have been in the saddle for hours, know this problem. When you take off those motorcycle boots, you and everyone around you will know they're off. The smell can easily compete with the best of the smelliest cheese made anywhere in the world. And if you need to take your motorcycle out again the next day, and you need to put on those boots.... OMG. If you get stopped, the cops might think you were transporting a ripe dead body.

Here's a product made for ski boots. Ski boots, like motorcycle boots, are sturdy and usually calf-length. They hold out the water and cold air, which results in your feet staying nice and dry. So nice and dry that they'll start sweating. The sweat become bacteria, and that smells, and makes the inside of the boots humid.

Using the Sidas Drywarmer could eliminate this after a long ride. Insert one in each boot, and the strong UV light kills any bacteria and heats up the boots, drying them out.....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 October, 2012 - Switzerland: 2012 Motorcycle Market Doing Well
Statistics Article
Switzerland flag
In the land of cheese, chocolates and banks, Switzerland is doing very well in terms of motorcycles sales. Between January and August 2012, traditionally the best months for motorcycles sales, there was a nice bump upwards in new motorcycles being sold.

In total an increase in sales of 6.7% was seen for motorcycles (a total of 20,743 bikes), while scooters saw an increase of 9.3%, totalling 17,635 new scoots. Honda has a big jump, +26%, thanks to several new models, while Yamaha jumped 8%, while European manufactures like KTM (+36%), BMW (7%) and Vespa (+20%) did extremely well. Even Harley-Davidson did well, with an increase of 13%.

The manufacturers who did not fare well were Piaggio (the brand -20%), Kawasaki (-7%) and even Triumph did bad, with -9%. Ducati remained stable.

The top 20 sales in motorcycles during the time frame were........

......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 October, 2012 - Venezuela: Bikers For Chavez
Bikers For Chavez Ride
Venezuela flag
He's a funny (but dangerous) man, he is, Mr. Chavez. Ruling his country with an iron fist, pretending to be world's best friend, but in reality friends only with the world's despots, he is weird. But he does get a lot of support within Venezuela, a lot of them from the motorcycle world.

Which is strange, since bikers like living their own lives, not having someone live it for them.


5 October, 2012 - When Is ATGATT Too Much ATGATT?
Too much ATGATT
At what stage do you consider having safety gear too much? Can there ever be too much ATGATT?

... Is this the case of too much on a motorcycle?


5 October, 2012 - Motorcycle-Riding-Wheelchair-Bound Press Photographer - Respect
Wheelchair Photographer
Palestine flag
I've really got to give this guy a lot of respect. Knowing what it is like to be taking a lot of gear with you to take photos (like the recent Intermot), you are worn down to the bone. But this guy not only has to take all his gear with him, but also his wheelchair, and he has to hold on for dear life sitting behind the motorcycle. And then take photos in a war zone.



5 October, 2012 - Belgium: Dutch Bikers Do Not Need To Pay Speeding Fines
Speeding Fine Belgium
Belgium flag
With more and more bi-lateral agreements between European countries, and with a general Europe-wide law that allows a country to retrieve data and money from speeding fines made by the other country's citizens, one country is having a problem. It's becoming common place that if you live in Country A and get caught speeding on your motorcycle in country B, nowadays many countries will hand over DMV information to the country where the fee was generated. This allows for the "other" country find you and to go and get their badly needed money.

But in Belgium they have a problem with it. With their neighbor The Netherlands, there is no legal agreement so far. In order to get their money from your speeding fine, the authorities will need to jump through legal hoops... So a Dutch motorcycle rider can get fined in Belgium, but the authorities will not be able to send him/her the fine and to cash in.

But the government is hopeful to have a new treaty inked and signed before the end of the year. And then in 2014 it will become common place in Europe with a general law.


4 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: Odds, Ends and Girls
Intermot 2012 Girls
Intermot logo
The Intermot 2012 motorcycle exhibition was a short one for me, thanks to a Belgian railroad strike that cut short my visit. So I missed most of the press conferences on Tuesday, and Wednesday, which is my walk-around day, was totally cancelled.

Despite the very short trip, only a few hours at Intermot, I did very quickly go through some of the stands and photograph interesting things. But it's not much... and my last article of a motorcycle exhibition is always a long one - the demo girls, better known as demo dollies. Unfortunately, this year is not much, since the girls come out on the 2nd day. But there were a few, so you'll see them at the last part of this article. Sorry for those that were expecting them.........

.....Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: Horex - The German Muscle Motorcycle
Horex VR6 Roadster
Horex logo
When the Horex was announced in 2010 in Germany, I was a bit sceptical. In the present day fuel and economical crisis, developing a new brand and motorcycle that has an enormous engine, and therefore fuel consumption, was in IMHO the wrong moment. I would have thought that any new manufacturer would go electric, or maybe hydrogen. But in this gutsy move Horex announced their first motorcycle using a 6 cylinder engine with a total of 1200cc.

The 6 cylinders are in V shape, but also inline, making this special design named VR. Their first, and so far only, model is a roadster, the Horex VR6, Roadster. So I decided to pay them a quick visit at the Intermot motorcycle exhibition......

......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: Zero Motorcycles - Making Electric Go Faster
Zero S
Zero logo
Although the Zero press conference was on Wednesday, the day I couldn't be at Intermot thanks to the Belgian railroads who decided to have an all-out strike, I still managed to visit the Zero stand on Tuesday.

Reports were already out that Zero had successfully updated their main electric motorcycle, their new flagship, to not only look like a real motorcycle, but have the performance and range that would make this electric bike acceptable for general use.

The new Zero S has doubled the range of their bikes, under ideal riding conditions you can ride a good 220 kilometers (137 miles) on a single charge. And if you have the "S" configured with the rapid charging option (CHAdeMO - something you can always bolt on afterwards), the 95% full charge can be done within an hour.......

.......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: Kawasaki Z800 Launch (Video)
Kawasaki Z800 Launch
Kawasaki logo
The first mayor motorcycle manufacturer to show their new stuff was Kawasaki, with their usual show & tell pony show. Lots of glitz, pretty dancing girls and new (updated) motorcycles.

The main event for Kawasaki was the launch of the revamped Z800, a mid-range streetfighter. As usual, Kawasaki made good use of dancing girls to promote the event.

Below is the video of the launch, but first, let's look at some photos I took.


3 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: BMW R1200GS Launch (Video)
BMW R1200GS 2013
BMW logo
BMW are on their home turf, and had therefore the most anticipated press conference of the Intermot motorcycle exhibition. We all knew BMW had a lot of new stuff, so there was a lot of interest in their press conference.

I managed to arrive early and score a good place to enjoy the show, since that was what it was. The main part of the BMW dog & pony show was the launch of the water-cooled R1200GS motorcycle. To do that, they put up a real show, with live music and "stunts" performed on the new motorcycle.

Here's a video of what I saw. I apologize in advance for a) some of the sound, since the music at times was sooo loud it deformed the sound on the video and b) a bit shaky at times, since I did not know where things were going to happen .. you'll see in the video.


3 October, 2012 - Intermot2012 and Me
Intermot logo
If you've been following my tales of woe on Twitter or Facebook, you'll know that I had to leave the Intermot exhibition a day early, since the railroads in Belgium had a strike planned for Wednesday, the day I was leaving to go back to France. Since I had a not-to-be-missed appointment on Thursday morning, I decided to cut the press-day in Intermot short by half a day and catch the late train out of Cologne to Paris.

This means that apart from 3 press conferences, I was not able to see much else. I did do a quick walk about, but in a hurry. I'll be posting a few impressions of the exhibition in the next two days, but it will not be what you've come to expect from me.

It's become a disastrous trip, costing me a lot of money, since the hotel room was pre-booked and paid, but that's life I guess.

So I'm sorry if you were expecting more from this site, I hope to make up for it in Italy next month at the Eicma exhibition.


2 October, 2012 - Video: Yamaha BW’S 125 Scooter - Motocross
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Hmmmm... interesting way of showing a 125 scooter. It's a Yamaha TV commercial from Taiwan, and it shows their 2013 BW'S 125 scooter sliding through the dirt and pulling a wheelie.

Motocross with a scooter;.. how original.


2 October, 2012 - Ads: CDOT - For Better Or For Worse
More Training For Better Or
USA flag
Here's a reasonably funny print advertisement from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), trying to get motorcycles riders to get proper training.

The image used is not bad, but I don't think the publicity will get bikers flocking to motorcycle training facilities. But it's funny enough...


2 October, 2012 - Give Her The Illusion That She Is Riding The Motorcycle
Pillion Riding Illusion
I don't know what this contraption is supposed to do, but it looks like the guy wants to give his SWMBO the illusion that she's riding;...strange.


1 October, 2012 - At Intermot 2012 - How To Follow Articles
Intermot logo
If things have gone as planned, I should have arrived at the German Intermot motorcycle exhibition. It's one of world's biggest motorcycle shows, so there's going to be plenty to see. This year is a bumper year, with many new models being launched.

Unfortunately, the organizers have crammed press conferences back-to-back, and since I'm on my own, it's going to be near impossible to rush to the press center to show you what's being launched. There just isn't enough time. Not even for lunch. It starts at 08:30 and ends at 20:00.

I will however be posting photos during the events to my Facebook and Twitter accounts listed below, so if you follow those, you can see things happening as they happen.

You can also just follow the exhibition RSS feed from this site in your favorite News reader, but these are going to be few in the beginning until I catch up.

I wish event organizers would leave some time in-between so that we could file stories and photos during the show.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


1 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: This Is What It Looks Like - Size-wise
Intermot Overview
Intermot logo
For those of you who have never visited one of the truly enormous motorcycle exhibitions, German Intermot or Italian Eicma, will never understand how humongous these shows are. They are world's biggest, by far, and if you walk at a normal pace, walking through each walkway/aisle in the enormous halls, you'll have walked a lot. In fact, you'll have walked some 30 to 50 kilometers (18 to 31 miles). This means that if you plan to visit one of these motorcycle exhibitions, and you only have a half or a whole day, you'd best plan ahead and mark who you want to see, because if you are going to stop and see stuff at a stand, you'll never get out of one hall.

In the photo below, you can clearly see the Intermot exhibition center in Cologne, Germany. To get an idea of the size, just look at the bottom part of the photo; you'll see cars there, so you can imagine the size for a human being. Most of the halls are chock-full with motorcycles and their accessories.

It's difficult to show you how big this is. Visitors I have shown the show from abroad always come back with amazement at the size.

So think of me running around the aisles with my backpack with cameras, computer and the press kits...


1 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: 2014 Dates
Intermot logo
The German Intermot motorcycle exhibition hasn't even started yet, since press-day is tomorrow, and the show starts for the public on the 3rd of October, but already the Germans are planning ahead with their next exhibition; 2014 (remember that Intermot is held every 2 years, alternating with the French show in Paris).

So if you are going to miss this year's expo, and never have attended but want to, you can start planning your pilgrimage trip since the next one starts on the 1st of October 2014 and ends on the 5th of October. So 2 years from now.

That's what I call planning ahead.


1 October, 2012 - Intermot2012: European Motorcycle Market Review - ACEM
ACEM logo
Intermot logo
Despite the economic crisis affecting the European motorcycle market, signs of recovery are at hand. The analysis of recent market trends highlights that urban mobility and passion are still acting as main drivers of the motorcycle market. While some segments have suffered from the impact of the economic downturn, sales of light Powered Two-Wheelers (PTW) specifically designed for city trips indicate a growing interest in this mode of transport. The relative good performance of engine capacities over 250cc confirms that passion for motorcycling is still a key factor pushing customers toward this vehicle category. 

On behalf of Intermot Cologne ACEM, the European Motorcycle Industry Association, conducted a review of the most recent motorcycle market trends comparing the Moving Annual Total of the past year (September 2011- August 2012) with the same time frame a year before, which allows for a reliable representation of the “seasonal effect” closely linking the PTW business to the weather conditions.......

.....Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


1 October, 2012 - Intermot: Here it is
Intermot 2012 Entrance
Intermot logo
Just arrived, with the usual complications thanks to the French railroads, but here's the North entrance of Intermot:

... and the press/media center still being set up, and quite empty.. for now.



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