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30 November, 2006 - Extreme Motorcycle Riding - Dutch Style
Fun Article
2 crazy Dutchmen are going to ride their motorcycles, Marcus Kingma on a Yamaha YBR 125 and Sjaak Lucassen on a Yamaha R1, on December 23rd all the way to Nordkapp, Denmark - most North point of Europe. This is going to be one very cold trip.


30 November, 2006 - Cellular Bluetooth Interphone - Update
Web Article
After a long wait, I finally got the answers I was looking for with regards to Cellular's Bluetooth intercom for motorcycles, the Interphone. Here they are....


29 November, 2006 - Video: Vespa Ads
Video clip inside
Vespa logo
A look at two Vespa TV ads. Not the best there are...


28 November, 2006 - Odds & Ends @ EICMA
Aprilia RXV 450 Rally
A last look at some odds and ends found at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition.

Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and MV Agusta.


27 November, 2006 - Cellular - Bluetooth Intercom and Bike-to-Bike
CellularLine Interphone
Italian Cellular company claim to have a Bluetooth device for motorcycles, that gives you not only wireless intercom facilities (and GSM phone), but also bike-to-bike communications with a range of 150 meters.

The company was not available for comments...


24 November, 2006 - Tell Me It’s Not True !
Hamster Chopper
Do they really make these things ??

Who ??

Why ???


24 November, 2006 - Four Wheel Ducati
Ducati Energia
Here's a four wheel Ducati I found at the EICMA exhibition.

But is it a Ducati, or is it a Ducati ?

To be or not to be..


23 November, 2006 - DVD Review: Speed On Two Wheels
Speed on two wheels DVD
A review of the very good documentary, "Speed On Two Wheels".

A recommended DVD for any motorcycle passionate rider, whether you race or not.


23 November, 2006 - Luma’s Xmart - Smart Motorcycle Lock Revisited
LUMA Xmart motorcycle footpeg disc lock
Luma's Xmart is a really nifty lock. It's your motorcycle footpeg, turned into a wheel lock.

Now, Luma are producing the right side footpeg, so your motorcycle is symmetrical.

And the right peg is a lock as well.


22 November, 2006 - KTM 990 Super Duke R
KTM 990 Super Duke R
KTM logo
A look at KTM's 990 Superduke R, and a promo film of the 990 Superduke motorcycle.


22 November, 2006 - CannonBall Motorcycle Run Back To The USA
Racing Article
The CannonBall Motorcycle Run will finally be held in the USA, country of origin of the race. May 13th sees the (in)famous race start in Los Angeles and run 2500 miles until it reaches Las Vegas for a 48 hour party.


22 November, 2006 - Derbi Mulhacen 659 Hot Bob
Derbi Mulhacen 659 Hot Bob
Derbi logo
A look at Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Derbi, and their Hot Bob prototype.

Different it is !


21 November, 2006 - Derbi X-Vision - TV on your Motorcycle
Derbi Mulhacen 659 X-Vision
Derbi logo
Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Derbi, showed a prototype motorcycle, called the 659 Mulhacen X-Vision, that has an onboard LCD TV Screen and strategically placed cameras.

This allows you to record your motorcycle ride, and download it later to your computer and internet.


21 November, 2006 - Moto Guzzi 940 Custom
Moto Guzzi 940 Custom
Moto Guzzi logo
A look at Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Moto Guzzi's new 940 Custom.


21 November, 2006 - Moto Guzzi Griso 8 V
Moto Guzzi Griso 8V
Moto Guzzi logo
A look a Moto Guzzi's new Griso 8 V as presented at Milan's EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


20 November, 2006 - Ducati Hypermotard 1100
Ducati HyperMotard 1100
Ducati logo
A closer look at Ducati's new motorcycle, the Hypermotard 1100 and 1100S.


20 November, 2006 - Ducati 1098
Ducati 1098 S
Ducati logo
A look at Ducati's flagship sports motorcycle, the 1098.


20 November, 2006 - Aprilia NA 850 Mana
Aprilia MA 850 Mana
Aprilia logo
A look at Aprilia's NA 850 Mana motorcycle presented at Milan's EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


20 November, 2006 - Aprilia Shiver SL 750
Aprilia SL 750 Shiver
Aprilia logo
A look at Aprilia's SL 750 Shiver introduced at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy.


17 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Exhibition and the Belles
Girls on motorcycles at EICMA
To wrap up the EICMA motorcycle exhibition, here are 15 photos of the girls of EICMA.

Italian women are beautiful, and the exhibition had its fair share.

Judge yourself !


17 November, 2006 - World’s Longest Motorcycle
World's longest motorcycle
World's longest motorcycle, built in Russia, is soooooo long you'd need a rider in the back to steer your motorcycle...


16 November, 2006 - Video: Motorcylce Gear - Alpinestars Ads
Video clip inside
Alpinestar logo
Motorcycle manufacturers aren't the only ones with advertising budgets. Accessory manufacturer Alpinestars has a series of ads. Here are three of them.


15 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Kawaski (3 photos)
EICMA Kawasaki
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki did a big event, including lunch. But .... they had nothing to present.

What a waste of money.


15 November, 2006 - Video: Honda (general, CBR, Valkyrie) Ads
Video clip inside
Honda logo
A look at 4 Honda TV ads from around the world. Most of them are bland, but I do like the Valkyrie one.


15 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - The Prettiest Girl
EICMA Pretty Girl from Peugot
This ends my "live" reporting. Off to France and read through 20 kgs of DVDs and CDs.

Here's a photo of the prettiest and sexiest woman of the EICMA motorcycle show !

You can find her at the Peugeot stand.


15 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Sym - Woow ! (5 photos)
From all the stands we saw, from all the attention grabbers, SYM were by far the most creative.

Imagine having STRIPPERS on your stand, stripping out of their clothes, and pole dancing !!

Way to go Sym !


14 November, 2006 - Video: Awareness Ads - New York, USA
Video clip inside
Finally, here's a motorcycle awareness TV ad from New York, USA. Who said that the Americans weren't producing shock ads to increase motorcycle awareness ?


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 KTM (3 photos)
KTM logo
KTM introduced the 990 SuperDuke R (for Racing), a ready to race version of the SuperDuke.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Moto Guzzi (6 photos)
EICMA Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi introduced two new motorcycles, the 940 Custom, and the Griso 8V.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Aprilia (9 photos)
EICMA Aprilia
Aprilia introduced the Mana 850, the Shiver 750 and a new V4 999 cc.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 BMW (3 photos)
BMW logo
BMW didn't present anything new, even their press releases and kits were from Intermot.

One interesting looking F800 motorcycle, with no additional info.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 MV Agusta (4 photos)
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta introduced their new F4 CC motorcycle.

Nice looking, fast, sleek, but not that new.


14 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 1 Husqvarna (4 photos)
EICMA Husqvarna
Husqvarna logo
The first on the very long list of press conferences and introductions is Husqvarna, with their STR 650.

Very pretty (so are the motorcycles ;-).


13 November, 2006 - At the Milan EICMA Motorcycle Show
This Site Article
I'm in Milan, Italy, covering the EICMA Motorcycle Exhibition. Hopefully, internet dependent, you'll be seeing as good as live, the latest and greatest motorcycle products at the show. Tune in regularly !


13 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 0 Ducati (13 photos)
EICMA Ducati
Ducati presented their HyperMotard and the 1098.

Here's the conference report.


13 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 0bis (6 photos)
Took another quick look at the Ducati festivities and the size of the exhibition.

Here are a few photos to give you an idea.


13 November, 2006 - EICMA Motorcycle Show - Day 0
EICMA Preparations
It's the day before the EICMA motorcycle show opens, and I had a quick look around, until escorted off the premises.

Tonight is the Ducati press conference.


11 November, 2006 - Product Reviews
This Site Article
We're going to be using the new website to earn a few bucks, doing paid-for product reviews. The reviews, despite being paid for by the manufacturers, are going to be honest. We are under no rule to write a positive review ! So, hopefully you'll see more reviews in this site.


10 November, 2006 - D-Lock: A Forget-Me-Not For Motorcycle Locks
D-Lock System motorcycle lock reminder
Here's a very simple and effective way of reminding you that you've got a chain or U-lock on your motorcycle, preventing you from riding away with the lock still on.

D-Lock to the rescue.


10 November, 2006 - BMW Motorcycle Chopper
BMW R1100RS motorcycle chopper
There's a one-off BMW R1100RS based chopper for sale on eBay.

This is one sleek and sexy motorcycle produced by FRS Engineering. Want a different kind of chopper, and tired of the Harley ones.

Here's your chance !


9 November, 2006 - Video: Getting People To Slow Down - Denmark’s Solution
Video clip inside
Denmark has some very interesting ways of making you slow down. Speeding is everywhere, including Copenhagen. But their approach is far more user friendly ! Would you slow down ???? I know I would !


9 November, 2006 - On-line Motorcycle Manuals
Online motorcycle maintenance manuals site - Cyclepedia
With all that information that's available on the internet, it's strange that there aren't more sites like this one.

Cyclepedia offer very comprehensive motorcycle maintenance manuals on-line. Using step-by-step photo explanations and instructions, it's every budding mechanics' wet dream.

Can it be made any easier ? It's like having your private wrench !


8 November, 2006 - Video: Valentino Rossi a Father ??
Video clip inside
A funny TV ad of Valentino Rossi in his younger years, posing as a new daddy.


7 November, 2006 - Motorcycle Manufacturers and the Web
Opinion Article
The motorcycle manufacturers, despite trying to adapt to the web, have been ignoring motorcycle web media, news and blog sites, for far too long. They still see the web as one-way information, and don't see the web media as equal to the traditional media. But why ? Why are the motorcycle manufacturers ignoring us ? A medium sized news site has more readers, and therefore more exposure than the biggest motorcycle magazine. read on.


7 November, 2006 - Motorcycle Video Magazine
Biker Underground
The time has come for motorcycle video magazines. We've had forums, blogs and PODcasts.

Now, it's the turn for video. Here's a look at one video magazine called Biker Underground.


6 November, 2006 - Mad Max - Move Over
Mad Max style motorcycle
Here's a "motorcycle" that would not have been out of place in one of the Mad Max movies.

Anyone know the story behind this one ?


6 November, 2006 - Video: BMW’s New G 650 Motorcycles
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Three videos of BMW's three new G650 motorcycles, the G650 xMoto, xChallenge and xCountry.


3 November, 2006 - Video: Waterki Vespa Scooter
Video clip inside
A small video clip from the "old" days, of a amphibian Vespa scooter. Why did this really cool scooter never make it to the market ?


2 November, 2006 - Motorcycle Car Retriever To Be Used In Dubai
Honda Goldwing Retriever
The Honda Goldwing Retriever (the Swedish car towing service using a Honda motorcycle) got a nice contract in Dubai, Middle East. Sweden, China and Canada are already using this nifty service.

What better than a motorcycle to tow a broken down car.


2 November, 2006 - How To Park Your BMW GS Motorcycle - Lesson 1
Parking your BMW GS motorcycle
Now here's the right way to park your BMW R1200GS motorcycle.

Saves a lot of space !


1 November, 2006 - Errrr.. What’s Wrong With This Picture ?
Man pulling motorcycle on a cart
Here's a photo of situation of someone who got the sequence of things wrong.

Where does the motorcycle go ??



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