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30 November, 2007 - What? That Time Of The Year Already?
Santa on motorcycle
You've just finished wrecking the last toy you got for Christmas, and already it's almost Christmas time again.

The first motorcycle riding Santas have hit the net...


30 November, 2007 - France: Motorcycle Stunt School
Stunt school
One of France's leading motorcycle stunt display teams, Mechanique Show, has a school that teaches you how to be a motorcycle stunman/women.

Learn how to impress your friends (and cops).


30 November, 2007 - Yamaha V-Max MP3?
TMW 3 wheeled Yamaha V-Max
You'd think that this is a new Yamaha V-Max version based on Piaggio's MP3 scooter.

It's a prototype by Tilting Motor Works, designed to make motorcycles safer, but still fun.


29 November, 2007 - Motorcycles Against Charity Thieves
Clothes-Aid thief catching motorcycle
What's the world coming to.... where we need to get a thief-catching motorcycle team to protect charity material...



29 November, 2007 - France: The Upside Of The Strikes
Motorcycle taxi
The biggest winners of the French transportation strikes last week was not the French government, but the motorcycle taxi operators.

With 200% increase of their new customer, 100% increase of their trips, they hit a bonanza.


29 November, 2007 - Looks A Bit Rickety
Well-of-Death India
Those motorcycle stunt well-of-death in India, don't look that sturdy to me.

Here's a video of one of those stunts. $5 a day for the riders... not much considering that they don't wear protection.


28 November, 2007 - O’Neill H4 Campack
O'Neill H4
O'Neill have recently released a new back pack that, though meant for snowboarders, can be used by us motorcycle riders.

The H4 campack incorporates a detachable video camera, buttons for the camera on the straps, and a LCD monitor.

Imagine using it on the Dakar rally...


28 November, 2007 - The Most Fuel Efficient Motorcycles
Statistics Article
French motorcycle web site, Moto-Station, has published an extensive list of fuel consumption for 100's of motorcycles.

Surprise, the best in the above 125 cc category is better than the best of the < 125 cc category.


28 November, 2007 - Strange Motorcycle Taxi
Filipino Motorcycle taxi
Notice the position of the passenger.

Strange motorcycle taxi in the Philippines...


27 November, 2007 - Kinda Windy Here, Don’t You Think?
Heavy winds on a motorcycle
Too much wind for my liking. Look at the angle they are at...

Time to stay home..


27 November, 2007 - Video: The Ultimate Speed Bump
Click to see the Video clip
Funny spoof of the ultimate speed bump; one you'll never want to see in action, specially when riding your motorcycle..

Video is in German, but that will not bother the fun...


27 November, 2007 - USA: YellowPages Launch Motorcycle Directory Site
Web Article
In the USA, the YellowPages have launched a specific motorcycle related directory/web site.

Find out your local motorcycle dealers by wading through 100's of ads...


26 November, 2007 - New Innovative Motorcycle Anti-Theft Device
Lockfree TO-Clamp
We all know the U-lock, chain and disc lock anti-theft devices for our motorcycles.

Now there's a fourth device type, the chain lock. From Lockfree, it's called the TO-Clamp and is installed in seconds, and is small enough to stow away on a sportsbike.


26 November, 2007 - OSBE Tornado: Fighter Pilot Style Helmet
OSBE Tornado motorcycle helmet
OSBE logo
Italian motorcycle helmet OSBE has a really nice and cool helmet that will turn any grown adult into a little child... dreaming of being a fighter pilot.

OSBE's Tornado helmet allows you to chose a macho nick name, like Iceman or CowHick.


26 November, 2007 - What A Way To Ride A Motorcycle!
Dog and chicken on motorcycle
What a way to travel for the poor dog...


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 4 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Last part of a series of 4, each with 3 great Yamaha ads.

Enjoy all four. That's 12 ads....


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 3 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Part 3 of 4, of a series of 3 ads each for Yamaha.

They are really great ads...


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 2 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Three Yamaha ads, part 2 of 4.

All of them excellent!


23 November, 2007 - Video: Several Good Yamaha Ads Part 1 of 4
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here are three excellent video ads for Yamaha.

They are part of a series of 4, each containing 3 ads. They are Australian (I think), and are a pleasure to watch.

Enjoy part 1


23 November, 2007 - Motorcycle Exhibition In Asia 2008
BikeAsia logo
EICMA is branching out. They are putting together the Asian motorcycle exhibition BikeAsia.

10-13 April 2008 in Singapore. Mark your calendars...


23 November, 2007 - Jackpot For BMW Spain
Spanish Police BMW R1200RT-P
BMW logo
BMW Spain delivered 300 new R1200RT-P motorcycles to the Police in Spain.

There's one lucky BMW salesperson floating around in Spain today....


22 November, 2007 - UK: New Motorcycle Helmet Testing Standard
SHARP website
The UK government is starting a new helmet testing and rating system. 1-5 stars will tell you how good a specific motorcycle helmet is.

All UK approved helmets will be on a website, so easy to reference.

Website is already available, but the data will be populated Spring 2008.


22 November, 2007 - Continued Growth In Worldwide Motorcycle Market
Statistics Article
According to a study by Bharat organization, motorcycle sales will continue to rise 5.4%, reaching a whopping 55.7 MILLION motorcycles by 2011.

To think a few of those will be mine....


22 November, 2007 - Video: Honda Free Yourself
Video clip
Honda logo
Nice video/TV ad for Honda motorcycles.

Free yourself from driving cars in traffic jams...


21 November, 2007 - How To Rainproof Your GPS For Motorcycle Riding
GPS Condom
Fun Article
What to do to rainproof your GPS on a motorcycle?

Here's a US$ 1 method that works! Even I can make it:


21 November, 2007 - The Real Reason You Can’t Ride Very Far On Your Motorcycle
Tena for men ad
Here's the solution to the real problem.

The problem: Keep riding your motorcycle for hours without the need to stop and relieve yourself.

You'll be thanking me for this...Clapping Smiley


21 November, 2007 - Video: Bridgestone Battlax
Click to see the Video clip
Bridgestone logo
Old publicity ad for Bridgestone Battlax dating back from the good old days...

1987 racing... yeah...


20 November, 2007 - No Parking Sign: Extreme Method
No Parking Sign
Here's an "extreme" No Parking sign.

Wouldn't you want something like this in front of your garage...


20 November, 2007 - Video: Kawasaki Lets The Good Times Roll
Click to see the Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki have always had fun filled TV ads, whether it was in the 70's or nowadays.

Here's one from the 70's..


20 November, 2007 - DAM Motorcycles
Here's a look at DAM motorcycles.

They are manufacturing thirteen motorcycles, one for each of the original states of the US of A.



20 November, 2007 - Custom Ducati Chopper
MotoCreations Ducati
Using a Ducati to build a chopper takes guts, money and you need to find someone who can do it for you.

MotoCreations are those "someone". They build choppers out of Ducatis.

Very pretty...


20 November, 2007 - Motorcycles Cause Cancer?
Motorcycle Cancer book
There's a book out that states that riding a motorcycle MIGHT cause cancer due to low frequency radiation from the engine.

What do you think? Possible? ...


19 November, 2007 - Kerry McClean: The Unicycle Man
Web Article
I've posted several images in the last few weeks of what I called "a really compact motorcycle". They were single wheel motorcycles, and I discovered who built them.

Meet Kerry McClean, builder of monocycles...


19 November, 2007 - Buy Valentino Rossi’s Helmet: Charity
Valentino Rossi's helmet
Dainese logo
Dainese and Valentino Rossi are auctioning off the AGV helmet Rossi had on at the Mugello MotoGP last June.

Not only can you win his helmet, but it will be personally handed over by Rossi himself. The proceeds go to charity.

Bidding starts this Thursday.


19 November, 2007 - Colin Edwards: Extreme Racer
Colin Edwards
Here's a photo of M1 Yamaha MotoGP racer Colin "Texas Tornado" Edwards racing his motorcycle .. extreme....

I wonder if he had it..


19 November, 2007 - Italy Conquers 2007 Six Day Event To Take World Trophy
Alessandro Belometti
KTM logo
The World Trophy is over in La Serena, Chile, and Italy has won the trophy.

It looks like it was a tough race, 6 days worth of sand and hard rocks.


16 November, 2007 - VW Bus Scooter Sidecar
VW Bus Sidecar for scooter
Wooow... a VW Bus sidecar for a scooter...

What will they think of next? Some job!! Nice....


16 November, 2007 - Baja 1000 2007 Reveals First Podium Finish For KTM’s 690 Baja
KTM 680 Baja 1000 team
KTM logo
The KTM 690 Baja races the first race it was created for... the Baja 1000 and finishes 3rd.

Under leadership of Chris Blais, the KTM did well...


16 November, 2007 - Video: Look Twice Save A Life
Video clip
Yet another very lame and tame motorcycle awareness TV ad from the USA.

Nobody will pay attention to this ad, except bikers, and they're not the ones targeted.


15 November, 2007 - Transorientale Rally: St.Petersburg To Beijing On A Motorcycle
Racing Article
TransOrientale Logo
Tired of riding the good old Dakar race? How about a new challenge?

Why not race your motorcycle from St; Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China ? 10,000 kilometers of fun, fun, fun...

Join the Transorientale rally.


15 November, 2007 - Motorcycle Specific GPS: XRoad RM-A4000
XRoad RM-A4000
There's a new motorcycle specific GPS on the market! After Garmin and TomTom, we now have the Xroad RM-A4000.

Korean, light, it's equipped with Bluetooth, and can play music and movies.

Cost: around US$ 600.


15 November, 2007 - BMW F800GS
BMW logo
BMW's long awaited F800GS finally was launched at EICMA 2007.

Here's a closer look at BMW's new dual-purpose motorcycle.

Verdict: A beauty


15 November, 2007 - Video: Kawasaki "The Ultimate Trip"
Click to see the Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Another oldie, a Kawasaki ad. Apparently this one was banned in the USA.

I wonder why? Would it have something to do with acid?? 1977.


14 November, 2007 - Want ABS But Can’t Afford It? Try Lifesaver!
Lifesaver TCB
Lifesaver TCB may not be ABS, but it's doesn't have the ABS price tag either.

Lifesaver prevents you from blocking your wheels in the case of a panic stop. And it does it for US$99.

You can't really go wrong with that, can you?


14 November, 2007 - New Sport: Motorcycle Throwing
Hayabusa throw
There's a new motorcycle sport out there!

It's how far can you throw your motorcycle! Here's one contestant with a Hayabusa....


14 November, 2007 - Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi launched their new Stelvio at the EICMA 2007 last week.

Here's a closer look at the motorcycle.

Verdict: Nice bike..


14 November, 2007 - Harley Print Ad: Still Sexy?
Harley-Davidson ad
Harley-Davidson logo
A nicely done print ad celebrating Harley-Davidson's 100 years.



13 November, 2007 - Now That’s A Scary Helmet
Scary military helmet
Imagine riding your motorcycle with this helmet!

You'll be scaring the beejeezus out of everyone...


13 November, 2007 - Bruce Springsteen Auctions Off His Motorcycle
Bruce Springsteen and his Harley motorcycle
The latest celebrity fad seems to be that they are auctioning off their motorcycles for charity.

After Bob and McConaughey, it's the turn of Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen. US$ 85,000 for his Harley... not bad..


13 November, 2007 - Aprilia FV2 1200 Concept
Aprilia FV2 Concept motorcycle
Aprilia logo
A second look at Aprilia's concept sportbike, the FV2 1200.

Unveiled at EICMA 2007, it looks incredible, and it's very light.

Will this ever see the light of day???


13 November, 2007 - Video: More French Safety Ads
French Road Safety print ad
The French road safety campaigns continue. Now they're targeting car drivers that forget to put out their indicators, speed, or use their mobile phones.

All this to protect the motorcycle riders.

Don't you love the French ??


13 November, 2007 - Husaberg FE450e Prototype
Husaberg FE450e prototype
Husaberg logo
Husaberg have brought out a nice prototype of their new FE450e Enduro motorcycle.

Redesigned from the bottom up, the new engine should make all the difference when riding off road.

Here's a closer look.


12 November, 2007 - KTM 1190 RC8
KTM 1190 RC8
KTM logo
A look at KTM's long awaited 1190 RC8 sports motorcycle.

They're offering it in different versions. I have debs on the Read-to-Race black one....


12 November, 2007 - Ducati 848
Ducati 848
Ducati logo
Ducati impressed many of the assembled journalists at their 848 motorcycle unveiling at EICMA 2007.

For a medium sized sportsbike, the Ducati does it well. A "little" brother for the 1098, this motorcycle will not look bad in anyone's garage.


12 November, 2007 - Ducati Monster 696
Ducati Monster 696 headlamp
Ducati logo
A second look at Ducati's new Monster as presented at the EICMA 2007 show.

Presenting the Ducati Monster 696! What a sweet motorcycle...

A real Monster!


12 November, 2007 - Derbi Terra Adventure 125
Derbi Terra Adventure 125
Derbi logo
A second look at Derbi's nifty Terra Adventure 125 dual purpose motorcycle.

For a 125 cc motorcycle, this is not a bad one. With its 117 kilos, it could be quite nimble in the sand.

For the budding Ewan McGregor/Charlie Boorman fans..


12 November, 2007 - Video: KTM RC8 Promo
Click to see the Video clip
KTM logo
KTM always produce spectacular promo videos when they bring out a new motorcycle.

It's not an exception for their new RC8 motorcycle.


12 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: The Photos!
Web Article
I've uploaded some 450 photos of EICMA to my photo site.

So for those that are interested to see what goes on at EICMA, have a look.


9 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Opinion Article
With the EICMA 2007 exhibition now over (for me at least), here's what I saw good and bad with regards to the show itself (not the motorcycles, since any motorcycle is good for me).

In other words, here's my chance to strike back... ;-)


9 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: and Finally...The Girls Part 2
MV Agusta Girl
Here's part 2 of the pretty girls of the EICMA 2007 motorcycle exhibition.



9 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: and Finally...The Girls Part 1
Kawasaki Girl
No motorcycle show would be complete without the pretty and sexy stand girls (demo dollies), and the Italian EICMA 2007 was no exception.

Due to the very high number of pretty girls, I've split the photos in 2 parts, so here's the first part.

NOTE: I had to compress the photos a lot, so some of them don't look too good, but with 68 big size photos, it would take ages to load otherwise. Sorry...


8 November, 2007 - On My Way Back, Heavy Loaded
Pig motorcycle
I'm on the night train back from Milan to Paris, after that on the train to Normandy.

Hope to be back in the afternoon with more the mean time, I'm very heavily loaded with all sorts of documentation from the manufacturers....


8 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Pirelli Diablo Rosso
Pirelli Diablo Rosso ad
Pirelli logo
At EICMA 2007, Pirelli introduced a new super sports motorcycle tire; the Diablo Rosso.

Sportsbikes are getting increasing power and torque, and motorcycle tires need to keep up. This is Pirelli's effort.

They've produced a really nice video...


7 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Derbi
Derbi logo
Spanish Derbi launched an interesting adventure motorcycle; the Terra 125 Adventure!

Betcha that you will not see Ewan McGregor riding the wrong way on this...


7 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Husaberg
Husaberg FE450
Husaberg presented yesterday their new LE 450, but I could not make the press presentation.

Here are however some photos, while I wait for the press kits.


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi did their Italian opera stunt to start with, and then unveiled a pretty young girl... sorry, a pretty motorcycle, the Stelvio.

The motorcycle is a real Guzzi, no doubt about that. Pretty in a classical sense.


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Aprilia
Aprilia FV2
Aprilia logo
Aprilia showed off their new concept motorcycle, the very sporty looking FV2.

With its 1200 cc engine, the motorcycle only weighs 160 kgs!!!!


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Husqvarna
Husqvarna SMR
Husqvarna logo
BMW presented, sorry I mean Husqvarna presented their latest SMR motorcycle.

The confusion was because it was BMW who presented, not Husqvarna....


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: KTM
KTM 1190 RC8
KTM logo
KTM were very badly organized for their press conference, but finally were able to show their 1190 RC8 sports motorcycle.

They showed 3 versions...


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: BMW
BMW logo
BMW did their usual extreme boring financial presentation. One of their worst...

Finally, in 2 minutes they showed the F800GS, G450X and "renewed" R1200GS.

The F800GS looks good !!!


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Honda
Honda logo
Honda had already shot their load in Paris, so they only reasonably new thing they showed at the EICMA 2007 show was the CB1000R.

For the rest, it was a standard dog & pony show.


6 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Vectrix
Vectrix, the electric scooter/motorcycle manufacturer showed off at EICMA 2007 some special version of their current electric scooter, different versions of their prototype 3 wheeler, and...

...their electric sports motorcycle. 200 kph, 1/4 mile in 12 seconds, costing €50,000....


5 November, 2007 - On My Way To EICMA 2007 To Look At The Demo Girls
Old biker chick flashing
I'm on the train to Milan to catch all the pretty demo dollies at the EICMA motorcycle show.

There are a lot of things happening in Milan, so much that I don't know when I'll have the time to update.

Monday evening see the 1st press conference.... Ducati...


5 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Ducati 1098R
Ducati 1098R
Ducati logo
After the initial financial results of Ducati, and how well it's doing... the first new update of an existing model was presented.

The 1098R is the racing version of the 1098. Sexy, fast... what more do you want.


5 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Ducati 848 Motorcycle
Ducati 848
Ducati logo
Ducati unveiled at the EICMA 2007 a new motorcycle, the 848!

Very much in the tradition of Ducati, sexy, sleek and very fast.


5 November, 2007 - EICMA 2007: Ducati Updated Monster 696
Ducati Monster 696
Ducati logo
The first of the three motorcycles Ducati presented at EICMA 2007 was not this one... it was the last, so I'll show it to you first.

Presenting the new Ducati Monster 696.


2 November, 2007 - On My Way To Paris and Milan
Looking stupid
I'm off to Paris for the weekend, and then early Monday morning off to Milan to catch the EICMA motorcycle exhibition.

More later...


2 November, 2007 - Video: Honda Rebel With Wolfman Jack
Click to see the Video clip
Honda logo
Nice ad dating back to 1986 for the Honda Rebel, featuring the famous DK Wolfman Jack.

What a great DJ...


1 November, 2007 - US Navy Blue Angels Scooter
US Navy Blue Angels
US Navy Blue Angels scooter
Going from the photo on the left to the one on the right takes some imagination.

Not a bad job...


1 November, 2007 - XLOX Motorcycle Transportation and Lock Device
XLOX system for motorcycles on trailers
Here's a new system that you can use to transport your motorcycle on a trailer. Called X-LOX, it secures your motorcycle with rods and tubes (no tie-downs, so no suspension compression), and it secures it from thieves.

Nice system to hold your bike in place without damaging it.


1 November, 2007 - Scary Fill Up
Scary fill up of gas
Imagine late at night, all alone and needing to fill up your motorcycle, and the only gas station in the country side, miles away from any house has this employee.

Thrasher movie time !!



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